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    1.) What kpop song can you not got through life not being able to listen to at least once?

    Let Me Know by bts

    2.) I f you could only listen to one group for the rest of your life , which group would it be?

    Probably bts since their style applies most to me. I’m not trying to say I favor them more than any other group though (I love too many ;w;).

    3.) If you could only meet one of your biases who would it be and why?

    Taemin lol. He’s just really special, and I’ve seen him grow through out the years, and I want him to know how much I support him.

    4.) Do you have a ultimate bias killer. if so, who?

    the entire bts lol

    5.) Favorite song at the moment?

    View by Shinee

    6.) Favorite comeback at the moment?

    It was really nice to see Big Bang revive themselves, but I’m gonna have to say the bts or Shinee comeback. This was a breakthrough for bts, but I personally loved Shinee’s concept more. I’ll leave it at a tie.

    7.) Favorite era of any of your favorite group or groups?

    I will never get over Shinee’s Sherlock era.

    8.) Is there a dance by a group you wish or really want to learn?

    Ohoho~ //shotdead
    Well I’ve got a group and so far we’ve worked on Error from Vixx and then we plan to do War of Hormone from bts (we’re a bunch of losers). For one of my projects a friend and I learned the chorus part from Teen Top’s Rocking and it was suicide. Maybe we’ll finish the entire song one day. Idk. I’m like traumatized.

    9.) Favorite show at the moment?

    I don’t really watch that many shows in general lol.

    10.) Not a question but I hope you have or had a really amazing day :)


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  • bigbangme replied to your postshhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I changed my mind…

    I knew it! I think I know you well enough that sooner or later you were going to start liking it. I mean it’s your girl CL!

    Psh. You don’t know me.

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    pinkiecat-loves-ramyeon’s questions:

    1. How was your day?

    How was my day? Well.. quiet good, I guess XD I was in a good mood when I woke up because I had an awesome dream with Epik High’s leader, TABLO <3. Then I hung out with my friend. We had so much fun together until we went to a supermarket because I wanted to buy an umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs outside. But.. two men from security stopped us because they thought we were shoplifters. They controlled our bags and yea… We hadn’t stolen anything!! So… awesome day, right? XD

    2. What’s the meaning of your URL?

    Hmm… Evil dogs want to conquer the world but they pretend to be cute puppies. KIDDING. My URL doesn’t have a special meaning. It was the first thing that crossed my mind. ^^ But… I love puppies too. <3

    3. Do you think I wrote the question nº1 first? or was the nº11 first?

    I think question no1 was the first. Why? Because it’s a common question. :3

    4. How about the question nº2? was the second I worte or the second was the question nº10?

    Hmm… Here I’m not sure. It may be no2… or no10. But I think it’s no 10. :3

    5. Do you like Korean pop? is you said yes tell me your fave band or singer n.n - if not.. WHY NOT? lol

    OH YES!! I LOVE KOREAN POP!! Fave bands? Well.. Big Bang <3, Epik High, CN Blue, Beast, Block B, FT Island and SUper Junior. Fave singer… Tablo <3 [i know… he’s port of Epik High, but…], Kim Sung Kyu, PSY… and so on.

    6. What’s your favorite Anime or Manga?

    Forever Naruto <3

    7. Where are you from? :3

    I’m from Romania :3

    8. Do you like Straciatella ice cream ? shall we go to eat some?

    I don’t dislike Straciatella ice cream, but I don’t like it either. I have to eat it, I eat it. :3

    9. What kind of tropical fruit do you like?

    Maybe pineapple… not sure…

    10. Favorite color?

    Red <3

    11. You love me? marry me? :D

    Let’s talk more and we’ll see :3

    My questions:

    1. Where are you from?

    2. What’s your favorite kind of music? If it’s Kpop, tell me you favorite bands/singers.

    3. Who’s your bias? [of course, you can tell me all your biases] :3

    4. What’s your favorite color?

    5. When have you joined tumblr and why?

    6. Do you have any siblings?

    7. What are you listening to right now?

    8. What’s the last movie/drama you saw?

    9. What’s your big dream in life?

    10. Do you share your birthday with a korean actor/singer? If yes, who’s the lucky one? ^^

    11. What do you think about the Gangnam Style phenomenon?

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  • T.O.P:

    I will only act in romance drama after I know more about love.For now, I’m still lacking in experience.

    TOP made a comeback with a shocking mint green hairstyle. What’s your thought for the ‘ALIVE’ album?

    “When I wrote the rap lyrics, I was trying my best to do it with honesty and choosing beautiful words. For the Japanese version, I also use gentle words to make sure all listeners regardless of their ages can understand well. For me, this album is the most high quality compared to the other albums. This mint color hair style was decided upon an instinct while producing the album. I confident this hairstyle will match the album concept very well. Changing to this hairstyle, I felt that my characteristic has become more gentle. ”

    TOP has received a high reputation as an actor and we’re really looking forward for his next project.

    “Actually, I’ve prepared for about 3 months for a drama, but unfortunately, I had to let it go… Maybe because of that, lately I’ve become more careful in choosing my next project. I receive many offers for love story dramas but I think it’s still too early for me. My own feeling and habit will naturally show in my acting, so I doubt I can give the right ‘love’ feeling. For now I’s still lacking love experience. But, if I am encountered with a good project, I definitely want to try it.”


    I felt the pains of growing up through the sad and cowardice lyrics that filled the ‘ALIVE’ album.

    G-Dragon has produced the new album ‘ALIVE’ (in) less than a year from the last album. What is the concept of the new release?

    “Last year, personally and also as a group many things had happened, and I even thought ‘can we really make a comeback in that state?’. At that time, I discovered the sadness and unbearable lead to the feeling of cowardice in me, and I received many inspirations through it. The album production period was short, but it’s not likely that we can produce a good album even if we put so much time into it. I felt the pain of growing up while producing this album.”

    Especially for ‘BAD BOY’ and ‘BLUE’, G-Dragon put his soul in the painful lyrics that goes straight to the listener’s hearts.

    “I’m trying so hard to put the feelings that I experienced in the lyrics. There are some parts that I imagined, but the song that I made through my experiences, are more well-received by fans. As for ‘BAD BOY’, the song has the HIP-HOP element, one of the styles that I always wanted to try since long ago. While standing on the stage performing, this song has more power compared to any other song.”

    The enthusiasm towards the ‘ALIVE’ Tour is also different.

    “The stage arrangement by the American staff has their own narrative, for each stage presented and also the musical performance, it has a deeper meaning. As for me, I became more responsible and became more careful while standing on the stage.”


    SOL wants to be accepted as musically incomparable to anyone.

    “As for BIG BANG, this album is an epoch-making piece. Up until now, we were too conscious about the trend and after discussing with members, we decided to let out our own personalities lead us”

    SOL is the one who leads BIG BANG’s song with his smooth vocal, and talented to collaborate with various artists.

    “Since last year, I’ve been preparing for my solo album and I hope it will be released this year. The songs and the image concept have been decided and now I just have to wait for the encounter with the title track.”

    This is like something to look forward to, like a treat for fans. What’s the meaning by waiting for a song?

    “Lately, I realized that music is not something that you create, it’s something to you meet or come across. If we create it by force, the thought and the color of the song may be different than what we want it to be. I think when we have the inspiration, naturally we can create a music that can touch the people’s hearts.”

    As BIG BANG’s spiritual pillar, and also as an artist, SOL is continuing to grow up. What’s your goal in the future?

    “I don’t have a solid goal, but I want to be free while expressing my music, through my own song and my own dance. And also, I want to be somebody who can give hope to many people.”


    Now is the time for an image change..This is important for my life from now on.

    Lately, among the members, VI is said to be the one who has changed a lot. So, what’s the reason behind the changes?

    “Up until now, I wanted to change the ‘cheerful maknae’ image, so I did some research since last year. For me to be able to create a calm atmosphere, I’ve been paying attention to my way of speaking, my expressions and my gestures. I think it’s not good to have a halfway feeling towards work, so I decided to drop out from my university. I don’t like to trouble my friends and my teachers, that’s why I decided to. It would be a lie if I said that I have no regrets while I’m in university…but I got to experience the blind date that I always wished to go on. Honestly, there were no heart throbbing moment, but it was a great memory for me (laugh).”

    During the concert, VI is also doing MC in Japanese and he’s very interested with the popular Japan’s culture.

    “As for the tour that starts in May, now, I’m doing research on what’s popular in Japan. Recently, I remember a line ‘I understand’ from the drama ‘Kaseifu no Mita’. And of course, I also continue with my Japanese studies. Since the start of this year, I spend around 1 hour per day for each Japanese lesson. People told me that I’m a hard worker, but I think working hard is just a natural thing to do.”


    The concert was created by a great team, and this is the best so far.

    D-LITE has grown up drastically with his voice quality and physically. On the other side, his cheerful and relaxed aura is still the same as before.

    “About my voice, I don’t really do any unusual training. It’s just… last year so many things had happened, and I’m noticing maybe something has changed in me. In the YG building, there’s facilities that allow us to do exercise whenever we want, so I’m able to continuously build up my body. Not only me, the other members also have great bodies. SOL is the number 1 member that has a good body. And me..I think I tie with him in 1st place (laugh).”

    On the verge of the long-awaited ALIVE Tour. Please introduce your highlight for the concert!

    “For this tour, we’ll do the concert together with the director Laurieann Gibson who has worked with Lady Gaga along with the Live Nation team. Up until now, this concert tour/series is the most satisfying so far. Above all, the band members are the best! They are almost the same age as us and we felt so much pressure but, when we talk about music and practicing, we really enjoy it a lot! Actually I want to rest my voice, but when they start their musical performance, I can’t help but sing along also (laugh). I really hope the audience can really feel the sound that we play during the concert.”

    An An Q and A:


    Q: Anything which the members have done recently which made you happy?

    Dae:Seungri’s pretending to be an adult (laugh) . Because of him, every day is enjoyable.

    Q:When do you feel that you have become an adult? Dae: When some juniors introduced themselves to me at music programs.

    Q.’Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?

    Dae:energetic man! because I am always smiling every day.

    Q:Among the books,films and fashion that you have recently enjoyed, are you into anything?

    Dae: I think ‘Mission Impossible 2’ is the best!


    Q: Anything that the members have done for you which have made you happy?

    Bae: When I was nearly hurt by the fire flares in a music progam, TOP was angry about it and scolded the staff. It was the first time that I thought he is so reliable. (laugh).

    Q: When do you think that you are an adult?

    Bae: I have none of these moments.

    Q: ‘Herbivore’ man’ is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?

    Bae: I am a ‘pure man’ because I don’t have much love experience, I don’t know how to deal with women, (shy).

    Q: Among the books, films and fashion that you have enjoyed recently, anything you are particularly into?

    Bae: I am into scarves and bandanas.


    Q:What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?

    VI: When other members praised the restaurants that I have introduced to them and praised it as ‘Oishikatta! (delicious)

    Q: When do you think you are an adult?

    VI: when I can wake up easily in the morning.

    Q: ‘Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?

    VI: 'Bad Boy’ since I have been living in my own way (laugh)

    Q: Among the books, flims and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?

    VI: I am really addicted to ‘Ame-talk (rain talk)’ show !


    Q: What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?

    GD: They have not done anything really special for me (laugh) But just being together with them, I will feel happy.

    Q: When do you think you are an adult?

    GD: I am still a kid.

    Q: ‘Herbivore’ man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?

    GD: I think I am a man with ‘7 changes’ because each time when you see me, you will find something different.

    Q: Among the books, films and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?

    GD: I have tattooed ‘Forever Young’ on my right chest and ‘Mind control’ on my left. I want to control my sentiments well.


    Q: What things have the members done recently which have made you happy?

    T.O.P: Seungri always lifts up the atmosphere these days, he has really been a big help!

    Q: When do you think that you are an adult?

    T.O.P: I have no such kind of moments, I want to keep myself like a child in the future.

    Q: ‘Herbivore’ Man is really popular in Japan, what kind of man do you think you are?

    T.O.P: A 'magical man’ because I am full of magic.

    Q: Among the books, films and fashions that you have enjoyed, what do you like?

    T.O.P: Recently I love looking at photos of insects and designs.

    OFF SHOT: -Seungri: Although I am the maknae, mentally, TOP hyung is the most childish. TOP:not a child, I am a baby.

    -At 5 o’clock on a day in March,when the members of Big Bang were entering the studio in Seoul to get ready for the photo shoot, they were all so hungry. They were then eating kimbapand California rolls, later they also ordered cheese tteokbokki (ricecake) and bibimbap (mixed rice) .They have also gulping down dorayaki and sesame eggs that we brought from Japan. The one who has eaten the most surprisingly was G-Dragon,he is a slim glutton. After they have had enough, they started the photo shoot. In order to match the theme of this photo shoot ‘Ready for Blue’, we wanted them to show their cool expressions. All of the members knew what we needed and they showed us really good expressions. Their acting skills are really good too!

    -During the interview, VI was using his good Japanese to talk with us throughout the whole time, he is really superb! Although they were tired because of the tight schedule.Some members were closing their eyes during the photo shoot(see the Pictures on the left) but they really showed us a happy atmosphere during the whole process, let us meet in Japan again!^^

    -The little story on the left: Since they had filmed a music program before they shot for An An, the members were all so tired. SOL nearly fell asleep when we were taking the photos. T.O.P was like a good hyung, he tried to wake him up and said naughty things with VI. Then SOL fell asleep again and was waken up again by T.O.P… this wet on repeatedly. T.O.P was really the one who created the atmosphere of this photo shoot. -The little story on the right: During the photo shoot, we can see the relaxed Daesung and G-Dragon. Daesung was massaging GD’s shoulder and legs. In order to repay him, GD wanted to kiss him but Daesung dodged him easily. -At the end of the picture: When they were ending the photo shoot, T.O.P was so hyper that he was dancing and joking all the way when Daesung also then showed us a lot of different facial expressions. It seems that they still had another schedule after this, fighting, everyone!

    Translation: Ricey@bigbangupdates.com and @marthapido

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