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  • Warnings. The whole story should have a slight spoiler alert for the movie. This last chapter is fluff. I hope you like my ending better than the movie. Its not quite as devastating. Still, maybe a little sad.

    ch 1

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    ch 3

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    You both take a quick shower. You give Mickey a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt to wear that your ex left there. He fidgets in the outfit uncomfortable.

    You say, “I know it’s a little bit big. We will get you some jeans and t-shirts at the store.”

    Mickey says, “It looks fucking ridiculous.”

    You grab your bag as you head out the door. Mickey follows you still fidgeting.

    You say, “You can’t exactly wear the policeman uniform. Which reminds me.”

    You text the most always drunk neighbor:

    Thanks for letting me borrow your car. Feel free to use mine. Keys in the door just like yours always are.

    Mickey goes to get in your car.

    You say, “This way sexy. We can’t use my car.”

    Following you next door he says, “Stealing a car isn’t going fucking getting us far either. How are you even going to fucking open the door without fucking keys?”

    You pull the keys out of the door and jingle them up where he can see. You both get in the SUV. Mickey smacks his hand on dashboard.

    Mickey says, ‘This beast has to be a gas guzzler. What if we run out of gas?”

    Then something clicks in his brain. For just a moment a flash of his hand on the dashboard. He’s trying to drive as he feels someone sucking him off. He looks to the hand tattoo.

    Quietly confused he says, “Fuck, shit, fuck…Jules?”

    Driving you say, “What’s wrong Mickey?”

    Mickey says, “Nothing, nothing’ the fuck is wrong. Just a faded memory, maybe.”

    You say, “Your memory will either slowly come back or quickly. It’s different with everyone.”

    Mickey says, “Well, if what I was fucking doing before I met you got me shot and involved with the fucking cops I rather just not remember.”

    You pull into the twenty-four-hour everything store. The two of you walk in the door watching for cameras or security. Not because you plan to steal anything. You just rather avoid being seen since eventually the cops will be right on your tail. You head straight to the men’s cloths. Mickey picks out some jeans and a jean jacket. You go through the clearance shirts and hold up an orange and while striped shirt to show him.

    You say, “I think you would look good in this.”

    His jaw drops as he remembers looking at himself in the mirror the morning of all that happened. Someone was in the shower as he combed his hair back. He looks dazed and confused again.

    You say, “You don’t like it?”

    Mickey says, “No, its totally me babe. Let’s grab some snacks and get out of here.”

    You grab some previsions, pay cash for everything and head towards Florida. Mickey looks out the window. As the waves crash on the shore of the ocean beside you Mickey winds the window down to breath in the salty air. As he closes his eyes, he hears Jules’ laugher and see’s her long hair surrounding him as he lays on the side of the road.

    In his memory Jules says, “I love you.”

    He murmurs, “I know.”

    Hearing him you look over. You see his eyes are closed and a smile spread across his face. He looks so adorable as the sun starts to come up. You pull into a hotel on the beach.

    You say, “Mickey, we’ll stay hear to get a few hours sleep before we try to catch a boat.”

    In a bit of a far-off voice he says, “Yeah, that’s cool.”

    As you start to walk into the lobby Mickey walks towards the beach.  

    You say, “I’ll join you after I sign us in.”

    Mickey doesn’t say a word as he keeps walking. He takes his new shoes and socks off and walks on to the beach feeling the sand between his toes. Its something he always wanted to feel. Its somewhere he always wanted to take her. To take Jules and open a little seashell shop called. He sees the sign a few feet away, MICKEY’S… His memories flood back as Jules sees him. They both see each other and blink several times. She runs over to him. He picks her up and swings her in the air before falling into the sand dizzy.

    Jules says, “I thought you were dead Mickey.”

    Mickey says, “I was just passed out Jules. I get why you had to leave me. It’s ok. Everything is fucking perfect now.”

    Her hair flows over him. As his eyes close in complete relaxation Jules leans down to kiss him.

    You walk out to the beach seeing Mickey & Jules tangles up in each other.  Sweetiepie stands by you.

    Sweetiepie says, “They are meant to be.”

    You wipe a tear from your eyes as you say, “Yes, your right.”

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    So I watched Villains…

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  • heres that scene from villains that had me sweating in the theater

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  • Villains is now one of my favorite movies ever Bill you did SUCH A GOOD JOB I’m so proud I already have tattoo ideas I LOVE MICKEY

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  • Warnings lots of F-bombs, smut, Mommy kink, a dash of fluff

    ch 1


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    You get in the elevator and Mickey pushes you back in the corner. His back is to the video camera which was one of the reasons he did it. Another was to piss off that ex-boyfriend of yours who he presumes will eventually see it. And three he just wants to feel your body and kiss you some more. His hands move under you white nurses dress caressing your ass. Your kisses are a sloppy mess because you are so hyper. You don’t notice the elevator opening on other floors but no one is getting in because of the show you are putting on for the camera. You try to undo Mickey’s belt, but he bats your hand away.

    Mickey says, “What did I tell you about having a little self-control?”

    Looking up at him you say, “I can have all the cock I want later.”

    You bite your bottom lip and fix your dress as you both get out of the elevator on the first floor. There is security at the door. You both just smile and nod. No one should know Mickey isn’t the one in his bed for at least an hour. You get to the parking lot and pull him to your car.

    Mickey says, “Throw me the keys. I’ll drive.”

    You say, “You don’t drive today bud. Get in and I’ll take you for a ride.”

    Chuckling he sits in the passenger seat. As you are backing out of your spot a few more police cars seem to be showing up.

    You grab Mickey’s hair saying, “Get down.”

    You push his face down between your legs to get him out of sight as you drive out of the parking lot. Your uniform dress is hiked up from how you sat comfortably to drive. Mickey’s face is inches from your panties. He licks his lips and takes in a deep breath of your aroma.

    You barely hear him when Mickey says, “I just want that pussy so bad right now. That cat is mewing for me baby.”

    You say, “You can have all my pussy you want when we are settled some place safer. I need to stop at my place for some cash and cloths. Another stop for you at customer’s Cloths and then we head to the ocean to hopeful get a ship to an Island. I think one hotel night then we need to race against how long it takes for them to flag our ID.”

    Mickey says, “Hell Yeah, that’s a pretty good fucking plan babe. You’re like a fucking planning Goddess.”

    By the time you pull into your driveway you feel him blowing air in between your legs which makes you squirm, and you almost hit your porch. When you slam the breaks, his face goes right into your crotch. His nose nuzzles there a moment as you gasp.  

    You say, “Baby boy you have to get your head out of Mommy laps for now.”

    He bolts up eyes wide unsure for a moment, then Mickey said, “Yes, Mommy. Will Mommy let her good boy see it soon?”

    You pat him on the head saying, “Just remember, good boys get everything. On a different note, I need to check those wounds again while we are here. I have everything I need to change the bandages inside.”

    You both walk into the house. You grab a travel bag and start putting everything you think you will need for this adventure. Mostly jeans and t-shirts. You put on a black baseball cap that says princess in hot pink letters. You push a black baseball cap on Mickey that says, Tiger.

    Mickey growls and says, “I like being a tiger with the Princess for my prey.”

    He grabs your waist. You pull away and run towards the bedroom since there are things you need in there. He chases after your growling. You are laughing as you run. When you get near the bed, he catches you. He pulls you over him on the bed. Both of you are breathing heaving from the exhilaration of the run and the chase.  He starts pulling off your dress and you let him You take off his shirt as he works to get your bra undone.

    You say, “Front clasp baby” and undo it for him.

    He says, “Yeah, cool.”

    You both reach to undo his belt and pants at the same time and laugh. You wiggle out of your panties. Then you position yourself. His erection full as you lower yourself pulling him inside slowly. Moving to find comfort and pleasure as he starts to thrust. He moves his hands to your breasts as you roll your hips moving perfectly with him.

    Mickey say, “Fuck babe, you have perfect sized tits.”

    You moan out as he gets deeper and his thrusting gets more intense.

    Screaming you say, “Oh fuck Mickey, Fuck your huge.”

    Mickey says, “I know babe, but you can take it. You can fucking take it all. Doesn’t it feel good baby.”

    Screaming you say, “Yes, fuck yes, oh fuck right there.”

    It doesn’t take long for Mickey to have you climaxing as he grips your hips thrusting fast. A few seconds after he finishes and pulls you down to him holding you tight until he completely stills inside you and pulls out. Even though you know you need to rush out the door you stay in his arms a few moments.

    Looking up at him you say, “You are a fucking Angel Mickey.”

    He says, “No, I’m not the Angel here tonight. I know I probably did some bad shit for that cop to act like he did. I’m glad I can’t remember.”

    You get up and grab some clean cloths before heading towards the bathroom.

    You say, “You’re not the bad guy in that cops case Mickey. I just feel it somehow. You’re not the bad guy in his story.”

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  • You know what I think the most telling thing about you is? It’s the little girl you’ve got chained up in the basement.

    Villains (2019) dir. Robert Olsen & Dan Berk

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    Credit to @spookyskars

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    #that forehead kiss #all ive ever wanted #so wholesome #it took a whole 30 seconds befofe i fell in love with these two #bill skarsgard#villains #ive never laughed so much in seven minutes #and the car wash 😩 #so freaking cute ugh #also so much gentle giant on full display
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    Screenshots from the clip “Villains open sequence” by ALTER on YouTube.

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    Part 1(?)


    “I hate it when you call me Eds”

    “I know”, Richie said, hugging him tightly, “but somebody has to toughen you up, Eds. When you grow up, you gonna, ah say, ah say you gonna find out life ain’t always this easy, boy!”

    Eddie began to shriek with laughter. “That’s the shittiest voice I ever heard, Richie.”

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    Seriously if this would have existed in high school I don’t even know what would have happened

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  • films seen in 2019;
    villains (2019, dir. dan berk, robert olsen)

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  • Not sure when season 3 will be out but if it is out before the new Stand we should see Flag bow to the possible crimson king before going to the demension where the Stand takes place. It could also work if Flag is reprimanded after. They could Add that to the beginning or end of The Stand also

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