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    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i drew a wd!steven from @ask-whitepearl-and-steven a while back and figured doing a little warmup of moissanite would be cool! chekhov's au makes me so happy and i am not immune to Big Mysterious Women lmfao

    #wdau fanart#moissanite#white diamond#steven universe#su#bq art#doodle tag #i just like it when women are weird and she really fits that bill haha
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    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #bills tag #synthwave system tag #synthwave system asks
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    kind of accepting that i will never get my laptop fixed any time soon

    #like not only is the traction v low on that post #but i got a herniated cervical disk babes. #which prbly means PT which definitely means more bills #AND i'm def gonna get a bill for my EMG/NCS #i hate being broke idk how many times i'mma say it! #like i know donation posts are going out on a limb n i really appreciate the donations i did get #n i don't wanna like. guilt trip i just need help getting my fucking laptop fixed #so i can stop borrowing other ppl's things just to do my damn job 😋 #okay i'm done venting 😋 if u read all these tags have a goodnight kiss muah #personal.
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    30.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #beastars #beastars x reader #bill beastars #bill x reader #oops #accidentally tagged this wrong
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    30.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    My Best Friend

    This is just a small thing I had an idea for. It came out much shorter than what I had originally thought up at work but I hope you all still enjoy :)

    "What if...if I don't want to be friends anymore?"

    Ted sat anxiously on his bed, half watching a show on the TV while waiting for his best friend to get home. Letting out a sigh he glanced over at Bill's bed for the fourth time in the last hour. Maybe this night wasn't the best night either. He had been putting it off for, well, a while but maybe-

    Before he could fully make up his mind the front door of their apartment swung open, Bill stepping inside and setting down multiple grocery bags. "Evening, Ted!"

    Ted smiled softly, clicking off the TV, before getting up to help put away the groceries. They put them away in almost complete silence, Bill making the occasional joke which Ted lightly laughed at. It wasn't until Ted was putting the last item away in the fridge that Bill spoke up, a thick layer of concern clear behind his words.

    "Ted, my friend, are you ok? You're not acting like your normal goofy self."

    Ted looked up as he closed the fridge door, his bogus smile slipping away. "Of course dude. I just-" He let out a sigh, running a hand through his hair. "Can we talk?"

    It was clear that Bill's concern was growing, however he only smiled brighter. "Of course dude."

    He followed after his friend to the beds, sitting across from him on his own bed. Ted looked visibly anxious, maybe even stressed, before sighing and finally speaking.

    "Bill what if...if I don't want to be friends anymore?"

    Bill's smile faltered, his heart feeling as if it had shattered in his chest. Weren't they best friends? Ted and him had been friends for, well, forever...why would he suddenly want to stop being friends? "Well, I...I guess-" He couldn't find the words, unwanted tears forming just behind his eyes as he tried to force a smile.

    Upon seeing his friend's reaction Ted's panic seemed to grow and he quickly continued. "I mean, what if I wanted to be something other than friends dude? Something more than friends?"

    The blonde's frown only grew, his brows furrowing. "What, like arch nemeses?"

    Ted smiled at his friend's joke however, upon realizing he was serious, the smile slipped away from his face. "No. Bill, you are the most excellent friend anyone could ask for. We're best friends dude and nothing will ever change that but…" He let out another sigh before continuing. "What if I wanted to be partners? Instead of friends?"

    The somber expression instantly slipped away from Bill's face, instead being replaced by a wide shit eating grin, articulated by his raised eyebrow. "Ted, my most excellent friend, why didn't you just start with that?"

    "I-" He let out a relieved laugh, smiling lightly. "I suppose I didn't know the utmost perfect words for it."

    Grin growing, the blonde moved so that he was sitting next to Ted on his bed. "I think being partners would be most radical."

    Leaning forward he gently connected their lips, Ted smiling into the kiss.


    #bill and ted #ted x bill #bill s preston esquire #ted theodore logan #short fic#fanfiction#oneshot #sorry i suck at tags #:)))#mine
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    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #my video tag #bill and ted #bill and ted's excellent adventure
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    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    sexy bitches still sleep with stuffed animals. it’s me. i’m a sexy bitch.

    #we got my weighted dragon #his name is bill #why is sexy toes a tag #not surprised#anyways#stuffed animals
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  • winkyo
    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    He doesn't love him.He just wants to own him.To keep him all to himself.

    I'd say that's what a god would do.

    Don't make him fall in love.That makes him weak and lame.He's a god.

    #angel's whispers #Yeah i need to tag bill cipher here for my future reference but nah id rather not i don't want to upset anyone
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    29.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    #this needs to go into the tags and this post WILL be deleted but #honest to fuck the funniest thing about that post blowing up is the americans trying to prove me wrong #and all the europeans being like 'uh no... no no op is right this is funny' #like yes :) funny how i am a european and KNOW how europeans read 'a euro' as a coin :) #please stop trying to be clever by posting a 5 euro bill i know those exist bro :) they are not one euro though :) or even 'a euro'. :) #also obsessed with the handful of people who went to look for the fic and found it. we can all suffer together now lmao
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  • winkyo
    28.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    "What am I to you?"


    Man this fic got some real things!Knowing me knowing you.

    This is just so hot.

    #bill cipher #Sorry i need tag this for my future reference but it's bill and Stanford fic so it's allowed right? #angel's whispers
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    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago
    #i am here to serve up THE FICS OF MY HEART apparently #i write things! #fanfiction#ideal home #paul x erasmus #and bill sweet bill! #p.s. i truly i don't know how to function w/ this movie having no tag; what does one DO?
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    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Basil Oswald and the Caretaker of Dragons - Part 2

    I have had a very specific part of this written for a very long time, and I think you’ll be able to pick it out and why.

    Chapter 1 - FFN - AO3

    Clara gets the clearance to go investigate the mysterious dragon rider, only for a hiccup along the way to lead to a massive discovery. [2958 words; a HTTYD!Whouffaldi AU]

    There was little convincing Clara needed to do in regards to the deployment of the Stealth Riders. She went before the chief the earliest she could the following afternoon while he was drinking and did not want to be disturbed. It had nearly seemed as though he had been avoiding her, as he had jumped when she cornered him and kept his drink close as she explained the urgency of the situation.

    “Another Dragon Lord, hmm?” he frowned into his mug. The tiny hatchlings on his shoulder attempted to get into his post-lunch ale and he forcibly shooed them away by throwing offenders across the table. “How many do you need?”

    “A small group, nothing that would attract attention,” she claimed. “While I’m thankful that you let Idris and I go about everywhere whenever we please without clearance, I want to at least make it look like I’m following some set of rules for others’ sake.”

    “This is true,” the chief nodded. He looked out over the hall, seeing the mix of humans and dragons as they shared food and companionship on the bright late-spring day. “You cannot leave tonight because we don’t know what we’re dealing with and I don’t need you caught unawares so late in the day, but you can leave tomorrow morning with five Riders and a week’s worth of rations.”

    “Thank you,” she beamed, though was cut off from anything else by the chief gesturing for her to sit.

    “I hope you understand the serious implications of this,” he mentioned. “Dragon Lords were supposed to be extinct.”

    “Clearly they weren’t.” She gestured to the all of the hall, with the creatures wandering about by foot and air to emphasize her point. “If there’s someone else, then it could be a major discovery for all of us. Teaching is my main occupation—do you think I would seriously consider staying home if there is potential knowledge out there for us to learn? To share? To preserve?”

    “I still want you to be careful,” he warned, casually picking a dragon hatchling out of his ale mug. “It’s bad enough Dave came back for his first visit to find this place crawling with dragons and you two days from birthing a child by the husband he hadn’t known of until then—I don’t need him to come back next and it’s to your grave. He’d never forgive me. Gods, Basil wouldn’t forgive me for allowing you clearance.”

    “Since when do you care about what Basil thinks?”

    “...since he currently teaches the island about the very creatures that have oh-so-chaotically moved into my village,” the chief scowled. “We leave him in charge of people’s children—my children—and it shouldn’t be something I regret doing.”

    “Don’t do anything stupid and you might survive to the winter yet.”

    “...and I’m hoping that this isn’t that level of stupid.” The chief downed the rest of his drink and stood, which she matched so they were both on their feet. “Hand-pick your crew, Oswald. They need to be swift, strong, and stealthy if they’re going to keep a handle on you.”

    “Don’t worry,” she grinned. “I plan on it.”


    “You’re mental,” Danny said. He leaned against the doorjamb of the classroom and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Clara and Basil were both there, having just finished explaining the plan to him, while Aodh napped happily in the corner atop Idris. Afternoon classes had yet to gather, leaving them alone to talk.

    “Could be a lot worse,” Clara shrugged. “I could be asking to bring my son.”

    “I don’t even know if I’m ready for meeting an unknown Dragon Lord,” Danny replied. “It would be downright cruel to think the Stealth Riders were ready.”

    “They aren’t, but they’re the most ready we have,” Basil said. “Courtney, Maebh, maybe Bradley, Ruby as well… we can see who’d take up the offer. We simply explain the situation and ask for volunteers—everyone who goes needs to want it first and foremost.”

    “You’re being incredibly calm for all of this,” Danny noted. “Do you know who it is? Have a vague idea?”

    “Everyone I can think of is either dead or I don’t want to see again, so I imagine that there’s a decent possibility I don’t,” he replied. Basil shrugged and scratched his neck at the base of his hair. “I don’t want Clara to go out in search of this person either, but I feel better with not only you going, but the Stealth Riders as well…”

    “They’re children, Basil, in case you’ve forgotten,” Danny frowned. He knew the other man couldn’t see his expression, but he knew that he could hear it. Looking over at Clara, he utilized his full range of emotional cues, making sure his point was made. “The oldest is only sixteen.”

    “Better than you and I were at sixteen,” she pointed out. “Besides, we’d need backup no matter what. This could be first contact with an entirely different tribe… one that’s thriving and now considers us a threat.”

    “...which is why I think you two are mental,” Danny reiterated. “They’ll find us.”

    “...and I’d rather we find them first; make the rules on our terms and negotiate peace before any misunderstanding occurs.”

    The classroom stayed silent for a while, the three adults at an impasse. Basil eventually laughed to himself and shook his head.

    “There’s no changing her mind—already tried last night,” he said.

    Danny considered that, then sighed. “Fine, I’ll go.”

    “Thank you,” Clara breathed. Her shoulders slumped as she released some tension that was building, making herself feel leagues better. She kissed Danny on the cheek and patted him on the arm. “I’ll begin gathering the Stealth Riders up for volunteering.”

    “Don’t think you’re going to get away with this too easily,” he claimed. “I’m going to be watching you like a hawk takes to a fish. One wrong move and we’re out, even if I have to carry you myself.”

    “Why do you think I want you to come along in the first place?” Clara chuckled. The sound of children began to filter in from the corridor, which was her cue to leave. “See you both after classes.”

    “See you then,” Basil and Danny said in near-unison. The two men stayed for a moment, however, silence between one another.

    “I wouldn’t let her go so willingly if I didn’t believe that you and the Stealth Riders were truly capable of the job,” Basil said. “You know I’d put up more of a fight.”

    “Did she threaten to take you to the woods and spin you around again?”

    “I’m blind, not helpless.” His face grew warm as he knew Danny had seen through his lie. There was no willingly letting Clara go, but there was also no talking her out of something she had already decided on. “It’s nearly time for classes.”

    “Then I won’t keep you further,” Danny said. He looked at Aodh and Idris, then at Basil, contemplative. “You know I promise to bring her back. Unharmed.”


    No sooner than Danny’s footsteps went into the corridor, new sets of footfalls entered the classroom. It was time for class to begin; his class was small, but it was curious.

    “What did Mister Pink want?” one of the students asked. Basil simply shook his head.

    “Nothing that much concerns you at the moment,” he replied. “Now, I’m going to need you all to tell me what you observed in regards to your dragons while at home last night. Spare me little detail, as every tiny thing counts. We are talking about the health and habits of dragons: what we might think is something silly could actually be a cry for help. Now let’s begin...”


    It made sense that early the morning that Clara, Danny, and the Stealth Riders were supposed to fly out, there was a strong thunderstorm that grounded everyone. Well, it made sense in that it was their luck, which wasn’t always good considering how many times buildings came into the accidental line of fire of a dragon with a headcold. No one was able to fly that entire day, not even for exercise, and it was driving several people insane.

    “The longer we stay here, the longer that rider has to get away!” Clara groused. They had waited until the evening, and the weather still had not changed, leading to an entire day’s flight being wasted. She was at home, with Aodh playing in the corner with some toys and dragon hatchlings that had crept into the warm, dry house, while Danny and Basil both sat at the table with some evening rosehip tea. “For all we know, they’re on the other side of the sea by now!”

    “These storms often are more widespread than we think,” Danny reminded her. He sipped at his cuppa and frowned. “This mystery rider could be just as grounded as we are.”

    “They might not be though, and that is what’s bothering me.”

    “You can’t let that get to you,” Basil shrugged. “If I had run into someone else with a dragon before meeting you, I would have likely stayed wherever it was I knew was both safe and able to support Idris and myself. From the description of the island, that was the rider’s place.”

    “Watcher is generally able to predict thunderstorms,” Danny said of his dragon. It was not there, instead staying in the decidedly not-wet conditions of his house. “How much he chews on the fire poker usually tells me how nasty the storm will be. He was only idly gnawing on it when I left, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad elsewhere.”

    Thunder rolled in the distance and Aodh shrieked in delight, running over to the adults and climbing into his father’s lap. The hatchlings all followed, making sure Basil was covered in children.

    “What is it?” he asked.

    “Someone’s outside!” Aodh said cheerily. “Is someone else coming?”

    “No, they’re not,” Basil frowned. Danny and Clara both went over to separate windows and looked out, seeing only the rain-soaked village. “Anything?”

    “He probably saw someone running from house to house,” Danny said.

    “Possibly one of the younger dragons too,” Clara added. “It’s not just the hatchlings we have a problem keeping out… the adolescents have been driving us insane as of late.”

    “Mum, dragons stay!” Aodh insisted forcefully. Danny couldn’t help but smirk, as it sounded like it was a point the boy had made before.

    “Not when they’re singeing the curtains or your blankets or the trusses; it’s why Idris can stay inside at night and hatchlings have to stay outside,” Clara scolded. Her son pouted dramatically, which was enough of a cue for Danny.

    “I think I’m going to head back to my place,” he decided. “Someone seems like he needs to go to bed.”

    “No bed, Uncle Danny!” Aodh whined. He clutched his father’s shirt in protest—no meant no.

    “I don’t think it’s up to you or me, lad,” Danny laughed. “I’ll see you three tomorrow.”

    “Are you fine in the mud?” Clara asked.

    “Yeah; the new attachment that the kids in the smithy came up with is working well,” he replied. He then walked over to the door and grabbed the snowshoe-like object resting against the wall, clicking it into the end of his prosthetic leg. “Good night.”

    Once pleasantries were exchanged and their guest gone, the small family gave a quiet pause before getting back to their evening routine. Clara threw some sand on the fire to partially douse it and finished off her tea while Basil took Aodh over to his corner to clean up his toys, while hopefully depositing the hatchlings out the window in the process.

    Gods, she was lucky, Clara knew. She placed a hand on her stomach as she sipped her drink and watched her husband and son. With another baby on the way, she knew that their dynamic was nearing ready to change again, and she wondered how both of them would react. There was no doubt in her mind that Basil was the right choice to be her husband, to be the father of her children, and yet she still was curious in regards to the family from before he rarely talked of… the family she did not yet want to ask him due to not knowing if the wounds had healed or if the scars were merely scabs. Possibly when they were older, when the kids could understand what their father had lived with for all those years… though not now… not when he clearly wasn’t ready to talk.

    “Mum? How’s baby?” Aodh wondered, coming back to his mother. He placed his hand on hers and stared at her midsection. “Baby’s good?”

    “Yes, the baby is very good,” she replied. She and Basil had sat him down weeks ago already to explain that he was getting a new sibling soon and that it was to be a family secret until Mum and Dad said it was okay. “Are you getting excited?”

    “Yes!” the boy gasped. His pale eyes grew wide as he climbed into his mother’s lap. “What was I like as a baby?”

    “You slept a lot,” she recounted, tickling him. “You also ate and soiled your nappy and cried.”

    “It was rather peaceful,” Basil added with a laugh. “No hard and sharp toys to step on, no getting tripped up by blanket forts and pillow walls, no one tricking me into thinking they’re wearing clothes when they’re really starkers…” He noticed that his wife was not responding and frowned. “Clara…?”

    “Oh…? I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I guess I trailed off.” She stood and stepped towards Basil, glad for the warmth he gave as the fire in the hearth waned.

    “You’re still thinking about what you saw,” he stated. It was almost that he knew her a bit too well at times. He wrapped his arms around her and Aodh and held them close. “Try to forget, at least for tonight—you can’t do anything about it anymore.”

    “I just don’t know about all of this,” Clara said quietly. “It’s not like you hadn’t wandered around before this, searching every single island in the area for a place to live, even for a little while. What are the chances that you not only were able to avoid Velda, but a second Dragon Lord as well?”

    “That depends on the Dragon Lord,” Basil noted. “There are plenty of islands that I stayed on where I kept to only one part, whether it be due to other humans or just that was where there was water and shelter. I very well could have missed someone—the world is a big place, after all.”

    “It is big, I’ll give you that, but is it that big is the question.”

    “Big enough to not rule anything out,” he said. He kissed the top of her hair and squeezed her shoulders gently. “How about if we all go to bed, hmm? Figure more of this out in the morning.”

    The quiet moment was short-lived, however, when wind blew the door open, slamming it with enough force to make Basil and Clara jump.

    “I’m gonna kill Danny, leaving the door ajar like tha…” Clara groused. She trailed off, however, as she looked over towards the door to see something she wasn’t entirely keen on:

    ...the rider and dragon from the cave. They were there.

    “Clara? What’s the matter?”

    “Take Aodh,” she said, pushing their son into his arms and shoving him in the direction of a shadow-filled corner. Idris helped them before bounding to Clara’s side in preparation for a fight. She watched as the rider closed the door and bolted it, locking them all in together. “What do you want with us?!”

    Instead of answering, the rider let their cloak drop to the floor as they stepped forward in silence with staff in-hand and dragon at their side. Their wet boots left puddles on the floor, though their clothes seemingly fine thanks to the cloak—the sheen on their light armor was more from dragon scales than water. Clara grabbed her sword from the wall and unsheathed it, light from the fire glinting off the shiny metal.

    “I’ve killed many dragons in my day,” she hissed. Clara attempted to calculate her escape plan, should she need one, and it would mostly involve sending Idris off to Danny’s with Basil and Aodh. “One wrong move and I won’t hesitate to kill yours as well.”

    The rider approached cautiously, hand outstretched. Idris and the strange dragon were growling at one another, adding to the tension as both readied to strike. Clara adjusted her grip on the sword and prepared herself for a real fight.

    Just then, Aodh popped out of the corner, arms up and giggling gaily. The rider stepped back as they were startled by the stomping child. They dropped their staff on the floor and looked at Clara, Aodh, and back.

    “No, Aodh!” Basil awkwardly fumbled about and scooped up his son, finally able to scramble on his feet. He drew the spoon from his pocket, held it out in defense, and backed away towards Clara. She put herself between the rider and her family, ready only for the rider’s body language to completely change. They took off their helmet to reveal a young woman with brown skin and dark hair that was pulled back into a poof sitting at the base of her neck. Her eyes were wide in confusion as she stared at the family, unsure how to process the situation. A thousand questions sat on her lips, yet only one escaped... something that felt very much impossible right up to that moment:


    #Whouffaldi#Whouffle#Clara Oswald#Twelfth Doctor #Twelve x Clara #Danny Pink#Doctor Who#fan fiction #HTTYD!AU #Aodh Oswald #yeah I think I'll start tagging the OC kid too #trying to nail this ending was a bit of an enigma for a wee bit #but I think I got it #and#because spoilers#Bill Potts
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    28.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Steven Universe Gravity Falls AU

    ~Yknow what they say, if you run out of content, ya gotta make it yourself. This is a ? shot (I might continue or not who knows not me) please don’t ask for more I have 18 unfinished fanfics on this site.~

    California was nice, Steven had to admit. The people were nice, the food was fantastic, and the weather was splendid. It reminded him a lot of Beach City. Though there were just so many people, and traveling north, Steven was beginning to long for something small and simple again.

    Oregon was the perfect place for that, right?

    “Ronaldo wants pictures of Bigfoot, and if anyone can find him, its you Steven.” Petey’s voice was faint on Steven’s phone speaker, tossed into the passenger seat as Steven blindly picked a highway exit.

    “Sure Petey, but couldn’t Ronaldo just go to a circus?”

    “Not big feet Steven,” Petey emphasized, “Bigfoot.”

    “Saying it twice isn’t helping buddy.” Steven was half paying attention. He was focusing on the winding roads and the looming trees surrounding him. Deep, in the pit of Steven’s stomach, he felt something start to tug him toward one direction farther away from the highway. He wasn’t quite sure if it was a good or bad feeling yet.

    “Forget it, I’m going to take a blurry photo of that mean Gem in the woods and say its Bigfoot.”

    “Just don’t let Jasper catch you, she’s no joke when she’s angry.”

    “I saw her ripping grass out of the ground I think I’ll be fine. Later dude.”

    Steven heard a small click and smiled to himself. He’s happy to see how far the people of Beach City have come and how they’ve taken to the gems. He remembers when the Crystal Gems were once the outcasts of town that locals warned you to stay away from.

    He looked up to see a welcome sign.

    “Gravity falls. Well, that’s a funny name.”

    Steven wanted small and simple but he feels he may have overshot it.

    This small town had exactly three attractions. A town museum that mentioned marrying woodpeckers (Steven couldn’t figure out if that was a normal human thing, like taxes and velcro), a small diner, and as one local described it ‘some tourist trap’ deep in the woods. It was a sticky summer day and the former two attractions didn’t have airconditioning. Steven gambled on the last stop in hopes of stretching his legs and maybe finding a source to the strange feeling in his gut. It had become much stronger since he entered this small town. Alluring, but nothing related to Gems as far as Steven could tell.

    He parked in the nearly empty lot and stepped out. Jacket wrapped loosely around his hips, Steven made his way inside.

    A girl that looked about 13 was petting a pig on the front porch. She was incredibly reflective, and depsite the heat wore a knitted bedazzled sweater that made her glow like a disco ball in the sun.

    She looked Steven up and down as he approached, a wide smile taking up her face and Steven saw bright braces with colored bands.

    “Hi!” She launched upwards, startling the pig away, “I’m Mabel, but you can call me anytime.” The girl winked and stuck out her hand, palm facing the floor.

    Steven blinked.

    “Mabel, stop scaring away the customers!” A gruff voice yelled through the screen door, and soon an older man stepped out in a suit, wearing a fez and eyepatch.

    Immediately the old man squinted at Steven, sizing him up.

    Stanley Pines knew this teen wasn’t local, but he wasn’t sure if he had any money. For all he knew he was another boy trying to hit on his giftshop cashier, Wendy.

    Oh well, a customer is a customer.

    “Come in, come in, and see our mystical and magical wonders!”

    “Magical?” This could be it, Steven could figure out why this town has felt off. Maybe it was gem related after all.

    Quickly this older man who had introduced himself as Mr. Mystery gave Steven a tour of what looked like failed taxidermy projects. Now Steven may have a lived a sheltered childhood, but he felt pretty confident there was no such thing as a Sashcrotch. And so far, nothing had felt magical or mysterious.

    “That concludes our tour! Here is our mistifying giftshop and it’s purchasable wonders!”

    “Right...” Well, at the very least he was able to spend some time in airconditioning.

    There was a girl behind the desk in plaid that looked about Steven’s age, and just a half inch shorter than him. She looked bored, flipping through a magazine as a young boy that looked a lot like Mabel made googly eyes as he swept by the door.

    Steven guessed there was no harm in asking around.

    “Hi, I’m Steven.” He smiled easily, walking up to the register.

    “No refunds, even if an exhibit bit you.” She sighed, peeking up before turning back to her magazine.

    “Oh no, nothing bit me, I just wanted to know something.”

    She looked up to get a better look at Steven and gave a small smirk.

    “Sure, but only because I like your shirt. Mr. Universe merch, now that’s a deep cut.”

    Unbeknownst to Steven, Dipper Pines would had been watching the exchange felt a twinge of uneasiness as this out of towner talked with Wendy.

    “Have you ever seen anything strange or weird actually happen in this town?”

    Wendy’s smile dropped.

    “Why do you ask?” Her eyes flickered to Dipper, just for a moment, and that was all he needed to rush over.

    “Excuse me sir, please buy something or exit the store.” Dipper spoke in the deepest voice he could muster.

    Steven looked over with a questioning expression.

    “Oh sure uh-“ He blindly reached for the wad of bills that his dad had given to him before he left. Steven pulled out a hundred dollar bill and put it on the counter. Wendy looked up baffled as Steven stuffed the other cash back in his wallet.

    “Boy was I wrong about you kid!” Mr. Mystery, seemingly materializing out of nowhere, now bounded over. He had loosened his tie and lost the eyepatch which turned out he never needed.

    “Whaddya wanna know? I’ll tell you everything. There’s gnomes in the woods you know-“

    “Grunkle Stan!” Dipper protested loudly, dragging his Stan away and harshly whispering at him.

    “Did you steal that money?” Wendy asked as Steven watched the pair whisper fight in the corner. He turned back to the girl and gave a sheepish smile.

    “Uh no, my dad gave it to me before this roadtrip. He’s actually Mr. Universe.”

    Wendy lit up.

    “No freaking way! Your dad is Mr. Universe? I only got into him since he managed Sadie Killer and the Suspects and they always perform covers of his songs on tour, I can’t believe he’s your dad!” She rambled, stars in her eyes. Steven beamed, he loved when people praised his dad’s music. Greg really deserved it.

    Steven learned Wendy’s name and they swapped stories back and forth, only interrupted as the girl from outside slowly rose from the behind the counter beaming.

    “A cute musician that loves weird stuff, take me now.” She swooned. Steven blushed profusely, not used to the attention.

    “Sorry, my girlfriend Connie probably wouldn’t like that very much.” He said gently. Mabel looked him up and down and pouted.

    “I can wait, but not forever.” She warned, and winked, bounding to break apart her grunkle and Dipper, who are now whisper screaming with arms flailing.

    “I wasn’t going to mention that Dorito shaped jerk! Just the normal stuff!”

    “It’s dangerous! He could be a spy, or government, or another stack of gnomes!”

    Steven raised an eyebrow and looked at Wendy. She chuckled and shrugged. Steven carefully approached them.

    “He can hear everything you’re saying anyways so might as well tell him!” Mabel interrupted, nodding towards Steven as he came up.

    “If it makes you feel any better, I’m definitely not government.” Steven technically didn’t exist at all. He never had a social security card and didn’t have a birth certificate.

    Dipper only glared. Rich strangers with an interest in the paranormal didn’t come through gravity falls without some kind of agenda.

    Steven hated the conflict he was starting. No information was worth this family fighting.

    “Okay,” he surrendered, hands up, “I’ll just go. I’ll stick around town until tomorrow if you change your minds”

    “Wait Steven-”

    “Let him go Wendy,” Dipper glared as the boy in pink walked out, “We can’t trust him.”

    “But I was going to ask for Sadie tickets...” Wendy groaned, defeated.

    “There’s something weird about him.”

    “Great!” Mabel beamed, “He’ll fit right in.”


    Steven wasn’t crazy about sleeping in his car, but was seriously considering it after seeing the state of his motel room. It looked like it hadn’t been used in decades, a thin line of dust covering every surface. He was also pretty sure they didn’t even have free ice. 

    “Wish Pearl were here..” He mumbled, exhausted. He curled up on top of the covers, fully clothed, and let sleep take him.

    Being Steven Universe however, meant rest was sure to allude the half alien. 

    Steven found himself in a dark space, fog all around him. Before a word could come out of his mouth he heard a fast, repetitive muttering. 

    “Stranger...Wendy looked pretty today..Can’t trust...Tell no one...Ford isn’t here..”

    “What, the-” Steven quietly walked toward the source of dialogue, and saw the faded silhouette of the boy from the Mystery Shack. His back was turned to him, but Steven recognized the blue vest and mosquito bitten legs. 

    “I thought I was over the dream hopping.” Steven spoke a tad too loudly, starting the young boy - Dipper.

    “What-” Dipper’s eyes grew wide in panic, and the boy fell back harshly.

    “No, no, you can’t be in my head!” 

    “Wait, I’m not-” Steven tried to reassure him, stepping carefully towards the boy but Dipper let out a screech of terror, sweat gathering around his temples.

    “Bill sent you didn’t he?! He’s not really gone- he’s going to hurt Mable again-” Dipper began to hyperventilate. 

    “Dipper please,” Steven took a step back, arms in the air in surrender. 


    “I’m not going to hurt you I swear on the gems.” He placed a hand over his heart. “This is a total invasion of privacy but it’s something that happens when someone’s emotions are out of control-”

    “How are you here?” Dipper demanded, scrambling to his feet. “Tell me what you are and what you want.”

    “I’m just passing through!” Steven insisted, then lowered his tone to calm the younger boy. “I’m kinda of magnet for weird stuff. I just wanted to help in case anything was going on.”

    “We deal with things just fine around here.” Dipper spat, then watched as Steven deflated. He seemed tired, like he hasn't slept well in a while. 

    “So what are you anyways? How can you be here?”

    Steven winced, and laughed nervously. “It’s kind of a long story..”

    Dipper raised and eyebrow and swept his arm around the void dramatically. 

    “You have until dawn.”


    “I thought that was a conspiracy theory, it wasn’t even covered by major news outlets.” Dipper look exhausted, cross legged on the unseen floor as he ran his hands through his hair. 

    “I think Garnet is pretty persuasive when it comes to government and reporters. They all kinda fall in love with her.”

    “She’s the one that’s really two aliens?” 

    Steven shook his head with a small smile. “It’s hard to explain but yes, I guess that comes close.”

    “That’s actually insane. I’m insane, aren’t I?” Dipper stood up, leaving Steven on sitting next to an empty space. “It’s been too quiet around here and now I’m so desperate for weird, that I’m making it all up in my head.”

    “I get that feeling.” Steven smiled without humor, “but no, this is real. I’ll prove it when you wake up.” Steven felt a shift, the fog in the void getting denser. 

    “Sooner than I thought, you’re an early riser huh?”

    Dipper looked back at Steven, panicked. “You’ll come to the Shack again right? In just a bit?”

    Steven smiled. “Promise.”


    Dipper woke up to his sister braiding his hair. Mabel still had her pjs on, and a make up kit next to the bed. Dipper frowned, tasting strawberry shortcake. 

    “Stop testing party looks on me, Mabel.”

    “Stop having my face structure and maybe I will.” She grinned, covered in blue glitter. 

    Dipper quickly washed up and got dressed for the day, feeling like he was anxiously waiting for something but not quite remembering what. 

    He felt like he had a strange dream last night...

    He quickly remembered, choking on cereal as Steven walked into the shack right as it opened. Hair slightly frizzy from the heat and eyes strangely tired. Maybe dream hopping took energy that he anticipated. 


    “Meal ticket!” 

    “Grunkle Stan.” Mabel chastised as Dipper rushed over to the older boy. 

    “Good morning everyone.” 

    Dipper stopped short, slightly hoping that everything he experienced wasn’t just his imagination. That everything exciting and weird and interesting wasn’t always trying to kill him, ruin his life, or steal his candy. 

    Steven looked tired, like he had been doing this much longer than Dipper, but he had still come out with enough energy to smile. 

    “Not insane?” Dipper asked hopefully, quietly. Steven snapped his attention from his Grunkle and Mable bickering down to the Dipper. He gave a reassuring smile, eyes quite serious. 

    “Not insane.”

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    Ahaha imagine watching Gravity Falls for the first time five years after its over....................okay yeah that’s a self-burn. But honestly, I’m thankful I only now got around to it because at this stage of life, I can appreciate everything so much more than if I was actively watching as the show aired. 

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    Im sorry to tell you all this but bill is an English major, stan is a business major, richie never went to college. Bev went to a community college. Ben was at uni for 12 years. Eddie was also a business major. Mike was also an English major.

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    excuse me?? my tinfoil hat is on

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    is he wrong though

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    I hate to do this and its a last resort for me but I'm going to share my PayPal and Cash App below.

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