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    Red, White n' Blue [Part 18]

    Pairing: Billy Russo x OC

    Co-written by @blanchedelioncourt​

    See intro for warnings.

    Masterlist for previous chapters.



    Billy's body moved against Daphné's as he kissed her, his body on top of hers as his tongue tangled with hers languidly. It had been a few days since their first date and when he wasn't at work, he seemed to spend his time with her. He couldn't get enough of her. They were once again at his place and it was late morning. He should have been at work but she'd convinced him at 5am when he was getting ready for work to take a day off. He owned the place after all, he could do what he wanted. And usually he wouldn't dream of just taking a random day off but she'd made a pretty convincing argument with her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick. He'd made her breakfast in bed and now they were back to making out like a couple of horny teenagers, him in his boxers and her completely naked. It was a new feeling for him, enjoying one person this much. He was loving every second though and the more time he spent with her, the more he wanted to spend with her. 

    He was really into the kiss when his phone started ringing. The pair of them ignored it but when it rang for the third time, he groaned and moved away, snatching the phone off the nightstand. His anger melted when he saw it was Frank though. Daphné whined at the loss of him on her naked skin. She quickly moved to kneel behind him, running her hands down his chest and leaving a trail of wet kisses on his neck as he answered his phone. 

    "What is it, Frankie?" He asked with a sigh, sitting on the edge of the bed with a very horny Daphné all over him.

    "Leo's missin'," Frank bit out over the phone. Billy's back tensed, straightening right up as a million and one thoughts flew through his head rapidly. Daphné moved away instantly, hands off him and listened to the conversation with a concerned frown on her face.

    "The fuck you mean Leo's missin'? What happened? Why ain't she in school?" He snapped, jumping up from the bed and grabbing some clothes without a care as to what they were. 

    "She ran outta school and no one knows where she is. Sarah's losin' her damn mind but I figured you might know where to look," Frank muttered tensely. Billy blew out a sigh as he quickly got dressed in black sweats and a dark grey tee. 

    "I might know some places. I'll go look and let you know," he frowned, worried about where the girl might be and if she was okay. With the shit David was in, there was every chance something bad had happened to her. But he also knew she was a sensitive girl and she was going through a lot. He really hoped she was just having a moment and that she was fine. Frank thanked him before hanging up and Billy shoved his phone in his pants pocket as he grabbed his sneakers.

    Daphné was already half-dressed tugging at her skinny jeans and jumping in place.

    “What happened? How bad is it? It’s Micro’s girl right?” She asked quickly, scanning the look on Billy’s face.

    "Yeah, she ran outta school and no one knows where she is. I'm gonna go look for her. You comin' or you wanna stay here?" He asked, glancing at her as he grabbed a black hoodie and put it on. Worry was etched on his face as he thought of a few places she might be. The Lieberman's didn't know Billy was the one helping them financially but Frank, or ‘Pete’, had introduced Billy to the family and he'd become close to them in his time knowing them. Especially Leo, who reminded him a lot of Lisa. She'd confided in him about a lot of things and he knew how hard she was dealing with the 'death' of her dad. Billy felt like a piece of shit every time, knowing David was very much alive. But the family couldn't know that, not yet. 

    “I’m coming with you. I wanna help,” she said, zipping up and sheathing a hidden blade in each boot. 

    Before long the pair were in the car and Billy was driving like a mad man. He had a knife on him on the off chance shit was really wrong but he had a feeling it was more likely that something had happened in school that upset her. Billy wasn't above threatening a kid. It wouldn't be the first time he'd had to do it. He’d threatened to shove his fist up a kid's ass once because he was bullying Frank Jr. Jr hadn't told his dad, feeling ashamed and embarrassed about it. But he'd opened up to uncle Billy and Billy had taught him some moves and threatened the boy for good measure. And if the boy ended up changing schools after that, it wasn't Billy's fault at all. 

    Daphné kept silent for a few minutes as Billy drove down the avenue like a game of Grand Theft Auto. Not that she was scared of the driving but mostly worried for Billy seeing his tense face and blackest eyes.

    “You’re driving like you know where to go look for her,” Daphné said, breaking the silence with a soft voice. She knew Micro’s story and his family but she never met any of them, not having a reason to yet. Frank and Billy were close to the Lieberman’s and Billy was obviously very worried about Leo. Billy glanced to her before back out at the road, his hands gripping the steering wheel tightly.

    "We uh… we talk sometimes. I know some places she might be," he shrugged. He really hoped she'd be there. He wasn't sure just what to do if she was in none of the spots he had in mind. Daphné nodded, staying silent, thinking back when she was sixteen and on the streets. How fast and dangerous things could turn on you. She reached out for Billy’s hand to comfort her and him at the same time.

    “She’ll be fine, she’s a tough girl,” Daphné murmured, she didn’t know the kid but she had to be fine. Daphné wouldn’t have it any other way. Billy gave her a weak smile as he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it, hoping her words were true. 

    Soon enough, he pulled the car up near a small park that was between Leo's school and her house. He got out, unsure if Daphné would be coming or staying in the car and in too much of a hurry to ask. He didn't mind either way. Just as he thought, he found Leo sitting under a tree, picking at the blades of grass with a despondent look on her face. His heart hurt seeing her so sad but he felt himself relax that she wasn't in danger. Daphné followed Billy but scanned the area, staying on her guard nonetheless. She saw him jog over to a girl sitting by the trees and Daphné exhaled a long breath of relief. 

    "Gave me a fuckin' scare, kid," he grumbled, making the girl's head snap up to him with wide eyes. Her eyes went to Daphné then, a newcomer, before she looked back at Billy with a contrite look on her face.

    "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make anyone worry," she frowned sadly. Billy blew out a sigh before he moved to sit on the grass next to her, watching her carefully.

    "Wanna tell me what happened? I need to kick someone's ass?" He asked with a small smile. She giggled a little and Billy smiled wider, feeling accomplished that he'd made her cheer up even just a bit.

    Leo's eyes darted to Daphné then before back to Billy, a hesitant look on her face. Daphné gave Leo a friendly smile and sat down in front of Leo and Billy.

    "This is Daphné. You can trust her," Billy said softly. Leo glanced between the two grown ups for a long moment before a sly grin crept onto her face.

    "Is she your girlfriend?" She asked with hopeful eyes, reminding Billy so much of Lisa in that moment it was almost painful. Daphné blushed and hid her face with a small groan. She had forgotten how brutally forward teenagers could be. Billy chuckled awkwardly, his dark eyes landing on Daphné. She looked up at him grinning and tilted her head to one side waiting for his answer, her face filled with playfulness and mischief. They hadn't really talked about it but when he thought about it, it kinda felt like she was. Maybe he should have asked her, had a conversation later with her about it all. Yet his mouth opened and gave an answer anyway.

    "Yeah, she is. So whatever you say to me you can say to her too," Billy gave Leo a reassuring smile, purposely not looking at Daphné, nervous for her reaction to his words. Daphné looked down and bit her lower lip smiling widely. Billy Russo, her boyfriend. She giggled feeling the overwhelming happiness of something like love in her chest.

    Leo looked more than pleased with this news and instantly relaxed in Daphné's presence. She heaved a heavy sigh, shuffling closer to Billy before she lay her head against his arm. Billy leaned back against the tree and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulder and she lay against his side as she continued to butcher the blades of grass. Billy was patient, knowing she needed time before she opened up. 

    "It's bring your dad to work day today," she blurted after a long moment of silence. Billy winced, feeling the stab of guilt he always felt whenever Micro was mentioned. 

    "Why didn't you say anythin'? I'm sure your ma woulda let you take the day off or me or Pete coulda gone with you," Billy frowned softly, looking down at her. 

    "I didn't wanna upset mom and you and Pete are busy. I thought I'd be okay," she replied sadly. 

    "Hey, me and Pete are never too busy for you or Zach. Ever," Billy said firmly. Leo moved from where she was squished against his side to blink up at him, eyeing him carefully before a little smile tugged at her lips. She moved to hug him and Billy hugged her back, stroking her hair softly.

    Daphné smiled and watched the two of them. She knew the pain Leo was feeling with the lack of a dad, not knowing who her own father was. Seeing how patient and kind Billy was to Leo, how thoughtful and considerate… Daphné never really had given any thought about children, her life being so chaotic and all. But looking at Billy right now, uncle Billy, she knew he’d be a wonderful dad. Billy hated the bullshit take your dad to school shit too. He didn't even know who his dad was and it was hard enough being in school with everyone knowing he lived in a group home. 

    "Thank you, Billy," Leo murmured after a moment. 

    "Don't gotta thank me. But next time, don't just run off. Gave everyone a goddamn heart attack. I'm too old for this bullshit," he snorted, giving her a stern look when she moved away. She shot him a sheepish smile. 

    “He is getting old...” Daphné said, speaking up for the first time. She grinned at Billy’s offended face and leaned forward closer to Leo.

    “I found a grey hair the other day, don’t tell him,” she added whispering to Leo who exploded in a fit of giggles looking at Billy with a wide grin.

    "Alright… Ice cream?" He asked, looking at Leo and then Daphné with raised brows and a grin. Leo made an excited noise and hopped to her feet as Billy stood and helped Daphné up.

    "You're not gonna make me go back to school?" Leo asked, wide eyes blinking up at Billy. 

    "Nah. They won't miss you for one day. You're goin' in tomorrow though," he pointed at her, giving her his best firm look and she nodded rapidly. He shot Frank a quick text to let him know he'd found Leo and he was taking her for ice cream so Sarah could stop worrying and then he led her and Daphné back to the car.

    Billy opened the passenger door and Leo squeezed herself in the backseat. Daphné surprisingly followed her and sat in the back with her, giving Billy a wink. Leo gave Daphné a sheepish smile that didn’t last very long when Daphné started teasing and bossing Billy around like their personal chauffeur to make her laugh.

    “Chauffeur! To the ice cream parlour with haste! Allez! (Go!)” Daphné said, her voice thicker than usual with the French accent. Leo giggled and surprised Daphné with French of her own.

    “Merci beaucoup! (Thank you very much)” Leo said with very good pronunciation. Daphné gave her an impressed smile and a thumbs up. It didn’t take long for the girls to bond and chat like friends. Daphné really liked her, she was a gorgeous, smart and kind kid and felt like a little sister. They chatted about Leo's French classes, about boys she fancied at school and the stupid cheerleaders bullying other girls.

    Once they got to the ice cream parlour, Billy and Leo made a beeline to their usual booth and Leo sat on one side, letting Billy and Daphné sit together on the other. Billy grabbed a menu and looked over it, sharing it with Daphné as Leo kicked her feet under the table and looked around. 

    "I don't know why you always look at the menu. You always get the same thing," Leo snorted amused, resting her chin on her hand as her eyes darted between Billy and Daphné. Billy gave her a mock unimpressed look and leaned over the table to flick her nose, making her yelp and swat at his hand. Daphné gasped and did the exact same to him laughing at his little 'ow!'

    "Well if it isn't my two favorite people! What brings you here on a weekday?" An old woman asked as she approached the table. Her hair was grey and pulled up into a bun, the blue apron she was wearing showing she worked here. She actually owned the place. 

    "Hey, Lillian. Some emergency ice cream was needed," Billy said with a wry grin, making the woman smile as she looked at Leo. 

    "Well, in that case I'll make sure you get a few extra scoops," she said warmly, reaching out to pat Leo on the shoulder as Leo beamed a smile.

    "And who's this beautiful young lady?" Lillian asked as she turned her eyes to Daphné. 

    "This is Daphné, Billy's girlfriend," Leo grinned gleefully, enunciating the word girlfriend as her eyes sparkled with mischief. Billy actually blushed when Lillian's eyes widened and she looked at Billy with a bright smile. 

    "So you grace me with your presence on a weekday and you give me good news? I'm honored!" She chuckled, pinching Billy's cheeks as he moved away with an embarrassed scoff.

    "Lill, stop," he huffed with a snort, wiping a hand over his face as he wished the ground would open up and swallow him whole. Leo was giggling like an idiot and Billy shot her a glare. 

    "Well, Daphné, it's a pleasure meeting you. I've known this one since he was a young boy and I'm glad he finally saw sense and decided to settle down," Lillian smiled brightly at Daphné as she slapped Billy's back softly. Billy was dying of embarrassment and he was wondering if it was a good idea to come here. Daphné loved Lillian already and beamed at her. It was wonderful to learn about Billy and have him share these special moments and places with her. She loved him even more for it.

    “Enchanté! (pleasure to meet you!) How did you two meet?” She asked curiously, rubbing Billy’s back to ease him from the awkward spotlight on him.

    "Billy used to come here as a kid and Lillian would give him free ice cream to cheer him up 'cause he was always so sad," Leo said in a not so quiet whisper across the table to Daphné.  Billy groaned and rolled his shoulder. Lillian, sensing his discomfort, chuckled a little before she took her pad from her pocket. 

    "Alright, kids. What can I get you? Usual for you two?" She asked, letting Billy sigh in relief. 

    "Yeah, two chocolate chips and two chocolate milkshakes for us," Billy replied, turning his eyes curiously to Daphné wondering what she might get. This place was important to him, he used to bring Lisa and Jr and he'd brought Zach here too. It was now his and Leo's spot and it felt slightly intimate to bring Daphné here too. Lillian was the closest thing he had to family as a kid. He'd met her when he was 8 and she'd always looked out for him. He'd never forgotten about her and always came to see her. He'd even paid off debt she'd gotten in since her business wasn't as popular as it used to be and she'd been struggling. She tried to refuse his money at first but he'd been adamant the place needed to stay open and in the end she'd relented. The ice cream parlour had been passed down in her family for generations. 

    “I’ll have one small pistachio served in a waffle cone and a small raspberry milkshake please,” Daphné asked politely with a smile. When Lillian left to prepare their order, Daphné leaned over the table closer to Leo with a wicked smile on.

    “You have any more good gossip about that handsome one?” she whispered, winking and pointing to Billy with her thumb. Billy gave Daphné a weak dirty look before he raised a brow at Leo, challenging her to see what she'd say. Honestly, the girl had dirt on him and he wasn't sure if she'd be loyal or not. She seemed to have already taken a liking to Daphné and he might just be in trouble. Leo looked at him, a sly grin on her face that had Billy's eyes narrowing playfully.

    "He cries when he watches Bambi," Leo supplied, still watching Billy gleefully as his mouth fell open, eyes widening.

    "Don't listen to her, she's talkin' out of her ass," Billy huffed as he crossed his arms over his chest. Leo was in fact not talking out of her ass but Billy refused for his rep to be tarnished because he got emotional over a goddamn cartoon deer. 

    "That's my girl!" Daphné said grinning and reached over the table, giving Leo a fistbump. She loved the softer side of Billy, the one under all the tough walls and cockyness. 

    Billy pulled up outside the Lieberman's home and Leo unbuckled her belt and leaned forward over the seats, wrapping her arms around Billy from behind. 

    "Thank you for today," she murmured softly. Billy pat her arm as he smiled, glancing over his shoulder at her.

    "Anytime," he replied as she moved away. She gave Daphné a smile then and comically reached her hand out for her to shake. 

    "It was nice meeting you and I'm glad Billy found his person. You're cute together and he must really like you," she murmured shyly. Billy tried to hide the heat creeping onto his cheeks as he glanced out of the window and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel.

    “Aww! I’m pretty fond of him too!” Daphné said, looking at Billy and caressing his hair.

    “Don’t forget to ask your mom and reach out to Billy so I can help with those French classes, alright?” Daphné asked Leo with a grin, shaking her small hand. She was excited at the idea of spending more time with her. They really bonded quickly. Leo nodded brightly, hopped out of the car and ran up the path as the front door opened, Sarah was standing there and embracing her as she got to the door. Sarah gave Billy a wave that he returned before he started the car back up and pulled out. 

    Daphné unbuckled her seatbelt and crawled like a liquefied cat to the passenger front seat, Billy eyeing her warily as he drove.

    “So, girlfriend uh?” She asked once safely seated with a smirk tugging at her lips and a small blush to her cheeks. Billy chuckled, rolling his shoulder as he felt a wave of insecurity hit him. He should have known she'd mention it.

    "That a problem?" He asked, a playful lilt to his voice voice hide his anxiety. 

    “I mean, I think it’s getting somewhat obvious I’m quite fond of you so…” she said with a small shrug and giving him a shy smile.

    He felt his stomach flip around on him, a smile creeping onto his face that he was powerless to fight. He hated how much of a girl he was being about all of this but he couldn't help it. She made him feel all kinds of shit he wasn't used to.

    “If you’re okay with this… us and uh...monogamy,” she said, sounding like a complete idiot and cleared her throat looking outside the window. She really was outside her comfort zone at the moment. They finally had something nice they both enjoyed and she felt this talk was gonna screw everything up. She played with the hem of her shirt nervously, feeling anxiety fill up her chest.

    "I'm good with it," he murmured softly, glancing to the side at her as he took one of her hands in his and gave her a shy smile. He was, surprisingly. Never did he ever think he'd want to be in a relationship but he couldn't imagine anything else with her. He wanted all of her. He wanted her to be his and for him to be hers. It was a strange feeling but it wasn't unpleasant either. It made him nervous. Sex he was good at. It was easy and he knew what he was doing. Relationships were new waters he hadn't yet navigated and he wasn't really sure what to do or how things should be.

    "I uh… I'm gonna meet with Frankie for a bit. Not seen him in days. I'll drop you at yours?" He asked hesitantly. It almost felt weird to not have her spend the night with him but he missed his best friend and he wanted to talk to him. 

    “Oh! Oh.. uh, yeah okay. Thanks,” she said with a smile before looking down at her lap again. The anxiety was eating at her even with his earlier words. She couldn’t help but feel like he might just need to get away from her as soon as he could. Rejection and disappointment eating at her chest.

    "I just wanna touch base with him," Billy said carefully, watching her. He didn't like the look on her face and felt like he'd already done something wrong. 

    "It's okay. Can't have you all the time uh?" She teased with a wink and a smile at him. She was being clingy and she tried to shrug the anxiety off and live in the moment for now.

    After dropping her off, he made his way to his place, knowing Frank would already be there waiting after he'd agreed to meet via text earlier. Frank had a key to his place so he wasn't surprised when he walked in and Frank was sitting on his sofa with his socked feet kicked up on the coffee table as he sipped a beer. Billy was just glad the asshole had taken his shoes off this time. 

    "Leo alright?" Frank asked, watching as Billy toed off his sneakers by the door before he grabbed a beer for himself and moved to sit next to him on the couch. 

    "Yeah, she's better," Billy sighed, leaning back as he took a long sip of his beer. 

    "Can't wait for all this shit to be over so Micro can go back to his family," Frank murmured, eyes on the TV that was playing something he really didn't give a shit about. Billy hummed in agreement. It made him feel dirty keeping something like that from the family, especially Leo when she trusted him so much. But them knowing would only put a target on their backs and he'd rather feel like a piece of shit than let anything happen to them. 

    They made casual small talk as they watched TV and Billy tried to figure out how to ask what he wanted to ask without sounding like an idiot. 

    "I… uh… how d'you know when you got feelin's and shit for someone?" He blurted, unable to look at Frank as he took a long pull of his beer and glared at the TV. He felt Frank's head whip to him, felt his gaze burning into him and it made him squirm.

    "Holy shit…" Frank laughed, shaking his head incredulously. Billy glared at him then, a deep scowl on his face as Frank held his hands up in surrender.

    "Hey man, this is good. You think you love her?" Frank asked, still wearing a shit eating grin. 

    "Woah, woah, woah. Nobody said anythin' about the L word, let's not jump the gun,'' Billy muttered with wide eyes. He'd already been wondering if that's what he'd been feeling. He'd never experienced it but he'd seen shit in movies or TV shows or heard about it in songs. He'd started to think that was exactly what he was feeling but it scared the shit out of him. 

    Frank eyed him for a long moment, not wanting to freak Billy out and choosing his words carefully.

    "When I met Maria, I just knew she was the one, you know? I think when you know, you know. When you can see a future with someone, can picture a life with 'em and shit," he shrugged, sipping his beer but still keeping an eye on Billy to gauge his reaction.  Billy raked his teeth over his lower lip. He'd been thinking more and more about a future with Daphné. Things he'd like to do with her, places he'd like to go. Holidays spent together and all of that bullshit. He just wanted to share all of his time with her. He was deep in thought as Frank nudged his arm playfully.

    "Ain't no need to rush it, right? Just let it happen on its own. Despite the bullshit at the start, I think you're both good together. You make each other happy. And I gotta say… it's nice seein' you like this,'' Frank smiled fondly. 

    Billy tried to ignore the heat in his cheeks as a stupid grin painted his lips, fingers tapping against the glass bottle in his hand. 

    "I just… can't imagine life without her now, I guess. It's weird. One day I couldn't stand her and suddenly I'm wantin' to spend Christmas with her and shit. Asked her to be my girl today," he admitted bashfully. Frank snorted, slapping Billy's thigh with a wide grin. 

    "Only you'd fall for goddamn Nightshade," he teased, making Billy let out a laugh. Sometimes he forgot about her alter ego, forgot what she was capable of. 

    "Hey, you told me to pick quality over quantity. I just hadn't found anyone special enough yet," Billy murmured with a lovesick smile. Frank resisted the urge to tease him, knowing this was actually a pretty big deal for his best friend. He was actually happy about it despite his earlier reservations when it was just wild and kinky sex they'd been having. Now feelings were involved and he could see how happy they made each other, saw the way they looked at each other. He couldn't think of two people better suited for each other. 

    An hour and a few beers later Frank's phone vibrated in his pocket. He took it out and saw a new text message from Daph. Frank snorted and opened the message app slightly away from Billy's gaze.

    I think I've done something really stupid Frank… - D.

    What now? - F

    Are you still with him? -D

    Frank's eyes darted to Billy before back to his phone, apprehension building inside of him.

    Yeah, why? - F

    Daphné didn't know how to ask or how to tell Frank about their day and the conversation they had in the car. She just stared at her phone swallowing thickly.

    How is he…? - D

    He's good. But I doubt you text me to ask how he is. Spit it out, Daph - F

    We had the weird girlfriend/boyfriend talk and it was weird and I'm freaking out because I kinda told him I like him or fond of him or some shit and now I'm freaking out because I think I fucking love him... -D

    Daphné regretted the text the moment she hit the send button.

    Frank had to bite his lower lip to stop the shit eating grin working its way onto his face. He didn't need Billy noticing and asking questions.

    Is that a bad thing? - F

    Daphné sighed reading the question.

    It's probably a very bad thing because he's Billy Russo and we all know he doesn't do love… -D

    And now I feel like an idiot for falling into the pussy trap. -D

    Daphné actually snorted at her own joke.

    Same thing could be said about you, Daph. There's a first time for everything. Take it from his best friend, you got nothing to worry about - F

    ...still hate your face for always being right though! Thx… -D

    Nah, you love me. You two idiots need to just roll with it and let it happen before I bang your heads together - F

    Frank locked his phone and put it back in his pocket, eyes going to Billy who was sipping his beer as he relaxed and watched TV. He couldn't help but smile to himself. He'd wanted Billy to find happiness for the longest time and he hadn't expected he'd find it with his other best friend. He was happy for them both. They had a lot in common and Frank could see why they were drawn to each other. He just hoped everything worked out, otherwise he'd find himself in a very uncomfortable situation in the middle of them.


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    Billy Russo and Matt Murdock in Daredevil #62 by Brian Michael Bendis
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    😊☁️*sighs in daydream* What a beautiful man. How is he even real? ❤️

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    Ben Barnes 🖤 Beach Boy

    (My photo edit)

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    If anyone wants to know what I want for my birthday.

    Fanfic of moon *me hi hello I am moon* and any character I have spoken about. Or celeb.

    I mean it could be and then list goes

    Spencer Reid


    Pete davidson

    Matthew grey gubler

    Dominic Harrison aka yungblud

    Sherlock Holmes *bbc*

    Geralt of rivia

    Henry cavill

    Daryl Dixon *yes long time ago a bitch was a big daryl Dixon simp and I still am*

    Murphy McManus *the boondock saints is my ULTIMATE comfort movie*

    Tom Hiddleston


    Any character Tom has played to be very honest

    Alec hardy from broadchurch one of the only roles I am romantically into of David tennants

    Kilgrave *don’t ask me I just have a thing for bad men in entertainment*

    Tommy shelby

    Billy Hargrove *yeah he’s still my baby fuck off*

    Ben Barnes

    The Darkling

    Billy Russo * my type is psychopaths can you tell I have mommy/daddy issues and sever child hood trauma yet?*

    J cody from animal kingdom

    The Mayans boys




    And yes.

    All I want for my birthday is some form of me x character writings. A drabble, a funny meme that is me and them, a small ask about us.


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    Me: *starting to watch another movie/series*

    The handsome villain/antihero: *appears*

    Me: Oh, no, here we go again...

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    Stay Away From Me

    A/N- OHHHH SHIT HERE WE GO AGAINNNNNNNN Y’ALLLLLLL! Not Bea and I making up another random fucking story while we are not even discussing things and LIVE IN DIFFERENT STATES. I swear she lives in my mind and plucks the stories right out of it! 

    If you weren’t around for our reblog war on our mains, y’all should check it out, lol if you want to, but if you don’t here it is, in story form! 

    As always we love youuuu! 

    You walked into your apartment and immediately knew something was off. Your eyes scanned around the place as you slowly walked in, your fingers were tightly clenched around the cellphone in your hand. As you rounded the corner to the living room, the fear almost jumped out of your skin. 

    Your eyes landed on Billy Russo and a sigh escaped your lips as you relaxed slightly. You lowered your shoulders and slid your phone into your back pocket as you glanced at Billy. He was sitting on your side chair, a glass of bourbon in his hand and a dark expression clouding his face. 

    “Oh, so you’re alive? That’s good.” He chuckled, amusement nowhere to be found. “You don’t know how to answer your phone?”

    "Billy, why are you even here? I told you yesterday that this-- this right here wasn't happening. So no, I don't have to answer my phone when you call"

    “I think it’s cute that you think we’re done.” He said before he took a sip of his bourbon. He kept his eyes off you as he savored the burning sensation that ran down his throat and settled in his chest. 

    "We are done." You said as you threw your jacket over the back of your couch and stomped into the kitchen. 

    Billy finally allowed his eyes to trail you but he made no move to get up. He swirled the dark liquid around once in his glass before he quickly downed the remaining gulp.

    "Doesn't matter that you didn't answer me all day. I knew where you were." Billy called out.

    "Right." You replied.

    Billy sighed and set the glass down on the table next to the chair. His eyes narrowed as he stared at your jacket.

    "You were with Frankie."

    “And that’s your concern? I’m safer with Frank than anyone else.” You grabbed a water bottle. You weren’t thirsty, but you just needed to hold onto something.

    “Ouch, was that a snarky remark?” Billy’s tone did not show he was deterred by your remark about Frank. “Why were you with Frankie?”

    “None of your business.”

    “Regardless of what you believe sweetheart, you are my business. You filed for the divorce, papers haven’t been signed and never will be.”

    "I stopped being your business the moment Dinah Madani met you." You snapped. 

    Okay so it was a sore subject as to why you filed for divorce, you knew Billy would never cheat on you, but you saw the way he smiled at the Homeland Security agent and you knew that smile all too well. That, coupled with the insane way he had been acting lately had driven a wedge so thick between you two that you were having trouble seeing over it. 

    "Y/N, how many times do I have to tell you-"

    "Madani ain't shit, yeah I know." You said cutting Billy off.

    Billy let out a defeated sigh and glanced at the kitchen, he could see your shadow moving around and he knew you well enough to know you were stalling.

    "So Frank....?" Billy started.

    You were aggravated and annoyed at Billy by this point and all you wanted to do was get him to leave so you gritted your teeth and rolled your eyes once more before you shot back a reply that you knew would fatally wound Billy.

    "Is a better kisser than you."

    The words rang through Billy’s mind like a painful taunt that repeated like a broken record over and over again.

    You saw how Billy’s eyes darkened.

    There were a few times you saw his eyes darkened.

    When he saw you in his beautiful red dress that he rips over and over again, and repairs over and over again.

    When he saw you with another man during a break you two had, evidently enough, you two never had a break again.

    When he was angry over a failed business venture.

    And of course.

    When you purposely pierced through his usual thick skin, knowing the exact words to utter to get your soon to be ex-husband angry like no one has ever done before.

    “Repeat that for me again sweetheart.” Billy’s voice was cool controlled, but you knew it was brimming, that Russo anger was scratching the surface.

    “I don’t have to, that other voice in your head is doing it for me.” You took a sip of the bottle cooly knowing you’ve gotten under his skin. You would never kiss Frank, not for a game. He’s been your confidant during this whole ordeal with Billy.

    Billy remained seated, his hand clenched tightly into a fist and the other gripping the arm of the chair. 

    “Don’t fucking push me.” Billy warned, his voice had that dangerous glint but after being married to Billy for close to seven years, nothing he did frightened you.

    “I’m not pushing you, I saw how you looked at her. Don’t make me look like I’m insane because I know your every tick.”

    “Then you should know my eyes are only for you.” Billy insisted.

    “Wish I could say the same.”

    Billy had enough, he pushed himself out of the chair as his control teetered towards slipping. He made his way around the sofa and into the kitchen.

    You were leaning against the island, the water bottle you grabbed half empty and your face as cold as ice. Billy wasn't used to you looking at him like this. Sure he had seen this look numerous times seeing as you were New York's top defense attorney, but he rarely was on the receiving end of it.

    "So you're saying what exactly hmm? That you found someone else?" Billy questioned with an arched eyebrow.

    You shrugged in a nonchalant way that pissed Billy off more.

    "I'm saying, don't pretend this is a game. Sign the papers Billy."

    Sign the papers? How could he when everything in him screamed to pull your body into his and never let you go. He loved you in a way that he had never loved anyone else before and there was no way he was going to lose you.

    "No." He said simply

    You shook your head and pushed yourself off the island. You stared at him for a beat before you rolled your eyes and pushed past him.

    "Then leave." You snapped.

    “Last I checked, this was still my home. So I think I’ll stay.” Billy grabbed your arm. “Watch it, you’re still my wife and you will be for the foreseeable future. For as long as I have breath in me, you will always be my wife.” His finger traced along your jawline.

    “Don’t push me, I’m sure your demise could be easily arranged.” You smirked, taking back your arm. “Quite frankly, where you go isn’t my concern, just stay the fuck away from me.”

    “I could kill him, you know.” Billy warned. “Frank Castle would just be another casualty.”

    “He’s your best friend.”

    “Things change all the time.”

    “You’re such a pompous ass. Just because you didn’t fuck her doesn’t mean the intention wasn’t there. Don’t make me look stupid because I’m not. I know what I saw.” You sneered, pushing him away from you when you noticed just how much closer he had gone towards you.

    Billy invading your space wasn’t a shock. He did it all the time to distract you so you could lose focus, but not this time. You were angry at him. For months he was lying to you about his whereabouts to meet with this federal agent. It irked you, consumed you. You felt like an unreasonable Bitch, but in the end you had every reason to doubt your husband.

    You’ve given up years on Billy just for it to backfire. You were done with Billy Russo. You could find a way to have this divorce finalize.

    In reality, you didn’t want to leave Billy, but you couldn’t trust him.

    Not anymore.

    "What you saw was me doing my job." Billy said, interrupting your thoughts while he tried to move into your space again. This time you were ready for it and you moved to put the living room couch between you. You glanced over your shoulder, staring at the room that held so many memories for you and Billy.

    A sigh escaped your lips before you turned to look back at Billy.

    "C'mon Y/N, seriously stop with this game. It's getting old and I just want you and I to be okay." Billy said with a tad more sincerity.

    You scoffed.

    "Look Billy, you should have thought about that before you left me alone all those nights to spend them with Dinah. I'm not your second option or some home base that you can float back to when you're feeling lonely. I am your wife, and I deserve better."

    "Exactly, you are my wife." Billy snapped back

    You crossed your arms over your chest and glared at Billy.

    "That's all you picked up on from what I just said?" You questioned.


    "No Billy just....no. Look, I'm going to bed, and when I close the door to my room I want you out of my apartment, understand?"

    Billy clamped down on his jaw and leveled you with an unimpressed arch of his eyebrow.

    You looked at him for two more seconds before you turned on your heel and stormed into the room. You were quick to shut the door and lock it and when the click of the lock hit your ears you physically relaxed.

    Being in the same room with Billy was hard because he demanded all the attention without even meaning to. Everything and everyone was drawn to him and you were no exception. All you wanted was to bury yourself in him but you had meant what you said about deserving better.

    You strained your ears as you listened to Billy's soft footsteps. You could hear him gathering his things up and making his way to the front door. He stopped for a second and you held your breath, afraid he would change his mind and stay.

    "I do love you Y/N..." he said before he opened the door and left.

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  • zim-zam-goddamn
    25.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    I Fear, I Love | Billy Russo

    A/N: i find myself writing a lot of hurt/comfort things for Billy. so here's a 3+1 fic where it's 3 times Billy holds the reader's hand, and the one time the reader holds Billy's hand. Billy Russo hand holding headcanons are on their way.


    -- One --

    The first time it happened, you and Billy were at a benefit for one of Billy’s contracts. You didn’t know what exactly had happened, just that Billy had suddenly grabbed your hand and stood by you, stiff and unmoving. You knew you had to get Billy away from everything.

    Billy gripped your hand so tight it began to go numb, but you ignored it. His eyes were wide but unfocused as you dragged him out of the building and to his Wraith. Your hands were gentle as you helped him into the passenger seat and buckled him in. When you moved to close the door, his grip tightened even more--if that was possible--and you smiled softly as you pressed a kiss to his temple.

    “I’m just going to the driver’s side, Billy. I’m not leaving you.” you whispered.

    His hand loosened enough for you to slip your hand out from his and hurry to the driver’s seat. Billy’s hand immediately found yours again as you pulled out of the parking deck and onto the road, his thumb absentmindedly stroking your knuckles as you wove your way through the cars and streets to your shared apartment.

    As soon as you stepped through the door with Billy in tow, you pulled him into a hug. His arms wrapped around you and he clutched you like you were a lifeline, as if he was too afraid that if he let go you would disappear.

    “I’m scared.” was all he said, his voice shaky.

    You pressed a kiss to his chest, then looked up and tilted his chin down to face you.

    “Let’s go to bed, hmm?” you said. “You don’t have to be scared.”

    Billy nodded and you took his hand again, walking him to bed and helping him out of his suit and pants. He didn’t bother putting on anything before he slipped under the covers and curled into himself, his back facing your side of the bed.

    You sighed, slipping out of your outfit before crawling into bed; you didn’t bother putting on a shirt either. Your arms curled around him and he grasped your hand again, clutching it against his chest.

    -- Two --

    Billy Russo was not an insecure man. He always found a way to dazzle others with his bravado and charm.

    But now, as you sat across from Billy with stares being shot in your direction, you knew Billy wasn’t his usual self. Even if his hunched posture wasn’t an indication, you could clearly tell he felt out of place.

    “Ignore them, Billy. They’re not worth your frustrations.” you reached for his hand across the table, grasping it gently and running your thumb along his knuckles.

    “That’s not...they’re right...you could…”

    His words were choppy, but you knew what he meant: I’m not good enough for you. I’m a monster and everyone is right to stare.

    “Billy,” you chided softly.

    “It’s true!” he snapped back. “You’re so good, and beautiful, and perfect and...I’m scared, Y/N.”

    Billy tightened his grip on your hand he already held while reaching for your other hand. Pressing a kiss to each of his hands, you smiled at him with a tiny nod.

    “I know, Billy. But I promised you a long time ago that I wasn’t going to leave you. It’s gonna take a lot more than a douche trying to hit on me--and you telling me to leave--to get rid of me.”

    -- Three --

    “Billy, that woman over there has been staring at us for a while now.”

    “I know. It’s alright, she’s probably just staring at my scars.” Billy sneered, his lip curling in disgust at the word “scars.”

    “Or maybe she recognized one or both of us and is about to call the cops.”

    “Hmm. Maybe.”

    “And you’re not the least bit concerned we might have to ditch our safehouse again? Right when I was just getting settled in?” You said the last part with a tiny grin.

    Billy returned your smile with a grin of his own. “And you are?”

    When you raised an eyebrow at him, he shook his head with a chuckle. “I’m not worried. Or scared. Whatever. Won’t ever be, as long as you’re here with me.”

    Your smile grew bigger. Not knowing what else to say, you took a sip of your now cold coffee and studied Billy’s profile.

    Your eyes drifted around his face, then to the backdrop behind him and you saw a man in a suit sitting across the street, looking suspiciously like an agent. You frowned, nudging Billy’s knee with your own and motioning for him to look across the street with your eyes.

    He noticed the man immediately and turned back to you with a smile.

    “You might’ve been right earlier about that woman.”

    “Hmm. Maybe.” you repeated Billy’s earlier words.

    He laughed, actually laughed, then stood up and began making his way out of the patio and down the sidewalk. You hurried to follow him, quickly matching his pace as the two of you ducked into crowds and down busy streets.

    Billy glanced back the way you had come and saw a black SUV coming down the street, muttering a sharp “Shit!” before grabbing your hand and quickening his pace and ducking down another street.

    When you had run out of streets to escape to, had nearly run into agents crawling everywhere, Billy tugged you down a dark alley and pulled you close, shielding your face while ducking his head and letting his hood fall down and cover his face.

    Your eyes met his, and you couldn’t help but smile again at him. Your eyes roamed his face, and you realized you would always agree with what Billy had said earlier.

    You didn’t need to worry or be scared.

    Not as long as Billy was there.

    -- Plus One --

    You woke to a hand clutching yours in a death grip. You sucked in a sharp breath as your eyes flashed open and were greeted with Billy lying stiffly on his half of the bed. Your eyes trailed down to your and Billy’s joined hands, and you saw that his knuckles were white.

    Billy was still asleep, though. He was stuck in a nightmare.

    “Billy?” you muttered, reaching over to gently shake him awake. “Billy? It’s me, I’m here.”

    You looked back up at his closed eyes and saw that a deep frown had etched itself onto his face. Shaking him again, you waited patiently for him to open his eyes and calm his breathing.

    “Billy, wake up.” Your voice grew soft. “Please, wake up. It’s not real there.”

    Nudging him one last time, you let out a relieved breath when his eyes flashed open and began scanning the dark room.

    “Y/N? Are you okay? Did I--did I hurt you?”

    You smiled, shaking your head. “No. You’d never hurt me.”

    You leaned up to kiss his cheek, then moved to rest your head on his chest.

    “That’s...that’s what I’m afraid of, though.”

    “Of hurting me?”

    Billy hummed in agreement. “Yeah. And, I’m afraid of--”

    He cut himself off, shaking his head and turning away from you, his grip on your hand loosening before letting go of your hand fully. He was still tense, though.

    “What, Billy?” You frowned, curling around his exposed back and draping one arm over his waist. The other went to his head as you began to card your fingers through his hair. “What are you so afraid of?”

    He was silent for a moment.

    “I’m afraid of waking up and finding you’re not there.” His voice was decisive and laced with some bitterness.

    You couldn’t respond--no, you didn’t know how to respond. It was like someone had knocked the breath from your lungs and you couldn’t think of anything to say because you were too focused on regaining your breath. You waited for a long while before saying anything again.

    “I’m not going anywhere, okay?” you finally said, pressing a kiss between his shoulder blades. “It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you.”

    Billy was still unconvinced, his back still rigid before you. Sighing, you felt around until your fingers brushed against his hand and grasped it firmly.

    “Wanna know a secret, Billy?”

    He didn’t answer, but you knew he wanted you to keep talking. It kept his mind off of his nightmares.

    “I’m scared, too.”


    “Why?” you echoed. “Why? I’m scared because I know you’re not going to stop fighting until everyone hunting us is dead. But until then, you could die fighting and I couldn’t live without seeing you smile every day.”

    You took a deep breath, kissing the back of his neck. “I’m afraid that I won’t get to see you smile or laugh or be happy one more time. I’m afraid I’ll have to say goodbye to you too soon.”

    “You’re not afraid of me?”

    “Why would I be afraid of you?”

    Billy sighed. “I dunno...the scars, the danger, the hurt...all that follows me and--”

    “I don’t care what follows or comes with you.” you said. Billy looked surprised at the clear admission. “I knew what I was getting into the moment you told me what happened overseas and how you got from there to here.”

    You scooted back and Billy turned over on his other side, facing you fully. He remained silent, but his eyes scanned your face, as if wondering if you were lying for his comfort. When he saw you weren’t, he sucked in a breath like he had been holding it, rolling onto his back and staring up at the ceiling.

    “You’re not afraid of me.”

    He said it like a realization, like a reassurance to himself more than a question aimed at you.

    “No, I’m not.” you agreed. “But it’s okay to fear.”

    Billy went silent once more.

    “We fear, we love, we fear again, we love some more...then we do it over again.” You rested your head on his chest again. “That’s what being in a relationship is, isn’t it? Fearing all the risks it comes with, but loving anyway.”

    “Yeah…” he agreed slowly. “I guess it is.”

    The both of you laid there for a while, with Billy wrapping an arm around you and his thumb tracing circles on your hip. You listened to his heartbeat, a steady rhythm slowly lulling you to sleep.

    As you closed your eyes and let yourself drift off, you could hear Billy whisper something almost inaudible to you:

    “I fear, I love, and I’ll do it a million times, just as long as you’re with me.”


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    #billy russo x reader #billy russo x y/n #billy russo x you #billy russo imagine #billy russo imagines #billy russo fic #billy russo fanfiction #billy russo#krista writes
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  • becauseicantthinkwritings
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    Billy with a cat thoughts:

    He probably found the poor thing under his car, or in the wheel well near his tyres on a cold night.

    It was a pure black kitten, shivering and wet.

    "Hey buddy, where’s your momma? Did she abandon you too?"

    Which is probably the first chord the little thing struck in his heart. He knew exactly what it felt like to be abandoned young.

    Maybe he takes it to one of those 24hr vet clinics to have it checked out.

    He's apprehensive at first, doesn't want to take home this random animal that will no doubt require more attention than he can probably give it. But he also can't leave him alone in good conscience.

    He decided to name in 'Wraith' because, I mean, he loves his car.

    He gives the little furball space at first, letting the feline decide when she's ready to be pet.

    The cat's a little menace, he has to essentially baby proof his place but he does it without too much complaint.

    The first time it comes up to him for cuddles, he's sitting on his couch watching TV. He hears a small sound, before his lap is full of fluff. It rolls in his lap, and he hesitates before giving it a soft touch.

    He's amazed at how soft the little hellion really is.

    He definitely gets one of those expensive cat towers and the crystal bowls with the fountain.

    He probably gets so many scratches. Maybe the first time he meets you, you ask what kind of cat he has. He's not sure how you know, until you point out the scratch on the back of his hand.

    His heart melts the first time Wraith jumps up onto his bed to cuddle him. He gets hit with unbelievable affection for the small creature.

    He doesn't understand how someone could look at anything so small and leave it where it was. He doesn't understand why his own mother abandoned him.

    Wraith cheers him up on bad days, and drives him mad on good days.

    Any woman that comes into his place has to love cats. If he sees anyone being mean to his cat, she's out the door instantly.

    When he finally makes you his girlfriend, he loves watching you talk to Wraith.

    Oh damn what if one day he just comes home after a hard day to find you on his bed asleep with his cat in your arms. He just leans against his doorframe and stares.

    He probably makes his cat his ring bearer on his wedding day.

    #billy russo#my writings #billy with a cat #wraith #he's a cat dad
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    Ben Barnes 🖤 Just 💋

    (My video edit)

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  • thatbritishactor
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    Adventures in Success (part 7)

    Pairing : Ben Barnes x Reader

    Warnings : None, this chapter’s FLUFFY AF.

    Summary: Ben’s agent is retiring and the firm wants you to represent him. It’s going to be hard for you not to mix work with feelings.

    Words: 3,000

    Type: Slow Burn, Fluff

    Part 1   Part 2     Part 3     Part 4    Part 5   Part 6

    gif by bnbrns

    My masterlist

    3 months later

    Ben’s been back in LA for a few days when he receives a text from you. Ever since your text exchange while you were drunk, the two of you resumed on your usual banter, leaving the unfamiliar politeness behind, much to his relief. It feels like the emotional wall you’ve put up between you and him progressively came crawling down with every text exchange. You are scheduled to meet for dinner tonight, and he can’t wait to see you.

    He’s surprised you haven’t contacted him as he received the best news he’s ever gotten in his entire career. He’s been nominated for the Volpi Cup, the award for best actor in the Venice Film Festival, for the Bong Joon Ho movie. When he got the news from the film crew, he almost cried tears of joy. He was incredibly proud, but most importantly, he knew you’d have to drop his contract, as you had agreed. He wondered how you felt about his nomination, and why you hadn’t contacted him right away. Had you found someone else? If so, was it serious? His heart jumped in his chest when he saw your name illuminating his screen. He opened your message eagerly.

    You: Hi Ben, I know we were supposed to meet today for dinner, but I got the flu and i’ve been stuck home for the last two days. I’m still feverish and I can’t make it out I’m so sorry… :(

    So, that was why you hadn’t contacted him. Selfishly, he preferred to know that you were stuck home with the flu than in the arms of another guy. He writes back to you:

    Ben: I can come over and bring some soup, herbal tea and flu medicine :)

    You: absolutely not Ben, I’d never forgive myself if you got the flu because of me.

    He raises his eyebrows as he reads your message. He won’t let you get away with this.

    Ben: I’m immune to the flu :) plus I have some verrry important news and I NEED to see you.

    You: I cant let you see me this way :( I haven’t showered in two days and I look like shit.

    Ben: I don’t care. I’m coming.

    You: Fine, you’re the f***** worst.

    Ben: see you in an hour :)

    Ben can’t stop smiling as he gets in his car to go to the grocery store, he’s so gleeful he could break into a song and start dancing in the street.

    * * * * * * * * *

    He knocks on your door, familiar with your place as he’s already been here a few times, for movie nights mostly. He’s even slept on your convertible couch after some nights where the two of you drank too much. You open slightly the door and he catches a glimpse of your face.

    “Ugh, I can’t believe you came” you sigh as you turn over and leave the door open. He laughs loudly.

    “That’s no way to greet me after a six months separation” he protests.

    He smiles widely when he notices that you’re wearing a blanket around your shoulders, sweat pants and fuzzy socks. You’re walking awkwardly around your living room, looking exhausted. Your hair his wet so you’ve definitely taken a shower before he arrived. You look pale, your nose is red, you have dark circles under your eyes. You definitely look sick, but still cute, he thinks to himself. He sets the grocery bag on the table while you sit on your couch, staring at nothing.

    “So, I took some chicken soup” he announces “some herbal tea, honey for your throat, your favorite ice cream and some ibuprofen”. He looks back at you, you’re wiping your nose with a tissue. You look so precious, he wants to hold you close and kiss you. He resists the urge and sets the items on your living room table, before making a trip to your kitchen to set the ice cream in the freezer.

    “Thank you, Ben, that’s so kind of you” you reply weakly when he enters the living room. “I think my temperature’s rising again, I don’t feel too good” you add in a weak voice. He comes to sit next to you on the couch and presses a hand to your forehead. It’s clammy and hot, you’re burning up.

    “Yep, feels like you’re having a fever” he states “I’ll get you some ibuprofen” he says, getting back up and heading to your kitchen to get a glass of water. He comes back a few seconds later and you’re lying on your side, your legs pressed to your chest, softly whining.

    “It’s okay, I’m here” he says in a smooth voice. He crouches next to you and hands you the pill and the glass of water. You stare at him with glassy eyes.

    “I can’t believe you came” you say, repeating the first words you’ve uttered to him when he got here.

    “I told you, I have some important news to tell you” he says, smiling.

    “But you’re seeing me like this” you whine, gesturing towards yourself. “I look like a monster” you say, closing your eyes.

    “That’s not true, you look sick” he protests “You still look pretty and cute, don’t worry”, he adds with a grin. You hide your face in a cushion, not replying.

    “Come on, take the pill” he says patiently. You open your eyes again and slowly sit.

    “Thank you” you whisper, your hands trembling a bit.

    “Do you want to eat something?” he asks, concerned.

    You nod to say no “I’m not hungry” you say, wincing.

    “When’s the last time you ate?” he asks, raising an eyebrow.

    You look away, thinking, scrunching your nose a bit. God you’re cute, he thinks, having to resist the urge to kiss you again.

    “I don’t really remember” you reply “The fever’s making the last few days blurry” you add, scrubbing your eyes.

    “I’m gonna get you some soup” he says, and he goes to the kitchen to get you a spoon.  He puts the kettle on to make you some tea as well, because he wouldn’t be a true British person of he didn’t.

    “It’s still warm” he says, coming back in the living room. You nod as you patiently wait for him to bring you the soup, and sigh when he gives you the warm bowl.

    “So, what’s the big news?” you ask.

    “It can wait.” Ben answers, rubbing your arm to warm you up, seeing you shivering.

    “But you came for that” you protest, drinking your soup.

    “I came to see you” he replies, smiling softly.

    You nod your head, closing your eyes “This is so good” you say.

    “I’m glad you like it” he replies, getting comfortable on the couch. “Do you want to watch something?” he asks, gesturing towards your TV. “A comforting movie, perhaps?”

    You look at him, smiling softly “Yeah, I could watch something” you say “I’ve spent the last two days in bed” you add.

    “What do you want to watch?” he asks, looking intently at you. Even when you’re sick, you still have the same effect on him. His chest feels a bit tight and he desperately wants to touch you. You think for a few seconds before smiling slowly, your eyes looking heavy. You look so tired and weak, it breaks his heart “Princess Bride” you reply, looking content.

    He laughs “Princess Bride it is!” he replies as he turns the TV on. He goes back to the kitchen to fetch you your tea, adding a generous amount of honey to soothe your throat. He comes back in the room and you’re standing next to the sofa.

    “Could you unfold the couch?” you ask weakly, looking up at him. “I want to fall asleep in front of the film” you add.

    He has the resist the urge to cup your face with both of his hands and kiss you. “Of course” he replies, happy to feel useful to you. He expertly unfolds the sofa, and you climb on it right away, still wrapped in your blanket. He lies down next to you and launches the movie. He feels genuinely content in this moment, thinking that there’s no place where he’d rather be, because he’s with you. He thinks to himself that he simply needs your company to feel whole and happy, and he realizes, for the hundredth time, how serious his feelings are for you. He glances at you and sees that you’re shivering.

    “Are you alright?” he asks, concerned.

    “I’m so cold” you reply, hugging yourself.

    “I’ll get another blanket” he replies, and you reach for his arm before he gets up.

    “Can you hold me?” you ask, looking at him. His heart explodes with joy in his chest and he tries to control his facial expression.

    “Of course” he replies softly with an even voice, and he’s impressed with himself. He slides closer to you on the sofa and opens his arms, and you snuggle against him, sighing, seeming satisfied.

    “You smell so good” you say after a few seconds.

    He laughs. Why do you need to be in an altered state to say these things to him? Drunk or feverish? What stops you from saying how you feel? Why do you have to control yourself this much? he thinks bitterly.

    “Thank you” he replies, his heart beating fast in his chest.

    “Why do you have to be so perfect?” you ask, your eyes closed. You seem like you’re slowly falling asleep.

    “What do you mean?” he asks, still half laughing.

    “You’re smart, kind, funny, unbearably handsome.” you reply, yawning, before snuggling your face against his chest.

    “You’re not so bad yourself” he replies softly, placing a soft kiss on the top of your head.

    “I’m not good enough for you” you reply, and your eyes are closed, your expression relaxed.

    “What? That’s nonsense” he replies, frowning and aghast.

    “Hmmmm...” you reply, your head falling a bit, and he understands that you’ve fallen asleep now. He looks back at the TV, distracted. Is that why you won’t date him? Using the excuse of being his agent? Because you’re insecure? He frowns as he ponders on this, still holding you against him. Your breathing is even and your face relaxed, and he feels happy and privileged to see you this way, unguarded and natural. He falls asleep before the movie ends, sill suffering from jet lag.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    You open your eyes, waking from the fever dream you were just having. You feel sweaty and cold, coming down from your fever. You look around you and find Ben lying next to you, asleep. You stare at his beautiful face for a few seconds, lit by the glowing screen of the TV. You usually can’t stare at him as much as you want to, so you indulge fully. You look at his eyes, his long lashes, the beauty spot you love so much. His nose, his mouth, his beard. His cheekbones, the soft curve of his lips. You heart aches in your chest, you find him so beautiful it almost makes you want to weep.

    You close your eyes and sigh deeply, and decide to get up and take a shower to clean the sweat off yourself. You get up slowly, in order not to wake him up, and head to your bedroom. You set out a clean set of pajamas (the good fancy ones, because Ben’s here after all, and you’ll definitely look better in them than in your old sweat pants) and hop in the shower, happy to feel the warmth of the water on your skin. You close your eyes and try to focus to analyze the situation. It’s hard because you’re still feverish, and you feel groggy.

    He’s here, you think to yourself, in awe. He came, only to take care of you. You shake your head as you realize how much he must care about you to have come all the way here. He could be anywhere, with anyone, and yet he decided to come to you. You nod your head as you take in the realization and try to calm your nerves. Once you’re done cleaning yourself, you step out of the shower, fold yourself into a towel and go brush your teeth, wanting to feel clean and fresh. You stare at your own reflection, unimpressed. What does he see in you? You simply don’t understand. He could have any woman, any beautiful actress in the industry, any gorgeous model, why does he waste his time with you? You shake your head, unable to comprehend what he sees in you. You step into your bedroom, put on a clean set of underwear before putting on your Pjs.

    You tip toe in the living room again and turn off the TV screen. Ben shuffles in his sleep, sighing, and you lie down next to him. You could go back to your bed, but you can’t resist being so close to him. You’ve missed him so much these last few months, and your feelings for him are so strong. You reach for his hand and grab it softly, wanting to have a physical contact with him. He wakes up at the contact and your heart drops in your chest. He opens lazily his eyes, and they seem completely black in the dark.

    “Hey” he whispers, smiling softly. “Feeling better?”

    “A bit” you sigh back, your chest feeling horribly tight. You could kiss him, right here, right now. Nothing can stop you, except yourself.

    “C’me here” he says, and he opens his arms. You don’t hesitate for a second, turning your back on him and snuggling close to him. He spoons you, holding you close, his arms around you. You close your eyes, thinking you’ve never been this happy before, and quickly fall asleep.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    You wake up to the smell of pancakes and sigh happily. You stretch on the couch and slowly open your eyes, trying to assess how you feel. You’re still a bit sore and your throat hurts, but you don’t feel feverish anymore. You look around you and Ben’s woken up, probably in the kitchen judging by the sounds coming from it. You quickly get up, panicked, and run to your bathroom. You assess the mess as you stare at yourself in the mirror, and decide to brush your teeth first. You brush your hair, put fresh water on your face and breathe evenly to calm yourself. You’re not thrilled by the way you look, but at least you look a little more human. You tip toe to the kitchen and you hear Ben singing, bringing a bright smile to your face.

    You enter and he’s cooking pancakes, and you think to yourself that the man has no mercy for you. First, coming to take care of you while you’re sick, secondly, making you pancakes in the morning. How is he even real? You ask yourself. He spots you and stops singing:

    “Morning sunshine, how are you feeling?” he asks, grinning.

    “A little better, thank you”, you reply as you take a sit on the counter.

    “Ahhh, finally some good news”, he says, grinning. How does he look so good? You ask yourself. The man’s slept in his clothes, hasn’t taken a shower yet and he looks like the most beautiful person in the world. You grind your teeth, annoyed by him.

    “Did you sleep well?” you ask, blushing.

    “Never better” he winks, and you blush even more.

    “So, what about these big news you wanted to tell me?” you ask, raising an eyebrow. He slides a plate with pancakes and a cup of tea towards you, and you grab it eagerly.

    “Well, I guess you haven’t heard since you were stuck in here with a fever” he starts, and he looks intently at you. “I’ve been nominated for best actor at the Venice Film Festival” he announces.

    You choke on your tea and slide off the counter “Oh my God, Ben!!” you yell, and you jump at his neck to hug him, screaming with joy. He laughs as he catches you, and the two of you stand here for a while, hugging. Your breathing slows a bit and you step back “Congratulations” you say, looking up at his face, and the expression on his face makes you weak in the knees. There is tenderness, and a hunger, a want that makes you quiver.

    “Thank you” he replies “I’d never had gotten there without you” he says as he puts a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You blush and turn over to grab your tea, before facing him again.

    “I have something to ask you” he says, “a favor”.

    “Anything, Ben” you say, smiling.

    “By my guest at the film festival” he asks. “Come with me, please.”

    You stop smiling and you feel sudden dread.

    “Ben, I could neve-”

    “I don’t want anyone else but you” he cuts you off “by my side, on this day. Please” he begs, and you get lost in his charcoal eyes, unable to resist him.

    “Fine”, you sigh, and he grins widely.

    “Thank you” he replies “I’ll send you the details” he winks, quoting back to you one of your favorite expressions. You blush again, feeling self conscious.

    “I have to go” he says, “I’ll talk to you soon?” he adds, seeming hopeful.

    “All right” you reply, still feeling weak in the knees. He steps closer to you, and he gently cups your face with both hands, before placing a light kiss on your forehead. He releases you and grabs his jacket. “Have a nice day” he says, winking, before leaving the kitchen.

    You stare into the void as you hear your front door slamming, unable to process what just happened.

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    Ben Barnes 🖤 Hands

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    Red, White n' Blue [Part 17]

    Pairing: Billy Russo x OC

    Co-written by @blanchedelioncourt​​

    See intro for warnings.

    Masterlist for previous chapters.



    Daphné had thirty minutes to go and she was sitting on the floor of her bedroom in her underwear freaking out. She had changed out of her dresses at least five times. She couldn't decide the right one because she had no idea where they were going or what they'd be doing. Her hair was curled in soft waves, down one side of her head, leaving one side of her neck bare to see. She had dark smokey evening makeup making her blue eyes bright and intense. She didn't usually have trouble getting dressed for an event or a fancy night out but this night being a date with Billy made her nervous. A good nervous but it made her overthink every little detail. She had no idea how he felt about her but she was growing fonder of him every time she saw him. She stood up and had a good stern talk with herself in the mirror.

    "You! Daphné Marie Rose, are gonna pick a dress, put your heels on and walk out of here like a million dollars!" She said sternly at herself in her own mirror with one finger up. She took a deep steadying breath and turned around to pick a dress on her bed. Her eyes flicked to her nightstand and she smirked…

    Billy was nervous. Ridiculously so and he hated it. He sat in his car outside her apartment as he tried to calm himself down. This was what people normally did, right? Ask someone they like on a date? Except he hadn't really asked her on a date, he'd given her a vague demand and that was it. Did she even know it was a date? He wasn't sure he could vocalise it without bursting into flames. This whole thing had him feeling wildly out of his depth and he wasn't used to the feeling, nor did he like it. 

    "Man up, Russo. Don't be such a fuckin' pussy," he huffed before he got out of the car and made his way up to her place. He hoped she liked what he had planned. He thought she might after the shit she'd said in the car. It had taken a long phone call and a lot of extra money being thrown their way before they accepted such a late reservation, but he got what he wanted in the end. Money really was power and all that shit. When he stood outside of her place, he took a deep inhale and stuffed the nerves down. He didn't do nervous. He was Billy fucking Russo. He was confident and he wasn't going to be a little bitch about this. With that last thought, he knocked firmly on the door before rolling his shoulder and holding his head high.

    "Come in!" Her voice said behind the door. Billy steeled himself before he pushed the door open and walked in. All coherent thought flew right out of the window as his dark eyes landed on her. She was wearing a gorgeous silk black off the shoulder mermaid dress that hugged her curves perfectly, with white gold diamond earrings and black high heels. She was a goddamn vision and Billy almost forgot how to breathe for a moment.

    "You look… uh… wow," was all he managed. Real smooth asshole, that was great. There were a lot of words he could use to describe how she looked in that moment. Beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking. Yet his mind had supplied him with wow instead and he fucking hated how much of a bitch she was turning him into. She grabbed her small evening handbag and her breath caught in her throat in a soft gasp when her eyes caught sight of him. He was absolutely breathtakingly divine in his burgundy three piece suit, black shirt, grey tie and his perfect hair slicked back. She could tell he wore her favorite cologne and she felt weak at the knees.

    His eyes were dark and intense as he drank the sight of her and licked his top teeth, something that always had turned her on instantly. She opened her mouth a few times to talk without success, probably looking like she was having a stroke and she chuckled at a loss for words, looking at every inch of him.

    "I… Oh, fuck me," she finally let out with an incredulous scoff walking purposefully right into his arms and kissed him greedily. Her heart was hammering inside her chest, her head lightheaded and she felt the same warm overwhelming feeling inside her chest as earlier that day. He kissed her back feverishly, getting lost in her as his hands gripped her hips and his tongue devoured her mouth. Part of him wanted to say fuck the date and just stay here with her. But then he pulled away, a hand cradling her jaw as he looked down at her and her beautiful blue eyes. He wanted this. Wanted to take her out. Wanted to do something to make her happy. He wanted more than just sex with her.

    She ran the pad of her thumb over his soft lips to wipe the tiniest of lipstick stains and he nipped it playfully with a cheeky smirk. She licked her lips and bit her lower lip, his smirk giving her the urge to kiss him all over again.

    "Come sit with me for a bit before you tell me anything about tonight," she asked him with a bashful smile and a pink flush on her gorgeous face. She took his hand and walked to the living room area. She had to do it now or her nerves would bail on her. He followed her as he glanced to her, wondering why they weren't just leaving but obliging anyway. He sat down on the couch and she sat over his lap, crossing her legs and giving him a good view of all her curves. Her heart was hammering in her chest like a Roger Rabbit cartoon by now. She was almost doubting her lil' surprise with him being so goddamn sexy. 

    "I have a little surprise for our evening, baby," she said, fixing his already perfect tie with her manicured hands. She tilted her head to one side and ran her hands up his expensive suit staring at his handsome face. His lips tugged up a little as his eyes narrowed, eyeing her carefully. 

    "What is it?" He asked softly as one of his hands smoothed up her thigh. He wasn't much for surprises. He didn't like things being sprung on him. 

    "First, unlock and hand me your phone, please," she asked with a wink and waited patiently for him to hand his smartphone over.

    "You're up to somethin'," he murmured with a wry smirk as he got his phone from his pocket and handed it over. His curiosity was burning, wondering just what the hell she was thinking.

    "So, here I was getting ready and reminiscing about the old days when we couldn't stand each other," she said with a playful wink and went back to poking around his phone with a mischievous smirk. He snorted, his mind going back to those days. They somehow felt like yesterday and years ago all rolled into one.

    "and then I remembered some particularly delicious moments which led me to this decision," she added before handing the phone back to him with a new app open. Billy blinked down at his phone, eyes widening a little before they darkened as he stared at the app. He felt arousal stir inside of him already.

    "It's been a while since we did a little dominant and submissive play. What do you think, sir?" She asked, biting her lower lip. She still had no idea what he had in mind for tonight but something told her he'd like to be offered the control very much. They never had used toys in their intimate sessions so she wasn't really sure how he felt about them. Billy's mind was already thinking about when he'd use it and how, ways to torture her in the best way. He was miles away as his head threw a billion ideas his way in rapid succession as he tried to get a reign on his dirty mind and his dick. Billy took so long to speak up she was starting to think he wasn't very fond of the idea but he finally smirked.

    "You might regret this, princess," he smirked wickedly, glancing up from the app to settle his almost black eyes on her. The fun he'd have with her using this. Especially where he was taking her tonight. She chuckled and kissed his cheek smiling. She was relieved he seemed to like the idea as much as she did.

    "Wanna take it for a test run before we go?" She proposed in a seductive voice. Her kisses trailed down to his neck, her nose nuzzling the sweet spot behind his ear. He hummed, enjoying the attention as he tilted his head. His phone was still in his hand and he tapped the screen, setting the toy on the lowest vibration. She gasped, hovering above his skin feeling the vibration purring inside her. She squirmed on his leg with a long sigh of pleasure wondering if he could feel it too. She giggled and bit her lower lip looking at him expectantly. He gave her a devilish smirk, watching her curiously and soaking in her reaction. He could slightly feel the vibrations on his leg and he couldn't wait to drive her crazy once they were out.

    "What's my surprise for tonight, baby?" She asked curiously. Her hips were rolling ever so slightly on his lap as she enjoyed the soft vibrations inside her. 

    "You'll see when we get there," he replied with a teasing grin. He turned the toy off, he'd get her when she wasn't expecting it and that'd be part of the fun. He tapped her leg so she'd get up and he slipped his phone in his trouser pocket where he'd have easy and discreet access. She'd never see it coming. She took her handbag next to him on the couch and they left her place both looking like a million dollars.

    The drive there was filled with easy small talk and smiles but once Billy pulled up at the restaurant, he felt anxiety prickle at him again. He hopped out of the car quickly and hurried to her side, opening the door for her as his dark eyes became glued to her for her reaction. Daphné's head turned to the restaurant and back to Billy a few times before her brain did the math. She felt a knot form in her throat as she stared wide-eyed at Billy. She hid her wobbly lip with a hand over her mouth and a loud happy chuckle left her lips instead. She couldn't believe he'd do such a thing for her. That he really had listened to her that afternoon, that he went through all the pain and trouble to get them a reservation that very same day, that he cared enough about her to take her there with him.

    "I uh… I know you said you'd always wanted to go so…" he trailed off, suddenly sounding unsure of himself as he looked at her carefully. The nerves were back again and he couldn't help it.

    “Wha… H-How?...” She took his hand and exited the car but she was overwhelmed with so many emotions she didn’t know what to say. She made an excited sound between a sob and a laugh, smiling widely at him.

    Billy couldn't help but grin at her reaction, feeling a warmth starting in his chest that bloomed throughout his entire body at the fact he'd made her this happy.

    "Just pulled some strings," he shrugged casually. He wasn't sure how she'd react to the news that he'd had to pay three times the usual amount to get them a reservation the same day or for his very specific requests he'd made for their table. She giggled and shook her head looking around, still not wrapping her brain around it. She pulled him slightly to the side with her before they entered. She weaved her arms around him and rested her head on his chest. She felt so grateful, spoiled, cared for and much more. She put all her feelings into her tight loving embrace thanking him for this, for the entire day. He was slightly startled for a moment before his arms wound around her and he smiled. His chest felt all tight and weird but it wasn't unpleasant. 

    "Thank you so much for today, for all this, Billy. I really love this." She murmured looking up at him, one hand over his heart rubbing his soft suit jacket. 

    "Good," he replied almost shyly, feeling a little less nervous that she'd been happy with his plans so far. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly, enjoying the closeness they were sharing.

    When they got inside, Billy gave his name for the reservation and the well dressed woman led them through. Daphné knew it was an expensive and elegant place but nothing could have prepared her for it. She followed Billy, her arm around his as she took in every detail. The main dining room was decorated in an elegant classic white neoclassical architecture. It even had a coffered ceiling, carved pillars, custom chandeliers, white draped tables, the whole deal. She felt like a Bond girl walking with the most handsome spy there was; her own tall, dark and handsome spy. Billy glanced at her and felt pride swell inside of him at her face. It made him walk a little taller with her on his arm. There used to be a time where he didn't think he'd ever be able to step foot in a place like this. Now he'd been here a few times and could take the most beautiful girl on the planet here for a first date on short notice. 

    They reached the table and Billy was pleased his requests had been met. The table was out of the way so they had privacy and there was a nice bouquet of flowers in the middle but off to the side so it wasn't in the way. The arrangement was made up of red roses mixed with some white roses and some baby's breath scattered in too. It was simple yet romantic. Daphné leaned over the flowers to smell their wonderful perfumes. She took a peek at Billy wondering if he had specifically asked for them. The thought of it made her giddy and timid. Her eyes met his and she gave him a wink before looking around their table more and seeing a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon Brut on ice for them to enjoy. Her eyebrows flew upward and her lips parted ever so slightly seeing the very expensive 2006 vintage.

    “My, my William… You don’t do things half-assed, do you?” She said with an amazed scoff and chuckle. He bit his lip with a bashful smile as he pulled her chair out for her. He had a stab of nerves that he'd gone a little overboard for a first date. A date where he hadn't even really told her it was a date yet he felt it was pretty obvious at this point. He felt so out of his depth that he didn't know what to do with himself. Maybe he should have spoken to Frankie about it first, gotten some tips. He went to Frank about everything yet for some reason he felt self conscious about this.

    “Merci, mon chéri, (Thank you, my darling)” she said blushing as she sat down on her chair. He moved to his own seat then and sat down, looking over at her with a slightly nervous smile as his fingers tapped on the table. He hated how weird he felt. 

    “You definitely know how to spoil a princess,” she said, giving him a wink and reaching for his hand drumming nervously on the table. She felt the same nerves eating at her too but she really wanted to enjoy this special evening with him.

    “But don't worry, I'll stay the same brat you despise,” she added in an effort to laugh and loosen his obvious nerves. He chuckled at her words and felt himself relax under her touch. She eyed the bottle and raised an eyebrow in suggestion. 

    Right on cue the waiter appeared to welcome them and opened the bottle, taking care of everything for them.

    “Is Monsieur still going with our seven course tasting menu?” The waiter asked Billy, serving them the liquid gold champagne.

    "Yeah, that'd be great. Thank you," Billy gave the waiter a polite smile. The waiter nodded and gave a polite bow to Daphné with a “Madame” before leaving them to enjoy their drinks before food arrived. She felt like Marie Antoinette having dinner with her beau. Billy leaned back a little in his chair and sipped at his drink. He used the moment with Daphné looking distracted to slip his hand in his pants pocket and set the toy on the lowest vibration again with a devilish smirk as he watched her. She had, thankfully, just swallowed a sip of her drink when she felt the very forgotten toy vibrate inside her. Her cheeks flared up pink with arousal and nervousness as she put her glass down and cleared her throat.

    "Everythin' alright, sweetheart? You're lookin' a little… flushed," he murmured wryly, dark eyes dancing with mischief as he looked at her. It wasn't just being in public but the fact they were somewhere so upscale and fancy that also made this much more fun for him to torture her like this.

    “Mmhmm!” She said, not trusting her words and seeing the waiter on his way with their first course. She scooted up a bit on her chair trying to help with the toy but only made it worse.

    "Pressé of Scharbauer Ranch Wagyu Cheeks and Oxtail Foie Gras. Enjoy,” the waiter said as he set the plates down. Billy thanked him with a smile at the same time as he turned the vibration up to the middle one, not paying Daphné any mind as he did. She let out a small sound that thankfully passed for excitement for the food and not what was happening inside her panties. She glared at Billy, still not giving her a single thought and clearly amused with the situation. As the waiter walked away, Billy finally turned his gaze to her.

    "What?" He asked, blinking at her all innocent-like.

    She squirmed on her seat a bit as she ignored his question, putting her napkin on her lap, giving her time to compose herself and meet his eyes. She shrugged with nonchalance and sipped her drink hiding the small smirk there. He let out a little laugh at her expense, delighting in watching her try to act unphased. He'd told her she might regret it. It was all her fault for handing him this power. He was getting a real kick out of it.

    "The measure of a man is what he does with power," he quoted, amused as he sipped some more of his drink, flashing her a wide smirk.

    “Uh! You know your greek philosophers? I didn’t know you went to school long enough,” she answered to his smartass quote and drank more of the much needed liquid gold with a shrug. His jaw dropped, eyes narrowing as they flared dangerously. With a soft hum, he quickly turned the toy up to the highest vibration as he tilted his head with a dark smile on his face. She let out a moan that she turned into a cough and her hands gripped the table cloth. She scoffed looking everywhere but at him, her jaw clenching very tensely.

    He watched her for a long moment, enjoying watching her suffer like this. After a few moments he turned the vibrations off and leaned forward, arms on the table.

    "You gonna behave, princess?" He asked in a low voice, his eyes dark as they bore into her. He was hard already at just knowing what he'd been doing to her. He was practically torturing himself at the same time. She let out a long breath, her skin flared up in goosebumps at the sudden change of pace. She kept her head down in submission and nodded while eating her food. It was so good she actually moaned at the first bite melting in her mouth. Billy felt a wave of satisfaction at her submission and grinned.

    "Good girl," he murmured before he started on his food. He liked the food here but it wasn't the kind of thing he'd enjoy all of the time. He was a bit of a walking contradiction and he was well aware of it. He loved his money, his power, the finer things in life. He enjoyed the fact he could have these experiences. But inside he was still a simple man and he preferred the simpler things like a nice greasy cheeseburger or a BBQ with Frank. It was still nice that he could come here though and he was particularly happy that he could bring Daphné here. Part of him felt unworthy of her time or her presence and he felt like this was the only way to get her on a date with him. He tried to push those depressing thoughts right out of his head.

    Three courses seemed to pass in a blur. Billy would turn on the toy whenever she least expected it and enjoy her reaction every time and the food was amazing. Then it was time for the fourth course and the waiter came back to the table with their plates.

    “Poitou-Charentes petits-gris snails casserole, Enjoy,” the waiter said, presenting them their fourth serving before once again leaving them to enjoy their food. Daphné was excited about it, she hadn't had this classic French speciality in years. She looked up at Billy but he clearly wasn’t sharing her excitement for it. She laughed at his face as she leaned over to tilt his chin upward so he’d stop staring at the plate with such disgust. He blinked slowly at her and raised his brow. He should have known this would be on the menu but it hadn't occurred to him. He hadn't had this the other times he'd been here.

    “Believe me, it’s good. Just don’t look or think too hard about it,” she said, caressing his cheek before taking her hand back to tuck in her own plate. She poked some food on her fork and met his eyes as she took a wonderful bite of it. It really was amazing with the sorrel, the chanterelle and the bresaola. He looked back down at his plate and scrunched up his face for a moment. He wasn't a little bitch, he could eat it. He wasn't going to make a fool of himself in front of her and have her laugh at him. He just had to pretend it wasn't a squishy ass snail. He almost heaved at the thought. He blew out a breath and stabbed it with his fork, closing his eyes and he shoved it in his mouth. He was pleasantly surprised by the flavor but he wasn't a fan of the texture at all. He ate it though. He tried to banish the memories that hit him of his childhood friend Larry; his pet snail. It was Billy's only friend for years and he told that fucking snail everything. The little bastard was probably looking down at Billy right now mortified at him. 

     “And?” Daphné asked him, unable to read his face as many emotions flickered on it. She was pleased he had at least tried it and swallowed it.

    "It's uh… nice," he murmured, unable to tell her he wasn't much of a fan or how he felt like he was doing Larry dirty by even trying it. A first date might be too soon to go into the story of his depressing lack of friends as a kid and how a snail was his only company.

    “So I’m making this for Christmas dinner?” She teased, chuckling at his face. He obviously hadn’t been a fan which was fine with her, she knew it was...an acquired taste. The idea of ever eating snail again was something that was more than unappealing but there was something about her implying they'd be having Christmas Dinner together that had his stomach fluttering weirdly as that warmth hit him again.

    "I'll stick to turkey for Christmas," he snorted softly, giving her a smile. The idea of spending Christmas with her made him strangely happy.

     Daphné felt she was being slightly punished for the snails course they had. Billy had been relentless with the toy during the next two courses and he'd taken great enjoyment out of watching her squirm. By the time the dessert appeared on their table, Daphné was a shaky mess of pent up arousal. Her neck shimmered ever so slightly under the soft light, a sheer mist of sweat on it. Her cheeks were plump and very pink and her lips parted in murmured gasps and moans. She leaned over the table, her breasts pushing up on the arm under them and she fed him the icy treat one spoonful at a time. His dark eyes were locked on her as he ate, reveling in how worked up she was. He kept alternating between the highest and the lowest setting, always turning it off before she found any release. 

    "You regret it yet?" He asked amused as he watched her squirm some more.

    “I’m not even sure I can stand right now," she replied without answering his question directly. She had loved leaving him in control of her pleasure all evening. As much as at that very moment she really needed some kind of release, any release really, she wished they'd try it again sometime. The thought of spending more time with him like this filled her heart with joy.

     He gave her a wicked grin as he licked his lower lip. 

    "Ready to leave or you wanna stay for more drinks?" He asked with a mocking smile. He knew her answer. Hell, he couldn't wait to get her alone himself after watching her like this all night. He had plans for her.

    “Oh, I’m ready to leave and beg even,” she said, panting slightly, feeling another wave of arousal hit her. She bit down on her lower lip trying to stifle the groan escaping her lips. His eyes darkened at her words and he almost growled, grabbing his phone and turning off the toy. He wasn't going to chance her coming before they got back to his place. She wouldn't cum unless he said she could. He stood up, straightening his jacket as he raised a brow expectantly at her.

     She moved to stand up but sit back down on her chair looking even more flushed. Moving had her suddenly very aware of how soaking wet she’s been this whole time and how she didn’t have a coat to hide any of it. Even with a black silk dress it was surely gonna show as she walked to the car. A slight panicked look creeped up on her face as she looked at Billy in a plea to help between bashful laughs. Her hands brushed under her lap trying to weigh how bad the situation was. He moved around to her chair, leaning down and right by her ear.

    "What's the matter, princess?" He purred, nipping at her earlobe teasingly. It took a few tries for her to kick her pride to the curb and open her mouth to answer him. She cleared her throat and looked to the floor shyly.

    “It seems that I haven’t thought this through… and,” she had to swallow her pride down again before continuing.

    “And I’ve soaked through my dress," she finally said with clenched teeth.

    A groan left his lips at the thought of her being that wet and he grabbed her arm, yanking her to stand. He pulled off his suit jacket and put it around her shoulders. It was long enough to conceal her mess. He had half a mind to march her out of here and have everyone see just what he'd done to her, but he wouldn't be that mean to her. Not on their first date at least. She felt grateful he didn’t use the situation against her as they walked out of the restaurant to his car. She groaned thinking she might wet the leather seat of a 300 thousand dollars car but promptly sat down on it, the thought of a sweet release at the end of the ride worth a million more.

    He was silent and tense the whole ride to his place. He was tightly wound as he restrained himself. He wanted nothing more than to pull over anywhere and fuck her hard until she was screaming his name. But he held back knowing his patience would pay off in the end. She sneaked a hand over his crotch while he drove, rubbing and teasing him back a bit. As dangerous as this was yet she couldn't stop. She was way past having any rational thoughts anymore. He moaned, arching against her hand instinctively even though he was trying his hardest to tamper down the overwhelming primal need for her that was consuming him.

    "Daphné…" he warned, turning his obsidian eyes to her as they flared dangerously. 

    “I know! But I want it!” She whined loudly and stamped her heels down on the floor, not letting go of his hardening cock under her grasp.

    He almost gave in, almost pulled over. But he didn't. He was the one in control here, not her. He snatched her hand in a tight grip as he glared at her before his eyes went back to the road.

    "Be a good girl, princess, or I won't let you cum at all," he threatened, meaning every word. She swallowed down a lot of curses and whiny noises pressing her hands down on her lap, trying to sneak a rub while he drove her to his place. Her eyes darted all over him, his long legs to his strong hands on the steering wheel, how good he looked in his suit and how she could see him hard through his tight pants. Her eyes caught the flicker of a streetlamp on his belt buckle, reminding her memories she really didn’t need right now. 

    "Keep that up and you really won't like my punishment for you," he warned darkly, eyes glancing to her for a brief moment. He was gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning white. He felt like the ride home was taking an eternity and his patience was being spread incredibly thin. She closed her eyes and clenched her fists tightly over her clutch bag and took deep breaths. She could do this, just a few more minutes. 

    When he pulled up, he got out quickly and stormed over to her side of her car. He yanked her door open, too impatient to wait for her to get out as he grabbed her arm and tugged her out of the car and started dragging her inside. She barely kept up with his long strides, her dress tight and the heels unhelpful as she dragged behind him staggering slightly. She didn’t dare open her mouth to ask him to slow down for her. They got in the elevator and as soon as the doors shut, he gripped her throat tightly and slammed her against the wall.

    "I need to remind you who's in charge?" He growled, still remembering her little stunt in the car. Her loud gasping moan echoed in the small elevator. She had missed this side of him so much, his darker side.

    “No, sir. You don’t,” she answered in a submissive but whiny voice, breathing heavily and looking up at his dark intense eyes.

    He almost purred, her words soothing something primal inside of him. He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers but not kissing her. When the doors opened, he once again seized her arm and tugged her along behind him. He impatiently unlocked his door and pushed her inside, tossing his keys on the counter.

    "Bedroom, clothes off," he bit out demandingly. She staggered on her heels as he pushed her forward. She stopped to take her heels off and went straight for his bedroom, the wooden floors cold under her feet. She put her shoes by the door and worked on undressing herself although quickly meeting a flaw in her plan to unzip the dress herself. She had to use one of those zipper helpers to zip it up alone at home earlier and now she simply couldn’t reach it no matter how hard she reached behind her back. Her shoulder had never been the same after it got torn during duty and she swore under her breath.

    He followed along behind her after toeing off his shoes and leaving them near the front door. He'd undone his waistcoat by the time he'd reached the bedroom and he raised a brow at her. Working out what her issue was, he stepped behind her and slowly unzipped the dress, teasing her neck with nips and sucking on it as he did.

    “Thank you, sir.” she said, pulling her dress down and moving her hips against him as she slipped out of the tight dress. She rubbed her head against his, feeling his soft lips on her neck as she kicked the dress off leaving her in her very small lacy red thong. She didn’t turn away or make a sound as she waited for further instruction, taking her hair pins out.

    He moved away from her and started to undress himself, his dark eyes trailing over her body and greedily drinking in the sight of her. A deep groan rumbled in his chest and he raked his teeth over his lower lip.

    "Take it off, lay down," he muttered tensely, yanking roughly at his tie as he took it off. She bent down, keeping her legs very straight and slipped the small piece of cloth down her long legs and dropped it on top of her discarded dress. The cold A/C air made her shiver as she laid belly down on the bed.

    “Permission to speak, sir?” she asked before adding a quick please to it. He glanced to her as he discarded the last of his clothing, quirking a brow curiously.

    "Permission granted, brat," he smirked teasingly, swiping his phone from his pants pocket and his tie as he slowly made his way over. She bit back a retort and swallowed it back down.

    “Umm, safeword?” She didn’t know how to bring the subject up, they never really needed one but she felt like she was in for one hell of a session and needed to ask for it.

    He tossed his phone on the bed beside her and messed with the silk tie between his fingers as he looked at her. With some of the shit they'd done in the past they probably should have already had this talk but they'd always been intense.

    "Got anythin' in mind?" He asked, climbing onto the bed next to her.

    “Crimson, like your suit, sir,” she proposed, red was way too easy to be said during sex, crimson was the first thing that came to mind. She rubbed her feet together, her hands down at her side waiting for him, slightly nervous. He hummed, his fingertips trailing softly over her skin from her tailbone to her neck in a featherlight touch.

    "Crimson it is," he murmured before he grabbed her wrists and put them above her head. He used his tie to bind them together and then he looped the tie through the headboard and tied her wrists to it.

    She was vibrating with anticipation and curiosity, she could barely compose herself, already panting and sneaking looks at him trying to read his thoughts. He grabbed his phone, setting the toy on the lowest vibration before he hopped up off the bed and walked back over to his pile of clothes. He tilted his head as he watched her, picking up his belt and smirking over at her. She tried to turn her head and look at what he was doing but she couldn’t see him at her feet. She groaned and instinctively rubbed her hips on the mattress feeling desire and pleasure build up inside her again. He sauntered back over to her, maneuvering her legs so they were parted and he knelt between them. His eyes took a moment to soak her in, enjoying the sight of her tied up for him. He let the leather of his belt drag against her ass cheek for a moment before he snapped it against her ass, the noise bouncing off the walls.

    She gasped loudly and instinctively moved away at the harsh sting of it on her cheeks now burning up. She laid back down and took a deep breath through her nose.

    "You've been a naughty girl, princess," he murmured with a tut, his other hand caressing the already red skin of her ass cheek. 

    “But why? I’ve-” she said before wincing as Billy whipped her ass again, cutting her off. He leaned over her body, leaning down near her ear.

    "Do you have any idea how hard it was tryin' to restrain myself in the car with you? I damn near pulled over with the shit you pulled on me," he growled.

    “Oh… that,” she said sheepishly, her face hidden by her shoulder. She had already forgotten her little teasing in the car.

    He gave her ass another harsh smack with the belt before he tossed it beside them on the bed.

    "I'm gonna let you off easy since you've behaved since," he murmured like he was doing her a favor as his hands soothed her stinging skin. She looked down at the belt being discarded to the bed almost pouting. She really enjoyed being punished by him but she really needed release just as much.

    “Thank you,” she said in a small voice looking at him over her shoulder. He smirked wickedly at her words before casually turning the vibrations to the middle setting on the toy. He moved to rummage in the nightstand drawer before moving back to kneel between her legs. She moaned and rolled her hips on the mattress pushing down hard, squirming and trying very hard to feel any kind of release, anything. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it a little, leaning over her so his hard cock pressed against her ass cheeks.

    "You don't cum unless I tell you to. Got it, princess?" He growled in her ear. She whined loudly in sob like sounds, her desire driving her mad as it clawed at her ovaries. She finally nodded and waited patiently.

    He let go of her head with a mocking chuckle at her reaction, loving every second of it. He moved back between her legs and grabbed her hips, pulling them up so she was kneeling with her ass up and presented to him. He bit his lip as he looked at it appreciatively, admiring the marks he'd left on her. She frowned slightly turning her head, she still had the toy vibrating and very much still inside her. Suddenly a very cold and lubed up finger was pressing against her other hole as he pushed it inside of her slowly. She gasped loudly, her brain throwing too many things at her all at once making her dizzy. It startled her but she didn’t mind it either… She untensed her body and let him continue with his ministrations. He worked her over with his finger to get her ready for him, his other hand smoothing up her back softly. His lips were parted and his eyes dark as he watched what he was doing to her. He could feel the vibrations against his finger and his dick twitched in anticipation.

    “Sir?” She asked in a high pitched voice already feeling a climax build up inside her begging to explode.

    "What is it?" He asked roughly, voice low and thick with need.

    “I… I…” She wasn’t gonna be able to hold it back, her entire body shook and she just couldn’t. Her brain screamed at her knowing very well how bad the punishment for this was gonna cost her but her body decided otherwise and she came with a loud moan. She bit her lower lip so hard she tasted blood and tried to stay as still as possible, as if she could hide it from him. He stilled his motions, eyes glaring at her body under his before a menacing chuckle left his lips.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I couldn’t hold it back! Please! I’m sorry!” She pleaded groveling under him, waiting for the storm to hit. He pushed another lubed up finger inside of her and leaned over her, his body hovering over hers.

    "Since my princess wants to cum so badly, let's see how well she does with overstimulation, shall we?" He murmured darkly, a sinister smirk painted on his lips. He moved to grab his phone, two fingers still buried in her ass as he set the toy to the highest vibration and he tossed the phone on the bed again. He fucked her with his fingers to get her good and ready for him, anger and arousal drowning him.

    She screamed loudly in pleasure, yanking on her binds wanting to get her hands all over him. She moaned and whined loudly, her hips moving back on his fingers.

    “More! Please, sir, I wanna cum again,” she begged loudly feeling so overwhelmed with arousal and pleasure she felt like exploding. A dark laugh left his lips as his fingers slipped out of her. He lubed up his cock, fisting himself as he watched her moan and squirm.

    "Don't worry, sweetheart. You're gonna cum over and over until you're beggin' me to make it stop,'' he smirked wickedly. He wouldn't be touching his phone until he was done with her and she'd be a mess by then. It'd serve her right for coming when he hadn't told her to. He pushed his dick into her slowly with a deep groan, feeling the relief at finally having some friction. He could feel the vibrations and it only added another layer of pleasure as he bottomed out inside of her.

    She hissed loudly and winced feeling him stretch her.

    “Ahh! Crim-” she closed her mouth shut and tried very hard to calm herself instead. Her heart was hammering and she took deep breaths to calm herself. She swallowed down what felt like bile from the sharp pain of his large cock stretching her very tight ass in one thrust. His body went completely still, fingers flexing against her hips as his chest heaved.

    "Need me to stop?" He asked softly, looking down at her carefully.

    “Just… don't move. Give me a min,” she said, holding her breath and shaking slightly. His hands smoothed up her back tenderly as he let her adjust to him. His touch was light and soft against her skin as he waited for the go ahead before he went any further.  She exhaled and moved her hips up and down tentatively and nodded for him to keep going.

    His thrusts were shallow and slow at first, his hands wandering her body and caressing her skin. She felt so good this tight around him and he was trying his hardest to hold back from pounding into her. He didn't want to hurt her and if she needed him to stop, he would. Her body untensed and she quickly fell back into the pleasure once again purring and moaning under him. Her hips met his thrusts, needing more from him now that she was fully adjusted and warmed up. She felt so gloriously filled up and she fucking loved it. He let out a filthy moan at feeling her getting into it. He started fucking her harder and faster, his fingers digging into her hips as he lost himself in the feel of her. He didn't get to indulge in this quite often and he loved how tight she was, loved how the vibrations went right to his dick. 

    "Such a good girl," he groaned, eyes closed and lips parted as he fucked into her tight little ass. It didn’t take long for her to fall apart in a crescendo of loud moans. She came so hard her knees almost gave out on her. She unashamedly acted like a needy bitch, meeting his thrusts hard and freely coming over and over. He was a moaning mess as he rut into her like a man possessed, chasing his release. The grip on her hips was so tight it would leave bruises and he knew he was close. Every time she came he felt her squeezing around his cock and he gasped as his climax hit him hard. He thrust a few more times as he spilled himself inside of her, panting and moaning softly.  

    She flopped down on the bed with the toy still stuck on the highest setting. Her body shook in strong spasms from the overstimulation. She wanted it to stop yet she didn’t want it to stop. She was riding this weird foggy line unsure of anything, her brain giving up on it. He pulled out of her slowly with a groan and chuckled tiredly at watching her squirm. He felt like his bones had turned to jello.

    "You learned your lesson, princess?" He asked teasingly as he looked at her. He moved his hand to between her legs, cupping over her and the toy as he pressed it closer to her with a dark grin. She whined loudly in pleasure feeling his hand on her burning pussy.

    “One… more,” she mumbled her face deep in the pillow and barely able to move anymore.

    He chuckled and pulled the toy out of her, making her wince slightly. He moved to untie her wrists and rubbed them soothingly before he gently moved her to lay on her back.

    "One more?" He asked with a snort, glancing down at her with his dark eyes shining. She was jello in his arms but she nodded nuzzling his skin, wanting to feel his soft hand soothing her burning hot pussy before probably passing out. He shot her a devilish smirk before he moved down, tossing her limp legs over his shoulders as he settled between her legs. He started lapping at her clit slowly, humming against her. This was even better and she let out a long pleased sigh, her arms clumsily reaching down to caress his soft hair. Her body still twitching and bucking up intentionally. He was enjoying himself. This was one of his favorite things to do. His tongue swirled around her clit lazily, being mindful of the fact she was already very overstimulated. His hands were stroking her thighs softly as he started sucking gently on her clit. She felt an almost painful climax slowly build up inside her. Tears ran down her temples to her hair as she came once more. She barely arched up into it, her body exhausted and shaking. Her last soft hum of pleasure turned into a wet exhausted sob. Her brain officially gave up on her and bailed. She tugged on his hair for him to stop.

    He moved away and sat up, shooting her a dopey grin as he licked his lips. She looked thoroughly fucked and it pleased something inside of him. He moved his phone and the toy off the bed before collapsing next to her, getting under the covers and tugging them over her.

    "I-I need care. I ne-need you. 'm cold," she managed to say between spasms and harsh gasps. She wasn't sure what her body was doing anymore. She had loved every second of it but the drop was gonna be a bitch to go through. She was cold and she was still spasmodic.

    "I've got you," he murmured softly, gathering her in his arms and moving her so her head was on his chest. He moved the covers so they were pulled up to her chin and wrapped his arms around her, one hand rubbing her back soothingly.

    "Don't go," she murmured over his skin, sniffing her tears a bit. She kissed his chest and focused on his beating heart.

    "Not goin' anywhere, sweetheart," he replied tiredly, nuzzling her hair sweetly as he held her tighter. It felt good having her in his arms like this. He'd had a good day with her, even the parts without the mind-blowing sex. It felt right laying here with her and he didn't have the overwhelming urge to flee or kick her out. He wanted her here with him. He was too tired to dissect the many emotions he was feeling and instead he just chose to close his eyes and soak in the feel of her so close to him. The only thing she remembered before passing out was just how much she wanted to tell him those special words and how much it pained her all at the same time.


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    Masterlist Updates [July 24/21]


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    Master of His Domain (Frank Castle & Billy Russo, Medieval AU, The Punisher)

    Kona (Steve Rogers, Viking AU, MCU)

    The Secret Life of Bucky Barnes (Bucky Barnes, dark!reader, MCU)

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