22.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

(This has been discussed on the Boueibu Discord, sharing it here.)

I'm going to queue some tweets for October 27th, tagging the official Twitter accounts for:


Boueibu Game (if the account still exists)

Crunchyroll and/or Funimation



The goal:

To get a port of both Boueibu games on the Nintendo Switch.

Think about it:

No server costs for the company to worry about. (Since I think that was part of why the game shut down?)

No microtransactions, since you're buying the game upfront!

We could see stories that maybe no one in the Western fandom saw

Official translation! Maybe a dub? (The ability to switch between Japanese/English text and Japanese/English voices would be cool!)

They still have all the code and assets and stuff (hopefully). It's not like we're asking for a brand new game out of nowhere. Just a matter of converting it to run on the Switch. (And maybe translating and dubbing it.)

I for one would buy a special edition with bonuses. Like weren't there keychains and stands and stuff for the app? Imagine if they brought them back or made new ones!

These are the points I'm going to make on Twitter. Please, retweet, reply, and like them (and whatever other engagement options there are). If you want to do your own tweets, use


to try to get it trending. Just talk about why you would want a port, and make sure to engage with other users' tweets, since that's how the Twitter algorithm works.

(Sorry this is short notice, I've been working on course projects and lost track of time.)

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