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  • Take heart, my bisexual comrades!

    We have not come this far to be rendered grounded by this.. This viral fiend! We are bisexuals! We are brave! WE ARE ADAPTABLE!
    If you’re feeling the strain of having to remain indoors for longer periods of time than you’re used to, let us not fret! Here are some tips that might be useful!

    1. Remember that it’s important to cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue, which should then be thrown away (preferably into a bin with a bag) as soon as you’re able to do so!
    2. Feeling trapped? Fear not! Not even a virus can take away our FINGER GUNS! Try doing it now, doesn’t it make you feel freer?
    3. Though you should be avoiding contact with others outside of your home, and remaining at least 6ft away from people when you are in contact with them, it’s important not to isolate yourself entirely! Text! Skype! Cam! Call! Your friends and loved ones would appreciate it no doubt! 
    4. Day to day life making you feel glum? Why not raid your wardrobe and see what style you can come up with? Experiment with your makeup! Your hair style! Use your creativity on yourself!
    5. Don’t worry! Things will get back to normal sooner or later! This is not permanent and if we all do our little civic duty with a little consideration for those around us, we can help lesson the damage and perhaps shorten the pandemic itself!
    6. You might have noticed that these, bar one, have nothing to do with being bisexual! That’s because a virus doesn’t care who you are or what your labels are. We must all do our best! Together! 
    7. Bisexuals, while being marvellously stunning creatures, are not immune to everything! We must take care too. 

    Please, take care of yourselves and each other, be good! Be the best quarantined bisexual you can be!
    With love,

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  • so how is everyone doing this quarantine, all bi yourselves

    #bi#bisexuality #this is not even relevant but hello
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  • this is probably considered controversial but if you’re bisexual and you are in any type of romantic or physical relationship, you are obligated to tell your partner about your sexuality.

    #now obviously if it is a coercive relationship and your safety is at risk then of course no #but if it is a normal/regular relationship then yes you are obligated to tell them #this is coming from a bi person too #bisexuality#bisexual#lgbt
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  • any other bi people out there who are like allosexual towards one gender but aspec towards another? i’m a girl and i’m completely romantically and sexually attracted to girls and i’m also romantically attracted to boys (a bit less) and i find some guys to be very handsome (usually feminine guys though) but the idea of sex with a guy sounds gross.

    like the idea of sex with a girl sounds great even if we aren’t romantic, but the idea of being intimate with a guy only sounds hot if we were being cuddly and telling each other how much we love each other

    so like i might be greysexual or demisexual towards guys? i’ll probably continue to say “bisexual” cuz i still feel sexual to both genders, but i also vibe with greysexual?

    i know that you can be bisexual and half a preference, this is just me ranting

    anyways that’s my schpiel lol have a good day

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  • image

    i got this shirt at my local clothing bank for the specific reason that it seemed like harry styles would wear it

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  • Sunny Lane

    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • DOB: 2 March 1980
    • Ethnicity: White
    • Occupation: Exotic dancer, adult actress, adult model
    • Note: Don’t Google if under 18
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  • Adonisophobia

    discrimination against bisexual men, the intersection of biphobia and misandry.

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  • About a certain MiLuca/Malex post - people seem to not have understand what I meant. I didn’t mean that Michael is in love with Maria bcuz he’s bisexual. That doesn’t make sense. I meant that sense he’s bi its possible for to be in love with a man (Alex) and a woman (Maria) even at the same time. A person (straight, gay, bi, etc) can be in love with more than one person. Its clear that Michael is falling in love with Maria and it doesn’t have to do with Alex. IDK why people keep comparing Maria and Alex. They have 2 different bodies and personalities. They also have different dynamics and bonds with Michael. Yes Michael loves Alex (obviously) but he has true romantic feelings for Maria as well (even if Malex fans don’t want to see it) and those feelings are getting deeper as the show does on. As far as lecturing a certain person on their own sexuality and post - you’re on social media thus people will comment on your post and seeing as I’m bisexual and ship straight, lesbian, gay, bi, trans and poly couples that would make me hypocritical.

    #MiLuca #michael x maria #michael guerin#maria deluca #roswell new mexico #bisexuality#poly#gay #maria x michael #alex manes#malex
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  • Good morning/evening to all my bisexual men, women, and enbys out there 💖💜💙

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  • Person who isn’t bi: *calls someone bihet either in seriousness or jokingly*

    Me: this is my villain origin story.

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  • Me having crushes on girls as a teen: Ah yes, this is a normal feeling I have to my friend. She must be my bestest friend in the whole wide world. It’s definitely a normal way to feel when I touch her skin when we’re playing. The dreams I have about her are just because she is important to me so my subconscious makes her show up. 

    Me having crushes on boys as a teen: What is this strong feeling I get when I hang out with this guy? It must be hatred. I despise this boy for no discernible reason. Picking fights with him so he will talk to me is only because he annoys me so much. The dreams I have about him are just because my soul is so consumed with rage for him that my subconscious makes him show up. 

    #i was so dumb #life of dan #bisexuality #not to be like oh he bullies you because he likes you #but i legitimately punched a boy i liked in the face and broke his glasses at camp #because i didnt know how to understand the Big Feeling i had for him except through violence #its cool we ended up becoming really good friends and he dated the girl i had a crush on #it was a weird time for baby bi me
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  • how to express to my bf that for our six months all i want is a locket but i don’t wanna just ask him for it or it’s not like heartfelt u know? but other than my dumb hopeless romantic ass, who even thinks about lockets? what man?

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  • #bi#bisexuality #seriously anon im really really glad you asked #i always try to keep these issues open for discussion #obviously there's issues i won't do this for but it never hurts to ask!!
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  • image

    I literally want to date girls so bad but I can’t bc my family isn’t cool with it and like family is a big deal to me I just wanna feel the softness of a woman in bed with me and kiss her cheek and love on her Sm Sm Sm

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  • Spent my day doing embroidery on all my denim clothes ready for college while listening to Nickelback and FOB.

    If this isn’t bisexual culture I don’t know what is.

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