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  • sunsetmoonlight
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago



    #NO I’M NOT OKAY #*cries*#billkin#pp krit#bkpp #line tv awards #i told sunset about you #itsay#Youtube
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  • sunsetmoonlight
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Look at my babies winning awards 🥺😭 LOOK AT THEM!! I’M SO PROUD OF THEM 😭😭😭 CONGRATS MY LOVES 🥰🎉

    #they won awards together and also individually #their talents are unmatched!!! #also Khunpol baby you did so well this is just the beginning of your journey #line tv awards #Billkin#PP Krit#BKPP#ITSAY #i told sunset about you
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  • shortpplfedup
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Watch "Billkin, PP Krit - กีดกัน x ไม่ปล่อยมือ | LINE TV AWARDS 2021" on YouTube

    PP been getting that vocal training in, and Billkin sounds like butter as per uzh. And they won 4 awards on top of that!

    I have no choice but to stan. I have decided to stan forever.

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  • witchunters
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    BKPP out there winning and stealing all the LINE awards from everyone for itsay while ipytm is not being mentioned is so satisfying to watch

    #BKPP#itsay cast #I Told Sunset About You #Billkin#PP Krit#Putthipong Assaratanakul#Krit Amnuaydechkorn#แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ#itsay s1#tvs #J's posting stuff #best song#best kiss #best viral scene #what next #bring it all #edit: best couple #best rising star (for Khunpol)
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  • ipurple-k-bldramas
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    I promised you the moon ep. 4 messy review

    Hi everyone 👋 I am back, so this has been long overdue, I know I know!! But I have been seriously busy but today I have some time so let’s dive right in!!

    We left off when Oh-Aew saw Teh and Jai kiss 😔 and to say I have a bad feeling about it I am not exaggerating. It’s all in that single look of Jai, where he kind gives of vibes “shit I think I went too far but also it worked” (selfish asshole😬)

    OH SO NOW YOU SUDDENLY THINK OF OH-AEW😬😑 poor Oh tbh, I just feel bad for him. I think Teh should figure his feelings out because this will be one big mess otherwise and it will just hurt Oh. I love how he is consulting his friends about what he saw.

    Oh goodness don’t go look for that logbook🙈 things will only grow worse from that. Oh Teh this could’ve been the moment to tell him what actually happened. I mean Oh is literally asking, get the hint my man! Seriously touching Oh after kissing Jai, yeah NOPE

    Good on you Oh!! No funny business after seeing that! But damn that chemistry!! The look of confusion in Teh’s face🙈 please don’t look in that logbook🥺🙏 you will just getting hurt😮‍💨🥺

    Oh boy, this won’t go well😬 so you can see Teh’s feeling change throughout that book, it went from just friendly to more exciting context. It’s watching someone develop a crush. Man I feel bad for Oh😔

    Teh is acting like he did when he discovered his feelings for Oh but this time it’s for Jai, ugh can someone tell him he is just being used and that he belongs with Oh 😣 jeez he is nervous. The thing that bothers me is Jai, just Jai because he really is just using Teh and it just get more clear everytime I see him. The panic on Teh’s face when Oh walks in though and asked to watch, boy oh boy 😬 WTF JAI, that is going too far😤

    I think Oh has figured out what Jai is doing🤔 Oh is pissed that’s for sure! Okay confront him Oh!! LET’S GO!! Wow okay at least Jai isn’t denying it…”THIS IS MY DIRECTING STYLE?!” WTF DUDE!!😬 you can get sued for using your actors like that! That no directing style that’s an unprofessional style. Well if that’s the way you make your actor play a scene then you are not a great director but rather a pathetic one! Using someone’s feelings to get ahead..😒

    Poor Oh, I know Teh still loves him but he also has a crush on Jai, it’s complicated for Teh. Not that I’m saying it’s good but I guess I understand him a little bit. Yes communicate Oh-Aew😔 I’m happy he told Teh though but the way Teh is immediately thinking of making up excuses, you can read it from his face. Selfish to ask him not to think about it because it seriously hurt his feelings.

    I love that Oh is always so supportive of Teh but it’s sad that when the agent tells Teh that she wants to cast him he only think of telling Jai, while Oh is right there☹️ the pain you see on Oh’s face is just heartbreaking. UGH TEH STOP BEING SO OBVIOUS☹️ Poor Oh, he really is doing this right in front of him, he really knows Teh’s heart isn’t with him right now😞

    Pff your Ex probably knew what kind of asshole you really are. Of course hé didn’t show up for your play. Oh nooooo is he confessing?! While Oh-Aew is still there?! SIGH 😮‍💨 ahh there we goo! 😬 TOLD YOU, HE WAS JUST USING YOU TEH😤😑😒 JAI IS THE ASSHOLE OF THE CENTURY!!!!!!!!! Can we slap him or something! 🤬 I hate to say but Jai is right about being an actor, I mean you can’t fall in love with every co-player you are working with…(this is why I can it be an actor)

    Seriously are you really standing there looking at Jai while your singing a love song with Oh. Poor Oh, this is really low breaking his heart like this🥺 ( I’m just here shaking my head🥺) throw it all out Oh-Aew😭 seriously Teh what did you expect?! Oh isn’t blind you know🥺 (Okay so I think it’s best not to buy Sunflowers anymore when you visit his performances because they are a bad omen in this season.) yeah you lost him now and it’s your own fault for falling into some asshole’s trap😖

    Of course he doesn’t want to talk to you, what did you expect. I love that his friend is sticking up and protecting Oh but they do need to talk eventually 🥺 my heart feels heavy, seeing Oh with his normal Hair color again or just sitting like that, I feel heartbroken 😔

    Oh is pissed, that much is clear! Well at least Teh knows he was wrong. You hurt him Teh, I don’t think it will be solved with a scolding this time. Fair enough question and the hesitation says enough. Man it’s feels like I am going through this heartbreak😭

    There it is, the break-up. 😭 the pain in both their faces, ugh I HATE THIS SO MUCH😭 Teh you really didn’t thought about breaking up while you had a crush on Jai, like what were you going to do?! Two timing Oh?! Come on now, this is your own fault! You hurt Oh-Aew deeply and then You expect things will go back to normal?! Come on..

    (Who is cutting onions 🧅 😭)

    I feel like Oh-Aew didn’t really thought Teh would leave but when he did, well heartbroken😔

    Yeah Teh he probably blocked you🥺 I mean I would do this🤷‍♀️ he is just trying to be your friend Teh, which you definitely need, because you don’t have any at the moment.

    I am happy Oh-Aew has his friends to take care of him, that warms my heart at least he is not alone. Things will be okay in the end Oh, just let it all out for now, time heals a lot😔

    So this was episode 4, I hated it because even I felt as if I was going through a heartbreak😬🥺 but I have to praise Billking & PP, they know how to make you cry alongside👏👏 I sincerely hope for a happy ending that is for sure but for now well let’s just see the next episode💜

    #my messy review #bldramas#pp krit#billkin#bkpp #ipytm ep 4 #I promised you the moon #oh aew#teh
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  • save-the-data
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Quotes from I Told Sunset About You/I Promised You The Moon Photobook

    So Billkin see’s him 80% in Teh, whilst PP is 50/50 with Oh-aew. 

    The amount of support and yes love these two have for one another is as Billkin said irreplaceable. He calls PP his lifetime buddy, a very special person in his life that he is lucky to have. 

    “I think it’s a matter of chemistry. I don’t feel special with anyone as much as I do with him. For me, there’s no one like him, he’s irreplaceable”  - Billkin on working with PP.

    PP on the other hand is just proud to be by Biilkin’s side. Being an actor is Billkin’s dream he said, and all he wants to do is be there for him and support him in the pursuit of his dreams, which PP considers is a success for both of them. 

    “When I work with Billkin, I just let in flow naturally because we are close, this is what we do in real life”  - PP on working with Billkin

    Damn that is love. 

    #BKPP#Billkin Putthipong#PP Krit #I Told Sunset About You #I Promised You the Moon #Photobook: ITSAY/IPYTM#ITSAY#IPYTM
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  • differentwoodzz
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    Directed by P'Boss>>>>

    #bkpp#bkpp project #bkpp the series #itsay #i told sunset about you #my ambulance #last twilight in phuket #billkinpp #shining in my eyes
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  • sunsetmoonlight
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago
    Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul and PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn for L’officiel Hommes Thailand Autumn 2021 Edition.
    #They had me by my neck!!! #they look so fcking good istg!!! #this is by far my fav magazine photo spread of them #Billkin#PP Krit #Billkin Putthipong Assaratanakul #PP Krit Amnuaydechkorn #L’officiel Hommes#bkpp#post: sunsetmoonlight
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  • andrea-suneo
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    A couple of TehOhAew drawings I did for practice with colored pencils and acrylics

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  • iamyumin
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    『 𝙱𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚗 • 𝙿𝙿 』

    ⊰ 𝓲𝓪𝓶𝔂𝓾𝓶𝓲𝓷 ⊱

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  • iitsay
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    Billkin and PP for L’officiel Hommes Thailand

    #let's talk about it. #pp krit#pp#billkin#bkpp#itsay#ipytm #going a little crazy i fear
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  • rashfcrd
    01.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    ok i want the bkpp photobooks so bad

    #bkpp #bk sold it to me with how much he talked about the paper dhjdjfkfl #not really lmao #honestly the flash card keyring is what i really want lmaooo #and the books do look good
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  • princesst-chan
    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago
    #bkpp#bk#billkin#thai actor#instagram #omg billkin has a rabbit
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  • eternaly
    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago
    how not to compliment billkin & pp


    #billkin putthipong#pp krit#billkinpp#bkpp #pp just being his glorious sassy self #and so done with billkin bc he won't shut up about the paper lmaao #their lives are always a mess i love it #**
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  • save-the-data
    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Week That Was (July 26th - August 1st)

    Here is a recap of the all the things GIFed this week. I lost someone dear to me this week, so I’ve been listening to music instead of watching things, but that said finished off two BL’s this week, sadly, saying goodbye to Be Loved in House: I Do and the guilty pleasure that was Siew Sum Noi. 

    Also its AUGUST (where has the year gone???)

    Completed Works:

    War Wanarat x Tik Playground “Corner” Live Session

    Bullet Train “Carnaval” Music Video

    Bever Patsapon “I Want To Tell You The Truth That I Love You” The Best Story OST 

    100 Days for 1000 Years Photobook BTS

    100 Days for 1000 Years Photobook Promotion

    Out in the Open PSA 

    BKPP La Chelle Photoshoot VLOG 14

    Mermaid’s Jade (China-HK LGBTQ+ movie)

    Helmetheads “MSN” Music Video (ft. PP Krit)


    Be Loved In House: I Do (Ep 12) - HE

    Siew Sum Noi (Ep 12) - HE

    Explore With The Note (Ep 11)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 12)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 13)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 14)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 15)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 16)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 17)

    Explore With The Note (Ep 18)

    The Devil Judge (Ep 8) (1) (2)

    Given (Ep 3)

    Golden Blood (Ep 6)

    Stuck on You (Ep 7)

    In Progress

    Varieties of Love (5/118)

    Hehe & He (7/16)

    Monster in Law (4/31)

    Guardian (24/40)  ↑ 3

    Part Time The Series (6/24)

    Trapped (17/20)  

    His: I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love (4/5)  

    S.C.I (19/24) 

    New Trailers

    Remember You (Hello Monster remake)

    #Post: The Week That Was #YinWar #The Lost Tomb 2: Explore with The Note #History 3: Trapped #The Devil Judge #Given#Golden Blood #Siew Sum Noi #Be Loved In House: I Do #Remember You#BKPP#Bullet Train#Asian Drama#BL Drama#LGBTQ+
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  • princesst-chan
    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago

    ❤️💙BK wearing PP's fashion brand 💙❤️

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  • princesst-chan
    01.08.2021 - 4 days ago
    #pp krit#thai actor#instagram#bkpp #can he drop skincare routine? #like sir excuse ya #you are glowing
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  • narutomlinson
    31.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    teh’s number one fan ♡

    #i told sunset about you #itsay #i promised you the moon #ipytm #bkpp the series #teh x oh aew #billkinpp#bkpp
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  • ywanananan
    30.07.2021 - 6 days ago
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