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  • noh-shinwoo
    20.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So apparently we’re getting a Between Us miniseries before the full series? This is due to the fact that the writer has been dealing with some health issues and the director, cast and crew are trying to respect the recovery.

    Honestly, I’ll take anything at this point!

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  • nerdstorming
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Ah yes, recalling that cute moment from one of my favorite christmas movies...

    Meanwhile on the BL frontlines:


    Honestly, if While You Were Sleeping is Thailand's guide to flirting, I'm not upset.

    #while you were sleeping #y r u the series #boy love meme #ah yes#leaning #brushing up on putting the moves on someone #flirting#thai bl#☺#uwu
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  • my-depressing-happiness
    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Anyone wanna have a convo?

    I am so bored… well I’m always bored.

    When Im busy my friends aren’t but when they’re busy Im not. When I want to do something no one ever wants to hang. Do I suck that bad as a person? I understand Im a bit reserved but sometimes I want go outside and hang out with people or at least I want someone to talk to. Maybe Im meant to be lonely, I’ve gotten used to it. I just thought it would be different in college, I guess not.

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  • kayarexsthoughts
    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me where I can watch golden blood the series? The youtube channel made all of the full episodes private like two days ago for some strange reason. if anyone can tell me that would be great cause I’m really enjoying it

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  • heretherebedork
    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #2moons2#2moons#mingkit#forthbeam#thaibl#thai bl#bl drama#bl series#anon asks #uh i think i answered the questions? #i hope i did #always feel free to ask my anything! #i will answer any ask with love #as long as it's about BL
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  • maru-x-idrew
    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Love with benefits behind the scenes:

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  • heretherebedork
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    V-BL Rewatch Month: You Are Ma Boy (ep 6)

    So I skipped a day because yesterday I went to Kinky Boots and played D&D so I just didn't have the bandwidth in general for making one of these posts.

    But I'm back!

    With the finale!

    Of our puppy and our kitten, the bouncing energetic pop star and the stand-offish barista who are in love despite all the inherent issues in that kind of romance.

    Nam is just the sweetest boy in the world, though. He's so in love and he's ready to stand up to the world for his love and to defend everyone around him, especially Duong, from the rest of the world.

    And the adorable solution: it's for a BL music video! I mean, there's no better solution in my mind than that one. It's absolutely beautiful and adorable and then Nam getting punished by having to pay for the video productions?

    It's so good, okay? I just love this show so much. Nam is my darling baby and Duong is my tsundere baby and they love each other so much that Nam is literally willing to put everything on the line for him. And then him rejecting his manager and her plan? Yessss. And then all his friends coming to his support for the money? Also yes!

    Here we have that beautiful sense of family and domesticity and belonging that we get in V-BL that we don't get as much other places. Everyone comes to their support. All the friends, all the family, all the people who matter help out.

    Duong's adorable acceptance of that love (finally) and his friend's approval of his relationship is adorable. The tiny tsundere finally admits that he's in love to the person he was most nervous about only to find out that she's approved all along. So he gets his love and his friends and everything that matters to him!

    "If you won't hit her back, I will!" Duong seriously has the best friends ever, y'all. The best friends who support him and love him and are on his side no matter what. Plus, Duong gets an adorable acceptance of his rejection from the boss that was flirting with him that's very gentle and understanding and inherently loving.

    And the start of the inherent homoeroticism of cacti started here! Spreading from Manner of Death and Thailand to here in Vietnam. Because they understand us, apparently. And now it's a thing EVERYWHERE. It's even gonna be in Innocent out of Taiwan! We're collecting countries and cacti.

    Oh, Duong says "I love you" first and it's so PERFECT for them and I want to be clear about how much I love these boys and their darling little story.

    Overall, this show is joyous and loving and soft and everyone ends up happy and I literally think everyone should watch this show.

    Also, best kisses in all of Vietnamese BL, okay? BEST. KISSES.

    #you are ma boy #asian lgbtq drama gif #asianlgbtqdrama gif #asian lgbtq dramas #asianlgbtqdramas#bl drama#bl series#vietnambl gif#vietnamesebl #vietnamese bl gif #vietnamesebl gif#vietnambl #vietnamese bl gifs #vietnamese boy's love #vietnam bl gif #vietnamese bl#vietnam bl #EM LÀ CHÀNG TRAI CỦA ANH #i love them so much #this show is so darling
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  • negrowhat
    19.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    10 Day BL Challenge

    Day 7: Your Favorite Actor

    Up Poompat as Gene from Lovely Writer

    Gulf Kanawut as Type from TharnType/TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love

    Xiao Zhan as Wei Wuxian from The Untamed

    Fluke Natouch as Pharm from Until We Meet Again

    Elijah Canlas as Cairo Lazaro from Gameboys the Series

    Jeff Satur as Win from Ingredients the Series

    #10 day bl challenge #10dayblchallenge#up poompat#lovely writer#gulf kanawut #tharntype the series #tharntype 2: 7 years of love #xiao zhan#the untamed#fluke natouch#uwma #until we meet again #elijah canlas #gameboys the series #jeff satur #ingredients the series
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  • gunsatthaphan
    19.09.2021 - 12 hours ago
    “May I?”
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  • heretherebedork
    19.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    The character development of Mark and Ou Wen in Love is Science has been absolutely beautiful.

    Watching Mark go from uncomfortable with homosexuality to befriending and defending Ou Wen to realizing that he was falling for him to being loyal and dedicated to their relationship as he accepts this new facet of himself...

    Watching Ou Wen as a man confident and sure in his own sexuality but seemingly uninterested in starting a new relationship to him starting to see Mark's loyalty to him falling so hard to his own insecurities clawing at him to him in a relationship with Mark but never trusting it...

    Honestly, it's just poetic and beautiful.

    Because we have Ou Wen who's comfortable with sexuality but not his relationships and Mark discovering his own sexuality but who's very comfortable once he makes up his mind about a relationship.

    What absolutely beautiful story. Now we just need a happy ending for them.

    #love is science? #戀愛是科學 #mark x ouwen #twdrama#taiwanese bl#taiwanesebl #asian lgbtq dramas #asianlgbtqdramas#bl drama#bl series#character growth #it's a beautiful thing
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  • badprophetvx
    19.09.2021 - 14 hours ago
    DSN ep 6 & 7 handholding, because I can.
    #dsn#dsn edit #dsn the series #don't say no #don't say no the series #don't say no edit #leofiat#leonpob#asianlgbtqdramas#thai drama #thai bl drama #thai bl#vx:gifs#vx:edits #vx:t.edits
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  • han-ka-yee
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Watch "7 Project – Sun & Ozone [ Here's your perfect - FMV ]" on YouTube

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  • tamipuff
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago


    I tried new editing app Lumafusion and did LeoFiat edit 🥺 i hope u will like this one 👉👈

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  • heretherebedork
    19.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Mark skateboarding!

    Mark being all soft over Ou Wen!

    Mark being so happy to introduce Ou Wen to his friends and being so disappointed to see Joanna!

    Mark telling Ou Wen that he's the one he likes!

    Ou Wen being a self-sacriificing idiot!

    Ou Wen trying to do what he thinks is best but also is an idiot.

    Mark finding out he's gonna be a dad!

    Mark being hurt by Ou Wen making choices for both of them! (in this case, not showing up at the park either with Joanna or by himself, which was likely because he was insecure in their relationship and hiding and thank you @baymax-blog for confirming some of my suspicions on that!)

    @absolutebl I love this show despite having no idea what they're saying yet. (Well, aside from a few hints from the comment section on youtube) and it's the only show I'm willing to watch without subtitles at this point.

    Bonus: Next Episode... more happens! Poor Mark is trying so hard, honestly, the darling.

    #love is science? #mark x ouwen #戀愛是科學#twdrama#dai ouwen #lis? #lian ai shi ke xue #taiwanese bl #mark x ou wen #ouwen x mark #ou wen x mark #dai ou wen x mark lee #taiwanese drama #tawainese bl drama #bl drama#bl series#bl sideplot#bl boys#boys love #i just adore #the bi disaster and the confident gay man #who turned into the loyal bi bae and the unsure gay man #asian lgbtq drama gif #asianlgbtqdrama gif #asian lgbtq dramas #asianlgbtqdramas #asian bl drama
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  • konaizumi
    19.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Interviewer: Let's talk romance, are there any ladies in the picture?

    Tharn, leaning forward seriously: Tell me every aspect of my personality that made you assume I was straight so that I can change it immediately

    #tharntype #tharntype the series #tharntype incorrect quotes #bl incorrect quotes #tharntype tharn#thai bl
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  • panncakes
    19.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    i need a few more popular blogs on here to start getting invested in bite me so that there’s more content because im starved

    #bite me #bite me the series #i forget that not every bl has an active tag on here like mod or something #and it's a shame #because im going down the rabbit hole again
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  • heretherebedork
    19.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Official MV for The Yearbook: Tell You I Miss You

    Bonus amusement:

    #the yearbook#thaibl#thai bl#bl drama#bl series #asian lgbtq drama gif #asianlgbtqdrama gif #asian lgbtq dramas #asianlgbtqdramas #asian bl drama #bl music video #bl gif#boys love #boys love gif #their chemistry deserved a better show tbh #it kinda fell apart at the end #i preferred the meandering beginning
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  • piningbisexuals
    19.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    axelle judges bl shows > Call It What You Want 1 & 2


    shitty summary: James gets hired last minute to be the director of a new BL series. From the start though, things seem weird at the company, and they’re not eased by James starting a romance with the main actor of the series, Ait.

    where to watch: gagaoolala | dramacool

    grade: 7,5/10


    - michael kittisak, man. I will talk about the acting too, but I needed to give this man a whole ass paragraph bc he carried the whole show on his shoulders. like, he’s without a doubt the number one reason why you should watch this. his acting is frankly so surprisingly amazing after having seen him in love sick & oxygen. he IS bas, without a single doubt, and every single one of his expressions, his movements & his words are so deeply painful. from the first season, bas was the most interesting part of the show. you could feel with one look at him that he was not okay, and season two really gave him even more character development. this performance is genuinely so impressive it might be one of my favorites of the year. I hope michael gets more roles bc he definitely deserves them.

    - the story is really fucking important. not only is it about something that genuinely happened in the bl industry, something that the director himself was a witness to, but it’s a great change from bl shows that notoriously tend to romanticize s*xual assault. it was really important to show a male victim of sexual assault & have a series try to do him justice. the show also calls out other toxic bl practices, like bas being the “top” & having to stay fit bc of it, only ingesting chicken shakes & messing up his digestive system bc of it, for example.

    - the acting was honestly solid from everyone, and when it felt weird I honestly believe it was due to the kinda weird writing more than the actors’ actual skills.

    - the chemistry was really good! both ships feel kinda forced ngl, they sorta start out of nowhere, yet even then the chemistry was really good from everyone.

    - basmarco. even though again, they do feel a little forced, they were SO good. in so little scenes together, they managed to build such a beautiful foundation for a good relationship & it was really important for bas as a character to get this kind of love & support.


    - jamesait, man. firstly I don’t like their relationship. it felt really forced that they would fall in love at first sight in that way when they met when james was introduced as ait’s director. moreover, ait being SO flirty & pushy felt so weird when he should want to preserve his career more than anything. I also think the choice to make THEM the main relationship, when clearly bas (and by extension marco) had a much stronger & WAY more meaningful storyline is pretty weird to me. especially when a director/actor relationship that happens while the filming of the series is taking place SCREAMS power imbalance. and yes here the power imbalance isn’t quite there since it’s ait who’s the one pushing the relationship, but frankly jamesait felt so out of place compared to the actual main storyline which is about s*xual assault at the hand of the more powerful. also james & ait as characters were... pretty annoying ngl. james is okay, he’s very bland despite being the main character, and he has no backbone & no problem acting like nothing is going on & working with a fucking r*pist......... but ait is even worse imo. again, he’s so pushy & weirdly written, and he has no clear goals or interesting character traits. he’s just there to be james’ love interest & be fucking annoying about it lol. he’s also got no problem working with a fucking r*pist, so fuck both of them.

    - the writing is... pretty weird at times. there are scenes that are so strong & beautiful and that I LOVED, but some others... just aren’t it. for example, bas sending himself a picture of jamesait & accidentally exposing them was so random, and used only to get ait to be mad at bas & give bas one more reason to attempt s*icide. marco liking james served literally no purpose, and it being revealed so late into the second season felt pointless, especially since marco seemed to move on to bas real fast after that. and honestly the whole atmosphere of the show is kinda eerie & weird, which works in certain scenes bc again this is kind of a dark series, but also not in others that try to be funny (& fail, whoops.) I can just imagine how much better the series could’ve been with better writing, & it makes me pretty sad.

    - the ending was SHIT. so much so that instead of being put in the previous paragraph, it gets its own. BIG SPOILER, but in the end the focus is put more on james & ait having a relationship that doesn’t fit the basait ship from the series they’re filming, THAN THE DIRECTOR OF THE COMPANY R*PING HIS ACTORS. like, yes, he gets exposed, but the whole ep leads up way more to james & ait coming out as a couple than the actual s*xual assault victims??? like who fucking cares about jamesait dating, this press conference should’ve been about bas & kaprao getting the justice they deserve. not have the company’s director get exposed in five seconds & then have the rest of the focus in that ep be on james & ait. it was just so anticlimactic to me, and frankly kinda undid all the good this show was trying to bring to the table in the first place.

    would I rewatch it: hm... maybe

    Overall this is a really flawed show, but I also still think it’s a pretty important one. I’m glad that some bl shows are breaking the usual mold to call out actual issues faced in the bl industry, and just for that I would recommend this series.
    #call it what you want #call it what you want 2 #call it what you want the series #axelle judges bl shows #bypiningbisexuals
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  • chahubm
    19.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    วันนี้ ทุ่มครึ่ง มาทำความรู้จักแดดดี้ ‘ชาฮับ’ มากขึ้น กับเรื่องที่ไม่เคยบอกใครมาก่อน 🥰

    Getting to know him more!! With 20 Facts about ‘Chahub’

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    #CheckOutSeries #คืนนั้นกับนายดาวเหนือ

    #9NaaProduction #ChahubMarut

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