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  • james-bucky-bear
    07.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I felt bad for Bruce, he just wanted to see his daughter's performance but the gotham criminals don't give the guy a break.

    But not even for the boys to pull the iphone and record....

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  • teachussomethin
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    New Video Post… click on Blog on the menu!

    New Video Post… click on Blog on the menu!

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  • lady-wallace
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Commissions Update! (Art & Fanfic)

    I thought I would update my commission menu since it’s almost Christmas and people might be looking for gifts!

    I currently have 5 slots open

    You can book all my services through Ko-Fi, or if you don’t want to open an account there, I will accept commissions through PayPal. (If you’re interested, please contact me for my commission email)

    Read my fanfic commission info HERE


    Fanart Wills & Wont’s Will Do:

    -Fanart -OCs

    Won’t Do:

    -Nudity or NSFW (partial nudity is fine like, you want shirtless dudes, I got you.)

    -Furries or animals of any kind


    -No underage ship art, or underage characters in suggestive situations

    If you’re ever not sure if I’ll accept something, please just ask!

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  • fuckingfreud
    07.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Charles Addams

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  • palatable-black-power-movement
    07.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    If African Americans say "Black Power" and White people say, "White Power," the what do MIXED PEOPLE SAY?

    No text found

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  • themountainsays
    07.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    That moment when Abuela blames Mirabel for every bad thing that happens 😭 i felt that

    #encanto spoiler #didn't need to go there but they did huh #i never felt more seen #i see ppl shitting on the idea of Mirabel and/or Bruno fucking off and leaving the family #because the story is about Healing^TM #but tbh it would be an interesting AU. a bit more tragic. the neutral ending. bittersweet ending. #it would be cathartic to me specifically #maybe mirabel doesn't WANT to wait around for her family to accept her. maybe mirabel is fucking sick of being the black sheep #maybe the family doesn't WANT to change or heal or learn they just want a scapegoat and the best thing Mirabel can do is #to remove herself from the household #15 years of therapy taught me trying to have a happy family is pointless and the only thing you can do is leave asap #patiently wait til you can fuck off. just say yes mom yes dad do what they want and then flee and never talk to them again #ok that's an exaggeration but man doesn't that sound relaxing. no one to be mad at you 24/7 because you folded the napkins wrong or smth #though tbh seeing the Madrigales actually DESIRE change and healing and accepting their faults #AND APPRECIATING MIRABEL FOR WHO SHE IS AND TREATING HER LIKE THEIR HERO THEIR MIRACLE THEIR BELOVED LITTLE GIRL #just learning to love her unconditionally so much #that's such a huge wish fulfillment. is this why men watch isekai harem cargirl anime. is this what it feels like to see #your greatest dreams coming true on screen #fua#*catgirl #3 am posts
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  • toujoursincorrect
    07.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Narcissa: have you ever been in love?

    Andromeda, writing Ted’s name over and over again in tiny hearts on the inside of her notebook: no.

    #narcissa black#andromeda black#narcissa malfoy#andromeda tonks#incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect black family quotes #the black sisters #the black family #the most noble and ancient house of black #tedromeda #ted x andromeda
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  • eyeaesteria
    07.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Lo que me encanta de la familia Black- además de los nombres basados en estrellas-  es que todos y cada uno de los miembros toman sus decisiones en base a su amor.

    La familia Black no se preocupan por el otro. Nadie, ni si quiera los “buenos” Black piensan en su sangre como familia o empatizan entre sí. Quizás se hayan adaptado biológicamente para que sea así, considerando que hay altas posibilidades de que terminen saliendo entre parientes, pero eso es para otro día.

    Sirius abandono a su familia, a su hermano, para estar con James y luchar al lado de él. Andrómeda dejó todo por Ted.

    Y dirán: Si, pero ellos son los buenos, sus decisiones no se basaban en amor sino en lo que es correcto.

    PERO NO, Sirius es, de entre casi todos los merodeadores, uno de los más moralmente gris. Nunca se replanteó su visión del mundo sobre los sangre pura hasta que conoció a la familia Potter, y ese cambio ni si quiera se traslado a bestias mágicas (véase: su trato a Kreacher y como confiaba más en Peter que en Remus, solo por el estado de sangre de Remus).

    Y así también tenemos el amor del lado “malo” de los Black. Narcissa, quien le mintió en la cara a Voldemort con tal de salvar a Draco, a quien amaba más de lo que amaba su propia vida (y cuyo amor es reciproco, Draco también es un Black, también hizo lo que pudo para proteger a su Madre). Bellatrix, una bruja demente pero poderosa, quien solo se inclinaba a un- y solo un- hombre (El calvo serpiente). Por último esta Regulus, de quien no sabemos mucho, pero que traiciono a los mortifagos por y para Kreacher.

    Ni un solo miembro de la familia Black pensaba en el otro (a excepción de Cissa con Draco, quien era su hijo) como tal, no se preocupaban por el otro. Por más que el fanon quiera hacer de Sirius un hermano protector y cariñoso, no fue por él que vivió y murió, ni si quiera dice cosas buenas sobre su hermanito. Andrómeda nunca visito a Sirius o dudo de las alegaciones de su traición, ni si quiera interactuaron hasta que ambos estaban en la orden (creo??? solo recuerdo a Tonks, a quien AMO). Bellatrix nunca intercedería en nombre de su hermana o su sobrino si su lord quisiera lastimarlos.

    El punto es que todos los Black poseen solo una cosa en común y es su forma de amar incondicionalmente a un número limitado de personas, el resto puede arder. 

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  • cyberellakisseda
    07.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Tangerqueen 🍊

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  • teachussomethin
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Birthday Gratitude 🥳🥰

    I created this quick video note to say thank you for all the birthday love! Huge thank youuuu to all my friends + family! —Sincerely, Tyra 🖤

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  • kazizasims
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Click above to watch Episode 3 If you love drama and unexpected turns this series is for you.

    Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

    YouTube Channel 🎥 : Kaziza

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  • moodyhp
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Alternate Potter Children Names

    Okay, so I’ve always found it uncomfortable that Harry’s children were named after those who died in the war. It’s a nice gesture, but in the end I think it gives all three children way too much pressure on top of being the Chosen One’s children. So this is my attempt of naming Harry’s children without any dead people’s names included. I did decide to still subtly reference at least one of the chosen namesakes in my first two alternatives of each name with the final alternative being names that loosely link to the Harry Potter universe or reference different Harry Potter characters subtly.

    James Sirius Potter:

    Oscar Conan Potter - Oscar (Gaelic) means “deer friend” making it a much more subtle way to nod to Harry’s father James Potter. Harry always strove to be like his father as depicted by his patronus which is also a stag. Conan (Irish) means “little wolf” or “little hound” which could also be a subtle nod to Harry’s godfather Sirius Black as well as Remus Lupin. Both Sirius and Remus were some of Harry’s biggests supporters with Harry trusting them with his problems often more than other adults in his life.

    Apus Rigel Potter - Apus (Greek) is a constellation that represents the bird of paradise. Rigel (Arabic) is the brightest star in the Orion constellation and is often used for navigation by sailors. The astronomy ties to both names could be a nod to Sirius Black (as he was named after the dog constellation) and Remus Lupin (whose name has ties to the moon).

    Felix Ren Potter - Felix (Latin) means “lucky” and “successful”. within the Harry Potter world has links to the luck potion named Felix Felicis. Ren (Japanese) means “lotus” and “love”. Sounds very similar to Harry’s friend and Ginny’s brother Ron, so would be a subtle way to acknowledge all he has done for both of them throughout the years. Additionally, Ren is a water lily which could be a nod to Harry’s mother, Lily who died to protect Harry.

    Albus Severus Potter:

    Phoenix Sage Potter - Phoenix (Greek/Egyptian Mythology) means “dark red” and is also a constellation. Albus Dumbledore has a Phoenix named Fawkes and his Patronus is actually a Phoenix. In the Fantastic Beasts series, it also revealed that Albus along with the rest of the Dumbledore family has a special connection to Phoenixes. Sage (Celtic) is a plant that in Celtic mythology signifies wisdom and is believed to provide immortality if it is eaten. Within the Harry Potter universe, Sage is also used a potion ingredient used in it’s powdered form in the Memory Potion (revealed in a mobile game) which obviously links to Severus Snape as he was the Potions professor at Hogwarts.

    Jorah Brian Potter - Jorah (Biblical/Ancient Hebrew) meaning “he teaches” or “rain”. This links to both Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape as both of them were teachers/headteachers at Hogwarts. Brian (Celtic) meaning “hill” or “noble” and is also one of Albus Dumbledore’s middle names.

    Reuben Caradoc Potter - Reuben (Hewbrew) meaning “behold, a son”. I also thought it sounded kind of similar to Ruby or Rebeus which could be a nod to Harry’s friend Rebeus Hagrid whose always been there for him. Caradoc (Welsh) means “love” and is one of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend. Caradoc is also a variant of the names Cerdic and Cedric making it a subtle nod to Cedric Diggory who was a fair competitor during the Triwaizard tournament and one of the first people Harry ever saw die.

    Lily Luna Potter:

    Jasmine Aster Potter - Jasmine (Arabic/Persian) is named after the flower that has healing properties and is often used in perfumes due to it’s lovely fragrance. The jasmine flower symbolises love, beauty and purity. Aster (Greek) means star that also has links to the September birth flower of the same name. The aster flower represents love, faith, wisdom and great courage. Both of these names link to flowers which is a nod to Harry’s mother, Lily. Additionally, the link Aster has to Astronomy could be a subtle nod to many Harry Potter characters including Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

    Acacia Willow Potter - Acacia (Greek) meaning “thorns”, it is both a type of flower and tree. The acacia flower symbolises beauty, relaxation, rebirth and immortality. Meanwhile, the acacia tree represents regrowth, peserverence and integrity. Willow (English) means freedom. The willow tree represents fertility, new life and growing from challenging situations as when a willow brach is cut off then planted, a new willow tree will grow. Again, the link these names have to nature and plants links to Lily Potter.

    Amalthea Athena Potter - Amalthea (Greek mythology) means “to soften” or “to soothe”. She was a famous nymph in Greek mythology who nursed infant Zeus. This links to Nymphadora Tonks/Lupin whose first name means “nymph gift” and who was one of Harry’s supporters all through the War. Athena (Greek mythology) was the Greek goddess of wisdom and is known to be the Greek equivilent of Minerva who was the Roman goddess of wisdom. Minerva McGongall is the Transfigurations professor at Hogwarts and was always supportive of Harry.

    #etymology#Harry Potter #harry potter next generation #hp next gen #Harry James Potter #Ginny Weasley#ginny potter #ginny x harry #harry X ginny #potter family #James Sirius Potter #James Potter #james peter remus sirius #Sirius Black#Remus Lupin#ron weasley#Lily Potter #Albus Severus Potter #albus potter#albus dumbledore#hagrid#cedric diggory#rebeus hagrid #lily luna potter #luna lovegood#nymphadora tonks#tonks#minerva mcgonagall
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  • marlenewasgay
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    now, ik i’m arrogant and a sirius black kinnie, however i have a much different head cannon about the prank.

    in my mind, sirius had told regulus about remus some young summer without realizing how big of a deal it could be. i mean, come on, regulus was his brother. he’d keep remus’ secret if sirius had asked him to.

    before the prank, in years 4 and 5, sirius had honestly forgotten that he’d told regulus, but when sirius heard what happened, that snape had been an almost victim, sirius knew. he knew it had been regulus who told snape, probably as some sort of payback or cruel joke. and whether regulus admitted it or not, regulus was sirius’ brother, his little brother. and so sirius took the fall. he took the fall for his brother blindly and without hesitation. no turning back. so when remus compared him to his heritage, sirius, by no means was expecting it. and sirius, by no means, had ever been hurt more before…

    #sad wolfstar#wolfstar #remus and sirius #sirius and remus #sirius and regulus #the prank#harry potter#writing#marauders #the black brothers #black family#sirius black #sirius orion black #regulus black
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  • shiroi---kumo
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Would You tell Me about ... || Accepting

    @dragontamer05​ asked:

    13. someone they have conflicted feelings about

    “Ah... well.. it’s complicated... though I assume you could infer that from the nature of your inquiry. Of course it would be complicated if I have conflicting feelings wouldn’t it?” 

    “He’s simply not who he was all those years ago. Neither of us are the same, I suppose. Both time and well.. death itself has changed us, but I fear - Chaos has warped him somehow. I fear the first time we sealed Chaos has left his mind in shatters. He’s not who he used to be. He doesn’t remember me or anything from before but sometimes he says things that makes he wonder who he is. 

    I mean - which him am I talking to. He’s always been tough on me. He’s always had a razor focus for what needs to be done. He’s always been like that. He’s always been so cool, but he’s - he’s not the same. Sometimes he does things that make me question where I stand with him. He spent nearly an entire year  damning my name and trying to kill me and suddenly after we sealed Chaos for a second time he’s taken it upon himself to look after me and try to do what is best for me. 

    He believes he knows better than I do. He’s frustrating and confusing. He’s not... Rorahm-Saheer anymore. Sometimes he is though. In moments. in glimpses. In glimpses he’s who he was before Chaos struck Windaria.  He’s never been the same since. He doesn’t even respond to his own name. It’s almost like he knows it’s his name but how do I know it? “ 

    “He’s still my brother though even if he doesn’t remember me. Even when he raises a gun to me. He’s still my Rorahm-Saheer.. Even if I’m just White Cloud. He doesn’t remember Seejvariil. No, I’m afraid that person died the first time we sealed Chaos. Even if we are immortal.  We both thought we were going to die in that fight and we did. Our bodies didn’t, but we still did 

    I’m afraid I’m nothing to him now, even if he’s still everything to me.” 

    #meme || tell me about #dragontamer05 #ask || inquires of the cloud #topic: Black Wind #kazeofthemagun #relation: Blood Doesn't Make Family || Rorahm-Vahree #translations -> #Seejvariil. = Little Moon #Rorahm-Saheer = Brother Wind  // Saheer is the honorific for Older Brother #Kumo is speaking them in Windarian = Kaze's mother tongue #tw; death
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  • feline17ff
    06.12.2021 - 14 hours ago


    So I can't find this old African folktale I read in my English textbook as a kid?

    I thought it would be real famous and I remember it perfectly but I can't find it anywhere online?

    I'm looking for it so I can see if there are more stories that fit its vibe coz this has to be my favourite "fairytale".

    Here goes:

    The Black-maned Lion

    A man's wife dies so he remarries. The woman is really nice and kind but the son had heard stories about wicked stepmothers so he doesn't trust her and doesn't talk to her.

    The stepmother is really sad and she tries to get him to trust her but fails. She goes to the village wise man and asks him what to do. He says that she needs some hair from the tale of a black-maned lion.

    She's very scared but she locates the lion but runs away without doing anything. The second day she brings some food and leaves it out for him but runs away again. The third day she brings food and stands really far away but doesn't run away. The fourth she comes closer. And so on.

    Eventually she and the lion are friends and both trust each other. So, she's sitting with the lion and his tail is right there so she cuts off some of his tail hair finally.

    She goes back to the village wise man and shows him the hair and tells him that now he can do the thing he was going to do so her stepson will start liking her.

    The village elder says that the process she used with the lion is the exact thing she needs to do with her son - start from 0 and slowly progress further, building trust slowly but surely.

    She goes home and does this with the kid. First day, she leaves out food for him and leaves. Second day, she leaves out food but stays but far away. And so on she, moves closer everyday. Eventually the boy starts talking and bonding with her and they're a happy family.

    The End

    I really like this story :) The stepmother isn't evil + this isn't a romance story but she does it all for her family + animal bonding + family bonding + female main character + kind and wise male character + happy family + happy ending + cool animal + cats / big cats + understandable antagonist (the little boy)

    Do let me know if anyone has a source or even another story / folktale / fairytale that fits the vibe :)

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  • toujoursincorrect
    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    James: How was Christmas at home?

    Sirius: It sucks. I'm always forced to do something in not qualified for.

    James: Like what?


    #james potter#sirius black#incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect marauders quotes #incorrect black family quotes #mwpp era#marauders#the marauders #the most noble and ancient house of black #the black family
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  • theiconicmeghanmarkle
    06.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    The leaks, the lies, the character assassination all comes from Kensington Palace.

    "It all starts from within" - @MuradMerali

    #meghan markle #duchess of sussex #brf #meghan duchess of sussex #duchess meghan#princess meghan#prince harry #the duchess of sussex #the duke and duchess of sussex #the british royal family #british royal family #royal family#the cut#black women#media bias#biracial #black girl magic #racial stereotyping#gender stereotyping#stop stereotyping #the british monarchy #british royalty#british monarchy#uk media#smear campaign#uk tabloids #racism in the uk media #racism in britain #racism in the uk #racism
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  • keeping-up-with-the-blacks
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Sirius: James! I think I’m falling for Remus!

    James, without looking up from the newspaper: congratulations, you are officially the last one to know

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  • keeping-up-with-the-blacks
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Remus: Did it hurt when you fell?

    Sirius, grinning: From heaven?

    Remus: No, I mean when you fell walking in. I watched you trip on your foot and just kind of lay there on the floor for about ten minutes


    James: We all saw it.

    #sirius black#hogwarts#harry potter#marauders#black family#andromeda black#andromeda tonks#wolfstar #black family tree #sirius x remus #remus x sirius #james potter and sirius black #james potter
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  • keeping-up-with-the-blacks
    06.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Sirius: My name is Sirius

    Sirius: But you can call me

    Sirius: *aggressively puts on sun glasses*

    Sirius: Anytime

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