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    21.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    9. Where did I go?

    Lost & Found.

    WARNINGS: language.

    The events from that night left you agitated, you felt as if you were abruptly woken up from a dream and unable to go back to sleep. Things were not going to be the same with Iwaizumi threatening to break everything you worked so hard to build back up. He showed up like a fragment of your deepest fears.

    You weren’t scared of him, but you feared what his presence carried along with, darkness. The kind of darkness that suffocates your thinking with fog that never seems to dissipate, and leads you to drown in a sea of self-doubt. Once again, you were living controlled by your fears, the ones you thought you overcame a long time ago, but living without fear is no easy task, and no one truly lives fearlessly until they face and embrace those things that keep us up all night. Maybe that encounter was a signal for you to do it, but you just didn't feel ready.

    “Are you sure you are not planning to take a last-minute flight to France and surprise all of us?” Osamu asked, taking his cases out of the trunk of Atsumu’s car, you looked at him for a second, assimilating your surroundings. You were functioning on autopilot and snapped back to reality just now. “‘Cause if you are, you can tell me, no one will know.” Right, they were traveling for the tournament that evening and you decided it was best if you didn’t go.

    “Nope.” You laughed it off.

    “Are you sure?” He raised a brow.

    “Yes, ‘Samu, I’m sure.” You closed the trunk and turned around to see Hana waiting for the both of you. “I couldn’t get off work.”

    “That’s bullshit. You have three assistants and we are off-season, and I could’ve paid for your trip if you wanted.” She said, knowing that money wasn’t a problem but another excuse. “You were planning to surprise Atsumu and then backed out.”

    “You know why I’m not going.” You sighed, not wanting to fight with her.

    “Yes, and I still think it’s stupid.” She pushed her sunglasses back. “Are you really going to stop coming to Atsumu’s games just because your ex is there?”

    “I’m not having this conversation today, Hana.” You stated, not wanting to start an argument.

    “Or ever.” She muttered, taking her bags to start walking inside the airport, leaving you and Osamu alone.

    “Sorry about that.” Osamu looked at you, his lips forming a straight line while you stayed quiet for a second. “She’s just worried about you.”

    “I know.” You sighed. “Take care, ‘Samu.” You clenched your fists on your sides and saw him walk away.

    Gripping the steering wheel, you drove back to your place, focusing on the road instead of your thoughts and regrets. Atsumu wanted you there, and after all your calls with him you noticed that you weren’t the only one having a hard time. Not only was he emotionally exhausted from worrying about you, but he was also dealing with being possibly benched during the tournament. He thought that having you there would motivate him, but when you broke the news that your absence was definitive he looked heartbroken, but he didn’t say a word about it, and that’s what made you feel even worse about not going.

    It wasn’t his fault you were a coward with zero confrontational skills, and still, he understood your motives and your need for space. Of course, his friends and teammates made sure to express their concerns about Atsumu’s attitude the following weeks after the incident since he was not being himself, and spending more and more hours training to cope with his frustration. Sakusa was the most worried out of all of them, so he kept you updated about your boyfriend.

    Sakusa had a bad reputation. He was known for being blunt and apathetic, many thought he had no friends and that he was a very closed person, but contrary to popular belief, Sakusa was a good friend. Of course, no one would believe that especially coming from Atsumu’s mouth, but the setter found in Sakusa someone to confide his biggest secrets and concerns, and since you were an important part of Atsumu’s life, he also cared about you.

    Since the night of your reencounter with Iwaizumi, Atsumu was restless. Constantly overthinking, distracted, and failing tosses. He was completely out of it. Not only did everyone notice his unusual clumsiness, but they could also feel the tension between him and Iwaizumi. They went from best buddies to strangers in a matter of hours, Atsumu asked for another trainer to assist him in the mornings and avoided Iwaizumi during breaks despite the trainer’s attempts to talk to him. Everyone in the training facility tried to look past the tense atmosphere around your boyfriend and Iwaizumi, which was very hard considering they had to be in the same room all day.

    It was even harder when they had to be on the same plane for almost twelve hours, so the opposite hitter made sure that Iwaizumi’s seat was as far as possible from Atsumu to avoid trouble. Lucky for him, the staff stayed one floor below the players at the hotel and Sakusa could rest from his hard labor.

    “This is ridiculous, Oikawa, I can’t even be in the same room as him. I just want to say sorry for the stuff I said the other night.” Iwaizumi complained on the phone to his best friend.

    “You do realize that what you said is not that easy to forget, let alone forgive?” Oikawa replied.

    “Yes, I know, but I’m trying to amend things so I can talk to her next.”

    “You're still on that train…”

    “Yes, Oikawa, I am. I need to talk to her and clear things up so we can go on with our lives.” Iwaizumi’s sentence was followed by a few seconds of silence from the other line. “What?”

    “Nothing.” Oikawa sighed. “It's just that the only one who hasn’t moved on is you, Iwa-chan.” Iwaizumi was the one who remained silent this time. It was unfair, he thought for the nth time, how you seemed to be doing just fine and he was still stuck.

    “Well, I need this, and I swear after I get my closure, I’ll leave her alone.” He stated.

    “Maybe you should consider another way to get your closure, not because you found her it means she’s going to talk to you.”

    “We are adults, I think we can get to a middle ground.” He said with flawed confidence. Oikawa clicked his tongue.

    “Whatever you do, don’t count me in. You know I’m on her side.” The setter said, making Iwaizumi roll his eyes.

    “I know I can’t count on you.”

    “Oh, don’t start playing the victim again, I told you then, and I’m telling you now, everything you break, I have to pick up.” He explained.

    “I’m not gonna break anything this time, I’ll be civil and make it short, but first I need to get through Atsumu.”

    “Good luck with that,” Oikawa said, sarcastically. “I have to go, I’ll see you later.” He ended the call. If he was being completely honest, he found himself wanting to talk to Iwaizumi less and less since your encounter. Hajime called him almost immediately, freaked out, but he sounded almost happy, even after receiving a punch from Akaashi.

    You called the next day, voice hoarse, probably from crying, and frightened. Iwaizumi’s ignorance of your feelings and his insistence started turning into something malicious, almost spiteful in Oikawa´s eyes. Not that his friend ever listened, but this time was different. Everyone tried to talk sense into him, but he was set on one goal: talking to you. No one knew what could he possibly be expecting from it, but he was constantly planning and rehearsing his apology.

    Oikawa warned you about his intentions, you only nodded. Something in you already sunk in realization, that was relieving to the expecting parties in your feud with Iwaizumi. If it was bound to happen, at least you were somehow ready, even if you weren’t aware of it.

    The night before their first match at the tournament, Iwaizumi started working on intercepting Atsumu. Ten minutes. That’s all he needed. So he scheduled Kiyoomi’s gym hours at night, right after Atsumu’s, so he could intersect him outside the locker room. He waited by the door, everyone must have thought he was some kind of creep peeking inside from time to time. “How long does he take showering?” He asked under his breath. He waited another five minutes until Atsumu came out of the locker room, hair wet and a towel thrown around his shoulders.

    The setter was surprised to see Iwaizumi waiting for him, but chose not to acknowledge him and walked past him. “Miya, wait.” The trainer called to no avail, so he tried again. “Miya, please, just listen to me for a few minutes, let me explain myself. If you don’t want to help me after I finish, I'll stop bothering you.”

    Atsumu stopped walking to look at Iwaizumi. He said nothing, he didn’t have to. “I know you must hate me.” Iwaizumi continued, testing the waters. “But I’m trying to do things right for once.”

    “And what makes you think I want to be a part of this?” Atsumu asked, his shoulders were tense despite the hot shower he took.

    “You love her.” He said, taking a step closer. “Please, just ten minutes.” The blonde looked away, debating himself if it was worth it, he did love you, and he would be lying if he said he never thought about the benefits of you getting closure. Maybe you’ll be more at peace if you finally put the whole thing behind you instead of sweeping it under the rug. So he said:

    “Fine, but not here.” They walked outside the training facility, a few players from other teams were jogging or just hanging out by the door, none of them approached the two, by the look of their faces, they were up to no good. Atsumu leaned on a wall, arms crossed over his chest and brows furrowed. “Ten minutes.” He said, signaling Hajime that his time was counting.

    “When Y/N and I started dating, we were inseparable, and she always made me so happy.” He said. “She always cared for me, and I always made sure to look after her, and then I had to leave for over a year when I started college.” Just like the man in front of him, he rested his weight on a lamppost. “It was hard, but we decided to do long distance. The plan was for me to finish my studies overseas, but I missed her like crazy, so I came back and we started living together.”

    “We were fine for a while, but she started working overtime along with her apprenticeship, and I took a few extra courses. We were seeing each other less and less, and I was struggling a lot mentally. Being home felt so dull, compared to how happy I was back in America, and it was even worse when the only reason I came back was drifting away from me.” He paused for a second. “I felt pathetic, for being so dependent on her. It used to be the other way around, she used to be the needy one.”

    Atsumu’s jaw clenched at the way Iwaizumi referred to you. “After a while, I couldn’t handle it anymore but I didn’t want to tell her, she was already under so much stress and I couldn’t find the words or the time to talk about it.” Listening to himself, Iwaizumi started to realize how stupid he sounded. “So I guess it was partially my fault, for never bringing it up.” He tried to amend.

    “The semester before she left, I met this girl, Asui, and we got along very well. We worked together on a few assignments and we spent a lot of time together…” He breathed in, feeling his throat getting drier by the second. “There was a lot of tension between us, and I held myself back from getting closer with her, but one night after finishing a project… it just happened.”

    “You never mentioned you were dating someone?” Atsumu asked, raising one of his brows. Iwaizumi shook his head. “Why?”

    “I don’t know, I wasn’t close to anyone in that class, so I never brought it up.”

    “But you were close to her.” Atsumu pointed out. Once again, silence reigned, Hajime was so painfully unaware, he never realized how clouded his logic was. “How long?”

    “What?” The brunette asked, disoriented by his thoughts.

    “How long did you screw with that girl?” Atsumu elaborated.

    “A month, maybe. Y/N worked late nights, so we hung out at her place most of the time and I could still get home before she was there.” Iwaizumi paused, refusing to let his walls down. “I know it sounds fucked up…”

    “It is fucked up.” Your boyfriend interrupted, making Iwaizumi grow frustrated. “You got it down to a T. Conveniently hiding your girlfriend of years to get all warm and cozy with some random girl.”

    “You got it all wrong.” Iwaizumi tried to defend himself, making Atsumu laugh humorlessly.

    “I can’t believe how the truth is right in front of your face, and you still can’t see it.” The taller of the two said, now standing properly. “You carefully crafted your love affair, counted every step, predicted every damn outcome, except the one where you got caught.” He stepped closer. “So sure of yourself, high above everyone, even the ones you claim to love.”

    Atsumu’s words were harsh and aimed to hurt, his abrasive nature coming through, from the way he phrased his thoughts to the way he stood. He enjoyed the way Iwaizumi attempted to keep his composure, holding back tears and clenching his fists. So easy to read, so easy to take down. Forcibly opening his eyes.

    “You lost the best thing you ever had, for what? What were you trying to prove?” He asked knowing there would be no answer from the man in front of him. “How much of a man you were? Pathetic.”

    “I know I was wrong, that’s why I’m trying to fix it. I’m pathetic and stupid, and I don’t deserve her forgiveness or your help, but I need to at least try.” Iwaizumi was almost begging at this point. “You don’t know how sorry I am, Atsumu.”

    “Yeah, for yourself.” Atsumu scoffed. “You’re sorry because you got caught. Now cut your little act, you are not going to get anything from me with those tricks.” They both looked away from each other, tired of going back and forth with no resolve.

    “I’m not going to help you before you ask.” Iwaizumi nodded at the setter’s words. “At least not the way you want me to. I can’t force her to do anything she’s not willing to do. So when she’s ready, I’ll be the first one to tell you.” He explained. “But for now, stay away from her.”

    With that, Atsumu walked away, entering the facility and leaving Iwaizumi alone. Well, that just makes things harder for him. He was beating himself mentally for thinking Atsumu would be the easy path to get to you.

    “Shit.” He said to himself, walking in the opposite direction from the facility to clear his mind. He was pissed, he never liked people pointing out what he already knew, but did he really? Atsumu’s words echoed in his head and chased him despite how far he was walking from the spot they were minutes before. Everyone he asked for advice told him the same thing: ‘don’t disturb her peace.’

    But what about his peace? All the sleepless nights, how worried he was, how alone he felt, the tears he cried… He wanted to be okay too.

    He had to admit that the look in your eyes the moment you saw him broke his heart, and realizing it was you who Atsumu talked about with such adoration, broke his. You proved to him once again that you were better off without him, and he was convinced that he needed to talk to you and clear everything up, he deserved that much, and he would walk out of your life after that if that’s what you wanted.

    In that precise moment, when he stopped dead on his track, probably one of his stupidest ideas popped up in his head. He turned back, running inside and straight to his room. “What are you doing?” The man he was sharing a room with, one of the physical therapists, asked. “Why are you packing your things?”

    “I need to go.” Iwaizumi said, shoving everything he unpacked the day before into his suitcase. “Family emergency.” He lied. “Cover for me, please.”

    His body moved before his brain could even process what he was doing. Heading out to the training room to talk to his boss and to get someone to cover for him. He got an earful from the head of the training team but left in the end. He took a taxi to the airport and waited for a few hours to board the extremely overpriced flight back home. He decided to ignore the loud beating of his heart and his shaking legs. This was his last chance, so he was going to get to you before anyone could object.


    The national team met at their assigned training room early in the morning to get their routines done and replace their tapes. Atsumu laid on one of the beds, his body shivering from the sensation of the cold cream on his thigh, and his arm covering his eyes. It was too early and he was still jet-lagged. “Morning guys, sorry for the wait, I was rearranging the tabs.” The head of training entered the room, stress-ridden and tired. “Please, Iwaizumi had to leave yesterday, so I’ll be working with everyone who was working with him until we get someone from the tournament’s staff to help us.

    “Is he okay?” Wakatsu asked as he stretched his arms.

    “Yes, he said it was a family emergency and left late at night.” He explained. “But enough of that, we have a match to play today so let’s make it quick.”

    Sakusa shot a glance at Atsumu, who was already staring at him in suspicion. “You don’t think he…?”

    “No, impossible,” Atsumu answered before second-guessing. “Well, I don’t know, maybe.”

    “Isn’t his friend playing too?” Sakusa was talking about Oikawa, Atsumu nodded. “Then let’s ask him.” When the staff finished their bandages, they headed to the courts where the teams were already setting up for their matches. Argentina in the far left of the salon, stretching and running drills. Atsumu spotted your brunette pretty easily, standing next to the net, tossing for his teammates.

    “Atsumu-chan!” Oikawa called when he saw the two players walk over to him. It was the first time they met in person, but your boyfriend and best friend got to know each other through your weekly video calls. They got along very well, and you thought they were very much alike, so you were glad but also concerned about the synchrony of their devilish minds. “You should be honored to finally meet me.” Atsumu laughed, taking Oikawa’s extended hand and pulling him in for a short hug.

    “In your wildest dreams.” He fired back.

    “How did you know?” Oikawa teased before looking at Kiyoomi, who seemed impressed by their odd exchange of greetings. “Hey, I know you. You are the one with bendy wrists!” Sakusa nodded slightly. “Pleasure to meet you.” The ex-captain extended his hand again, Sakusa stepped back and stared at him.

    “I don’t do handshakes.” Sakusa said bluntly, leaving Oikawa in an awkward position, retrieving his hand and looking at Atsumu again.

    “Okay… So, what are you doing here, I saw the schedule, you guys play until ten right?” The brunette raised a brow.

    “Yeah, but I came to ask if you know anything about Iwaizumi. Someone told us he had to leave yesterday. A family emergency, do you know anything?” Atsumu inquired, his tone suggesting his suspicions, and Oikawa catching up right away.

    “No, he didn’t tell me.” Oikawa slowly walked towards the bench where he had his bag, grabbing his phone and starting to dial his best friend’s number. “He went home?” He asked before he heard the voice mail saying Iwaizumi’s phone was off. “He must be on the plane right now… I’ll try to get a hold of him later, don’t worry.”

    “Text me if you know anything, please.” Atsumu stressed.

    “Sure, I’ll keep you updated.” Oikawa reassured him. ‘He wouldn’t.’ Was his first thought, Hajime wasn’t one to make stupid decisions all of a sudden, especially if it compromised his work. But thinking back on his behavior, it was a possibility that he indeed was on his way to talk to you. “Shit.” He whispered. “Please don’t do anything stupid…”

    Regardless of their worries, they still had to play. They were already on their second and last match of the day, Atsumu played three sets before switching with Kageyama. He was exhausted from the previous match, and his muscles were cramping. While he sat on the bench, an ice pack on his shoulder, he saw Oikawa standing by the door, waving his hand. He got up and told the assistant coach he needed the bathroom. Once he was with Oikawa, they walked out of the court and near the bathrooms. “You talked to him?”

    “Not quite.” Oikawa sighed. “I called his mom, to see if she was alright. He doesn’t have many close relatives, so she was the only one that could be in trouble.”


    “She’s doing perfectly fine.” Oikawa’s lips formed a straight line. Their assumptions were true.

    “That son of a bitch…” Rage filled Atsumu’s eyes, fists going numb from how hard he was clenching his fists. “I’m going to kill him.”

    “Wait, where are you going?” Oikawa followed your boyfriend as he stomped his way to the gym. “What are you going to do?”

    “I’m going home, I can’t get there before him, but I can be just in time to beat the shit out of him.” He pushed the doors and walked in, the brunette still behind him.

    “What about your team?”

    “They’ll be fine, they have Tobio.” Atsumu assured.

    “Then I’ll go with you.” Oikawa insisted.

    “No, you stay here and play. I’ll be fine, but I need to leave now.” Suna was able to hear the last part, coming from Atsumu’s lips.

    “What? You’re leaving?” The long-haired man asked. “You can’t leave now, you must be kidding.” At the blonde’s lack of response, his demeanor changed completely, he was now worried. “Wait, are you serious?” Suna looked at Oikawa, who could only shrug in frustration.

    “Coach, I’m leaving.” Atsumu announced when he finished gathering his belongings.

    “Where do you think you are going, Miya? The match’s not over yet.” His coach reprimanded.

    “Home. It's an emergency.” He stood in front of him.

    “Is everything okay?” The coach toned his voice down a little.

    “My girlfriend got in trouble and she has no one in the city.” He partially lied.

    “Then go, but I’ll keep this in mind for the next season.” Relief ran momentarily through Atsumu’s body. He got lucky this time. The rest of his teammates kept asking questions, but he avoided them all, saying he would explain later. Osamu saw his brother leave the gym fuming, so he followed him.

    “Oi, what’s your deal?” The gray-haired twin yelled from a distance, trying to catch up with his brother.

    “That asshole left last night behind my back.” Atsumu snarled under his breath.

    “Who?” Osamu was very lost.

    “Iwaizumi! Who else?” Atsumu was exasperated, his speed making his breathing heavy. “He flew back home last night, he wants Y/N to listen to him. Tried to talk me into helping him, and when I said no, he got mad and left.”

    “You are going after him?”

    “What do you think I’m doing, ‘Samu? Of course I am, and don’t say you’ll come with me. You stay here, and I’ll call you when I get there.” Atsumu settled. This was no one’s business, not even his, but he swore he’d never let Iwaizumi hurt you again.

    The airline had a field day with their second last-minute ticket to Japan sold in less than twenty-four hours. Atsumu was lucky enough to have a sponsorship with the same airline, he waited at the V.I.P lounge for a couple of hours before boarding. He left a few of his belongings back in his hotel room, he asked his brother to pick them up and bring them back when they returned later the following week as they scheduled in the first place, he had half the mind to think about anything other than to get to you on time.


    “Y/N, there’s someone outside who insists on seeing you.” One of your assistants announced, standing by your door. You twisted your mouth in annoyance, you were about to leave for your lunch break.

    “Do you know who they are?” The girl shook his head.

    “Never seen him in my life. Do you want me to tell him you’re busy?” You smiled at her proposition and sighed.

    “No, let him in. It’s better if I get over with it quickly.” She nodded and left to call the unknown man that waited outside. You hid the container with your food on your top drawer and sighed again in defeat. You were really hungry. You heard the door open as you took your glasses from your desk. “Sorry for the wait, so how can I help you?” You finally looked up, eyes adjusting to the magnified view of your glasses. Your heart almost stopped when you recognized the figure in front of you.

    “I honestly don’t know, never thought I’d get this far.” Hajime smiled awkwardly. “Hey.”

    “Hi.” You cleared your throat. “What are you doing here? Isn’t the team playing abroad?” You asked, clearly nervous from his presence.

    “Came back early, I needed to talk to you.” He explained shortly.

    “How did you find me?” You mentally slapped yourself, it was obvious.

    “I connected the dots, Atsumu told me you worked with his team, I just looked for the facility…” He paused, heart threatening to come out of his mouth in any second. He swallowed his nervousness and asked: “Can we talk?”

    You analyzed your possibilities. You had none, it was a dead end. No escaping route this time. So after a few seconds of piercing silence, you nodded. “Yes, but not here.” Your words made him recall his talk with Atsumu hours ago. You stood up from your chair. “Follow me.”

    He did. Walking slightly behind you as you walked through the hallways of your workplace, looking for the nearest exit. He noticed your stance and demeanor, you were tense but your chin was still up. You waved to every one that passed you by, trying not to look at the man behind you. You guided him outside the training center, to the small café across the street that opened a few months ago. He ordered water, you kept to yourself.

    You weren’t staying for long.

    “It’s been a while.” He affirmed.

    “It has.” Was your answer. “I suppose you want to explain yourself.” You fidgeted with your bracelets under the table, fingers grasping the charm Atsumu gave you for your first month. You traced his initials engraved in it for comfort.

    “I do.” You nodded at his response, signaling him to start, expecting nothing and everything at once.

    So he did. He narrated everything he did and didn’t do. How he felt when he came back from America, stressing and promising he never had other women while he was away, how he felt pathetic and needy, and lastly how he found Asui. You stopped looking at him two minutes into his explanation, staring into space, but still listening intently. Every word spilled from his mouth furthered your disappointment. You remembered everything Asui told you, and comparing their stories, you could tell he wasn’t missing many details, except the ones that mattered.When he finally stopped talking, you asked:

    “And why did you hide the fact we were dating? Your classmates worked at our place once or twice, what did you say, that I was your roommate?” You noticed his eyes widening at your questions.

    “I wasn’t close to anyone in that class, only Asui.” He hesitated.

    “She didn’t know about me either.” You mused. “She told me.”

    “She talked to you?” You nodded slowly, still not looking at him. “I’m not going to excuse my actions, Y/N, I know I was wrong.”

    “Then why did you do it?” You spared him a glance. He puffed his chest, not sure of what he was going to say next.

    “I don’t know… I guess I just felt like you didn’t love me anymore.”

    An involuntary laugh left your mouth. Was he being serious? After all you did for him, he thought you didn’t loved him?

    “You’re such an asshole.” You muttered in disbelief.

    “I’m sorry.” He looked down. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. But you didn’t need me anymore, and I missed the feeling of being wanted. You were so immersed in your job and school, we barely spent time with each other.”

    “Please.” You stopped him. “Shut up, Iwaizumi, you’re making it worse.” Furious, that’s what you were. “You’re unbelievable.” Your change of demeanor shook him. Maybe you weren’t so willing to forgive him.

    “I know…”

    “No, you don’t.” You interrupted. “You really don’t. You did all of this because you couldn’t communicate with me?” No response from him. “I was too immersed in my fucking job because I was saving money to buy plane tickets to California… I wanted to spend our anniversary there, and I wanted it to be special. I looked after myself because you were busy too. I exhausted myself so we could have a future together, Iwaizumi.” You ran your index finger under your eyes to get rid of the stray tears that escaped your eyes. “Of course I wanted you. More than fucking anything.”

    “I wanted to make you proud.” A pause was necessary, you needed air. “You didn’t want me. You wanted a helpless girl to feed your fucking ego; and you more than anyone know, that I’ve never been helpless.”

    Never were, and never will.

    “You did all of this because you wanted to hurt me.” You dropped a bomb on him.

    “What? No, Y/N, hurting you wasn’t my intention.” He rushed to amend.

    “You tried to make me miserable, and feel what you were feeling, because between you and me. You are the helpless one, Hajime.”

    Iwaizumi’s body felt on fire, humiliation making his ears burn red. “If that’s everything you have to say, then I’m leaving.” You announced getting up.

    “Wait, no, we haven’t fixed this yet.” He tripped with the table as you walked across the street. He held your arm, stopping you from entering the parking lot. “Y/N, please, I’m begging you.”

    “You are hurting me.” You said, snatching your arm away from him.

    “You don’t know what I’ve been through, Y/N, all those years have been hell for me.” He tried to tower over you, and even if you were scared of his much bigger figure, you weren’t letting down.

    “Really? You think it was any better for me?” You laughed in his face.

    “Well you don’t look so sad, you got over me pretty fast don’t you think? You must be very happy with your hotshot boyfriend, while I was worried sick for you.” You paused after hearing his words, rage numbing your senses. He regretted that instantly, but he was angry now, too.

    “No.” You choked out, tired of keeping your composure. “Get out of here, now. You don’t get to say shit like that, Iwaizumi. You don’t get to judge me, and you don’t get to disrespect me like that.” You started walking away, but he stopped you again, making you turn around to see him.

    “You left without a word, playing your stupid hide and seek game, no one heard from you for months. You can’t keep avoiding this, Y/N, this is ridiculous!” He dared to yell at you, so you snapped, pulling away from his touch.

    “Wanna know what’s ridiculous? That I moved to another continent and avoided you for as long as I could because I didn’t want to see your face ever again, and you still don’t get the fucking hint.” You were breathing heavily, his presence was nauseating. “That’s ridiculous.” You emphasized. He remained quiet, only feeding your fury with his sorry expression.

    “Nothing to say now?” You asked, all your frustration and pain turned into pure venom. “If getting my life back together with someone that respects me is enough for you to insinuate I’m easy, then so be it, but I might just need to remind you that you were the one who cheated in our relationship. You brought this upon yourself the day you decided to lie to me and everyone around you, because that’s what you are, Iwaizumi.” He looked at you, waiting for your next words.

    “A liar that couldn't keep up with his own show, thinking everyone would just play along with it, you are so full of yourself you think you deserve forgiveness only for you to be able to sleep at night.” You wiped your tears with a quick movement and continued. “I’m not a situation you need to handle, believe me, I was doing great without you, and the last thing I need is your apologies. I have my life figured out this time, and I’m happy because you aren’t in it.”

    “Hate me all you want, Y/N, but we need closure. Please, let’s put an end to this.”

    “No, you need closure. I got mine a long time ago, and it’s not my fault you couldn't move on. I don’t look to our past anymore, and I’m tired, so, so tired of running away. I walked away because I didn't had the mind to go through it at the time, and when I left I still tried to protect you and your name, I lost almost all my friends, left everything behind, all because of you.” You spat. “And still I couldn't bring myself to hate you.” Iwaizumi’s expression softened.

    “But now, you don’t know how much I wish I did. You didn't deserve any of my sympathy, too bad it took me years to realize that.” You stepped back, but not away. “It took me over a year to open up to someone else and I was lucky enough to find Atsumu, and I’m not going to let you take that away from me.”

    “I’m not forgiving you, because it’s not going to do the wonders you think it will. You need help, professional help because you’re fucked up inside. I’m sorry for whoever had to deal with you all these years and you don’t know how glad I am to be free from you.” Thick silence filled the space between you two. Iwaizumi in his most vulnerable state, and you, burning red.

    “Goodbye, Hajime. I really hope you find peace.”

    You walked away. Notifying security to not let him enter again through your radio, once inside you spent a few minutes in the bathroom, collecting yourself and thinking what to do next. After that, you decided to leave early, you were exhausted.

    When you found yourself alone in Atsumu’s car, you screamed with everything you had. Even after the monologue you recited in front of Iwaizumi, you felt frustrated, dizzy, dirty, and humiliated. You drove off in silence.

    You couldn't say you were surprised by Iwaizumi’s insincerity, there wasn’t any trace left of the man you once knew, the one who was your friend before being your lover. When did he lost himself like that? You had so many questions left unanswered, they were irrelevant now.

    It was a one-man act. He excelled in his role as the victim, but no crowd ever applauded. You felt sorry.

    For not confronting him before. ‘This could've been prevented.’ You thought and took it back immediately. You weren't responsible for him, not anymore.

    It was the end of your story together. The only thing you were sure of, is the people you wanted in the next chapter of your life, and Iwaizumi wasn't one of them.

    (a/n: chapter nine is finally here, damn this one was a bitch to write. sadly, chapter 10 is the last one. i'll try not to take six months to write it. a year ago i posted the first chapter of this fic while i was in bed rest after an accident. it started as something silly i wanted to document because i had the plot and several scenarios in my head. i never thought people would like it, and i'm very thankful for your patience and support. i say this now and not in chapter 10 because tomorrow it's l&f's first anniversary! yes, it's a crime to take over a year to finish a fic, but i know, but this is a big thing for me, it's the first fic i finish in over 4 years. and it's all thanks to you guys, thank you for giving me a reason to keep writing. i'll do my best to post chapter 10 before october ends. love y'all!)


    TAGLIST (closed): @aonenthusiast @wiseeggspickleslime​ @koushisun​ @airheadpillar​ @sunflwrsandprettyskies​ @bbkiyoomi​ @daphnxy​ @shephard17895​ @avatarkyoshithewarrior​ @for-rebloggery​ @vv-bee999-vv @fi16ns @asdfghjkl7things @glassykaashi @strawhatshepard @hawkssnugget @msby-kei @toobsessedsstuff @a-moon-fairy @cuteissei @ramblingsofagoofyperson @pinoyrella @kiyoomisimp

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    #haikyuu!! #hinata shouyou#hinata shoyo #msby black jackal #msby#meme #it’s my depression and I get to choose the comfort character #Haikyuu
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    18.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    My favorite Halloween movie.

    #thirteen ghosts #thirteen ghosts gif #halloween#halloween movie#scary#scary movie #the black zodiac #did I say there was a petting zoo downstairs #witchblr#witch#witch post#witch blog#the jackal#the hammer#the torso#the pilgrimess #the withered lover #the first born son #the torn prince #the bound woman #the angry princess #the juggernaut#Matthew lillard #the great child and the dire mother #the broken heart #movie#gifs
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    I wonder how haikyuu boys timeskip would react to there girlfriend on bad girls club?

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu timeskip#black reader #msby black jackals #schweiden adlers #japan national team
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    i’m not though

    sakusa has always been able to see ghosts ever since he was a kid. growing up he knew how to deal with it. so in his ghost infested school, he started to keep quiet about the headless man, the laughing kids and you. problem is, you’re not a ghost.

    first part of fictober! i kind of don’t like it but here it is!! a day late, i’m so sorry i have midterms LOL

    taglist: @boosyboo9206 @perqabeth

    sakusa has a problem

    ever since he was child was able to see ghosts.

    but this wasn’t his problem, not exactly.

    even with the years of experience and pretending to be blissfully ignorant of such presence in his life. he did what he never did. he talked to one.

    he remembered it happened when he was in charge of locking the club room.

    this would usually mean being the last one to leave. but that wasn’t where his problem started. you see, that particular practice ran a little later than it usually would, so imagine his surprise when he saw a student still in the garden.

    not to mention hunched over and crying.

    in any normal circumstances, sakusa is not one to go out of his way to comfort some girl or anybody for that matter. especially someone he doesn’t know, but it was getting dark and teachers would do a patrol in the area soon. he knew that if she was caught still out it’s going to affect everyone’s curfew.

    sakusa groaned quietly, stretching his neck before quietly walking over.

    he curiously looked over as he stood before the crying figure and cleared his throat,

    “hey, uh, you okay?” he said, tapping his foot with hands in his pockets.

    the student stopped crying, a beat passed and you didn’t move an inch, you didn’t even look up or remove your hands covering your face.

    “the teachers are going to do their rounds of patrol soon, so you better get in your dorm before you get into trouble.”

    and still no response from, now, the quiet person.

    irked at the blatant disregard, he said much louder.

    “hey, you need to go.”

    a snarky comment lay on the tip of his tongue when sakusa felt a sudden rush of cold air. goosebumps appearing on his arms and chills down his spine.

    as if in a horror film, where the quiet stillness of the picture builds the anticipation for a scare. he started to feel weird and unsettled. like he was just starting to realize, how dark it had gotten and how… creepy you were acting.

    how quiet and still.

    sakusa following his gut as he slowly take a step back, sensing something off. before he could widen the distance between you and him a bit more, you looked up,

    his eyes immediately going to the pale almost blue lips and the bloody nose, and only now noticing the dirtied uniform. he felt that what he did was a mistake, with fear and adrenaline and anxiety swirling in the pit of his stomach, he ran.

    he ran like hell, even with his burning lungs and exhausted legs from practice.

    he had expected the figure to follow him, laughing maniacally so. to threaten him or drag him somewhere. but there was nothing.

    except for the next morning when you showed up in-front of him, greeting him a good morning. and then the next morning and the next, and the next, and the next.

    once during class, as he tries to take down notes. through his peripheral vision, he saw someone peek through the door’s little window.

    the same hair, and eyes peeking through. it was you trying to get a look at him.

    for most parts, sakusa would ignore it whenever he feels your presence.

    when you would appear behind his back out of thin air, or how you were always near his vicinity.

    when he was walking down the hallway, the spirit—you—would try and follow him, talking to him about what happened in the garden.

    he remembers how your voice sounded then.

    “hello,” you said, your voice was light and airy, unlike of all the usual voices he would hear from the other spirits. but even then he didn’t dare to commit the same mistake again and effectively ignored you.

    but his silence became your cue to continue.

    “thank you for that day,” you said softly, “it wasn’t much but i really found comfort in it.”

    sakusa feels like you sounded more alive, more human than anything that he had ever encountered before.

    but the heavy fear was still palpable.

    so sakusa widened his strides, to lose you but you flawlessly follow suit. almost jogging to catch up.

    the empty corridors now getting filled with laughter as kids run and play.

    a few of them running through him, and noting that the pale, scarred, and bloody kids try to avoid going through you.

    “what’s your name?” you quipped, trying to peek at sakusa’s face all the while speeding to catch up with him.

    sakusa says nothing, instead stops in-front of his classroom, entering and closing the door firmly behind him.

    “okay! you can tell me later,” you exclaimed through the closed door.

    he assumed that, like the others, you would start to lose interest in him and go about their lives, or what was a reflection of it.

    but you were a persistent one.

    you would wait for sakusa at his shoe locker in the morning and make small talk about the weather.

    “hello, again, it’s going to rain today—i think.” you said, standing beside him and and smiling. as if you didn’t scare the crap out of him.

    not even a glance was spared.

    after his practice when he was in charge of locking the club room again, you waited by the doors smiling like you usually would at him and asked if you could come to the game.

    “i heard you were a volleyball player? do you mind if i watch the game?” you pursed your lips, when he started to walk in fast, big strides

    not a change in his dull, bored expression.

    or sometimes, you give him compliments about how good he played.

    in the boys dorm entrance, he remembers it specifically because it was the first night you had called him by his name. you said you heard it his cousin calling him that during lunch. even though it was said in a cheery voice, the chills that ran down his spine was unforgettable.

    in the school corridor and in the fields when you would say hi and follow him around.

    it eventually got to a point where he became almost comfortable around you.


    he still tried to find a way to—well not get rid of, but maybe lessen the interaction a little bit. he noticed that in all instances you appeared in, he would only be approached if he was alone. noting that, he would make sure that he wasn’t alone all throughout day to ensure his safety.

    he would join the team in their lunches in the field track, he would ask motoya to join him in the library, and do extra practices with the team setter. eventually visits from you that wen on hourly went to become a good morning greeting and a good night. the longer this went on, the more distant and quiet the spirit started to be towards him.

    he figured that whatever it is that he is doing must be working, so he continued.

    eventually the spirit gave up.

    no longer pestering him and talking with him.

    sakusa noticed one day that a whole day had gone by and the familiar spirit was no where to be found. he felt relieved, of course, as if something was removed from his chest. he thought he’d feel more lighter, but something heavier replaced it instead.

    but nonetheless, the ghost was gone. everything would be okay again. he thought he had succeeded.

    until he saw the same one following his cousin.


    sakusa jolted to look at his cousin currently eyeing his lunch, “i asked if you were going to eat that chicken ball.”

    sakusa gave no response, instead picked up the ball and slowly put it in his mouth, staring straight at motoya

    motoya clicked his tongue and continued to eat his own bento, “you’ve been so out of it lately.” he muttered.

    sakusa chewing his food slowly, seeing another figure stand beside him.

    with a quick subtle glance up the ceiling, sakusa’s eyes trained along the figure.

    long thin limbs, wearing the school’s old uniform dripping wet. its head was gone, the uneven stretched and tattered skin of its neck would imply its’ head was torn off.

    the hole of where the throat should be was releasing a hissing sound. like it was trying to talk.

    the entity stayed there until sakusa finished all of his meal. before dragging itself to walk, arms stretched out afraid to hit something but proven useless as it passes through all the tables and chairs.

    this was the only time sakusa can even get a good look of something, most of the time he wills himself to look past them and not observing their movements too much. afraid of the consequences of seeing the dead might bring him.

    when the figure leaves, sakusa clears his throat and quietly saying as he packed his lunch, something that’s been on his mind ever since he saw the ghost follow his cousin.

    “do you believe in ghosts?”

    his cousin perked up before looking curiously at sakusa, “why’d you ask? is this another hobby?”

    “nothing, just—“ sakusa shrugs,

    his cousin grinned, “or did you join a cult by any chance? i hear someone from fukurodani accidentally joined one. or maybe it was from nekoma? which one has the black jersey again?”

    sakusa sighing, scratching the side of his neck, “motaya, focus.”

    “right, what was the question?”

    sakusa gave him a blank look and shook his hands, “nothing, forget it.”

    motoya pouted pointing his chopsticks at sakusa, “no! you have to tell me now, what is it?”



    sakusa sighs, already tired as he repeats his question.

    “do you believe in ghost?”

    motoya rose an eyebrow, internally debating whether to tease him further or answer his question. he chose the latter.

    he scratched his cheek in thought, “like sadako?”

    sakusa shrugs, “more or less,”

    motoya stared hard at his cousin, gauging what this conversation was leading to. while sakusa tries not to appear nervous or suspicious.

    a minute or two passed before hie answer,

    “not really,” motoya hummed, he looked at sakusa, “do you think it’s real? ghosts?”

    sakusa quickly ran through the pros and cons of telling his cousin the truth, tying his bento tight,

    “i don’t know,”

    so motoya couldn’t see ghosts, and somehow that made sakusa sigh in relief. (although not in a motoya-will-be-safe-because-he-can’t-see-them kind of relief but thank-god-i’m-still-the-only-one-able-to-communicate-with-her kind of relief, but he doesn’t know that yet.)

    although that relief was short-lived and bitter when sakusa was walking down the corridor when he noticed his cousin walk to the gardens with the ghost in tow.

    that was the third time this week.

    although, sakusa’s sure motoya couldn’t see her, much less talk to her like he could.

    nevertheless he still felt icky and weird seeing it happen.

    the small thing in his stomach growing bigger and heavier.

    it felt especially unbearable whenever he sees the ghost interest towards his cousin and how much it reminded him of how she used to be so interested in sakusa.

    his eyes trained to the path to the garden, either way, he doesn’t know what this thing was, but he believes he can take it.

    he can’t take it anymore.

    “where’s komori?”

    it’s been four weeks since the ghost started following his cousin.

    and it only took the ghost to lose interest in him for one.

    “he went outside i think?” a classmate replied.

    sakusa, nodded in thanks before jogging to look for his cousin.

    thankfully he wasn’t that hard to find. he found him in the staircase laughing and a familiar looking figure on the stairs.

    “motoya!” completely focusing on what he is about to say to his cousin, and not on the figure on the stairs.

    “hey kiyo, just in time—” his cousin grinned and gestured before getting cut off by sakusa.

    sakusa raises his hand and said,

    “i need to tell you something, it’s a red code.”


    motoya understanding the urgency of the conversation, straightened his posture and nodded for sakusa to continue. sakusa rarely uses the color codes they used back when they were kids. sakusa guesses, motoya would find it alarming and serious too.

    sakusa taking a deep breath, wringing his tie in his hands and willing his heart to stay still before uttering,

    “i can see ghosts.”

    a quiet beat passed by without a word from his cousin. just quiet blank stares. he could see the cogs turning in his head and the fast process of what should his reaction would be towards towards sakusa’s confession.

    as if pulled out of a trance, he blinked before breaking out into a grin and saying,

    “dude, stop.” motoya huffed a laughter. “respect the red code—“

    “no, you don’t understand,” sakusa shaking his head and hands, “i really see them! i’ll prove it.”

    his cousin rose an eyebrow and crossed his arms, humouring his rattled cousin, “okay,”

    “there’s been a ghost following you,”

    motoya looked around, smiling awkwardly at how to respond to such a claim.

    “excuse me?” he squeaked, “that’s not funny.”

    sakusa groaned rolling his eyes, pulling his mask down.

    “there’s one right now.”

    he said it with so much conviction, motoya started to question whether he was telling the truth.

    sakusa, points to the person standing in the stairwell.

    motoya whipped his head so fast, a sudden burst of paranoia to look and find where the alleged ghost is.

    motoya follows the direction and saw at the end of it was y/n.

    there was a beat of silence, sakusa’s arm still raised, and y/n frozen in shock.

    motoya’s eyes travelled back and forth to sakusa’s willful stare the conviction behind his actions and the genuine look of surprise on y/n’s face and laughed.

    “oh, i get it!”

    motoya rolled his eyes and patted sakusa’s sholders. “you guys are playing a trick on me.”

    sakusa’s point wavered and tried to explain but motoya beat him to it.

    “you almost got me, cuz. you even got y/n on it and everything.” motoya giving sakusa the stink eye and chuckling,

    “not moto—“

    “i gotta say though, you guys got conviction. 4 weeks to lead to this punchline.” motoya smiled, impressed and completely missing the point. “you should try auditioning for the play, you’re really great at acting, both of you.”

    “wait what?” sakusa sputters, “you can see the ghost?”

    motoya chuckled, “yes yes,” he rolled his eyes, “ghost played by y/n—funny.”

    “no, i—“ sakusa groans, “you see her?”


    sakusa exclaimed, his tone accusing as if to say, you can see host this whole time and didn’t bother to me? but what he really said was, “so, you can see them too?”

    “see what?”

    “the ghosts!”

    motoya, letting a few awkward laughs, “dude you already got me, you can stop the games now.” motoya started to see how frustrated his cousin is and thought it might be legit.

    “i’m not playing, i can see ghosts, and she’s the ghost!”

    sakusa close to ripping the hair out of his head in frustration.

    a familiar light, airy voice piped up hesitantly.

    “i’m not though.” y/n interjects. “a ghost, i mean.”

    sakusa whips to look at the entity—person, the problem he has been trying to ignore for the past weeks, “what?”

    “i’m not a ghost. I’m y/n from class 2-5.” sakusa felt stiff, as if glued to the floor as he locked eyes with you properly for the first time.

    sakusa, short-circuiting as he sputters out, “no, you’re not ghost.”

    he refuses to be made a fool, a fool who probably looked like an asshole for ignoring you this entire time.

    “i think i would know if i am.”

    sakusa still shocked, but shaking his head in response, “actually you wouldn’t,”

    y/n nodded, “still not a ghost though.”

    “then why were crying in the middle of night in the garden?”

    y/n flushed, embarrassed to have to relive that moment again, “some kids, played some jokes on me and threw dirt ad rock and it hit me in my eye and nose and—yeah,”

    “then how come nobody sees you or can talk to you?”

    y/n hissed, still flushed, “well, um, for someone, to talk to you, you kind of have to have friends… which, i, uh, don’t so,” you avoided his confused inetense stare, embarrassed of the loud, depressing confession you made.

    sakusa stared long and hard, his eyebrows scrunched, unsure of what to feel, “so you’re really not a ghost?”

    “kiyo, stop acting weird.” his cousin whispered. looking at the both of them amused.

    strangely, even through the insistent teasing of his cousin, and looking like an absolutely idiot—being able to look at y/n and talk to you perfectly now, made him lighter and problem-free , mostly.

    extra: ten minutes before sakusa kiyoomi arrives

    “i swear komori! he hates me or something.”

    motoya, as much as he wants to say, no he doesn’t! don’t be silly. he can’t really be too sure with that cousin of his.

    “why do you even think he hates you?”

    “he ignores me.”

    motoya let out a pfft, “big whoop he ignores everybody.”

    you flicked motoya’s forehead before sitting down on the stairs, “like all the time! i say good morning to him, i follow him around, i make small talk and i even befriended his cousin.”

    motoya raised his eyebrow and crossing his arms, “maybe that’s why he won’t talk to you, it’s because you’re stalking him. and bothering his handsome cousin.”

    you find a rolled wrapper in your uniform and threw at motoya.

    “at what angle!” you laughed. “i just wanna be friends with him.”

    motoya whistled and smiled mischievously, “why you like him or something?”

    you blushed, turning away to hide your warm face with your hair.

    “i just think he’s nice, ‘s all.”

    motoya scrunched up his face, “ew,”

    threatening to remove your shoe to throw at him, he made a peace sign and smiled innocently.

    “i’ll introduce you!” he offered, “formally, so he wouldn’t freak out as much since his stalker won’t leave him alone.” motoya teased.

    y/n hissed, but before she could form a rebuttal to tomoya’s teasing claims, a mess of curly hair came into view.


    #not proofed read #fictober#sakusa kiyoomi #sakusa x you #haikyuu!! #hq!! #sakusa imagine#halloween#hq#haikyuu #sakusa x reader #msby black jackal #itachiyama #haikyu x you #komori motoya
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    Interest check for my Haikyuu!! MSBY merch! Since enamels are more difficult to produce, I wanted to make an interest check. If the minimum is met then the true pre-order period can start! Closes Nov. 28th More info available in the form!


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    ive never drawn them before so...

    #sakuatsu #them.............. #sakusa kiyoomi#miya atsumu#atsumu#sakusa #omi omi u embarrassed or something #sorry atsumu is like easily one of my favourite characters cause hes just a fucking brat and has a bad personality #love him #and thats why i love sakusa too thank u for coming to my tedtalk #sketchbook#digital #haikyuu!! #hq!! #msby bj #msby black jackal #two idiots one braincell
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    bokuto loves you. but he loves making it a habit that to get his attention, you have to fuck his thigh until you’ve cum at least three times before he touches you or eats you out. “be a good girl,” he reminds you gently, a wolfish smile touching his lips. “tell me how much you want my pretty dick.”

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  • jackalspine
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    I couldn’t even get past the intro.

    aksjsksk what is this wh why did they???????? Kajskskkskskkskhsjd

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    Note to self: make a BIPOC taxidermist association

    #jackal's journal #anyway ya'll should look up Carl Cotton #and John Edmonstone #and Sinclair Clark #black people have contributed so much to the field of taxidermy #i'm all up in my feelings ya'll
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    Ok so my dad is a smart man and like technically good with kids.. he just genuinely is not built to raise them without assistance. So whenever I was his house i would either draw or watch anime.

    And what I didn’t realize was HOW MUCH I WATCHED.

    like I’ve always considered myself as someone who likes it, but doesn’t really watch a lot.. but y’all… when u have exactly (2) things to do all day for a weekend…

    this was all in late elementary and all throughout middle school. So while I did technically watch a lot it’s not like I remember most of them.

    Anyway this is just a long winded way of saying imma watch Black Butler again bc I don’t remember what it was about and I will report back with my findings.

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    “Heal our wings” by StorytellerElaine

    To be honest, like, really really honest, I'm supposed to be studying for one of my classes, yet, here we are my people.

    If I'm being honest with you, there's so many fics around the internet that I didn't know where to begin with, but today I read a post on Instagram that in december we could have news about Haikyuu!! 5th season.

    So, when I thought about doing this rec-fic, I'm not gonna lie, I didn't know what I was thinking. But I don't regret choosing this fic as the first one.

    If there's something I can totally bet is that at least every fanfic reader has re-read a fic the totally love.

    This is mine. Or well, one of them.

    I won't lie, I'm into the time travel thing, like, in all of my AO3 bookmarks, there's at least 152 fics, only with that specific tag, so yeah, I know what I am doing with this, sorta.

    As always, and even more related with the fic, this post and rec has heavy spoilers of the fic, anime and manga.

    So if you haven't read the manga and don't like heavy spoilers of what will happen to our favorite tangerine boy, then I'll stop you here and go to read the manga.

    Fandom: Haikyuu!!

    This is my first fanfic review, so be gentle with this poor soul, university is cruel enough.

    Warning: this is long. English is not my first language, so forgive me for the grammatical mistakes I may commit.

    Don't forget to share, give your love, reblog and recommend your fic for me to praise them in very constructive ways. And of course, to give me your critics.

    With that being said, let us begin.

    “Heal our wings” by StorytellerElaine on AO3. Tumblr: @storytellerelaine. In case you want to ask her anything.

    It's gonna sound so biased but this is a masterpiece. It's not even complete but it's so well written. So thank you Author-san for sharing it with us.

    Now, the info:

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Archive Warning: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Category: Gen Fandom: Haikyuu!! Relationships: Hinata and everyone, I would put them here but there's many, the author tag the fic very well. Characters: Hinata Shouyou, and everyone. Additional Tags: Karasuno Family; Protective Karasuno Volleyball Club; Hinata Shouyou is Sunshine; Pro Volleyball Player Hinata Shouyou; Time Travel; Alternate Universe - Time Travel; Time Travel Fix-It; Tokyo Nationals Arc (Haikyuu!!); Future Hinata Shouyou; Coach Hinata Shouyou; Big Brother Hinata Shouyou; Nekoma; Inarizaki; Itachiyama; Fukuroudani; Team Bonding; Volleyball; kamomedai; MSBY4; MSBY Black Jackals - Freeform; Asas São Paulo; Haikyuu!! Manga Spoilers Stats: Published: 2021-01-23 Updated: 2021-10-07 (On going) Words: 124.814 Chapters: 13/? Summary: "Professional Volleyball player Hinata Shouyou accidentally time travels back in time to his High School years. After a series of events, he ends up becoming Karasuno's new Volleyball Coach. Now that Hinata-san has taken over, how is their first-ever Spring Tournament going to turn out for Karasuno? Are they going to reach the top? What about their friends and opponents? Are they ever going to find out the mystery behind the two Hinatas? (A Haikyū!! time travel fanfic about ASAS São Paulo Hinata Shouyou meeting the Pre-Nationals Karasuno Volleyball Team) *WARNING* - THIS STORY CONTAINS MANGA SPOILERS!!! (CURRENTLY EDITING THIS WORK)"

    Yes, the summary tells you everything and nothing at the same time.

    That's what makes this fic so frustrating and so amazing.

    (I'm feeling like any moment I would end up saying Kacchan sugoi!!)

    Usually, when you are a time-travel-fanfic-genre-reader, you know there's some type-ish of rules regarding the story or how is constructed, and based in these, you read or not the fic. What are this rules? I don't know how to explain it to you because you learn them while you get the experience of reading the fics. It's weird.

    But one of them, regarding the narrative, is how the characters socialized with each other, in this case (as the summary says) is a Future!Hinata with 2012/2013!Karasuno VC. The trickery thing is the knowledge (how the author uses this knowledge to introduce us to this new universe/story and how they make us fall in love with their narrative), and since the manga is finished💔 it's kinda easier (but not less challenging) to write it. Write time travel fanfic is hard, so appreciate it when you find a good fic. In the 12 chapters (n° 13 is an Author Note) we get a few general ideas:

    Hinata wanting to be his Older-self.

    Kageyama wanting that future happen.

    Everyone seeing that Karasuno is a cage for Shouyou, ironically.

    Karasuno getting suspicious of Older!Hinata.

    Karasuno evolving and getting ready to blow everyone away in Nationals.

    The context of the fic is that Older!Hinata appears magically in the middle of a practice match, the first years are back from the training camps and the team is preparing for Spring Nationals, Kageyama is frustrated because Hinata won't spike his tosses, and Hinata wants to practice his receives. Basically, Karasuno is a Mess™. That's how it begins.

    But when Older!Hinata appears, the more he lets on, the more Younger!Shouyou wants to become that person, who is himself in ten years. At the beginning, they want the Pro Volleyball Player to become their coach and help them to win Nationals but Older!Hinata says no, why? He gives them a very coherent and logical explanation of what we know as the Butterfly Effect™. While reading this chapters, I thought that (if that ever happens to me, which is impossible) I would do the same. Time Travel gives you the chance (and knowledge) of molding the future to a certain extend, but is that why is very dangerous, because you change everything and when you come back, that won't be the future you know, instead, it becomes an alternative reality o AU. And shit hits the fan. I mean, that is, if you're following the 'usual' Time Travel Theory, not Avengers: End Game.

    In the end, Older!Hinata becomes their coach but Shouyou must promise to follow the same path he did when he graduated High School (mostly going to Brazil to train in BV, not getting a fever in the middle of a match, but details). Also, very coherent and logical. It's a interesting way of manipulate history, but this is fanfiction and the author holds the power. Still, I have so many theories.

    By the way, Older!Hinata is a 26-year-old Hinata Shouyou, who is the N° 21 Opposite Hitter of the ASAS São Paulo, also was the N°21 OP of the MSBY Black Jackals, and is the N°10 OP of the Japanese Men National Volleyball team, with who he went to 2020 Tokyo Olympics. His experience goes on 3 years of High School Indoors Volleyball, 3 years as a Pro in Beach Volleyball and 4 years as a Pro on Indoors Volleyball. 10 years of volleyball experience. As you can understand, the man knows his stuff.

    On the past side of the table, we have Kageyama Tobio. He already met Miya Atsumu, so he had so many unresolved issues about what he used to know about his setting and volleyball. He's known as Miyagi's Best Setter. So he meets a Hinata Shouyou, who's very different to the tangerine boy he has by his side at the moment, a taller Hinata that has a 10 years experience and knowledge, a Hinata that can serve, receive, set, spike and block, whose extraordinary reflexes and athletics are refined and developed, and even more importantly, doesn't depend on Kageyama to play. He realized that Hinata became his own player, his own person and his own decoy. Totally crushing, poor Tobio. And yet, that's what motivates him to achieve that future, because that would meant that he found that person.

    As for the other three points, there's a particular scene (one that is my favorite) where Older!Hinata, not only speaks about the wasted potential during Karasuno but also about being lost and not knowing what he wanted when he was in High School. In a way, he refers to Hinata playing for what they wanted him and not what he wanted to be. This is another interesting topic that I've seen being talked in other fics, and is something I agree with. I totally believe that if Karasuno had focused on helping Hinata learn and train the basics instead of throwing him to the wolves, he would be a better player. Yeah, Shouyou wanted to spiked the ball, but volleyball is more than that, at some point, you end up playing in all positions, that's why volleyball players are well-rounded. In a way, it's about connecting with every position, with every player. During the fic, Karasuno learn this, they see the mistake while Older!Hinata is fixing it. He shows Karasuno what they were missing but also he shows his younger-self what he can become. And this 16-year-old Hinata Shouyou wants to become that, and by doing it, he must to become his own person.

    Yeah, Time Travel Fix-It.

    So Karasuno evolves. They're not those kids who barely survive Shiratorizawa. And it's amazing reading it. There's no other way to explain it, because the author shows us not only the 12 karasuno players, but also the managers, Coach Ukai and Takeda-sensei, how all of them are affected by Older!Hinata, and as always, how his presence influence them. It's kinda like Hinata being the sun and everyone feeling the rays of the sun and their warm, even his younger-self. The author uses all of them to help us see everything that's happening, not only Kageyama and both Shouyous. At some point, when they finally arrive at Nationals, we see other characters POV's, and is exciting 'cause we read through them how Karasuno is this New Karasuno, that's ready to take names and kick asses. We watch them giving everything to be this New Karasuno. It's exciting.

    Older!Hinata do this with no regrets and he gives his all to help them achieve what he couldn't when he was a high schooler, but not everything is awesomes and greatness, 'cause he is so close but so far from home, that you can feel the pain during the whole fic, how much he craves going back to his present. There's no angst but you can feel it. You can see that he's hurting, even more when they arrive at Nationals, because there's so many people he knows, people he's friends with, and yet, they don't know him, they haven't shared the same experienced, and even if they will, it won't be the same because he already change everything (which is related to a theory of mine, but that's for another moment).

    Karasuno gets suspicious, and while he lets on a lot of things (and even some characters have their own theories), he also won't say a word about anything, meaning, he says he plays in Brazil but won't say a word on his time with the Jackals, or the National Team, or even his time in Karasuno. It gives you this feeling on 'when will he finally break'. Kageyama has this idea that his future self and Older!Hinata are not friends anymore, and of course he tries to fix that while he can.

    I really love how all the experiences Hinata had in the time-skip, the author could translate them perfectly in this personality we see during the fic, this very wise, mature, patient and understanding Hinata. It not only amaze the characters but also the reader while advancing the fic. It makes you wonder how is this future this Hinata lives in.

    And that's what takes us to the other side of the table: the Future Side. (or present?)

    While a big part of the story happens in the past (ten years in the past, in 2012/2013), there's a bit that happens in the future, in 2022.

    We have Kageyama, Atsumu, Kenma, Bokuto, Sakusa and Pedro, trying to figure out what happened to Shouyou. Because he disappeared. It gives you this perspective on how everyone sees Hinata Shouyou, not only the player but the person too.

    There's many fics that shows some of this friendships, the manga (at least in the time-skip) doesn't show too much on certain relationships, but usually fics approach this as Hinata being friends with everyone (totally true), being the funny, amazing, talented, cute and silly guy he is, but not many mention the way his experiences changed him and made him be more mature, and while some fics do it, Heal our Wings captures it in the perfect way. Hinata became the reliable guy, the one you know he'd always had your back, he's that one friendship you want to take care of, and even if you haven't talked in ages when you do, it feels like that time never went on. We see these six characters trying to find what happened (and probably will see them getting him back) because each of them is bonded with Shouyou in their special way. Yeah, even Omi-san.

    To be honest, there's not many to address about the future without telling you everything, but the fact that they want Hinata back speak lots about them.

    I totally recommend this fanfiction, and even if Time Travel is not your thing, you won't regret reading it. I mean, 12 chapters and almost 125.000 words. If that doesn't seduce you, then you and I must to have a serious talk. Just joking. (I'm not).

    The way the author uses all the resources to tell this story, how well written it is, and how it makes you want more, makes worth the wait. I mean, I'd read it like 5 times. And it's never enough.

    So yeah, 100% recommended✨✨✨✨✨.

    Anyways, if you reached here, thanks for reading me ranting about this.

    And if you want, please share, give your love, reblog and recommend your fic (or a fic you read) for me to praise them in very constructive ways. And of course, to give me your critics✨.

    Hope you're safe and healthy🙏✨

    I think that's all, Purple Girl out✨💜💜💜

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    I cannot explain to you why these 3 took like, 2 months. I legit sketched everything out right after a finished the Babylon Rouges idk what happened, but here they are now I guess

    #sth#sonic#my art#sonic fanart #sonic black onyx au #gadget the wolf #big the cat #infinite the jackal #sonic au#sonic redesign
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  • augustineandbettysblog
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    a sprained heart (pt 2)

    — atsumu miya x doctor!reader

    — word count: 1.6k

    — a/n: the response to the first part was so heartwarming! thank you everyone!! if you haven't already, read it here!

    “Hey,” you greet a few of the nurses occupying the desk. “I was paged down to the ER. What’s the situation?”

    You were about to dig into a well-deserved lunch when they’d called your name on the intercom. It wasn’t uncommon to have your break interrupted while on call, and you never minded, but your stomach rumbles loudly as you survey the floor.

    It’s nowhere near full, only a handful of beds occupied by patients with non life-threatening injuries, all being seen to by a doctor or nurse.

    A good day (a debatable but apt term) to be on the trauma rotation, in your opinion. A day of stitches and tongue depressors and the occasional consult.

    Which brings you back to your question. Why were you needed here?

    “There’s a man,” the nurse, your friend Maki, starts carefully. (You think her lips twitch upwards, a fact you normally wouldn’t be aware of, but smiles from the ER staff are rare.) “He was…mugged.”

    “Alright,” you nod slowly. You glance around, curious as to how you might have missed him. “Where is he? Is he injured?”

    “No, he’s okay, but something of his was stolen.”

    Okay, she’s definitely smiling now, chewing on the bottom of her lip to try and hide it. It’s not working, and only makes you suspicious. “Well, if he’s not injured, then it sounds like we should call the police.”

    You’re about to reach over the desk for the phone, but Maki blocks you. “That’s— not necessary!”

    “You just said that something of his was stolen.”

    She’s abandoned trying to hide her smile now. “The thing that was stolen…was his heart.”

    You blink. “Wait, someone stole a heart? Was it a transplant heart or something? I wasn’t aware of any such procedures on the OR schedule today, that doesn’t make any sen—”

    “It was you!”

    A muffled, familiar voice booms behind you, making you do a full body flinch before whirling around. You do so just in time to see Atsumu throw open the wide double doors.

    Everything suddenly makes complete sense.

    “Ya stole my heart.”

    There it is.


    “Hey.” He looks like he’d run here, chest heaving, hair unruly and windswept, a bead of sweat trailing down the side of his neck. But he’s beaming at you, eyes bright and hands clutching a small bundle of sunflowers.

    “Hi,” you can’t help but smile, suddenly feeling dazed when he loops an arm around your waist, pushing the flowers into your hand and dropping a light kiss to your temple before pulling away. “Thank you! What are you doing here, though? I thought we were getting dinner tonight?”

    "Ah, just got somethin' I wanted to tell ya." There’s something mischievous tucked into the corner of his grin, it simultaneously worries and excites you. “Two months ago I limped into this hospital a broken man.”

    You roll your eyes. “It was just a sprain—”

    He ignores you, hands clasped behind his back as he not only addresses you, but the entire ER. “Then I met this incredibly hot doctor, who, as cliche as it sounds, put me back together again. And babe, even though ya weren’t the one who wrapped that compression bandage around my stinky ankle—” He pauses to fix his gaze on you.

    “—ya did touch my foot. And…that was weirdly intimate, but I really liked it.”

    “The intimacy part, right?” You check, face burning when Maki shoots you a look over her monitor. “Not…the foot part?”

    His silence hangs in the air for a long moment.

    “Oh— oh my god,” you sputter, waving your hands as if this moment were smoke and you could make it disappear. “Miya Atsumu—”

    “I was kidding! Of course I was kidding!” He chuckles, and you swear that the room breathes a collective sigh of relief.

    (Your stomach briefly drops when he winks.)

    “Anyway! On that fateful day in which I woke up late, sprained my ankle, ‘n scarred Omi with the questions I asked Siri about kinks that I…may or may not have discovered, this also happened.” He pats the left side of his chest.

    “Ya stole my heart, ya dirty criminal. Even though ya were mean and gave me a fake number and said that you’d sell my autograph on eBay, but hey! We’ve gone on 19 and a half dates, made it to second base, and now I know that I’m a masochist with a slight— uh, intimacy fetish.”

    His grin turns bashful, a hand coming up to rub the back of his neck as the blush on his face deepens. “I guess what I want to say is...I really really like you, and…I was wonderin’ if you’d allow me the honour of being yer boyfriend.”

    “Tsumu…” you sigh, (again, along with the entirety of the ER) your own heart fluttering between your ribs. The arrhythmia had concerned you, the first time you’d experienced it. It was odd, irregular, something you’d never experienced before.

    When you’d told your friend what you’d been experiencing and asked for a quick check-up, she’d just laughed, then asked if you were seeing someone.

    You’re a doctor, listening to the heart is one of the first things you’re trained to do. The ideal heartbeat is strong, steady, constant. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub.

    Emotions, you’ve learned, elicit physiological responses that can alter it. Make it feel like there are butterflies in your chest. It’s an autonomic reflex. Like…how pupils dilate and cheeks flush.

    And when you look at Atsumu, who’d tried to flash you his six-pack the first time you’d met, asked for your number, and come back to bug you for a date two weeks later, you experience all of it. The butterflies, the dilated pupils, the flushed cheeks.

    You're a doctor. You're trained to recognize physiological responses and what they mean.

    So you take a few steps forward, draping your arms around his shoulders and getting up on the tips of your toes. Smiling, you pull him into a long, deep kiss. One that makes you dizzy and light-headed. The sounds of cheers and clapping hardly faze either of you, Atsumu gripping your waist to pull your body closer.

    You’re kissing the best setter in all of Japan.

    He rests his forehead against yours when you finally pull away, quiet breaths intermingling.

    “I really really like you too, and I would love for you to be my boyfriend,” you tell him softly. “But no foot stuff, okay?”

    “Sweetheart, yer killin’ me,” Atsumu whines, hiding his face in your neck.

    “So yer an actual doctor? With a real degree and real medical license and everything?”

    You take a sip of your drink, eyeing Osamu curiously. “Yes, and the fact that you have to ask is concerning.”

    “Oh, I wasn’t askin’ to be rude or anything,” Osamu chuckles quietly, shifting in his seat. “To you, at least. It’s just— how did you end up with…that?” He points to the sliding door of Atsumu’s apartment, where your boyfriend sits with Bokuto and Hinata on the deck. The three grown men are currently competing to see who can stuff the most onigiri into their mouths.

    “I wonder the same thing,” Sakusa mutters next to you, looking on in disgust when an ugly mixture of rice and tuna is revealed by their open-mouthed chewing. “That man is a freak of nature.”

    “That man,” you remind them (and yourself), “currently holds the title of GQ Japan’s ‘Athlete of the Year.’”

    “Jesus,” Osamu grimaces. “These really are weird times.”

    “Okay, Mr. ‘I have a Michelin star for making rice balls,’” you snort, throwing a piece of popcorn at him. “Just admit that you’re proud of him. He always tells me how proud he is of you.”

    The door slides open, Atsumu huffing as he steps inside, sticking his tongue out at his twin. “Stupid ‘Samu’s just annoyed, ‘cause now that I have a girlfriend, Ma keeps askin’ when he’s gonna get one too.”

    “I told ya I’m seein’ someone! But I’m—”

    “‘Married to the restaurant.’” Atsumu mocks, doing his best impression of his twin. “That’s well and great, but ya can’t put a grandchild into a Michelin star. Why do ya only have one, anyway? Your rice balls not good enough for five?”

    Well, it seems you'd shot yourself in the foot.

    Osamu’s chair scrapes against the floor as he shoots out of his seat, murder in his eyes as he glares at his twin. “Get over here, ya scrub!”

    Atsumu takes off further into the apartment, laughing as his brother chases him. “No!”

    “You know,” Sakusa hums beside you, taking a swig of his beer. “If you stick around, that’s gonna be your mess to deal with on every holiday, every birthday, every get together.”

    You both watch as Osamu tackles your boyfriend to the ground, both of them screaming incoherently as they swat at each other. Atsumu yells your name, begging you to please toss him your scalpel. Only to whine when you remind him that, no, just because you’re a doctor, you don’t carry surgical instruments around in your purse.

    It’s ridiculous, really, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.


    With his arms wrapped around your torso and a leg hooked around yours, Atsumu snuggles into your chest. He’s still tipsy, but had dragged you into his bed the moment his eyes started drooping, clinging to you tightly to prevent your escape. “Baby?”

    “Hm?” You hum, scratching lightly at his scalp.

    “Would ya still like me even if I had a restaurant with only one star like ‘Samu?”

    “It’s one Michelin star, not a one-star rating on yelp,” you tell him, trying to give his brother some credit. “But the answer is yes, ‘Tsumu. I’d like you even if you had no stars, and the only thing you served was rice.”

    #kinda wanna make this a series #miya atsumu #miya atsumu x reader #miya atsumu fluff #miya osamu#sakusa kiyoomi#msby atsumu #msby black jackals #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu fic#augustinewrites
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    “last time you only let me put in the tip.” meian mumbles against your forehead.

    hands on his shoulder to steady your smaller frame beneath his, you whimper gently, because it’s too big!” your lips tremble at the cold expression across his stoic features. one too many times, shugo has been patient and loving with you. his brow twitches as the seconds of silence stretch without another word uttered from your lips.

    “lies.” the captain mumbles again, a hiss gracing his voice. hands separating your legs and pushing you further beneath him, he adds. “it can fit.”

    “no-daddy, please…” weakly, your hands migrate to his chest to shove the tall middle blocker back. the weight of his body bears down above you, impressing the muscles against your fingertips.

    “don’t worry princess, you’ll feel so fucking good when i’m done. don’t you want to be my pretty baby?” with the praise, your tummy flutters and your nails delicately rake against the valley of his abdomen, each finger registering the deep grooves.

    abandoning your earlier opinions, you wiggle closer to meian, taunt legs hooked over his hips. “m-make it f-fit…please.”

    with a small smile, eyes smirking meian rubs your entrance gently with an imposing thumb, large and intimidating cock sitting atop your tummy. “you want daddy to make it fit don’t you baby?” easing his shaft into his hands, the jackals captain leans back before aligning the head against you. “ready? breathe with me baby.”

    without warning, shugo smirks and rams his entire length into you, shoving his fingers deep into the depths of your pretty mouth. the sounds of your grumbling chocking sound silently under the weight of his large hand over your lips. “take it my pretty baby, you’re doing so well.” thumb reaching over to your cheek, meian caresses the skin and tears till your gently cries migrate into whimpers and moans for him to fill you up over and over.

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  • bokutos-last-brain-cell
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago


    Word Count: 1,900

    Pairing(s): Sakuatsu

    Summary: His life is a series of numbers that make sense, it’s how he’s always needed it to be.


    Do I do anything besides project? No! No I don’t!

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  • oooobokuto
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    Past Mistakes: Epilogue

    ↠ Pairing: Kōtarō Bokuto x F!Reader x Atsumu Miya  ↵

    ↠ Summary: When Y/n decided to move to Tokyo with her father after being humiliated in her first year of secondary school, she never expected to fall for Kōtarō Bokuto, and when he decided to go pro for the MSBY Black Jackals, she sure as hell didn’t think she’d ever have to see Atsumu Miya ever again. ↵

    ↠ Genre: Angst, Drama, Love Triangle, FLUFF FOR ONCE  ↵

    ↠ Word Count: 2.9k+↵

    ↠ Warning(s): the final chapter, mentions of pregnancy, marriage, PTSD, Y/n has a good relationship with her father, not proofread (because why would i)

    ↠ Masterlist ↵

    ↠ Series Masterlist ↵

    Y/n Masaki had always been seen as unobtainable until Atsumu Miya had managed to scoop her up, and then he messed it all up. He didn’t have genuine intentions when pursuing her, and that’s where the problem started. No matter how in love with her he was, she would no longer believe it. In the back of her mind, she would always go back to the day where she walked into the very high school gym where Atsumu Miya hit her in the head with a ball, the very same gym where he broke her heart, and so when she was able to move from Hyogo to Tokyo, she swore she that she couldn’t have been happier to never see Atsumu Miya ever again. Then she did, and she messed up. 

    And maybe that’s why she would never have it in her heart to choose Atsumu. As close as they became as friends, several years after the high school incident and one year after the second incident, she would never be able to full trust him with her heart. Every time he would laugh, every time he would hug her, ask her to lunch, and so on, she couldn’t help but remember the day that he had completely crushed her mind. 

    She didn’t choose Bokuto either, not wanting to hurt him either more. For the longest time, she wondered if she ever would. In her heart, she had chosen Bokuto, and she would time and time again, but she didn’t know if she ever had the strength to ask for him back. 

    For the first three months following the day that Y/n told Bokuto and Atsumu her decision, she talked to nobody but Akaashi and Osamu. She found it ironic that she could barely face the two men she claimed to love, but she had no issue facing the two men they were closest with. They each told her that they were doing okay, and that they were just happy to see her happy, but how long could that last?

    However, Y/n was a woman of her word. Once the MSBY Jackals’ season had ended, she found herself making her way back to her old apartment.

    With a heavy heart and shaking hands, she knocked on the door. She counted the second until Bokuto had finally opened the door, and when he did, she gave him a sheepish smile. “Hi, Kotaro.”

    Bokuto smiled back at her, his much wider. “Y/n,” he breathed out, immediately wrapping her up in a hug. “Come in!”

    It hadn’t been that long since Bokuto had last seen his ex-girlfriend, but since he only saw her while he was on the court, focused on the game, he hadn’t noticed all the changes that she had gone through. Her face was brighter and had a more natural glow to it, and her hair was just a bit shorter and darker in color. She had changed the way she had done her makeup. Instead of wearing the full eyeshadow and liner look, she had settled on just mascara. Despite all of the changes, she still looked as beautiful as the day that he met her, and he would take her anyway he could have her. 

    Bokuto led her to the couch, and they both sat down. They naturally fell into small talk. The “how are you’s” and the “so what’s next for you’s.” They talked for hours, eventually ordering takeout to eat while they watched some TV Series in the background. 

    “This is where I belong,” Y/n suddenly said. “And sometimes, I can’t believe that I ever left.”

    “Yeah, how could you leave me? I’m a volleyball genius and the most handsome man to roam the Earth,” Bokuto jested. 

    Y/n chuckled. “You are,” she said softly. She put down her food on the coffee table. The apartment hadn’t changed much from when she left it. The only thing that really seemed to change were the photos that were up on the walls. They were no longer there, as she had taken most of them when she left. “You did amazing this season, Ko. I’m really proud of you.”

    Bokuto smiled at her. “Thank you, Y/n.” He set his food down next to hers and picked up a sports magazine that had been sitting on the table. He flipped through it rapidly before stopping on one of the pages that pictured him and the rest of the team. He moved himself closer to the woman to let her get a better look. He kept flipping through again before he finally stopped on a page where only he was pictured. It had been a shot of him spiking. In the corner of the page were the words, “CAPTURED BY Y/N MASAKI OF OKAMOTO SPORTS COMPANY.”

    “You did an amazing job too,” Bokuto said to her. “Have you read the articles yet?”

    Y/n shook her head. “As soon as I got done with MSBY, I started focusing on all of my other projects. I had lots to catch up on.”

    Bokuto cleared his throat and began to read. 

    Bokuto Kotaro (24) was ranked at one of the top 5 aces in all of Japan when he attended Fukurodani Academy, so it’s no wonder why he’s provided Musubi Black Jackals with such an amazing season. This past year, Bokuto has provided his team with 305 kills (3.77 kills per set). 

    Bokuto isn’t just a great player for the team, but he’s a great player for the fans as well. He has the most followers after the team’s starting setter, Miya Atsumu, and can be seen building great connections with his fans after games, especially the younger children. 

    In an exclusive interview, when asked who Bokuto owes all his success to, he provided two answers:

    “I guess that would be really hard for me to answer. There isn’t really one person who has given me success. I count on my team, my coaches, and the fans to keep me going and to push me, but I also wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my family who supported me all throughout high school and university.” After thinking for a moment, he then proceeded to say, “But I think my best friend, Akaashi, really helped me out. He always knew how to motivate me in high school... and I guess my ex-girlfriend, Y/n Masaki.” A smile crosses his face. “Every time I felt like giving up, I remembered why I was here. Everything I do, I do it for her. I play for her; I get better for her. Even now, I still want to be the best for her.” 

    Y/n could only listen as Bokuto read to her. She swore she could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but she was quick to blink them away. When Bokuto saw this, he brought one of his hands to caress her cheek while the other one held onto her hand. “Kotaro...”

    “I miss you,” he told her, leaning in. 

    “I told you I would always choose you,” Y/n said, letting herself lean into his touch. “But will you even take me back?”

    Bokuto smiled, almost smirked, really. “Well, the season is over, isn’t it? You no longer technically work until MSBY.” 

    At this, Y/n chuckled. “Yeah, you’re right,” she agreed. “Next season, I’ll be working for the Adlers.”

    “As long as you don’t fall in love with Ushiwaka.”

    “Never,” she promised. “It’s always been you.”

    Finally, Bokuto didn’t say anything. Instead, he just pressed his lips onto hers, and she returned the favor. 

    A year after getting back with Bokuto, Y/n was working the Schweiden Adlers where they treated her as family without any of the awkward tension. Though she and Atsumu had moved on, he convinced himself that he would always be in love with her, which led to him becoming a bit clumsy around her. 

    With the new job, she and Bokuto were able to start their relationship again. It took almost no time for the two to move back in together. Bokuto had spent every moment after practice in her apartment, packing up her things so that he could have her back as soon as possible, even going as far to bother Akaashi to help them (which he happily obliged when he had time). 

    After the couple had finally settled in once again, they rested together on the couch. 

    “How long did it take you to pack up when you left,” Bokuto huffed out before whining. “When did you get so much stuff?”

    Y/n laughed. “Well, I bought a lot of clothes in the time that we weren’t together, plus stuff for my own apartment, Ko.”

    Bokuto whined once again and buried his face into her neck. “So much work,” he said. “I’m tired and hungry; we should order some food.”

    Y/n nodded in agreement. “We can always order from ‘Samu,” she suggested. “I haven’t eaten his cooking in a while, and he always gives us a discount since I’m his favorite customer.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Bokuto chuckled. “Let me go get the phone.” 

    Y/n moved so that Bokuto could get up and walk to the bedroom. She waited for a couple of minutes, just mindlessly watching the TV before she noticed how long it was taking Bokuto to grab his phone. She decided to get up and follow him. 

    “Kotaro,” she called out as she walked into the bedroom. When she entered, she saw Bokuto sitting on the edge of the bed, staring down at something in his hands. “Hey, you alright?”

    Bokuto looked up at her before standing, his hands now hiding whatever he had. “I was going to wait until I had the chance to take you out,” he said. “But I think today is a really special day for us anyways, so why not now?”

    Y/n tilted her head to the side. “What?”

    Before she could process anything else, Bokuto was down on one knee. 

    “Marry me,” Bokuto said. “I love you more than anything, and I’d go through all of the heartache and tears and lonely nights of waiting for what felt like a million years over and over again if it meant I got to be with you, so will you marry me?”

    Y/n smiled down at Bokuto. Her eyes were bright, filled with nothing but pure joy. “Yes,” she managed to squeak out before letting out a louder, “Yes, yes, yes.” She got down onto her knees to cling onto her future husband before letting him slip the ring onto her finger. 

    “I love you, Y/n.”

    “I love you, Kotaro.”

    Y/n and Bokuto had planned their wedding relatively fast, and they were able to get married within a year of Bokuto proposing. The wedding wasn’t anything extravagant, as the two had both wanted something as small as possible (considering Bokuto’s fame and status), something that felt close. 

    The guest list consisted of the MSBY Black Jackals (of course), the Schweiden Adlers (courtesy of Y/n), Atsuko Kougami, the old Fukurodani Boy’s Volleyball Club, Osamu, Kuroo and Kenma, as well as their families. 

    When Y/n’s father had arrived to walk her down the aisle, he swore he could feel himself ready to burst out into tears. 

    “’To-san,” Y/n chastised. “Don’t cry because then I’ll cry, and my makeup will be ruined. I have to look nice for my future husband.”

    Her father walked over to her and put his hands on her shoulders, holding her out at arm’s length. “I think Kotaro would think you would look beautiful anyways,” he said. “If he didn’t, I would have never given him my blessing.”

    Y/n chuckled. “Yeah, he would still think I’m beautiful,” she said. “Guess that’s one of the reasons I’m dating him.”

    “You know, I saw that kid you dated before we moved from Hyogo.”

    “You knew about that? I thought I kept it hidden from you!” Y/n exclaimed. 

    Her father laughed. “I was home that night he kissed you, you know,” he told her. “Besides, you can’t fool these old eyes. I noticed when he broke your heart too; that’s why I was trying to get you out for the summer we moved. I wanted you to find someone who could heal you.”

    “Is that why you liked Kotaro so much when you met him?” Y/n deadpanned. 

    “He made you the happiest I had ever seen you, N/n, and he was around to take care of you and protect you when I was away on business trips; he still is,” her father answered. “Any man who makes my daughter happy and treats her right is a good man to me.” This made Y/n smile. “Besides, he’s a very successful man, and he makes a lot of money. At least I know he’ll be able to provide if he can’t do anything else,” he joked. 

    Y/n playfully pushed her father. “Oto-san,” she chastised once again. 

    He leaned down to kiss her forehead. “Come on,” he said. “You’ve got a husband waiting for you. Bokuto is impatient. He might leave if you take too long.”

    Y/n shook her head. “No,’ she dismissed. “He’d wait for me forever.”

    Two years following the wedding, Y/n laid in a hospital bed. In her arms laid Kaoru Bokuto, her first son. Bokuto sat next to the two, ready to tear up. “I love him,” he whimpered. His large hand reached out to softly touch his son. Kaoru beat him to it, wrapping one of his tiny hands around his father’s index finger. The tears began to fall from the father’s eyes.

    Y/n tearfully chuckled. She was exhausted. Carrying a child was no joke but pushing one out was even more work than she had ever imagined. She leaned her head against her husband’s large shoulder. “You wanna hold him, Ko?”

    Bokuto excitedly nodded and held his arms out for his son. After some slight adjusting here and there, he was finally holding him. He smiled down at the newborn. “Hey, buddy,” he said. “I’m your papa. I love you so much already.” The baby just gurgled in response. “I’m gonna make you so proud, and I’m gonna teach you volleyball, and you’re gonna be one of the best aces in the country by the time you’re in high school just like I was.” He takes a short pause. “Unless you don’t want to. If you don’t wanna play volleyball, and if you wanna be more like your mama, that’s cool too. I’ll love you no matter what.”

    Y/n was about to say something but she was interrupted by a large group of people walking in. 

    “Y/n, Kotaro,” one of the voices said. 

    “Keiji,” Y/n greeted with a tired smile. She looked behind him and found the entire MSBY Team behind her, as well as some of the Adlers team. “And all of you too,” she chuckled. “Come in. Kotaro’s got ‘im right now.”

    Slowly and carefully, they all walked over towards Bokuto, gazing down at the small child. 

    “Everyone,” Bokuto said. “Meet Kaoru Bokuto.”

    Tears were brought too all of the men’s eyes, especially Hinata’s. “He’s so small!” He exclaimed before learning down to talk to Kaoru. “Hey! I’m your oji-san, well, kind of, but not really, but I’m like your oji-san!” He said. “We’re all gonna teach you volleyball, and you’re gonna go pro just like us!”

    Y/n laughed at this. She took a look around at the room, filled with nothing but past and present volleyball players. There is absolutely no way my son isn’t going to become a volleyball player. 

    An hour or so passed before visiting hours were up, and Y/n couldn’t be more grateful. She saw both the Jackals and Adlers are part of her family, as well as Akaashi, but she was exhausted, ready to pass out.

    One by one, they all left the room, giving the couple their congratulations. Atsumu, however, seemed to linger. 

    “’Tsum-’tsum!” Bokuto said. “You alright?” 

    Atsumu and Bokuto had worked out their differences. It wasn’t easy for either for them to be so in love with the same woman, especially when she only had one heart. It definitely made things awkward when they came back to the season following the incident, Y/n wrapped around Bokuto’s arm. However, the two were good friends, and at the end of the day, they both just wanted to see Y/n happy, and that’s what they got. 

    “Congratulations, guys,” Atsumu told the two. “He’s gonna do great things just like his parents.”

    Y/n smiled up at him. “Thank you, ‘Tsumu,” she said. “It means a lot to me.”

    Atsumu nodded and pat her head. “We’ll see you around. ‘Samu says he’s sorry he couldn’t stop by. The restaurant got slammed; he’ll stop by soon with some food for you guys.”

    “It’s not an issue,” Y/n said. She then gestured for Atsumu to get closer to her. Once he was in range, she pulled him down for a hug. “Take care of yourself, okay, ‘Tsum?”

    Atsumu hugged her back, wanting to cry. However, he was able to hold himself back. “You too,” he whispered. Once he pulled away, he smiled one last time and said his goodbyes. 

    Once they were all alone, Bokuto pressed a kiss to his wife’s forehead. “Get some sleep,” he told her. “I can see how tired you are.”

    Y/n nodded and grabbed his hand, pressing a kiss to his knuckles. “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    Y/n would always love Atsumu but never in the way that he would always love her. That was okay though. Atsumu knew he messed up, and there was nothing he could do to fix his past mistakes, but seeing Y/n happy would always be enough for him. When he left the hospital, he didn’t leave in tears like he, his brother, and his friends thought he would. Instead, he let with a content smile. 

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