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    see. while its easy to feel dysphoric when ur completely naked, its much harder when ur in full red hood body armor + helmet while swinging around fake knifes and guns

    #the gender euphoria i feel in my hq costume is actually (slightly) more potent than in my rh costume #cuz shes a femme in all red n black w big goth boots and red lipstick n a giant fucking hammer which like. thats my ideal right there #rh is like. the embodiment of the masculinity i would present with were i Not femme #like hes who i couldve been if things had gone differently and i was butch #i stand by butch jason todd. he may not be butch in a lot of his comics but when im through with him. he will be 💋 #but yea cosplay does wonders for dysphoria and more ppl should do it #mysins.txt
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    New Match!

    New Match!

    Title: Tea Leaves and Black Lipstick

    Fandom: Hetalia

    Characters/shipping: China/OC, Japan, America, Italy, and England

    Genre: Drama/Horror

    Rating: M

    Warning: None

    Summary: The following are part two of the logs of everything that Im Soon has seen while on patrol.

    Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13910427/32/Tea-Leaves-and-Black-Lipstick

    Match Thirty-Two: Night Shift II:

    Im Yong has plenty of stories to share about his night shift patrol job. There are always going to be weird shit to be seen on these types of jobs. But something seems a bit… off. He was supposed to log everything that he sees. The following is everything he has seen in the last month.

    This is part two of three.


    Aside from the woods, no one is allowed on the back roads. Guess what? We have to patrol there too. I was with Ryu at the time. He looked over his shoulder.

    "Oh, that's right. This is your first night out here, isn't it?" he asked. I nodded once.

    "Well, same rules apply. Just stay in the car," Ryu said. "Got it?" I nodded.

    "Good, let's go," Ryu said. We took off in a jeep to patrol the back roads. He didn't tell me what we were looking for. We didn't talk as we looked out the window. I kept my gun by my side. (I don't know why I still keep it. I haven't had to use it so far. Still, this is what the boss wants.)

    I don't know how long we had been driving. It gets really dark on these back roads. I mean really dark. So dark that only the headlights of the jeep were our only source of light. So imagine my surprise when I looked further down the road.

    "Hey," I said, shaking on Ryu's arm. "Hey, look!"

    "What?" he asked as he looked up. We looked out through the headlights. At first, we didn't know what we were looking at. A sea of pale women were floating in the air. We couldn't get a good look at them. There had to be about eight or nine of them.

    "What the hell?!" Ryu asked. I tried to get a better look at them. All of their clothes looked soaked and torn. They didn't say a word.

    "Yeah, we're going to get out of here right now," Ryu said. He put the jeep in reverse. Before he could pull away, a giant hand smacked the window. We jumped at the sound. Against my better judgment, I turned my head. One of the women hovered next to me outside the car. She opened and closed her mouth rapidly. What was that on her skin? I narrowed my eyes for a look. Wait… is that a flower on the side of her head? Fleshy flowers were growing out of the side of her face and neck. The biggest one took over most of the left side of her face. Blood started leaking out from her pale skin. Her eyes looked so dull.

    Ryu stepped on the gas as fast as he could. We peeled out of there as fast we could.


    We went back to the back roads again. We were coming off of the shift this time. I still haven't gotten used to this. Around this time, I would be getting up and going to school. Right now, I just wanted to go to sleep.

    I bid the other guys goodbye.

    "You going back through the woods alone?" one of them asked. I waved him off.

    "It should be fine," I said. "It's board daylight after all." They didn't say anything. I didn't need to guess what they were thinking. I didn't care at that point. I just wanted to sleep.

    The path back to the bus station wasn't a long one. It's even shorter when you cut through the woods. I shoved my hands into my pockets. Don't try to think about too much. I just needed to go back to the barracks and go to bed.

    I happened to look up at the trees above. They seemed to form a tunnel around them. Geez, this looked creepy. I shook my head and forced myself to keep walking. When did it get so quiet around here? Something told me that I could stay longer. I crouched down into a running place.

    Three… Two… One!

    I took off running the rest of the way. I didn't look back. I didn't stop running until I made it to the barracks.


    There's an old man hanging around the entrance of the barracks. He doesn't seem to want anything. We can't figure out who he is or why he's here. We don't even know how he got on base in the first place. He only says one thing.

    "I'm looking for my cat."

    We don't know how to react to this. Should we call the police? He's trespassing. But he hasn't done anything illegal. Still, something isn't right. It's been three hours now. He's still out there. Some of the cadets have been debating about what they were going to do. I took a look out the window again. Yep, he's still there.

    "I'm looking for my cat."

    He's trying to look inside now.

    "We haven't seen your cat!" one of the other cadets called. "Could you please go away?" The old man stood there for a moment.

    "I'm looking for my cat."

    "The cat isn't here!" I shouted. The man didn't say anything. He just stared at us at the door. We were ready to call the higher-ups. I had my hand to my gun.

    Suddenly, the old man turned and walked away. He said nothing and was gone. Everyone held their breath until he was gone. We didn't breathe until we were sure that he was gone. Still, something seemed off about the old man.

    I waited until everyone else was too busy talking. I opened the door a crack. When I looked down, my jaw dropped. There were no footsteps on the ground.


    There's just something creepy about playgrounds at night. Well, I going to watch one on a steak out with Ryu. We sat across from an abandoned playground in his jeep. I turned to my mentor.

    "What exactly are we looking for?" I asked.

    "Shadow people," he said. I wrinkled my nose.

    "You're joking, right?" I asked. Ryu didn't say anything. I tried to laugh at first, but I went quiet.

    "Oh," he said. Ryu gave me a cold look.

    "Are you done?" he asked.

    "Sorry," I muttered. We just sat in the car for most of the night. I wanted to turn on the radio, but Ryu wouldn't let me.

    "This isn't a picnic," he said. "We're working."

    "Okay, okay," I muttered. "Geez." I looked out the windshield. I froze.

    "Hey," I said, nudging him Ryu.

    "What?" he asked.

    "I thought I saw something," I said. Ryu pulled out his flashlight and looked around.

    "Where?" he asked. I looked with his light.

    "There… I think…" I said. Ryu's light moved to the left. Something or someone tried to duck down out of view.

    "Did you see that?" I asked.

    "Yeah," Ryu said. His light trained on the bush. I put my hand to my gun, ready to get out of the car.

    "Wait," my mentor said, putting his hand on my shoulder. I turned my head.

    "Why?" I asked. Ryu pointed out the windshield. I turned my head. Two more figures with white eyes stared at us. They ducked down as soon as the light shone on them. I reached for my radio to call it in. Ryu kept his eyes out on the playground. So he wasn't lying. There were shadow figures on this playground. Something tells me that wasn't the only thing out there.

    "Hey," I said.

    "What is it now?" Ryu asked. I pointed outside of the windshield.

    "What is that out there?" I asked.

    "Huh?" he asked as looked up. His jaw dropped as the radio fell in his lap. There was a giant blackened figure with red eyes staring at us. I put my hand to my gun. I was just about to get out when Ryu grabbed me by the shoulder.

    "Wait!" he said.

    "What?" I asked. The creature turned and ran towards the woods. And that was it.


    My work is following me back to my dorm. I was sound asleep when I heard heavy breathing standing over me. At first, I thought I was dreaming. I squinted and turned over. I had no idea what I was looking at when I opened my eyes.

    A pale woman floated over me. She always looked so sad. Her long white hair floated around her. Tears welled up in her eyes. My eyes grew wide. I wanted to scream out, but I found that I couldn't move or scream. Only her freckles and faint blush stood out on her face. Her silver ankh earrings dangled from her ears. I tried not to focus on her pale third eye.

    She tried to reach out to me, but her hand couldn't reach me. It was like there was a line of thin air between us.

    Who was she? I don't know of anyone who would be haunting me. A barrier seemed to protect her from me. Even her teardrops can't even reach me as they fell. But why? I've never seen this woman before in my life.

    Suddenly, the woman disappeared. I found that I could move again. I panted as my body was covered in sweat. This wasn't the first night this has happened. I should report this, but I don't know how to put it into works. Maybe this report will help.


    I was going to stay in for the night, but I got another call. Oh boy. What is it now? To my surprise, it's Mi-Soon.

    "Sis?" I asked. "What is the problem?"

    "Listen to me," she said in a whisper. "Do not go out to the border tomorrow. It's too dangerous."

    "What do you mean?" I asked. There was a pause on the other line.

    "Hello? Are you still there? Hello? Hello?" I asked.

    "They found something out there," Mi-Soon said.

    "What did they find?" I asked.

    "You'll find out," she said in a low voice.

    "What is going on here? Why won't you tell me anything?" I asked. There was another pause over the phone. I started to see why our other siblings were worried about me going back to my sister.

    "Meet me down at the mess hall," she said.

    "Sis?" I asked.

    "I will tell you everything you need to know," Mi-Soon said. "But you can't report this to the authorities." It was my turn to pause over the phone.

    "Uh… yeah, yeah," I said. "Sure. Can we meet today?"

    "Sure," she said. "I love you, brother."

    "I love you too," I said. I hung up and let the phone rest in my lap. I didn't know what to make of this.


    Not much happened today. I still had to make a report to the authorities. I waited in the hallway with my reports. I walked up and knocked on the door.

    "Enter," the commander said.

    "I'm coming in," I said. I opened the door and walked inside. The commander sat at his desk, signing paperwork. He looked up at me.

    "You wanted to see me, sir?" I asked.

    "Ah, yes," the commander said. "Do you have a report about last night for me?"

    "Yes sir," I said. I reached into my bag and pulled out the folder.

    "Thank you," the commander said. He took the folder and looked through it. I didn't dare to move just yet. It's too risky to be insubordinate in this military. The commander looked up at me with his eyebrow raised.

    "Yesterday's report isn't complete," he said. "Why is that?" I remembered what Mi-Soon told me to say.

    "There wasn't much to report, sir," I said. "It's been quiet yesterday."

    "Is that so?" he asked.

    "Yes, sir," I said. The commander didn't speak at first. He put the folder into his filing cabinet.

    "Thank you, that is all," the commander said.

    "Thank you, sir," I said. I bowed and walked out of his office. Did he really believe me? I do not know.


    I have more work in the lab to do. I'm going to be the only one in the building tonight. I started typing away code. I can't tell you exactly what I do. That is classified. I can tell you about all of the signals I got together. I'm not talking about the air raid signals I heard a couple of weeks ago.

    It started with whispering. I can never make out what they are saying. It came across like hissing. The commander was interested in the air raid sirens I heard from that particular radio.

    "Tell me what else you can pick up," he said.

    So far, it's just been the whispers. Honestly, it's annoying. Part of me wished that I could be pranked by my comrades just to make something happen. I was just about to fall asleep…


    I jumped up awake. There it was. I heard two words so clearly. They sounded so faint, but I know what I heard. I went back over the coding on the screen. Come on… Where is it? I slowed down when I caught the exact timing. Fifty-seven minutes and twenty-eight seconds. I clicked on the lines to play it again. I narrowed my eyes and listened closely. Come on… Where are you? I know I heard you. Then there it was again. Those two words.

    "Help… me…"

    A little bit louder this time. I could definitely make out the words. I quickly wrote down what I heard. Am I being pranked? Maybe. At least it's not whispering anymore.

    But now I am wondering what else am I going to hear tonight?


    We're back on patrol again. Not near the border though. You guessed it. We went back to the woods. Only, Ryu's not going out with us. He's been called away to another duty for the time being. It's just going to be us rookies on our own. One of them turned to me.

    "What do you think we'll see out here?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

    "I don't know," I said.

    "Don't say things like that," the other cadet said. I used to it by now. What can they throw at me now?

    The first cadet froze in place.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    "Did you hear that?" he asked.

    "Hear what?" the other cadet asked.

    "Shhh," the first one whispered. We all stopped and took a listen. It sounded like footsteps walking towards us. Which direction was it coming from now? Left… Right… No, left… And they are behind us?

    One of the cadets and I whipped around when we heard a choked-up scream. The other cadet's body went stiff as he levitated off the ground. His mouth was wide open as his eyes were empty.

    "Cadet Jeong!" I shouted.

    "What should we do?!" the other cadet asked. I didn't have an answer. I had never seen anything like this before. Ryu didn't tell me what to do if one of us got possessed. Suddenly Jeong dropped to the ground with a hard thud. The other cadet panicked as I radioed for help.


    Mi-Soon and I have been put on an assignment together. I kind of don't understand why they called me to do this. I don't have much experience in the field. All I know is how to do patrols during the night shift. But apparently, Mi-Soon was the one who requested that I pair up with her.

    "You and I would work better," she explained to me in the mess hall. Okay… My best bet would be just to trust her. It's managed to keep me afloat so far.

    "When do we leave?" I asked.

    "At 0300 hours," Mi-Soon in a serious tone, leaning back in her chair.

    "Okay," I said. I picked up my juice and took another drink.

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    Mi ultimo viaje a NYC, con un look gótico con una pizca de alta moda jeje

    Like si te gusta :)

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    Sometimes you get lipstick stuck on your teeth, it’s fine

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    #especially w black lipstick jay #and im no match for your powers #asked 💌
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    Bite off an apple right from your fridge

    Come here and taste it right off my lips

    Spill your emotions into my hands

    That's what I want ❤️😌

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