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    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    naur not @/astrozure on twitter postinf a knight sanji that grabs me by the brain and doesnt let go until i make this 🙈🙈🙈

    #help #knight sanji prince zoro WHEN‼️‼️‼️ #srsly if u have twitter look at zure's knight sanji i exploded #i hate this bastard SOOOO much why is he pretty 😭😭😭 #my art#art#one piece#fanart#op#sanji #black leg sanji #knight au#scribble #this guy suuuucks i have 2 figurines of him
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    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    ► Not Me: the Series (S1E5): visiting black with todd 2/2
    #เขา...ไม่ใช่ผม #not me the series #he... is not me #ep 5#gun#white#black#sing harit#tod#bl-serotonin #op: white why don't you just post it to fb? smh
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    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Apple picking! Summer 1938

    #lev and irina are kids here so no thirsty comments please #call of duty #black ops#lev kravchenko#irina kravchenko#pd art #yes i kinda regret the background #yes i pulled it out of my ass
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  • bl-serotonin
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago
    ► Not Me: the Series (S1E5): visiting black with todd 1/2
    #เขา...ไม่ใช่ผม #not me the series #he... is not me #ep 5#gun#white#black#sing harit#tod#bl-serotonin #op: you would think having a politician for a father would make him more wary of who he trusts with information #fd: i did change some of the subs - don't put me down for accuracy
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  • bro0kebxrter
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Vikhor Kuzmin

    #call of duty #cod #black ops cold war #cod cold war #black ops #call of duty cold war #cod black ops cold war #stitch cold war #vikhor kuzmin #vikhor stitch kuzmin #gamer#xbox#gaming
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  • zosanincorrectquotes
    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Sanji: [knocks on door]

    Zoro: I'm armed.

    Sanji: [sighs] Open up, Marimo.

    Zoro: [door opens a crack] I meant what I said.

    Sanji: [shoves open the door] At least put some pants on, you lunatic.

    #kuroashi no sanji #op sanji#sanji #black leg sanji #zoro x sanji #zosan#zorosan#zoro/sanji#roronoa zoro #one piece funny #incorrect quotes #incorrect one piece quotes
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  • dishwasherjunglejuice
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    idiot dropped twenty bucks

    ive got twenty bucks

    #new meds headache moment #nikita#cod #call of duty #cod bell#cod bocw #call of duty black ops cold war #cod oc #this doesnt even look like them and it makes it funnier
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  • senfena
    18.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Cold War: Remedy, Chapter 4:

    A/N: I'm really glad that I managed to get the word count to just shy of 3,000 on this chapter! This is probably my favorite one so far! (Side note: I finally learned how to use italics on the tumblr app. 4 chapters in :p)

    March 20, 1981

    Your eyes flickered open, shut, open again. Your vision came to focus, staring at the ceiling. No nightmare this time, thankfully. You had the same one almost every night for the last 4 days. Always the same vicious stares, always the same painful ending. Every single time you woke up screaming, and every single time it brought Park worriedly running, and Woods along with her on one night. You were fucking tired of it. You still hadn't told her what the nightmare was, and now you weren't sure if it was better or worse to keep hiding it from her.

    You slid your legs off of the bed. It was time to start moving again, you were done with laying in bed all day. Per Parks orders, you'd only gotten out of it to walk to the restroom and back. It was nice that she kept bringing you meals, and stuff to read so you didn't die of boredom, but you needed to regain some sense of agency. That injury had to have mostly healed by now. You slid the blanket off of your lap and stood up, and while you felt a little slowed in your movement, it didn't hurt anymore. 

    You started ambling towards the bedroom door, holding your abdomen. As you opened the door, you saw none other than Park, in a posture like she was just about to open the door on the other side. "Ah, Bell!" She smiled. "I was just coming to check on you." You shifted your weight, still holding the door handle. "I figured it's been long enough. I can't stay in here forever." She nodded "I think so too. It's a good time for all of us to discuss what happens now. We didn't want to have the conversation without you." Oh. Right. What happens now. With your luck as of late, life imprisonment in a secret facility was the best scenario you could come up with on the spot. "Sure, lead the way." You tried to keep your face and voice neutral, but from the empathetic look Park gave you, she could tell you were dreading this. 

    You followed her into the main room. Woods, Sims, Hudson, and Adler were already there, but the room was nearly unrecognizable.  Every document and artifact taped to the evidence board had been taken down, as was Park's radio equipment, all of the clothes and weapons on the shelves next to the caged wall, and there were boxes scattered everywhere. You did at least see Adler's radio on the central table. It made you happy to see it, for some reason. Sims was carrying a box across the room when he saw you and Park enter. "Shiiiit, look what the cat dragged in." He cracked a smile, you smiled back and gave a little wave at him. Woods moseyed over to you and gave you a gentle hug. "Glad you're alright, Bell." He grinned. You embraced him back tightly, staying there for what must've been half a minute before letting go. 

    Park announced to everyone "Alright, now that Bell's here, we should talk about what comes next." Everybody gathered around the central table. As you all converged, you made eye contact with Adler. You felt refilled with raw anger, begging to be let out. You could've gone over and actually smashed his face in now that you didn't have a fresh wound, but, no, he wasn't worth the energy. Plus, as much as you hated to admit it, a mutual agreement to not beat the shit out of each other was needed here in order to get anything done. That didn't stop you from standing as far away as you could from him on the opposite side of the table, though.

    Wait, someone was missing. You counted heads: Park, Woods, Adler, Sims, Hudson…"Where's Mason?" You asked, looking at everyone else. Hudson spoke up "He went back to Alaska a couple days ago. He's got a family to look out for, after all." You'd almost forgotten that. He'd mentioned his wife and son a couple times, but all you'd really learned was that his son's name was David. "Oh...shit, right." You mumbled out. You never got to say goodbye to him. Woods pushed your arm with his elbow. "He said he'll miss you, and he wishes you best of luck." He interjected. You smiled to yourself. "If you see him again, tell him I said thanks, and I'll miss him too." Woods gave a quick nod.

    "Well, Bell, I think we should start this off with what you want." Park encouraged you. What you wanted? What did you want? You'd had 4 days to think about it but you never bothered, you figured you just weren't going to get a choice in the matter. Everyone was looking at you expectantly. "Well...I guess I just wanna try to live...normally. Have a house and a job, just...normal person stuff." You looked down at the table as you tried to figure out your words. "Mostly...I just wanna put all this behind me." 

    Hudson grimaced. "I don't know, Bell. My superiors still aren't keen on letting a foreign operative-" You tilted your head and cocked your eyebrow in annoyance. "-I'm sorry, but that is what you are-" "Not anymore, I'm not!" You interrupted. "He saw to that!" You pointed at Adler. "Technically, Bell," Adler declared "It wasn't just me. Park, Sims, and Lazar all did too." You retorted "And what a shame it is that Park and Sims also tried to kill me after exploiting me, erasing my identity, and putting me through hell." You paused for effect, sarcasm practically dripping from your mouth. "No. Wait. That was just you." You shot flatly.

    "Be that as it may," Hudson tried to reign things back in "the higher ups don't even like that you're here at the safehouse. They're the ones wanting to decide what to do with you. They recommended me to have you put in a holding cell somewhere safe unti-" "Fuck you, holding cell!" You chided. "And I told them I wasn't going to do that." Hudson continued through your disruption. "I'm trying to use you leading us to Solovetsky as much as I can for leverage. You've proven yourself in my book. But not in theirs."

    "How about blackmail, then?" You blurted out. Hudson looked bemused, along with just about everyone else aside from Adler. He only seemed mildly quizzical. "I've had a lot of time for reading the last few days. I know that what you did to me is completely illegal, human experimentation got outlawed by the last two presidents. I go to the press and tell them I'm a walking human rights violation, courtesy of the CIA? Well...who the hell knows what that could lead to, who'd get caught up in the aftermath." You heralded with smugness, looking right into Hudson's eyes the whole time. His face was completely stiff, jaw set.

    "You've got guts, kid. I always liked that about you." Adler raised his cigarette in respect. "But I think that's more likely to get you killed even more quickly than anything else." You couldn't look him in the eye, you just looked down and shook your head. "The fuck do you care?" You growled at him. "Besides, I'd love to see them try it. Again." 

    Hudson cleared his throat. "It doesn't need to come to that, I think I'm getting somewhere with them. But...where would you even live? Or work? You have no records, history, or tangible assets, Bell." Shit. That was a good point. "Well-" You tried to think of a decent answer but your mind was coming up blank. "Work, brain, damn it!" You thought to yourself. It felt like you were about to fry your entire mind trying to come up with any answer, but thankfully, "She can come with me." Park chimed in. You turned your head in a daze to look at her. "I'm going back to London in a few days, I can get her set up with a job there, and she can take the spare room in my flat." "Well there's that covered," Hudson acquiesced "but what about documentation?" "We can forge them." She offered. "Just to last for a few years, until you've had some more time to think about your future." She addressed you directly now, looking into your eyes cheerfully. 

    This felt almost too good to be true. Now she was offering you a place to live, with her? You felt tears welling up again, you had to force them to keep from coming out. "Of course, if that's alright with you, Bell?" She inquired. "Yeah, it's perfect." You said in joyful shock, voice trembling. Hudson nodded along. "Alright, I'll get Washington on the line, try to coax them into it." He walked off to an empty corner and pulled out his cellular phone. "Park, I...I don't even know how to say thank you." The tears were coming, slowly but surely. "You don't need to." She reassured you. "You've earned the right to a normal life." She patted your shoulder a couple times, then left to start gathering up more boxes, Sims tagging along with her. 

    "London, huh?" Woods asked you, leaning on the table. "Yeah...it feels right, at least for the moment." You confided. "Well, Park is right: you've earned a normal life." He beamed at you. You chuffed with a grin. "Thanks, Woods." He gave you a two-finger salute as he went to find more stuff to put up, leaving you with…

    "You sure that's what you want, Bell?" Adler questioned you. "A normal life?" You snarled back "If it gets me away from you, then absolutely." "You're not normal, Bell." He pressed. "You never have been, you never will be. You're special." "Oh, here comes an avalanche of bullshit." You rebuked as you pushed off the table and got in his personal space. "You threaten me, then you commend me. You try to kill me, then I'm God's gift to the Earth. Make up your fucking mind about me, Russell." He gave you no response. You both just stood there, studying each others' faces. You backed away, still feeling like this was unresolved. You felt the question gnawing at the back of your throat, but you couldn't ask him. You didn't want to give him a single inch. Instead, you just went to Park to see if there was anything she needed help with. You could hear him taking a drag behind you as you walked away.


    The truck slowed to a halt. "You sure you're not forgetting something, Bell?" Adler asked you. Shit. Looks like you were back here again. You stepped out of the truck, rifle in hand. You weren't sure if you could stop this, but you were certainly going to try. You all regrouped near the gate. "There's nothing here." Mason spoke, bewildered. "This can't be the right place." "We didn't see anything on our side either." Adler wondered. Suddenly, Woods quickly strided towards you. "It's her!" He berated you, taking an aggressive posture "She fucking lied to us!" Even after having gone through this 4 times before, every embittered look, every irate phrase pointed at you, still hurt like a thousand needles poking into your heart. "That true, Bell? You pull us out to the middle of nowhere Russia so Perseus can detonate those nukes?" Adler demanded. "Not this time." You thought to yourself. You were not going to let this end the same way. But before you could think of something to say or do to try to break this, "you" responded; "Sorry, Adler. I have a job to do." Wait, that wasn't your line. What was happening?

    You clenched your fist and heard yelling behind you, and as you turned around you saw someone climb onto a rock, holding an RPG. "No, WAIT-" You tried to scream out, but too late, they had already pulled the trigger, sending the rocket barreling right at you. It flew past, and hit the ground a few meters from you, sending you flying the opposite direction, knocking you unconscious. 

    When you came to, you were surrounded by gunfire. It couldn't have been more than a few seconds. Your ear peice was still on, you could hear the rest of the team yelling. "I'm hit! Taking fire!" Adler bellowed. "Get inside, Adler! We'll cover you!" Park called out in response. A tall figure in a heavy coat wearing a gas mask approached you, offering you a hand up. "On your feet, comrade!" He exclaimed. As he lifted you up, he handed you a rifle. "Ready for a little retribution?" He asked as you cocked your rifle and aimed it towards...your friends. No no no, this wasn't right, this was the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen this time. You charged towards a wall to the right, taking cover behind it. "Bell, you're making a mistake!" Park berated you over the comms. You tried desperately to move of your own will, to try to break free from this, gain any sense of self control, but all you could do was watch this unfold through your eyes, your body being controlled by some greater force.

    You stood up from your cover and aimed down the sights at your first target: Mason. "No! PLEASE, NO!!" You wailed out to yourself, with no effect. You pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet whizzed past the battlefield, finding it's place in Mason's skull, sending him tumbling backwards onto the ground, dropping his weapon as he fell. You began to weep as tears streamed down your face. "No...God, no, stop this…" You whimpered to yourself, as you mantled over the wall, dashing across the street to take cover behind the wall on the opposite side.

    "NO! MASON! You could hear Woods cry out as you ran. You'd given up trying to resist this, you were completely broken. "YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD, BELL!" Woods threatened you, with the most furious voice you'd ever heard him in. "I don't think so." "You" muttered to yourself, popping out of cover to line up your next target. "Oh God, NO NO, PLEASE!…" You bawled as your finger pulled the trigger once more, catching sight of the bullet flying away from you, lodging itself in Woods throat, causing him to clutch his throat with both hands as he plummeted to the ground. Your shriek that followed blocked out every other sound until you ran out of breath and couldn't scream anymore. 

    "WOODS!" Park shouted out, audibly worried. "Keep fighting!" Adler called back to her. Most of the CIA's supporting forces were dead. You vaulted the wall and made a beeline towards where you saw her last. You were hoping that she'd peek out of cover and kill you, at least this would be over. But she never did. "You don't need to do this, Bell!" She tried to appeal to you one more time. You kept running full speed ahead. As you reached the place she was taking cover, she stood and tried to aim at you. "No, PARK!" You yelped. However, you pushed her gun off to the side with your left hand and ducked down, striking her in the side of the abdomen. As she kneeled, you took out your shoulder knife with your left hand, forcing it through the bottom of her chin, into her skull. "NOOOO!" You wailed in agony, keeping her in that position for a few moments before sliding your knife out, dropping her to the ground.

    "I'm sorry...I'm so, so sorry…" you mewled over Park's body, voice hoarse from screaming. "Over here, comrade!" The tall figure in the coat called you over to the entrance of the main building. You had no choice but to  hurry over to him. He signaled for you to follow him. "Your friend went through here. He is not far." He imparted as you both prowled through the halls. "No...please...stop this…" You mumbled, dejected. It was no use. You found a blood trail leading down a hallway, with an ajar door at the end. "The cat becomes the mouse." The masked figure taunted as you reached the end of the hallway. You pushed the door open with one hand, hoping Adler somehow wasn't here. No such luck. He lay collapsed against a metal case, holding an unlit cigarette. "Please...I don't want this, I don't want this, I don't want this…" You echoed to yourself.  "Glad to see you still care." He mocked, raising his cigarette. "Mind giving me a light?" You scoffed. "Not a chance." He lowered his cigarette and shrugged his shoulders. "I want you to know…" You sneered at him as you raised your gun. "No… please, don't!" You attempted to call out to yourself one last time. "...this was always personal." You wept to yourself as you squeezed the trigger, pulling it back until…



    You woke up screaming, jolting up with tears in your eyes. "NO! No…." You stopped yourself, putting a hand on your chest and slowing your breath. That was so much worse than the other nights, where the hell did it come from? You started to wipe the tears from your eyes when you heard rapid footsteps approaching from the hall outside. "Oh, fuck." You thought to yourself. "Here we go again."

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  • nerdyliana
    18.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    @kendallroysco Hm. Y'all really be stretching to blame Karen for everything around her.

    1. Yes, Karen has been insanely irresponsible during the show. She is definitely putting herself and others at risk. Bad Karen for being irresponsible and making mistakes that got him killed. She obviously blamed herself and apologized to his wife at the funeral. I'm not saying she's a good guy, but she's not a bad guy as much as she was dangerously irresponsible. Which happens when you investigate dangerous cases.

    2. Just because she associated herself with Ben and they investigated the case together doesn't mean she got him killed. It was obviously not intentional, she was just irreaponsible and untactful. And she nearly got killed herself, she just happened to be lucky enough to have a loaded gun placed in front of her. He is a grown man who knew the risks (and he talked about knowing the risks multiple times with his wife and Karen. Even his wife told Karen the same at his funeral.)

    3. You guys clearly didn't pay attention to Ben's own storyline and character. He's been a reporter and got himself in danger all the time. Going into the case, he knew the risks and knew that there was the possibility of death throughout. So don't blame Karen for dragging him into this as if he wasn't a grown adult man.

    4. If this is you guys' (someone else obvs but bringing it up here) reason for Karen being racist... bro her going to the best, most notorious and talented reporter and asking him to help her in a dangerous case that nearly got them BOTH killed and him happening to be Black is not racist. It had nothing to do with race, at least not her character. Maybe the show writers but like. It isn't her fault the only person who could have helped was Black.

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  • guigz1-coldwar
    18.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    "Their names": New chapter for "Redemption in a Spirit in a Cold War" is out!

    Chapter Summary: After meeting back with Perseus for the last time, Yirina relives a day that she wasn't sure to really want to think, knowing that this memory wasn't going to give her the good in that hard moment

    To read it on AO3, click here!

    Words : +3000

    Taglist: @snowgoldwaylon , @clxudtea , @efingart


    "Tanya, where's Yirina?" When I opened my eyes, I was...I was no longer in a car but on a bed inside a child's room...me as a child...it was strange...that voice, the one of my father, it was the thing that got me into slightly narrowing my eyes into the darkness of the room, a light going through the corners of the door.

    "In her room, I just got her into bed," I heard the muffled voice of my mother a few seconds before the door of the room got opened, revealing my father arriving in a sort of panic.

    "Dad?" I mumbled as I was redressing myself on the bed, passing my right hand on my eyes to get a better view as my father was coming to the side of the bed. "Dad," I added in a low voice before my father moved his arms around me for a hug.

    "Oh, Yiri...it's good to see you," He murmured, kissing me on the top of my head as I was having my head against his left shoulder, even feeling his heartbeat through his jacket.

    "James, what's happening?" My mother asked, worried about my father's attitude now, her staying next to the door. "You just stormed in the house like this, mind an explanation now," She demanded, crossing her arms.

    "Those people...I don't know but..." He started, removing himself from me to look back at her. "They're trying to get the MI6 against us...they're coming,"

    "Who's coming, dad?" I asked him as my mother was realizing his words and me, no...I was wondering what was happening.

    "Bad people, very bad people," He told me, feeling in his voice a scared tone before he got up again. removing

    "Like the monsters under my bed?" I said with a little laugh but them, they didn't reciprocate it at all.

    "No," My father shook his head before turning it back to my father, going next to her. "A friend of mine is going to pick us up in Kyiv, we need to get out of the USSR," He exclaimed, his left hand going on top of my mother's left shoulder. "I know you don't want this but...but me, I don't want to lose you too because of what I did,"

    "Are you sure? I know the MI6 are good people but me, Yirina..." My mother wasn't sounding convinced but she was sounding scared about us, me looking at them with full curiosity. "We're Russians, will we get well accepted in your country?"

    "They will," My father assured her with a pure tone but, she wasn't still like it. "Listen, I refused to go back to Britain even after I got freed by you in that gulag because I love you...but now, our lives are in danger and I don't want us to lose it if we stay here," He added to her but then, as soon he was finished, a loud noise went to be heard outside, shaking the house a little. "Shit...they're here," My father announced, looking behind my mother and then, moving at one of the windows of my room. "Dammit, they're shooting the villagers!" He also yelled at the sounds were getting more audible, adding gunshots & explosions.

    "No," My mother muttered, moving towards me and removing the sheets of my bed. "Yirina, get up, quick," She ordered me, I was very scared that I complied with what she wanted me to do and got out of bed, going to move my arms around her waist in scare. "James, what do we do?"

    "They're attacking from all sides...they're no escape..." My father was thinking, his breaths were louder, trying to think of a solution as I was staying with my arms wrapped around my mother until he turned around, his back against the window. "Follow me, you need to hide," He then started to move away from the window after closing the window shutters as my mother took my left hand and made me follow her outside of my room

    "Where?" My mother questioned him, arriving in the living room and my father standing in front of a library before he took a book by the top of it but in fact, he just pull it towards him and then, a mechanic sound got heard and one second later, the library starts to move on its side. "Here?"

    "They will not find you here, go," He told us while my mother moved with me to get inside that secret room.

    "And...and you?' My mother demanded, seeing that my father wasn't coming with us.

    "I can talk with them, trying to find a way to get us out of here," He assumed, going to move his hand back to the library before my mother stopped him by moving her hand on top of his.

    "We will," My mother said.

    "No, this..."

    "It was my fight too, James, to fight for my family survival and I'll stay with you," She cut him before he could continue, keeping her hand on his., her other hand getting hold by me.

    "No, you need to stay with Yirina, it's too dangerous," My dad affirmed but again, my mother wasn't going to let him go and do this.

    "We're doing this together...she will be safe here," She presumed and by a little, my father's face was showing that he was reluctant to agree before he does, by putting his hand down, mother's one removing itself from his arm.

    "Okay," My father murmured before he kneeled at my height, his face looking scared again. "Listen, dad & mom are going to be fine, okay? I need you to stay calm...don't make noises...just stay calm, okay?" He advised me, moving his arms again to hug me by the shoulders, me doing the same thing.

    "Watch out, dad," I told him in a low voice.

    "I will," He affirmed, moving back off with a little smile on his face before he go up, letting my mom face me and hug me too.

    "I'm proud of you, my Yirina, we will be back for you," She whispered in my right ear while she was hugging me before her lips went on my cheek, and then, she was up too, standing next to my dad. "Stay here," She told me, soon gesturing at my father with her head and at this moment, he moved in front of the library and pull the same book as before, the secret door soon moving to close down in front of me, leaving me in a small dark room, a small hole emitting light through the library.

    "Mom...dad..." I said as my hands went forwards, sticking them on the library back and leaning myself to look through the hole, seeing my parents standing in the middle of the room, looking at each other.

    "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!" I then heard someone shout very loudly before the sound of a door getting opened was heard... very loud noises that almost could shake the house. "GET ON THE GROUND, HANDS UP!" A man yelled as I could see through the hole, armed soldiers arriving in the living room as my parents were complying with that, getting their hands up and kneeling. "Sir, we got the targets in sight,"

    "We're MI6..." My father started to speak up but one of the soldiers hit him with the back of his head behind him.

    "Shut up, scumbag!" The man who hit him ordered, my father on the ground as my mother was looking panicked, her head wanting to look at where I was but she couldn't bring herself to do it, I was completely silent to this...

    "We worked for you, we were with the Vanguard!" My mother stepped in but she was let to be spoken on by the soldiers who were listening to her as my father was trying to get back up.

    "The Vanguard...the first Task Force..." My father completed with a growl, getting his hands up, a face of anger.

    "We know who they are, don't need a history lesson," The first man told them, holding his gun by his grip, a radio in his other hand as if he was awaiting a call. "They wouldn't be hiring traitors," He proclaimed.

    "We're not traitors!" My father pleaded, this time, not getting hit behind him like me...I was getting scared for them...armed people threatening them...I was...not able to do anything but to look. "Perseus made you believe it...he's lying and you know it, the MI6 knows it,"

    "But not the CIA," A third man spoke up, just next to the first soldier standing in front of my parents.

    "The CIA? What?" My father was confused at this...saying this...

    "Clarkson, you said you have the targets in visual?" Suddenly, the radio that the first man was holding starts to emit, hearing the voice of another man with a deep tone.

    "Yes, sir, we have them, ready for exfiltration," The soldier responded as his gun went a bit higher against my parents.

    "Negative, Clarkson...they saw too much..." The man on the radio replied and at this, my parents looked at each other...before giving a glare in my direction...no...no...not my parents! "No loose ends, terminate them!"

    "No, wait..." My father...he couldn't finish as he was raising his hands towards the soldier in front of him...that...that a bullet went to stop...in the head, making him fall on his back as my mother got panicked...and scared.

    "Stay strong, Yirina..." She said...those were her last words before...no...before another bullet got fired and stopped her before she could finish in the back, making her fall in front of her...her face looking in my direction and at this, I was holding myself to cry...even to make noise here...not a sound...just me, scared.

    "Targets down, Black," The soldier's voice was sounding higher to me...a sort of echoes in my head about that word...targets...describing my parents...

    "Good to know...get rid of the evidence and exfil," The man in the radio demanded before the radio shut down, the soldier putting it back at its place as I removed myself to look away through the hole...at seeing my dead parents on the floor.

    "Okay, take the bodies out along with the others, we're done here," The soldier ordered to the others in the room as I was sitting down against the wall behind me, my mouth covered by my hands and my eyes wanting to cry at the maximum I could...I was alone now...

    Alone in the darkness...my parents no longer here...

    A feeling of wanting to cry loud was inside of me when I opened my eyes back into the car, shaken down by the fact that my head made me relive this day that I was never able to do since I woke up from my coma and...I don't think that it was the best thing my head did but just to give more pain to endure because of it. Learning of the truth and that I lived it...it was too much for me in a day...Park was still driving the car as we were looking to approach the safe house in Kyiv, meaning that I slept the whole drive...shit...my parents...now, I can remember their names...what I lived...it's more pain and I can't hide it even with the best I could.

    "You're alright?" Park asked me, having seen me open my eyes as hers were back on looking at the road, she was still troubled by seeing her face...

    "No...I'm not," I slowly affirmed this even if the best of me wanted to lie and say that everything was fine but no, it wasn't the case and lying isn't helping me. "I relived it," I revealed as I went to redress myself a little before looking in front of me. "That day of 1956," I clarified myself on it but Park's face was already knowing this by looking at her, giving her more trouble on it.

    "You...you did?" I nodded at her slightly.

    "They tried to...to plead the soldiers to let them live but...but..." I stopped myself a little to take a little breath but also resisted crying here as if it wasn't the thing I wanted to do despite what I know now. "Black, he ordered no loose ends because they saw what the CIA did to get them," I resumed myself, a full hatred in that name but sadness about my parents. "I saw them getting shot...I wasn't able to cry...only to look at the die..."

    "Yirina..." Park whispered but she couldn't bring herself to continue, feeling her sadness in her voice, this was touching her too...she's with me to the end...even after what happened...she's still here with me...

    "You don't need to...it's okay," I told her in advance, her words are good to hear but here, I don't know if they could give me hope now...only time can tell for the moment. "How much time is left until we arrive?" I demanded at her.

    "Two...two minutes," She replied, giving me a quick glare filled with sadness...she was looking bad for me, on the urge to cry in front of her by looking at my face...my eyes were ready to do it but couldn't bring themselves to this and this, I went to keep my mouth close for those two minutes, wanting to take a minute to think and to resist this inevitable urge.

    We finally arrived as she said two minutes later at the safe house in downtown Kyiv and its precise location wasn't something I wanted to remember. The most important thing is that this place was able to be used to hide and to get some rest until we can get the hell out of here...It's what I wanted now: leaving Kyiv behind me and never coming back, this is where I was born but I don't want to be linked to it anymore...reminds me of my mistakes as a Perseus agent...what happened to my parents...

    When we entered the building to reach the apartment, I was thinking that the others wanted to know what happened to us, been worried as much about us after they lost contact because of Freya taking us away from Woods sight and even if I would have liked to tell the truth...another part of me couldn't afford to tell the whole truth to them...No, I can't bring the truth, we can't do this with Park. I don't know if she was on the same page but we couldn't do it. I was thinking about this when Park knocked at the apartment door and that it was Katinka who opened us.

    "You?" Her eyes went wide when she saw the two of us standing in front of her, them drifting between me & Park. "How? We thought to lose you, Woods told us that you got carried away!" She affirmed as she was right to be panicked about us.

    "Perseus allowed us to leave," I announced to it before Katinka moved to hug me first for a few seconds and then moved to do the same with Park...I couldn't bring myself to say it...

    "Perseus?" Katinka raised an eyebrow at me.

    "Himself..." I revealed as she moved aside to let us enter the apartment who was small, just enough for us to get well, only one bedroom and a two-place bed..."Freya blindfolded us with one of her men before taking us to him," I decided to lie on this, wondering myself why I was hiding the place that Perseus was living his last moments, even Park was doing the same.

    "Fuck...I didn't think he was living in Ukraine..." Katinka cursed, walking back inside the apartment and getting especially inside the small kitchen.

    "He...let us leave like this, not before Freya does it again and dropped us back at where she took us first," I lied again at this as Park was now looking at me with a nod, understanding this even if she was sure about it. "We're not in danger,"

    "Good to know," Katinka was relieved at this as she took a bottle of water and filled up a glass of it. "What did he tell you?" She asked me, taking the glass in her hand and now...no, even with the biggest of me now, I didn't want to talk about it...not tonight...later...

    "I don't want to talk about it now...I need to...I need time," I replied to her.

    "She's right, she needs time," Park repeated to Katinka, making sure that no one tries to force me into doing this now.

    "Okay, okay," Katinka sighed a little before taking a sip of her glass and that she pointed behind her towards the living room, nobody around. "Woods went out to buy something before the store close while Lazar is in the bedroom, resting...he got a panic attack one hour ago,"

    "What happened?" Park demanded her.

    "He wasn't very well and when his nose starts to bleed, he panicked," Katinka explained as her eyes went towards the door of the bedroom. "Now, he's sleeping, us ready to intervene in the case,"

    "I think I need to go to sleep too...can I go in the bedroom?" I asked Katinka, wanting only now to sleep for real, not like in the car and Katinka nodded at me back with a little smile.

    "Don't try to make too much noise, okay?" She scoffed as I was going to walk out of the kitchen and I nodded at her before leaving the kitchen to reach the bedroom door.

    I opened the door of it and in front of me, I could see the bed with Lazar on it, he was sleeping above the sheets, his right hand holding his head against the pillow as I was trying to not make any noises to reach the bed and getting next to him, wanting now to sleep but...once I was installed, looking through the outside window in front of me at my position...I start to think about it again...my parents...what happened. It was now...this moment I could feel the tears starting to fall down my eyes...

    I wasn't able to cry for them...until now...

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    Sorry, but i'm sus lmfao 🌚

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    obsessed with when they’re drawn like this

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    Naga: Can you handle spicy foods? *passes Stitch his famous Nuclear Som Tum*

    Stitch: I can handle anything! * takes a bite* … *starts turning red* … *sniffles* … *watering eyes*

    Naga: Oh shit, don’t cry, Stitches!

    Stitch: I hate you, Naga! *doesn’t mean it*

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    Grigori Weaver

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    I’m a Type One Diabetic, and the urge to write Russell taking care of a diabetic reader is so great.

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    Sanji: Did you tell anyone we got married?

    Zoro: Yes Sanji, I have no self-control and told everyone we know that we got married.

    Sanji: All right, no need to be sarcastic.

    Zoro: No, I’m serious, I have no self-control and told everyone we know that we’re married.


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