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  • pettybetty69
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder - Part 1

    T’Challa x Enhanced!reader


    You, Anja Hauser were born into a family of Elementals, the last living relatives of Mother Nature. Being an Elemental, you have the powers of life and elements, but beneath the surface, it’s not as great as it seems. The exposure of your powers could lead to you and your families demise. Life throws many curve balls, and a teenage Prince T’Challa was one of them. There are secrets you both must keep, will you be able to keep yours? Will the life’s nature get in the way? Keep reading to find out.
    TW: Insecurity, Mentions of death, Anxiety, Fluff
    AN: As I’m writing this series, I’m realizing it’s more angsty than I first intended. There is still fluff but there is quite a bit of angst. Also, this story is experimental and may take a bit to get each part out. I’ve been working on this story for months, but because of my own issues with perfectionism I haven’t posted it. So, if some parts of the story seem a little odd it is because i’m just trying to get it out. Thanks for reading! :)
    Link to prologue

    Before we begin, let’s get a little background. Eros had begun as a small village within the forests of the yet defined Germany. It had expanded, and was run by the Elementals for many years as its own nation. It was known for its majestic forests, crystal blue rivers and rich economy. The surroundings were heavenly, as if it were straight out of the pages of a fairytale book. Though after the assasination of the Elementals, the nation of Eros had converged with Germany becoming one of their 17 states. After the death of the entirety of her family in her youth, your grandmother became a warrior for the world wars. She changed her name and never used her powers publicly, yet still a well respected woman. Your grandmother came from a long line of first born daughters, and her first daughter was your mother. Your mother, her older brother Luca, and younger sister Helene grew up in the original village of Eros.  She inherited her mother’s passion and at a young age, from her pure drive and ambition to help she became the youngest chancellor in the history of Eros, Germany. She felt guilty for the secrecy of her powers, but she refused to sit comfortably when she could be doing something to make the world become a better place. That’s what many people loved and respected her for. She eventually moved on from being the chancellor to becoming Germany’s UN ambassador.

    While standing up to better the world she met your father, a journalist and activist for human rights. It was love at first sight. He fell for her ambition, and she fell for his playful humor. They eventually settled down in the outskirts of the Eros village. They built a small yet cozy two story home at the base of Mount Gaia. It was a short walk to the village, and in a quiet area with not many people around. The house was cozy and comforting. It had walnut wood flooring and laguna yellow walls. The exterior had dark oak and cream stucco siding and vibrantly green vines latched alongside it. However, the most beautiful part was the variety of gardens surrounding the home. There were orchids of fruit trees on either side of the driveway, a large vegetable garden, and the largest of them all, a field of flowers. An oak bench hung from a massive weeping willow that faced the flower field. In the evening when the sun set over the horizon, and the last of the golden hour shone on the field, the spectrum of blues, purples, yellows, oranges and more were highlighted, and it was nothing less than breathtaking. This was where you spent your childhood. Like your grandmother, your parents had you a bit later. Their main priority in life was to continue their work, but when you were born on a cold, yet comforting February day in 1981, it all changed. You had your mother’s bright, forest green eyes and your father’s chestnut curly hair. They thought you were the best of both of them. After you were born their perspective on life changed. They still continued their work, but you were their priority. 

    As a child, you were rather close with your parents. Your father was a highly intuitive and humorous man and you inherited those parts of him. Whenever you weren’t cracking jokes, he would take you to parks to watch people. By a simple glance he could tell a person's intentions or how they were feeling. He was right more often than not, and he taught you to trust your gut feeling, and how humor is the cure all. Your mother was an outspoken and passionate woman with great wisdom. She would tell you stories that her late mother had told her about the Elementals. It brought a sense of connection with you both. She was empathetic, yet strict. She taught you to form your own opinions and always stand for what you believe in even if you’re standing alone.

    Being the last of the Elementals, you were very close with the rest of your family. There was Uncle Luca, your mother’s older brother. He was a former medic, but became a member of Germany’s court of justice. He was a strict man and had his son Nikolaus who was a year younger than you. Then there was Aunt Helene, your mother’s younger sister and the current chancellor of Eros. She had her twins Alina and Leon who were born a few months after you. 

    During childhood it was rare for you, Alina, Leon and Nikoulaus to ever be apart. Alina and Leon were very fiery and fun, and Nikolaus was more sensitive and artistic. This caused clashes at times, but you tended to be the fulcrum of them all. You tended to be more sensitive, introverted, and have a deep inner world, but you still enjoyed a taste of adventure. You would all run through the forests behind your home, and through the valley of Mount Gaia. The valley was impenetrable by the ordinary, only one with divine gifts could reveal the entry point. There was where your mother, Uncle Luca, and Aunt Helene would teach you all to manage your gifts. Elemental’s powers fluctuate greatly with emotions, especially as children. A simple tantrum was disastrous. In anger, the boys tended to inadvertently cause blasts of light. Alina, her entire body would light ablaze, and you would affect your surroundings. Rather if it was unintentionally breaking someone’s bone in a snap of rage, or a boiling anger causing violent storms. You were all taught to use your powers defensively, offensively, and how to manage your emotions. Your mother would always say, “You may not be able to control how you feel, but your feelings do not control you.” 

    You were all homeschooled together. Quick learning of academics and elemental magic came easily for your cousins. Leon typically got everything within the first try. Alina put in more effort, but it still came to her with ease. Nikolaus didn’t really care for academics but still managed to pass every exam. But with you it was very difficult, not just with academics, but with magic too. For you, it was all strenuous to understand and perform. In academia, the words jumbled up, and struggled to understand maths. With magic, during sessions while your cousins were already moving on from conjuring shields of light, you were still struggling to consistently keep a ball of light. It made you feel inadequate. Watching them move on without you made you question how worthy you were. This caused you to plunge yourself deep into the arts of learning. A determination to prove yourself took over, and your entire free time was spent practicing magic and studying. You weren’t having fun with your family anymore, you felt the need to prove you weren’t weak. It pushed you into your head, spending most of your time there. Both of your parents had noticed this for a while, focusing on what you didn’t have and couldn’t do. So a weekend they took you to Ulm, Germany. Your ten year old self there are deeper issues than the ones inside your head, to look at and appreciate what you have. Arriving there you had seen how people were neglected of basic human needs. It completely opened your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed. You assumed everyone had a home to go to, nice homemade meals, and necessities. A deep and dark dread filled your gut. How could leaders let their people live like this? Has this always been happening? Moreover, you felt guilt for your naivety and ungratefulness, but you had the ability to do something. By instinct you began to move towards it. You were pulled to a stop by your mother’s gentle grip on your arm. You looked back up to her. 

    “Mama, why are you stopping? We can help them!”

    “Quiet down, sweetheart.” Your father spoke softly. 

    “But Papa, we can give them water, we can make them shelter, we can-”

    “We can’t do any of that, honey.” Your mother said solemnly. 

    “Yes we can, look!” You pulled your hand in front, your eyebrows already began to furrow in concentration. Water droplets began to withdraw from the palm of your hand and in a second, your father had stopped you by putting his hand over yours. You looked up to him, and your hands began to shake like a leaf against the wind realizing what you were doing. 

    “Do you remember the story, Anja? The story of our family?” Your mother questioned. Your heart sunk to the pit of your stomach at the thought of the primordial of darkness. Yes, of course you did. Whenever you had the impulse to use your gifts in public, his cruel image dominated your mind. It always left you trembling. Knowing that he was still out there, at times gave you an overwhelming timorous feeling and debilitating rushes of anxiety. As your father said, there are deeper issues than the ones inside your head. People were struggling, and you all had the opportunity to help with your powers. 

    “But Mama, they need our help.”

    “Honey, that’s why I do what I do. That’s why Aunt Helene and Uncle Luca do what they do. We do what we can without risking everything we know now.”

    “Then what is the point of this if we can’t do anything? What is the point of training?” Your eyes began to tear up in frustration. The feelings of sadness and vexation you had felt began to finally come forth. 

    “Oh, Anja.” The warmth of her hand cupping your cheek sent comfort throughout your body. Her thumb brushed under both of your teary eyes. 

    “We teach you all to manage it so you can still honor those who came before you. So if you decide to have children you can pass on your knowledge. So if the worst comes to worst you can fight for your life and others as well. We do what we can and that is enough.” Though your questions were answered, you didn’t feel any better. It still felt like a black hole of shame was present in your chest. Like the feverish guilt would consume you whole. You wanted to help, oh so badly you did, but you couldn’t lose your family. 

    A few years later you entered your teenage years. You got into a mischievous phase that was short lived and Alina was still in it. Nikolaus mainly stayed in your home because of his father’s absence for work, and Leon had begun to get the reputation of a player. It was a few months after the visit to Ulm you had come to terms with the inability of helping with your gifts. When you had told your parents you wanted to help you began to volunteer. It had progressed and now you tag along with your parents, Aunt Helene, or Uncle Luca to their work to take notes and observe. After volunteering for a period of time, you realized though it does good, it won’t change unless you change the system that caused it. 

    Now, your mother had taken you to a highly publicized UN conference. You never particularly enjoyed these events because of the overwhelming crowds. Instead of talking, you thought they needed to make more deliberate action, but these events did teach you a lot. In the busying crowd of diplomats, all dressed in suits and blazers you and your mother greeted other ambassadors. In the significantly large room, there was a huge round table that sat two dozen people and chairs echoed behind it. In the back of the room there were more chairs for observers. Natural light came in through the large windows facing the city blocks of Brussels, and a constant mumble from the dozens of people there. These events always gave you a rising sense of anxiety and inhibition when meeting these powerful people. You had learned to somewhat manage the nerves, by the remembrance that we are all fundamentally the same, but still it often arised. As you saw this certain man and your mother meet, your calm mentality was put to the test. He was a tall, fit, dark skinned `man with a powerful presence about him. He wore a rich fabric, black suit with an african printed scarf diagonally across his chest.

    “King T’Chaka, it’s nice to see you again. I’m grateful you have joined us. I don’t believe you’ve met my daughter Anja.” Your mother said. Your chest tightened. He was a king. It wasn’t necessarily the title that made you anxious, it was his slightly intimidating presence more than anything. You could tell he was a man not to be challenged.

    Next to him was a boy around your age you assumed to be his son. They looked just alike. His son wasn’t much shorter than him, and wore a black suit and tie tailored to a T. However, unlike his father, he had more of a lanky build like trees that would sway with the wind. He had wide-set, wenge colored eyes that reminded you of the thick wooded forests you had spent your childhood running through. For a reason you didn’t know, he wasn’t as intimidating as his father. He was looking at you with a guarded yet neutral look in his wenge eyes, but still it intrigued you.  

    “It’s nice to meet you Ms. Hauser. What brings you here?” The King of Wakanda asked. His voice was baritone. 

    “I’m quite interested in this line of work. I want to learn what has and will affect past, present and future generations, and how to take action to progress and better the quality of life for people.” You carefully worded what you said. You had to restrain yourself from sighing in relief. The king nodded in approval. His son’s eyes were on you watching with a reserved curiosity. 

    “You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, Ms. Hauser. This is my son, T’Challa.” Before anything could continue, people began to quickly gather to their seats. You said your dismissals, and routinely made your way to the chairs at the back of the room. The Prince followed you as his father dismissed him. Coincidentally, the chair you were assigned was next to where the Prince would be. 

    “Anja. I’ve never heard that name before.” He had spoken from beside you. 

    “I have to say, I’ve never heard yours too.” 

    “What does it mean?” You both asked simultaneously. He directed his hand towards you for you to go ahead. 

    “It means grace. My grandmother was a gracious woman, who dedicated her life to fighting for the lives of others. I was named in her honor, Anja Elda Hauser. What about you? 

    “Mine follows a tradition for names to begin with a T. It means ‘he who put the knife where it belonged’.” He spoke. You blinked. 

    “Well… that’s a meaning” you thought.

    “That’s… neat.” He saw the gears grinding in your brain using a cautionary choice of wording. He couldn’t help but laugh. 

    “I’m sorry, there are so many ways to interpret that.” You softly laughed with him. You arrived at the seating, and he pulled out your chair for you. You thanked him, and noticed from afar a fierce looking bald woman was watching you carefully. Feeling the hefty weight of her gaze on you was unnerving. There was another beside her observing the room, similar to a lion looking for prey, particularly around the King. 

    “They’re with me. As long as you don’t physically attack us, they won’t bother you.” He told you. You sighed, settling your nerves. 

    “What about verbally?”

    “I wouldn’t try it.”

    “Well, so what made you decide to come here, Prince ‘he who put the knife where it belonged’?” You asked with a bit of humor in your tone. You could feel him loosen up a bit, as he softly smiled and was subtly turned towards you. 

    “I’ve only been told what the world was like. I want to see it for myself.” 

    “What do you think of it so far?”

    “That I'm unsure of. The infrastructure I'm not a fan of, and by first glance, it isn’t as totalitarianistic as I read about.”

    “1984?” You questioned. 

    “Yes, you’ve read it?”

    “Oh, It’s a necessity. However, the book isn’t necessarily too far-fetched. No matter the country, the government and top one percent dictates everything for the good or for the worse of their people. If that power is in the wrong hands, who knows, it may be a possibility.”

    "Governments here are that fragile?” He asked in a sense of disbelief. 

    “In some ways, yes.” You told him a little bit about Eros, and the conversion to Germany, and how Germany was taken over by an inhumane dictator. 

    “If that’s the case, what is the point of all of this? Why do this if it’s so easily taken over?” T’Challa truly couldn’t see the point. His father had always told him the outside of Wakanda was full of hatred and cruelty. That the people outside of Wakanda were lost causes, and weren’t worth their time or resources. He couldn’t believe it from his father’s words alone, he thought he had to see it for himself. Hearing you talk about it, a person from the outside, began to confirm what his father was saying. Maybe, the outside world really wasn’t worth his time. You could see the pessimism he held by his words and light dimming in his eyes. At times the reality had made you pessimistic yourself, but you pushed back against the bad with love and compassion. There is more than the bad in the world, and you wanted him to see that. 

    “There’s a part that you're missing. With people, there is the good and the bad. The beautiful and the ugly. The pure and the cruel. We all possess both. There are many ways people can be, can change, can believe, it’s all a melting pot of the good, the bad, and the in between. That is the beauty of Man, and I believe it’s worth fighting for.”

    “And if you don’t believe that?” The question stumped you. Was it inherently wrong if someone didn’t believe what you believed? Yes. No. Maybe? The more you thought, when it came to this you were right. You believed that light outweighed darkness, and that it was the truth. 

    “Then you’re a burnt toast, sun in the eyes, pumpkin spiced buffoon.” You deadpanned, using the words you felt were fitting. He laughed. 

    “Well then, I'm here to discover if I'm a burnt toast, sun in the eyes, pumpkin spiced buffoon.” Hearing him repeat it made you realize how ridiculous it sounded. The giggles were uncontrollable. You looked back to him and his eyes were narrowed because of a wide, close lipped smile of joy. It was radiating, and only made you smile more. The conference began to start, seizing the conversation to your disappointment. A small smile was still present on his face as he turned his attention to the front of the room. You still lingered for a moment, eyes on the boy you’d just met. His image cemented in your mind.

    The conference went well, and you took notes. After it was concluded you and T’Challa conferred about the different perspectives of what was said. You both spoke for a while, and your mother eventually came over, soon followed by his father. Your mother had told you that she was speaking to Belgium's ambassador and how they approved a program for youth to gain experience and knowledge in this field. Of course you said you’d do it, and your mother said that if there was a possibility for T’Challa to come to Brussels frequently there’d be a spot open for him. He said it would be a consideration, his father was slightly more hesitant about it. Returning back to professionality, you said your goodbyes to the monarchs with kindness and composure. The Prince did the same, but the repetitive eye contact between you both was more than necessary. Your eyes watched the Prince as he made his way to leave with his father, followed by the two women. To your surprise, he looked back at you one more time. Your eyes met and it sent a rose blush to your cheeks. It was the embarrassment of being caught that started the blush, but it was the fluttering butterflies in your stomach he gave you that made it stay. He smiled, and waved demurely. You returned the gesture, and when he left your gaze turned to the floor with a bashful grin. The pitter patter feeling in your heart was inevitable. An intuitive feeling told you he was good. You hoped you’d see the Prince again.

    “I’m assuming there was more than just note taking during this conference.” Your mother teased, raising her eyebrow.

    “It was just a, uh, friendly conversation, Mama.” She saw right through it. 

    “Alright, whatever you say honey.” She said cockily, walking past you.

    “I swear!”

    “Whatever you say.”

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  • graphicpolicy
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Black Panther #1, Hulk #1, and Venom #1 Get New Printings

    Black Panther #1, Hulk #1, and Venom #1 Get New Printings #Comics #ComicBooks

    Three of Marvel’s hottest new #1s will be getting new printings in January! Readers will get a chance to dive into the latest eras of some of comics’ most iconic heroes by picking up these sold-out debut issues of Black Panther, Hulk, and Venom! Complete with two new covers each, these exciting new printing covers will showcase new art, sketches, and more! Academy Award-winning writer John…

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  • dudesontheside
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Favorite shirtless movies part 128: Black Panther (featuring Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan)

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  • hellyeahteensuperheroes
    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I typically don’t like Mary Sues hence why I don’t fuck with DC too much. Marvel characters typically aren’t Mary Sues because Marvel started as the antithesis of DC. Their characters have flaws. The only early Marvel character that is a straight up male power fantasy Mary Sue is Black Panther and there is a reason for that because writing Black Panther comes from a place of him not being made a bigger deal than the general Marvel universe that used to undervalue him because he was black. That was the point. Black Panther and subsequently Wakanda didn’t get a character flaw until Ta-Neholsi Coates and the movie came out.

    But back to the point, Mary Sues are still a rare thing in Marvel that come from bad writing and the writer not realizing they are writing in the Marvel Universe. Or they don’t care.

    There are only two or three recent women characters in Marvel that were Mary Sues: Carlie Cooper(and you 3 Cooper fans know she was), Spider-Gwen, and Miss America Chavez. The last one was intentional so I give her a pass but again, the weaponization of Mary Sue against any woman character devalues the term because, at it’s heart, Mary Sue is a sign of bad writing and subjecting your audience to a character that writer basically uses as their own personal Avatar riffing on how great they are which is a DC thing more than anything. Spider-Gwen/Ghost Spider stopped being Mary Sue the moment Latour got into her flaws, personality wise, in Volume 2 and they stopped gushing about how cool Gwen Stacy was and used her as this avatar of anti-fridging and being a commentary of The Night Gwen Stacy Died. Spider-Gwen was allowed to improve and shed her Sue ways just like Carlie Cooper.

    Mary Sue is a terrible way to criticize women characters unless they are actually Mary Sues. It gives them an out and isn’t actual valid criticism outside of “you don’t like them.” It’s not helpful or constructive. It honestly forces writers to write women only in a certain type of way and that’s bad. Calling Kate Bishop a Mary Sue when she isn’t absolves the fact that writers could write Kate Bishop better like put her more situations where she isn’t so self-assured. But calling her a Mary Sue doesn’t help.


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  • theartofthecover
    03.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Black Panther sketch pin-up (2021)

    [a celebratory gift for Kevin Smith's Fat Man Beyond host, Marc Bernardin, who turned 50th birthday.]

    Art by: Jim Lee

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  • alphacomicsvol2
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Black Panther by toonfed

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  • yavenay
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    History Of The Black Panther Party: Facing Police Brutality And Advocating Social Change

    History Of The Black Panther Party: Facing Police Brutality And Advocating Social Change

    The History of the Black Panther Party in America is traced to the movement formed by two Black American revolutionaries in the latter part of the twentieth century known as the Black Panther Party. The activities of the black panthers were aimed at tackling the failure of the civil rights movement to improve the condition of the black people in America. Black Panther History The black panther…

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    #Advocating Social Change #African-American History #black panther party #History#Police Brutality
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  • imperiuswrecked
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Avengers (2018) #50

    Ok, so I had time to think about why Aaron’s writing annoys and frustrates me, it’s because it’s so empty, like all his actions are so empty, I don’t care about them. He just moves things around, there is no actual emotional stake. Breaking Atlantis? Please at this point I would be more shocked if Atlantis is still standing after it’s been featured in a comic.

    Now onto the actual comic, Namor is depressed/regretful, that’s fine that’s a Namor thing, he does this everytime he sees his city turned to ash, however She-Hulk saying Namor??? made this?? He wrecked Atlantis??? Namor has low standards???

    Let’s back up to remember the events, I know its been a long time but like the whole thing STARTED with Atlantis being destroyed by the Avengers actions and a giant fucking robot dropped on them. Atlantis in the Avengers literally started this way! How did he manage to break something already broken??? Not to mention the reason it’s broken now is because of the Winter Guard attacking, again NOT Namor’s fault for Atlantis being destroyed. So you see how empty these words are? Aaron just writes whatever he wants to fit the narrative of the story without laying out the ground work.

    Secondly After the first destruction Namor had legitimate rights to be angry at the surface world and the Avengers, if Aaron had followed through with that rather than just turn Namor into another “Mad Sea King” plot I would have been ok with his less than good grasp of the character but nope! The Avengers are never blamed for their mistakes.

    Aaron fails to realize that to Namor, the humans are the enemy, if had had leaned into that then it would make for an amazing story of grey morality and choices.

    I refuse to even entertain The whole Phoenix b.s. that happened. However what exactly did Namor do wrong? His evil team attacked some scientists which he put a stop to? Him killing people who had harmed his people? Him fighting with the Avengers? Nothing Namor did justifies how shitty the Avengers have treated Atlantis, and how they ignore them and walk all over them making decisions and choices for them, I’ve state this before but Namor isn’t unreasonable, he can be talked to and he usually goes for whatever is more logical and best for his people. If Jen had just talked to them, just explained what was happening then she wouldn't have need to punch him and and be the savior. Also not to mention but I am gonna say it, during that whole Dark whatever event, Namor literally came with the Black Tide to help the humans. They love to use Namor for being a big gun/backup but then hate him any other time.

    Namor and Jen have worked togather in the past, they were on the Avengers together!!! (Jen even had a crush on Namor) So right off the bat, Namor and Jen would have at least a civil relationship, but I know I’m asking too much of Aaron to remember continuity. Namor is hot headed but he isn’t unreasonable.

    Honestly, Namor only joined the Avengers because Steve asked him to, I don’t understand why Namor would want to join the Avengers now but it makes sense after he gave Jen his word, Namor keeps his promises.

    However if Aaron wanted Namor on the team then he could have just written it without all this character assassination,. Namor only joins the Avengers if 1.) Steve invites him or 2.) Namor invites himself.

    Also I am not a fan of how misogynistic and stupid I feel Aaron writes Namor so I’m not looking forward to what might come in future comics.

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  • snake-and-mouse
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I went and saw Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings last night and I just gotta say, mcu is mostly trash these says but this one felt special. When Black Panther came out, I went to see it three times, and I cried every time, I still cry watching it, and I don't cry over movies. As a black man, seeing that world, watching that story, it touched a part of me I've never felt before, and this was the same year there were almost constantly blm marches and protests in my city.

    Asian representation in media has always been lacking, and especially these past years, asian centric racism has been worse than ever. Watching this movie, all I can say is I hope with Simu Liu and Shang Chi, those in the asian community felt some of what I got to experience thanks to Chadwick Boseman (Rest in Power King) and T'Challa.

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    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Watch Movies Online Here:

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  • hiddlesisterhood
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    😆😆 too cute to not blog

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  • comicstallion
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago
    “I am no ordinary Doom. I am Doom Supreme, master of the darkest arts. I am the Doom above all.” -- Doctor Doom

    Cover art for Avengers Vol. 8 #050, “An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)”

    Art by Ed McGuinness and Laura Martin

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  • comicstallion
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    From Avengers Vol. 8 #050, “An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)” (1/3)

    Art by Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garrón, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth and Rachelle Rosenberg

    Written by Jason Aaron

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  • comicstallion
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    From Avengers Vol. 8 #050, “An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)” (2/3)

    Art by Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garrón, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth and Rachelle Rosenberg

    Written by Jason Aaron

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  • comicstallion
    02.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    From Avengers Vol. 8 #050, “An Earth Unlike Any Other (Just Like All the Rest)” (3/3)

    Art by Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garrón, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth and Rachelle Rosenberg

    Written by Jason Aaron

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  • gxorg
    02.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    writing a smut rn, and this handsome right here is the sexy man I'm writing about

    #marvel imagine #mcu x reader #avengers x reader #mcu characters#marvel #marvel x reader #mcu imagine#erik stevens#n'jadaka#black panther#erik killmonger #erik killmonger x reader #erik killmonger smut
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  • teakturn
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    'Tis the Season - Chapter One (on Wattpad)  

    Fallon loved Christmas. She loved hot coco and gingerbread houses and picking out the perfect tree. What she doesn't like? Finding out her best friend is fucking her boss. It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year, yet Fallon can't catch a break. 

    with Erik Killmonger as Erik Stevens aka Prince N'Jadaka Udaku 

     Chris Evans as Duncan Mathis 

     and Aja Naomi King as Fallon King 

    If you’d like to support me and my original work, please check out my Patreon. There I post author updates on my self-publishing journey, behind the scenes looks at stories I’m currently writing, and more.  


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