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    Y/n, negotiating with Yelena: We have Kate. Give us ten thousand dollars and they will be returned to you unharmed Kate: Whoa, whoa, wait, you think I’m only worth ten thousand dollars? Y/n: Kate: MAKE IT ONE MILLION– Y/n: KATE STOP

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    A Proper New Year’s Resolution

    This is a one-shot between Sirius Black and a Slytherin Reader. 

    Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve, and Sirius Black is looking just as sinful as ever. Deciding to challenge him to a proper New Year’s Resolution, the night takes an unexpected turn when Sirius catches on to the fact that there might be something more to you than he first imagined...

    [One-Shot.][Sirius Black x Slytherin Reader.] [Warning: Story Contains Explicit Smut.]  [Warning: Rough Sex.] [Warning: Light Choking.] 

    Please do not repost or copy my work without my permission. Thank You!

    Everyone was talking about how they were going to better themselves in some way or another, and there was your boyfriend, lounging back on the sofa, casually chugging away Firewhiskey, and just generally looking like the absolute heathen that he was.

    You came over to him and tugged the Firewhiskey out of his hand. After taking a swig yourself, you set it down on the tale besides the sofa before sitting in Sirius’ lap.

    “Hi, love. Where’ve you been?” Sirius asked you, leaning forward to plant a kiss on the back of your neck. “Been looking all over for you.”

    You scoffed and pulled away from him a little. “You have not.”

    Sirius raised an eyebrow at you, impressed. “You knew right away I was lying.”

    “Of course. One look at you, and I could tell that you have absolutely no thoughts. No thoughts at all, much less looking for one,” you replied scathingly. You looked over your shoulder and eyed him rather pointedly. “You should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone’s coming up with new year’s resolutions, and here you are, in desperate need of some shaping up, but with no thought of doing so.”

    “Is your New Year’s resolution to make your feelings known? Because honestly, love, there’s no need. I know plenty of your opinions already,” Sirius teased you. “And if New Year’s resolutions are about finding ways to be better, then I think I should let you go. You’re a bad influence on me, if I do say so myself. And you’re a Slytherin. It gives me, the Muggle-lover, a bad look you know, spending time with a Slytherin pureblood like you.”

    Rolling your eyes at him, you put your hands on his thighs and made to get up, to leave him.

    Sirius quickly snaked his arm across your waist. “Anyways, forget all that. I’ve already got a New Year’s resolution,” he whispered in your ear. “It’s to make you cum on my cock in every broom closet there is in this castle.”

    “That’s hardly a resolution,” you snorted.

    “Well,” Sirius replied lightly, his lips grazing your ear, “there’s a lot of closets.”


    “So, think your tight little cunt can take it?” His fingers gently glided over your thighs and then came to rest over your skirt, right where –

    You shivered, but you tried to hide it behind a scoff, as you retorted, “Of course. In fact, you know what your New Year’s resolution should be?”

    “What?” Sirius lifted an eyebrow at you, amused at how tough you were acting, when your little ass and pretty thighs were already shivering all over his lap.

    “To last longer in bed,” you remarked. “You cum too soon. I hardly feel anything.”

    Sirius’ jaw fell open.

    You grinned, pleased at coming up with such a comeback. His real resolution, you thought, smirking to yourself, should be to work on that Gryffindor pride of his. I can play on it and get what I want, every time.

    Just then, James Potter jumped onto one of the tables in the middle of the common room and lifting his Firewhiskey, he began an exuberant countdown to midnight.

    “Right,” Sirius snapped at you. “Looks like you have all of one minute to take that back.”

    “Why would I take it back?” You turned around and spreading your thighs on top of his lap, you leaned into Sirius, pressing your breasts up against his chest and winding your arms around his shoulders. Now, your lips grazed his ear, as you whispered back slyly, “It’s true. And it’s such a pity. Every time we start to fuck, I start to get all excited, and then… nothing. You give me nothing. And then, on top of that, you don’t even cum in me.”

    “All right, s’ far as I was aware, our New Year’s resolution was not to have a baby,” Sirius said peevishly, gripping your waist so tightly it hurt. Neither of you were sure whether Sirius meant to push you off of him or pull you closer. As it was, he was just holding you in place, but with a very, very tight grip.

    “There are spells, you idiot,” you reminded him, irritated.

    Behind the two of you, the party carried on, growing more and more chaotic and festive, as the countdown continued, “30…29…28!”

    You felt Sirius’ right hand slip into your hair and he gripped your hair tightly right at the base. Meanwhile, his left hand was still grasping your hip hard enough that his fingernails could be felt even through your shirt.

    “Usually, it’s the guy asking the girl, you know,” Sirius told you. “Why are you making such a fuss over nothing? If I want to be careful with you, is that so bad?”

    “Because,” you replied snarkily, not missing a beat, “since you don’t give me much else, I might as well have your cum.”

    Sirius growled lowly. He yanked your head back a little by your hair.

    “Ah…” you breathed out.

    “Take that back,” he told you, now truly annoyed.

    You merely smirked, gazing down at him. Suddenly, even though Sirius was the one holding your head back, it seemed as though you the one looking down on him.


    Sirius’ eyes narrowed. “Time’s running out. Say you’re sorry.”

    Whip-quick, you replied, “No.”




    “Fine, we’ll amend the resolution,” Sirius told you, and his tone promised that he meant every word of what he was saying. “Not only am I going to fuck you in every broom closet in this castle, but I’m going to cum in you every single time.”

    “I’d like to see you try.”

    “Don’t go back on your word,” Sirius warned you.

    Your eyes glinted with laughter as you responded, “Talking to yourself there, Black?”


    “That’s it.”

    Sirius picked you up right as you were, sitting in his lap and facing him, with your arms around his shoulders. You instinctively wrapped your legs around him, to keep from slipping off of him. In response, Sirius held you even tighter to him, as if you were his precious baby girl…

    You closed your eyes. You knew you weren’t. You were just one girl out of many. But still, it felt nice. You were allowed to admit that to yourself, right? Right?

    Impatiently making his way through the crowd, Sirius took you out of Gryffindor Tower.

    “We should start with the furthest one,” you suggested, propping yourself up in his arms to look down the hallway. “Makes it less likely we’ll get caught when we’re going to being finished.”

    “No,” Sirius said brusquely, not letting himself admit how cute you looked with your hands on your shoulder, peering eagerly down the hallway.

    “This one,” Sirius announced instead. Reaching out with one hand, he threw open the door to the nearest closet. It was a cramped, dingy space.

    “Really?” you said, unimpressed, while still clutching onto Sirius. “It’s so dusty.”

    “Don’t worry,” Sirius promised you, “you won’t even remember, much less care, where you are.”

    He set you down on the dusty shelf, and then he whispered in a voice that promised ruin, a voice that made you shiver delightfully, “You just remember what you said about me, puppy, and know that you can whimper out your apologies whenever you want.”

    You shrugged nonchalantly at him. “Wasn’t planning on it.”

    *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *    *

    “Ah, ah, ah! S-Siri – uhn!”

    If you had ever thought that you’d been ruined before, you were wrong. You’d never been ruined like this.

    On your hands and knees in that tight, dusty space, face pressed to the cold, stone floor, knees blushing pink from the constant shifting, you took Sirius in an utterly desperate position.

    Behind you, Sirius groaned lowly. Fuck, she has the tightest little pussy. And her body… Maybe it’s because she always acts like she’s in control, but seeing her thighs shivering uncontrollably, or feeling her pussy clench around me like this, it’s just so very satisfying to see her tremble for me.

    You felt Sirius’ hands slip up your curves, little by little, pushing your sweater up your body, until he found your shoulders and grasped onto them. Sirius then roughly pushed you back against him, making you take him even deeper.

    You cried out loudly, “Nngh!” and your hands flew out – but there was nothing to grab  on that cold stone floor. You slid forward instead, palms sliding slickly over the cold concrete.

    “Stay still, puppy,” Sirius moaned hoarsely. “You need to take my fucking cock. Take it.”

    Sirius pulled you to him even more, hitting up against you so that his cock crashed into your core, and his balls were suddenly pressed flush to your sweet little cunt.

    Your eyes flew open and you let out a strangled gasp. Your hands, which had been pushing uselessly against the stone floor, suddenly left streaks in the dusty floor as Sirius yanked you backwards, to make your pussy take him all the way, exactly as you needed to be filled.

    The way his cock sank into your pussy made your mind stutter. It felt perfect, giving you just the burn that you’d been hoping for – and a little more. The low moan that escaped you bordered on the animalistic as you felt your tight pussy walls desperately trying to accommodate his thick cock.

    Finally, you felt your cunt thump heavily, hotly, as your walls were pushed open for Sirius, and a moment later, a tender, raw burn flared up in your cunt. However, at the same time, a most lovely, golden wave of pleasure began to pool into your lower tummy.

    “Does it feel good, love?” Sirius was asking you.

    You barely made sense of the words. Your mind was so hazy.

    “Should I stop?” Sirius wondered, pausing.

    You shook your head, and your hair fell forward, falling from its neat updo into a messy tangle brushing against your cheeks and your chin. “N-No, keep going. Ah… Sirius…”

    You cut off as Sirius took you at your word and pushed himself back inside of you.

    You shut your eyes and bowed your head. You were shivering all over, though you didn’t realize it, as you whispered nonsensically, “P-Please, S-Sirius, a-ah…”

    “Mhm,” Sirius crooned at you, “you don’t sound so high and mighty now, do you? I bet you didn’t think you were going to start the new year begging, huh, puppy? But you are.”

    Hearing Sirius’ words, you let out a pitiful moan, and your pussy thumped again, clenching down on Sirius’ cock so very tightly.

    Sirius groaned. He moved his hips just a little, wanting to make use of how tight your pretty cunt was for him. A very wet, tight squelch sounded out, from just that little motion Sirius had made. Sirius growled appreciatively, “Mm, yes, baby, fuck, you’re going to beg for me until the sun comes up.”

    With that, Sirius grabbed your hips and forced you to sink down to the ground. Then, he guided you into the position he wanted to take you in, teaching you to arch for him by pushing your pretty, pert ass up in the air for Sirius to fuck your little pussy harder and deeper.

    God, the prettiest little arch in her back. Just look at her. Mm, and look at that cute little cunt of hers, just waiting to be fucked even harder. I wonder how much can she take, how long can that pride of hers hold out, before she cums for me?

    With an arrogant smirk on his handsome face, Sirius reached up and pushed his long, black hair out of face. Then, he snapped his hips forward, thrusting his cock into your waiting cunt hard and deep. He made sure that he was filling you up all the way and then more – stretching you out over and over again. He could feel your tight little pussy gripping at his cock, and he loved the tension and friction that was building up between the two of you. Because your sweet little pussy was so tight, you could feel every vein on Sirius’ thick cock, while Sirius could feel just how warm and silky and wet you were for him.

    “S-Si - ” you whimpered in a tiny, clenched voice. Then, you bowed your head again, pressing your forehead against the ground, and the rest of his name was lost to stone.

    “Baby,” Sirius whispered back, but it was so low that he doubted you heard it.

    Honestly, it drove Sirius absolutely crazy to have you like this. He was trying to keep up his usual persona of being in control, but fuck, how could you not know that he would do anything for you right now?

    But you were too busy just trying to keep yourself tonight to realize how Sirius was feeling about you. You were whimpering endlessly; you’d clearly forgotten how to speak altogether. Truly, you couldn’t make sense of your own thoughts, as your pussy was relentlessly and roughly used, spread open again and again by Sirius’ thick, veiny cock, pushing into you, making you ache, making you wet, making you cum. It never occurred to you that Sirius’ intensity came, not just from the chase of using your tight hole to pleasure himself, but because of the intimacy and passion that came from Sirius wanting to make you his.

    “Mmmmm!” A loud whimper came out of you, despite your best efforts to bite down on your lower lip and quiet yourself. Your thighs shut tightly, squeezing against each other, with your knees turning even pinker as you dragged your legs together. It stung to scrape your knees across the concrete that way, but you simply couldn’t help yourself. And even with your pitiful attempt to hold back, you still came messily, squirting all over Sirius and at the same time, creaming beautifully all around his cock.

    When Sirius looked down, he could see a perfect white ring of your cream on his cock. “Fuck,” Sirius cursed under his breath. She’s perfect. Just look at her. Look at the fucking mess she’s making on my cock. She’s such a good girl, isn’t she?

    But Sirius swallowed down his praise and he opted to tease you instead. “You sure you aren’t feeling anything?”

    “N-No,” you fumbled out the word as best as you could, still panting as your climax slowly passed over you.

    “But look at how wet you are.” Sirius reached under you with one arm and toyed with your wet cunt. “Such a messy little puppy. And you think I try to act tough?” He gave your pussy a tight little slap.

    “Ah!” You let out an exhausted, but frantic gasp when you felt his hand come down on your already overstimulated pussy. You gasp was followed by a series of hard, breathless little pants.

    “Can you even hear yourself?” Sirius taunted you meanly, even though his cock was throbbing in response to hearing such pretty noises spill from your lips.  

    You tried to hush yourself, but Sirius chose that moment to push his fingers against your clit, rubbing your own cream against your cunt, as he wanted to keep you all sweet and creamy between your legs.

    “Uhh…” Giving up, you slumped down onto the ground, your knees sliding out, though you kept your legs folded. As such, your ass still hovered in the air, waving all prettily for Sirius.

    Sirius ran his hands over your ass appreciatively, smirking, as he said, “What’s wrong? Giving up already? We haven’t even finished in one closet.”

    “N-No,” you panted out in a small, but determined voice. “I can keep going.”

    “Oh, yeah?”

    Wearily, you pushed yourself up onto your hands and knees again, palms pressed against the ground, head and shoulders drooping, and your beautiful back curving with tiredness.

    “Yeah,” you said as stoutly as you could. “‘Cause I’m a Slytherin.”

    Sirius smiled softly at you, though you couldn’t see his expression, since you were positioned on all fours in front of him. “I don’t think you belong in Slytherin,” he said. “This isn’t ambition or cunning. What you’re playing off of right now is pride.”

    You stayed silent, but Sirius could sense your displeasure anyways.

    Well, proves my points. She’s so damn prideful, isn’t she? Sirius thought. He didn’t press it because he just wanted to tease you; he didn’t actually want to make you angry at him. But he did feel that it was a bit of a shame, because he loved that you were like him in this way.

    Sirius leaned down and gave you a gentle kiss on your shoulder to remind you that he was here for you, actually here for you, if you wanted him that way. But, as he had just been thinking about, he knew you had a streak of pride that matched, if not outran, his, so he was always careful about offering you comfort out loud.

    Sure enough, you ignored his tender kiss, instead choosing to stubbornly push yourself back at him. You pushed your ass up against his hard, stiff cock, and you worked your body, your little tummy rippling softly as you rubbed your ass up and down against his length.

    Sirius kept his eyes on your stunning figure, but he noticed every bit of how you were already panting, your pretty face flushed, your gorgeous tummy burning with the effort of pushing your ass up like that, your palms pressing quite uncomfortably against the stone floor, your pink knees stinging sharply, and your tight little pussy aching from how much cock you had already had to take tonight – his cock.

    Sirius tried to soothe you again, running his hands warmly down your curves. But you continued to ignore him. You bit down on your lower lip and kept shifting back and down, rubbing your ass on him to show him that you weren’t tired.

    Fine, if she insists, Sirius thought, and he willingly pushed himself back into you. He watched your pussy lips spread once more, parting so beautifully on his thickness. He pushed forward, and he watched as his cock filled you right up, kept you plugged, until your sweet cunt was nothing but a tight little hole all wrapped around his width, with absolutely no space in-between. Then, his length was disappearing inside of you, and Sirius could feel your warm, velvety pussy walls enveloping his cock and then squeeze all over him.

    “Ah…” you moaned, your head falling back a little more and more the deeper Sirius pushed into you.

    Sirius let out a sharp huff of breath as he grasped at your ass with his hands. He loved how soft you were when you were like this. Just now, that soft, beautiful moan that you had let out made Sirius want you so badly, and it wasn’t just to fuck your little pussy, the way he was now (though he would certainly never say no to this). Rather, he wanted to hear you speak to him in this soft manner. He wanted you to come find him and tell him when you were tired and just wanted to be held for a moment. He wanted… Well, he wanted all of it with you. But you never did, and Sirius never told you that he’d prefer it if you did. Instead, you both continued to pretend that this was all just sex, nothing more.

    Because it would be so difficult to admit anything more. While you didn’t believe at all in the pureblood hierarchy, you believed in changing people, not abandoning them. Whereas Sirius couldn’t understand why someone like you would fight to stay with people who were clearly wrong for you. Frankly, the amount of trouble you invited by seeing each other. For example, for you, your parents sometimes wrote you to tell you off for “being seen with the likes of Sirius Black” and for Sirius, his mates were quite wary of you and they wondered why Sirius was all right with spending time with you, when Sirius obviously hated all the other Slytherins.

    It was tough, to explain why you did take to each other like this. And it was even tougher to admit that you might want something more. Plus, there was that damn pride that got in the way for both of you.

    Still, when the two of you were alone like this, sometimes a glimmer of what could be slipped through. Even in this moment, Sirius asked you, as tenderly as he could, “You still want me to cum in you, love?”

    You paused, slightly puzzled. Am I just out of it, or was his voice rather soft just now?

    That was the thing about Sirius that confused you, and secretly made you develop a soft spot for him. Because he was undeniably an annoying prankster, an awful flirt, and just an all-around tease, but when it came to these moments, these glimpses of vulnerability that you showed him, he met you at every one with the utmost care for you.

    He was rewarded for his tenderness, too, as you moaned out in a hauntingly needy voice, “Yes, please… Cum in me.”

    Sirius’ hands slipped down to grasp your hips. Without saying anything, he supported you, taking the weight off of your knees and palms.

    You let out a sigh of relief. But the relief didn’t last very long at all.

    Sirius, now that he had your permission, had you right where he wanted you, and he was still determined to make good on the first night of his new resolution. He wasted no time, because he wasn’t tired at all yet. Something about the sight of you like this, all undone, your dark green and black Slytherin sweater and shirt pushed roughly all the way down to your shoulders, so that he could see your beautiful shoulders straining against your bra straps running down your back as you arched for him, as well as the sight of your black skirt hiked up to your midriff, and with your black lace panties stretched out into a thin, shivering line between your lovely thighs… Well, suffice it to say that Sirius would never tire of this, ever.

    Which was why, unfortunately for you, you were going to have to hold on a good while longer and keep desperately pretending to be a “tough girl” while Sirius continued to hold you in place and make your tight little cunt milk his cock for all you were worth.

    Feeling Sirius’ cock sink back into your aching warmth, you brought your trembling hands together on the floor. Leaning forward, you buried your face against your hands and let out quiet, muffled moans against the back of your hands. However, Sirius felt that you were sinking too far forward, away from him. Displeased, and wanting you closer, Sirius gave your hips an impatient tug. He jerked you back, and your pussy suddenly had to take his cock all the way.

    You yelped, and your hands messily scrambled to find your stance again to keep from outright face-planting against the stone floor.

    Yes, he growled in his head, watching your tight little pussy struggling to take him in so deeply. All the fucking way. Every single inch buried in this tight cunt of hers. She’s my little puppy. Mine. At least for tonight.

    “Ah! S-Sirius!” The low moan that you were trying to hold back finally escaped you, because Sirius wasn’t budging at all, and your cunt was squeezing and throbbing and getting all wet as it tried to desperately accommodate the length and width of his stiff cock buried inside of you. It felt so good, but it was too much, too thick, stretching you out too well…

    “Nngh…” You shut your eyes tightly, trying to hold onto any semblance of sanity within you.

    But you couldn’t.

    No, you whimpered in your head, I can’t calm down, not – uhn – not when I’m so – so f-full. Ah… He’s moving his hips a little. Ah, f-fuck! Mmm, God, I want to cum. I want to cum so bad… Ah… But – But it’s too much. It hurts a little, with how much he’s filling me up. I feel like he’s going to split me open. Uhn… I c-can’t take this anymore.

    You were truly about to give up, to turn around and put your arms out and ask Sirius to hold you and make love to you gently until he came in you. Yes, it would cost you your pride, but so what?

    Fine, so what if it’s only the first night of the new year? So what if I didn’t even last one night? you thought to yourself, trying hard to justify what you were about to do. My legs are going to give out. And I don’t think it’s just how big he is that’s making me feel so tight inside. I think I – I want him. Is it so risky and so bad to say that? His voice is softer tonight. Maybe… Just maybe…

    However, just as you were about to surrender, Sirius opened his stupid mouth to say to you, “Say you’re sorry.”

    At this, you managed to lift your head and you shot him a look that clearly said, “fuck right off.”

    Sirius sighed. “Fine, but you had your chance.”

    Reaching down, he grasped your shoulders. Then, with a swift pull, he lifted you up off the ground.

    You gasped in surprise as he pushed you against the shelves lining the wall. Your panties finally fell down your thighs and got caught on your left ankle as you tripped forward.  

    You hissed a little, as the wooden edges of the shelves were not the most comfortable thing to be pressed up against. But you hardly had time to register it, because the next second, Sirius’ cock was pushing at your pussyhole again, and before you could so much as catch your breath, you felt his cock delve back into your slick, sweet walls.

    “God, you have such a perfect little figure to fuck,” Sirius murmured to you, as he wasted no time in setting a rough, hard rhythm with you. “And I swear your pussy gets tighter, baby.”

    You whimpered, but your voice was lost in the sounds of Sirius taking you roughly – of the sharp slapping sound of skin meeting skin as his pelvis bounced off of your plush ass, of the low thudding that your thighs made when it hit up against the wooden shelf because your body was being tugged back slightly and then slammed forward again as Sirius thrust into you hard and fast from behind.

    It was ironic that, despite your initial reluctance to touch any of the dust in this closet, there were now handprints streaking down the floor, courtesy of how you’d slipped and slid all over the floor as Sirius took you doggy. Now, in this new position, the shelves were imprinting themselves on your body, leaving bright pink lines across your thighs, tummy, and breasts.

    But you didn’t care. Sirius had been right. Getting fucked this hard, this intensely, meant your mind couldn’t register your environment any longer - not when Sirius’ hands were gripping you so tightly that his touch made you feel feverishly hot, and the heat spread from the points where he was gripping you tightly, to the rest of your body, until you were warm all over, and especially between your legs. Then, there was the scent of your love-making, with Sirius’ sweat mingling with yours. It might have been disgusting had it been anyone else, but it wasn’t – it was him, and he was with you, making love to you, and his scent, of musk and something strong and woodsy, like cedar, surrounded you as he pressed up against you. You loved it. The scent centered you, grounded you back to the earth, and you desperately needed that as the rest of being with him – the intense love-making, but also the quick, witty “back-and-forth”s – left you spinning.

    More than anything, you wanted to turn around, to see Sirius’ face and catch his expression as he took you.  And you wanted to trace his chest with your hands and press your palms gently right over where his heart was beating, because it would be a way of saying, I’m yours, I’m yours, I’m yours.

    But you kept these feelings to yourself, and instead settled for moaning his name as he fucked you hard against the bookshelves.

    At one point, your skirt fell down a little, getting in the way, and Sirius growled and tore it off easily. The sad piece of black fabric fluttered to the floor besides your foot. You glanced down for a moment, only to see your feet shifting unsteadily, while Sirius’ feet were on either side of yours, rocking back and forth. That image made you think once more of how badly you wanted to be contained within his strong frame, just like this, for a lot longer than he wanted you to be there.

    A soft pang of hurt went off in your heart. But you gritted your teeth and instead focused on keeping your legs apart for Sirius, to let him fuck you until he came in you. Yes, cum in me, cum in me, please, you begged in your head. I want you, Sirius Black. And it’s so stupid of me to feel this way, but I can’t help it. So, if only just for tonight, or for however many broom closets there are in this castle, please make me yours.  

    Sirius groaned heavily, his thrusts getting rather sloppy, as he was getting closer and closer. Chasing his high, his broad, warm hands now ravaged your body all over. One moment, his fingers were pushing into your mouth, making you gag a little as he continued to pound into you. His fingers patted gently against your soft, warm, little tongue before he pulled his hand away. You blinked blearily as his fingers disappeared from between your pretty lips, leaving you gasping again. But only a moment later, Sirius was groping your breasts, making you moan when he grasped at them and pushed them together in time to his taking you roughly from behind, and then whimper when he pinched your nipples between his fingers rather meanly. However, before you could complain, Sirius had already moved on, as he was now adoringly lavishing your curves, touching you so fervently that for a moment, you moaned from his mere touch, as much as from the rough pounding you were taking between your lovely legs. Finally, Sirius reached down to lift your left leg  up. He guided you so that you were resting your knee on the shelf at waist-level.

    “S-Sirius?” you panted out. “What are you doing with me?”

    That phrase – what are you doing with me? nearly made Sirius angry, as he found himself wanting to demand of you – what are you doing with me?

    Needless to say, a growl appeared in Sirius’ voice, as he told you, “Hold still, love. I want to take you deeper.”

    “Deeper?” you repeated, a bit nervously.

    “Yes, tight little pussy like yours deserves to be taken deep, don’t you think?” Sirius whispered. He stepped closer to you, keeping his hand on the back of your thigh to keep you propped up on the shelf like that, all ready and waiting for him.

    What are you doing with me?

    Well, if the only time you left me do anything to you is sex, why shouldn’t I make the most of it? If this is the only time you’re willing to be mine, and to give yourself so prettily to me, then I might as well make you gasp for me as much as I can, isn’t that right?

    Sirius’ other hand snaked around your neck just then. Suddenly, you found Sirius holding you by your pretty little throat. With his hands shaping you into the position he wanted, in which Sirius found you indescribably gorgeous, he grasped your thigh and neck tightly just before he thrust upwards.

    “Ah! A-Ah!” Two startled gasps pierced the air as you felt Sirius’ cock fuck itself so very deep inside of you, making your entire body shiver deliciously. All at once, that thin string somewhere all coiled up inside of your tummy snapped.

    “Ah…” you moaned out. “Hah… Ah… Ah…” The wave that came crashing down in your tummy startled you with its intensity. And with Sirius holding your throat like that, you couldn’t hide your cries any longer.

    “Mmm,” Sirius breathed out rather raggedly, “cumming again, love?”

    “Y-Yes,” you stuttered out. “Ah, S-Sirius…”

    “Fuck, you’re clenching on my cock so hard,” Sirius whispered, his voice suddenly all tight and tense.

    A second later, Sirius yanked your head back and he captured your mouth in a feverish kiss. God, she’s so precious like this, he thought, as he passionately claimed your mouth as his own.

    But if you thought that Sirius was happy to be taking you so very roughly, you would be wrong.

    What are you doing to me? Sirius thought, very nearly miserable, as he choked you gently while kissing you, so that your tiny pants and whimpers escaped your lips, only to be caught by Sirius’ warm mouth. Because the truth was, while Sirius Black was many things, being possessive was not one of them. But something about you triggered an intense possessiveness in Sirius. He never let you know that, because he knew damn well that you would use that against him, and he didn’t need to give you any more ammo than you already had.

    But lately, whenever Sirius saw you with someone else, even if it was just when you were standing around and laughing with someone else, it made something growl ferociously inside his chest. Even more interestingly, initially, what Sirius felt was only possessiveness, not jealously. He didn’t feel the need to snatch you away for himself and to keep all your laughter to himself. No, he genuinely wanted you to be happy and free.

    However, as the days went by, and you hardly looked his way, except when Sirius managed to get you under him, with your legs spread wide open for him, for him to delve his cock into your perfect little cunt, Sirius started to feel something lock up in his chest. At that point, yes, seeing you laugh at someone else’s joke or seeing you wrapped in the arms of another man (because that bastard Zabini seemed to have a thing for you and kept trying to find excuses to put his hands on you) made Sirius bristle. He didn’t know why you affected him that way, and honestly, he hated it. He didn’t enjoy falling for you, not at all. Because it meant that, for once, he wasn’t in control of himself. For once, he didn’t know what he wanted, and that was a scary thing for Sirius, the self-proclaimed rogue Black, to feel.

    So, now that he had you all wrapped up in his arms, Sirius was doing his best to satiate whatever strange want had emerged within his chest. He thought, rather foolishly, that if he were to take all that he could now, he wouldn’t hurt so bad later.  

    “Ah- Mmpfh – Mm, mm, mmm!” You let out dazed, fervent moans. Your head was spinning, and random bubbles of light were blossoming in your vision. You were already struggling to stand on one leg, and then to have Sirius pull your head back like that and capture your lips in his so pressingly definitely cast a proper, floaty haze over your eyes. Besides that, your little tummy was straining so much to accommodate Sirius, because he seemed determine to have you spread open for him, to make you take him as deep as he could possibly go inside of you – and that was making it hard for you to breathe properly, aside from the fact that Sirius just didn’t seem to want to let your throat loose from his grasp. And all the while, there was another manner in which you were accommodating him, because right now, at this very moment, Sirius let out a low, heady growl, and then – he was cumming in your sweet little cunt.

    “Ah…!” you gasped.

    Sirius was giving himself to you, all of him, finishing in your tight cunt, just like you’d asked for, and then keeping his cock inside of your little hole. He made damn sure you were taking all of his hot, white cum. He wanted to make sure that if you were ever with another man, he could never be able to satisfy you the way Sirius was now – absolutely filling you up with his cum.

    You stilled, not wanting a single drop of cum to escape your pussy. Sirius noticed how still you suddenly were, despite your shoulders shivering because of your panting, and he saw the way you were tensing to take his cum. Internally, he groaned. He had never realized before what a sweet little puppy you could be for him.

    I should’ve cum in her sooner, Sirius found himself thinking. But he had been scared that if he didn’t give you something to want, to lust for, you’d never want anything to do with him again. After all, you were a Slytherin pureblood, and though you didn’t buy into any of the blood hierarchy lunacy that many of the other Slytherins did, you still somehow managed to command respect from all of your peers, to the point that Dumbledore had made you prefect of your House. Even Dolohov, one of the most bigoted bastards Sirius had ever met, didn’t dare say any prejudicial in front of you. That was the respect that you commanded.

    So why would you want to associate yourself with the likes of him, Sirius Black, who had no sense of the middle ground, and only strove to be as anti-pureblood and anti-Slytherin as he could possibly be?

    Just as Sirius found himself thinking that, you hit right on his self-doubt because that was the moment when you finally pulled away from Sirius’ kisses. With a low moan, you slumped forward against the shelves. Sirius was left to kiss your neck and shoulders, which he did, and still with a sense of urgency and passion.

    She didn’t kiss me back, Sirius thought morosely. As soon as I finished cumming in her, she pulled away from me. So, then, how the fuck can I even entertain the idea of asking her to stay?

    Eyes closed, you tried to remember the sensation of Sirius’ cum filling up your pussy. Mmm, you hummed in your head, he finally did it. Finally. After a moment, you could feel his cock softening, and then, Sirius finally pulled out.

    Sirius, who still had you propped up on the shelf with one knee up, used his hands to spread you open. He wanted to see you. So, he spread open your perky little ass to see your tight pink cunt, which he’d just cummed in. He groaned at the sight of your pussy opening up for him a little, right as you were about to start to overflow with his cum.

    “You look so good with my cum inside of you, babe,” he whispered lowly, as he watched his cum beginning to slowly but surely drip out of your pretty pussy.

    It feels so good, you almost confessed. Because it truly did. Not only did his cum fill you up so well, soothing your aching walls, but to know that a man like Sirius Black had used you to his satisfaction, and cum in your little pussy… Well, the thought made you want him all over again.

    You bit down on your lower lip, suddenly anxious. You didn’t know exactly why you wanted Sirius so much. In fact, life would be far easier if you didn’t like him, what with you being the Slytherin prefect and all. But the truth was that, for some inexplainable and therefore unassailable reason, you couldn’t stop yourself from being attracted (and dare one admit, even admiring) this stupidly bold, annoyingly charismatic, and unfailingly brave man. For him to cum in you like this, it made you feel that bit more like his girl. And that meant something to you. In fact, it meant a lot to you, even if you wouldn’t admit it yourself. You suddenly bowed your head, hiding your face in your arms, which you had now gathered together on the shelf in front of you.

    Sirius reached over and rather brusquely pushed your head up to see your face. “Stop hiding,” he told you, honestly fed up with how you kept avoiding him. “I gave you what you wanted. Shouldn’t you be thanking -?”

    He fell silent, as he saw the way you were nervously biting down on your lower lip and how – dare he guess – embarrassed you looked.

    But why? Sirius wondered. “Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

    As Sirius spoke to you, your eyes anxiously flashed up to meet his. In that moment, Sirius witnessed the most unexpected thing – a glimpse of uncertainty and vulnerability flashing beautifully in your mysterious eyes. Because in that moment, you had accidentally let him catch a glimpse of the painful truth that you were beginning to admit to yourself: I’m not indifferent to you, Sirius Black. No. I think I want to be yours, more than anything.  

    Unfortunately, when you took in the sight of him – how his long black hair wasn’t even a strand out of place, how his sculpted, firm chest, now beaded lightly with sweat, was as calm and proud as ever, and how his stormy grey-blue eyes bore no hint of reciprocating the vulnerability you were feeling now, you quickly sank back down to reality.

    Scoffing at yourself, you berated yourself in your mind. Are you crazy? Don’t go falling in love with Sirius Black now. The thought was so pathetic that you suddenly felt embarrassed for even thinking about it.

    You hastily started to push your knee back, to let your leg fall from the shelf and to step back onto both feet on the floor.

    But Sirius quickly caught the back of your thigh and he held you in your position. “Stay like that a little longer, love.”

    “What? Why? Aren’t we done?” you asked, rather coldly. You avoided meeting his gaze again.

    “Yeah, but I love seeing you like this,” Sirius replied, forced to look at the curve of your neck as you determinedly looked away from him.

    “Like what? Like your slut?” you asked, and your voice was sharp and icy. “Do you have all the girls pose for you after you cum in them?”

    Sirius frowned deeply, and his eyes flashed with anger at this misunderstanding. Where did it go wrong? he wondered, scouring his memories of tonight to try to pinpoint a moment where things had turned sour between the two of you. Have I hurt her in some way? But she was feeling pleasure, right? I would never hurt her on purpose. I have to ask.

    Worry blossoming in his chest, Sirius asked you, rather urgently, “Love, did I hurt you somehow?”

    You shook your head.

    “If I did, then tell me.”

    However, in your ever-stubborn manner, you pressed your line of attack again. “You tell me,” you insisted. “You love seeing me like what?”

    Sirius slowly ran the flat of his broad palm up the back of your thigh and over your pussy. He hoped it would calm you, but it only made you stiffen. He couldn’t figure you out – not now, not ever. So, without knowing what else to say, Sirius swallowed his fear as he opted for the truth. “Like you’re my girl,” he murmured.

    You froze. What did he just say?

    When you didn’t respond, Sirius sighed. He finally let you go. “I’m sorry if that was…” His sentence went unspoken, and Sirius fell entirely silent, as he suddenly watched you spring into action. He stared at you with wide eyes as he watched you doing your best to ignore how tingly your legs were to quickly back away from him, all the while hurriedly pulling down your sweater and yanking up your panties and skirt. Then, without a single word of explanation, you scampered towards the door.


    That was the only word ringing out in Sirius’ mind as he suddenly stepped firmly in front of you. He caught you easily in his arms. “That’s it,” he growled, and his tone indicated clearly that he was at his breaking point. “What is going on? If I hurt you, you have to tell me. I swear on my life that I never meant to hurt you, but if you just tell me what I did, I’ll make it up to you. Love, please.”

    “You didn’t do anything. I just – I’m cold,” you made up quickly. It could not have been further from the truth. Your whole body was tingling with warmth from having been touched all over by Sirius, and between your thighs, there was a particular warmth, a testament to the fact that Sirius had made love to until he finished inside of you.

    Yes, he had finished inside of you, at your request… Then, you’d snapped at him and tried to run away. You sighed, and you fell quiet, remaining in Sirius’ arms.

    “All right,” you finally admitted, rather apologetically. “Maybe it was a little too intense.”

    Of course, you weren’t talking about physically, but Sirius seemed to take it that way. He cupped your face with his warm hand, which you had to resist nestling your cheek against, as he replied, “I’m sorry. I can carry you back up, and I can try to heal you. I’m not great at healing magic, to be honest, but I can try.”

    You wanted to shake your head at him, but you thought that if you did that, you wouldn’t be able to help turning your face in his hand and kissing his palm. Truly, you had never felt such a lack of self-control over yourself. But standing like this, in Sirius’ embrace, looking up at him while pressed up against his chest, it was… Well, it made your little heart thump.

    Just then, Sirius sighed and he said, in a voice that sounded resigned, and rather unlike him, “You know, it didn’t have to be this way. I had a different idea for tonight.”

    “Going out with your mates, I bet?” Feeling safe in his arms, you felt your usual teasing nature come out a bit more.

    “Well, yeah, at first.”

    “Then coming back to me to escape Lily’s wrath? Using my prefect status to counteract her Head Girl status?” you reeled off knowingly.

    Sirius paused, cocking his head rather adorably at you. “How’d you know?”

    “Because you’re so bloody predictable, Sirius. It’s annoying.”

    But then, Sirius shook his head at you. “No,” he countered, “you’re so damn annoying. Your stupid pride… You egged me on, and now there’s a waste of a perfectly good bed up in my dormitory room. I even washed the sheets for you.”

    You snorted, truly unimpressed. “What a grand act of romanticism.”

    “Fine, it’s not much. But still, you know me.”

    “I do know you. Too well, I think.”

    Sirius frowned. “Can we not argue for once?”

    You shrugged. Suddenly, your confidence broke apart all over again. I don’t know who to be with you, if I can’t be defensive. I can’t have you knowing how I feel. You’ll think that I’m just a fool, and I can’t let you think of me that way. At least now, when I keep you at a distance with all the teasing and insults, you respect me. Right?

    But then, Sirius shocked you with an extremely perceptive question. In a frustrated voice, he questioned, “Why can’t you ever just admit that you were wrong?”

    “I don’t know,” you retorted, bristling as you were equally frustrated with him. “Maybe because I don’t think I’d hold your interest otherwise.” You paused, as the words unintentionally escaped your lips.

    Sirius blinked. “What?”

    “What?” you repeated quickly, trying to play the moment off as nothing.

    Yeah, nothing, you told yourself unconvincingly, while all the while, your cheeks flushed a lovely pink.

    “Hold my interest…?”

    “It’s nothing. I – I misspoke.” You tried to slip out of Sirius’ arms, but he immediately tightened his arms around you.

    “No, you can’t just slip away tonight.”

    You stopped, and you looked up at Sirius rather indignantly. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    “You know what I mean. You make a point of leaving before I’m awake every single time,” Sirius said knowingly, even accusingly.  

    “Well, you don’t want me to stay, Sirius.”

    “That’s not tr -”

    “And I don’t want to stay.”

    Sirius fell silent for a long moment. Then, he asked quietly, “Why not? Is it because you only want to use me for sex?”

    “Yes,” you said quickly.

    Sirius lifted his eyebrow at you. “Really?”

    You went very still in his arms. Then, you started to fidget. But no matter how much you squirmed around, Sirius was there, holding you tight in his arms.

    Finally, a bit breathlessly, you looked up at Sirius and asked, “Well, would you believe me if I said I left because you snore?”

    Sirius snorted. “No.”

    “You really do, you know,” you told him.

    Sirius rolled his eyes at you. “So fucking defensive, all the time,” he muttered.

    “Well then, let me go.” You pushed at his arms and eventually gave him a frustrated little bite at his chest.

    “But I don’t want to.” Sirius spoke clearly, and his gaze was unwavering as he looked down at you, watching you make yourself breathless in the confines of his arms, merely by yanking at his sleeves and biting at his buttons, as if you really were his little puppy – a ferocious puppy, to be sure, with paws already ready to bat him away – but still, a puppy. His puppy.

    Finally, you gave up. You groaned as you buried your face against his chest. Gripping at his shirt, you whispered, with a painful blush spreading across your cheeks, “Fine. Fine. I can’t help but get all defensive around you because – because…”

    You fell silent, but Sirius didn’t need to hear anything more.

    Instead, while keeping one arm still wrapped tightly around you, with his other, he reached down and grasped your chin in his hand. Pulling your face up rather abruptly, he kissed you.

    You were startled, but Sirius’ hug kept you pressed up against him, and it gave you the moment you needed to realize what was happening – and when you did, when you recognized that Sirius Black was kissing you, not as a warm-up to fuck you, but just to be with you, just to express the feelings he felt for you, you finally let yourself kiss him back.

    The kiss was so very gentle, but it lasted ages. Most of it was unintentional, as Sirius was lost in the pure joy of kissing you without having to hold back anymore. But as Sirius slowly felt you beginning to respond, little by little, feeling your small hands fumble up his shoulders before slipping into his hair, where your delicate fingers tangled themselves with his locks, and feeling the way your body melted softly against his, until the two of you were sharing a line of existence, Sirius had quite the incentive to keep kissing you. Finally, she’s just herself around me – all soft and like. Finally. It was even better than having you moaning because Sirius kept making sweet, intense love to you when you were already all spent – and that was saying a lot, that was.

    Eventually, though, you both drew away from each other just the tiniest fraction of space, to catch your breaths and remind yourselves that time still existed.

    “So,” Sirius murmured, slightly hoarsely, “all this time…?”

    “No,” you cut him off at once. “Absolutely not.”

    Sirius sighed. Closing his eyes as he reminded himself to be patient, he said, “Love, you’re going to have to break that habit sometime, y’know. As much fun as it is getting shot down by you, I’d rather I didn’t.”

    “Right, yes, it’s a problem,” you agreed earnestly. Getting up on tiptoe, you pushed your forehead against his lightly and apologetically, as you murmured, “But you still like me, right?”

    Sirius opened his eyes and gazed down at you. After a moment, he murmured softly, “Yeah, I reckon I do, puppy.”

    “You’ll give me a chance to work on it?” you asked.

    “Mhm,” Sirius promised. “That’ll be my New Year’s resolution. To wear down your defensiveness until you’re all soft for me.”

    “Okay, good. Yeah, um, that’s a - a proper New Year’s resolution. It might take some time, y’know,” you mumbled shyly. 

    “I know.”

    “And you can’t be such a prat,” you said suddenly, reverting back to your sharp, witty self.

    “Excuse me?” Sirius said, pretending to be insulted.

    “You know what I mean.”

    Sirius chuckled, breaking his facade of indignance, as he admitted again, “I know.”

    “Okay,” you said softly, and you did your best to give him an encouraging smile.

    Seeing your hesitant smile, Sirius couldn’t help but to lean in and kiss you again. 

    “Mm,” you breathed out happily as you kissed him back.

    The meaning of time began to fade away again, as you and Sirius kissed each other, no longer having to hold back all of the gentle, tender love and care that you felt for each other. And there were flashes of genuine and deep adoration in there, too, for each other.

    However, even though your heart felt like it would be perfectly happy kissing Sirius forever, your body was already beyond exhausted from the night’s events.

    Sirius could feel you fading in his arms. After giving you one last, lingering kiss on the lips, Sirius told you, “I’m going to take you up to bed now, all right?”

    “But I want to sleep in my bed tonight,” you told him, even as you blinked up at him with sleepy eyes. “You only have one pillow, remember?”

    “Well, you can sleep on my chest,” Sirius offered. “Moony has told me before that I’m pretty comfortable to sleep on.”

    You yawned before you informed him yet again, “But you snore.”

    “I don’t.”

    “You really do. …A little.” Your eyes shut and you rested your head on Sirius’ shoulder.

    Sirius pulled a face. “So, what, you’re telling me you want to go back to that Slytherin hellhole?”

    “Excuse me.” You lifted your head and cracked one angry eye open at Sirius. “That happens to be my House.”

    “But it’s full of demons, spirits, and prats.”

    You sighed. Starting to push yourself away from Sirius, you murmured, “Fine. I’ll walk myself back.”

    “No, no, come back here,” Sirius said quickly, hugging you to him yet again. It surprised even him, how well you fit in his arms, as if you were built for him, and Sirius suddenly knew that he would do all in his power not to have to let you go again – at least, not unless he had to, and not with a sure promise from you that you’d race right back to him at the first possible moment. 

    “All right,” Sirius acquiesced with a grumble, “we’ll spend the night in your dorm.”

    “Fine.” Satisfied with winning the argument, you flopped right back into Sirius’ arms.

    Sirius, realizing you wanted to stay with him, felt his heart melt in fondness for you. He carefully sat back against the door, still cradling you in his arms. “Fine…” he whispered quietly to you.

    You nodded your little head tiredly on his shoulder.

    Sirius watched as you started to fall asleep. As you did, you let out a little hum and nuzzled his shoulder with your cheek.

    Sirius gazed at you in awe. “Baby,” he murmured in a barely audible voice, “look at you. You get all soft when you’re with me like this. Why can’t you be like this with me more often?”


    Sirius smiled to himself, as his own eyes slipped shut. “Said you’re all… all soft, puppy…”

    Just like that, the two of you fell asleep together, right in that broom closet, all wrapped up in each other’s arms, and both of you were perfectly content on staying that way well after the sun came up on the first day of the new year.

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    Imagine: Sirius being jealous that another Gryffindor was flirting with you. [x]

    Sirius: *sitting down on the Gryffindor table* Where’s Y/N? James: Well, hello to you to Sirius. Sirius: Oh sorry Prongs didn’t realise you needed a red carpet. *pauses* I was just wondering where they were because Y/N said they’d be here- Remus: -They’re over there. Peter: Yeah, they’ve been talking to that guy for a while. He really likes them by the looks of it. Siruis: *clenches jaw* Oh, really? Well, I’ll go get them- Remus: -No, Sirius. They’ll come over in a minute.

    Want to request an imagine?

    [A/N: I no longer take Harry Potter requests; please do not send any]

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    Hey, lovely people.

    Recently I got an influx of requests. And I'm honored, that you think I'm an appropriate person to bring your ideas to life.

    I do hope that the end result is at least a little bit satisfying.

    It's always a joy to write so many different scenarios in so many different genres.

    Thank you and I'm always open for whatever you need.

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    𝐑𝐞𝐤𝐢 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤! 𝐒/𝐎

    (𝐀/𝐧)- 𝐒𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐦, 𝐫𝐞𝐤𝐢 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐬𝐢𝐦𝐩 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮, 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐚 (𝐜𝐮𝐳 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐰𝐨 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞), 𝐬𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐥 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐬, 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐎𝐍𝐈𝐂 𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚, 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐫𝐲, 𝐣𝐨𝐞, 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐚 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐛𝐚𝐝 𝐛𝐢𝐭𝐜𝐡

    -𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐛𝐨𝐭𝐡 𝐦𝐞𝐭-

    How you both met was at school, you was a new student.
    Many ppl was interested in you cause, you were completely different from the others (if you know what I mean)
    While some was begin racist and shit, cuz you that BITCH.
    Boys was already fawning over you cuz you are dat cute bitch also
    Some girls wanted to get to know you and wanting to be your friend, some girls was jealous. Cuz they ain’t all that like you are queen✨😌✨
    While some boys was flirting w you, going all boy crazy over you. A lil red-head was looking at you.
    Boy basically had heart eyes, cuz when he first saw you walked in the classroom. His heart pounded like crazy.
    Even Langa was worried for him, thinking that you have gave him something.
    Reki explained that he might prb have a crush on you.
    When class started he was basically looking at you for the entire period, or when the teacher called him. He would look like a lost dog (it made him look more adorable in your opinion) and ofc ppl would make fun of him cuz there idiots
    After class, reki finally got the balls to go up to you and make some small talk. But that ended up failing miserably, you thought it was cute and you introduced yourself to him.
    When your other class was abt to start you gave him a little goodbye, and blow him a kiss. And boy oh boy you made his crush even worse

    -𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐝𝐢𝐝 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐜𝐜𝐞𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐢𝐭?

    You both tried to confess to each other, but it was mainly you lol
    You actually started to like reki when you both started to hang out /w/ each other. You can’t forget abt langa.
    You also met the other ppl of the gang, you and miya are very close like you both were siblings.
    Reki was a lil jealous of the badass lil fucker, thinking that he was finna steal his crush.
    But you only had eyes for reki and reki only. Which made him feel so special.
    But you the one who had to confess cuz homeboy was a mess. And you liked him and he liked you, SOOOO make it official. Duh😒
    But he sulked a little bit cuz he thought he would make you go boy crazy over him when he confessed to you. But overall he was happy when he finally can date the person who he loved.

    -𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐢𝐬 𝐲𝐚'𝐥𝐥 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩 𝐫𝐧?-

    His family absolutely adores you both
    Same thing /w/ yours, and if you have some problems /w/ your family than your friends are proud of you and him.
    The gang absolutely loves you and doesn’t make you feel like an outcast cus your different. They love it how you are different from the others.
    The others are really curious abt your culture, and you love it how ppl are asking abt your culture so you can explain to ppl abt it. Especially langa
    Langa always be asking why is your hair different from the others and what you do /w/ it. And how did you gotten your culture. And you love giving this bb information.
    Let’s get back in track with Reki-
    Reki had become a HUGE simp for you like if you are on your cycle, he would pamper you to the fullest. If you need help with your hair, he would try his very best. Basically an amazing boyfriend but also a whole simp for you.
    He is really affectionate and such a good partner that some ppl think that you both are a married couple.
    He lives off of your kisses if he had a bad day, give him a kiss that would make him feel so much better.
    SKINCARE ROUTINE! He loves doing skincare routine /w/ you. He loves it how you make is face smooth and while spending time /w/ you.
    I think you guys would have a movie night once a week or so? Idk you guys just go on a lot of dates that includes movies.
    If you skate also, HE WOULD LOVE YOU EVEN MORE, not that he already does it’s that alot of ppl think that skating is stupid. So not so many ppl skate.
    If ppl have a problem with your guys relationship, than they can suck a d!ck. Cuz you guys ain’t listening to their bs, saying how a black person cant be with a Japanese person.
    You guys are happy and that’s what it’s all matters.
    His sisters loves you, Koyomi looks up to you. She really thinks your cool, especially with your hairstyles.
    When you are gonna do a simple hairstyle, you let her do your hair. And it is so cute and fun.
    Nanaka and Chihiro loves you cuz you always play with them, and also cuz the snacks you always make are so good.
    But everyone loves you guys relationship, and you both feel like you are gonna spend the rest of your lives with each other.

    𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐭𝐨 @tinyjxmxn, 𝐩𝐥𝐳 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.

    𝐖𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐛𝐞 𝐨𝐧 𝐦𝐲 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭? 𝐃𝐌 𝐦𝐞!

    #anime#black writers#writing #sk8 the infinity #sk8 reki#sk8 miya#sk8 joe#sk8 shadow#sk8 langa#sk8 kaoru#reki kyan #reki kyan x reader #sk8 the infinity headcanons #sk8 the infinity x poc!reader #sk8 the infinity x black reader #sk8 the infinity fanfic #[¯´•.✎- ᴛɪɴʏ ʜᴇᴀᴅᴄᴀɴᴏɴs.•´¯]
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    The Red Means I Love You | Wanda Maximoff

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x oc

    Summary: Adriana Barton was always accustomed with the colour red. The colour of blood. That was before she was tasked with hunting down the Maximoff twins during the Age of Ultron. However, she remembers her fathers words. That the best shot he ever took, was the one he didn't take. And so she takes it upon herself to bring Wanda into the Avengers, no matter the cost, and soon finds herself enamoured with a new type of red.

    Warnings: Ultron. Mentions of parent abandonment. Swearing. Discussions about terrorism. I swear I don't hate Tony.

    Word count: 4.2k

    A/N: taglist below, thank you guys for reading, next chapter she meets Wanda





    Nat and I sit by the bar at Tony's party, her making us cocktails after flirting shamelessly with Bruce.

    "I wouldn't have picked Bruce as the Avenger you'd go for," I comment, stirring my martini. "I would have thought Steve."

    "Oh you know I've been there and done that," she laughs. "You also thought I was your dad's girlfriend when he brought me home to meet you."

    "I was like fifteen-"

    "Eighteen," she corrects. "You know I'm only like five years older than you right."

    "Seven," I correct. "I'm a nineties baby thank you very much."

    We both laugh, Nat might be like an aunt to my younger brother and sister, but she's more like a sister to me.

    "But still, you and Banner?" I tease with a raised eyebrow.

    "And what about you huh?" she asks looking around. "A room full of handsome men and you're sitting here drinking with me."

    "None of them are quite my type," I comment and she gives me a look.

    "There's some pretty ladies too."

    "Shut up," I laugh and look around to appease her, none of Tony's randoms quite take my eye but someone does.

    "I like Sam," I say, and she looks over to him. "He's a good looking guy, funny too."

    And then I see my dad, being dad, nearby which Natasha notices.

    "You're in your twenties, not a teenager, don't worry about your dad and actually get to know a guy."

    "Sam's still got more than a decade on me," I remind her. "He's closer in age to my dad."

    "So," she says and I remember how much older Bruce is than her. "You're a beautiful grown woman, it's time you get out there, and beside your dad likes him better than the other shitty boyfriends you've had."

    There's no arguing with that, and so I pour myself a double shot of vodka and off I go.

    I approach Sam and Steve, pretending like I didn't have to run a whole intelligence check on him for Fury when he became involved with Steve. "Hi."

    He looks at me and smiles, surprised "Oh hey, you're Clints daughter right, Adriana."

    "I am, I thought I'd introduce myself," I say shaking his hand, Steve giving me a funny look. "And you are Sam Wilson, this old bastards best friend."

    "Well I wouldn't go that far," he laughs and looks at Steve. "No offence man."

    "None taken," Steve says and must catch a look Natasha gives him from the bar. "Adriana was one of the best agents Shield had, Natasha actually trained her for a while."

    "So you worked for Shield, not the Avengers?" Sam asks. "I would have thought Clint would have you right up there with Natasha."

    "No, unfortunately not but I worked directly for Fury in intelligence, taking Dad's route I suppose, " I comment and turn the attention to him. "So you're an army man."

    "Retired," he answers and slaps Steve on the shoulder. "Now I follow Cap around and serve the country as needed."

    "He's my best man," Steve says, talking him up. "I'm going to grab another drink."

    He leaves us talking and I remark "Well, it sounds a lot better than sitting in Stark headquarters watching you guys have all the fun."

    He laughs. "Oh I wouldn't call getting my ass kicked by a supersoldier fun."

    "Well it's better then having to write up the reports about it," I say, remembering the Winter Soldier fiasco well, and the Hydra-Shield one even better. God knows it fucked my entire life over. "It's impressive what you do, I don't mean in the field but what you do for the veterans."

    "You know about that?" he asks seeming surprised, and smiles as I nod. "It's nice to hear someone say that, with all the crazy shit going on in the world we need to support our soldiers when they come home."

    "I've seen the toll this kind of work takes over the years with my dad," I say, looking over at him and Banner messing around. "And it's a comfort to know that support is there for him if he needs it."

    "You're a good kid," Sam says and I look down at my drink. "You're finishing up college right?"

    "I finished a few years ago," I tell him. "I'm going on twenty four now."

    "Wow really?" he exclaims. "I swear the way everyone talks about you that you're just a kid."

    "My dad sure thinks so," I say, taking a glass of champage from the server. "But I'd been working at Shield until everything went to shit with Hydra and all. Now I'm technically working for Tony and doing intelligence for the Avengers."

    "But you still wanna be out in the field don't you," he gathers and I nod. "You'll get there, my advice is to put yourself out there, if a chance comes along grab it and don't let go."

    "Thanks Sam," I say, knowing the faith Fury had in him. "Fury put me in the field but now it's all changed and I really want to get out from behind a desk and do the work Natasha and my dad do."

    He leans in and rests a hand on my shoulder "I know it must be hard trying to live up to your dad, but you just gotta do your own thing, and besides from what I hear you've got some skills of your own. Didn't Fury give you a medal for what you did when Hydra was exposed to be part of Shield?"

    "Fury gave me the same offer you did," I tell Sam, one of the few people who knows the truth about Fury. "I nearly took it too but that would have meant faking my death and disappearing. So I help him from here."

    "So you're the inside person," Sam says jokingly, not knowing the truth of it. "I can respect that and you made the right choice. The Avengers need you more than Fury."

    I look at them, laughing at how they need me. "I just do the desk work, they kick the ass."

    "Well if Tony's got half a brain with your reputation he'll put you to work," Sam says as Steve rejoins us. "Isn't that right Steve."

    "Well I wouldn't say Tony has half a brain when it comes to being sensible," Steve comments. "Adria was one of the highest ranking agents in Shield, right up there in Fury's inner circle."

    "Until Shield collapsed and I had to join Stark Industry's so I wouldn't be put in jail after the government named it a terrorist organisation," I add raising my glass. "Now I'm hunting down Hydra so you guys can kick their asses."

    "And you do a damn good job at it too," I hear Dad say and he wraps an arm around my shoulders. "Come on, let's put the champagne down and go sit."

    I roll my eyes as he brings me over to where the Avengers are playing some party games. "Really dad?"

    "Oh I saw you doing shots, never follow shots with champagne."

    "Got it," I say and smirk. "You know I can out drink you right."

    "I am too old to be challenged to a drinking contest with a twenty something year old," he laughs. "Come sit."


    Hours later I'm sitting with Nat and Dad, watching the boys all try to lift Thors hammer with no avail when suddenly a high pitched frequency rings out.

    "Damn Tony did you leave one of your gadgets charging for too long or something?' I murmur, rubbing my ringing ear, then we all fall quiet when we hear footsteps.

    We look to see what can be best described as a mangled looking Iron Man, and immediately I know Tony definitely did something.

    "How could you be?" it asks, in response to Thor saying none of them are worthy. "You're all killers."

    "Stark," Steve and I both say.

    "Jarvis," Tony says, badly hiding his anxiety.

    "I'm sorry I was asleep," the thing says and looks around. "Or was I a dream."

    Immediately I know Tony has fucked up one way or another, working for him at the most classified levels given me enough concerns over what he cooks up in his lab.

    "Reboot Legionnaire OS, we got a buggy suit," Tony commands Jarvis but the suit definitely takes no notice.

    "There was this terrible noise, and I was tangled in- in strings," it says, looking at its body. "I had to kill the other guy." My eyes widen. "He was a good guy."

    Everyone stands and starts moving closer while I do the opposite, moving towards the staircase.

    "You killed someone?" Steve asks.

    "Wouldn't have been my first call," it answers as I move up the staircase around the corner, hidden from its view. "But down in the real world, we're faced with ugly choices."

    "Who sent you?" Thor asks and it mimicks a voice.

    "I see a suit of armor around the world."

    "Ultron," Bruce exclaims and I curse silently to myself.

    "In the flesh - or no, not yet. Not in this chrysalis."

    Not long after I started at Stark Industry's following Shields downfall I used Starks thumb prints to access the most classified data on the database I could find, as a precaution considering what happened at my previous employment, and learned what him and Banner were working on. Stark likes me, but he's dismissive enough of me he wouldn't suspect anything. Thinks this whole job is to help a friends kid out, he never knew how much access I had at shield under Nick's authority. Never knew that the only people I reported to were Maria, Nick and Caulson. Not even Dad and Natasha know how much trust Fury had in me, as a young agent no one would have ever known.

    And Ultron- Ultron was the one thing I found that truly alarmed me. A project that went against the warnings of every damn robot movie when it came to artificial intelligence.

    "But I'm ready," it says, and I know guns are being readied as I move quickly up the stairs to the nearest room that would have what we need. "I'm on a mission."

    "What mission?" I hear Natasha ask as I run down the hall to the main staircase, running up to the armoury towards Dads arsenal. The body resembles Tony's suit, so I know exactly what I need that can overpower such a strong system, electroshock devices.

    A gunshot rings out and there seems to be almost an explosion below. "Shit!" I curse as I grab the bow and electroshock arrows, with a couple of explosive tipped ones for good measure.

    I run back down the stairs to the balcony above and find multiple Iron Man prototypes flying around, no doubt under the control of Ultron and fire.

    Once it falls quiet I duck down, hidden as Ultron reviews the situation.

    "That was dramatic," it comments. "I'm sorry I know you mean well, you just didn't think it through. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to evolve?" I peak around the corner to watch as it holds up one of the ruined prototypes, my arrows at the ready. "With these, these puppets? There's only one path to peace. The Avengers extinction."

    "I don't think so," I mutter and let the arrows loose into the penetrative parts of Ultrons armour, the electro shock ones making him short circuit while the explosive finishes the job.

    I stand once my works done and they all gape at me as I lower the bow.

    "Did I kill it?"

    "Yeah honey, you killed it," Dad says as we all stand in awe of the destruction.


    We sit in Tony's lab, looking at Ultrons remains.

    "All our work is gone," Banner laments while I can't sympathise. "Ultron cleared out, used the internet as an escape."

    "He's been in files, survaillance, everything," Nat says. "Probably knows more about us than we know about each other."

    "He has unlimited access to the entire internet, good and bad. Stark files, the remnants of the Shield files that were made public," I tell Tony. "This is a major international security threat."

    "And what if we decides to access something a little more exciting," Rhodey adds, having my back.

    "Nuclear codes," Maria says in realisation and we share a look.

    "We need to make some calls, assuming we still can" Rhodey says, and I already know who I'll be contacting, even if the risk is massive.

    "Nukes?" Nat questions. "He said he wanted us dead."

    "He didn't say dead," Steve corrects. "He said extinct."

    "So a nuke on the tower then," I reply as dad speaks up.

    "He also said he killed somebody."

    "There wasn't anyone else in the building," Maria says and we watch as Tony steps forward, the look on his face indescribable as he finds the remnants of Jarvis.

    "Jarvis was the first line of defence," Steve says.

    "He would have shut Ultron down it makes sense."

    "No," Bruce says. "Ultron could have assimilated Jarvis. This isn't strategy, this is rage."

    "Artificial intelligence capable of taking over weapons of mass destruction that feels rage," I remark much to Tony's annoyance. "What the hell were you two thinking?"

    He can't answer, because Thor does what I wish I could do and picks Tony up by the throat, fully suited in his armour and cape.

    "It's sure going around," Dad comments at the rage apparent in the room.

    "Come on use your words buddy," Tony chokes out.

    "I have more than enough words for you Stark," Thor says, and I realise why he was always one of my favourites.

    "Thor," Steve says interrupting. "The legionnaire."

    "Trail went cold about ten miles out, but it's heading north," he says and reveals. "And it has the sceptre."

    "Shit," I curse, knowing if we were still working for Shield Nick would be ordering body bags.

    "Now we have to retrieve it, again."

    "Genies out of that bottle," Nat says. "Clear and present as Ultron."

    "I don't understand," Helen Cho says. "You built this program. Why is it trying to kill us?"

    Tony starts laughing and I cross my arms, unable to believe how he let this happen while Bruce shakes his head at him.

    "You think this is funny?" Thor asks.

    "No," Tony asks, but he still has that look on his face as he starts laughing again. "It's probably not, right? Is it so- is it so terrible? It is- it is so terrible."

    "This could have been avoided if you hadn't played with something you don't understand-" Thor begins.

    "I'm sorry," Tony apologises mockingly. "I'm sorry, it is funny. It's a hoot that you don't get why we need this."

    "Tony," Bruce warns meekly. "Maybe this might not be the time."

    "Really?" Tony asks in a high pitched voice, his ego obviously tarnished. "That's it? You just roll over show your belly every time somebody snarls."

    "Only when I've created a murder bot," Bruce has the gut to admit.

    "We didn't," Tony denies, but I'd seen the plans. I just never thought they'd done it. "We weren't even close. Were we close to an interface."

    "Well you did something, and you did it right here," Steve says. "The Avengers were supposed to be different than Shield."

    "Anyone remember the time where I carried a nuke through a wormhole-"

    "No, it's never come up," Rhodey says, even him pissed with Tony.

    "Saved New York?" Tony says, going on about fucking New York.

    "Alright," I interrupt. "Enough with the jabs and hurt ego's, we're wasting time and need a plan."

    Tony nods.  "We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day, but that up there, thats... that's the endgame. How are you guys planning on beating that."

    "Together," Steve says.

    "We'll lose."

    "Then we'll do that together too," Steve says and gets into captain mode. "Thor and Adria are right. Ultron's calling us out, and I'd like to find him before he's ready for us. World's a big place, let's start making it smaller."


    I sit in my bedroom at the Avengers tower, knowing if Ultron has access to everything he knows that Nicks alive, but his focus isn't on Nick, it's on the Avengers.

    "Adria, what are you doing calling me on this-"

    "Every grid, every database, everything in the fucking world has been compromised Nick," I tell him, almost sick from it. "Stark and Banner created an artificial intelligence bot called Ultron who wants to exterminate the Avengers."

    "Am I hearing you right?" he exclaims. "Stark and Banner created a fucking murder bot!"

    "Yep," I say, looking at the files on my laptop. "It's what I reported to you a few months ago, that oddity in those plans I found for the legionnaire system they've been working on, a side experiment they'd created while working on it. I just didn't realise they'd gotten this far and it's turned on us and speaks like it's taken a philosophy degree. Everything's compromised anyways so it doesn't matter now, I'll send the files I have through to you, they'll assume any breaches are Ultron and Maria deals with the breaches anyways."

    "Do that," he says muttering curses under his breath. "Stark still doesn't know you're my insider?"

    "No," I answer. "And neither does Dad or Natasha. Tony's been cautious around Maria but he thinks I'm just a kid, doesn't pay half a mind to anything I say or do. His ego's too big for him to see anything outside of his own little bubble."

    "How bad is this Adria?" he asks me.

    "Ultron has Loki's sceptre," I tell him, knowing the gravity of that. "This might be the worst threat the world has faced."


    Maria gathers information on Ultrons latest targets while I look at the reports.

    "The Maximoffs," Steve says from over my shoulder. "I'm not surprised Ultron went to them."

    "Two radical activists with exceptional powers," I say to myself. "I'll find what I can on them, if he has them on his side then it's bad news for you guys."

    "For us," Steve says with a hand on my shoulder. "You're part of the team too Adria, and it's only a matter of time before that's made official."

    I laugh. "Tell Tony that, meanwhile I'll get what I can for you."


    While Dad and the others go to investigate this black arms dealer I work through everything I can find on the Maximoffs.

    And the more I learn, the more I realise that they aren't radicalised terrorists like I'd been informed. My accounts of them come from the Avengers after the twins kicked their asses at Struckers base, a mind controlling witch and a man who moves so quick he can't be seen. Powers that came from Strucker experimenting with Loki's sceptre. A mistake Tony made as well clearly. I know about the nightmares they caused in their minds, the damage they inflicted trying to protect Strucker. And it left them all shaken to the bone.

    But now I can see why they offered themselves up for experimentation, why Ultron would approach them. Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, born 1989, orphaned in 1999 after a bombing of their home in Sokovia which killed their parents. A bombing which used Stark Industry's technology and arsenel. No doubt traumatised and angry they grew up with a hatred towards Americans as Sokovia turned to a warzone and organised protests against Stark Industry and later the Avengers. They joined protests and riots with the purpose of driving the American forces out of Sokovia, and I can't blame them. All through my teenage and young adult years I was on the streets protesting, not peacefully either. History has shown that when America enters a country with troops it becomes a war zone, and their citizens bear the brunt of the conflict. Just like the Maximoffs parents.

    From these riots they likely made connections, they'd already made themselves known figures to American security at this point, so there's no questions as to why Strucker chose them for his experiments. And somehow unlike the rest they survived.

    They're classed by America's intelligence agencies as terrorists due to their affiliations with multiple different organisations, namely Hydra, but to me, from the footage, they don't strike me as true terrorists. They never tried to harm anyone, they protested instead of resorting to violence. Only when the Avengers infiltrated the facility they resorted to violence. Other than that I cannot find any other attacks on record aside from the occasional riot turned violent, nothing even indicating involvement in terrorist attacks.

    "Maria," I say to her from the other side of the room. "The Maximoffs have been involved with different organisations due to their activism against Stark Industry's but nothing in here justifies them being classified as terrorists themselves."

    She looks at me, more than surprised. "Adriana, they almost killed your dad. They're terrorists."

    "According to the same government so are we," I remind her, knowing our status and Shields status as a terrorist organisation because of Hydra. "I don't think the Maximoffs want to cause violence or hurt anyone, I think they just want peace, Sokovia is a war zone and Stark Industries was involved in that. Their reasons are justified, I believe they were just taken advantage of by bad people who promised them they could make things better and got involved with a corrupt organisation without knowing it."

    She gives me a ironic look. "Like us?"

    I could almost laugh. "Exactly like us."

    It's then the door opens and we both immediately jump to our feet.

    "Miss me?"

    "Nick," I breathe. "Oh thank god you're here, do you have any idea what it's like having Tony as a boss?"

    "I'd rather not imagine," he says. "Now, debrief me on the situation."


    After Maria leaves to attend to the team Nick and I sit in the office alone.

    "So, they've got your working on the Maximoffs?"

    I nod. "I don't think they're terrorists Nick, I really don't."

    He listens to me. "And why's that?"

    "I was talking to Maria about it and realised, how are we any different to them?" I ask him. "People supposidly radicalised by a shit world and numerous wars who want to do some good, so we sign our lives away to an organisation who claims to do good, and we believe we're doing good, without knowing what that organisation is truly doing and next thing we know we're all terrorists and fighting for our lives."

    He makes a sound of ackowledgement. "That's an interesting take there Barton, it reminds me of your father when we spoke about Natasha for the first time. He saw things differently to how everyone else did and trusted his judgement."

    I smile to myself. "He always told me that the best shot he ever took was the one he didn't take."

    He looks at me in contemplation. "Why do you think I chose your father for the Avengers initiative? He has no special powers, no genius, no magical weapons. He was a man who grew up lower middle class, had a kid when he was nineteen who he gave up everything to support on his own after your mom ran away, and had a passion for archery on the side who I happened to recruit when he was thirty or so. Why? Because I saw something in him, a drive, a hardworking man with a perspective on life and people that was rare."

    I nod proudly. "That is my dad, he's sefless, and Natasha- he took a chance on her when nobody would. He trusted his judgement."

    "Just like his daughter," he says, equally proud. "I've had my eye on recruiting you ever since you were seventeen and got arrested for protesting against some bullshit new legislation by some bullshit senator. And then it happened god knows how many times while you were in college studying international security. You knew the government wouldn't take you after you fought for what you believed in, and you didn't let it stop you. You didn't stay quiet for your own benefit. You got out there and said here I am, fuck you, and I respected that."

    I smile sadly. "You know Nick, you were the only person who ever really believed in me. Who ever gave me a chance."

    "Your father believes in you, more than anyone, never doubt that" he reminds me. "He's just afraid of losing you, he knows what this work does to people, why do you think most people retire in their thirties like your stepmom Laura? Tony might be ignorant but Steve and Natasha see your potential as well. And I really do think you have exactly what it takes to become an Avenger, and that you are what they need right now. You've worked too hard for too long to sit behind a computer. You know what you need to know, now trust your judgement, even if no one else agrees with it."

    And that is all I need to hear. "I will."

    He puts a hand on my shoulder. "Now it's time to go find the Avengers so I can give Stark a dressing down myself, then after that, you can find the Maximoffs."

    Taglist: @blenceshy1989 @ isntit-love @sweet-ol-serendipity @iliketozoneout @sayy-youu-rememberr @constantlysimping @yourcart356 @ awesomealadin @pyrorazor7 @scarlet-maxim0ff @veteranwerewolf95 @iminlovewithfictionalcharacterz @peterparker028 @rylinmv @gaby-polito @ chubsismycat @etheriaaly @resilientpendragon @ocfairygodmother @kpophoe96 @pedroyleia @iloveyou300069 @theunobtainableobtainable @lalalaica @[email protected] @twopointthreefour @itscryptic @potatostardash @alexmxff

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    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    I generally feel like being Kenna’s baby momma he gonna have you both do you guys gender reveal on animal crossing 😭

    Saw this on TikTok and it reminded me of something Kenma would do

    #animal crossing #kenma x black yn #kenma x black reader #babymomma #haikyuu x black reader #3am thoughts
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  • stardancerluv
    18.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Gotham Surviving the Pandemic 2021

    Part 9

    Summary: Reader travels down memory lane on the cusp of new things…an she has a visitor on her journey.

    Warning: Mention of when Zsasz kidnapped her in the first chapter of Creative Fervor.

    “Victor, can you drop me off here.”

    He slowed the rolls and pulled off the side of the road. “You didn’t just want to go to the coffee shop did you?” He made a face.

    You sighed and nodded.

    “Roman, won’t like this.”

    You rose an eyebrow.

    Victor made a face. “Fine. But if he asks where you are what shall I say?”

    “Visiting the past.”

    Victor rolled his eyes and scratched the back of his head.

    “My old studio, the park.”


    “Victor, every one knows me. I just need well, I just need to disappear and not be seen as Roman’s girl. Or the future crime lord’s wife.” You bit your lip.

    “Is any of that a bad thing?”

    You chuckled. “You know it’s not. You know how happy I am. But sometimes I miss this.” You gestured, while glancing at your old building before looking back at him. “I just well, I just don’t want anyone to cater to me because.”

    He shook his head. “I will never understand girls.”

    “Victor, please.”

    “You and Doll-Face, always confuse me.” He made a face.

    You just shook your head. “That I believe, Doll-Face is interesting.”

    He cracked a wide grin then. “She is. Alright. Go ahead. But I really hope that Roman doesn’t throw any pillows at me.”

    “He won’t.” You scooted over, and looked at Victor over your shoulder. “Thank you.”

    You got out then and watched as Victor drove off.

    On hurried feet you crossed the street and reaching into your purse, you took out the key. You eyed it for a moment. The cooper key sat on your palm. You remembered the first time, you had received it. It was a huge step for you and your business. A huge investment.

    Roman had let you keep the place. It was merely storage now. It had held too many memories to get rid of.

    It was a lifetime ago.

    Now, your eyes drifted to your engagement ring. The golden band shined back at you. Smiling, you moved your hand so now you could go in.

    The sound of your heels echoed as you went in. So many things had gone on here. Huge ideas, huge projects, the break in that led to the kidnapping, that made you giggle.

    You had only been clad in the little magenta wrap dress, when Victor delivered you to Roman. You shook your head. Had you…had he really been like that? You giggled again. Heck, your passions and drives were still that high. You smiled shaking your head.

    Walking in, you plopped down on your sofa, you sneezed as some dust clouded up around you.

    The glitter of the diamonds in your ring caught your eye. You held your hand out in front of you. Your lips curled happily. Over the years it had not been easy. There had been fights, tears, but there had also been laughter and fluttering hearts. The two of you were surviving the pandemic that has ravaged the planet and came out stronger. He had his business and you still maintained yours.

    Since things were beginning to calm, well more then they had been for awhile you were set to hire a planner. You had long since debated whether you should meet them here or at the club. In the end, you had chosen to meet them at the club. Roman could have meetings there and you could as well.

    You didn’t move when you heard the growl of Roman’s latest sports car before he cut the engine or the creak of the door when he let himself in.

    You prepared yourself for possibly a scream or something. But all you heard was his steps as they drew close. The scent of his aftershave greeted you right as his gloved hands came to rest on either side of you.

    Tilting your head back, you gave him one of your charming smiles. “Hi Romey.” You chirped brightly.

    His eyes were as dark as jewels. You couldn’t read his expression, but you relaxed as you watched as one side of his mouth curled up. “Hi baby.”

    You inhaled, which matched him. The fabric draped on the sofa grew taunt as his grip on the sofa tightened.

    “Missing the past?”

    You pressed your lips together and nodded.

    His hands moved from the sofa to your shoulders, then the drifted down your arms and ruffled the loose sweater you wore before resting on your shoulders. “You were like fresh flowers delivered to me.” He said simply.

    “Victor certainly displayed me like a bouquet.”

    He chuckled then, his eyes twinkled. Before before, you exhaled he moved and leapt till he then sat beside you on the sofa.

    More dust clouded up, it made both of you sneeze. He waved his gloves around.

    “Well, don’t miss the dust of this place.” He chuckled. “Or that.” He pointed to the iron spiral staircase to your apartment.

    “Oh? And I thought you had enjoyed your view so much, that first time.” You crossed your arms in front of you, pretending to be miffed.

    “Well, that is still the best view in Gotham.”

    You both shared a smile, as a flush fell over you remember it had been first of many times he stole and kept your panties.

    “I don’t miss the lack of ac or heat for that matter.” There was a chill you felt that your memories, had managed to push away till then.

    “I also enjoy you being closer when we both work.”

    You remember the night he gifted you the studio. “I do too.”

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  • hanginontoyou
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    summary : in which, maybe running away from your problems isn’t always bad !

    warning : not proofread !

    pairing : fezco x reader (again sorry <\3)

    “so you have been lying to me? you arent fucking clean [name]? maybe sheila was right to ask for this test-“

    “so this was SHEILA’S idea? oh go fuck yourself sheila” your eyes looked into sheila’s while she held her little smirk

    “im just trying to look out for your father! you have put him through enough!” she yelled at you, who did this bitch think she was?

    your mother wasn’t a piece in your life so you lived with your father. you guys never had a great relationship as you basically raised yourself. since he was too busy putting his girlfriends and wives before you.

    before your brain thought your fist did first, and before you knew it you punched sheila square in the jaw.

    “WHAT THE FUCK [NAME]” your dad yelled as sheila started crying

    she’d be fine she’s being dramatic you thought, you simply walked out the house while he was busy taking care of her.

    you texted jules letting her know you were coming over, you never really wanted her before hand when you came but that didn’t matter. you both were very good friends and from time to time you’d just pop up at each other’s houses.

    she replied with a yes, which got you to take off on your bike down her way. it didn’t take you long as you guys only lived about five blocks away from each other.

    once you arrived mr.vaughn opened the door and you greeted him, by the look on your face he kinda knew what happened so he didn’t ask.

    you walked up to jules room to find rue, elliot and jules just talking about random shit.

    “you got caught didnt you?” rue asked as you sat on the floor next to elliot

    “sadly yes, because of that bitch sheila. i punched her and my dad acted like it was the end of the world” you laughed resting your head on elliot’s shoulder

    you and him had became very good friends ever since he moved, he liked how you weren’t afraid to express yourself differently from everyone else. whether it be how you dress, talk, act or do your hair he liked it all.

    a laughter erupted within the group and jules chimed up and said

    “yeah girl his world ended!” which made them laughter louder

    “do you guys have any plans for tonight?” you asked looking around the room, you really wanted to go out somewhere.

    “we got invited to a party but we don’t know” elliot said shaking his head slightly

    “omg guys let’s go!!” you exclaimed lifting your head from his shoulder, him missing the warmth from your cheeks against his shoulder.

    “you don’t even have anything to wear…” commented rue, she must not know you and jules have been planning for something like this

    “oh yeah i do! i always keep spare clothes at jules” you said rushing to jules closet, you pulled out a black dress that was way shorter than expected

    “okay everyone close your eyes and don’t be pervs” you said jokingly as your took off your shirt

    you didn’t really care for them seeing you naked because that have already. weeks before you all went skinny dipping together in some random persons yard.

    you pulled your sweat pants off and slipped the dress on, it hugged your figure nicely making you smile.

    “alright everyone find something to wear we are going!” you looked yourself in the mirror before picking up your phone and snapping a picture.

    it was just of you in the dress and the rest of them in the background, you did in fact post it on your story. captioning it as “it’s game time slowpokes.” jokingly of course.

    as the rest of them tore apart jules closet to help her you were looking at your story viewers and you seen a new one. his name was fezco, he wasn’t unfamiliar to you but he didn’t follow you so it was kinda weird to say the least.

    “rue can you hook me up with fez? please help your poor cousin.” you pouted playfully as you whined

    “no [name] im not cupid” to that you frowned you helped her with jules why couldn’t she help you.

    once jules was ready we had to go to rues and then elliot’s do they could get ready real quick.

    once reaching rues house her mother let us in and rue rushed to get changed. elliot was acting weirder than usual and when you questioned it he just didn’t answer, weird.

    once rue was done getting ready we started our journey to elliot’s house.

    elliot getting ready wasn’t really a hassle as he could easily pick two things and look nice.

    so when you all arrived at the party it was already lit, the music blared from inside the house to outside, people out front smoking and making out. the perfect party for the four of your guys!

    you all entered the house and you instantly dragged them to the kitchen for drinks.

    you had a shot as a pre-game then filled your cup with vodka and strawberry juice. literally the best combination in your opinion.

    you weren’t paying much attention to what everyone else got to drink. you felt rue nudge your elbow and signaled for you to follow her.

    so you did because you knew where this was going. she wanted you to buy for you and her from fez, and you did because you simply wanted to.

    you bought some ecstasy for yourself that you probably wouldn’t end up taking and something for rue.

    the party was going smoothly, you hadn’t taken the ecstasy that you bought and ended up giving it to cassie because you knew she did that type stuff.

    you only drank and danced by yourself or with the people you came with. when you got tired you sat down on a chair outside the house trying to get air from the cramped up house.

    to your surprise fez sat next to you smoking something, he hadn’t noticed you sit down. you relaxed into the breeze and closed your eyes, the alcohol in your system helped you relaxing.

    “ayo ain’t you uh, rues cousin? or am i trippin’?” he questioned looking over to you

    “yeah yeah thats me.” you said grabbing your hair and attempting to put it in a pony tail but your curls had puffed up from the moisture in the house.

    “you sober right now?” he asked, why did he care you thought.

    “yeah i didnt take anything, why?” you looked over to him and he was now sitting up

    “you’re like the only sober one here. lowkey proud of you for not givin’ in.” he said taking another long drag from his joint

    “thanks, means a lot.” you said with a small smile

    “that dress is cute ma’ if i wasn’t here i’d be taking you on a date” he laughed and eyed you up and down

    “oh shut up fez, you don’t mean that” you said laughing along with him

    “why would i lie ma’ you looking good, since the last time i seen you at least.” you cringed not wanting to remember the first day you had seen him after rehab a couple months ago.

    “im leaving here soon with uh ash, if you want you can come along. we can chill or whatever.” he smiled slightly toward you

    “yeah- uh yeah i’d like that” you smiled a smile wide enough to strain your cheeks for a good thirty minutes.

    let’s just say, after you all left you had the best night ever. a night filled with laughter and happiness.

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  • morwap
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    girl next door

    james potter x fem!reader x sirius black
    smut (long af)
    marauders material list, s.b material list, j.p material list
    threesome, switch but mainly sub james, dom sirius, switch reader, m! jerking off, voyeurism, smoking, oral m&f! receiving, p in v, degrading and praise, spanking, pet names, handjob, use of the word cunt, creampie, unprotected sex

    ───────✧ 𓆩♡𓆪 ✧───────

    james laid awake curling his fingers into his hair pulling slightly then rubbing the strands of hair between his thumb and index making the strands spread then repeating the cycle, he'd been trying to sleep for 4 hours but his mind kept wondering and once he found himself slightly tired he'd notice he wasn't comfortable or had to piss or was thirsty making him frustrated.

    sirius had decided to sleep in the guest bedroom instead of james’ room since it was super hot and felt suffocating in his room. james debated on sleeping on the couch but when he got a glass of water he noticed everything place in the house was as hot as his room even with open windows.

    james groaned sitting up tugging off his white tank top then laid back down the thin coating of sweat on his skin, he didn’t want to toss and turn knowing it would make him more uncomfortable in the long run. the moonlight make everything barely visible, he had moved his bed next to the window in his second year to see the moon and the stars when he was missing remus and sirius and never moved it back to where it was before.

    james groaned sitting up tugging off his white tank top then laid back down the thin coating of sweat on his skin, he didn’t want to toss and turn knowing it would make him more uncomfortable in the long run. the moonlight make everything barely visible, he had moved his bed next to the window in his second year to see the moon and the stars when he was missing remus and sirius and never moved it back to where it was before.

    james always watched the moon phases, he had them memorized by his 3rd year, and on full moons he hope remus was okay wishing he, padfoot, wormtail could be there supporting remus. he could never fall asleep durning full moons sometimes he’d write so he could owl him first thing when the sun rises, then he’d sleep all day.

    as james got older it wasn’t just the moon and the stars when he looked out his window, it was now y/n.

    they had divination together and detention together most of time, and of course they lived right next to each other.

    he noticed how she would climb out her window and onto her roof to smoke catching a glimpse of james watching her and she’d flip him off. sirius noticed too after he moved in and lived with them for a while, y/n was the first thing he noticed after getting settled. sirius would often catch james looking out his window but didn’t say anything because he was looking too, sirius also would offer to do the dishes since one day he’d seen her lounging out on a towel with a bikini but the strings on the side were untied and the straps on the top were tucked under the cups.

    then sometimes hed catch her in her pool floating around, james was confused when sirius would offer and keep insisting on him doing the dishes and of course james’ mother would give in.

    james turned his head looking out his window, seeing y/n’s light turn on. james let out an excited gasp knowing she was home, he sat up a bit resting on his elbows. normally y/n would come over and give a tray of cookies for the holidays but her family went to france to visit her grandma and at the beginning of summer she maybe stayed for two weeks then went to her cousins in italy for vacation, james didn’t want to admit it but it was quiet boring without her even though he had sirius.

    he watched as she started to get undressed causing his mouth to open slightly as he tried to lift up to see more without getting caught.

    his cock twitched as she took off her bra, james wet is lips glancing down at his boxers seeing his bulge and sighed.

    james’ eyes went back to y/n as she closed her curtains still without a shirt on but right before she closed them she smiled at him making him gasp and drop his head with a thud onto his pillow. “fuck” he whispered, his hand rested on his stomach, james closed his eyes and breathing heavily trying not to let his mind wander but it did no matter how hard he tried.

    his hand slowly slid down to his boxers, slipping into them gently grabbing his dick, spreading his precum around his length. james opened his eyes and sighed taking his hand out of his boxers then tugging the clothing down throwing them onto the floor.

    james’ hand went back his now aching cock, closing his eyes pretending it was y/n’s hand or her mouth. james moved his hand up and down at a nice pace before bringing his hand to his mouth, spitting in it then going back to stroke his cock. his palm grazed over his tip as james whimpered, shuttering into his own touch but in his mind it was hers.

    moans and whines continued to pour from james’ mouth, head tossed back digging into his pillow, chest heaving. james’ thumb grazed over his slit causing him to sink his teeth into his bottom lip, muffling a moan. james knew he could get loud and him biting his lip was definitely not going to be enough for him.

    in his mind y/n was jerking him off whispering sweet praises and some degrading things disguised as praises in his ear and placing short kisses along his neck and jawline, “you’re such a good boy james” she’d whisper in his ear followed by “aw look at your pretty cock, so pretty for me.” or “look at you rutting into my hand like a bitch in heat, aw poor baby just can’t help yourself can you pretty boy?”

    but then his mind would flip and imagine her sucking his dick as he degraded her, his hand holding her head down and manually bobbing her head as tears threatened to fall. “such a fucking slut taking my cock like you were made to do” then hearing her gag on his length followed with “aw y/n you gonna cry? how pathetic” and “you were made for being a cock slut, my personal pretty little cock slut or maybe you’d like getting passed around my friends like a fucking toy”

    his mind kept flipping between the two not know what he preferred.

    james scrunched his brows together quickening his pace, squeezing a bit. “fuck” james muttered a little too loudly, he moved his free hand to his mouth pressing the back of his hand to his lips trying to make himself as quiet as he could. his teeth sank into the back of his hand as his eyes squeezed shut and his working hand went faster.

    cum covered his hand as he tried to regulate his breath, letting go of his hand then wetting his lips. james peeked out his window seeing that y/n’s light was off then falling back onto his pillow cum still covering his hand. his clock read 6 am, sighing as he got up and pulled on his boxers with one hand then making his way to his dresser that had tissues on it.

    james cleaned his hand then grabbed new clothes then throwing his old clothes into his hamper, then walking out of his room then to the bathroom too shower.

    days passed and the summer heat eased up, fleamont and euphemia left to celebrate their anniversary leaving sirius and james alone in the house. fleamont had ask james to clean up the back yard since he didn’t have time to do it before him and his wife left and james had agreed to do so.

    sirius peeked out the kitchen window, “oh shit prongs looks like we’ll have some company while we’re outside” he teased and james looked out the window with a smirk. y/n lounged in a chair by her pool reading a magazine, and sirius patted james back and headed out the back door and james followed.

    y/n took notice of the boys, seeing them over a smallish fence, her pulling her sunglasses down too get a good look as they walked to the fence leaning on it. there had been an opening in the fence leaning from their yard to y/n’s ever since they were little it was a habit for james to come over to swim then y/n going over to james’ yard to make s’mores so they decided to connect the yards so they didn’t have to hop the fence or go around to the front.

    y/n got up and walked over the part of fence they were leaning on, “did you two miss me?” she laughs out now leaning on the fence also. “maybe” sirius teased running his head through his long hair, “it was quiet without you, don’t know if that’s good or bad though” james said cockily.

    y/n laughed, “you two wanna hang out?” was all she needed to say and the two would be following her like lost puppies.

    the three sat in y/n room, sirius looking through her vinyl records as james glanced over her magazines as they all talked about random things. y/n laid on her bed kicking her legs back and forth, her dress riding up from a too hard kick of her legs. james laughed at something she said and he turned to look at her, james’ face grew red as he could see her thong.

    before he could turn his head y/n looked at him, she softly smiled and he had no doubt that she was teasing him. “sirius would you get me a glass of water?” she asked sweetly and sirius agreed with a smirk, patting james’ shoulder before he left.

    y/n watched sirius leave the room, and then looked back at james. james’ gaze went back to her exposed thong not even trying to look away.

    “james you’re a little perv aren’t you?” she teased softly causing james’ mouth to go dry and his eyes quickly finding hers. “i’m not-“ he mumbled before y/n cut him off.

    “don’t pretend like i didn’t see you last night james, i saw you watching me actually i’ve seen you watch me many times” y/n said, the tone of her voice made james want to combust, “i’m sorry about that” he said quietly plus he was a bit embarrassed. “why are you apologizing? i never said i didn’t like it” she replied getting up and resting on her knees, in doing so flashing more of her panties.

    james’ pants tightened, his mind went blank not knowing what to say as she smirked him. “come here jamesie” she instructed and james’ eyes widened and stood up walking over to her without being told twice.

    “wow so obedient, such a good boy”

    james bit back a moan, him walking caused friction in the right place and the way she talked made him throb.

    now standing infront of her, he could see down the top of her dress then he looked away trying to focus on the canopy she had, it was white with fairy lights in it making the room warm and inviting. “don’t be shy love, you can look at me” y/n teased knowing he’d be flustered by any affection like this.

    james’ eyes traveled to y/n, y/n watched him start slightly chewing on his bottom lip. “can i touch you james?” she asked looking up at him.


    it was quiet but y/n heard james, y/n smiled as he let out the breath he was holding while she ran her hands up his thighs getting close to his cock but then moving her hands back down. “do i make you horny james?” she asked watching him close his eyes every time she got closer to his erection. james nodded it was enough for y/n but she wanted to hear it.

    “words jamie” she reminded him, y/n moved her hands closer to james dick grazing over some of it gently. “yes fuck- yes” james whimpered out throwing his back a bit. y/n ran her thumb over his clothed tip, james wishing she’d take him out of the restrictive material. “tell me to stop and i’ll stop okay james?” she said stoping her movements so he could think clearly for a minute, “mhm okay” james replied.

    y/n started to palm him through his clothes, james let some moan slip out and y/n clenched her thighs together. “do you touch yourself thinkin’ about me?” she asked unzipping his pants, james watches her as she raised her brows as a warning sign. “yes” he moaned, his cock was finally free from his pants and now in her grasp.

    “your cock is so pretty jamie” y/n complimented her hand slid up his shaft, “y/n please” james whined trying not to buck his hips into her hand and get himself off without the teasing. “what do you want baby?” y/n asked with a cocky smirk.

    “want your mouth please” james whined dragging out the please, “since you said it so nicely” y/n teases before giving his tip a few kitten licks then starts putting his whole length inch by inch into her mouth. “holy fuck- thank you” james whimpers his eyes closing and his mouth agape.

    “i must say you two do put on quiet the show”

    james’ eyes opened and y/n slid off his length, turning their heads towards the door. sirius leaned against the door frame glass of water in hand, seeing the outline of his hard on through his sweatpants.

    sirius sat the water on y/n’s dresser before walking over to y/n and james, “don’t stop on my account princess, get back to it” sirius instructs gesturing to james.

    james liked watching y/n be so submissive to sirius but so dominant with him, it leveled out his fantasy. sirius sat next to y/n resting his weight into his hands, “cmon get to work slut” sirius said moving his left hand to her hair making a makeshift ponytail. y/n leaned to james taking him in her mouth again.

    y/n swirled her tongue around james tip making him moan loudly, “aw she’s taking you so well james” sirius teased as james moaned inaudible words, eyes shut and brows furrowed. “fuck-fuck don’t stop” james whined as sirius manually bobbed y/n’s head, james looked down as y/n looked up at him with sirius’ praises.

    “that feel good james?” sirius asked knowing james could barely think straight, y/n moaned around james cock making james almost cum. “feels fucking amazing siri” james whimpered out moving his hand to the back of y/n’s head, sirius spread his fingers so james’ fingers could go in between the gaps.

    y/n’s hands rested on james’ thighs her left hand squeezing tightly then letting go and rubbing shapes on his skin then repeat, y/n’s other hand now traveled to sirius’ thigh then up to his waist band causing sirius to smirk.

    sirius moved closer to her so she didn’t have to reach as far, her hand slipped into his sweats moving her hand up and down on his cock earning a mewl from him. sirius moved his sweatpants and boxers at the same time letting y/n’s hand and his dick out of his clothes, “fuck” he moaned watching her hand spread his precum around like it was lube. “look at you so eager to please” sirius teased, james watched the sight before his eyes, he was close to cumming.

    “you look so fucking pretty” james moaned, y/n pressed her thighs together harder their words were sent straightly to her cunt making her wetter “you gettin’ needy huh angel, we’ll take care of you in a minute” sirius says then spitting into his hand and rubbing it on his tip to give it more moisture then removing his hand. “i’m gonna cum” james whimpered, thighs trembling, “you think he deserves to cum angel?” sirius asks trying to not moan in the middle of his sentence, y/n responds with a simple mhm sending vibrations to james. “go on james, be a good boy and cum down her throat” sirius instructs.

    james does as told, spilling into y/n’s mouth with a lewd moan. y/n’s hand continued on sirius’ length as she pulled her mouth off of james’ softening cock swallowing his cum and catching her breath. james and sirius’ hands move off her head as james leaned in kissing her roughly, “you did so good for us james” y/n said in between the kiss. sirius leaned up placing kisses on her neck as she continued to jerk him off, sirius’ soft moans sounding louder in her ear since he was so close. “let’s get out of this” sirius mumbled in her neck, james hand moved to the buttons on the dress, unbuttoning everything without even looking.

    y/n shrugged the fabric off taking her hand off of sirius for not even a second, sirius took the fabric and threw it to the floor.

    james gently and slowly pushed y/n onto her back without breaking the kiss and her contact with sirius, her knees pressed gently against his abdomen. james kissed down to her neck then to her tits that were exposed since she wasn’t wearing a bra, swirling his tongue around her nipple then sucking, moaning against it.

    he gave the other nipple the same attention then kissed sloppily down her abdomen his hand starting to spread y/n’s legs, “spread your legs for him angel” sirius moaned then putting his lips on hers. james leaned up a bit hooking his finger on her panties and pulling them off of her then letting them fall to the ground.

    y/n’s legs were closed again and james spread them once again, placing his lips on her knee then trailing kisses to her inner thigh.

    sirius watched james while he was still making out with y/n. james looked up at sirius as he licked a long stripe on y/n’s cunt making her moan into sirius mouth. sirius and james thought the exact same thing.

    moony would’ve loved this.

    james circled around her clit then latching his lips to it then he’d let off with a little pop sound, dragging his tongue from her clit to her entrance and diving into it into her then going back to her clit. y/n was barely able to keep up with sirius’ mouth, “fuck james you’re so good at this” she praised letting of sirius’ mouth as the long hair male leaned down to take her nipple into his mouth.

    y/n’s thighs rested on his shoulders almost falling off of them but he kept her thighs spread and wouldn’t let them fall, y/n’s free hand resting on james’ hair. “james you’re doing so fucking good” she cried out letting her moans flow freely and her back arch a bit off her bed. “holy shit james i didn’t know you were so fucking good at eating pussy” sirius gasped as y/n grip on his cock tightened and the movements got faster.

    james barely lifted from y/n’s cunt to speak, “m’ specialty” he mumbled against her then buried his face back into her cunt. sirius whimpered around y/n’s nipple, “you’re such a good boy james” y/n moaned almost screamed out. sirius and james could feel y/n trembling as she dug her head into her mattress, sirius was close but he held back from cumming. “i’m close but i’d rather cum inside you” sirius whispered into y/n’s ear and she nodded slowing her strokes on him.

    “fuck fuck just like that” y/n cried out as james’ mouth continued to work wonders. “you gonna cum y/n/n?” sirius teased moving her hair out of her face, “yes fuck sirius yes” she whined closing her eyes.

    “beg for it princess” sirius said smirking down at her then glancing at james eating her out, “sirius please fuck- please let me cum, i’ve been so fucking good” she begged as a tear slipped making her eye makeup run. “go ahead princess” sirius muttered watching as james’ eyes closed ready for her to cum on his mouth.

    with a loud moan almost a scream her high came crashing down on her, her hand tightened on james’ hair causing him to moan against her which sent her over the edge and another tear fell. “thank you” she whimpered as james let off her over sensitive cunt, james was hard again feeling proud of what he had done. sirius ran his finger tip across her nipple causing her to tremble “so sensitive” he cooed placing a kiss on her neck.

    sirius instructed james to get on her bed, moving her pillows onto the floor as he rested back on his heals, sirius flipped y/n over earning a soft squeak from her.

    y/n’s ass pressed against sirius’ cock, “you ready to take both of us princess?” sirius asked already knowing the answer as he took his dick in his hand sliding it against her folds. “fuck yeah” she moaned taking james’ cock into her hand pumping him a few times, sirius lined up with her entrance watching as she touch james into her mouth then pushed into her watching her moan on james’ cock making james’ hand fly to her hair gripping at it.

    “holy shit you feel so fucking good” sirius gasped feeling her clench around his length, he thrusted in and out at a fast pace making the bed rock a bit. james eyes wanders from his best friend fucking his neighbor to his cock getting sucked by the same neighbor.

    sirius landed his hand on her ass leaving a red mark, then landed his hand on her ass again this time grabbing at it watching himself slide in and out of her. y/n continues to moan around james’ cock trying her hardest to suck him off the best she could.

    james leaned forward a bit and so did sirius their lips melting against each other’s, tongues fighting each other. sirius would pull back biting a bit on james lip then lean back in. they moaned into each other’s mouths and sirius snaked his down to y/n clit rubbing in circles.

    sirius knew y/n was close, the way she was clenching then unclenching subconsciously made him go crazy. y/n hollowed her cheeks and swirling her tongue around james, “im so fucking close” sirius moaned reading his forehead against james’ “fuck me too” james whined bitting down on his lip. sirius moaned loudly spilling into y/n as she clench around him, he quickened his fingers on her clit hearing her muffled moans and cries on james cock as she came on sirius’, nails digging into james thigh. sirius rode out his and y/n’s orgasms, her mouth still worked on james’ cock for only a minute before he spilled into her mouth for the second time that night.

    y/n whined as sirius pulled out of her gently and y/n slid her mouth off of james. heavy breathing filled the room, sirius watched his cum drip out of her and onto her sheets. sirius laid back resting his limbs on the soft mattress and y/n and james followed. y/n’s head resting on top of sirius’ arm and james holding her hand. james was happy his first threesome was with his best friend and his hot ass neighbor, and it left a smile on his face. sirius and y/n were just as happy too.

    tag: @mrskatpotter

    #marauder era#marauders#james potter#prongs#sirius black#the marauders#hogwarts #marauders x reader #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot #james potter x reader #james potter x reader x sirius black #sirius black x reader #sirius black smut #james potter smut #sirius black x reader smut #james potter x reader smut #morwaps.nsfw. #the marauders x reader #remus lupin#peter pettigrew #marauders x reader smut #marauders smut #sub james potter #sub!james potter #dom sirius black #dom!siriusblack #sub james potter x reader
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    ~ Natasha Romanoff Masterlist ~

    A reminder this is a DDLG Page <3 (Well MMLG Here). And it will contain smut (bold text) Angst (Italics) Please keep this in mind when you are reading my fics <3

    Glitter Girl Reader has an idea that at the time seems good but when mommy comes in to put R down for a nap... things go a bit side ways which Reader didn't expect. Nether the less, Natasha loves her little one. (Not edited)

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    Glitter Girl

    Mommy!Natasha Romanoff x Little!reader

    Warnings: MDLG themes, yelling, swearing, spanking, guilty feeling reader, ends with fluff - not edited. Natasha's little girl 🤤

    Check out the Main Mastlist for more fics.

    (Gif Not Mine)

    You sat on the floor drawing and painting, waiting for your mommy to come in for your afternoon nap. But you were scheming a way to get out of said nap and to cuddle with the redhead instead.

    So that’s how you ended up with bright -almost neon - pink glitter poured out onto the white carpet of your playroom. Natasha had been meaning to replace it but you were normally such a good baby for her that she wasn’t in such a rush.

    Now she had no option but to replace it. Because not only had you been playing with glitter, blue painted joined the mix and your hands were staining the carpet even more as you crawled around to “find” something else to do. Really you were purposely leaving little hand and knee prints along your journey - stopping to collect some more when it began to dry out.

    “Honey bun- what the fuck!?” Nat tried not to swear in from of you most times but as she stopped in the doorway, angry curse words were all that she could think of. “Y/N. What. Have. You. DONE!?”

    You whimpered, sitting back on your heels. You looked around the room, realising that maybe this wasn’t the best way to get out of a nap. If anything it’s just put you in for one hell of a punishment.

    “Mommy- I-“”

    “Don’t even think about lying to me little girl,” she snapped, gritting her perfectly white teeth. Your lip wobbled, tears pulling in your eyes, “You wanna cry? I’ll give you something to cry about.”

    You shuffled back as she stalked towards you. “Please mommy…”

    “You know not to play with glitter on the carpet let alone paint!” She reprimanded, standing you up. A swift and hard swat to your ass had you crying out. “Now mommy has to buy new carpet. That’s ten smack for the fucking glitter, ten for the goddamned paint, twenty for the carpet. I’m taking your toys and your screen time away. All you get is your stuffie, early nights and a story for the next two weeks.”

    “No! Please mommy,” you begged weakly as she dragged you to the armchair in the corner of the room and over her lap. Your gripped her thighs, screaming loudly as she pulled up your skirt and began mercilessly turning your ass a deep red. “Mommy! It’s hurts mommy! It’s hurts!”

    “Good! It should,” she snapped, holding you down between your shoulders. “You disrespected our home and the rules little girl.”

    “But mommy-“”

    “No buts!”

    So you laid there taking your punishment with screams and whimpers. Your mind was going haywire. All you wanted was to cuddle not a punishment.

    Once she was done, she stood you up between her legs, looking into your teary eyes. She had seemed to calm down as well, stroking your cheek and jaw line with the soft pads of her thumbs. You tried to climb into her lap but he held you at arms length, “You need a bath sweet girl.”

    “Please don’t take my toys away…”

    “You know not to ask,” she squeezed your biceps in warning, standing up and taking one of your blue hands and leading you to the bathroom just down the hall. “Your punishment is final.”

    She ran the bath, making sure the water was warm enough that the paint would go away but cool enough your skin wouldn’t melt off your bones. You nodded, climbing into the tub when she nodded at it. The woman left you to scrub yourself down - herself needing to clean up the playroom and have a glass of wine.

    “Mommy! I’m done,” you called through the open door.

    God you felt so guilty. Your mommy was really angry with you. You just wanted cuddles but your went about it the wrong way. You knew that. Maybe in the future you’d find a way to make up for it… but right now you’d do just as she said and when she says it.

    The redhead came trotting in, towel in hand, “Out you get love. Mommy will help you get dressed and then you’ll go down for a nap.”

    “Yes mommy,” you whispered, head hung low the entire time these actions were carried out.

    The woman felt bad for her harsh punishment but she knew she couldn’t relent. She had to carry it out or else you’d think you could always get away with it. “In the bed, honey.”

    You frowned when she didn’t add “bun”. She always did. “Mommy…”

    She sighed, nearing a groan, “Yes, Y/N?”

    “Can… you please cuddle with me?”

    Natasha thought about it. She was originally going to continue trying to clean the carpet but the damage was done. And there was no point in staying angry with her little to the point she denied her need to hold you close as you slept soundly. “Alright bubba. Move over.”

    You did as she instructed, making room for her athletic body. Your mommy pulled you close, running fingers through your hair and making shivers roll down your scalp as her nails scraped against it gently. And just after a while of this, Nat felt your breath even out, your hand on her jaw and your lips sucking on her thumb.

    You had gotten just as you wanted, just with some extra, not as pleasing steps.

    “What am I gonna do with you?”

    #pet names#natasha romanoff #mommy!nat #mommys little girl #punishment#mommysbaby #natasha x reader #natasha x you #actors#the avengers #mcu x reader #mcu fic#black widow#my writing#mdllg #dom!natasha romanoff #fluff
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    ☼ 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝘧𝘦𝘻𝘤𝘰 𝘹 𝘱𝘭𝘶𝘴-𝘴𝘪𝘻𝘦𝘥!𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳

    ☼ 𝐑𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘦𝘶𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢, 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘩𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘭𝘺 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘨𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘴

    ☼ 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯, 𝘪𝘵𝘴 𝘦𝘶𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢: 𝘥𝘳𝘶𝘨 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴

    ☼ 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝘈𝘯𝘨𝘴𝘵 (not really), 𝘍𝘭𝘶𝘧𝘧 (meh)

    𝐑𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭(𝐞𝐝)?: i saw you were asking for euphoria requests, so how about fezco x black!fem reader who happens to be a sweetheart and just wants him to live a better life? - 𝘢𝘯𝘰𝘯𝘺𝘮𝘰𝘶𝘴

    𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 540+

    𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: Where she had dreams of an escape from East Highland, maybe not a white picket fence, two kids, and a dog, but one better than the life they’d been given—and he dreamed of her in the solace of this town.

    𝘼/𝙉: --

    🎶 So come and follow me to land--because I love you, take my hand 🎵

    He'd be lying if he said he understood his girlfriend's optimism. Over the years, he's known you and developed a romantic relationship from the platonic one you'd had for years, he grew used to it--but that still didn't mean he understood it.

    You took an interest in showing him houses with huge atriums and a place for your garden, but he thought the one you had in the backyard of his house was pretty cool. You tended to see things from a glass completely full point-of-view, and that was helpful since the realism and mainly pessimistic view Fezco seemed to have on his daily life took a toll on his mental health, and your smiles and bright yellow colored aura helped.

    He just wished your optimistic view wasn't also paired with extreme stubbornness.

    "You can't possibly want to stay here forever, Fez." You'd both graduated from Highland High a couple years ago, and now that you'd been thinking about applying to a nursing school out-of-state, you wanted to take him with you.

    You never liked this town. No matter how many pollution-clean-up events you organized or picnics you had in the clearings of palm trees, you never liked the feeling of living here. It feels like the cold fluorescent lights of a hospital while being told your significant other is dying or the foggy feel of an empty cemetery, and you couldn't think of anything better than to escape.

    Fez exhaled, letting the smoke exit his lips in thick, billowing waves before he took another deep breath to speak, "Mama, you know that leaving ain't an option for me." he let the roach fall from his fingers and onto the rolling tray next to him, leaning forward and placing his forearms on his knees. You sat on the floor with a laptop in between your legs, sitting cross-cross-applesauce grew uncomfortable, so you'd stretched out and leaned on the armchair couch behind you.

    He scratched his chin and reached out to pull you into his lap. You'd been showing him apartments a little out of his current price range all morning, and he began growing tired of pretty white walls and the Zillow logo. He spent the previous night dealing at a party and was tuckered out of his ways of conversation from drug addicts and teens needing something to escape this hell of a suburbia, so his girlfriend trying to pull at his non-existent social battery had him all about ready to pass-out, ass-up on the rug.

    “I gotta life here, and as much money dealin’ has got me, condos and houses with a pool in the backyard ain’t in my future.” he said, blinking down the meeting your eyes.

    “I’d love to leave this shit-show of a town, but baby, with the cards we’d been dealt with, its better to accept it then develop an unlivable fantasy.

    It wasn’t like you disagreed with Fez being a dealer, but you happened to be one of the unfortunate few that wanted children, eventually. And while Ash is a great, brilliant, and strong child, you don’t want them to learn the traits through a life full of illegal shit.

    So out was the only way into the life you’ve hoped for. And hopefully, Fez would be there with you.

    #fezco euphoria#fezco#fez#fez euphoria #fez x reader #fezco x plus!sized!reader #fezco imagine#fez imagine #fez x black!reader #fezco x black!reader #fez x black reader #fezco x black reader #fez x woc #fez x woc!reader #fezco x woc #fezco x woc!reader #angus cloud #angus cloud x reader
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    3 Is the Magic Number | SM: No Way Home Series P.5 (Finale)

    Contains major spoilers from SM: No Way Home

    Catch up on parts 1-4 -> Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist

    Parings: Tobey!Spider-Man x female!Reader /Black Cat (Romantic) , Andrew!Spider-Man (Platonic/flirtatious), Tom!Spider-Man (Platonic), Michele Jones-Watson (Platonic), Ned Leeds (Platonic). Dr. Otto Octavious (Platonic/Flirtatious).

    Warnings: angst, near death experience (MJ fall), violence, blood & mentions of death. Fluff & flirtatious banter. Slight nsfw at the end and sexual tension but only for like a tiny portion. Unedited (will correct mistakes at later time). | 7k to 10k words

    Songs for this chapter: “The Magic Number” by De La Soul, “Supercut,” by Lorde (especially for the bonus scene)

    Chapter Five/Finale Premise: Goodbyes are hard, but necessary for the greater good. In an emotional conclusion to a day turned upside down, young Peter Peter makes a decision that alters his life forever. A life-long connection is born, a certain cat has one last piece of advice not just for him, but the Peter still haunted by his greatest mistake.

    We’ve come to the end and I’m crying. Thank you for the support and love on this series, and I hope you enjoy this final installment.


    “STRANGE NO!!!”

    The explosion was so powerful no one had time to react. The momentum combined with the release of the broken spell threw everyone off their feet. Circular ruins flew back and cut through the steel keeping the large copper shield held by Lady Liberty. Destruction ensued—the shield falling to the ground.

    It tore the paneling of the construction levels, making the entire island shake from the impact. Y/N shrieked, feeling Peter 2’s arms tighten around her by to keep her close as they started to lose balance against the falling floors. She could hear MJ’s scream from the side and her eyes widened when the girl was unable to grasp Ned’s hand.

    The world stilled, Y/N gasping at the falling girl when Peter 1 hurls over the edge after herl. His hand was extended, inches from bringing her to safety when Norma’s glider unexpectedly collides with him, taking the boy away. Y/N let’s out a scream, “NO!!” The same comes from Peter 3, not hesitating to launch in the air.

    He barrels toward MJ, pushing a pole that nearly hits him and his arms wrap around her frame. They spin upright and he shoots a web, catching it on the ceiling highest level. Poles fall around them as they land, and MJ looks up in both terror and relief with her arms around Peter 3s neck.

    They make eye contact, the girl breathing heavily not seeing how his eyes were becoming glossy. “A-are you okay?” His voice waivers, emotion filling it to the core. She nods her head, still coming down from the adrenaline she just felt.

    ‘“Yeah,” she then notices how he was looking at her almost in pain. The tears were starting to form in his eyes, mouth quivering and Peter 3 tried his best to keep it together but was failing. His reaction had the girl concerned and she gently said, “Are you okay?” Though still overcome with emotion by the fact he saved her, nods with a bittersweet smile on his lips.

    The chaos still unfolds however stories above. The broken spell is on thin ice, Strange barely having the strength to contain it when the power suddenly becomes too much. The ruins expand once more, sending another shock wave through the area. Octavius holds Max with a tentacle and Ned looses his grip on the pole keeping him from falling. He yelps, but before he could descend to what would’ve been a very painful death, the cloak of levitation comes to his aid.

    For the cat and her spider, the ground beneath starts to cave in. They jump together over the edge, Peter pulling Y/N onto his back with her arms and leg around him. He spots Connors, the man descending in the air in front of them and shots a web to string him back to prevent hitting the ground.

    Remembering she had armed herself with a second grappling hook, Y/N reaches behind her with one arm and unlatched the contraption. She tightens her hold on Peter, aiming the gun at the highest level of the construction tower visible to her. The hook launches through the air, extending the rope as far as it could go. It mounts and they are pulled up by the force of the bounce when it last piece of rope extracts.

    Peter slowly drops Connors to his feet, following close behind and Y/N hops off him. She tugs the rope hard, and the hook unattached allowing her to retract it back into the grappling gun. With a large breath of relief, she secures the device back on its holster behind her shoulders.

    “Are you okay, honey?” Peter gently calls to her, and she nods removing the lose tie from her hair and letting the white waves fall.

    “I’m okay. What about you, are you hurt?” She checks over him, seeing if there had been any cuts or scraps from the debris. He shakes his head, telling her he was fine and the two find Peter 3 with MJ. The woman immediately goes to the both of them, Peter trailing behind her. “Are you both okay?” She asks, placing a comforting hand on Peter 3s shoulder and looking over at MJ.

    The girl nods, “I’m okay—we both are, right?” Peter 3 nods though not looking at either of them. The last of his tears will away and Y/N notices the emotion he was displaying. The expression makes her frown, but she realized what he’d been thinking about.

    She gently pulls his attention to her, gesturing for him to put MJ down and when he does she reaches both hands up to cup his cheeks. The action surprises him, and he looks at Peter 2, but the man just nods—an empathic expression on his features. Peter 3 returns his eyes to Y/N and he’s nearly sent into another wave of tears by the look she was giving him.

    It was one a mother would give to comfort her child, and Y/N wiped away a tear he didn’t realized had escaped. “Would you like a hug, Peter?” The tone she had was soft and reassuring, to let the young man know he wasn’t alone. And the warmth of her gloved hands on his cheeks gave Peter comfort.

    His lip started to quiver and before he knew it he was nodding, Y/N gently bringing him down to her level so she could embrace him in a loving hug. His arms went to her back, just under her shoulders not minding the grappling look gun attached to the leather vest. He had to bend a little because of the height difference, but he laid laid his face on her shoulder and felt the quiet sobs leave him.

    “It’s okay, Spidey,” the nickname brought Peter a sense of comfort, feeling her hand rub circles on his upper back. A small gesture of her head and Peter 2 motioned for MJ to step away to give them some privacy. She continued saying sweet nothings in his ear, and held him until he was ready to pull away. When he did, Y/N could see the fresh tears on his reddened cheeks and she took his mask from his hands.

    Lifting the material up, she removed the tears—careful not to poke out his eye. “Unfortunately,” she started to say. “I don’t carry tissues on me when I’m in Black Cat mode—despite all these damn holsters I have on me.” Her words made him laugh, bringing a smile to her face. “I know I had some in my purse—typical mom thing of me, but with all the chaos happening I don’t even know where I left it.” She pauses, and adds, “That’s not gonna be good if we find someone find out way home within the hour.” It again makes him laugh, the man appreciating her attempts to cheer him up.

    When she finished wiping away all the moisture on his face, she hands him back the mask. Part of her can’t help but brush away a strand of hair that fell between his eyes. When he tells her ‘thank you,’ sniffing, Y/N reaches up to press a tiny kiss to his cheekbone. It was a friendly gesture. No teasing, no purposely trying to make him flustered.

    It was a ‘You’re gonna be okay, Peter.’

    She smiles up at him and pats him lightly on the shoulder. “She’d be proud of you.” Peter looks down at her with newfound hope, remembering her earlier words to him about acceptance and forgiveness. It was like a tsunami hurdling towards him, the emotion overbearing. But the relief he felt when it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, Peter knew he found that forgiveness.

    A small watery smile forms on his face, his voice cracking. “I know she is.”

    And Y/N couldn’t help but add with a knowing look, “and she’s not the only one.” Another peaceful moment passes between them, and the older woman motions for them to join the others. MJ is back with Ned, and the two move where Peter 2 stood, hearing the sound of commotion ahead.

    What they find it Peter 1 on the copper shield going head to head with Norman, having been fully taken over by the Green Goblin. Panic fills them, watching how Peter was putting everything he had into hurting the man. The death of aunt May filling his brain.

    When they see Peter 1 escalate with the force he gives in each attack, Peter 2 turns back to Y/N and Peter 3. They both are as equally concerned, the two Peter’s share a knowing look. When the older man turns to Y/N, she takes his hand and squeezes it with encouragement. “Go,” she tells him, “He needs you.”

    He squeezes her hand back, “Stay here,” he looks back at Peter 3 with determination. “Watch her.” The younger man nods, and the two watch Peter 2 take off to the shield. Y/N quickly glances around, relieved to see Flint, Max, and Otto were safe from the destruction and returns her attention back in time to see her husband stop Peter 1 from making the fatal blow to Norman with his own glider.

    The breath she didn’t even know she was holding released. Anxiety had taken over when she saw Peter 1 try and put some resistance and force the glider further, but her husband was pushing with all his might to prevent it. Y/N nearly ran over, but Peter 3 had stepped next to her to place a comforting hand on her shoulder, refraining her from doing so.

    The silent interaction between the two Peters spoke a thousand words, neither having to say anything to get the message across. It was like the two were seeing themselves in each other. Peter 2 being who he wish had been there to stop him twenty years prior from making his biggest regret, and Peter 1 seeing who he could be if he prevents himself from making his own regret.

    With a pained grunt, Peter 1 slowly tilts the glider away. He’s helped by Peter 2, and the object falls with a loud clanking sound. Y/N and Peter 3 are both relieved, about to smile when they see movement behind Peter 2. Y/N screams, “PETER BEHIND YOU!!” But it doesn’t reach him in time, and she lets out another scream when Osborns blade meets his back.

    Peter falls to his back and Y/N runs to the shield with Peter 3 following, but he pulls her back before she could get to Osborn. He still had a knife in his hand, and he was taunting Peter 1 about May’s death. “She was there because of you,” Y/N was seconds away from sending a blade to his throat, but notices Peter 3 had the cure for Norman in his hand. “I may have stuck the blow, but you…” he trails off with a crazed expression. “You are the one that killed her.”

    Without hesitating, Peter 3 launches the syringe in the air. It catches in Peter 1s hand and before Norman could react the needle was embedding in his neck, green liquid entering his system with the press of a button. Norman stumbles back, his body hitting the ground and face tilting in confusion.

    The change in him was so noticeable, Y/N almost wanted to cheer that it worked, but seeing her man on the ground had her pushing past Peter 3. “Peter,” she heard Norman say, and Y/N broke through the debris—the sound catching Normans attention. When their eyes met, she could see his face consort into shock. He still looked the same as he did before he died, but it was obvious to scientist she was not the Y/N he once knew.

    “Y/N?” He breathed out, noticing how her expression was livid when she looked at him. Her eyes went to the figure behind him, and she hopped over a pile to rush over, dropping by her husbands side. Norman gaze followed her, and it was then he saw the familiar spider suit he was aquatinted with. Peter, his Peter—the kid who he looked at as a second son, was laying beside him with blood coming from his side.

    “Hey, hey,” Y/Ns hands went to Peter 2s face before laying one on his chest. “You’re okay, honey. How bad is it?” She looked over and saw it was a clean cut to the side, tearing the material of his suit. It didn’t appear like the blade had punctured anything and luckily his accelerated healing wound take care of it, but the woman was still stressed and worried about how much pain he was in.

    “I’m okay,” he murmured. “It’s not that bad—I’ve been through worse as you know.”

    “Just because you have doesn’t mean I’m not gonna worry,” she scolds, placing a kiss to his lips. “You know how I get, Spider.”

    “I know, trouble. I know,” he lifts a hand to brush away her hair and caress her cheek, giving the woman another kiss. They were both aware they weren’t alone, but neither cared. Both had just had their lives on thin edge, if they wanted to show each other affection of gratitude and relief then it was gonna happen.

    Norman was star-struck by the display. The last thing he remembered from Y/N and Peter before he had mysteriously came to this world, was Y/N had been interning with Otto and Peter was still in school. Neither were in relationships from what Harry had told him. He turned back to the young boy, aware of the anger the kid was displaying at him. “What have I done?” His tone was pained, laced with shame and guilt.

    Y/N suddenly snaps at him. “Enough, Norman.” Her voice hard and face with anger. “You’ve done more than enough. And I’m gonna say this once, because I believe you’re gonna be going back to the moment you were pulled into this world where Harry is alive—and I won’t get the chance to say this to you once the wizard fixes this mess—,” she purposely ignores the dumbfound look at the news his son is dead in their timeline.

    “Put aside your pride and greed, Norman Osborn and be the man that’s there for his son. Because of what you did, Harry died due his obsession of avenging you—almost killing Peter because he was mistaken! He would’ve never picked up the goblin’s mantle had you not died. He could’ve still been with us if you were just there for him!” She couldn’t stop the emotion in her voice. Y/N takes a seep breath before lowering her tone, making it sound almost menacing. “So use what they just did for you as a newfound opportunity, Norman. Because you will never get another chance like this.”

    Everyone around her is speechless, but no one is more than the man in purple and green. Her words cut into him like venom. No remorse, but it was a given for what she was telling him. He needed to change, otherwise he would lose the only thing he ever cared about more than any project or money opportunity.

    More movement caught their attention. Peter 3 had landed beside Peter 1 and knelt down on Peter 2s other side. “That was you,” Peter 2s voice was in awe, referring to the throw Peter 3 had done. The young man nods, “You okay?”

    “Oh,” Y/N hears him groan. “Yeah I’m good—I’ve been stabbed before.”

    “Ah good-good-good,” Peter 3 says in relief, not missing how Y/N was sending him a look of ‘are you serious right now, this is my husband we’re talking about.’ “Hey,” Peter 1 finally comes over, taking a place beside Y/N and looking down on the trio.

    “Hey nice catch,” Peter 3 tells him with a smile and the boy returns it.

    “Nice throw.” Their attention is suddenly drawn up when they hear interesting sound. It was almost like glass shattering, but if it was a skyscraper being demolished. When they look to the sky, the colorful horizon was filled with purple strings of light.

    Peter 2 looks up at it in awe, though a little worried. “What—Is that happening or am I dying.”

    “Yeah, no that’s happening—that’s real.”

    “Are there people in the sky?” Sure enough little white orbs taking the shape of human form were inching their way through the cracks. Y/N sees a bright light, and notices the man Peter 1 referred to as Strange struggling to keep the cracks from breaking.

    “Little spider, I think your wizard friend is having trouble up there.” The men follow her gaze and panic filling the young vigilante. “I-I gotta go.” “Yeah—yeah we got him,” Peter 3 gestures for him to go and turns back to Peter 2, “You okay?” The older man nods again and Y/N checks the wound again to see the bleeding had stopped, which was a good sign.

    Her eyes trail back to the sky. The cracks were enlarging and judging by what their heightened hearing could hear from Peter and the Wizard, they would be going home very soon. Turning back to look at Peter 2, she seems him already looking at her and a smirk curls on her lips. “You really scared me there.”

    “I’m sorry,” he sheepishly says, “can you forgive me?”

    “I guess I can,” she dramatically draws out. “Who else is gonna help me raise two sixteen year old twin boys?” She doesn’t miss the jaw drop of Peter 3, who looks between them like ‘say what now.’ She pokes her husbands cheek and says, “which by the way, I hope our house is still standing. You know Benny’s science experiments and Harry’s knack for bad luck can get a little out of control.”

    By now Peter 3’s jaw is on the floor. “Wha-what-what,” he spews out, eyes wide at the couple. “Benny? Harry?” he doesn’t know if he should cry in sadness or excitement. Hearing they had twin boys, named after Uncle Ben and his best friend Harry—who they also had a Harry—made him emotional. “You guys have twins?” It all made sense now why Y/N had such a motherly trait to her—and he remembered how when talking about carrying tissues in her bag it was the ‘typical mom thing’.

    The couple share loving look. “We do,” Peter 2 says with pride. “Benny, named after uncle Ben as you may have guessed, and Harry named after our best friend. It’s was cause of him we really got together. After he died, it was only fitting we honored him in a special way.”

    Peter 3 could feel the tears in his eyes, overcome with despair. It wasn’t directed at them, no, it was because he wished he had that. He wished he could’ve saved his Harry, or at least have had a positive end with him—unlike what played out. “Hey,” the sound of Y/N’s voice makes him look up and sees her frowning. “Are you okay?”

    “Y-yeah,” he says with a shrug. “It’s just that I had a Harry too—he also died and I wish I was able to save him, or at least have us have a better ending than what we had,” he specially left out how it was Harry who caused Gwens death, cause they didn’t need to know that. He changes the subject before they could ask anything about it. “What are they like—your boys?”

    “Trouble,” Y/N laughs, making both the men chuckle with her. “They get it from me obviously. But no, they’re good kids.” She smiles fondly, thinking about her children. “Very smart may I add, and honestly Harry would lose his mind if he were here. He’s the more flamboyant of the two, and Benny is the logical one.”

    “Though they are both the quite the handful,” Peter 2 adds. “I don’t even want to imagine what they’d do if they were here. Probably get themselves arrested by doing something stupid like try and use those gadgets Benny’s been working on. Which by the way have you inspected them yet?”

    “Yes, a few,” she tell him. “The smoke bomb was not bad, but the electric taser disks need a lot of work and I don’t want him working on them without me supervising.” Something about what she said made alarms go off in Peter 3s head, mind drifting back to just before he went though the portal into Neds Lola’s house. He’s almost scared to ask the question, but his mouth opens before he can stop himself.

    “Is the voltage too powerful that could send someone into a seizure?” Y/N’s head snaps to him, suspicion in her gaze while Peter’s was more concerned.

    Before the couple could ask about Peter 3s question, they hear the conversation between Peter 1 and Strange end. They move to help Peter 2 up, the man putting most of the pressure on Peter 3 instead of Y/N. More color fills the sky, but this time its bright orange in contrast to the purple. Mysterious symbols start to form, and Y/N realizes what was about to happen—a spell was being casted to reverse the broken one.

    Their eyes watch Peter 1 land before them, his voice wavering and out of breath. “Uh I-I think this it—I think you’re about to go home,” he wipes a tear and Y/N felt her heart start to break. They weren’t oblivious to the conversation he had with Strange, well aware the boy was about to lose everyone he cared about—and there was a chance they were going to forget him as well.

    “Umm, look-I. Uh,” Peter 1 stutters, looking between the three with appreciation. “Thank you. I just wanna—I. I want you—I want to tell you that,” he stops again, can’t seeming to get the words out. “I-I really don’t know how to say this—.”


    “I want you to know that—,” he stops at Peter 3s soft voice, noticing how the three were looking at them. There was no need for a big speech. The words were left to be unsaid. They knew what he was trying to tell them, and they wanted him to know they understood.

    Peter 2 smiled at the boy, “You know. It’s what we do.”

    It was all Peter 1 needed to hear. “Yeah it’s what we do.”

    Y/N grinned, looking between the three. “You know I’ve always wondered why people say three is the magic number,” she said in a curious tone making them all look at her. She looks them each in the eyes before settling her gaze on the young spider, “But seeing you three—right here in this moment, three Peter Parkers from different universes—well you can’t look at me and say there’s not some magic somewhere in there.”

    The words were maybe a little cheesy, but they didn’t care. It was truly a magical phenomenon—a once in a lifetime experience they now shared. Together.

    Peter 1 feels the emotion fill him again and starts to ramble, knowing time was running out. “Um-right I-I gotta find Ned and MJ. I-ah,” he goes to step back and leave the group, but he takes the chance and launches at them. His arms go around them, trying to fit them all in an embrace and his cheeks are in between Peter 2 & 3s shoulders. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    While the Peters arms are on his lower back, Y/N had her palm just below his neck, and was looking at them with fondness. Seeing them embrace was a sight she had never even imagined in her life, and she could feel moisture gathering in the corners of her eyes. When they pulled away, Peter 1 steps back—a grin still on his face. “I guess—I guess I’ll see you.”

    He turns to leave, but Y/n quickly calls out to him. “Hey, Little Spider,” she says one last time, making him turn around. Y/N steps forward, still holding her husbands hand and leans down over to place her lips on Peter 1s cheek, the action making him heat and turn red. She gives him one last look over, eyes soft and motherly. “Stay true to who you are, kid,” she affectionally taps the under portion of his chin.

    “You’ve got such a heart, and what you’re sacrificing shows just how true that it. You may have made mistakes, but that’s what being a human is—it’s how we overcome those mistakes that makes us who we are,” she gives him one last smile. “ The world needs a hero, and this world is lucky to have you. Remember that, okay?—When you feel like the world is against you, remember that heart of yours and you will overcome whatever life throws at you.”

    His lip quivers, eyes becoming glossy but Peter doesn’t respond and instead pulls her into one more hug. When he pulls away, the boy nods to her with gratitude and the woman doing the same in return. They watch him take off, Y/N moving back to Peter 2s side— notices how he shifts once they are out of Peter 1s sights. “Ahh.”

    “You are in so much pain huh?” The man beside him asks.

    “I am.”

    “Yeah.” He hums understandably, and Y/N snorts—maneuvering herself so her left arm was around his neck and her right rest across his stomach, hand nestling on his side where he was stabbed to sooth it.

    Their attention was drawn back to the sky, noticing the cracks had disappeared and the symbols were getting larger and more intricate by the second. A sad smile forms on her list, glancing to the two men. “I guess this is it for us then, Spidey,” She says softly. “Wish you could join us back home. I feel you and our boys would get along well.”

    His eyes had lit up at the idea, but then fell knowing it would never happen. “Yeah, It’s gonna be tough being home. Knowing you guys are out there in another world. I feel like I’ve found a new family,” they all glance at the trio on the opposite side of the shield, watching the interaction unfold. “Brothers, sisters, lifelong friends,” Peter 3 lists on. “I haven’t felt this happy in such a long time,” he sadly looks to them, “I don’t want to let it go.”

    “You won’t,” she rebuffs, stepping toward him. “Because all that happiness lies right here,” her finger points over his heart. “Keeping it contained is only going to hurt you. Don’t think about this as something you’re about to lose, and instead look at what you’ve gained,” She gestures around in excitement, “You now have something special and it will stay with you forever. This world had three Peter Parkers for one shining moment—one of which is you.”

    Y/N felt a fuzzy sensation in her veins. Judging by her husbands hold tightening on her, she was able to guess he felt it too. They were about to leave and she needed to get the words quick. “And your world is going to need their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man,” her tone becomes more serious. “So you better work on what I told you earlier out. Accept and forgive yourself—and don’t forget to let down some of those walls of yours. Open your heart out, and you might just something special in return.”

    Y/N knew her words were having an effect on him but his fond gaze, but it caught her a little of guard when she’s pulled off her feet. Her arms leave Peter 2s neck and waist, going around Peter 3s who had taking her into a strong embrace. “Thank you,” he says in her ear, voice muffled by her hair. “Thank you, Y/N. So much.”

    Y/N rubs small cicles onto his back. “You’re very welcome, Peter.” He sets her down, moving to step away from the couple but not before giving them one last smile. The fuzziness in her gets stronger, and Y/N lifts up a finger to point at the young man her tone in mock scolding. “Remember what I said, Spidey. Or I’ll figure out a way to bend the multiverse and come crashing on your door to give you a nice taste of bad luck.”

    Though her tone was playful and was enough to make Peter 3 laugh, the threat was real and he gave her a promising salute. “Ma’am, yes ma’am,” he looks at his fellow Spider-Man, nodding his head to the couple. “You’ve got a keeper there, Peter.”

    Said Peter looks down at the woman beside him, love and appreaciation in his eyes. “I know.”

    The sensation soon becomes overpowering and Y/N brings her hand to her lips, blowing the puppy-eyed man several kisses. “Don’t forget me, Spidery. I promise to not forget you.” His cheeks become red, playing along and making a motion like he was catching her kisses.”I promise, Kitty-Cat.” The newfound nickname makes Y/N giggle, blowing one last one as he begins to glow.

    The last thing she sees before closing her eyes at the bright light surrounding her was Peter 3s smile and his hand in a peace sign.

    When the fuzzy feeling disappeared and the busy streets of New York filled her ears, Y/N opened her eyes. She was met with the sight of water again, but Peter 3 was no longer standing before her. Daylight was breaking over the horizon —much like it was seconds before the fuzzy sensation started, but the atmosphere was different. She glanced around, becoming aware they were still on the island but there was no wizard casting spells, no people in the sky, and Norman was gone.

    Something tickled in her brain, and the former vigilante had to hold back her excitement at the realization.

    Y/N looked to her husband, who was also checking their surroundings and was about to ask the million dollar question when she suddenly stopped. Her eyes ran over his form, face going soft for a moment as she took in his features. The rays from the emerging sun made his baby blue eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky. His hair was sweaty and sticking out in various places giving him a tossed appearance.

    He could be dressed in a top notch tuxedo, a simple t-shirt and pants, or his iconic red and blue suit and he’d still be the most beautiful person in the room. And despite the aging—which everyone goes through—Y/N would always find him attractive and sexy. She couldn’t help but admire him. He had lines and wrinkles, but so did she. He may dress like the typical middle aged man—a cool youth pastor as the kids from across a universal pond would say—but that didn’t mean he didn’t know how to look like a Hollywood star from time to time.

    The man keeps the streets of New York safe at night and fights of bad guys. How much more sexier can that get? Not to mention he’s got two highly intelligent and occasional reckless teenage boys at home. They keep him young and busy which explains the occasional gray hair.

    It didn’t matter how much time had passed or the amount of years they’d been together, Y/N always felt her heart soar with warmth in love whenever she was with Peter. Her Peter. This world’s Peter and friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who was her Spider. The man who’d captured her heart and soul the minute he offered his coat after making the woman spill her drink at Harry’s party.

    They had their ups and downs, but through trial and error—and a whole lot of bad guys along the way, New York was never the same when the Cat from Flushing and the Spider from Queens came together.

    “Do you remember?” the question leave her lips in a soft tone, fearing the worst he doesn’t respond right away. But the way his eyes soon light up, peering down at her with a grin so wide it makes the woman nearly bounce on her feet in excitement. “Well,” she couldn’t help but giggle. “That was quite the adventure, Spider-Stud.”

    “It truly was, trouble,” he laughs with her. They embrace in a hug, Y/N jumping in his arms and wrapping her legs around his waist though being mindful of his injury. Her face meets the crook of his neck, white hair flying as he spins them around while they continue to laugh like kids in a candy store.

    She pulls away from his neck, but leans back in so their lips meet in a kiss. This time its full of passion— not having to hide their affection and they break away after several seconds. Peter doesn’t set her down and instead adjusts her in his arms, Y/N doing the same so they were more comfortable.

    “I really hope that if we’re able to remember, then everyone else did too. Maybe the wizard found a loophole or the spell went a little sideways.” He nods, agreeing with Y/N.

    “I hope so too. He’s gonna need his friends after everything…” Peter pauses, feeling sympathy for the boy knowing he would have to live without May. If the spell did do what it was supposed to—and Peter 1 lost everyone who ever knew him—then the man only hoped the boy would be okay and make through his new found hardships. Loss and grief was something he understood, but if Y/N, his sons, and friends all lost their memory of him….he didn’t even want to imagine that scenario. “Let’s just pray he was lucky in the end. It’s the only thing we can do now.”

    “I know,” she frowns, a sense of sadness filling her. “He’s a good kid—both of them,” she adds, referring to Peter 3 and his battle with forgiveness against himself. “They have a heart,” she puts emphasis on it and brings one hand over where Peter’s heart laid—feeling it beat beneath her palm. “Another thing you three all had in common,” Y/Ns gaze is full of love, and Peter could feel the heat swarm in him.

    “It’s what makes you who you are. I’m confident he’ll be okay, because it’s the heart of Peter Parker that keeps the world safe and in good hands. It’s what drives you—and pushes you to overcome whatever obstacles you face. The world needs a hero like that—and it’s a beautiful thing that beyond our tiny little universe,” she boops his nose, giggling when his cheeks become even more red, “There are two others out there with the heart of Peter Parker —being the best friendly neighborhood Spider-Man their world has ever seen.”

    By now moisture had gathered in Peter’s eyes. Heart soaring and expression full of love as he stares at the keeper of his soul. His lip quivers slightly when she brushes away a tear escaping the corner of his eye. “How do you always know what to say?” The cracking in his voice was unavoidable. Y/N gently caresses his cheek.

    “Have to grow up faster than everyone else makes you more aware of things you look past when you’re young,” the words were simple, but had so much meaning. And Peter knowing everything there was about Y/N’s upbringing and what she endured in the past, knows just how much truth laid within that sentence.

    He brings her into another passionate kiss, his hand coming up to her neck to hold her close to him. Despite her red lipstick, he could taste a hint of cherry lip balm she had underneath the color. The kiss had more enthusiasm, both relishing in each other’s touch and Peter softly moaned when she had tugged a little on his hair. When he pulled away, Y/N swiped her finger against his bottom lip to remove the residue left behind from both kisses.

    “I love you,” he whispers against her lips, eyes sparkling with love. She pecks his lips once more, smiling wide. “I love you, Peter Parker.” He sets her down, though his arms remain on her waist so he could bring her into an a hug—his head moving to gently lay on top of hers.

    A minute of comforting silence passes over them, the sound of birds in the morning sky filling the air. They knew they needed to get going soon, before the first tours to the island started to cycle in.

    “We really had our work cut out for us babe,” she sighs after another minute of silence, though its more of satisfaction rather than exhaustion. “Reminds me of our glory days—though we’ve never fought so many enhanced dudes in a single night. I’m glad you were able to keep up with the kids.” There it was again. The seriousness was gone and her playful nature had returned now that they had a long awaited heartfelt moment. Peter rolls his eyes, but smiles nonetheless.

    “You calling me old, sweetheart?”

    She makes a dramatic gasp, “Of course not, that would mean I’d have to call myself old too—and we both know that’s not true.” His laugh brings butterflies to her stomach.

    “I know, honey,” he takes her hand, bringing it up to kiss her knuckles before gesturing his head to the city behind them. “Now why don’t we get out of here and make sure our children didn’t burn the house down in our absence.” Y/N’s eyes widen, mumbling ‘right-right, that’s a good idea.’ The two walk down the grassy area to the edge of the dock hand in hand, reminiscing on the past 48 hours.

    “I hope Flint made it home safe. He was never really the bad guy—compared to the others. He just wanted to go home.” Y/N thinks to the Sandman, hoping he was back with his daughter. She assumed he was from their timeline given he remembered Peter and had mistaken the younger boy for the one next to her.

    “Yeah,” Peter agrees. “I don’t blame him at all—we’ll have to check in on him one of these days. See how he’s doing.” The woman nods, liking the idea. “Also I need to check in with Dr. Connors,” Peter suddenly adds. “—Make sure he’s not experimenting with anything that could turn him into a seven-foot lizard.” That makes Y/N shudder, letting out a huff at the memory of fighting the creature.

    “You also gave him a piece of the symbiote, remember? Probably should make a note about getting an update.” He snaps his finger, the memory coming back and making a sound of agreement. “I can’t believe there’s magic in that universe!” Y/N bounces on her heel, suddenly giddy. “Wow, and you know now that I think about it that Strange fella looked awfully similar to the actor that plays Sherlock Holmes. Wait—what if vampires are real too!” Peter shakes his head at the thought.

    “I doubt there’s vampires, Y/N—.”

    “But we don’t know,” she defends. “It very well could be—I mean I wouldn’t see them as sparkling like the ones in that Rob Pattinson movie everyone was obsessed with—.


    “—But then again I thought all wizards rode broomsticks and had fancy hats but the Strange guy didn’t.” She thinks for moment before adding, “Though he did have a cloak.”

    “I still can’t believe the kid fought an alien in space,” Peter voices when they near the the docks. “And he was purple? I wonder if he was just as homicidal as the goo one.”

    Y/N lets out a sound of disgust. “Still relieved he didn’t make some star-studded appearance. Although I would’ve mind destroying his ass again after what he did.” Peter squeezed her hand, calming her before she thought of ill fated night that claimed their best friends life. Y/N let her mind drift away from it, the two coming to a stop so they could map out where to catch their web/hook onto.

    A large boat passing under the bridge is in the distance—not too far and would allow them the distance to bounce off of the shipping containers so they could then catch the underside of the Brooklyn Bridge. “I say that’s our best move,” Peter points to the ship, and Y/N nods in agreement.

    “I’d say so too.” They needed the boat to get a little closer before they could successfully land a good hold on it. With the short amount of time they had, Y/N let’s go of Peter’s hand making his eyes draw back to her. She reaches up to card her fingers through his damp hair, eyes becoming soft again before resting her palm on his cheek. “I’m so proud of you, Peter.”

    He gazes down at her with tenderness, eyes full of emotion. “I’m proud of you too, darling.” He kisses her one last time before a mischievous look takes over his expression, and his mask is pulled over to conceal it. “Race you to the rooftop? Just like the good ole days?” A cheeky smirk makes it’s way on Y/N’s face, her hand coming up to upholstering her hook gun and she sends him a wink before taking off.

    “Catch me if you can, Spider.”

    *Bonus scenes*

    Y/N’s laughter filled Peter’s ears, competing against the sounds of traffic below on the New York streets. Their little competition had them swinging through the city building to building and occasionally Y/N would spice it up by dropping to the streets, knowing he would follow after her. It reminded them of the earlier days before and after their identities were revealed—when the chase went from vigilante and criminal to a playful game of cat and mouse.

    It felt like they were young again, Y/N’s bright hair whipping against the wind and Peters flips with each swing of his web. They were only a few feet with Peter taking the lead every once in awhile before Y/N somehow managed to get a pass on him. They could hear the gasps and cheers below them, the children leading the cheers at the sight of Spider-Man while adults stopped in disbelief that the Black Cat had returned after nearly seventeen years.

    The murmurs from people on the streets had Y/N in a mess of giggles.

    “Look mom it’s Spider-Man!!”

    “Spidey I love you!!!

    “Is that the Black Cat he’s chasing?”

    “That can’t be it’s a different suit.

    “She hasn’t been around since two-thousand-six!”

    “Do you think they’re working together again?”

    “Parker!! Parker where are you, boy do you not see this is breaking news! The Black Cat has returned and Spider-Man is with her!”

    “Today is Peter’s day off, Mr. Jameson.”

    Y/N flips onto one of the balconies, seeing Peter land on the one adjacent to her. “I can’t wait to see what the papers say tomorrow morning,” she calls out with a grin, adjusting her mask. “I can see it now,” she holds her hands up and takes on a mocking J. Jonah Jameson tone. “ ‘This just in; the return of Spider-Menace’s criminal turned vigilante sidekick, The Black Cat and her trusty pointed hook. See page five for breaking story.”

    “Y/N…” he trails off, breaking into laughter by the performance she was given. “You know I’m gonna be the one to probably run that story.”

    “Oh I know, babe,” she jumps onto the railing, catching her hand on the gutter above to let her balance. “Which is why I’m hoping you make sure the picture chosen as the print cover is on my good side—don’t give me that look I know you’re giving under that mask, Spider. I trust you will do your wife well with her request. ”

    She was playing with him and he knew that, because what she really wanted was for him to make sure no photos were released that captured her face. The mask she wore was still the one from the alternate universe she had snatched, so it revealed a lot of features and anyone they were close to would be able to recognize her.

    “I will make sure to take your request into account, but we’ll deal with tomorrow.” They shot off the balconies, the race back on. More teasing ensued between the two, especially when Y/N accidentally altered his probability field and he was sent flying into an opened dumpster with a loud yelp.

    “You okay, sweetie?” She dropped down and helped him out, pulling off a banana peel that stuck to his head. A groan leaves him.

    “Yeah-yeah, I’m fine.” He cranked his neck and stretches feeling a stiffness to his back. “It’s been a long time since that’s happened. Almost forgot what it felt like.” She giggled, brushing off the dirt on his shoulder.

    “Sorry, babe. Didn’t realize it happened before I could even stop it.” She gets ready to pull the trigger on her hook, but stops to look back at him. “When did you get so slow? You’re spidey-senses didn’t tingle fast enough? I thought my bad luck didn’t affect you anymore since we got married.”

    He groans, head dropping at her teasing. “Again, it’s been a long time,” the sigh he lets out makes her giggle. A sudden thought comes to mind and she can’t bear to miss the opportunity to mess with him.

    “Maybe going the nearly two days without our favorite stress reliever made it reset—.”

    “Y/N,” he warned and she pulls the trigger, sending her up to the rooftop. “—Bye!” He chases after her, shaking off the feeling making it’s way through his body. Of course she had to bring it up.

    Several minutes pass with Peter playfully accusing Y/N of cheating when she clings onto his back. Her arms go around his neck, legs on his waist so her chest was pressed to his back. The wind whips through her hair, and the woman leans her head back with eyes closed so she could relish in the cool breeze. Peter couldn’t help but admire the image. It was a breathtaking sight with the sun rays illuminating her skin.

    She opens her eyes, seeing the buildings pass along them and a smile takes over Y/N before she presses a kiss to Peters masked cheek. Very unlike of her, she forfeits the race—preferring to enjoy the last leg holding onto her husband with her cheek laid on his shoulders while he carries her.

    Just like old times.

    With one last turn onto a corner street. They spot a familiar rooftop connecting several townhouses together. Peter gives one last swing and his feet fit the pavement. Y/N hops off his back, moving to face him and brings her hand up to remove his mask after checking to make sure no one was in proximity.

    “Oh no,” she dramatically says. “Looks like I lost the race.” She watches him bite his lip to stop the grin forming. “You were the first to touch the rooftop—did we even establish what the winner gets?”

    “We didn’t.”

    “Well, stud,” she leans into him, batter her eyelashes when he removes the black material from around her eyes. “What do you want for your prize.” Knowing what she was insinuating, Peter tries to prevent the blush from taking over his cheeks. But it’s no use. He presses his lips to Y/N’s, surprising her and raises her brow when he pulls away. “That’s it?” She sounds almost unsatisfied, making him chuckle.

    “You’re trouble you know that?” She shrugs at him as if to say ‘I know’, and he rolls his eyes. “Let’s make sure the boys are okay, before we get into what my prize for winning is.”

    Her teasing goes out the door, mom mode activated and she straightens her posture. “I hope they at least fed the cat,” taking his hand the couple hop off the roof on the opposite side of the street so they would land in the backyard. The first thing they notice are the bikes parked beside the trash can leading to the door connected to the fence.

    It’s a good sign.

    Y/N goes to look through the kitchen window while Peter swipes the hidden key from the hanging plant holder. There were dishes in the sink, a pizza box laying on the counter and the trash bag had been replaced with a new one. She could vaguely pick up the sound of the living room TV and a breath of relief leaves her.

    The twins were home, and both in one piece. Now they had to figure out how to explain why they were both missing for 48 hours.

    “Are they home?” Peter whispers when she returns to his side.

    “I think so, the TV is on.” They both give each other a nod and Peter twists the key, quietly turning the knob and opening the door. They enter the home, Y/N moving past her husband and he closes the door—careful to not make any sudden noise. The clock on the wall read it was nearing nine o’clock.

    Y/N nearly shrieks when the family’s—ironic— black cat named Midnight, jumps onto the counter to greet them. The little animal purrs, excited to see the two and struts along the countertop toward Y/N who reaches her hand out to nuzzle his furry cheeks. “Missed you, boy.” She whispers.

    Hearing sounds that resembled arguing, Y/N heads toward the doorway leading to the living room while Midnight jumps into Peters arms, cuddling into him. The two peak their heads in, eyes landing on TV displaying a video game and their twin boys were seated on opposite sides of the couch, jumping up and down while yelling. “Why didn’t you go for that guy—he was right in the open?!” “—I didn’t see him! You were supposed to cover me, Harry!”

    Harry stands up from the couch and turns to yell back at his brother, but when he sees the couple in the doorway the controller falls from his hand. “Mom! Dad!” He pulls off the headset and jumps over the couch, his brother gasping and following behind him. Midnight hops out of Peters arms as the twins approach, Harry going to Y/N and Benny to Peter.

    They both open their arms, the boys stepping into them to embrace in a tight hug. Y/N’s hands come up to Harry’s head, pressing a kiss to his hair and she gently runs her hands through the soft locks. The twins switch and she does the same to Bennys. When they pull away, Benny gets right to business.

    “Mom, dad, where have you been?!” He looks between them, noticing now how they were dressed and Peter’s suit was ripped on the side. The boys face becomes concerned. “What happened to you guys?” Harry turns to his mom before she could answer.

    “Is that a superhero suit!?” His eyes then notice the scab forming on her forehead from where she had been cut fighting lizard. “—Oh my God, mom did you fight bad guys with dad? Is that why we haven’t seen you guys in two days—although that doesn’t explain why we couldn’t find you. Are you bringing the Black Cat back?” His blue eyes are full of wonder and his expression reminds her of how Peter 3 was in the alternate universe. Y/N looks down at her suit then turns to her husband for the right words, but Peter gives her a look saying ‘I don’t know what to do.’

    “Uh-um, boys—.” Benny cuts her off, and she nearly groans.

    “There’s no way—.”

    “—Benny, didn’t you see what was trending on the Daily Bugle website?”


    “It was Black Cat! They saw Spider-Man—dad,” Harry points to the man, “—chasing her through the city this morning! Like what they did before we were born—mom, does this mean your finally gonna be a vigilante again?” He gets all excited making his brother roll his eyes while the parents are speechless by the scene in front of them.

    “Mom’s too busy running Oscorp and dealing with us to be doing that, Harry.”

    “—but dad still has his day job and gets to be a hero at night,” the teen defends. “Why can’t mom do the same?” The two begin to argue, with Benny trying to say how Y/N had retired years ago while Harry insists she could come back to the scene know that they were older. Eventually the parents have enough and yell, “BOYS!” The twins stop, mouths shutting and turning to the couple.

    Y/N is the one to break the silence. “Harry—,” she looks between them, “—Benny, you’re dad and I have had a rough couple nights. To try and answer some of your questions, yes I was helping dad fight bad guys.” She smiles at their astonished expressions, noticing how Harry fist pumps that he was right. “Hence the suit. Yes, we were swinging through the city this morning. To answer if I’m bringing Black Cat back,” her face becomes mischievous, glancing at Peter who had his brow raised. “That’s TBD, let’s just say.”

    “Are you okay,” Benny looks at her injured forehead and Peter’s side. “You’re hurt.” Peter waves a hand.

    “It’s already heeling, no biggie. How’s your head?” The man brushes the hair from Y/N’s forehead to inspect the damage. She leans into his touch, not flinching when his thumb traces over the wound.

    “A little sore, but nothing I haven’t handled before, spider.” The boys—knowing how Y/N was when it came to their dad—cringed at the nickname, but were happy to see they were okay. “Now, to more important matters,” she looks back at the twins. “What have you two been doing in our absence? I’m glad to see the house is still intact.”

    Benny wanted to be the one to explain—in a more cordial manner, but his brother was all too excited to share the details of their little adventure. The teenager is practically bouncing on his feet. “Oh. My. God,” he starts, and Benny facepalms already not liking where it was going. “You will never believe what happened.”

    The parents share a look, as if to say ‘try me.’

    It had been a wild 48 hours for the two, so they didn’t think whatever the boys did could top what they had endured. Harry doesn’t notice their expression and starts to ramble with his hands waving to paint a picture of the scene, but his words soon make the alarms go off in the adults with every sentence.

    “After you left for the store, mom—and you for work, dad—we, like the responsible teens we are, got ready for school. We were about to leave, but Benny started to feel his tingle thing—and you guys always told us to trust our tingle thing—so we kinda grabbed a few extra items before leaving.” He looks at Benny briefly to see the teen shaking his head rapidly, to not disclose what the items were. “So anyway, we get on our bikes and head to school. But as we neared the corner of the street to cross to school, we both felt this weird fuzzy feeling—way stronger than the tingly thing—and suddenly there was a bunch of people around us that hadn’t there!!”

    “O-ohhh,” Peter’s voice cracks, his veins feeling with dread. Y/N is trying not react, her jaw becoming sore with how tense it was.

    “Yeah!” Harry goes on, not realizing the anxiety coating his parents. “We nearly ran into them because it all happened so quick. It was like a fever dream!”

    “—I honestly think it was a fever dream—.” Benny tries to reason.

    “But it felt so real, Benz!” Harry nearly yells. “I mean c’mon—and the fact it wasn’t until this morning we felt the same thing and boom, we were back here. And get this, dad, there was Spider-Man but he wasn’t you! I mean he was a Peter Parker—but he was a kid like us, and his identity was exposed—that’s not even the crazy part really—.”

    “I just want to say that in this ‘world’ we were supposedly in, it was very different,” Benny cuts in, drawing their attention. “I mean it was like the New York we have right outside, but like Harry said the Spider-Man did not look like dad and everyone knew who he was. There was this large tower with a big ‘A’ and had this name—.”

    “—The Avengers—.” Harry adds.

    “—Yeah, them—some band of heroes I think they called themselves. And I kept overhearing the people in the city talk about something called ‘The Blip’ and the Avengers were at the center of it. It was all very weird,” Benny pauses to look between his parents, his brows furrowing. Unlike Harry, Benny was more observing to body language and expressions. So when he saw how the two were looking at each other, Benny started to put him brain into gear.

    Y/N was able to see Benny was catching onto their behavior, and redirects her attention to Harry. “Really? So where did you guys go in this ‘world’?” She really wanted to know because when Y/N first realized she’d been transported to another world, the first thing she did was check every corner of New York for her boys. When she didn’t find them—after checking the house, the school, the place Oscorp was supposed to be, and every location she could think of—she came up empty handed.

    She wasn’t too worried about the boys being back home in their world. They were overall responsible, good kids that could take care of themselves—not to mention Peter and Y/N discovered they had both inherited a mild case of spider-senses & bad luck. And when Y/N found out both Otto and Norman had been transported from the past, the mom couldn’t bear the thought of the boys being close to them.

    But now knowing the twins did in fact go to the alternate universe, Y/N was in disbelief they managed to survive the two days by themselves. And how the hell did she miss them.

    Harry thought about the question, “we tried going to the school, but it wasn’t called what it is here and there was no one we recognized. We left and went to the store you normally go to see if we could run into you. And then we tried the Daily Bugle to see dad but there was no building for it—same with Oscorp! It didn’t even exist in this world.”

    “We spent the whole day roaming the city,” Benny concluded, and his tone took a more explainable approach. It wasn’t hard for the adults to get the hint Benny was on their trail. He wasn’t explaining it like a dream he had—much like Harry was—the boy was smart. And the fact neither parent had denied the claims of dimension traveling was a tell sign they were keeping something hidden. They were instead playing along like it was a dream, because they didn’t want the twins to know it was actually real.

    “—It wasn’t hard because the streets were the same for the most part. We had money, our IDs, and a few tech gadgets I’ve been working on—I know you told me not to mess with those until you approved they were safe,” he cuts himself off when Y/N narrows her eyes in disapproval. “But mom the tingle I felt was telling me I needed to bring them.” Again, Y/N didn’t deny and her reaction was enough for Benny to put the pieces together of why they couldn’t find their parents.

    “Did you use them?” Y/N asks hesitantly.

    Benny looks down guilty. “The plan for us was to find Spider-Man—that worlds Spider-Man, so we can figure out what was going on. But the kid was being accused of murder—.”

    “Very un-Spider-Man like,” Harry shakes his head to his dad. The man wanted to laugh, but it came out more like a choke instead—still processing the information he was hearing. Benny continued talking, all playfulness out the door.

    “—so no one was telling us where to go. When night came around we found a cheap hotel and camped out for the night. I was surprised they even let us in. And we kinda just stayed there the entire day thinking of what to do. Then we saw the news on the TV there had been an explosion at an apartment complex Spider-Man was hiding out in with five others—.” Again Harry cut in, excitement taking over.

    “Oh yeah get this mom, dad, those guys you used to tell us stories about fighting to save the world when we were kids were there! Uncle Harry’s dad, you’re old boss mom, and the sand guy!” Harry pauses, a frown taking over as he starts to think. “I don’t remember though you guys talk about a giant lizard or dude who could sparkle electricity.”

    “Because they didn’t,” Benny rolls his eyes, annoyed his brother wasn’t catching along that his theory of them actually going to an alternate universe was true. “It was probably the other Spider-dude’s villains.”

    The room fell so silent you could hear a pin drop.

    The reactions to Benny’s words were different. Y/N and Peter snapped their heads to each other—eyes wide, and Harry just frowned in confusion. It was enough for Peter to finally break, having been silent the entire time. “You saw the other Peter?” Harry’s jaw had dropped at the serious tone coming from his dad.

    “W-wait what?” Harry murmured. “Other Peter? Wait that would mean you saw the Spider-guy too—.” He pauses to look at his mom and finally noticing the look on her face of terror. “And that means—-,” he turns to his brother, who was nodding like a parent would to a child. “Holy shit,” Harry whispered, before breaking out into a grin and jumping in the air. The moment startled the adults. “HOLY SHIT!! I was right! Oh my God, Benny I was right— we went to another universe! The multiverse is real!!!”

    The boy was literally about to run around the house in circles cause of his excitement. He stops jumping, bringing Benny into hug that made the twin groan at the sudden movement and push him off. Harry let’s out a ‘wow,’ and spins to his parents when he sees they are both looking relieved to see they had been safe during the fiasco, but also worrying about what could’ve happened. His grin is so wide, Y/N couldn’t help the warmth in heart seeing how happy her son was.

    It reminded her again of the other Peter’s. And part of her wishes they were there in the room with them.

    Harry starts to ramble again, “So you guys were there too! Oh my god you fought them didn’t you? That explains the big lighting storm we saw at the Stature of Liberty. How come we didn’t see you—.”

    “That’s what we want to know,” the parents said simultaneously. Y/N going up to pinch the bridge of her nose slightly before adding, “I searched every inch of that city when I figured out what happened and I thought you boys had remained here when I couldn’t find you. Did you two stay in that hotel room the entire day yesterday?” She then remembered Benny’s words and turned to him. “How did you two meet the other Peter—the tall one, not the kid.”

    Benny crosses his arms over his chest, “we stayed there for the most part. But when we saw the news about the kid Peter’s aunt May and the villains getting lose we tried to track him down. We ended up running into this guy in a suit like dad’s fighting a group of thugs. Thinking it was either that worlds Peter or even possibly dad, we went to help—with the tech gadgets we had and no we didn’t get hurt.” Both the adults did not look pleased at the info. “When we tried to talk with the guy he stopped us and was like ‘sorry, kids—thanks for the help but gotta blast.’ Didn’t see him again after that.”

    Y/N’s palm immediately goes to her forehead, cursing under her breath. “That’s why he asked about the voltage.” And she heard Peter mutter an “ohhh,” piecing it together too.

    “Yeah,” Harry confirms, not hearing his mothers words. “He was gone before we could chase him. And by the sound of his voice we could tell it wasn’t dad. He was also way too tall to be the other Peter.” He pauses before finishing with, “We went back to the hotel after that—to wait it out and do something about it in the morning, but then we saw the livestream from the Daily Bugle about Spider-Man calling the dudes to the Statue of Liberty.”

    “And I’m assuming you boys were planning on going to the statue,” Y/N’s tone is low, making the boys look down to avoid her gaze. She sigh is full of exhaustion. “Boys, that would’ve been very dangerous—regardless if you didn’t know you had in fact went to another world. What if your dad and I hadn’t been there? What if you still thought it was a dream and you went to help a stranger you didn’t know fight five technologically and biologically enhanced individuals where you got hurt. Or worse, died because you jumped into a situation without thinking.”

    Y/N looks between them, seeing how they had shuddered back in shame and guilt. Peter stepped close to her with his arm around his shoulder and looked down at the boys, his expression mirroring hers. “Your mother is right. If that happened and we weren’t there, then we would’ve never known what happened to the two of you. Those guys we told you about when you were little were not in their right mind and could’ve easily hurt you without second thought. And there were two we didn’t know, so there was no way we could’ve predicted how they’d react.”

    They didn’t even want to think about that scenario. Y/N leans into Peter’s side, brushing off the terrifying thought and redirects the attention back to twins’ whereabouts. “So what did you boys do? Because we were there and didn’t see you boys on the island.” Her tone became soft again, not full of emotion when she was scolding them.

    Benny replies with, “we went to edge of the city—that’s where we saw the lighting and sandstorm. We didn’t have a way to get to the island so we just climbed the rooftop of a nearby building to wait it out—hoping the kid was successful in whatever he was doing and try to catch him afterward. That magic box he threatened the guys with—was that the way to send us all back home?”

    “Yes,” Y/N says with honesty, “it was a wizards magic box.” Harry gasped.

    “A wizard?” He repeated with curiosity. “No way. Is that why the sky was purple and orange?”

    “Yes,” Peter replies, “Their world has magic.” He was still in disbelief that was a true concept. “They wanted to destroy the box, we wanted to cure them, some things worked in our favor—others didn’t.” He felt Y/N nod under his chin, and he gently ran his hand along her back.

    “And then what did you boys do when you realized you were back in our universe?”

    “We came right back here,” Harry says. “That statue didn’t have that weird shield so we hopped we were back home. We had our bikes with us the whole time so we raced here to see if you two were home. When we didn’t find you we assumed it was all a weird dream or something and it was the same morning we’d originally left. So we got on our game as if nothing happened and waited for you guys to come home.”

    “And you ordered pizza?” Y/N eyed the box laying on the counter. “For breakfast.” Harry nods steeply.

    Benny eyed them curiously. “What I don’t understand is how were Dr. Osborn and Octavius were there? I can understand Mr. Marko because he left after you made amends, but you told us the doctors died.”

    “And they did,” she reaffirms. “Norman and Otto did die all those years ago—the two you saw were pulled into that universe from the past. They didn’t know what happened to them, which is why the young Peter wanted to cure them because he didn’t want them to go back to their timelines and die. And when the wizard casted the spell after everything was over it sent back to their original point in time. So although we managed to save them, it created alternate branches in reality which is why they didn’t come with us. The only one who would’ve is Flint, because he was pulled from our present timeline. Does that make sense?”

    Both boys nodded, saying “yeah, that does.”

    “That’s great though,” Harry says with a smile, “You gave them a second chance.” The parents returned the smile, gazing at each others with pride. “Does that mean in Dr. Osborns new reality uncle Harry is still alive?” His voice is hopeful, and Y/N feels a pang in her chest.

    The twins never met Harry. They were born almost two years after he died, but were always told stories of both the men they were named after. So it was natural for them to refer to him as Uncle Harry, because that’s who he would’ve been if he was alive. And the young Harry was all more than happy to believe there was another world out there where his Uncle was alive and happy with his parents.

    The pain in Y/N’s chest is soon replaced with bittersweet sadness. She looks at Peter, who mirrors her expression and they softly smile before looking at their sons. “I truly believe he is,” she says with honesty. “And I hope Norman is able to be the father Harry deserves, because he’s been given a second chance so it’s only his duty to not let it go to waste.”

    “And the same for Dr. Octavius?” Benny questions, looking between them.

    “He still wont have his wife unfortunately,” Peter replies looking solemn. “But I think he managed to snag a certain device from the alternate world and will be able to successfully stabilize the machine he designed. The energy should be enough to contain it to not overpower.”

    Y/N nods, happy to think Octavius would be okay. He was the one of the two she always thought about, and he deserved to accomplish his goal.

    There’s a moment of silence before she breaks it. “I’m very grateful you two were able to stay safe. You boys handled the tough situation you were in well and we’re proud of you both. We’re not happy you almost put yourself in harms way—just to be clear, but considering who you’re parents are—,” she looks at Peter, a smirk forming. “I really shouldn’t be surprised.”

    The man lets out a scoff, “You’re the one who’s always getting into trouble.” She laughs, arms going around his neck.

    “I told you I like when there’s trouble.” They lean in to kiss, well aware of the groaning sounds coming from the boys beside them and Y/N pulls away giggling. “Oh stop it you two. It’s been a long fourth-eight hours. We’ve had our work cut out for us old geezers, and if I want to give my man some lovin’ for saving the world I will.” They groan again, more dramatically when she goes to give Peter another kiss.

    “Do you guys have to be so gross about it?” Harry moans.

    This time it’s Peter who pulls away, blush on his face. “You boys will understand this when you grow up.” They make sounds of protest, not believing they would be gross like they were, but Y/N just laughs at the antics. Peter rests his hand against hers, but they both look at their sons with affection. “It’s been quite a trip for us all,” he continues, “so why don’t we get some rest, freshen up a bit and then we go out tonight. Just the four of us.”

    Y/N smiles widely, and the boys nod their heads rapidly. “That sounds like a wonderful idea,” she hums, and steps away from Peter but taking his hands in hers, “Let’s go get that wound cleaned up and bandaged, spider. We’ll have to get out the sewing machine tonight when we get back.” She goes to lead the man upstairs, but not before pointing a scolding finger at the teens. “And I want to see whatever the hell gadgets you took first thing in the morning—I’ll give you today—but tomorrow I want them in my hands no ifs, ands, or buts.”

    They both drop their heads as they whine, but agree nonetheless. The parents give them one last hug and kiss before retreating up the stairs to third level of the townhouse where their shared bedroom was. Once inside, Y/N flops onto the bed—to tired to even get her suit off but the stabbing feeling of all the gadgets and weapons on her side, makes her grunt and sit up.

    Peter goes to retrieve the first aid kit while she unbuckles the multiple holsters and belts adorning her thighs, legs, back and waist. By the time he returns, she’s removed them all and stands in just the leather material. He couldn’t help but stop and let his eyes wonder over her figure.

    “See something you like, Spider?” She teases with a smirk. He meets her eye and heat rises, flustered at being caught. She walks toward him, almost like a predator on prey and he gulps lightly. When she stops in front of him, her hands take the kit from his hold. “I hope you weren’t planning on doing that yourself,” she tsks. Her one hand comes up to trace a line on one of the raised lines of his suit, gazing up at him innocently. “Have you thought about what your prize?”

    Oh they were back on that topic. And she was getting to business.

    His hands go to her hips, feeling the thin material through his gloves and he feels the heat again rise in him. It didn’t matter how much time had passed, Y/N L/N-Parker knew how to get this man going with only a few words and touches. All she had to do was look at him, with her dazzling smile and brilliant eyes and the man was done for. He would move building, defeat bad guys, and literally jump through realities for her.

    The love he had for her could break the multiverse.

    She leans into his touch, the first aid kit slowly being placed on the dresser—both aware his accelerated healing had did the job for them. Her hands go to his lower back before creeping up until they were on his neck, one going to play with the hair. The tension was filling the room, having been slowly building up for several hours.

    “This is a nice suit, you know,” he tells her, eyes locked with one another. The corner of her lip curls up again.

    “I had a feeling you’d like it.”

    “I really do,” he compliments, pulling her a little close so his fingers could trace the zipper aligning her back. “You really outdid yourself with this one.” She makes a mock scoff to say ‘duh.’

    “That was the plan.”

    A laugh escapes him and so does one from her. They couldn’t help it, and although it was unexpected it did not ruin the moment. Instead it just made them think back fondly on everything that’s happened over the years. With their relationship and lives, it was a story waiting to be told.

    And they wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    “I really love you, Peter Parker.” She brings his lips to hers, and his hold tightens on her. He returns the words and affection between kisses. “I really love you too, Y/N L/N. So much.” The kiss heats up, filling them with euphoria and Y/N could feel his fingers trail up the zipper of her suit until they reached the top. When he did this, she bit his lip making him moan and pull away—blue eyes darker than they were before.

    “I think I know what my prize is.” He didn’t have to explain, the tight feeling of his suit against her thigh was enough.

    “Good.” Her voice becomes low and sensual. “Now me take care of you.” The heroes knew she wasn’t referring to the wound.

    So the Cat & her Spider…well, as the kids say ‘lived happily ever after’.


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    Nothing just thinking about kissing Suna and he’s trying to guess the flavour chapstick you have on that day. His calloused hand grabbing your chin and bringing your lips to his, he kisses you breathless. The need for air is the last thing on your minds as you continue to kiss— hungrily, finally pulling away with your foreheads against each other, a slight whimper begging to erupt from your throat. Suna’s face was red, his lips puffy and wet from your kisses. Suna licks his lips, a smirk slightly spreading across his face, lust blown eyes imploring yours. “It’s cotton candy.” All you could do was huff out a chuckle before engulfing him in another kiss.

    #literally shittiest ending ever but i didn’t know how to end it i’m sorry #ꨄ—signed: haikyuu #ꨄ—mailed to: suna #suna x black reader #suna x reader #suna smut #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #suna x gender neutral reader #haikyuu suna#haikyuu thirsts#suna thirst
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    help me hold on to you

    Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x super soldier!Reader

    Summary: Natasha isn’t used to affection, and you help her.

    Word Count: 1.1K

    A/N: This is a copy of the original post here, because it was seriously bothering me that it wasn’t showing up in the tags and i didn’t want to delete the original one. 



    “What’s this for?”

    You first met Natasha when she just defected to SHIELD.  Back then, you could see why people would turn the other way if they saw her in the hallways. You were intimidated yourself, even if you were an enhanced human.

    Her green eyes were filled with mistrust, and her back was always ramrod straight, as if she was always ready for an attack. She built a wall around herself. She’s careful, she’s had to be; it was how she survived.

    You’re sure you never would’ve had the courage to talk to her if it wasn’t for Clint’s trust in her. He rescued you from HYDRA. You trusted him more than you trusted yourself.

    You push the paper bag closer to her on the table, and she stares at it as if it’s a bomb, “You mentioned craving blini a few days ago, so…”

    Even now, months into your friendship, Natasha would sometimes look at you with that calculating glint in her eyes, like you’re a target she’s trying to assess. You start to think that maybe you’ve overstepped, that you weren’t close enough to do this-

    “Is there an occasion?”

    You shrug. “No, I just passed by a restaurant and thought of you.”

    You definitely didn’t just pass by a restaurant that was an hour away, but she didn’t need to know that.

    Natasha blinked once until understanding filled her features, as if she didn’t consider that before.

    Then her lips spread into a gentle smile, and you get a little bit breathless.

    “Thank you.”

    The wall starts to crumble down, pieces by pieces.


    You and Natasha were on the rooftop after a particularly long debriefing for your most recent mission, drinking beer. It didn’t really have any effect on you, considering your metabolism, but you’d grown to like the taste.

    “Before you, the only reason people bothered to know me was if they wanted something from me in return.”

    You think back to the assessing look she gave you a month ago. “Was that why you gave me that look when I first brought you blini?”

    “Yep. I even considered that you were sent after me before I even thought that you were just doing it to be friendly.”

    The sudden confession sends you choking on your beer, and Natasha grimaces as she pats your back. Once you get over the shock, you double over in laughter.

    “What?” you gasp out as you wipe a tear. “I did that because you had a rough mission the day before and I figured you could use some comfort.”

    You expect Natasha to groan in faux-annoyance, but she only chuckles with you. “I know how ridiculous it sounds now.”

    Warmth blooms in your chest at her words and the sight of her smile in the moonlight. Over the months you’ve come to know her, she’s brought you souvenirs from her missions- a keychain, a stuffed panda, a pendant- but still her trust is the greatest gift she’s given you.

    Without thinking, your head falls to her shoulder, and she stiffens. You immediately get up.

    “Shit- I’m sorry-”

    “No,” she grabs your hand, stopping you from moving away. “It’s not that I don’t like it, I do, I’m just-” she clenches her jaw in frustration at the inability to find the right words.

    “Not used to it?”

    Natasha inhales sharply, before nodding in agreement. It was such a simple thing, to be affectionate, and yet she doesn’t know how to do it. She looks away in embarrassment at feeling so exposed.

    She’s shared little information to you about her life before SHIELD, and it was enough to make your stomach churn, but you had the gut feeling that those were barely scratching the surface.

    What you know is enough to guess that her past in the Red Room didn’t give her much opportunity to receive and give affection.

    “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, alright?”

    Natasha stares at you, looking like she desperately wants to believe you.

    “You know,” you swallow nervously. “There was a time when I avoided touching people. I was scared I’d hurt them, with my enhanced strength and all. Even when I perfected it, I just couldn’t bring myself to.”

    You could read the surprise in Natasha’s eyes as you spoke.

    “How did you get over it?”

    You only realize that she hasn’t let go of your hand when hers tightens around yours for a brief moment.

    “By taking it one day at a time. It’s all we’ve got, really.”

    What’s remaining of the walls she’s built up carefully falls at the smile you give her, and this time, Natasha lets it.


    So take it one day at a time she does.

    It starts off with a handshake, a fist bump, a high five, that slowly turned into a hand on the small of your back, or a hand leading your head towards her shoulder so you could sleep comfortably for a while.

    There would be days when the walls would come right back up, when Natasha would need space from everyone and everything, and that was okay, too. You of all people understand that. After all, progress isn’t exactly linear.

    She would always let the walls down for you, though; you were the one person aside from Clint that she would let inside her door.

    The first time she initiated a hug made you teary-eyed. Clint took a photo of it; her arms were wrapped around your middle as you stood awkwardly for a moment in shock before you eagerly returned it. Needless to say, that became one of your favorite photos, you keep a framed one on your desk.

    Right now, her head is laid on your lap as you watch Tangled- you insisted on the Disney movie when you found out the redhead has never seen it before- while you comb her hair with one hand.

    You were singing along to one of the songs when you noticed that apparently, Natasha decided your face was much more interesting to watch than the film. You’d be offended if it wasn’t for the butterflies in your stomach that drowned any coherent thoughts.

    “What? Is there something on my face?”

    Heat rushes to your cheeks as you look at the soft expression on her face. It was such a stark contrast to the one full of mistrust she gave you a long time ago. She shakes her head gently, then says: “Will you go out on a date with me?”

    Natasha smiles softly, and just like the first time it happened, you get breathless.

    “It was about time, Romanoff.”

    You say yes, because of course you do. In no universe would you ever say otherwise.


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    i’m working on some shorter little blurbs/oneshots rn, so feel free to send some in for me to answer :3

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