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  • You Believe That?

    Summary: This draft was based on this gif

    Images and gifs aren’t mine

    Warning: Sad, mentions of blood, bit of fluff near the end.

    A/N: As I said, which ever number is commented first, I’ll post it. This is #4 from my drafts.

    Thanks to the anon for replying.


    You were able to get to Erik and T’Challa but the sight broke you.

    Erik. On his knees. The barbed spear rammed in his chest.

    You wanted to scream but you pushed to him faster running towards the two at a speed that resembled a track star.


    You heard him sniffle before his head moved slightly in your direction.

    “No. Stop. I’ll come round so you don’t have to move. Ok?

    He still jerked his head and released a grunt as an indication to him saying he understood.

    You saw the look on his face.

    Pain. Hurt. Sadness

    “Hey Princess. Who let you down here?” He still managed to put that silly smirk on his face but you could still see the pain in his eyes. It didn’t help that you saw the few tears running down his face either.

    You wanted to laugh at him but his voice scared you even more then before. You’re baby was hurt and you didn’t know what to do.

    “Baby. You’ll be ok. Alright? We’ll get you some hel-” You had started wiping the tears off his face. Your head turning from his pained expression to the face of the undead king, his cousin, T’challa. Your eyes pleading to the king for an answer as to what to do in this situation.

    Before you could finish your sentence he placed his hand over yours which had moved down to the one near his chest- “No need for that.”- he cut in and squeezed your hand.

    “Huh?” You almost fell down from your kneeling position next to him.

    In that moment you felt like your whole world was crashing down.

    To hear the man you love talk as if he was finished living when he was in a land where technology was so advanced you were sure they would figure out what to do in order to save him.

    You watched as his head raised and his eyes pierced yours with that final glare he had when he made his mind up. You heard his gruff voice release the low toned utterance -“You heard me”- before looking down at his chest seeing more blood come out and staying his tactical suit.

    “Eri-”this time it was T’challa who spoke to the wounded man.

    He wanted to save his cousin. He knew he wasn’t at fault in a way and that if given another chance, things would be different.

    He didn’t want to continue this generational destruction which his father had stated with his own uncle.

    “Don’t say shit to me.” His voice wasn’t exclamatory. It was a final statement to those that heard. He didn’t want to hear anything else from the one who did this to him, eventhough he knew he set these events in motion. He just wanted him to feel guilty once he heard the roughness in his voice.

    When Erik looked back into your eyes was when the damn broke. The tears came down his face uncontrollable like a waterfall. An unstoppable force and it was you that brought that emotion out of him.

    Not the spear in his chest. Not the fact that his dad was killed by his uncle. Not that a promise from his youth was broken before the ink could dry on the page of his fathers journal. No it wasn’t any of that.

    It was you.

    “He promised he was gonna show it to me one day….” All you could do was hold him the best you could without causing more pain to him or be the reason more blood was to pour out of the wound.

    You knew this was tough to confess, even without the spear in his chest you knew this was something hard to talk about for him. You were the only one he’d open up to when you were growing up.

    He sniffled before continuing, knowing you’d stay silent and knowing his cousin would feel even more like an ansshole then he himself felt during this whole ordeal. “You believe that? A kid from Oakland running around and believing in fairytales” His voice watery but his face attempting to show the comical disbelief that he himself even believers that at his young age.

    “Baby. You can’t just give up. Ok?” You heard as his breathe grew shaken and watched as his inhales were getting shorter. This was hurting him and you knew you couldn’t do much for him if he didn’t want you to. The saying you can take a horse to the water but you can’t force it to drink was something you knew best fit Erik’s persona. If he didn’t want to, you couldn’t force him. You’d be able to attempt to convince him otherwise you’d just be there silenced by his final resolve on a matter.

    “I ain’t giving up” The cough that came from his throat after, the small dribble of blood on the side of his mouth that appeared, made you tear up even more at watching the “love of your life”, as he would say, die in your arms.

    “Yes you are” Now it was your turn to have the wavering voice at watching him sit there instead of getting the help he knew would be available to him if he really wanted it

    “Baby girl, liste-”

    “No you listen. I love you, okay?”

    “I can’t lose you. You’re all I got left. I need you to get better for yourself instead of finding the easy way out, okay?” She had a fake smile on her face to persuade him to think about what he was doing and who he was leaving behind.

    You weren’t trying to sound selfish. But you couldn’t lose him. You just knew it’d be too much to take on.

    “Yea you may have done wrong, but you’re here now. You’re here and you have that family your younger self would’ve dreamt of.” Your hold on him tighter as you held the eye contact with him.

    “The sunsets you said your dad promised you? It’s here and we’ve watched them since the time we’ve arrived here.” Each time you spoke, your voice grew softer from fighting the full on breakdown that was sure to ensue in that moment.

    “Baby. There may be punishment but at least they’ll understand.” He knew that tone of voice.

    She was negotiating with a stubborn man. Bargaining with the devil, if you may.

    “Just don’t leave me. Please?” She was gripping him harder. His sight clouded by the tears he had no control of at the sound of his girl in distress over him.

    “Please don’t leave us” a whisper and her face coming closer to his at the way he only looked forward, as if he had made up his mind and was ignoring her completely.

    She didn’t like that and he knew that but it was getting to be too much for him.

    His sight was going and he kept seeing this bright light. It was getting to him and so he asked out loud- “Why is it so bright?”- voice soft and would’ve gone unheard had your cries been any louder or the carriers been passing during that time.

    “Erik?” You had heard him and sniffled before finally looking into his face and seeing the faraway look he was sporting.

    “Erik?!” The panic in her voice made his eyes turn to her before they completely rolled back and all she could see was the white of his eyes, head dropped back and body limped.

    “Baby?! Baby wake up!” You shook him at the realisation that he passed out with an essentially life threatening, critical wound, in an underground transportation area.

    T’challa could barely watch the heart wrenching scene in front of him between the two, yet he was quick to jump at the change in your voices pitch and tone. On one knee he gripped the shoulders of the beefy male who had fallen on to you, raising his voice-“Do not close your eyes cousin!”- taking the dead weight of his cousins body off of your shaken form.

    “Baby?” You still followed the movement of eriks body, even if T’challa did raise him up off of you, you still wanted to be near him. He was your person. You didn’t want the last moments he had to be of you crying over him and pleading for him to stay.

    The voices became harder to focus on for Erik.

    It was as if he was underwater and he could hear the muffled sounds, the blood pumping in his ears and a sharp ringing was the last thing he heard before his eyes completely rolled back and the last thing he remembered seeing was your face with tears running down your cheeks in panic.


    Originally posted by zombie-chaser




    The groan he released was so dry and soft but you heard it and rushed to his side once you saw him attempting to move.

    Then he felt the presence of someone near hun and heard the voice that reminded him of a time in his life where he was at peace.

    “Relax big guy” You grabbed his hand and watched as he turned to you, confusion on his face at not only the room he was in but why you were there also.

    “Here. Have some water” The contemplative expression on his face gave you enough time to grasp onto any pending tears and handed him the water near his bed side which you had got for yourself, but now was of more use to him then you.

    “I know you said you didn’t want any help, but when your eyes rolled back, I couldn’t help but ask him to bring you here so they could at least try and save you” it was the way your voice sounded to meek and wobbly that his eyes softened at the sight of you.

    At that moment Erik saw his cousin come through the door with his sister and mother who now came near his bed.

    “How are you feeling cousin?” T’Challa approached him slowly and cautiously. Understanding that it may be overwhelming to just wake up and be surrounded by people.

    “Like shit.” his voice came out hoarse and deep. Almost as if he was just waking up.

    You pinched his hand and he let out a sharp hiss to you before turning and seeing that tight smile on your face, telling him to behave.

    “What?” The small whine he let out made you want to hug him but slap him at the same time because of his snarky nature.

    You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at the mans antics.

    “Queen mother. Shuri. I can leave if you would want to talk to him alone” Unlike your man who was near death yet still rude after the fact he’s survived, You were going to continue to be respectful towards the royal family, the family that Erik is apart of.

    “Oh nonsense. You are practically family” Romonda still had that motherly aura to her even after the events that took place. Just like her son, she knew it was not entirely Erik to blame for the fight which broke out.

    “Where you goin?” Erik kept his sight on them until he felt your hand moving away from his. The warmth you brought leaving slowly and he didn’t like that.

    “To mind the business that pays me.” You kept that smile on your face and he knew it was a look that read ‘don’t play with me’.

    “She hasn’t left your side since you have been in here.” His aunts voice broke the stare off between the couple and she could see how Erik’s eyes brightened slightly at the mention of his girl staying by his side. Even if wasn’t for long, she was still there and that’s all he cared about.

    He then looked at you, spotting the little differences in your face compared to the last time he saw you.

    You had a certain glow and softness that he hadn’t seen before with you. It made him ask the next question, no regard to those in the room with him.

    “When you said don’t leave us, who’s us?” His voice was lowered slightly and not as harsh as when he was responding to the King.

    “Uh” the look in your eyes made him hold your hand tighter as he knew you’d probably distance yourself once the question left his mouth.

    “We can leave, if you’d like?” Shuri’s voice came out and it took your attention away from Erik to her breifly before he was able to bring your face back towards his.

    “Princess?” He was looking deep in your eyes again.

    Intense. Everything was intense with him. That energy was so dominating when directed to you that you couldn’t help but look away, your interlocked hands more interesting then his brown orbs.

    “Us as in me and the life I’m carrying” You were unsure of the outcome to your response so your voice was soft and near to a child that had been caught taking from the sweet jar.

    The look on his face was priceless as he watched you place your smaller hand over his and bringing it to your rounding belly which he had yet to notice, under one of his looser shirts.

    “Us?” He asked again but this time, hopeful. His eyes were shining like diamonds.

    “Us.” You repeated with some more certainty in your tone. No sense in being afraid when he seemed so hopeful rather than scared or disgusted.

    The two stared into eachothers eyes, having their moment before hearing an excited voice

    “So what I’m hearing is there will be a baby in the palace?!”


    “Sorry mother” the young Princess couldn’t help but jump up and hug you even after being scolded by her mother. The news was just too good to hold her squeals in.

    You couldn’t help but laugh at the young girl.

    “Aye back up.” The sharpness laced in eriks voice made Shuri detach from you so quickly. All of you turning to him, unsure of the reason for his outburst since he knew that the young girl wouldn’t harm you in anyway.

    “Carrying precious cargo in there” The eye roll energy was strong in that room.

    You kissed your teeth before lightly slapping his arm and placing your arm over the youngests shoulders, bringing her closer to eriks bed and on the other side, T’Challa and Queen Mother did the same.

    The closeness and family Erik craved as a child was now in his grasp, it was even better that he was having children of his own with the love of his life which made the moment even sweeter.

    And since then, the bond of the udaku royal family became stronger with the coming of the youngest member, or members you should say, Jhayda and Joseph Udaku-Stevens. Born in august to the newly married couple Prince N’jadaka and Princess Y/N Udaku-Stevens.

    After 13hrs of labour, the twins were born.


    “Hey mommies babies.” The sight almost made you tear up. The added hormones weren’t helping but it was a cute sight.

    “Welcome to the world.” Hovering over the bassinets stood Eriks hulking stature to the small newborns swaddled.

    “Who would’ve thought.” You couldn’t help but move closer to them, and moving the little knit caps over their heads down more. Their soft breathing let you know that they were out of it.

    “I knew we would’ve made some cute ass babies. Look at them. Bout to be some heartbreakers.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at your husbands little monologue

    “Erik.” The look you gave him made him chuckle.

    He stopped when he heard the deep inhale of Jhayda, looking back at her as she stared up at him. Mouth moving yet not open and so he figured she was sucking on her tongue.

    He picked her up and handed her to you before getting his son and holding him in his arms as he moved to sit near your thighs on the bed.

    “I know. You hungry huh?” You said as you fixed yourself to feed the baby girl.

    “I’m a father.” You heard your husband say as he watched his little boy in his arms. So enthralled by the little person that was made of you and he.

    “Got two kids already and a beautiful wife.” He kept on going as you continued to feed your daughter and softly brush the top of her head as a calming tactic to help get her back to sleep faster.

    You watched the tears coming to his eyes once you heard the sniffle coming from the man.

    “You believe that?” His voice came out watery as he brought the baby closer to his face, angling him so that their foreheads touched but still supporting his neck and being careful to not drop him.

    “Yes.” You said, watching the man you love, your husband, hold your first born son in his hands while you fed his first born daughter.

    He moved up closer, you moving to give him more space near you and your baby girl, so you could both watch over them.

    Guess I did have a right to believe in fairytales. He looked at you watching over the two newest additions to the family.

    This is my happy ending. He thought as he saw your eyes closing. He placed your son in the bassinet first before reaching for your daughter and placing her near her brother.

    Once they were settled, he made his way back to you and got in the bed with you and take a nap.

    Who would believe the lonely kid from Oakland would have such a beautiful family? He thought before kissing your crown and shutting his eyes.


    Hope you guys like this:)))

    I’m trying to get back into writing and so this is my first short so leave feedback or like&reblog if you liked it.

    Love you and hope y’all are staying safe and healthy during these times.


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  • 🧚🏾‍♀️Masterlist Updated🧚🏾‍♀️




    Jongho x Poc

    Sing for Me

    Summary: Jongho meets a young girl who has no connection with the world besides her music production. She’s never experienced what real love and happiness is. Jongho feels the need to help her because in a way he’s been there before wanting and ready to give up.

    Warning: depression, social anxiety


    NCT 127

    Johnny x Poc

    Melanin Baby

    Summary: When Ateez’ maknae meets a young girl who doesn’t have any connection with the world but through music itself. She doesn’t know what love nor family truly is. Can he help her?

    Warning: racism, foul language, suggested smut




    Summary: When a shy makeup artist gets the job of a lifetime after searching for months looking for a job so she could help take care of five year old son.

    Warning: degradation, racism, suggested smut

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  • Loki Laufeyson x tall! poc! reader Fanfic 1/?


    Ok, in this I have dear Loki- boy being an Avenger. (And the whole gang is together because I say so 😚😌) enjoy!

    “ Iron man, behind you-” the Captain’s voice could be heard, loud and clear through the coms.

    Quickly turning around, Tony swiftly took out the robots with his newly equipped repulsors. A quick “thanks Cap” and ge was on his was again.

    Well…this is fun.

    “Wilson” a grunt and sounds of metal clashing came.

    “Don’t say it- ” Sam cried, already seeing the projectile-

    “On your left” came the snarky reply. Banter flowed easily up and down the channels. It was nice, Loki guessed.

    A welcome change to the loneliness years of solitude and confinement had brought him on Asgard.

    But here, on Midgard, he was beginning to change. To find a new and improved version of himself, perhaps even…fall in love?

    People believed he couldn’t change, and yet, here he was. He could once again do the unpredictable and find a woman to call his own.

    Would she run once she knew his true origins? What will she be like? Does she love to-

    “Hey Reindeer Games! You coming, or what?” One (irritatingly obnoxious) voice of Tony Stark called. Had the battle been over that quick?

    What a joke.

    “Where are we going, pray tell?” He asked, cautious when going anywhere with the genius.

    “After battle meal, your MaJesTy” Sam replied, both he and Bucky taken to mockingly bow to him. Wanda simply laughing at their antics in the background.

    A small grin settled on his usually veiled face.

    “ Last one to Doms Pizzeria has to pay!” And with that, he teleported- ignoring rules about cheating, because-

    C'mon, once a trickster, always a trickster, right? Besides, complaining is just loser taln anyways.

    Not pre read. Literally just got whacked over the head by the inspiration fairy. Hope you enjoy, will post more soon! Good night all 🎇✨🌛🌚😘

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  • image

    Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy, Comedy-Drama

    Warnings: 18+, depictions of mental health, mental disorders, depression, suicide, sexual abuse, and racism. (Please do not read, if you may be triggered).

    *Any depictions of mental health, sexual abuse, and racism are based on MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCES. Please do not think I’m making fun or or mocking anyone, again these experiences are based on what I have seen and, or been through myself. Also, I am not intending to romanticize mental health or disorders in anyway. Also this is written for fun. I’m not intending harm when using the actual people depicted in the story!!!! Lastly, If you do decided to read this story I am very thankful and I hope you enjoy it. : )


    *This a preview you have a chapter coming soon (somewhere around chapter ¾ I won’t spoil which one) in the future, enjoy!*


    Kya’s P.O.V


    “So, you lied to me?!”  Ethan yelled in the slightly dimmed restaurant.

    Keep reading

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  • You Ain’t Hear That?

    Erik Stevens x Black PlusSized Reader

    Another #supersizedfic short. Let’s hope this goes smoothly. Enjoy!


    Originally posted by gameraboy1

    Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns covered the once vibrant green field. Fallen leaves from the grouping of trees that led to the vast array of pumpkins ahead awaited the duo. Children giggled happily in the distance and people they pasted chatted amongst themselves in the family-owned pumpkin patch. Both you and Erik made your way past the paying booth, holding hands as he led the way.

    The sharp chill in the air definitely ignited the fall festivities. Resulting in the warm attire that you and your date sported. It’d been his idea to match, actually. Your suede brown thigh boots matched the ankle ones Erik wore, along with your olive sweater to match his turtle neck.

    “You and your long ass legs. I swear..” You groaned, keeping up with Erik’s long legged strides. He chuckled, slowing his pace so that you were in step with him. Pressing a kiss to the back of your hand, he apologized with amusement. “I forgive you… I guess.”

    He raised his eyebrows, coming to a stop at a less populated area. “You guess?” That million dollar smile began to beam as he laughed. His other hand caught yours and he pulled you closer. Smiling at the way your bright nails popped against his hand from your intertwined fingers. “Don’t do me like that now, baby.. cause I ain’t too proud to beg.”

    “As much as I’d love to see that..” You watched him lick his lips, caressing his jaw. “I’ll let you slide. Buttt.. Only because I want to get a big pumpkin before they’re all gone. That is why we’re here, is it not?”

    Letting go of his hand, you took a few steps back before turning to walk away. “Let’s go, Stevens. Before all the good ones are taken.” He stood where you left him for a moment, watching as you walked away. Enjoying the sway of your hips and the light scent of your perfume. “Now, Stevens.” He moved at that, following you with a smirk.

    You stopped at a small group of large pumpkins closer to the few bushes that occupied the field. Squatting to get a closer look at them, you knocked on the medium sized one. It wasn’t impressive in any way, especially in size. You’d seen bigger. You wanted bigger. Erik had followed, looking around the biggest bush when you finally gave him a glance.

    “Erik, honey?” You called to get his attention. He looked to you quickly with raised eyebrows, making you chuckle. So easily distracted. “I’m going to look at this big ones right there. Can you look at that other group over there by the little light toned ones? I want it so big that it barely fits in the car.”

    “So passionate..” He laughed, pulling you to him for a quick kiss on your forehead. “You’re serious about this, huh?.”

    “Serious as a heart attack, baby. Get to it.” You clapped twice and Erik laughed as he obeyed. You grinned, heading to the pumpkin you’d set your sights on. It stood out, slightly lighter than the other pure orange selections. “Ooo. Are you the one?”

    Knocking against the pumpkin, you smiled at the sound it produced. It was perfect. “You’re coming home with m-” The bushes a few feet from you rustled, startling you. You took a step back, looking to the spot. Softly, you heard the whisper of your name. In a sing songy tone that sent a chill down your spine. “What the fuck?”

    It didn’t help that no one seemed to be close to you, being that you and Erik had wandered out to the out skirts of the field. Speaking of Erik, you looked to him to see if he’d heard the voice. But he hadn’t. He was crouched in front of a pumpkin, knocking against the hard exterior before shaking his head.

    That voice sang from the bushes once again, rustling the leaves. It’s sound was almost seducing, pulling you closer though your mind told you to do otherwise. “Who’s there?” You placed one foot forward, hesitant before the other followed. A soft chuckle answered you, making you freeze. Almost as quick as it happened, you caught the flicker of something in the trees. Like when light catches something shiny, it was there and then it was gone.

    The background sounds around you faded out, leaving you to only focus on the mysterious voice. “I’ve been waiting for you.” It’s soft tone drew you in. “..so.. so long. You’re so beautiful..” When it began to whisper in another language, you decided you didn’t wanna be alone anymore. Speaking a ‘oh hell no’ as you turned to leave, being met with Erik.

    “Oh shit. You found one. That is a big one.” Erik’s voice greeted you. Making you jump from his sudden appearance. You looked at the bushes once more before you turned to him. He looked at you with a bit of worry, seeing the spooked look on your face. “Whoa. You good, baby? You look like you seen a ghost.”

    “I, Uh..” You fumbled your words, wondering if you should say anything about the voice. Instead, you chuckled and motioned towards the bushes. “Did you hear anything a minute ago? Like a voice or something?” Erik just looked at you with an confused look, waiting for you to clarify. “I could’ve sworn I heard someth- You know what? I’m tripping. I must be tired. Let’s get this pumpkin and go.” Shaking your head, you walked past Erik and back to the pumpkin you’d chosen.

    “You sure?” He asked behind you, voice carrying with the eased wind the further you got from him. You nodded in assurance, stopping at the pumpkin to take another look at it. Replying a ‘positive’. Erik nodded, though you couldn’t see him. Once he’d seen you distracted and far enough away, he picked up the small voice speaker that he’d tossed into the bushes earlier.

    Tossing it gently into the air and catching it, he chuckled to himself. “Let the Halloween pranks begin..”



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  • Sneak peak from a chapter of my fic 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐈𝐍 𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍👀 (Bnha fic)


    Kana knocked on the mahogany doors, and after hearing a deep voice gruffly invite her in, stepped into the oversized office.

    Monotone voice as always, she thought, lips pursed as she let her eyes scan the room. The ceiling was wide and tall, dome-shaped with a dark chandelier dangling from its center. The walls were lined with unread books sitting on built-in shelves, already knowing that a handful of them were not real. She glanced forward once more, seeing her husband Shiro at his desk; mostly like reading emails from other drug traffickers while his plants were resting peacefully, green and healthy. Hopefully he wasn’t interacting with that slut, Cupid. The name left a bitter taste in her mouth, like sour fruit. Even though there was no love in their relationship, Kana expected Shiro to stay faithful.

    Even though she wasn’t.

    “You called?” She kept her voice blank and devoid of any emotion, hands folded in front of her stomach to give some appearance of a “dutiful” wife. From behind her, the large door closed softly, fully enveloping the pair in awkward silence.

    Shiro looked up from his computer, frowning at her. A pair of wire eyeglasses slipped down his nose as he did so, and instead of pushing them back into place he removed them, folding them beside his computer with a sigh. He was glaring at her… Well, not at her, but at what she had on. He sighed again, massaging the bridge of his nose and closing his eyes. He leaned back in his plush chair. “Go make yourself… Presentable. I’m having guests over tonight, and I don’t want them thinking I married a harlot.”

    Against her better judgement, Kana snorted. “A harlot, Shiro? Really? If anything, you’re more of a harlot than I am!” A part of Kana wanted to take back her words, shove them down her throat and forget about them, but they escaped her lips quickly. Shiro froze in his seat, golden eyes narrowing at the woman and her outburst. Kana noticed how the plants in her husband’s office were growing, mutilating from calm to wild; showing a sign that he was nervous or angry. Shiro was never nervous, which meant that he was already losing his patience with the outspoken woman. He tried to calm himself down with a deep breath before speaking further.

    “Listen. I need to look good for this meeting. I don’t need any imperfections, Kana. You need to look good. Not mediocre, not just okay… Good. So just start getting ready.”

    “Well I’m sorry that I don’t look like her!” Shiro cringed at the shrill voice of his wife, but the words registered in his mind quickly after.. Her coming out of Kana’s mouth shouldn’t have happened. Her was off limits to talk about, and Kana knew that very well. Shiro, on the verge of snapping, chuckled darkly. Kana’s confidence drained away just as quickly as she had built it up moments before walking in.

    “Oh come on, Kana. Don’t tell me you thought you could ever compare to her?” His voice was taunting, and a humorless smile found its way to his handsome lips as he stood from his chair. “She, Kana, was beautiful. She, Kana, didn’t cheat on me. She, Kana, loved me.” He stalked towards her slowly, until her stood in front of her. Roughly, he grasped her chin in one hand, forcing the woman to look at him in the eye. He could feel her trembling. “So of course you don’t compare. You could never be her, in any shape or form.”


    What do u guys think? If you have any questions about the sneek peak, send it through my ask box! I’d be glad to answer them😌✨


    @0kid0kiw0ki @borntobene @princesspeachdenki @sunset-novice-writer @bnhaficsforthesoul

    #my hero academia #anime#all might #king explosion murder #hawks x reader #bnha bakugou #boko no hero #bhna x reader #bnha hawks#mha #kirishima x reader #mha bakugo katsuki #hawks x poc! reader #bnha x black reader #my hero academia x poc! reader #black reader #bnha x poc!reader #bnha villian oc #bnha villian au #boko no hero imagines
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  • cherry blossom picnic with namjoon.

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  • AgeUp!Kenny McCormick and Black!Reader Headcanons

    A/N: I chose Kenny’s faceclaim as Rudy Pankow, Karen’s faceclaim is McKenna Grace, and Token’s faceclaim is Quincy Fouse


    Y/N was older by a year, but her little brother Token always took it upon himself to tell her who was good or bad for her

    “Not him, he just wants our money,” “He’s to tall,” “He’s to short,” “He smell bad,” “He wears crocks.”

    Y/N still had her fuck buddies, but the one she like the most was Kenny. Slowly he would stay after and then talked to her, talking turned into cuddling then hangout without making out

    Kenny kind of turn into her sugarbaby, when Kenny saw something in a store, he would stare at whatever in was, Y/N goes in and buy 2 of whatever he looked at one of him and one for Karen


    Karen alway look up to Y/N. She confident, rich and gorgeous. Karen doesn’t see herself as an of that

    “Karen, you are the prettiest, smartest and toughest girl I have ever meet don’t let anyone tell you different.” Karen launched herself in to Y/N arms and cried “thank you” over and over again

    Same shopping trips her and their, Karen doesn’t want to Y/N to think she using her for her money


    When Token found out Y/N was dating Kenny, he was angry

    Not cause Kenny is white or because he’s poor kind of he’s mad because Y/N tell him first, he thought they’re thick as they tell each other everything

    “Listen here McCormick, you break her heart, I’ll have some very powerful people break you, Slowly.

    #black!reader #poc!reader #poc reader#black reader#kenny mccormick#kenneth mccormick #kenny mccormick x reader #kenny mccormick x black!reader #kenneth mccormick x reader #kenneth mccormick x black!reader #kenny mccormick headcanons #south park headcanons #south park #south park black!reader #south park reader #kenny mccormick imagine #kenneth mccormick imagine #sugarmommy!reader #sugarbaby!kenny
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  • chocolate-covered strawberry | JJK (18+)



    pairing: jungkook X virgin!reader // black!reader

    genre: smut, fluff

    summary: Jungkook’s first time giving you head, but you’re very self-conscious about your privates…

    !!warnings!!: low self esteem, anxiety

    other warnings: oral fem. receiving

    notice: none

    word count: 1.2k

    -author’s note: I just wanted to say that your coochie is beautiful!!! That’s literally it. I am kind of self conscious about mine, and I’m very sure that I’m not the only one. A mutual on Instagram posted a tik tok of a girl saying how blacks and a lot of other POC have brown coochies and not pink ones, and that mutual captioned it with “basically we have chocolate covered strawberries🥰”, and that analogy has been stuck in my head for the longest. I love it so much and now I kind of do think of my own coochie as something beautiful like that. The analogy is cute and fits so well🥺. But anyways, your coochie is beautiful no matter what it looks like sis!!💗💗💗 ENJOYYY!!! (Might make this a small series…)


    - So it’s been a couple of months since you and Jungkook have been dating, and you learn that he was very sexually active with his past partners while you’re really late to the party, being a virgin and all.

    - You’ve actually been trying to seduce him to get rid of hour virginity as soon as possible, but Jungkook hasn’t been taking the bait. Mainly because he knew your intentions when you proclaimed drunkly the other night that you were going to try and have sex with him.

    - So, Jungkook acts as if you never told him and your attempts at trying to have him fuck you just go to shit.

    - You tell him that you really want to do it, but he doesn’t want you to do it and then regret it later. He really thinks you’re just stuck on trying to offer him something his exes did, and sex isn’t what he wants from you.

    - Surprisingly though, Jungkook agrees under one condition.

    - “You let me eat you out.”

    - “Uhmmm… and then we have sex afterwards?”

    - “Not exactly. You didn’t start trying to lose your virginity to me until I told you about my exes. So the sex is still a no. But I am willing to please you, baby,” he kisses your forehead.

    - Oh.

    - But you can’t lie and say that that didn’t make you feel better. It did. And yes, he was really right about why you wanted to lose it… but you still want to give that part of yourself to him. You trust him, you really do.

    - Soon the day comes when you two are in a heated make out session, and you decide that you want his services then. He helps you get comfortable, sets the mood, and you’re actually excited…

    - Until you have to take your clothes off.

    - A factor that you hadn’t thought about crosses your mind: you and Jungkook aren’t exactly alike… in the race department.

    - Of course you know that you both are an interracial couple, but his past exes were not black. It was stupid to think that Jungkook would think of you as anything less just because your nipples and vagina were a different color, but you do know that pale, one-toned skin was the most seen and liked in porn. And you’d never actually asked about his porn preference.

    - “Doing okay?” Jungkook asks when he notices that you’ve been spaced out the entire time he’s been bruising up your neck. Usually you’d be moaning by now. Your neck was the furthest Jungkook went with you, and he knew all the spots and moves to make you squirm.

    - “Yeah,” you stammer a little, and Jungkook kisses you on the lips to calm your nerves. Then he’s pulling off your top, unhooking your bra, and fondling with your chest. You’re face is on fire with how humiliated and anxious you feel for no reason.

    - He then laughs at how tense you are. “What did I tell you? This is why I told you no.”

    - “No, no, please,” you rush. “I want to! I’m kind of a little… self conscious.”

    - He tilts his head, frowning. “Why? I love your body. I tell you that all the time.”

    - You didn’t mean your body, but what’s covering it. You don’t tell him that though. “I’m a little nervous.”

    - “Don’t be. I love you, okay? Just tell me if you want me to stop.”

    - “Okay.”

    - After brushing over your nipples a couple of times, Jungkook dips his head down to attach his lips to one. Your chest rises and falls quickly as he suckles it, and you’re starting to get more self conscious about your breasts. Surely he isn’t used to seeing these kind

    - It isn’t long though before he’s kissing lovingly over your skin, hands stopping at the band of your soaked cotton shorts.

    - “Can I?”

    - You suck in a shaky breath and nod. What do you have to lose?

    - He takes your shorts off, spreads your legs open, and stares.

    - For like a good ass minute or two.

    - Okay. No, no. This was a bad idea. Abort! Abort!

    - “H-Hey… what are you doing?” You ask, your fingers shaking as you bring them down to try and cover yourself up. He catches your hand and sits up more, still enamored by the most private part of you.

    - “Your pussy…” he starts. His hand then reaches down to rub through your wetness.

    - “… what about it…”

    - “It’s so pretty.”

    - You didn’t expect mean words, but you didn’t expect that.

    - You completely miss how eager Jungkook is to eat you out while he gets on his knees, because you’re too busy thinking about the compliment.

    - “Pretty?”

    - “Yes?” He says questionably. He doesn’t know why you’re confused.

    - “Oh.”

    - Jungkook watches you, trying to figure something out, but you just give him a smile and affectionately run your hands through his shaggy hair to let him know that you’re ready.

    - He maintains eye contact with you as he takes the first taste, and you can’t help but gush for him when he tightens his hold on your thighs and goes in for more. He eats you like a starved man, not even bothering to go easy on you though you’re a virgin.

    - He brings you to orgasm quickly with his fingers rubbing at your clit, and just like that, you’re spent.

    - Jungkook holds your naked body to his clothed one as you two lie in bed, his mouth pressing sweet kisses all over your brown skin.

    - “You know when I told you your pussy was pretty, why didn’t you believe me?”

    - “I didn’t say that…”

    - “The way you responded told me you didn’t.”

    - You sigh. You really don’t like not telling him things. He’s always honest with you first. “I was kind of self conscious about it at the last second, because I had thought about how our skin colors aren’t the same… My… privates aren’t exactly ideal. They’re not white or pink.”

    - You look at Jungkook to see him glaring down at you with a look that is everything but approving.

    - “…sorry…”

    - “No, don’t apologize, baby,” he mushes your cheeks together with his hand and squishes them, giving you a kissie. “I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with this, but it is pretty. Just like all of you. And think of it this way…”

    - Jungkook pauses for a second to figure out how to put it in the way he sees it.

    - “It’s like… a chocolate covered strawberry.”

    - You cock an eyebrow in confusion.

    - “It is! Strawberries are good, right? But chocolate covered strawberries have more taste and that extra flavor, because of the chocolate. It’s better than a regular strawberry. A chocolate covered strawberry could be smooth and round or jagged and bumpy, but once you bite into it, that chocolate still tastes delicious, no?”

    - You can’t believe… “You really just compared my privates to a chocolate covered strawberry?”

    - Jungkook pouts, giving you a punishing squeeze for not getting his analogy. “Yes, I did. And your chocolate strawberry is my favorite. Best thing about it is that I get to eat it, but it never goes away. It’s like an endless chocolate fountain.”

    - “Weirdo” you scrunch your face at him. “But it’s cute that you see it that way.”

    - “I will always remind you of it so that you can see it that way as well: beautiful.”


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  • “pools of sweet honey”

    zuko x genderneutral! reader

    a/n: just a short lil thing i made after daydreaming also reader is black even tho there’s not much description

    contains sleepy flirting, flustered zuko, some cursing, mentioned sokka x suki

    modern au? FLUFF!!!!!


    zuko absentmindedly played with your curls as he watched that dumb drama show he made a mistake of getting hooked on. “y’know your eyes sparkle in the light like pools of sweet honey?” you sleepily slurred as you looked up at your lover. zuko choked on his air as he looked down at you with pink cheeks. “w-what?” he said with wide eyes. “they’re so pretty… cute lil golden eyes. precious…” you mumbled with a dopey smile. “y/n s-stop.” he said as he quickly looked up at the tv again. you whined as you watched him look everywhere but you. how dare he deprive you of your dose of his golden eyes. “ya hair’s so pretty an’ silky…” you said as you sat up from his lap. his ears burned. this was something he never got used to. you being sleepy and flirting with him then falling asleep. “such a pretty boy. good pretty boy you are…” you said as you tucked a lock of his long black hair behind his ear. “s-shut up! you do this a-all the time!” he whined as he swatted your hand away. you tiredly giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “can’t help it. so so pretty just sittin’ there.” you said as you pressed gentle kisses over the right side of his face. he huffed out a small chuckle as he leaned into your touch. “my lil baby. you can’t jus’ sit here lookin’ like that and expect me not to nom on ya cheeks.” you mumbled as you playfully bit his cheek. “lookin’ like what, munchkin?” he giggled groaned as you gently moved his face and pressed kisses over the bridge of his nose. “lookin’ like a snack. no… a buffet. all pretty an’ shit.” you mumbled against his warm skin. “an’ yer all mine.” you whispered as you sprinkled kisses over his scar. the action almost brought tears to his eyes as he felt the love you had for him. had he still been sokka’s roommate, he would’ve been clowned big time by him as if he didn’t physically melt when suki kissed him goodbye.you really mean that?” he questioned as he looked at you with glossy eyes. spirits, he felt so embarrassed tearing up at this but he couldn’t help it. he had never been with someone who made him feel so loved and happy before.

    you looked him in the eyes. the same eyes that you thought were so beautiful and breathtaking. the same eyes that held so much emotion. the same eyes that resembled the same passion a bonefire held. the same eyes that looked at you like you hung all the stars in the sky. you moved your hand to cup the left side of his face and gently thumbed over his scar while you used your other to intertwine your fingers. his eyes fluttered closed as he held your hand on his cheek. “i really mean it. you’re my sweet pretty boy. my sun. my little…. foofoo cuddlely poops.” you said with a slight giggle. he opened his eyes and smiled lightly at you. you pressed a kiss to his scar. “i mean everything i tell you whenever we do this, zu. i love you.” you whispered as you watched a stray tear roll down his cheek. you gently wiped it away with your thumb. “i-i love you too.” he whispered back as you pressed a kiss to his lips. you lingered for a couple seconds before you pulled away, causing him to whine slightly and chase your lips. you giggled into the kiss as his cheeks heated up. you pulled away and peppered his face with much needed kisses and multiple “i love you’s” in between. he smiled wider. you leaned back to admire his dazed look and snorted. “are my kisses that magical? did i cast a lil spell on ya, prince fire boy?” you teased. “oh shut the fuck up. you ruined it. now come pay the price and cuddle me.” he grumbled as he pulled you to his chest. “your wish is my command, princey.” you chuckled as he swung his legs onto the couch. you hummed as you watched him pull his raven locks back into a bun. “beautiful.” you mumbled as you kissed his jaw, making him shudder. you layed your head on his chest and closed your eyes. his cheeks continued to tint a lovely pink as he lovingly looked at your face. he brushed a stray curl out of your face before pressing a kiss to your forehead. he wrapped his arm around your waist before looking at the tv again. he slightly groaned as he picked up the remote to rewind it. “you can be a brat sometimes.” he mumbled as he pressed play. “so can you, my lil foofoo cuddlely poops.” you tiredly mumbled. your words were slightly muffled as your cheek was smooshed against his chest. he hummed with a smile.

    alright, y/n. go back to sleep.” “gladly.”

    #zuko x reader #black reader #zuko x gender neutral reader #sokka would clown zuko 100% #y/n gotta give zuko his kithes #zuko is a lil emotional and lwk tsun #cuddles#flirting#compliments
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    Known for their violence and extreme principles of loyalty and brotherhood, the heavily populated motorcycle club “Blood Mamba” must continue in vigilance as they thrive and exist in a world where loyalty is hard to find and brotherhood is scarce. When an unperceived threat, love and a host of other things begin to hinder the strength of the club, Adonis and his brothers must find a way to keep true to there loyalty and the bonds shared between them.

    𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑖𝑎 𝑚𝑒𝑚𝑏𝑒𝑟𝑠 𝑜𝑓


    𝑨𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍𝒐 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈


    𝑵𝒐𝒂 𝑭𝒂𝒕𝒖


    𝑫𝒂𝒎𝒊𝒆𝒏 𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒅𝒓𝒊𝒄𝒌𝒔


    𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒖 𝑭𝒂𝒕𝒖


    𝑨𝒅𝒂𝒎 𝑲𝒊𝒏𝒈


    𝑿𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒓 𝑯𝒊𝒍𝒍


    𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒆𝒔 𝑹𝒆𝒆𝒅



    Story includes and mentions descriptive details involving violence, illegal activities, substance and weapons use, and possible psychological triggers

    This story will feature a number of romantic relationships

    This story will follow some but not all protocols and rules that align with traditional MC Culture. I have no way of fully knowing the true inner workings of a MC so somethings will be made up and others will be added with the help of research.


    𝐟𝐚𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐞𝐧 1.

    -𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐰𝐡𝐨 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐬 𝐭𝐨 𝐛𝐞 𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐚𝐠𝐬 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰!

    𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐍 𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐁𝐋𝐀𝐂𝐊!!!

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  • Title: Devil on My Shoulder

    Fandom(s): Camp Buddy


    Pairing(s): Aiden Flynn x reader. Aiden Flynn & reader. Yuri Nomoru & reader.

    Rating: T+/M

    SeriesYou’re Perfect

    Summary: Do not pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure through a difficult one.

    Warning(s): Slight gay freak outs. Awk best guy friends kissing. Handjobs. Anal fingering. cONSENT IS SO SEXY. #Softboys. General spoilers for the game. 

    Tagging@misspooh @ginghampearlsnsweettea @naomithenerdgirl @wojtud-widvut-fecret @indigorose049 @queenofhearts579 @fallinoutoforbit @ashthebootyholetickler @one-twisted-bee @stichpatchedsoul @supremethunda @mattiekins @zenon-babie @moustachioed-tactician @sml200117 @fivefootab-i-tch @seventeen-stan-1027 @wolfdragon731 @thecuteaspie @professor-melanin @sekhmxt-hxka @thefluffyphotographer @ktyprryholms @korianrdr @multiaxxer @keya168 @ace-the-elf-quinn @katsumeii @queex-c @enchantingpeachgalaxy @pananegra @magicalhumanoidpaperlover @howsuede/@azulplanta  @amethyst09 @anameidrawer @harry-poc @chocolate-noddles @velvetstay @allthingsgay007 @queenjay4321 @that-one-odd-kat

    TaglistClick here to be added.

    Enjoy this smexy man, I know I did, regularly.

    I have no excuse for this imagine. It’s pretty much all self indulgent of me, haha! Y’all know that I’m a straight sucker for BL romance as well. And my boy Aiden was really outchea half naked like alllllll the time. He’s a tease and he knows it. 

    Anywho! If y’all liked this chapter, please do me a huge favor by liking, reblogging or commenting to your hearts content.

    Without further bs’ing, let’s begin!!


    Episode 8
    You Don’t Know…

    ‘It’s hot as fuck in here…’ That’s the first coherent thought that entered your brain as slowly, you began to wake up. Confused and disoriented, because the entire building came with central heating and air conditioning, you go to toss off the sheets only to touch bare skin instead.

    Eyes popping open, you sat up ramrod straight, and glance to the right. 

    There’s a green haired man, naked as the day he was born, in bed, spooning against you. It’s a sight that doesn’t register for a minute. You close your eyes for a second, half expecting that you’re still dreaming. 

    Having a whacky nightmare, or even a mid-life crisis, maybe? 

    Anything’s possible after all. 

    Opening your eyes, the image doesn’t change. Anger and even a dash of fear spreads throughout your body, and you come to the decision that you should have from the start. 

    You’re about to kick the shit out of this asshole…!!

    Except you’re thwarted by the green haired fucker himself waking up, stretching his arms overhead, arching his back and yawning wide, the sheets pooling around tan, muscular hips, and, much to your utter horror and mortification, you gape unattractively for a second and then quickly look away, like a punk or something. 

    “Ugh, I can feel your brain melting as you have a big gay freak out over there…” Fingers curl around your wrist and you flinch minutely. The hand immediately released you. “Sorry, sorry! Haha, you know me, always a little too quick to touch people. Sorry.” He chuckled, but to your ears, it sounded rather forced, which for some reason upset you, and you glanced at the other man, “Um, so… Nothing happened last night, so you can relax, big guy.”

    Mouth opening, you’re about to speak, but then realize that the thoughts reverberating in your brain are too scrambled to assess thing properly, so you had a couple false starts. Before you could actually say something to get rid of this awkward, tense atmosphere, the strangest phenomenon happens, that makes you question your sanity, and causes you to wonder if you’re in the middle of some weird ongoing daymare or whatever. 

    Ghostly white words appeared in front of your face. 

    / Camp Buddy is a story based game that features player choice. The consequence of all your in-game actions and decisions will impact the past, present, and future. Choose wisely. /

    ‘What the fuck…?’

    [ “Um, so… Nothing happened last night, so you can relax, big guy.” (Silence is always a valid option, too.)
    a.) “Of course nothing went on. You wouldn’t be moving around comfortably, for one, after all…”
    b.) “I just want to know why we’re in bed together. We haven’t so much as hugged in years.”
    c.) “This is too much nonsense so early. Go back to bed, I know I am…”
    d.) “….” ]

    It now sinks in that some next level, Matrix-esque bullshite is going on. You’d thought the guy laying naked in bed with you looked familiar although his name had stubbornly eluded you until now. 

    Aiden Flynn. The cook/scoutmaster of Camp Buddy; a visual novel/video game series Kym had bought as a birthday gag gift last year. Or so you told yourself. Especially when it became clear exactly what type of content was actually in the game. 

    A lesser man would have flown off the handle, blustered and raved. A normal man would calmly tell Kym never to pull such a prank again, as it was distasteful. A pettier man wouldn’t have talked to her for awhile, just to prove a point. 

    However, you’re a man who had always been honest with yourself, your lovers and one night stands. Personally, you labeled your sexuality as fluid, and once had a rather interesting conversation with an ex girlfriend at 3 AM about bisexuality vs pansexuality.

    ‘What the fuck am I even thinking about right now!?’   

    Flustered, no, mortified, really, you paced the length of the room, going from one end to the other, idly cataloging that your simulated body remains locked in the position that you’d last been in. Dragging a hand down your face, you forced yourself to think about this calmly, logically. To remember as many details as possible and attempt to make sense of this weirdness. 

    You recalled Kymbrea’s belated Christmas gift. How, against your better judgement, you decided to test it out anyway. The technicolors bursting across your vision as the game set went haywire and the AI taking on your voice, standing as you did, and then at last, striding towards you, touching your hand before…

    ‘I’m in a simulation.’ 

    The unchangeable truth that you’d tried to deny so strongly can no longer be ignored. 

    ‘My real, physical body is not here, and I’m likely unconscious or comatose.’ You hoped that someone would be by to find your body and take you to the hospital. The likelihood of that actually happening is perhaps 50/50 depending on the individual and their level of generosity. 

    Exhaling bitterly, you muse, ‘I woke up in bed next to a half naked guy in a gay video game. Sounds like the start of a fanfic written by some lonely fujoshi living in the attic of her parent’s house.’

    Annoyed with being annoyed with the entire situation, you realize that those ghostly white words aren’t going anywhere. It’s like a neon sign tempting and taunting you. 

    …What the hell. 

    Might as well go along with this and see where it leads.

    Sullenly, you reached out and touched an option at random, not really focusing. After a blink and a breath, you realized that it was option b. 

    Time unfroze and you found yourself uttering the words. 

    Aiden’s uncomfortable expression shifted, features twisting in a grimace. “That’s kind of Yuri’s fault.” He must’ve took note of your unimpressed look because he hastened to explain. “OK, OK! It was Yuri’s idea, but I didn’t… discourage her. I know you’re not big on parties and being around people much, so when she gave me the idea to swap your normal fruit juice for the special spiked version for scoutmasters, I…may have given you my cup instead.”

    You sat up, letting the thin sheets fall off your body as you prepare to get out of bed and, and, you didn’t know what you were going to do next because a hand is on your upper shoulder, tugging you so that you’re pressed up against his side. 

    “Get off of me, Aiden.”

    Please don’t be mad!” His half pleading tone grated on you, his warm breath caressing the shell of your ear, body pressed up against yours, warmth seeping into your skin, though you’re trying valiantly to ignore it. “I just wanted you to have at least one decent experience this summer. You’ve been wound up so tight, and, and, and–”

    “And you’re a grade-A idiot.” Your words are blunt, but honest. Aiden winced but didn’t deny it. “I should be angry, but there were good intentions behind the thought, I guess.”

    “You guess?” Aiden comically pouted, pressing up against you even more. 

    You could actually feel his dick… 

    The stray thought, and again, the realization of the intimate proximity should freak you out, maybe make you shove him away and out of the bed. Instead you do the exact opposite, you tilt your head, peering at his face. 

    There’s a minute flash of surprise and uncertainty in his expression, but he doesn’t resist when you place a hand on the nape of his neck. 

    Then as Aiden parts his lips, opening his mouth to say something, what, you didn’t know, didn’t care to know, as you’re kissing now. Although you’re sure he’d read the intent in your body language and expression, still, Aiden jerked minutely, his eyes remain open and so do yours. After a second, you pulled back, just slightly. Licking your lips, you laugh softly, awkward. “Sorry. I should have asked.” 

    There’s a soft exhale, Aiden shuffling about in bed. “Yeah, you surprised me.” You nod, about to apologize but he reached out now, cupping your cheek, tilting your head up to his line of sight. “Didn’t think you saw me that way. The way that I…” he paused, hesitating, but you could fill in the blanks. “Redo?” His thumb ran over your bottom lip, eyes intent. 

    It’s weird that a move that you’d pulled countless times on women is now being used on you…and it’s working. You nodded once and Aiden leaned in to kiss you. At first, it’s chaste, just lips on lips, then after a moment, he broke it, pulling back to check your expression, whatever he saw must’ve been enough to make him relax as bit by bit, the kisses became steadily less PG-13. Sometime during this whole thing, he’d steadily been coaxing you to the middle of the bed, and you’re on your back. 

    “Do you want to stop?” The words are murmured against your throat. There’s no hiding how turned on he is, or how turned on you are, and neither of you are trying very hard to hide that fact, either way. “We don’t have to go all the way. I mean, I have lube but not a condom…” Aiden went on to explain hurriedly, orange eyes catching your gaze and the concern is obvious. He won’t do anything you don’t want to do or you’re not ready for.

    You swallow. “Not ready for that, but….” For a moment, you hesitated. Only a moment. “Maybe get the lube, that’ll make it easier.” 

    “Wait, why would w…Ohhh.” Aiden didn’t ask anymore questions or make stupid comments. He merely sat up and grabbed the little tube out of his beside dresser drawer. “You know, we don’t have to do this….?”

    You shoved the covers off your body, revealing your lower half without any apparent trepidation at all. “If you keep asking if I’ve chickened out, I might get a complex.” You half tease. Aiden stared at you, at your body, and some confidence came back as you snagged the lube from him, popping the cap open, poured some in your right hand. “I want to do this with you.” You state again, calmly and clearly. “Unless you want to stop?”

    Aiden exhaled, and some invisible weight finally, finally seemed to ease from his shoulders. He pressed a long, hard kiss to your mouth as you nudged the covers off of him as well, using your left hand to tweak a nipple, just to tease, trailing over his abs, and then trailing down down down. He broke the kiss only to moan as you wrap your hand, wet with lube, around his cock. “Nnngh, fuck…”

    “Good?” You murmur, amusement thick in your tone. You give his cock a slow stroke, base to tip. Aiden swore, chest heaving, as gradually you sped up the motions, occasionally fondling his balls. He got even louder as after a few minutes you mentally said fuck it. You poured more lube on your left hand, and leaned your head down, tracing his nipples with your tongue. Aiden spread his legs wider and while you slowed down on jerking him off, his displeasure made obvious as he whined, you ignored that for a moment as slowly, carefully, you fingered him. 

    “[Your Name}!”

    Aiden is really too cute. That flush on his tan cheeks, how he bit his bottom lip, riding your fingers. You scissored your fingers, spreading him open wider, index and middle finger pressing in aaaand you found it, obviously; the prostate. Aiden arched his back, crying out loudly as he came all over his own stomach and chest. 

    “Baby, that was hot as fuck…” You didn’t immediately pull your fingers free. No, you kept fingering him for a few seconds longer, making sure that you wrung him dry of that orgasm, and gave a quick few pumps of his cock, licking your lips as even more cum dribbled out the tip. Reading his body language as closely as you were, you could tell when pleasure started to change to discomfort, and you slowly stopped all your ministrations. 

    It didn’t take you long at all to come yourself, two quick strokes, and you were spraying your seed all over his chest, though a bit got him on the chin. Aiden stuck his tongue out as you did, the mental image giving you ideas

    Before you could lean down and kiss him again, or go get tissues or something to clean up, time froze. 

    {Aiden Affection increased by 6}
    {Aiden Affection increased by 6}
    {Aiden Affection increased by 6
    {Gained the ‘We’re definitely not just friends’ trophy}

    /Congratulations! You’ve made your first significant choice. There are several hidden trophies to be collected and every choice can has the potential for greater impact and deeper conversation.

    So it’s highly advised to try them all to get the full experience! If you’d like to check your progress in the storyline, check your inventory, view your trophies, check your stats, check your friendship(s) stats, turn on and off Tutorial Mode, or to save and exit the game, you can return to the Main Menu after a checkpoint has been reached or you’ve made a significant choice.

    Would you like to try it out now?
    a.) Yes
    b.) No

    You reached out and touched the wisp-like word ‘Yes’. A second later and a full body screenshot appeared. You’re dressed in the standard Camp Buddy uniform, only a stethoscope is dangling around your neck. 

    Animal motif

    Thankfully, some things like your name, age, height and weight were already filled in by default, though you had to correct the animal motif, personality type (tsundere, really?), some likes and dislikes, before you could comfortably admit to being okay with it. 

    Reaching out, you touched the full body screenshot, holding it there, before ‘swiping’ right. Next popped up the inventory, which contained only items Tylenol, a med-kit, and some wraps and bandages. Again, you swiped right, and up popped up the story progression timeline, which is at 1%. Messing around with the settings, you checked each one to see what it meant and that you understood the basics, like checking the blood and gore box, so you’d be able to see a gory or gross scene uncensored, sex scenes, etc.

    It would do for now.

    Then you came across the Friendship Stats and even some background, admittedly, this is when things got….interesting. 

    You’re the medic of Camp Buddy. Hired on by Goro at another location, it’d actually been you who told Aiden about the job. The two of you were childhood friends and had in fact went to the same schools right up until after senior year, though the two of y’all remained in touch. After meeting Yuri, and she met Aiden, the duo become a trio. The three of you were mischievous as could be….before the incident last summer with Taiga and the bullies. With the camp so divided, you decided to pull an underdog play and support Taiga, taking him on as sort of willing apprentice. 

    ‘He was a little asshole for half the game but I guess he does need an adult figure that isn’t spazzing out on him.’ Curiosity piqued, you could admit that you were getting invested in the game and how it would turn out.

    You were level 9 with Yuri. Plain and simple, she was a fujoshi. You found her antics for the most part ignorable but hilarious, when it’s at someone else’s expense. The two of you do manage to have simple conversations here and there, when she isn’t shipping you with her dad or Aiden.

    You were level 10 with Goro. He trusted you implicitly….for some reason. It’s clear that he puts more trust in you than Yoshi. The two of you have a professional relationship. 

    Yoshinori is at level 4. He doesn’t hate you or anything, and does at least respect you. He’s just never made a real effort to talk to you one-on-one, except to halfheartedly scold you for encouraging Yuri, maybe. Wow, what an asshat.

    Aiden is at level 7. Best friend. Fellow co-conspirator. Childhood friend. Crush. …Love…r…. It’s complicated, clearly.

    You’re intensely interested now. How would things play out now that you’re apart of the game. Could you help Camp Buddy succeed and flourish, or would you stand aside and let it flop? Did you even have that choice when you weren’t a main character…

    Swiping right a final time, you came across the final screen.

    /Save and Continue or Save and Exit?/

                                  »»————-  ————-««

    And thus concludes the chapter! What do YOU want to do? Do you want to continue or do you want to come back to this sassy boy later? You decide!

    #fic#gaming fic#camp buddy#aiden flynn #camp buddy fanfic #camp buddy game #black reader #camp buddy fanfiction #aiden flynn camp buddy #aiden x reader #misc fics#gaming #camp buddy fic #camp buddy imagine #aiden flynn imagine #aiden imagine #camp buddy imagines #male reader #you're perfect series #thekrazykeke
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    Originally posted by sssssssim

    pairing: Frank Adler x black!reader || word count: 5,898 || warnings: smut, sex, slight ass play, a little bit of dirty talk, swearing || request: your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a downpour and Frank comes to you rescue 

    authors note: fic number #2 for the 4k celebration! this was requested by @stargazingfangirl18​! hope you like, babe! line divider by @firefly-graphics​​!


    “Uncle Frank, where are you?”

    You smile gently as Mary’s words hit your ears. You send your eyes towards her as she talks on your phone, pacing slowly, her little fingers playing with the hem of her Girls Scout vest. You hear a deep, muffled voice on the other end and turn your eyes back to the laptop in your lap, continuing to tap away at the keys.

    “Okay, okay… yes… no… okay… I will… okay, bye.” She plops down next to you, holding out her hand containing your phone,  “He’s on his way. He said thanks for sitting with me.”

    You wave her off, winking, “I owe you for all the help you’ve given me this semester.”

    The young blonde leans over, placing her hands on your lap as she starts to read the dissertation you’re working on. She pushes some of her blonde hair out of her face as she mumbles, “This is good, except you forgot the negative here… and you need to carry the two here.” She says, pointing to the screen.

    You tilt your head and squint your eyes, rereading your work quickly before you shake your head as a slow smile creeps on your face, “Shit.”

    Keep reading

    #frank adler #frank adler x reader #frank adler x you #you x frank adler #reader x frank adler #frank adler x black!reader #gifted#gifted fanfiction#gifted fanfic#gifted fic #black!reader #black reader#brittanys4k
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  • Atsumu Playing With Your Curls

    this is for @crocyoota for giving me brain food this week, ily, and I’m sorry if this is bad, I wrote it while on a zoom call–



    🥟 Miya Atsumu

    • Atsumu tends to mess with your hair whenever you let him, especially whenever you both are cuddling each other. The difference between your hair type and his is…fascinating.
    • Sure, he thinks it’s a stupid fascination of his and would never tell ANYONE, but…your hair is just so pretty. And he’ll gladly let you know.
    • “Babe, I ever told ya that ya got pretty hair?” or a sheepish “…’s pretty, y’know.”
    • Sometimes, ‘Sumu will start off just rubbing one of your curls between his fingers, loving how they still maintain their shape even when he squeezes it. 
    • Sometimes he’ll be so focused on the feeling and seeing how unchanged that curl is, Atsumu unconsciously let’s out a ‘huh.’ He doesn’t even notice it unless you call him out on it. 
    • He also appreciates how nice your hair smells thanks to the products you buy. If he notices that you’ve been complaining about running low…suddenly, you notice the bathroom cabinet has several extra hair products that you don’t remember buying…
    • But going back to actually playing with your hair, he’s twirling your curls around his fingers and stretching it out just slightly, his attention no longer on the show you both were watching. When he lets go and it bounces back right into place, he has to stop himself from letting out an ‘aww,’ wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him as he cheeses behind you about it.
    • …he just really likes your hair, what can I say.
    #atsumu x reader #atsumu miya x reader #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu x y/n #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu headcanons #miya atsumu x black reader #black reader#mixfi writes
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  • might just to start to write fic about mha and haikyuu with black reader but my english sucks as hell

    #my english is just bad as hell #bnha#mha#idk lmao#haikyuu#black reader
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  • 1940s Bucky Barnes x Black!Reader HC

    Summary: An insight on you and Bucky Barnes’ interracial, ‘Forbidden Love’ in the 1940s.


    Being with Bucky would include:

    ▪︎ Your budding relationship going from one of 'why is this white boy following me, like boy, what do you want- ’

    ▪︎Later becoming, 'he’s kinda cute tho…but just like mama said, don’t trust no whitie for NUTHIN’

    ▪︎ To, ’ he asked me out?! Oh well, family business has been slow recently, might as well go enjoy myself’

    ▪︎ And finally, 'Y/N, will you be my girl?’ he asks, eyes a swirl of confidence , poorly- concealed longing and, most importantly, respect (and desire of course 😏)

    ▪︎ ’ of course’ you respond, 'only if you’ll be my fella’

    ▪︎ To which he promptly bent down, grab your waist and lift you up, spinning you into an embrace filled with the giggles of young lovers.

    ▪︎ Of course, you weren’t stupid.

    ▪︎ Folks, both of ya’ll’s folks even, wouldn’t understand. You could potentially lose your life if you succumbed to this forbidden love.

    ▪︎ Bucky had only told Steve (with great protest and reluctance on your side) and even then that felt like too many people knew.

    ▪︎ However, as Steve accompanied you both on underground dates to black and white dance clubs in Harlem, he slowly earned your trust.

    ▪︎ Bucky would always chase away your fears, claiming he’d fight the whole world for you to be safe.

    ▪︎ And you believed him, you really did.

    ▪︎ But, what if one day, he wasn’t there?

    ▪︎ What if club members rat you guys out?

    ▪︎ Marline’s hoe-ass self always up in your business, trying to steal your fellas (and sometimes proving successful), would probably say something.

    ▪︎ That good for nothing-

    ▪︎ ’ Baby I can hear your thoughts from all the way down the hall’ Bucky said, as he slinked down the hall of your Brooklyn apartment, joining you in the lounge.

    ▪︎ 'And you’ll hear my snores from across town at your place, if you continue to sass me’

    ▪︎ But Bucky was only half listening. To entranced by the way your head moved when you talked, straightened curls bouncing along with your movements.

    ▪︎ 'I love you, doll’ he interrupted, sweeping you backwards into a passionate kiss.

    ▪︎ ’ And I love you, Buck’ you replied.

    ▪︎ Screw the racists, you thought as Bucky carried you off down the hall to your bedroom.

    ▪︎ With love, you could do anything. He tried to convince you before.

    ▪︎ And now, you believe it.

    #1940s aesthetic#black girls#black reader#blackexcellence#steve rogers#tall reader#tall woman#bucky barnes#bucky fanfic #bucky x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes x black!reader #bucky barnes x black!ofc #interracial #black and white #black tumblr#marvel#mcu fanfiction#mcu au#headcanon#bucky imagine #bucky barnes imagine #bucky imagines #bucky barnes x reader #tall women #sebastian x reader #imagine #bucky x y/n #bucky x oc #bucky x reader
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  • Warning: Sexual themes, stuff your moms would not like you to read, etc.

    Length: Eh. Along as “Byronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”**

    A/N: This is part two to Teenage Fever. You can read them separately, but it helps to get a little context I suppose.

    First. I hope you all are all doing well in the weird and confusing times we find ourselves in right now. I just wish for everyone’s well-being, and I hope you all keep safe. :)

    Secondly, I am eternally grateful for the talent and gift that is Chadwick Boseman. Especially for his contribution to Black Panther, as I was able to witness him bring T’Challa to life on screen. He was (and still is!) a true inspiration to many and his legacy will live on.

    And finally, thank you @iwrite4poc​ for digging me out of my cave to write this. I hope you like it.


    Days went by until you made do with your promise and called T’Challa for a second date. Your mind was still reeling from the events that occurred from the last one. Every time you thought about it, you were eventually succumbed to hyper-realistic flashbacks of your time spent in the limo with him. However, they didn’t stop at just looking real — it went beyond that.

    For each flashback, it was like you could feel every touch, every kiss, every ​stroke…​

    Shaking your head, you try to focus on the menu in front of you. Words were looking out of focus as your mind was somewhere else.

    Fuck, focus, bitch. Now, do you want the lasagna or the shrimp scampi?

    But it was quite hard to make a choice as the man in front of you looked at you as if you were on the menu. The dark chocolate eyes that belonged to the king soaked up your appearance, shining with a hunger that could not be tamed with food. You remember walking into the restaurant to meet him, all dressed up in your finest dress and shoes.

    As he greeted you with a hug, you remember feeling his hand dipping down past your back to squeeze your ass. With his lips close to your ear, he whispered some words that had your legs trembling with need.

    “This dress,” he had said. “Is going to be an absolute problem.”

    And a problem it was indeed.

    Since you sat down, he continued looking at you with an insatiable hunger that he made sure you knew. It continued throughout the dinner, as you made conversation getting to know each other. But any attempt of conversation usually ended with you clenching your thighs together as he would say something relating to the plans he had for you tonight.

    When dinner was finished, a waiter came around to ask if you or T’Challa needed anything else before dropping off the bill.

    “We also have a dessert special at the moment,” the waiter explains, enthusiastically. “Would you be interested in that?”

    At the sound of the word ‘dessert,’ T’Challa smiles and shakes his head.

    “No thank you,” he says, keeping his eyes trained on you. “I think what I have in front of me is enough.”

    The waiter blinks, confused, glancing down at your empty places. But then he catches the tension between you and T’Challa and starts to piece things together.

    Flustered, the waiter starts to back away from the table.

    “Oh…okay. Let me just….go get that check…” he says before scurrying off.

    “He better hurry,” T’Challa says slowly, looking down at his watch. “Or else I will have to fuck you on this table.”

    You gulp, squeezing your thighs together once again, silently wishing for the waiter to hurry up.


    T’Challa’s house was big.

    Aside from your shoes that were abandoned near the front door, unique furniture and decorations dazzled the interior, looking worth more than a small island. You look around at everything, gobsmacked, as T’Challa led you to his staircase to take you up to his room. The ascent up the stairs was slow, but the sexual tension between you and the king continued to thicken as lustful looks and thoughts were shared. Reaching the last step, T’Challa abruptly stops. Confused at the sudden movement, you look at him ready to ask what was wrong.

    But before you can open your mouth to say anything, the king wraps his arm around your waist and lifts you effortlessly to carry you over his shoulder.

    “W-What are you doing?” you ask incredulously, laughing.

    You gasp, as your question was answered with a sharp slap on your ass.

    “Rushing my order,” He says, moving towards a room. “Dessert is taking too long.”

    As he enters the room, you notice how it was dimly lit by a nearby lamp on his nightstand. Barely able to soak in your new surroundings, T’Challa places you on his bed gently before moving to softly place a kiss on your lips. When he pulls back, he eyes you intensely, starting at your face and slowly dragging his eyes down your body, making sure to trace every curve that comes in his path.  

    “This dress,” he says, nipping at your shoulder. “Makes me want to do bad things.”

    “How bad?” you ask, breathless.

    He nips at your earlobe, moving his lips down to your neck. His lips trace down to the curve of your breasts, where he places a kiss on each one that peeked from the neckline of your dress. Each kiss was soft and teasing as he continued down, stopping at the hem of your dress.

    He pushes the dress up, bunching it up around your hips and exposing the lace panties you wore exclusively for him. Glancing at the panties, he hooks a finger around the sides and slowly pulls it down, revealing your dripping sex. Taking a finger, he slowly rubs it against your wetness, making sure to hit the swollen nub right above your opening.

    A moan is released from your throat and he looks at you, his dark eyes swirling with lust.

    Very bad things.” He responds, rubbing your clit in circular motions. “But first I gotta see if you taste just as good as the first day I saw you.”

    Your body tingles in anticipation as you watch him spread your thighs open.

    Wide-open for him, he dips his head towards your increasingly wet folds, kissing your pussy gently before teasingly flicking his tongue towards your clit. Moaning, you try to move your hips closer to his inviting mouth as he sucks at your clit, rubbing one of his thick fingers at your entrance. He rubs it against your sensitive lips, eventually slipping it inside your wetness, pushing it in and out. Biting your lip, you squeeze your breast, tweaking the hardened nubs as you soak in the sensations that you were feeling. You could feel him moan against your clit, which shot vibrations that you felt at your core.

    “Mmm,” you hear him say, muffled by his occupied mouth. “Your pussy tastes so sweet.”

    Your legs begin to convulse as your climax hits you hard like a sudden wave. Your pussy became increasingly sensitive as T’Challa lapped at the juices that leaked out, making sure to hit your clit with each flick. You cry out, your legs closing up, unable to handle more. But T’Challa used his hands to keep them wide apart, evidently not done with you. Unable to take it anymore, you push his head back, breathing heavily. Throwing your head against the bed, you close your eyes, taking a couple minutes to breathe. When you open your eyes you look at T’Challa, who remained between your thighs, slowly licked the juices that glistened around his lips.

    “Just as good as I remember.” He says. Lifting his fingers to your face, he places one that glistened with your juices at your lips. “Taste yourself.”

    As your mouth wraps around his finger, he watches you suck it deeply, thoroughly licking the sides and savoring the taste of yourself.

    You release his finger with a pop, licking your lips and anticipating his next move.

    You needed him so bad.

    Your pussy dripped with need, a hunger that continued to grow as time passed. Sitting up, you reach for his belt loops, hooking your fingers around them and pulling him toward you. Leaning back, you rotate your hips, grinding your wet pussy against the hard outline of his dick. You could hear T’Challa suck in a breath, gripping your hips tightly.

    “Mm, you feel that baby,” you moan, still grinding on him. “Come fuck me.”

    With that said, he quickly unbuckles his pants, pushing them down to pool around his legs. Stepping out of the clothes, he removes his underwear, revealing his length and hardness. Running a hand up and down along his shaft, he positions himself between your thighs and rubs the tip against you, making sure to hit the right buttons to make you growingly anticipate his entrance. When he finally dips inside, you gasp, trying to adjust to his length. He entered you slowly at first, giving you a chance to feel each inch stretch you open as if it was the first time. You feel him pull out before slamming into you, kissing you sloppily. Your tongues wrestle against each other before calling a truce as you both come up for air, moaning loudly at the feel of each other.

    “You’re so fucking tight,” he says, continuing to dip in and out of you, hitting deep places. “So fucking tight.” Barely able to reply, you clench around him, causing him to growl and increase his speed.

    The sound of kissing, moaning, and the slapping of skin was all that could be heard in the room as T’Challa continued ramming into you, your legs wrapped around him to keep him close. Your arms were around him, your nails gripping onto his back as he brought you closer and closer to your release. He kept on hitting your deepest spots and his fingers found your clit, rubbing it repeatedly. It wasn’t long until your legs started to tremble again as your hips began to buck up and your pussy began to spasm around his girth. You pull him tighter to you as he continues to move in and out before slamming into one more time, groaning as he reaches his own climax, releasing himself into you.

    Completely spent, he kisses you deeply before lying on your chest.


    After a few minutes to catch your breath, you gently stroke his hair, admiring the curls.

    “How was dessert?” you ask, gently tugging on curl and releasing it to watch it bounce back in place.

    “I’d have to say I really enjoyed it.”

    At the sound of that, you could feel T’Challa grin against your chest. He moves his head to where he can look you in the eyes. A wolfish smile graced his face with eyes darkening as he continued to peer deep in your eyes. You shiver at the sight; you could only imagine what kind of dirty dark thoughts that the king is thinking.

    “Well I enjoyed dessert, but who said one round of it was enough?”



    Originally posted by champagnepaps

    A/N: Well. You know the routine, heauxs. Grab that holy water asap.

    *After Dark is a Drake song. Listen to it here:

    **For those who never watched Madea’s Big Happy Family:

    #ashleywrites#tchalla#t'challa #black panther fanfiction #black panther fandom #t'challa x reader #t'challa x you #sometimes i write this stuff and i'm flabbergasted #black reader#ashleywrites-ish #ashley goes r rated again #lowkey this was hard to write as i have been away for so long LOLOL
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    A/n: Another side of me came out while writing this💀😭 //ask box open!!

    Hood Bakugou Anthem😫✊🏾💥 (Listen to it!)

    • First of all, his name is not Bakugou its Bakukween 💀
    • Chile.. everybody in the hood know bout Bakukween and his aggressive and toxic ass personality
    • Hell, he’s the reason why the hood has a curfew💀
    • Drives a matte black Lincoln low rider (picture bellow) (btw it can go lower than that)
    • He named the car reaper because it represents death bakugou does drive-bys btw cough*
    • Reaper is his baby. He care about that damn car more than his niggas and his getto ass baby mamas💀(notice how I didn’t even mention his kids he got all over💀)
    • Speaking of baby mamas, Chile…he has so many of them. Like damn Bakukween! Learn to keep yo dick in yo pants.💀
    • Occasionally he likes to steel peoples shoes and sell them for some easy cash, but hey, at least he does it Occasionally.🤷🏾‍♀️
    • He 👏🏾 likes 👏🏾the 👏🏾 thicc 👏🏾 bitches 👏🏾 I cant stress this enough!
    • He don’t care if ya got rolls, a belly, or some thunder thighs. HE LOVES THEM ALL!😤
    • Bakugou is surprisingly picky with his music.
    • He doesn’t really care for music like nba young boy or Blueface he’s more into original hip hop and gansta rap such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Slim Thug, 2Pac, N.W.A, etc.
    • His favorite songs to listen to while joy riding: (listen to them!)
    • Bakugou don’t say underwear he say Drawls ( Shii that’s how me and my niggas down south say it😌✨)
    • “ Nobody wanna see yo drawls. Pull ya damn pants up boy!” - his mama.💀😂
    • Bakugou’s favorite meal is smothered neck bones with hot sauce drizzle on the top with a side of greens and macaroni and cheese. (That’s what I’m eating rn lmaoo) (its so good y’all!😋)
    • He really loves soul food like omgggg
    • He almost killed this nigga named denkari for eating his potato salad that he perfectly hid in the fridge.🤣
    • “Pull that shit again an i’ll bust a cap in yo ass. Got it!?”
    • “ yeah man I got it. Damn, it’s just some food.”
    • * pulls out the glock*
    • “ motha fucka Imma give you till five to get off next to me.”
    • “Shii you don’t have to tell me. I’m outta here!”

    Like for a possible part two! //ASKBOX OPEN!!!


    @borntobene @0kid0kiw0ki @bakubaewritings

    #my hero academia #anime#all might #king explosion murder #bhna x reader #hawks x poc! reader #bakugou x poc #my hero academia x poc! reader #anime x poc! reader #bnha x poc! reader #mha x reader #mha bakugo katsuki #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugo x reader #mha x poc!reader #boko no hero imagines #boko no hero academia #bnha x black reader #black reader #black girls and anime #my hero academia x black reader #bnha bakugou #boko no hero #mha#bnhaxreader#bnha scenarios#bnha imagines#mha imagines#bnha
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  • How they first met their black S/o Dabi, Tomura, and Hawks


    Originally posted by ogkillua

    Dabi [Ashtray]

    • This motherfucker is on a whole new level. 👀
    • The boldness of this mans is beyond you.
    • Of course japan have night clubs that you go to every now and than.
    • Just so you can get drunk, dance, and live free.
    • In a villain club the heroes don’t even know about…. Like really. 😬
    • But you didn’t know.
    • What you were not expecting was a hot sexy villain from across the clubs to be eyeing your peaches 🍑.
    • Nor did you expect his to place his hands on your hips while his 🍌 rubbed really close.
    • “Dabi likes.” Was all he moaned before full on grinding.
    • You were fucking hammer to the brim and didn’t care either.
    • If you thought those tiktok girls dancing the wap shook their ass hun you should have see yourself.
    • Dabi that night at the club found a new fetish… Big, Black, and juicy girls. The wilder the better.
    • He also liked digging his thumb inside the softness of your ass. The thought of doing bad things to your body got him hot and horny.
    • He don’t know what it was. All he knew was that black girls are naturally born as sexy with bodies like that.
    • He. Wanted. To. Ruin. You. 🥵
    • And gentle was not a word in his definition.
    • His only hope was that you could match his sex drive.

    Originally posted by winamp

    Tomura [Crusty Dusty lips]

    • He got his legs shot the fuck out. 😂
    • That’s fucked up to laugh at, but he’s a villain so it’s okay 👌🏾. Right?
    • He didn’t want anyone who he felt like would be associated with the heroes in anyway.
    • So… They brought you.
    • Freshly graduated from a Nursing school exchange student top of her Japanese nursing class.
    • Trust me you were kicking and screaming, uppercutted Dabi twice, got another guy in the dick. 💅🏾
    • “Rejected ass Deadpool motherfucker!” You shrieked.
    • ✨ You go girl. ✨
    • “If you don’t calm the fuck down I’m going to burn you alive.”
    • Dabi could have sworn you stopped for that split second to cut your eyes at him. Right before all hell broke out.
    • Again.
    • Tomura was fed up and tried to dusk you.
    • Bet. You didn’t send your right hook him diagonally and sent him flying back.
    • If he wasn’t mad he got real fucking mad now.
    • He succeeded in dusting you…. Is what he would like to say, but that didn’t happen. Cause it didn’t work on you.
    • You laughed out loud. The sound of his pride shattered into pieces.
    • Now he got an angry black bitch locked up in his room ready to throw some hands the moment he opens that door. 🙌🏾

    Originally posted by tatakaeeren

    Hawks [Keigo Takami]

    • Let be honest.
    • Hawks has a seventh sense for detecting a juicy thick with three C ass.
    • He saw that butt and was like “Damn, I need that ass.” 👀 and “Thick thighs save lives.”
    • You’re school was doing a training session with Pro Heroes. Nursing of course.
    • The only problem is not not many Heroes wanted to pair up with you because….. You’re different.
    • Hawks. Happily. Obligated.
    • Maybe this will be her chance to prove stereotypes wrong? Nope.
    • “Is it true that your people are loud and aggressive?” He asked with balls of steel. 🤨
    • You can bet your ass he didn’t have a fun time with you. ✨
    • “That thing you said was so disrespectful.” You smiled (innocently?) I think not.
    • Normally you would hit him, but you got to represent your fellow black people. 😤✊🏾
    • He wasn’t aware on how much he fucked up. He was going to find out for the next hour and thirty minutes. 😂
    • When he was fake drowning you basically said, “My J’s arent worth sacrificing over your life.” Preceds to look at nails. “Sorry boo.” 😙💅🏾
    • She wasn’t even warring Js though.
    • He tried again.
    • Only for you to tell him “Just give up and drown.” Maybe possibly pushing his head underwater out of spite. 💀
    • Hawks - 0, You - 1
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    Originally posted by tetsuruo

    (This is my new blog, welcomeʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ)

    A/N: This story is inclusive for women of all color

       Your excited coming home from work. Trying to rush as fast as you can, especially ready to get home to see Katsuki, With both of your work  schedules, you guys are never home. In delighted hurry you rush up to your building. The whole day you’ve been cheerful since you got a message saying your present for Katsuki came in the mail today and you want to surprise him. You walk to your door with happy with a pep in your step. you get to your front door and see your package and you let out a small squeal in delight, you snatch it up and go inside your apartment. When you get in you begin sliding your shoes of and calling your bbs names. “yes?” he calls out with a yawn from the living room, you walk over to him extremely giddy.

    Plopping down on him, laying your head in his lap.”Hi honey did you miss?” you say looking up at him cheesing. “mhm, it took you fucking long enough” he hums while leaning down for a kiss. “I know I know” you mumble while kissing him back. He strokes your head as he leans back up staring at you in the eyes. Tender moments like this reminds you why you wake up everyday, a world with him is worth living in. Sitting there in comfortable silence enjoying each others presence.“Well I’ve been thinking.” your voice cuts through the peaceful humming of the fan and the low talking of the show on the TV. He looks back down at you. “About?” he mumbles. You lean off of him and sit on your feet. 

    Your eyes meeting his you start. “Okay so since were never home to spend time together and when ever we do the other is sleeping, so I got something that I think you might really like.” he looks down at you in confusion. “ Its ok (y/n) you didnt need to.” he says and softly smiles. Only you would ever see how soft he truly is, even under all of that stank ass attitude. “ Oh hush, ive barley been home and I know it gets lonely at home some times when im at work so i think you might really like this when your missing mommy.” you grab his face, he leans into your hold. He tries to suppress a whine but fails at it.  His face turns beet red in embarrassment. 

    “Did you just moan?” You question him still smiling. He snatches his face out of your hands and mush you backwards. “ Of course I fucking didn’t, your hearing is fucking shitty.” He mumbles angerly facing the TV again avoiding eye contact. His ears still red. “Oh my god, you are into it.” You point at him accusingly. “ Fucking drop it you little shit.” He snatches the remote up and turns up the TV’s volume effectively blocking you out. You lean near his ear and whisper. “ Well I actually thought it was pretty hot.” You nibble on the top of his ear. Moving your hand to his toned chest and rubbing him up and down. He looks over at you his chest vibrating in content. “really” He says while side eyeing you. “ Yeah but we can get into that later.” You shrug and hand him the box. It takes it looking at it, then shakes it. “Whats in it?” Bakugou shakes the box harder.  “ Hey! stop your gonna break whats in it, just go put it on.” You moan out pushing him off of the sofa. He gets up with a huff and walking away to the room.

     “THIS SHIT BETTER BE GOOD.” you hear your hot head of a boyfriend yell. a few minutes goes by and you call out to him. “ Katsuki baby are you done?” you give him some time to respond. What a loud groan you him him swig the bedroom door open with force and step out you sit up some  " he slowly walks out and you see him in his full glory. the cute maid outfit and skin tight clad thigh highs sticking to his toned legs like super glue.The black and white outfits actually goes well with his flushed skin. he stands there staring at you, cheeks full or red. “Awe baby you look so cute!!!!” you begin gushing. you smile brightly at him. “are you wearing the panties that came with it?” he looks away with a scowl refusing to answer. “(y/n) this shit is so embarrassing.” he says while pouting. “is it really baby?” He refuses to answer “Come on please, just show me.” You plead with the blonde. His will breaks after a minute of thinking. He slowly grips the end of his short dress and lifts it up. There he is sporting a tiny white thong.

     “can i get a spin?” you say while looking him up and down. The material looks like it gonna burst. The red pulsing tip of his dick sticks out of the top. he lets out a small whines and shifts in the spot he’s standing. Pulling his dress up and doing a 360 turn. His plump ass sporting that tiny piece of fabric is a memory that you want to commit to memory forever. You reach into your purse next to you and hand him a rubber cuff. “What the fuck is this” katsuki questioned you. “just put it on your dick.” He complied with no complaint “Now what the fuck does it do” his scowl deepening.

     “you’ll see.” you mumble aloud to yourself you pull a small remote out of your pocket and turn the button, a small humming noise can be heard. the vibe cuffed to his dick begins to go off. his knees start to buckle as he starts to whine and moan. “Holy f-fuck, shit (y/n) its to much.” he’s starting to pant. His dick now twitching leaking with pre cum. “awe i’m sorry baby its only on its first setting.” He Growls at you but to stunned by pleasure to do anything. You sit back getting ready for the night ahead of you.

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