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    18.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    five seconds away from losing it and watching literally everything zhu yilong has been in

    #rationalising story of minglan with i was gonna watch it anyway #this is so embarassing i feel like that one black swan mirror wiping image
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  • brainwashedgon
    17.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    smeyers really said imprinting can be platonic and then gave us no platonic imprints 

    #especially since you made two members imprint on babies #who let you do that #did you even have an editing team #or did you somehow publish it without the help of others #twilight#twilight renaissance#jacob black#bella swan#edward cullen
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  • jupitar-baby
    17.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    her eyes (an edward cullen x reader)

    Chapter 4

    credit to the artist

    previous chapter

    warnings: none that i know of

    I walk into my bedroom running a hand through my hair, Edward following me. "Alright let me change then I'll give you the gift" I walk to my closet grabbing one of the shirts he gave me and a pair of shorts as I walk to my bathroom and change.

    As soon as I was done I walk out to see Edward on my bed reading one of my books. I walk over and lay down next to him "Nice book" I say

    "Thanks, I haven't read this book before" "That's surprising" I sit back up and walk over to my desk grabbing my sketchbook and flipping through the pages before ripping one out and walking back over. He sits up and places my book down "Here, I drew this the other night" I sit next to him and he takes it. "It's cool" He smiles and looks up at me "Thanks, that's all I wanted to give you"

    "You sure?" I nod with a smile "Yeah I'm sure" I lay my head on his shoulder once more and he lays his head on mine.

    "Bella and I broke up" "Really?" "Yeah, she's upset that I'm friends with you" "Well that's stupid" "In the end, she asked me to choose her or you, and I chose you ultimately"

    I smile "Thanks...but you didn't have to" "I did,  because you are more amazing than her in many ways" I blush and hide my face in his neck.

    "Hey, can you look at me for a second?" I move my head and look at and he looks into my eyes and he leans in and his eyes flicker to my eyes then my lips.

    I lean in also my blush spreading now, I lean in also, and as our lips are about to touch he speaks. "We really shouldn't do this" "But it makes it all the more fun doesn't it" He smiles and his lips press against mine, it takes me a second to register what's happening but I kiss back. I pull away soon after and we look at each other in the eyes.

    "Ed..." "Don't talk" We both kiss again, this time he pulls me onto his lap and my hands move to grip his hair. I pull away panting and looking into his eyes "Edward..." He sighs "I, really needed to kiss you Y/n. I just"

    "Edward" He finally looks me in the eyes and I smile "It's ok...it felt, good" I climb off his lap and lay down and he adjusts to lay down next to me.

    "Can we talk about...this at a later date, maybe after my party?" "Yeah...of course. But Y/n-"

    "No, no talking right now Ed, I'm tired so...goodnight"

    I turn away to look from him making my back face him, and I pull the blanket over me. Trying not to face him. I close my eyes as tightly as I can. 

    - skip to about a week later -

    I walk into the school, my headphones on blasting music. Ignoring everyone around me. I hurry to the office to try and transfer to another school, what do you expect from me? I'm a Mikaelson, we run. 

    I wait there until Ms. Jannene can help me, I can hear Edward walking to me making me hide my face. "Y/n-" "We shouldn't have done that Edwards, we shouldn't have kissed. It...it isn't right"

    "What do you mean?" I walk out of the office and he follows behind me, "Meet me at your place after 2nd period." "Why?"

    "Just do it ok, I need to tell you something, that everyone should hear" I walk to class and he follows. Damn, forgot I had my first period with him. 

    - small skip -

    I sit on the couch as everyone stares at me. "So, there is something I need to tell you guys, Carlisle already knows, along with Esme, but, this is the answer to the question everyone has asked me"

    "Who are you?" Rosalie says and I stare at Edward in the eyes. "I'm a vampire" "What do you mean"?

    "So, here's the short version. I fell through a portal where I'm from, we have witches. And I fell through it and ended up here in a different universe. Learned about the difference between our vampires and yours, you guys sparkle in the sun, I can burn, that's why I have this ring. Here your eye color changes depending on your diet, and you guys have cults, that's weird. You see where I'm from I'm one of the most powerful vampires there are. I'm called an original, the original vampire's to exist. Me and my siblings are all originals when the ones that are alive. Can't be killed unless I've been stabbed with a stake made from the wood of a white oak tree, which lucky for me does not exist here, I can be stabbed with a regular stake, it just won't do anything. I can be like mummified but only with a silver dagger dipped in white oak ash. I can control peoples mind's, along with vampires. But there is a plant that can help me not do that, it's also pretty painful to me. It's called Vervain. Oh and I grow like ugly dark veins under my eyes, and my eyes turn darker, and of course, fangs. My vampire look, alcohol helps with the craving for human blood, I'm a 'vegetarian in a way. Food is also edible, and I can sleep perfectly fine. I can't have kids, that's a no. I'm still technically alive but dead." I say and I look at Carlisle "I think that's about everything I told you, right Doctor?"

    "Yeah, it's about right" I lean back "I love it here, I really do. But do you know how difficult it is to be away from my brothers and sister? I miss them, all, dearly. I don't know if I'm ever going to be able to go back. But here in Forks, feels like I'm home in a way. Esme has been, sneaking in animal blood into my lunches. To help me feed, otherwise, I won't be able to, function. I'll start to crave human blood, and that isn't good for anyone here in Forks. I'm what we call a ripper, it's like an addiction that's very difficult to stop"

    "So, Carlisle and Esme knew about this before us?" Edward asks and I nod. "Yeah, it's. Hard to tell someone that I'm from another universe." I give him a tight smile. "Did you guys know I'm going to turn 1023 years old in a couple of days, I am older than any of you" I stand up "Now if you excuse me, I'm tired. I haven't slept in a week, good bye" I walk out of their living room to the front door existing the house, speeding to my own.

    I can't wait for my birthday party


    @deviljoonie @onechaoticbih @cleverzonkwombatsludge @annasdani

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  • lia7nne
    17.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    an actual black swan 😍

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  • milk00-sunnie
    17.06.2021 - 12 hours ago
    𝐌𝐘 𝐂𝐔𝐏𝐈𝐃シ︎ i'm can't just look away from your , I've never seen so beautiful and shiny. just love me this summer 🌼⭞⩇⩇:⩇⩇



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  • astrababyy
    17.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    The Elves Erasing The Memories Of The Humans

    Note: This was supposed to be posted two days ago but I forgot lol. This is also part of a monthly prompt thing @alesbiancat was doing but I didn’t see it until two weeks in so I’m just picking random prompts and writing something for them. 😅 Ps. Besides Councillor Emery and the Foster family, these are all OCs because I didn’t bother to research for any Washers in canon. Sorry if you don’t like that. I mainly focused on the logistics of erasing memories instead of the actual characters so 🤷🏻‍♀️. Also, I’m in no way a good writer so this wasn’t necessarily great. I did my best though. (This is not beta read btw.)

    Being in a human’s mind is very chaotic.

    They’ve no coherent thoughts, really. Their minds aren’t as clear as elves, more muddled and scattered. It was a wonder how they themselves were capable of understanding any of it.

    Torin had been trained in how to deal with human minds since being a Washer consisted more of erasing their memories than anyone else’s. It was humans with the ineffable curiosity, the insatiable hunger to know the secrets of the universe.

    It was a shame, really, that they were so violent, so weak.

    “Sir Torin,” said Councillor Emery expectantly, startling him out of his musings. He blinked, glancing up and immediately ducking his head in apology afterwards. Councillor Emery had decided to come along for this particular washing. Torin supposed he shouldn’t have been that surprised. He was one of the more open-minded and curious members of the Council. He was also rather handsome but that wasn’t a very appropriate opinion to have. Merciless and unforgiving once he believed one had earned his wrath but at the end of the day, he was far more open-minded and unbiased than the many of the other Councillors.

    “Apologies, Councillor Emery,” Torin replied hastily, getting a nod from him in return before he gestured to the open door of the Fosters’ home. Straightening his shoulders and releasing a quiet breath, Torin trudged into the unbelievably small home with Councillor Emery following behind him.

    For a moment, Torin blinked and took in the humans’ home. Usually, the ones that needed washing were brought to him and the other Washers but this was a unique situation. The memory of the elf they knew –– Sophie Foster; what an interesting name — was very deep into their memories and it’d take hours to thoroughly rid them of all memory of her.

    “Fascinating,” Councillor Emery breathed from behind him, hands clasped behind his back and head tilted upwards as he circled around what Torin guessed was the sitting room. He was inclined to agree. The entire house — though small and rather… pitiful — was truly intriguing and Torin could almost feel the memories sewn into the very core of the home; in the pictures hanging on walls or sitting on tables, the messy art created by clumsy young hands, the toys scattered around the corners of the house, the still dirty dishes in the sink.

    A lump formed in Torin’s throat and he had to release a breath, looking away and blinking repeatedly. They were taking this family’s entire lives away. Was this really better than faking their daughter’s death? It didn’t feel like it. It didn’t feel right to replace their entire lives with something… fake, created by people that don’t even know them. It seemed crueler, unfair.

    Torin shook his head, banishing those thoughts. This was the decision made by their twelve-year-old daughter. She knew them better than Torin did. She knew what was best for them… right?

    Forcing himself to think of something else, Torin glanced at Councillor Emery, only to see him with his eyes shut and hand running down the dining table. Torin felt a stab of envy towards him, knowing exactly what he was doing.

    It was something the more powerful, more talented Telepaths could do. There were, on record, under thirty Telepaths of their hundreds, maybe thousands at this point, that could do this. It was a very useful ability; being able to read the past memories formed relating to an inanimate object. One could run their hands along walls and see the memories of when a person touched them, when they hit their foot on it, hung a picture on the wall.

    “You’re staring,” Elia, an old friend of his from school and one of the other Washers who’d walked in behind them, whispered teasingly. Torin scowled at her, flicking a lock of her hair and getting a quiet laugh in return. “I can see why though,” she nodded, glancing not so discreetly at Councillor Emery through her eyelashes. Torin had a feeling he’d regret hearing this. “He’s very pretty—”

    “Shh!” Torin hissed loudly, regretting it the moment she broke into giggles, muffled by her hand, and Councillor Emery startled, turning sharply to face them with wide eyes. Torin flushed darkly, elbowing Elia with a glare and giving the Councillor an apologetic smile. “I- I’m sorry, Councillor,” he stuttered embarrassingly, despising himself in the moment when Councillor Emery’s face relaxed and shifted to something bordering on amusement.

    “No problem, Sir Torin,” he said, waving off the apology and brushing off invisible dust from his clothes. He turned to face the Fosters, face twisting in a way that made Torin think he had similar opinions to his own: this didn’t feel right. “Well,” he sighed, gaining all the Washers (there were six of them in total, two for each human) attention, “Let’s begin, shall we?”

    Nodding and muttering a confirmation, Torin strode forward and looked to Elia, whose face had gone quiet and solemn. Erasing memories this way, it was difficult to sort through a person’s life and take away all their memories, leaving only carefully kept and placed emotions while remembering the bits that could be salvaged, as if they weren’t one of the most precious things in the world. It was hard to do all that and not grow at least a small attachment to the person, not grow some sort of one-sided bond or opinion towards them.

    Councillor Emery murmured a go-ahead and Torin, perfectly in sync with Elia, dove into the depths of Emma Foster’s mind.

    It never failed to amaze Torin just how utterly chaotic human minds were. They were just so scattered.

    Memories flew left and right, thoughts whispering in his ears as he navigated her mind. Forcing himself to calm, he let out a soft lick of his power flow out and tried to slow her mind, as if slowing a racing heart. Gradually, he added more and more to it as the human’s mind slowed so Elia could begin arranging her mind in chronological order.

    They already had a story set up for how the human family would live in a new life. Now, they had to rearrange their entire lives through their memories while the other teams went about making sure the house, identities, etc. were all ready when they were done. It was all very careful, very delicate work. Especially with how much humans progress by the day. They needed to be very cautious of what they did. One wrong move could land them in trouble that’d be near impossible to erase.

    Ready, Elia transmitted to him softly, her voice quiet and solemn. Torin focused on the memories before him and moved his consciousness towards the beginning, where her life will start to branch off from what’s current and what will be her new life.

    There are the names to change, emotions to alter, friends to add, people to lose. They needed to make sure the domino events that lead to the human family moving where they move, having only one child when they had their child, sending her to the school they send all make sense in the grand scheme of things.

    Torin and Elia removed the hesitation to get a dog, the lack of ambition and courage to move forward with her job so they will have the money to afford a bigger home and a larger backyard. He arranges memories so she and her sister had a dog during their childhood, something that she wouldn’t mind giving her daughter a chance to experience.

    Torin placed this sister throughout her life very carefully, making sure there are the correct emotions to feel, reactions to have. This sister dies and this is the reason this human moves from where they currently live, wanting to outrun the past.

    He makes sure the human’s parents have already died in her memories, just like they have truly done. He changes names, shifts reactions, gives her enemies and friends. He alters her personality here and there, gives her reasons for how she acts. As he does this, Elia moves throughout all of his work and straightens everything out, paying attention to the detail he doesn’t have the mind for.

    As the hours pass, it gets more and more complex the farther they reach into the present, having to change and erase much more. He can hear the whispered thoughts of his friend as she reluctantly helps him erase whole chunks of memories, brushes his consciousness against hers in comfort, knowing how much she hates erasing entire portions of one’s life this way.

    He felt the brush of another near him and recognized the person as Councillor Emery, coming to examine the work and look through later memories to see if there’s anything that could reveal how and why Sophie Foster had been in the Lost Cities. Torin sees him copy memories here and there into his mind, watches him pause and stare unabashedly at others that are so… intimate with family and friends, ones that show completely and irrevocably the complete humanity of the mind they were in.

    Another couple of hours later and Councillor Emery was staring at one particular memory with an odd, pained expression on his face when Torin reached it. He doesn't bother moving, doesn’t bother pretending he wasn’t staring. It wasn’t until Torin looked at the memory that he understood why.

    It was the girl, Sophie Foster. She looked about four, maybe five, in the memory. There were her parents, holding hands and trying to pretend they weren’t crying. Her sister was there too, much younger and confused as to what was happening. Sophie Foster was asleep. She was hooked up to wires, cords, machines of all kinds. He let out another sliver of power, deducing from what he got that this was human medical practices.

    Torin moved farther back, checking for memories he missed and almost pulled out of the human’s mind when he saw it.

    Councillor Emery had followed when he felt Torin jerk violently, hearing the horrifying screams and cries around the normally peaceful neighborhood. It was a memory from not much farther back. It was buried though, under grief and stress as this particular human tried to force herself to forget it.

    Sophie Foster was bleeding, a terrible wound on her head. Sirens flashed and wailed, the entire scene in broad daylight.

    Councillor Emery felt still next to him, his consciousness frozen in a way that Torin could only recognize as horror. It wasn’t the first time he’d been in the mind of someone who witnessed something horrifying. Many times, it was worse. Though, it was a bit different when one had actually met the person the horrifying thing happened to.

    It took a while for Torin to jerk out of his daze, rushing to erase the memory and the emotions that went with it. These particular emotions were far more intense and he had to delve deeper into her emotional center to access them. Elia tethered him to his body while he did so.

    It took hours more — the sun sinking into the horizon and the moon rising high up in the sky — when they finally finished. Torin left Emma Foster’s mind with a gasp, as if reaching for air and sunk onto the couch, exhausted. Elia followed shortly after, wiping harshly at the few tears that escaped the corners of her eyes. She always got emotional when they had to erase memories and alter lives this deeply. Torin squeezed her hand in comfort.

    He heard the rustles of fabric, soft sighs as Councillor Emery went about making sure everyone was ready to travel. The Councillor placed a comforting hand on Elia’s shoulder, his face blank of any reaction to her tears though she still flushed in embarrassment when he helped her up.

    “I can cover everyone who doesn’t feel they can make the leap on their own,” Councillor Emery announced, utterly unruffled as always. He didn’t even look tired. “If it troubles any of you, we can always do trips as well. We have a few Regents coming to take care of the rest of the process. Myself and the rest of the Council thank you for your hard work today,” he concluded, holding out an arm for the more exhausted Washers.

    Torin still had enough strength to cover himself in the leap and decided to go on his own. Sighing, he cast one last despairing glance at the family through the doorway before holding his crystal to the moonlight and leaping away.

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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    BTS MVs - Black Swan (2020)

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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    anime & manga | what they influenced

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  • imwiththevampires
    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    someone posted this on a twilight group on Facebook that I’m in and if I had to see it so do all of you. I’m literally crying.

    #I know Facebook is awful but it’s nostalgic ok #twilight renaissance#twilight#twilight saga#bella swan#charlie swan#new moon#edward cullen#jacob black #I don’t know if the original poster is on here
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    black swan by bts (2020)

    poster designed by me

    #bts#bts army#army#bts edit#rm#namjoon#jimin#suga#jhope#jungkook#black swan #map of the soul 7 #map of the soul #graphic design#poster design#music#kpop #i don't really listen to kpop but this song goes hard #bysheann
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Swan Art Drawing - Speed Drawing Timelapse

    I love drawing with pen and ink on paper. I created this drawing of a swan from my series of swan art. Watch the process and if you enjoy it, be sure to give it a heart and like it on Youtube. A reblog goes a long way! Thank you in advance for watching :)

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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Swan from Phantom of the Paradise is going to the Black and White! And he may die there!

    Requested by @dustygondola

    #phantom of the paradise #swan phantom of the paradise #your fave #your fave is going to the black and white
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I was so mad when Jacob told Charlie he was a wolf just so Bella and the Cullens would stay. Or rather, Renesmee.

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    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    (c) SARRRUNA

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    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    the absolute convoluted mix of emotions of seeing a url u used to use but gave away on another person on the dash

    #that was me… once😢 #i feel like the girl from black swan
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    16.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    obsessed artist moves are transgender as fuck why are you as a cis person having a cathartic moment of transformation oftentimes literal or metaphorical in the film's climax 🙄

    #im putting this on my letterboxd #also i think the girl from black swan and the guy from whiplash went to pride together as friends :)
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