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    Kpop packs / layouts

    Stray Kids ~ I.N

    ITZY ~ Ryujin

    Stacy's ~ Isa

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    Please share this link, please. Oh you the Republicans and the education system don't ever consider the feelings of BIPOC, but they do with the feelings of White people racist hypocrisy to say the least.


    "The question needs to be: Can you even make white people feel bad? The answer to that is a Hell no. I mean they shoot us in the streets and blame us for making them do it. They steal our culture and profit from it and then have the nerve to criticize us when we don’t say thank you. They use our children to make themselves rich at their universities and deprive HBCU’s of these student athletes and spent years telling the free labor that they should be grateful for the opportunities “they gave us.” I mean like they weren’t getting anything out of the deal. They lie about our history and impact on society in their schools. They construct laws to keep us from voting. They have created a credit system which traps a lot of us in a never ending cycle of poverty. They have stolen our music, art, fashion and achievements and passed them off as their own. Lastly they told us if we just shut & worked hard and stopped blaming racism for all that holds us back we could achieve “The American Dream.”

    So right one of us did that. Climbed the highest mountain, scaled Olympus & became President of this god forsaken country and what happened? You soulless sacks of shit lost your god damn minds. You spent eight years insulting him, his well educated wife and two beautiful daughters and then elected a piece of white trash to replace him because your fucking bitterness knows no end. You should feel bad, but you all are such low down, conniving, jealous, self absorbed pieces of shit you are not capable of it. In short: FUCK YOU ALL!!!"

    "I’m convinced that white people just want to be babied. This is why they are the loudest anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, and why they cry to the authorities when they start and subsequently lose a fight with a minority. They want to simultaneously be in charge of everything, but also have the responsibility of a toddler.

    It’s baffling to us as Black people because we generally, regardless of socioeconomic status, do not get babied. Even when we are just children."

    "This is absolutely true. White people are infantilized by white culture because if they feel bad, they might start asking the wrong questions or acting in a way that changes something, even if it’s just the ability of the white majority to pretend that everything is fine. I made a conscious decision as a white father of white children to not baby them about the history of white supremacy and systematic racism against Black people. Most white people teach their kids that (for example) cops are their friends, and don’t bring up police brutality and murder, because their kids don’t have to worry about making a simple mistake that will get them arrested, imprisoned, or killed. I heard Black people talking about the conversations they had to give their kids, and I realized my parents had no reason to start those same conversations, so instead they taught a myth of racial progress that implied that racism was mostly a solved problem (even though they don’t individually believe that if pressed). So I decided that I would give my version of these conversations, which is that for example police are part of a racist institution and they often kill Black people for any or no reason at all, and that it’s important they understand that’s real and do everything they can to believe the experience of Black people and work to create a world where that won’t happen anymore. And to not trust the police, or see them as a service you can call whenever you don’t get your way, because that mindset is how Black people get killed all the time. I’ve had similar conversations about racism and bigotry more broadly. But even most liberal white people (those in the 46% who think these issues should get increased attention) get really uncomfortable when you point out that you talk freely to your kids about these issues and they should do the same. They want to protect their kids from uncomfortable topics and let them learn the truth about the world when they are older. And while the protective instinct is understandable, in cases like this all that does is pass on a mindset of willful ignorance that causes massive harm to people who don’t have the same privileges."

    "If my father murdered someone, I’d feel horrible. If my grandfather did it, I’d feel a little less horrible. Great grandfather, pretty bad. Further back and it becomes less painful. But it would still bother me. Even if it were a couple of hundred years ago. Knowing that there was a murderer in my family lineage would bother me.

    Slavery is no different. In a way, it’s worse than murder. It’s generational kidnapping and abuse. And murder. I’m relatively sure that I have ancestors who were slave owners. Knowing that makes me feel bad. It should. Knowing that someone, somewhere in my past thought it was perfectly acceptable to own and abuse other human beings is fucking infuriating.

    It makes the shit that continues to happen in this country even more infuriating. Especially when it’s done by people with the same color skin as mine. This shit gets old.

    God forbid we should ever acknowledge that there’s a racism problem in this country. I think it has something to do with a river in Egypt."

    "You’re using the old textbook definition of “CRT.” Nowadays, thanks to heavy lobbying by right-wing cranks, “CRT” has a second definition as “teaching history regarding race relations.”

    However, there’s hardly any significant difference, when it comes to their program to “ban teaching CRT.” In fact, it makes more sense to ban teaching traditional “CRT” is public schools, for the same reason that one should probably not attempt to teach, say, algebraic topology in elementary schools; there’s nothing wrong with the topic per se, but it is over the heads of most of the young students. However, when a politician says he wants to ban teaching “CRT (2)“ in public schools it’s the same thing as him saying “We want to ban the teaching of uncomfortable history,” which is obviously contemptible."

    "The most interesting history comes from the uncomfortable history. We can’t just learn about the stuff that’s easy. By studying the monsters, we can spot, and stop, the proto-monsters in our midst.

    History doesn’t so much repeat as rhyme."

    "Who’s out here teaching little white kids that they should feel bad for being white? If teaching them basic American history makes them feel ashamed for what white people did that’s on white people.

    White people don’t want to teach children basic history because it hurts their feelings? Fucking lol."

    "It’s got nothing to do with kids feeling bad. This is another conservative lie. The truth is they don’t want anything to change. Or they want it to go backwards. None of that can happen if kids are being taught why we don’t want to GO backwards.

    If we don’t teach history, they’ll be allowed to repeat it. And they WANT to repeat it."

    "And you notice how the people who don’t want kids to feel bad about the racism of their ancestors are the same people who keep bringing up “black crime” for some reason."

    "Rice is the worst kind of abuser; she uses her own trauma as a bludgeon to silence others and play eternal victim. She goes on about how she saw the Birmingham bombings but then proceeded to support those that aim to strip BIPOC of their rights, make LGBTQ people illegal, set the planet on fire, take away reproductive freedom, shut our borders, and render everything a white nationalist apartheid state.

    The second someone uses their trauma to shut people up is when they just become another oppressor. She forfeit the right to ever use that again. Fuck her forever"

    "How can you move on from something that’s never been discussed?

    “Hey, can we talk about slav...”

    “Oh, come on, that was a billion years ago, let it go!”

    “Ok, but can we at least discuss raci...”

    “Look, I never owned any slaves, why should I have to listen to that?”

    “Sure, sure, but we need to at least figure out why the poli...”

    “Hey, we gave you Obama, what more do you need?”'

    "Condoleezza* Rice, Ph.D, professor, diplomat, etc., conveniently leaves out that she was born into some privilege (though that’s never been enough to completely shield Black folks). She further ignores that being born in 1954 meant she benefited from the arduous, unabated labor of African-Americans of all socioeconomic classes which resulted in the crevices which made her life at the proverbial mountaintop possible- though still improbable. Most chilling is the fact that she’s not stupid, but deliberately using her intelligence, skill, and being a Black-American/African-American woman as multi-pronged weapons in total service of White supremacy and all the evil pertaining thereto.

    *Easily the kind of name her ilk would’ve maligned as “ghetto” for reorganizing a name without regard to meaning but how it sounds, but given a pass because of her status. The greatest irony being that she is the most bitter of pills to the ancestors and those whose lives made ours better."

    "I’m White, and OF COURSE we should feel bad about racism!! What the fuck? Maybe everybody should get some ice cream or a puppy after they’re told about the KKK. Jesus..."

    "White feelings have ALWAYS mattered more than black lives in America."

    "Condi should try driving a beat up Honda Civic around her nice neighborhood and maybe she’ll remember that the history of America is the history of racism."

    "As an actual white American, I do not feel “bad” or “guilty” knowing that lots of white Americans, both in the past and today, were or are racists, because I am not a racist.

    In fact, even if I were a racist, I still wouldn’t feel bad or guilty about being a racist, because if I felt that being a racist was a bad thing for which I should feel guilty, I fucking well wouldn’t do it!

    Racism is volitional! Does Rice think racism is some kind of ungovernable inner drive, like the sexual instinct or something like that? “Gee, I know I shouldn’t hate people because of their skin color or the language they speak, but I can’t help myself! Every time I go off in a reverie and thoughts of The Others drift into my mind, when I come back to my senses, my penis is as hard as a rock! Don’t hate me, I just can’t help it! (sob)”"

    "This is the key of the entire deal.

    “If they knew about these disparities, they would have to conclude that they benefit from them, which might make them feel bad. But it also might make the next generation of children work to eliminate this structural discrimination.”

    My dad grew up in Oklahoma in the 50s and 60s. He had friends that literally lived “across the tracks” in their town, and weren’t allowed on the white side, so to play with them, he had to cross the tracks to their side of town. To this day, even in their 60s, those friends still live across the tracks, and when we (rarely) go to Oklahoma, we drive across the tracks to their neighborhood and see them. Even as a young child, and even moreso today, this make me, a regular ass white person, feel bad. AND IT SHOULD. Because of that, I am fiercely opposed to basically everything that Republicans stand for. Yes, I don’t do enough because I benefit from it, and I realize that, but if everyone felt bad, maybe the world wouldn’t be so shitty, and maybe in the 2020s, those people’s grandchildren wouldn’t STILL live across the tracks, and still have the worst elementary and middle school in town."

    "Teach hate, OK!!

    Teach the TRUTH (Muh Feelings)"

    "I just realized why white parents in hick states are so opposed to teaching their public-school kids about the history of race relations in the U.S. It’s not, as Dr. Rice absurdly suggests, that the kids are going to come home and say, “I learned about the Ocoee Massacre in school today, it was obscenely indefensible, so I feel bad because I am a racist.” That doesn’t even make sense; that you think the Ocoee Massacre was bad indicates you probably aren’t a racist.

    What the white parents are afraid of is when their kids come home and say, “I learned about the Ocoee Massacre, which I’m sure you would defend, so I feel bad because you are racists.”"

    "I’m a white person and I feel bad. I feel really bad that idiots of all hues refuse to acknowledge what is right there in front of all of our faces! How can anyone look at the history of the US and all of the horrendous shit the colonists on down to our current “leaders” have done and not admit that we have some ugly shit that needs to be recognized and repaired.

    That makes me feel fucking horrible."

    "“If you teach white kids about racism it will make them feel bad”

    me: Good. I assure you it’s much better than being affected by racism."

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    like if you save

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    if anyone is wonder, no i am not on dave chappelle’s side. he wrong as hell and yall asses wrong as hell for standing up for him.

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    *makes this hastily in snapchat* sure

    #ALSO posted on twitter i need eyes on this #whatever main tag I finished 5.3 the other day and I'm blacking out #ffxiv#shadowbringers
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