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    In my Psychology class we were talking about gender today and what defines gender biologically and psychology(like with nature and nurture). My teacher used Wolverine(for males) and Black Widow(for females) to show how society portrays the respectful be genders.

    And all I wanted to say was "the only gender I want to be is Rocket Raccoon"

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’ll Never Hurt You (Natasha x Reader)

    @whumptober2021​ day 17: “please don’t move”

    Summary: The reader, an Inhuman with super speed, is injured in the field and Natasha has to break a promise in order to save their life. 

    Gender: Neutral

    Rating: Mature

    Tags: injury, blood, gunshot wound, field medicine, seizures, angst, hurt/comfort, established relationship

    Words: 1412

    Note: It’s a day late but it’s been a hard few weeks and I struggled to make progress on any of my works. However, I got this finished today so hopefully you enjoy the pain and the hurt. Please let me know what you think!

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    I will never hurt you.

    Natasha had made you that promise every way she knew how.

    From the very first day she talked you down from a meltdown, sent by SHIELD to bring you in for assessment on the Index, when she’d sworn none of the agents would harm you, that she would personally protect you. She gave her word, for what little it had been worth at the time, that you were safer with SHIELD and that no pain would come to you again.

    I won’t hurt you. I’ll keep you safe. No one will hurt you now.

    Over the weeks and months that followed, Natasha stuck by her word and oversaw every single interaction you had with the Index assessment agents to ensure you were comfortable. Relaxed. Safe. She walked you home after the briefings, filled you in on the half truths the other agents wove and spilled secrets that she would never have dreamed of sharing with anyone else.

    You were special, though.

    Not just because of your powers but the way you looked at her, trusted her despite a million reasons not to. You laughed at her terrible jokes and, even on the worst days, all it took was a single smile to make her heart soar. Love was for children but what she felt for you… It was deeper than that. You unlocked something inside of her, a piece of her soul that she thought had long since died.

    Natasha gave you her heart. Every night before you went to sleep she whispered the same words, a nightly prayer. I will never hurt you. I will never leave you. I will never stop loving you.

    In all of her actions, Natasha reinforced those promises too.

    She swore to come back to you after every difficult mission in one piece (give or take a few broken bones, scratches and the occasional bullet hole) and always did. Natasha held you when the darkness of the night grew too heavy to bear alone, kissed away the pain, held you in her arms and protected you from the monsters of your past. She stayed, even when things got difficult, and even when the arguments became messy never turned her cruel words against you.

    If she had learned anything, though, it was that promises were made to be broken.

    The mission should have been simple.

    Your route into the building was clear, a disused tunnel into the far east side that had been blocked up over twenty years ago. No security guards – a major hole in their defences, really – the perfect entrance point for the extraction. The target files were located on the floor above. A simple in and out mission.

    However, it was the simplest plans that always went the furthest awry.

    Not only was the tunnel monitored by a series of cameras that weren’t on any plan, there were also trigger happy guards stationed at the entrance into the building’s basement. You were fast, faster than anyone Natasha had ever seen, but there were too many shots to miss them all. One second you were stood by her side, the next you were behind the guards, herself slammed against the wall out of the bullets’ path.

    Naturally you made quick work of the men. In your rush, you missed one. A single guard cowering in the corner, terrified by the sight before him: all his colleagues taken down in the mere blink of an eye. He took the shot and you barely had time to react. The shot rang through the corridor, your body shielding Natasha’s after you shoved her to the ground, instinct to protect her overtaking any hesitation you might have felt.

    Natasha ensured the man didn’t get away with a single shot to the head and a relieved laugh fell from her lips. “Well,” she said, pushing you off her. “That could have gone better.”

        “You’re telling me.”

    You stared at the blood on your palm with glassy eyes, a moment of confusion, of disconcerting peace, before your entire body started to shake. Her panic flared as Natasha watched you convulse, blood trickling from your lips. She spoke your name once, twice, three times, before your gaze came anywhere close to meeting hers.

        “Nat… Tash… I -”

        “Don’t speak,” she ordered, lying you down on the cool corridor tiles. “Back up is five minutes out. They’re on their way but I need to see the damage. You’re gonna be okay. Just keep breathing.”

    Uncertain if the soothing words were for you or herself, she plied the damp fabric of your jacket from your side and cut open the thin shirt beneath to reveal a messy wound beneath your ribs. In anyone else, with quick work and plenty of rest time, it would be a survivable shot. Hell, you’d even end up with matching scars. You weren’t just anyone else, though, and your powers complicated matters considerably.

    Even when you went slow, your body was functioning at a hundred times the speed of everyone else’s. Sometimes it was a good thing, meant you were able to heal from an injury faster. Others, like now, it was the complete opposite. Your heart was thumping in your chest, racing to get blood around your body – pumping it straight out of the wound in your side.

    Natasha didn’t know what to do.

    She wasn’t a doctor. Her knowledge of the human body was limited to two things. One: how best to hurt someone, to inflict pain and make them hand over the information she required. Two: how to bring such pleasure to another person that they would be so lost in bliss that they’d never remember the secrets they had spilled. And you… Inhuman biology was a whole other thing in and of itself.

    Your skin shone with sweat as she put pressure on the wound, the low, twisted growl that tore from your throat the worst sound she had ever heard. “I’m sorry, my darling. You’re going to be okay.”

        “I can… I can feel it.” Your eyes rolled back as another seizure took you, longer than all the past combined. Your skin was cold by the time you stilled and for a terrible moment Natasha feared the worst. Suddenly your eyes shot open and you hissed, “The bullet’s inside me. My body’s trying – trying to push it out. You need… You need to take it out.”

    That she could do. From her boot she pulled a small blade. It was neither the right shape for the job nor was it sterilised but it would have to do. Blood didn’t phase Natasha, not any more, but the very thought of cutting into you, causing you pain after all the promises she’d made, made Natasha feel sick.

    But this was your life and there was nothing she wouldn’t do for you.

    A neat incision reopened the bullet wound, sliced through the raised skin that your body had attempted to pull back together. Another wave of tension raced through your body, muscles tightening, knocking her control. Natasha snatched the blade back and waited for the shaking to pass before going back for another go. However, every time she came close to opening a channel, making space to reach in and remove the bullet, your body began to seize once more.

        “Please don’t move.” Natasha touched her forehead to yours, barely able to keep her voice steady as she pleaded with you. “You need to stay still, my darling. Please. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, but this is going to hurt. I know I promised I would never hurt you and if there were any other way…”

    You reached for her hand, even as she tried to stop you, skin burning as you clung to her. Natasha wiped away the blood that trickled from the corner of your mouth, kissed you as softly as she dared. There was no time to waste, not with your life so precariously hanging in the balance, but still she paused, giving you the time to speak.

    How could she not when she’d lost too many people without being able to say goodbye?

        “You… Natasha…” Her heart broke at how you breathed her name, each sound weaker than the last, twisted and pained yet somehow still full of love. “You could never hurt me.”

    Steeling herself, Natasha pressed the tip of the blade back onto your skin and made the first of many cuts to save your life.

    Tag lists are open, just drop me an ask and I’ll add you. Comments and reblogs fuel my motivation and are very much appreciated. Thanks for reading <3

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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Violet McGraw as Yelena Belova  | Black Widow 2021

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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Florence Pugh by Josh Shinner

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    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    was anyone going to tell me that Black Widow was going to rip my heart out or was I just meant to discover that on my own?

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  • marvelousmrm
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Amazing Adventures #3 (Friedrich/Colan, Nov 1970). Ugh, Genial Gene takes over the pencils. Natasha is framed as a Communist instigator for more “militant” demonstrators.

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  • vancityfire13
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #mom!natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha romanoff x daughter #black widow #black widow x reader #pls forgive me i wrote this half asleep and very quickly
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  • itsdrippingred
    18.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hide and Seek


    No Angst! I know its a first for me but I promise this one is a cute and funny one shot with a bit of SPICE. And best of all... its a clintasha fic with a romanhill friendship! I really, really hope you guys like this one. I had so much fun writing it.


    After what had been probably the longest mission and the most tedious debriefing of their lives Natasha Romanoff and Maria Hill were finally free of their Shield duties for the night... that was unless things changed and they were called back in.

    Maria’s chocolate brown hues passed to the redhead sat next to her on the bench in the empty locker room. “Got any plans tonight?”

    Natasha’s hues lifted from the boot laces she had been untying but only for a moment. “Not really.” She admitted. “I’ll probably stop and get a pizza before going back to Avenger tower.. have dinner with Clint.”

    “Well I was thinking we could go out, get a drink, meet a few guys... break a few hearts...”

    “It was a long day.” Natasha protests.

    “It will get your mind off the mission..” The darker haired woman shrugged. “Are you in?”

    “I’m not interested in meeting anymore guys, I have to babysit enough of them as it is. Besides we’re on call tonight.” She states before tugging her boots off and setting them in the bottom of her locker.

    “It’s not like you have to date any of them, just dance with them, and point the attractive ones my direction. We deserve a night off. Besides, what are the odds we even get called in tonight?” Quiet contemplation filled the air as Natasha considered their options for a brief moment.

    “I’ll buy the first round.” Maria bribes with a sweet smile that makes the other woman groan out. Even though a smile of her own wasn’t hidden as her green hues passed to a black mini dress that hung just above her boots. “Fine, but only because I have a dress on hand.” Natasha agreed before pulling it out of her locker and Maria did the same and pulled out a glittery navy blue dress from her own locker.

    They both slipped out of their uniforms and got redressed, Maria helped Natasha do her hair and Natasha gave Maria some of her most alluring makeup tips. They laughed and joked and rubbed shoulders up until they had finished getting ready. By the end of the hour both women looked flawless.

    They ended up taking a cab to one of the classier clubs in New York City and enjoyed mingling with the younger generation of the elites. They danced, they drank, and they laughed. Maria seemed to enjoy basking in the males attention, Natasha however seemed to avoid it unless she could squeeze a free drink out of a willing donor and maybe even a dance.

    Eventually the girls met up at the bar top to order another round. Both women were a little tipsy, and laughing at a story Maria was telling about her last wanna be suitor when her phone rang. She held up a hand and quieted the conversation before answering. Meanwhile Natasha waved over the bartender to order two more shots.

    “Hello?” Maria asked with a giggly tone.

    “I need you to come in.” The man on the other line addressed and Maria giggled again.

    “Can’t. I’m drunk.” She stated simply.

    There was a sigh and then a click before Fury dropped the line and Natasha’s phone range. She picked up imminently, “I am also drunk.” Natasha greets her boss on the only to hear a sigh come from the other end of her phone as well. “You both realize you’re on call right.” He reprimands though it hardly holds a note of disapproval.

    “Not tonight we’re not!” Maria calls over Natasha’s shoulder and into the phone. Natasha shouldn’t snicker but she does and she coughs to cover it up. “We took the night off Nick.” She concludes in a more diplomatic fashion.

    “Well do me a favor and let me know next time.” He snarks back, she’s pretty sure she could hear Fury rolling his eyes, correction eye. “Is Clint with you?” He suddenly asks.

    “Um.. nope.” Nat lips pop at the end of the word and there’s another sigh from her boss, maybe a sigh of relief. Either way Fury sounds like an exhausted father by this point.

    “Good. Get home safe, Natasha. Take a taxi home.” He instructs before abruptly hanging up. “Yes, s- he hung up.” Natasha pouts to the other agent who’s grinning from ear to ear. “You realize you just threw Clint under the bus right? Fury is going to call him next.” She asked and Natasha shrugged.

    “What are partners for?” She uttered ruthlessly with a grin before taking the shot she had ordered and Maria laughed. “Careful, Natasha. Your Russian is showing.”

    “Pish, and your American was showing on the dance floor but I didn’t say anything.” She notes in return only for Hill to slap her arm playfully. “As far as Clint goes, I know that Nick has trackers in our work phones. He wouldn’t have taken him long to figure out Clint’s location even if I had lied.”

    “That’s true.” Maria nodded before picking up a shot that had been delivered and downing it. “Come on. We’re going back out on the dance floor.” She says before grabbing Natasha’s wrist and leading her back out onto the floor. There would be no protest from the Russian as Maria twirled her and they started to dance.

    For the first one in a long time they both were laughing and goofing off. They took turns dancing with random men and even each other. They looked like any pair of best friends in the club that night. Not an agent, not an assassin, not well trained soldiers. Just normal women and it was nice. Or it was until the bartender so kindly cut the women off a few hours later. The women piled back into a cab and were driven back to avenger tower where they stumbled through the doors laughing and joking as they made it to the main floor.

    The other avengers seemed to have been gathered around enjoying their own kind of evening when the women entered the room. Maria found a seat next to Steve and Natasha stubbles to the bar to grab them both another drink.

    Tony, of course, was the first to point out the obvious as she set a knee on the counter in order to reach a desirable bottle of vodka.

    “Woah, is Romanoff drunk?” He spouts from behind his whiskey glass. Natasha turned to make a face at her fellow avenger but she caught Clint’s eyes first.

    “Hey.” Clint said from across the room while holding eye contact with the red head. “Mhm, mhm.” He hummed out with disapproval as he shook his head. His steely grey hues demanded that she listen to what he wasn’t saying. He expected her to listen. He expected wrong. She was feeling exceptionally sassy tonight and that warning wasn’t about to deter her. The bottle was yanked from the shelf as she lifted a brow in a resting manner as if to say; What are you going to do about it? Before she proceeded to unscrew the cap and flicked the top in her partner's direction. “Don’t.” He warned and she raised the bottle as if to drink from it, but before she did she flashed her middle finger, flipping him off. “Bite me, Barton.” She jabbed back only to watch his grey hues grow stormy and his jaw define as the muscles pulled tight. She almost giggled as a grin crept across her lips. He was cute when he was flustered. She was about to lift the bottle to her lips entirely but out of the corner of her eye she caught Clint taking a stride towards her.

    “Shit.” She muttered before slipping her thumb over the mouth bottle and stubbing around the corner. She retreated down a hall to the elevators in an attempt to escape but the sound of heavy footsteps echoed behind her and so did the laughter of several of her fellow avengers.

    She got to the elevator and pressed the button as many times as needed for the doors to finally slide open. By that time she had Clint had already rounded the corner and was starting down the hallway. “Natasha.” He called and she pressed the button that would close the doors and then she pressed the button for Clint’s floor. She had a few sips straight from the bottle before it eventually stopped on his floor and she walked to his door and let herself in. She knew it would take Clint a few minutes to realize that she hadn’t gone to her apartment but it was just long enough to enjoy whatever junk food he had left within reach.

    By the time he had gotten back to his apartment Natasha was standing over the sink eating a slice of cold pizza from the refrigerator. This didn’t exactly bother Clint but his arms splayed out in the doorway. “Seriously?” He asked before closing the door behind him and Natasha shrugged with a smug smile that relayed just how pleased she was with how long it had taken to find her.

    He couldn’t exactly stay mad at her, not when she looked at him like that. Instead he rolled his eyes half heartedly before he met her in the kitchen. He slid behind her, hands on her hips, as he placed a kiss in her hair. He couldn't help but pick up the subtle scent of her perfume. Tonight she smelled like amber and spice, he couldn't help but like it on her. “You know I hate playing hide and seek with you when you’re intoxicated.” He uttered gruffly, more seriously as he watched Natasha lay what was left of the slice of pizza back down in the box.

    “Well, you never seem to mind finding me.” She answered innocently before leaning back against his chest and then pressing her hips against his in a teasing fashion. She felt his breath hitch as his fingertips dug into her hips. His jaw flexed again before he used a hand to pull her crimson hair behind her ear and over her shoulder. “You’re a pain in my ass, Agent Romanoff.” He uttered against her ear in a growl before his lips brushed against her neck. He’d get the response he wanted when he left a gentle kiss against her flesh and she tilted her head to the side hoping for more. Instead he let her go and took a step back and then a few to the side so that she couldn't close the space again. Her face screwed in disappointment as she looked over her shoulder at him.

    “Go to bed, Tasha. It's late. If you don’t, you’ll hate yourself in the morning.” He said with a smile and nodded to the bedroom. His arms crossing over his chest to indicate that their little game was now over.

    “Joke’s on you, I’m going to hate myself in the morning regardless.” She scoffed but only before doing as he said and heading to the bedroom. She closed the door behind her, and Clint cocked a brow. A long second passed before the door opened again and Natasha reappeared. She looked puzzled.

    “Everything okay, Nat?” He asked with an amused smile while stuffing his hands into his pockets. Natasha couldn’t keep up the act as a sheepish smile took hold of her lips.

    “I just forgot something.”

    Before he knew it, her small hand had taken hold of the front of his shirt and he was being pulled into the bedroom after her.

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    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I just realized something. In the comics, Alexi Shostakov was told that in order to become the Red Guardian he had to let everyone he loved think he was dead. So, I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened in the MCU.

    Dreykov telling Alexei it's necessary. Alexei watching from a distance his father's face crumple as he is told of his son's death. Alexei watching as everyone he held dear grieving him and learning to move on as time goes by. Alexei not being able to go to his father's funeral, because to everyone his father is being buried next to the son he lost.

    Alexei Shostakov died and in his place the Red Guardian was born. It isn't until years later that he meets Melina and telling her his name makes all the difference.

    #black widow #alexei x melina #alexei shostakov#melina vostokova#headcanon #marvel cinematic universe
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    as cobie said herself


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