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    More ruins than Machu Picchu ↭ Natasha Romanoff

    *not my gif*

    Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x Empath!Reader

    Summary: You were an empath, with great skills in the field. Xavier suggested to Fury that you be transferred to the Avengers. Everyone welcomed you very well, except the mighty Black Widow.

    A/N: i wrote it because the song machu picchu can't get out of my head

    Warning: fluffly.

    Words: 1,851

    When Charles nominated you to join the Avengers, Fury thought it would be a bad idea. It took a videotape with a file of you doing a mission with the X-Men and saving an entire city by yourself while your team was compromised, for Fury to accept you to join the Avengers. It wasn't that you didn't have the skills for a team like the Avengers, on the opposite, you were a great description of a field agent, however, you were an empath, and this could cause a certain tense atmosphere among the other members. At least that's what Fury thought.

    Steve was the first to welcome you, followed by Sam and Clint. They showed you around the compound, teaching you a small map so that you wouldn't get lost, since it was huge. Tony was a little reserved with you, but Vision helped him to accept you, since you were more a field agent than an Empath. Wanda helped you the most, helping you to get settled in your room, and teaching you some internal rules of the Avengers, rules to avoid personal conflicts.

    The one who avoided you the most was Natasha, who introduced herself to you when you arrived but that was all. She always avoided being in the same place as you, be it in the kitchen, at movie nights, in the training room. She never exchanged more than five words with you in the first six months. Clint even made sure to tell you that it was normal for Natasha to get used to a new member of the team. She intrigued you, she was breathtaking, one of the most fascinatingly beautiful women you had ever met. You were even afraid that Jean would discover that she had lost the most beautiful woman podium, but your friend would understand. After a year, you gave up approaching her, because she stopped exchanging any words with you, only nodding her head when she bumped into you during the corridors. You don't even have to mention all the excuses she gave for not doing missions alone with you.

    You never crossed anyone's limits with your power, you never tried to read someone's feelings or even thoughts. Once Xavier taught you that you should never do this without permission. However, sometimes you had the urge to get inside Natasha's head, to understand what she thought and felt for you, to avoid you the way she did.

    You had just finished a 2-month mission when Tony announced a party to celebrate your victory. It was really just his excuse to throw a party. Worst of all, parties were the worst place for you. The more people in an atmosphere, the more thoughts and feelings for you to avoid.

    All the avengers seemed to socialize well with the guests, they were all spread out in a few groups, what Wanda called a circus. You even tried to do the same, but the more people drank, the more you couldn't control what you heard of their thoughts. Through it all, you found yourself leaning in the corner of the bar, staring at a drink in your hands, a drink that if you were to drink it would be the end of you.

    "Should I tell Tony to fire the bartender?" A husky voice caught your attention, making you take your attention off the glass and look next to you, it was Natasha. "You haven't taken a sip of that drink, is it that bad?"

    "If I drink it, I'll have a big problem." You said giving a small smile, Natasha raised her eyebrow in a confused look, making you gesture to the people around you. "It's one thing to have control to not read other people's thoughts and feelings, and another thing it's for me to lose control and end up having to swallow that from everyone else."

    Natasha said nothing, just walked away, you felt a bit of disappointment at the attitude but were soon surprised to see that she was now behind the bar counter, taking the drink cup from your hand. She brought the glass to her lips and drank the drink in one gulp, earning you a giggle.

    "I'll make something for you, non-alcoholic, what do you think?" She said looking at you and grabbing a glass from behind the counter, you just smiled and nodded. She took some strawberries, cut them into x's and put them into a bowl. When she found enough quantity, she took a masher to squeeze the strawberries into the bowl. "Tell me what you saw, when you met me." She said catching your attention, you plopped down on the stool you were sitting on and leaned on the bench, with a confused look on your face. "Be honest." she said.

    "That what they say about you is true." You replied, grabbing a drinking straw from the counter, Natasha stopped mashing the strawberries and looked at you. "That the Black Widow is beautiful, breathtaking and has a killer look in her eyes." You said drawing a laugh from the redhead, who seemed to relax her shoulders, she didn't even notice that you had made the straw into a flower, and smiled when you offered it to her. "Tell me what happens when you see me? For you seem to avoid me at all costs."

    "When you arrived, Fury explained to me about your condition. I was scared." She said without looking at you, as she finished preparing the drink for you. "I thought you could get inside my head, and see that I should be in a cage." She finished the drink and held it out to you.

    "I would only get inside your head, if you let me, and well, I believe we should all be locked up, no exceptions." You said winking, making Natasha smile, and took a sip of the drink she offered you letting out a groan of satisfaction. "That feels like heaven." You ran your tongue under your lips, brushing away the remnant of strawberry that was there, having Natasha's attention at all times.

    Natasha snapped out of her trance, only when Tony shouted at her from the dance floor. She shook her head and gave you an apologetic smile and went to where he was standing. You took your cue to finish your drink and get out of there.

    After the party, Natasha stopped avoiding you, she began to frequent the same places as you without leaving an awkward atmosphere. You even got into a flirtation game, where most of the time she won, since you didn't have that many experiences. Wanda teased you, saying that you were on your knees for Natasha, and as much as you thought to deny it, you knew deep down that it was true. The flirtations were no worse than the training that she insisted on having with you every Tuesday at 6 in the morning. She made sure it was only that time, so that no one would interrupt, and it would only end when she realized that you were tired enough. You would even make a mental note, if she loves to see you from under her, because she kept a different smile on her lips.

    It was 3 a.m. on a Thursday morning that everything changed. You were sleeping peacefully when you heard a scream in the next room. It was Natasha's room. In a flash you ran to her room, opened the door and realized that she was sleeping, so you closed the door behind you. You approached Natasha's bed, realizing that the nightmare she might be going through had caused her to curl up in the covers of her bed. You knelt down on the side of her bed and brought a hand to her face and stroked it.

    "Hey, Natasha, wake up." You told her to listen, but she seemed still stuck in the dream, "Nat, it's just a dream, wake up." Natasha then woke up, sitting up quickly, breathless, and you sat down next to her. She noticed your presence, but couldn't react, the dream seemed so real. You realized that she was having the first signs of a panic attack, "Let me help you, okay?" you whispered, and she nodded, still out of breath.

    You brought your hands back to Natasha's face, who was looking at you with tearful eyes. Your eyes changed color to a sparkling purple. Your hands gently stroked Natasha's face, while your fingers pulled all the bad feelings out of her. She was mesmerized in your eyes. You stopped your stroking when you realized that she was breathing normally and in a second, your eyes returned to their original color. You pulled a strand of hair away from her face, tucked it behind her ear and gave her a smile.

    "Better?" You whispered, she only nodded in agreement. "Good." You leaned in to kiss Natasha's cheek, but she turned her face at the same instant, capturing your lips.

    When she realized what she had done, she turned away wide-eyed. "I'm sorry Y/N..."

    But you brought her face by the chin, close to yours. You connected your lips with hers again. You could have sworn it was the best feeling you had ever felt. She brought her hands up to your shirt, pulling you to lay on the bed with her, and you did, but you knew that if you continued, it would become something more. You broke the kiss, making short kisses on Natasha's lips, and she brought her hand to the back of your neck wanting more.

    "Nat." You said under her lips, smiling, and then opened your eyes to look into hers. "Let's take it easy, in the right way. I want to take you on a date."

    She laughed, hiding her face in your neck, making you laugh too. She wrapped her arms around you, making you lie with her.

    "What?" you whispered, smiling.

    "I know I'm crazy, but you're crazier to be interested in me, even more so for wanting to be with me." She said smiling looking into your eyes.

    "Well, it's just that you don't know me like you should, I have more ruins than Machu Picchu." You said making a serious face, but soon smiling, "I probably must have destroyed about a thousand planets with every thing I've ever said." She looked you in the eye, as one of her hands went to your face conveying a feeling. You felt it. "And how was it that you became interested in something, that was anything but a work of art?"

    "That's where you're wrong." She smiled capturing your lips briefly.

    "Now, be honest with me, or I will use tragic measures." You smiled, making your eyes sparkle quickly. "What did you see in me when you first met me? To run away?"

    You saw her bite her lips, noticed that a pink tint took over her cheek. She then looked into your eyes and whispered, "When my eyes saw you, they not only saw you, they discovered love at first sight."

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    Marvel symbols:

    ⍟ Captain America

    ⎊ Iron Man

    ⧗ Black Widow × ⴵ Black Widow

    ✇ Hulk

    ✵ Captain Marvel

    ۞ Doctor Strange

    ϟ Thor

    ४ Loki

    𖤍 Valkyrie

    ꘩ Ant-man

    ᗢ Scarlet Witch

    ✪ Winter Soldier

    🕸️ Spider Man

    ➳ Clint Barton

     ◊  Vision

    Ⓐ Avengers

    ➃ Fantastic Four

    ⩔ Falcon

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    Recommended Fics From 4/12/21 - 4/18/21

    This is a list I’ve compiled of fics I’ve read from 4/12/21 to 4/18/21. All fics were published on or around these dates. All of these are wlw or gender neutral reader inserts. To keep the list from getting too long I’ve only included one fic from an author even if they’ve published multiple during the time period but you should check out all there works. Stories are below the cut. Also, feel free to reblog with fic recommendations of your own.

    All I Wanted by @thinking1bee (Lena Luthor x Reader)

    Happy Little Accidents Part 2: Hope by @lesbian-deadpool (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    Hold On by @reminiscingtonight (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch x Reader)

    Let’s Make it Official by @zemosreader (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    Look in the Compound - Chronicle 7 - Oldies by @awkwardgaymess (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    Never Leaving You by @kram6496 (Yelena Belova x Reader)

    Pottery by @thewidowintheweb (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    Recovery - Part 2 to Shattered by @thewidowsghost (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch x Stark!Reader)

    This Beautiful Life by @natasha-danvers (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    Trust & Sunglasses by @vancityfire13 (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    “Wake Up, Dammit!” by @captains-simp (Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch x Reader)

    You Again by @wannabe-fic-writer (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow x Reader)

    #Lena Luthor x Reader #Natasha Romanoff x Reader #Black Widow x Reader #Wanda Maximoff x Reader #Scarlet Witch x Reader #Yelena Belova x Reader #Recommended Fics
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                                                      Natalia Alianovna Romanova                                                             Natasha Romanoff                                    indie rp blog run by dais / mcu and comics based

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    Already dating

    Word count: 1618

    Genre: Probably fluff, idk really

    Pairing: Natasha x gn!reader

    Warnings: None (let me know if I need to add any)

    Request: could you maybe write something with Natasha x male reader (if your comfortable, otherwise you can write it with female or gender neutral) where Natasha blushes when the reader compliments her in front of the team and the team immediately goes crazy and does everything in their power to get them together, only to find out they've been dating all along?

    Summary: Steve and Tony (mostly Tony) lock you in an elevator to admit your feelings, not knowing you’re already together.

    A/n: Thanks @mochamoff for the request, sorry it took so long to do it! I’m writing this authors note over a week before I’m posting the fic which is unusual because usually I post within twenty four hours of finishing. Anyways it feels nice to be on a break and this fic being posted means I’m officially back which I’m excited for. To be honest this fic isn’t the whole team, just Tony and Steve, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out so I hope you all enjoy reading!

    “Next time you have to listen to me in the field Stark.” Steve says as soon as everyone is settled into their place on the jet.

    “Actually I don’t, you have absolutely no power over me and as much as you want to be the leader of this team you are not so stop acting like it.” Tony snaps back.

    “Someone has to step up and lead.” Steve tells him. “It’s not like you could do any better, you would probably mess things up.”

    “Maybe I would, but I would do a hell of a lot better than you are doing.” Tony says. “You like to pretend you’re all high and good and above us but who made you leader? Nobody. You crave control so you took it.”

    “I did what needed to be done.”

    You watch them snap back and forth at one another a few more times, rolling your eyes at Natasha. She gives you a small smile to show that she’s amused and turns her attention back to your two teammates whose argument has only gotten more and more heated.

    “Y/n what do you think?” Tony asks, catching you off guard.

    “About what?”

    “About who would be a better leader for the team.” he explains. You think for a moment and they both stand as tall as possible (in Tony’s case it isn’t tall at all) and puff out their chests. You scoff, the male ego is so big, even in men who are good and try to do the right thing.

    “Neither.” you decide.

    “Neither- but the team needs a leader, you have to pick someone.” Tony splutters.

    “Just because I don’t think the best leader is either of you doesn’t mean I don’t think the team needs a leader.” you tell him. How one of the smartest people in the world can’t figure that out for himself is beyond you.

    “So who would you choose then?” Steve asks, confused.

    “Natasha obviously.” you say, smiling at her. The corners of her mouth tug up slightly and even that small movement makes you feel proud.

    “No offense, but Natasha???” Tony asks, seemingly outraged. “Why?”

    “Well first of all she doesn’t have a fragile male ego like you dumbasses.” you tell them. “But it’s more than just that. She’s smart, both book smart and street smart. She can hack into computers and memorize information easily and knows how to blend in, or to get people to like her. She is more rational than the both of you combined but is also good at making decisions on the fly. She is an excellent fighter and can keep track of strategies and she has connections in and out of the government, with backup plans for almost every situation. Not to mention she has an amazing heart and don’t argue like some other people on our team tend to do. And of course she’s absolutely gorgeous but that doesn’t have anything to do with it.”

    You wink at her at the end of your mini speech and are surprised to find her cheeks noticeably pink. She can’t help the smile that creeps onto her face when she thinks over your words.

    “Abort mission, Romanoff is blushing and smiling, I think I might be about to die.” Tony states obnoxiously.

    “Shut up, you’re just annoyed that she likes me better than you.” Natasha tells him, taking a breath to (mostly) collect herself.

    “You’re scary when you’re happy. I haven’t seen you like that before.” he says. “Are you in love with Y/n or something?”

    “Shut up.”

    Tony smirks. “Make me.”

    Natasha takes one threatening step towards him and that’s all it takes for him to back away, stuttering out apologies and mumbling under his breath about how Natasha is too scary to be a team leader. Natasha’s scare tactics do seem to work though because he doesn’t speak to anybody but himself for the rest of the ride home.

    As soon as the jet touches down you and Natasha exit, heading straight to the room where you are supposed to be debriefed. Steve tries to follow but Tony grabs his arm to let him know to hold back a second.

    “I know I joke but I honestly think they’re in love with each other.” Tony tells him. “I didn’t see it before today but there’s no way Y/n’s speech was platonic, who memorizes lists of reasons why they like their friends, not to mention her flirty wink at the end. And then Natasha, she’s scary but she was acting weird and happy around Y/n.”

    “I hate to say this but I agree with you and they would make a cute couple.” Steve says. “But we should probably catch up now.”

    Tony takes Steve’s words as an opportunity to stop being serious and become obnoxious again. “Onward dear captain, lead the way fearsome leader, how ever could I-”

    “Tony I’m trying to be polite but you are making it very hard.”


    “Tony no.”

    “Tony yes.”

    “That is a horrible idea.”

    Tony opens his mouth in outrage. “I think it’s a pretty good idea actually.”

    “I won’t work.” Steve counters.

    “Well I think it well and need I’m the only genius here.” he says smugly.

    “You can’t force love!” Steve tells Tony, running his hand through his hair in frustration.”

    “Ah, ah, ah,” Tony says, “I’m not forcing love, they are already in love. All I’m doing is giving them a little push.”

    “By locking them in an elevator?” Steve asks in a deadpan voice.


    “You can’t just go around locking people-” Steve starts to say but he gets cut off by Tony.

    “Shhhhhhh, hi Y/n, hi Natasha.”

    “Hi guys, what are you up to?” you ask, obvious to what was going on seconds before you entered the room. Natasha eyes them suspiciously because they are acting weird, holding their bodies stiffly, which means they are hiding something.

    “We were just about to head down to the training room, want to come?” Tony lies smoothly while Steve shakes his head in the background.

    “That sounds good,” you reply, “you want Tasha?”

    “Okay.” she agrees, still eyeing both of them, Tony in particular suspiciously.

    “Great!” Tony says and starts to walk towards the elevator and the rest of you follow him, Steve trying to convince himself that going along with Tony’s plan is doing no harm.

    “Ladies first.” he says, stepping off to the side and giving a big flourish with his arm. It’s weird but then again Tony is always weird so you don’t think too much of it, stepping into the elevator. As soon as Natasha follows you in he orders Jarvis to close and lock the doors and to prevent the elevator from moving and then pulling up a screen so he can watch you.

    “You better run when I get out of here!” Natasha yells. “You too Steve!”

    “You’re going to thank me later.” Tony says. “Steve, why don’t you explain why we locked them in.”

    “Um,” Steve hesitates, not knowing where to start, “well we think that you two need to talk about, um, feelings.”

    “Feelings?” you ask, confused, while realization dawns over Natasha’s face.

    “Um, yeah feelings.” Steve responds, feeling very awkward and hoping this works so he didn’t do all that for nothing.

    “They don’t know we’re dating and they’re trying to get us together.” Natasha leans over and whispers in your ear before straightening back up and talking to Tony again. “I didn’t take you for such a romantic Stark.”

    “What? I’m not- romantic me? Pepper says I’m the least romantic guy she’s ever been with.” he splutters, trying to regain his masculinity.

    “And that is not a compliment.” you tell him. “But for some reason even though ‘you aren’t romantic’ you wanted to get us together.”

    “Maybe I did,” he says. “but you have to admit that my plan is amazing and it's totally working.”

    Natasha snorts “What part of this conversation screams working to you?”

    “Well you haven’t killed Y/n yet and neither of you have denied your feelings so it’s obviously working. I expect a thank you speech dedicated to me at your wedding.” He says arrogantly.

    “There will be no speech.” Natasha tells him.

    “But there will be a wedding?” He asks, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and Steve has to look away because it looks ridiculous.

    “Hopefully.” you say, teasing Tony with your vagueness but also making Natasha smile as she thinks about what that might be like.

    “Told you my plan would work.” Tony brags to Steve before telling Jarvis to release you from the elevator.

    “Your plan sucked.” Natasha tells him. “We were already dating dumbasses.”

    She grabs your hand and pulls you out of the room as Steve and Tony stare after you, shocked.

    “Did you know about this?” Tony asks, looking at Steve with suspicion.

    “Not at all.” Steve answers, his mouth still half open. In hindsight it should have been obvious. Of course Natasha wouldn’t want to be open about her dating life right away, she likes her secrets way too much.


    “You owe me fifty bucks Y/n.” Natasha tells you once you’re out of earshot.

    “Seriously?” you whine.

    “You said they already knew but they didn't, so pay up.” She holds her hand outwards expectantly and you both laugh.

    “Later.” you tell her. “There are more important things to do now.”

    “Hmm, like what?” she teases gently, taking a step closer to you. Your breath catches because you still can’t believe you are dating someone this beautiful. You match her halfway and pull her into a deep kiss, only pulling back when you need to breath.




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    Natasha: 'Sup heteros?

    Tony: *spitting out his water, extremely offended* Bitch what the FUCK did you just call me?

    Steve: Language! Although, seriously, what was that about?

    Bruce: Literally none of us are straight. 

    Thor: You can say that again.

    Clint: That again. 

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    “Exposed” Lab Rats (x The Avengers) One Shot

    The only person standing inbetween Adam, Bree and Chase completing their mission was a skittish guard carrying breath spray. He paced back and forth against one wall that was hidden in darkness. He was clearly protecting something, but they didn’t have time to worry about that. They were running out of time.

    “Okay, Bree you super-speed around the ship and distract him. I’ll attack him from behind and tie him up. Adam, you lock him in that storage closet.” Chase explained to his team.

    Bree dashed off and began to call out to the guard from various places. “Hey, over here!”, “Come and find me you piece of shit.”

    “Who said that!?” The guard shouted and raised his breath spray shakily. He turned in the direction he last heard Bree’s voice and that’s when Chase struck.

    Chase ran up behind the guard and crescent kicked him in the head. The guard fell to the ground groaning in pain. Chase grabbed the rope from his mission bag and just as the guard was about to get back on his feet, Chase grabbed his arm flipped the guard over his shoulder and knocked him out with a single punch. He tied up the guard and Adam used his strength to throw him into the storage closet.

    “Nice work guys!” Chase said.

    “Thanks, let’s just gather the intelligence and get off this ship before anyone notices that guard went M.I.A.” Bree said.

    “Okay, Bree super-speed around the perimeter of the ship and make sure we didn’t alert any other guards.” Bree nodded and sped off. “Adam, I need you to disable the security system on the cyber desk.”

    “Right uh...” Adam hesitated.

    “Just rip out the wires in that control box!” Chase said.

    “Ah!” Adam nodded. “I knew that.”

    A flash went by and Bree stopped in front of Chase. “All clear!”

    “Perfect.” Chase smiled. “I’ll go through the cyber desk and use my internal hard drive to download the information. Keep a look out just in case.”

    Chase expertly maneuvered around the cyber desk and found what they needed within seconds. He downloaded it and quickly turned to get Adam and Bree. But, then he heard light whispers coming from the wall. It was the same wall the guard had been protecting. Chase used his bionic hearing and listened closely to whatever it was.

    “What do we do?” He heard a woman’s voice ask.

    “Maybe they can help us!”

    “Is that a joke? We don’t know who these people are or what their motive is.”

    “Well do you have any better ideas? This may be our only chance to escape.”

    “He’s right! And there’s only three of them so if anything we could easily take them out.”

    Chase had heard enough. He grabbed his flashlight and shun it in their direction. There were four people tied up in chains against the wall. One dressed like an American tourist, a bird, some type of spy and a guy with a metal arm. It was the most random group of people ever.

    “Who are you!?” Chase asked. Adam and Bree quickly ran to his side.

    “Listen, we don’t want any trouble.” The bird explained calmly.

    “Well what do you want?” Bree asked.

    “Your help. If you can free us then maybe we can help you guys escape the ship.” The American tourist said.

    “No thanks. We’re doing just fine on our own.” Chase said.

    “Yeah well, we’ll see how long that lasts.” The metal dude smiled.

    “What do you mean?” Chase asked.

    “Well, it would be a shame if anyone alerted the guards and told them that three teenagers snuck onto the ship.” The metal guy said. “I mean can you really afford leaving us here? We saw everything.”

    Chase hesitated and weighed their options. Taking their chances with these guys seemed to be their best play.

    “Alright fine.” Chase said.

    “Uh no. One second please.” Bree said and pulled Chase and Adam aside. “Are you serious about this? What if we free them and they attack us?”

    “And what if we don’t free them and they blow our entire mission?” Chase said. “We don’t have a choice.”

    Chase used his bionic vision to scan the chains holding them in place. “Okay it’s just steel, you can break that with your hands Adam.”

    “Sweet!” Adam cheered and ripped the chains off their bodies.

    They all walked into the dim lighting and subtly stretched out. “I’m Adam, this is Bree and this is Chase.”

    “I’m Captain American, this is Black Widow, Bucky and Falcon.” The American tourist aka “Captain America” said.

    “Wow those are... interesting.” Chase said.

    “Whatever, let’s just get out of here!” Bree said.

    Chase nodded. “I’ll use my bionic vision to scan the ship and locate an ideal escape point.”

    Chase pressed two fingers to his temple, his eye glowed blue and a hologram shot out from his eye. Everyone gathered around him and watched as the blueprint for the ship whizzed by and numbers calculated at an insane speed.

    “Okay, according to my calculations our best means of escape is the life boats on the stern of the vessel. It’s just gonna be hard to get there and take the boat without alerting any guards.”

    “I could super-speed us there but I could never carry everyone at once. Do you think I’d have time to make multiple trips?”

    “Yes, but only if everyone remains stealth and quiet.” Chase warned.

    Okay, Adam and Chase you guys first. Grab on.” Adam and Chase were about to grab ahold of Bree’s arms when they were stopped.

    “Wait a minute, how do we know you won’t take the boat and leave us here?” Bucky asked.

    “How do we know you won’t do the same thing?” Chase asked.

    “Cause we need your help to escape.”

    “Not when you get to that lifeboat you don’t.”

    “Okay!” Bree said. “I’ll take Chase and Black Widow first, how’s that?”

    “I guess”

    “Whatever” Chase and Bucky muttered under their breath.

    Chase and Black Widow grabbed onto Bree’s arm’s and she sped them to the lifeboat. She left them there and went back to get the rest of them. But, during her last trip one of the guards decided to get some fresh air and walked around the corner. Once he spotted Chase, Black Widow, Adam and Captain America he called for back up in his walkie talkie. More guards rushed out of their chambers and began to fire at the group. Chase quickly used his force field to cover everyone and block all the bullets.

    “Great now what do we do? None of us are armed.” Adam said.

    “Adam when I put down my forcefield use your heat vision to sever the sail so it’ll cover the guards up top. I’ll use my molecularkinesis to throw the guns out of their hands and we can fight them hand to hand!” Chase said.

    “Black Widow and I will help you guys fight!” Captain America said.

    “Okay ready? Three... two... one... NOW!”

    Chase dropped his forcefield and their plan was in action. The sail came crashing down and covered a group of twenty guards. They all stumbled around under it and fell in the water. Chase threw all of their guns overboard and the entire group took on three guards each. Bree quickly made it back with Bucky and Falcon and the three of them joined the fight. Chase and Black Widow fought side by side with incredible grace and agility. They were taking down guards left and right without breaking a sweat, but every time three went down four more showed up. And they didn’t have time to take out the entire ship.

    Chase and Black Widow pushed eight more guards overboard and turned to face each other.

    “We’ll never make it off this boat if more guards keep coming out!” Chase exclaimed.

    Black Widow agreed. “We need a new plan.”

    Chase sighed and thought for a moment before an idea struck him. “I’ve got it! If we can find a way to get them all together than I can use my forcefield to capture them, then use my molecularkinesis to hold them in the air while you guys get in the lifeboat!”

    Black Widow nodded. “That could work.”

    “Bree!” Chase called out. “Think you could tie them all together?”

    Bree didn’t even answer his question before grabbing a rope and tying up the entire crew within seconds. Chase hurled his forcefield at them and lifted them all up in the air. The rest of the team jumped into the life boat and deployed the boat in the water. Once it reached the surface of the ocean Bree called out to him.

    “CHASE! JUMP!” She yelled.

    So Chase quickly dropped the crew on the ground and free fell towards the boat. He came crashing down and probably bruised his spine but they escaped. That’s all that mattered. Bree grabbed a hold of the ores and used her speed to propel them through the water.

    “What do you know... the seven of us make a pretty good team.” Captain America smiled.

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    the entire party scene from avengers age of ultron feels like a fever dream.

    they literally just talked about who had the better girl, flirted with each other, got drunk, had a contest to see who could pick up thor’s hammer despite the fact that they ALL KNOW they cannot pick it up, and then fought of some evil bitchass robots

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  • another-fantasy-world
    19.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    5:1 with Natasha Romanoff

    GIF isn’t mine

    ⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰

    Title: The 5 Times Natasha Held Her Tears Back, And The One Time She Couldn't

    Pairings: (Romantic) Natasha Romanoff x Reader

    Warnings: Angst. Just pure angst. Maybe a sprinkle of Fluff. Major Character Death

    Reader Pronouns: She/They, (I don't even think I put the reader's pronouns in, but it's what I was thinking of.)

    Word Count: 5065 words

    Author's note: I was feeling angsty these past few weeks so why not? I think this is all the angst I have stored in my body for this month. I'll go back to writing fluff now. I sincerely apologize for this.

    ⊱ ────── {⋅. ♪ .⋅} ────── ⊰


    You hated this.

    Of course you did. SHIELD managed to destroy what you considered a home. It wasn't the best, they made you fight each other, they made you sit in a chair, electrocuting you or injecting you with weird chemicals. But you were their best, the best in that institute, and now you would have to fight for the top spot again.

    “You. You're facing our newbie. We need to test her strength.” This too old to be alive, bulky man pointed at a brunette girl, who was now shaking.

    “Let's see if you are what they made you out to be.” Madame B uttered as the guy pushed you to the center.

    “Begin.” She said, her eyes focused on your movement.

    You begin by circling the brunette, sizing her up. The perks of the power you were born with is that you can easily see their weak spots, parts that would make them cry out for mercy that you'll never give.

    She begins the fight with a fatal mistake, running at you with her fist almost hitting your face, you caught the fist and twisted it just enough for her wrist to be broken. She didn't scream, which was disappointing.

    You decided to do the next move, still holding her broken wrist, you held her elbow and flipped her onto her back, knocking the air out of her.

    “Stand up.” You glared at the brunette, pissed that she was knocked down way too easily.

    And she stands up, hiding her broken wrist behind her back as she fought with her legs and feet instead. Blocking a high kick, you held her right foot and slammed your elbow to her knee as hard as you can, making her leg bend in an unnatural way, this time making her scream in pain as she fell down to the ground.

    “Eliminate the weak.” Madame B's voice echoed in the room

    “Understood.” You replied, kicking the brunette so her face is on the ground. No matter how hard they train and brainwash you, you refused to see the face of your victims as they died, so you always turn their head the opposite way. She cries and begs for mercy, and you smirk at her pathetic attempts of surviving. Should've fought better then.

    Producing a dagger from your thigh, you straddled her hips and plunged the dagger deep into where you know her heart is, making blood pool around her.

    “Hmm.” Madame B hummed, her body language shows her positivity.

    “Fine. We'll take her in.” Madame B said to your previous handler

    You stand there, bored out of your brain as people clean the mess you made.

    “Natalia.” The name Madame B mumbled brought you back to reality as a gorgeous redhead made her way to you.

    “She's going to be the one you'll see frequently. Both of you are going on missions, so get along girls. I can't have our greatest assets kill each other.”


    “Y/N” you accepted her handshake, her tight grip on your hand as she pulls you close.

    “You'll regret killing her.” her voice faltered, giving away that she's close to sobbing her little heart out.

    “The weak has no place in this world. It's kill or be killed, Natalia.” You bit back, your grip also tightening

    As your handler led you away to a cell specifically made for you, You could swear you heard Natalia say something.

    You turned back to see Natasha's beautiful green eyes lined with tears she desperately pulled back.

    “Remember me.” She mouthed, tilting her head up to prevent the tears from falling.

    It was the first time you saw Natalia hold her tears back


    You don't know how to feel.

    Natalia escaped the Red room. You were extremely proud of her for escaping this hell. But you were pissed that she didn't even try to inform you of it.

    You had been in a mission, an attempt for you to forget about the bond you and Natalia had, It didn't work, because the second you landed, you teleported to her room. A new power that you obtained from them, only to find her bed occupied with another. You grit your teeth and opted to kill this girl that's laying on your beloved's bed.

    “Silence. Don't waste your time. She is not here, and killing that girl will not erase that feeling in your heart. We have another mission, let all your frustration out on that.” Your new handler said. This handler was much more gentler than the last one you killed, and you refrained from killing her because of that. She had become a mother of sorts.

    “Another mission? I just got back.” You shook your head.

    “You need to. I think you'll be interested in this one. Budapest” She hands you a file.

    …and Natalia's face was plastered on the file.

    “What is this?” You grit out

    “Natalia joined SHIELD.”

    The anger you felt was what led to where you are now.

    “Y/N! Stop! Listen to me!” She grunts as you both land blow, after blow. You, letting all your frustrations out with your body, and her defending herself

    “Why should I? You left me. YOU BETRAYED ME!” You say, your thoughts clouded

    “They're using you! Fuck. They only see you as an asset for fucks sake!” She winces in pain as your dagger nicks her face, blood dripping from the wound on her face

    “I know. So come and save me.” You mumbled when you had her in your arms, a dagger on her throat, threatening to slice it open.

    “...I can't” She says, holding back her tears, her hands trying to find your other hand, trying to find comfort in this sick reality

    “Then so be it.” You say with finality, hearing your handler say that the mission was complete, and you fulfilled your role of being the distraction.

    You drop Natalia, her hand on her throat, trying to stop the bleeding. You both know it wasn't lethal, but it was still bleeding a lot.

    “Be careful Natalia.” You whispered, before turning away from her, refusing to see her teary eyes. The sharpshooter was by her side in an instant, making you wish that it was you comforting her, not this man named after a bird.

    Natalia can't help but stare at your retreating figure, guilt, regret, anger and sadness weighing her down. 8 years of training with each other, 8 years of flirty missions that would get you both punished, and 8 years of friendship, thrown down the drain, all because she refused to fight for you, all because she was following the rules set for her. It was then she realized, SHIELD isn't that much different from the red room and HYDRA.

    Natasha held her tears back once again.


    You felt excited for once.

    After years of boring, too easy missions that were given to you, you were finally qualified enough for a mission with the Avengers, as if mass murdering people and assassinating people weren't enough qualification. HYDRA suspects that the Avengers will interfere with this specific mission, so they sent you to be a guard of some sort. You complained at first, wanting to move around and not be a body guard, but now you were relieved that your handler persisted you take this role.

    “Come here often?” The green-eyed woman says, ordering herself a cocktail.

    “No. Not at all. My sister was invited to this whole thing, and I just tagged along. Her personal bodyguard if you will.” You say, facing her and sipping your drink

    “Natasha.” She chuckles, extending her hand

    “Y/N” You chuckle back, she changed her name again.

    “You never changed your name?” She asked, scooting closer to you, sipping on her orange-colored cocktail.

    “It's part of my charm, why change it?” You smirked

    “What are you doing here, Silence.” She says, her playful attitude disappearing, a frown now placed on her pretty face.

    “Ouch, Natalia. Busting out the professional nicknames, that's painful. And giving up on that flirty tactic already? My, my. You must be getting rusty then.” You say, clutching your heart in faux pain

    “I don't have time to waste, Y/LN. What. Does. HYDRA. Want. From. Samantha. Durkink?” You chuckled at her attempt of fishing out info

    “Why don't you ask Samantha herself?” You say, lifting your glass to the target's general direction.

    Natasha's eyes followed the direction you pointed, and there she was, the target, dressed in a dark violet medieval era-like gown, her eyes then roamed around to the delicately decorated ballroom, fit for a royal ball.

    You watch her as she tried to get through the crowed that was dancing, laughing lightly when you see her struggling. You then laughed once again when a man mistook her for a dancing partner and instantly pulled her to dance, the crowd was dancing together, all in sync, which amazed you.

    After a few minutes, you decide to take Natasha out of her misery.

    “May I cut in?” You ask the man who was dressed like that one prince from that movie, Ice or something. You only saw it when you babysat Red room candidates.

    He nodded and you slipped Natasha into your arms, your hands on her waist and palm, while her hands were on your shoulder and palm. The two of you waltz quietly for a few minutes, before you leaned into her ear, the one you knew had her comms.

    “You have approximately 7 minutes to leave the building with your team. I personally dislike what they are about to do, but HYDRA has found a rather unorthodox way of burning evidence. And as much as I don't like it. It's a way easier way of...burning the evidence away with a bang. You understand right?” You pat her head, looking into her eyes fondly, letting your guard slip for just a second.

    “I'm proud of you.”

    And that was all Natasha could hear for the past hour. Even as she stared at the now burning mansion, the screams of people that were trapped in that building resonating in the air. Even as she was being suffocated by her team's emotions because the mission failed. All she can hear and see is you. Your eyes burning with passion she had never seen before, not even in missions, you always had an emotionless look on your face, much like hers. And yet, there you were, under the chandelier, looking at her like you care for her, looking at her like she's your world, looking at as if you...love her.

    And that was what led Natasha to hold her tears back, even if she was in the privacy of her own room, her eyes on the small rectangular box you gave her.

    She refused to believe that you love her. No. Love is for children. Love isn't meant for her. Love isn't meant for you. Love. No. She doesn't deserve love. Especially not from you.

    She held her tears back harder when she realized. When all the “unexplained circumstances” happened, she never found who caused it. And now she knew. Now she realized.

    You never stopped caring for her after all these years.


    You care for her

    After months of beating yourself up, you finally accepted it. You care for this reckless, red-haired assassin, who always seem like she never gets her life together. This green-eyed goddess who can never catch a break. This assassin who betrayed you. This woman who babysits Gods. This woman, who's sleeping beside you, her face oddly peaceful and calm, a complete opposite for what you were feeling.

    “Idiot. Spending time with other idiots has made her an idiot herself.” You mumbled, flipping a page of this random fantasy story that's been translated to Russian.

    “Hmmn. You were talking shit there Y/LN?” She stirred

    “I was. You slept for 2 days Nat.” You say with no emotion in your voice.

    “So mean.” She says, reaching around you, pulling you close and buried her head on your stomach. You were taken aback. She was never like this...unless

    “What happened yesterday Nat? You know how forgetful I get.” You smiled at her sweetly

    “Well, we were on a mission in Indonesia, and you killed your handler to give me ice cream.” She smiled

    …ah- her brain must've reset itself when she almost drowned

    “...I'm sorry Nat.” You say, a frown on your face.

    “When did you start calling me Nat?” She asks, to which you just smirked

    “Free, Proven, Easy, Loyal, Secret, Care, Loyal, Love.” You spoke in Russian, and Natasha's eyes turned blank, before they turned into panic

    “Y/N? Oh my god.”

    “...You have become annoyingly American.” You scoffed, annoyed that her first words after being brought back to reality are that of a Typical American

    “Well, I at least needed to pass as American born or else I would've been deported you ass!” She goes to punch your face, but you blocked it with your book.

    “Not the face Natalia.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes when she winced in pain

    “Don't force your body. You have a flesh wound from the bullet that grazed you.” You say, placing your book on the nightstand and guide her to lay down.

    “You promised not to use those words unless needed, Atrax.” She grunts, a cold hard glare directed to you.

    “And I knew you wouldn't like living in a false reality, Widow.” You thumped her head with your palm.

    “...That reality is a dream we once knew.” She mumbles, tears threatening to fall

    You hold her face, wiping the tears before they fall. You knew her as much as she knows you. She hates showing weakness, She hates crying, So you vowed to never let her cry in front of you again.

    “It's a dream that I can make a reality.” You nodded

    “what?” She asks after a while, surprised

    “If I could escape this hell, I would. And I'll bring you along with me, even if I have to tie a rope on your waist. We'll travel to a peaceful land far away and build ourselves a beautiful house with a backyard. Maybe a kid or two. But no more than that. 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 spiders and 1 snake” You quoted yourself from 10 years ago, making her chuckle, but abruptly stops

    “We were young.” She says, frowning


    “We were foolish Y/N. We were kids!” She shouts in your face

    “...ah. I understand. You think that I break my promises? Well newsflash widow. I didn't break a single promise I made!” A look of anger in your face, you drag Natasha by her uninjured arm and pulled her right in front of the bathroom mirror.

    “Look at me. Look at you. I promised you that someday you'll look at ballet as a form of comfort and not remind you of the pain it caused, You dance whenever you feel the need to cry! I promised you that you'll get out of that damn red room with or without me, And look what happened! Granted that I wasn't the one to get you out, I made sure you never returned. I promised that someday we'll look into each other's eyes without a dagger on each other's throat...” You trailed off, her green eyes tearing up again.

    “I promised that I'll never let you cry in front of me. And I intend to fulfill that.” You say, wiping the tears before they fell once again

    “It's not crying if tears don't fall.” You quote her from 12 years ago

    And at that moment, Natasha let herself indulge in this sinful dream of hers. Her lips touched yours as moonlight made her bare skin glow, her taking what's rightfully hers, sitting on her own throne. The sweat trailing down her skin as quiet music erupt from both of you. You never wanted this moment to end, but alas the sun rose, and it was time to face reality once again.

    “I can't...” She says the moment the sun shone through the curtains.

    “I understand.” You say, standing up to get yourself dressed

    “I'll leave you with a choice then. If you change your mind.” You softly say to her, left hand clutching the bag that you need and the other holding her face softly.

    “See you in a minute.”

    Natasha once again held her tears back, her hands trembling as it held the two envelopes that seem so heavy. One containing fresh, new, fake identity and a plane ticket to God knows where. And the other held a car key, a house key and some money to aid her travel back to the compound. Well the choice is heavy. To leave the Avengers behind, and rekindle a lost flame in a faraway land, or to stay, and continue to fight and to protect.

    In the end, Natasha chose them.


    You felt at peace.

    A couple months at a quiet town did wonders to your mental health. You were now playing piano in an old studio made to teach young students ballet. It was now abandoned, but you bought it, just for the nostalgia

    “I knew I'd find you here.” You hear her voice echoing, You stopped playing Swan Lake, OP.20, Act II for a second

    “Hmmhmmn. You've always been the better spy out of both of us.” You say, switching your piece to The Nutcracker: Dance of Sugar-Plum Fairy

    “Ah. My outfit isn't fit for ballet” She says

    “That never stopped you before, Widow.” You chuckled, smiling wider when she started to dance to the rhythm you set.

    “Why didn't you stay there?” She asked while floating around the room, your piece now switched to The Sleeping Beauty, Ballet Suite, Op.66a: V. Valse.

    “Not my scene, as I hate to admit. I missed the chaos. But I miss the silence too. It's a tough choice.”

    “Trust me. I know.” She scoffs, then her eye widens at how insensitive that sounded

    “Heh. Of course.”

    “Switch to Giselle, will you?” She asks, her toes supported her weight even though she's not wearing pointe shoes

    “Bossy.” You mumbled, but complying anyways

    And there you both reveled in the bond you both had. Both expressing your feelings in the way that you knew the most. Music and Ballet. Your feelings of Regret, merging with Natasha's, Your feelings of Shame, battled Natasha's sadness, Your pride shoved down your throat as Natasha also shoved hers. As the melody you played turned into a much softer tune, Natasha's love vibrated through the air, as did yours, The feelings you held back came crashing down as you too try to hold back your tears.

    There was no need to explain to each other. You both knew. Well, you sure hope she knew what you think. After all, you left her a letter in each envelope. And while she never sent a letter back, she had the habit of hacking into your morning radio and deliver small messages through Morse code, leaving you to figure out her puzzle of a message.

    “You're happy. I like that.” You say, abandoning your piano to approach her

    “I'm happy because of them.” She says, her green eyes staring back at yours

    “Good. I'm glad. You seem different now.” Your eyes filled with tears, turning your back to her as you wiped the tears from your eyes

    “Dance with me?” You take the hand on your shoulder, and let her guide you in dancing. Waltz has always been your favorite.

    “I felt like we've done this before.” She says, her head dropping on your shoulders

    “Perhaps in another life.” You concluded, spinning her

    As you continue dancing to the silent music, you can't help but think how much you loved this woman. And that you could never handle the pain of letting her go again.

    You also knew what this felt like. Farewell. Last Dance. You held her closer.

    Natasha was saying farewell.

    Natasha was saying farewell.

    Natasha was saying farewell.

    Natasha was saying farewell.

    Natasha was saying farewell.

    But you can't let her go. Not now. Not when you just accepted that you do love her, you're in love with this divine being, you're in love with Natasha Romanoff.

    Even when no one taught you how to love, even when you knew love is for children, even when you know she's too good for you, even when she's an entirely different person when she's with you, her gentle gazes drown you, even when you know you're not worth of even touching her. You still accepted that you are in love. You are in love with Natalia Alianovna Romanoff.

    And you know she feels the same. So why?


    Why was she walking away now?



    Why are you letting her get away?



    Why did you let her break your peace?


    Why did you let her break you?

    “Take care of yourself.”

    Four words and the sight of her back getting farther and farther away is enough to completely shatter your already broken heart.

    Madame B was right. Love is for children.

    Natasha didn't need to look back.

    She couldn't

    Not when your sobs ring throughout the whole studio

    Natasha once again held back her tears.

    Natasha once again held back the words.

    Natasha once again held back her feelings.

    Natasha once again held back her tears.

    She can never get you back now can she?

    Natasha held her tears back.


    Pain. Dark. Cold.

    That was all you felt right now.

    Hours ago, you fulfilled another promise you made when Natasha left you. To make her feel pain. To make her feel the pain she caused you. You fought the Avengers one by one. Catching them off guard and capturing them. Creating cells for them and them only.

    You created an elaborate trap for all of them.

    You wanted all of them to feel your pain.

    You wanted them to know the feeling.

    The feeling. The feeling of pain you felt every time Natasha chose them over you.

    The feeling of pain when they stole Natasha over and over again.

    But you knew you were only making excuses for yourself.

    Who could blame you?

    Well, all of them apparently.

    And then you saw how Natasha fought for them. Screaming for you to let them go. Her resolve never faltering as she fought, taking the floors of the building by storm. Reaching each area where you keep each Avenger captive.

    It was then you knew.

    They were the villains in your story. Always in the way of you getting your princess back.

    Oh how blind and foolish you were.

    You were always the villain in their story. The ex-hydra agent who killed more than The Winter Soldier and Black Widow combined. You were the evil sorcerer.

    And them? They were the royal knights protecting the Queen.

    You scoffed at yourself. Of course you would make a grave mistake. You let yourself drown in the emotions you weren't supposed to have anyways.

    “That heart is what'll get you killed. Mark my words, Silence.” Madame B's last words before you killed her.

    You deactivated the whole building before leaving a note for Natalia.

    You teleported to the rooftop, letting the air kiss your skin. You let yourself enjoy.

    Because for once in your life, you don't know what happens next.

    “... Atrax.”


    “How could you?”

    “...A circle has no beginning nor end. What happens in the beginning shall happen again in the end to fulfill the cycle.” You say, drawing your dagger and turning to face her in all her glory.

    The Sun's rays gently touches her skin, leaving her glowing slightly. This. This is one of the many memories you wish to remember when you get reincarnated once again.

    She pulls out a familiar dagger. The one you gave her before you blew up that one mansion.

    “Are we really going to end this way?” She says, anger and pain shone in her eyes as her face mimicked an emotionless stare.

    “It would seem so.”

    And so the clashing of blades began. Punch after punch. Kick after kick. Takedowns after takedowns. You don't want to lose. And neither does she.

    You both then engaged into what you can call, the dance of death. With the clashing daggers as the music and combat as your choreography.

    And then Natasha changed the rhythm. Using her dagger to slice your cheek, just as you did her in Budapest. But that also caused her to open a weak spot of hers.

    Ignoring the pain, you decide to change the rhythm as well. Moving like a snake, tangling your feet to hers, making her fall down. You then slammed your boot on her chest, slowly putting pressure, slowly smashing her ribs, making her clutch your ankle, trying to gasp for air.

    “Any last words Nat- Black Widow?” You ask, pointing the dagger right above her heart.

    “...I love you.” Natasha finally let the three words out of her mouth, regretting not saying it earlier.

    You tensed up, your shoulders tensing. Anger flared in your eyes.

    Why now?


    Is this fake?

    Is she lying?


    “Why now?” You whispered, not even bothering to hold back your tears.

    You're tired.

    Too tired.

    “I always did. I just- Ugh. I just never had the courage to tell you.” She grunts out, trying to push your foot away, but you ended up digging it into her deeper.

    “...Liar.” You gritted out, swiftly plunging the knife deep in her heart, enjoying the feel of her blood slowly emerging from her heart, the sight of the life in her eyes slowly fade.

    You broke your ritual. You didn't turn her back to you. You saw her face.


    Because you didn't kill her.

    Natasha thought she was dead. In fact, she felt your dagger dig into her skin.

    So why?

    Why does she feel your hand in hers.


    You have powers.

    You have powers.

    She instantly opened her eyes, her brain catching up.

    “NO! What have you done! You stupid! Reckless! Piece of Shit!” She says, she slaps your face as she sees your eyes closing.

    Pain Transfer.

    You transferred her pain to your body. You transferred her lethal wound into yours. You sacrificed yourself to save her from the death that you, yourself, caused

    You basically killed yourself.

    “Forgive me, Natalia. I broke our promise.” You pulled her bloody hand from your chest and held it tightly in your hand.

    “You promised to stay alive as long as I am. You never break your promises.” Natasha held her tears back, crying will make it real.

    Your death isn't real. No. But loving you is.

    She never got the chance to show you how much she loves you.

    “This is our reality Nat. I was foolish to think I could ever change it...” You trailed off, coughing out blood. This was the first time you thanked your powers for moving so slow. You have more time. With her. And that's all you could ever ask for,

    “...Stop crying Natalia. Heroes always win remember? Besides, I knew you'd let yourself die before you ever think of killing me, so I did it myself.” You grinned at her as best as you can.

    “Idiot.” She whispered

    “I love you too you know? Please remember that I love you. They love you too. But I love you the most.” You whispered back, the moonlight shining on your bare skin.

    Natasha always go back to that night you shared whenever she sees the moonlight, but now, it's corrupted by the feeling of your grip slowly loosening, until it's only her that's holding on.

    It was you who always held on.

    You held on to the bond no matter how many times you got hurt because of it.

    You held on to the hope that someday, you'll get to call her yours, and she gets to call you hers.

    You held on, even as she repeatedly let you go.

    And she can't help but regret that. She regrets it so much more now.

    Now, she's the only one left.

    There was nothing more to hold on to.

    Nothing but the promise of living a life without you by her side.

    Nothing but the memory of your smile.

    The memory of you scolding her every time she got hurt.

    Memories of you laughing

    Memories of you dancing. Dancing with her.

    She doesn't know how to say bye to you.

    She doesn't know how to let you go now.

    It seems like, she's done it so much that she forgot how to do so now.

    She remembers every single promise you made. And the one promise you broke.

    She can only hope that you can forgive her.

    She's going to make you break your own promise.

    But it's void now right?

    You're gone.

    She can cry now right?

    She can cry as she reads the last letter you left?

    She can cry as she reads the journal where you put all your memories in, because you're afraid of forgetting her, right?

    She can cry as she opens the velvet box right?

    She can cry as she puts the ring you left her as her necklace right?

    She can cry as she reads that all your properties are now hers, right?

    She can cry now.

    She can let go of her feelings now.

    But she can never let you go.

    And then, for once Natasha used FRIDAY's soundproof function.

    For once. Natasha let her emotions run rampant.

    For once, she cried. She sobbed. She screamed. As if it'd make you come back.

    If you were foolish enough to think that you can change reality, Then Natasha was foolish enough to hope you come back.

    Natasha couldn't hold her tears back anymore.

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    im excited about phase 4 of mcu actually

    #theyre bringing out the good stuff #i personally want to see black widow and shang chi #but im excited about everything
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    Steve Rogers tragic hero?

    Steve has gone from one war to another ever since world war 2 and people forget he was like maybe 28 or 26 then (I can't remember the exact age off hand). Then he comes to 2012 (first avengers movie) and after that his dreams, his wants no longer matter to anyone he's just meant to be a soilder. Even to himslef he puts his dreams aside to be what america needs him to be. He even says that in age of ultron. He tells Tony before the war he had dreams for himslef to have a wife one day and kids. He says something along the lines of, that guy that wanted that died when he crashed the plane. Some people take that to mean he didn't want that for himslef anymore. But I saw it as he felt he couldn't have that for himslef anymore. He didn't see a way to achieve that on his current path. We see in age of ultron, in steves dream, that his biggest fear is never being able to go home and that the wars will never end.

    Tony gets a lot of credit for being a tragic hero and how being a hero mentally effected him. honestly that's one of my favorite aspects of tony that his mental health is addressed. But we don't see that with steve. The pressure steve must face to always do the right thing and the pressure he puts on himslef to be a "perfect" man is insane. Everyone expects him to be the symbol of the american people, that's a lot of pressure. I feel like steve puts on a positive optimist persona but deep down he has shit he is still dealing with. Like in the first Avengers movie he was having flashbacks to all the shit that he regretted happening in the war. Yet he never deals with it, he never talks about it.

    The fact that he goes back for Peggy at the very end shows how much he wanted that simple life and just wanted to be done with war. Some people try to argue that his sole purpose for going back was Peggy. I don't think it was that completely just for her. Obviously part of it was for Peggy, but I think another aspect was just to escape all the war that was going on in modern day. Like he knew that in going back in time that was a good chance that Peggy could be over him or that you know she could be married but he still chose to go back because she wasn't the only reason that he wanted to go back. She was just a factor that made him want to go back. I love the ending of Endgame because it was finally Steve doing something for himslef. He was a man who always put everyone elses needs before his own. In this one moment he does something to help himslef. The ending really ties together his story and shows that war had impacted him so much.

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    Natasha: I miss Barton.

    Steve: You still have me.

    Natasha: It’s not the same. I can talk to Barton about things I can’t talk to you about.

    Steve: Like what?

    Natasha: Annoying things you do.

    #natasha romanoff#Black Widow#Steve Rogers#captain america#clint barton#hawkeye#Clintasha#romanogers#Avengers#marvel#MCU#incorrect quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect avengers #love is for children. i owe him a queue
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    A Soul & Heart: Chapter Eleven

    Warning(s): strong language, mentions of death
    Summary: You wake up and an unexpected visitor comes to meet you.
    A/N: I had horrible migraines and the wifi was crap too. I’m sorry.

    One moment Bucky had been watching you sleep and the next you were patting his head whispering for him to wake up. He lifted his head from your side, squinting his eyes at the sudden change of lighting. He blinked a few times, trying to bring his vision into focus.

    You raked your hand through his hair, massaging his scalp a little and smiled at his morning hair. It was fluffy, flopping over to one side with strands of hair sticking up and some covering his eyes. You moved it out of his eyes as he blinked once more and tilted his head.

    You turned your head in the fluffy pillow, neck cracking from your stiff posture, to look at Tony. He was sleeping in his chair, head thrown back, mouth open, and one hand holding yours while the other was resting in his lap.

    “G’morning,” Bucky said, voice quiet and soft but husky as well. You looked at him again and smiled.

    “Morning.” Your voice was raspy. “Water.” Bucky nodded and reached over to grab the jug of water and the glass. He filled it up and then helped you sit up. As you were getting up, your hand had jerked in Tony’s, waking him up. He mumbled out something unintelligent before rubbing his eyes.

    “Good morning,” Tony said, yawning and looking between you and Bucky. “Talk to her yet?”

    You looked at Tony, whose eyes had widen, confused as hell—the headache didn’t help either. You had woken up with a pounding headache and the bright light was making it worse. The dryness in your throat made you want to cough, but you held it in while whispering to Bucky. Turning your head to face Bucky, you found him glaring at Tony.

    “Bucky? Water, please.” Bucky stopped glaring at Tony and nodded at you, eyes softening.

    “Y/N!” Natasha rushed towards you and hugged you carefully.

    “Tasha,” you whispered, burying your head into her red hair, which smelled like roses. Breathing in the light scent gave you a comfort that only she could give you.

    “You had me worried for a few,” she said, pulling away after a gentle squeeze. She smiled and took the spot that Tony had occupied just a few minutes before.

    “Aw, you shouldn’t have,” you said sarcastically. She smirked and looked to the door. You followed her gaze and found Steve with his arms crossed over his chest. He was looking at you with a stern gaze. It made you raise an eyebrow in question. “What?” You asked bluntly.

    “Nothing,” he said, shaking his head and looking down at his feet. He looked back at you, a wide smile on his face. You smiled back as he made his way to sit on the chair he had to drag Bucky out of. “It’s just—it’s weird.”

    “What is?” You looked between the duo with an uneasiness building in your stomach.

    “Ghost attacked twice in the same day,” Natasha said. “Hydra’s gone. Alexander Pierce, the Winter Soldier, and so on. They’re all gone expect for Ghost. And according to Bucky, she isn’t controlled.”

    “She talked about her plans,” you said before a sharp pain took over your head. Your hand shot to your head as the pain increased.

    Natasha’s hand came to your shoulder, squeezing it anxiously. She saw the pain that inflicted your face and felt her sister instincts jump up. She immediately lifted her hand to your head and started massaging it as she told Steve, “Close the curtains.” He nodded and started to do as she said.

    You felt the pain subdue as the curtains closed and you welcomed the dark around you. It wasn’t completely dark, but enough that you needed a few seconds to adjust to it.

    “Thank you,” you mumbled and let your back touch the pillows again. Your hand had fell to your lap without your notice but Natasha’s hands were still massaging your head. Steve sat down on the chair again and watched you attentively.

    “You gotta stop looking at her like that, Rogers,” Natasha said, glaring at him a little. “It looks like you’re about to put her in detention.” You giggled, bringing your hand to cover your mouth. Steve rolled his eyes and smiled.

    “I’m not—”

    “Yes, you are,” you and Natasha said at the same time.

    Steve sighed dramatically and slid down his chair a little. He ran a hand over his face, feeling drained out. He may had had the bed to sleep in, but it did little to ease his anxiety over you. His head had him wide, tossing thoughts and pictures at him. All of them worsened his fear for your life. He had brought you into this team and now you were paying the price.

    “Fury,” Steve greeted coldly, not glancing the agent who stood holding a file.

    “Captain America,” Fury greeted just as coldly. Steve finally glanced over at the agent who had a blank face, one that he had seen on Natasha. “Agent Y/S, this is Steve Rogers, Captain America. You’ll be joining him and Agent Romanoff.” Agent Y/S seemed to light up at the name.

    “An old friend?” Steve asked with an amused smile on his face. She nodded, smiling warmly.

    “Yeah,” she sighed, eyes darting to Fury as he spoke again.

    “Romanoff and you have been through one hell of time together, along with Barton, of course,” Fury said, tapping the glass desk. He opened a drawer on the side and tossed a file onto the surface of the desk. “Everything’s in this file; every detail you need.”

    “Every single detail?” Steve asked venomously. Agent Y/S rolled her eyes and shook her head.

    “Captain Rogers, excuse me if I come off rude or defensive for SHIELD protocols, but it’s better off that we don’t know everything. It’s much easier for the enemies to gather info if more people know it. The more, the merrier doesn’t work here.” She grabbed the file and opened it, eyes scanning over the file. “The more people that know, the more easier it becomes for the information to be released.”

    “A team doesn’t—”

    “I know,” she said, eyes looking up at him. “No secrets in a team, but what if it’s for the better?” She walked over to him and handed him the file, along with another that she grabbed off of Fury’s desk, tilting her head at him. “If you know more, you’re in more danger. The more trained you are, the less danger. That’s why SHIELD has levelled agents. The higher level, the more trained you are to handle danger.”

    Steve looked down at the file and read the top name: “Y/N Y/S; Level Nine”. His eyes darted up to her as she smirked and looked over her shoulder at Fury.

    “She’s one of the best agents we’ve got. Romanoff trained her herself,” Fury said with a small shrug.

    “Why didn’t you join the Avengers Initiative?” Steve questioned, reading the file details. “You were recommended to.” He looked back at Y/N. She gave a shrug and shot him a smile.

    “Thought you guys did fine,” she said, leaning on the desk. “Plus I had another team that I worked with.”

    “Which team was it?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

    “Classified team,” she answered easily. “You’re not cleared to know,” she paused and looked at Fury, “or is he?” She cocked her head to the side as Fury glared at her. She only smiled at him while Steve looked at them, confused.

    “No, he isn’t—” Fury began, but Y/N cut him off.

    “All the Avengers have a right to know.” Fury sighed in frustration. He glared a little longer at Y/N before nodding.

    “Fine,” he said. “Not here though, not right now. Get to the Avengers Tower.”

    “What is it?” Steve asked, exasperated with the amount of time it was taking for him to know what was going on. “Can’t you tell me now?”

    “Walls have ears, Captain Rogers,” Y/N said. Steve nodded.

    “Back at the Tower then, Avenger,” he said, holding out his hand. She smirked and shook it.

    “How about you tell us what her plan is later?” Natasha’s voice interrupted his memories. He looked at you and nodded.

    “I agree. You should be resting, not rushing yourself,” he said in a gentle voice. “Sound good?” You looked at him and nodded.

    “Yeah, sounds great.” You held back a yawn and opted to relax into the pillows before a loud voice made you jump up a little.

    “Lady Y/N!” Thor came into the room, holding his hammer. “I am so very glad that you are doing well.”

    You smiled and said, “I’m glad to see you too, Thor. It’s been a while.”

    “Yes, well I’ve been busy,” he answered, putting his hammer on the side of your feet.

    “With what?” You tilted your head, waiting for his response.

    “Asgard was in danger, but with the help of my brother, Loki—”

    “Adopted,” Natasha piped up, sending a small smirk towards Thor. He looked at her with a small smile and shrugged.

    “Loki helped, but he fell during the battle. My mother as well.”

    “Oh, Thor,” you cooed, feeling your heart clench for your friend. “I’m so sorry.” Thor shook his head and rubbed his eyes.

    “I’m glad that you, my sister, are alright,” Thor whispered, smiling sweetly.

    “Also adopted,” Natasha quipped, making Thor and you chuckle. Steve scoffed and gave Natasha a ‘really’ look. Natasha only shrugged in response.

    Taglist @choerriesmotion @abitofeverythinggg @vienmiaprendere @its-yasbxtch @natdrunk

    Chapter Twelve

    #bucky barnes#captain america #marvel cinematic universe #marvel mcu#mcu#steve rogers#x reader#x y/n#black widow#natasha romanoff #bucky barnes series #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x reader #james barnes x reader #james barnes #james buchanan barnes #james buchanan bucky barnes #thor odinson
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    bipoc mcu stans let’s be mutuals pls!!! I’m diving back into the mcu and would love to meet other poc within the fandom

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    If the Black Widow movie sets up Taskmaster

    Then not only does Baron Zemo going to the Raft, setting up the Thunderbolts, but also Taskmaster’s appearance in Black Widow would also set up the Thunderbolts. 

    Honestly, it seems pretty promising.

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    How Assassins Show Love

    Part 3 excerpt

    “Is that a challenge, Romanov?” His voice low, as he came off the wall.

    “Only if you consider me kicking your ass in front of all these people a challenge, Barton.” Her tone now just as deadly as her glare.

    The students parted reverently as muscled assassin walked to the center of the room. Murmurs once again rippled through the students as the tension increased.

    “Oh, they definitely hate each other…”

    “Oh no, they’re definitely having sex…”

    Hawkeye said nothing as he ducked into the ring. He stood, looking Natasha up and down, waiting for her instructions.

    “No weapons.” She ordered, indicating his sidearm and knife strapped to his thighs. He removed both, handing them off to nearby students, never breaking eye contact with her.

    “Safe word?” She asked condescendingly, hands on her hips.

    “I’ll die first.” He growled.

    At his last word, Natasha charged. Faking to jump up, she dropped and slid on her knees between his legs. Before Clint could grab her, she punched back, buckling his knees.

    He turned just as she launched at his shoulders. Barton grabbed one of her thighs, not allowing her to use those weapons yet, slamming her to the mat, .

    Several onlookers sucked in their breath, not expecting the match to start so rough. Others turned to their friends, not sure who to root for. More experienced agents in the back started placing bets.

    The last part is longer than the previous two. Please click link below for full story. thank you!

    #clintasha #clint x natasha #clintasha fanfiction#clint barton#natasha romanov#hawkeye#black widow#SHIELD #clint will always let her win #Natasha vs Clint #partners #but so much more
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    y/n : Croissants: dropped

    nat: Road: works ahead

    tony: BBQ sauce: on my titties

    wanda: Shavacado: frea

    wade : Miss Keisha: fuckin dead


    steve, grumpy: I didn’t understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you.

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