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    Chapter 1


    When Katsuki says he would rather die than be stuck in the middle of the jungle with Izuku,he means he would rather fucking die than be stuck in the jungle with Deku

    “We’re lost” he grunts out for the eighth time that hour

    Izuku taps desperately at his gps, the device sputtering sadly before fizzing and blinking

    “Oh dear” the other man sighs

    Oh dear? What the FUCK?!

    Katsuki grinds his teeth so hard his jaw aches. Of course fate would put him on this mission with Izuku fucking Midoriya. He’s had to save him from crocs,mosquitoes and one particularly hungry boa that Katsuki sprained his wrist from fighting off.

    They had been camping for days trying to find the ever elusive ‘Yueei’ civilization to study. A people that has somehow remained hidden for centuries and were only known in old explorer records.

    And Shota Aizawa,the prick he is,put them together as a ‘team building’ strategy.

    Katsuki was going to scoop his good eye out when he gets back

    Izuku dropped their gps in the river a few miles back and now they were stuck in the middle of nowhere until it gets fixed but from the way it fizzed,Katsuki wasn’t holding his breath

    “The suns going down,I think we should camp here” Izuku finally speaks up,already pulling his backpack off

    Katsuki doesn’t respond,he instead picks up a big stick and raises over his head in hopes of knocking the shit out of Deku

    “It should be ready in—Kaachan no!” Izuku dodges in time for the stick to come crashing down on the foliage

    “ILL FUCKING KILL YOU!” Katsuki yells,swinging madly at the other man

    Izuku tries his best to calm his partner down but the blonde keeps swinging until he gets tired

    “You okay now?” Izuku huffs out when Katsuki collapses on his ass from exhaustion

    “I’ll try again later”

    Izuku shrugs and goes to pick up his backpack,pressing a button and watching it slowly inflate into a green tent

    Katsuki presses his own button and watches the yellow—and clearly better—tent inflate

    He picks out a freeze dried pizza from its packet and douses it in water,watching it slowly grow and resemble something vaguely medium pepperoni-ish

    Izuku plants his ass on a rock next to him,chewing on his own pizza, “The gps is fried but I should be able to fix it in a few hours. Then we’ll be back on track”

    Katsuki grumbles something and slaps his neck, “Fucking bugs”

    “Yeah,kinda sucks,I know” Izuku chuckles through a mouthful, “God this shit it awful”

    Katsuki snorts but then clears his throat, “S’all we’ve got for the mission,if we survive”

    Heavy silence hung between them. Without the GPS,they were lost. Katsukis life literally hung in the hands of Deku.

    “We’ll be fine” Izuku smiles, “Cause I’m gonna fix it then we’ll make it home”

    Katsuki bites at the chewy pizza again and grimaces, “You better”

    It’s the crack of dawn when Katsuki hears rustling outside his tent.

    He picks his dagger up and sits up,watching the shadows move outside his tent

    There’s muffled chatter he can’t understand but it solidifies that someone is out there.

    Did they get Deku?

    It’s too quiet to tell

    Katsuki counts down from five then lunges out in his T-shirt and boxers. He’s immediately grabbed by his throat and the dagger is knocked out of his hand. The hand around his throat tightens and lifts him in the air. Katsuki peeks at the face and sees blazing red hair and matching red eyes. Sharp teeth on full display in a snarl

    He’s pinned against a tree and the mans face is inches from him. He can make out a scar above his right eye and a gash across a broad nose

    The sharp toothed mouth opens and roars right in his face,covering him in spittle

    “Quuyug! Krouco! Quo seno yum kouso!” (Wait! Please! We come in peace!)Izuku yells from behind the man.

    Immediately,his face softens and Katsukis is dropped,gasping for air as he clutches at his throat

    The red head turns to Izuku,grinning down

    “Quora quoi jyujm’g iea dacg cui ceh?” (Well why didn’t you just say so?)

    He’s fucking huge. Towering above them at an estimated seven feet.Deep tan skin littered with scars and scratches exposed by his lack of top covering and thick thighs covered by some kind of blue skirt

    Izuku is looking up at him in awe

    “Jeh iea ckoup English el Japanese?”(Do you speak English or Japanese?)

    The man clears his throat, “Both” he replies in perfect English, “I know many languages,all my people do”

    Katsuki stumbles onto his feet and the redhead holds out a giant hand ,”I’m terribly sorry. You had a weapon and it was instinct to disarm you”

    Katsuki scoffs and slaps the hand away,leaving the man with an offended pout

    “Are you from Yueei?” Izuku can’t help himself

    “Yes. My name is Eijirou,I’m a native. I came here to hunt”

    Holy shit it’s real?

    Izuku beams when he looks at Katsuki

    “Can you take us there?”

    Eijirou looks uneasy, “I’m not supposed to,but you know our tongue and seem friendly” he pushes past them, “Come on”

    Izuku and Katsuki quickly pack up their things and follow the giant,Izuku chatting a mile a minute asking the giant several questions to put in his iPad


    Katsuki is still dazed from the death grip the man had on his neck. He lifted him like he weighed nothing……wow

    A short walk brings them to a waterfall. Crystal blue water foams at the base and it’s beautiful

    “We’re here!” Eijirou announces,gesturing to the clearing

    The pair look around……okay?

    “There’s nothing fucking here!” Katsuki yells,patience wearing thin

    “Oh,I forgot” Eijirou laughs and waves his hand vaguely, “Now we can go” he steps into the water and disappears behind the waterfall

    Izuku and Katsuki,reluctantly follow him,getting drenched by the roaring water

    “Welcome to Yueei”

    The men gasp.

    It’s a utopia full of lush grass and rolling hills. The homes are little dens underneath the hills with doors and windows. Some more ‘modern’ homes are made of rocks and sticks.

    They seemed to be in a marketplace,several people bustling around with baskets and wagons. Some yelling at others in front of their stalls and some exchanging gold coins

    “Wow” Izuku sighs

    “Shit!” Katsuki says loudly

    Eijirou roars and everyone turns to face him

    “We have visitors!” He announces

    Immediately the people swarm around them,chattering in their native tongue as they examine the two strange men.

    The women were just as tall as they were,some a few inches taller with rich tan and brown skin

    The men were built like Eijirou,giant and beefy

    One woman tugs gently at Izukus green curls and gasps,saying something to her friend beside her

    “What the fuck are they saying Deku?” Katsuki nudges him

    “They’re just excited to see us” The man says

    Eijirou guides them through the crowd towards the center

    “Come,the queen will be excited to see you”

    The queen's home is grand. White stones polished to high quality make up the walls and outside are two guards,a man and woman who bow when Eijirou walks through

    The grand hall is lined with portraits of former kings and queens along with children playing. Vines line the pillars and it’s all in all a gorgeous place

    The redhead takes a deep breath before cupping his hands in front of his mouth, “YU’N FENO!”(I’m home!)

    It’s silent for a few moments before there’s scurrying from above.

    Eijirou tries to move but a body is dropped onto his shoulder,thick thighs wrapping around his head.

    ““Quoolo fubo iea voom,iea yujyueg!?”(where have you been,you idiot?!) You pull at his hair as he sways

    “Ouch,I was hunting! We have guests!”

    You stop tugging his hair and look at the two men.

    Katsuki gasps quietly. Your eyes are the same blazing red as the giant’s but your skin is a deeper brown. Long dreads cascade down your back in a low ponytail

    It also doesn’t help that you’re topless. Plush boobs on full display for everyone to see

    “Oh” you cock your head and slide off Eijirous back, “Interesting”

    Izuku blushes right up to his ears,trying to keep his eyes fixed on your face, “H-hello Miss. I’m—gulp—Izuku” he sticks out his hand and you just stare at it,

    “What do I do with your hand?” You say, “Do you want it cut off?”

    Izuku squeaks and draws his hand away quickly, “S—sorry. It’s just,where I’m from—“

    “Well you’re not there are you?” You put your hand on your hip, “What brings you here?”

    Katsuki steps forward, “Look sweetheart,we’re explorers,we’ve been looking for your people for fuck knows how long. Just show us the Queen so we can have a talk”

    Eijirou clears his throat, “She is the queen”


    You cross your arms and glare at him. It’s not often Katsuki is intimidated,but when a six foot tall woman is looking at him like an annoying fly she’s about to smack,he’s pretty damn close to it

    “Give me one reason I shouldn’t have you executed”You say calmly

    Eijirou nudges your side and bends down to whisper in your ear, “They know our tongue. They come in peace. Also,I think the emerald one is attractive”

    You nod, “Well,my brother has taken interest in you,so I will let you live”

    “Brother?” Izuku gawks at Eijirou who shrugs, “You're royalty?”

    “Yeah but she was born first so she was next in line”

    You grin proudly,showing off matching sharp teeth, “Also I won the duel”

    “You just got lucky”

    “You’re just bitter cause you’re a weakling”

    “Shut up”

    “Make me”



    The men watch you and your brother argue.

    “I see the resemblance” Katsuki deadpans

    You and Eijirou stop bickering and you smooth down your skirt

    “Alright,I officially welcome you to Yueei. You are welcome to gather as much information as you need as long as you promise not to interfere with our livelihood”

    Izuku nods, “Yes,yes! Thank you so much” he reaches out again

    This time you take his hand with your pointer finger and thumb,shaking it awkwardly

    Katsuki watches the way your tits jiggle with your movement. You really were letting it all hangout huh?

    “Does my chest offend you?”

    His eyes snap up to your face. Busted

    “No. Just not used to seeing a woman exposing herself. Where we come from,women are more—Ahem—modest”

    You scoff, “Our people are not ashamed of our bodies. Nudity is encouraged but I prefer to keep my lower half covered”


    “So,you are Izuku,” you point at the greenette, “And you?” You point at Katsuki

    “Katsuki Bakugou”

    “A powerful name”

    Katsuki can’t help the proud smirk on his face

    “The guards will show you to your sleeping areas,you will join us for breakfast” you clap and a female guard steps behind them

    “Follow me please” she gestures to a nearby doorway

    Eijirou nudges you as you watch them leave

    “YU coo cho quui iea reep ug cho cgluqu fuyuloja emo”(I see the way you’re looking at the straw haired one)

    You wave dismissively, “Fo coonc vluus umja fulja foujoja”(he seems brash and hard headed)

    “Ceamjc hunyuryuul” (sounds familiar) Eijirou laughs

    You punch his bicep

    “Rog’c teh oug,YU’n cgulbot”(Let’s go eat,I’m starving)

    “Luso iea!”(Race you!)

    The two of you run off towards the banquet hall,pulling at each other’s hair and clothes


    “You shall be sleeping here”

    “Woah!” Izuku shouts into the grand room.

    It’s full of giant fluffy pillows and a silk curtain hanging from the ceiling offers some privacy

    “Woah,together?” Katsuki asks the woman

    “Yes. Is there an issue?”

    “Yeah,I don’t want to share with him”

    Izuku pouts from one huge yellow pillow

    “If you have any complaints,please speak to the queen” she states then leaves them behind

    Katsuki groans then throws his backpack onto the ground, “I need a shower”

    “I wonder if the queen will show us how they bathe,this is so exciting,I need to tell Aizawa” Izuku pulls out his iPad,frowning when he sees there’s no reception. “Guess we’re off the grid. At least I can still get my notes”

    Katsuki looks out the balcony at the busy street down below. The rising sun turning everything brilliantly bright

    “It’s real,” he whispers. The fucking trip was actually worth it

    Izuku joins him, “We’re the first of our generation to actually find them. We’ll be famous!”

    Katsuki nods, “Can’t fucking wait”

    They change into their cleanest clothes and make their way back downstairs. A guard shows them to the dining room where you and Eijirou are already waiting. Katsuki notices you’ve wrapped your chest in some kind of scarf. Not gonna lie,he’s a little disappointed.

    “Oh,you’re here” you wave, “Please. Sit”

    Katsuki sits right across you and Izuku sits next to a grinning Eijirou

    “So how do you know our tongue?” You ask before picking at what looked like ham but Katsuki wasn’t sure

    “Explorers of old have been here before,they documented as much as they could,including your alphabet” Izuku explains

    “If it is old,then It’s probably outdated. You will need to learn the new dialect”

    Izuku nods, “Yes please,teach me everything you know!”

    A plate of food is set in front of Katsuki

    “The fuck is this?”

    You raise a brow at the sudden attitude, “Chicken heart,wild boar flank and greens. Do you not eat meat?”

    “Oh I eat meat,sweetheart. Amongst other things”

    You scowl, “What is this ‘sweetheart’? How do you know my heart is sweet?”

    Izuku can’t help his giggle, “It’s a term of endearment,or at least it should be” he shoots Katsuki a look

    Eijirou snaps his fingers, “Like fire soul”

    “Fire soul?”

    “Fire soul is the highest term of endearment,it’s your one true person. The one that lights a fire in your,well,soul” he swoons dreamily, “I’m yet to meet mine”

    Katsuki resists gagging but Izuku looks smitten at the idea

    “Forgive my brother,he is a hopeless romantic” you laugh, “The idea of a fire soul is ludicrous to me,why choose to settle with one being for the rest of your life where you can have several?”

    Katsuki jabs at a chicken heart with gold chopsticks, “I like the way you think, sweetheart”

    #ao3fic#gray writes #katsuki bakugo x reader #i love this au so much #my drunk brain created it and I’m obsessed #(Bakugou likes black women) send tweet #you and Eijirou are siblings in this Au #Eijirou being lightskin in canon #cause Horikoshi told me 🤷🏽‍♀️
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    Not me finally redoing my tumblr html theme and making a y2k playlist for it😂

    #issa vibe tho #I used to be so obsessed with getting the right theme #y2k nostalgia#y2k vibes#y2k#cyber y2k#y2k blog#y2k playlist#tumblr themes#black tumblr #black women in luxury #black women
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    Week 3

    I haven't weighed in and probably won't till the week 4. Hopefully I'm at 292-290lbs. Week 2 hasn't been my best and won't dare label it my worst lol. Im trying to stick to my calorie deficit and keep cooking more. I noticed I tend to drag my workout after 8pms, so ill try to do it at a timely time. I need a schedule and I need to work with it. Its hard being an adult with ADHD but I can't do much..just gotta customize and learn.


    None, ima continue the ones from week 2 and 5x working out this week!

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    Bonjour à toutes et à tous

    Bonne journée


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    Should I start doing daily/ weekly affirmations?

    #affirmations#mindfulness#black women#black tumblr #black girl magic #black woman femininity #soft black woman #mental health
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    #black mental health #asian mental health #latinx mental health #lgbt mental health #self compassion #its okay to need help #its ok to cry #its ok to make mistakes #ask for help #you matter #its ok to not be ok #mental health#black men#black women
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    #ppaw#nu Odyssey #black women smoke #black women #black women who smoke #black weed #black weed smokers
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    Missing black & indigenous women will never get the kind of coverage that Gabby Petito received.

    #MMIW #protect black women #protect black trans women #protect black girls #protect black children #protect black lives #black lives matter #protect indigenous people #protect indigenous lives #protect indigenous women #protect indigenous children
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    I am remaking this post because my first post lost traction and despite the amount of notes I haven't reached half of my goal.

    I am a queer black woman living in an abusive household, my parents are both physically, emotionally abusive and they are homophobic. It has become increasingly unsafe for me to remain living in such conditions.

    I am not allowed to work as they don't allow me to go to job interviews and working remotely is impossible because they frequently take away my laptop and phone,if I refuse to give them my devices I get beaten. I try my best to not upset, but they find faults in every other thing that I do . I urgently need to leave and start healing from the pain and trauma they have caused,and start living a free life.

    I have attached my old post here.

    Proof of my situation here.

    The link to my P*yPal and my GoGetFunding post which I have added the link to.

    My p*ypal name is : chelseanovasummer

    Please donate to my p*ypal as friends and/family so I can avoid the fee. Thank you so much 🧡

    Please help me out🙏🏽💗

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    Me and Kasia watching an episode of wife swap w two black/white interracial couples w like the genders reversed if that makes sense and I’m so nervous

    #the ww considers herself a proud servant to her superior-to-white-men husband who believes women should be servants #and the bw is living the opposite her man caters to her completely and she left behind being w black men bc of attitudes like the ww’s #husband #I’m so nervous akdjjdkjsksn
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