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  • So, Your Hair…

    Ft. Kirishima x Platonic!Black!Y/N.

    Yall, Y/N got Type 4 hair for this one. I’ll make something for everybody else later. If you cannot tell, I don’t proof read shit so have fun reading without having a stroke.


    Originally posted by haruicchi

    Y/N and Kirishima sitting in a dim room, face to face, surrounded by tacky decor and a despair inducing aura. His pitiful eyes meet her broken ones before the gaze is forcibly teared away. They’re both hunched over clutching their hair,; their crown.

    Her coils, not yet suffering from shrinkage, dancing in her dark embraced ignoring the atmosphere in the room. Free from perm, relaxer, extensions or anything else. Her hair was just her. Called unprofessional and became a zoo attraction in her history despite having no control over how it grows. Others begging to touch a single curl, marveling at the gravity defying sight, asking ignorant questions and attacked with subliminal messages. Called ratchet once entangled with protective styles only to sit back and watch others with a lighter complexion mock her culture and take it as her own.

    (Y/N) gripped her hair gently and shot a deep look at Kirishima.

    His crown contained misery and stories of a inferiority and imposter complex. Stories of freezing in the line of danger, unable to protect anyone. Stories of watching his green superior take on his demons in middle school and in the entrance exam, unable to do anything due to fear paralysis. His red dye masked the stench of desperation and pessimism. However, despite the mask he wore everyday, if you were to look closely enough, you can see his black roots fade in along with eyebags and depression.

    Kirishima let go of his hair and sat straight up at (Y/N) to ask the overwhelming question that struck them dumby slient.

    “So, who’s gonna tell Bakugou that we accidentally ate his Takis?”

    “You, nigga!”

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  • Just a though for yall, Kaminari and Mineta do NOT discriminate.

    “You don’t mind that I’m dark skin”

    “Baby gorl, you can be magenta, lemme see dem tiddies”

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  • A/N: WELP. Here we are y’all: numero siete and I really didn’t have a plan with this chapter. I just knew I wanted more drama…and it’s from young Taika’s POV. I think I wrote in the wrong voice for the reader but idc lol this one got away from me a bit…we see a side of young Taika we’ve never seen before…

    Relationship: young!Taika Waititi x black!reader

    Warnings: heh well smut, cursing, angry aggressive sex, rough sex, crazy emotional draaaammaaaaaa

    Tags: @honorarytenenbaum@profoundunknownmoon@ldnbridge@theidleblog@afriendlyblackhottie@fineassvikings@mrtommyshelby


    (heh…can you imagine THAT face lookin at you cuz you’re pissin him off? heh…)

    I can breathe again. And the air is cleaner and fresher now. With the hard reset that was our breakup and make up, there’s a newer outlook on our relationship. I’m different. She’s different. But different in the best way I don’t know how to explain it. For days I incessantly apologize and treat her like the queen she is in my universe, waiting on her hand and foot and doting on her any moment she sat beside me minding her business. Maybe it was suffocating but she doesn’t complain or roll her eyes…loves to give me this saucy grin though before saying “thank you babe” and pecking me on the cheek. I’ll take it. Sex is different. Gentler. I worship her more. Connect with her on a deeper intimate level. I tenderly stroke her and call out her name, feel her heavy heartbeat against my calloused hand when she’s close to spilling over. “I love you I love you…” I whisper every single time we cum in unison, soaking all her delicate whimpers with my lips while she comes down. Kissing and nestling the apples her cheeks, her almond eyes so affectionately peer into me, feeding me all her admiration. I hold her while she sleeps, watch her eyebrows twitch and frown from whatever is ailing her in her dreams. Sometimes she’s smiling and laughing, shaking her head and snuggling into my chest. Either way, I think she’s dreaming about me, good or bad. When I ask her about it she shoots me a dramatic side eye and chuckles, “mind your business.” I respect all of her wishes. Back attached at the hips and at the lips she practically moved in with me, spending days inside lounging around in my t-shirts and cooking dinner in her underwear. When I couldn’t handle another second of her standing in my kitchen enticing me with her ass cheeks poking out, stretching her legs on her tippy toes, I’d lurk up behind her and pull her panties down for an appetizer. Our lives treading the line of becoming domestic. I think when she felt like it was too committed, she’d go home for a couple of days but send me nudes and video clips of her in bed. Always feigning for her. Always thinking about her.

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  • Well, long time no see? Hm, where do I start? And how do I make this long story short?


    The last post was a YouTube video i created, where I discussed my desire to move to New York, a dream I had been dreaming of since i was a child. I didn’t know what was there, honestly. I just knew i had to go. But during this video, I was interviewing for a Visual Merchandisng position, with a H&M store in Poughkeepsie, NY. I put on my best professional outfit. Brought my portfolio.

    I didn’t get the job.

    I quit PNC. And moved back home. On my way back home, i got a interview for another VM position, this time for the company Zara, this time in New York City. I tell my mom I’m renting a car, driving to New York, and going to that interview. Mom says “You’re not going alone, I’m coming with you”

    We drive up the hills, and through the heavy rain, for 12 hrs. I do my interview, and they want me to come back, even though I told them I couldn’t because i didn’t liven NYC. But they insisted. And so I did it. Me and my mom repeated step 1 all over again, drove 12 hrs back home, turned in the rental, got a new one, then drove 12 hrs back to NYC. I did my 2nd interview. Me and my mom drove 12 hrs back home. We had invested all of our savings into a interview in NYC. I waited weeks and weeks for a decision on if I got the position.

    I didn’t get the job…

    All of that hard work. I was so depressed.

    I got hired to work at a women’s shelter, something to get me by and help me save until I moved. I was determined to get to NYC.

    To Be Continued…..

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  • #anon ask#abt me#black writers #black writers of tumblr #writeblr
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  • Not a black man arguing with me in the comments about why black writers are important. My guy, really? Whose ass are you kissing?

    He’s really sitting here and pinning all of the blame on BLACK PEOPLE. Talking about how the playing field needs to be even but he’s saying it’s our fault people don’t take us seriously. Not only that but dude is conflicting with his viewpoint; one minute, he’s saying he doesn’t care as long as the story is good, and then he’s telling me the next minute that white people are doing better writing.


    Originally posted by timcurryfanatic

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  • “Something like a flame flickered to life in the pit of her stomach. A burning, righteous anger she had always mistaken for grief. A thrill went through her as she felt it roar and blaze in her belly. Rising and rising.”

    The Witch | For Lincy (@riceicecream), my dearest and disturbingly patient friend.

    You can read it below. If you do, I’d love to know what you think! Heads up it’s like 5k words.

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  • image

    today, i feel no weakness.

    i know i remained a sunflower, even on the days i didn’t feel the sun’s light.

    i know i was brave enough to show up for my healing no matter where i was in my pain or what it cost me to be well.

    i know i allowed the purging of my filthy bad habits and addictions in order to be clean & to be whole.

    i know i can look at every person, place & thing that served as a weed, dry spot, & dead zone in my life, and say with the resiliency built in my stem, “i survived your worst.”

    i know i gave up my fears and fell deeper in love with the God who made me a woman, a soldier, and a sunflower.

    today, there’s nothing wounded or wailing in me - no damage untended to, no responsibility overlooked, & it makes me feel powerful. lifted. freed.

    ..unLYSHed. ⛓🌻

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  • image

    Originally posted by duke-of-bretagne

    Sometimes you’re not sure about the things going on in your life . Sometimes you are …. & other times you’re literally just taking it one day at a time …. that’s me .

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  • Writer’s work is never done. Living the good life ain’t easy so I’m putting the work in now. I Am Black Mamba 2021! www iamblackmamba.com

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  • I love my people dude. The black women and men that have sent me encouragement about my blog. I am more than grateful to see you all enjoy my work. It took me quite a while to open up but I’m so glad that it’s been positive energy🥰❣️

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  • “But can’t you even imagine what it must feel like to have a true home? I don’t mean heaven. I mean a real earthly home. Not some fortress you bought and built up and have to keep everybody locked in or out. A real home. Not some place you went to and invaded and slaughtered people to get. Not some place you claimed, snatched because you got the guns. Not some place you stole from the people living there, but your own home, where if you go back past your great-great-grandparents, past theirs, and theirs, past the whole of Western history, past the beginning of organized knowledge, past pyramids and poison bows, on back to when rain was new, before plants forgot they could sing and birds thought they were fish, back when God said Good! Good!– there, right there where you know your own people were born and lived and died. Imagine that, Pat. That place.” - PARADISE

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  • What’s one opinion about MHA and/or the Fandom that’ll get you some looks?


    Originally posted by lifetimetv

    #black writers#bnha #mha x black!reader #mha x poc!reader #jdee's input#anime#mha#mha fandom
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  • For a group of people who’ve been so fucking passive agressive in their hate speech, you sure get real defensive when people call you out on ya bullshit.

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  • tetsutetsu x reader x kirishima


    tobiospersonalsimp says; someone with talent please make it happen. i cant write to save my life 🥲


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  • I need a list of names that are Black. Specifically unique Black names. HELP.

    I know so many of us have these gorgeous names but I blank whenever I’m trying to come up with one. The only thing Google, pinterest, baby name sites have are either hella racist or African or just last names.

    #black women#black names#black culture #black original character #black original characters #amber ruffin#black writers#baby names #black baby names #black girl names #black boy names #African american culture #government name#pinterest#Google
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