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  • I’ve been dating wrong this entire time. Trying to find love in BOYS that are confused and unsure about themselves. Hell, confused and unsure about me, even. I thought love has been hiding in the beat of your heart, but I failed to realize that it was actually hiding in mine. I’ve been dating wrong this whole time. Just pouring my soul out to BOYS who only give me crumbs back. Filling their cups until they’re overflowing with devotion. But my cup has always been empty. I know I date for all the right reasons. I want to find a MAN who will commit, but I feel like I’ve been looking in all the wrong places. All of the ungodly places. The ones where BOYS are more interested in getting to know my body more than they know my soul. The ones where I’m expected to accept the bare minimum. The places where I crave love, but feel emptiness. 

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  • Wrap Party Wreckage


    A/N: Remember when I said I was going to do something with said picture above? Well…and yes I know I said I was taking a break but I had to get this out before I lost it so…you got lucky. This one is…somethin else….I just finished this and its like damn near 6 am. 

    Pairing: Taika Waititi x Mark Ruffalo x black!reader

    Summary: The boys have been ogling you most of the night at a wrap party but you don’t know why…until they get you in a room alone….

    Warnings: I think you can guess…but smut, dom daddy tings, drugs. It’s nasty

    Tags: @honorarytenenbaum @zeldasayer @profoundunknownmoon @thegirlwholovessynchronicity @fineassvikings @ldnbridge @theidleblog@thelordofgifts

    Boy oh boy. Now this is an absolute treat. Over in the corner, I eye my two favorite salt and pepper, bearded menses, Taika Waititi and Mark Ruffalo, huddled closely and giggling like two bad ass kids that are up to no good. This wrap party has been a delight and even though it was only my first, it was the best one so far. Open bar and dope catering, I could get use to life like this. I had been watching the two of them most of the night tell grand stories and get people to take shots with them and every once in a while, one would come bump into me with a sinister smirk, asking me if I was having a good time, asking if I needed anything. Introverted and buzzed, I sat on the corner of the couch, listening and observing, meeting eyes with them across the room. They were definitely up to something and was looking to getting me involved. I pull my iPhone out of my back pocket and start texting one of my best friends who would be up this late.

    At this sick ass party, wishing you were

    here…this might sound weird but…

    I think Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi

    are checkin me out….

    I lift my eyes from the screen and catch them looking at me again, still talking amongst themselves. My phone vibrates.

     I wish I was there too so I can

    be a witness to your two faves

    eyein you across the room…

    I’m drunk/bold enough

    to take a pic…

    DO IT.

    I lift my phone with a devious smile and aim the camera right at the two nerds, making blatant eye contact with them as I take the pic. I send it to my bestie and give them a flirty wink. Oh there is way too much tequila and vodka in my system tonight. My phone vibrates again.

    Oh. Shit. Yeah. Totes

    peepin you…how ballsy

    are you to get a pic like

    that wow!

    Lol I told you…

    “Hey who are you sending our picture to?”

    Mark and Taika stand before me, mildly swaying from the booze coursing through their veins. Damn they’re so much hotter in person. Both of them have always been subjects of my desires so for them to loom over me they were was definitely fueling some old fantasies.

    “I needed some reassurance from a friend.”

    “About?” chirps Taika, flushed on the apples of his freckled cheeks.

    “About the two of you staring me down like some creeps in the corner there.” I nod to the corner in questioning.

    They look at each other with a chuckle. “Ok, ok so maybe we could be conceived as strange standing there.” Mark’s crooked smile is beaming and I’m blinded by the light.

    “Well what did she say?” Taika quickly retorts, grabbing a drink from a tray floating through the living room of whoever’s sick ass loft this party was being held. Mark tries to grab one too late and the tray floats away.

    “She said y’all were checkin me out.”

    They exchange saucy looks, snickering again. I couldn’t even imagine what these two were on about but the more they laughed and mumbled, the more I needed to know what was going on.

    “Well, I suppose in a way we were…” starts snickering Taika.

    “But not for those reasons…”

    “Well.” Taika mumbles to Mark, thinking I wouldn’t hear him. My eyebrow raises at him in intrigue.

    “Huh…so what are the reasons?” I cross my arms over my jean button up. I want to be in on it now and I’m ready for the plan. Taika’s strapping body plops down beside me on the couch and leans in close to my ear. His fragrance fills the air around the two of us and I try to calmly inhale the smell into my bloodstream. He whispers to me,

     “We want some weed.”

    He lingers close for a bit. I look up at Mark who’s grinning criminally down at me. This tension seems hypersexualized and electric, these words meaning more than they had led on in some form or fashion.

    “And what makes you guys think…” My flirty eyes look away from Mark and turn slightly towards Taika who still heated my space. “…that I have anything to accommodate you?”

    Taika’s eyes dart around my face and neck. The tips of his tongue wets his lips before answering.

    “Just a feeling.” He mumbles softly. My chest rises feeling heavy underneath this heated stress. This clearly can’t be about a joint but I’m on this train now heading towards some nonsense. I relax, ready to enjoy this ride. I don’t flinch under these two. I break my gaze from Taika, standing from the couch. I motion for them to follow me. I know there’s got to be an abandoned room that I could smoke the joint that’s sitting in my shirt pocket. I was saving it for the way home but I don’t mind sharing with these two goofballs. They still mumble and whisper behind me as I open random doors, looking for the perfect space to smoke them out. Behind door number three, I find some sort of lounge room filled with floor cushions and cozy couches. Things could get real interesting up in here.

    “Jackpot.” I move to the side, revealing the find to the guys. “Gentlemen.”

    I lay out on some floor cushions between Taika and Mark who sit up on a couch. Taika’s dirty white chucks and Mark’s fancy loafers are on opposite sides of my head. Their toes tap and feet fidget as they carry on, talking movie talk while I just lay on the cushions, smoking and passing the joint when it’s my turn to do so. There was enough industry talk for the night from everyone else at the party and I would love to converse about anything else. Why kill this high with such typical conversation? I allow them to wrap up talking about the film they just wrapped to drop the bomb.

    “If you could have sex with one person in the whole world, who would it be?”

    Ok so that’s such a typical question but the weed convinced me it was the best question to ask right now. They’re caught up in their thoughts, conjuring up the best answer that they could. I already had five answers and two I wouldn’t dare say aloud. The answers could turn this situation from comfortable to awkward to possibly rigid with lust. It was too early to risk it. I totally need to play my cards right…if I allude this vibe correctly.

    “Anyone in the world you say?” Taika reiterates. I tap the toe of shoe twice, signaling yes. “Hmm…okay then. I have one.”

    “Oh God.” Mark snorts then coughs, “There’s no telling what this answer could be.”

    I laugh along with Mark agreeing with his sentiments. Crazy man Taika could take this conversation anywhere with one simple word. I brace my ears for impact.

    Taika scoffs at Mark. “It’s actually a good one. Princess Diana.” He throws it right on out there. I simply grin. “Like right after she found out she was getting cheated on. I bet she was amazing in the sack.”

    Mark hands me the joint as we sit with Taika’s not so off the wall answer. She was gorgeous and I’m sure she was getting some from someone after Charles snaked her so ugly. I take a long hit before saying,

    “I don’t hate that answer,” my voice strained, holding my breath, “Mark?”

    I hear his toe tap calmly on the carpet. He’s quiet for a few seconds. “Michelle Obama. She’s way out of my league but I find her insanely attractive.”

    Both of their answers are women of power, that just makes sense. Taking another hit, my imagination displays the two of them with their conquests at hand, trying to woo them with their wit and charm. They’re both successful in some way, a kiss or a touch but that’s how far as it goes at first, their possible one night stands transforming into full affairs. I don’t know who would turn down such funny, handsome men. My mind is sprinting. They discuss their answers above me and I raise my hand to Taika. Even the tip of his fingers are strong, pressing against mine to pinch the diminishing bud.

    “I feel like these situations would be entirely risky, of course, but it would be definitely worth the story.” Taika mumbles behind the joint between his lips.

    “Worth the experience.”


    Their minds are racing as well, the weed fueling their daydreams. I laugh at their hypotheticals, their detailed “how I would’s” and frown at their banter if they were to get caught. My lids are heavy with indica, tequila still moving through me. The combination of the two make my limbs lazy but my head happy. This is an ideal night.

    “What’s your answer?” Mark inquires tapping me on the shoulder with toe of his shoe. You two, I almost moan but I just grin behind a different answer. It’s an answer they won’t be expecting.

    “Jim Morrison. But like both of us high as a kite or like trippin on acid. I bet sex with him was insane. Hair flyin and clammy bodies rollin all over his grand bed. Hot.” When they don’t react, I look up at them both and they’re both grinning down at me. My eyebrows frown. “Whaaaa.”

    Taika leans down, placing his elbows on his legs. “You’re kinda nasty huh…” There they go again, exchanging side glances and sickening smiles. Gradually, I flip over to sit on my knees, giving them a concerning look.

    “Maybe. Depends.”

    “On?” Mark leans down next, his hands resting in between his legs, sending me the same seductive stare as Taika’s. I still don’t shake.

    I address Mark. “Who’s the recipient.”

    “So only certain people would get to see that side of you.” Taika calls my attention back. The coy look on his face draws a smile from me. The train is still heading full speed towards nonsense. I unbuckle my seatbelt.

    “Sure.” The word is pouty, drawing Taika’s sexy gaze. “If they’re lucky…”

    We all chuckle together, biting and licking lips trying to entice each other. I stretch my neck and shoulders that were being crushed by the weight of this sexual energy. My body elongates and rolls and Mark places the joint to my plump lips. I press them together and take a drag, looking deep into his eyes. I could feel the tingle down into my toes. Out of nowhere, I feel Taika’s tender fingers push my hair behind my ear. His thumb rubs my earlobe as I exhale the smoke into Mark’s face.

    “Do you think we could be lucky?” Slowly, Mark leans closely to me and plants the daintiest kiss on my lips. Taika’s fingers trace up and down my neck, running the strands of my hair between his fingertips. Let’s face reality, I’m way too high for this but I’m here, ready for the crash and wreckage of this trip. There’s no way in hell this is happening right? I’m falling in deep into Mark’s brown eyes and lick at the place where his lips were.

    “Yeah…yeah I think so…” I breathe deep, hoping to steady the erratic rhythm rattling against my rib cage. Taika grips and massages my left shoulder while Mark trails his index finger down my chin. I don’t dare close my eyes, no, for I need all the mental pictures I can store. But he betrays me and breaks the stare and looks at his co-conspirator.

    “What do you think Taika? Do you think she’d let us be so lucky?”

    “Oh I know she will. A girl like her always aims to please.” His fingers caress my chin and turns my face out of Mark’s grasp. “Isn’t that right hun?” Now I’m lost in Taika, communicating that he wanted to make cum squirt all over his lap while he rammed me from behind. Well that’s what I interpreted on my own. I open my mouth as wide as it can go and hang my tongue fully out. Together they laugh while Taika runs his thumb over my taste buds and my lips.

    “Look how ready to go she is.” Mark balls his fist into my roots.

    Taika rubs my spit all over my face, drool falling from my tongue. “I know I fuckin love it.” He moans, shoving his fingers in my slobbering hole. I vocalize a loud, deep moan. They moan in return. Mark’s grip holds my head still as Taika’s stands. “Stay just like that.” He points and grumbles at me. I breathe heavily out of my wet mouth, tongue dripping onto carpet beneath me. His bulge pultrudes through his jeans. It’s going to feel so amazing down my throat. He reveals it to me in true Taika fashion, menacing and taunting, stroking it directly in front of my face. Any time I try to reach for it, Mark tugs on my hair.

    “Not yet.” His growl makes my skin prickle.

    Taika smears his sticky cock across my exposed tongue, sighing to the feeling of moisture on the head of his dick. I squirm under Mark, anticipating his hefty cock rubbing against the back of my throat. But he continues to tease me, his cock getting harder with every touch of my mouth.

    “Oh I was so right about you.” Taika moans, gripping his member harder, “I knew you wanted me. Wanted us.”

    “Yeah looks like the rumors are true.” Mark loosens his grip. “Taika knew you’d give yourself to us.” He stands and unbuttons his pants. “My turn.” I reposition myself to face Mark now, mouth still wet and exposed. He doesn’t play though. Without hesitation, Mark shoves his dick into my mouth and groans. Closing my mouth around him, I suck on his trembling skin. “Oh my God.” He chokes out as I lower my sucks down his cock. In the distance, I hear a lock turn.

    “I don’t want anyone to interrupt this.” Taika purrs, returning to our side. I glance over his naked body and admire his tattoos but Mark doesn’t approve, making me gag unexpectedly.

    “Don’t look at him while my dick is in your mouth. Understand?”              

    With watery eyes I nod at him, learning my place. Taika laughs at my punishment.

    “Maybe she wants me more than she wants you.” Taika taunts Mark and all he does is roll his eyes in return.

    “Don’t start your egotistical bullshit right now…” Mark snipes at him, jamming his dick deeper and quicker in my mouth. His annoyance is quickly diminished the more he fucks my mouth, moaning loudly with each stroke. His hands rest on each side of my head, moving his hips faster. Just when I think he’s about to cum though, he withdraws with a noisy grunt. Gripping the head of his dick, Mark squeezes his eyes close, trying to catch his breath. “Holy fuck.” His shoulders shudder briefly. “Oh baby…we’re gonna have so much fun with you tonight.” He resumes stroking his dick.

    “Stand up.” Taika commands, sitting with his arms up on the back of the couch, his dick at full position. I do what the man says. “Unbotton your shirt. Now.” Mark sits back on the couch once he’s removed all of his clothes. My trembling black nails go for my top button, unsnapping the first clasp. The sound seems so loud in the room. Taika and Mark look on with their full erections distracting me. The very tips glisten in the dim light, a tiny drop of pre cum begins to trickle down the head of Taika’s veiny cock. I unsnap another button as I watch it begins its journey down the textured heated skin.

    “Faster.” Mark barks. The next button I release reveals a bit of sheer material of my bra. “Open your shirt. Show us your tits sitting in your bra.” He nods at me. I unsnap another clasp before I draw my shirt open, giving them whatever they wanted. Their erections jump at the sight of my C cups sitting in sheer violet bralette.

    “Your pants now.” Taika runs his fingers over his leaking head. I don’t waste any time. I push my pants all the day down to my ankles and off my feet, kicking them to the side. I present my golden almond skin to them that’s accented with a sheer violet thong set. “Turn around.” I exhibit my perfectly round peach, cheeks bare and smooth. The two of them moan and exult. I put on a little show, bending over and giving my naked cheeks a couple of slaps and rubs. Taika’s head rolls back, fully stroking his stiff dick. Mark’s breath is heavy and shaky.

    “Back that shit up over here. Let me get a closer look.” He almost whispers. As carefully as my clumsy as could, I throw my ass towards Mark, boaring my stare into Taika who is ready to devour me. He’s past ready to bust. Mark clutches my thighs, yanking my ass into his face where he smooths his bearded chin and cheeks on and in between my ass, occasionally grazing my pussy with his tongue. I jump with each sporadic lick. Next, he rips my thong away. He definitely will be buying me a new one this is a favorite set. Then he lands a few full handed slaps. I yelp in pleasure.

    “Fuck she’s gorgeous. Look at that ass. Look at that sweet pussy god. Taika do you see this?” He twists me towards him, holding me by the thighs as he runs his to fingers down my slit, displaying my juices. Taika relinquishes a shaky gasp. “You look like you’re about to lose it. Would you like to go first?”

    Mark releases his hold and shoves me in Taika’s direction landing in Taika’s stern body with a loud smack. Before I could even register, he swiftly bends me over and shoves my head into the couch. I yell into the soft fabric when he spanks me several times, watching my muscles jiggle and redden. Taika’s fat cock lies in wait on my soaking wet lips.

     “Why you’re too kind sir. I really appreciate the first dig.” Taika holds me steady, entering me with all his force. It shoves me further into the plush cushion. “Oh fuck yes.” He gasps. Another shove. “Take this dick.” I cry out. Shove. “OH—OH GOOD GOD.” This shove is more aggressive. I curse to myself, hoping it’s not the end of his turn. My walls are burning and sopping, the feeling of his meaty dick stroking me producing all the natural lubricant he needs to slide in and out of me. Mark looks on with joy, enjoying the live show.

    “Damn she looks amazing. How does she feel?”

    Taika kicks his head back with a loud groan. “Ah man. Her walls are so wet but wrap around my dick so tightly. It’s fuckin gorgeous mate.” Taika snags my hands together behind my back, fucking me further into the couch. I am nothing but weak moans. If he could go any further in me, he would, my ass cheeks slapping against his pelvis. My yelp is muffled when he slaps me again, leveraging his foot up on the couch. “Such a dirty girl. Willing to open her legs for the both of us you take this fuckin cock…yes yes such a good dirty girl your pussy is swallowing my dick whole…”

    Readjusting my face in the cushion, I get my mouth free enough to pant, “I’m your good dirty girl sir. Fuck this dirty girl’s pussy.”

     Those words send him over the edge, shooting his seed all inside and all over my back and ass, sighing over and over, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Taika takes his shirt and cleans up his mess backing away from me once it’s gone. “You’re up.” He tags in Mark before throwing his now dirty shirt back down on the floor. When I resume normal standing position, some of Taika’s seed drips from my tired pussy onto one of the floor cushions. We didn’t give a fuck about making a mess. It wasn’t our concern once this is all over.

    Mark is suddenly soft, holding out his hand to me. “Come here you.” Gently I take it and he guides me down on his lap, straddling him. Mark moistens his fat thumb and presses it firmly on my swollen clit. My whole body shakes. “I’m going to take care of you. Okay?” he asks like I would object. So much pressure built up inside of me. Mark drops me down to his dick, continuing to flick and rub my magic button. My body shakes more.

    “Ho-ooooly shit.” Mark squeezes my ass with his free hand reacting to my hole swallowing him this time. He shouts over to Taika, “You weren’t kidding. Wow.” No more games. Mark’s arms wrap strongly around my torso, keeping me still so he can fuck me however he wants. His rapid slams cause me to holler and shout his name and moans mine back. “You feel so crazy good its driving me wild.” The pressure finally becomes unbearable and I release it all on Mark and the poor couch. And he doesn’t stop slamming into me while I orgasm. I jerk around in his arms but he holds on stronger, giving me all the work. The ends of my long hair end up back into his grip, yanking on the soft strands. In the distance the familiar sound of Taika’s friction can be heard across the room.

     Mark coaches, “Here I come baby. Cum again. Do it. Now. Cum.”

     As I fall apart in his embrace, I squirt all over his dick while he shoots his hot load in me. I rest my head on his shoulder, crying from such intense back to back orgasms like that. Taika cums shortly after we do, his cries of pleasure send a chill down my limp spine. Taika comes back over to the couch and kisses me while Mark rubs my back, his dick resting limply inside of me.

    “You’re marvelous baby. A delectable thrill. Was she not Waititi?”

    Taika mumbles on my lips, “I could cum in her all night.” We resume making out and he pulls me off Mark’s lap like a little spoiled baby.

    “We can pick this up back at her place. What do you think our little slutty girl?” Mark slides his pants back on, rubbing his hand along the zipper. “I don’t think I want this night to end yet.”

    I pull away from Taika’s precious mouth and agree because I definitely didn’t want this night to end either. I loved being their little play thing they took turns pleasing and using. Taika gives me one last kiss placing my bruised cheeks down on the cozy couch we just ruined, picks up my tattered thong off the floor with uneasy smile.

    “We’ll buy you more lingerie. Promise.” He stuffs it in his pants pocket once the buttons them back. Mark politely hands me my clothes and shoes with a smile. My nerds are back, laughing while we get dressed, discussing if anyone at the party heard all the fun we were having. Taika states his car is downstairs waiting to take us back to my place for more. Before we walk back into the party, Taika takes ahold of my arm and says in my ear, “I’m going to spread you open on your table and eat you like a five course meal while you choke on Ruffalo’s cock. Understand?” and delivers a quick pat to my sensitive bottom. The roar of the party overwhelms our ears as we slip back into the hallway and out the front door.

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  • I’ve spent practically my entire life trying to force myself to be an extrovert because I perceived being an introvert as a bad thing. I mean, how could I not? That’s what society likes to tell us. Our world was built on extroversion. We are told that we have to be social and outgoing in order to survive. And that is true to an extent, but allow me to let you in on a little secret. Being an introvert has allowed me to develop important life skills that I most likely wouldn’t have been able to grasp onto if I fell more towards the extroverted spectrum. Over time, I’ve definitely acquired extroverted tendencies and I am thankful that I have the ability to allow myself to be social, meet new people, and not be shy in social settings. But as I grow older, I start to realize more and more that my alone time is sacred. It’s important for my overall well being. Solitude is bliss, baby. It’s much needed for me in order to survive in this world. Being an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t like people or that I am depressed or that I am boring. It just means that I like doing things differently. It doesn’t make me weird. It makes me more self aware. More observant. A great listener. A deep thinker. More emotionally intelligent. Giving myself my alone time allows me to think about things clearly. It allows me to get rid of the noise and just be with myself. I think embracing my inner introverted butterfly is hands down the best thing to happen to my existence. Because I know myself so well. I don’t need other people to recharge my energy or to make me happy. I can do that on my own. I am the happiest when I am alone.    

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  • I’ve just recently had this epiphany. A strong one. And it made me realize that I’ve been trying to force myself in spaces that aren’t meant for me. With people that aren’t meant for me. Doing things that aren’t serving me. And I don’t have to do any of that. I am who I am and I belong where I belong and I don’t need to try and fit into places that do nothing for my existence. 

    Where I do belong, I thrive. I am my happiest. I am the best version of myself. Those are the spaces that I belong in. It’s not in a space where I’m not accepted for who I am. The spaces that I belong in aren’t ones where people are trying to change me. The places that I belong in accept me. They love me fiercely. And from here on out I won’t be accepting anything less. If someone doesn’t like who I am and what I stand for, that’s their problem. I’ll go somewhere that I am accepted.

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  • There is not enough representation when it comes to fanfiction. I don’t see enough fics with black reader/oc’s. Like there is a bunch of white reader/oc fics. I went to ao3 and black reader tag is either combined with something or not there. I tried a different ways to search for it eventually i found some but it doesn’t have a filter for the tag so its like comb through 8 pages. Only to find half isn’t what you want and the other is not relevant to the tag.

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  • A/N: Enjoy! There is one chapter left, which I am really excited about :)

    Warnings: Slow burn, verbal abuse (and one mention of physical abuse), angst

    Word Count: idk, it is long lol

    Pairings: M’Baku x OC 

    [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

    Asha groaned as she felt something nudging her shoulder, assuming it was M'Baku’s feeble attempts to wake her up. “Five more minutes,” she mumbled, her voice groggy and tired. She shifted on her side, burying her face deeper into his chest, her hand sliding across his midsection to hold onto him tighter. There was no response to her exhausted pleas for more sleep. In fact, she quickly realized that all she could hear were his loud, deep snores. Yet she still felt another more forceful nudge hit her back, forcing her eyes to pop open.

    Keep reading

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  • Cheating! Hawks x GN Reader (for the most part)

    So, I HATE this trend, because I personally don’t peg my bird man as a cheater. I think he may be a pretty difficult partner to have, but apparently this was a trend And I wanted to hop on it with a reader who is a bad bitch. Also I’ve had this song in my mind for weeks and thought it went perfectly (Gogo music look it up). Anywho I’ll leave now…

    @spacebunnz @the-magician-in-alice @the-grimm-writer @half-baked-biscuit

    Kei❤️🦅: Hey baby, looks like it’s gonna be another late night at the office😪 be home when I can. Don’t wait up.


    You frowned at the text in disappointment. Keigo’s work had picked up drastically in the last few months, leaving you with less and less face time with your man. Such was the life of dating the number two pro-hero.

    You tossed the phone beside you on his pillow and flopped back on the bed restlessly.

    I hope he’s eating good. Keigo has a habit of stuffing the most convenient crap in his mouth when he’s busy like this.

    The thought made you perk up. That’s it! If he couldn’t be home in time for dinner, you’d bring dinner to him.

    With renewed energy, you hopped out of bed and pulled on something cute and comfortable before heading to the kitchen. You fixed Keigo a plate of food and headed out to his agency.


    “Oh hey Ms. L/n!” The plucky, young receptionist, Hiro, greeted you as you walked in to Hawks’ Hero Agency.

    “You don’t have to call me ‘Ms,’ Hiro-san.”

    “Oh right!” He smacked his forehead gently. “I keep forgetting how chill you and Hawks are about that kinda stuff. Are you here to see him?”

    “Yeah, but I want it to be a surprise. Is he in?”

    “He should be in his office. Head on up!”

    “Thanks Hiro-san.” You double tapped the desk, flashing him a grateful smile.

    As you coasted up to your man’s office at the top floor, you admired the view of the lit Fukuoka streets through the glass elevator.

    Just outside Keigo’s office, strange, muffled noises drifted through the closed door.

    With a tilt of your head, you tried to make out exactly what you were hearing. Thudding, rustling, and heavy breaths.

    Your heart did a pirouette as your mind processed the noises.


    Surely not.

    It was nothing, right?


    You eschewed the idea of knocking, choosing instead to let yourself in.

    The sight in front of you turned your stomach. There, on top of the desk, was your man, balls deep in another person. A very familiar person. His personal fucking assistant!

    And this motherfucker was so enthralled in it, he hadn’t even realized you entered. He continued to deep dick that slut moaning and groaning obscenities in her face.

    “Fuck yeah, take this fuckin’ dick.”

    Your grip on the plate slipped. The entire thing clattered to the floor.

    Finally, Keigo and his personal whore’s faces snapped towards you, mouth’s dropping in shock.

    The pair of them cursed, simultaneously.

    The blonde clambered off of his naked assistant and grabbed his jacket to cover himself.

    “Shit, babe! Birdie, I can explain-“

    “No the fuck you cant.” You cut in.

    Tears prickled in the corners of your eyes and humiliation burned beneath your skin, but more than that was the cold rage that settled heavy in your chest

    You turned to his assistant.

    “Get the fuck out.” You commanded, quietly.

    She stared back at you, wide-eyed and shivering. She shot a cautious glance at Keigo as if silently asking asking for permission.

    “GET THE FUCK OUT!” You screamed.

    With a yelp, the assistant scurried out the door.

    Keigo gaped at the scene in shock. He seemed to compose himself once your angry eyes landed back on him.

    “Y/n, baby, I-“

    You held up a hand.

    “Get dressed, and bring your ass home.” You commanded.

    Your calm even tone shocked both you and Keigo.

    You made for the door without uttering another word. Luckily you didn’t pass that bitch on your way out the door.


    Once you made it back to you and Keigo’s shared home, you slumped to the ground; back against the door, and gazed unseeingly ahead.

    No tears came.

    Why? You wondered. Weren’t you hurt, humiliated, angry? Didn’t you feel betrayed in the most demeaning way?

    Yes. Yes to all of those things, but for some reason the emotion that was hugging your heart right now, was rage. Cold, heavy, intense rage.

    Numbly, you wandered into the bedroom, not bothering with taking off your clothes, and fell into the bed. If you hadn’t gone in…if you’d just taken his word for it that he would be back soon, then you would still have your too-good-to-be-true boyfriend.

    The one that always kissed your forehead goodbye before work. The one who cooked your favorite meal for your birthday every year. The one who played pranks on you everyday.

    Then you would have gotten played for a fool even longer. As much as it hurt, you were glad to know.

    The dip of the bed shook you out of a fitful slumber.

    Your nose wrinkled in disgust. The scent of Keigo’s natural body odor mixed with the distinctive musk of sex, hit your senses.

    “Babe…” he mumbled. “You awake?”

    You shrugged away from his touch.

    “Go take a shower and take your ass to the couch.” You replied.

    “Please, I…can we just-“

    “Wash the smell of that bitch off you, and leave me the fuck alone.”

    A wounded sound escaped Keigo. He drew back his hand, and got up from the bed without further argument. The bedroom door clicked shut.

    You heard the squeak of the shower knobs and the pattering of the water against the tiles.

    For whatever reason, that was the moment the dam broke and sobs wracked your body.


    The next morning, a persistent knock shook you out of your dreamless sleep.

    “Birdie…” Keigo’s voiced called out, quietly. “Can I come in?”

    “It’s your house.”

    He let himself inside. His black rimmed, amber eyes were red and underlined with deep bags. His mop of blonde hair was bedraggled and messy, even for him. He looked like shit and he was still the most beautiful man you’d ever seen in your life. The son of a bitch.

    He made an attempt at a smile—it looked tight and strained. You noted the tray of breakfast. Sausage and eggs with orange juice.

    He placed it on the bedside table and sat at the edge of the bed.

    A burdened sigh escaped him.

    “We need to talk about what happened.”

    “Yeah, we do.”

    “I…” he raked his hands through his blonde hair a few times. It was the first time you had ever seen your usually confident, easy going boyfriend this out of sorts. “I can’t explain why I did what I did-“

    “You better fucking try.”

    He gulped.

    “Right. I don’t…I guess lately, I’ve been feeling…confined. I’ve always felt this way, but I don’t know, lately it’s been amplified. I don’t know if it’s some kind of quarter life crisis or what, but,” he shook his head, frustrated. “Y/n, it wasn’t you. Ok, it was never you-y-you’re perfect. I just-I needed to feel…I don’t know…in control-I-“

    “You’ve been ‘busy’ for four months,” you interjected, matter of factly, “You hired that assistant of yours two months ago. Were you fucking her that whole time, and then decided you wanted her closer?”

    The guilt on Keigo’s face told you everything you needed to know. Your heart plummeted into your stomach.

    “When were you going to tell me?” You calmly questioned.

    “I…I don’t-“

    “You weren’t, were you?”

    “Y/n,” his voice cracked, painfully. “I love you. I don’t wanna lose you, and I never meant to hurt you.”

    You nodded as you absorbed his statements.

    “Do you feel in control now, Keigo?”

    Sorrow and regret clouded Keigo’s face.


    “Take your breakfast and go.”

    “But y/n-“

    “I’m not in the mood for it, Keigo. Leave. Now.”

    The next few days were filled with tense silence and strained conversation. That’s if the two of you bothered to talk at all.

    Keigo had been relegated to the guest house, while you remained in the main house.

    You tried your damndest to stay motivated, but being surrounded by all those memories in your home…the bed that still smelled like him…it was hard.

    Yet and still, you managed it.

    Keigo stopped by the house occasionally. One of those visits, he confessed to firing his personal assistant, as if it were news worthy information. He was met with the same bland, sarcasm as usual.

    As the days bled into weeks, the guilt and regret Keigo felt only worsened.

    He watched the house like a hawk wondering if today was the right day to talk to you or if he should give you space. Some days, he was downright afraid of you. The way you looked at him like he was a bother—or worse yet, like he was nothing…

    Keigo knew everyone processed pain differently. He had been prepared for screaming, crying, anger, sadness. What he hadn’t expected, was indifference.

    He almost wondered if this was worse than your screaming obscenities at him or crying would have been.

    Keigo wasn’t sure.

    All he knew was that he had to make this right.

    Gathering his courage, Keigo took a few deep breaths to steady his pounding heart and knocked at the door.

    “Y-y/n? Are you home?”

    He knocked once more, before ringing the doorbell.

    No answer.

    Keigo let himself inside and peeked around. You were no where to be found downstairs.

    He considered leaving and maybe shooting you a text, but the draw to look around was too strong.

    Being back in the house felt uncanny. Years of happy memories and history sullied by the thought of what the two of you had become. What he had done.

    Keigo’s chest tightened and his throat constricted. He shook his head, and floated upstairs.

    The steady sound of thudding greeted him the minute he hit the second floor. It only got louder and more distinctive the closer he got to your shared bedroom.

    Keigo’s heart pounded harder and harder as he neared the door.

    “Oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuuuck.”

    “Right there, Ahh, right there! Ohh god, right fucking there!”



    Keigo’s sweat slicked palm gripped the doorknob so hard, his knuckles turned white. He ground his teeth until it hurt.

    Flinging open the door, the sight of you, face down and ass up greeted him.

    Shock, disgust, horror, and anguish roiled in Keigo’s stomach so fiercely, he thought he might vomit.

    There, deep inside of you, was Dabi.

    His mostly unblemished flesh covered back flexed with effort as he slammed his hips into you again and again, fingers digging into the mounds of your ass for balance.

    Without hesitation, he turned his burning, turquoise eyes to Keigo, hips still rocking.

    “Hey hero,” he smirked, “enjoying the show?”

    Then there was you. Looking back at him with that pleasure filled gaze and just a hint of self satisfaction.


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  • i. Your mother tongue will die, run through on the cut-glass edge of empire that sits between teeth gums. The taste of blood lessens with time.

    (So does the taste of home.)

    ii. This land is yours to walk, home to sorghum paste and seswaa and sunspots of kindness.

    ii(a). This land was never yours to roam. Never shall you walk it without a thousand small cruelties.

    iii. You will spend a childhood screaming I am more than my phylogeny I make my own destiny hear me hear me hear me. In response, the sun that lights the school courtyard —

    will cast you half a shadow.

    iv. You are Other. You are the Same. You are both and neither. The blank space between the boxes on census forms is where you will call home. You will learn that to be nebulous is to be alone.

    iv(a). Nebulous things give way to stars, and stars are plentiful in midnight skies. You will burn atom-bright, carve out your own place in the cold marble of the in-between. It will not be easy but it will last.

    v. People will say their earth will not nourish those like you, tell you to leave. This earth was made fertile with your forebears. The earth remembers. Plant your roots deep.

    vi. Your fingers will touch great monuments of stone and come away stained with empire. This taint, at least, is familiar.

    vii. There will be trials, but you will find contentment in the small things. There will be tea made the way nkuku liked it, market stalls that sell guava and plantain, pounded yam that sits heavy in the mouth.

    (You will never truly fit in, but

    Where’s the fun in conformity?)


    this has been sat around in my head, thought I’d finally share it. special thanks to @howelljenkins for their support and constructive criticism on the excerpt that I shared!

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  • 3D Productionz along with the directorial debut of writer and producer Xavier Leflroe pay tribute to the blaxploitation era with the silent thriller Rosebud. The luring short film is a modern depiction of a time where stories were only told using visuals accompanied by music to differently portray the action. Causing the viewer to rely solely on their own perspective as the story delicately unravels itself on screen. Rosebud eloquently executes this with hypnotic visuals in perfect union with a soulful music selection. Each separate element serves part of the collective to form a stunning viewing experience like no other. Rosebud from start to finish creates an intimate bubble that the viewer is gently placed in. As it begins to drift, the music’s lyrics throughout push one further away, perfectly continuing the mood before promptly bringing one back down to earth. Rosebud was every bit of entertainment mixed with originality, as 3D Productionz pushes the envelope a little bit further with their latest film.

    Watch the brand new film here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rosebud2/458038297


    Written By: Jamaal Williams

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  • BLACK BOOKTUBER TAG! 💜💛 | Black Books, Black Authors, and Black Booktubers…

    Hello everyone! I just did the Black Booktuber Tag! It was so much fun to do so def take a watch if you want some amazing book recommendations by black authors!

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  • I will keep
    The big clay
    With raised
    Of their

    I will keep
    The old
    To my
    By Mississippi
    A jagged
    In its sturdy

    I will keep
    The memory

    I will keep
    In my house
    On which
    I will

    Their beauty

    I will keep
    It is now

    I will keep

    Thank you
    So much!

    I will keep

    I will keep


    I will keep

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  • With the Band (THREE)

    With the Band (ONE)

    With the Band (TWO)



    Tags: @honorarytenenbaum@zeldasayer@profoundunknownmoon@theidleblog@thelordofgifts

    Could I become his muse? Would he ever write a song about me, about this night and play it for everyone? I imagine him sitting on a dimly lit stage, a large acoustic guitar sitting across his lap as he serenades into the mic with his eyes closed, recalling this topsy-turvy night. Lyrics about my wild smile and electric touch would penetrate the crowds’ ears, curious to who he was on about. And I would be standing in my favorite spot, grinning like a goon taking whiskey shots. The entourage of skanks will be touched and want to cry. They’ll never know it’s about me though. It’ll be our little secret. After the set, Taika will have me pressed against a wall, shoving his tongue down my throat, asking me between moans did I like the song, pressing his stiff erection along my inner thigh. Thoughts are wandering as Taika changes the record. To break the awkwardness, Taika broke out a special bottle of tequila he kept hidden behind a Batman figurine on a bookshelf. He quit his prodding about our affections and wanted to make the night fun again. We’ve been drunkenly singing and dancing to every and anything he’s been putting on that table. After the Zeppelin album, he spun some Beastie Boys then had to play his favorite Nirvana track on a rare EP that could only be purchased overseas. Now, the intro track to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauders” flows from the speakers and my smile reaches past my ears. 

    “Oh my God yesssss.” My nod is heavy with alcohol. “Ugh dude you are speaking to my soul!” 

    The bass projects through and beyond the house, disturbing the early morning darkness. To see Taika dance was such a treat. He’s got the best boogie in my book. Phife chanting “tribe called quest represent, represent” moves through me. Reciting the words, we dance opposite of each other, laughing and pointing when one of us flubs over the lyrics. 

    “That’s not what he says!” 

    “Pffft, shutup. You don’t know what you’re talking about. I know this album like the back of my hand!” Taika big faces me but it doesn’t break the groove. The spirit of Phife takes over him as he spits the words so smoothly and it’s insanely sexy. My words come to a halt as I watch him go off, hiding my excited giggles behind sips of beer. Watching his lips, I remember them being on mine moments ago. I’ve desired them since, the feeling of his wet warmth overlapping my lips, tasting his mouth. I’ve fallen deep into the thought, gazing at his lips that rise and fall with each syllable that flows from them. Ugh fuuuck I’m into him. An unfamiliar feeling is rooting itself in the pit of my stomach. Lust? Love? I don’t know them apart. Or know them at all, but something brews there, motivating my feet to move across the floor. Absentmindedly, I drop my bottle on the table and reach my hand out for his face. Taika’s done rapping. Standing there in his faded and stained Alice in Chains shirt, he braces himself for me, welcoming my advances. I don’t know who I am right now gunning for this man’s affection but it’s so worth it once we touch. My fingers glide into his locks, our tongues slide past each other. He tastes familiar, like I’ve been here before. Taika presses me into his body, his right hand gripping my ass. The pressure sends an audible moan from the pit of me where that unfamiliar feeling flourishes. 

    “Mmm there you are…” Taika purrs into my lips. “What took you so long?”

    Instead of answering, the tip of my tongue lines his lips. I’m no longer myself; I’m being overtaken by the lustful beast growing in my stomach. Taika devours me some more, his grip stronger on my left ass cheek. The more he bites and licks at my lips, the more I want to climb him and perch myself on the top of his head. I want to be the first and last thing he tastes every day.

    “Mmph hold on babe.” Taika detaches. “Let’s go to my room.”

    To his room?! The words make me feel like a giddy school girl who’s finally going to second base with the hottest guy in school. Oh wait…I guess…in a way…down another dark hallway he leads me through before he opens a door to the master bedroom. A giant New Zealand flag hangs on the wall adjacent to the head of his bed. A standing lamp covered by a purple and red scarf illuminates the room.

    “Hold – hold on a sec.” The light sheds the true nature of his room. He snatches shirts and socks off his bed, off his floor. “Ok…yeah now have a seat.” I sit on the corner of his bed, running my hand over his bedding, imagining him lying there sleeping. This moment is unnecessary for me, him trying to tidy up before he tugs the jeans off of me. My thighs rub together trying to numb the dull ache for Taika’s touch there. His nerves must’ve kicked in because now he’s just walking about his room picking up random trash. Don’t touch anything else touch me, I try to Jedi mind trick him. I need to draw his attention back. Slowly I stand from the bed, unbuttoning my pants, dragging the slider of my zipper down loudly and timidly as possible. The sound of the teeth falling away from each other halts his steps. His head turns ever so slightly over his left shoulder. Next, the subtle sounds of my jeans sliding down over my hips, over my knees angles his body towards me a little more.

    “Taika…” his name trembles from my pouty lips. “Taika please touch me.” He turns to discover me standing there in my wife beater shirt and black lacy boy shorts. They were premeditated…and there’s a bra to match. My hands twitch and ball up at my sides, feeling a little insecure under his ravenous stare. His weighted breaths beckon me. 

    “Baby girl…I - I…” That was the reaction I craved for when I slipped this number on getting ready for the show. Wait til he took this shirt off; this strappy caged bralette is going to send him into a frenzy. Here he comes, drooling like a lion over its current prey. “I’ve never…I — ugh,” he takes a hard swallow. 

    I whisper, “Come here.” 

    The command sends him rushing, tackling me on the bed. I cry beneath his nibbles and kisses at my throat. Taika’s weight feels amazing on my pelvis. It’s been so long since I felt the weight of another person pressed and writhing on top of me. I’m slipping away, drowning under the waves of pleasure. We exhaust each other, lips crash and tastes skin and moan from the feeling of his hands between my thighs and mine tugging at the worn fabric of his shirt. Taika tears open his pants with one hand granting me access to his rock hard dick. A muffled cry resonates in my ear. My gentle grip makes Taika meek. 

    “Oh I’ve been dying for your touch.” His desperate cries moisten my folds, amping up my desire. My fist hits the mattress. 

    “Like this baby?” His dick is on fire when I apply more pressure this time. 


    My body shudders from his throaty groan. That is the sound that drives women insane. I could fall apart.

    “I want to give you all of me. I’m all yours baby.” 

    Taika’s rough hands slide up my shirt, unfolding the matching bralette I was dying for him to see. Biting down on his bottom lip, he stares in awe at first then buries his flustered cheeks into my hot skin. 

    “You’re so fuckin sexy baby oh man,” Taika’s voice is breaking, “All mine? Are you sure?” I nod like the good girl I am. “We’ll make sure that’s how we keep it…mine.” 

    My shirt is tossed across the room while his pants hit the floor beside mine. My budding nipples protruding through the lace call Taika back, my back arching off the bed when his puckered lips softly circle around them. My god I can’t understand what I am feeling he’s sending me right over the edge over and over again. The sensations make my sweet pussy purge. While I’m distracted by the gradual long licks on my nipples, Taika unhooks my bra with the snap of his fingers, a trick I’m sure he tries to use on all the girls he gets alone. A sudden chuckle escapes me beneath him.

    He breathes, “don’t do that right now,” as if he knew I was making fun of him. He sits up, straddling me, and pulls the lacy contraption off my energized skin. The way they jiggle and fall once they’ve escaped their restraints excites him, his dick pulsating along my hip with a wide smile. He sweeps my perky tits up into his tight grip, pinching and teasing my erect nipples. I stifle moans and gasp for air, my legs kicking behind him.

    “I’ve fantasized about breaking you down for so long.” Taika grinds his hips. The friction lights my nerves ablaze. “Imagining your sounds, your face when you orgasm all over my dick.” He rocks his hips again, fine tuning my nipples. “I bet your warm textured walls will feel so amazing gripping my cock while I slam your body into mine.”

    I pant out, “Let’s find out.”

    Breathing heavily between my legs, Taika’s hot blooded cock is tightening with each clenching stroke. His biceps flex. “Is she ready for me?” He takes the dripping head and rubs it in my damp crotch. Next he uses it to move the moisten cloth to the side, circling it at the entrance of my hole. Our breaths shudder. My pussy drips. Just the tip makes me frail but he needs more. Slow and steady wins the race and tortures me. Taika takes all the time in the world shoving every inch inside of me, whispering, “Squeeze it…yeah…like that.” He releases a deep sigh. “Harder yeah…do you feel me baby?” I reply with a soft whimper. The next impact is stern. “Answer me.” The command sends me.

    I muster up enough voice to affirm, “yes sir.”

    The next stroke is disciplinary. “Good girl…” Taika murmurs, positioning himself to divide and conquer my quivering skin.

    The man lands each blow with so much power; he’s staking this saturated pussy as his for the rest of his days. He holds me open by my knees, stroking me with gusto and smooth rhythm. No holding back, I shout out yes each time the head of his dick makes impact deep inside of me.

    “Whose pussy is this?” he yells to the ceiling, digging me out with his perfectly crafted cock. “Whose tell me right now.” He quickens his strokes, his balls slapping against my ass.

    “Yours. Yours, yours, yours.” I crumble underneath him, delirious as he stretches me out with each salacious smack. We’re both struggling for breath, lost in this murky surge of ecstasy and wanting. I watch his hips roll and penetrate, and he watches my pussy drench his lap and his bed.

    “Oh darling…” For a moment his body shakes violently, “it’s too much. I’m getting so close.”

    “Mmm—me too. I’m—I’m so ready…” I sputter, feeling my eruption boiling right beneath the surface. “Get it Taika. It’s yours for the taking.”

    The words encourage him to combust, blowing his load all over my soft tits. Once he’s done spirting his seed all over my torso, he rams his cock back inside, rapidly banging me, coercing my pussy to cum and weep all over him. We both moan and shout theatrically, the vibrations bouncing off the walls and back at us. We sound insane but fascinating, definitely something that should have been recorded and viewed later for fun. Our gratification extends beyond the walls of his home. Any stranger nearby could hear. My wetness compels more of his load to spit up from his cock on my pubic mound, rubbing it in with this throbbing head.

    “Oooh baby girl…look what you made me do.” Taika huddles my soiled breasts together in his hands, spreading his warm cum all over them. He’s fixated on the amount of cum on my body, accumulating some on his fingers and shoving them in my mouth. I lick them clean, tasting his sweet nectar. He watches in amazement as I suck his salty skin. “Oh god. You’re the best.” A girl can’t help but receive such praise with a sexy smile.

    “I just want to make you happy.” I sound like one of them but it was well worth it. The image of an exasperated, sexually pleased sweaty Taika brought me so much joy I could do it all over again. Tenderly I kiss his fingertips, expressing my appreciation for such an intense orgasm.

    “Well you succeeded beyond what I could ever devise my dear.” He rests still inside of me. “So worth the bated wait.”

    A few moments later, after clean up and rehydration, Taika and I cuddle closely underneath his striped sheets, recollecting what just happened peacefully to ourselves. I smother my face deep into his pillows, inhaling his smell deep into my lungs. I never wanted to forget. I needed to etch this night into my soul so I carry it with me into the next lifetime where he and I as a unit might not exist. We had fallen deep, now obsessed with each other and the idea of us. Now that I was here, I didn’t want to leave his side but I know that once the sun comes over the horizon and sheds its light over our pretzeled limbs, it’s possible that we’ll have to part. It’s official: I belong to him, mind, body and spirit.

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  • A Lonely Assistant 3

    A Lonely Assistant 1

    A Lonely Assistant 2


    Oh we out here in this one. Smut. Longing. You see that picture? It’s featured.

    Tags: @thexhostess@thegirlwholovessynchronicity

    This is extraordinary. Something I thought would never happen, not in this lifetime. I picture how we look, lying here so close to one another, his arm draped over my naked waist. He breathes so softly. The light in the room provides us with the right amount of glow. I play back the soundtrack of his sounds in my head while I lay with my eyes closed listening to him sleep. Reminiscing his euphoric sounds arouse me all over again and I wish he was awake to slip his fingers between my thighs. What is life? Slowly I crack open my lids, adjusting to the new day. The empty box of pizza and empty bottles line the floor still. Everything is so serene this morning due to having the day off. No emails or calls to answer. No early morning alarms. Deep down it feels wrong but I’m grateful there’s no rush for Brandon to leave and pretend to act like everything is normal. I get to sit here in relish in this morning light with him draped over my body. Soon I feel him stir awake behind me, running his hand over my curves.

    “Good morning beautiful.” Brandon coos, kissing the back of my neck. He snakes his fingers in between my thighs, reaching for my sensitive lips. The mind reader. It stings at first but the more he slips his middle finger between my slit, the better it feels. I don’t feel capable for another go but his prancing fingers convince me otherwise. I can hear the wetness generate as he continues to toy with my pussy. “Open your legs.” Brandon drones. Turning onto my back, my thighs collapse open. He spreads me wide and thumbs my delicate swollen clit. I cry out, thunderous shakes stagger through my body.  Every cell is alive and rattled still in recovery mode from act that ended a few hours ago. He was gluttonous but I was willing to let him feed on me whenever he pleased. His slender digits slide and dance in my wetness, spreading it all over my pussy.

    “She’s cryin for me.” He groans into my ear, commentating on all the fluid oozing from my hole. “I like making her cry.” Three of his fingers fall right in, penetrating me deep as they can. “Is all this just for me?” His deep baritone voice sounds throughout my body, dragging his fingers in and out of me. I sob out a gratifying yes.

    “That’s right,” the words have bite, “it better be.”

    His gripe does what he intends as my body buckles, refraining from boisterous moans because I’m sure the guests around us need a break from cries of pleasure. Brandon becomes relentless watching me react to his fingers fucking me raw. With an evil smirk, his eyes scrutinize my muscles jerking and convulsing, my hole excreting more juices down his hand. I sink my teeth into my knuckles. His fingers dig deeper, his motions accelerating along with my heartbeat. My breath catches with a noisy OH and my hips buck up off the bed as I release every bit of pressure seething inside. Muscles and joints lock up and I squirt all over Brandon’s hand and arm. The corners of his lips curl in absolute pleasure as I come down with a long hum, fingers and toes misshapen and twitching.

    Brandon’s free hand brushes away my sweat and tears. “That’s my girl. You look so gorgeous. You’re glowing baby oh my god…” My walls continue to contract against his fingers. I huff and pant and he covers my flustered face with sweet pecks of appreciation. In my post-orgasmic haze, my hand crawls over to his naked cock that’s stiff as a 2X4. I linger there, running the edges of my nails up and down his veiny member but suddenly a trembling hand pushes mine away.

    “Tsk, tsk love. No time for that. I just wanted to make a mess of you again.” He pecks the tip of my nose. “I want to take you out. Let’s spend the day together…no one needs to know.”

    How could I say no to such a pretty face?

    Once I feel like I could walk without assistance, Brandon and I take a brisk steamy shower together. Seeing the soapy water run over his inked slender body enticed me to run my tongue over every inch of him. His erect dick was still in present company dying for relief but any time I reached for it, Brandon would gather up my wrists and punish me with aggressive spanks. My pussy exults. Eventually I learn my lesson when my ass was good and red and sore.

    “Get dressed dirty girl.” Even the quick pat is bad on my tender cheeks.

    Sneaking away from the hotel deemed easier than we thought. We believe that everyone was still sleeping or locked away in their rooms, using their Saturday as a day of pure rest. Our Uber XL is already parked and running at the back of the hotel. On the way down in a service elevator, he feels out how I want to spend the day. An abrupt rumbling from my empty stomach gave him his answer.

    “Breakfast tacos?” I inquire with a humorous smile.

    “Breakfast tacos.”

    Our Uber drops us off at a local beach shortly after we fill our tummies with tortillas and eggs. I can’t help but be thrilled for I am about to see Brandon in his natural element. Prepare to witness a man transform into a sunflower, face forward to the sun’s rays, empowering all his chakras. I could clap I was so pumped. Instantly I kick off my Chucks and take off towards the water, eager to feel the water and sand beneath my feet. Brandon calls after me, chasing me down. I haven’t had the chance to really enjoy the beach in so long I feel like a child experiencing it all for the first time. I come to a screeching halt once the waves splash at my knees, the hem of my shorts get a little wet. The water is so cool it makes my skin prickle in delight. This is what life is about. I do a few sun salutations and so does Brandon when he catches up to me.

    “Well I’m glad this was a good idea.”

    “Ugh the best idea!” I throw my arms open up to the sky. “I could stay out here forever. I’ve always wanted to live right off the beach so I can be greeted with the warm sea air.” I inhale it in deeply.

    “Why don’t you?”

    I give him a ridiculous look over my sunglasses. “Are you kidding? Do you know how much I make just as an assistant? I can barely afford my cramped studio right now. I’m hoping doing this tour could promote me or help me get a raise…something…” The concerned frown on his face alerts me to end my momentary rant. It’s as if he doesn’t realize we’re not even on the same playing field let alone on the same team. “Sorry about that. It’s a touchy subject for me.”

    “I understand. It’s been a while but I too have struggled.”

    Feeling foolish, we both hush up, watching the water roll over and splash around our legs. I didn’t know how to steer the conversation currently and the awkward silence was becoming unbearable. Out of nowhere, Brandon scoops me into his side tightly. He holds me there for a bit. His embrace soothes me, drawing my eyes close and nestling in his rib cage, the roar of the waves soundtracking our tranquil moment.

    “I bet you wish you had your board right about now. It’s a good day to surf.”

    He chuckles softly, “yeah about that…” he points over to our left to see some guy dragging a large surfboard our direction. “I called around to local shops to see what was available and got incredibly lucky.” He smirks down at me. “I try to stay prepared for moments like these. I hope you don’t mind…”

    Ha. Mind? Mind spectating his lean body cut in and out of waves, riding his board with ease? Bring me a snack and drink. The guy drops off a bag with his shops logo on the front pocket, placing Brandon’s new board deep into the sand. He alerts him that there’s a wet suit, a couple of towels and other surfing accessories in the bag for him before he leaves. Brandon pulls out the items with a smile, shaking his head at the number of things that are in the bag. Anything for the Brandon Boyd of course, a known surfing figure in certain circles I’m sure. He shoves some miscellaneous things back into the bag, leaving out only the essentials.

    “Here. Lay out on this.” A large towel blankets out in front of him. “Also…gonna need you to help me get changed.” Naked Brandon on the beach. A devilish grin spreads over my cheeks. He laughs while handing me another towel. “No seriously hold this up for a minute so I can get this on.” I snatch the towel from his grasp with a cackle. I stretch my arms as wide as they can go, watching Brandon drop his drawers out in the wild. I gander for a peak, curious if his erection was still around from this morning. He swats at the towel.

    “My eyes are up here by the way.” He snaps his fingers in my wandering eye line, trying to break my focus. I spy my newfound friend is still spry and ready.

    “I just wanted to say hi.” I can’t resist the hysterics. Brandon cracks up, slipping the rest of the suit up over his arms and shoulders. His laugh is so dorky that it makes me swoon. I love the way his smile was always so bright and big. His smile lines deep and expressive. I’m tempted to kiss them all.

    “I won’t be out too long I promise.” He gives me a sweet kiss before reaching for his board. “Be a good girl while I’m gone.” The corners of his lips twitch with sin. Playfully I shove him away.

    “Shutuuuup. Go have fun. I’ll be here reading, waiting.” I wink. Brandon comes back, kissing me deeper this time.

    Brandon is sensual in all his moves. His moves on stage. His moves with a paintbrush. His moves through the water. His moves in the bedroom. They’re all tied to this notion that no matter what he’s doing, he loves it with everything in his body. Watching him rip and cut the waves mesmerized me and even when he was just sitting on his board, wading in the motions, I kept my eyes on him. The sunlight lit the water like diamonds, blinding me with iridescent rainbows. Every place is Brandon’s happy place for he sees the beauty and essence in every little thing that surrounded him. That’s where his beauty stems from. My chest swelled with the waves. Unzipping his suit, he comes out of the water, board in tow. It’s like any slo-mo scene in any romance movie: the water ripples down his exposed chest from his saturated hair, leading a million different paths over his rippling abs, the hairs on his body all pointing to my favorite area of focus. Oh to be water. He slips the suit off his tatted arms and pushes it down to his perfectly sculpted pelvis area, just about where the fun begins. He rests the board on the ground beside us and grabs a bottle of water. My chest heaves to the sight of him pouring the cool water over his mouth, trickling down his neck on down to where the wet suit rests on his waist. All of a sudden, my throat feels immensely dry, desperate for any drop of water. It needed relief. I fold over onto all fours and creep over to Brandon standing at the end of the towel, still bathing the salt water off his body. A quiet smack braces my lips the closer I get to him, tongue barely hanging from my lips. Brandon slightly jumps when he feels my touch on his hips. Before he could really understand what’s going on, I run my sandpapered tongue right over his pelvic bone. The cool salty water makes me drool. His thumb sternly wipes it away.

    “Wha—what are you doing?” His voice was a mix of panic and intrigue. I lick his skin again, lifting my eyes to meet his lewd gaze. He shoves his thumb in my slobbering mouth, smearing my spit across my bottom lip.

    “I just wanted a taste.” I whimper before landing another lethargic lick up to his belly button.

    “People could be watching.” He fights his lids from closing when I lick him again tugging ever so slightly on his wetsuit. I had been craving his dick down my throat since this morning and I was about tired of waiting to choke on it, gathering my hair in his tight grip.

    My smile is menacing when I reply, “who gives a fuck?” I jerk his wetsuit down enough to make his raging erection spring out. Immediately I wrap my lips around his pulsating cock, swallowing it whole, feeding my greed. Brandon moans out in awe.

    “You’ve been starved for my cock all day haven’t you baby…”

    I nod, licking his dick up, coaxing his cum out with each potent, exaggerated suck. If someone was watching, they were getting a live porno. Brandon thrusts his dick further down, making me gag and drool down his throbbing cock, pausing when it’s deep down in my esophagus. His breaths come out hard, pulling me away by my long locks. He sighs at the sight of his dick glistening in the sun light. Brandon gently tugs my head back by his makeshift ponytail, taking several mental pics of how I look underneath his control. Abruptly, he attacks my mouth, chomping down on my plump bottle lip.

    “I’ll give you more once I get your slutty ass back in your room.” He growls into my ear once he abandons my worn mouth. My walls quiver in pleasure. He releases me and helps me straighten out my hair. We pack up his free goodies and get him dressed behind another towel curtain. His insatiable stare beats down over me the whole ride back to the hotel and up the elevator. The heat stirs me up, dying to have him back inside of me. He commands me to get undressed and lay on the bed once the door automatically locks behind us.

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