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  • twafordizzy
    26.09.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Bijna iedere dag muziek: Blackbird

    Bijna iedere dag muziek: Blackbird

    Een ode aan de tuinvogel die veel en vaak aan mijn zijde te vinden is: de lijster. En ook: aandacht voor verdwijnende talen.

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  • on-beyond-holocene
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Agelaius congregator

    Some birds have done better than others in the immediate wake of humanity. A few species of new world blackbirds, particularly red-winged blackbirds, have done amazingly well. Their omnivorous diet, large population size, flexible habitat preference, and ability to live in close proximity to humans has ensured their survival. One million years in the future, they are still highly abundant throughout the Americas.

    The sunset-winged blackbird has physically changed little from its immediate ancestors. Flocks are significantly larger on average, however, and can reach well over a million individuals per flock. The very largest flocks can clear a field of everything edible before moving on to pastures anew. Sunset-winged blackbird populations are controlled by feral cats, corvids, snakes, and surviving birds of prey. Factoring in migration ranges, sunset-winged blackbirds can be found from northern Canada to northernmost South America.

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  • miss-mossycoat
    25.09.2021 - 18 hours ago

    i love to make my silly little youtube playlists

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  • letusshinee
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #sideblog#ask #my dopamine one was so random like my friend in Spain had had one made at the same tattoo shop and I was jelly so I wanted a tat too 😭 #the skull one I had done when I was off school for a week in order to write a big assignment but I had it finished on the third (?) day #so went and got the tat on the 4th while most or my classmates were at home writing #ohhh a design I’m kinda digging tho is a form of bird ?? design #either a red-winged blackbird or a magpie #think it’d look pretty neat #and I’m so pale // white that it’d fill out the white parts nicely #but there are so many designs I’m in love with
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  • awkwardcaterpillar
    25.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    so 5 days ago, @danisdreaming made an offhanded comment about how klaine's S6 hair was bad, I, as an avid lover of the hair, disagreed, that inspired a whole discussion, which lead to this survey.

    Without any further due, here are the :


    there was 3 questions, a scale to rate both of their hairstyles combined, then one for Kurt, other one for Blaine.

    out of 31 anonymous participants:

    both of them overall:

    6 people rated it a 7/10

    5 rated it a 6/10

    4 rated it an 8/10

    4 rated it a 1/10

    3 rated it a 5/10

    3 rated it a 4/10

    2 rated it a 10/10

    2 rated it a 3/10

    1 person rated a 9/10

    1 person rated a 2/10

    doing the math, that would be approximately 5.6/10 overall, which indicates mixed results.


    ( a hit or a miss).

    18 people cited as a miss

    8 people said it was a hit

    5 were neutral.

    this indicates a generally negative option about it. (to my major disappointment).


    (an improvement or a regression).

    20 said it was an important.

    7 mentioned they were neutral

    4 thought It was a miss

    overall, positive opinion in Blaine's hair.


    I'd say the results are mixed, very much so, my statement of it being immaculate still stands.

    honorable mentions

    to some of my favourite responses that I maybe don't agree with but are somehow funny or just gold.

    thank you to everyone who participated, this was very fun.

    #survey #myle does surveys #glee#glee thoughts™ #f: it's too late #c: blackbird #c: piano man
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  • mobiusxyearslater
    24.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    Wedding Woes Part 6:

    Shadow what happened?? Thought you said you didn't wanna go??

    ~Mun @t-vict101

    #Sonic #sonic the hedgehog #archie sonic #archie sonic the hedgehog #archie sonic comics #sonic fandom #sonic fan character #sonic fanart #sonic fan comic #sonic oc #sonic oc character #oc x canon #Shadow #shadow the hedgehog #OC: Ailani #Ailani the Falcon #OC: Tenor #Tenor the Rat #blackbird#Wedding Woes
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  • dansnaturepictures
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    23rd September 2021-Buzzard, Tufted Ducks and more at Lakeside and home 

    I saw the moon which has been one of the ones I’ve photographed most when at its fullest the past few nights I think early on this morning which I took the first picture in this photoset of and the second of some interesting clouds which would go onto to obscure the moon later. I took the third picture in this photoset of a beautiful Goldfinch that was shining in the garden just before going out for my Lakeside lunch time walk, taking a great yellow themed photo of sunflower and some low-hanging of the yellow buddleia which mixed nicely with the sunflowers which are dominating the garden lately which I tweeted a picture of on Dans_Pictures too. 

    I did a fairly long walk at Lakeside through the eastern meadows then through the lakes and back along the northern path. I saw a Blackbird well something I’m seeing a little bit more of lately and Small White and Speckled Wood made great butterfly sightings, as well as darter dragonflies on the whole walk. 

    Crossing the steam railway track and going along the path through trees in the field north of the steam railway station and I was thrilled to see a bold Buzzard soaring gently through the air in a circular motion. I was so happy to make out the sweet brown and prominent markings of this big bird of prey. Seeing one of my favourite birds I had a great connection to nature. I took the fourth picture in this photoset of one flying alongside another and on the way out approaching the steps up to the northern path I saw a Buzzard again possibly the same bird and a lady I spoke to pointed it out to a child with her too and she saw me checking with my binoculars and asked if it was a Buzzard I said yes as we all marveled at this enormous bird flying through the sky. After a really good run of Lakeside and home Sparrowhawks in recent weeks, a Red Kite out the back before we went to Richmond and Bushy Park in my week off last week; Kestrel was a star bird of prey and bird generally of my day yesterday and it was Buzzard today. Buzzards are one of the most satisfying subjects for me and I always love it whenever one flying quite low presents a chance for a photo of this wonderful raptor. I took the fifth and sixth pictures in this photoset of Kornwestheim lake today. 

    I then walked through the grassy area between the lakes and with my bridge camera on its once weekly trip whilst the young Great Crested Grebes are around as well as my DSLR and big lens I looked for this another of my favourite birds. I did see one in the end getting some nice views of it at the centre of the lake seeing adults on both Kornwestheim and Concorde the two joined lakes today and it was fascinating to see the humbug youngster dive the famous thing grebes do so it felt a crucial stage in their development. I took the eighth picture in this photoset of this cute bird. But this was not before I spotted a single male Tufted Duck on the lake, this blue and white beauty shown in the seventh picture I took today in this photoset a bridge camera zoom in. This was the first Tufted Duck I’d seen at Lakeside for a few months they disappeared as the spring went on and usually its the months more towards and in winter I regularly see them here so it hinted just a little bit at what’s to come like Black-headed Gulls in winter plumage is doing lately. The Tufted Duck a very welcome sight. I enjoyed seeing and photographing pineappleweed in the grass between the lakes it was nice to see it again this year.

    After work as twilight approached it was delightful to see several groups of nearly a dozen Greylag Geese flying past as they do a lot in the time of year outside breeding season (when they are based at Lakeside all the time to breed) so is symbolic of autumn and winter for me too. I got the ninth picture in this photoset of the first group. Its amazing I guess that the amount of times I’ve seen Greylag Geese from the house I’d never got or really tried for a picture. But with the few I took of them today I had a head start in terms of getting the picture hearing them probably about a minute before I first saw them and I happened to have my big lens on at the time still on from the walk I think. It was another great moment with birds flying today, today I took some pictures fitting the “on the move” theme in the photography group I am in on Facebook that has themes. The geese do remind me of Brent Geese at the coast flying by and over which is how I fell in love with that species in autumn and winter when they migrate here one of my favourite parts of the season. 

    There was then another beautiful set of cloud formations as the evening wound towards sunset, the Greylag Geese were flying against these so the Greylag Geese photos included a good sky and vice versa interestingly. Including some nice bits of orange in the sky at sunset. I took the tenth picture in this photoset of one of the greyer bits of sky this evening. 

    Wildlife Sightings Summary: Two of my favourite birds the Buzzard and Great Crested Grebe, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Greylag Goose, Back-headed Gull, Goldfinch, Blackbird, Starling, House Sparrow, Woodpigeon, Feral Pigeon, Collared Dove, brilliant views of Jackdaws on the roof visible from my room out the back today, a nice view of a Chiffchaff quickly too, Small White, Speckled Wood, darter dragonflies probably Common Darter and it was interesting to see another moth in the house tonight I believe a Square-spot rustic. 

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  • askfazbearfrights
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • sl-walker
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #blackbirds: year one #witness me
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  • sl-walker
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #raze #blackbirds: year one #witness me
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  • uwmspeccoll
    23.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    A Farewell Nesting Feathursday

    It is late September and breeding season has come to an end for most bird species in our area, nests are abandoned, and the breeding colors of some species are beginning to revert to their winter plumage. To commemorate another successful breeding season we present three birds common to our area, along with their nests and eggs: the American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis), Common Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula), and Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus).

    These images are from Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States by Thomas G. Gentry and published by J. A. Wagenseller of Philadelphia in 1882. This lavish tome includes chromolithographs of around 50 paintings of North American birds, eggs, and nests by the American naturalist painter Edwin Sheppard. While southeastern Wisconsin is technically within the winter range of these species, their ubiquitous abundance in summer is greatly diminished as the days get shorter, and by winter, if they are still around, we are not aware of it. The bright-yellow goldfinch will soon be loosing its luster, but for now we still see them in their yellow jackets, and that brings us good cheer for the beginning of autumn.

    View more posts from Nests and Eggs.

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    #Feathursday#american goldfinch#common grackle#red-winged blackbird #Nests and Eggs of Birds of the United States #Thomas G. Gentry #Edwin Sheppard #J. A. Wagenseller #chromolithographs #Yay chromoliths! #birds #birbs!
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  • eyelinertestosterone
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • eyelinertestosterone
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • framevest6
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    Who Else Wants To Know The Puzzle Behind Personal Branding?

    The benefit of having a personal brand is that it can assist attract your optimal audience. You do not have to hang out marketing yourself or finding brand-new people to follow you. Rather, your optimal followers will certainly become aware of you and recognize that they need to get in touch with you and your brand. Then, you can easily get new followers and customers. That way, you can save money and time marketing yourself online. People commonly speak about wanting to enhance their personal brand. You undoubtedly know what a business brand is-- we describe brand names routinely whenever we discuss influencer marketing. But you most likely don't assume much concerning having a brand yourself. The idea of "personal branding" is unusual to most individuals. Yet in this online period, where points, both good and negative, last for life on the internet, personal branding can be considered more crucial than ever. You require to create a strong personal brand if you wish to be considered significant. Your personal brand assists you stand out from everyone else. You can use your personal brand to demonstrate your understanding and abilities regarding your areas of know-how. Developing a personal brand can be an overwhelming, legendary job. And one of the most convenient ways to obtain lost while doing so is to not know where to start. Even Oprah Winfrey started by undergoing numerous design models on a tiny regional show before defining her voice right into among the most prominent personal brands in the world. You build your brand, you can utilize it to regulate exactly how others see you. By doing this, you can get and keep a good track record in your industry and online. When you manage your credibility, you can make sure it's a favorable one. You do not have to wait for customers or followers to publish an evaluation or discuss you in other places. Even more people recognize that you are, you can acquire much more followers. Consider one of the most popular accounts on Instagram and Facebook. They all belong to stars, and those stars have personal brand names that draw in an audience. The good news is, you do not need to be well-known to build an area of people that love you and what you do. Even if you do function to generate new followers, you can utilize your personal branding to help attract your suitable people. The story can play a vital duty in establishing or boosting your career. Actually, a frustrating 85 percent of employing managers report that a task prospect's personal brand affects their hiring decisions. Your personal brand should highlight your toughness, establish a track record, build depend on, and communicate the unique features that you offer your present (or preferred) industry. Cultivated well, your personal brand will signal to employers whether or not you'll be the ideal suitable for an open duty. Creating a personal brand might sound tough, however there are step-by-step actions you can take to build credibility in your area. You can either overlook your personal brand, and let it develop naturally, potentially chaotically, past your control, or you can aid massage therapy your personal brand to illustrate you as the person you wish to be. In the pre-internet days, your personal brand was actually just your calling card. Unless you were high profile in the media or somebody that featured strongly as the face of marketing, few people would have heard of you. In today's very public world, where every little activity is gone over in detail on social media sites, you are much less anonymous. Your personal brand is exactly how you promote yourself. It is the one-of-a-kind mix of abilities, experience, and personality that you want the globe to see you. It is the informing of your tale, and exactly how it reflects your conduct, habits, spoken and overlooked words, and mindsets. You expand your personal brand, you can build relationships with your followers and other individuals in your industry. Having relationships with others can include integrity to your brand, which helps you grow even more. When your brand gets big enough, you can start to focus on having discussions with more people instead of individually. Not only will that conserve you time, but you can aid more people and then get even more customers and sales. You establish your personal brand, people will certainly start to acknowledge you and your name. Whenever they see your article or social networks messages, they will have the ability to inform it's your message without even seeing your name. It matters not what sort of business you have or what industry you're in. Developing a personal brand can aid you obtain your name out there so that you can grow your overall business and profession. Blackbird News You use your personal branding to separate yourself from other individuals. Done well, you can tie your personal branding in with your business in ways no business branding can potentially be successful. Expertly, your personal brand is the image that people see of you. It can be a combination of just how they look at you in real life, exactly how the media depicts you, and the impact that people gain from the information about you available online. What is personal branding? It's a means to market yourself to build name recognition and create relationships with your customers, and it's critical for any type of entrepreneur or executive.Personal branding is when you market yourself and your job as a brand. You don't have to have a standard business or any kind of business to create a personal brand, but local business owner can benefit from it too. Branding yourself is necessary since it assists you build and grow your business. Whether you're a creator or work as a marketing exec, your personal brand can aid you sell your ideas to your audience. A personal brand is, in numerous ways, similar to a business brand, Gresh clarifies. It is that you are, what you mean, the worths you embrace, and the way in which you reveal those worths. Just as a firm's brand assists to communicate its value to customers and stand apart from the competition, a personal brand does the exact same for people, assisting to communicate an unique identification and clear worth to possible companies or customers.

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  • sl-walker
    23.09.2021 - 3 days ago

    TFW you set up a question your main character asks in one chapter and then let him find the answer to the question twenty chapters later.  (Also, even as much as I fretted about that resolution in Chapter 57, it turned out to be one of the sections of the story I really, really loved.)

    From Chapter 37: Juma-y Have a Bad Feeling About This, Part 3:

    I should be with them.

    The thought came unbidden; not like a lament, but like a statement fully-formed and certain, like a truth that had been lurking around the edges of his mind and had been waiting for him arrive close enough so that it could present itself.

    It was, like most things had been now for months, caught in the tangled speeder wreck of Maul's mind; caught in the new threads woven throughout the tattered remnants of older ones, and throughout the fabric that made up him, even as he was still trying to figure out who he was. Or, for that matter, what he was really for. But listening to the Blackbirds coordinating with Cody and station ops as they made for the deflector control room, bantering or planning, made something in Maul's bones itch; made some voice ask, in his mind, Why am I not alongside them?

    From  Chapter 57: Farther Along, Part 1:

    It was dark, but for the faint diffuse light of the heavily dimmed ceiling panels of the bunk room; Maul wasn't sure what time (or even day) it was, though he knew it was night, some deep natural instinct managing to work past the chemical haze. He couldn't hold onto a thought for longer than ten seconds to save his life; every thought was in fragments, pieces that slipped his grip when he could even reach for them, but somehow in all of that, there remained a shard of worry, sharp-edged and named.

    At some point, Tally had woken him up and made him drink something that might have been citrus three times removed and well-tortured before being loaded with sugar and salt, and at some other point Maul had tried to figure out how he had gotten to Shiv's bunk and how to get back to his own, but had ended up on the floor again, sitting in a sprawl. There was another missing block of time where he'd probably just slept there like that, then that ended with Shiv coming back from food and showering to find him there and -- muttering something about not telling Tally -- bodily dragging him back into the bunk.

    Time was a nebulous concept and consciousness was a dicey prospect, but the worry was still there, like a piece of glass cutting into his hand that he couldn't let go of.

    Maybe that was why and how he drifted back to the surface again when he felt the shudder beside him. He remembered Shiv slinging an arm over him however long ago that was, but that was no longer the case. Instead, Shiv was curled up with his fists in his hair, occasionally shaking hard enough to feel the motion transfer through the bunk's mattress. Maul didn't have the first clue whether it was a nightmare or if Shiv was awake, but he knew he had to do something about it.

    One of the last genuinely clear memories he had before the crash -- crystalline in its clarity and tempered in the furnace of purpose -- was the sight of that fool slaver holding a blaster to Shiv's temple, demanding Maul let his brother go. Maul's answer was not one he gave any thought to, it was so instinctive: You let mine go.  He was ready and able to kill on the basis of it, and it alone; regardless of circumstance, regardless of result.

    Regardless of everything.

    He had never had a brother, or anyone he thought of as a brother, in his life. Still, the answer was immediate and burned every bit as hot as the Force would only minutes later.

    Now, half out of his head, he tried to figure out the correct course of action; between the memory of Tally holding a sobbing Eogan and all of the times he had sheltered Obi-Wan, he found what he thought was another answer. He just shifted closer and put his arm over Shiv and got close enough to rest his chin on the top of the man's head, a shield or a shelter, and if he were any more awake, he might have panicked himself back out of it when Shiv stiffened up in surprise.

    But then Shiv was holding on back, muffling the tears he'd been apparently been fighting before that somewhere between the pillow and Maul's chest.

    Maybe this is what I'm for, Maul thought, clinging to the fraying edges of awareness, but finally able to let the glass go.

    #maul #blackbirds: year one #witness me #occasionally i remember that i am a pretty good storyteller
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  • sl-walker
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #raze #blackbirds: year one #witness me
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  • sl-walker
    22.09.2021 - 3 days ago
    #misty #blackbirds: year one #witness me #thank you!
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