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  • Gwlad y Gân (English: Land of Song) was a monthly television series that was broadcast on the United Kingdom television network ITV from 1958 to 1964. Featuring traditional Welsh music and song, with costumed performers and choreography, the programme went out on early Sunday evenings.

    The series, starring Welsh baritone Ivor Emmanuel and supporting cast, expressed a set of ‘feel-good’ values that were wholesome, folksy, rustic, fun-loving and family-oriented.


    When Land of Song began in 1958, its only direct rival in providing musical variety on TV was the BBC’s The Black and White Minstrel Show. The Mitchell Minstrels had gained instant popularity from their first appearance in a one-off special in 1957, going on to become perennial favourites well into the 1970s.

    Wait, it’s only rival was what?

    The Black and White Minstrel Show was a popular British light entertainment show that ran for twenty years on BBC prime-time television.

    Twenty years?

    In 1967 the Campaign Against Racial Discrimination presented a petition to the BBC calling for the show to be cancelled. In 1968, the BBC experimented with a version of the show called Masquerade, where the main singers appeared without blackface and the black singers wore whiteface.

    What the fuck?

    The BBC1 TV show was cancelled in 1978 as part of a reduction in variety programming (by this point the blackface element had been reduced)


    Since its cancellation in 1978, The Black and White Minstrel Show has come to be seen widely as an embarrassment

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  • My family: We’re not racist!
    Also my family: Support a racist tradition of people doing blackface every year as part of Sinterklaas celebrations and defend it because ‘it’s culture’

    #ooc#Feegle's rambles#Negativity cw#racism cw#blackface cw #If you think the Netherlands is a progressive country then THINK AGAIN KIDS STILL GOT BLACKFACE THERE #Seriously Zwarte Piet / Black Pete is still going on and still considered okay and like...it's so normalised even my mum's sharing blackface #on my gd facebook timeline because 'how far can you go'. Dutch critics of the tradition get so much abuse and lies spread about them #but sure have a hissy fit because you Facebook and Insta won't allow your blackface photos any more
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  • Devoir expliquer a mes collegues pourquoi le Blackface de Griezmann c'est “pas bien” ca m'epuise mais faut bien que quelqu'un le fasse non ?

    #pardon my french #blackface cw#racism
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  • cr*spin glovers whole ‘anybody should be able to be an actor’ speel was cool going into his movie that had all actors with down syndrome
    until it became ‘anybody can play any role’ and had one of those actors in blackface

    #blackface cw#~~personal #he won't put his movies on dvd bc he doesn't want ppl to watch them without discussing them with him afterwards #but then like #he glosses over the criticism of gross shit he does #and it invalidates any other cool shit about his original movies
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  • jackson did blackface before nd has (mostly) been (sort of) educated on it and apologized yet he done did it again…………….

    #smh this is not somethin glittle #bakma bana#jackson#blackface cw
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  • Tbh there is a shocking number of white people on this site who pretend to be PoC. I’ve even seen some attempts at black/brownface, and it’s just SO reflective of the shit show that is post-structural, identity-based tumblr culture.

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  • He’s still got it on his Instagram if you go check. I already reported the photo and nothing happened and asked asked my followers to report but the photo has not been taken down. instagram.com/alexandre_eloi

    Here too is a video of him in blackface. Disgusting.

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  • My mom’s throwing a sorority Halloween party

    And a white woman just walked in with blackface claiming to be Beyoncé’s character from Austin powers

    I’m so

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  • god im so mad about the saint nicolas holiday and the blackface shit and all the white folks organising the festivities saying they’re not gonna stop having people do blackface bc “the children wouldnt be able to cope with the change!!!” or “it’s tradition! why would you change this if it’s been this way for so long”
    yea ok so something being tradition doesnt make it harmful and a big problem fuck you seriously

    #the netherlands is so full of internalised racism #like so many classmates dont understand how racist the saint nicolas holiday is????????? #even when u explain theyre like um whatever man chill #racism cw#blackface cw
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  • #othello#films#blackface cw #ken branagh will be very upset you've never heard of him #Anonymous #bingley bingley beep
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  • no but like if you fuck with rupauls drag race on the level that you’re fine with willam belli or sharon needles doing fucking black face because their gay then unfollow me i don’t want you within a hundred mile radius of me

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  • Dutch people don’t give a shit that their national tradition has blackface in it, but god forbid someone says Holland when they mean the Netherlands

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  • i’m watching face off and they have to disguise themselves completely to fool a loved one and the guy who (was) my favourite is doing blackface i’m so uncomfortable watching this

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