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  • Nice Chill Song to smoke too..

    Roll one up, take that lighter to give it a mice spark. First two puffs to get it going with that nice inhale…. Damn!! The mind can take you to a whole other world if you let it be free..

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  • this blog is barely a month old but it’s already dying.
    and it’s all your fault.
    let me explain:

    a month ago i was a bright-eyed and bushy tailed neophyte blogger. i had no hopes of grandeur for whatever my blog might become, but frankly, i at least hoped it would gain a bit of notoriety among my irls. at the time i thought you guys would appreciate the fact that me being unabashedly performative for you isn’t limited to the realm of the physical anymore. i was resolute in my mission to bring the christopher chuckles virtual and make y’all laugh hard enough to remind you that yes, i’m cool as fuck and i’m that friend you want to keep.

    clearly, i failed.

    one could argue that most of you are on facebook, and my account is deactivated indefinitely, because i still stand by my opinion which is facebook is a toxic cesspool of “edgy humor” and boomer virtues that catalyzes the death of healthy discourse. this dissonance between platforms could be one of the reasons my blog flopped among my circle of friends, but that is not on me!

    is it my fault that you plebs have not yet evolved past your facebook phase? please, we’re not 13 anymore (says the person who’s blogging on tumblr, of all places).

    one could also argue i’m not actively promoting this blog, but that’s mainly because i’m doing this thing where i act like i’m too cool for blogging and that i’m not actually taking this seriously. i’m going for that casual suave flair where it looks like i’m writing this for fun and that it’s no big deal but it actually is. i am dying for engagements and feedback like a fucking attention whore on isolation for three whole months.

    except none of that’s happening.

    probably because i post on odd hours of the day and my “new blog post” notices immediately get covered by other content i get excited about.
    but i don’t think that’s my fault. i mean, are you really my friend if you don’t look through each and every single one of my posts just in case you miss something important? (like an insta story of me taking a selfie in the loo, par exemple?)

    i thought so.
    bitches be fake as hell.

    finally, one might say the content i’m putting out isn’t worth reading and isn’t really relevant to the times. which, to that i say, fuck you.

    because first, do you really have anything better to do with your time? please, let’s not act like you’re not as bored out of your mind as i am. in fact, you should be thanking me for providing you with a source of entertainment, even if only for a few minutes.

    second, anything you can read is worth reading. even though i’m mostly just rambling and not making sense most of the time, this shit i’m putting out is still good brain exercise. how about you put those comprehension skills to the test by trying to make sense of an incoherent blog post? (yes bitch we’re doing drills so you might as well call me kelly rowland because tonight i’ll be your commander. now, attention!!!)

    and finally, yes, i have heard the demands of the precious few who gave feedback. so for shits and giggles, my next blog post will be a more serious one (oh, the irony). partly because i’m not an awful bitch through and through and i want to show that i can take constructive criticism (or can’t i?) and mostly because i’ve already tried this humor shtick and i’m curious to see how my writing will stack up against something that isn’t just pure brain rot. let it be known that i am NOT a one-trick pony!

    so now that we have the facts all laid out, my question to you is, are you doing your part to keep my blog alive? or do you need a reminder that religious nuts are out there spreading the word of the lord, and that bitch is dead! talk about LOYALTY! in comparison, how hard is it to spread the word of a bitch who’s still alive?? my gospel deserves to be heard too. go forth and spread it dear disciples. give daddy’s analytics peaks and valleys, for fucks sake.

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  • *Disclaimer: This blog post is my opinion on the matter. If you have a different opinion on it, I respect it all the same.*

    MABUHAY everyone and welcome back to my space on the internet!

    My country, Philippines, has been under quarantine for 3 months now. I keep seeing data that the Philippines has spent the longest time in quarantine but I’m too lazy to check that. What really saddens me this quarantine season is how much isolation has gripped me.

    To preface this I still live with my family but we’re not that tight-knit. Add on to that, my Mother is working in another country and she was the only one who actually understood me. She has been outside of the country for 6 years and I miss her more everyday. 

    With that. I often distract myself with pleasures or obligations I have set myself. Pleasures involves playing video games while obligations counts as maintaining the content I put out on my public Instagram page. With all these pleasant distractions I should be doing fine right? That’s what I kept telling myself for the past 3 months at least. At some point I started feeling antsy, my feet felt like they wanted to walk somewhere far away. When isolation hits, it hits hard. 

    My girlfriend lives away and I can’t visit her because quarantine. My University graduation was cancelled and might not push through at all because of quarantine. I can no longer hang out with my friends because of quarantine. This quarantine has fucked me up mentally and I’m sure other people have been as well. 

    I want to say it gets better but it doesn’t. The isolation wraps itself around you, making you feel like nothing in life is worth doing. 

    Why fall asleep when you have nothing waiting for you after waking up?

     Why bother with things when it seems like the world itself has halted? 

    Hopefully after a few months this train of thought leaves me. For the mean time I’ll distract myself further. 

    What I’m truly afraid of in this isolation is the people who are most alone. Some of you may or may not know this but an OG streamer named Byron “Reckful” Bernstein has only recently taken his own life. Though already combating depression and bipolar disorder, the added isolation of quarantine has stripped him of his remaining sanity. One of his last tweets were inviting his friends to stay at the spare rooms in his apartment. 

    I think what resonated with me most about this is how much it hits close to home. I have friends who I think I can rely on but all of them are always busy. An unbalanced connection with my relatives has led to sour household companions. I just wish the world would fast forward or the world can heal faster. I’m scared that I might be on the same path as Reckful. I don’t want that.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! If you like what I do here, feel free to give me a follow to stay up to date with my other blogs.

    Always remember to make something amazing~

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  • moving forward with my blog is giving me sad girl hours lol. i have…like ………7 posts so far. and i havent tried marketing it bc………wahhh lolol

    #blogs #how do succesful bloggers blog #hello#lol
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  • Thank you so much for your help in thanking our amazing Partner Bloggers!! These folks really do not get the attention or accolades that they deserve. We hope that you were able to find some new blogger buddies today and it’s our sincere wish that our Bloggers felt the love from SLP, our Partners, and from all of you!! We treasure our PBloggers and are so thankful to have them as part of the SLP Universe. THANK YOU to them, and to ALL of the bloggers out there that tirelessly support the people of this community.

    If YOU have a blog and are interested in getting more information about becoming an SLP Partner Blogger, please, PM the SLP Facebook page, DM us on Instagram or Twitter, or email us at bloggers@sophielynnproductions.com. We’d love to have you on board!!

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  • murielcampusanoguzman:

    Encargo nº10 Perspectivas espacios Domésticos 
    En este gif de arquitectura maravilloso solo falta una cosa: un gato durmiendo en el cajón.

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  • The man can have a preference people are to emotional out here
    www. Onelifegame.blogspot .com
    #WeAreDoneDying #BlackLivesMatter 
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    @biagoodgurl #REPOST

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  • *

    #I need to say this #I am not getting the things you're tagging me on #I'll be going through my dashboard and #blogs #and see you guys have tagged me #I'm so so sorry #I'm not ignoring you all #I promise #tumblr's fucking up #if you do have a post that I've not replied to/ want me to see it #feel free to hit me up #I'm sorry
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  • *Disclaimer: This blog post is my opinion on the matter. If you have a different opinion on it, I respect it all the same.*

    MABUHAY everyone and welcome back to my space on the internet!

    Mobile Game Check! is a new blog series I’m starting where I talk about and review mobile games. Now, hold up. Before you start pelting me with rotten fruit keep in mind that there are Mobile Games out there that are actually worth your time. Mobile Games that, dare I say, is enough to challenge the awesomeness of old console games.

    I will be judging this game and all future games under 3 tenets which will be GRAPHICS, GAMEPLAY, and STORY. Though I might sneak in what I like to call COMMENDABLES. These are qualities that a game has that adds to their uniqueness, charm, and overall playability. Afterwards I shall be rating the game 

    BLANK out of 10 Smartphones. Obviously 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest.

    So let’s check out Occidental Heroes!

    For starters, what is Occidental Heroes? According to the game developers Ensit Media, Occidental Heroes has

    No hand holding, no reloads, no mercy. Explore the Occident and its bustling towns and ancient ruins. Learn about your heroes and guide them a comfortable retirement.


    Occidental Heroes is a 2D Pixel game. As far as pixel games go in the Android play store, it’s not too shocking to the eyes and gives that old-school feel of playing choice-based games. Nothing too revolutionary but they use what they have at full capacity and that in itself is worth nodding at.

    As far as I know, their art is all original. Attached are pictures of what the game looks like as you play it.




    The way the game plays is a turn-based strategy RPG that balances resource management and equipment.  Though the main resource you think you have to check is supplies and gold, the only thing that truly matters is Resolve. The Resolve resource is the most important resource you have to manage in this game. 


    If you get dry on supplies, you lose resolve.

    If the character gets damaged for more than half their health, they lose resolve

    Why is resolve so important? Well, the only way to get 100% game completion is by completing ALL the story events of each mercenary. If a Mercenary gets to 0 resolve, they will forcefully retire and flavor text shows how sad and miserable their lives are. (no joke) At first this irked me but after a while it actually made sense. This ain’t for casual completionists.

    When it comes to combat, it’s pretty straightforward except for the Archer. Archers in this game were poorly designed. Their attack mechanic is hard to predict at first so newbies beware.

    Random Encounters exist here too, from military deserters to cultists. You’ll meet a wide range of enemies, all of which you have to utilize different type of tactics. For example, military deserters have stronger gear than you and.move more coordinately compared to wild animals who just run at you, fangs snarling.


    You gain a lot of gold from accepting quests and it’s fun to read the flavor texts at first but it gets repetitive later on.


    There’s not much of a story in the game per se, it gives emphasis to the stories of the mercenaries you hire and your character themselves. Though there is some semblance of a hero arc but in the Occident, reality is king. All of you are just mercenaries battling your inner demons,your past, and earning coin all at the same time. 

    There is a subplot of natives v.s. settlers but you have to play it to know about it.


    • Character customization actually changes the appearance of your sprites.
    • Customize every aspect of your Mercenary Group. From name to banner!

    Remember skulls in Halo? That’s the best way I can describe these added challenges you can subject yourself to.


    The most commendable is the starting screen, when you first open the game.


    The devs know what they’re doing!

    Final Verdict:

    Occidental Heroes is a unique case of finding a diamond in the rough. As most mobile games are just cash cows designed as games, this game is an actual game. What really sets it apart aside from the classic RPG elements and just generally being a good game is that it has almost no ads. Thinking back on it, I’ve barely had a run in on ads and I played this game for 10 hours straight. (Unlike some games who bombard you with ads)

    Because of this, Occidental Heroes gets an 8 Smartphones out of 10!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! If you like what I do here, feel free to give me a follow to stay up to date with my other blogs. 

    Always remember to make something amazing~

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  • Anyone have any art blogs they know of that post creepy aesthetic landscapes? Not photos though, I’d prefer art blogs. Dark forests, abandoned buildings, moonlit farmsteads, etc?

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  • Só critique aquilo que você for exemplo oposto. Críticas certas de pessoas erradas não mudam o mundo! O exemplo convence!

    - Anderson Silva

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  • #ask#answer#asks#blogs #sometimes you just need to take care of your mental health and give yoursef some distance
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  • Liked on YouTube: Mysterious Alien-Like Creature on TikTok ‘Please tell me that’s not real’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZfi0TzZ1BA

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