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  • lloyds-department
    09.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #roxy the whole damn stage #tommies talkin #project mango and a.d.m.i.n. tag #tw organ mention #tw blood mention #tw medical mention #ask to tag
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  • the-primordial-chao5girl
    09.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Fuck you my child is perfectly fine!" Ma'am your child built a sandcastle of a cursed city with blood in its rivers and a whole palace dedicated to orgies. I don't think xe's fine.

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  • ezusthiid
    09.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    mine and zs’ thought on the common enemy : a/ustria 

    in the past ive always been so wish-washy about how zselyke feels about a/ustria but that’s because their relationship is beyond complex that i cannot even find a starting point. at this point in time, zselyke has meddle down on her emotions on them and they’re great companions now absolutely -- like damn, they’re so close now that even culturally and socially, they have a lot of those tiny teamwork and dependencies with each other. 

    back then though? it was extremely rough on both sides. zs was extremely noncompliant and absolutely despised a/ustria with every inch of her being. it was so common that regular folks thought the rule of the t/urks was a lot better than the a/ustrian. their political union together? zs went berserk to the point where there was blood everywhere because she REFUSED to get into the union and wanted to eat dirt than be a/ustria’s political pawn (as if she wasn’t already LMAO) it was more personal emotions than political but both suck the same cause she still resented austria for mohacs (even though they really didnt do a lot it was just a lot of buildup with empire building lmao--it was more turkey but when she heard the hapsburg had a play she was just angry). 

    ironically enough when she did get into union, her life changed a lot because of technological advancement and money the union had. zs had mixed emotions because she finally got some power after losing it all in 1500s so she became the oppressed and the oppressor. oppressed by western europe and the a/ustrians but an oppressor for the rest of central and eastern europe. so she was a two-faced shammy. plus when the whole great war occurred, it turned out that zs was not a good person -- austria had more universal rights but h/ungary, oh boy, they did not like some things. 

    what im trying to get at, austria and zs basically helped build each other into monsters. jk no, they were just power-hungry creatures in two different ways. did it leave zs for the better? it humbled her a lot and made her realize she was the true loser of europe and she tried to blame a lot of it on a/ustria but some of it was her own responsibility and they didnt talk until like 40 years ago because zs is a pain in the ass and petty -- so just a little. 

    but she built character after losing it all -- is it still wishy-washy? not as much, but she’s friendlier now because of common history and how close they were in everything. was it romantic? not quite, it was a lot of self-sabotage and attempts to rule the world  

    fun fact: zs still owns land in a/ustria but they dont know that especially since she doesnt pay  taxes for it lmao -- she has the little paper and everything 

    #* headcanons. #i have so MUCH FEELINGS FOR AUSTRIA AND HUNGARY #SO MANY #thanks for listening to my tedtalk #cw blood mention #ig #i ship them sometimes for the tension so dont @ me
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  • sereina
    09.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Serena, of course, doesn’t hate the Gyarados species as a whole, nor does she blame the entirety of the species for what transpired in her past. There really isn’t any species of pokemon she hates or dislikes, finding little things to like about each and every one of them. She believes all pokemon are vital in the world, bringing their own little charm and benefits to the ecosystem at large.

    Gyarados are just a special case, and she wants so badly to feel okay around them. However, she can’t see one without being thrown back into the memories of Flare HQ, smelling and seeing all of the blood, the screaming, and the sense of utter dread and haste. The actions of one does not define all. She knows she can’t simply force herself to be near one, knowing full well she absolutely would not be okay, however. Even when she observes one from a distance away, she gets ill from the memories coming up, feeling like she needs to leave before the rope gets any thinner, any closer to breaking.

    It makes her feel broken, in a weird way, like she simply can’t detach those memories from the species. She feels so hopeless just thinking about it, the goal in her head feeling thousands of miles away from her. Serena has confided in very select people about this deeprooted fear, but she’s never really elaborated on just how badly it affects her.

    #🌹 headcanon. #blood mention #team flare hq was an absolute clusterfuck of tragedy and trauma #she was in therapy for just That but she stopped going when she left for hoenn :( #sometimes i just think abt everything the z squad went thru at such a young age and i get so sad for all of them
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  • quillheel
    09.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @cinnabund​ / [ x ]

    Oh, they were playing with fire and they knew it very well.

    They remind themselves that this is not the first time, nor the last time, they will tempt Venelope from her station with card games of questionable origins.

    They can’t find it in themselves to care

    An uncommon smile graces their features. It wasn’t to say Frisk didn’t smile often, no, it was just that this, unlike many others, wasn’t brimming with painfully bared teeth & busted, bleeding lip with newly forming bruises speckling across the jaw and the cheek and that annoying little spot between the eye and the hairline like an audience giving encore to the misplaced little response: no, it wasn’t uncommon to see them smile, but usually, it was out of pain more than anything else. ― this, however, was one more genuine and more sweet than bitter as cards shuffle idly in their long hands. they’re pretty sure they’ve beaten almost every resident with hands ( and otherwise, MK is a surprisingly well-suited opponent despite the odds ) in half the Underground, or at least they’ve given them a run for their money. They were not keen on breaking this trend, even if it meant suffering a few hard losses. ( it wasn’t like losing was anything new for them, anyway. )

    * Don’t talk big before we’ve even sat down now, would be an awful shame if you weren’t able to make good on those warnings.

    Despite their smile being much more genuine ( sugar swirling in tea, the bitterness masked, if only for so long ) ― there was an undeniable twang of challenge in their eyes. Frisk always had been the kind to love a good challenge, haven’t they?

    * Warfare? Hah! Tell you what, if you can beat me, i’ll help you around the shop. Sound fair? Heaven knows I can’t bake like you, but i’m worth my salt when it comes to speedy deliveries and playing errand-boy. Plus, using uno as an advantageous business practice is one hell of a story to tell the players in Grillby’s.

    if Venelope looked under the challenging gaze like a rug in a child’s room, they’d find Frisk trying to sweeten the pot in efforts to get Venelope to abandon her duties in pursuit of victory. They knew well how hard she worked, and once you’ve got a rabbit by the ears, you don’t just let go. ― they, of all people, would know how stressful some things can be. They tap the table they’ve stationed themselves at, a three knuckled tap like even that was taunting Venelope further after so long of tempting to play a round, just one they’d said, but they gathered it was far from being only one ( they, by all means, bought some treats to earn taking another possible customer’s seat as long as they have. / plus, they’d be a downright liar if they said they weren’t a worryingly major sweet-tooth )

    They waggle the neatly re-compiled red deck like a challenge begging to be taken.

    #i wrote this all and then at the very end my wifi died and i had to wait to actually post it #pain. pain BNMKJHNMKJHN #but hi yes Frisk may be messed up but that does not mean they won't goat someone #into stalling their responsibilities to play uno with them #they may be a teenager with everyone out to kill them but that does not mean they cant challenge the local bunny to uno #♕ Entertaining radio ditties ; RP #MUSE / Frisk #ROLEPLAY / Frisk #cinnabund#food // #food mention // #food ment // #blood mention // #violence mention // #blood //#violence // #bc of the thing i mentioned at first ghtrjrtjhgnmrk4jht #but them <3
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  • divineslcyer
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    @tsuyoinu​ -- Plotted Starter.

     ❝ Look I’m sorry alright--How was I supposed to know you weren’t trying to kill Sango? ❞ She had followed the familiar scent of her kindred slayer sister, and came upon the scene of Sango practically bleeding to death and this demon--or rather, half-demon, as she’d learned, was actually trying to stop her attacks. The girl named Kagome and the monk, Miroku, had explained how Sango was being deceived--how they all had been fooled by the likes of Naraku.

    Amirah had owed the demon slaying clan her life since they’d found her, stripped of her memories and any identity. She’d been the only survivor, taken in and nursed after until she could regain her strength again. Now she wore the proud uniform of the slayer's clan in deep vermillion and black, keeping her sacred whip and wakizashi to her waist.  ❝ I wasn’t even sure she was allive until---...❞ A sigh, her voice softening. ❝ Well.. you know.. ❞

    Since their separation in battle, she’d felt different as well--since she’d thought the giant spider demon had poisoned her. She’d woken up among her brethren’s fallen bodies, healed and... not dead. Instead, she felt too alert. Her senses more heightened then before... Lost, she’d somehow tracked Sango and had hoped... for answers. She swept back her fringe, sparing a worried glance to the hut where Sango rested. 

    She crouched down, picking up a stick to doodle in the sand near the fire. The flames crackled at her presence, but she could only guess it was the wind. ❝ She’ll be okay... right? ❞ The scent of blood was still strong, mixed with the heady scent of the dead... She shuddered, wishing she could erase the smell.

    #tsuyoinu #me? write a simple starter? nope #✝ ⌈ In Character ⏌ ― threads #✝ ⌈ Verse ⏌ ― Inuyasha #tw blood #tw death mention
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  • cupcake-smoothie1
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    There should be a way to hide specific posts.

    Like, I'm okay with whatever tag its got, and it isn't harmful, but I just really don't want to see that one post specifically, especially not repeatedly

    #It's like when there was just this one alien makeup post that really just haunted my dreams #And was officially the thing that made me filter gore #But now I read things and I have to take the gamble of #Will this be blood and guts or just some words that mention blood and guts #Because those are two very different things #Like if you don't READ the gore you'll be fine #But seeing it? Different story entirely #And I'm not often on the part of the internet to be even seeing gore #So like 100% of the time (So far) it's just been words #And also on the case that it's not tagged or tagged incorrectly #What then? #So that's why I think we should be able to hide specific posts #sweetmountainseeds#rant#Tumblr
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  • thebeehive-sys
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    For the love of all things holy, what blood sacrifices do I have to make to the connective tissue gods to get our knee is stay in fudging place

    #💜#hEDS #ehlers danlos syndrome #tw blood mention #tw god mention #ehlers danlos type 3 #hypermobile ehlers danlos #chronic illness
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  • star-siiign
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ugh I feel like shit after donating blood. I’m trying to make myself eat and drink non-soda fluids. After this I’ll definitely sleep.

    #alexa rambles#blood mention#food mention#donate blood #donate blood save lives #american red cross
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  • hello-sad-im-dad
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Patton: Hey there, watcha drinking?

    Virgil, shrugging: The blood of my enemies.

    Patton: That liquid's clear.

    Virgil: ...

    Virgil: The tears of my enemies.

    #emo virgil#virgil sanders#ts anxiety#patton sanders#ts morality #incorrect sanders sides #ts incorrect quotes #tw blood mention
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  • cookiewatches
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ep4: Ghost aunt's roller-coaster of emotions






    #dexter #dexter new blood #dexter new blood episode 4 #h is for hero #debra morgan#dexter morgan#harrison morgan#mentioned
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  • wonderful-prompts
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Prompt #985

    There were two temperatures on the school bus in winter: so hot and dry that your nose would bleed, or so cold your extremities fell numb.

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  • svperlenaluthor
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    That is true strength.
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  • prettyboyandthekid
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I think it’s really interesting how the way they brought Taylor in to the episode was for her to do a fluff piece at the station which was to give her the chance to interact with Bobby to ask him about her gift for Buck.

    Like I’ve seen lots of stuff about the sweater and how much it represents how much they don’t know each other, but not another the specifics about that. Cause Buck does like sweaters, he wears them all the time so while it is something he would like this is a very basic fact about him. And then there’s the colors she’s picking from: red and white/lighter color. The last time he wore white- Eddie was shot and blood splattered across it - the red. There was no reason we had to be shown those items specifically, she could have just asked “I’m thinking of getting buck a sweater, is that a good present?”

    So the fact that she is working when this happens is illustrative of her position. Because we have had family members and SOs come visit the station and interact with the firefam purely for the fact of visiting and talking to them. But she was there to do a puff piece for her job.

    and she doesn’t even talk to Buck at the station.

    I just think it’s interesting.

    #thinking about ‘outside looking in’ and Taylor #tw: blood mention #911 spoilers#911#anti bucktaylor#AJ rambles#911 s5#911 5x10
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  • deadlilmoon
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The fuck did you just said? Tw. Rape mention. Inappropriate behavior.   I blame @lost-opium-artblog for the inspiration.

    #tw rape mention #tw  Inappropriate behavior. #jalim #jason x salim #jason kolchek#salim#salim othman #House of ashes #dark pictures house of ashes #dark pictures anthology #hoa#my artwork#alanmk comics#Blood#injury
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  • bigfrozensix
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    The B positive meme doesn’t work for me, but I do am A positive person.

    Please laugh...

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  • bigfrozensix
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I just had my first blood donation, and it went really well!

    Apperently I have really strong blood vessels, because it only took 5-6 minutes for half a liter of blood to come out, instead of the average 8-10 minutes (that’s what they told me).

    I definitely felt a little faint afterwards, but the people there really know what they’re doing. Once they take out the needle, they make sure you stay seated and give you something to drink. Then afterwards help you stand up, and as long as I moved slowly, I felt pretty fine.

    You’re also allowed to stay in the waiting room and get some snacks and drinks on the house. It helped one of my caregivers went with me, for mental support, but we also just had a really fun time talking about whatever we felt like.

    But yeah, this is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but I finally set the step. My mother couldn’t be helped anymore, but if my blood can help other people, it’s the least I can give to this world.

    My next donation probably isn’t until April, because there need to be at least 122 days between donations. But they also told me because I have a common blood group (35% of my country), they’ll probably need my help as often as they can get it.

    It’s kinda fun knowing my blood group is A+. Though, there’s something weird about seeing an entire bag of your own blood outside of your body. That’s the best I can explain this experience... like something was off (which, I mean... makes sense).

    Either way, I’m definitiely doing this again.

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  • scintillasofbeomgyu
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    these red curtains making my room look like enhypen's bloody birthday party lmfao

    #they're actually like dark orange ?? #but they're so RED #ksksksjs #tw// blood mentioned #aisha rambles
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  • nagitoisgonnacatchyou
    08.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    my ear was bleeding last night and i think it may be bleeding again aaaaaa

    #personal#blood mention #ask to tag #i cant fucn use headphones >:( #last night it was because i scratched it a bit too hard and maybe cuz of headphones #but now im just sitting. not even using headphones and i feel like it's bleeding a little again #i might be exaggerating idk
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