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    18.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Lakukan saja hari ini. Tentang besok adalah persoalan nanti. Berbicara kemarin adalah mata pelajaran yang pantas direvisi kurikulumnya...

    #paradigmanonymous#sajak#catatanhariini #terciduk termanfaatkan oleh nama-nama Ayyu Mila Lee Amire Tonya Chawla Ashley Mandela Hoola Blue Haloo Yellow Gae Maca dan sekutu-sekutu
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    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #Rp#Rp blog #Chatting with Tricky #Tricky/Blue #Pray for Tricky #NS is to much of a flirt for our poor boy #Also pray that the cops don't find him
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    #was trying 2 go thru a Daily adachi twt trying 2 find a specific pic of him n they rted this n replied 'if u pick black ur dead 2 me /j' n #imjus like How do u think his suit is blue its legitimately black what?? it's a Standard Run Of the Mill black suit?? #delete later
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    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I really meant that I’d hold ya.

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    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #Rp#Rp blog #Chatting with Tricky #Tricky/Blue #Look what you did- #But then again it's pretty funny #So you get a free pass
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    18.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    S03E16 Heart of Glass (Day 2)

    Soon turned out to be a pain in the ass.


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    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Madison Kate

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    The Justice Department - Musique sans Frontieres 17 Oct 21fc - I Could Taste Funerals on My Tongue

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    18.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Maybe I shouldn't have woken up at 5 today

    #my eyes hurty #i usually wake up around 5 to 8 #definitely an early bird here #but i stayed up a bit later to help my mum with something #so eyes hurty #blue rambles
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    18.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs #iceage3screencaps #blue sky studios #mine
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    18.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Blue Hologram

    My debut album coming out Oct. 31

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    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #asks#blue period#nyx #i hate it here
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    18.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    How to Fake Date a Honey Badger

    Felix Fraldarius x reader

    Modern AU

    Felix is lying face down on the table. His brows are deeply furrowed, he is gritting his teeth. He needs to speak up.

    “Damn! Do you have to bend my leg back that far?” He fumes.

    “Gotta get that range of motion back to where it should be.” You answer as you concentrate on stretching muscles that haven’t been for a few weeks. You make a note in the charts. You’re a physical therapist, working on the knee and calf injury Felix Fraldarius sustained while fencing.

    “Get over to the ladder drills.” You order. He knows what to do since he’s been here several times a week for six weeks. “On your toes! Only the toes. Don’t let your heel drop.”

    While he runs through his exercises you move to a little old lady recovering from a double knee replacement. You get her situated on the exercise bike. As she makes the pedals turn, the blue haired woman begins to cuss like a sailor.

    “If that’s what it takes Gladys, do it. You’re really working hard.” You respond, giving her a light pat on the shoulder. She smiles at you briefly, then begins swearing at the pain in her knees again.

    Felix has finished his ladder drills, doing a few lunges, walking around and stretching his legs. You hand him a few bands and he sits on a bench working on stretches. He decides to check his phone.

    [Sylvain] Hey Fe, party 2morrow. Need me 2 set up a date?

    “Fuck.” He mumbles under his breath. He totally forgot. Last time was a complete disaster. The girl Sylvain set him up with must have been part octopus, couldn’t keep her hands to herself and she never shut up. Where the hell is he going to find a date? He doesn’t have time outside of classes and fencing.

    “You doing okay over there, Felix?” You ask as you guide Gladys up and down the stairs. You saw him sitting there staring off into space.

    “Yeah.” He answers, getting back to working on resistance with the bands.

    “It’s supposed to be a lovely weekend, do you have plans?” Gladys asks as she makes it off the steps, walking around to the other side to go back up then down.

    “Sunday I’m taking gramma to the grocery store. No other plans.” You answer, holding her elbow as a precaution as she starts up the stairs.

    “A pretty girl like you doesn’t have a hot date tonight? I’ve got a grandson that I bet would love to meet you.” Gladys stops and smiles at you hopefully.

    “Concentrate dear. You need to put your foot down completely before you start to lift the other one.” You instruct her, quickly changing the subject. She finishes her exercises then one of your workers takes her to be iced down.

    “Sorry about that Felix, thanks for waiting a moment. Ready for some leg extensions?” You wave him to come over as you adjust the weights on the machine.

    “Sure. Sounds like you have an exciting weekend planned.” Felix slides into the seat, putting his feet under the cushioned bar.

    “Gladys means well, but her grandson is almost 40. He’s a little old for me. I’m only 24.” You adjust his foot position. “Do 10 with both legs, slowly. You may feel a bit of a burn, let me know if there is any pain.

    Felix takes hold of the hand grips and slowly lifts and lowers the weight. “I thought you were older than that.”

    “Only child, went through the gifted program. Started college at 15. Completed my doctorate almost 2 years ago. People always think I’m older.” You shrug.

    It’s now or never, he thinks to himself. Felix bites the bullet, “So, have you heard of fake dating? I have a problem.”

    You chuckle. “Really? Can’t say I’ve ever done it but go on.” Your eyes light up.

    “Every year my friends have this stupid party. I don’t really date, don’t have time for it. But if I don’t bring one, they set me up and it’s always a disaster. You’ve seen me enough to know I’m not the friendliest or most talkative guy. I don’t have time to waste on fraternizing with women and all of that. I just need someone to go with me and pretend that they tolerate me for an evening.”

    “This isn’t going to be a wild and crazy sorority party, is it? I can’t handle that much noise and chaos.” You frown.

    Felix shakes his head, “Nothing like that. We’ve grown past beer pong and that shit. The music is on, but you can still hear and talk over it.”

    “This is a party where everyone keeps their clothes on, I hope.” You chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. You’d freak out if he says no.

    “Of course they keep them on!” Felix looks daggers at you. “What kind of creepy people do you think I would hang out with?”

    You shrug. “Takes all kinds to make a world, just want to stay in my comfort zone.”

    “Oh.” Felix does a few more lifts. “A lot of sitting around and bullshitting, drinking and eating, then everyone goes home.”

    “It doesn’t sound too wild and crazy. So, when is it?” You stop him from lifting and adjust the weight. “Each leg 20 times.”

    “Tomorrow at seven pm.” He grunts as he lifts with his recovering leg first.

    “That doesn’t give us a lot of time to get to know each other, but we can make it work."

    Felix’s jaw drops open. “We have to know each other?”

    “If you’re pretending to be dating someone, you at least have to put on a good front. Unless you want to have them think you picked me up at a gas station.” You smirk.

    “Crap. Didn’t think of that.” Felix goes back to doing more lifts.

    “Let’s hang out together tomorrow. Let me see what you do, get to know each other for a bit.” You can’t believe you are agreeing to this. Yes, you think he’s cute and rather well built, but you’ve never dated a client before. Well this really isn’t a date, right?

    “Okay. I get up early, head out to the gym first thing. I can’t compete until the doctor releases me, so the afternoon is open.” Felix answers. Taking out his cell phone he responds to Sylvain.

    [me] I’ve got it covered.

    Felix suddenly gets a text from an unknown number. Just as he goes to delete it you interrupt him.

    “Texted you my number, just in case. What time do you want me at your place?”

    “How about 7:30. I hate to work out when the gym is full. Too many muscle-headed idiots around.” He answers.

    “Come on, you need to be on ice for at least 10 minutes before I let you go.” You wipe down the machine as he heads to his assigned room. You mold three icepacks around his leg and leave him in peace as you head to your desk to make note of today’s treatments.

    Felix pulls out his phone, he’s got another text.

    [Sylvain] What! You have a date? On your own? I must see this.

    [me] Shut up. We’ll be there.

    [Sylvain] ::googly eyed emoji::

    [me] ::middle finger emoji::

    “Times up.” You announce as you head in and take the ice packs off. “I’ll see you tomorrow morning, honey.”

    “No. No cutesy name.” Felix grunts.

    “Fine, crabass.” You snip.

    Arriving outside of the apartment complex five minutes early, you are not surprised to see Felix standing outside with his gym bag in hand waiting for you. You unlock the car doors, he throws his bag in the back seat and gets in the car.

    “I hope you weren’t waiting long for me, crabass.” You coo.

    “No on that one too.” Felix mutters.

    “Ja, mein Schnuckiputzi.” You grin as you head to the gym.

    “I don’t even know what the hell that means, I don’t like it.” He complains.

    There are a few other people at the gym, too many for Felix’s liking, but he works out anyway. You put on your knee braces and join him for his warmup run.

    “You have good running shoes.” He points.

    “Gotta have the right equipment for the job. Yours are great too. People have no idea how they can hurt themselves with poor footwear.” You comment as you complete your stretches.

    “Why the knee braces?”

    “Car accident. Shattered my right kneecap, made a mess of things. It really got me interested in therapy.” You tighten your ponytail and head to the track.

    Both of you run on the inside track that is elevated above the exercise machines and weightlifting area for thirty minutes. Then it’s time for weight training. The first time you correct Felix’s stance or actions, he huffs. Then you explain the muscle groups that he is working on, how they can be strained or even injured if completed incorrectly as well as the proper breathing to go with each set of repetitions, he relents.

    One of the gym’s personal trainers arrives and greets you warmly. You chat with him for some time, Felix continues with his workout.

    “Where do you know him from?” Felix tries not to raise an eyebrow.

    “When you’re in the business, you get to know people. We’ve been to classes together. There are seminars held all the time for continuing education. The good trainers will keep learning and stay on top of the latest developments.” You shrug.

    After a thorough workout, it is too early to get lunch, but Felix agrees to stop at a smoothie place to get a quick protein boost. Yours has more fruit than his, he gets double protein.

    “Here’s yours, stud muffin.” You say, handing him his smoothie.

    “No, that one is disgusting.” Felix complains.

    Arriving back at his apartment complex, he leads you to his unit. Opening the door, you are happily surprised that his place is clean enough to be acceptable, but not so clean as to be anal about it. Cat toys are scattered here and there about the room.

    “I’ll give you the nickel tour, then I guess you want to shower.” Felix closes the door and leads you about the apartment. He throws his bag on his bed in his room and leaves you at the bathroom.

    Of course, the toilet seat is up. You flip the whole thing shut and get out your soap and sundried items. The water is nice and hot, and shower is much enjoyed. He even left out two towels and a washcloth for you. You come out with your hair down, wearing a t shirt, jean shorts and socks.

    “Where’s your cat?” You ask, looking around.

    “Zoltan. He’s shy around new people. You may not get to meet him.” Felix answers before taking his bag in the bathroom for his shower.

    While he is preoccupied, you poke around in the kitchen. One cabinet is full of protein powder and supplements for power smoothies. Another has at least ten bottles of hot sauce, all of them labeled firey hot or instant death, or liquid lava. A selection of nuts and seeds, probably to add to protein shakes. Dishes, a stack of paper plates, plastic storage containers, the usual stuff.

    Checking the fridge it has three dozen eggs, butter, two tubs of nonfat Greek yogurt, soy milk and almond milk, both unsweetened, kale and baby spinach, hot salsas, a few beers, gatorades and cold bottles of water.

    You scope out the living room. His desk is there with books for class. A rack of decorative swords on the wall, a few fencing foils and épée stacked in a corner with several gloves. Bookshelves filled with books on fencing, swords, armor, history of the same, reference books for classes and what appear to be a few old textbooks. Television, coffee table, Nintendo switch, Xbox, the standard staples of a bachelor’s pad. One older couch, two overstuffed chairs, one cat.

    You take a seat on the couch that is furthest from Zoltan. The cat has been watching you walk around, not moving from its comfy chair. You pull out your phone to check your texts. A quick text goes to Yuri, letting him know everything is cool. Felix hasn’t slit your throat or left you in an alley to die. You give him the address, Felix’s phone number, and a copy of his driver’s license that you nabbed from work, just to put his mind at ease. Yuri texts back saying Felix is clean and have a good time. Try not to do anything he would do.

    Looking up from your phone you try not to look Zoltan in the eyes as he jumps on the couch to check you out. You hold still and stare at your phone. He sniffs you, moving up your arm, then getting on his hind legs to sniff you close to your ear. He senses no danger, so he lays down next to your leg. Slowly you reach over behind his head to pet his back. It seems Zoltan warms up much faster than his companion, as he is purring and rubbing his face on your hand.

    Zoltan is very photogenic and loves to pose for you. You take various shots of him batting a toy, perched on the arm of the couch like a regal lion, and he even poses nicely for a few selfies. You make one of the selfie’s your lock screen.

    Felix comes down the hallway to see you sitting on the couch, scratching his cat’s stomach.

    “Huh. He won’t let me scratch his stomach. Asshat always bites me.” He huffs.

    “Come up behind me and lean over my shoulder. We need a selfie or two. Gotta make this believable.” You ask.

    Felix bends down, closer to your face level but too far behind you with a stern look on his face. You take a few shots.

    “Look over at Zoltan.” You ask. His face immediately softens and he moves closer to get a good look at his pet. After four more pictures you are satisfied.

    Felix comes around and plops into a chair. “So what else do we need to do?”

    “Birthdays if anyone asks. Yours is Pegasus Moon on the 20th. For mine, same Moon, cut the 20 in half. 10th Pegasus Moon. I love cats, Zoltan is a sweetie. Check out these pictures I took.” You hand him your phone as he swipes through them.

    He keeps swiping through the photos, asking about a few of them. Some of them were of a conference in Derdriu. There are photos of fish, crabs and other creatures in the shallow waters.

    “Do you like going to the beach?” Felix asks.

    You blush. “When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a Marine Biologist. My father and I took diving classes and for my certification I had to go to a depth of 30 meters, which is about 4 atmospheres of pressure. I tried several times but it was too much for me. I could go 20, but 30 was too much pressure and made me claustrophobic. Snorkeling is great, but mostly I go see fish at aquariums.”

    “I’ve always liked swords.” Felix shares, “Their history, the different types and ways of wielding them, how they are made. I have a large collection at home. Fencing scholarships have helped pay for some of my college. Majoring in business, my old man wants me to follow in his footsteps, but…yeah.”

    “You even named your cat after a master weaponsmith.” You add, grabbing your phone from the coffee table.

    “You actually know that?” Felix looks at you in disbelief. “Girls usually aren’t interested in swords. I have to explain that my cat isn’t named after an alien from another planet to most people.”

    “So what else do you do when you have free time? Movies? Books? Video games?”

    Felix ponders for a moment. “Early college years, when my friends and I were in the dorms, there were a lot of Smash brothers and Mario Kart tournaments. But with the crush of the last year of school, tough classes, major tournaments, I haven’t had the time. Haven’t seen some of the people that will be at the party for the last few months, maybe longer.”

    “Is everyone close in age?” You ask as you lift Zoltan in your lap and take a few more pictures of him, sneaking one or two of Felix when he’s not looking.

    “Yeah. Most of us grew up together.” He muses, “Sylvain is two years older than me. He’s one of the oldest. My best friend growing up. He pisses me off a lot, but we still have each other’s backs.”

    “The best kind of friends are ones that know all about you, and still like you anyway.” You laugh.

    “Do you have a lot of friends? What do you do besides work?” Felix asks.

    “I have friends here and there. My parents moved several times with my father’s job. It was hard to make friends in college because of the age difference. They’re all looking for older friends to buy them alcohol, not someone the same age as their kid brother that plays with Pokémon cards.”

    “I read tons of books on many subjects, play video games, single player mostly like Zelda or strategy RPG’s. I travel for work, so its difficult to have pets. Maybe that’s why Zoltan is okay with me. He knows I can use some kitty cuddles.” You say as he lazily snoozes on your lap.

    “Hey, we should get some lunch. There’s a new Korean BBQ place that just opened up, they’re pretty good.” Felix suggests.

    “Sounds great. I can’t say I can handle as spicy as you, but I’m down for it. Let me pay since you’re taking me to the party tonight.” You offer.

    Felix grabs the menu and you decide on a few items. You call it in on your credit card. Soon the food arrives and you’re in the kitchen having lunch together. Felix hits the cabinet with the hot sauce dumping even more heat on the already spicy foods. He offers to share, but you remind him you didn’t bring a fire extinguisher for your internal organs.

    Pulling out a pad and paper you make a quick hit list for both of you to memorize before this evening. How you met, how long you’ve been dating (you agreed to use his 6 weeks of physical therapy as the time.) Favorite colors, favorite foods and strange little things to make the list complete.

    You both are pretty reserved, so no kissing. You know Felix is not a person that reacts well to unexpected touch so you will warn him before you attempt any PDA, not touching any skin, and can only do it when he isn’t facing anyone. (Although you think his face flushing red is cute, he vehemently disagrees.)

    “Why do we need that anyway?” Felix bemoans.

    “Oh come on, you’ve never done a little hot dogging before? Pulled a few fancy moves out of your ass to show your opponent what you are truly capable of?” You give him a nudge on his shoulder with your hand.

    “I think we can do this.” Felix suddenly announces.

    “Great, because I need to start getting ready. Grab anything you need from the bathroom because I have to do all of that fancy girly crap that they will be expecting.” You warn.

    He grabs a few things and takes them to his bedroom.

    “It’s all yours.” He announces.

    Twenty minutes later you walk into the living room to see if he approves. You are wearing a low cut, close fitting black dress just above your knees with low heeled slingback shoes, cat eye makeup, a rolled hair bun and glittering dangling earrings with a matching necklace.

    Felix coughs into his hand as his eyes go wide. “That’ll do.”

    “Great! Let’s go, my gorgeous hunk of man meat.” You smile.

    “Definitely not.” He says as he follows you to the door.

    The ride to the party is quiet except for Felix providing directions. He tells you the best place to park the car, then hurries around to help open your door. He offers you his elbow and you take it.

    “We can do this.” You smile.

    “Yeah.” He answers, swallowing hard.

    Felix barely knocks at the door once and it opens.

    “Hey buddy! Good to see ya!” A friendly redheaded guy grabs Felix and pulls him to his chest in a brief hug. “And who is this gorgeous lady you’ve brought with you?”

    Felix awkwardly introduces you and announces that this is Sylvain Gautier.

    You extend your hand and warmly smile at him. “It’s nice to finally meet you Sylvain.”

    Sylvain grabs your hand, pulling you close to his chest, giving you a half hug with his other arm. “We’re all friends here. Come on in!”

    You enter what you would call a mansion, the place is huge. Sylvain is ‘house sitting’ for his parents who are somewhere in another country for a month.

    Sylvain gestures like a flight attendant giving their pre takeoff speech. “The bathrooms are over there, most of what’s happening is in here, the room to the left and one in the back. They’re roasting…stuff in the back yard. Drinks and snacks are straight down this hall. Enjoy!”

    Felix announces that he needs a drink, grabs your hand and heads straight down the hallway. You find yourself in a large kitchen, the countertop is filled with different types of alcohol and mixers. Smaller tables are around the sides of the room filled with a number of savory treats and delicious looking sweets.

    You turn around to the sound of ice clinking in a glass as Felix pours whiskey over the top of it. You fill a glass with a few ice cubes halfway with orange juice, the rest with white soda and add a touch of grenadine. Grabbing a pair of tongs you drop a maraschino cherry on top for color.

    “No alcohol?” Felix raises an eyebrow.

    “I’m the double D, enjoy yourself my funky monkey.” You grin.

    Felix nearly spits his drink back into the glass. “Don’t ever say that one again.”

    You laugh, lightly touching his shoulder. He turns away looking at the rooms, trying to decide which way to go. He picks a direction, and you follow behind.

    You’re back in the front parlor. A blonde and brunette woman are deep in a conversation by the window. Felix stops in front of a petite redheaded woman sitting next to a dapper young man with silvery blonde hair.

    Felix completes the introductions. Ashe is polite and speaks with a soft voice. Annette is a happy bubbly woman and is gushing with excitement about how elegant the house is and how everything is overly fancy and the decorations are simply divine and she loves your earrings.

    Just as you turn to say something to Felix, Sylvain grabs him by the arm. “I have to steal him for a minute, I promise to bring him back.”

    Taking a seat on the couch you find out more about Annette and Ashe. Annette is going to graduate this year with a degree in primary education. She definitely has the energy and personality to make it with young children. Ashe is graduating from culinary school and hopes to some day have his own restaurant. He makes some suggestions describing certain dishes and desserts he prepared for tonight’s party and you promise to partake of some.

    An elegantly dressed woman enters in the room, coughing slightly so that all eyes are upon her. She chuckles to herself as she glances about the room, deciding to meet eyes with you. She floats over to the couch and sits delicately next to you.

    “You must be accompanying Felix, are you not?” She smiles with every one of her over whitened teeth. “My name is Constance, however you are allowed to call me Coco. I am dating THE Sylvain Gautier. It was only inevitable. I am of good breeding and amazing social status. He does have an amazing and outgoing personality that would complement our families greatly. I am a fine specimen of a woman myself and hopefully our union will be the most perfect in all of Fodlan!”

    You smile at the woman who is monologuing at you, not exactly sure how you are to respond. “That’s wonderful. I am sooo happy for you.”

    “Yes, you should be.” She nods, her curls in her hair bouncing as a result. “We have been dating for over two glorious and amazing weeks. He is the perfect man. Always so considerate send me flowers every day. Does Felix do that for you?”

    “I’m not really a big flowers person so we don’t do that.” You shake your head. “Also we have to be concerned about the cat. Zoltan could be poisoned by certain flowers.”

    Constance crinkles her nose at the mention of cats. “Does he take you to the opera? The opera is wonderful, we sit in reserved areas for his company and have exclusive meetings with the performers after the show.”

    “No, I can’t say I’ve ever been to the opera.“ You shake your head.

    “What about concerts?” Constance suggests. “Watching performers live on stage, are they not amazing?“

    Taking a sip from your drink you pause. Well, I have only been to one or two in my life. I’m not usually a large crowds person, neither is Felix.”

    Constance scoffs, waving her glass in the air, “What do you even do together?“

    “We like working out, running, he fences of course. And he’s busy with school. I’ve graduated and I’m working.”

    “Oh.” Constance gasps. “Working. Really?

    Felix saunters into the room, stopping in front of you. “Um, you look like you could use a refill?”

    You stand to join him, turning back to Constance, “It was nice to meet you.”

    Felix heads for the kitchen, you are hanging on to the cuff of his suitcoat. He pours another whiskey on the rocks while you repeat your last concoction. Just as you place the cherry on top, Sylvain stands across from the two of you. He stares at your face then at the cherry, back at your face. Really? Okay.

    You pop the stemmed cherry in your mouth while Felix picks through different bottles of booze on the counter. Felix asks Sylvain about a certain kind of whiskey. Sylvain glances at you before he turns away, just in time to see you stick your tongue out with the knotted cherry stem. You notice the tips of his ears are quite red as he heads to a cabinet.

    You softly whisper into Felix’s ear, your breath warm, “Doing okay, handsome baby boo?”

    “Not that one either.” He mumbles as he takes a drink from his glass. “I’m fine. You okay?”

    Reaching out to straighten the collar of his shirt you answer, “I’m fine, just missed you.” You say in a singsongy girly tone, wink, then nod toward Sylvain.

    Felix stands there a second then. “Oh.” He nods. Then smiles the tiniest bit.

    You pat him on the chest. “Good boy.” He smiles wider.

    Sylvain returns with the requested bottle and Felix high fives him in thanks for the alcohol. Felix drains his glass then fills it with the new liquid. He leads you to a different room, couches and chairs here and there, the room is a bit darker, with dark wood screaming luxury and elegance. A blue haired woman sits in the center of a couch, it is evident the friend she was sitting next to is absent.

    When your eyes meet hers they go wide. You both squeal with excitement as you run to each other and hug tightly!

    “By! Is it really you?!” You squeal.

    “I can’t believe it! I have not seen you in over 10 years!” Byleth gasps.

    “You two know each other?” Felix looks a little confused, a little relaxed too with how much alcohol must be in his system.

    “We used to live across the street from each other. We were in grade school together.” You smile.

    Byleth pulls you over to the couch so you two can reminisce and catch up. Felix takes a seat to the side of you, watching the conversation quietly.

    Byleth fills you in on things going on in her life, how she met Dimitri and she’s been working on meeting everyone in their group. She’s delighted Felix has such a wonderful girlfriend like you, you two will be great for each other, etc.

    “Hey, did you become a Marine Biologist like you always wanted?” She laughs.

    Felix leans over and pats your knee, “Show her those pictures you took in Derdriu” he nods and waves his glass gingerly.

    You open your phone gallery and Byleth stops you. “Is that Zoltan? I’ve never been able to see him! I’ve been to his place two or three times with Dimitri but he always hides! He’s so fluffy!”

    “That’s because Zoltan is smart and runs when Dimitri shows up.” Felix says curtly.

    You show her a couple others of Zoltan and a cute selfie of the two of you. Then you flip to pictures of the shallow waters of Derdriu and the cute octopus you found on a patch of seaweed.

    “No. I didn’t make it as one. I still love it though. I’m into physical therapy.” You finish answering her question as a very tall blond male with a ponytail comes to stand next to Byleth.

    Byleth makes the introduction between you and Dimitri Blaiddyd. You laugh because you know him too! He has a hard time remembering, but when you tell him you were much smaller and even more petite, he had gone in for physical therapy because of a rugby injury and you were working on his ankle. Finally, the light goes off in his head and you laugh together about it.

    Felix suddenly stands up and asks if you need a refill. You notice that his glass is suddenly empty, it wasn’t two seconds ago. You drink yours down to the ice and thank him for getting you a refill.

    You chat with Byleth and Dimitri about how he was a patient during your clinicals and find out more about the two of them. After a few minutes more of chatting, you notice that Felix hasn’t returned. You excuse yourself to head to the ladies room. Dimitri is kind enough to provide detailed directions.

    Felix heads to the kitchen, slamming the glasses on the counter. This is a party for him and his friends and his date looks like she’s having more fun that he is. Why did he even ask her to…oh fuck. This was his idea, he told her to try to fit in. She’s done nothing wrong. He’s just being his same bastard self. He takes a few cleansing breaths, gotta air his brain out. He’s only had two, no, three, is this his fourth drink? Damn, he better slow down. He just wants to leave, he hates this so much.

    He drops three large ice cubes into his glass and pours the good stuff Sylvain finally brought out. As he is pouring his drink, he hears you come up behind him.

    You whisper to him, “We talked about this. Don’t jump. I’m going to hug you lightly.” You slide your hands along Felix’s waist, he is all muscle, you can’t stop the soft moan from your lips. You wrap your arms around his stomach and then place your chin as high as you can on his shoulder.

    Felix slightly flinches at first, but then relaxes as he feels your hands coming across his stomach, your chest pushed against his back. This actually feels nice he thinks. He suddenly stops pouring alcohol into his cup, it almost overflowed. Fuck. How is he so distracted? He takes a couple sips out of his drink, the liquid burning all the way down his throat.

    You whisper in his ear, “Can you see Sylvain reflected in the glass of the stove?”

    You hope he can because Sylvain is trying so hard not watch. His jaw is open wide.

    You nuzzle Felix’s neck, “Sylvain is definitely staring.”

    “Fuck him,” he says softly. He breaks out of the hug and turns. “Do you want another drink?”

    “I think I will.” You answer, refilling your glass. “Are you doing okay?”

    “Fine. I’m fine.” Felix says, whether he believes it, that’s another story.

    Annette comes in to fill her plate with more food. “Have you tried these cucumber things? They are delicious!” She grins.

    “Show me a few of those things Ashe was talking about. If we have a master chef in the making around here, I want to be able to say I tasted his excellent cooking before he was famous.” You laugh. “Why don’t you have a bite or two, Felix?

    “You know I don’t like sweets.” He frowns, folding his arms on his chest.

    You take your drink and plate and head out to the back yard, hoping a change of scenery will help lighten the mood, but Felix didn’t follow you. There is supposed to be a fire of some kind and you feel like a little fresh air is in order.

    Ashe is sitting at the large firepit with a very tall white haired man who is turning some metal baskets over the coals.

    “Hey, what do you think of the cookies?” Ashe asks.

    “They are delicious of course!” You answer with a smile. Looking at his companion you greet him, “Hello to you too.”

    Ashe introduces Dedue Molinaro. “He is already a master chef and just opened his own restaurant featuring spicy Duscur food.“

    “It is an honor to meet you.” You curtsey a bit. “I love your restaurant and order from there all the time. It’s only two blocks from my PT office on Springfield.”

    “I know of the place.” Dedue nods.

    Sitting with Dedue and Ashe is pleasant until you notice there are quite a few couples out here getting very close with each other. The kicker is when you notice Ashe and Dedue are holding hands. Just as Dedue finishes removing some meat kebabs and skewered fruits from the fire, you offer to take the food inside.

    As you arrive at the back door, Sylvain waves at you. Your hands are full, and you nod to the door handle. Finally, he pulls the door open as you walk inside. Sylvain has been in the kitchen, talking with Felix, whose glass is already half empty again.

    “Here, this isn’t sweet.” You tell Felix as you wave a meat kebab in front of him. He opens his mouth and you put the first piece into it as he pulls it from the stick.

    “Good boy.” You tell him as you hand him the kebab and take the rest of them over to the table, grabbing a fruit kebab for yourself. You wish you could feed him something more substantial, but that will have to do.

    Felix talks with Sylvain for a few more minutes. When there is a break in the conversation you decide to speak up.

    “It’s getting kinda late and you have a busy day tomorrow.” You say softly.

    “Right.” Felix downs the rest of his drink, slamming the glass on the counter. “We have to hit the road, be seeing ya.” He says to Sylvain as he grabs your hand and heads for the door.

    “Bye.” You smile and wave as Felix drags you out of the house. You wanted to leave but had no idea Felix would directly bolt out the door like this.

    He nearly stumbles as you make it back to your car. You open the door while he slides in and hand him the seatbelt. He takes it in his hand and looks up to you. You nod and he puts it on.

    Plugging in your phone and gps you start the car and head back to his apartment. Felix doesn’t say a word. By the time you arrive at his apartment he is asleep in the front seat. Before you get out you text Yuri that you’re okay and getting Felix into his apartment.

    Opening Felix’s car door, you shake him a bit, but he only mumbles.

    “Get up, gotta get you inside.” You unbuckle his seatbelt and pull his arm. Felix stands while you put an arm around him to keep him upright and the two of you stumble towards the door. You walk him to the door of his apartment, and he is half asleep again.

    “Wake up, get your key out.” You order.

    Felix fumbles in his pocket finally pulling out his key. You unlock the door and maneuver him inside. He stumbles to the bathroom. You head to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of Gatorade as you hear him getting rid of the rest of the booze from his stomach.

    Zoltan rubs against your ankle, you refill his food bowl and get him some fresh water. He’s master isn’t going to be capable of this for a few hours, it’s the least you can do for the adorable kitty.

    Taking a deep breath, you head to the bathroom to find Felix sitting on the floor, hanging on to the side of the bathtub. You throw his arm around your shoulder trying to get him to stand up.

    “Hey, Spiky McAsshat! We need to get you to bed to sleep this off.” You encourage him.

    “Rude.” He says loudly in your ear. “But true.”

    You haul him to his room and sit him on his bed, handing him the Gatorade. He opens it and takes a healthy drink while you take his shoes off. You’re able to grab the bottle before he falls on his back onto his bed. Putting the cap on lightly you leave the bottle on his nightstand and put his feet up onto his bed, tossing the cover over him.

    You leave a note in the kitchen saying you had a nice time and head home.

    Just as you get inside the door to your apartment, you receive a text.

    [Byleth] Hope you don’t mind but I took your number down when you handed me your phone. Felix looked pretty wasted. Hope you both made it home okay.

    [me] We’re fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sleeps all day. Glad to see you again and I hope we can hang out soon!

    You curse yourself as you realize you forgot your bag at Felix’s place. He’ll probably bring it back when he has his next therapy session. You wash up and head for bed.

    The next morning you head over to your gramma’s house and have a wonderful visit. You show her the photos of Felix and his cat, a few you had taken at the party. She comments about what a nice looking man he is and that she’s thrilled you’re doing something besides just working and how you’re too sweet to wind up being an old maid.

    You help her put the groceries away and once she is settled to your satisfaction you head back to your apartment. Just as you drop your bag, you have a text.

    [Felix] Hey

    [me] I hope you are feeling better.

    [Felix] I want to apologize

    [me] For what? Nothing went wrong, did it?

    [Felix] Let me apologize. You left your stuff here.

    [me] No need for a special trip, bring it to your next appointment.

    [Felix] Aren’t you angry?

    [me] No. You need to take care of yourself. Eat some good food, rehydrate, pet your cat. I’ll see you Tuesday.

    That was a strange conversation, you think to yourself.

    Monday morning you open the office, start the coffee pot and check voice mails. There is a delivery from the local florist addressed to you. You place the container of purple hyacinths on your desk. There’s no card, but you know who they are from. You’re not sure why he feels sorry. Felix was fine the entire night. Maybe because he got sick? But it was in his bathroom, not your car, so it really wasn’t that bad. You shrug it off and greet the next patient as they come in the door.

    Tuesday and Thursday are your late days. One of your employees opens, you close. Felix arrives in the afternoon at his scheduled time, striding straight over to where you are working with Betty.

    “Hello Felix. I’ll be with you in a moment. Let’s put you in room 4 today.” You continue working with Betty as he stomps off to his room to change into shorts.

    Finishing the current exercise, you set Betty up with lawnmower pulls. You watch her complete the first two, then remind her to bend her knees. Encouraging her with a “You’ve got it!” you head to the rooms and knock on the wall outside room 4.

    Felix jumps off the exam table looking all wound up.

    “I want…we need…let’s talk.” Felix blurts out, sounding frustrated, fiddling with his hands.

    You look him in the eye and keep your voice soft and low. “This is my job. We can talk after hours. You’re here for your therapy, lets get that done like we always do, okay?” You try to keep your voice even, a bit restrained without sounding too bossy. Besides, regular habits and procedures should help him calm down.

    Felix doesn’t look you in the eye, however he does nod. He looks like he is literally biting his tongue.

    “Get on the table on your stomach so I can take some measurements.” You say in your normal work voice.

    Felix complies then you wrap the heating pads around his thigh and calf. “Fifteen minutes then we’ll work on stretches and exercises.

    Just as you put ice on Betty for her cool down, the timer goes off to begin with Felix. You advise Betty to leave the packs on the table, she can leave when she’s done cooling down.

    Removing the heating pads, you stretch Felix’s leg muscles, loosening them up for the floor exercises. You know something is definitely wrong because he doesn’t say one word.

    “Ladder drills...” You begin.

    Felix interrupts you, “Toes only. Got it.” He takes a deep breath and begins the drill sequence.

    You notice Betty is opening her curtain, she hands you the ice packs as she heads for the door. You remind her of her next appointment. Walking her to the door you lock the door behind her, grabbing gloves and wipes. You wipe down the machines furthest from Felix as you keep him moving, switching to his bands then you need to help him with the machines. Once he’s completed his exercises, you get him on ice, make your notes and wait for him to come out.

    Felix walks from the room to stand in front of your desk. You shut off the computer as he approaches.

    “Thank you for the flowers.” You smile.

    “We can talk now?” He asks, not looking you in the eye again.

    You grab your bag from under your desk and lead him out the door. Once in the back parking lot you toss your bag into your car’s trunk.

    “Want to go for a walk? Are you hungry?” You ask. You know better than to look at him, he has a lot in common with his cat. You’ll have to wait until he is ready.

    Felix shrugs, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He walks alongside you, looking at where you are going what is going on around you, but never quite at you.

    You stop three blocks away at a carry out restaurant and get in line at the window. You don’t bother asking him, you order food and wait for it at the other window. Once you take the bag, he takes it from you, carrying it. You take him to a public park that is well lit, even when the sun goes down. Finding a table to the side you unload the contents onto the table, placing several containers in front of him, others in front of you, the last in the middle of the table next to sauces, napkins, condiments in the center of the table, and a small stack of hot pepper packets in front of him. A bottle of water for each of you.

    Felix holds his hands out in front of him. “It’s things like this. How do you…?”

    “You like spices, the heat, the challenge of it. The burn is like adrenaline to you, how much can you take before it wins? You will even tolerate sweet if the heat is there. Sweet by itself is boring to downright nauseating. Full strength alcohol with a good bite, that’s also your style. Bitterness of beer is acceptable, you’re not picky there.”

    Felix nods.

    “We should eat. The food is good.” You open your bottle of water and take a drink.

    Felix opens the box and finds three spicy meat kebabs, dried peppers stuck to the meat by a sinus opening spicy sauce cooked onto them. They smell delicious and taste even better.

    “Just because I can identify a few things that you like and pick up on a few nonverbal cues, it doesn’t mean I know everything about you. You do the same thing in fencing when you face an opponent, size them up watch their every single movement, twitch, hitch, and reaction. You know the techniques, the expected reactions on their part and how yours should correspond.” You stop for another drink of water.

    Felix nods, then nonverbally asks for a moment while he finishes chewing. “Still, most women would have poured me out onto the pavement and left. You made sure I was safe. You even fed my damn cat.”

    “It wasn’t the cat’s fault you were too drunk to feed it.” You look away so he can’t see you smile. “What I’m trying to say is the more I got to know about you, the more I want to know more. Your friends speak highly of you, even with your spiky attitude.”

    “Zoltan seems to like you. He has a damn good judge of character.” Felix nods and smiles. “So…uh…can we have a real date?”

    “Felix,” you smile. “Isn’t that what we’re doing right now?”

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    Some of Wolfgang Heilemann's photos of Mick and Bill

    Photos from Interfoto

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    Day 4: The Oni [Rensuke Kunigami]

    Curiosity really did kill the cat this time, didn’t it?

    Fortunately for you though, you still took breath with your heart still beating, limbs still intact and blood that never split. Not that he’d dare lay a hand on you, of course, your captor would never dare lay a hand on you with the intent to harm. Rather, he was more concerned for your well-being, wearier of the things that could harm you. All simply because he loved you, but you couldn’t help but put some of the blame on yourself. As a traveler you couldn’t help but be lured in by the stories locals would tell you, some even spoke of creatures far beyond human understanding.  

    It was when you were going up a mountain, and injured yourself, did you meet this ‘Oni’ that resided within it, admissibly you were rather intimidated by him, yet it was your inquisitive nature that won over and openly expressed your curiosity. 

    He kept his distance from you in the beginning, the only time he ever interacted with you was when you needed something or to tend to your injury. It was you who initiated the first conversation you had, how a single question turned into a full conversation with him.

    He called himself Kunigami Rensuke, he was the rumored Oni of the mountain. You revealed to him that you were a traveler from foreign lands, and it surprised you to learn that he was a couple of hundred years old, and you were fascinated by the events he lived through ones that he can still recall through his existence. 

    Perhaps during some point during your recovery, Rensuke realized how lonely he was in these mountains he confined himself in, how your presence gave him a sense of comfort. It wasn’t only your presence though, because he realized too late that he had grown fond of you, to the point where he wanted you to stay beside him forever. It was a feeling he had long forgotten, one he didn’t know he could still have after living a cursed existence, it was a love for you.

    The day you were fully healed and announced to him that you were going to go back home, it was the day he realized that you would slip away from him. While you assured him that you’d visit when you can, he knew that you wouldn’t visit as much as he liked, the more he thought about it the more he realized that someday there will be someone else that will take you away from him.

    He wanted you for himself, he wanted to protect you from the ones that would take you away from him.

    That was the first time he really scared you when you said you’d be leaving, how he towered over you as you got ready to leave, you didn’t want to test your luck with him so you made a faux promise to stay with him for the rest of your days. In reality, to were planning an escape.

    So when you saw an opening you booked it. The plan was well done, but it wasn’t executed properly due to your miscalculations, because for one you underestimated the dangers of his mountain realm. So when he caught you, you were almost sure that he was going to kill you when he picked you up in his arms. It was funny, how the first thing you asked him was the same question that started it all...

    “Are you going to kill me?”

    His silence made your blood run cold when he stared into your eyes, and you couldn’t help but flinch when he leaned down and kissed your temple before whispering in your ear.

    “No, I just want to keep you”

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    Steven Universe Season 2 Episode 22: The Answer - “Don’t ever question this. You already are the answer.”
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