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  • softhyungkyun
    22.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    my new mx inspired tattoo :>

    #rambling#blood cw #idk if its visible #but there was definitely some blood bc this was right after the tattoo was done :P #actually my tattoo artist said i didn't bleed/swell up as much as she was expecting #and that my skin is great for tattooing on LMAO love that this is what i was built for <3 #also she asked if my tattoo has any special meaning and i was like *sweats* uhhh its from a music video #and shes like OH! what artist? #me: *quietly* monsta x #her: oh!! shownus my favourite! #and internally i was like (nksdkfnkjnds of course he is. u look like ur in ur 30s. and shownus killing it with the older ladies <333) #but we just talked about how bummed we are that shownus doing his military service rn >.< #and then i told her that the sihouette is hyungwon. who is MY fave #and she was like: oh u like hyungwon? 😏 #and like kjdnfkjndsf what did she mean?? was she judging me? it kinda sounds like she was judging me ksdnjfkjnsdf #i like the pretty ones!!!! >.< #anyway. the hourglass is based on the one min was ''painting'' in the connect film #the silhouette is based on a shot of hyungwon in the find you mv #and the flowers are based on the blue flowers in the all in mv :D #the flowers were unexpectedly the most painful >.< #when she was colouring it in i thought i was gonna cry ksdnfkjds #but i just kept moving my legs and gritting my teeth :P #my arms really sore now. im just gonna chill and watch movies for the rest of the night ^^ #thanks for coming to my ted talk <3
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  • beacondestroyed
    22.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

                                  AN INTRODUCTION TO DEREK’S KIDS, PART ONE

    lia hale, born talia josefina chambers - hale on 14th february 2007, is the daughter of grace chambers and derek hale. she was born in brooklyn and lived with her mom until she was 7, when grace signed over full custody to derek in 2014. custody had been signed over because lia had lost control on a full moon after three years of her mother trying to suppress her werewolf abilities resulted in lia killing her four year old half - brother, christian, in a frenzy.

    derek and grace knew each other through josefina souza, grace’s step-sister and member of the hale pack. they were drawn to each other as a distraction from their grief in the aftermath of the hale fire and when derek eventually told her about his involvement with kate, their relationship turned sour. grace put all the blame for her sister’s death on him. their relationship ended and she never told him about her pregnancy. he’d found out months later through a friend of a friend and she’d lied to him when he tried to confront her about it, was told ‘the problem was taken care of’ and it wasn’t until lia was already five months old that he got to meet her and hold her for the first time. he can still count on one hand the amount of times grace allowed him to see her before he got full custody.

    when he left to find laura in 2011 and ended up in beacon hills, he’d foolishly believed that the best and safest place for lia was with her mother, but had he known how grace was treating her, or that she’d come into her powers quite so early on, he would not have spent as long in california as he had and he will never forgive himself for all the time lost and the life changing consequences it had for lia. 

    in the present day, lia is thriving within the hale pack and now has full control over her abilities, will start full shapeshifting after her 15th birthday next month, like her father, aunt and grandmother before her. she’s on track to graduate high school before she turns 16 and has dreams of a career on broadway. she is affectionally called lia, tj, teej or detweiler. no one ever calls her talia and derek hates that grace forced a name like that onto her because he doesn’t want her to have to grow up constantly being compared to the grandmother she never met. ( not once has he ever called her talia, not even on the rare ocassions she gets into trouble ) 

    grace was killed in a robbery at the bank she worked for in 2019. derek took the loss a lot harder than lia ever will.

    #❖ ┊ ❛ derek hale. ❜  →  meta. #❖ ┊ ❛ lia hale. ❜  →  meta. #death tw #i had to make this two parts #because i rambled about my sweet bebbe too much #derek absolutely hates when his own eyes are a cold steel blue #but on god #he will look into that child's eyes and he will tell her #that he has never seen a set of eyes so beautiful in his life
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  • puppetmaster55
    22.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Blue Exorcist is, incredibly objectively, a comedy

    This is shown in every single time that the Exorcists have to do something in True Cross and casual civilians are like “oh, there’s an Exorcist thing happening? alright” and go on their lives

    Which makes Rin not knowing in the slightest about Exorcists after growing up in True Cross... a comedy

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  • blueskiesandstarrynights
    21.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Absolutely hilarious to me that Reginald's identity as an alien is this big twist surprise at the end of season 2, but in the comics it's stated literally on his introduction page

    #idk i find the contrast funny #tua #the umbrella academy #blue rambles#reginald hargreeves
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  • damnprecious
    21.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Do you ever find a song in the most unexpected place that takes residence inside your brain and you just kinda sit there going like 'huh'

    #noopa rambles #this just in: I'm still not over elämä kantaa mua by Tommi Läntinen #which is one of the national final songs going for Finland's eurovision spot #and my god. I don't even fully know why but that song decided to inhabit a piece of my heart??? #I partially blame pandemic blues #the song is just so. uplifting somehow #someone said in the comments that it made them nostalgic for an era they haven't yet lived #and I feel that to my core with that song #like. the singer looks so damn happy in that video especially in the part when he sits on the floor and smiles #in that colorful sweater of his #and it makes me go 'I want to look back when I'm old and have my life match the vibes of this song' #I have straight up cried bc of the song twice so far #which is wild given that it's a Happy Uplifting Song and yet here we are #I Never expected a random potential eurovision song to do this to me
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  • jiminiesfavouritecolourisblue
    21.01.2022 - 9 hours ago
    #blue rants and rambles a lot #ceo au ask #Yoongi has his claws in my heart okay 😂 #it had to be him I couldn’t see it being anyone else
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  • blueskiesandstarrynights
    21.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Ew ew ew ew what is this what did I do, all I did was refresh the page why is it like this put it back put it back I hate it

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  • rainecloud020604
    21.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Misc lieutenant hugs stuff from last year I never posted! plus a little ramble in the tags for who is interested

    Reblog to support an artist comments highly appreciated 💖

    #rainecloud020604 draws shit #art#my art#digital art#oc #artists on tumblr #my oc#lieutenant hugs#artwork#artistic#artist#digital painting#digital sketch#digital drawing#blue#black #okay so its been AGES since i have mentioned him :D so i mean might as well sorta like info dump/ramble a bit right?? #so ive been debating on if i wanted to make him a little fan abnorm and decided yes cause i mean why not hes kinda fitting for that but #i do have an au where he is sorta a normal guy(??? kinda not exactly a normal guy) but more of an employee who works there and is sorta #hiding powers so he isnt locked up and deemed an abnormality but yea hugs is neat in both ideas and is sorta a sona but not #he used to be a lieutenant who is hella traumatized by everyone dying around him and his trauma is manifested into those hands and the #darkness stuff he can semi manipulate that exists to protect him but this backfires when he is being self destructive n the hands attack #him in return for thinking about hurting himself or being in a bad mental state and being a threat to himseld which is a mess #the darkness is its own entity and as much as he can sometimes get it to do things if it doesnt want to it wont do anything or act in favor #also !! that picture is the first one i did with that brush ive been using for paintings it was my test im shocked i didnt post this here #anyways enjoy the rambles n stuff
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  • welcometogrouchland
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago
    #ramblings of a lunatic #asks #the funniest thing is that i generally have a fairly different image of melanie to common fanon #(i.e more goth than punk. dyes her hair blonde instead of blue etc) #meanwhile. i dress and loom exactly like fanon melanie #*look #it wasn't even intentional it just sorta happened
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  • moejra
    21.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    i misssss the fountain pen i got as a gift with a čukec magazine when i was like 8 or 9 and we weren’t really using fountain pens at school yet and it made me feel like i was one of the Big Kids because i had that fountain pen while we were mostly stll just using pencils to write. it was purple and probably cheap af but surprisngly it was the BEST fountain pen i ever had it NEVER let me down. no. i was the one who let IT down bc it was just plain purple and when everyone got fountain pens at school, all of my classmated had these Cool(tm) fountain pens with like. neat patterns or images of animals on them. and i felt so left out with my purple fountain pen that i convinced my parents to get me a new fountain pen eventhough i didn’t need it and it was Cool with Pictures Of Horses on it. but by g-d was that pen shitty. constantly clogged and scratchy and used up the ink ridiculously fast and just overall shitty to write with. needless to say i returned to my old little purple čukec fountain pen. i used it so much the name čukec rubbed off. after a few years the plastic cap got a little crack in it, but still it held! that fountain pen NEVER let me down!!! i still had it when i started uni! and i managed to misplace it somewhere and haven’t seen it in years now and i MISS the shit out of it. it was so nice to write with that little fountain pen. and i’m one hundred per cent sure that if i still had it, it would STILL work and i could still flawlessly write with it.

    #blue rambles #does anyone know that purple fountain pen??? i feel like everyone knew it bc everyone got it as a gift that year but for some reason i was #the only person actually using it. literally haven't met any other person in all my years of school who used that fountain pen
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  • oasisofgalaxies
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Every second gamefreak isn’t running I’m getting closer

    #iTs A kIdS gAmE #Tell that to the red and blue fans. i dare you. #I’m so full of rage right now #nebula rambles
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  • shuffleshoot
    21.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    I think I'm in love

    #adrian rambles #joker and his fruity friends #shadow joker / cyan #akai and blue better watch their husband goddamn
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  • hidden-joy
    21.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    you know in actuality i’ve always SAID that my eyes are blue but like i’ve realized recently i’m pretty sure they’re just gray. which may be worse i’ll let y’all decide

    #like when those filters were going around checking your eye color with the selector filter #i had a mild identity crisis bc neither green OR blue showed up at all skdkd #liz rambles
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  • stagefoureddiediaz
    21.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Trying to write several other posts, but my brain has been stuck on a loop all night, thinking about Buck in pink jumpers and the scenes this colour has featured in and how they’re weirdly parallels and contrasts of each other. They’re both scenes relating to parenthood, and children and feeling like a bad parent. They’re also interesting in the way they form the middle part of a series of scenes and plays into the idea of the parallels between Madney and Buddie.

    3x12 - Eddie talks about feeling like a bad parent because he lied to Christopher.

    5x04 - Chimney comes to Buck’s to talk about Maddie feeling like a bad parent because Jee-Yun slipped under the water when she was bathing her.

    They’re both scenes set at night, but the apartment in 3x12 is more brightly lit than 5x04 which definitely looks more low lit and moody. The major difference in the two scenes is that the Buck and Eddie scene is relaxed -they’re sitting down while the Buck and Chimney scene is played out standing up - it provides a different energy and comfort level to the scene. 

    Something I noticed as well is the use of pale blue being worn by the characters who created the need for both the above scenes to exist

    Chris falling off the skateboard at school - his uniform shirt is pale blue, but Ana is also in pale blue and she is a contributing factor for the need for the pink jumper scene to exist!

    Then we have Maddie - in her video for Chimney - in her pale blue (check) shirt

    the pale blue thing is interesting because blue is a colour associated with trust (among other things) and both these scenes are about a lack of trust - Chris trusting his fathers belief that he can do anything only to find out that ‘he lied’, Ana not being trustworthy and Maddie not trusting herself with Jee-Yun.

    That these are both followed by Buck in pink is a fascinating choice and makes it more than a coincidence in my book!

    Pink is associated with romance, tenderness, tranquility, vulnerability and safety, it is also associated with family, compassion ,sympathy, immaturity, unrealistic tendencies, naïvety and impulsivity. Most of these meanings can be implied in those two scenes, they’re both about family, they both involve a character being vulnerable (Eddie and Chim) and in Eddies case (and in fact Maddies as well), seeing Buck as a safe place. Buck shows his compassion and sympathy, especially toward Eddie, but he also shows his immaturity, his impulsivity, naivety and unrealistic tendencies as well, especially in relation to Madney. 

    In history Blue was a colour for girls and pink a colour for boys because pink was seen as a pale version of red - a very masculine colour historically speaking. So to put Buck in pink in two storylines that are so heavily associated with parenthood is an interesting choice because it only shows to highlight the contrast between the two scenes; 

    - Buck being actively invited to parent by Eddie, to stand alongside him and offer solutions, be a safe place and a sounding board - to be the second adult.

    - Buck displaying his unrealistic tendencies and allowing his sibling relationship to come between a romantic relationship (as Eddie explains to him in the balcony scene™ - stepping into a place where there are already two adults - where he thinks he’s doing the right thing, because he doesn’t understand how it isn’t his place - it all links in so well with the idea that he hasn’t yet realised the true nature of his feelings for Eddie, because we know if the roles were reversed and ins Eddie who had run away he probably would’ve reacted the same way as Chimney (he kind of already did - well scene anyone!)

    Another little fun thing is both of these scenes and the connected scenes that come after involve conversation and movement. 3x12 is followed by Eddie talking to Chris (and showing that he is a good father!)- the conversation -  and then the final scene of the episode of the Buckley-Diaz family and Carla skateboarding - the movement, while 5x04 is followed by the Balcony scene™ - the conversation - and then Chimney loading up his car and leaving to look for Maddie - both a conversation (with Hen) and movement (the car driving away).

    I have no idea if this is coherent but maybe someone else can make sense of my ramblings! Now lets see if I can actually finish the posts I was tryin to write!


    tagging for interest;

    @oneawkwardcookie @ @moniquekatie @adamsparirsh @reallysmartladymariecurie @theladyyavilee @talespinner230 @diazchristopher @lovecolibri @wanderingwomanwondering @fiona-fififi @localbitcheddiediaz​ @mistmarauder​ @ktinaj​ @kitkatpancakestack​ @leothil​

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  • djpurple3
    21.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    i wonder if i should ever try to record and post that one song i wrote about patton

    edit: shout out to this post deleting half my tags without telling me there was a tag limit - i shoulda guessed but like okay

    #dj rambles #i never told anyone about this project idea i got like 4 years ago but #it was basically 'write a piece of music based on each side til u have a 4-mvt suite or even a symphony' #back when there was 4 characters #(excluding thomas) #and i had ideas of like. the concepts i would use. like #Logan would be a fugue #full bach style #logan would either be bach or scheornberg and i dont know how to write minimalist #i also dont know how to write fugues which are also extremely hard #actually i would argue minimalist isn't hard and ALSO it wasn't even what scheornberg did so sorry #he did 12tone stuff #which could be logan but i like the idea of more baroque rigidity for him #patton's is very much inspired by Up and Love Like You. one of the only compositions ive ever finished. its really short #i.. i love it. its one of the only things i can play on piano. its really simple. #roman's was going to be a grand sweeping romantic period style waltz #like tchaikovsky #but then i realised that like. i am like 90% sure his theme music in the show is the blue danube by strauss. i forget which strauss. #so. like. i cant do better than strauss. #virgil i was gonna put in like #an irregular time signature #possibly 5/8 or 7/8 #7/8 is one of my favourites but 5/8 feels more unsteady #and i guess something more debussy impressionistic or minimalist would really suit virgil #fuck even smth like clapping music (my abhorred) #i dont have good thoughts on remus and janus but maybe janus would be something very operatic like puccini #remus. well remus already has a song. so i guess he's musical theatre. howard ashman esque #but yeah i did patton's and that was all i could manage. it's very melancholy #solo piano #lots of c major seven chords - the best chord
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  • puppys-rhythm-heaven
    21.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    they really did just not put the two gayest games in megamix huh. i mean. at least it has air rally-

    #puppy rambles#rhythm hell#megamix #(the gayest games are of course #dj school#n also#rap men#extremely gay)#air rally #glee club's also gay. n clappy trio #everyone's queer so i guess every game's kinda gay #oh see-saw's also gay idk how i forgot that #ummmmmm #blue birds has those vibes™ #oH AND ROCKERS #THREE GAY GAMES MISSING. WHAT THE FUCK #THIS IS CLEAR HOMOPHOBIA-
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  • ghostickle
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    There’s this person I see in my notes every once in a while and they’re so notable purely because at first glance Everytime I think their profile picture is the blue puzzle piece and I get ready to block someone and Everytime it’s me not seeing the picture properly

    #if you don’t know the blue puzzle piece is autism speaks and is ableist #I don’t care to explain if you want more information go to Google or there’s probably blogs here that could tell you something #if ur the person with the blue blob flower thing as a pfp hi you’ve made me panic for a second a few times #ghost rambles
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  • idk-my-aesthetic
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    A tik tok creator is being horrifically antisemetic and my feelings are kinda. Genuinely hurt. I had watched his videos before hand and respected him. Now he’s refusing to take criticism and saying increasingly horrible things. I’m just hurt

    #blue rambles#antisemitism tw #I’m not going into detail bc if you go look at Jewish tik tok you can figure it out easily and it’s mildly triggering. so yeah.
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  • pinksnow
    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Human AU is back. Turns out it's way harder to explain suddenly having clingy twin 6 year olds you need to take to work with you as a Stanford professor than it is if you are a Stanford time-sharing OS.

    #Mod Red#Deltarune au#Deltarune addisons#Pascal#Sierra#Orvyl #It feels obvious but sometimes I wonder if y'all realize Mod Blue does like 96% of all the art #And all the mod tag means is whoever pressed 'post' while the pics were in drafts #Really puts in perspective how much of a backbone for this they are but that's just my 11 pm ramble
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  • bluemoonbabes
    20.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Don’t you just love it when you’re sitting at home, writing, and two of your toes just casually turn purple

    #🙂 #blue moon ramble
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