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    Harry Styles — Merch Girl Part 3

    I Just Wanna Taste It

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Masterlist

    Here’s the final part of my little Merch Girl trilogy! Wasn’t expecting this to be more than a oneshot but I fell in love with this dynamic haha. Hope you like it!

    After the second Nashville show, the road crew packed everything up and everyone piled onto the tour buses to head to New York. You curled up in one of the bunks with your AirPods in, listening to a podcast to lull you to sleep.

    You were awoken when the bus screeched to an abrupt stop and were almost thrown out of your bunk. Instinctively, you reached out a hand and grabbed onto the bunk above yours, holding you in place. You took out your AirPods and slid out, joining the rest of the crew in the aisle.

    “What’s going on?” You asked Olivia, who was standing in front of you. She shrugged.

    “Dunno, I was sleeping,” she said. Everyone started filing off the bus, and you found Jeff outside with his phone pressed to his ear. The other buses had pulled over, but nobody got off of them. Once Jeff hung up the phone, he turned to address everyone.

    “Something’s wrong with the bus,” he explained. “We’re going to take a look but it might be a bit before we figure it out, so feel free to hop onto one of the others to hang out, or there’s a diner over there if you’re hungry.”

    Just as you turned towards Olivia to ask her if she wanted to get food with you, Harry emerged from the bus in front of yours.

    “Hey Merch Girl!” He yelled as soon as he saw you. “Buy me a milkshake?” He jerked his head towards the diner and you rolled your eyes but nod, walking over towards him.

    “You should be buying me a milkshake,” you grumbled. “You’re the Grammy-winning artist. I’m just a merch girl.”

    “Fine, I’ll buy the milkshakes. But we’re getting fries, too.”

    You let him lead you into the diner, which was pretty empty for so late at night. There were a few truckers at the counter, and a few of the other crew members had trickled into some of the booths.

    “Be right with ya!” The waitress called as you walked in. She had a pot of coffee in one hand and a plate of eggs in the other and her curly brown ponytail bounced as she jetted around the room, refilling everyone’s coffee mugs.

    Harry led you to a corner booth, away from everyone else, and grabbed one of the menus that was sitting on the table. You already knew what you wanted, so you pulled out your phone while you waited for him to decide.

    “How do you know what you want already?” He asked. You look up from your phone to see him peering at you over the menu. “There’s so many options!”

    “Strawberry milkshake, and I’ll steal some of your fries,” you answered, looking back down at your phone.

    “Who said I’m getting fries?”

    “You did, like, two minutes ago.”

    “Well maybe I changed my mind.”

    “You didn’t.” Harry mumbled something under his breath and you smirked, knowing you were right.

    “What can I get ya, darling?” The waitress asked as she approached your table. Her name tag read Amelia, and the name fit her perfectly.

    “Can I get a strawberry milkshake, please?” You asked, tucking your phone back into the pocket of your sweatpants.

    “Absolutely!” Amelia scribbled something down on her notepad, then turned to Harry with a bright smile. “And what about you, sugar?”

    “A chocolate milkshake and an order of fries, please,” he said, his accent making him sound even more polite than his words did.

    “Coming right up!” You bit your lip to hold in your laughter, looking at Harry out of the corner of your eye. He gave his head a small shake, trying to discourage you from gloating, but as soon as the waitress was out of earshot, you barked out a laugh.

    “You’re so predictable,” you said through your chuckles. He glared at you in mock-annoyance.

    “I like fries, okay?” He defended, crossing his arms across his chest. You rolled your eyes at him, knowing that he wasn’t really mad, and ignored the pout on his face.

    “How long do you think it’ll take to get the bus fixed?”

    “Do I look like I know anything about buses?”

    “No, but I’m not trying to judge a book by it’s cover.” He snorted, knowing that you were lying. Judging people was one of your favorite hobbies.

    The waitress came back with your milkshakes and fries, interrupting the conversation.

    “Can I get you anything else?” She asked as she slid the tall glasses towards each of you. You both shook your heads and thanked her. “Well just holler if you need anything!”

    You immediately took a sip of the milkshake, letting the cool sweetness sit on your tongue for a second before swallowing.

    “I can’t believe you got strawberry,” Harry said, spitting out the last word as if it was poisonous.The way his nose wrinkled slightly was kind of cute, but he’d never let you live it down if you told him that.

    “Take it back! I will not tolerate strawberry ice cream slander!” You gasped, clutching your milkshake to your chest.

    “It’s objectively the worst ice cream flavor.”

    “Says the man who’s most popular song starts with ‘tastes like strawberries.’” He threw a fry at you and it hit you in the face then dropped down into your milkshake.

    “You know that song’s not actually about fruit, right?”

    “Everyone knows that.” You put on a fake British accent and then said “It’s about the female orgasm.” You emphasized the last word, mocking his onstage confession, causing a blush to creep up out of the neck of his sweatshirt and onto his cheeks.

    “Dunno why I said that…” Sensing how uncomfortable he was, you grabbed one of his fries and launched it back at him. It got stuck in the hood of the sweatshirt and you burst into a fit of giggles. His mood immediately brightened, and a smile broke out on his lips.

    “Stop wasting all my fries!” He said, pretending to be mad, and pulled the fry out, chucking it back at you.

    “You started it!” You whined, pointing to the fry in your milkshake. He reached across the table and plucked it out, popping it into his mouth.

    “There’s no evidence of that.” You shook your head and sighed, resigned to the fact that he would never take the blame.

    You and Harry sat in the diner, talking and laughing long after the fries went cold and the last dregs of your milkshakes melted into a sweet soup. Every so often, you caught Britney’s eyes squinting over at your table. You did your best to ignore it, but you couldn’t help but feel judged for your friendship with Harry. Her opinion definitely didn’t matter, but you thought that maybe she represented a larger portion of the crew that thought you got special treatment because of it. Shaking off that thought, you turned your attention back to Harry, who was talking about some dive bar he wanted to take you to in New York.

    “Okay, but no more karaoke,” you told him, voice stern.

    “We have to, Y/N, it’s our thing now,” he pleaded.

    “We did it once. That doesn’t make it a thing.”

    “It’s a thing if we want it to be.”

    You opened your mouth to argue, but Jeff walked in and made his way over to your table.

    “Looks like we need to take it in to get fixed,” he said, “so we’re just gonna have to squeeze in for tonight.” He gave you an apologetic look, but you smiled back, trying to reassure him that it was okay.

    “That’s fine!” You said, more cheerful than was probably necessary. “Plenty of room on his bus.” You jutted your chin out to point over at Harry. Jeff nodded with a small chuckle.

    “We’re leaving in twenty, see you out there.” He moved on to tell everyone else, and Harry turned back to you with a shit-eating grin.

    “I win, it’s our thing, we’re doing karaoke,” he said as he pulled his wallet out.

    “You didn’t win, Jeff interrupted our argument!” You retorted with a scoff. Harry pulled out a $100 bill and dropped it on your table and then slid out of his side of the booth, motioning for you to follow.

    “I’m gonna go pee quick, but I’ll see you out there,” you said, waving him on. “I hate peeing on the bus.” Harry laughed at you but jogged out of the diner and back to the bus, anyways.

    Once you finished up in the bathroom, you thanked the waitress one last time and then grabbed your bags from your bus, handing them to the driver of Harry’s bus so he could stow them for you. You bounded up the steps inside, and made your way down the aisle until you found Harry, lounging in the bottom bunk all the way in the back. You dropped your bag on the floor next to the bunk and poked Harry in the side, making him squirm.

    “Budge over,” you said, and Harry obliged, shuffling closer to the wall. You sat down and swung your feet up until you were laying next to him with your shoulders pressing together. The bunk was tiny, only really meant for one person, but you needed to sleep somewhere and Harry had obnoxiously interrupted whatever you were doing too many times to count, so you figured it was time to take your revenge. He looked over at you, one airpod in and the other in his hand. His phone was turned sideways, and you saw something paused on the screen.

    “What’re you watching?” you asked, pulling the screen towards you.

    “Peaky Blinders,” he muttered, with a sheepish grin. You laughed and nudged his shoulder playfully.

    “Oh my god. You are a walking stereotype.” He pulled his phone back and frowned at you.

    “Was gonna ask if you wanted to watch with me, but now you’re not invited.” He flipped over so his back was to you, hiding the phone screen. You started to poke his back repeatedly, saying his name over and over.

    “Harry…..Harry…..Harry….” After about ten pokes, he turned to look at you over the shoulder.

    “What?” He sighed.

    “Let me watch?”

    “Fine.” With a huff, he shifted so he was on his back again and handed you his right AirPod. “But no asking questions, okay?” You nodded and stuck the AirPod in, scooting closer to him so you could see the screen better.

    It was super late, so you only got through half of an episode before you fell asleep. The morning sun creeping in through the bus window woke you, and you blinked against the brightness a few times, easing back into consciousness.

    You felt something heavy against your waist and pressure against your back, and twisted slightly to see Harry’s arm draped over you. He had taken off his sweatshirt at some point during the night, because his arms were bare, muscles bulging and tattoos on full display. Sure enough, it was bunched up at the foot of the bunk, shoved between Harry’s leg and the wall. You felt heat rise into your face, and tried to slide out of his grasp without waking him up, but he tightened his grip, holding you in place. Shit, you mouthed, wincing. This was not good. His proximity was doing things to you; you felt your heart clench in your chest and blood rush south, pooling a familiar heat in your belly. You tried to stay still and even out your breathing so if he woke up, he’d think you were still asleep. He started stirring behind you and you held your breath, waiting for him to realize and roll off of you. However, he leaned forward and buried his head in your neck, and you could feel his lips curl into a smile against the skin there.

    “You’re like a space heater,” he mumbled into your hair, voice still hoarse with sleep. Somehow, you managed to blush even deeper, though you were sure all of your blood had been redirected for other purposes. The small bunk space was warm and heady, and it was intoxicating. You needed to get out before you lost control.

    “Harry Styles, are you calling me hot?” You joked, trying to diffuse the tension a little bit.

    “S’what if I am?” You bit the inside of your lip, contemplating. He was definitely giving you signals, but you weren’t sure enough and wondered if it was worth the risk. The decision was made for you when Harry pulled on your shoulder, trying to get you to flip over. You adjusted your position so you were facing him.

    “I think you stole all my warmth,” you whispered, placing one of your freezing hands on his cheek. He squirmed at the sensation and grabbed your wrist, guiding it down to the strip of exposed skin on his stomach below where his t-shirt had ridden up. A shiver ran through your body as you felt the muscles there tighten.

    “Better?” He murmured, leaning in so his lips were just a few centimeters from yours. You could feel his heartbeat through his skin and it skipped a beat. Your body reacted instinctively, angling your head to press your lips to his.

    Kissing Harry was like letting out a deep breath you didn’t know you had been holding. A wave of calm washed over your body from head to toe and you swallowed his smile with your own. His lips were soft clouds and you let yourself get lost in them.

    “Better,” you breathed, breaking away for a moment to catch your breath. Opening your eyes, you were met with a close-up of Harry’s green eyes shining brighter than you’d ever seen them before. He pulled you even closer until your body was flush with his and captured your lips again, more firmly than the first time. You could feel every small twitch and shiver in his body. Feeling bold, you parted your lips slightly, and he wasted no time, pulling your bottom lip in between his teeth and nibbling lightly. A moan escaped your lip and it spurred him on. He pressed his hips into yours, and you felt him, half hard against your thigh.

    Heat was pooling in your belly faster than you wanted it to, and as much as you wanted to completely lose yourself in Harry, you were on an over-crowded bus full of your coworkers, so you pulled away. You rested your forehead on Harry’s and he nudged your nose with his, coaxing a giggle out of your lips.

    “Thought I was just a merch girl to you,” you said with a hint of a teasing tone in your voice.

    “You’ve never been just a merch girl to me,” Harry said as he buried his face in your neck, pressing delicate kisses to the sensitive skin there.

    A soft sigh escaped your and you let your eyes flutter shut, silently thanking your tour bus for breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

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    7:16 pm

    Yang Jeongin / 536 words / angst

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    You knew his behavior change was sudden, but you honestly didn't think much of it since his schedules have been jam packed recently. Today, Jeongin had the day off and he had been pretty quiet most of the day. You knew he needed some alone time, so you didn’t approach him till after your shower. In your oversized hoodie and shorts, you plopped down on the couch next to him, laying your head in his lap. Jeongin briefly glanced down at you with a blank face before focusing back on the television.

    That caused a little frown to adore your face, the usual smile that would be plastered on his face while he absentmindedly ran his fingers through your hair was no longer there. This wasn't the first. 

    You looked up at him to try and read his features before catching his attention, "Jeongin," You murmured anxiously and he hummed in response, looking down at you with no emotion in his face.

    "Is everything okay?" You continued, sitting up so that you could look at him properly, "You seem a little, i don't know, lost?" 

    He only hummed again, not using words and now you were growing a little annoyed. Jeongin was rarely annoyed with anybody or ignored anybody. He always had a smile on his face and wisecrack to spit out. He sighed, leaning back on the couch and shrugging his shoulders, “Just thinking,” He mumbled and you waited patiently for him to elaborate. Although he seemed to not even do that and you furrowed your brows, slipping your feet out from under you to sit on the couch properly next to him.

    "Care to give me a little more than ‘just thinking?’” You didn’t mean to sound annoyed or sarcastic, but it came out that way from your pent up frustration.

    “Just something from the other day with the guys,” He mumbled again, not bothering to spare you a glance. Again, you waited for him to elaborate, growing more and more irritated the longer he remained quiet. You sighed and Jeongin only rolled his eyes but you didn’t see that.

    “The fact that I had to convince my friends you were attractive,” He started and your eyes widened, unable to comprehend the words he just spilled, "I tried so hard to make everyone see you for you and it just didn't work. They all said I can do so much better and after thinking about it, they aren't wrong."

    You looked at him in anger and disappointment. Where the hell did this kind of attitude come from? "Since when did you listen to what your friends said anyway?" You mumbled as you stood on shaky feet, "Fine, I hope you live happily ever after letting your friends make the decisions for you."

    "Y/N, hang on-," 

    "I'll be back when you're gone to collect my things," You muttered, doing your best to keep your tears from falling so freely, "Bye Jeongin."

    With that, you slammed the door shut behind you and fell to the floor. Never did he imagine this is how it would end up, only for him to hear and feel disgusted in himself for losing the only person who he truly loved.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️

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    10:30 pm

    Lee Chan / 515 words / fluff

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    There weren’t many days where you were able to just take a deep breath and relax with your boyfriend. He was busy with work and you were busy with finishing college. It wasn’t the most ideal situation, especially at your prime age to explore and adventure into the world, but you still had responsibilities to take care of first. Chan was more than thankful for your understanding mindset since being in an idol group wasn’t the easiest job while maintaining a relationship.

    So whenever there was a free night to just be with one another, regardless if there were plans or not, you took the opportunity. You walked hand-in-hand with your boyfriend down the busy streets of Hongdae as you took in the sight of people on their ways to clubs, bars, and street vendors. You smiled to yourself loving how peaceful you felt, even on a Friday at the busiest time of night.

    “Isn’t it crazy how many people are out right now? It’s busier than usual,” Chan said, walking towards a cafe to grab a snack.

    “I think they had a festival tonight. It makes sense as to why so many people are dressed up,” You smiled at him before letting his hand go, so he could grab your drinks. You took a seat outside the cafe to continue watching the groups of people chatting away.

    Chan quickly returned, sitting down next to you before throwing his arm around your shoulder to bring you into his side, “There are a lot of foreigners around. It’s nice to see.”

    “What do you think that group's story is?” You asked Chan as you subtly pointed at the group of Americans, only assuming this since they wore the American flag on their clothing.

    “They keep looking at that group of girls over there,” Chan gestured carefully, “So I would assume that they are wanting to ask them about where a good restaurant or bar is. That’s usually how foreign men ask women out.”

    You giggled at his explanation, “And how would you know?” Giving him a teasing death glare.

    “I have four foreign members in my group, two being from the US. I get curious, okay love?” Chan chuckled, realizing you were teasing him halfway through his explanation.

    “Now I’m curious about their lives. I wonder how Jun and Minghao were when they moved here,” You pondered, eyes wondering to another group of girls giggling about something on their phones.

    “They kept to themselves mostly, those two are pretty shy for the most part,” He stated, taking a sip of his drink while looking around for any other interesting groups.

    “What do you mean those boys aren’t even remotely shy? They never shut up whenever I see them!” You exclaimed while giggling.

    “All the boys are comfortable around you and love you, so count yourself lucky,” Chan said with a small grin, “Come on, let’s walk around a bit more,” He stood up, taking your hand in his again as the two of you walked towards the groups of people to eavesdrop on their interesting conversations.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

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    7:07 pm

    Huang Renjun / 583 words / angst

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    It had been bad for a while and you knew it but decided to ignored it. What was once a budding and beautiful relationship had unexpectedly turned toxic and unloving. Renjun had been spending more and more late nights at work or out with his friends, barely coming home. He always had some kind of excuse to give.

    When he was home, the two of you barely spoke to one another. Every time you did, it always turned into an argument over the pettiest things. As much as you hated to admit it, you knew he was seeing someone else. The smell of perfume on his clothes that wasn’t yours, or the very faint lipstick stains that adored his collar which you could tell he tried rubbing off. He would come home disheveled and tired, hair a mess. You knew he wasn’t sleeping at the office after that night you showed up to surprise him with food only for you to be turned away by security informing you that everyone had left for the day.

    Instead of accepting the fact your lover has found someone else, you pushed it to the back of your mind, pretending that you never saw the hints to begin with. You began to drown your relationship and the problems away as best you could. You had started going to clubs, dancing with others, drinking till you were blackout drunk. Doing whatever you could to hurt Renjun the way he had hurt you.

    Tonight, however, was when all hell broke loose. The annual company dinner Renjun had asked you to attend with him, only for you to have way too much to drink. You were off dancing with some of his coworkers, a little too close for comfort. As you looked to the side, you could see Renjun's glare boring at you, but you didn't seem to care, he deserved this much, he deserved to be hurt.

    Your dress, way too short to begin with for what you should be wearing to a company dinner. The strap of your dress falling down your shoulder, you were a mess, and you knew it. Renjun had enough at the sight, charging towards you and pulling you out of the room and into his car, all while the sounds of giggles left your lips.

    After a few minutes of silence, you spoke up, finally having the courage to ask where things went wrong in your relationship. Although his response was immediate, cold, and callous, “Look at yourself, Y/N,” He spat towards you, “You’re a drunken mess. Embarrassing me in front of my bosses and friends.”


    “I knew you weren’t the type to bring around, but I tried. I tried so hard to make this work," He continued as he cut you off, "I lowered my standards for you, but you still couldn’t reach them."

    "So that's why you cheated on me instead of telling me straight up? Don't make excuses for your behavior Renjun," You exclaimed through gritted teeth, "You know what, pull the damn car over, you two deserve each other."

    "Y/N, wait, I-."

    "Pull the fuck over, now."

    With that Renjun pulled over much to his dismay, letting you out of the car in the rain, trying to talk to you only for you to slam the door in his face. Maybe, as much as you hated to admit it, the two of you were never made for each other, if anything, you were only dragging each other down.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

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    1:54 am

    Han Jisung / 625 words / angst / fluff

    ~ mafia au ~

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    No matter how hard you tried to suppress your feelings for him, nothing was going to keep you away from him. Han Jisung was the love of your life, your soulmate, if you will. It made it even more interesting that he was your father’s arsonist in his gang. No one knew yet, and you hoped to keep it that way.

    Your father had sent you with one of his crews to show you the ropes in his world. He had trained you your entire life, meaning fighting came as a second nature to you, same with the various weapons you were trained in. Learning about the human body and how to kill a man in seconds was fascinating, yet terrifying. This was your first mission in the field, and you became even more eager after hearing that Jisung would be there.

    “Stay by me Y/N. I mean it, don’t go straying away,” He commanded, pulling you closer to him to whisper into your ear, “I can’t let anything happen to you baby. Understand?” You nodded in agreement as you watched the crew leader, Minho, command the others.

    The target was to kill the buyer before he left with his billions of dollars in cash. That was the target, obtain the money and return in one piece. It was too quiet as you noticed something strange, “Ambush!” You yelled, seeing all the signs as the crew listened, seeing the buyer's men running out with thick knives.

    You stayed by Jisung, back to back as you cut into men like paper. Blood splattered over your face as you slit one man’s throat, only to chuckle as he crumpled to the ground. You definitely were your father’s daughter. You pulled Jisung along with you, fighting off men as you tried to find the path to the buyer and the money.

    “Watch out!” Jisung yelled, moving you as his arm was sliced by a knife.

    He yelled out in pain, stumbling back slightly. You moved in front of him as you battled the skinny man in front of you. He was skilled with a knife, but to many’s surprise, so were you. It was your weapon of choice. Your knife was kicked out of your hand, doing your best to dodge his weapon before grabbing his arm and turning his own weapon on him.

    “Where’s the buyer?” You asked emotionlessly.

    The man chuckled, “You’re looking at him baby.”

    “And the money?” You scoffed, not liking his attitude with you as you moved the knife closer to his throat. A stream of blood running down his neck from the cut you were creating. He gestured to his right as Jisung exited the building to see a stack of money, sitting in the plaza, “We appreciate doing business with you,” Was all you said before slitting the man’s throat, thankful you’d never see him again.

    Jisung examined the money before shaking his head as he took out a liquid and began pouring it over the stack. Without a word, he threw his lighter onto the pile as it erupted into flames. You looked at Jisung with shock in your eyes, fearful of what your father would do to him after seeing him burning billions of dollars.

    “There were trackers on each bill. It was a set up to find the location of your father,” Jisung smiled at you as he walked over to wrap an arm around your waist, pulling you into his chest, “Who knew killing a bunch of guys and burning billions of dollars could be so romantic?”

    You smiled at his comment before pressing your lips onto his in a heated kiss, “Shut up. We gotta get back to the others before they come looking for us.”

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🦋

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    January 28, 2022

    I was sad to learn in the introduction that this wild page-turner of a book wasn’t published until after Bulgakov passed. That he was basically banned in Russia from publishing books and directing theater.

    🐈‍⬛ The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (trans. Mirra Ginsburg)

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    tw: a couple of swears
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    Send in any concepts you want to chat about

    •harry styles

    •chris evans

    •sebastian stan

    •tom holland

    •henry cavill

    My asks are open for any requests for fics but im only comfortable with writing fluff at the moment. Im willing to write about Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland harry styles for now

    Im going to start trying to do fake instagram posts But please keep in mind no pictures belong to me they will more than likely be taken off pinterest or we heart it

    #chris evans fluff #chris evans imagine #chris evans fanfiction #chris evans x reader #sebastian stan imagine #sebastian stan fanfiction #sebastian stan x reader #sebastian stan x y/n #sebastian stan x you #henry cavill blurbs #henry cavill fluff #henry cavill x reader #harry styles x you #harry styles x reader #harry styles fluff
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    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
    #answered#cait-answers#timeforalibrary#chris evans #chris evans imagine #chris evans angst #chris evans fluff #chris evans drabble #chris evans one shot #chris evans x you #chris evans x reader #chris evans series #chris evans blurb
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  • harrystylesrecs
    28.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    i am now taking requests for masterlists of your favorite harry tropes/au’s! so send them in and i’ll try to get them out asap! <3

    #series#masterlist #harry styles fic rec #harry styles smut #harry styles #harry styles blurb #harry styles imagine
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  • shesogoldenn
    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    choosing zayn over daddy

    dad!harry and ayla concepts masterlist

    “no mummy!” harry heard ayla shout from the other room. he had left the two playing whilst he was going through some emails. his daughter wouldn’t stop yelling and that was his cue to get up and walk towards the playroom.

    he heard y/n giggling which led him to furrow his brows in confusion. he walked into the room and saw his daughter sat on the floor with a huge frown on her face.

    “what’s going on here?” harry asked very concerned. ayla turn to look at him and then glared at her mother and looked back at harry.

    “tell daddy what’s going on”

    “mummy and i were playing with the dolls but she won’t let me have the zayn doll. i don’t want your doll daddy.” harry paused for a moment and then suddenly wanted to laugh, but he didn’t for the sake of ayla.

    “so what you’re saying is you like zayn over daddy?” he sighed and sat cross legged. “why are you trying to break me ayla?” he put his hands over his face to see if she’d do/say anything.

    “mummy chose him over you as well!” she argued back. “hey young lady, don’t you drag me into this” y/n playfully scoffed.

    “it’s alright, i get it. you love zayn more than me right?” ayla nodded her head repeatedly but then came to a quick pause. she got up from where she was sat and wriggled her want into harry’s lap and attempted to wrap her arms around him.

    “love you more than zayn, daddy”

    “i know my love” he kissed her cheek and he looked over at y/n who rolled her eyes.

    #harry styles #harry styles fanfiction #harry styles instagram #one direction#fineline #harry edward styles #harry update#shesogoldenn#styles#dadrry #harry and ayla instagram #harry and ayla styles #dad!harry and ayla concepts #harry blurb#ayla styles #dad harry fluff #harry styles and daughter #1d fan fiction #fine line harry styles #harries#harry solo #harry styles x reader #harry x reader #harry edits#fan fic
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  • connordavidscamera
    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Curious, do we still want more from the Roommates series?

    #connor brashier #connor brashier x y/n #connor brashier x reader #connor brashier fanfiction #connor brashier imagine #connor brashier imagines #connor brashier blurb #shawn mendes #oh my god they were roommates
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  • sunsalutationsss
    28.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Chapter 42 is now published !!!!!

    Go read it !!! go go go go !!!

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  • chimchimchanyeolie
    28.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    💌 [00:02] jeon jungkook

    “doesn’t it feel weird?” you wonder aloud, and jungkook has to stop himself from laughing at your curiosity. you pull your hand from his lips, though your eyes stay focused on them as jungkook’s tongue peaks out.

    “not really, just a little ticklish.” he smiles, “do you like it, baby?” he already knows the answer to that. he can tell by the way your fingers return to traced the cool metal ring pierced into the corner of his plush bottom lip.

    jungkook tugs you onto his lap and brushes the hair out of your eyes. he’d been gone for so long with album promotions, he’d almost gone insane without you by his side. which was probably the main reason of the many reasons that he’d pierced his lip while he was away.

    “mm, i really like it, kook. looks so good on you… but it’ll hurt, won’t it?” the sudden wave of concern over your face makes jungkook frown.

    “what do you mean?” he tries to look you in the eye to understand your sudden concern, but you’ve suddenly found interest in the hem of your jumper.

    “like, when we, um… y’know, like… if we kiss.” jungkook’s chuckle makes you look up at him in surprise, “hey! don’t laugh at me, i’m worrying about you!” you scold, and your cheeks flush with embarrassment in front of your boyfriend.

    “i’m not laughing to make fun of you, love. i’m laughing because you’re so damn cute.” his warm hand comes to cup your warm cheek, “you don’t have to worry about it hurting. i made sure it’d be all nice and healed before i came back to you.” now, both of jungkook’s hands rested on your cheeks, a thumb rubbing over the skin.

    “so…” you start, unable to keep your eyes from darting to his pretty lips. and jungkook knows you too well to keep you waiting, pressing a far overdue kiss to your lips.

    “yes, baby. you can kiss me.” oh, it felt so good to be home.

    a/n: couldn’t find a good gif w his piercing but i’m sure y’all can imagine it 😉

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  • thatjadedhotmess
    28.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    phroggie break !

    creds: @/therealmyre on tiktok for animating this <3

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  • hermitblurbs
    28.01.2022 - 3 hours ago
    #hermitcraft#grian#gtws#goodtimeswithscar#gtwscar #last life smp #third life smp #desert duo #third life last life #third life last life fic #hermitcraft fic#falsesymmetry#hermitcraft false#blurb#ask#anon#steampunk au #!!! hello! #<3 !! thanks for the ask #i wont be writing false a lot since i dont watch her often;; #hope shes alright here ^_^;; #love yall! #robot scar is my boy as well!!
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  • thepenmuse
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    Book Blitz: Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion

    Book Blitz: Zoey the Zebra Meets Lexi the Lion

      Children’s Fiction   Date Published: July 29, 2021 Will Zoey become lunch?What happens when a Zebra meets a Lion? Does the Zebra run? Does the Lion win? Find out what the future holds when this unusual pair meet for the very first time.This book will help your child realize we are better together… Our differences make us stronger!   About the Author Jennifer lives every day with all things…

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  • sanchosgf
    28.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    mornings with you - jude bellingham

    a short little blurb bc he's so <3

    + requests are open!

    sunlight seeped through your curtains as you slowly blinked your eyes open. sighing to yourself you slowly turned around to be met with jude’s peaceful face.

    his lips were set in a pout as his eyelashes fluttered against his cheek. gently, you reached forward stroking his cheekbone with your thumb, as your other hand went up to play with his curls. he always looked so pretty in the morning.

    it wasn’t long before jude woke up. his eyes met yours in a loving gaze admiring the way you almost glowed under the sunlight. he reached his hand up to cup your cheek before he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on your lips. his hand moved to the back of your head as you both lost yourself in the kiss, lips moving slowly against one another. the kiss was filled with nothing but love neither of you caring about morning breath.

    “morning pretty girl” jude mumbled against your lips pecking them three more times before pulling away, his brown eyes meeting yours once again as he mumbled about how pretty you looked under his breath. suddenly feeling shy under his gaze you shuffled forward to bury your head in his chest. chucking he brought his arms down to squeeze you tight against him.

    “morning” your voice was slightly muffled by him but he heard you nonetheless. his hand stroking your back gently.

    “did you sleep okay?” jude questioned, gently prying your face from his chest. “mhm always sleep well next to you” you replied gently a light blush spreading over your cheeks as he smiled down at you. not being able to help himself jude leaned in to place another soft kiss against your lips, this one just as loving as the last. both of you loving the way you felt against each-other, with a sigh he pulled away, admiring the way your lips were a little more swollen than before.

    shuffling slightly jude turned to lay on his back and made himself comfortable before opening his arms for you, eagerly you moved over placing your head into the crook of his neck and throwing one of your legs over his. you placed multiple pecks to his neck, never being able to control yourself around him.

    the two of you lay together in silence for a while, jude gently playing with your hair as he left kisses on your head, while your hand gently traced pattens on his bare chest. mornings where neither of you had to get up were rare so the two of you wanted to make the most of it.

    the feeling of him playing with your hair was enough to make you sleepy again. letting out a soft yawn you shuffled further into jude’s arms. “i love you” you muttered placing a peck to his chest. “i love you more baby, go back to sleep” he replied smiling brightly into your hair. 

    as you feel asleep jude stayed up a little longer, wondering how he found someone like you. he placed a final kiss against your temple before leaning his cheek against the top of your head and falling asleep himself. completely content with you in his arms.

    #jude bellingham #jude bellingham fluff #jude bellingham x you #jude bellingham fic #jude bellingham imagine #jude bellingham x reader #jude bellingham blurb #jude bellingham fanfiction #england nt #jude bellingham fanfic #jude bellingham one shot #jude bellingham imagines
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