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  • Sero,Bakugo, and Momo reacting to a S/O who loves to give hugs

    I really called myself out with this one

    (◠ ﹏◠)

    Genre:Fluff yet again (their all kinda lowkey suggestive)

    Hanta Sero


    Originally posted by foolishchesspawn

    • He finds it so endearing that you like to give people hugs
    • He doesn’t find out that quick but when he sees you always latching onto one of the girls
    • He always invites you to hug him if you want since he is your boyfriend but he can get jealous with other people but he tries not to
    • “Y/NNNN~ why was he so close to you” he whined into your ear and soon as you walked into the classroom
    • You just rolled your eyes “you weren’t around and I wanted a hug plus it was kiri, you shouldn’t worry”
    • He just smiled at you and nodded his head “alright I’ll try not to be so jealous”

    “Mi Amor, you haven’t given me a hug since we got to school” he whined to you at lunch after you had forgotten to give him one of your signature hugs. “Hmm~ oh sorry Hanta” you say as you gave him a big hug and he slightly squeezes you and kisses your cheek. “Your hugs are always so nice mi Amor” he says with a slight chuckle as he runs his hands up and down your back. As you digged your head into his neck and slightly kissed his neck in a loving manner. And he giggled while lowering his hands to your sides beginning to tickle you as you both stood in a corner during lunch. You almost doubled over if it weren’t for sero being in front of you and holding you in his arms, “what if someone sees us” you said with red cheeks as he lightly kissed your neck “you act like were doing something that inappropriate, I’m just tickling you mi amor” a scoff came out of your mouth as he pressed his lips down again on your collarbone, “I’m pretty sure if aizawa saw us he wouldn’t think the same” he rolled his eyes and softly kissed your shoulder again before pulling away and not tickling you anymore but not before giving you a quick kiss on the cheek “I gotta go to my next class see you after school Amor”

    Katsuki Bakugo


    Originally posted by osakaxkobe

    • Lowkey LOVES your hugs so so much but will act like it bothers him i swear but in reality he just doesn’t want you to know he’s soft.
    • He acts all tough and shit but damn he just wants all of your hugs and gets SO jealous when you hug someone else
    • He wants all your love and hates it when you give it to someone else so he will try to fight everyone.
    • He always wondered why you were hugging everyone and before you guys dated he never really got it but he hated when he saw you hug kami or shoji or anyway who would allow you to hug them
    • But he got especially pissed when you even asked deku for a hug but not him he was like ???😡🤬🙄 he was very pissed and EVERYONE knew it
    • But when you guys started dating you hugging other people slowly stopped and you just gave all your hugs to bakugo which he said was “annoying” he actually thought it was so fucking cute

    “Were in class dumbass I get were early but I’m not gonna have someone walk in and see you all over me” is what he said but somewhere deep inside he honestly kinda did want someone to walk in so they could see your his even though everyone already knew he made it especially clear when you guys started dating and that went for your hugs as well, he stated that you hugs were for him only and no one else should get them. Who were you to complain so you agreed but under the condition you could hug him whenever you wanted and he also agreed “but katsu~ you promised I could hug you when ever and I want a hug now” you said as you lightly kissed him on the lips, the position you two were in would definitely be misleading, he was sitting in his desk chair sideways with you on his lap(doesn’t matter if your big or smol he will make you sit in his lap" it honestly wasn’t for sexual purposes at all you guys just liked how close it physically made you and you both had never gone beyond kissing as you were in highschool and planned to keep that for where you were legal adults. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer “how much longer do you think we have to hug” he said letting his softer side out slowly while you combed your fingers through his hair gently massaging his scalp “maybe another 3” you said giving his head a sweet kiss and he smiled up at you, “come closer dumbass” he said as he lightly put his hand around the back of your neck to pull you down and take you in for a kiss while you could feel his lips smile against yours. As he silently promised to spend the rest of his time in the class alone with you to show his softer side.

    Momo Yayarozo 


    Originally posted by sansan9

    • She is so proper omg she wouldn’t know what to think when she see’s you hug so many people.
    • She’s probably the least jealous out of all of them even before you two were dating she never really worried I mean she technically is the most logical person in class 1-A
    • and when you guys are dating that is no exception, she completely understands you like hugging a bunch of people and that doesn’t mean that you don’t like her or anything so she doesn’t care when you hug other people to much
    • “you aren’t mad that I hugged ojiro for that long?” you were used to people thinking it was either weird or annoying how much you liked to hug people. she would always look at you confused “am I supposed to be offended darling? I completely trust you with whatever you do.”                                                                   

    After seeing you hug kirishima for so long then him give you his hoodie with another side hug and you red in the face she definitely had some harsh thoughts. “hey momo! what happened why do you look so down?” you asked confused as momo was usually always smiling or at least not sad. she just looked away trying to avoid eye contact with you letting out a “m-may I just have a hug” you instantly wrapped your arms around her and took a smell of her hair that smelled warm and comforting kind of like a welcoming scent. But for her all she could smell was kirishima on you instead of your usual scent and she was not happy at all. "why are you wearing kirishima’s jacket darling" whe said calmly not wanting to misunderstand anything your about to say. “Oh well I was really cold and so i went to kiri for a hug but then he gave me his jacket why?” She shrugged and almost let it go when she remembered your beat red face and her face automatically stiffened “what did he say to you if you don’t mind telling me darling” she said softly still not wanting to come off standoffish. “O-oh um he said I could’ve asked you to make me one in my exact size but I said it would rip your clothes and I didn’t wanna do that and then he said "I bet that’s what you were hoping to see” and it made me embarrassed" you admitted shyly and she only nodded when she saw your cheeks heat up from the embarrassing confession before pulling you back into her arms and soothingly rubbing your back for support while whispering sorry. “I can make you some tea if you’d prefer as a sorry” she said softly as you nodded in agreement and walking to her dorm together after sharing a few short loving kisses and a few smaller hugs.

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  • October 9th, 2020: Fumikage Tokoyami + Witch

    Day 9 of Inktober I got these two as my muse! Didn’t want to dress them up as a generic Halloween witch, so I went with more of a modern day witch vibe? Feel like he’d enjoy this fit. Left-handed people would know this much black led was a hassle.

    Previous Inktober 2020 Sketches:

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  • I’m reading “Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals” and omfg.

    I like so much bnha, but Vigilante feels more realistic and I think it’s better written (?

    If you like bnha, you should read this spin-off definitely.



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    ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ you’ll find that you’ll have everything in the palm of your hand.

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    Soft deku anyone 🥺

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  • Okay my two top works are my nsfw writings on Bakusquad, with the third rising quickly.  I’m wanting to write another since everyone loves them so much, but I’m out of ideas for them. (art by kazuzuko)

    So if you have any ideas, thrists, suggestions, or requests involving Bakusquad let me know! We all need more of it

    Also here is the links for all three stories

    1. Discovery
    2. Birthday Surprise
    3. Watch and Learn
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  • I keep thinking “Oh, I should check to see if the new chapter spoilers are out,” then I remember we’re not getting an update until like November and then I get sad.

    #bnha #My Hero Academia #There's like four major things going on that I /really/ want updates on!
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    I wanted to do some uraraka art since there’s a lot of people who are hating on her

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  • #bnha#mha#bakugou katsuki#bakugou #incorrect bakugou katsuki #incorrect mha #bakugou answers 💥 #shitty extra 💢
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    Would you go for a drink with him?

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    Some more toothy bois as while cuz i like practicing drawing fangs

    #sorry warriors i cannot draw you right.... #loz#lu#linked universe #carnivous hylian au #bnha #also why did sky turn out so big...... #i drew him first and ran outta room....
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  • Liveblogging bnha ch 287

    Because the world apparently Must Hear my thoughts on Afo’s monologing skills

    AfO: Now lookee there, Tomura! A dead person!

    Me: In all my life I didn’t think I’d get canon AfO talking like that. But here we are.

    Honestly though, AfO is really, really talkative. What’s up with this guy?

    AfO is such a monologer villain. He’s like everything Villain Deku-ists dream of and more.

    Also, I love bnha and all but the concept of all quirks carrying with them their previous owner’s consciousness, however alluded to in the past, is just out there enough that it feels overpowered.




    But honestly AfO narrating this exchange feels like playing a game with a kid and them going, “this is how it works!” and you just gotta go, “okay, this is how it works.” And go with it.

    The Symbol of Terror. Okay then.

    First!! He’s chill even when he’s angry.

    First has enough chill to go around apparently

    AfO has no mercy with his jabs man

    When he says Midoriya’s “master” is he referring to All Might or Nana?

    AfO is giving big Nighteye vibes here and so I’m seeing that this could go one of two ways:

    2. Midoriya goes “oh…well I guess I’m not that good because both a pro hero and a pro villain are dissing me… dang.”


    but also “This young man is possessed by a drive to save others that eclipses all common understanding” is such a funny statement to me. Like, “yeah this kid is so good we don’t even understand how he can be that good but he’s ours now and we’re keeping him”

    So we kind of got the first way I mentioned, so I’ll count it.

    What on earth is going through Todoroki’s mind watching all this? He’s dead. My friend’s dead. Or quirkless. He is not going to survive.

    Meanwhile, Dabi’s having the time of his life.

    …and Toga’s having a crisis. I wonder how this will go? She’s got so much faith in Midoriya and Uraraka, and I’d like to see if there’s deeper reasoning for that. Since she’ll most likely encounter Uraraka first, whose whole deal is that she wants to (and regrets not being able to do so in the Overhaul Arc) save people. This might be a game-changing event for Uraraka, who is already feeling rather abysmal about where the future is heading. Will she see the humanity of Toga and hear her out, or will she not listen for fear for her life? She’s got a big heart, she might end up sympathizing and having a crisis.

    Well, thanks for anyone who stuck around for this! Sorry it’s kind of long-winded, I just finished writing an essay a few hors ago so I’m still in analysis mode.

    #bnha 287#midoriya#nana shimura#bnha#afo#ofa #I'm not sure if I want to call him ofa or not bc I tend to get confused btwn them but that's what he's called... but first has a nice ring #I'm so sorry I would've put a read more break but I'm on mobile and have no idea how to do that #i am gradually catching up! #bnha manga spoilers #liveblogging#ada thinkthunk#ada rambles #i guess? since it's so long?? #long post
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    I knew what happened in the climax of Heroes Rising, okay? I actually went out of my way to avoid seeing spoilers for the movie before I had the chance to watch it in its entirety, but that particular spoiler was literally impossible to avoid.


    Like, FUCK!!!

    #fuck! #fuck fuck fuuuuuck #holy motherfucking FUCK #FUCK #omg they were narrative foils #bnha #bnha: heroes rising #mine
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  • Please give me BNHA/MHA fic recs!!!

    I have a few things that I absolutely hate, so don’t gimme the fic if it has uhhh aged up sexual content or underage sexual content thx

    Idrc about the adults boinking but not the kids

    ASIDE FROM THAT have at it!! gimme your favs

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  • ⩩ naruto; haikyuu; bnha; kny; hxh.

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  • If there’s any fatgums or kirishimas or mirios or nejires or even just tamakis that want to talk plz come text me because I’m just really sad and I need someone to tell me it’s okay and idk I just want to feel better.

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #tamaki amajiki#bnha kin#suneater kin#vent #sorry things are just hard right now #I don’t even care about finding canon mates at this point I just want anyone at all plz to make me feel better
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  • I’m so tired of people writing Shouto Todoroki as a 100% certified genuine heartless dick wad.

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  • A cross-over that nobody asked for, but has been living rent free in my mind for weeks. The spiky red-haired himbos that I adore hehe

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    Aw yiss, power OT3 💛💜❤️

    part 1 | part 2

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