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    The Missing Piece (Chapter 12)


    gang! au / ceo! au

    characters: dabi x f. oc, lov

    status: ongoing

    read on ao3 here.

    a/n: i really like this chapter heh, hope u enjoy! 😚

    The staircase leads all the way to basement. I wondered why they would hide such steep, hidden steps in Dabi's office when they could create (much) shorter, more accessible ones from the first floor.

    But I'm guessing that's the point.

    This isn't supposed to be easy to reach. And Dabi's office is the one place no one would dare enter.

    Aside from us, of course.

    The basement is completely dark, forcing me to draw myself even closer to Dabi. I enjoy the weight of his hand in mine. He has a firm, tight grip. But just as the thought warms my cheeks, I shake it out of my head.

    Within seconds, Dabi turns on the lights.

    My eyes widen, taking in the sight before me.


    A lot of it.

    Though it looks dried, like it's been there for ages.

    I spot a wall of different sized knives on one hand. A gun display on the other. A shelf of jars, filled with a murky looking liquid and...I don't even want to know what that is inside.

    Dabi watches me.

    There's a simple, plastic white table in the center of the floor with a large white board behind it.

    The place is much messier and less...classy, than the rest of the Blaze.

    But I have the feeling it's because it's not meant for outside eyes.

    "You okay?" Dabi asks.

    I nod, squeezing his hand to comfort myself.

    Before the others reach the bottom, he whispers in my ear, "Whenever you want to leave, let me know. You don't have to be here."


    "And," He takes another glance at the stairs as the others begin to appear. "Again, Rina. This place does not exist. Anything we say here does not leave this room. Got it?"

    I glance warily at the knives.

    "Why are you so worried?" I try to smile so he doesn't pick up on my nervousness. "I don't have anyone outside of you guys anyway. Who would I talk to?"

    My comment seems to confuse him. "What about-"

    "Welcome to the League!!" Toga jumps off the last few steps and swings into full view.

    I shoot Dabi a look. "The League?"

    "The League of Villains, of course!" Atsuhiro follows Toga, a dramatic grin on his lips. "Only the baddest group of bad boys in town."

    "And girls!" Toga calls out.

    "League of Villains?" I cackle. "Who came up with that?"

    Tenko scowls.


    Dabi lets go of my hand and motions for me to take a seat on one of the plastic chairs.

    I pick a red chair near the board.

    "So what is that you guys really do?"

    "I told you," Dabi says. "Special services to people willing to pay up."

    Given where we are, that suddenly feels a lot more sinister than it did when he first told me.

    I look back at the knives and jars in the background.

    "So like, a gang? Where you steal things and hurt people if someone pays you enough? Like the movies?"

    "Guess you could put it that way."

    "And there's actually people that pay for this stuff?"

    Dabi shrugs. "It's a niche market."


    There's a lot more questions in my head, but now is not the time. Maybe later.

    As Dabi moves to take a seat, his abdomen brushes against the edge of the table and he hisses in pain.

    It releases blood again.

    "Fuck!" He grips the skin.

    I move closer to him, gripping his hands again. "It still hurts?" I ask worriedly. "Is there anything we can do?" I look around at the others quickly.

    "Yes!" Toga says, a little too eagerly.

    "What is it?"

    She hops over to knives behind us, and takes a moment deciding which one she wants.

    She brandishes a short but sharp blade and lets out an excited squeal, as though she enjoyed this.

    "Fire please!" She calls out.

    What's she doing?

    Dabi groans and pulls a lighter out of his pocket. He tosses it toward her, and she carefully holds it under the edge of the blade, running it up and down for several minutes until it turns red.

    She's going to seal the wound so it doesn't get infected.

    "Lie down, boss," She says in a sing-song voice.

    I clear the few papers were scattered on the table and move so Dabi could spread himself over it.

    He lifts the edge of his shirt to his midriff, and my breath catches in my throat when I see his abdomen.

    The skin is covered in large swaths of reddish purple.

    Like parts of it were burnt off...

    I gasp.

    "These are old," Dabi looks at me. He's watching me carefully, wanting to see just how I'd react. "Still want to be here?"

    I swallow my anxiety as I stare at Dabi's mismatched skin. I won't give him the chance to say 'I told you so.'

    This must be why he wouldn't let me dress the wound.

    He didn't want me to see this.

    No wonder the stab didn't phase him.

    What else has his body been through...

    "Here I come!" Toga grins.

    She was all too eager to take the scorching knife and press it to his stomach.

    Dabi clenches his teeth immediately, leaving me to hurriedly stand next to him. I squeeze his hand to soothe him, but he grips mine back so hard I think he might break it.

    I brush his hair out of eyes and press my hand to his forehead to calm him.

    "It's okay," I tell him softly. "It's over."

    The others stare at Dabi's wound uncomfortably, like they've been under Toga's knife before.

    I wonder if they have similar wounds.

    Dabi releases his harsh grip on my hand and begins to breathe slower.

    One things strikes me though.

    Despite all the pain he's undoubtedly feeling right now, not a single tear drops from his eyes.

    I think it might just be him trying not to appear weak in front of us.

    But as I look into his eyes, I'm surprised to find them completely dry.

    "Are you superhuman or something?" I joke with him.

    He looks at me quizzically.

    "All of that and you didn't cry?"

    Dabi closes his eyes. "I don't cry." He grits his teeth.

    I roll my eyes.

    Whatever you say.

    The others slowly help him sit up straight. I take the first aid kit from Atsuhiro, picking out the cotton, gauze and antibacterial wipes.

    Dabi is less reluctant when I try to wrap the area this time.

    "You can hold onto me if you want," I tease as I wrap the gauze around his body.

    A small smirk appears on his lips. His arm suddenly snakes around my waist, pulling me close to him.

    I blush and the gauze falls out of my hands.

    Dabi tilts his head. "What's wrong? Thought you wanted me to hold onto you?"

    The guys snicker behind us.

    I push him away from me, and he laughs as I take another piece of gauze and try again.

    "You guys can talk now," I tell them focused on what I'm doing. "What exactly happened today?

    Did Mr. Lane find out about the League? Is that what made you a target?"

    Dabi is silent.

    His silence puzzles me. I look to the others to see if they knew anything.

    "Dabi tried blowing up his car!" Toga volunteers.

    I frown.

    Could this be just because of how Mr. Lane treated me?

    No. There's no reason for it to mean that much to Dabi.

    Enough to get angry, sure.

    To harm Mr. Lane?


    "Why would you blow up his car?" I ask.

    Tenko pulls up a chair. "We did some research on him. He's working with some really shady people. And Dabi told us about the whole Todoroki affair."

    I shoot Dabi a look.

    "They're trying to trick people into thinking they're heroes. That they should be put on a pedestal and admired. There's people out there telling their kids to be like them. Meanwhile they're going around-"

    "Enough," Dabi interrupts Tenko. "Point is, they're fakes. They built up their media empires off that fake image. And we're going to expose them."

    "But you guys are also doing...you know," I don't know how to say it in a way that isn't offensive. "I mean, you tried blowing up his car. And I'm guessing you probably have done more...if I'm not reaching."

    Their eyes harden.

    "We never pretended to be good."

    I know I should stay silent, but I keep going.

    "Right, but you have a double image too. There's the Blaze, and then there's the League."

    They shake their heads.

    "The Blaze is to funnel money into the League. Yeah, sure it's a front, but those who need our services know where to find us. We can't have masses of people finding out about the other shit we do, can we?"

    "But how did this all start? What are you trying to achieve?"

    "We just hate hypocrites. We'll help a bad guy to bring down a worse guy. Those that act like angels in public are our favorite targets. I don't care if we have to steal, blackmail, or kill them," Dabi's eyes shine with evil. "Whatever it takes to beat their egos down. Reveal the private faces they hide. Until they're forced to show their bloody hands before the world. Someone like Enji is using Lane for media coverage. Lane is depending on him for protection and cash. We can take them both down."

    "What if you get caught?"

    He dismisses the question, like it's not even worth his time. "By who?" He scoffs. "Lane? As soon as we take down Enji, Lane's done for. Since he's your old boss, we can give you leeway with how badly you want us to go after him." Dabi says this like that's what I'm genuinely concerned about right now. "Lane's a scared little prick anyway, as soon as he saw me he bounced out of the car and screamed for protection." He laughs like he can picture Mr. Lane's pathetic position as we speak. "But he'll fall. Just like the rest of them."

    "I meant the police, Dabi."

    The question puzzles him as if he's never considered it before. But the look in his eyes tells me they're even less of a concern than Mr. Lane.

    "Don't worry about that," He says. "That's the least of our problems, to be honest."

    I nod.

    I let them speak uninterrupted for the rest of the night. They have business to take care of, and if I keep asking questions like this, they'll never get to finish. It's enough that they waited all day for me to leave so they could start. Can't hold them up at night as well.

    The Todoroki name was brought up several times, among others. It seems strange now, considering Dabi knows it was Mr. Lane's relations with Enji that led to me leaving the company the way I did. Turns out he knows a lot more about Enji than I do.

    I try to keep track of the other names as well, but there's so many and I'm so tired, I can barely keep up.

    "Here's where Rina comes in," Dabi continues.

    My eyes widen at the mention of my name.

    "Enji's using Lane for his image. Rina, you said they were working on a movie or something?"

    "A documentary, yes."

    "We need to make sure that shit doesn't air."

    I bite my lip, trying to remember as much information as I could about the documentary. It was supposed to air already. I remember Mr. Lane saying it would be within the month.

    But it hasn't yet.

    Which means I need to find out more from Al.

    "My roommate still works at NNTV. She's the floor manager so she might have some idea of what's going on. I can ask her."

    "You sure you can trust her?" Dabi asks with a frown.

    "Well, I'm not gonna tell her any details, she's the one that's gonna need to have trust in me, no?"

    Atsuhiro cracks his knuckles and rubs his neck. "I don't know, I don't like the sound of that. We have our own ways of finding stuff out so-"

    "It won't hurt to try," I insist, looking at Dabi since he's the one that has final say on these matters. "Having 2 avenues of information is better than 1."

    Truth be told, I just want to feel useful. I want to feel like I have a role to play, not just that I'm here to "sit and watch".

    I want them to feel good about me being here, not apprehensive about whether this was a good decision.

    After some deliberation, Dabi sighs. He looks to the others for input. "Might as well?"

    "I mean she's here," Tenko says monotonously. "Might as well use her."

    Dabi nods and then turns to me. "Just don't be stupid with it. Lead her into the conversation, don't bring it up out of nowhere. She'll be curious about why you're bringing it up. Don't say anything that'll make her ask questions. The more questions she asks you, the more suspicious she'll be."

    "Relax guys, I got this." I smile. "Besides, she's a chatterbox. She'll open up at the slightest nudge and go on forever. She's the one that told me about all the.." I grimace. "..issues with the Todoroki company."

    Plus, she's my friend! Of course, I can trust her. We've been roommates for years. If anyone could tell me about Mr. Lane's current plans for the documentary, it'd be her.

    "So it's settled!" Toga claps. She takes a marker and goes up to the white board, drawing a flow chart with all that's been discussed today. She adds my part last, circling my name and underlining it several times for emphasis, over a big red INTEL SOURCING.

    The sight of that makes me smile, like I have a role to play in all of this. I look around at the others but they're all preoccupied with moving things around and discussing their own parts.

    The lack of enthusiasm isn't surprising, I mean this is normal for them.

    But all I can think of is how exciting it'll be if I have something to contribute the next time we meet. If they'll call me down, and look at me expectantly. I imagine the looks on their faces with glee and the thought almost makes me giddy.

    "Okay, are we done here?" Dabi asks.

    A bunch of 'yes'es and 'yup's fill the basement.

    "Alright then," Dabi grabs a leather jacket from on the wall and checks to make sure his keys are inside. Then he walks my way and grabs my arm.

    "Time for you to go home," He says, moving me in front of him.


    "Now," His eyes narrow. He moves his head in a silent nudge, telling me to turn around and make my way upstairs.

    The others watch us curiously, and Toga lets out a snicker at my expense.

    "I'm jealous!" She calls after us. "Wish I had someone to drive me home!"

    Dabi groans, nudging me to keep moving.

    "Bye guys," I wave back at them from halfway up the steps. "I'll see you tomorrow!"

    They all wave warmly and I can't help thinking how grateful I am that they trusted me with this.

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    Walkin’ into the Todoroki estate like

    #dabi#touya todoroki#mha spoilers#manga spoilers#bnha spoilers #my hero academia #mha#bnha #boku no hero academia #realized i have never drawn dabi before #todoroki #love the idea of them trying to reconcile and this man just immediately starts a fire #like #sorry its a habit at this point #/joke
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    In the Morning — Dabi x Reader

    Dabi loved being buried deep inside you. Body and soul.

    Warnings: NSFW. Soft Dabi. Cockwarming. Dabi has a big cock (it’s canon. Hori told me)

    Word count: 700

    It was the Dabi’s hard and warm cock sliding along your ass that rose you from your light sleep; one arm draped over your waist as his thumb grazed the underside of your breasts; the round hoops across the palm of his splattered hand were softly digging into your skin, serving as a reminder that you were his.

    The non verbal language between you was like second nature.

    Each slow roll of his hips.

    His arm’s hold on you.

    The warm lips pressed on the nape of your neck before sliding down to feel your quickening pulse.

    His need to be inside you first thing in the morning was primal.

    You could feel him intentionally dragging his staples along your skin before raking his teeth and nipping at you.

    Dabi wasn’t a morning person. His volatile temper was not something to mess with unless you were willing to deal with the consequences.

    But when it came to being buried deep inside you, he always found it in him to succumb to his urges.

    “Leg up,” he whispered in a velvety voice that had you perk up your ass against his cock.

    You reckoned he was still half asleep and most likely on autopilot. There was no need to talk much when he was hard and leaking like this.

    As soon as you lifted your leg slightly, he pressed a long kiss on your neck while his hand traveled downwards just so he could brush your clit with his slender fingers; your body had grown so accustomed to his touch that, in no time, your pussy would get soaked, getting ready to welcome his thick cock.

    You needed all the preparation you could get to take him with so little foreplay, and he was more than willing to help you out with a few lazy rubs on your clit.

    He pressed down on your clit with the palm of his hand and you jerked instinctively against him, angling your ass in a way that had his tip jabbing at your entrance.

    Even after having his cock slide inside you so many times, your pussy would always struggle to accommodate him; in one swift thrust he started slipping inside you, forcing your walls to stretch out around him.

    It was still too tight for him, which had him still briefly.

    “Don’t clench.”

    “I’m not…” you answered truthfully, holding back a pained sob once you noticed he was barely halfway through.

    He groaned in your ear, pulling your leg up and trying to ease his cock all the way inside easily.

    “Fuck…” you let out a soft cry, almost adorable.

    The stinging sensation that rippled across your walls came to a halt, and you felt completely and utterly stuffed to the brim.

    “Always so tight… how…” he mused as an afterthought before dropping your leg and pressing your thights together, further increasing your grip around his cock.

    The sun was barely up outside, and you realized right there and then that this was not just about sexual desire that had taken over him first thing in the morning.

    This was something else.

    Dabi stilled inside you once more, but this time he made no further attempt at moving.

    He buried his face in the crook of your neck while enveloping your torso with one arm to have your back fully pressed against him.

    Cockwarning and intimacy entwined to create a combo that always had your heart skip several beats.

    Your bodies were connected not just physically with his cock buried balls deep, but also emotionally as you heard him heave a deep and relieved sigh.

    Because Dabi craved that human connection more than anyone else you had ever known. He found comfort in you. Inside you. Around you. The sort of comfort many search for endlessly and seldom find. The sort of comfort you were certain he never thought it’d be his.

    You’d stay like this for a while, and while the prospect of having sex with him definitely allured you, this had you feeling undoubtedly blissful.

    His breathing was back to being soft and regular, indicating that he had most likely fallen back to sleep.

    Inside you.

    With you.



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    best friends!

    (requests for snapshots are open!)

    (tried to stick twice n’ there, didn’t work :()

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    -Hawks would be SO protective you, regardless of he was actually present or not.

    -Being the Number 2 Hero is a big responsibility, so It would be extremely rare to see him in the flesh. That being said, be prepared to be lonely but never truly alone.

    -There's gonna be cameras EVERYWHERE. (Yes, even in the bathroom. Hawks can't trust you to not do something dangerous when he's not there.)

    -He's also going to secure the house with alarms and any sort of anti-escape measures he can. Hell, he might just get you a shock collar! (But only if you try to escape. Don't let it escalate to that point.)

    -When he IS home, prepared to be smothered with attention, whether you want it or not. He is not going to leave you alone (Maybe the only time is when you need to use the bathroom, but once you're done, it's right back to being crushed in his arms.)

    -If you misbehave, he'll start punishing you. First it'll start small but somewhat forgiving. (Ex: He will lock you in your room. You have a mini fridge and a bathroom, so don't worry about that.) But if you keep it up, he'll lock you up in a dark and cold basement without any food or water until you behave. He doesn't want to, but he knows it's the only way you'll whip into shape.

    -Now I'm not very into the whole "feather necklace" thing? BUT. Let's say you have been VERY good for him. He'll treat you for your good behavior by taking you out! However, he'll make you wear/carry one of his feathers. Any attempts to get rid of the feather results in any freedom you had being taken away for a VERY long time.

    -He’ll also punish you by threatening your life. Let’s say you piss him off. Like REALLY piss him off. He won’t say anything. Instead, he’ll pick you up and take you outside. He’ll scoop you up in his arms and fly high above the buildings into the night sky. Before you can ask what he’s doing, he’ll drop you, letting you fall to what you assume is your death. Eventually, you’ll feel something tug you back upwards. It’ll be suffocating but anything beats hitting the ground. When you reach him again, he’ll give you a look, one that makes you REGRET doing anything wrong. If you apologize and maybe promise to make it up to him, he’ll put you down safely. If not, he’ll repeat this until you’ve learned your lesson.

    Idk how to write good things, so please forgive me.

    Also please let me know if I missed any TWs!

    If you would maybe wanna see more, please let me know!

    #anime#bnha #boku no hero academia #manga#mha #my hero academia #hawks#keigo takami#yandere dabi #yandere x you #yandere mha #yandere boku no hero academia #yandere bnha #yandere x reader #yandere my hero academia #yandere keigo takami #yandere hawks#tw heights#heights tw#tw stalking#stalking tw#cameras tw#tw cameras#tw watching#watching tw #toxic relationship tw #tw toxic relationship #tw falling#falling tw
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    -Regardless of your affiliation (Hero/Villain/Vigilante/Civilian/ETC), he would be absolutely horrendous to you.

    -If you were a Hero, he would be an absolute thorn in your side. Creating such horrendous scenes of chaos to garner your attention. Usually he'd leave the crime scene entirely before you arrived, but in some cases, he would stalk you from afar while you investigate. In even rarer cases, he would confront you. He would have a hostage held by their throat, his flames burning their skin as he looks at you, helpless and unable to act unless you wanted the poor soul to be burnt to a crisp. He'd taunt you and just degrade you, mocking everything you've worked so hard for. He'd roll his eyes at your heroic front and scoff at any sort of attempt to calm the victim. Eventually he's throw the hostage to the side and disappear into the smoke and the flames, promising you that he'd see you again.

    -If you were a Villain (and for the sake of time, you worked with the LOV), he would bully you relentlessly. Nitpicking at everything you do. He'd break down your self esteem and confidence until eventually, you're a fragile little lamb. He would also be very territorial of you around the other league members. If any of them as so much LOOK in your direction, you bet they're gonna get burned. He's the ONLY one who can talk to you and see how scared and broken you become overtime. If you two are out on missions, he'll pull you into alleyways and pin you against the wall, whispering vile things into your ears (dirty or just mean things, it's all fair game to him.) If he's feeling especially awful, he'll mark you up. He'll litter your skin with bite marks, bruises, or even burn marks if he's feeling up to it. When you eventually return to the base, he'll act like nothing happened while having a tight grip on your shoulders. He'll tell the league that you were weak against some small fry hero just to embarrass you. Even if the league does catch on, they're not gonna say anything about it.

    -If you're a vigilante or a Civilian he'll stalk you in someway. At first, it starts out as a sort of order from Shigaraki that he blew off, but eventually, you manage to peak his interest. He'll watch you after he recognizes your from some description or a photo. He'll look into every aspect of your life until he begins to grow more and more obsessed. At first he'll just brush it off and try to ignore you, but eventually, he begins to crave you. His usual distance stalking method will eventually become more invasive until one day, he's had enough. He'll stalk you more openly. Even if you or other people notice, he won't stop. He'll even break into your house one day. He won't ever talk to you unless you get yourself into some real trouble. Regardless if you're a vigilante or a Civilian, If you get cornered by some dumb thugs, you bet Dabi's gonna find out and he's gonna be pissed. They'll be burnt to ash in a blink of an eye. Before you could even think about thanking your "hero", his hand will be covering your moth and his icy gaze will pierce your soul.

    "Why don’t you show me how thankful you are, hm?~"

    Idk how to write good things, so please forgive me.

    Also please let me know if I missed any TWs!

    If you would maybe wanna see more, please let me know!

    #anime#bnha #boku no hero academia #manga#mha #my hero academia #doodle#art#dabi #yandere x reader #yandere bnha #yandere boku no hero academia #yandere mha #yandere x you #yandere dabi #tw toxic relationship #toxic relationship tw #suggestive tw#tw suggestive#burning tw#tw burning#tw threats#threats tw#stalking tw#tw stalking
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    Liveblogging the Apocalypse

    a My Hero Academia Fanfic by @ninthfeather

    The League of Villains levels Jaku and Dabi reveals his identity. The heroes try to stop Shigaraki and fail. The average Japanese citizen can’t do anything about the mounting chaos–but they do still have social media.

    Read Chapter 2 here >>>

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #fanfiction#dabi#todoroki touya#todoroki natsuo#todoroki shouto#endeavor #yes i'm making the fake social media stuff for every chapter #yes i have regrets thanks for asking #anyhow enjoy the chapter! #all the todorokis get mentioned but i tagged the most prominent ones
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    Lost & Found

    A/N: Some shit has gone down at my house and I may be getting kicked out so I just wanted some love from the LOV cause, why the fuck not? (Part one of maybe more if you guys like it)
    TW: Swearing, mentions of homelessness, mentions of violence, may be some graphic scenes (probably not cause im not that good of a writer but I’m just putting the warning there)
    Characters Mentioned: Toga Himiko, Jin Bubaigawara, Tomura Shigaraki, Dabi
    Word Count: 2,243

    Of course it was one of those cliche nights, dark and gloomy. Then to top things off it started raining, great. Your clothes were now soaked and the bag that had the rest of your belongings probably got drenched as well, you didn’t know if it was, your brain being to occupied with other thoughts to even worry about your belongings.

    You sat on the ground, leaned up against a building in an alleyway, looking up into the sky that was being blocked by the many wires and poles the spread across the thin opening and wondering what the hell you were doing with your life. What was the point? All this time you were trying to be the good guy, always helping people and hiding your own problems as to not worry people. All the while your mental health was deteriorating every second that goes by. It got to the point where you would lash out at people, without even realising your doing it, till it’s to late.

    You never had a great education because your parents couldn’t afford it, but you had skills. You were smart and very creative, you just never could figure out a way to use them and please everyone at the same time. You finally snapped, snapped at your father and mother, so they kicked you out, told you they were fed up with the shit you pull and said you either leave, or you go to the mental hospital, your choice.

    Maybe you could use the help, but at this point you didn’t want a doctors help. You needed a friend, a family. People who can bring you out of this dark hole your in. Your scared, and you wanted people who could be your light in the darkness.

    And like a goddess was watching over you you felt a light hand being placed on your knee, then in your line of sight as you were looking up, an umbrella covered your face, protecting you from the harsh rain that fell on your face. Your gaze moved to the figure in front of you, well, more like two. A shorter girl with blonde space buns and a school uniform on, and a taller man, head to toe in in a black leather costume with white accents through it. The man was holding the umbrella while the girl had her hand on your knee. 

    “Who are you?” You slowly asked, not even bothered to be scared by the presence of two strangers.

    “I’m Toga! This is Jin! Ah, are you okay?” The girl asked you and you smiled briefly, trying to fake it, yet you broke. Your smiled faulted and you looked back down at the ground, your tears mixing in the the remaining rain drops in your face, and while these two people were complete strangers, you couldn’t help but get the feeling of familiarity.

    “Toga. Toga! She’s crying! Do we hug her? No, just leave her, she will be fine.” The man known as jin spoke up, continuing to argue with himself on what to do with you or not.

    “Listen to the latter. I’ll be fine. Sorry to interrupt your days.” You told the pair with a slight giggle at the start. You picked your bag up and started to walk away from the pair when you felt your bag being pulled back. You turned to see Toga with a smile on her face.

    “You don’t have anywhere to go? Do you?” She asked and you were taken back by the sudden question, you sorta looked down, it only just really hitting you now.

    “I don’t have anywhere to go.” You whispered to yourself as your free hand flew to your mouth and tears streaming down your face. Your hand let go of the bag that Toga had a hold of and you let yourself drop to your knees. “Holy fuck, I don’t have a home.” You said as you looked up to Toga, barely being able to see her properly due to the tears in your eyes.

    “You can come back with us? No she can’t! Shigaraki will be mad!” Jin yelled at himself once again, you still couldn’t help yourself but smile a little bit, which didn’t go unnoticed by Toga.

    “I couldn’t, If this Shigaraki person will be mad then I don’t want to intru-”

    “What’s your quirk?” Toga interrupted you with the sudden question, which once again, like before, took you back.


    “What’s your quirk?”

    “Um I don-”

    “C’mon what’s your quirk? What is it? C’mon! Tell us! What’s your q-”

    “Restoration?” You blurted out at her intrusive questions and under all that pressure, you didn’t know what else to do.

    “What does that do?” For the first time in the conversation, both of Jin’s sides could agree on the question.

    “I can restore anything back to their the state they once were in. Though I need to be thinking of a certain time and date for it to work.” You spoke quietly, the clouds finally clearing a bit as the heavy rainfall died down.

    “Even people?” Toga asked, tilting her head to the side.

    “Yes, even people, that’s why I’ll be fine on my own, I can restore myself back to the state I was once in, to a state before I was hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or injured or whatever!” Your voice started to raise, getting slightly annoyed with all the questions and just wanting to be left alone.

    “Shigaraki will like you.” Toga spoke softly as she started to skip past you with your bag waving around in her hand. Jin walked up to you with the umbrella and offered his hand to you. He didn’t say anything, nor could you see his face, but you felt a heartwarming feeling coming from him, and your curiosity got the best of you. Why not go with them? Where else would you go anyway.

    So you went with them, and it didn’t really dawn on you who they were until you got to the hideout, an old abandoned bar that they’ve done up on the inside. The reason why they were so familiar to you finally hit you like a pile of rocks. You had seen the whole group of people in front of you plastered all over the news.

    You currently stood in the League of Villains hide-out, why were you here? A second ago you were lost in life, sitting in the alleyway, trying to figure out your new home. Only to be led here.

    “What have you bought back this time Himiko?” A young, but matured mans voice rings through your ears as the man himself comes from a door which you assumed led out the back.

    “This is... actually we never got her name.” Toga spoke, dropping her head after she realised neither her or Jin asked for the girls name. “Ah?” She slowly spoke out as she turned towards you with a questioning look on her face.

    “Oh right! I’m (Y/N)! Ah, nice to meet you?” You questioned yourself as you bowed, confused on whether or not to treat Shiga-fucking-raki as an authority figure or not.

    “Your not a villain.” He more or less stated it, rather then question it.

    “That I am not.” You said rather confidently, slowly coming back to your senses.

    “Then why are you here?”

    “Do you want the long story or the shortened version?” You asked him raising a brow, once again, getting pissed off with all the questions.

    “Shortened would be lovely, thank you.” He said with a snarky tone which just got you even more pissed off.

    “I got kicked out. I was in the alleyway contemplating life. These two came out of nowhere asking me questions and shit. Now I’m here.” You replied with an annoyed tone and a bored expression covering your face. If you weren’t welcome here, you would rather him tell you now then drag this out any longer. If he was going to send you on your merry way he better hurry up because you need to figure something else out.

    “So, Toga, Twice, you found a wet, stray dog and bought them back here? Correct?” Shigaraki turned away from you and look at the other pair who brought you into this mess in the first place.

    “A useful stray dog actually! No she’s useless, all she can do is heal!” Jin started to yell at himself and it wasn’t until then you realised that you were the stray dog in this conversation.

    “Hey!” You yelled out but you pouty face, soon turned into you of guard as Shigaraki’s intimidating glance hit you. Yes he was wearing the hand over his face, but his mere presence alone sends shivers up your spine. 

    “You’re a healer?” His tone grew low and almost disgusting as he slowly approached you.

    “I guess you could call me that?” You said, even questioning your own quirk at this point.

    “What’s your quirk? What does it do?” He asked and you groaned, not wanted to explain your quirk a second time.

    “I can restore anything back to their the state they once were in. Though I need to be thinking of a certain time and date for it to work, and if I have to explain that to anyone again, I’m going to be pissed.” You said with a bored and tired tone, indicating how uninterested you were in your quirk.

    “Try it on me.” Another voice rung through the empty bar, when you turned you saw a tall man with burnt skin patches all over his arms and face, and spiky black hair with piercing, bright blue eyes, peeking through the hair that fell in his face.

    “Try it on you? Ever heard of manners?” You snapped back, not realising what you said until it was to late.

    “Tough talk for someone who is only a healer.” He spoke with an intimidating glare as he stalked his way towards you.

    “Why don’t you come closer and we’ll see who’s tougher.” At this point your mouth was speaking its own language. Yes you knew how to fight, but he was right, your quirk wasn’t anything flashy.

    “Too late.” Your heard a whisper from behind you and a flat palm being felt on your lower right arm.

    “Shigaraki!” Toga and Jin yelled out, while the other man yelled the same thing, just more pissed off than the other two.

    “Oh sweet pea, you’re gonna have to do more than that.” You say as you placed your left hand on the place that the dust started to form. The dust that your arm is turning into was suddenly brought back to the place it first started spreading before completely disappearing. Everyone’s eyes grew in shock, which confused you deeply. “What?” You questioned while looking around the bar.

    “No one has been able to stop Shigaraki quirk without chopping the limb off. Not even healers.” Jin spoke softly and he sounded like he was out of breathe. Which he was, everyone was.

    “You’re staying.” You heard Shigaraki speak in a low, calmer voice then it was before, if that was even possible.

    “What?” You spoke, confused by his sudden change of heart.

    “You’re not useless, your just someone who people were blind to. You’re staying, unless you don’t want to be a villain?” He sort of questioned you motives while bending down so you were eye level with the hand that sat on his face.

    Who were you kidding? You dream of becoming a hero deteriorated a long time ago. Even though your quirk can heal people, you could also be a devastating tool, used for world annihilation. If you really tried you could become powerful enough to completely erase the world, restore it back it it’s ‘original’ state. All that would be left is a few atoms.

    So were deemed a threat by society pretty quickly, but your heart of gold tried to beat the rumors and weary glares by helping anyone with your quirk, anywhere you can, but to no avail. The rumore and glare never stopped, you eventually stayed at home at all times, where your parents would then start seeing you as a threat and a burden on their shoulders.

    Anything you do doesn’t please anyone, but these people, the villains of this story. They looked at you with amazement and shock, not weariness and fear. It bought a warm feeling to your heart. Besides, if they wanted you to be the villain, why not give them what they want? And to think, you wouldn’t be here if two VILLAINS weren’t kind enough to stop and check on you. These villains have done more for you in the last 10 minutes of knowing you than the last (Y/A) years of your life. 

    “So? Are you staying?” You felt your arm being tugged, you looked to your side and saw Toga looking into your eyes with a bright shine in the golden orbs that dawned her.

    You looked around the room once more, looking at the four people you have already met and the rest of the league that you will hopefully meet in the future. You thought about how it would be more fun to be a villain anyway, no rules, no authority, just you and the league, doing whatever the fuck you want.

    “Fuck it, it’s not like I have anywhere else to go.”

    #bnha x reader #mha x reader #lov x reader #platonic#toga himiko#twice mha#jin bubaigawara#tomura shiragaki#dabi #toga x reader #twice x reader #tomura x reader #dabi x reader #mha scenarios#bnha scenarios#mha drabbles#bnha drabble #part one? #request for more
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  • bonez-drabblez
    05.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    A Lazy Sunday

    Dabi x gn! Reader - fluffier than a big ol’ puppy dog

    It was another lazy Sunday evening at your apartment. There was some animated show on the tv, filling in the void of silence. You and Dabi were getting rather cozy on the couch, your head on his lap, trying your hardest not to fall asleep. There was just something so relaxing about the heat that radiated around him, and the way the heat perfectly hit that sore spot on your neck? Absolutely amazing.

    He must’ve taken notice of your drooping eyes, as much as you tried to fight it. The feeling of roughened fingers trailed up your jawline, eventually brushing some excess hair behind your ear. You let out a hum of satisfaction, letting him know he could continue. He gently ran his fingers through your hair, doing is best not getting them caught in knots or tangles. His staples gently brushed against the top of your ear, the sensation sending a small chill down your spine.

    He dragged his fingertips back down your jaw, down your shoulder and arm, stopping on your hip where he was drumming his fingers in a rhythmic pattern. You heard Dabi let out a yawn if his own.

    “Hey, doll?” He rasped out.

    You hummed in response.

    “Why don’t we call it in early tonight? We can do all the snuggling you want,” he proposed.

    You let out a yawn and a stretch, snuggling more into his toasty lap. There was suddenly an aural void where the tv once was. Dabi tapped your hip, encouraging you to sit up. Somewhat reluctantly, you sat up, moving to Dabi’s lap, straddling him, resting your head in the crook of his neck.

    A chuckle rumbled from this throat. “You sure are sleepy today, aren’t you, doll?” He teased, hands trailing down your back.

    You couldn’t help but smile, “It helps when I have the best cuddler by my side”.

    He smiled at the remark, disagreeing to himself, but whatever helped you sleep at night. His hands rested themselves on your ass, thumbs gently caressing you. You blushed a little at the small action. Dabi’s endless blue eyes and little smirk painted on his face telling you he was satisfied with himself.

    “Alright then, off to bed,” he said, lifting you and himself off the couch.

    He gently placed you on the bed first before stripping himself down to where he was comfortable and joining you. You wiggled yourself over to him, instantly curling up on his chest like clockwork. It’s the position most often used when you were in bed together. Before getting too comfortable, you gave him a goodnight kiss.

    “Night, Dabs,” you said, resting your head.

    “Night, doll. Sweet dreams about me”.

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  • totallycorrectlovquotes
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Twice, trying to flirt: So you come here often?


    Dabi: This is our kitchen.

    #twice#dabi#touya todoroki #bnha incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes #league of villains #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #source: wingsofincorrectquotes
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  • incorrect-league-of-villains
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Dabi: Should I clean up the apartment...? 

    Tomura: Hawks doesn’t care what things look like. 

    Dabi: Oh? And why is that? 

    Tomura: He’s dating you.

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  • dabi-the-burnt
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I've never tried something like this so I hope it reads okay! Totally time taken was about 7 hours of work.

    Tldr: Dabis hand brushes Hawks' as they walk. He's like "ew cooties" and then Hawks turns it gay.

    The original text post that inspired this was made by @incorrect-league-of-villains

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  • plushdabi
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    toga, twice, shigaraki, and dabi: *smoking weed*

    compress: "these kids and their pot"

    also compress: *does a line of coke*

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  • azumasoroshi
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    oh yeah i did amogus art a while back

    all the quotes come from my server playing among us back in fuckin september or something lmAo

    i never really got the hang of how to draw the beans (I’d probably be better at it now) but you gotta admit dabi’s legs in the crown one are pretty h o t

    #i played as hawks and i was disgusted at how many people tried to accuse me of venting #DISGUSTED #it became an inside joke #hawks vented guys #dabihawks#bnha#bnha hawks#takami keigo#dabi#todoroki natsuo#tomura shigaraki
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  • denkis-phone-charger
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    @cherriesradio so my Tumblr bugged and your ask poofed away... But don't worry I got you.

    "Dabi brain rot?"

    Thanks for asking!! YES DABI one of my many beloveds... Some spoilers ahead.

    - Love his "tired sibling" energy with the lov (not like he could have that with his siblings anyway, oop-)

    - I LOVE casual lov interactions like the ones I've reblogged. Shigaraki and Deku going out for tea, Toga and Ochako hanging out (bonus Ochako looking at Hawks like 👁️👄👁️), Tokoyami and Dabi at Hot Topic, Kirishima and Dabi at the hair dye aisle.

    - Will quote gen z kind of humor (especially to annoy mr compress, who is later unable to stop and decides to join him) LOOK I KNOW I SAW A POST ABOUT AFO BEING GEN Z BUT STILL

    - Secretly the mom friend of the group. Or tired sibling, point is he will protect them. They're his fam now. (Especially now that Kurogiri's gone, he needs to protect them even harder)

    - I know that he's kind of picky when it comes to food, if I recall correctly, but I'd say he enjoys ice. Might be that Rei's quirk lets him tolerate cold temperatures. So I can see him being able to like chew on ice without any trouble in the world.

    - Maybe the shade of blue in his fire reminds him of Rei's favourite flower.

    - Hmm I don't know why, but I see him as one of the best huggers... Though he doesn't do it often. He will, however, lay over someone and just be there.

    - I also see him as someone who like, cracks his knuckles/neck/back often. Idk, gives me the vibe.

    - Has helped Toga with bad hair days. He remembers how to deal with those kinds of things. However it's kind of a whole process now that it can get caught on his staples/piercings. (Every day something like that happens to him smh)

    - Manga spoilers out of context: Dabi knows how to tango.

    Give me any character and I'll share some headcanons!!

    #cherriesradio #a potato answers #love my mutuals #dabi my beloved #headcanons#bnha#dabi
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  • kentoshousewife
    05.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    - new nsfw blog

    about me: kai, she/her, 19

    animes i’ll write concepts of: bnha and jjk

    content i won’t write: cannibalism, scat, necrophilia

    minors do not interact !!!!

    feel free to ask for concepts, requests are open <3

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  • ketchup-gas
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Kurogiri: everyone synchronize your watches.

    Toga: I dont know how :(

    Dabi: I dont own a watch -_-

    Mustard: time is a construct =|

    #mustard#kurogiri#himiko toga#dabi#touya todoroki#bnha mustard #my son with a gun #bnha#mha#mha mustard #my hero academia #boku no hero #league of villains #mustard mha#incorrect lov #incorrect lov quotes #incorrect quotes #incorrect mha quotes
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  • meekos
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    He wish he was like his father.

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