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    I know I always post about momo, but that’s only because she is my absolute fav in the show and has the potential to be such an integral part of the story. As many of us know, the traitor of class 1a has been revealed. I believe that momo will be the one to figure out that she is the traitor. This prob will not happen but it would make the manga a lot better if it did.

    Point 1: There was only one vote missing when they voted for class president. Momo herself having 2 votes (her + todo). Everyone else either voted for themself or there were they voted for midoriya. There was one vote missing and that was presumptively hagakure (no votes). Knowing momo she must have thought this was a little sus as she wanted it so badly.

    Point 2: momo is know for her intelligence. In the stats books, she is rated 6/5 and 6/6 and has the highest intelligence out of everyone in the series. She is known for her battle strategy and planning which has been shown and emphasized many times in the series (answering all mights questions better than he could have lol, gigantomachia, tracking device, battle against aizawa.) I could totally see her observing all the occurrences with hagakure and taking note, especially her being the one to suggest going to the mall. We also know she is capable of making tracking devices, so she could have tracked her also.

    Point 3: momo was paired with both hagakure and Aoyama in class a vs class b battles. As many including myself thought Aoyama was the traitor for a long time, he was suspicious. However I believe he knew that she was the traitor as they were paired up at usj and has been giving us hints about it the entire time and has been too scared or was threatened into not saying anything. Momo could have noticed the tension between the two or Aoyama acting strangely. Also, momo was also paired with Aoyama during the training arc where the league attacked. In the manga and episode, Aoyama was visibly acting strange and could have seen her contact the league. I believe that she knocked out Jirou and the others as she was not seen and that was why Aoyama was acting weird. Momo was there to witness this strange behavior. I also bet hagakure never expected momo to put a tracking device on the nomu.

    Point 4: momo was given command by midnight to take down gigantomachia which led to the eventual death, during the manga chapters hagakure is with them, but she is barley shown attacking machia as the league of villains rode on his back. This could be suspicious to them, however this one is pushing it a little as the situations was super high stress.

    ANYWAY, momo yaoyorozu is a queen and the smartest character in the show. As she has been show to deduce ways of beating villains and has an intelligence higher than shigaraki and has proven to be a thorn in his side. If anyone will discover her secret and reveal it, it will most likely be momo.

    This theory is prob not true, but that’s why it is a theory LMAO. Please feel free to let me know what you all think of this!!!!

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    exercising with his bf ✊🏻

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    Ochako is your best friend, and you know she likes midoriya :( but so do you

    - she tells you first, and you knew before she even told you, you can see it so obviously in her

    - she tries to get closer to deku, and you can only watch. You love your friendship with her more than you like deku

    - at some point, she tells you she's ready to confess and asks you to come with her for support

    - your heart breaks, you can't, you can't

    - "how bout I'll be around the corner? It'll be so awkward with me third wheeling lol" fuck

    - she agrees so cheerfully

    - they meet behind the school, and ochako is so nervous it's making her float off

    - "ochako-chan, it's okay. You're fine, go get him" you pull her down to the ground and weigh her there as she calms down

    - she nods with her red face, and runs to waiting deku

    - "I'm sorry, uraraka-san..."

    - "Ne, I understand. I just wanted you to know. I admire you alot!"

    - "I appreciate your feelings," he sighs" you're so brave for confessing, Uraraka-san, I could never" deku was trying to add comedic relief to this awkward situation

    - "you have someone you like too, deku-kun?"

    - "nn, they're wonderful. Though they've been avoiding me the past few weeks. I wonder if I did something wrong"

    - that's when ochako realized, he liked you. She noticed you've been giving them space to get closer, making excuses to 'study' or 'train'

    - you even got to the point where you pretended to not hear deku calling your name a few times

    - "deku-kun, please take care of them, okay? I'm sure they'll explain things to you when the time comes" ochako reassures him so kindly

    - deku nods, and proceeds to bow to ochaco, "thank you, again"

    -she tries to fight the tears in her eyes, "deku-kun!" she slaps his back, making him stumble forward "this won't change our friendship! Now go find them and ask them how they feel!"

    - he looks back and gives her an affirmative nod, and starts running

    - oh God! You're only right there! Should you run? Stay? Pretend you're just passing by????

    - deku turns the corner and bumps into you, "y/n -san - sorry - I didn't know you were there. Actually I was looking for you - "

    - he sees your eyes already glossed over with tears ready to spill, and his heart told him to do the only thing he can do

    - he pulls you into a hug

    -his toned arms tighten around you, and you almost forget to breath

    - "I don't know what's going on y/n, but please know I Will always be here for you"

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    wondering {bakudeku}

    Pairings: Bakugou Katsuki/Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Touya/Midoriya Izuku

    Warnings: SEXUAL ASSAULT AND NON-CON, abusive use of quirks, mentions of mineta, ERI, PTSD, crying, sad vibes all around

    Word Count: 4,484 words

    Chapter: 7/??

    Summary: Through photos, Izuku learns more about Katsuki’s life at UA after he’d gone missing. In an attempt to encourage communication {and deflect from the topic of his kidnapping} and build trust, Katsuki asks Izuku about his ‘happy’ memories from the past ten years. After a few memories, Izuku finally alludes to the sire of his pup and how he got pregnant. {it’s kept brief and mostly implied}

    !!!!TRIGGER WARNING!!!!!!!

    {0.7} Bravery

    “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It's the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.”

    ― Lois Lowry

    I Z U K U

    So strange.

    Izuku wandered through the large house, his large sweater hanging off of his frame making him look small next to everything else. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Katsuki lift in such a nice environment, but the amount of pictures were.

    Pictures decorated the walls, full of different people and news clippings.

    One picture was of Katsuki with Kirishima and three others. One was the yellow-haired omega Izuku had seen at the hospital and so was the pink-haired beta. The third, however, was a gangly boy with ink-black hair.

    They all hung off of Katsuki, grinning despite the alpha’s scowl.

    Another was of Kirishima and the pink-haired beta, who were both dressed in graduation gowns. A number of people stood in the background behind them, but none of them looked familiar.

    There was one picture of Aizawa, who appeared to be fast asleep in a yellow sleeping bag, with Katsuki’s entire friend group surrounding him. As Izuku looked closer, he realized that the yellow-haired omega was drawing something on the teacher’s face.

    In that picture, Katsuki looked...irritated, but amused.

    One picture was of Katsuki and an unfamiliar boy with two-toned hair. The boy looked stoic and was obviously the only one aware of the picture being taken. He had awkward peace sign held up while Katsuki appeared to be raging at someone out of frame.

    That one...looks familiar.

    Izuku looked away from the slightly unfamiliar boy, focusing on another photo that was slightly bigger than the others. 

    Katsuki was being wrestled into a playful choke-hold by a taller, older man. The man was thin and sickly looking, but Izuku knew those eyes from anywhere. All Might looked happier than the last time Izuku saw him, but he was definitely weaker.

    Katsuki, however, looked almost...rabid.


    In another picture, Katsuki was sitting with the two-toned boy again. This time, however, a large shirt was pulled over both of their heads. Written on the front in huge block letters were the words: OUR GET-ALONG SHIRT.

    “That was Shitty Hair’s idea.”

    Izuku immediately flinched at the voice behind him. He looked around, his eyes landing on Katsuki. The alpha was nearly next to him, his crimson eyes staring at the photos in front of them with fond amusement.

    Katsuki glanced at the others, an unfamiliar gleam in his eyes. “I was still an angsty little shit in these photos. It’s a miracle that anybody hung out with me.”

    “Don’t say that, Kacchan,” Izuku huffed, crossing his arms.

    The alpha chuckled lowly, the sound sending shivers down Izuku’s spine. He pointed at the t-shirt picture, where his younger self was scowling. “This is after Icy-Hot said we were friends in a televised interview and I tried to blow up his face.”

    Izuku’s mouth twitched. “Were you not friends?”

    Katsuki shrugged. “Yeah, but I wasn’t going to admit that. The bastard was my ultimate rival, so we fucked around a lot.”

    “Rival?” Izuku echoed, his eyebrows furrowed.

    The alpha next to him grinned, his eyes sharp. “That little fucker is Endeavor’s son. He’s denser than a fucking rock.”

    And just like that, Izuku’s blood ran ice cold.


    Izuku swallowed, shakily scanning every inch of the boy’s face. Sure enough, he resembled Touya in more ways than one. That one blue eyes, the furrowed eyebrows, and even the way he awkwardly smiled.

    “You, uh,” Izuku’s mouth felt dry. “You must care for him a lot.”

    Katsuki shrugged, his lips fixed in a relaxed smile. “I respect him. After graduation, he started a new agency separate from his shitty old man. Most of our former classmates, including myself, work there.”


    Izuku mentally cursed his situation as his stomach churned at the information. Instead of voicing his discomfort, the small omega pointed at the first picture he looked at. “Who are they? They’re in a lot of these photos.”

    Katsuki followed his finger, an annoyed grimace dawning on his face. “Idiots. They’re the only ones who didn’t run when I screamed death threats.”

    “You did that often, Kacchan?” Izuku teased, earning a huff from the alpha.

    The alpha looked slightly embarrassed, his skin dusted a soft pink. “Fuck off. You know Shitty Hair- Kirishima, I mean. Kaminari Denki is that dumbass with bright yellow hair. They clung to me like a bunch of parasites.”

    Izuku couldn’t miss that fond tone in Katsuki’s voice.

    Katsuki pointed at the girl. “That Ashido Mina. She looks like a fucking alien if I’ve ever seen one, but she’s Shitty Hair’s mate.”

    “She looks fun, Kacchan. Don’t be mean.”

    The alpha ignored him, pointing the final person. “Sero Hanta. He’s the only fucker, besides Icy-Hot, who been to America. Lucky bastard.”

    “Is that him dangling someone from a ceiling?”

    Izuku was staring pointedly at another picture where Sero and Ashido were posing for a selfie. Behind them was a shorter boy wrapped in tape-like bindings. In the background, Kaminari was also taking pictures.

    Katsuki looked and immediately snickered. “Yeah. That nasty little ballsack snuck into the girls’ dormitory once. We set up a trap for him the next night and basically got him expelled.”

    Wait, what?

    “I didn’t know that UA had dormitories…”

    And just like that, the air became uncomfortable.

    Katsuki’s jaw clenched, his crimson eyes hard and guarded. “They didn’t, until the end of my first year. The League was targeting my class, so the school decided that we were safer on campus.”

    Izuku’s stomach churned. “The League? I’ve never heard of them before…”

    “They were a shitty little gang started by Shigaraki.”


    Katsuki swallowed, glancing at Izuku, who looked pale. “We’ve disbanded them for the most part. We’ve caught everyone involved except two of the bastards. One of them recently turned and became a double agent, though.”

    “That’s...good.” Izuku’s voice cracked and shook.

    Katsuki turned to face him, his face full of concern. “Why the fuck do you look like that, Deku? What’s wrong?”

    Izuku swallowed thickly, meeting Katsuki’s gaze. “Nothing. Shigaraki never mentioned anything other than the ring, so I was just surprised.”

    “You’re a shitty liar, nerd.”

    The small omega laughed, a dry and painful sound. “So you’ve told me. Can we just...can we just drop it, Kacchan?”

    Katsuki studied him for a second, his lips parted slightly as he contemplated Izuku’s request. “Alright, Deku. Instead of that, why don’t we talk about some of your happier memories? I’m sure you have some from the past decade, nerd.”

    Izuku’s shoulders nearly sagged in relief.



    “Here, nerd.”

    Izuku squeaked as a fluffy blanket collided with his face. He was seated on the comfortable gray sofa in Katsuki’s living room, his legs tucked under him as a sleeping Lady rested her head in his lap.

    Katsuki snickered, sitting on the opposite end of the sofa.

    “So mean, Kacchan.”

    The alpha rolled his eyes, watching as Izuku wrapped himself in the fluffy blanket. “It’s not my fault that your reflexes are shitty, Deku. You looked cold.”

    Izuku flushed a soft pink. “Thank you for the blanket, Kacchan. Even though you threw it at my head.”

    “You’re welcome nerd. Now spill.”

    The small omega huffed, pulling blanket tighter around himself as he looked intently at the dog in his lap. “I don’t know what you’re expecting, Kacchan. The few good memories I have are still a bit morbid to talk about.”

    Katsuki shrugged, his eyes soft. “It’s often the good things that get us through the bad. I also like hearing you talk, nerd.”


    Izuku flushed a darker red, chewing on his lip. “Alright. The first good moment I had was...It was when I found out I was pregnant that first time.”

    “Really?” Katsuki murmured, his eyebrows furrowed.

    The small omega nodded, subconsciously touched his stomach. “It was before they let me stay with the pups. I was alone for a while, so the idea of having a piece of myself was...It was comforting to think about.”

    Even though it sounded fucked up, it was the truth.

    “Even the guards treated me a little nicer.” Izuku continued, licking his lips. “They fed me more and didn’t hit me as much. I was fulfilling my purpose.”

    Katsuki’s jaw clenched.

    Izuku chose not to notice, simply pursing his lips. “I miscarried a few weeks after that. Shigaraki...He liked playing with someone who was immune to his quirk. He could hurt me as much as he wanted, and my limbs would always grow back.”

    It always hurt.

    “When I use my quirk to an extreme extent, I end up miscarrying.”

    Katsuki swallowed thickly, obviously trying his hardest to control his temper. “That’s why you were so surprised yesterday.”

    Izuku nodded, smiling softly. “I’m a bit numb to it all. Even now, the thought being pregnant doesn’t seem real. But the first few were some of the happiest memories I had.”

    Silence hung in the air.

    After a few seconds, Izuku took a big breath and changed the subject. “After the first pregnancy, they decided to move me into a room with the pups. Apparently a few of them were getting sick and feral, and they decided that I could be their faux mother.”

    “It…” Izuku’s heart thudded in his chest. “It made me feel needed.”

    Katsuki didn’t say anything, just studying Izuku as he spoke.

    Izuku scratched Lady’s ear, earning a contented sight from the large dog. “The effect was immediate. I kept them distracted with stories and games, while making sure that they didn’t attack the guards or doctors.”


    The small omega nodded, laughing softly. “Mostly guessing games. I even did some math games, simply because we were all just that bored.”

    Katsuki chuckled too, almost like he didn’t believe it. 

    Izuku pursed his lips, feeling slightly fuzzy as he remembered how safe that room felt for him. “Some of the pups eventually had to leave. I remember that there was one pup in particular with a beautifully unique quirk. She really attached herself to me before they moved her.”

    “What was her name?” Katsuki questioned softly.

    Izuku swallowed thickly. “Eri. She was so soft-spoken and spooked easy, so I became really protective. She was only there for a couple days before she was transported to someone affiliated with the yakuza. She had red eyes, almost like-”

    “Wait a fucking second.” 

    The small omega stopped, looking at Katsuki in surprise. “Kacchan?”

    The alpha ignored Izuku, nearly jumping to his feet as he rushed out of the room. His footsteps were loud and urgent, thundering throughout the empty house. Even Lady, who had been fast asleep, was now wide awake from the noise.

    Katsuki appeared again, a picture frame gripped tightly in his large hands. 

    Izuku’s eyebrows furrowed as Katsuki drew closer. “Kacchan? What is it? Did I say something wrong?”

    The alpha sat across from him again, this time closer than before. “In my second year at UA, I was doing an internship...Me and a third-year student found a girl, who was running from alpha like her life depended on it.”


    Katsuki’s was damn-near shaking as he stared at the picture in his hands. “They had been torturing her and harvesting her blood for these quirk-inhibiting bullets. There was a whole undercover operation, and I nearly died trying to get her out.”

    Izuku swallowed thickly. “I’m sure that-”

    “Is this the brat, Deku?”

    Katsuki damn-near shoved the frame at Izuku, his crimson eyes sharp. 

    Izuku took the frame, shakily glancing at the photograph. It made his blood run ice cold and hot tears fill his eyes. “Oh my god.”

    An older Eri rested on Katsuki’s back, donned in a smaller version of his hero costume. On either side of them was Aizawa, who looked miffed, and another older male with long blond hair. The young pup looked happy and bright, obviously excited to be cling to Katsuki’s back.


    She’s alive.

    “You…” Izuku’s voice cracked as hot tears flowed down his face. “She looks so happy. I’ve never seen her smile like that.”

    Katsuki made a choked sound, his breathing shallow. “So that’s her? We’ve been trying to figure the timeline of her early childhood, but everyone involved had been killed off.”

    Izuku swallowed thickly, using his free hand to wipe away his flowing tears. They were easily replaced by more, but that’s besides the point. “I...Shigaraki wanted to keep her, but whoever she went to had more say. I thought...I thought that she died.”

    “Holy shit.” Katsuki cursed, obviously shaken.

    On that, Izuku wholeheartedly agrees.

    Izuku took a shaky breath, holding picture to his chest. “How...How is she doing? She must be fourteen or fifteen now, right?”

    Katsuki blinked, a shocked but smug grin gracing his lips. “She was adopted by my old teacher and they live on-campus. She’s a sassy little shit and bad-ass as fuck, Deku.”

    I’m glad…

    “I’ll have to visit her once I’m...doing better.”

    Katsuki nodded, still grinning like a maniac. “I’ll fucking make sure of it, nerd. I’ll even give you fucking tour of UA. That stupid rat owes me, anyway.”


    You know what? Never mind.

    Izuku laughed, a genuine fucking laugh, and placed the picture frame back in Katsuki’s lap. His chest felt lighter, somehow, so now the idea of talking felt so much easier than before. “Should I continue talking, Kacchan, or are you tired of it?

    Katsuki shot him a look. “What the fuck did I say earlier, shitty nerd? I like hearing you ramble like an idiot.”

    “So mean, Kacchan,” Izuku teased, a bright smile on his lips.

    The alpha huffed, crossing his arms. “Just talk, nerd.”

    Izuku laughed, his eyes lingering on the photo of Eri before focusing on the dog in his lap. “It was after Eri was forcefully taken from me that I started fighting back. I figured out that the guards Shigaraki assigned were low-level thugs with minimal brain power.”

    Like, really minimal brain power.

    “I overpowered three of them.” Izuku continued, his voice soft and feather-light as he remembered flashes. “In a sick way, I was proud to see them bleed.”

    Katsuki blinked. “So you basically went feral?”

    Izuku shrugged, chewing on his lip. “Not really. Those guards had been assaulting me for years, so I wanted to be lucid while they ran.”

    “And what did that crusty-ass bitch do about it?”

    The small omega felt his stomach churn. “He assigned someone new. He was an alpha much bigger than me and stronger than the others.”

    Katsuki’s eyes hardened. “Did he…?”

    Izuku shook his head, clenching his thin hand into a fist underneath the warm blanket. “He was different, in a way. Shigaraki basically flaunted me like a pet in front of him and called me the usual stuff. But this alpha...his eyes were different.”

    “Different, how?”

    The small omega swallowed dryly. “He looked disgusted by the whole thing. After Shigaraki left, this alpha tried being nice to me.”

    Katsuki scowled at that. 

    Izuku’s mouth twitched at the alpha’s expression. “I basically got in his face and told him that he could what he wanted to me, but I’d castrate him if he touched the pups. He laughed and told me to sit down before I passed out.”

    “He sounds like a dick.”

    You’re not wrong…

    Izuku shrugged, pursing his lips. “He’s less of a dick than most. He would sneak food into the room for the pups, and brought extra because he knew that I would give my portion to them.”

    The small omega looked away from his hands and met Katsuki’s gaze. 

    Katsuki’s eyes were narrowed and cautious as he stared at Izuku. His lips were set in a thin line and his jaw was visibly clenched. “You haven’t mentioned his name, so either he’s dead or you’re trying to protect his ass.”

    Izuku bit the inside of his cheek. “It’s not something I’m ready to share with you just yet, Kacchan. The whole situation...it ended badly for the both of us.”

    “Can you tell me how it ended, then?”

    It was obvious that Katsuki’s entire demeanor screamed annoyance and frustration. He’s always been the type of person to want to know every little secret, no matter how big or small it was. It was also obvious that he was trying for Izuku.

    And it was only fair that Izuku tried, too.


    Katsuki froze, obviously not expecting that answer.

    Izuku swallowed, trembling like a tree about to fall. “He ended up...developing feelings. It was one-sided, but he never forced it on me. I made it clear that even though I cared for him, there’d be no chance for a healthy relationship due to the situation.”

    Don’t throw up.

    Don’t cry.

    It’s just Kacchan.

    Izuku took a shaky breath, refusing to meet Katsuki’s eyes. “Shigaraki had been suspicious for a while. You’ve seen the breeding room, right?”

    Katsuki’s face wrinkled in disgust. “...Yeah. I did.”

    The small omega nodded, his heart thudding in his ears like a bass drum on steroids. “Then you know that there was often an audience. This time, Shigaraki made a show of saying that every alpha thug in the room could have a turn.”

    The words felt like acid on Izuku’s tongue.

    “He also encouraged them to use their quirks to torture me.”

    Izuku could feel the enraged and disgusted pheromones coming from Katsuki, but he was too far into the story to stop now. “The guard, who always refused to be in the room during sessions, was forced there by Shigaraki. He always refused to watch because he wasn’t sure if he could control himself enough to not murder everyone in the room.”

    Katsuki growled, but Izuku didn’t look up from his own scarred palms.

    “So, of course, he reacted badly when Shigaraki gave the order.”

    Even though every word on his tongue felt like the equivalent of skin-melting acid, Izuku felt lighter and lighter every time a word left his mouth. The downside, though, is that he’s crying and choking on his own anxiety.

    Before Izuku could continue, warm and calloused fingers started to wipe away his tears. Katsuki looked pained and furious as he rested his forehead against the omega’s.

    “You don’t have to finish, Deku.”

    Izuku swallowed, trembling as he breathed in Katsuki’s scent. “No, I do. Holding onto it will only make me hurt more, and I don’t want you to find out from someone else.”

    Katsuki clenched his jaw. “Alright.”

    Even while angry, Katsuki spoke softer than Izuku’s ever heard him before. Even his touches, which used to be rough and harsh, had become gentle and reassuring. The years apart and his job as a pro hero had done the alpha a favor.

    This is the Katsuki that Izuku knew from when they were kids.

    This is the Katsuki who gave his dessert to Izuku at lunch because another kid at shoved his plate from his hands. This is the Katsuki who said that they’d be the best pro hero duo in the world and be even greater than All Might.

    This is the Katsuki that pretended he understood constellations and pointed our random shapes to Izuku in an attempt to sound smart.

    “When the first thug tried to...My friend went feral.”

    Katsuki reached down and held Izuku’s small hands in his own, their foreheads still resting against each other. They felt unusually warm, no doubt from his quirk.

    Izuku took a shaky breath, silent tears streaming freely down his face. “He was trying to defend my honor, and Shigaraki fucking laughed. He called me names and had his thugs restrain my...my only friend.”

    The fire…

    At the time, Izuku thought that the fire was beautiful and chaotic.

    “One of the thugs had a mind-control quirk.”

    Izuku’s voice cracked as he spoke, obviously thin from how hard he’s been choking back sobs. “So Shigaraki ordered the thug to use it. They...Shigaraki had him...It went on for hours, Kacchan. I wanted it to stop, but I had no control.”

    Katsuki’s grip tightened, his pheromones thickening in the air between them. “I know that you didn’t, Deku. I know.”

    “Out of all the times...this one was the worst.”

    It hurt so bad.

    Izuku cried softly, pained sobs escaping his lips as he leaned wholeheartedly against Katsuki. “I don’t know if it was because I trusted him or if it was because I thought that he could fight it, but I felt broken and used afterwards.”

    Before Izuku could say anything else, Katsuki released his small hands and wrapped his arms tightly around the omega. Lady had long since moved to the floor, but she also gave Izuku’s hand a few comforting licks.

    Katsuki felt warm and safe.

    Something that Izuku hadn’t felt in a long time.

    “Fucking hell, Deku.”

    Izuku clung to Katsuki, crying into the alpha’s shirt.

    Katsuki’s voice sounded pained, stiff, and vaguely emotional as he hugged the fuck out of Izuku’s small body. “You’re so fucking brave, Deku. You know that? You’re braver than me and any hero I’ve ever met.”


    “You’re brave because you didn’t have to tell me.” Katsuki murmured, his voice hushed and gentle. Izuku’s lip wobbled as he sniffled.

    Katsuki used one of his warm hands to rub circles into Izuku’s back, more words spilling from his mouth as the minutes ticked by. “You’re brave because you protected those kids despite the repercussions. You’re brave because even though I’m a big ass alpha, you damn near incapacitated me for those kids.”

    Fucking fuck.

    Izuku’s heart felt ready to burst from his chest, because hearing praise from Katsuki made his heart race. It made him flustered and embarrassed. But most of all, it made him feel strong even when he’s at his weakest.

    “You’re stronger than I could ever be.” Katsuki continued, his voice still heartfelt and gentle as he comforted Izuku.

    Katsuki took a shaky breath, almost as if he was breathing in Izuku’s scent for comfort. “That’s why I treated you like shit, you know? You had the heart of a hero, which is something I lacked for a long fucking time. You never stopped dreaming, even though I did my best to tear it to shreds.”

    Izuku froze, his heart in his throat.


    “Kacchan…” Izuku breathed, his voice hoarse.

    Katsuki didn’t respond, burying his face in the crook of Izuku’s neck and shoulder. “Thank you for telling me, Deku. You didn’t have to, but I’m so glad you did.”

    Izuku’s heart raced. “You don’t think I’m…”

    “Disgusting?” Katsuki spat, almost as if the word repulsed him. “Fuck no. I’m not gonna fucking judge you for something that was out of your control and happened ages ago.”


    Oh, no.

    Izuku’s throat damn-near tightened to the point of choking. “Kacchan...That didn’t happen ages ago. I...I thought that the doctor told you about my rape kit.”

    Katsuki stilled.

    The small omega took a shaky breath, grasping Katsuki’s shirt between his numb fingers. “That happened a little less than two months ago, Kacchan. When the doctor did my kit and checked on my...my pup, he could still see the parts where I’d torn.”

    “So...so your pup…” Katsuki’s voice cracked.

    Izuku choked back a sob. “Yeah. The only pup to ever survive my quirk is the product of the worst assault of my life.”

    Katsuki’s grip on Izuku tightened. “Yesterday, when Kouta said that the last alpha he fucking trusted hurt you anyway...He was talking about that guard?”

    He picked up on that?

    Izuku’s chest ached as memories flooded his brain. “After he was done doing...it...Shigaraki released him from the trance and left us alone. He cleaned me up the best he could and carried me back to the room. All the pups except Kouta were asleep.”

    Katsuki huffed. “That’s not a fucking surprise.”

    “I was-” Izuku’s voice wavered. “I was broken, in all sense of the word. I was bloody and bruised, and I’m sure Kouta could smell the guard on me.”

    The alpha released low rumble of a purr, obviously sensing Izuku’s anxiety. “That explains why the little fucker tries to fight me every other minute. He probably had to see you hurt a lot, and he doesn’t want that to happen again.”

    Izuku released a half-chuckle. “Yeah...It’s a little worse with you. You two are so similar, so I’m sure he sees you as a threat.”

    “As he fucking should. I’m bad-ass.”

    And that was enough to make Izuku laugh.

    Izuku laughed into Katsuki’s shirt, trying to muffle the sound the best he could. After all that’s happened, it felt nice to laugh at something so simple and light-hearted. After all, he felt much cleaner now that he’s told someone.

    Even though Katsuki has no way of knowing that Dabi, or Touya Todoroki, is father of the pup in Izuku’s stomach. He has no idea, and Izuku isn’t sure how he’ll ever be able to tell him. It was a harsh fact.

    “Do you want to go sleep in your nest, nerd? You look exhausted.”

    Izuku snapped out of his daze as Katsuki looked down at him. “It...It feels weird to sleep by myself. I’m used to having a pack of pups curled into my side.”

    Katsuki’s eye flickered to the dog at their feet. “You can take Lady Explosion Murder with you. Apparently she’s too fucking good for me now, anyway. Do you want me to carry you?”

    The idea of Katsuki leaving his side made Izuku more than nervous.

    It made him scared.

    “What if…” Izuku anxiously played with Katsuki’s shirt. “What if I want you to stay?”

    Katsuki froze, his face going completely blank in shock. 

    Izuku felt his face heat and his skin blush bright red as he realized how that probably sounded. A nest was supposed to be private, and only a few people were allowed inside. Pups and the omega’s alpha, normally.

    But nothing about Izuku’s situation was normal.

    And his nest hadn’t really started to feel like his nest yet, anyway.

    “Is that what you want?”

    Izuku chewed on his lip, still embarrassed. “Ye-yeah. You...you make me feel safe. I haven’t felt safe in a really long time.”

    Katsuki studied him for a split second before a soft, proud grin dawned on his face. “Then I’ll stay, nerd. I’m glad you feel safe with me and trust me enough to allow me in your nest. Just let me know if it gets to be too much for you.”

    Flustered butterflies erupted in Izuku’s stomach.

    “Can we watch a movie, too?”

    “Fuck yeah, nerd! There’s a new All Might documentary on Netflix.”


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    bakus n dekus

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  • fever-dreamer97
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    Todoroki: We’ve been tailing Bakugo for an hour. Where is he going at 9 at night?

    Iida: Wait, he just walked into that club!

    Todoroki:…Isn’t that a women’s bar with male strippers?

    Izuku: Some bi-sexual men go there too.

    Iida and Todoroki:

    Iida and Todoroki, slowly looking over at Izuku:

    #bkdk#bakudeku#iideku#tddk#todoiideku#todoiida#katsuki bakugou#midoriya izuku#todobaku#deku #great explosion murder god dynamight #anime#bnha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #mha #boku no academia #boku no hero #bnha manga#incorrect bnha #incorrect boku no hero academia quotes #todoroki shouto#tenya iida#bnha movie#BNHA anime #bnha season five #incorrect mha quotes #incorrect my hero academia quotes #incorrect bnha quotes #incorrect mha
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  • ohahsoka
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    Tbh I think the chapter is perfectly acceptable, but the narrative problems from the previous arc keep snowballing and people are doubling down on their criticisms.

    The power of friendship is still blocking Deku’s POV (any nuanced thoughts on his experiences/relationships/imminent fight are just… not there; he’s barely a character atm). 1A are acting way too cheery (why not show them being scared and traumatized, then make them struggle through it, try to lift each other’s spirits? the fun time feels justified this way). Deku being yelled at once again just serves as a reminder that the narrative doesn’t acknowledge any effect Bakugo’s bullying had on him. It’s a minor thing, a recurring gag, but I understand why people have an issue with it.

    The traitor subplot was always going to cause discourse because there were many specific expectations around it. Hmm, it turned out okay imo, I guess. However, I was never invested in this storyline, so............ I hope we get some good drama out of it (and the memes are amazing). But I get being disappointed by the traitor’s identity or the reveal itself.

    Toga just randomly appearing at the League’s base without any dialogue is ass lmao.

    Some of these problems can be addressed/resolved in the future chapters. But in most cases, it’s just wasted potential. And yeah, I definitely think Horikoshi is rushing to finish the story. I would be on board with most of his themes and characterizations*, but there are missing chapters here that would help flesh some things out, give them more depth. As it stands now, it all seems awfully mediocre.

    Tbf, I’ve been weirdly disconnected from the manga ever since 327. I fell in love with it because of Deku and All Might, but now their relationship feels lacking and underwhelming. At this point, I’m just waiting for the resolution of the OfA vs AfO plot.

    * Idk what’s happening with All Might’s characterization. It’s heading toward either a delayed mentor’s death (noooo) or the twisting fate subplot from the Overhaul arc (yay). I fear the former is more probable, as of right now.

    #bnha 335#bnha spoilers#mha spoilers#bnha negativity#bnha critical#bnha#my thoughts#mha #i'm still very much invested in deku vs shigaraki #but i'm worried about the role AM will play in this conflict #i'm definitely letting hori cook #but #it doesn't smell good
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    procrastinating stuff by making a dekubot on picrew

    #make your own character and post it in a reblog if you want!! #I tried to make him cute and close to the original design I guess but you only have so many customization options #deku#midoriya izuku#izuku midoriya#bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #heroaca#dekubot#picrew#picrews#bunstuff
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    ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* sparklers *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #bnha fanart #bnha shoto todoroki #todoroki shouto#mha shoto#class 1a#sparklers#fanart#my art#digital art #I know I`m a month early for new year but here`s something #also have a deku and bakugou in the making #hope will finish them soon
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    wondering {bakudeku}

    Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku
    Warnings: Self-hatred, depression, hella fluffy, protective kota.
    Chapter: 5/??
    Word Count: 4,328 words

    Summary: Izuku tries to comprehend that he’s safe, but he still feels utterly useless in this situation. For some reason, though, the only person he feels safe around is Katsuki. Now it’s time to leave the hospital, but Kota can’t come with them.

    {0.5} Achilles

    “We reached for each other, and I thought of how many nights I had lain awake loving him in silence.”

    ― Madeline Miller

    I Z U K U

    “Here, nerd. I brought a bag of clothes for you.”

    Katsuki gently placed a dark green overnight bag on the hospital bed where Izuku sat with a sleeping Kota in his lap. The bag smelled heavily of the alpha’s pheromones, meaning that it most likely came straight from his home.

    Izuku smiled softly at the alpha. “Thank you, Kacchan.”

    The alpha huffed, glancing down at Kota before locking eyes with Izuku again. “Don’t thank me, nerd. I didn’t think that you’d want to go home in a hospital gown.”

    Home, huh?

    Izuku’s chest ached at the word, brief flashes of memories fleeting through his mind. Memories of his mother, of his childhood, of all the dreams he used to have. Now they were all things he would never have or experience again.

    “Oi. Nerd.”

    The small omega snapped out of his daze as Katsuki’s gentle voice graced his ears. “Huh? Did you say something, Kacchan?”

    Katsuki narrowed his eyes at Izuku, his arms crossed in front of him as he frowned. The large alpha looked worried and conflicted, as if he was struggling with the words on his tongue. “Do you want me to take the brat so you can change?”


    “You can try.” 

    The alpha scoffed, rolling his eyes at Izuku’s words. “I can handle him. Don’t doubt me, Deku.”

    Izuku smiled softly in response, unwrapping his arms from Kota’s sleeping frame. Katsuki leaned forward and hooked his arms under the sleeping pup, his strong limbs brushing against Izuku’s thighs.

    His scent washed over Izuku, making any of his previous anxiety wash away.

    “Is he too heavy?” 

    Katsuki gave Izuku an annoyed glance, easily holding the pup as if he weighed nothing at all. “Not in the slightest, Deku. He’s actually lighter than normal, due to the lack of nourishment he’s had in the past three years.”

    His voice was rough, but not angry.

    Izuku nodded slowly, licking his dry lips. “Oh. Right.”

    Katsuki studied him for a few seconds before releasing a heavy sigh. He walked Kota over to the small sofa on the other side of the room before making his way towards the bed again. His body language spoke volumes, showing Izuku that he was more concerned than annoyed.

    The alpha sat on the hospital bed, gently brushing a stray curl behind Izuku’s ear.

    He’s so close.

    “What’s wrong, Deku?”

    Izuku blushed, his skin heating up under Katsuki’s feather-light touch. “Nothings wrong, Kacchan. I’m just tired.”

    Katsuki narrowed his eyes, his lips set in a deeper frown. “Do you think I don’t fucking know when you’re lying? I may not have your mumbling to go off of anymore, but your eyes can’t hide shit.”

    “I-” Izuku’s heart began to ache. “I’m scared.”

    The alpha froze, taking a shallow breath of his own. “Scared?”

    Izuku nodded, shakily bringing his knees to his chest. “I didn’t think that I’d get out, Kacchan. I gave up on everything, just focusing on making sure that the pups were okay.”

    “But you don’t have to do that anymore, Deku.”

    The small omega released a shaky laugh, his voice cracking. “That’s my point. This all feels like a dream and I’m so fucking scared that I’ll wake up in that room. If this is all real, then what’s the point of me living anymore?”

    Katsuki’s eyes flashed and a low growl erupted from his chest.

    Izuku, however, can’t bring himself to stop. “Now I’m just useless. I’m pregnant, Kacchan. How am I supposed to prepare for a pup when I don’t know how to take care of myself!”

    His words hung in the air between them.

    Then strong arms wrapped around Izuku’s body and pulled him into a tight hug. The small omega gasped loudly, shaking and and whimpering as Katsuki buried his face into the crook of Izuku’s neck.

    Low rumbles radiated from Katsuki’s chest, gently soothing the omega’s cries.

    Katsuki’s embrace was firm and strong, making Izuku’s inner omega preen. His scent was warm and comforting, covering the distressed omega like a blanket. As they clung to each other, Izuku gripped the alpha’s shirt between his thin fingers.

    Slowly, almost as if he was being as cautious as possible, Katsuki gently pulled Izuku into his lap. It was incredibly intimate and comforting for the both of them, even if neither of them would say such a thing.

    In fact, it made Izuku’s heart ache a little less.

    “You fucking idiot.” Katsuki murmured, his voice cracking.

    Izuku whined softly, his tears still covering his face. “Insulting me doesn’t make me feel any better, you know.”

    Katsuki hummed, his breath incredibly shaky as he hugged the omega close to his chest. “Do you really fucking think that I’m gonna let you do all of this by yourself? I’m an asshole, but I’m cruel.”

    “But what about your mate?”

    The alpha immediately stilled.

    Izuku’s skin flushed as anxiety churned in his stomach. Katsuki was far too attractive and far too amazing to be without one, especially being as successful as he is. Even though the idea made the omega sick, it was a likely reality.

    “You really are a dumbass.”

    The small omega pouted at that, looking up at Katsuki.

    Katsuki was smiling softly, studying Izuku’s face with mild amusement. “I don’t have a mate, Deku. Even if I did, I wouldn’t give a fuck. I’m a hero and it’s my job to help people.”

    Butterflies erupted in Izuku’s stomach.

    Izuku flushed an even brighter red, detaching his hands from Katsuki’s shirt and covering his face in an attempt to hide his growing embarrassment. The blond alpha snickered, resting his chin on the omega’s head of curls.

    “I meant what I said, Deku.” Katsuki murmured, his voice smooth and gentle. “I’m not letting you do this by yourself.”

    The small omega swallowed thickly. “You don’t owe me anything, Kacchan.”

    Katsuki tightened his grip and Izuku could sense the scowl on his face. “This isn’t about owing you anything, Deku. If the tables were turned, you’d do the same fucking thing because you’re the most selfless idiot I know.”

    “But I’m pregnant. And I have Kota.

    You can’t blame me for being cautious.

    Katsuki huffed, pulling away to look at the small omega in his lap. “Do you really think I give a fuck? None of that shit scares me, especially not Kota. I wouldn’t have offered you a place to stay if I wasn’t prepared for all of it.”

    Izuku glanced up at Katsuki, his heart thudding in his chest.

    The alpha stared back, his crimson eyes earnest and sincere. Ever so faintly, Izuku could see drying tear tracks cutting through the scars that scattered his face. Time had done Katsuki a world of favors, and his hero career had definitely left it’s mark.

    He’s beautiful.

    “C’mon, Deku. You need to change into real clothes.”

    Izuku snapped out of his daze, looking away from the alpha in clear embarrassment. “Right. Can you help me to the restroom? My legs are still a bit weak.”

    Katsuki huffed, his eyes lighting up at the challenge and smirk dawning his features. “Of course I will, nerd. Can’t have you falling on your ass before we have a chance to leave.”

    “Yeah, yeah. Just- OH!”

    Instead of helping Izuku out of the hospital bed, Katsuki hooked his arms under the omega’s legs and lifted him as if he weighed nothing. Izuku squeaked, clinging to the smug alpha as he was carried towards the bathroom.


    Katsuki snickered, gently placing Izuku’s feet on the ground next to a hand-rail the omega could place his support on. “Let me grab your bag. You can take a shower when we get home, but I brought some stuff so you could clean up a bit.”

    Izuku grasped the metal rail, nodding numbly as Katsuki headed back towards the bed. “You’re definitely prepared.”

    “I’ve had my fair share of experiences in a hospital, nerd.”


    He’s a hero.

    Katsuki placed the bag on the ground next to Izuku, his eyes scanning the tiled bathroom. “Just yell if you fall or some shit.”

    Izuku nodded, smiling softly at the alpha. “Thank you, Kacchan.”

    “You’re welcome, nerd.”

    And with that, Katsuki shut the door.

    Izuku took a deep breath and sat down on the clean floor. With shaky hands and flushed cheeks, the small omega opened the overnight bag and pulled out the clothes Katsuki had brought for him.

    Soft black joggers were the first thing he pulled out, making Izuku’s eyebrows raise. They were Adidas brand, but a single orange and single green stripe up the sides. What was weird, however, was the fact that they smelled brand new.

    Did he go shopping?

    Izuku swallowed, placing the joggers next to him and pulling out the next article of clothing. A soft, large gray t-shirt joined the pile, quickly followed by a green hoodie that had a cute monarch butterfly on the front. The outfit overall was comfortable and cute, but obviously brand new.

    The idea of Katsuki spending money on him made Izuku’s stomach churn. 

    He didn’t have to do this.

    Izuku swallowed thickly and shakily pulled on the clothes. They felt so much more comfortable and warm compared to the thin hospital gown he was wearing, and the fabric immediately soaked up his scented pheromones like a sponge.

    With shaky legs, Izuku stood and quietly opened the door.


    K A T S U K I

    He let me hold him.

    Katsuki stared at his hands, reveling in the fact that he got to hold Izuku after so long. The crimson-eyed alpha isn’t stupid, either. He knows that traumatized omegas tend to reject and fight against any unwanted advances from alphas.

    So by all means, Izuku wanted to be held.

    By Katsuki.

    “Kacchan? Little help?”

    Katsuki looked up from his hands and stared helplessly at the small omega in the doorway. The clothes that he brought hung loosely off of Izuku’s thin frame. The soft greens accented his hair beautifully, bringing out soft ivory of his skin.

    He’s so fucking pretty that it makes Katsuki’s brain short-circuit.

    Izuku’s skin flushed at Katsuki’s starstruck expression, a shy smile dawning on his lips. “Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

    Katsuki’s snapped out of his daze, clearing his throat as he stood on his feet. “There’s nothing on your face, nerd. I’m just...happy that the clothes fit.”

    The tall alpha gently grasped Izuku’s arms, directing the omega’s weight onto him. The exhaustion and fatigue was so obvious on Izuku’s body, and Katsuki knew that it didn’t have anything to do with the sedatives.

    Izuku spent ten years of his life locked in a room with no sunlight, little food, and daily physical abuse. After Katsuki made sure that the omega was safe at the hospital, he had to go assist in processing the warehouse and it’s multiple crime scenes.

    He had to see more than he wanted to.

    One room in particular had made Katsuki literally sick. It was a large room down the hall from the containment room, full of chairs and a large table that was low to the ground. The chairs had been positioned around the table, making sure that every single one had clear line of sight. What made Katsuki sick, though, was the table itself.

    It was low and filthy with rusty shackles on one end.

    Dried blood and slick covered the damn thing, accompanied by the nauseating sight of semen. It smelled like Katsuki’s worst nightmares.

    Because it smelled like Izuku.

    Izuku’s terrified pheromones stuck to every single piece of furniture in the damn room. A whole decades worth of terror, distress, and despair had made the stale room damn-near suffocating for anyone who had entered.

    Kirishima had tried to stop him, but Katsuki hates being pitied or treated like a fragile fucking flower. He went in anyway.

    It took exactly one minute before Katsuki vomited.

    So Izuku being as weak as he was made more sense with insight. And Katsuki definitely didn’t mind helping the small omega walk.

    He loved it, actually.

    “...You didn’t have to buy me anything, Kacchan.”

    Katsuki raised an eyebrow at Izuku’s words, gently directing the omega onto the hospital bed. “What the fuck are you talking about, nerd?”

    Izuku huffed, his skin flushed a soft pink as he refused to meet Katsuki’s gaze. “The clothes smell brand new. I don’t want you to feel like you have to buy me stuff, Kacchan. I’m okay with getting stuff from-”

    “I did it because I want to, Deku.” Katsuki interrupted, his voice sharp.

    The small omega finally met his gaze, his pretty green eyes holding a hint of defiance. “But that doesn’t mean you should. Someone like me doesn’t deserve expensive things, Kacchan.”

    Katsuki growled lowly. “Someone like you?”



    Katsuki scoffed, pinching the bridge of his nose in pure exasperation. “You’re making this much more complicated than it needs to be, Deku. You’re not fucking useless, dumbass. And money isn’t a fucking issue, either.”

    Izuku’s bottom lip wobbled, “But-”

    “Just accept the gifts, nerd.” Katsuki interrupted, reaching out to ruffle Izuku’s stupidly cute curls.

    The small omega huffed, a few tears falling down his cheeks as he pouted.

    Too fucking cute.

    Before Katsuki could move to say anything else, the hospital door slowly creaked open. Izuku, who had more than a right to be skittish, flinched backward from the alpha’s touch and immediately snarled at the intruder.

    Katsuki growled, glancing at the doorway.

    “Sorry, Kats. We need you out here.”

    Kirishima awkwardly stood in the doorway, his skin pale as he glanced between them. Behind him, being nosy little shits, Katsuki could see Mina and Kaminari peeking into the room. They stared at Izuku, who was still snarling at the unknown intruders.

    Katsuki’s lips fixed into a scowl. “What the fuck do you need me for? I told you that I wasn’t doing shit until it was time to leave.”

    “Well...the media sorta figured out that you’re here.”


    Kaminari, who’s never been exactly subtle, nodded from behind the beta. “They’re pissed that the Number Two Hero is here for an omega! You know how those fan-girls of yours get, Baku. They’re-”

    “Are you fucking kidding me?!”

    Katsuki’s hands began to spark as anger flooded his system. Izuku immediately flinched and whined, trembling slightly. On top of all the noise, Kota woke up from his spot on the couch and yawned loudly into his fist.


    Kirishima swallowed thickly, smiling awkwardly. “I wish I was. Aizawa-sensei is handling them, but they’re more of a handful than usual.”

    Katsuki’s hand twitched. “So what you’re saying is that I’ve got to fry some greasy little fucks. I’ll throw another fucking camera at them if they want me to, Shitty Hair.”

    “Don’t do that, please. Todoroki will literally cry if you give him another scandal.”

    “Do I look like I give a flying fuck?!”

    “Do you wanna hear my answer for that?”

    Before Katsuki could bark out a loud retort and witty comeback to his idiot squad, a small body zoomed past and wiggled in between him and Izuku. The small omega, by the way, had stopped snarling but was obviously confused by the interaction.

    Katsuki glanced down at Izuku, who now had a snarling Kota in his lap.

    “Stop with that growling shit, brat.”

    Kota glared at him, huffing slightly but obeying nonetheless. “You dummies are being too loud! Izu’s scared!”

    Katsuki’s stomach dropped as he looked at Izuku, who did smell like he was terrified. The small omega was shaking slightly and his eyes never left the doorway as he held Kota to his chest. All the noises and new smells were clearly freaking him out.

    I’m such an idiot.

    “Get the fuck out, Shitty Hair.” Katsuki growled, his voice dropping a few octaves. 

    Kirishima made a noise of disagreement, obviously prepared to argue.”But Kats, the media is damn-near swarming-”

    Katsuki snarled, effectively shutting the beta up. “I’ll be out there in a fucking second. All these new smells and shit are freaking Deku out, and I need to make sure he’s okay before I go deal with those leeches.”

    “I-” Kirishima swallowed thickly. “Okay.”

    The door shut, leaving them alone again.

    Katsuki huffed in relief, glancing back down at the omega before kneeling in front of him. He ignored Kota, who did the same, and studied Izuku. “I’m sorry about yelling. I fucking hate cameras, and I don’t like the idea of them bothering you.”

    Izuku took a shaky breath, resting his chin on top of Kota’s red hat. “It’s fine...I...I didn’t know that you were Number Two, Kacchan.”


    “If-fucking-course I am, nerd.”

    The small omega smiled softly, his pretty green eyes much brighter than before. “Then that’s why the media is here, you know. Everyone wants to see one of the top pro-heroes out of uniform, Kacchan.”

    Katsuki huffed, his skin feeling hot. “They’re fucking leeches.”

    “It’s their job, Kacchan.”

    The alpha scowled. “It’s a shitty job, then. Since you’re dressed and ready to go, we need to leave. Shitty Hair and Raccoon Eyes are ready to take Kota ho- I mean, to his cousin’s place.”

    Kota immediately snarled at that.

    Izuku, however, immediately whined and held the pup closer to his chest. “He can’t come with us? I-I don’t want him to go, Kacchan, please.”

    Katsuki swallowed, his heart aching at Izuku’s whines. “His cousin has been taking care of him, and she also wants you to settle in at home before anything happens. He has school tomorrow, Deku.”

    The small omega whimpered, his expression conflicted as he subconsciously scented Kota. “But I just...I-”

    I”m not leaving Izu!”

    Katsuki released a warning growl from deep in his chest. Kota snarled back, digging his stubby fingernails into the pallid flesh of Izuku’s arms. “You don’t have a fucking choice, kid. The doctors don’t want Izuku trying to recover while dealing with your stubborn ass.”

    He looked at Izuku, who looked close to tears.

    Why is he…?

    Katsuki’s eyebrows furrowed as he scanned the omega, his crimson eyes landing on his forearms. Kota, in his territorial fit, was digging his fingernails into Izuku’s arm. They hadn’t broken the skin yet, but anyone could see the potential bruises.


    “Oi, brat. Let go of his arm.”

    Kota growled, his eyes never leaving Katsuki. “No! You’re trying to split us up! You’re gonna take him away!”

    Katsuki clenched his jaw.

    I have no other fucking choice.

    In a flash of insane speed, the older alpha reached forward and applied pressure to the pup’s scent gland. It was a simple and easy way to sedate and soothe any pup, but Katsuki fucking hates doing that shit.

    Immediately, Kota’s body sagged and his grip on Izuku loosened.


    Katsuki ignored Izuku’s squeak and forcibly removed the pup. “Stupid brat. You’re making my job so much fucking harder than it needs to be.”

    Izuku huffed, releasing a low growl as Katsuki pulled Kota away from his grasp. “Don’t ignore me! You didn’t have to do that, Kacchan. He wasn’t hurting me.”

    “You’re bleeding, Deku.”

    The small omega froze, his green eyes darting down to his arms. Sure enough, thin trails of blood were dripping down Izuku’s forearm.

    Katsuki placed the unconscious Kota on the couch before turning to approach the closed cabinets in the room. He wasn’t angry; far from it, actually. If anything, Katsuki felt frustrated with the ridiculous nature of it all.

    The tired alpha grabbed bandages and alcohol wipes. “Look, I get that you guys are bonded. It’s cute as fuck.”

    “But?” Izuku murmured quietly, watching as Katsuki kneeled in front of him.

    Katsuki took a deep breath, gently gripping Izuku’s forearm and getting to work on the fresh wounds. “But you both need time to adjust. You need to learn how to adjust in a different environment and that brat needs to learn how to be a kid.”

    Izuku swallowed thickly. “But I’ll miss him, Kacchan.”

    “I know.” Katsuki rumbled, running an alcoholic wipe over the wounds. “But it’s not like you’ll never see him again. Sosaki is willing to sign over custody once you’re mentally stable.”

    The small omega winced at the sting, watching numb eyes as Katsuki started to wrap his arm in bandages. “I’m all he’s known for years, Kacchan. He...He’s always been the one thing that kept me going. He reminded me of-”

    He stopped.

    Katsuki raised an eyebrow at Izuku, who suddenly looked very embarrassed. “Of what, Deku? Don’t shut down on me, now.”

    Izuku flushed a soft shade of pink. “He reminded me of you.”

    Oh fuck.

    Katsuki’s skin immediately heated at that, making his stomach churn. “I’m nothing like that brat, nerd. I’m better than that little shit.”

    Izuku laughed quietly, almost as if he was wary of the sound. “He reminded me of how you used to be. You know, when we were pups. He hated all of the other pups and barely tolerated me, until about a year into his captivity.”

    What happened?

    Instead of questioning anything, Katsuki sighed and stood up from the floor. “I promise that you’ll see him again, nerd. Right now, I just want to get you home.”

    “Right,” Izuku mumbled, looking up at Katsuki.

    Katsuki picked up the bag from the bed and slung it over his shoulder, making sure to be careful as he offered his arm. “Do you wanna walk or do you want me to carry you? Either one works for me, Deku.”

    The small omega flushed pink, anxiously chewing on his lip. “Can I say goodbye, first?”

    “Well duh, idiot.”

    Izuku didn’t comment on Katsuki’s words, shakily getting to his feet so he could approach the sleeping pup. He gently ran his fingers along Kota’s shoulder, smiling slightly as the pup released a snore.

    He removed the red hat, running his thin fingers through messy hair.

    “I’ll see you soon, bug.”


    Izuku gently grasped the hat and quickly scented the object before placing it next to Kota. The small omega smelled heavily of distress and sadness, making Katsuki’s heart hurt in his chest. His eyes were dark and raw, full of heartbreaking emotion.

    The small omega sighed, shakily glancing at Katsuki. “Let’s...Let’s go, before I change my mind. I don’t want him to wake up.”

    Katsuki nodded, walking forward to grasp Izuku’s arms. “Do you wanna walk?”

    “Just do whatever’s quickest.”

    With bated breath, Katsuki carefully hooked his arm under Izuku’s knees and easily lifted the omega off the ground. Immediately, hot tears started to stream down the omega’s face as he struggled to choke back sobs.

    Katsuki released soothing pheromones, holding the omega tightly to his chest. “He’ll be fine, Deku. You’ll see him in a few days.”

    Izuku whimpered, clenching the fabric of Katsuki’s shirt between his thin fingers. “I know. I just wish I didn’t have to leave him.”

    As Katsuki carried Izuku out of the room, the first person he locked eyes with was Kirishima. Mina and Kaminari stood next to him, looking equally ruffled by whatever media situation was happening out front. 

    Kirishima kept his distance, his eyes flickering from Izuku to the room. “Do you want me to grab Kota?”

    “Yeah. I had to sedate the stupid brat.”

    The red-haired beta didn’t look surprised, but he looked at Izuku with clear sympathy. Then he looked back at Katsuki. “I’m not that surprised. Denki and Mina are gonna walk out with you guys and help hold back crowds while you get Midoriya in your car.”

    Katsuki nodded, shooting a narrowed glare in their direction. 

    “Then let’s get the fuck out of here.”


    I Z U K U

    It’s so loud.

    “Ground Zero! Over here!

    “Who’s that omega!?”

    “Ground Zero!”

    Izuku whimpered and hid his face in Katsuki’s chest. The noise was overwhelmingly loud, and everything seemed too bright. The journalist were yelling and cameras were flashing, making the omega’s senses run wild.

    Deep growls rumbled from Katsuki’s chest, no doubt a warning to the reporters to keep their distance. His arms were tight and protective around Izuku, making the small omega feel safe despite the chaos.

    Finally, after what felt like years, Izuku was gently placed in a car.

    Izuku shakily opened his eyes and looked around before locking eyes with Katsuki. Behind the alpha, he could see the friends from before barking out orders at reporters.

    “You good, Deku?” 

    The small omega swallowed, his heart still racing in his chest. “I-I’m fine. I just don’t like all the noise.”

    Katsuki huffed, shooting glares at some of the reporters. “Fucking vultures. I’ll have to release a statement later, but they’re lucky that I don’t break another fucking camera.”

    “You broke a camera?”

    The alpha blinked, a smug grin tugging at his lips. “That’s a story for another time, Deku. Let’s go home blow these fuckers sky high.”

    Izuku blushed as Katsuki quickly buckled him in. The alpha was so close and smelled good, making the omega’s brain short circuit just a bit. The action felt intimate and protective, especially since Izuku is fully capable of doing it himself.

    “Okay. Let’s go home.”

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    feral izuku in a nutshell:

    Aizawa: what did you do

    Izuku: listen, just because I'm five minutes late to the class doesn't mean i did anything 


    Izuku: fine.... you'll see it on the news

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    He’s so cute I just can’t..


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    I had a thought after this chapter that in the future the “other me” will get out of control, become unrestrained even for Afo himself. And then Afo will have “I miscalculated” again.

    After all, Afomura is a fusion of Tomura's Personality and the Vestiges of Afo's Personality in his original quirk. And according to Afo's calculations, it should be “him” who dominates, not Tomura.

    But that's where it's really fucked up.

    Now a lot of people expect, and by the law of the genre, that Izuku will get through to Tenko, bring him back, and the they together will fight against Afo, so that Tenko will be a hero after all, like he once dreamed in his childhood.

    That's the logical development of the plot, isn't it?

    And here I think it's possible that Afomura will finally lose his mind. Because “as long as anyone remembers the All Might’s face, that annoyance won't go away”.

    And who here knows the AM’s face the most? Izuku, of course. Fan and successor. So it's going to be straight up really bad here when Afomura loses “all boundaries” and decides to destroy Izuku even with the OFA, for Afo has also dropped the careless phrases, “we shouldn't stick to just any one plan” and “we didn't steal the New Order, but we got rid of the biggest obstacle”.

    And what is the biggest obstacle facing Tomura to destroy AM and the entire heroic society? Midoriya Izuku with OFA.

    Something scares me that Afomura will decide to take Afo's advice in this matter, and decide to really destroy everything, including Izuku (and possibly his loved ones as well, like - suffer the same way I suffered).

    And then already Afo, who has lost control of Afomura, will simply be forced to join the OFA and Izuku in order to defeat Afomura, who will finally lose his mind.

    …And in the end, several people will die, and Izuku will have to live with this burden on his heart.

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    Now that Thanksgiving is over

    Merry Christmas

    Here’s my new icon until the holidays are over

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    doodles I did while stoned ✌🏻

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    #AS IT SHOULD BE!! #love that bkdks had no doubt that Dekus first smile would be bc of Bkg 🙏💕 #bnha manga spoilers #answered#anonymous
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    Bakugo: did you fall down the stairs?

    Deku: no

    Bakugo: oh

    Bakugo: that sucks

    #source: my sister #bnha #bnha incorrect quotes #incorrect bnha #incorrect bnha quotes #incorrect quotes#deku#midoriya izuku#bakugo katsuki
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