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    ⚡ Don't Let Your Guard Down ⚡

    Oooooo Wheeeeee, it's spicy y'all! I've got some seasonal Kaminari Content for y'all, written 'specially for the resplendent @katsukisdynamite (Pssst.. She's been updating her Orange Hoodie series, and MERCY is it good, please go read it, like, please.) Deets: Denki Kaminari X F!Reader

    CW/Mentions: Soff Dom Themes, Quirk Application (Erotic Electrostim), Lichtenberg Scars, Oral (receiving), Fingering, Edging & Denial, Overstim, Creampie (I guess, but its not mentioned specifically), Pierced!Kaminari, Mentions of horror movies (Friday the 13th) w/ potential spoilers if you look hard enough.

    Word Count: 2,629

    Summary: You and Kaminari have a date scheduled every two weeks for manicures and horror movies, and you do your best impression of every horny teen couple in every horror movie, with some quirk play for extra spice~

    *** 18+ Content - MDNI , All Characters are adults***

    The air was still, cool, and dark, only pierced by the street lamps lining the pavement like sentinels in the night, along with the diffuse glow of the occasional house window. Yours was not among these, instead letting the shadows poor in as daylight would in early afternoon.

    The night stirred with the sprightly keening of crickets. Their soprano symphony was soon interrupted, however.




    You stiffened straight as a board against the back of your couch, wishing it could swallow you as breath tumbled from your lips in trembling pants, even as you clasped your hands over your lips in an effort to stifle them.

    The side door whined open, as though in protest to the intrusion, followed by the sound of your name, sung into the darkness.

    “I know you’re here…” the familiar voice said, and you squeezed your eyes shut, and tried to will your heart to slow, but his halftime boot steps only seemed to push your tempo higher.





    Away… He was walking away. You chanced to open your eyes when a cool breath whispered at the shell of your ear,


    You shrieked, the flat of your palm colliding with worn leather, shoving your intruder out of his crouch and spilling him across the floor.

    “Dammit, Denki! I was gonna scare you!” You scolded over his overboiling snickering.

    “Gonna have to do better than that!” He chided, “I could hear you sh-sh-shivering from the porch!” Denki righted himself, thumbing away tears of laughter in a way that would not smudge his eyeliner out of place.

    “I thought I had you for sure when you were walking away… How did you-” You looked down to see his toes wiggling beneath dingy grey socks. He snorted, trying and failing to contain another bout of cackling.

    You smirked at his cleverness, always smarter than he was given credit for.

    “You cheated!” You swatted at him again.

    “Not cheating.” He countered, pulling himself off the floor and offering you a hand, “Simply playing… creatively” a smug grin opened across his face as he lifted you off the floor and into his arms.

    “Mmhmm.. Right…” You said dubiously.

    “Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Sunshine!” He shrugged, before tightening his grip around your waist and pulling you in.

    At first you thought he was just stealing a short kiss, something of a prize, but then he didn’t pull away. No, in fact he kissed you deeper, the tip of his tongue dipping out to trace your lips. When you felt the light, tingling burn light up your face, and set your heart fluttering again, you pulled away.

    “Denki~” You sighed, a hot flush crawling up the back of your neck and spreading over your face.

    He chuckled again, and then reached into his pocket to produce a bottle of thick, glossy polish.

    “Shall we get the evening started?”

    . ⋅ ˚̣- : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ .- : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ . - : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ .

    “Okay, you should be all dry now..” You switched off the dusty old fan you’d set up on your tiny breakfast table so Denki could admire your handiwork, turning his open hand this way and that, letting the pitch black polish catch the light.

    You tightened the cap on the bottle and stood up to put it away when he shot out a freshly painted hand, “Hey wait! Lemme do yours..” he asked with a lopsided grin.

    You didn’t have any reason to say no, so you handed the polish over and extended your right hand.

    “I picked the perfect movie for us tonight..” He said, never breaking focus from your nail held inches from his face.

    “Oh yeah? What’s that?”

    “I’ll give you three guesses.” He said, tucking his tongue between his teeth in concentration.

    You had this date set every two weeks where you’d refresh his nail polish (and now yours, you supposed) and watch a horror movie, so you were restricted to one genre at least.

    “Hmm.. New or old?”

    “Old. Two more questions.”

    “I thought you said I had three guesses?”

    “Last guess!” He smirked.

    Cheeky bastard…

    Okay, old horror… Could be a classic, or something totally niche, Denki was unpredictable that way… Your eyes went to the ceiling as you scanned your brain for everything from Halloween to Killer Klowns from Outer Space when something caught your eye.

    On the wall across from you was an LED clock, the kind that showed the date as well as the time, and it read

    7:03PM FRI OCT 13.

    “Friday the 13th!” You cheered.

    “Nnh-hnh” he agreed, tongue in his teeth again, just poking out of the corner of his mouth.

    “Which one??” You chirp excitedly.

    “Numero uno”

    “Well if we watch one, we have to watch two through four. Did you know he doesn’t even get his mask until Part 3?”

    “I only brought the one…” He chuckled, screwing the cap back on the nail polish, “but maybe we can stream the rest. You’re done.”

    You examined the damage, and he actually did a pretty good job, but you startled when a ring clad, black lacquered hand encircled your wrist;

    “Careful… You won’t be able to use your hands for a while…” He whispered, pulling you onto your feet and draped your hand over his shoulder.

    “S-s’quick-dry... “ You murmured.

    He smirked “Hmmm… So it is.” His breath fanned against your face, and you weren’t sure if the buzzing in your lips was his quirk until static arced between you as he brought his mouth down on yours.

    You pulled air through your nose like you had been underwater too long. How can this boy kiss like that? Before you could finish pondering the thought, far too soon, he pulled away with that crooked Cheshire grin and spoke;

    “Shall we get started?” “You said we already started..”

    “I got... distracted.” you felt him tuck his hands into your back pockets, and as you were trailing your fingers up to his belt loops, you thought you might return the same energy he’s been giving you all night.

    “Hmm, well…” you tucked your fingers into his waistband, “What do you think about…” You tugged open the button of his jeans; “getting a little more distracted..” You let him swallow up the words in another kiss as you brought your thumb around to his back and let your fingertips trace over the outline of a DVD case in his back pocket…

    “Wh-Hey!” But you were already gone, scurrying around the couch with DVD in hand.

    “Shouldn’t let your guard down, Denki, you’re already at the top of the list of getting slashed by a psycho killer..” you called over your shoulder as the console sucked up the disk.

    The lights flicked off, and you turned in time to see him vault over the couch, “Is that right? Me? The Human Stun Gun?”

    “Yes, you, the blonde himbo who can’t keep his hands to himself!” You flopped down into his lap and pulled the blanket across your own in time to see the words flash across the screen;

    “Camp Crystal Lake, 1958”

    . ⋅ ˚̣- : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ .- : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ . - : ⚡ : – ⭒ ⚡ ⭒ – : ⚡ : -˚̣⋅ .

    At first you wrote it off, his hands around your waist, thumbs tracing your hips and fingers pressing into the plush flesh there. Maybe he was just spooked, by the gore with Annie, or the snake in the counselor’s cabin. You wouldn’t have guessed with the amount of shit he was talking

    Then his hands slid up, flattening against your belly, fingers moving from your hips to your ribcage, thumbs tucking against the swell of your breasts, but they were warm so you didn’t mind. And as Marcie and Jack were getting cozy in their bunk, He traced your sternum, and his touch raised goosebumps over your chest and arms.

    “Denki~” your voice came in little more than a whisper, and a new wave a goosebumps rolled down your body as he spoke in an even smaller whisper,

    “Just filling my roll… Though, it seems those two are higher on the list than I am…”

    He drew his tongue along the column of your neck, the ball of his barbell acting as a conductor in more ways than one, as arcs of electricity nipped your skin.

    “Wanna join me at the top?” You feel his grin against your throat.

    “Nooo..” your rebuttal sounded much more like a whine than you had intended, “I’m trying to make it to the end, like Alice.”

    “Who?” you shivered as his nose followed the trail his tongue left until his teeth found your shoulder.


    “Alright, alright.. I’m watching~”

    Somehow, you didn’t believe him. Perhaps it was his ever-wandering hands crawling down your body, working beneath the waistband of your sweats. You tried to ignore him, but that was getting harder and harder to do, with him sucking on your neck, and fingering the elastic of your panties.

    You sighed, hoping he didn’t notice the slight wobble to your exhale, but he did. You knew he did, by the air he huffed through his nose, the way he slipped past the waistband of your panties just like he had your sweats, and if he didn’t notice your shaky sigh, he absolutely noticed your breath hitch in your throat as that agonizingly familiar tingle spread from between your legs.

    “S’the matter?” he purred against your ear.

    “Nothin’~” You huff, a little too breathily.


    You continued to fail to watch the carnage on screen as he continued his little side plot on you, each time the pads of his fingers found your clit, you’d feel that current burn through you. You’d suck in your breath, chew your lip, but inevitably your eyes would flutter closed, and his voice would float into your ear again,

    “You’re missing it…”

    “M’not..” you panted, as he drew sparking circles and set your nerves alight, and you felt your very foundation shudder.

    “Oh I’m sorry… I’m distracting you…” He taunted, and tried to withdraw.

    “No!” You spat through gritted teeth, hand flying to his wrist.

    “It’s dangerous to let your guard down, you know…”

    You twist around to face him, kneeling between his spread knees.

    “I’m not worried, I have a human stun gun.”

    You pushed your hands under the hem of his shirt, revealing skin pulled taut against densely packed abs, obliques, pectorals, all covered in branching, feathered scars, and you saw the fine fissures in his façade as your own chilly fingers traced the pattern, his eyes falling closed, face flushing in the blue light of the television as you marveled in the marks like nothing you’d ever seen before, different every time he came around.

    You jumped when his eyes flashed open, and in no time he had you on your back, pressing you into the couch cushions by your wrists, your hips, his expectant erection pressing impatiently against the cotton of his boxers, beyond the zipper of his still-open fly.

    “And if I was the psycho killer?” He breathed, rutting thoughtlessly against the crotch of your heathered track pants.

    “I hope there’s a sequel..”

    “Afraid you won’t make it to the sequel…” He slid his hand clumsily beneath your shirt to palm one breast, “You’re at the top of my list..” He rolled and kneaded the flesh until he felt your nipple harden against his palm. He hunched over to take your other nipple into his mouth, his pierced tongue laving over it wetly, relishing in your squeals as he shocked you again and again, until both buds were puffy and flushed from the abuse.

    It wasn’t long before he found your waistband again, and made quick work of tugging them down your legs to reveal your presently weeping pussy. He propped his head up on his elbow between your legs, and with one finger he drew lazy circles around your clit;

    “And what do we do about this?”

    “You’re joking..” You winged.

    “Only a little…” He smirked as he discharged another jolt into you.

    “Denki!” You cried, mostly involuntarily, not that it made much of a difference.

    “I like that…” He dropped his head atop his folded elbow, “Let’s hear it again…”

    Another wave of voltage flickered through you, which had you gripping the couch cushions for dear life.

    “Aww, c’mon babe… I wanna hear you say it…”

    He lit you up again, and his name tumbled from your lips,

    “Denki, please!~”

    “Aw, well, since you asked so nicely~”

    He pulled your legs over his shoulders, and made sure you were looking at him when his tongue lolled out of his mouth, and you watched the sparks glitter in haphazard ripples from the ball in the center of it before he dragged the muscle against your quivering cunt.

    You threw your head back, and knotted your fingers in his hair. Not that he needed any encouragement. In fact, if you pulled yourself up to look at him, you’d see one glassy eyed blonde losing himself between your legs.

    Before long, your muscles wrenched around your bones, snapping your thighs over Kaminari’s face. They practically screamed with exertion after being forced to tense and relax as you did your best impression of a diode for the better part of the night, and shook violently. His name fell from your tongue like a mantra as you used your grip on sunny strands to fuck yourself into Nirvana.

    Once he was satisfied drinking you in, he wasted no time crawling up your body, and catching your lips in a kiss, tongue diving and exploring the silken walls of your mouth, letting a taste of you linger on your own tongue as he struggled clumsily to pull his pants from around his waist.

    You hissed as his cock made contact with your clit, still sensitive from all the attention it had received that evening. Even so, Denki couldn’t stop himself from grinding against your still sopping entrance;

    “F-fuck, s-so fucking good…” He groaned, dragging his fevered cock aimlessly over you wetness.

    You rolling your hips against his mindless thrusts did nothing to help his resolve. He hooked one leg over his elbow, lined himself up and drove into you unceremoniously, forcing the air from your lungs.

    He gripped the arm of the sofa with one hand, the back with the other (your leg still in tow) and proceeded to crash into your aching cunt repeatedly, not a thing in the world more important than fucking you into the cushions.

    His chosen trajectory guided him right to your g-spot, and his body was alight with erratic discharges of his quirk, which had your walls ratcheting down on his cock more forcefully than even you thought possible. A sweat broke out over your body, with every nerve screaming in a frantic hum. Your nails dug into his back, adding your own stripes to the canvas of twists and bends spiraling down his back.

    You felt the air evacuate your lungs like you were in a vacuum, followed by a sob as another climax shredded through your already exhausted body.

    “Ohh my fuckin’ god!” Kaminari panted, as he pistoned once, twice, three more times into you before coming to his own shuddering halt, his cock twitching and flexing inside you as it loosed hot white ribbons of cum into your spent pussy.

    Your arms flopped uselessly over your face while the two of you tried to catch your breath like you’d run a marathon. When you peaked past your hand at the TV, the credits were rolling.

    “So…” You said between exhales, “Part 2?”

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    imagine 𝒷𝒶𝓀𝓊𝑔𝑜 treating you after a long day at work

    gn!reader soft imagine, lowercase intended

    ☆:*´¨`*:.•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•..:*´¨`*:.☆:*´¨`*:.•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•..:*´¨`*:.☆☆:*´¨`*:.•.¸¸.•´¯`•.♥ imagine bakugo treating you after you come home late and tired from school or work ; he greets you by the door, leaving a gentle kiss on your forehead and softly embraces you into a hug, caressing the back of your head ; he feels very warm and his embrace makes you feel relaxed after hours of working and being stressed ; he doesn't say anything, but urges you to just sit and relax in the couch while he disappears into the kitchen - he leaves you wanting more cuddles, but you blush at the thought that he's going in for a reason, he must've prepared something for you, and you were right! moments later he comes back with a tray: he's prepared your favourite hot ramen and has bought your favourite hot drink. he comes back with a smaller bowl of ramen for himself, says he wasn't that hungry but it was leftover, and you know, in reality he doesn't want you to eat by yourself ; you smile and thank him before you start devouring your meal. bakugo has prepared so much ramen for you and if it starts to get cold you hand your bowl to him so he can heat it up with his small explosions, what a keeper, truly. after you finish your meal you feel so full, yet so content and sleepy ; you suggest you cuddle and watch some anime or a movie, something chill where you can appreciate each others' arms. bakugo already has the anime picked 'cause he planned on starting a new one that he thought you'd like. he helps you get changed off your clothes and into cozy pajamas and cozies up beside you, on the couch. every once in a while as you're watching the episodes, he plants soft kisses on your head or stops the video to give you long and unexpected kisses, and you know he's actually thinking about more than cuddling with you, at that moment, but he knows you're tired and doesn't act on it. you wonder how you were lucky enough to end up with such a soft person that looks nothing like that, how you ended up loving someone that's exactly what you deserve ; and you doze off in his arms


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    Little Moments

    Little Moments by YN RollCall

    After six months of no contact, Shoto find Midoriya in an alleyway looking forlorn and decided to invite him home.

    Words: 2583, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto

    Additional Tags: Fluff, Hurt/Comfort

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34592053

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    #thanks for asking <3 #maybe i should just make that my ask tag #considering i prob need one now #anon ask#anonymous#anon#bnha fanfiction#bnha fics
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    Sketch fanart for a bnha fanfic, simply superstitious by CryCaladrius on ao3

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    New Friend Now Enemy

    Secretly • Vengeful • Deku

    Midoriya was sitting on couch, wrapped up in a blanket as he read his online All Might comic. This was his usual routine as he waited for his mom to return home. Suddenly there was the knock on the door. Midoriya jumped up, assuming his mother got groceries on her way home and needed him to open the door.

    Without bothering to look through the peephole, Midoriya threw open the door with a wide smile. “You’re back! Need me to help with-?”

    Upon opening his eyes, he was met with a kind looking man standing beside what appeared to be his teenage son. Midoriya turned bright red, visibly embarrassed as he bowed.

    “I apologize! What may I help you two with?”

    The father brightly smiled as he introduced himself. “Don’t worry about it kid. We are your new neighbours. We moved into the apartment next door.”

    “Oh! It is lovely meeting you! My name is Izuku Midoriya, I apologize but my mother is currently at work!”

    The father smiled, happy with such a kind boy as his neighbour. “It’s alright! The names Takada, Takada Shirogane. This is my son Takada Ray.”

    “Would you like to come in? I can get you water, tea, coffee, whatever you like. I can only imagine how tired you are from the whole moving process,” Midoriya kindly asked.

    One thing led to another and the Midoriya’s and the Takada family became friends. They tended to have meals together and both of the single parents got along and their only children got along as well.

    Takada and Midoriya soon became best friends despite their quirk status and the two were quick to generate a plan. Takada somehow became friends with Bakugo. Just like that, Midoriya and Takada slowly ruined Bakugo’s life piece by piece. They were happy; But all good things come to an end.

    Midoriya was walking home with Takada, they casually talked like usual and joked about how stupid the bullies were. Midoriya suddenly got a call from Inko.

    “Sorry Ray! My mom needs me for the night. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Midoriya apologized.

    Takada seemed unnaturally relieved, looking at Midoriya with a smile. “Alright! See you tomorrow Izuku!”

    Within fifteen minutes, Midoriya had gotten ready and left. One hour later, guests arrived at Takada’s hourse. Four hours later, Midoriya comes back home alongside someone interning at Inko’s work. The two were exhausted. Midoriya is met with the awful stench of alcohol, drugs, and the commotion inside Takada’s apartment.

    The guy looked at Midoriya confused. “Are your neighbour’s hosting a party?”

    “Yes, Ryu. They are,” hissed Midoriya angrily.

    Ryu looked at Midoriya worriedly. “Hey, hey. What’s wrong?”

    Midoriya wiped the tears of anger off his face. “What’s wrong is that my supposed friend is a backstabbing piece of shit.”

    “Oh. Yeah no. No. You’re confronting this asshole. Do it in front of everybody. I’ll be with you,” Ryu said confidently.

    Midoriya, feeling empowered by his newly made friends presence, stormed up to the door. Pounding on the door, Midoriya quickly crossed his arms and tapped his foot.

    The door swung open to reveal a laughing Takada. “Hey, you got the drinks?”

    “Are you drunk?” Midoriya disbelievingly asked.

    Takada finally took the time to notice who was before him. As if all the alcohol he had drank suddenly disappeared, Takada’s face droped.

    “Deku— Izuku— I... it’s not what it looks like,” Takada immediately tried to backtrack.

    The party inside immediately stopped. The moment Deku’s name reached their ears, all attention was on the scene at the door.

    “Oh god,” Takada absentmindedly sighed.

    Midoriya smiled, the anger apparent in his eyes. “You dirty little liar.”

    “I’m sorry! I can explain!” Takada urgently started.

    “Oh, explain how you didn’t tell me you were having a party?” Midoriya sassily retorted.

    Ryu nodded, backing up Midoriya. “You tell him Izuku!”

    Takada, seeming to forget the entire group in his home behind him, tried explaining himself, “You know I couldn’t invite you! I had to pretend to hate you!”

    Midoriya laughed, tears slowly forming in his eyes. “I didn’t say invite me! I said you never even told me! Pfff— buddy. You’re not pretending anymore. You’re two faced. A cold, and heartless, two faced bitch.”

    Ryu noticed all the people inside watching in surprise. Ryu scoffed, turning his attention back to Midoriya.

    Midoriya narrowed his eyes, deciding on mocking Takada. “Are you having an awesome time? Are you drinking awesome shooters and listening to awesome music, and sitting around and soaking up each others awesomeness?”

    “You know what? You’re the one who made me like this! Just so you could use me for your childhood revenge,” Takada, drunk and panicking, argued back, desperate to defend himself.

    Midoriya, amazed with Takada’s bullshit, raised his voice. “God! See, at least me and Bakugo know we’re mean. You try to act like you’re so innocent like— oh I used to live in America with all the money and the lavish lifestyle!”

    Takada snapped, yelling at Midoriya. “You know it’s not my fault a useless, quirkless, shit like you is in love with me or something!”

    There were multiple gasps heard from inside Takada’s apartment. Midoriya shouted in anger, royally pissed off.


    Ryu looked ready to murder, his eye twitching. “Oh no he did not!”

    Midoriya stormed over to Takada and sent a hard punch into his nose. “Fuck you!”

    Takada flew back from the force. He knew his nose was definitely broken. Midoriya wiped off his hand in disgust.

    “I can’t believe I actually thought I had finally made a friend for the first time in my life,” Midoriya breathed out in defeat.

    Takada looked up at Midoriya in horror. The weight of what just happened finally hit him. “Shit... shit, shit, shit. Izuku! Wait!”

    Ryu suddenly stepped between the two, his glare harsh as he pushed Takada into the apartment and stepped in himself.

    “Everyone in here! And I mean everyone. Fuck you. Izuku is the most hardworking and incredible person I’ve ever met! Not once had he needed a quirk to prove he was worth my time. You all are just assholes. Good luck having a future with that mindset you quirkist fucks.”

    Walking over to Midoriya, Ryu gently ruffled his hair. “Let’s go. You’ll be staying the night at mine tonight. I don’t want you home alone right now.”

    Midoriya nodded, wiping his snot and tears with his shirt sleeve. “Okay.”

    Grabbing his things, Midoriya left his house to see Bakugo had been waiting for him, along with the two other bullies.

    “Hey! Deku! The hell was that all about?” Bakugo shouted.

    Midoriya turned around, wearing a wide smile. “Oh, so everything that’s suddenly been happening to you. I’m the cause of it.”

    Bakugo felt his frown turn into a taunting smile. “What?”

    Midoriya walked right up to Bakugo, wearing a matching smirk. “Katsuki, my love. There’s a new sherif in town.”

    Suddenly planting a passionate kiss on Katsuki’s lips, Midoriya felt everyone watch him in fear. Midoriya walked away with a bored expression, heading over to Ryu who wore a shit-eating grin.

    “Shit Izuku, you’re hella dope. Inko wasn’t joking when she said she raised a wild one,” Ryu casually mentioned.

    Midoriya looked up at Ryu with innocent eyes. “Of course she did. I learned everything from her. Why do you think I hate almost every guy I meet?”

    “I just thought you were always hungry.”

    “Yeah... about that... no.”

    “Right. Um, ready to go?”

    “Oh. Yeah, I am.”

    “Okay, let’s go then. I guess.”


    Midoriya awkwardly left with Ryu, leaving the now conflicted party behind. Takada was busy trying to figure out how to kick everyone out. The bullies were all staring with dropped jaws. Bakugo felt his face burn as the taste of Midoriya’s strawberry chapstick taunted him.

    “Fucking Deku.”

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    Security: Dabi 2

    Dabi makes a sweet confession, making you (The Void) wonder if it's real or is he just playing with your heart to get at the millions. Why is he so jealous of Hawks yet wants you to spy on him?

    Warning: Smutty Soft daddy Dabi with Acrotomophilia

    Chapter 2

    She's my partner. Use Compress. I need her for my own thing." Dabi huffs. He doesn't wait for Shigaraki to answer. He turns, leaving the League behind.

    "Dabi, I don't feel right about this," you say. Dabi is guiding you away from the rest of the group. Shushing you as he pulls you along.

    "Really, princess, you're so naive. We must get rid of those silly little Hero ideals. You are a villain with your man now," he says while grabbing your ass and guiding you away from the League. You can still hear them grumbling begin you.

    "Aren't you worried Dabi is getting too close to the walking piggy bank?" Mr. Compress asks.

    "Dabi, getting closer to the yen isn't that bad of a thing. Come on, until she puts out, we need to get some cash," he rasps. Hearing this conversation makes you feel weird.  What is this with Dabi?  You both climb into you're SUV. He puts on his beanie, sunglasses, and mask. You look at him, waiting.

    "What's up, princess?" He asks, leaning down low in his seat. He gets car sick easily, so he likes to nap on long rides. You raise your hands in a 'well?' Gesture.

    "You told Shigaraki you needed me for a job? What and where is it?" He chuckles at your question.

    "I just told him that, so he won't send my princess to her doom. But I do need a ride to this address," He says, handing you his burner cell. Dabi has been texting someone. You feel the squirm of jealousy stab in your gut. You gasp and give Dabi a dirty look. He quirks an eyebrow at you.

    "You know I'm an ex-hero, I'm not a delicate little princess, I can handle doing a few real jobs. Are you just trying to get the money? Because I can learn to trust a friend, we don't need to pretend to be a couple," You huff, tossing him back his phone as you start your SUV.

    "Why are you starting a fight? I know you're not delicate, especially after what I did to you last night. I know you can handle it a little rough," he gives you a smoldering look. "Besides, I do need you. I'm trying to recruit someone vital to my plans, and he needs a softer touch. Your sweet ex-hero touch is perfect." You spare a questioning glance at him.

    "Is that who you were texting?" He chuckles.

    "Are you jealous, my princess? Don't worry, this dick is the only one you'll be getting for a while," He yawns before he falls asleep. Ugh, you cringe inside how much you just got off on Dabi being possessive and yet still leaving himself open to singledom. You hope you're not actually falling for the burnt dickhead. You pick up fast food on the way and leave it between you; Dabi is fast asleep. He doesn't stir even when you announce you're at the address or that you bought burgers and are going to start eating without him. Nope, he was really dead to the world. You don't see anyone at the abandoned docks, so you start munching. You are halfway through your lukewarm hamburger, tossing the occasional fry to a seagull when you hear a voice to the left of your head.

    "Holy shit! The Void is in the League of villains?" a sexy voice exclaims. You turn and scream in surprise. It's a pro-hero. Worse, it's Hawks, fucking Hawks of all people. You scramble to start your car while choking on the hamburger. A flawless cold hand with a burnt stapled arm stops you.

    "It's ok. He's who we're meeting," Dabi says coolly. You grab your milkshake and force down the salty hamburger that's lumped in your throat. He's checking his bag looking pleased, while Hawks has the decency to look concerned.

    "Hey, are you ok?" Hawks ask, reaching out to put a hand on your shoulder.

    "Alright, let's go tal, HEY! Keep your hands and your feathers to yourself unless you want to get burned," Dabi threatens.

    "Whoa! It's not like that. She just looked like she needed help," He backs away, smiling with his hands raised in surrender.

    "She doesn't need help from the likes of you. She has me," Dabi hisses. "come on, we can talk over there. You stay here, princess, and keep the SUV warm for me, baby," he leans and gives you a kiss leaving you even more confused at what the hell is going on.

    "Fuck, you could have told me," you gasp at Dabi. He shrugs and gets out of the vehicle.

    "Wait, I don't get to meet the Void? She's the Void, a legend. A very attractive legend too," Hawk says, winking at you. You can feel your heart race and your face heat.

    "I was never that famous, and I would never call myself a legend," you say modestly, avoiding eye contact. Damn, he is good looking, and he's smiling right at you.

    "What's this now? I only brought her along as my ride and to show you that you won't be the only hero." Dabi says while walking around to get within striking distance of Hawks. Hawks gives you a rugged look and nods his head.

    "After what the hero commission did to you, I don't blame you," he says with a lilt of sadness. You shrug. Dabi's eyes are darting between the two of you. You can tell he doesn't like you blushing while Hawks knows something about you, he doesn't.

    "You can chat later. After you prove you are trustworthy, come on, let's talk over here," Dabi waves Hawks over out of your earshot. Hawks doesn't take his eyes off you. He lets them linger on you as he walks away, smiling at your noticeable blush. Which, of course, makes your blush worse. The two of them talk briefly while Dabi eats, nodding his head. He really has the worst manners at times. Dabi is heading towards the car, tossing his bag, littering.  Fucking villain , you think. Hawks waves goodbye behind Dabi's back before he flies off. You keep your eyes forward. The last thing you want is a pissed-off jealous Dabi.

    "Alright, princess, you see the building over there. It's abandoned. Let's park in it tonight." He points, and you drive over. This place does afford you some good privacy. You turn on the electric heater that runs off a particular battery, the seats fold down, and you only have to flip a switch to inflate the bed feature. Dabi tosses the blankets you share down but not before placing a towel down first. He crawls in back, stripping down, waiting for you. You unlock your legs and leave them in the front before you crawl back to join him. He grabs you immediately and helps get you nude with him. You're always surprised how hot and cold his flesh feels. The pale flawless skin is so cold while his burns are feverish. He's a patchwork of different textures and temperatures.

    "Damn princess, you're so fucking cute. All tiny like a sweet little doll," He says as his fingers run over your leg caps. You are definitely a fetish, but how can you complain when he's so eager to please. Dabi wraps himself around you and moans as he sucks at the tender flesh of your neck.

    "My honeyed little fuck doll, come here. I need to feel your tight cunt wrapped around me. You need to warm me up," he roves his mouth to your pert hard nipples.

    "You're ravenous today," you mumble. Dabi is rubbing your clit as he looks up and with a serious expression.

    "Don't think I didn't notice that flirting between you and Hawks. You owe me," he growls. The Jacobs ladder on the underside of his large cock causing tingles and new sensations as he rubs it between your lips. No matter how good it feels, you're not going to let him try to blackmail you into sex.

    "First off, I don't owe you shit, second there was no flirting, third I have to be your girlfriend before you get to be jealous," you scowl at him. He gives you an evil grin as he kisses your jawline gently.

    "I love it when you call my shit out. Such a tasty brat. I've been dropping hints all day," He scoffs, playing with your nipples while still rubbing his cock between your slick folds. You cross your arms and huff.

    "I've already learned that subtle is bullshit. I once had a guy call me his sunshine because he forgot my name," you say. Dabi is chuckling.

    "I'm your boyfriend. You're my girlfriend. Do I have the right to be pissed you never blushed for me as you did for Hawks?" he says, slowly sinking into your warm wet walls. You moan and wrap your arms around his shoulders, arching into him.

    "Mmmph, I may blush at Hawks, but I don't let him fuck me," you moan.

    "Fuck, you feel so good. So wet and tight. I can grind so deep in you. I fucking love pounding your pussy. It's distracting me from what I was pissed about. Take my cock," Dabi growls. Grabbing your hips so he can pull you onto him. The vehicle is quickly filling with your combined heady scent of sex and lewd wet noises. Without your metal legs, Dabi really gets off on lifting and putting you in positions. He usually can't do, like make you fuck him with him just using his hands. Merciless while he pants disgusting things in your ear. Today is a little more serious than his regular daddy-babygirl play.

    "Fuck, these tits are perfect! Can tell you were a hero because this body is cut. Damn, I would love to see some jewelry in those sweet nipples. Some in that clit. At least a collar that says Dabi's Doll. I'm going to cum soon. You make it so hard to last feeling like this," he rumbles. You grind your hips into him. He stings to let him bottom out, but it never fails to pull a beautiful whimper from Dabi. He closes his eyes and throws his head back, biting his lip.

    "Feels like your trying to crush me. Oooooooh, you got wetter." His eyes are heavy with lust and worship. They are so gorgeous and vibrant they almost seem to glow. His giant cock gliding over your walls, the metal perfectly petting over every soft sensitive spot in you. Before Dabi, you've never felt anything exquisite as a pierced dick. The texture is running shivers of pleasure up your spine and through your core. You've never let anyone fuck you as hard as Dabi. You've never begged as you have for Dabi.

    "Dabi, please, I want to cum. Can I cum all over you?" You pant.

    "Oh, good baby doll. Asking daddy for permission, a little more. Good girl, just a little more like my good whore," he grunts his filthy praises. "When I say. Be good and last a little longer for me." He grabs your shoulders so he can thrust deeper and more demanding. The corner of his lip glistening with drool you lick off.

    "Cum for me. Cum for me, now!" Dabi snarls. Screaming you arch up. Your walls clutch at him. Pulsing and milking him. As he lets out a series of growls, whimpers, and curses. A wave of euphoria comes over both of you. His throbbing length is shooting hot cum in you. Dabi never just pulls out. He rubs your legs until he goes soft.

    "I need you to tell me how the Hero commission fucked you over," He whispers sweetly. You are so blissed out you start talking. It's not a secret, and one search could pull it up. You sigh and put your arm over your eyes. Dabi has gone soft and pulled out, but he's still holding you to him.

    "I sued the hero commission when they denied my medical bills. Claiming my quirk made me no better than support equipment since that was how I got in the hero program, to begin with. I'm just a support item. I lost the lawsuit. So not only do I get the reputation of being Stain's first surviving victim. I get dragged through the mud and have my quirk called a support item. It became official after that. I'm a support item. I don't want to talk about this anymore." You roll over, so you don't have to look at him. He doesn't let go as he cuddles you from behind. Kissing your shoulder. Dabi is being downright sweet.

    "Fucking fools. Don't worry, princess. You're knight his here, and I'm going to make them pay. We can together," he growls, biting your shoulder.

    "Don't want to make them pay. They weren't wrong," you say. Dabi rumbles in anger. Grabbing you roughly to force you to look at him.

    "Don't ever say that. Never again. Never, in front of someone like Shigaraki. Never in front of me. You're better than most heroes, your an honest villain. You're certainly not a fake anymore, so never say something like that again. I can't have you being a hero and getting yourself killed," he threatens ominously. Which he wouldn't if he didn't take you as a serious threat. You nod slowly. "I'm going to need you to be better than a dirty hero. You need to be the ex-hero. You need to be Dabi's doll and watch Hawks for me. Stay safe for me and be my eyes and ears. But never forget you're mine. In fact, let's get you a reminder right away," he stroked your jaw and kissed you.

    This felt off. It feels great. You want it to be real, but Dabi never struck you as the trusting type. Or the loving kind.

    You really start to wonder if you are falling for him because you're agreeing to whatever he wants.

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  • ladysunamireads
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Count on Me

    Count on Me by s h o t o

    After years of trauma, a hopeless Izuku ends up going down a dark path and becomes unrecognizable to everyone—including himself.

    On the other side of the coin, Dabi reforms (mostly) and lives in domestic bliss with Hawks in the safe bubble they've created.

    Words: 1150, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: F/M, M/M, Multi

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Todoroki Shouto, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Midoriya Inko, Takami Keigo | Hawks, Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Amajiki Tamaki, Toogata Mirio

    Relationships: Dabi | Todoroki Touya/Takami Keigo | Hawks, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Inko/Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Amajiki Tamaki/Toogata Mirio

    Additional Tags: Villain Midoriya Izuku, Hurt Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Izuku Needs A Hug, Midoriya Izuku is a Ray of Sunshine, Midoriya Inko's Bad Parenting, Established Midoriya Inko/Yagi Toshinori | All Might, Established Dabi | Todoroki Touya/Takami Keigo | Hawks, Flirty Takami Keigo | Hawks, Dabi | Todoroki Touya Has a Big Dick, Soft Dabi | Todoroki Touya/Takami Keigo | Hawks, Married Dabi | Todoroki Touya/Takami Keigo | Hawks, Parent Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Parent Takami Keigo | Hawks, Romance, Fluff, EraserMic Family, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead and Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic are Eri and Shinsou Hitoshi's Parents, Angst, Angst and Feels, Domestic Bliss, Domestic Fluff, Daddy Issues

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34588153

    Tags: AO3 Feed, FanFiction, AO3 Tododeku, ♥, Tododeku, Hotwings, Erasermic, BNHA, ⚣, 🐰❄️🔥, Villain AU, Dad Might, Angst, Fluff, A:S h o t o

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  • arenaissanceofnothing
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Some more art for the Lazarus Rising Fic I’ve been working on. These particular illustrations are going to be part of another related project that I’ll be releasing once the fic is done. If you want to read it, you can find it here. Enjoy!

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  • ladysunamireads
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Give and They Take

    give and they take by piepanda

    It all started with Bakugou.

    As always.

    It seemed normal from the outside, just Bakugou's normal screaming at Izuku, as the green haired boy struggled to defuse the situation.

    But this time was.. different.

    Words: 1704, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

    Categories: M/M, Other

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Kaminari Denki, Shinsou Hitoshi, Todoroki Shouto, Bakugou Katsuki, Uraraka Ochako, Yaoyorozu Momo, Jirou Kyouka, Kirishima Eijirou, Asui Tsuyu, Class 1-A, League of Villains, Toga Himiko

    Relationships: Kaminari Denki/Shinsou Hitoshi, Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku & Everyone, Class 1-A & Kaminari Denki, Bakugou Katsuki & Midoriya Izuku

    Additional Tags: Heavy Angst, Traitor Kaminari Denki, Traitor Midoriya Izuku, Traitor Todoroki Shouto, Traitor Shinsou Hitoshi, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, endeavor is dead whoooo, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Midoriya Izuku Angst, Not Beta Read, Its for my beta

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34587529

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    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    -ˋˏ [Chapter 1 of Under Surveillance is out now!] ˎˊ

    ╔═════════════════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═══════════════════╗ AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I'm so nervous! The first chapter is out and I don't know how to feel! Remember, the chapters are 1k words long at least and it's an ORIGINAL story so ignore the BNHA tag! Sorry! We HAD to choose a fandom. Other than that, there's not more than I can say, so lets dig in! https://archiveofourown.org/works/34587628 ╚═════════════════ஓ๑♡๑ஓ═══════════════════╝

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  • silverhairsimp
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Bakugou's Sister

    Complete Self Indulgent Post for my number one guy, Eijiro Kirishima

    I truly hope you guy enjoy this, there will definitely be a part2, maybe three depending on how smutty I get in chapter 2 ;)

    Warnings: drinking, fluff, aged up characters

    word count: 3,698

    Summer has just started as you finish your junior year of college. You have spent the last year studying abroad in the United States, wanting to get away from all the hero stuff that surrounds your friends and family. As hard as it has been to be away from home the past year, you have enjoyed your time away, learning so much about yourself and your interests.

    With all the time you’ve spent by yourself, today seems a little more lonely and you’ve found yourself missing home more than usual. Today is the first time in your 22 years that you’ve spent your Birthday away from your friends and family, more importantly away from your twin brother.

    The FaceTime tune on your phone chimes as you hold the phone arm's length from your face.

    It rings… and rings… and rings… FACETIME UNAVAILABLE your screen reads. You let out a huffed sigh, as you press the cancel button in the middle, slightly blowing some hair out of your face as you rest your cheek against your palm. “Happy birthday to you too, Kat” you say under your breath.

    One of the best things about your time studying abroad is the people you have met. One family in particular you met while at a small local coffee shop. The family clearly had their hands full with two sets of twins. You couldn’t help but smile at the two youngest as the older brothers were bickering, throwing their food at each other. You walked up to the mother, sitting there alone trying to soothe her crying son. You still remember your conversation with her vividly. Sweetly offering her a hand since you know what it’s like to be a twin. You talk to her about how you and your brother were such menaces when you were little and you didn’t mind helping out, even if she was a complete stranger. Hesitant at first, the women openly accepted your offer.

    You began to regularly babysit the three boys and single girl who reminded you of yourself. The two of you forming a bond quickly. Which brings you to today. Your 22nd birthday. At their lake house. All alone. She had mentioned that they’d be gone for the summer and opened it up to you to “watch over the place”. You quickly agreed, not knowing how lonely - secluded - you would really feel in this spacious house for months.

    You sigh, grabbing your favorite bottle of tequila from the cabinet and walking out to the deck to sit and watch the sunset over the lake. What a beautiful night, you think to yourself. And it was, truly beautiful. The crystal clear water rippling against the horizon, water lightly crashing against the rocks at the bottom of the stairs. The dock swaying lightly. The sky painted with the perfect pink and orange colors. Blue undertones shining through as the moon slowly makes its way higher in the sky. You almost forget how sad it is to be by yourself on your birthday on a night this beautiful.

    Before you know it, you wake up from a sudden vibration coming from the glass coffee table next to you. 9:47 PM. Shit, when did I fall asleep? Damn it’s cold out here.

    You gather the bottle of tequila and your phone and head back inside. Locking the door behind you. Oh right, who texted me?

    1 NEW NOTIFICATION. You slide open your phone, a voicemail? From Katsuki?

    ‘Hey sis, sorry I missed your call, been a helluva night over here. I jus-’ ‘Is that y/n? Tell her I said hi! Oh and happy birthday!’

    You smile. You know that voice, none other than your brother's best friend. Eijiro Kirishima. ‘y/n if you hear me happy birthday!!’ he says excitedly, you can hear the smile in his voice. ‘Hey Bakugou, is your sister still as hot as she’s always been?’

    You can’t help but laugh, none other than fucking Kaminari. ‘Oi, if you don’t shut the fuck up! Damn spark plug... Well anyway sis, we all miss you, clearly some of us more than others but we’ll see you soon. Happy Birthday.’ and the line cuts. You smile, at least your brother is having a good time. Wait… ‘we’ll see you soon’ ? You repeat out loud. What in the world does that mean?

    You try calling Katsuki back but the call is forwarded. Hmm… Oh well. It’s late, I need to go to bed. You tell yourself, only to be interrupted by a loud growl coming from your stomach.

    Right, dinner. You were so distracted by being alone that you hadn’t eaten much today. Guess the tequila doesn’t count either.

    You head to the kitchen and cook up something quickly. A simple stir fry. One that you and your brother always used to make together. The two of you may have been twins, but you couldn’t be more different. He took after your mom in every aspect. The ash blond hair, the vermillion red eyes, the temper. And you took after your dad. Brown hair, hazel eyes; everyone loved you because of how sweet you were. Despite your differences, the two of you loved cooking together. It was always something you two could bond over. This meal makes you feel nostalgic and a little sad, wishing your brother could be right next to you, pushing you into a competition of who could cut the vegetables faster. You smile at the thought and enjoy a quiet meal to yourself.

    Sitting on the couch, bowl in hand, you turn on your favorite anime. Shortly after, heading to the kitchen to clean up your mess before you head to bed. You look at the clock on the stove, 11:28 PM. You sigh as you place the last dish on the counter to dry.


    Your heart is racing. What the fuck was that…


    It’s coming from the front door.

    You slowly walk over to the peephole, careful not to make any noise as you approach the door. A hand covers the hole as you look through it.

    “Come on man she’s probably already asleep! Be quiet!”

    “Ooooh maybe we can sneak in while she’s sleeping!” SMACK.

    “Oi, what the fuck did I say Dunce Face. Lay off.”

    Kiri? Denki? Katsuki? No Fucking way.

    You open the door and sure as hell.

    “What the hell are you guys doing here?!” you say as they all turn to meet you.

    “Hey y/n! You miss me?” Denki says with a cheeky smile, eye brows bouncing on his forehead.

    “Aha, not as much as you missed me Denks.” You hug the blonde, who surely does not want to let go of you.

    “Thought we’d surprise you so you didn’t have to be by yourself. These two wouldn’t let me leave without them.” Katsuki says walking in to hug you, pulling Denki off in the process. “Happy birthday sis.”

    “Happy birthday to you too Kat. Never thought my little brother could be so thoughtful,” you say as you reach up to ruffle his hair.

    “Tch, it's three damn minutes.” he snorts.

    “Yeah, so? If you were three minutes older you’d never let me live it down, so I won’t either.” You flash a sarcastic smile as he pushes past you.

    “Hey Kiri,” you say. Suddenly getting all shy at the red head in front of you.

    “How’s it going y/n? Happy Birthday! I uh… got you something.” He pulls out a box from behind his back. Wrapped in red wrapping paper with a silky red bow.

    “Wow Kiri, you didn’t have to do that…” A soft red blush rushing across your cheeks.

    “Sure I did! Well, should we go inside? You can open it later!” He says, walking in to give you a hug. Tightly wrapping his arms around your waist, taking in a deep breath, “It’s really good to see you, I hope you don’t mind us showing up unannounced.”

    You smile into his shoulder, “Mmm, honestly I’ve missed having company, I don’t mind at all.”

    He lets go of you and motions for you to walk in as he shuts the door behind the two of you.

    “No Sero?” you ask Kiri, as you help him get his things settled into their rooms.

    “Nah, he’s got some new girls he’s been hanging out with. None of us like her and he’d just complain the entire time so we left him behind.”

    “Fair enough, it’s much better with the three of you, even if Denki gets on my damn nerves.”

    The two of you laugh as you walk in to see Denki has already made himself at home, laying on the couch, sprawled out face down as he flips through the tv channels, probably putting something foul on. Bakugou sifts through the kitchen, pulling out the half empty bottle of tequila from the counter. Kiri sits in the chair opposite of Denki to give you time with your brother.

    “You expectin’ us or were you just drinking by yourself?” he scoffs.

    “My drinking habits are none of your business, thank you very much.” you snap back at him, walking over and playfully punching his shoulder.

    “Birthday shot?” you ask, as he’s already pouring two shots and handing you one. The two of you ‘cheers’ and throw the alcohol back, smoothly slipping down your throat.

    Denki explodes off the couch as he hears the glasses clink against the granite countertop.

    “You two getting the party started without the two of us?” Denki pouts.

    Kirishima rounds the corner after him as you’re wiping the drip of tequila coming from the corner of your mouth. Watching you intently as your tattooed arm swipes across your mouth. He did always love the way your tattoos complimented your body. The way the ink on your skin made you feel so confident in yourself, and so much more desirable to him.

    “Couldn’t possibly be a party without you Denks, now could it?” You say, grabbing two more shot glasses from the cabinet.

    “Glad you finally realized it y/n” he smiles and winks at you.

    “Y’know, you say that as if you’re not about to be the first one passed out on the couch.”

    “Bakugou is right, you do have a reputation to uphold” Kirishima chimes in, everyone letting out a huffed laugh.

    You pour the shots and hand them out, “Shall we?” you say. Everyone picks up their drink, “Wait! Make sure you make eye contact! Don’t want 7 years of bad sex do you?”

    Bakugou snorts, “Pff, yeah, ‘s if that would ever happen t’me.”

    “Gross” you say.

    “You said it in the first place!”

    “Y/n! Look at me okay!” Denki yells from across the counter.

    “Jesus christ dude.” your brother says.

    Except you don’t look at Denki. Your eyes are locked on Kiri’s, right across from you. The four of you bring your shot glasses to the middle and cheers each other.

    Never breaking eye contact with Kirishima. He places his shot glass back on the table, eyes still on you. You’ve always had feelings for him, and it's been obvious that he feels something too. You’ve known each other since you started high school when he and your brother became close friends. There were so many unexplored and unacknowledged feelings between the two of you. What kind of friend would he be if he put the moves on his best friend's sister. He never wanted to be anything like Denki, and that’s what he’d feel like if he ever acted upon the way he’d felt about you. Less invasive of course. The same goes for you, what kind of sister would you be falling for your twin brother's best friend. Maybe some boundaries were worth crossing. That’s what you’re thinking, and that’s the look you have across your face as you and Kiri are still looking at each other.

    “Let’s play beer pong!” Denki shouts. “I want y/n as a partner!”

    “Fine, but don’t make me carry the game this time dude.”

    Bakugou goes to the fridge down stairs and gets a case of beer, you and Kiri set up the cups as Denki attempts to help, but he keeps knocking them over. Laughing and softly saying “Oops” everytime he does.

    “Looks like you are gonna have to carry the game this time.” Kiri says, nudging your arm with his elbow, “Don’t worry, we’ll take it easy on you.”

    “Awww you got a soft spot for me or something?”

    Your words make him blush. He does, but he doesn’t think now is the time to admit that to you, instead he just laughs it off, “I’d feel bad knowing you got stuck with Denki as a partner, he’s practically drunk off one shot.”

    “Low tolerance is a bitch, plus he’s never been able to handle tequila anyway.” you say back.

    Bakugou comes back up the stairs handing you two beers and walking around to the other side of the table, filling up the cups on his and Kiri’s side.

    “You two ready t’lose or what?” He says with a shit eating grin across his face.

    “Game on little bro” you return with the same wicked grin.

    Denki joins your side as you and Bakugou face off from across the table. Keeping eye contact the two of you both sink your first throw. Then sinking the second, and the third.

    “Thank god the two of you aren’t on the same team, we’d be fucked” Denki laughs, nudging you slightly.

    Making you lose focus as you shoot your fourth shot, which slowly spins out off the rim of the front cup and bounces off the table.

    “Hah! Thanks Dumbass.” Your brother snorts.

    “Sorry y/n…” Denki says sheepishly.

    You toss the ball back to Bakugou and he hands it to Kiri. The game passes pretty fast, you don’t miss a single shot, neither does Bakugou. Kiri misses a few here and there, but you can tell he’s doing it on purpose, taking it easy on you, just like he promised. Denki however, hasn’t made a single shot. You would make him drink since he’s trolling so badly, but he’s practically already passed out under the table. You have 4 cups left, Kiri and Bakugou have two. You Sink your next two shots and it’s balls back, the game is tied. You sink your first shot and the second misses just short.

    Kiri and Bakugou sink the next two shots and that’s pretty much game. You finish the last three cups and Bakugou chimes that it’s already past 2 AM. You show him one of the bedrooms he can stay in and he heads to bed. Kiri helps clean up while you throw a blanket over Denki under the table and slip a pillow under his head. “Mmn.. Love y.. y/n… so hot”. You and Kiri both snort in laughter looking at each other.

    “No fucking way the little perve is dreaming about you,” he says.

    “What can I say, just have all the boys comin’ after me” you say, flicking your hair over your shoulder dramatically.

    Kiri forces a laugh and goes quiet. “You know I’m not serious right? No need to be so down all of a sudden Ei.”

    “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean -”

    “It’s okay. I’m just giving you a hard time” you say cheerfully. Rubbing a hand up his arm to pat him on the shoulder. “I’ll finish cleaning up if you wanna get ready for bed.”

    “It’s okay, I’ll stay and help.” He offers you a reassuring smile, which you return.

    The two of you finish cleaning up the mess in no time. Garbage is taken out, dishes are cleaned and put away. The place looks cleaner than when everyone got here. “Come on, I wanna show you something.” You say, reaching to grab Kiri’s hand as you pull him out onto the deck.

    “This has been one of my favorite things about staying here. It’s so peaceful at night. The stars shine brighter than I have ever seen before. Sometimes I just get lost out here.” you say, looking up at the dark blue sky, lit up by shining stars.

    “Look! A shooting star!” Kiri points out, “Make a wish y/n.”

    “You should make a wish! You saw it!”

    “You’re the birthday girl, it should be yours.” He smiles at you so tenderly.

    “Everything I wanted has already come true.” You look up at him, smiling. Suddenly interrupted by your body shivering.

    “Oh! One sec, I’ll be right back!” He says, quickly running inside. He’s back within seconds, a baggy Red Riot sweatshirt in one hand and that small red box in the other. “Here,” he says, sticking the items out to you.

    You take the sweatshirt first, slipping it over your head. Kirishima watches you closely as your tank top slowly lifts as you pull his sweatshirt over your head, the sparkle of your belly button ring reflecting in his eyes. Fuck you’re so beautiful, he wishes he could tell you. When you finally pull the rest of his sweatshirt down, the fabric engulfs your figure. “Looks great on you. Maybe even better than it does on me.” he says, “You can keep that”, he smiles.

    You both sit down on one of the benches behind you. The same one you were sitting in hours ago. The same one you were wallowing in about being all alone. Right now, you’re the farthest thing from feeling alone. You feel so complete with Kirishima right by your side. “One more thing” he says, handing you the small red box.

    You take it from him and gently pull on the bow. Taking it and tying it back around Kiri’s wrist. “I think it makes you look super manly” you say as you wink at him. He moves his hand closer to his face, examining the new fabric on his wrist. “Ya think so? I think I’ll keep it on then.”

    You both smile. He leans further back into the bench, the cold plastic warming under his touch. He brings his right arm up behind you, relaxing it on the head of the bench.

    A loud tear echoes in the emptiness around you. “A book? Of coupons?” You ask. Slowly flipping through the pages in the booklet. “This is so cool!” Good for one free boba! Good for a trip to your favorite ramen shop! Good for a day trip of your choice! Some of the pages read.

    “Kiri, this is so thoughtful!” you smile at him.

    “Yeah, I didn’t really know what to get you. I just figured… ya know, we hadn’t seen each other in so long... I just wanted to make sure we had enough time to catch up. Then I came up with that.”

    “Well, it’s perfect and I love it.” You wrap your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. It catches him off guard but he accepts it quickly. The hand that was around the back of the bench is now wrapped around your waist, he slowly pulls you in tighter, aimlessly rubbing shapes up and down your back. You bring one of your hands up to tangle your fingers into his hair. He hums at the sensation and gets lost in the smell of you. Your coconut shampoo is sweetly intoxicating. He can’t get enough of it. And he doesn’t want to let go of you.

    You slowly start to let go of him and you can feel his shoulders drop with disappointment. “Sorry, that position was hurting my back.”

    “Get comfy then, it’s okay.” he reassures you. You smile as you nuzzle into him, tucking your shoulder right under his armpit, head resting lightly on his chest. He wraps his arm around you again. Starting at our waist then resting on your hip. You take in a deep breath and relax under the weight of his arm. Best birthday ever, you think to yourself. Before you know it, you’re slowly drifting off to sleep. Your body slipping down into the bench. head now resting in Kirishima's lap. Your knees tucked into your chest, feet hanging slightly off the bench. Kiri’s right arm still rests on your hip, his left brushing your hair out of your face. Rubbing your forehead and cheek as he does so.

    Your skin is so soft under his rough battered hands. You look so sweet like this. So tiny curled up next to him. Tucked into his lap. Wearing his sweatshirt. He wishes he could have you like this every night. Cuddled up next to him. Asleep peacefully under his touch. You start to stir in your sleep but he’s quick to hush and coo you back to sleep. He could stay out here with you all night if he could, but the cold is quickly getting to him. He slowly starts to pick you up, pressing you into his chest as gets up to carry you to bed.

    Slowly entering your room, he holds you up with one hand as he pulls your sheets back. Setting you down onto the bed and pulling your slippers off your feet. He pulls the covers up and tucks you in. Sitting there for a few moments longer, completely admiring you. He puts a hand back up to your face, rubbing a small circle on your cheek, softly dragging his finger across your bottom lip. He wonders what they would feel like pressed against his. He would give anything to find out. “It’s always been you, y/n.” He whispers. Hand still on your face, he leans in to place a kiss on your forehead.

    Your eyes start to flutter open quickly, then close again, “Eiji?” Oh shit. Did she hear me? He thinks to himself. “Hmm?” he says nervously. “Thanks for being the best birthday present ever.” you say with your eyes closed. Drifting soundly back to sleep. Kirishima takes a deep breath of relief. He smiles into another kiss, this one on your cheek. “Goodnight y/n.” He says as he walks out, heading to his own room to go to sleep.

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    should draw some BNHA AU thingy??

    I was thinking like- a BakuDeku AU where Deku goes missing then comes back as a vigilante? I’m not sure if I wanna make this a mini comic series or a fanfic 🤕

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    19.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Ooh I just got an idea for an angsty sad fic. Now the question is, do I want to put myself through the pain of writing it?

    #bnha#shinkami#fanfiction ideas#bnha angst #do i want to write it? yes #do i want to feel the pain of writing it? no. #fanfiction things
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    Tell Me How to Change Me

    tell me how to change me by konan konan

    he goes home. he changes. he comes back. he changes.

    never is he allowed to just be.

    Words: 491, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: Not Rated

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Inko, Todoroki Shouto, Uraraka Ochako, Iida Tenya

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Uraraka Ochako, Midoriya Izuku & Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya & Midoriya Izuku, Midoriya Inko & Midoriya Izuku

    Additional Tags: Trans Midoriya Izuku, Transgender, Trans Male Character, Hurt, Hurt No Comfort, Transphobia, Transphobic Midoriya Inko, Midoriya Inko's Bad Parenting, Hurt Midoriya Izuku, Author is trans, vent fic, Short, Angst, Gender Dysphoria, Body Dysphoria, Dysphoria, putting izuku through it to feel less alone when im going through it

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34585675

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    All the Naps

    All The Naps by Sylcian SPH Legacy

    "But he remembered being in their position, needing help and receiving none. And this was his hell class. He had already failed them so many times… No, on this point he would not relent. People could stare at him, judge him and find him lacking all they wanted but he would not accept to fail his children, refused to let them go through more tragedies without all the help, all the support they needed, instead of hiding his shame away like all the others pro heroes had the tendency to do."

    Or Aizawa wake up one day and decide it's mental health awareness day. He have a class that need him and he won't fail them. Oh, and where the hell did he put the adoptions papers?

    Words: 5077, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: Gen

    Characters: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Class 1-A, Midoriya Izuku, Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic, Kayama Nemuri | Midnight, Nedzu, Yagi Toshinori | All Might, U.A.'s Big Three

    Relationships: Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Class 1-A, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Midoriya Izuku, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Asui Tsuyu, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead & Todoroki Shouto, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead/Yamada Hizashi | Present Mic

    Additional Tags: Parental Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Adopts Eri, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Adopts Class 1-A, Protective Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Training Shinsou Hitoshi, Aizawa wake up one morning and decide it's mental health awareness day, Trauma, Hurt Class 1-A, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Comfort, Class 1-A as Family, Fluff, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead Loves His Students, Endeavor is not welcome here, Bribery, But for a very good reason, Taking care of yourselves is now mandatory, Have All The Naps You Want, Cats, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, because no one take care of those kids in canon what the hell

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34585396

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  • ajaviary
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    Excerpt from Mayhem’s Moment Pt 3

    This is an excerpt from my Blood Orphan’s story, it's just a little too long to post here rather than in more sporadic sections that I think are interesting or will catch your eye. I'll have some fight scenes posted within a few days.

    To give you come context this Mayhem’s moment Chapter pt 3 is 39,030 words and had to be split into about 3 chapters roughly. This single scene is 2735.

    Trigger Warning: um none I think...


    Shohei’s grey eyes lifted to regard the masked figure and his slim build let him know exactly who was looking at, the other merely inclined his head and the two of them went back to watching the current match . He figured he’d caught the attention of a few people, but he had purposely placed Kaiya in the position to be noticed the most, it was working far better than he’d anticipated.

    He never expected Shigaraki to attach himself to the girl as he had, but then again there was something about her. It wasn't just her intelligence level, he had gotten very lucky with her being as usable as she was. Had her intelligence level been average, he wouldn't have been able to use her as he had hoped.

    She was always exceeding his expectations, pushing herself past them. She was sharp, she thought outside the box, she took multiple pieces of information and processed them, memorized them quickly, it wasn’t always something he could teach no matter how hard he’d tried with some of the others, you either had it or you didn’t.

    Her loyalty was important as well, she wanted to please him. Once he realized just what a diamond in the rough she was, he plucked her from the others and molded her to stand above them, to lead them.

    Shohei had watched all of them during their years growing up and he couldn’t be more pleased with their progression of their abilities, and the loyalty he’d gotten from them. He purposely pressed the importance of Shigaraki as an experiment of those he saw who weren’t handling their confinement well. Everyone needed a goal, something to strive for, an end game.

    He turned Shigaraki into their god, their messiah of sorts and their loyalty to him was absolute it would not break. Some held onto their intelligence, questioned and resisted and those were who he targeted for different reasons, he was curious how far he could push someone and he couldn’t be more pleased with his successes. These children were exactly what he’d been hoping for.

    Shohei used Itami for her quirk and overlooked many of her faults all because of her loyalty to him. Loyalty meant everything, but he had to be careful. He was also well aware of her jealousy. It was becoming more obvious within the last months, but he also was forced to listen to her rant and rave over her toys when they died. Succumbing to their injuries, but it was so much more than that.

    He would only cup her on the cheek and promise her others. His relationship with her was a small price to pay for her skills.

    He didn’t love her, but could a man like him love anyone really? He took far too much pleasure from his own deceptions, his skills in manipulation.

    He'd loved someone once, loved his family, but love was never strong enough to save anyone. Not anymore, he’d learned that harsh truth.

    With a small frown, a pretty blonde filtered through his mind, her smile wide, her hand pressed into the locks of who stood next to her as her round belly was heavy with an unborn child stood out and next to her stood a little girl no older than six years old, with his hair and eye color. Next to her his arms encircling the woman's legs was a little boy with blonde hair and his green eyes. He was no older than three. The child she was carrying would be a surprise, Aiyame thought it would be a great little game for Midori and Kaijuri.




    The voices intermingled between his children, changing for a moment in front of his very eyes, his little girl ran toward him, her hand outstretched reaching for him. He shoved the memory away, and ensured his quirk was locked tight under his control. He only re-lived those moments when he was alone and in the privacy of his own company. His family was not something he would share with anyone.

    He had come too far to believe his mission was complete; it was far from finished.

    “I’ve been curious about you and your pet project. It seems quite extensive and I was curious how you managed to keep it hidden for so long. Ten years is a fascinating accomplishment.”

    The words from the other helped to ground him in the present rather than the past.

    “It is quite the accomplishment, but it wasn't without the proper resources and the right team. All for One was kind enough to lend us whatever we needed. The operation itself wasn’t complicated; most of it had to do with the American populace believing because of their laws that they were safe. This was just another one of his plans working as it should. The discourse it caused when the children of their Pro Heros were taken, was quite the damper to their spirits.”

    Shohei pressed up his glasses with the heel of his hand as he gave a small smile in the other’s direction.

    “It started quite the movement in the States, pushing for civilians the right to defend themselves, and brought about a different way Heroes were looked at. They were stripped of their glamour and fame and forced them to put their true skills to the test.”

    Compress tilted his head a moment before he removed his mask and let it sit to the side of his face, revealing a man in his early thirties as he listened to the older man speak. “Societies must crumble in some ways before things can go in any direction,” he casually agreed as he tucked his hands in his pockets of his black slacks and watched the next fight as it played out with a level of interest.

    “While All for One provided a certain level of resources, it still doesn’t explain how you managed to keep something of this magnitude from prying eyes,” he commented as there was a break in the current fight. He shot the older man a look and as the two of them sized each other up. It was perspicuous that Atsuhiro wasn’t just asking out of curiosity; there were other powers at play. It was also inferred by his tone, that he really didn’t like to have to repeat himself.

    Shohei gave a casual shrug, the last thing he cared about was what this little pion thought of him, but he would indulge him a little. He had to play nice as much as possible at least for now. Let them believe he was only here to help them, that his loyalties were only to the League, that his motives fell in line with his own.

    “My associates and I have unique abilities that allow us to hide in plain sight. So long as no one believes things should be any different, they will be exactly as they perceive. Do you know the abandoned hospital in the Old District?”

    The silver haired man asked, watching with amusement as the other man gaped at him for a moment, before he smiled in an attempt to cover his shock. It was too late, but none of that truly mattered anyway. He had already won this man's respect with a few well placed words. It was also obvious that Atsuhiro Sako knew of the location he’d mentioned, and had probably passed by it a lot given the area they frequented and the shadows they worked in.

    They live in an abandoned hospital. Itami’s area is located in the underground morgue which is accessed from one point in the hospital’s lowest floors and accessible from the elevators. The hospital has a kitchen area, several used and unused hospital rooms. The Orphans stay in one wing of the hospital that has large rooms for multiple patients sharing a room. The handlers stay in another wing or floor of the hospital. There are stairs to the various levels and working elevators for when the stairs can’t be used.

    To keep something as large as this under wraps for a decade was definitely something to be commended. Had it been anyone else there was little chance for such a thing to be as successful as he’d ensured it became.

    The other held out a hand toward him. “It will be a pleasure working with you Mr. Cross, ” he told him with a slight bow. Atsuhiro knew the dangers of a man like this, someone with his level.of quirk control was far more dangerous than most would understand. He was pleased to know he was on their side.

    Shohei let his fingers curl with the man’s own, and after a moment the two began to watch the match before them dwindled down.

    “In the name of good sportsmanship, who do you believe will win?” Compress asked, watching as the sword wielding boy leapt out of the way of flying kick and rotated his hand in a circle before one of his swords went shooting off as though spun like a throwing star in his opponents direction, forcing them to retreat and put more distance between them as they ran the length of the barrier that was still standing from before. Still, it had shrunk in size and the girl holding the barrier was beginning to look worn. This was the fourth straight fight where the barrier had stayed the whole time.

    Shohei was quiet for a moment as he considered the two who were and what they could do. Both had traded physical blows and were already testing themselves, the older woman with light brown hair infused with maroon strands at the ends of her high ponytail. Her cheeks were narrow, but her amber eyes were bright and a light with an inner fire as she darted to the left on swift nimble feet easily avoiding Jirou’s sword as it dug into the ground where she had been only moments before. The distance she could cover and her speed certainly gave her advantage.

    Svelte Nicholson was an exchange student from America who fell in with the wrong or right crowd being Toga and it was how she fell in the League when she and Dabi joined. She loved the freedom it gave her, to embrace her quirk without the fear of societal judgement. She’s joined their cause and fights for the same ideals as Stain and Shigaraki, an easy blend of the two.

    Her loyalty to Himiko Toga leaves many questioning their dynamic as it is very clear they are involved with each other but it seems as though their relationship is an open one, with men being on the table both together and separately.

    Shohei watched her eyes brighten into an almost manic light and was well aware of the high she was riding. He’d memorized everything he had on them, and while he would have chosen someone else, he couldn't deny Kaiya’s effectiveness in her choices and who she had paired up so far. She was consistently surpassing his expectations.

    “If Jirou can't find her weakness, he’ll lose. While it isn't ideal, these fights are to showcase their resolve and their abilities. It is expected that some of them will fail. Failure can build camaraderie, and these tests are set to build a bond and a level of trust, so you know who fights with you on the battlefield. These kids are weapons, but they are far from expendable.”

    Compress watched as Jirou rushed her going for hand-to-hand combat as the two traded blows and kept an almost even pace with each other. He could see that aside from the contempt that Sveta had when the fight had happened, the fight had allowed for something else to happen; a level of respect had been met. It was a step in the right direction, which only proved again another theory that Cross had mentioned.

    “Not bad, kid!” She called as her knee met his own. As his swords sliced right where she had been, as she had shoved against his chest to avoid the swords, putting a quick, short but effective level of distance between them. Jirou’s control and focus had to be on point, the slightest miscalculation would have resulted in him being impaled by his own weapons.

    “Time!” Kurogiri called out and both occupants inside the ring stopped before any of their blows could land. Both were panting for breath, but neither held the animosity they had before the fight had started.

    “Alright Jirou! I always knew you wouldn’t lose any fingers in this match!” Ayaka called from the sidelines as she flashed him a shit eating grin and didn’t bother to lower her hands from where she’d cupped them over her mouth to ensure she was heard by just about every soul in the room.

    Jirou’s dark cheeks flushed a lighter color in embarrassment as her words caused Sveta to give a laugh as well, the sound so low and feminine he thought it was nice to hear, even if it was at his expense.

    He did raise her two middle fingers before he bowed to the older woman and immediately advanced toward Ayaka, who’s dark eyes had widened and her hands dropped from her mouth and she looked for a place to flee but he was already upon her as he dragged his friend into a headlock. “Shut up!” He hissed lowly.

    The scene lowered the tension as many around gave a few chuckles at the scene.

    The orange barrier flickered twice before falling completely and the young girl who had held the barrier in place between Miho and Dabi’s fight, as well as Byakuya and Flickr’s and then Ayaka’s fight with Kurogiri. Then the five second match that was Eizan completely decimated his Nomu opponent, he hadn’t drawn out the fight as many had expected and instead ended it as quickly and as gruesomely as possible. To any one else he may have just been blowing smoke, but it had been a warning in his anger directed at Dabi and Miho’s innocent kiss from earlier. Then there was the most recent fight between Jirou and Sveta. She was panting, on her hands and knees, her small frame shaking as she tried to stand.

    Both men paused, surprised to see that it wasn’t one of the Orphans who had approached her but rather a black-haired man with golden eyes. They knew who he was. His name was Masaru Amano and when he kneeled down with a bottle of water in his hand, Shohei schooled his features, this was just the sort of development he’d been hoping to see. It was slow going, but he was pleased with how things had gone and he was sure they would only continue to increase.

    “Well isn't that interesting, ” Atsuhiro said to Shohei, but it was clear there was a level of interest in these new developments. He too was curious to see what would continue to happen, the way these kids might be able to shift the dynamic of the League, they were all bound by their ideals, but it may not hurt for them to build stronger bonds.

    “Interesting indeed, ” Mr. Cross agreed as he watched Kaiya step forward the moment the shield had begun to flicker. She had begun to speak quietly with Shigaraki, her shoulder pressed against his own, her posture relaxed and it was clear that despite what he could do, she didn’t fear him. He was most pleased with her continued developments.

    Shigaraki dropped his head and took a keener interest in what was happening below them. Kaiya held the folder out to him and began pointing out a few pairings who had yet to fight. He had no doubt she was moving the fights around to better allow Hayai-Chan the opportunity to rest and regain her strength.

    She waited, her posture relaxed, her gaze on him as she let him mull over her suggestion before he gave a slight nod of his head.

    Kaiya took control and drew the room to her and explained the change in plans before calling the next match.

    “Haru and Kageru please step forward!”

    As the next match was slow to take off, both men began to discuss other mundane topics…but it was clear the children weren’t the only ones bonding.

    #mha#bnha#shigaraki tomura #league of villains #mr compress#ocs#fanfiction#fanfic #i write too much #mha fluff#dark content #the plot thickens
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