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  • tenyaiidasdarling
    20.01.2022 - 22 minutes ago

    day 9 of tenya iida (lets pretend i didn't forget)

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  • ficpromptdealer
    20.01.2022 - 59 minutes ago

    Your fave talking while kissing you??? Imagine them saying stuff like "I love you," *kiss "you're so beautiful," *kiss "just beautiful and," *kiss "perfect for me." *kiss

    It's as if it punctuates and shows you that their words really are true. That you are the person they love. That they're not only telling you all this they're showing it too.

    @luvvmamaia @cupidkavia @mrskenmakozumethis

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  • ficpromptdealer
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    I'm thinking of being in a relationship with someone who has the opposite traits and likes of you.

    You might not like things that are super sweet but they do so when you get a gift that is sweet you bring it back to them for them to enjoy and they do vice versa giving you something that they might not like but you do.

    Or if it's raining and you absolutely love it but they don't so you try to make them see the beauty of it. Being cozy together, wrapped in a blanket, and enjoying hot cocoa while watching lightning strike. And you can see the small smile they have as they finally realize why you like it.

    Like think of the possibilities, you helping each other see the beauty of things.

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    @luvvmamaia @cupidkavia @uravichii @tobibam @mrskenmakozume this is what I could think of for now

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  • ladysunamireads
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Only Mate

    Only Mate by BlingBlingMaknae

    In which Shouto tries his best to give an upset, jealous Izuku space, but the whiny omega inside him is not having any of it.

    Words: 1488, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku

    Relationships: Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto

    Additional Tags: Omega Verse, Omega Todoroki Shouto, Alpha Midoriya Izuku, Out of Character, Fluff, Jealous Midoriya Izuku, This is so shallow lmao

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36545014

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  • nerdypuppytimemachine
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    Pairing: Todoroki Shouto x gn! Reader

    Warning: tooth-rooting fluff, prepare your toothbrush.

    Synopsis: You have fun booping Todoroki's nose every occasion possible.

    Author's note: another thing my brain decided to vomit at 7am this morning. Send help, my brain is bullying me with thoughts.

    All dividers by @firefly-graphics


    Todoroki looked at you with wide eyes, touching the nose you just booped.

    "What was that?" he asked with clear confusion in his low voice.

    It made you laugh. He looked just like a surprised cat, his eyes never leaving your form, following every little movement of yours.

    "A boop," you explained, but Todoroki was still staring, like that wasn't enough of an explanation. "It's for fun," you added.

    "Fun?" he repeated, and you could feel his confusion growing by the second.

    "Yes, it's like..." You stopped, thinking for a second. "A sign of affection."

    The boy's brows furrowed, like he was processing the information. You could almost hear the gears in his head.

    "Oh, OK," he then simply said and you smiled.

    A few days later, you stroke again. Todoroki was deep into his homeworks and didn't hear you coming. He had that little furrow between his brows, just like when he was thinking hard about something. You knew you could take him by surprise.

    And you did. Todoroki jumped slightly when you touched his nose gently with your finger, whispering a soft "Boop!" in his ear.

    He turned on his chair, looking at you with what seemed a shocked expression.

    "Wh--" he began but didn't finished, maybe too surprised by your presence without him noticing it.

    You sat next to him. "You were making a face," you said. "Thought you needed to be saved from..." You eyed his textbook. "... your English homework."

    He groaned. "It is a tricky exercice, I'm not sure to understand."

    "Want me to explain?" you said, smiling when he arched a brow in your direction. "I've already finished it."

    "Did you now?" he grinned, knowing you almost never did your English homeworks. Mic-sensei was so strict and his exercices were so tricky you gave up most of the time.

    "I did! Not showing, though, you might just copy my answers."

    Todoroki chuckled and said nothing else. Instead, he read the instructions for what seemed like the thousandth time. After a while, silence your only companion, he turned his head to you.

    "No booping?"

    You let out a startled laugh. "No. Don't want you to get used to it."

    Todoroki didn't answer and you two spent the end of the afternoon in confortable silence.

    A week later, Todoroki came in class in a bad mood. Everyone could feel it in his tense shoulders, his words even more rare than before and his eyes staring menacingly at his desk. Even Bakugou didn't approach him, sensing it was probably not the moment to provoke him.

    You sat next to him during lunch break and tapped his forearm lightly with you finger. When his eyes met yours, they softened and Todoroki seemed to relax just a bit.

    You tilted your head to the side : "Wanna talk about it?"

    Todoroki shook his head and ate his soba without a word. You accepted his silence and decided to stay next to him, eating your own food.

    From time to time, you could feel Todoroki's knee brushing yours and you simply brushed it back, thinking that it was a way of his to express something. You didn't know what, but you went along with it nonetheless.

    You spent the next months booping Todoroki's nose, giggling at every reaction you could get from him. If he was surprised and confused first, he quickly became used to it, to the point you couldn't surprise him anymore. But he was letting you, a small privilege that Mina complained about because Todoroki had "a boopable face" and he didn't let her boop him.

    "Only y/n," firmly said Todoroki after Mina asked him why, and he didn't elaborate.

    The comment made Mina snicker and you felt a strange heat creeping to your cheeks. After that, your friend went to Bakugou, trying to boop him at the risk of loosing her arms.

    You felt a pair of eyes on your back and you turned around, only to find Todoroki staring at you.

    "Do I really have a boopable face?" he asked. "Is that why you boop me all the time?"

    You laughed a little. "I mean... Yeah, it is. And I like the faces you're making."

    Todoroki raised a red eyebrow, question clear on his face. But Aizawa-sensei entered the classroom, not letting you the time to elaborate and making you miss the light blush on Todoroki's cheeks.

    After months of booping Todoroki's nose, he counterattacked in the most astounding way possible.

    You were complaining about class and Todoroki was listening as always, smiling when you were swearing or telling something funny to him. So focused on your story, you didn't notice the intensity of his eyes, the way they kept going back to something down your face or the tiny twitch of his fingers, the one he always had when he wasn't sure about something.

    And then, the little twitching stopped.

    And, without any warning at all, Todoroki leaned into your space, slowly enough for you to back down if needed, and you felt soft lips on yours.

    Your breath stopped. Your heart jumped and then missed a beat when Todoroki leaned back, looking at you with the sweetest smile you'd ever seen.

    "Boop," he said after a beat.

    You felt the blood suddenly rushing to your cheeks and ears, speechless.

    "Wha--" your voice came in like a squeak and you cleared your throat. "What was that?"

    Todoroki's smile grew wider. "A boop."

    "It was not!" you protested, your cheeks and ears burning now.

    "It was," he assured. "You said boops are a sign of affection. I just booped you to show you mine."

    "It was--" you began and stopped in your tracks. You had said that, yes, and he was right in a way, but--


    "Todoroki, that was clearly a kiss," you finally said, a rush of embarrassment making your face grew even hotter.

    "I know what a kiss is," he said vehemently. "But just now, I booped you."

    "No, you k--"

    He pressed his lips on yours again, very quickly, and looked at you.


    That was too much. He was too much. You hid you face in your hands and try to prevent a sentence full of profanities, or a scream or... you didn't know, but Todoroki was too much with his little smile, obviously proud of himself.

    "You were right," he chuckled. "I really like the face you're making."

    You recognized your own words and glared at him. A laugh bubbled in Todoroki's throat. His face was still close, a bit too much for a casual conversation.

    "You're teasing me," you complained.

    "Only teasing you back," he countered. After a few seconds, he put some distance between you two. "I apologize if it was too much, I won't do it again."

    "I don't mind," you said quickly. Maybe a bit too much, because Todoroki looked surprise for a second, before releasing a short breath.

    Oh, so he had been nervous.

    "You can... Um... Boop me again if you want..." you muttered. "I don't mind."

    And Todoroki showed you that he didn't mind either, and that even if it wasn't really a boop, it was your boop and you loved it.

    #boku no hero academia #bnha #my hero academia #mha#todoroki shouto #todoroki shoto x reader #todoroki shouto x reader #todoroki shouto x gn! reader #todoroki shoto x gn! reader #todoroki x you #todoroki x gender neutral reader #todoroki x reader #todoroki x y/n #todoroki fluff #shouto x you #shouto x y/n #shouto x reader #shouto fluff#mha fluff#bnha fluff#plu's writing
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  • akenoswife
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Peripheral Vision

    Katsuki Bakugou x Y/N

    Warnings: None, just fluff and maybe mildly suggestive

    A/N: Not proof read at all. Also it wouldn’t let me do yellow so Kaminari is pink lmao.

    “C’mon Bakugou-San, just watch them for a little bit? Please!” You said as you dragged your friend to the nearest balcony in the building, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fireworks with the rest of your friends.

    “Tsk, this is stupid. Dumbass I already said no, it’s cold, just fuck off.” He replied in classic Bakugou fashion

    You loved Bakugou, you were one of his best friends, and you knew him well enough to not take his harsh words to heart. Still, you didn’t particularly like hearing them.

    “Ok, The show starts in a few minutes, if you change your mind I’ll be over there with Mina-Chan and Kirishima-Kun”

    You said not wanting to push him to hard. It already took a lot to get him to come to the new years party so you didn’t want to push to much.

    He watched you walk away as he huffed, sitting on the couch alone. He heard footsteps coming from the bathroom behind him.

    “Kacchan, don’t you wanna watch the fireworks with your girlfriendddd?” Kaminari teased

    “OH FUCK OFF DUNCE FACE-“ He replied in a harsh tone

    “Geez chill out. I’m surprised you don’t like fireworks though, with your quirk and all” Kaminari said after dodging Bakugou’s arm

    “Yeah exactly? I can make fireworks anytime I want; so what’s the point of going out in the cold in a crowd and watching them?”

    “You can make fireworks I guess, but you have never watched them with her. She watches you train all the time dude, she likes looking at your little explosions. You do like her don’t you? Don’t you want to see her all excited about the fireworks.”

    “That’s the stupidest thing you have ever said, and that’s saying something.”

    “Whatever dude! T-Minus 3 minutes.”

    Bakugou sat on the couch in thought about what his friend said. You did watch him train a lot? And you did call his quirk “pretty” once? I guess you do like explosions.

    He was a little more alarmed with the fact Kaminari had caught on to his crush on you. He really thought he was being subtle. He really hoped you didn’t know.

    Fuck it, it’s a two minute experience, plus if it sucked he could make bigger, better, explosions and show everyone a REAL show.

    He walked out 30 seconds before the show started and stood, elbows perched on the balcony right next to you. You had saved him a spot.

    “Bakugou! You came! Yay I knew I was convincing.” You said with a big grin

    “Whatever. I just wanna prove how stupid this is.” he replied

    Your eyes were fixated at the sky, waiting in anticipation for the fireworks.

    Bakugou’s gaze lingered on you; the way you were snuggled up in your scarf. The childlike wonder your eyes held. Maybe this was worth it.

    “FIVE… FOUR… THREE… TWO… ONE…” said everyone in unison. All the couples around you kissed, making Bakugou wonder if maybe that’s why you wanted him out here? 

    Your gaze never faltered from the sky, and you were mesmerized. The way your face lit up brighter than any of the explosions almost maybe Bakugou laugh. He wasn’t even looking at the fireworks, until you told him to of course.

    “KATSUKI LOOK! LOOK AT THAT ONE! WOW THAT ONE IS HUGE” You said, grabbing onto his sweater and pointing to the sky.

    He was really happy everyone was distracted with their makeout sessions, because he couldn’t help but smile at you. Not to mention the blush forming on his face with the use of his given name. He had never seen anybody look more pretty than you did right now. The reflection of the fireworks in your big e/c eyes. He wanted you to look at him that way. The way you looked at the sky with pure wonder, HE wanted that. Then he remembered what his friend said.

    “She likes your little explosions”

    Is this how… you look at him? Is this what you look like when he’s distracted and not looking.

    The show stopped and his smile faded. You still had a smile on your face, but the wonder in your eyes had faltered.

    “Was it worth it?” You asked him

    “Maybe” he replied with a grin, putting his arm around you

    “It’s still fucking freezing though, let’s get inside” he said

    “I like the cold, it makes you cuddly” you teased, gesturing to his arm

    “Shut up” he said, turning more red by the minute

    “Thanks for doing that for me, it was almost as cool as watching your explosions” you said once you got inside

    His heart was surely about to make his heart explode with that sentence, he needed to tell you, he needed to kiss you and he needed to see you look at him like that.

    “Y/N” he scoffed

    “Hmm?” you said, hanging up your jacket

    “I… I umm” he stuttered for maybe the first time in his life, putting his hands on your shoulders to face him.

    “I wasn’t watching the fireworks” he said, with a very serious tone in his voice

    “I know.” you replied, matching his tone

    “What do you mean you know?!” He said, pushing his hands off of you

    “Ever heard of such a thing called peripheral vision Katsuki?” you smirked, this time guiding his hands to your waist

    But you were so enthralled with the fireworks? How could you have possibly noticed his gaze?

    “I like you too, if that is what you were going to tell me.” you said with confidence

    “Who said I liked you?” He replied, trying to gain the upper hand. He hated being flustered

    “Oh you don’t like me! I guess that means no new years kiss for you!” you said, dramatically picking up your coat and trying to walk away

    He grabbed your wrist and pulled you into him “I’m getting more than a ‘new years kiss’ he said with a smirk”

    And then he kissed you. He smashed his lips against yours, so forcefully you dropped your jacket. It was aggressive but it was intentional. Every move he made had a ocean of feeling behind it.

    He pulled away and looked down at you, and there were those pretty eyes. Those deer-in-headlights, awe filled eyes. That same look you had when you saw the fireworks were now directed at him.

    The year had just started and already he felt like the world could end right then and there and he would be happy.

    #bnha #bnha x y/n #mha x reader #mha x y/n #mha #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugo fluff #bakugou x reader #bnha x you #bakugou x y/n #bakugou katsuki#katsuki bakugou
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  • berrytimefields
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    preview of my new oneshot!

    coming soon!

    bakugou katsuki x sweet! fem! reader

    #bakugou x you #soft bakugou #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugou katsuki #sweet!reader #innocent reader#bnha fluff#bnha#mha bakugou#mha fluff #strangers to lovers #salon au
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  • dabistit
    20.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Hi! So I’ve decided I would like to begin writing on tumblr and I’m open to requests! (See rules below)

    (Also I may add more rules later)

    Send your requests to my asks please!

    My rules for requests-

    What I won’t write:

    🍓 Male reader (I’m sorry I’m just used to writing for female readers! I can do they/them pronouns if that’s better tho!)

    🍓 NSFW. Listen I’m sorry but I’m still working on getting used to writing for this but I’m currently not comfortable enough. There is limit for me currently like full on the nasty 😃.

    🍓 Incest !

    🍓 Pedophilia

    🍓 Underaged characters I will not write for unless platonic (only friends platonic not siblings or anything please!)

    🍓 Trans readers. Nothing against it! I just do not know how to write for it correctly. (I’m also working on this)

    What I will write-

    🍒 fluff, angst, anything like that

    🍒 Head cannons

    🍒 Maybe something longer if I feel like it 😓

    🍒 Reader x character of course

    🍒 You can request up to 3 characters for head cannons

    Characters I will write for


    I’m comfortable writing for them

    Im okay with this and can write for them

    Im a little iffy but I’ll try if anyone asks!

    My hero academia


    Mr compress

    Demon Slayer

    Uzui (I do not write with his wife’s in included)

    Obey me

    Luke (platonic only)

    (I know there are other characters but I have not gotten to those lessons yet! So please be patient!)

    Hunter x Hunter


    Once again I may about this later on! Feel free to request whatever just follow my rules!

    Thanks 💕💞

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  • lou-struck
    20.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Not me thinking about... The day you are getting married to Izuku Midoriya. Everything is just perfect. After spending hours getting ready with the rest of the bridal party you are finally ready to walk down the aisle to marry the love of your life.

    An A awestruck gasp is heard throughout the crowd as they take in your appearance. You just look so beautiful, so handsome, so perfect.

    A heavy blush covers your groom's face as he realizes how truly lucky he is to spend the rest of his life with you. You make your way down the aisle to the beat of your favorite song as you finally stand face to face with him. All Might begins to officiate the ceremony when you see how nicely he fills out his suit. His freckled fade is covered in tears as his wobbly smile breaks into a toothy grin.

    You take his scarred hands in your own as you say your vows and kiss him passionately after the I do’s. Walking out of the venue hand in hand he pulls you to the side. “I have something to show you,” he says softly as he begins slowly removing his suit jacket and unbuttoning the front of his dress shirt. You look around nervously in case any passersby stumble across this scene, but they all seem to be at the reception waiting for the lovebirds to finish up with their business. Enraptured you watch his calloused fingers work their way through the shirt before he pulls the sides apart revealing not his bare chest or even an undershirt but instead a single white t-shirt with a single word printed on the front in black lettering; Suit.

    You walk away...

    #bnha x reader #bnha fluff #my hero academia #bnha#izuku mydoria#bnha deku #deku x reader #mha izuku #izuku x reader #izuku midoriya x reader #deku#izuku midoriya#izuku fluff#izuku drabble
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  • screechingdestinytrash
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago
    Baku pretends to hate that Kiri is taller than him, but come on, even blasty has to admit that he gives the *best* hugs
    #bnha eijiro kirishima #bakushima #bakugou x kirishima #kiribaku #bnha bakugo katsuki #bnha#fluff
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  • ificouldhelpyouforget
    20.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    My Light in a Dark Place (Tamaki Amajiki x OFC) – One


    A/N: Posting will be slow for this as I am still writing it, but I'm so excited to share this new work. Please make sure to check the description of this story because there will be triggering situations in future chapters. You've been warned (a second time). Thank you to those who will be reading this. Tamaki is an interesting character to write for, but it is a fun experience pondering over his personality and habits that naturally change with age. I look forward to going on this journey with you!

    Chapter Warnings: None

    Words: 3.4k

    If you would like to be tagged in future chapters, let me know!

    Yuki Osaki takes a deep breath, turning the lock on the door. The morning sun pours in through the windows lining the front of the building. A red neon sign above the door hums to let passing people know the store is open for the day. Yuki is ready, her smile as genuine as each flower she has to offer.

    Ever since Yuki was young, her heart and soul went into gardening whether it was vegetables, fruits, or flowers. Both her mother and father spent most of their free time outside with nature, a trait that passed down to their daughter. But with Quirks like theirs, there wasn't much to do about it.

    They couldn't control plants or sprout any from their bodies, but each member of Yuki's family could glow in some form or fashion; the sun being their source of energy and power. Taking care of foliage was easy for the Osakis due to their ability to produce enough light to nurture plants. Her father's Quirk allowed him to emit ultraviolet light while her mother could create enough light to give the plants warmth when they needed it. Yuki inherited both abilities.

    Before Yuki was accepted at U.A. for high school, she lost both parents in a villain attack. Neither were on duty and tried to save civilians caught in the crossfire. Ever since then, she vowed to never become a hero like them. Fear wasn't the reason why she decided that. It was her family's dream that did. As soon as Yuki got her general education degree from U.A., she opened up the flower shop her parents always wanted. A shop she lovingly calls Kagayaku Osaki aka Glowing Osaki. To this day, she has no regrets.

    Most days are slow. Big holidays do well enough to make up for the bad days. Some days don't meet her goals either, but it doesn't stop Yuki from working hard. Nothing does.

    Like she does every day, Yuki smiles at the people who peer in from the sidewalk. They usually walk on, but she hopes her smile encourages them to think of her shop when they need plants.

    Her phone vibrates with a text from Eijiro Kirishima, one of her best friends. It's a short text wishing her a good morning and a good workday. Her lavender eyes sparkle, and she replies with her own well wishes for his day of hero work.

    Throughout high school, Yuki didn't keep many friends. She had a few people she spoke to regularly in her class, but her main focus was graduating and continuing with her parents' work, making their dream business a reality. It wasn't until a few years after graduation when Yuki met Kirishima, Ochako Uraraka, and Izuku Midoriya. Through those three, she met even more people, but those three became her closest friends. Especially Kirishima.

    While her store is empty, Yuki checks over her stock on the floor and in her coolers along with giving each plant the proper amount of water to make it through the day. If any orders come in overnight, she adds that to her morning fulfillment list. On slow days, Yuki spends quite a bit of time searching for things to do. And much to her disappointment, today is that sort of day.

    Once 11 a.m. rolls around, Yuki closes up shop for lunch. It's been too long since I've treated myself. She gathers her purse and shop keys, flipping the switch on her open sign as she walks out the door. Yuki turns the key right as someone calls out to her.

    "Are you Yuki Osaki? Oh, are you closed?"

    Yuki turns and freezes. She doesn't notice her keys slipping out of her fingers as three familiar people walk up to her. U.A.'s Big Three stand before her: Nejire Hado, Mirio Togata, and Tamaki Amajiki.

    The Big Three have been on Yuki's watchlist since high school. They became popular as a trio during her third year – their third year as well. She didn't get the chance to get to know them being in a different course, but she cheered from afar. And much to her embarrassment, she still checks in on the three in their respective agencies. She hears firsthand about Tamaki since Kirishima works with him and Fat Gum. All their incredible work and they are standing right in front of Yuki.

    Mirio, the cheerful blond, bends over to grab Yuki's keys for her. "Oops! Here you go!"

    She takes them, licking her dry lips, and gazing at the heroes in awe. "You're... the Big Three."

    "We haven't heard that name in years!" Nejire grins, running her hands through her periwinkle hair. "Did you go to U.A., too?"

    Yuki nods. "General education. Same year." I've seen how they've changed over the years in the news, but I can't believe how much more different they are in person! "I never... I'm sorry. I'm a huge fan of you guys. I'm kinda at a loss right now."

    "Really?" Mirio rubs the back of his neck. "We're honored."

    Mirio's hair is shorter than it used to be, no longer sticking up in a way that reminds her of Kirishima. His smile is still the same though, and his cheerful blue eyes. When he got his Quirk back, Mirio went back to being the same guy everyone knew him as, but sometimes the darkness from the League of Villains stuck around in his stare.

    Nejire still holds a fairy-like quality about her. Her periwinkle hair is much longer and tamer than in high school. When Nejire glances up at Mirio, it's easy to see the admiration in her blue eyes toward the man, her fiancé. When Yuki found out about the engagement, she did a little dance in her kitchen. They were perfect together.

    Behind Mirio and Nejire looking down at his feet is Tamaki. His indigo hair is as long as Nejire's was in high school, the top still holding some of the spikiness it had back then. He has it up in a ponytail with shorter sections framing his face. The section that always fell over his face is still present. Despite the hair change, Tamaki is still as timid as ever. Yuki is amazed how he can be fearful one second and kick ass the next.

    "I'm honored you're... here." Yuki pulls herself together and smiles. "Did you need help with anything?"

    "We came by to ask about flowers for our wedding. Tama said his coworker, Kirishima, recommended you," Nejire says. "But it looks like you're closed.'

    "Oh! I was on my way to lunch, but I'll happily open back up to assist you guys." Thank you, Kiri. You've made my whole day. Yuki rushes to unlock the door. "I usually wait until closer to 1 p.m. to eat lunch, but it's been a little slow."

    Mirio holds the door open for everyone. "Is it usually slow?"

    "Sometimes. Holidays are the busiest. Tuesdays tend to be the slowest day of the week, so that's probably why. Weekends are pretty busy though." A blush creeps up on her face. "I'm talking too much. I'm still a bit flustered." Yuki shuffles behind the counter, bringing out her binder of wedding options and a notepad. "Okay. Let's start with what you two are looking for."

    "How'd you know it's our wedding?" Mirio asks as he wraps an arm around Nejire's shoulders.

    His fiancé rolls her eyes. "It's been all over the papers since we announced it, Miri."

    Yuki nods. "And I may or may not have news of you three set to notify me on my phone."


    "I'm not kidding when I say I've been fans of you three since high school. I'm also a fan of Red Riot." Yuki grins at the three friends. "But I know him personally."

    "He's very nice and has helped Tama break out of his shell a bit over the years," Nejire says.

    Yuki's skin begins to glow, but she suppresses it before anyone notices. "He's good at encouraging others." She opens the binder. "Anyway, do you have colors picked out? Or any ideas for flowers?"

    "We don't have any specific colors," Nejire replies. "I want a lot of greenery for a natural feel and maybe adding some white flowers would be nice. Simple and classy."

    "The white against a rich green would look gorgeous. Is there a flower you had in mind like lilies or roses?"

    The lady hero looks at Tamaki. "What was it you said would look nice, Tama?"

    The indigo-haired man blushes from the attention but meets Nejire's stare. "Uh... daisies."

    "That's it! Daisies! What do you think, Miss Osaki?"

    Perfect for the two of them. "I think daisies are a lovely choice. Daisies stand for new beginnings, which I think is perfect for a wedding. Daisies also bring a summer brightness most flowers don't because of the pop of yellow." Yuki smiles at Tamaki who shifts his gaze away. "Good idea."

    He murmurs a thank you.

    "Tamaki will warm up to you," Mirio says. "Especially if we visit you a lot."

    "Oh, that won't be necessary after today. Most communications between me and the bride can happen via email or phone. Unless... you want to come by. I won't complain."

    "We'll be friends!" Nejire exclaims. "Since we didn't get to know each other during high school, we can now."

    Mirio nods. "What do you think, Tamaki?"

    The shy hero peers up at the three, having a hard time looking at Yuki for more than a few seconds. "S-Sure."

    Friends with the Big Three?! I think I need to lie down. "O-Okay." Yuki notices her skin taking on a brighter tone again, but she can't stop it and flushes. It makes her skin shine more. So much that it makes her pale hair appear to glow. "Oh! I'm so sorry. I can't believe my Quirk activated at a time like this... I'm much better at controlling it than right now."

    Tamaki watches curiously as Yuki's skin appears to shine brighter than the sun pouring in.

    "You glow?" Mirio asks with squinted eyes.

    "Uh, yeah. Again, I usually have better control of it... but I've looked up to you guys for so long and now you all want to be my friends and I can't keep my Quirk from activating. This happens when I'm really happy. I'm terribly sorry for this."

    "You're so cute!" Nejire grins. "You don't have to apologize! I'd love to see you glow like this more! Although, we might need sunglasses."

    Her words cause more light to spill out of Yuki. "Oh, dear... I'd never get work done because I'd have to sleep constantly." Yuki regains a little control over herself, taking down the brightness. "Glowing takes up a lot of energy if I use it for extended periods of time. I'd hate to fall asleep while helping you with flowers." Her skin takes on the shine of a dying flashlight.

    "We'll let you rest if that happens. I like that you shine when you're happy."

    "Well, thank you, Miss Hado," Yuki says. "Most people find it annoying. Aizawa helped me a lot over the last few years to get some control over it when my emotions are running high. No amount of training helps when I'm caught off-guard though..."

    Nejire opens her mouth, but Tamaki speaks first. "Why... Why do they f-find it annoying?"

    The engaged couple shares a look of curiosity and surprise.

    "Oh, um... I guess because it can be too bright like you just saw. I never ask when they tell me to cut it out, so I'm not sure."

    "Your Quirk isn't... It isn't annoying."

    Yuki smiles and her skin grows in brightness for a few seconds before she tames it again. "Thank you, Mr. Amajiki." Oh, my God. Did he really just...? Ah!

    Mirio chuckles. "You don't have to be so proper with us. Please call us by our first names. We're friends now."

    The Big Three shield their eyes as a flash of light bursts from Yuki until she takes a few slow breaths and ducks behind her counter. Kiri is getting the biggest hug when I see him tonight! "Then... Then please call me Yuki."

    "Cute!" Nejire giggles at Yuki still hiding behind the counter to calm her Quirk.

    It takes a minute, but once Yuki settles down, she gets right to business in planning the floral decorations for the wedding.

    Tamaki and Mirio watch the women plan and design, only giving their thoughts when prompted. Mirio spends some time studying his best friend who keeps glancing at the florist with a new look in his indigo eyes. Mirio hopes Tamaki's courage grows with Yuki in their friend group now. To see him speak up and encourage her the way that he did proves Tamaki has grown up a lot. All Mirio wants is to see his friend be the confident man he knows Tamaki is under all the timidness and anxiety. Only time will tell.

    "Eijiro Kirishima!" Yuki shouts as she bursts through the door of his apartment. Mina Ashido and Katsuki Bakugou are there as well, but Yuki goes past them to leap into the arms of her best friend.

    "You're too damn loud, Rudolph!" Katsuki shouts.

    "Says the one yelling," Mina snickers, nudging the blond playfully. "Let her be excited, Katsuki."

    Kirishima holds Yuki up, hands under her thighs while her arms and legs wrap around him. "What's going on, Yuki? Did work go well today?"

    "Why didn't you tell me you suggested my business to the Big Three?!"

    "Oh, right! I forgot I did that. I guess they finally came by?."

    "I was so happy that I couldn't keep my Quirk under control!"

    Bakugou grumbles. "You're still doing it, nerd."

    "Plus, they want to be my friends!" Yuki plants a sloppy kiss on Kirishima's cheek. "You are the best friend I could ever ask for, Kiri!"

    His face starts to match the shade of spikey hair on top of his head. "I just figured since Tamaki mentioned his friends getting married I'd suggest you for their flowers. I really didn't expect him to say anything to them. I guess he talks to them easier than me and Fat Gum."

    Yuki still hangs onto her friend even as he begins to rummage through the kitchen for something to eat. "He's a good friend to them and wants to help them have a perfect wedding. Of course, he was going to tell them." Yuki squeezed Kirishima. "I'm so happy."

    "And I'm happy you're happy, Yuki."

    "You'd think she just found a boyfriend with that glow," Mina says, peering over the back of the couch.

    Kirishima laughs. "She did have a huge crush on Mirio in high school from what she's told me. But once he and Nejire started dating, Yuki quit crushing on him." He pokes Yuki's sides, but she still hangs on. "She claims she doesn't like him anymore, but I don't know. Honestly, I suspect she might have a little crush on Tamaki."

    She scoffs and stares at him. "I do not like Mirio anymore. He's perfect for Nejire. And I don't have a crush on Tamaki. Sure, he is an amazing hero and is easy on the eyes, but that doesn't mean I have a crush on him."

    "Amajiki is pretty cute," Mina agrees. "His hair is so long and looks great on him! I was surprised when I first saw how long it'd gotten."

    "It does make him look cooler out in the field," Kirishima says. "But Tamaki is way too anxious to be a boyfriend anyway. Even if they share mutual feelings down the road, it'll never go anywhere."

    The glow of Yuki's skin finally dies down to a comfortable level and she slumps in Kirishima's arms. A sigh leaves her lips, and she rests her chin on his shoulder.

    "Don't worry, Yuki," Kirishima starts, noticing how quickly her shine dimmed. "I'm sure if it's meant to be, no amount of anxiety will keep true love from winning overall."

    Katsuki groans. "Stop talking about that girly shit. It's annoying. We're supposed to be watching a movie. Have your girl talk to you after I leave."

    Mina smirks at him. "You're welcome to walk out right now. I'd rather talk about this than watch whatever action movie you pick. Plus, Sero and Denki aren't even here yet."

    "I'm excited to call my favorite heroes my friends now," Yuki mumbles against Kirishima's neck while the other two argue over movies. "And I get to provide flowers for a wedding I only dreamed of working... Oh, my God... I'm providing their flowers!" Her head pops up. "What if I screw up and they never want to be my friend?" Yuki starts muttering to herself as quickly as Midoriya does when he's thinking through something.

    "Hey, uh, you guys start without me when the other guys show up," Kirishima says, holding Yuki closer as he walks to his room, leaving his sandwich behind. He ignores Mina's lewd comments about them hiding away in his room.

    Yuki is still going down the slippery slope of self-degradation when Kirishima places her on the edge of his bed. He grabs her face in his large hands, forcing her to look at him. Any glow she had is gone.

    "Don't do this to yourself, okay? You have an incredible talent with flowers and plants and stuff like that. There's no way you're going to mess up their wedding. Togata and Hado won't be upset if anything goes wrong either." Kirishima pokes Yuki's nose and smiles when her lips turn up. "Don't be so hard on yourself. They want your skills for the biggest day of their lives, and you should be proud of that when they could've gone to anyone."

    "You recommended me to them."

    "And for good reason. Cheer up, Yuki."

    She falls back onto his bed and lets out a long sigh. "Okay. Thanks, Kiri."

    "What are friends for?"

    She hums. "Is it okay if I stay here tonight? I don't have the energy left to make it home now that the sun is gone for the day. I'm exhausted."

    "Of course. If you want, you can start resting up now. I'll make sure Bakugou isn't too loud. Oh, and you can borrow anything of mine to sleep in, too." Kirishima smiles as she crawls under his bed covers. "Want me to come back here or sleep on the couch?"

    Yuki hugs his pillow to her chest. "Do I have to answer that? You know my answer."

    "I know, I know. I just want to make sure you're okay with it every time." He leans over and presses a quick kiss to her head. "I'll see you in a few hours. Get some rest."

    "Thank you, Eijiro."

    The sound of his door shutting lulls Yuki to sleep, her body desperate to recharge from her high energy usage. Her dreams are filled with flowers, sunshine, and her new friends. The joyous feeling carries over into the waking world later on when Kirishima accidentally nudges her out of her dreams when he crawls into bed with her.

    "Sorry," he whispers, taking the pillow from her to use. "Go back to sleep, Yuki."

    Yuki groans and quickly replaces the pillow with her friend's warm body. She rubs her face against his shoulder. He's pretty solid compared to other people due to his Quirk, but he's still comfortable to sleep on.

    "You know we won't be able to do this when either of us starts dating. Most people don't like their partners cuddling up with someone else."

    "You say that all the time..." Yuki yawns. "I'm pretty sure we're doomed to be single forever. Well... at least I am."

    "Don't be like that. We'll both find our loves someday."

    "Our pact still stands?"

    "Of course. But if you don't date anyone because of it, I'll back out. You need to put yourself out there when the opportunity arises."

    "Yeah, sure. Okay. Go to sleep now. I'm still tired."

    "Sleep well." Kirishima turns to face Yuki and wraps her up in his arms. "I'll wake you up for work."

    "Thanks, Kiri. You're... You're the best." I would be lost without you. I hope you know that. Thanks for being my best friend.

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    My Light in a Dark Place Masterlist

    "I'm the one that glows... but you are my light in all the darkness in here." She points to her head. "I wouldn't be where I am without you, Tama..."

    ***There are triggering scenes in this story. I will put a warning above chapters that contain said scenes. There will also be mature scenes and mature talk. - THIS IS YOUR WARNING - Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with nonconsensual sex (not heavily detailed), sexual scenes, suggestive talk, and some language. This story is rated mature for a reason.***

    • One

    #tamaki amajiki #Tamaki Amajiki x ofc #original female character #ofc#original character#oc #original male character #omc#mha #my hero academia #mha fanfiction #boku no hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia fanfiction #bnha fanfiction#angst#fluff#mature #tamaki amajiki fanfiction #my hero academia fanfiction
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    Yes Thoughts, all of them are Super “Indebted” Todoroki

    You know that man is mentally scarred so if you were free him from his chains of trauma and insufferableness by being yourself and loving him, he will not hesitate to regard you a deity and do anything for you.

    Literally Anything.

    Guess what, he finished his patrol early, has cleaned everything around the house, and makes sure you come home with a meal already on the stove

    He bought like 24 cookbooks when y’all moved in together so he could show you his gratitude and also because he sucks at cooking anything not soba related

    “Hey, Sho. I had a pretty bad day today so—.” Already left for the bathroom cabinet. He has returned with a bottle of acetaminophen in his right hand and a cup of water in his left, and you can hear the bath water running.

    “Please tell me about it, Y/N. I’m here to listen to you and help in any way I can. I’ve also started the bath for you, if you would like one.”

    If you happen to come home before him, cook your own food, and go to bed alone, he’ll return and make your lunch for the next few days to “apologize for leaving you by yourself”

    Also whatever you left for him when he came home is gone. All of it. A sticky note is now on the fridge thanking you like you healed him from the brink of death or something.

    You like to collect those sticky notes like children collect stones. “Hey, wanna see the sticky notes my husband leaves me?”

    If he has a day off that you don’t also have he doesn’t. No exceptions. He’d rather work himself into the ground than relax at home without his angel.

    …actually he won’t anymore because you told him that was incredibly unhealthy and that your presence should not be a requisite to his happiness so now he just stays home and cooks.

    But sometimes, Shoto will go to the arcade and do things he never experienced as a child. He’ll also draw pictures of things he saw on his walk so he can show them to you when you get home and, on occasion, Midoriya. He’s actually a very good artist.

    You both have a day off? No. It’s your day off. Best believe he’s doing everything to spoil and pamper you. Not like you ask or anything. In fact you asked if he wanted to switch places. Multiple times.

    “Darling, I’m already on Cloud 9 having the chance to care for you like this. This is my day off.” Okay, weirdo.

    When he finally lets you be the caring spouse for once, he can not stop staring at you with pure unadulterated love. When you sit him in between your legs to comb his hair for him (sooo fucking soft btw), he is literally in heaven.

    You can cook him a boiled and salted potato and he will eat it like he has lived in the Sahara Desert for years. You can cook him a Beef Wellington like Gordon Ramsay and he’ll swallow it like a feral cat living in under an alley way dumpster. The fact that you made it makes it godly.

    Fun challenge time! Go to the mall with him and convince him not to buy you anything. Do your best!! You will fail.

    “You deserve all the happiness I can provide you, and I don’t mind if it’s materialistic.”

    Nice! I don’t need 4 more shirts repping my comfort show and a Studio Ghibli bracelet.

    You’re depressed? Feeling worthless? That’s cute. He will hold you and list his favorite things about you, except he’s just listing the things he noticed about you and calling them “precious” and “adorable”.

    You’re literally amazing to him and he’s NOT letting you forget it.

    ((These next few hcs are NSFW btw, so piss off minors it’s for your safety.))

    In bed he is completely submissive to you and you only. His biggest priority is always your pleasure.

    Yes, body worship is on the table. He regards you as a deity, remember? Every part of you is incredible and he wants you to believe him when he says it.

    He loves being degraded, it’s honestly adorable. The idea that he’s nothing compared to you and yet is who you choose to be intimate with is already getting him hard, and for you to enforce it? He’s melting!

    He can be dominant, too, if you ask. His favorite thing is marking you because you always end up showing it off later whether he put it in easy to cover places or not.

    He does try to put it in easy to cover places. He may act like an animal then but he truly doesn’t want to embarrass you (even though he loves it when people notice, no matter how embarrassed he acts).

    When he bottoms out in you he’s telling you he loves you, when he’s about to release he’s telling you he loves you, when he feels like you truly own him he’s telling you he loves you. He doesn’t say a lot most of the time, but he’s going to be as honest as he wants here.

    #mha imagines #bnha x reader #mha x reader #anime#bhna fluff#todoroki headcanons #todoroki x reader #shoto x reader #shouto imagines#bnha headcanons #todoroki x you #mha headcanons#mha scenarios#bnha scenarios #mha x you #shoto todoroki
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    Undercover Wild Cat, Chapter Five

    Description: The fight continues between the students and heroes! Shigaraki says some thing that strikes something in Sasha, and she feels guilt eat at her by the end of it.

    Warning: Cursing, Violence, etc.

    OC credit: @jix-the-dragon

    Art Credit: @jabberwockyface

    And so they continued.

    Sasha, Bakugou, and Eijirou; ran across the USJ as fast as they could. They sliced, pummeled, and blew up all enemies who were unlucky enough to cross paths with them.

    “These guys aren’t that strong,” Eijirou commented, looking back at a villain Sahsa had taken down. With how fast she ran and Bakugou using his explosion, it was getting a bit hard to keep up. “I mean, we’re kicking ass!”

    Sasha nodded. “Yeah. I guess they didn’t have to be strong with enough of them. And they brought a lot.” She shook her head. “Doesn’t matter! We’ll keep going and take down anyone who gets in the way!”

    “Oi! Be quiet, Extras!” Bakugou yelled back.

    Sasha glared forward. “You be quiet! Your explosions are louder than me! Focus on what’s ahead of us, Blasty!”

    “Don’t call me-..” He cut himself off, the sight before making his eyes narrow. “There they are.."

    You followed his gaze. All Might seemed to be losing to.. Well, you had no clue what that was. Not yet at least.

    The more you focused, the more concerned you became. All Might was bleeding from his side. And barreling straight towards Kurogiri was Izuku and Bakugoui.

    “You two, think before you-!” Sasha couldn’t even finish, the sound of Bakugou’s quirk going off being loud enough to stop her mid-sentence.

    Then just like that, the temperature dropped. The monster holding All Might began to freeze over and Sasha followed the trail of ice to the culprit.

    Todoroki began to speak. “One of your thugs told me you’re here because you think you can kill All Might.”

    Thanks to his ice, All Might was able to break free. He flipped himself away from the monster, landing beside Todoroki. Sasha noticed how he immediately gripped his injured side, groaning in pain. And apparently, she wasn’t the only one, as Izuku quickly voiced his concern.

    Eijirou ran from behind Sasha, letting out a battle cry and jumping at Shigaraki who quickly dodged. Her eyes went wide and she quickly ran to stand behind him. She couldn’t comprehend why he would jump at the leader like that, but she decided to save her worrying for later. Right now, she had to have his back. She was still undercover as a UA student after all.

    “Damn, I missed! That was gonna be cool..” He grumbled. Sasha looked at him, admittedly amused by his comment.

    “I think there are bigger concerns, but get it, I guess.” She chuckled, looking back to AShigaraki. The two exchanged looks that were indescribable to Eijirou, but he simply shook it off.

    “Guess I found your body that time, ya smokey bastard.” Bakugou grinned smugly, his tone condescending.

    Todoroki decided to cut in, finishing his earlier thoughts. “The symbol of peace will not be defeated by delinquents like you.” He stated rather coldly. (Pun Intended)

    Sasha glanced at Todoroki, almost wanting to chuckle. If only he knew just who they were dealing with. If they were just a group of delinquents, she probably wouldn’t even be there.

    It was then that everyone turned to face Shigaraki, almost surrounding him as the ground around them remained littered with villains. Sasha had struggled to make it over with stepping on someone, not that she’d care.

    Shigaraki looked around before looking to Kurogiri. “... Kurogiri. How could you let this brat get the best of you? You’ve gotten us into a real jam here…” He sounded exasperated but spoke so calmly that it put Sasha on edge.

    Bakugou snickered and looked down at the mass of shadows. “Heh! You got careless, you dumb villain. It wasn’t hard to figure you out. Only certain parts of your body can be used to make that warp gate. And you use the mist to hide those parts as a distraction. That’s why we missed.” He said with his hand over Kurogiri’s armor.

    Sasha looked over at Kurogiri, gently tapping her claw against her neck and finishing for Bakugou. “And that neck guard certainly isn’t keeping any secrets. That means even you aren’t untouchable.”

    Kurogiri attempted to move, making Bakugou set off a few explosions against the metal. “Don’t make any moves. Heh!” He leaned down. “You try anything funny and I’ll blow your ass up so bad that they’ll be piecing you back together for weeks.”

    “Ohh, that doesn’t sound very heroic.” Eijjirou said to Bakugou, an amused smile on his face.

    Sasha chuckled and nodded. “Tell me about it. Geez, Bakugou..” She shook her head. “But you heard him. I’d stay put if I were you.”

    Suddenly, Tomura spoke up.

    “They escaped uninjured and captured my two strongest men.. Kids these days really are amazing. They make the league of villains look like amateurs. Can’t have that.” He turned to the monster that had been still the entire time. “Nomu.”

    We watched in shock as it began to sink into one of Kurogiri’s portals, making odd noises as it did. Then it began to pull itself back out before shattering off its own arm. It struggled to stand for a moment but succeeded.

    “How is that thing still moving? It’s all messed up..” Izuku mumbled.

    Sasha took a step back, eyes wide. “All messed up? It just tore its arm off and didn’t even flinch. That thing is completely unnatural.” She said. Did it really not feel a thing?

    All Might called for everyone to stay back. Then, as if it heard her, the rest of the ice where the arm had been popped off and revealed a lump of growing muscle. Sasha and her classmates watched in horror as it regenerated into an arm.

    “Huh? I thought its quirk was shock absorption!” Sasha called out.

    “I never said that was his only quirk.” Shigaraki shrugged. “He also has super regeneration.n Nomu has been modified to take you on, All Might. Even at 100% of your power. He’s basically a highly efficient punching bag that hits back.”

    As the thing called “Nomu” stood tall, Sasha and the others prepared themselves for a fight. They quickly became more serious, taking on combat stances.

    “But first, we need to free our method of escape. Get him, Nomu.”

    In a split second, it was running back at Bakugou. It was fast, as everyone barely had time to react.

    “Bakugou!” Sasha yelled out, moving towards him.

    Before she could reach him, it threw a punch so hard the blast sent her and the rest of the students flying into a wall. As the dust settled, Izuku called out to Bakugou. It was then that they noticed the ash-blonde beside them.

    “Kachaan?!” Izuku exclaimed in shock. “Woah, that’s awesome, you dodged him!”

    “Shut up, No I didn’t, ya damn nerd.” He said calmly, looking at where he’d been standing.

    “Then how’d ya get over here?” Eijirou tilted his head.

    Todoroki looked up and pointed. “Isn’t it obvious?”

    All Might stood there, coughing into his arms in a defensive stance. “These are kids and you didn’t hold back?” He spoke in disgust.

    “I didn’t have much of a voice. He was threatening my companion. Besides, these kids are no angels. The plain-looking on?” He motioned top Izuku. “He tried to kill me with a maxed-out punch. What kinda hero does something like that? You think you can get away with being as violent as you want if you say it’s for the sake of others.”

    That one hit pretty close to home for Sasha. After all, her job wasn’t pretty. She did a lot of violent things, hurt a lot of people. But she’d always told herself that it wasn’t for her.

    It was for others.

    “No. Now isn’t the time..” She thought, shaking her head.

    Shigaraki continued. “Well, you know what, All Might? That pisses me off. Why do people get to decide that some violent acts are heroic and others are villainous? Casting judgment on what’s good and what’s evil. You think you’re the symbol of peace? Hah.. You’re just another government-sponsored instrument of violence. And violence always breeds more violence.” He motioned towards the group of students watching and listening.

    “I’ll make sure the world understands that once you're dead.” He finished.

    All Might hesitated before speaking. “You’re nothing but a lunatic. Criminals like you, you always try and make your actions sound noble. But admit it, you’re only doing this because you like it!”

    Shigaraki made an odd facing, making the students get back into combat positions. “We’ve got them outnumbered.”

    Izuku nodded. “And Kachaan found the mist guy’s weakness.”

    “These dudes may act really tough, but we can take ‘em down with All Might,” Kirishima added, hardening his arms. “Let's do this.”

    Sasha glanced at them. “Let’s not rush into anything though. Don’t just fight wild, fight smart.” That was something Naomasa told her once.

    “Don’t attack! Get outta here!” All Might called out.

    Todoroki turned away from him. “You would have been in trouble earlier if it weren’t for me, remember? You need our help.”

    “I thank you for your assistance But this is different.”

    That drew the group's attention. They watched as he made a tight fist. “It's gonna be alright! Just sit back and watch a pro at work!”

    It remained quiet for a few tense seconds, the Shigaraki broke the deafening silence. “Nomu. Kurogiri. Kill him. I’ll deal with the children. Let’s clear this level and go home.”

    Before Sasha knew it, All Might and the Nomu were throwing punches that sent them flying once more. Thankfully, they were able to anchor themselves, Sasha digging the claws on her feet into the ground.

    “They’re so fast!” Eijirou yelped, almost losing his footing. Almost instinctively, he and Sasha reached out to reacher other. They grasped the other’s hand tightly.

    They watched to the best of their abilities as All Might overcame the Nomu. It was sent flying, skitting across the ground. It didn't stop yet, but neither did All Might.

    Sasha watched in admiration. “He’s.. He's so precise. Even when injured, he’s amazing..”

    All Might was able to defeat it, punching it through the roof of the USJ. The force was so strong that it shook the entire building.

    “That was like a finishing move in a video game.. He beat the shock absorption right outta him!” Eijirou said, staring at the bright like shining through the hole.

    Sasha nodded. “Is that what it means to go beyond plus ultra..?” She slowly smiled before looking at Eijirou. “That was amazing!”

    “Imagine having power like that,” Bakugou added. “He must have been punching that monster so fast he couldn't regenerate.”

    All at once, Tomura began to panic. He started to scratch and scratch his neck, scratching so hard Sasha took a step back from simply the sound of it. The Kurogiri calmed him down and he was back to normal.

    Then more villains surrounded the students.

    “I think All Might can hold his own against those main guys.” His arms hardened as he released Sasha’s hand. ‘Let’s make sure these guys don’t hurt anybody else.”

    Sasha sighed, smirking. “Hah? I thought we took most of you guys down already.” She stretched with a shrug. “Oh well. I like fighting.”

    Glancing at Izuku, she noticed his gaze on All Might. “Ah, Izuku..?”

    Then just like that, the freckled boy was running at Kurogiri, everyone yelling after him. Shigaraki stuck his hand through Kurogiri’s mist to grab him. But before his fingers connected, his hand was shot.

    “They’re here!” All Might called out.

    Sasha looked over in time to see Snipe shooting bullet after bullet at the villains. The heroes and villains quickly went at it, but it was the heroes who prevailed in the end. Sasha almost wanted to laugh at how Snipe shot up Shigaraki.

    Before they could be captured though, he and Kurogiri were quick to escape.

    Sasha and Eijirou tried to check on Izuku, but they were stopped by Cementos. He said it was for safety reasons, but Sasha didn't quite buy that. Together, they made their way back to Todoroki and Bakugou.

    “Hey, he said to make our way to the entrance!” Eijirou called out.

    Sasha nodded. “Something about safety reasons.”


    “Interesting. So the people you fought you also low-level thugs.” Tokoyami stated.

    Eijirou pushed a fist into his palm. “Yeah, they messed with the wrong students.”

    Sasha nodded. “No kidding. It was almost too easy, each of us took out dozens of ‘em.”

    Denki chuckled and looked at her. “If you kicked their asses like you kicked mine, of course, they were weak to you. Those claws are amazing.”

    Before she could speak, she heard a familiar voice.


    She turned, eyes widening a bit in surprise. “Naomasa!”

    He rushed to her, placing his hands on her shoulders.

    “Are you okay? I thought you said everything was fine. I.. I heard..” Not finishing his sentence, he pulled her into a hug.

    She quickly hugged back. “I’m fine. And I thought everything was fine, I swear..”

    After a moment, he was able to collect himself and pull away. “That’s good. Get these students back to the main campus. They’ve gone through enough, questioning can wait.”

    “Is Mr. Aizawa okay?” Asui piped in.

    Nasomasa was kind enough to call the hospital. The doctor gave a description of Aizawa’s condition. Sasha’s felt her heart drop at the description of his eyesight.

    “It’s my fault.. I should have known. I helped them cause the distraction to get in here. And because of me, Aizawa’s eyesight might..”

    Mina asked about Thirteen and Naomasa put everyone at ease, saying she, All Might, and Izuku would pull through just fine. With that, he sent everyone to the classroom.

    “How do you know that guy, Sasha?”

    She was cut off from her negative thoughts by Eijirou. “Huh? Ah, Naomasa is my uncle.”

    “Woah, really?” He grinned. “That must be so cool!”

    She simply nodded and looked down.

    “My fault.. Is this what Shigaraki meant? Because I’m doing this to catch them. To avenge my family. To save lives. I’m doing this.. For others..”

    Eijirou slung an arm around her shoulder. “Hey, cheer up a bit. We won. And Aizawa will be okay. Let’s have some faith in our Sensei!”

    That brought a small smile to her face and she nodded. “Right.. You’re right!” His optimism was contagious and she couldn’t deny the warm feeling in her chest when his arm slung over her shoulder.

    She could deal with these thoughts tonight when she spoke to the league. For now, they’d won.

    #Undercover Wild Cat #writing commissions#bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #x reader#fluff #character x oc #Eijirou Kirishima x OC
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    meddling by calebwidogast

    tsuyu and uraraka are tired of watching the boys fumble around each other, so they kickstart things a little.

    shouto is not having a good time about it.

    Words: 3600, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M, Other

    Characters: Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya, Midoriya Izuku, Asui Tsuyu, Uraraka Ochako, Jirou Kyouka, Yaoyorozu Momo

    Relationships: Iida Tenya/Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Iida Tenya/Midoriya Izuku, Iida Tenya/Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto

    Additional Tags: Second Year Class 1-A, Getting Together, Pining, Mutual Pining, Fluff, hints of tsuchako, hints of momojirou, tsuchako are together but the class doesnt know this is just a hc i have

    Read Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/36537646

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    Say it Again?

    Part Two


    ✨warning: it’s fucking gay✨

    Part One


    It’s been two days since the kitchen situation and Katsuki hasn’t even seen a strand of green hair. Izuku is obviously avoiding him, but he honestly doesn’t know why. He grunts walking back to his dorm, hands shoved deep in his pockets and lip curled in a snarl. Katsuki’s whole body freezes seeing Izuku standing at his dorm room door, balled raised fist ready to knock. He couldn’t help up smirk.

    “Oi,” he said, getting the greenette’s attention.

    “K-kacchan, I thought you were in your room,” Izuku scrambled to say.

    Katsuki clicks his tongue, deepening his smirk. “What do you want, Izuku,” he practically purred.

    Izuku’s cheeks warmed and he shivered. “To talk,”

    “Yeah? About what?” Katsuki whispered leaning close to Izuku, resting his arms on the door behind him.

    He squeaked and squeezed his eyes shut. “Kacchan can we please go inside you room?” he stuttered.

    “Awe why? I think we’re perfectly fine out here,” Katsuki teased, his breathed hitting the shell of Izuku’s blushed ear.

    “What if someone sees-“

    “See’s what? It’s like we’re doing anything,” he pulled away, staring down at him. “Or is that what you want. I-zu-ku,” he cooed with a wide smile.

    Katsuki felt his shirt bundle up as Izuku gripped the hem. “Kacchan please,” he pleaded.

    Glossy eyes shook with embarrassment, and need? But his trembling balls fist made the blonde swallow thickly.

    “Fine,” he sighed.

    Katsuki opened the door and gently shoved Izuku in. When the door closed he flicked the lights on and sat on his bed.

    “So what’s on your mind?” he asked.

    Izuku’s stood in the middle of the room, rocking on heels side to side. His hair covering his gaze to the floor.

    “I think you know,” he mumbled.

    Katsuki’s sat up straight, a smirk planted on his lips. “Well, I’m not a mind reader, so I don’t,” he mocked.

    Izuku huffed before slowing making his way to sit on the bed with Katsuki, his fingers trembled as he reached for him. But the blonde stopped him.

    “Izuku,” he cooed. “What are you doing?” He smiled.

    Izuku’s cheeks were bright fire red and his whole body left like melting lava. He looked down and clenched his teeth. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, lower than whisper, but Katsuki heard.

    He didn’t hesitate to pull the greenette close and lift his chin using his fingers. Red eyes peered into green ones.

    “Was that so hard?” he whispered.

    Izuku went to answer but soft lips pressed to his and he instantly melted against them. Scarred hands moved to tangle into soft blonde spikes, Katsuki pulled him closer and hummed sending perfect tremors through Izuku whole body. A wet muscle lapped at his bottom lip, he gasped and Katsuki’s tongue dove in exploring his mouth. Izuku was shaking and a moaning mess, Katsuki gripped his waist and held him tight never wanting to let go.

    But they parted, panting like dogs and resting their sweaty foreheads together. The blonde leered up seeing Izuku’s eyes were closed, but his swollen pink lips and flushed face made him look absolutely adorable. Katsuki laid down with Izuku snug in his arms, he rubbed his back as the greenettes pants settled.

    “You good?” Katsuki asked.

    “Mhm,” Izuku answered. “But I have to go back to my room,”

    “No you don’t.” He tightened his hold.

    “Yes I do Kacchan,” Izuku protested.

    “No you don’t!”

    “Yes I do, we could get in trouble!”

    “Like I fucking care! You’re staying put!”

    The greenette whipped his head up at the blonde.

    “Katsuki!” he yelled in a high pitched voice.

    “Izuku!” he copied him.

    A growl ripped through the air and the next thing Katsuki knew, he was on his back with his arms pinned against the pillows with glaring Izuku on top of him. Emerald lightning twitching all around him with his eyes narrowed and teeth clenched, a low rumble bubbling in back of his throat.

    “Oh shit,” Katsuki said.

    Izuku’s face dropped starring at Katsuki’s blushed face. “We’re doing to get in trouble.” He lowered his head, now blushing too.

    He sat back releasing his hold on the blonde’s wrists, but as if he needed physical contact to stay alive or something he leaned in close to Izuku resting his head on his shoulder.

    “Fine,” he mumbled.

    Izuku perked up, he looked down at the head of silky spikes and smiled. “I’ll come back tomorrow, we can cuddle longer if you want.” He ran his hand through them.

    “Better give me another kiss,” Katsuki grumbled, snaking his arms around Izuku’s waist.

    “I will, Kacchan,” the greenette laughed.

    Bakugou raised a brow and peered up at him. “I’m sorry?” he asked, with a smirked plastered on his face.

    I just gulped. “Kac-“

    “No, no, no Izuku, say my name.” He touched foreheads with him.

    “Katsuki,” Izuku whispered, red cheeks and ears to match.

    “There it is,” Bakugou purred, pressing their lips together once more.


    @pervysenpaix @fantasy-madness here you lovelies go, hope you enjoyed💜

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    BNHA Boys & Painted Nails || Part One

    Bakugou Katsuki

    Black! He likes the way it looks, makes him feel badass and powerful. Actually keeps up with it pretty regularly, but, makes you do it most of the time. He’s lazy and he likes when you hold his hand. He does tend to let it go a little longer, simply because he likes the look of it chipped.

    Iida Tenya

    Navy blue! Doesn’t keep up with it super regularly, but, does find it’s a nice self care task when he’s stressed. It’s also just something he enjoys doing to spend time with you. He sticks to this color because he feels like anything else is either too bright or too dark. This is a happy medium.

    Midoriya Izuku

    Red! He loves how bright it is (and it’s one of All Might’s colors, duh). It makes him feel pretty and fun. He doesn’t like doing it himself because he usually makes a mess, and your hands are so much steadier. And he’ll never turn down a chance to spend time with you.

    Kaminari Denki

    Yellow! He likes that it matches his quirk and it’s also bright and fun. It’s also a color that makes him think of you, because yellow is a happy color and you make him happy. Denki is a sap and you cannot convince me otherwise. He keeps up with this like clockwork, every Sunday. It’s your quiet time together.

    Kirishima Eijirou

    Black! It’s a nice, neutral color that goes with everything. Which is good, since his entire costume is a bunch of red — not a lot goes with red and doesn’t look silly. He’s got surprisingly steady hands and is fairly good at painting his own nails, but he’d rather you do it. He just likes it when you touch him like that, all gentle and sweet.
    #bnha#mha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #bakugou katsuki#iida tenya#midoriya izuku#kaminari denki#kirishima eijirou #bakugou x reader #iida x reader #midoriya x reader #kaminari x reader #kirishima x reader #bnha fluff#mha fluff
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