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    HELLO EVERYONE I AM STILL VERY MUCH ON A HIATUS!! butttt I’ll very hesitantly be here trying to answer inboxes, do some drabbles, etc. Please take this very crappy and sloppy fic as an apology for being gone hehe rip

    TW: noncon, bullying, abuse of power, language, manipulating, groping

    Pairing: Yandere hawks x f reader




    “Hey, kid. Can you pick up my eraser? Your bigass noggin made it bounce too far off.”

    Kid. As if they were your elders.

    You exhale through your nostrils and ignore them, opting to focus on your professor’s lesson rather than the two neanderthals who have taken a liking to tormenting you during class.

    Actually...maybe torment is too harsh of a word, teasing is more like it.

    At least, that’s what Professor Takami said when you had begged him to move your seat after you endured almost a week of their torment teasing.

    What’s the harm in some guys having a little school crush? He had said chuckling while wiping the board from his lesson’s notes.

    You were forced to bite your tongue from another impending plea for mercy when you heard a cough, and turning to face the door, you saw them both leering at you.

    An inky head of spikes that reminded you of every stereotypical campus bad-boy, and an equally lanky yet more brittle build next to Dabi, blueish grey hair that hung around his eyes so you could never actually see the emotions crossing his face.

    One might think that Dabi was the mastermind behind all the pencil snaps and eraser missiles from his blatant disregard of the school harassment policy, but the way he always leaned forward to hear the words murmuring out of Tomura’s mouth told you he wasn’t nearly as cunning by himself.

    Even if he was a sheep, he was a pretty fucking adamant sheep.

    “Cut it out,” you finally snap and turn to whisper-shout at the two numbskulls, throwing them your fiercest glare as a spit-ball clings to your hair.

    But for all your bark, they know that there’s no bite as they whoop and coo at your bravado.

    “Damn, kitty’s got claws, huh? S’alright sweetheart, you’re lucky I know how to tame a pussy,” Dabi leans his head against his tattooed arm, licking his lips while you grimace in disgust.

    Tomura says nothing, but the drool wetting the side of his lips tells you all you need to know.

    Your classmates are enamoured, of course, by the two. They constantly turn a blind eye to your bothered state and choose to instead flutter their lashes at Dabi while the others hesitantly give Tomura a weak smile.

    It doesn’t stop you from shooting a hand up after the tattooed bastard unsubtly palms himself while making direct eye contact with you.

    “Professor Takami!”

    The classroom goes quiet.

    “Yes, L/N?” He blinks his honey-colored eyes at you in mild surprise. He didn’t think the mechanical makings of the Trojan horse was a lively enough topic to gain attention from his students.

    “Dabi and Tomura-”

    “That’s Mr. Todoroki and Mr. Shigaraki to you-”

    “-distracting me from my work, sir. I can’t even hear you from back here, they keep throwing spitballs and erasers at me.”

    He turns to the two at the back. “Is that true, Mr. Todoroki? Are you distracting my students from their education?”

    Mr. Todoroki kicks his legs up on the desk in front of him and crosses his arms behind his head leisurely. “Well sir, in my defense your oh-so-studious student here wouldn’t be so distracted if their phone wasn’t out for the entirety of the period. She could also start with taking more notes instead of zoning out and staring at the window for 30 minutes.”

    Your face flushes as the whole class snickers. Leave it up to the scarred prick to turn it on you. You were almost impressed that he had even noticed the glowing screen peeking out from under the fortress of books you made on your table, a seemingly believable guise to your texting.

    Guess you can’t cheat a born cheater.

    “Miss L/N, if you’re having trouble concentrating in my class then I’d advise you to take less time in being a social butterfly and invest your hours in signing up for more after-school tutoring. I’m always happy to lend a hand to a failing student, as I’m sure you already know.”

    You scowl and lean further down in your seat, shame coloring your face as your peers titter around you.

    You don’t need to turn around to see the shit-eating grins on both of their faces as Professor Takami continues the lesson


    “I don’t even know why you chose them, they’re hardly qualified as teacher’s assistants if they’re only a year or two older than I am. Are they even a year older than me?” You exit out of the laptop’s presentation and frown at your professor, who merely laughs and flips through his next class’s textbook.

    “Well, if that’s the rabbithole we’re going down, then if they’re not old enough then I definitely deserve to be under fire as well, right?” He slyly grins at you and you can’t stop from biting your lip and giggling lightly.

    It’s true he was young, the youngest professor there was on campus, actually, but it didn’t matter because he wasn’t one of them. He didn’t slide you notes describing how well your jeans fit the shape of your ass, or trip you over your binders when you would sit down. Even though they were hand-picked by Takami himself, they acted like they were high-schoolers instead of at least attempting to be as mature as his own college students.

    “Maybe if they got their PHD like you did then I’d put it into consideration that they’ve got enough prerequisites for babysitting a class that they can’t even follow.” 

    He stands up and stretches with a soft grunt, and you catch yourself staring at the clear expanse of his chiseled stomach as his shirt rides up.

    “Look, let’s just say I’ve known them for a long time so I know how they work. They might be rowdy, sure, but all in all they help me out when I need ‘em.” He scrunches his eyebrows at you and you roll your eyes in retaliation, still not convinced of their innocence.

    “How did you even meet them? You don’t strike me as the type of guy to hang out with degenerates like them.” He starts walking around his desk and leans down behind you, one arm next to yours on the table and the other on your chair. You start feeling a little hot under the collar as he peers over your shoulder to see your homework on the screen.

    “Watch it, they’re still your TA’s. I knew them in high school, we messed around here and there, got into some trouble, picked up some chicks, y’know the usual adolescent dude stuff. You’re missing the dates...and what’s with this cursive girly font? I thought you were trying to prove how much more mature you were than my assistants?” He teases, and you pout before quickly typing in the information in your tab.

    “Hey, I thought it was cute, okay. And if you’re trying to prove how young you and them are then I’d suggest letting your students use some more lively features in their homework,” you snap back coyly.

    Takami laughs behind you, the sound gliding through the air and embedding itself in your spine, sending a shiver up your vertebrae. His lighthearted voice never failed to draw you in and leave you wanting more.

    “Man, you’re in a feisty mood today, huh? Maybe Mr. Todoroki actually did a number on you.”

    “Yeah, exactly! Which is why I want to be moved up to the front, closer to you-” 

    “-Let's check your grades first, shall we?”

    He smells of Old Spice and cinnamon as his head hovers next to you, locks of silky blond hair brushing against yours as your slightly shaking fingers type away on the keyboard.

    You both wince when a big fat C pops up on the screen.

    “I guess Mr. Todoroki was right about a number of things after all. Maybe you should also stop going on your phone and pay more attention in class. Oh, and come more frequently after school as well, I can give you more in-depth lessons like today’s.”


    “Move,” Dabi’s wide shoulder slams into you as you reach for the sign-in clipboard, the impact sending you backwards into other grumbling students.

    Who, as usual, glower at your clumsiness and giddily wave at their favorite TA.

    You hiss and rub your arm. “Asshole.”

    Tomura steps in from the shadow of the dark hallway, his vermillion gaze already trained on you as he enters the classroom. You shift uncomfortably as you scribble your name on the sheet and make haste towards your seat...where they already are like always, sitting next to and behind you.

    You feign a groan and shoot your professor a helpless look, but he merely puts his palms up and shrugs.

    Looks like you’re left for the dogs, again.

    Takami claps his hands, gathering the attention of all his students as he starts the lesson.

    “Alright guys, as you all know we have finals coming up for the end of the semester. So to prepare you all, I’ve set up different stations around the room, kinda like a puzzle you have to solve for each answer. You have the entirety of the period to work on this review, and if you need any help don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Todoroki or Mr. Shigaraki.

    Mr. Todoroki and Mr. Shigaraki are currently swapping pornos of ‘schoolgirl gets railed by principle’ and ‘helpless intern works for her raise’ with each other, so no thank you very much, you think you will actually hesitate to ask for help.

    But the big flashing C from yesterday comes into mind, and you cringe at the memory of Takami’s disappointed tone. 

    Nevertheless, you decide to at least try to attempt one station by yourself, so like the rest of your peers, you drag yourself out of your seat and go to the closest empty corner by your desk.

    You look up at the laminated paper on the wall, breaking down the contents of the question.

    Rome...Pantheon...or was it Parthenon? Fuck.

    You turn your head to your teacher’s desk, but at that same moment he stands up and brushes his jacket off. “I’m gonna head to the bathroom for a minute, I’ll be back in a few. Mr. Todoroki and Shigaraki are in charge while I’m gone, so no funny business.”

    You don’t even get a chance to open your mouth when the door slams shut behind him.

    Fuck. Double fuck.

    Finally, after a minute of chewing the tension from your lips off, you decide to swallow your pride and just ask.

    You take a deep breath and pivot on your heel back towards your desk. It’s fairly quiet as you make the treacherous walk back to your seat of doom, but the general buzz of students talking doesn’t drown out the high pitched moaning coming from their phones. It's almost disgusting how no one else hears it, or they just don’t care.

    You cautiously raise the clipboard with your work in it to your eyes, just to confirm your question, when an obnoxiously loud whimper comes from Tomura’s phone. You raise your head and your stomach lurches.

    He’s rubbing a hand over the bulge protruding from his wrinkled khakis, his mouth is agape and his lids are lowered as he looks at whatever monstrosity is happening on his screen.

    Nope. Grades be damned, you’re not going to them for help. Not when he’s fucking rubbing himself off in front of everyone to see.

    But before you can spin back around and scurry off into your corner, you see Dabi’s head turn towards you.

    The second you turn your back the sound of two chairs scraping across the linoleum floor cuts through the murmuring of student’s chatter, and a heavy hand claps itself on your shoulder.


    “-You needed help. Didn’t she look like she needed help, Tomura?”

    “-Yeah, the little brown-noser needed us-”

    “-I said no, I was just coming back for a pencil-”

    “-Oh trust me, I know an empty head when I see one. Besides, you already have a pen in your hand sweetheart, why don’t you show us how we can help you? I’ve got a couple of ways in mind-”

    They propel you towards the corner you were previously in, and you can’t help but wonder if they were watching you struggle earlier as if they knew where you came from. They stand a little behind and at the sides of you, effectively cornering you completely against the white brick wall.

    “God-get off of me-!” You try to raise your voice but Shigaraki kicks the back of your knees and sends you face first against the laminated paper, successfully cutting off your protest.

    You can feel a sharp sting in your nose, and then consecutively in your hair as a scarred hand fists itself through your locks. 

    “Now let's see here…’this the problem you couldn’t solve? Wow, you must be even stupider than I gave you credit for.” “Lemme go, ‘don’t need your help anymore.”

    “Oh no, on the contrary I think you need more education than anyone else here. So tell me, was it the Pantheon or the Parthenon that belonged to Rome?” Another pair of hands pulls your hips back and down, situating yourself on a hard surface. You twist your head a little to the side, and to your horror you realize that Shigaraki has seated you on Dabi’s knee.

    Calling for help is futile, you have a bad feeling that with the position you were in currently in, any wrong move would render you fucked.

    So you decide to answer.

    “Uh, I think Pantheon?”


    Shigaraki presses down on your shoulders as Dabi hikes his knee further up into your crotch, and you let out a muffled gasp. The friction of his jeans rubs so deliciously against your clothed clit that it’s impossible to contain your whimpers.

    They relish in your distress.

    “Shit, Tomura, she’s actually liking it. No wonder she’s practically failing, ‘bet she loves the extra attention after school.”

    “How’d you know I was-”

    But you’re cut off yet again when he bounces his leg in a steady rhythm, and you’re jostled along the expanse of his limbs, head bobbing and mouth agape.

    Tomura squishes your cheek and yanks your head back at an angle where you can read the black letters on the paper.

    “Read, you dumb bitch. What does the paper say?”

    You squint your eyes to make out the too-close words.

    “‘Says it was built in the time of Augustus.” “Okay, so? Where did Augustus rule?” At this, the leg beneath you grinds up against you and you can actually feel your wetness sliding up and down against your slit, throbbing with unwanted need.

    “Fuck,” you moan, your tongue flopping out after a particularly hard bounce. “Please let go of me, I can’t focus when you’re against me like this!”

    “Well technically you can’t focus either way, which is exactly why you’re close to failing. Now answer my question, where did Augustus rule?”

    A hand gropes at your bouncing tits, feeling the underside of your bra.

    You take a wild guess. “Rome?” Please, please let it be right.

    The bouncing stops.

    “Good. So if Augustus ruled in Rome, then what landmark is in Rome?”

    Your clit buzzes with ache from the sudden dismissal of attention.

    “The Pantheon.” “Fucking finally,” Tomura sneers at you and squeezes your chest before letting go and yanking your head back away from the wall. Dabi stands to his fullest height and lets you fall off his leg unceremoniously to the ground. 

    They saunter back to their seats without another glance at you and resume their pornos, the moans from the screen sounding like mockings of your own not even a couple seconds ago. It takes a couple minutes for you to catch your breath and force your body to ignore the random spikes of forgotten pleasure lingering in your pussy from earlier ministrations.

    You unsteadily rise to your feet and look around the room. It seems that more than half of your peers have already moved on to the second and third questions, leaving you behind in the dust.

    Fuck this shit. I’m not about to be harassed every time I have a question right now.

    Maybe Takami has an answer sheet at his desk?

    Risking a glance behind you, you ensure that both men are engrossed in their schoolgirl-gets-fucked-hard videos much like you, actually before quietly creeping up towards the professor’s desk.

    It just so happens that at that same moment you reach the desk, he comes in, door swinging wide and a bright smile on his face.

    “Everything good? Yo, Todoroki, you holdin’ up the fort good?” He’s met with a thumbs up from Dabi and merely a grunt from Shigaraki, the two of them still invested at the scene playing out on their phones.

    Takami looks around, assessing everyone before his eyes land on you, strolling over with a grin on his face.

    “What’s up Y/N? Need some help on something?”

    You’re about to answer, but you hesitate for a fraction of a second when you hear a schoolgirl’s moan coming from the phone in his pocket.


    “You know, you’re probably one of my favorite students if I’m being honest,” he tells you one day as you organize the textbooks on the back shelf.

    “Yeah? Why is that?” You try to sound careless and chill, but you can’t ignore the way your heart speeds up or the blush on your face.

    “Because,” his voice is right next to your ears, and you jump at his proximity. “You don’t take anyone’s bullshit. You see them for who they are, and you treat them as such.” He takes the book from your hand and places it in its correct slot.

    Your eyes meet his, and his eyes travel to your lips as they part in surprise. He leans even closer, and you can smell the mint on his cool breath as his nose almost touches yours. His hair flops over and shields the sides of your face as you look up at him with big doe-eyes.

    Just as you close your eyes and start to purse your lips, he pulls back and produces another textbook in his hands. You blink in surprise as he studies the pages, the little frown on his face hiding the sultry look he was giving you moments ago.

    “‘Gotta tell Aizawa to update these books, they’re like a century old,” he chuckles and turns around back to his desk.

    Shaking the whiplash from your glazed over mind, you follow him back to his desk as well. “Yeah, I’d have to agree. I think I’ve done a pretty good job in figuring out people’s personalities.”

    You stand in front of his desk and rock on your heels. “For example, I can tell Nishiya acts like he never knows the answers when you ask him questions, but he’s actually really smart. He only stays quiet because he doesn’t want people coming up to him and asking for the answers.”

    “Okay, now I’m interested. Go on, I gotta hear more of this.”

    “Alright, let me see...oh yeah, I can tell Dabi and Tomura act like they’re the shit but it’s probably a cover up for the lack of attention they received at home or some childhood trauma they have. They’re liars and cheaters too, it makes them want to project and show out-”

    But when he raises his eyebrows in a warning glance, you sheepishly hold your palms up in defense. “Kidding. But like you said, I get people.”

    Takami situates himself in his large seat and interlaces his fingers together. He places his head on his hands and cocks his head at you. “Really now? What about me then?”

    You pretend to think for a minute, twisting your smile up and tapping one finger against your chin. “Hmm...I’d say you’re a really shitty teacher and you need to give more extra credit-”

    “-Woah, what? C’mon, that’s not fair-”

    “-but honestly, you’re a wild card.”

    He leans back and twirls a pen through his fingers. “Is that so?”

    “Yeah. For all the times you mess around, you still genuinely wanna help people, or your students for that matter. It’s like you have the heart of a hero.” He smiles demurely at you, but you teasingly pop his bubble before he can goad. “Which is funny, because for such a gallant hero, you sure like to hang with dim-witted scholastic villains that come in the forms of shitty TA’s.”

    “Alright, that’s it, I’m failing you.” He rises out of his seat and you shriek with glee before bounding towards the door.

    “Not like I was gonna pass anyways!”

    “Oh shut up, if you make it up to me I'll let you off with a B.”

    “Spoken like a true hero, I see-ack! No fair, you can’t jump over desks, you’re too old for that!”

    “You little-”

    But before he can catch you and double over with laughter, you whip your head around and face him, beaming with banter.

    “Oh, and Takami? For the record-”

    “Keigo. Call me Keigo.”

    “Keigo, for the record, you’re my favorite teacher too.”


    There’s three weeks left until the end of the semester, and like he said, you’re already up to a borderline B, the highest its been in this stupid class.

    You would pat yourself on the back if it didn’t have a hand clapped over it, vile words seething against your neck.

    “So, how’d you get him to do it? ‘You suck him off yet?”

    “She had to have, how the fuck did she pass this? She can barely remember three dates, much less the review for the entire fucking essay.”

    But regardless of their brutality, Dabi and Shigaraki’s rage doesn’t hold a candle to the fiery pride in your heart.

    It took days, practically a whole week of in-school and after school sessions to boost your grade up for this major assignment. With the help of Professor Takami-or, Keigo, as he likes being called now, you were completely ready for this prompt. It was due to all the hard work and extra hours you put in that a bolded ‘A’ was circled by your name, a little smiley face next to it a direct indication of your teacher’s approval.

    “Did it taste salty?”

    “I bet it was less than 5 inches.”

    You roll your ears and scrunch your nose. Some friends they were to your professor, all right.

    “Sorry I’m actually tolerable, unlike you idiots. And for your information, I earned this grade fair and square, as hard as it is for you to believe. Not everyone cuts corners, shocker.”

    Shigaraki leans forward, teeth gritted and eyes bloodshot as he speaks. “You little cunt. You think you can talk to us like that ‘cause you got one decent grade? Fuck, I wish he’d just put you in your place already.”

    Dabi cackles as you look at him suspiciously. “What are you talking about?”

    But before Shigaraki can answer, the ravenette shakes his head and catches his breath. “Forget it, Tomura. Just let her have her moment for now. Oh, and a little word of advice-if you wanna keep those grades up, I’d suggest continuing to wear more v-necks.”

    You glance between them. “No wait, what do you mean-”

    Keigo’s voice interrupts before you can press further.

    “Alright, ladies and gents’, only three weeks left ‘till the end of the semester grades are due. If there’s any questions or concerns you have, let me know via email or tutoring sessions. The reviews are posted up on the classroom board, so just make sure you’re spending your time wisely.”

    The bell rings, and you all get up to head for the door. Except you, of course, who makes a beeline straight for your professor.

    He sees you waving your paper like a victory banner and beams at you. “Ayyy, L/N! ‘Knew you could do it, ‘guess I’m a better teacher than you said I was, huh?” He playfully nudges your shoulder and you nod excitedly. 

    “You were right! Damn, I guess after school hours helped a lot. The prompt was exactly what the review covered.”

    You both walk towards the door, chattering away at next week’s grades and assignments. He holds the door open for you like a true gentleman as you walk outside.

    “Thank you Keigo,” you say softly only for his ears. “I really needed this.”

    “Anything for you, Y/N. I’m always here if you need me.” His golden eyes gleam with fondness as his hand travels lower down your back to gently usher you out. Your spine buzzes with an epiphany, and you face him before you can will your body to stop.

    And in a moment of sheer vulnerability and graciousness, you lean forward and brush your lips against his. You drop your jacket and use both hands to wind around his neck lightly and bring his head towards you.

    The rest of the class has left, TA’s included. The hallway is empty and silent, save for the quiet sound of you tasting his plush lips.

    He tastes divine. Something along the lines of faint peaches, and his jacket smells like old spice. You unconsciously moan a little when you turn your head and feel his scruff graze the sides of your mouth.

    But something isn't right. Why isn’t he kissing you back?

    Your eyes are squeezed shut, but when you peek them open your heart jumps. He’s looking at you like you’re crazy, wide eyed and frozen. His lips don't move, and his hand is stuck on the doorknob.

    You pull away, fast.

    “Fuck, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I did that, I-fuck!” You look at him, horrified when you realize what you just did, and he blinks a couple of times before shaking his head slightly and hesitantly bringing his palms up to placate you.

    “Hey, it’s okay, it-wait, hold on!” 

    But you’re already bolting down the hallway, bag banging against your hip as you blindly make your way out the campus door. Your waterline stings with tears of humiliation, your palms sweat profusely with traces of regret seeping out of you.

    Why did I do that? Fuck, we were getting closer too!

    You don’t stop running away from the shame and embarrassment until you fly through your dorm room and flop onto your bed, screaming into your pillow to let it all out.

    And when you lift your head and tearily catch a glimpse of your bag, you simply shove your head back down into the plush covers when you realize you forgot your jacket at the door of his room.


    It was a good idea to go at night, after all the students were tucked in their beds or off to weekend bars. No one was out on the sidewalks to question why you were heading back to the supposed-to-be closed campus doors, and no one was around to make you question your safety.

    You hoped he wasn’t in, either.

    Sneaking around the side of the school, you slip through the janitor doors with ease and navigate your way through the pitch-dark closet until your hand gropes around and finds the cold doorknob.

    Luckily, it gives way. You jimmy the rusted brass until the door cracks open, and you peek your head left and right before deeming the hallway completely isolated. You stealthily weave in between hallways and classrooms before you get to the dreaded door.

    But he’s not there. At least, no one else is in that hallway. The lights are dim, and when you glance at the bottom of the door, you sigh in relief-your jacket is still there lumped together from when you dropped it...from…

    You shake your head clear. No sense in losing your nerve now.

    You walk over and bend down to pick your jacket up, when you freeze. 

    Voices. Male voices, two or three of them speaking from inside Professor Takami’s room.

    Why is he still here so late?

    “Holy fuck, Uehara was annoying today. She couldn’t shut up about when Project 4 was due, when I was gonna finish grading her lab, blah blah blah. ‘Had half a mind to ask her, how ‘bout I finish motorboarding your tits sweetheart, then we can discuss extra credit. Keigo, hand me some of that.”

    You grimace at the monologue. There’s no doubt what kind of a scumbag would say that about his students, only Dabi would have the nerve to say shit like that outright.

    But pure curiosity keeps you in place as you findyoruself leaning your ear against the door. You’ve never actually seen-or rather, heard in this instance- the trio interact outside of classroom walls. And even if this technically was still their classroom, this would be the first time you’d witness how they let their guards down with each other.

    Dabi’s ranting is cut off from Tomura’s raspy cackling. “Yeah, anytime she bends over to ask me a question I don’t even hide it. It’s her fault for wearing crop tops, who in their right mind would actually listen to the bullshit she's one when we could stare at her tits instead? ‘Gimme a line, you’ve had three already-'' there's a hard scraping sound and a loud sniff.

    Your eyes widen at that. Were they-?

    “Oh, and speaking of tits, how’s Y/N and you doing? Any luck yet?”

    Your body jolts at the recognition of your name in their conversation. 

    “Oh, I didn’t tell you guys yet? She came onto me after class today,” And there’s a condescendingly smug undertone to his words that makes your heart jump and sink simultaneously. Why was he airing your dirty laundry to these assholes? You would’ve hoped he’d at least try to save your name in front of others. And why did he sound so confident?

    “No fucking way-”

    “-You’re lying out of your ass-”

    “-I think you’ve had too many lines, man-”

    “Swear to god she did. It was after everyone left and she was singing my praises for bumping her grade up when she did it. She totally bought the surprised act too, but I have to say I was kind of taken aback. I mean, I didn’t think she’d fall for it so soon.”

    Dabi snorts. “She’s got some nerve thinkin’ she passed that essay when she’s got the brains of every other bimbo bitch at this school.”

    “Wait, that grade was you? I knew she didn’t do it herself. But you haven’t hit it yet, have you?”

    There's a rustling of paper and a yelp as if someone thwacked the other with it before Keigo answers.

    “No, I haven’t. Aika and Chiyo were wayyyy easier to buy into-yeah, you know them from 7th period. Now those are nice girls with a fun little cat-and-mouse game shit going on. But honestly, I think I should reward her for caving in so easily, I mean that’s a feat by itself to be that stupid-”

    You think you’re about to throw up. It’s time to go, you’ve heard enough.

    But when you lean down to take your jacket, your hand knocks against the door by mistake.

    You freeze. The voices on the other side of the door stop.


    “Is someone there?” The voice is so loud and so close to the door that your brain goes haywire and can't even place whose face it belongs to. You think of nothing but to run, run as fast and as far away as you did in the afternoon, when Keigo was someone you liked, someone you trusted.

    As fast as you run around the corner, the handle still turns, and two men catch a glimpse of the jacket flying away that was purposefully kept outside.


    “What’re you so quiet for, huh?” 

    “So, Y/N, what’d you do this weekend? Party with all your friends? Go some places you shouldn’t have gone to?

    “Nah, actually, it's good she heard. M’sure Keigo wanted her to know any day now. How does it feel knowing you’re not special?”d

    They’re baiting you, you know they are. If you ask them what they’re talking about then they’ll tell you the whole truth, which you frankly don’t want to know. Your heart’s already broken enough as it is.

    But if you admit you already heard them, then who knows how viscous they’ll be anyways?

    So you opt to keep your silence, no matter how tight the pressure against your sealed lips is, and no matter how painfully your heart thuds and how pricking your tears become.

    You think about the other names mentioned in Keigo’s rendezvous while Tomura and Dabi leer at you from either side of your desk and spit venom. Was he sweet talking to them and giving them the same smiles that he did for you?  Were you really not special at all?

    Did you even mean anything to him?

    It’s hard to think so. When he walks in the classroom you duck your head down and avoid eye contact. He claps his hands and starts the lesson like usual, but every time his hands meet you can’t help but flinch. Every grin he throws at girls who answer his question looks so fake now, every praise and laugh sounds so shrill and nauseating to you.

    Then, he tries to get you to talk.

    “So, uh, Y/N!” He claps his hands once more and you jerk at the sound. He ambles towards you and shifts to simultaneously point to the presentation. “Can you tell me the answer?” He leans down and smiles his signature smile in your face, carefully observing your expression.

    You keep your eyes lowered and barely contain a glower. “Dunno,” is your curt answer.

    Keigo laughs jovially and the rest of the class titters along with him even though they don’t know what he’s laughing at.

    They’re sheep. All of them are. He’s got them wrapped around his finger, and you were once like that too.

    It hurts to know how easily you fell for him.

    “Aww, come on now kid, you’re telling me you don’t remember last week’s review? You even stayed with me after school to go over it!” A toned arm grasps the edge of your desk as he tilts his head charmingly.

    If you looked up, you’d see the strain between his eyebrows and the way his grin drops and twitches in panic.

    “Yeah, I guess it must be a feat to be that stupid of me, right?”

    The class quiets down at that.

    To anyone else it sounds like another kid trying to one-up their teacher to look cool, but Keigo knows better.

    When he hears his words thrown back at him from last night so openly he physically winces. It sounds so much worse in a public setting without any censorship in it.

    Keigo throws a quick glance at his friends who give him raised eyebrows at your boldness. They didn’t expect you to be so blunt about it.

    “You know that's not true Y/N, you’re a very smart girl.” He chuckles nervously and takes a quick peek around the room, adjusting his sweltering collar. Everyone is looking at him, silent and waiting for his move.

    But he can do nothing except listen in increasing discomfort as you scoff and grit out, “Not according to you I’m not. In fact, I’d say I’m just as stupid as the girls in seventh pe-”

    “Okay, we’re gonna move on now! Let’s not get off topic now, ‘kay?’ He gives his students a look that says ‘yeah, dunno what the hell she’s talking about’, springs up from his leaning stance and takes long strides to the front of the room to continue the lesson, his back burning from the dozens of curious glares trained on his sweating self.

    Why the fuck did he even try to get you to open up in the first place? He should’ve just kept his mouth shut if he had a feeling something was off.

    Despite his smooth cover up, Tomura and Dabi stay surprisingly quiet the rest of the lesson, opting not to rile your turbulent mind any further.

    You simply sit there stewing in your own rage and heartbreak with every passing word from his smooth lips.

    Lips that felt so fucking good against yours for a second.

    Lips that revealed cutting words that will last for a lifetime.

    Eventually 45 minutes pass and the bell rings, yanking you out of your musing.

    The rest of the students crowd their way to the door, and it just so happens that you’re one of the last students at the back of the class to leave.

    Which Keigo takes as the perfect opportunity to talk to you.

    “Hey, Y/n!” He says softly and jogs up to you from his desk, his face red and hand wringing, that weird little nervous smile on his face evident.

    “Are you okay? You seemed kinda snappy earlier-”

    “You were wrong, y’know.”

    “Oh yeah? How’s that?” He amuses you yet his smile wavers, the pinch in his eyebrows deepening as he takes in your sarcastic expression, your glossy eyes.

    “You don’t really wanna help people for the sake of it. You might do some charity here and there, but you’ve got ulterior motives that outweigh the good you do. You don’t have the heart of a hero, in fact, I doubt you have a heart at all.”

    Keigo is acutely aware of the two TA’s not too far away, lingering by the window. Whether they’re watching the scene or not, he can’t tell, but he’s glad none of the students are witnessing this.

    His mouth opens and closes, but no words come out.

    “Y/N...what you might’ve heard isn’t tr-”

    “No, don’t fucking tell me what I heard or not, I know exactly what you said. I was even more off than I thought- you’re even worse than Dabi and Shigaraki. You disgust me, Professor Takami.”

    And with that, you shoulder him out of the way and storm to the door, ignoring Dumb and Dumber’s ooh’s.

    Keigo is left standing dumbfounded, his mouth opening and closing like a fish. No one has ever insulted him like this before. 

    Him? Hated? Keigo Takami? One of the campuses most revered and loved figures? He’s practically the school’s mascot for fuck’s sake, he’s always had his way here, people love him and throw themselves at him as they should-

    “Oh, and one more thing Professor.”

    You’re at the door. The word is a mockery in your mouth and leaves in the air as a curse in his ears.

    “The next time you want to discuss your sexual affairs with numerous other unlucky students, I’d suggest talking in a faculty lounge instead of a public room. It might just cost you your job.

    The door bangs shut behind you, his resolve solidifying in sync with the click of the lock.


    He’s relentless, but so are you.

    Both have your own ways of countering each other, and some days you laugh about how well you two might have turned out had he not revealed to be a completely different person than you thought he was.

    The first couple of days after your confrontation, you switch to a virtual class that uses his pre recordings instead of an in-person lab like you had previously.

    In retaliation, he drops a few numbers on your grade, and you’re back to a borderline C.

    The next week, you submit the rest of the extra credit papers he gave to you before you found him out.

    He voids them and sends you an email, requesting your actual being in the class to ‘better understand the lesson, seeing as how evident it is that a virtual class doesn’t suit you.”

    You file a complaint to the principal, but unbeknownst to you, a scarred hand curls itself around the letter and sends it up in smoke. The owner of said appendage leans back on his dad’s throne and sends an informative message to a certain blond professor.

    Your grade drops from a borderline C to a solid F now, and it’s gotten to a point where even if you completed all the assignments you still wouldn’t be able to pass the class without a little bump...which calls for an in-person meeting with your teacher, standard protocol.

    The red letter on the screen seems to jeer at you as you stare mind-numbingly at it. All your hard work, all your pride and effort has gone down the drain in just a few days before the end of the semester.

    Is it worth retaking the class if you don’t speak to him?

    There’s still a chance you’ll get him again if you repeat the course.

    And so, with a heavy hand and an even heavier heart, your fingers click away at your keyboard as you draft a curt yet civil email to your professor, asking if you could have a face-to-face meeting discussing your options to boost your grade enough to at least pass the semester.

    His response comes back not even two minutes later, as if he’s been waiting for your white flag.


    You wear a boring t-shirt and jeans on your walk to the faculty lounge to emphasize your disregard for his opinions on your body, your stride haughty and full of spite.

    Keigo’s email didn’t specify where to meet, just a curt “We can discuss your grades after school like usual. You seem to do better at that time anyways.”

    It’s like a slap to your face. The memories that he’s so adamant on remembering out of past fondness makes your heart crack like a fragile egg, but rather than collapsing into a runny mess, your insides rev up and march straight to his classroom, ready for war.

    You barely take a deep breath and a pause before entering his classroom, head held up high...but for no one to see.

    “Professor?” You ask coolly to an empty room, swiveling your head this way and that before grimacing. It would’ve done you some good to ask for details on where he wants to meet, but in your defense you had a pretty damn good reason as to not communicate with him unnecessarily.

    Turning around and out of the class, you peek your head around the hall and wings of the building and see no one. 

    It’s quite empty save for a few voices echoing eerily in adjacent areas where you can’t see, and a shiver passes through you.

    Maybe I should just go back home. I’ll take summer classes or something.

    But the second after you begin to doubt yourself you shake your head clear of the hesitation. You can’t let him think you’re uncomfortable, you can’t let him know his words affected you. He should be the one apologizing on bended knee for the things he said about you and the way he completely duped you.

    And so you trek on around the dimly lit building, following the flickering fluorescent lights above you eventually to the faculty lounge.

    Ironically it's the only door that has the best lighting around it, and even if he’s not there you know it’s got to be the safest area to simply regroup yourself.

    You turn the handle and enter the room. It’s a fairly spacious area, with couches in the middle of the room and a mini bar at the back corner.

    In front of you is your professor, his back turned to you as he types away at his desk.

    You’re not as surprised to see him as you think you should be, and it helps your nerves that you have a second before he hears you and turns around. You walk a little bit further towards him and stop when you’re a couple feet away. His computer screen flashes with messages popping up on it, and you divert your attention back to him before taking another step forwards.

    But before you can clear your throat and make your presence known he ruffles a hand through his hair and speaks.

    “Finally showed up, huh? I’m so honored.”

    His usually playful voice is laced with sarcasm, just like on the night he revealed his true colors with his friends.

    The memory makes your throat catch and you quickly cough it off before responding. “Yeah, I wanna know why you’ve been purposely docking points from my assignments even though I’ve been doing them exactly the way you showed me, Professor.”

    Keigo finally turns around and stands to his fullest height, stretching his arms over his head and causing the black tee he’s clad in to ride up his stomach a bit and expose his happy trail and perfectly chiseled v-line.

    You’re proud of yourself for not risking a glance down like you used to. Instead, you keep your eyes trained on his sneering expression.

    “Oh, so now you want my help after ignoring me for weeks? Yeah, you were pretty spot on earlier, it’s a pretty big fucking feat for you to be this stupid.”

    You lose your composure at his venom. He’s never spoken to you like that before, and the foreign leer that pulls up at his lips and the dark gleam in his eye scares you.

    “W-what the hell? You can’t talk to me like that you jackass-” you sputter before he cuts you off and starts advancing towards you with hysterical laughter.

    “You still think you’re calling the shots around here honey? It's amazing how every time you open your mouth you seem to lose an equal amount of brain cells in correlation to how much you talk. Doesn’t it ever get tiring being such a dumb cunt?”

    Keigo’s words hold such jeering contempt to them that each insult pierces your heart that you thought held no more room for him. Your feet automatically stagger back blindly as his figure looms closer and closer to you, backing you up into the couches unbeknownst to you.

    “What the fuck are you doing? Get the hell away from me you freak, I just wanted to talk about my grades-you’re the one who’s got some nerve acting like you’re the victim here!”

    He slaps you so hard you see stars.

    Your body falls back onto the couch behind you as your head rolls to the side, but before you can crash his other hand shoots out and grabs the top of your head, painfully holding you up by the strands of your hair.

    “You ungrateful bitch,” He seethes, shaking your heavy head in his grip and sending your hair flying. ”This is the thanks I get for hauling your dead weight to the finish line? I would’ve given you the highest grades in the class, hell, I would’ve given you a kickass recommendation to literally any field you’d wanna slut yourself out to if only you minded your own goddamn business.”

    He throws you back onto the couch and punches you, hard, into your stomach.

    You wheeze and your eyes roll back into your head as you curl into yourself, shielding your aching body from his multitude of kicks and slaps to your exposed appendages.

    Blows rain down on your head, your legs, your ass, your chest, your arms and face as you fail tremendously to protect as many areas as you can from his rapid touch, but the man is too fast for his own good.

    “I should’ve”-

    -a kick to your ass-

    -”done this from the start”-

    -three punches to the ribs-

    “-when Dabi and Tomura told me I was being too easy on you.”

    He stops for a moment to catch his breath, flicking his head back to clear the loose hair around his head. Your hair covers your face too, but there's more blood sticking to the strands that cause your eyesight to be clouded rather than anything else.

    Your lips sting as your tongue runs over the bloody mess, but you whisper it out anyways, if nothing but to blindly spite him.

    “You’re fucking crazy. You’re going to jail, you sick motherfucker.”

    Keigo throws a leg over both of yours and straddles himself above you on the couch where you lay. He cocks his head at you and switches his manic expression to one of faux kindness.

    “Oh yeah? And how’s that?”

    No part of your bruised body hurts as much as your heart does when he throws his past kindness in your face like that.

    You stay silent, tears from pain meshing with tears of heartache and sliding down your bloody face as he scoffs over your body.

    “Since you can’t seem to answer, lemme make this easy for you sweetheart.”

    He leans down and lets his eyes glide over your mangled face and broken body, relishing in his greatest accomplishment yet.

    “You won’t tell. Not because you don’t have the strength to-which, mind you, is pretty plausible too-but because I won’t let you.”

    Even through the clouded mist in your eyes you can see him grinning like a little boy, the beginning of his laughter sounding like nails on a chalkboard to you.

    “I’ve done this dozens if not hundreds of times, you stupid slut. You think you’re special? You’re not shit. Not in my class, not in my life, not in this fucking university. You’re nothing, and the only reason I’m giving you this special attention is ‘cause you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dabi probably got too cocky and wanted some fun, that’s why the bastard put your jacket right outside my room.”

    As you’re left panting wide-eyed, Keigo wastes no time in unceremoniously ripping your shirt off quite literally, yanking your pants and panties down along with tearing your bra off.

    It all happens so fast that you dont even think to shield your body again using bruised and bloodied hands. It would also help to see him, but it’s hard to when hot blood is pouring down and pooling in your eye, adding insult to painful injury.

    He sees this too, and laughs.

    “Hey,” he breathlessly chuckles as he begins straddling you. He lightly slaps your cheek twice and gestures to his hand. “How many fingers am I holding up?”

    You try to curse at him, but all that comes up is gurgling bile.

    “Yeah yeah, that’s what I thought.” Keigo mutters as he begins fondling you, each large and smooth hand plucking your nipples and lifting them away from your body, testing the weight of them individually in each palm.

    You try whining and shifting your body away but he simply drops lower onto your pelvis, almost crushing you. His imprint is clearly felt through his cargo pants which terrifies you.

    Golden locks flop onto your neck as his head descends and gleaming white teeth open, akin to a shark’s mouth about to swallow its prey whole. He grants you no mercy as you’re left writhing beneath him as he devours your poor throat.

    “Stop this Keigo,” you try to lift an arm out from under him to try and push him off but he absentmindedly pins your wrist above your head.

    “I get it, okay? I get it, I swear I won’t tell, just please get off of m-”

    “So glad that my star slut finally gets it. You’re not gonna tell. But there’s one more lesson I have yet to teach you.”

    All you can do is watch in horror as he makes direct eye contact with you and starts unbuckling his pants.

    “How to fulfill your real purpose, and take cock like you were meant to as a submissive little bitch.”

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    Hi! This is my Keigo's cosplay.

    I made the wings from scratch with cardboard, acrylic paint and glitter foam. Cut and detail about 200 feathers, I know they do not seem so many, but when counting them one by one believe me so. I painted the shirt myself first with a fabric paint base and then with acrylic on top. I also painted the headphones. The wig is the most expensive I have bought so far for cosplay, and the glasses I got almost at the last minute. My mother had the jacket and she lends it to me every time I get dressed from him. If you liked it pls like and, and if you want to go further, follow me, thanks! :D

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    lay low (take it slow) | 5 | hawks x reader

    pairing: Takami Keigo (Hawks) / Reader

    length: 3,600 words of ~20,000 words / 5th of 7 chapters

    summary: What even was the right google search for this situation? How do I sew someone back together without passing out? How do I not barf on the pro hero I’m stitching up?

    (Or, Hawks’ game of double agent lands him in the shaky hands of one (1) very unequipped English major.)

    tags: romance, hurt/comfort, canon divergence, give Hawks a fuckin break pls

    warnings: canon typical violence, blood, medical stuff, eventual smut, manga spoilers

    It was like a dam had broken.

    After the night where he’d given you his name, Hawks—no, Keigo—seemed to become wildly more comfortable with you. It was something in the way he held himself, the set of his shoulders more relaxed, his smile slower and more languid when he grinned at you. He watched you pensively, and often, making no attempt to hide that that was what he was doing, like there was really nothing about his behavior he needed to hide from you.

    It should have been nice to have a new sense of trust between you—and it was, somewhat. But for your part, you mostly suffered under this new development.

    Keigo was rapidly regaining his strength, and his ease around you meant he wasn’t shy about showing it. Every afternoon when you got back from class, he was right there, in all his glory, putting himself through his paces on your floor. Sometimes it was deep, slow stretches, which were themselves enough to quicken your heartbeat. All the deadly strength in that body was on clear display, every single inch of him, and it was all you could do to scramble into your room, yelping something about homework.

    But other times it was even worse, things like push ups, where every cord of muscle in his arms stood out starkly visible to you, or sit ups, where your eyes would snag on that flat strip of golden skin where his shirt rode up. You were developing bruises from all the times you’d accidentally walked into a side table or the corner of your counter, and it was becoming an actual safety hazard.

    Keigo was also regaining proficiency with his quirk, and that resulted in its own type of problem: you started finding feathers fucking everywhere.

    They sat stuffed in between cushions in the couch, fanned out across your window sill, layering in the sheafs of your homework and in the pockets of your clothes. Keigo slowly began to pull his wings back together, and you helped him cut slits in the back of his shirts to accommodate them, admiring the way their ruby red color stood out against his skin, the way they fanned out from his back like a cape. Their reassembly meant they went everywhere with him, so you started to find feathers all over the bathroom, too. Worst of all was when he started dropping tiny little feathers in the shower, downy and fine and nearly impossible to clean out of the drain.

    You couldn’t help but wonder if they were in there because he washed them, and how hard it was to get them all clean. You made a note to research bird feathers to figure out if he needed anything special for them, though he had yet to ask you for anything.

    Keigo’s scar also continued to heal, becoming just slightly lighter and pinker over time, the stitches dissolving into his skin. You were thankful you didn’t have to go back in and help him remove them, as you didn’t think you could watch the thread pull through his skin again without copious amounts of alcohol. Not to mention the looming threat his bare abs posed—you didn’t think you could handle seeing those either without straight up passing out.

    Your trips to the pharmacy, too, grew less and less frequent, and you were relieved to be seeing less of the nosy cashier girl, who still evaluated your purchases with a level of suspicion that was discomfiting.

    Over the days, you and Keigo grew even closer. Your conversations grew beyond your classes and your readings, though you still talked plenty about those, and you cooked together every night. Keigo was slowly growing more capable in the kitchen, and he seemed to enjoy the simplicity of the activity. You’d also taken to watching your online lectures together while you cooked, or after you’d finished eating.

    The first time it happened, you’d been setting up your laptop at the counter, a pan of seasoned veggies already awaiting a preheating oven. You’d directed Keigo to get pork going in the slow cooker earlier in the day, and the scent of the accompanying onions and apples was making your mouth water.

    “Come watch it over here, sweetheart,” Keigo had said from over your shoulder.

    You turned to glance at him, finding him folded up on one side of the couch, patting the spot next to him.

    Your eyebrows went up. “Uh, I’m not sure it’ll be your thing,” you said. “It’s on gender and sexuality in Victorian literature.”

    Keigo looked unbothered, smoothing over the cushions with one long-fingered hand. “It’s all interesting to me, chickadee. I’ve never had classes.”

    His tone was light and airy, but something about the comment made your heart twitch. You gathered up your laptop without another word, plopping down next to him on the couch. You set up on the coffee table, pulling your notebook into your lap.

    Keigo grinned, resettling himself next to you. A wing draped casually over the back of the couch, and a corded arm found its way behind you. You froze, limbs held tight to your body, hardly daring to breathe lest you accidentally touch him.

    Well, he certainly was making himself comfortable.

    You tried to put him out of your mind as you started the lecture, but it soon proved to be an impossible feat.

    He didn’t mean to be, but Keigo was extremely obtrusive. Every single nerve in your body was alert to him, a fluttery awareness of the heat and easy strength of his body next to you. The scent of him was everywhere, too, almost soaked into your couch by the weeks he’d spent on it. He smelled like your shampoo, clean and fresh, and something else underneath it—something distinctly Keigo, vaguely outdoorsy, like cold, clear air.

    Any attempt at note-taking was lost on you, as you were hardly registering your lecture. Instead, you spent the entire lecture run peering at Keigo out of the corner of your eye, watching the way those golden eyes fixated on your screen, the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, steady and easy, and so very, unbelievably real. Your skin prickled with your awareness of him as a person, as a man, so strangely removed from the image of the dashing hero that you’d known him as for years.

    Your trance was broken by a wing settling over you, startling you into a little eep noise.

    Keigo chuckled. “You looked a little cold, sweetheart,” he said, as his wing pulled in tighter. Feathers brushed over your skin, soft and strangely ticklish, shepherding you closer to him.

    “I’m—um, I’m fine—” you managed, your body locking up. Keigo’s wing settled fully around your shoulder, heavy and warm. “Really, I’m good. You, um, don’t need to bother with me—”

    “You had goosebumps,” Keigo pointed out, and a hot flush rose to the planes of your face.

    It was so embarrassing that he’d noticed, but it would be even more embarrassing if he knew it wasn’t because you had been cold. He wouldn’t allow you within six miles of him if he truly understood the kind of awareness you had of him.

    It was even more messed up because only weeks ago, he’d been all but dying on your couch. He’d been unable to stay awake longer than an hour or two for days, and he was still healing from the gnarliest injury you had ever seen in real life. He’d been seriously hurt, and here you were tripping over yourself at the slightest hint of a smile from him, like some lovelorn little fool.

    You imagined nearly everyone must be helpless to his charm, but it didn’t make it okay for you to take advantage of him.

    “Really, I’m okay—” you insisted, attempting to extricate yourself from him. Keigo’s wing only curled in tighter, until you were fully pressed up against him.

    You stopped breathing.

    “I don’t mind, sweetheart,” he said simply, like you weren’t pressed up against the entirety of his right side.

    Your brain felt like it was too full of sludge for you to form a coherent reply, so you affected a shaky little nod instead, pulling your limbs so tight against you that you thought they might fuse back into your torso.

    The rest of the lecture dragged on, torturously long. Every breath brought Keigo’s chest in closer contact with your arm, and he was so horribly, comfortably warm. It took everything in you not to cuddle into him, and you were up and on your feet the second your screen went blank.

    “Well that was—thanks—” you garbled out, seizing your laptop and all but vaulting into your room. It was only hours later that you remembered you’d been in the middle of making dinner, and you slunk back out to the kitchen shame-faced to finish up.

    After that, Keigo insisted on watching all your lectures together. You came better equipped each time, arming yourself with blankets so he couldn’t accuse you of being cold again, stacking pillows between you under the pretext of resting your arm, and wedging yourself into the far arm of the couch at so much as the flick of a feather from him.

    When you were a reasonable distance from him, it was a nice thing to do together. Your brain worked alright so long as he stayed several feet away and didn’t smile too winningly at you. The two of you talked easily about the lectures’ contents, Keigo’s comments as quick and insightful as ever.

    You discovered he was incredibly smart, and an amazingly adaptive thinker. You wondered again what his career might have been if he hadn’t been inclined towards heroism—he really could have done anything. He was so sharp, so charismatic, and concerningly intuitive.

    Jealous as you were, this knowledge also settled you, and you felt weirdly secure with Keigo. Society had been a mess since All Might’s retirement, and there was a lot of public doubt about the capabilities of other heroes to step in and fill his shoes. But Keigo didn’t fill his shoes—he wasn’t anything like the type of hero All Might had been. He was something else entirely, so much more than his image made him seem. You felt sure that the entire country was safe in his hands—even if they didn’t know it yet.

    The downside was that the more time you spent in each other’s company, the more you got to know him. The more you got to know him, the larger your stupid crush on him grew. He was so clever, and so thoughtful, and so damnably easy to trust. You loved spending time with him just watching your lectures, chatting about nothing, and cooking dinner together.

    You liked all the little details about him, too, the things that made him more human than hero. You liked the way he ate through your shrimp chips with all the expediency of a one-man army, the way his feathers went all fluffed up when he was chilly, the absolutely disgusting way he took his coffee—with so much sugar it should have eaten a hole in his esophagus—even the annoying little feathers that stuffed up your pockets and stopped up your shower drain.

    You were thinking about him all the time, in myriad tiny ways, though you resolved never to tell him a thing. You were sure he had enough to think about without you stuffing yourself into the equation.

    It all culminated one weekend afternoon, however, when a little slip on your part changed everything.

    You were working through a paper at your counter, a coffee mug growing cold next to you, when Keigo came out of the bathroom with an unreadable look on his face. His hair was damp, and his skin pink from the shower, and his clothing was rumpled like he’d thrown it on in a hurry.

    “Sweetheart,” he said.

    Your eyes flicked up to his, concerned. Those golden eyes searched over your face, as if seeing you anew.

    “Are you okay?” you asked, getting up.

    Keigo watched you for a long time before answering. “Is that dish soap in the shower on purpose?”

    Your face instantly went hot.

    A few nights ago, you’d been absently scrolling through google, ever-curious about the question of whether Keigo needed to clean his feathers and how he did so. You’d gone down a reddit rabbit hole of poultry and waterfowl enthusiasts who insisted a mild dish soap was best for cleaning their pet’s feathers, and you’d wondered if the same thing would work for Keigo.

    The thought had resurfaced when you’d been in the pharmacy restocking on Keigo’s shrimp chips, and you’d added a small bottle of gentle dish soap to your purchase. Your least favorite cashier had eyed the dish soap with even more overt suspicion than any of the bandages and disinfectants. You wondered what nefarious deeds she could have possibly thought you were up to with chips and some dish soap, and considered again whether you should move your business to the other pharmacy a couple blocks further.

    Then you’d come home and stashed the dish soap away in the shower, just in case Keigo did actually want it. You figured if it went unused, you could always move it into the kitchen when it was time for a soap refill.

    But then Keigo had come charging out of the bathroom, and now he was looking at you with an expression you couldn’t make heads or tails of.

    “Oh, um, I—yes,” you said, wondering now if you’d maybe offended him. “I had just read about—um, feathers and dish soap—I didn’t know if—I mean, obviously you don’t have to use it, I didn’t even know how you dealt with your wings, you know…”

    You trailed off as he stepped closer. You could feel the damp heat of the shower on him, the scent of your shampoo clinging to him. It was too much and it set your head spinning. You took a stumbling step back, your spine pressing to your counter.

    “I’m thinking maybe now I offended you,” you said, watching his handsome face as he came closer. “I really didn’t mean—um, I’m sorry if I did—”

    A hand gripped the counter beside your hip, and Keigo leaned in. Your brain went a little empty.

    “You bought dish soap for my feathers,” he said.

    He didn’t sound angry, but there was a note of something unusual in his voice, and his eyes were bright, so inhumanly focused on you. Obviously something had bothered him.

    Probably it was offensive for you to have thought his wings needed the same care as a duck or a chicken. Really you should have just asked him...

    “I’m sorry,” you said automatically.

    A little wrinkle sat between Keigo’s eyebrows. “For...thinking of me?”

    Yes. Definitely yes to that, you really didn’t mean for your head to be so constantly full of him. Thinking of it from his perspective, it was probably super weird that you’d had so many questions about his wings in the first place, and you’d gone and researched it and then even went out and did something about it without his say-so.

    “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” you said. “I just wanted you to have it if you wanted it. Which you didn’t, obviously—I’m so—mmph…”

    Keigo cut you off with a hard kiss.

    The rest of your apology was swallowed up by his mouth on yours, hot and soft and so deliciously good. You let out a little sigh, somewhere between surprised and pleased, and you could feel Keigo’s mouth curve into a grin against your own. He pressed you back against the counter, his hands coming up to cup your face.

    “I think you’re too good to be real, sweetheart,” Keigo said, when he finally let you go. He pressed his forehead to yours.

    You felt caught in that golden stare, mind sluggish as you tried to piece together what he was saying.

    “I—what?” you asked, stupidly.

    Keigo’s eyes slowly roved over your face, sweeping down your nose and fixating on your mouth.

    “It’s hard to believe you’re not a trick,” he said.

    You felt your brow wrinkle, staring at him for some kind of explanation. But Keigo just watched you back, eyes moving slowly over you, like he was content to just stay like this forever.

    “What trick?” you asked. Was there something strange in the way you had acted?

    Actually scratch that, you’d done nothing but weird shit since you’d found him. From trashbagging every single one of his feathers to routinely walking into side tables, your behavior had probably been nothing but suspect from the start. The dish soap was likely just another log on the flames of his suspicion.

    “You, everything about you,” he said. This seemed to prompt him and he leaned forward again, pressing another kiss to your mouth. “It’s like you were designed to be everything...everything I never…” he stopped, just staring at you again.

    Everything he never what? Everything he never wanted? Everything he never liked?

    Even though your brain was not exactly up to full operating capacity at the moment, you were certain he had kissed you, and not the other way around. But was he now rejecting you?

    “Everything I never thought I’d have,” Keigo finally finished. He crooked his index finger under your chin, angling your face up to his, and then he was kissing you again.

    Your thoughts swam, and not just because his mouth turned your brain into liquid. Although he really, really was doing his best there, and very much succeeding.

    But his admission was...mind-boggling. He seemed to imply first that he wanted something with you, something bordering on serious by the sound of it, and second, that for some reason, Hawks, Japan’s number two hero, arguably the most eligible man in the entire country, had been convinced he could never have whatever it was he was interested in here.

    Which raised its own set of very unusual questions.

    “I’m reading this right, aren’t I, sweetheart?” he asked when you broke apart again. “You have to tell me if I’m not.”

    Oh, he was barely even skimming the dedication page of a thousand-page manifesto, as far as your feelings for him were concerned. But you nodded, shivering when he gave you one of his disarming grins, slow and lazy and masculine.

    “I, um, yes,” you said. “I don’t know what you—um, what your feelings are. But I...like...you.”

    Behind him, Keigo’s wings flapped aimlessly, and when you looked back at him, the tips of his ears were ever-so-slightly pink.

    “I like you, too, sweetheart. A lot more than I planned for,” he said.

    “You’re not angry?” you asked. “About the dish soap? I didn’t mean to, um, overstep, or like—”

    Keigo kissed you again while you were talking, effectively shutting you up.

    “You save my life, you take me home, you take such good care of me, you get me special things, and you’re worried I’m angry?” he asked.

    Your face went hot. You had saved his life a little, you guessed, but you didn’t really know about taking great care of him or getting him special things. You mostly just kept him in soup and shrimp chips, at least as far as your student budget allowed. It was hardly the treatment someone like Keigo deserved.

    “You’re something else, you know that, sweetheart?” Keigo asked, sounding fond, and you realized you’d accidentally said some of that aloud.

    He pressed another feather-light kiss to your mouth, and then pulled away, looking regretful.

    “I like you, sweetheart. A lot more than I should. And now wouldn’t be the right time for me to ask anything of you,” he said. He sighed, raking a hand through that fluffy blonde hair. Some of it was still damp, and it stuck up in little tousled tufts. “But when I get things figured out, I think I’d like something with you, if you wanted.”

    His eyes found yours again, steady and sure. “You don’t have to give me an answer right now, not for a while. But I want you to think about it, sweetheart.”

    You swallowed, nodding. You didn’t know exactly what it was that needed figuring out, but something told you he wasn’t talking about his feelings. There was something darker in his tone, and you wondered if the thing that needed figuring out was also the thing that had put him on your couch, bleeding out, in the first place.

    There was a lot he wasn’t telling you, a lot you still had to learn about Keigo and what exactly he was doing here. But the way he was looking at you, still pink from the shower and his mouth beginning to look a little flushed from your kisses, was more than you were able to resist. These past weeks had been a crash course in Keigo, and though you didn’t know everything, you thought you knew enough.

    You knew the way his feathers stuffed up your drain and the way he looked stretched out on your floor. You knew the way he snuck little bites of things while he was cooking and the way his face cleared when he was sleeping. You knew the way he thought carefully about every single thing he did, and the way he grinned when he was wrapped up in your ugly floral throw blanket. You knew enough to be so utterly, hopelessly charmed by him, that there was no way you could resist him.

    So when he looked at you like that, there was nothing to do but nod and say, “Yes, I will most definitely think about it.”

    Keigo’s ears went even pinker, and he stepped closer to you again, his smile soft.

    And then he was kissing you again, and there was really no more thinking to be done.

    #hawks x reader #takami keigo x reader #takami keigo #bnha x reader #bnha hawks
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    Please Stay! Hawks x Fem!reader fanfic

    Sorry for the long update....School work happened and writers block 😓

    Anyway, thank you again for liking and reading my fanfic.

    REBLOGS are very much encouraged and appreciated...😁😁😁😁



    Part 23


    The room was silent for a few seconds until a sound came from someone you didn't expect.



    It was almost a whisper but loud enough for you to identify who asked the question.

    Wolfram was as surprised, as bewildered, and in disbelief as you are.


    "What do you mean she's my daughter?"

    He turned to Unubore Warui for an explanation but before he could speak one of his bodyguards tapped him on the shoulder and whispered something on his hear. After the information was relayed to him, he nodded and turned back to you totally ignoring Wolfram.

    Unubore Warui:

    "As much as I would love to stay here and tell you the story, but I'm afraid that we must leave."

    As soon as Unubore Warui said this the double metal-door that you just came in from bursts open revealing the number 2 hero and his team along with your bestfriend.

    Unubore Warui:

    "How did you ...? Nevermind. Seize him and bring the girl!"

    He ordered with gritted teeth and turned towards the door that was located at the back of the room followed by Richii, Wolfram and his men. One of his men automatically grabbed you by the arms, dragging you behind the Unubore's group, while the others blocked the door to prevent Keigo and his team from pursuing you.



    Hearing Keigo's voice made you want to run to his side if it wasn't for the strong arms that were restraining you and you would've already used your quirk by now if it wasn't for the darn necklace.


    "NO! Let me go! ..... argh!.... KEIGO! EIJIRO!"

    You continued to struggle while being dragged behind the Unubore's as they made their escape. The back door opened to another dimly lit passage that you assumed served as tunnel towards the back of the estate.

    No words were spoken as the men made haste in escaping. Only your continuous struggles would be heard above the foot steps that echoed from the tunnel.

    It was amazing to you how, though it was only 1 man holding you, he never loosened his grip. In your mind you thought that this man might be the strongest out of them.

    'If only I didn't have this stupid thing around my neck I would've knocked all of them out easy!'


    "Aaargh! Let me go!..... Grrrrr!"

    Unubore Warui was starting to get irritated by your whines and struggles and couldn't contain it anymore. He yelled behind his back, giving orders to the man that restrained you with his hands.

    Unubore Warui:

    "Just electrocute that girl if you can't keep her quiet!"

    Without any hesitation the man pulled out a small black square contraption from his pocket that you surmised as the switch to electrocute you through the necklace.

    Remembering the shock you felt through out your whole body when you first discovered the purpose of the necklace made you shiver and closing your eyes involuntarily, anticipating the wave of pain that is about to consume you with just a push of a button.

    But instead of an electric shock you heard another man's voice as if protesting or rather giving a warning.


    "Push that button and I'll finish all of you!"

    His voice roared through the small passageway which froze the rest of the men where they stood.

    The elder Unubore couldn't believe that this man dared to defy him. Who does he think he is? Did he forget who was the reason he wasn't locked up? The Audacity of this man!

    Yet Wolfram didn't seem to care who he was talking to.

    It was the younger Unubore who expressed his offense by Wolframs defiance.


    "What did you say? You insolent fool. How dare you - "

    But before he could finish his sentence his father put his arm out to stop him.

    You kept your eyes closed in anticipation during this short exchange between the Unubore's and Wolfram.

    Upon opening them you saw him glare at the elder Unubore's, who were obviously taken aback and equally frigthened by what he said and at the man who understood enough to put the contraption back inside his pocket.

    Given the social status of the Unubore's and their control over their employees, you'd think that the words of a convict like him would actually threaten them. However, they knew enough not to get on Wolfram's bad side. Which is why Warui didn't respond to his threat and just kept quiet.

    Their reaction confused you. Why do they seem afraid of this man, Wolfram?

    The dread in Unubore Warui's eyes didn't escape you as you looked from this old man to the man holding you. It seems like these people know what would happen if they cross Wolfram.

    'I thought this old fart was powerful? How could a convict like Wolfram scare him?'

    You finally turned your eyes toward the man in the white coat and what you saw on his face shocked you. Judging by the reaction on the Unubore's and his men's faces, you did not expect to see the expression on Wolframs face when he turned to you.

    Was it affection?


    From where you stand, how he looked at you reminded you something.

    But why?

    Was he threatened?

    No. He couldn't be. He was the one doing the threatening.

    So, what is it?  Then, you were in disbelief when you recognize the look in his eyes.

    It reminded you of an animal bearing its fangs, ready to put it's life on the line.

    It was the same look any animal would have when protecting their young. Funnily enough, it reminded you of how Aizawa sensei looked when villains attacked USJ.

    You remembered it vividly in your head. Aizawa sensei not caring whether he would lose a limb or his life just to protect you and your classmates.

    'But why? Why would he - ?'

    Unubore Waruis' words earlier rang through your head.

    'No way. It can't be. I couldn't be his - '

    'But how? I already have mom and dad and Keigo .... Their my family'


    You wanted to shout but couldn't.

    'It's impossible. This can't be happening. He can't be ... my real father?!'


    Wow! This new chapter is long overdue....sorry about that 😓😓😓😓

    But thank you very much for giving this story a read.

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    Remember to love and take care of yourself every day! Otherwise Hawks gets really sad.❤️
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    his fav restaurant is having a special deal on chicken, hes on a mission

    my art pls dont repost, pls reblog !!

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    we deserved @pakchoys dad takami gosh darn it

    #It’s true and I should say it #he still mentally looks like your design in my head #not…this inhuman beast he is in canon #mha#hawks#bnha
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    Mood: To be shut down from the world and cuddle with Keigo. He would definitely love to have you in his arms, look at you until his eyes are reduced to nothing but golden rings. Coo softly like a protective birby, "How are you feelin' baby bird? I'm here you know that? I'm always here."

    GRRRRRRRRR the fluff 😡✋🏻❤️

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    I also got to work with the awesome GemmaRose  on their awesome fan fiction Survive, Adapt, Overcome for the @hawksbigbang!

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    Oh my god Hawks with a service dog after the raid because the simplest stuff sets him off. After being out of the hospital for a while he finally works himself up enough to try to cook something, forgetting that the flame on his stove is blue

    #hawks#keigo takami#mha hawks#dabihawks#bnha hawks#takami keigo#dabi #wing hero hawks #hawks bnha #my hero academia hawks #afhdjdi imagine it #dabi like im gonna go bug him see how the traitor is living it up #all he finds is Hawks on the floor of his kitchen #staring wide eyed at the stove flame #while a dog hes never seen before is desperately trying to get hawks attention #before he knows what hes doing #dabi turns the stove off and leaves #hawks isnt aware enough to see him #should i write this i kinda want to
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    I just love scenarios where Dabi doesn't realize how bad he actually hurts Hawks because most of the fight is just fire and anger to him.

    So he goes to the hero's apartment months after the raid, wondering why the hero hasn't been on the news at all since then. He doesn't know what to do when all he finds is dark, empty rooms settled with dust.

    #hawks#keigo takami#dabihawks#dabi#mha hawks#bnha hawks#takami keigo #wing hero hawks #hawks bnha #my hero academia hawks #the reason is make your own lmao #like Hawks can be in a hospital in a medically induced coma #to monitor and control brain damage from smoke inhalation #or he can be straight up dead and the media has been on a hush about it #to recover citizen trust and moral #or one of my fav ideas i might explore one day #the todorokis take Hawks in #at first it was his connection to endeavor and he needed help #but they all grew to like him #and given how it was Touya who did this #they want to help Hawks heal #which when dabi finds it out he loses it because like they basically replaced him with Hawks #a 'better child' #isa whole plot #dabi is always redeemed in my daydreams #not in the way that he does the right thing #but that he regrets and is horrified of the results of his actions #i dont know why but the 'too late' theme always sticks with me
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    Happy new years... In oct...

    Chibi hawks n Dabi comic

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    ‘Hawks’ (BnHa) with mythological themes

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    Costume Party!! 🦇🖤🥀

    He’s wings are little stubs hiding under his cape hehe! I like how this turned out, the costume is just from a vampire costume I found on google images hehe I think he rocks it tho! I love vampire Hawks, whether it’s an AU or a costume 🥰 I also love mixing cute/dorky Hawks with sexy Hawks hehehe :P We’re coming up on Halloween everyone! I hope you’re all having a great season and a great day! 😘❤️ (keep an eye out for the next developer log! We’ll be announcing the new patreon!)

    commissions are open!

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    「What falling in love with BNHA Boys would be like」

    ⤷ Bakugou

    falling in love with him feels like coming to bed after a long day, finally finding stillness and serenity in a big, bustling city. it’s the feeling you get when there’s a rainstorm outside and you’re just safe and warm in bed. it’s the little twirl your heart does when he’s holding you close through the night, not caring what it all means, just knowing that there will always be a home to come back to.

    ⤷ Deku

    falling in love with him is like looking at the same stars every night, and falling in love all over again; it's looking at him and getting lost in the glare of his eyes and wishing that moment would never pass. it's getting lost in the immensity of stars that is his universe, but finding yourself in the glow of moonlight, where he will always be there to hold you.

    ⤷ Kirishima

    falling in love with him feels like something akin to the comfortable silence between best-friends. there's no sudden moment of realization; the feeling creeps over you instinctively and steadily as you lie next to each other on bed, doing nothing but so blissfully content: just a smile here, a fleeting touch there, accompanied by a bad joke that you can't help but laugh at and he turns to face you, smiling like you gave him the world.

    ⤷ Todoroki

    falling in love with him feels like springtime, not waiting upon the perfect frost-free day and coming forth at the first chance for the warmth of the sun, the smell of flowers, and the butterflies in stomach. falling in love with him feels like the freedom of the first few hours when the last school bell of the day rings, walking home, hand in hand. it feels freeing and easy.

    ⤷ Denki

    falling in love with him feels like baking your favorite dessert. it’s all lively and mayhaps a little messy. there is sweetness in the air and love is in the nurturing way you carefully knead the dough and watching it rise in the oven. falling in love with him is comfort and laughter. it makes your body light and heart sing with joy.

    ⤷ Tamaki

    falling in love with him feels like watching the sunrise over the horizons. it’s the knowing that the sun will inevitably come up but still feeling excited for it. and when it does happen, there’s a rush of calmness that you can’t explain but you relish in it. right beside you, he flickers to life under the morning sun; you share a soft, knowing smile and he edges just a little so that your arms and knees are touching, just barely brushing, really, but somehow it permeates your skin.

    ⤷ Shinsou

    falling in love with him feels like that little plant that he gave you as a gift. it grows so slowly that you don’t pay much attention to it at first, but oh it grows. it grows with every shared smile and laughter, it grows with every silly 3 a.m text that says “maybe i’m batman” and followed by a reply that says “you idiot. go to sleep.” it grows with nights spent together, watching the shadows you make with your hands. and suddenly one day, you’re looking at him and thinking, where were you all this time?

    ⤷ Hawks

    falling in love with him feels like the fireworks on new year’s eve. it’s colorful, bright, and booming, but neither sudden nor surprising. everyone is anticipating it, including you both. it’s like there’s a countdown going on all around you. you look back on the day he came into your life nearly a year ago and your feelings piling up little by little since then: a goofy grin of his this, an electrifying touch of his that. and suddenly, one, your eyes meet. and the world erupts into color and sound, and he leans in.

    ⤷ Dabi

    falling in love with him literally feels like falling off something; the adrenaline of the reckless fall is present but so is the complete reassurance and confidence that he’ll catch you before you hit the ground. it’s throwing all caution to the wind while saying screw it, diving head first, eyes shut tight, you’re in a frenzy of delight, still wild with excitement even when you land right into his arms.

    ⤷ Shigaraki

    falling in love with him is like having an ocean inside you; sometimes calm and peaceful, with a light breeze that makes you feel welcomed and safe, no matter what. other times it is agitated and abrupt, which makes your body shiver and a wave of adrenaline runs through your veins. but, falling in love with him is to know that you are at high waves, but also to know that he is and always will be your safe haven.

    ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ tags! @saturnmich, @tomurastrashpanda, @afairywithacrown, @kaizokuluv, @urdemonboyfie, @uravichii, @yfneccentric, @justheretoaskandread, @owl232, @uxavity , @toodeepintofandoms, @bubble-bootie <3

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    "Cocaine and drinking with your friends

    You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend

    I'm not fazed, only here to sin

    If Eve ain't in your garden, you know that you can"

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    Dabi: "nvm no meeting tonight"

    Hawks: "why, something come up?"

    Dabi: "no bones day"

    Hawks, who doesn't actually own any of his social media accounts: "........ what"

    #hawks#keigo takami#mha hawks#dabihawks#bnha hawks#takami keigo #wing hero hawks #hawks bnha#dabi #my hero academia hawks #hawks tryna figure out of thats an inside joke about his staples or something
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