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    Please Stay! Hawks x Fem!reader fanfic

    Here's part 21. The updates after this will be slow so, please be patient with me. 😓😓😓😓

    And I know I've never mentioned this on my previous posts and I deeply apologize but, aside from the hearts and for reading my story, thank you so much for following this blog. I really appreciate it....🥰🥰🥰🥰

    So, enjoy the story and always keep safe...


    Part 21

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    After that uneasy dinner, you went back to the bedroom that you woke up in. Sitting on the edge of the bed, recalling everything that happened.

    Earlier at the dining room:


    "What do you mean?"

    You tried to make your voice sound calm but the thought of him threatening your family made your blood boil. With clenched jaw, you looked at him indignantly. But he only looked more pleased at your reaction and this made you more annoyed.

    Unubore Warui:

    "What I mean by that, my dear, is I have men keeping an eye on your parents and making sure that they won't miss you too much. Of course, they will not act without my saying so. Oh, and don't worry about your 'slum-rat' of a foster brother, it is impossible to have anyone keep an eye on him, but I am certain that he is doing everything in his tiny powers to find you and when he does he will be most certainly welcomed in my home. That is, if he is willing to cooperate."

    He explained with a sinister smile, seeing the fear grow in your eyes. It pleased him that both of you know that he is being serious and that you should tread lightly lest you risk harming your family.

    Unubore Waruie:

    "Now, now, my dear, there is nothing for you to fear. Not a single hair on your family's head will be harmed if you do as we say."


    "What is it that you want from me then?"

    You asked through gritted teeth, almost hissing. As much as you hate to play along with their games, they have put you in a spot where you can't just say 'no' without risking your family's safety.

    The plump man kept his eyes on his plate as he continued to eat. He sighed.

    Unubore Waruie:

    "So, the doctor really didn't tell you anything. It's sad to think that things have come to this. I mean, your father and I were once close friends you know, almost like brothers and it would have been wonderful if we actually became a family. But, I don't know what came over him that he rejected my proposition. Fortunately for me, with how things are progressing, that dream won't be so far fetched anymore."

    He looked at you knowingly with a smug smile.


    "What? You mean you want me to m...m.."

    Disgust was written all over your face and you could almost taste the bile in your mouth.

    Unubore Waruie:

    "M-m-marry. Yes! You really are your fathers daughter! Your just as smart as he is! I know this comes as a shock to you, my dear, but no better time than now. Don't you think?"

    He turned to his son who looked like he was enjoying his dinner too much. With his mouth full, Ritchii nodded in agreement to his dad.

    Unubore Waruie:

    "You would make a perfect bride for my a son and a perfect daughter-in-law! Just think about what you could do for our empire! Having you would mean restoring our name!"

    What is this person saying? Did they seriously believe that you'd just agree to this? You wanted to punch his face so bad but you don't want to risk it. Instead you abruptly stood up, anger making your face red, staring at this disillusioned, greedy, evil man.


    "So, you'll use me for your benefit to gain more money?"

    For the first time, the father and son duo looked at you with surprise, but the shock immediately disappeared. Unubore Waruie expected you to react this way.

    Unubore Wauie:

    "I'm sorry if it seems that way, my dear. But you should understand that, like any normal person, we also have dreams. And if you help us fulfill that dream, we will shower you with all the luxury that money can buy. Not to mention that your family's safety will be guaranteed."

    Just the thought of your parents and Keigo getting hurt made your heart sank. The look in Unubore Waruies' face tells you that you are in no place to negotiate nor decline. He knows that your family is important to you and he will not hesitate to put a bullet to their heads if you disobey them.

    You turned your head to the side avoiding the stare-down with the man. This definitely pleased him, you admitting defeat or anyone for that matter, made him feel powerful.

    Unubore Waruie:

    "I know it will take a while to open up to us miss L/N, but I assure you that you will get used to how things are right now. It is a big change in your life after all. You can take all the time you need. But for now, you may return to your room and rest. I'm pretty sure you're tired. Oh, and I'll have the servants bring your dinner. It's not good for a young lady to go to bed with an empty stomach. Good night, my dear."

    You glared at him as he spoke.

    Unubore Richii:

    "Sleep tight, my bride. I'll see tomorrow, okay?"

    Just like his father, he smiled that sinister smile that makes you want to punch his face after this mess is over, and you promise yourself that you will. You turned to leave and went back to your room.

    In your bedroom:

    You sat on the edge of the bed staring outside the window. It was already dark and you could see the stars and the moon shining.

    After what happened, you don't know what to feel, you couldn't think straight. All you could think about was your parents. Unubore Waruie said that he called your mother and father, but do they know that there are men watching them?

    And Keigo, you're sure that he's looking for you right now but you're scared of what could happen if he manages to find you. Judging by that pompous mans tone, he has definitely prepared something for Keigo.



    His name came out barely a whisper. Just the thought of him made your heart ache to be near him again, to feel safe in his arms again.

    And you remembered your bestfriend.


    You believed that he's looking for you, too. Knowing him, he won't stop at nothing to find you.

    But what should you do now?

    Will you just go along and do what they want?

    Even though the situation you are in now is making you lose hope, Aizawa-sensei's words instantly invaded your thoughts.

    "A Hero always has more than one trick up their sleeve."

    The thought of your sleep-deprived sensei made you chuckle. You don't know why you remembered that but it definitely gave you courage to face this challenge that your dealt with. Besides, you're sure that Keigo will stop at nothing to find you, you just have to be prepared to fight.

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    Tokoyami: Hawks, is it true the 30% percent reason you took me in because you see potential in me ?

    Hawks: Why of course ! Why do you ask ?

    Tokoyami: Then why didn't you tell me about this on my first internship with you ?

    Hawks: Uhhh....

    Hawks: You need to show me what you got first.

    Tokoyami: Sounds very bullshit.

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    My stomach feels weird🤔🤔

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    Rumi: How dumb do they think we are?

    Enji: Sometimes Hawks leaves me pictures of food instead of a shopping list.

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    Hawks - Sauce
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    An Odd Couple - Part 13

    Warning: Alcohol Consumption

    WC: 1K

    Part 12 <<<<<<<<<<<<<__________________>>>>>>>>>> Part 14


    You had received a few more texts of confirmations for the party. You had in fact been late to work, but no one was in the agency. You filed and answered phone calls most of the day. It went by quickly and before you knew it, it was time for the surprise party. You were lucky that Kana had made Bakugo go out for dinner with her.

    Taishiro met you after work at the Agency. He brought you flowers to brighten up your desk. You were very appreciative of the small kindness. You were not used to the people you were dating if you could call it that, treating you well. You quickly changed your clothes into something a little more casual and revealing.

    After 10 minutes of the two of you walking, you arrived at the restaurant. The scene inside took your breath away. There was a banner that wished Bakugo Happy Birthday. There were tons of balloons, but the most impressive part was that almost everyone you invited showed up, plus a few other Pro heroes. You couldn’t believe how amazing the place looked.

    Hawks stood out more than anyone else there. He wore gray suit pants with a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the first button undone. To say he looked good was an understatement. You went around the room greeting all your old classmates, and former teachers, many already knew of Taishiro but welcomed him warmly. You made sure your current boss was the last to meet him.

    “Hey, Boss. I wanted you to meet Taishiro.” You introduced the men to one another. Taishiro visibly tensed up when he went to shake Hawks’ hand. It went unnoticed by everyone but you.

    “Ah, Taishiro. You’re the one who stole our Y/N’s heart.” He smirked and greeted him as an old friend would, but the glint in his eye had an edge of malice. You shivered at the exchange and would talk about it with Hawks and Taishiro in a more private setting.

    “Hawks, where are the rest of the patrons?” You asked noticing that for such a well-known, and popular spot, it was rather empty. He smiled at you and glanced at his watch. You heard your phone go off, it was a message from Kana saying they were two minutes away.

    “OKAY, EVERYONE! BAKUGO WILL BE HERE IN TWO MINUTES!” You shouted over all the individual conversations. Everyone stopped talking and scattered to hide, while one of the employees dimmed the lights. You followed Hawks to where he was hiding. When he stopped abruptly, you crashed into him almost falling backward. He quickly turned to catch you. Your face grew warm. You swore you saw him smirk and look pointedly at Taishiro.

    “Thank you.” You whispered quietly and held your breath. A moment later, Bakugo and Kana came walking into the restaurant. Everyone jumped out and simultaneously yelled, “Surprise!” You let go of your breath and went to stand next to Taishiro. Bakugo greeted everyone and thanked them for coming. He was genuinely happy. He greeted Taishiro as calmly as he could, but you couldn’t ignore the grimace Bakugo wore immediately after their introductions. You made a mental note to ask Bakugo about it later.

    An hour later, the restaurant was filled with rambunctious laughter from every corner. Some were sharing their favorite stories about Bakugo, others were listening, everyone seemed to be having a good time, everyone but Hawks. You noticed he was standing off to himself quietly observing the scene before him. Taishiro was busy paying attention to a story Mina was telling everyone, so you decided to go talk to Hawks.

    “Hey, Old Sport, what are you doing hanging out over here by yourself?” You laughed at your ridiculous nickname. He didn’t laugh, he just kept his eyes narrowed on Taishiro. His demeanor was off.

    “Staying away from Taishiro, actually. I don’t think anyone would want me to ruin such a special occasion.” He replied nonchalantly before asking the bartender for another drink. You were about to ask for more detail, but your attention was called away.

    After another hour, most of the patrons were drunk and full of food, you included. The room spun in the most delightful way. You were having a wonderful time. You never noticed when Hawks came sauntering toward you.

    “I want to complicate you.” Hawks whispered into your ear in his alcohol haze. This sent shivers down your spine. You laughed at his remark. All of you were much too drunk. The few sober ones decided to help out and call taxis home for those that needed it. Sometime in the night, Taishiro had disappeared. You didn’t notice when he had left, but something told you he didn’t leave alone. Normally you would’ve felt jealous but honestly, you were too far gone to care. The rest of the night went by in a blur. The last thing you remembered was grabbing too tightly to hand, the feeling of cold air on your face, and the feeling of feathers tickling your face.

    When you awoke the next day, you realized you didn’t wake up at home, but in an extravagant penthouse. You were wearing your clothes from the day before. Your head screamed with pain as the light filtered through the blinds. On the side table beside you was a glass of water, some medicine, and a note. You took the medicine and gulped down the water and laid back down on the soft bed. You tried to fall back asleep, but couldn’t when the feeling of sleeping in a stranger’s home haunted you. You sat up and searched for your phone, it was on the side table, plugged in next to you. You glanced at the note again. You saw your name scrolled in neat cursive. You decided to read the note in hopes that it would give you a clue as to where you were. You scanned over it quickly. Your heart stopped when you read at the bottom of the note who it was signed by...

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    I just realized the invite link on the first post was expired so here’s a new one join us yall this is the Shigaraki/Dabi/Overhaul/Hawks Discord simphole (18+ only!!!)


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    #IT’S A CLOWN #PLEASE DONT TELL ME ITS HAWKS PLEASE #— text #— jujutsu kaisen!! #— bnha!!
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    scream it from the rooftops (but please no one listen) | Hawks x reader

    Synopsis: For years you two had kept your relationship under wraps at your request because dating the number three hero tended to make things a tad complicated, but you knew that it was eating away at your boyfriend, so you made a decision. What could one night out really do anyway? A lot apparently, a lot.

    Reader is gender neutral

    Warnings: hate comments, online harassment, paparazzi, insecurity

    ↪ WC: 7.8k ↪ Ao3 Link

    Hawks taglist: OPEN

    “Keigo, I’m not asking again, don’t post that picture.”

    He puffed out his bottom lip and widened his eyes to the size of the fry pans currently cooking up pancakes. He lifted the phone up to where you could see the Instagram draft, not needing to squint your eyes to know the picture was of you and him having a movie night from a week ago. The caption was probably something cheesy that you would roll you eyes at if you read it, though it would make your heart skip a beat all the same. But the photo nor the caption was the problem.

    “I said no.”

    He sighed dramatically, throwing his head back on the couch and letting the phone plop onto the coffee table.

    “You look so good in it though…”

    “It’s not what about I look like, you know that.”

    He rolled his head over to face you, his expression lacking the usual energy he had. “I never get to post photos of you, we don’t go on dates outside like everyone else does, you won’t even let me mention that I’m dating someone in interviews.”

    You turned away to the stove, not even doing anything as his feathers curled around the handles and slid the pancakes back and forth. You just stared, letting the heat fan your face as your knuckles pulled against your skin like tent poles as you gripped to the counter.

    “Yeah, there’s a reason for that.”

    “A dumb one.”

    A quiet laugh escaped you. “It’s hardly dumb and you know it.”

    “It really wouldn’t be that big of a deal-”

    “Keigo,” the way you said his name made a shiver run between his wings, “I’m not dealing with the perks of being the great hero Hawks’ lover, I’m not ready for it yet at least anyway.”



    He fell silent behind you, even the feathers paused. You were being an asshole about it and you knew it, but it didn’t change the facts. The feathers started up again, sliding the pans back and forth. You turned off the stove and crouched down to get some plates from the cupboards. You kept your hands busy, running along the spine indents of the stack of plates and bowls so you didn’t suffocate in the silence.

    You slid the pancakes onto the plates, making sure they were perfectly stacked before putting on the cut strawberries, putting them in a little pattern. You couldn’t look up to where you knew you would meet gold eyes. You swallowed, trying to manage under the intense stare. You got some cutlery and they clattered against the plates as you walked to the table.

    When the plates met the wood, you finally worked up the courage to look up. Even though the black markings always made him look pretty intense, you were met with soft eyes. He stood up and walked over, hands shoved in his pockets. He tilted his head with a little smile, trying to keep your gaze before you instinctively looked away in shyness.

    Your fingers rapped the table with every step he took closer until his faces was only a few inches from your own.

    “I’m sorry it’s just… fuck.” You gulped and looked down, choosing to focus on how the maple syrup was pooling around the edges of the plate. “The whole idea just stresses me out. I didn’t mean to get all twitchy about it.”

    “Hey, hey.” He reached up and held your face in his hands, making you look up again. “It’s okay don’t worry about it, I get that it’s not exactly the easiest position in the world. I need to remember that. Sorry for being a whiny baby about it.” He kissed you on the nose. “Photo or not I’m just glad I get to be yours.”

    “Sap,” you said, trying to distract him from the fact your face was burning.

    He grinned, his signature cockiness making an appearance.

    You let yourself smile back.

    “Now let’s eat some good ass pancakes made by yours truly.”

    After you both left for work, you waiting to leave ten minutes after him as always so no one would suspect you lived together, surprisingly a rule he came up with, though it was much more to do with villain safety than paparazzi.

    But at work you couldn’t get your mind off the conversation you had that morning. A blue pen fiddled back and forth in your fingers as you thought over every pro and con, on your own insecurities and paranoia, and the face he had when you said no. He said it didn’t affect him, and he tried to mean it, but you knew him too well.

    Your boyfriend had a built-in desire to show off things and people he cared about, and that included you. He just wanted to show the world someone he was in love with, he wanted to scream it from the rooftops. You two had never even had a date that left your apartment. You knew the fact that he was currently “single” to the public was eating away at him. He hated lying with his entire being, even if it was for a mission or for safety, he hated anything that strayed from the truth. Seeing him grimace whenever a reporter asked if he had a special person in his life and he had to reply with a “no” ate away at you with boatloads of guilt.

    And to be fair you hated it too, you hated that only close and trusted friends knew about your relationship, you hated that you couldn’t ramble about how proud of him you were or the latest thing that made you fall more irrevocably in love with him to anyone that would listen. You hated how you couldn’t go out and say he was yours. But you weren’t as optimistic about people as Keigo was.

    You’d think seeing the cruelty of villains or the mercilessness of the Commission would open his eyes to it, but it just further exaggerated how nice he thought regular people were when he compared the two. He was a respected and beloved hero across the entire country, he got gifts and thank you notes from people he rescued, people asked for his autographs and for hugs in the streets. His experience with normal people was anything but normal and it clouded his judgement.

    What you saw was vastly different. You saw how people treated the homeless on the street, you saw how people yelled at waitstaff, you saw how people took pleasure in shit-talking people who didn’t deserve it, people they didn’t even know. He was too busy to see the shitstorm that was Twitter.

    But maybe you were going a bit far with the whole thing. Yeah, posting pictures would be a bad idea, you didn’t need people knowing who you were or what you looked like, but he should be able to say he was in a relationship without dropping your name, or for you two to go out sometimes instead of staying inside the safety of your apartment. Maybe, just maybe, you had gone a little more overboard than what was necessary.

    You heard some cheers and looked up from your desk, where you had done approximately no work, and saw a few of your co-workers on a break watching the TV. You squinted your eyes to see a large villain toppled over somewhere in the city with some familiar red feathers surrounding it. A familiar blond’s face filled the screen.

    Your lips twitched up, he deserved for you to not be so uptight all the time. He of all people did.

    Chewing your lip, you shifted back and forth in front of the mirror, smoothing down any stray wrinkle and tucking and shifting any stray hair. You needed – well wanted, he wouldn’t really care – to look perfect. It was already stressing you out, so having your appearance under control was a good outlet to focus it into.

    A familiar flap of wings made you whip your head around and alarms start blaring at full volume in your brain. It was now or never.

    You made eye contact with your reflection, you nodded, you looked good. It was go-time.

    Stepping out of the bedroom, you poked your head out into the hallway and saw Keigo’s back as he pulled his boots off and hung up his coat. You strutted down the hallway and leant against the wall, waiting for him to take notice of your presence which was immediately.

    He glanced over his shoulder before his eyes flew open and his mouth tugged into a smirk.

    “Oh? What’s this?”

    You poked your cheek with your tongue, trying to hold back your grin, as he walked over painfully slowly, taking his sweet time taking you in. He didn’t do it subtly either, practically turning into a pretzel as he leant side to side, up and down, to take in every curve and line. He also looked insanely good himself which didn’t help, but that was a given, especially when he wore that tight black uniform top that you had never quite gotten over.

    “Who you all dressed up for? Who’s the lucky guy?” he teased.

    “Oh, you know, just some dude from work.”

    He narrowed his eyes playfully, before wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you towards him, letting him take in your face up close. You threw your arms around his neck as he leant in and kissed you sweetly. You both smiled into it, and you swore you heard his feathers ruffle just a little.

    You both pulled back.

    “No but seriously, what’s all this for?”

    You tried to supress your growing grin. “We’re going out.”

    His eyes went wide once again, having to refrain from putting his hand to your forehead to see whether you were sick enough to let something like that come out of your mouth, or to his own to see if he was sick enough to be hearing things.

    But no, those were the words you said, completely genuine.

    “Out as in out?”

    A chuckle escaped you. “Yes, out as in outside Keigo.”

    His shoulders raised as he beamed, his wings fluttering, the feathers completely puffed. Cute.

    Before you could blink, as customary of the fastest hero, he beelined to the bedroom, shouting over his shoulder. “Wait let me get dressed! I need to look good too!”

    You laughed, light and full, both of your hearts swelled at the sound.

    The night was going pretty well so far, you had taken him to his favourite restaurant that he always ranted about, where you were able to have your own private eating area, and where the older servers just looked down at you two fondly without a word. You had been pretty nervous when you first walked in, but Keigo had whispered into your ear that the staff there were known for making sure heroes were able to feel private and safe.

    He had made little adjustments to alleviate some of the stress during it all, having left most of his iconic feathers at home so didn’t draw as much attention, making sure not to talk to loudly. It helped it was a Monday night too, so not many people were out to see you in the first place. It had made it all a little easier to breathe.

    You did things you had both been wanting to do for ages, playing with stray cats in the hidden alleys, making out in the back row of the cinema during a movie you didn’t care about, dancing in the streetlights like a terrible musical.

    By near the end of night you had almost forgotten all your worries, laughing loudly at his jokes as you walked down the street, swinging your arms between each other. He looked at you softly, some stray feathers guiding you, so you didn’t end up tripping over onto the road. Your face burned, it was baffling how he still managed to get such a reaction out of you, but you smiled back.

    “Has it been alright so far?” you asked.

    He nodded. “Perfect. You know you don’t have to do this for me right?”

    You shrugged. “I know, I just wanted to.”

    “That’s good then, maybe next time I can take you out on a date.”

    You inhaled, your eyes crinkling. “I’d like that.”

    Suddenly the hairs rose on your neck, you glanced over your shoulder, but you were just met with the empty street.

    “You alright?” he asked, following your eyeline.

    “Yeah, I just,” you took a breath, “Don’t worry about it, just me being paranoid.”

    He nodded but he still frowned, looking around. “I didn’t hear a camera click.”

    You elbowed him in the ribs lightly. “I told you it’s fine, come on.”

    His smile returned. “Race you back home?”

    Before you could reply, he took off running, and you let out a string of bewildered sounds that didn’t seem to form words. He poked his tongue out at you over his shoulder.

    “This isn’t fair and you know it asshole!” you shouted as you sprinted after him, already huffing trying to keep up with his hero physique.

    But it didn’t matter if your words seemed harsh, or if there was no way you could conceivably win without him letting you, the smile on your face was as wide as his, and at the end of everything, that’s what really mattered, and it was the only thing you two ever needed or wanted anyway.

    The next morning, he gave you a kiss on your forehead before scrambling off the balcony as you groggily told him you loved him too, pushing yourself out of bed, him having to leave earlier than normal because of the mission he’d be working on. No time for morning breakfast unfortunately. The date the night before had worked as a pretty good as a last-minute send off. But it meant you, nor anyone, would be able to contact him for a few days. You’d get the apartment for yourself for a which would be nice though, you’d be able to invite some friends over without having to explain why the number three hero was eating chips on your couch.

    But you’d miss him to say the least. Though he was already quite busy on a regular day with hero work, sometimes not being able to come home until late some night because of picking up patrols from his sick sidekicks, the little moments you got with each other were untradable. Cuddling on the couch, watching the latest episode of the show you both hate and give a scathing commentary to every time despite watching it religiously. Morning breakfasts where you’d dance to some cheesy song he had heard on the radio, and he’d hum along because he gets too shy to sing it until you sang first. You wouldn’t even get to receive his texts through the day where he’d send a “I hope you know you mean the world to me” and then follow it up with a “I think I just took the biggest dump in my entire life no joke.”

    You sighed and forced yourself to get on with your day, you only had to wait until Saturday, you could survive four days without him surely.


    The first sign that something was wrong was when you had left your apartment building. You popped in your earbuds, not really paying attention to the world. A man sat on a bench, scrolling through his phone, when he looked up absentmindedly, took sight of you, and furrowed his eyebrows. You glanced at him and rolled your eyes before looking back to the street, you probably looked weird to be fair, looking grouchy as all hell. You ignored it and promptly forgot.

    The second was on the train. With one arm up and holding onto the railing, packed against everyone else like the sardine can you all were, you were sure you heard whispering. You looked up with a glare already set it, people knew not to talk on crowded carriages, and saw two teenage girls quickly turn away. You just sighed and turned the music up.

    The third was a bit more obvious, or really just the facts put out for you to see. You had beelined to your cubicle in the building, not bothering to talk to anyone so they didn’t have to deal with your bad mood. Heads turned after you and again you had just ignored it, but it was honestly starting to piss you off. Could people not just mind their own business when someone wasn’t walking around with a smile all the time? You went to work, getting through the stack of papers you had neglected the day before, when you heard a little knock on your door.

    “What?” you said, thankful it didn’t sound too angry.

    Your co-worker shifted side to side on her feet, avoiding your eye. You waited as patiently as you could for the silent seconds until she finally said it.

    “So uh, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

    Your heart stopped. “What are you talking about?”

    She looked back, equally shocked. “You don’t know?”

    “Know what?” You stood from your desk; hands balled on the edge.

    With a lone finger, she pointed towards the TV that was crowded by basically everyone on the floor. On the screen, for all to see, was a photo of you and a man more recognisable than the president of Japan, hand in hand with the headline: Hawks has a secret lover? right underneath. The small crowd turned to face you; questions ready to burst from their lips. You ducked down behind the cubicle walls, hyperventilating as you held onto the desk like a lifeline.

    Oh fuck.

    Your co-worker grimaced in sympathy before sending a pointed look to everyone else.

    She looked back, mouth opening hesitantly. “By the way, I suggest not checking the internet right now.”

    And like a responsible and smart adult that valued their self-esteem, you didn’t listen.

    You really should have heeded her warning, but it was already too late when you had been doom-scrolling for a full hour, going through tweet after tweet, god “Hawks” was even trending, and it was only a matter of time before your name got leaked and was by side by side on the trending tab. So, before that happened, you already made sure to turn every social media private and changed your profile pics to inconspicuous pictures of a character or a plant or something. But that proved futile.

    Only half an hour later your dms started getting filled to the brims with messages, your phone glitching at the load. They kept rolling it faster than you could block the profiles cursing you out or tearing you apart from head to toe. You were getting fucking death threats. Your eyes stayed brimming with tears waiting to explode.

    Your co-workers opted to mainly leave you alone, bringing you food and sympathetic smiles. Anyone that seemed to be coming over to ask questions other than “how are you doing?” were immediately pulled away by your neighbouring co-workers acting like guard dogs.

    But the worst thing about it all, was that Keigo didn’t even know. He was off the grid until the weekend, he would be completely ignorant to everything happening with no one from the outside to tell him, because the Commission knew that if they contacted him, he would come flying back faster than they could say “no.” And that was the last thing they’d want, not that they probably cared anyway, they had never been ones to care for feelings let alone their star hero’s.

    It was already halfway through the day when your boyfriend’s agency called you up. It hadn’t even been to your phone they called; it was glitching too hard to even click answer nor could you trust any of the hundreds of phone numbers that were popping up. They had called your work phone, and your upset brain was working too slow to know that it was maybe a bad idea until you picked up, thankfully it was a voice your recognised, his PA.

    “How are you doing?” he asked softly.

    “Take a guess.”

    The line went silent. “I’m guessing you know that Hawks is currently away on a mission, yes?”

    You nodded before realising he couldn’t see you. “Yeah, he told me he wasn’t coming back until Saturday.”

    “Good, good.” No, not good dude. “But because of that, unfortunately we can’t release a statement until he comes back, we aren’t allowed to talk on his behalf.”

    You closed your eyes and slammed your head on your desk. The guy in the next cubical popped his head over the wall to check if you were okay. The line went quiet again.

    “I’m sorry there’s not much we can do legally; we’ve been trying to convince the Commission all morning to let us talk to him… but you know how they are.” Yeah, you certainly did.

    You hummed, not even caring if he could hear you.

    “However, there is a few things we can do, we’ll be sending over a phone over to your apartment, so you can keep in contact with us or family and friends and not have to worry, we’ll also be sending over some sidekicks to guard your apartment and place of work and bring you to and fro.”

    You shot up. “Wait what do you mean? Why would I need that?”

    “Unfortunately, it seems both locations have been leaked to the press.”

    You swore loudly and clearly for the whole floor to hear.

    “It will only be a matter of time before both get stormed, I hope your work building has good security before our sidekicks head over.”

    “Here’s to hoping,” you said weakly.

    “And by the way, I would advise you not to look yourself up online.”

    “What great advice sir.”

    You hung up before he could reply.

    It wasn’t long until the man’s prediction came true, you could hear the commotion from three floors up. You were tempted to look down out the window, but you knew you’d be met with a camera instantly. Your co-workers gave you updates whenever they went down, saying how there was at least fifty reporters trying to get a word out of anyone that came in or out of the building, thankfully your boss threatened disciplinary actions against anyone that talked. The last thing you needed was some random person you had spoken to once or twice acting like your best friend or nemesis.

    Sidekicks showed up pretty quickly, one came up to your office to give you a rundown of everything. There was honestly no point of you even staying, the reporters were just doubling in number as the day wore on, and you certainly weren’t getting any work done. Your boss seemed to agree, saying it was better if you just snuck out the back exit and got home before you got hounded more than necessary.

    One of your co-workers got one of the sidekicks, detailing to him the layout of the building and he called up another to have a car ready. A co-worker leant you her jacket so you could pull down the hood, another gave you a face mask and a third gave sunglasses. You geared up and nodded them all in thanks. The sidekick and you headed down, using the emergency stairs to get the exit behind the building. He opened the door a tad, peaking his head out and waved you after him.

    You both tiptoed down the alley, you could see the car waiting a block away, the cobblestone guiding you to it. You both took a breath at the fortunate silence until you heard a gasp. You both whipped your heads around to see a cameraman clearly on break, convenience store sandwich in hand, pointing his finger right at you.

    “Over here!” He shouted.

    You both swore and started sprinting to the car, but you were quickly ambushed. The alley became congested by people with mics and cameras, yelling over each other to try and get a word in. You kept your mouth glued shut but it was so fucking overwhelming. They shoved against you, and you would have fallen if the sidekick’s hand weren’t gripped onto your arm trying to get you through. It wasn’t like he could fight them either; these weren’t villains (well at least in his mind) so he couldn’t just attack them in order to get you away. These were the civilians he had sworn to protect.

    They shouted your name and Hawks’ over and over, creating an ugly cacophony, wanting a statement, your thoughts about you being called a gold-digging whore. The greatest way to greet someone apparently. They wanted his thoughts on the situation, an answer you couldn’t give not for lack of trying. They wanted every detail of your relationship, why he had kept you secret from the public until now, was it because of your low status or even looks?

    That’s what finally got you, you had already been ripped to shreds with every comment on the internet, dissecting every feature of your face and body, and now a member of the media was actually asking you that to your face?

    The sunglasses hid the welting tears as they rolled down your cheeks and got soaked up in the mask. A small comfort.

    You slid into the waiting car door, shutting it behind you as quickly as you could. They banged against the windows, mouthing half supressed questions that you didn’t want to answer. You quickly put your seatbelt on, not needing another disaster that day, and leant over, mainly obscuring you from view. You glanced up and made eye contact with side kick number two in the rear-view mirror, and with the hardness of stone you spoke.


    And that she did.

    The rest of the week was hell to put it lightly. Your apartment building entrance was filled with paparazzi waiting to catch a picture. On Wednesday you had tried to go to work but you were tailed all the way there. On Thursday you worked from home. Your boss let you take Friday off.

    There wasn’t much to do, or anything to do that you had energy for really. You didn’t invite friends or family over in fear they’d just get harassed too. You couldn’t watch anything, certainly not the news, but any shows were draining to watch. It just made you miss Keigo.

    After every scene or bit of dialogue, you knew exactly what he would say, or laugh or scoff at, or what parts he’d miss and you’d have to explain to him because he somehow missed the most vital bit of the plot. You just fucking missed him.

    You had been his rock for years when his life had been filled to the brim with trauma and bad experiences, you had always been there for him, but now he couldn’t do the same. And it wasn’t like you blamed him for it, he didn’t even know, but the world was against you, and you couldn’t have the one person who made you feel safe hold you in his arms and tell you everything was okay until you believed him. You just had a phone in your hand, scrolling through everything that made you feel too much to feel anything.

    You had no idea if you even cried, probably, if your itchy eyes were anything to go by, but you were done caring anymore. Or at least you hoped you were, wished you were.

    But it all just hurt so, so much. And you missed him so, so badly.

    His company contacted you at some point, who fucking knows what day at this point, to tell you they had tracked the photo down to a guy with a camera quirk which explained why you hadn’t heard any click or anything out of the normal outside of a gut feeling. It didn’t change anything though; it didn’t change that the photo was out there for all of Japan to memorise. Maybe the company would sue him on whatever liability they could find, but it wouldn’t change anything, it wouldn’t change the fact you would never get privacy ever again.

    So you stayed curled up on the couch, scrolling through the new phone you got on a burner account, looking at every single tweet, no matter how bad it fucking hurt. You couldn’t stop. You knew these were bad people, but part of you feared they weren’t, that they were just people expressing genuine opinions without thought and were regular people once they put away their screen.

    totally a gold digger

    don’t you have to be hot to be a gold digger lol?

    take your bets on whether it’s because of a brainwashing quirk

    aw come on guys don’t be too mean, the man just has bad taste

    clearly just a sidekick or something, hawks wouldn’t stoop that low

    his agency hasn’t said a fucking word so I think unfortunately they’re together

    probably scrambling on how to explain hawks dates trolls lmao

    Damn. Just because you knew it was stupid, it didn’t stop the fact that someone had taken the time to type that out about you, that they had seen a person in a photo and decided to something shitty without even knowing you.

    You avoided every reflection in the house.

    How you were dealing with it all sober was a mystery but not up to your choice. Your boyfriend’s agency had been hypervigilant on checking up on you and refused to provide any alcohol that you wrote in your shopping list. Being black out drunk sounded pretty good to be honest.

    Was this what regular heroes dealt with all the time? It had never been like this with Keigo last time you checked, it had only been love. Even now, people were only insulting you and trying to widen the gap between you two, trying to not associate him with you.

    didn’t know hawks did charity work lmao

    You let out a pathetic chuckle followed by an equally pathetic sniffle as tears ran down your nose. If that had been the first comment you had seen, before you were crushed by tens of thousands, you might have even laughed and commented “good one.”

    Ah, wouldn’t that be nice.

    Was this… what he thought too?

    That simple thought, a simple process of neurons firing, was the thing that finally, and properly, broke you.

    Keigo had a spring in his step when he landed back at his agency. The mission was successful, no one got hurt, and most importantly, he got to see you again. He hadn’t texted you yet, wanting to scare surprise you when he got home and see that face he loved oh so dearly, with the laugh that had been bouncing around in his brain since he left.

    He hummed some song he heard that he couldn’t remember the name of as he moved around in his office, swaying side to side as he gathered the documents he needed, so he could write the report from home so you could cuddle into his side half asleep without having to spend hours alone in his office drilling himself through it.

    The door opened and he didn’t bother turning around, knowing it was his PA.

    “How were things while I was gone?” he asked.

    There was no reply. He furrowed his eyebrows and glanced over his shoulder, he did not like the face that greeted him. His PA was sullen, the light gone from his eyes.

    “Some problems happened whilst you were gone, namely one big one.” His PA stepped forward, passing over a tablet.

    Keigo blinked. His brain refused to process what was in front of him. Across the screen was a photo of him and you out on the date night from the beginning of the week. What was it doing at the top of a news article?

    Just what had happened while he was gone?

    His PA gestured over to his couch in over to get him to sit down for this apparently very bad conversation that was about to occur, but he stayed still. The PA sighed and just took a seat himself; he wasn’t as connected to whole the situation as you and Keigo were, but the week had been emotionally exhausting nevertheless. His boss stared at him, waiting for him to start.

    “Some photographer with a camera quirk caught both of you out and leaked the photos to the internet. The response hasn’t been… great. But it hasn’t been you that the focus has been on.”

    Keigo’s breath hitched. He couldn’t care less if he was piled on by the country for having a love life, he had never strived highly on the ranks anyway, just got there by accident, but they hadn’t targeted him apparently.

    Were you okay? Was the question bouncing around in his head as he sat down next to his PA so he could be shown everything. He quickly realised the answer would be a resounding no.

    His eyes bulged out of his head as he read through article after article, tweet after tweet, dms people had sent you. There were fucking death threats, death threats from people who weren’t even villains. They tore you apart in ways that didn’t even make sense, criticising things that weren’t there to fuel their own ego, the person they seemed to be describing could in no way be you. Were people just cruel for the sake of being cruel? He knew what your answer would be.

    What he almost hated as much, was the fact people were trying to uplift him while bringing you down simultaneously. Giving compliment after compliment, chalking up to him dating you as a mistake or a fucking act of selflessness, as if it hadn’t been him pinning after you first. People spoke as if you didn’t deserve him, and he began to feel inclined to agree for the exact opposite reasons they had.

    This was what you had seen coming, wasn’t it? What he had been completely blind to, you had known all along.

    God there was even Spotify playlists. One filled with songs he wouldn’t be able to look the same at again, called “tunes to curb stomp hawks’s whore to.”

    “We need you to release a statement soon, but I assume that’s not your priority right now.”

    Keigo didn’t bother replying. He just held his head in his hands as his PA finally left him alone. What had he done?

    He immediately shuffled through his draws to find his phone that he had left behind, and immediately dialled up your number. He looked out the open window as he held it to his ear, the sound of muffled traffic rose to the building, honks, people talking, the tic tic tic of the crosswalks. This was the same world that hurt you.

    The phone kept beeping until it went to voice message. He called again but it just rang out. He swore and pulled his headphones and visor back on, forgetting or not caring about the papers, the Commission didn’t exactly deserve his hard work after not fucking telling him what was going on. He launched from the window with a swoop of his wings and flew faster than he had ever flown in his life.

    He watched the world below him, wondering out of all the little pinpricks of people, which had been horrible to you, who had decided to be the scum of the earth as a hobby.

    He squinted his eyes as he looked ahead, not wanting to believe what he saw, but he couldn’t find himself to be surprised. A crowd of bustling people were right at the bottom of the apartment building, boom mics and shoulder held cameras ready for anyone walking in or out the building. Had you even been able to go outside since he left?

    He ducked down quickly onto a neighbouring tower so he could gear up to do a quick dash to the balcony, hoping they wouldn’t notice his obnoxiously red wings, though people never tended to look up even if they were chasing a story about the winged hero’s lover.

    In a streak of gold and red, he landed on the balcony. He paused for a moment, waiting to see if he heard the voices of the paparazzi rise at his arrival but it stayed at the same steady buzz.

    His eyes went to the sliding door window. It was dark, the decreasing sunlight was the only thing stopping the apartment falling into a pitch-black void, well other than the lone white light near the couch. There, light pouring out of the phone in hand, was you, curled up on your side.

    You looked broken to put it lightly.

    His heart shattered piece by piece as he watched you. You scrolled through your phone, dead to the rest of the world, in one of his hoodies he had purposefully not washed before he left. Your eyes were red rimmed and scratchy, he could see some veins in the whites of your eyes. Had you even slept? But you just looked emotionless, you weren’t frowning, weren’t tensed up, just completely and utterly drained, blinking slowly.

    He was meant to protect you, it was in the fucking job description, and he hadn’t even managed to do that.

    Slipping off his boots, he slid the door open. He kept his eyes on you as he hung up his jacket and placed his headphones and visor on a nearby table. You didn’t seem to notice him, your thumb just kept swiping, never to get to the bottom of the endless pit. He stepped forward slowly until he was crouched down in front of your face.

    He whispered your name, you didn’t reply. Keigo took a deep breath, trying to hold back tears, you were the one hurting, even if it broke his heart to look at you like this. It was like you were too tired to interact with the world anymore.

    He said your name again.

    “Have you seen what they’ve been saying about me?” You asked so quietly he almost missed it.

    He nodded microscopically. “Some. I saw a bit when I got back to the agency. I’m sorry.”

    You shrugged lightly. “Not your fault, it was my idea to go out, nothing to be sorry about.” You were yet to tear your eyes away from your phone.

    “It’s my fault for pressuring you to feel like we needed to go out.” Keigo’s fingers twitched into fists. “I just didn’t… I just didn’t think this was what would happen.”

    That made you look up, but it didn’t seem it was for the reasons he hoped. You looked completely bewildered, and honestly a little angry.

    On instinct he just kept talking. “I thought they’d go after me, or people would just want to hear more or-”

    You held up a hand forcing him to silence. You sat up slowly, facing him as you put your phone down. You looked him dead in the eye. “For once in your life I need you to slow down. What else did you expect Keigo? Tell me again why you don’t go through your dms anymore? Because instead of getting messages from fans or people you helped, you’re getting nudes and marriage proposals and people begging to have your kids. You’re the number three hero with the second highest popularity rating, do you forget that just because you don’t care for rankings? Everyone in Japan has your face burned in their memory. You’re young, good looking with charms to match, and until recently, apparently single. Keigo for god’s sake, you’ve been voted Japan’s sexiest man three years in a row. Literally what the fuck did you think would happen?”

    He didn’t know what to say so he just took it. He didn’t know what to say because you were right. He had just never thought that his popularity, something he never took notice of or cared for, would equate to your downfall. The equation didn’t make sense to him even if the answer had been glaring him in the face for years, even if it had been your concern from the moment he confessed to you.

    So, he spoke his truthful answer, the one thing that had kept him from freefalling into reality.

    “I thought they would love you much as I do.”

    Your shoulders deflated; you couldn’t help but smile just a little at his sincerity. He couldn’t look you in the eye, staring at the floor, not wanting to burden you with his own emotions when you were already dealing with so much. You reached out and grabbed his still gloved hand and rubbed your thumb over the back.

    “You’ve known me for years,” you started softly, “You know what I’m good at, what I’m bad at, the quirks in my personality, my sense of humour. You’ve woken up to my face most days. You know me, they’ve seen a half blurry picture of my face.”

    His fingers tightened around yours and looked up. “Doesn’t mean they should be dicks.”

    A quick exhale escaped your nose. “Yeah, I know, but the world isn’t as kind as you think it is. It’s often as complex, if not more, than heroes and villains. Regular people are just as ruthless. The only difference is that they won’t have a hero cracking down on them for it.”

    It was silent for a moment; you could hear some cars beeping outside. He scrunched his face. “Why are you the one comforting me you idiot? I’m getting you ice-cream.”

    You laughed, a pure and full laugh, something you weren’t sure you could do anymore as dramatic as that sounded. His lips twitched up.

    He stood, planted a kiss to your forehead, and picked up your phone before you could tell him not to. You grumbled as he shook his head like a parent, sliding it into his jacket pocket. Leaning back on the couch, you stared at the ceiling, listening as he quickly changed in the bedroom and moved to shuffled around the kitchen, bowls and spoon clinking, with the familiar sound of a chocolate syrup bottle cap clicking open.

    A weight slid down next to you, pulling you towards him. You immediately curled into his body, and he quickly adjusted, holding you in his arms and his wings like a cocoon, keeping you safe from the world. Your legs over his, his arm around your shoulders, your head on his heart, all too many blankets to count, you two watched the same shitty show you always did, laughing at every directorial mistake and terrible bits of acting, as you shovelled down ice-cream.

    He looked down at you with unmistakable love and affection that you hoped you matched with the same level of intensity, even if you weren’t as good at showing it. You kissed his jaw lightly before nestling in once again.

    A few of his feathers flew out with his phone, expertly flying above to the perfect angle and clicking in the camera button once you were both ready. They flew back down, sliding the phone back into his hand while he gazed at the photo fondly.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t post it,” he said, about to put it away.

    “Do it.”

    Eyebrows furrowed; he tilted his head to you. “Huh?”

    “Do it, post it.”

    He scanned your face, looking for any hint of a joke or hesitation. “Are you sure?”

    You nodded. “What’s a few more hate comments? May as well get used it and stick our foot down yeah?”

    He blinked before breaking into a grin. “What you say goes.”

    He pulled up Instagram quickly, with a flurry of fingers the draft was ready and passed it over to you for your approval.

    You snorted. “Keigo you can’t threaten them.”

    “I do what I like,” he answered cheekily.

    With a shake of your head, you pressed post and immediately turned off his phone, handing it back to him, who then threw it to the other side of the couch. You both cuddled back into each other, turning your attention back to the TV screen. You chewed your bottom lip, glancing up at him as he chuckled at a bad joke. He looked so pretty.

    “I know this is stupid and I know the answer already but,” you said, he looked down to you with full attention. “Do you agree with them?”

    He looked at you like you grown a second head. “With what?”

    You threw your hands up pathetically. “I don’t know, like that you’re going down way below your league, or just my looks in general? I know it’s stupid that I’m so concerned-”

    “No,” he cut you off, “Nothing they have said has ever crossed my mind once, and to be perfectly honest I see it as the other way around.”

    “Well now you’re just being dumb.”

    He shook his head. “Nah, that’s completely the truth, why do you think it took me so long to ask you out, huh? Purely nerves? Have you met me?”

    With a half-hearted glare, you shoved him lightly and he just laughed.

    “But seriously,” he said, peering down into your eyes with those gold ones that still make your heart skip a beat after so long, “You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, from the way you laugh and smile to the shape of your fingers. Every part of you is otherworldly to me.”

    You sputtered before hiding in his chest and mumbling a “shut up.”

    He chuckled and held you tight to him, he brushed over your hair gently, sending tingles up your spine. “So please don’t think I’d agree with them, and I know everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion or whatever, but they are factually wrong as far as I’m concerned.”

    You giggled and finally looked up at him with the eyes that still make his heart stutter. He smiled back.

    Neither of you checked your phones for the rest of the night, nor the next morning when you found yourself tangled together still on the couch. You just stayed in his arms, knowing you belonged nowhere else but in them, with his heartbeat lulling your soul, and his love pouring into every one of your pores. You didn’t belong anywhere else, and you didn’t want to.

    So you looked at Keigo’s sleeping face, his quiet breaths letting your forget about the world, and knew that no one, and you meant no one, could take him away from you.




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    Pro Hero Takami House Inspiration

    These were the inspiration images for Hawks’ Home in Chapter 9 of ‘Who’re You Selling For.’

    In canon we see a living room area, but I expanded the look of the interior and exterior of the home.

    This is subject to change as more information comes out about Hawks in canon

    Art Credit - Horikoshi

    You can read 'Who're You Selling For' here!

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    Pro Heroes



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    A rewrite of ch 316 Hawks panels:

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