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    Sero x artsy y/n!

    Now, sero isn't the best when it comes to art like drawing, painting and such, but he absolutely loves food art

    so imagine the excitement in his eyes when he saw you trying to make a bunny out of a single boiled egg you prepared.

    he quickly rushes to you and tells you the steps you're doing wrong

    an in less than an hour, you've made atleast 4 different food art with the other food left in the dorms.

    since then, you've bonded a lot

    you also occasionally make dinner for the rest of the class together

    if you run out of ingredients, you'd both go to the grocery and buy more.

    THAT'S when you both got to know each other more. just both of you alone, enjoying each other's company

    definitely drops flirt bombs here and there, if y'all are close enough

    turns red if you flirt back

    "y'know y/n, you must be really sweet"


    "because you're definitely eye candy"

    "oh? are you saying we're mint to be?"

    yeah.. his racing heartbeat shows you definitely have him wrapped around your fingers.


    By the time y'all are together, y'all's food art skills are through the freaking roof.

    whenever you decided to do your own art, drawing or painting somewhere, he'll always, and I mean always make sure to prepare some snacks for you in case you get hungry

    once you did a little sketch/doodle of him cooking in the dorm kitchen,

    and ever since you gave it to him, just know that it's safely tucked into his wallet. so that whenever he's out and misses you, he has something to remind him of you

    Kaminari < ♡ > Mina

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    I listen to Danny Gonzales's stuff a lot and this song always makes me think about Dabi as a child (and an adult) lashing out

    #dabi: bad at not smoking crack! good at watching paw patrol! doesnt respect his dad #silliness#bnha#dabi#bnha headcanon#Youtube
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    Idk why anyone hasn't written about this yet but.

    Bnha boys with a Fem s/o who loves exploring the world, and abandoned places because it holds so much history in them! she is also a history nerd and also they from America so she really really is interested in the abandoned buildings of Japan, she also takes photos of cool sceneries and the abandoned buildings.

    ALSO she really really loves pre-quirk history stuff, because I just like to think she was cryogenically frozen in a sleep-like state like Captain America back in the pre-quirk days (aka our days irl ), and would also be pretty cool for a slight-ish marvel crossover if she also had the super-soldier serum in her so, (Istg i'm geeking out rn) just her waking up in a world where 80% of the population suddenly has a superpower of some sort would be so interesting to her!!

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    Dark Paradise

    Yandere! Touya Todoroki x Fem! Reader

    I've been thinking about yandere and breeding kink, but what if breeding kink ends up in pregnancy, yandere and forced marriage 🤔. It's a big fic for a dammit, I've written over 20 pages of it, read it if you have patience LOL. I've also been thinking about writing one where y/n is gender neutral, but I'm trying to start writing hot scenes now. I hope you like it and have a good read. (My art by the way)

    Important: English is not my first language so it’ll be a mistake here and there but i hope this doesn’t bother your reading 🖤🖤🖤.

    Summary: You and Touya Todoroki met in a dangerous night, united by fate, you decide to start a Romeo and Juliet-style romance, until you meet the real Touya and because a fruit doesn't fall so far from the tree where it was born.


    Today you were determined to do it differently and put an end to it all. You had never been a bad person and being treated that way was an undeserved punishment. As soon as you opened the door to your apartment in a quiet area of the city there he was again dumped on the entire sofa, just lifting his head to look at you coming and going back to watching the news that talked about a certain gang terrorizing a small neighborhood near yours district. Everything about him started to irritate, in an inexplicable way and even if he didn't act violently, today was the day of the ultimatum and you had already decided that deep in your chest.  “Hi to you too” you say with venom in your tone and fire in your eyes. Not the least bit like greeting you could he do? It wasn't like you were asking him to respect you like  you did during this one year of dating, he always apologized before doing the same thing, worse sometimes.  "Did you bring anything to eat?" he responds by getting up and sitting on the sofa with his legs spread, one of his arms over the head of the sofa, following your movements with his eyes.  “Don't have two hands? Why didn't you?” It was no longer enough for you to buy food, he insisted on complaining how cold it was, even though he took a long time to come and eat and that you should improve as a cook. "I'm too tired for this Touya, today I really don't feel like talking."  Heading to the kitchen you start preparing a meal for you alone and wondering how you could still be in that relationship. In the beginning it was all flowers, you and Touya met in the back of a bar that your friends forced you to go, as soon as you saw that slender figure in the corner, smoking a cigarette with blue flames glowing like those deep tired eyes towards you a shiver runs through your entire body. 'Trouble' you thought to yourself at the time, but if you weren't there for trouble then why be there? It was unusual for you to get into places like this, sitting on a pile of wooden crates drinking from a shared bottle, leaning against a mossy wall, surrounded by garbage bags. People didn't seem to be very friendly either, and then you saw packages being passed along with bills, it made your stomach flutter and send your legs to run. But you've known your friends since high school, and as much as they took a different tack than you, who now work for a reputable hero monitoring company, you did still loving them and did your best to have fun disguising the obvious discomfort at your expressions. And now that those twinkling blue eyes were looking at you in a predatory way, you decide to completely let go and start smiling brightly for him to pay more attention to you, throwing glances and straightening your clothes, like a little girl in love.  In a roguish way Touya managed to approach you by crawling like a snake waiting to strike. Between a glass and another you decide to dance to a song on an old radio, suddenly big and thin hands touch your shoulder down to your waist. At that time you knew you had lost. You talk as if you've known each other for years, share your family traumas, as soon as his hands press a little more on your waist you melted all over and accepted a sudden kiss from Touya who quickly noticed your surrender and took advantage of it.  Thinking a little more about that day as soon as you opened your eyes Touya was with his eyes open looking at someone behind you. Turning around you saw your friend smiling and walking to the dance floor with Touya's eyes following her. Anyway he muffles all your worries saying that he knew this friend from other places and was just greeting her... Accepting you continue talking to Touya, you knew she used to go there and they could be friends... Right?  Touya soon switched phones to keep the conversation going, and one day he shows up at your apartment door saying that one of your friends gave your address, but the memory of when you invited him wans’t clear, because you haven’t invited him at all. Even so, you let him in and offer him a drink that turned into two, from two to five having you delivered into his arms just like that day at the bar. This time, however, more than that Touya caresses you sensually, running his hand over your body and whispering how beautiful you are in your ear. It was the first night he had you in bed and you remember how you held tight with nails to his back feeling like breaking at any moment. How the sweat from Touya's body and yours allowed him to slide freely over your skin, going to your ear and leaving bites and marks all over your chest and neck. Fucking you as deep as he could go, the tip of his cock kissing your womb, making you moan loudly in his ears as he grew incredibly hard inside you.  Stopping to think again since that day Touya started bringing some strange things to your house, he went up and down all the time taking advantage of the fact that the street was not so busy as it was a familiar neighborhood, talking to people at the end of the street . You preferred not to know what it was, you just asked him to stop and he stopped, taking it into your house, still doing the same at the end of the street before going up to your apartment where you received him with all affection and hugs as if prince charming had come back on his white horse and letting him love you wildly as if he were a wolf in winter devouring a small rabbit.  "What do we have for dinner?" you hear him say behind you interrupting your memories and startling you with how close he was to you. Pulling away you start to answer him, “It's chicken with vegetables and creamy rice”.  Touya makes a disgruntled face, “Chicken again? Is that all you know how to do?” he says grunting and approaching you again.  “If you wanted a gourmet lobster then why didn't you go buy it?” you respond by dropping the spoon and turning to him, hands resting on the kitchen counter.  “Because that's your job, isn't it? Keep me well and healthy” you chuckle at Touya's tremendous fallacy in disbelief of what you've just heard. The way he was raised shouldn't be a surprise. But then he ,who hated his father so much, was acting the same was, something that made you laugh.  “My job is at my job. Not to create a grown man that i didn't even have and who doesn't even know—“ he shortens the space between you even more, feeling threatened you try to move away, but the counter stops you.  The first time Touya approached like that while you were arguing was a week ago when you discovered his individuality and he discovered yours. Those flames near your face, just the heat of being close was enough to become unbearable, just when you started to cry he walked away saying it was a joke and still held tight to your face looking into your eyes, ' Don't raise your voice to me anymore, understand?’ he whispered calmly, lightly burning your cheeks. As soon as he let go of the skin, it began to heal quickly and with just a lift of an eyebrow he understood your individuality. While making love to you that night he raised the temperature of his hands and when you resisted he held you with the weight of his own body repeating like a mantra that you belonged to him, he said he found out because no matter how rough he was, your cunt always came back to being like a virgin again and that he wanted to know how far he could go so you couldn't recover any more every time you were a bad girl. You've seen him try to burn a person and even though you could recover it still hurt too much to be burned, you knew Touya had no family affection at all and he might as well do it if he had the right chance. So you tried not to fight anymore and swallowed every one of the shit he did, because every time you made a comment about his behavior in a look you remembered the heat of those flames.  'Not this time, not this time' you repeat to yourself and decide to keep talking, “—a big man who doesn't even know how to wash dishes”.  He raises an eyebrow at your resistance to the intimidation attempt he was making.  "Who doesn't even know how to respect his girlfriend who took him in and gave him everything she can!", Touya starts laughing, "As if anything she gave me was too much."  Tears well up in the corners of your eyes and an agonizing pain in your chest makes them fall before you can catch them.  "You are just like your father!" you say without thinking and feel one of Touya's hands grip your neck tightly.  "I told you never to compare me to that man!" Touya keeps putting pressure on the hand that was on your neck. “No, I'm not like him! But if you want I can be worse, doll!” He throws you hard to the side and you lean sideways on the counter listening to his footsteps coming towards you. "What did I say about answering me?" he says through gritted teeth with hate and fury firmly stepping on you.  "I'm Pregnant!" you say cringing and looking into his eyes asking for mercy. You notice Touya stop and open his eyes in amazement at what you just said. "What?" you shake your head confirming your claim, pulling a laugh from Touya's throat. "Liar, don't you take the contraceptive?" he grabs you by the hair and brutally lifts you to your feet, "Just want to get away from your punishment for being a bad girl, doll?"  "It doesn't work a hundred percent when you constantly come inside me dammit!" you try to loosen your hair from Touya's hands, “I told you to stop...” the tears come even more from your eyes and you start to sob. "But what to do... Dad didn't teach you responsibilities, did he?" Touya throws you back to the ground and threatens to kick your stomach, but stops and backs off, throwing his hands over his face. You curl up and keep sobbing with tears, your whole body shakes and yet you try to get up and get out of there, he gets up and comes towards you again.  "You were pregnant weren't you?" he starts laughing. "I'm glad you got rid of it for both of us." Trying to say that this was not a past statement but a present one you open your mouth, Touya just holds it to your face with a maniacal smile and starts to warm his hand again. “Yes, you WERE pregnant! Get rid of it or I'll get rid of YOU!” he puts more force in your face and you try to bite him to get free, he laughs at maniacal mood now and raises the temperature of his hand even more, “You don't know how much your little friends wanted to be in your shoes, baby doll. Get rid of it before I get rid of you and go fuck them all.”   With that he lets go and leaves you sobbing on the floor. In fact you didn't expect a different reaction from him, but hearing it like that and that violent way made it hurt a lot more than expected. You knew his family wasn't so healthy and you tried to give him love in every way possible, minimal arguments even though he got a lot wrong with you. However, Touya wanted you not to argue just to feel right and be in the power of every situation, because when he wasn't he would definitely make you feel wrong, even start hitting you... Like he did right now.  The plan was never different, you had already found a way out, this was just the last straw and the last red flag for you to go on and escape. Your apartment you struggled to own didn't matter to you now any more than your life, and getting rid of this monster that from now on would make your life worse. It was your decision not to take a small creature out of you, but you also couldn't raise it in a place where it own projector wanted it to be dead. Couldn't stay one more minute near a man who with full intention of hurting you still wanted you to choose between him and a poor being who hasn't had a chance to live yet, choose between a man who ended up assaulting you for a life that it has not yet been conceived was an obvious choice in your perception. If you spoke of your decision he would surely do worse and really hurt you as he threatened to do, cruelly taking your child by strength from you. Even if you miscarried, Touya's behavior would only get worse with time. You knew, you've seen it happen to your mother.   Expelling him was out of the question, this last week he started to be violent was when he was most at his house and when trying to call him about it was reason for a slap in the face that soon after he said it was a joke, try now it could only lead to more violence and your body had witnessed his fury agonizingly. Calling someone could have other people getting involved and hurting themselves as Touya went to great lengths for such action and you saw him try to murder a guy who just looked at you. Everything was prepared, running away would be the best decision, you get up and leave your cell phone on the living room table, put on your shoes, grab a black bag next to the shoe rack quickly and leave the apartment as quiet as possible.  The elevator takes a while to arrive and every second it feels like he’s about to open the door and come after you in rage. Once the elevator opens the doors you enter and press to go to the lobby several times until it closes the doors and starts descending. At the entrance, you start running down the street with the eyes of some people following you and wondering why you were running in a hurry and crying as if you were running away from some villain.   Touya had gone back to the bedroom and was running his finger over the phone until he smelled something burning in the kitchen. He gets up furious again thinking you were still crying on the floor and goes like a bull on his way to the kitchen. As soon as he arrives, he can't find you on the floor and the pot was already coming out a lot of smoke. Turning off the fire he starts looking for you there in the kitchen, without success he goes to each room and throws open the door one by one. Seeing that you were nowhere in the house, he goes to the window and sees you running towards the end of the street. Fire starts to boil in his veins and he runs after you as fast as he could without taking the elevator he goes down the stairs following you with his eyes until he loses sight of you when he was reaching the reception. Even without seeing, he starts running in the direction where he had seen you pass by the last, arriving in an alley with three portals and each one of them led to the subway. He enters in one and keeps running looking around in an attempt to find you. A crowd of people starts to pass and drag him further and further away from the platform where the subway would leave in a few seconds, Touya fights against that stream of people, but when he reaches the subway doors they close and the subway starts to move. Frustrated, he turns a fist full of flame on the pillar of the subway and this draws the attention of the guards who come to reprimand him.   Very smart he tells one of the guards that he had forgotten something inside the subway and that he needed to get it as soon as possible because it was important to him. The guards are sensitized and ask the metro to wait at the other station. Touya gives a smile and starts running to the other station convinced that he would still find you in one of the cars. Breathing heavy, he looks for you between the cars and when he enter one of them he sees you through the window, however, not inside the subway he was in but in the bullet train on the other side. You were sitting in front of him as if waiting for him, eyes sad and red from crying, face still wet from the tears you didn't wipe with your little hands that held a black bag. A rage rises in his chest and he shakes his head, turning to get out of the car and cross the station, go to the train you were on, the metro door closes in his face again and starts to leave, the engineer says over the loudspeaker that the metro will only stop in five stations. He goes back to the window leaning fully on, looking at you with a desperation in his eyes, you smile gently at him like the day you met and say a whispered goodbye, holding your bag tightly, sobbing again from crying. Touya starts tapping on the window as if he wants to catch you for it, but soon the subway he was on starts to move and the train you were on also moves in the opposite direction.   Even though your plan worked out you still couldn't feel happy, a tightness in your chest made you cringe from how much it hurted and your impulses told you to go back, that everything would be fine and you could fix it all. It's only been a year, but it felt like you guys had been together for years and Touya to you was the love of your life from the moment you felt butterflies when you met his eyes behind that bar. The fights were recent, less than a month you started to feel unbearable for each other, giving up like that made you feel like a real coward, you knew he hadn't witnessed much love when he was little and that you was probably the only person he had so he lived in your apartment. But that smile he gave you when he told you to end the little being that was starting to grow inside you made you stand firm in your decision to run away. It was a psychotic, psychopathic smile. You didn't know what it would be like to raise a child who came from that man with that smile, but it was your decision to keep it, and raising it in the most loving way you would do so that he wouldn't become it’s father.   It had been three days since you found out about your pregnancy and at first, thought about getting rid of it, but you didn't come up with the courage to and decided to keep it as a secret for a while as your relationship with Touya had started to get physically violent a week ago. Your job promoted you from assistant to supervisor for the past five days, for that you needed to relocate. You quickly accepted already thinking about taking Touya, starting a new and better life elsewhere. But as soon as you got home, things started to get worse. With the tickets in hand, you went to work these three days thinking about moving alone, but something prevented you from leaving Touya... That feeling died that day when he physically attacked you, worse than the first time, not even showing an ounce of remorse he gave. A company house was already waiting for you in another city so that wouldn't be the problem, the problem would be to know how life was going to be from now on, not that this child would hinder at work, the CEO of your company was efficient and managed to maintain motherhood with work. The same saw great potential in you and considered you one of the company's prodigies, she would never turn her back on you and losing your job was an out of the question. You just wondered what it would be like to have the child of a man who didn't even show love to you, just accepted your demonstrations of love...


    Two years have passed since you left your old town, since then things haven't been as complicated as you thought they would be. Pregnancy went smoothly and your co-workers offered a lot of support since they noticed your belly growing and emotions unsteady overnight. They took you to the hospital when you went into labor in the middle of a meeting, looking like you were going to die from your screams of pain,  having, not on purpose, dislocated the thumb of one of your colleagues who offered a little support to alleviate. Now it was a very funny situation, but at the time you both screamed like little girls and ended up in the hospital, he leaving in 10 hours after plucking up the courage to put his finger in place and you unfortunately staying due to complications in the birth, leaving a day later with your little one in your arms who soon received all the attention of those waiting outside. Your boss gave permission to work from home as soon as the little one was born and looked at her with those vibrant sky eyes. She knew you would be alone and until your dollie was old enough to go to school you only had each other, so she decided to give a little gratitude for all your years in the company by putting you in homeoffice until Hikari grew up.  Hikari was born small, her white hair shining in the sun made you christen her with the name that means light itself. A small sun, a gift in your life that grew before your eyes. Very smart for her age and very skilful when she went to play with other children on the playground. Owner of an enviable courage, she even left you worried for not being afraid of anything and always climbing in places showing that she was the boss in the place. A cute little dictator, but a little dictator, who made you laugh every time she tried to eat alone and ended up doing abstract art on the little table where she sat, or when she crawled between your legs, making room to try to get breast. Even at a year and three months she already showed the ability to draw some scribbles, pointed to the clothes she wanted to wear and if you took too long she tried to start wearing it by herself. Affectionate and always looking with tenderness in demonstration of how much she loved you, fair and kind to the point of taking a cookie from her mouth and offering it to another child who was crying. Disgusting, but she thought of the other child and wanted to help in any way she felt she could. Hikari didn't give any hard work at all, but like any other child her curiosity started to surface as soon as she started to mumble a few words and your biggest fear came true: Hikari's first words were “dada”. You try to squelch the bad thoughts that she wanted her daddy, maybe she was trying to say something else, just repeating the words that other children spoke on her side, it would soon pass and she would start saying other things. She was smart right, not to the point of knowing her father wasn't there. But... what if she didn't speak? What if she asked you who her father was? What would you say?   Touya never showed signs of showing up, during your months of pregnancy you were still worried if he would come after you to eliminate you for leaving him. Your company wouldn't tell where you went, information like where the employees lived was confidential company data, your friends didn't talk with you since Touya came into your life, in fact they just talked to him and stopping to think about it did your blood boils with rage. Your phone you left in that apartment along with all your life that took to build and there was no possibility of him tracking it. Still, it was something that worried you until you've run away for a year and not even his shadow has passed by. For sure Hikari would move on over his father just like you did everything to go ahead and managed, with a pain in your chest, but you did. After all, you did everything for her like leaving your life in your hometown and completely abandoning any contact with your family, and running away from a bad wolf who wanted to see only her little bones underground. Sometimes you wonder if he's alright... Touya wasn't one to stay out of trouble, maybe something bad had happened. Or maybe he just forgot about you and that was the possibility you preferred to believe.  It was a really quiet afternoon, reports were delivered and today you could give the little one a little more attention. However Hikari didn't seem to be on the same wavelength as you and today she was agitated, whimpering all the time and pulling your hands away every time you tried to catch her. Whenever she was like this you knew she was hot and the house was very stuffy as the air conditioner had broken. You try looking in the freezer if you have any cold fruit left to give to her, you discovered by chance that she was quite fond of frozen fruit after accidentally putting an apple in the freezer and rushing to give it to her, but they were all gone. It was summer and Hikari was more agitated when the weather was warmer, you gave all the fruit to her without even noticing. A sigh, you turn to Hikari who was looking at you with an expression of someone who was about to cry, you crouch down next to her little face. She's on fire.  “Are we going to buy some fruit? Do you want to go for a walk with mommy, sweetie?” you say smiling and she keeps looking at you quietly, this time when you reach out to pick her up Hikari lets as if she understood what you had just said. A breath of relief you take her purse on the door and put some things like a cloth to sit under a tree on the playground and spend some of her energy as you pass by the grocery store to buy some frozen fruit. When you guys got home she would be exhausted and soon fall asleep, it was an activity you used to do and it never failed. Until the day when the maintenance gentleman went to fix the air conditioning, it was something to distract Hikari.   A breeze lightly touches your dress and throws Hikari's white strands in your direction. Smiling at her you feel her body cool down a little and start walking towards the grocery store next to your house. Entering the establishment, going towards the freezer, your eyes find the frozen berries that Hikari liked the most and tries to get the bag with a little difficulty, her colored bag on your shoulder entered the front all the time. You try to turn around, but Hikari almost goes into the freezer and you have to pull her so the door doesn't close on her. “Shh shh” you says looking at her to see if she was hurt but she was laughing because it was cold in the freezer. Breathing you try to open and hold again, a hand holds the door pulling it.  “Let me help” a deep voice speaks and you smile embarrassedly, thanking and taking the bag of fruit.  “Oh, thank you so much—” as you stands up to look at whoever had helped, your eyes widen and your breath catches in the back of your throat like it's never going to come back.  “It was nothing”, he says taking a can of soda and shutting the freezer door before opening the can and drinking it looking at you. “Long time no see, doll”. Your breath comes back like an anvil weighing your lungs and you turn around trying to get out of there as fast as possible until you feel that same hand that held the freezer door grip your arm tightly. You look at his hand before looking again at him who now no longer had that cocky smile but a serious expression, giving a knot in your belly. Your soul walked throughout your body as if it wanted to run alone away from there. He tilts his head a little to the side and looks straight at Hikari who was staring at him with those sapphire ones and an expression of astonishment.  "Hello, little doll." He leans forward to take a closer look at her. "You are a beautiful little doll". She remains silent looking at him and curls up in your arms suspiciously. "Do you know who I am?".  The answer was obvious, she didn't know, but he still wanted an answer. Your legs start to shake in fear of what she might say and that brings Touya's violence. Even you wouldn't be able to recognize Touya if he wasn't facing you smiling intimidatingly at your little one and holding tightly on your arm forbidding you to make any move. His hair that was once black with white streaks was now completely white as cotton, some piercings he had were removed, leaving only a few around his face and the sides of his ears, his clothes were from someone who had an income condition too good. But one thing hasn't really changed: that devilish smile and those eyes that glowed like hellfire.   "I'm your father, little doll." He gets closer putting a few fingers of the hand that held the can to his own chest. "I'm your daddy." Hikari raises her head a little for the word he spoke and repeats in her sweet way "dada" taking a smile from Touya's face that approaches the hand that held the can of her face and that makes you push it away a little in the intention of protect her.   “Touya no, please” you say with tears already in your eyes.   He gets serious again and holds your arm even more tightly, "Did you really think I was going to do something with my daughter?" he says with a disgusted face to you. "What kind of monster do you think I am?", you start to whimper because of the force he held you and when Touya notices he lets go, upsetting your balance and you grab your legs to keep yourself upright.   “I just want to talk” he holds his hands up as if declaring defeat and smiles. The sudden change of expression on his face makes you worried, but you keep looking at him protecting your little one with your body. "Over there, can we talk over there?" he points to the cooffee area of the grocery store where a man in a suit with a folder on the table looked at the two of you, sipping coffee from a cup in front of him. Suspicious you walk behind Touya who pulls the chair for you to sit and then pulls another one sitting next to Hikari. You put her on the other side and look him up and down before looking at that neat man finishing his coffee in his cup.   “This is my family's attorney and regional court judge” Touya speaks introducing the two of you, “Mr. Tanaka, this is Y/N I talked about with my little Hikari in your lap”. You turn around in amazement that he already knows your little one's name without even saying her name once.  "Nice to meet you" Tanaka says leaning forward a little to catch Hikari's eyes, "Nice to meet you too, little girl." She looks at him and curls up again in your arms looking time for Touya and time for Tanaka. “Spit it out” you say looking at Touya who was taking a long swig from the can and then putting it down with a sigh. “We haven't met in a while and that's how you treat me?”, he says bringing the can to his lips again, “I wish it had stayed like this” a laugh comes out of Touya as he hears you say those words and he tilt trying not to choke on the soda still in his mouth.  "Sharper than ever, you weren't the least bit worried that your daughter's father was okay," he leans his elbows on the table for support, "or did you wish your own daughter's father was dead?"   “I never wished you harm, Touya, but you did me harm, so I did everything to forget about you and I succeeded. What you want from me? Hit me like that night?” you hold your little one strongest remembering that day and wanting to protect her.   “Naaah, I came to share some news. I'm sure you'll be very happy” with an ironic tone he goes back to drinking the soda, spilling the can that returns empty to the table. He still shakes to see if there's anything, but the little bit that makes noise in the can no longer interests him, so he keeps talking. “Well, ever since that day you decided to run away from me I got it in my head that I was going to forget about you. I went after your friends and you don't know how much they hated you, how much they were willing to destroy your house, your memories, just out of envy. It was fun, we had fun times” he says running his tongue between his teeth.  "Did you call me here to say this?" you say with an expression of disbelief for what he was talking about. “Going on,” in a serious tone he says, irritated at the interruption, “I did everything to forget about you and yet a fucked up feeling in my chest brought your face every time I went somewhere in the house. With that stupid look in your eyes, like a ghost following me around. I made a pile of your clothes on the bed so I could sleep at night” even as he laugh you can hear a pain in Touya's voice.   “As if you didn't know why—” your words are cut short as he slams the can down hard on the table, effortlessly kneading and splashing the rest of the liquid it has all over the table. Shrugging you look at him with wide eyes, "SHUT UP AND LISTEN!" he growls like a wolf ready to jump your bones.  “You fucked me that night you decided to run away and leave me behind, you fucked me like no one else ever did before. So I decided I was going to fuck you too.” He drops the can and takes a deep breath. “I went to the station to find out where that train had gone and by chance of destination it came exactly to my hometown. Of course I wouldn't find you that simple, didn't even think of approaching your company, those useless bitches you called friends didn't know anything about you, and your family members like mine didn't even know if you were still alive."  Hikari starts fidgeting and you try to calm her down before Touya loses his temper again. “A wanted poster would be effective, but it would draw too much attention, especially from people who knew you weren't missing. Then on an impulse I thought about my father and how he wanted me to carry out my studys. It wasn't easy, but I came home saying I had changed and little by little I gained the trust of the old man who—"   Hikari interrupts him with a grunt of agony and you start to shake. “She's very hot and she just wants her berry” you try to explain to Touya, “let me just open the package and give her one please”.   Touya nods and you struggle to open the bag. He takes it from your hands and opens the package giving a strawberry affectionately for Hikari to take with her little hands, she takes it quickly and starts eating the strawberry with just a few small teeth that were starting to grow. Smiling at her, eating the strawberry not knowing anything about what was going on, Touya puts the bag on the table and continues talking.   "Anyway, I got the trust of the old man who gave me a good amount to invest in any company, that old subject that I could do other things, to drown out the fact that I could never be a proud hero for him" his hands move the drops of soda on the table. “What little I knew about your company I researched online and it wasn't hard to find as she monitors the behavior of hero agencies including my father's. With the amount I had I invested in half of your company, in a year this investment started to grow and so..."   He starts pounding the table like drums and bites his lip in excitement, "I bought your company!" clapping Touya starts laughing and looks at Tanaka who is clapping his hands lightly too. “Now I not only own your company, but I also have control over my father's company! Boom! Two rabbits in a water box, I hit the jackpot!”  You swallow hard wondering if you would lose your job. As if reading your thought he continues, "But taking your job just wasn't enough... How could I hurt you even more with this pain that was in my chest and for all the sacrifice I made?"   Another fruit is given to Hikari this time by Tanaka who runs his hand through her white strands and smiles gently before Touya continues. “That's when I found out you didn't get rid of the fetus like I told you to. Talking to your colleagues I found out that there was a beautiful little girl with white hair and blue eyes, named Hikari, who made you work at home office until she was old enough to be placed in a school. A brilliant idea hit me like a train, like a light that suddenly turns on, and I called Mr. Tanaka to find out what the requirement for custody of a child was like.”  Shaking your head you start hyperventilating making Touya laugh again. "Want to explain to her Mr. Tanaka?"   “With your excuse, Mr. Todoroki” Tanaka coughs clearing his throat, “Well, I told Mr. Todoroki that it would be difficult to take custody of a child who doesn't have his record in her name. But with a DNA test and proof that he wanted the child that was taken from him that would be easy.”  “You just heard that he had asked me to get rid of the child” you say with tears already running down your eyes and begging for mercy, looking for some humanity in that man who talked and behaved like a computer.   “Yes, however I work for the Todoroki family and not for you. Touya came to me with the security cameras the day your Miss. Y/N just ran away and he went after the subway desperate to stop you" crying with sobs now you look back at Touya who was now playing with the crumpled can, "And I think a DNA testing is not so necessary when Hikari has the hallmarks of her father, all the hallmarks of the Todorokis, even so we can do one and show it in cut along with the recordings of the day you ran away. Guard will surely be passed to the Todoroki family. For this and another factor that I believe you do not have: better income. Even if he has a good condition it isn’t a better one from Mr. Todoroki. I know it, i happen to be the regional court judge”.   "Why? Why are you doing this when you didn't even wanted her to be born?!” you try to wipe your tears by looking into the back on his eyes.   “I thought it was already clear. Because you fucked me, doll, so I'm gonna fuck you. More than anyone you should know how vindictive I am and how easy this moronic world is to take down, have everything under my control.” He stands up and leans right in close to your face. “But not to say I'm that bad I'm going to give you two alternatives. One you'll lose everything, your daughter your job, your reputation and even your rights to live on a house, going to live in the street and starve, but I'll never pass by you anymore” he takes a paper from his pocket and puts it on the table next to your arm, "The second you come to my house and become my little housewife, submit to me as you should have done that night and at least daughter you’ll be able to see grow."   A nod and Mr. Tanaka stands up just leaning a little towards you and starts to leave. “I'll give you tonight to reflect. Totally your choice, doll", he takes a fruit for the last time, instead of giving it to Hikari he starts to eat it and runs his hand lightly over her head, "See you soon, little doll". He puts his hands in the pockets of his dress pants and walks away leaving you in tears, hugging her little body tightly against yours.  Thinking of all the possibilities, the idea of running away crosses your mind again... But to exactly where? It wasn't like this time Touya was that nobody when you met, now he had the company you work for in his hands and with the company he had also hero agencies that could go after you in a few days. This time if he found you, you were afraid he wouldn't give you the same opportunity he was offering you now. She starts to stir, reaching for the fruit pack on the table. 'It's all your fault, before I got rid of this plague' you think to yourself, looking at Hikari with a look of disgust and thinking what your life could have been like if you had taken her out of your womb or if you just abandoned her with that one crazy sociopath of her father and went to live in another city, even in another country. As soon as she manages to reach the fruit, Hikari's little hands come back with a blueberry that she soon starts trying to eat while looking at you with those big eyes and the innocent smile she always gave, giving a feeling that she was looking at a goddess and worshiping her with sparkle in her eyes and a barely chewed blueberry in her mouth.   How could you abandon her? How could you have thought such a thing about this little being who doesn't even know how to walk on her own little legs? You wondered as returned her smile and took the paper Touya placed on the table. Hikari was not to blame for anything, and in fact she was the only reason why Touya didn't leave you unemployed and living on the street. Opening the paper you see it as an address, with a sigh you put it on the paper in her bag. Picking up the bag of fruit, you get up and go to the cashier to pay when the owner says that a white-haired man had paid for the fruit and one more thing: he pulls out a gift basket with expensive bonbons written your name and a teddy bear, Hikari's size, wearing a necklace written with her name. You step back to accept it, but the way she leans over trying to catch the bear, you gave in, puts the package of fruit in the basket, and leaves thanking the owner for keeping it.   As soon as you go back to your apartment, you put Hikari in her car seat with a bowl full for her to eat and play with the toys they had there. Throwing yourself onto the couch in front of her, the question of what to do returns to disturb you, but no alternative has emerged that could really pull you away from Touya. Looking at it now, you can see how she had exactly the same look as his, the bossy way of being independent didn't deny her anything about Touya. Not to mention the same eyes that were once the reason for your smile and now seem to hold you tigh, drown you in crystal blue waters. The bonbons on the small table beside the sofa catch your eye and you wonder why Touya bought something for you and not just for Hikari. Maybe he wanted to say he was changed, if that were the case he wouldn't have come up threatening to take your daughter and everything you've fought for.  Putting your thoughts aside, your body lays down on the sofa and your eyes feel heavy for a few minutes closing completely, just to think of what to do, a darkness and tiredness envelops your body, before you could stop sleep envelops you and begins to show dream-like memories of the time you was little and told your parents how much you wanted to be a hero. It was a common morning and your parents would take you to school, asking you not to jump from one swing to another so that you would get hurt. Continuing on you end up falling and scraping your little knee, but soon it starts to heal like magic. Thinking that was amazing you show your parents who are soon start saying that you had pulled your mother's quirk, excited you get up and say that nothing could hurt you, not even the villains when you became a superhero. Running to another toy, the sun touches your skin lightly coming out from behind some clouds and warms your little arms. The heat felt so real you could feel it behind your dream, touching your arms, making you slowly open your eyes. The sight in front of you startles you and you stand up suddenly.  “Hikari! How did you end up here?!” you get up from the couch and start looking around, looking for Touya if he had broken into your house. Hikari laughs softly and starts trying to get up awkwardly with her little hands on the floor, the realization of what was happening makes you smile from ear to ear. Hikari was taking her first few steps on her feet, no longer crawling on top of things. You kneel down with your mouth open and tears in your eyes holding out your arms to her, "Come with mommy come my love". She starts putting one little foot in front of the other going towards you with open arms and when she's almost reaching your arms she throws herself, starts saying "mama" and some other nonsense things that you didn't understand, but at that moment they didn't matter. ‘How can I miss moments like this?’ you ask yourself. ‘How am I going to leave you in his hands?’, ‘How could I leave you when I've done everything for you my little one?’ So the decision of what to do was already made. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Huge wooden doors before your eyes with some open details showed a Minka-style mansion at the back of a huge traditional Japanese backyard. Looking once more at Hikari you play a small too technological intercom for the traditionality of the entire structure of this mansion. It takes a while for someone to come to answer it, thinking you might not have squeezed too hard, you put the bag that was on your shoulder next to the others and lifts a finger to squeeze it again, a big young man with short white hair opens the porch windows before you hit the button once more, running across the yard with a smile coming toward the gate. Picking up the bag again you wait for him to arrive with that huge smile and bright eyes, opening the huge gate as if it were nothing and greeting you with a loud voice.  "Hello! You must be Y/N! I'm Natsuo, Touya's middle brother” he reaches out to you like a child who has just met a new friend. ‘Middle brother?’ you think as you look at those huge hands of that huge young man, smiling you reach back and hold it in his hands. "And this must be little Hikari" he lowers himself to her vision and slowly brings his hand closer to her little face, who then smiles back at him. “She's just like Touya when he was little, it's impressive…” Natsuo says stroking her cheek, “actually you're even bigger than him at your age! Hiii little one, I'm your uncle, uncle Natsuo” laughing Natsuo fluffs her cheeks until he sees the huge bag on the other side of your shoulder and back away a little bit. “Oh, how rude of me, let's go in and talk better inside. I help with the bags”. With the same hands that fluffed Hikari he now takes the two bags that were on the floor and starts to enter with you behind him. Just ahead on the porch another person was waiting for you. This time a young woman with white hair with red streaks, wearing glasses and a teacher's outfit, a gentle smile and her skin flushed with pink, impatiently she rocked her body from side to side waiting for you to get closer and she could order to see little Hikari.   “Hi princess” she says tenderly and comes fully closer the moment you walk through the porch. Natsuo takes the bag from your shoulder and starts carrying the three bags inside, letting you talk to that young woman. “You are y/n right?  I'm Fuyumi, I'm the second one here, Touya’s young sister” she looks at Hikari who, without partying, was already smiling at Fuyumi that brings her arms closer in order to take her from your arms. Instinctively, your body recoils a little before handing her over and, once in Fuyumi's arms, Hikari already starts fiddling with her newly introduced aunt's glasses. “You are a very beautiful doll, a true princess. Just like your father when he was little... it's impressive...” Natsuo jumps into the conversation, “That's exactly what I said” he exclaims and fluffs Hikari's tummy, who starts to laugh at the tickle, flinching a little in Fuyumi's lap.   “Fuyumi you—” your eyes widen as the hero number two, Endeavor, enters the space, “Oh you have arrived. Welcome to the Todoroki home.” He says with a smile and you bend down as a sign of respect, thanking with your head down, showing maximum respect. “And this is my granddaughter, little Hikari” the tone in his voice suddenly turns sweet and you stand up a little startled by the change in behavior of that huge man who now spoke like a little child.   Endeavor approaches the two of them playing with Hikari who didn't take their eyes off her for a minute and makes room to introduce himself. “You are a beautiful princess, I'm your grandpa Enji, grandpa Enji” he repeats himself like a fool and puts his face even closer when Hikari laughs at him, “You are just like your father when he was little... it’s impressive". Fuyumi and Natsuo look at each other before exclaiming together “That's exactly what we said”. From a distance you observe a small gathering around Hikari who seemed to be loving all the attention she was getting from them.  “Would you please take those big faces away from her a little? Will end up scaring my little doll with all this noise” a recognizable voice comes from behind and turning around you see him leaning against the door with his hands in his pockets. He leaves the wall heading towards you. Grabbing tightly around your waist, pulling against his body and placing a soft kiss on your cheek before whispering in your ear, “I'm glad you made the right choice”, Touya gives you another kiss on the cheek, next the mouth, “ Welcome to the Todoroki family,” he says with that same cocky smile looking deep into your frightened eyes.   The meeting around Hikari continues with her passing from Fuyumi's lap to Endeavor's huge arms that practically make her disappear. "Aren't you going to come meet your granddaughter, mother?" Touya says looking back and everyone stops looking in the same direction as him. A pretty white haired lady standing a little away from you fidgeted with her fingers with sad eyes that stared straight into your soul. The place is completely silent as they wait for an answer from her, "Sure" she says breaking the silence and passes you looking into your eyes before getting close to Hikari and picking her up from Endeavor's lap. "I'm grandma, beautiful, grandma Rei. How you look like your father when he were little... it's impressive", the three face each other now and speak again in tune "That's exactly what we said!". Their meeting continues and Touya's hand presses harder on your waist making you look at him again. "Come on, I'll show you where her room will be and of course our room" he says with a smile and lets go of your waist taking the bags that were in a corner of the entrance room.  Going through the entrance hall you enter the mansion, much bigger than it looked from the outside. On the other side of the main room was a small porch that led to another house in the back in the same style as the first, not as big but still much bigger than the house you grew up in. Staring at Touya's back carrying your things, you notice how his physique seemed to have gotten stronger than you remembered, some small scars you've never seen before appearing a little on the sleeves of the tight black blouse he wore too.   A key noise and Touya opens the door of the other house entering, giving space for you to enter too and closes the door right behind. Turning on the light, you notice how different the outside was from the inside. Few details reminiscent of the old Japanese house structure, most of the furniture seemed to be new and would walk alone because of being so modern. Toys graced the corner of the main room, a small swing set all pink with flowers and butterflies, a carpet of letters that looked like a blanket it was so thick and feathered, teddy bears of various sizes, shelves full of dolls and strollers beside a huge television that almost it covered the entire wall and a sofa with two armchairs on the side that looked more like thrones. “Upstairs” to Touya's voice interrupts your admiration at the head of the stairs and starts to climb in front of you. Going after him you can only notice the incredible view of the city of the huge glass grid forming a wall, holding a structure in a way supporting the stairs. Touya opens one of the four hallway doors facing the stairs, the only rose with gold accents and two handles, one above and one lower probably for Hikari as she starts to leave the room on her own. Peeking inside you see a real princess' bedroom. A futon with pink comforter covered by pink curtains, filled with furry pillows both at the end and at the foot of the bed, some small LED lights falling through the curtain that covered the bed and shining in a yellowish tone leaving the light purple walls with details in plaster even more pronounced. Toys placed under the still-closed window frame, covered by lace curtains along with a white satin, and in the corner of the bedroom as well, like in the living room. A small table with a computer, a lamp, papers beside some crayons. You realize that he thought of everything for his little one and that Touya could really have changed as a person, Hikari growing up in this house would be a real blessing for her, there would be nothing missing. It was the best decision you made was what you thought.   Putting the bags in a corner he closes the door, "This way" you start following him to the door beside the pink door, a simple wooden door with some molded details, opening you are faced with another room that seemed to have been taken from a castle. A futon 2x the size of the one in Hikari's room, covered by a red comforter and a wooden frame on the sides holding a silk curtain with hand-stitched certainty details of two peacocks, one on either side of the bed centered. Small dark wood tables were on either side of the bed, both with Japanese lamps, but only one with books open on top, the other with a small bonsai of oranges starting to bloom. A huge window that led straight onto a balcony with black curtains on the sides and a thicker gray curtain to break the light, a huge chandelier on the ceiling took the place of the lamp, on the side a door that led to the closet and a dresser with a huge mirror shows Touya behind you about to run a hand around your waist.  You try to pull away, but too late he grabs you by the arm and turns you to face him. In seconds, Touya holds the back of your head tightly and pushes his lips against yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. Using your body weight you try to step back only to be thrown against the bed and Touya's weight crushes yours as he tries to capture your lips again. He straightens up putting one leg on either side of your body, holds your chin and raises the temperature of his hand, as soon as your mouth opens to complain about the pain he kisses you, thrusting his hot tongue into your mouth seeking yours and tasting it every part of your kiss. Your nails start scratching his shoulder trying to get him off, but that makes Touya become more ferocious and give up kissing you down to your neck where he starts kissing that sensitive part he knew you had. Without full intention your body starts to give in, your mind still goes on fighting.  "Touya... Stop!" you say in a cry feeling the conflict between your mind and your body. Touya giggles and gets up a little throwing you more up on the bed and arranging his body between your legs, your trembling hands hold his shoulder making effort to push him away without success. Touya continues abusing you neck, licking, biting and kissing it whole, now forcing his body against yours, pressing his cock into your cunt, growing more with each second he abused on either side of the your neck. When he feels your body soften and give in he stands up with a smile to look into your eyes.   "I missed you so much" he says forcing his lips against yours again and this time you shyly return the kiss, Touya lets out a grunt when he feels you reciprocate and starts to put more force in the kiss passing one of the hands that were holding the bed down your belly to your breasts, holding tight to take another cry from your throat that he swallows with a smile. He pulls his face away from yours and presses his erection harder between your legs, reaching your clit and making your body jump, frustrated at how he still knew your body, you bite your lip and glare at him. “You'll never get away from me again” he starts to lower the hand that held your chest to the edge of your pants.  "Touya!" a voice calls to him from the door. The two of you look in the direction of the call, seeing the same white-haired lady standing in front of you, doorknob in hand and a scared look on her face. "Your little one is crying downstairs, I think she wants her mommy" the woman masks the tension with a sideways smile, "I think she must be hungry mommy" Rei lowers her head searching for your eyes and motions with her head.  Realizing that she wanted to help, you enter the story, “Oh yes, it must be time for me to give her milk. I completely forgot”, Touya turns to you and walks away slowly letting you get up. Rei reaches for your hands and starts dragging you away as fast as she can without once looking in Touya's direction, down the stairs she pulls you to a corner making sure Touya wasn't coming, "What did he do to you?" your eyes open instantly and you look at her with a tearful face. “I know that my son is not a flower to smell. He's his father but worse" Rei continues and takes you by the shoulder feeling your body go weak, "I know he did something, me and Enji want to help you, but we need to know what's going on" opening your mouth to speak in a deep voice Touya interrupts you both: “What a sweet moment, mom. Already making friends with your daughter-in-law who you met a few minutes ago”.  With a lump in his throat, Rei turns to see Touya leaning against the glass rail at the bottom of the stairs...


    I’ll be making a part 2. Don’t know when but i sure will  💖 💖 💖

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    Okay, listen, I have this persistent headcanon that Katsuki is one of those people who really love animals and if not stopped he would take home any homeless animal he finds on the streets to his house

    Like, he doesn't do it because his mom got tired of his cats and dog (very old, angry and sick animals, but Katsuki loved them and made them happy and live for longer than expected) and after they died she just didn't allow any more animals, and in the dorms he can't have one because he's constantly doing other stuff

    So when he becomes a Pro-Hero he just kind of does whatever he wants and buys a big ass house with many rooms and start adopting animals like there's no tomorrow and he cares so fucking much for them

    He has fish, cats, rats, hamsters, dogs, a turtle, and some birds, and he goes crazy when one of them is sick or injured, and everyone keeps asking how the fuck he can maintain his sanity like that

    He's just so happy he doesn't even care for how long it takes to care for his animals

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    Injury & Broken|MHA Villains x Injured! Reader

    MHA Villains Reacting To You Injured During A Break In

    Hero Version

    Touya Todoroki/Dabi

    Dabi isn't always worried about you whenever he has to go to the Leauge or go on missions cuz he knows you can take care of yourselves. But sometimes you aren't as powerful as you want.

    Oh you must have a death wish if anyone is dumb enough to break in AND injure Dabi's soulmate! Unless that idiot doesn't know you're his girlfriend!

    While Dabi was away finishing up a mission, you were at home eating some rice and peanut butter. Why? Cravings. The little Dabi's bump hasn't even shown yet and you're already getting weird cravings.

    Dabi always was grossed out whenever you had them, but didn't complain because it's what the baby wanted!

    And today, you were just sitting on your bed until you hear the door's lock unlock and creak open.


    Dabi was so happy to get back home after such a long and exhausting mission! He was aching to get back home and spend time with you and the little one.

    He had to admit, he wasn't exactly happy once he found out you were expecting, but he realized if he left you to deal with it alone, he would be just as bad as his awful crap dad! And he swore he wouldn't be like him.

    And now he's slowly warming up to become a father.

    But as he walked up the stairs and walked to the apartment to see the door cracked open. He narrows his eyes suspiciously and heads in, looking around at the trashed living room.

    He immediately starts searching through the place. "Y/N?? Dollface where are you??" He calls out before he hears a small pained groan.

    He ran to the bathroom to see you sitting up against the wall gripping your side as a little bit of blood stained your shirt. "What happened??" He asks concerned as he immediately picks you up bridal style before setting you down on the couch.

    "A stupid thug broke in! I tried fighting him off but he managed to get the upper hand and he attacked me! I managed to dodge enough though to get hurt on my side and not my stomach!" You explain through gritted teeth as he grabbed the first aid kit and started bandaging and healing you.

    "I swear I'll kill whoever did that to you." He mutters under his breath angrily, his anger growing.

    "No one hurts my two dolls without getting burned."

    Himiko Toga

    You and Toga loved doing each other's hair, playing video games, etc ever since you two started dating!

    She was away at a job right now but she said she'd be returning tonight!

    So you happily prepared for her return! But suddenly a loud crash is heard from the living room, getting your attention.


    Tog happily skipped back to your guy's shared abandoned house! I can't wait to see Y/N again!" She thinks to herself.

    But her cheery happy mood soon stops and she slows down her skipping to see the door torn off it's hinges and thrown on to the front lawn. Toga ran inside to see the whole place trashed.

    "Y/N! If you're alive, say something!" She calls out as she searched the house, hearing a muffled sound.

    She ran to the bedroom to see you tied up to a chair in the corner. "Y/N!" Toga yells as she ran over and cut you free, removing your gag.

    "Thank goodness!" You exclaim before hugging her. She hugs back before you wince. She looks to see a cut on your cheek.

    She quickly bandages you up.

    "I hope I can kill this idiot who decided to sign his death wish!"

    Tenko Shimura/Tomura Shigaraki

    You hadn't started dating Shigaraki long ago, but you two loved each other to death! Even if you didn't see him much cuz he was busy with the Leauge and jobs. But at last he was able to head home and spend a few days with you!

    You couldn't wait and was already preparing a nice home cook meal to for you two! You don't normally cook but today was like a special occasion!

    But a loud thud from your bedroom gets your attention, and you go to see who this idiot was.


    Tomura was walking back carrying a plastic bag of meat buns that he bought at a store. He figured he'd bring a treat to bring you a gift! He didn't have much money though and didn't want to go somewhere populated, so the best he could do were meat buns. But you liked those too!

    But he stops dead in his tracks and his red eyes widen when he sees the door wide open to your apartment. He ran towards it only to drop his bag down next to him as he stared around at the trashed housing.

    But when he searches the place and heads to the kitchen, anger and horror takes over him to see you on the ground all burned from the stove and in pain from the person who broke in.

    He tried to stay calm as he immediately starts taking care of you as much as he could!

    Eventually you did make a full recovery but he still was on the hunt for the person who hurt you.

    "I will make sure they're nothing but dust until my hands on them."

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    An Imagine
    Bakugo x Y/N

    Y/N: Bakugo let’s go out tomorrow night :)

    Kirishima: Easy Bakugo, you’ll only make them cry if you react angrily ( ❛︣ ͜ʖ ❛︣ )

    Bakugo: *Sighs* ( ≖  ͟ʖ ≖ )

    Bakugo: Alright Y/N. What did you have in mind?

    Y/N: Let’s go to the movies! I already bought the tickets! ( ◡︡ ᴗ ◡︠ )

    Bakugo: HUH? You bought the tickets before asking me?!

    Y/N: Yeah! I had to or else they would have been sold out ¯\_( ^ ᴗ ^ )_/¯

    Bakugo: Why you-! You didn’t need to do that! I’ll pay for my own damn ticket next time!

    Y/N: *le gasp* Bakugo! Are you already asking me out on a future date?! ( ͡ᵔ ᴗ ͡ᵔ)

    Gifs created by me
    Requests open :>
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  • lunonox36
    04.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    OK but the headcanon that Tokoyami sleeps with a night light on because of his quirk is like the cutest shit ever

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  • bratinc
    04.12.2021 - 10 hours ago


    + headcanons.

    + contains. iida, izuku, todoroki.

    + warnings. afab reader, praise, degradation, cunnillingus, exhibitionism, fem reader, blowjobs, creampies, spanking.

    + note from val. my posts have been sporadic again, help — uni’s just murdering me before the holidays.


    it’d take a lot of convincing to get him to try it

    when he does agree, it’d have to be a position that doesn’t show either of your faces to protect both of your identities

    will tease and degrade you the entire time

    “You’re such a slut, angel. You like getting filmed while I fuck you? Of course, you do.”

    he honestly loves the feeling of being filmed but he’d never admit it

    it would definitely be a POV

    him fucking you from behind, camera focused on his cock pistoning in and out of your pussy at an animalistic pace

    loves to slap your ass and make you say the most lewd and embarrassing things

    “Say it! Tell me how much you love daddy’s cock, you want my cum? You want me to fill you up? Then say it, slut.”

    definitely bites his lips and tries to keep his voice down to be able to hear your cute little moans and whines

    he’s the type to watch the video afterwards and see what he can improve on, gets hard watching the video though

    it won’t happen often but he would be open to trying it again


    will be a blushing mess when you ask him to try it out, he’s not opposed to the idea though

    probably does research, he just wants to know what to do and where to start

    sets up the camera with a tripod or stand, it’d be like one of those amateur videos

    wants to focus on your pleasure; he’ll eat you out, kiss and worship your body

    then he starts off with soft touches, slowly fucking you, kissing down your neck and lightly groping your ass and tits

    “Does that feel good, baby? Just like that, you like it, don’t you? You’re so naughty.”

    hearing your moans and how riled up you are for him makes him get a lot rougher, bolder

    “Fuck! You’re clamping down on me so much, pup. You’re so good at taking my cock, aren’t you? My good girl.”

    starts choking you, pulling on your hair and teasing you

    “Look at the camera, baby. I want to make sure we see all those slutty expressions you’re making.”

    near the end, you’ve already been fucked dumb and he’s lost control of his moans, he’s honestly as loud as you

    will keep the video, secretly uses it to jerk off when he’s missing you or away on hero work


    he’ll ask why you want to film it but otherwise he has no problems trying it

    it’d give off the same vibes as one of those ‘sensual’ videos on twitter.

    will spoil you the entire time, all of his attention is on you and what makes you feel good

    makes you hold the camera while he’s going down on you

    he goes all out and smirks up at you when you’re basically screaming his name

    “Come on, baby. Keep the camera on me, I wanna hear those pretty moans.”

    “You look so cute, moaning my name. Wanna cum for me, pretty? Do it, cum on my face.”

    also loves recording you when he’s recieving, he’ll push the hair out of your face to get a good shot of you choking on his cock

    “Just like that —oh, feels amazing, princess. Take it deeper, yeah.”

    as soon as he starts pounding you, he’ll be focused on making sure he gets every single inch of your body on video

    your eyes rolling into the back of your head, hands gripping his biceps tightly as he’s cumming and filling your insides

    pulls out and films his seed slowly dripping out of your cunt

    #mha x reader #mha smut #bnha x reader #bnha smut #my hero academia x reader #my hero academia smut #mha thirsts#mha headcanons#bnha thirst#bnha headcanons #todoroki x reader #todoroki smut #shoto todoroki x reader #shoto todoroki smut #izuku x reader #izuku smut #deku x reader #deku smut #izuku midoriya x reader #izuku midoriya smut #iida x reader #iida smut
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  • ramenaddicted
    03.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    If Kai and I had the opportunity to meet, no cap I would be the maid, and no it's not because I like Eri. I would end up being a Yakuza maid, solely for the money. Also staying in my lane and minding my own business.

    For example, Overhaul just overhauled a subordinate because Eri got out, you bet your ass I'm wearing a hazmat suit while picking up brain particles off the wall.

    Oh no, everyone needs a hot meal? I'm at the local grocery store haggling meat prices so the rest of the Shie hasai Kai can have beef curry for dinner.

    Every room in the compound would be spotless, anytime someone gets overhauled; I'm cleaning up their guts, and of course I'll befriend Eri. Lord knows she needs a friend.

    But yeah... A Yakuza maid.

    #bnha overhaul#funny headcanon #funny bnha headcanon #self insert headcanon #mha overhaul#chisaki kai
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  • multifandomwriter44
    03.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    They're Your Best Friend

    Warnings: None, maybe one swear word

    Including: Kaminari, Sero, Jiro, Momo

    You and Denki were the friends that confused everyone else

    You had a LOT of inside jokes

    People would often stare at you two when you were in the middle of your laughing fits where you would both add things that made you laugh harder

    People were also a little freaked out by how you two could read each others minds

    You could communicate without words and it was generally creepy

    Everyone was on edge when you and Denki were together since you enjoyed pranking everyone

    No one was safe

    But there were parts of your friendship people didn't get to see

    You let people think of you as the fun, careless duo

    But when you were alone you talked a lot

    You knew everything about each other

    Denki knew your worst fear and you knew he didn't like short circuiting because he was scared he would stay that way

    If you were ever upset, Denki knew and would be at your dorm with snacks and your favourite movie

    You loved the fun part of being friends with Denki but you also loved the intimate moments only you two shared

    Sero is the therapist friend

    You can always count on him to listen to you when you needed it

    You would go to his room when you were sad and Sero would immediately wrap his arms around you tightly

    You would listen to his problems too

    He didn’t really talk about what was wrong much, he sometimes avoided how he really felt altogether

    You would be sad he didn’t trust you enough to tell you but he assured you he just didn’t understand what he was feeling and that he trusted you more than anything

    You and Sero were usually found in his room, you reading or listening to music as he got high

    Sero was a pretty chill guy normally and when he got high it was a whole new level

    Most of the time he’d just lay on his floor, mumbling to you whatever weird thoughts came to his head

    You, like a good friend, listened and added to his thoughts when you thought about it

    No matter what you did with Sero, you were always relaxed and calm, both of you

    You were the friends who weren’t together all the time

    In fact you were more apart than together

    But it didn’t change how close you guys were

    You could not talk to her for a month but next time you were together, it would be like you only say her yesterday

    You two didn’t really go out to spend time together

    Both of you were perfectly fine with spending the day inside listening to music or watching a movie

    At first, people would be really confused when you two would not talk to each other for a while and think you two were arguing

    But then the next time they see you, you would be talking about a new song or something and they were even more confused

    You and Jiro loved it when people did get confused

    Sometimes you would stop talking just for them to think you were no longer friends, only to talk for hours together in front of them

    You two liked fucking with people

    Still, even after all the time you and Jiro spent apart, you would always be best friends

    You and Momo were the polar opposites

    Momo was rich and sophisticated

    While you were often found eating cold pizza from the previous night in clothes you weren't sure you'd washed

    Momo still loved you, though

    She would often invite you over to stay at her house for the night

    You, of course, agreed

    I mean rich remember? And because you loved Momo, of course

    It was strange for you at first

    Going from eating cereal for dinner to the fancy meals Momo's chef cooked up

    Momo would often surprise you with presents

    She'd buy you things ranging from clothes to jewellery to whatever the latest technology was

    You were grateful, no doubt

    But you sometimes declined her gifts

    After all, they were nice, but you only really cared about spending time with Momo

    She would be confused when you declined

    Didn't you like her presents?

    But then she'd see how happy you seemed when she suggested doing something

    So, overtime, she would learn to just offer to take you out for dinner at the old, mostly horrible, diner you seemed to enjoy so much

    You got her to learn she didn't always have to buy someone's affection

    And she taught you things too

    Like, maybe, sticking to a healthy diet is beneficial

    #bnha imagine#myheroacademiaimagines #boku no academia #mha headcanons #mha x reader #bnha#denki imagine#denki kaminari #denki kaminari x reader #sero x reader #sero hanta#seroimagine#momo yaoyaruzo#momoyaoyorozuimagines #bnha jiro kyoka #jiro x reader
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  • annie-jpg55
    03.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    A hunk of Burnin love

    #anime#mha bnha #my hero academia art #my hero academia #burnin#mha burnin#endeavor mha#moe kamiji #my hero academia headcanons #my hero fanart
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  • i-cant-sing
    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Birthday: Yandere Dad Dabi x toddler reader

    This is not how Dabi had planned your birthday.

    He had planned to wake you up with your birthday breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes that were slightly burnt crispy on the edges and was drowning in maple syrup, powdered sugar and sprinkles. You know, just to get you high on sugar because he knew you were gonna need it for local fair he was gonna take you to, win you some prizes and then buy you the strawberry cream cake from the bakery on the way back home, and have a little pizza party with you and watch you open up the gift he'd gotten for you. Simple and quiet, just like every year.

    He did not plan on being woken up by your scream.

    Dabi rushed to your room, hands already on fire, ready to deal with the threat. Slamming your door open, he was met with the sight he'd never imagined in a million years.

    Himiko and Twice jumping on your bed with you as they wished you a happy birthday, Twice holding a cake while Himiko opened a party popper.

    "Happy birthday, baby!!!" Himiko exclaimed as she kissed your cheek, making you giggle. Twice was about to say something when you noticed your father and jumped off the bed towards him.

    "Good morning, dad!" Dabi smiled before picking you up and walking towards his colleagues. "Morning. Happy birthday, darling." He kissed your head before lighting up the candle on the cake. "Make a wish."

    You blew the candle as Himiko and Twice cheered. Dabi put you on the ground and nodded towards the door. "You can have the cake for breakfast if you go and wash up now." You squealed at the idea and rushed towards the bathroom.

    Dabi's face turned grim as he looked at the two villains. "How the hell did you get my address- nevermind, what are you two doing here?"

    "To celebrate Y/n's birthday, of course. Its my duty as her godfather!" Twice answered.

    Dabi scoffed. "You're not her godfather." Jin's face fell, making Dabi roll his eyes. "Whatever. You guys wished her, now leave."

    "No." Himiko said, her arms crossed against her chest. "We have planned a whole day for her, gotten so many gifts for her and we're going to take her with us."

    "No." Dabi said, walking out of your room and towards the kitchen to drink some coffee. "Why not?" Himiko whined behind him, while Jin was still recovering from the shock that he is not your godfather.

    "Because she is my daughter and I've already planned the day for us."

    Himiko rolled her eyes. "You're saying it like you've gotten her tickets to Disneyland."

    Dabi raised a brow. "Have you?"

    She shook her head and grinned. "We've got something better."

    "No. I don't trust you two."

    Twice and Himiko both gasped. "When have we ever hurt her?!"

    "You taught her how to throw a knife." Dabi pointed towards the wall behind him that had many holes in it. "Look at it. Now she throws them everyday- THERE'S STABS IN MY WALL, HIMIKO!"

    Himiko furrowed her brows. "Sorry about that. I'll paint a target on the wall so that she can practise her aim better-" "No." "-yeah. we can discuss that later. But you need to know that we really have planned a great birthday for her! She's only gonna turn 6 once, Dabi! I promise its gonna be the best birthday ever!"

    Dabi pondered on the thought for a bit. "No. She has had plenty of fun birthdays with me."

    Twice pulled a face. "I beg to differ-"

    "Then beg." Dabi finished him off, sipping his coffee.

    Now not only Himiko and Jin were on their knees begging him to agree, but you were too, after you walked in on them and then immediately joined the two villains in begging your dad for something you didn't even know about.

    "Please, please Dad!" You said, giving your best puppy face and cutest voice you could muster up.

    Dabi narrowed his eyes at you. "You don't even know what they're asking for."

    "No..." You pouted. "But I think it would make us all very happy! Besides, its my birthday! You have to listen to me! And I want you to give Aunty Himiko and Uncle Jin what they're asking for-! Please?"

    Dabi looked at your puffed up cheeks, and then at his two menace of friends. He contemplated the idea. You always have celebrated your birthday the same way, perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to change it up this year. Besides, as long as he is there with you, no harm will come your way.


    And everyone cheered.

    After eating the cake, Himiko quickly dressed you up and did your hair, because "Dabi, please let there be a picture of Y/n where her ponytails are not lopsided." After that, Himiko and Twice took you two to your favourite place in the world- the Hello Kitty theme park.

    Now this was a very high end theme park, and tickets were always sold out. Dabi couldn't steal or even buy them on the blackmarket because of how much exclusive and in demand they were.

    And yet, here you 4 were, standing in an empty theme park that is always packed throughout the year.

    "Lets go, Y/n!" Jin toon your hand and ran inside.

    Dabi looked at Himiko. "You closed down the whole place for her?"

    She nodded and began following you inside. "Yeah. Turns out if you spread rumours and threats about there being a bomb, people sure listen to you."

    After spending the whole afternoon at the theme park, Dabi and you walked the other two to the LoV base, although Dabi already had an idea why Himiko was so insistent on making him walk her and Jin back to the base.

    "SURPRISE!" The whole LoV shouted as you walked in, making you scream and jump around in glee. The whole place had a Hello Kitty theme going on, looking like something out of your dreams.

    Of course, you immediately ran and jumped into Kurogiri's arms. He was your favourite person, right after Dabi.

    After greeting all the members, you cut the cake and opened up all the presents, and to everyone's surprise, even Grandpa AFO had gifted you- a mini car for you to drive around in, and no one would've said anything until they saw the brand of the car.


    Dabi does not know how AFO got someone as high and unreachable as Elon Musk to create a mini car for you, and in all honesty, he is a little afraid to find out.

    After that, Kurogiri transported you all to a laser tag place, which again, was completely shut down to the public. Dabi felt a little betrayed when you teamed up Tomura instead of him, but you insisted it was because Shigaraki was a better player and not because you he had replaced him as your bestfriend.

    After you and Shigaraki won, you all went out to eat your favourite food. Dabi thinks that it must look pretty funny to the public to see this group of menacing and vicious looking people (that they're pretty sure are the villains they saw on TV) and 1 child in a tutu skirt, all of whom are munching fried chicken, right outside the park near KFC.

    This was not how Dabi had planned your birthday.

    But seeing the way your eyes lit up when everyone sang happy birthday, the way you felt like you were on top of the world when they gave you so many presents (he had Kurogiri teleport them back to his apartment), the way you hugged and thanked everyone for making this the best birthday ever, the way you kissed Dabi's cheek and thanked him for the best day ever and then falling asleep in his arms on the way back home... it made him admit that maybe this wasn't such a terrible idea. He might arrange something like this again next year, just to see you this happy again.

    Dabi tucked you under the covers, smiling softly as he brushed the hair out of your face.

    My precious baby, all tuckered out. Happy birthday.

    He kissed your forehead before leaving the room to arrange the horde of gifts inside your room. But just as he was about to, the door bell rang.

    Dabi looked at the time.


    He tutted. He hoped it was Natsuo, hell even Shotou's weird introverted ass would be better than having that red haired bastard coming here with gifts for you.

    But when he opened the door, he saw... two cops.

    He walked out and closed the door behind him, not wanting to disturb you.

    "Mr Dabi?" one of them asked.

    Dabi didnt reply.

    "You're under arrest for-"

    "Who sent you?"

    Dabi's question changed the whole mood of the room from sour to... terribly bad. He knew no one except Natsuo and the LoV knew about his place, and he knew AFO kept some cops on payroll to make sure no one comes after him or you. So, this was clearly not something normal.

    Dabi's eyes scanned them, watching how one of them discreetly tried to reach for his gun while the other tried to distract him by spewing some bull about having a warrant.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Dabi said, making eye contact with the man who was reaching for his gun. "You're standing very close to death, and if you don't want to meet your maker soon, then you're gonna tell me right now who sent you."

    Dabi hoped he didn't have to do this the hard way, he's already tired from cleaning up, he just wants to go to sleep. This idiot better not pull out his gun-

    The idiot pulled out his gun.

    Dabi saw it coming and was quick to land a punch to his face and knock the guy out. Then he took ahold of the other guy and smashed his face against his apartment door, breaking his nose.

    The guy was about to yell in pain when Dabi sudden lit his hand on fire right next to the cop's face. "You better not make a sound. I just put my kid to sleep, and if she wakes up, I'm gonna burn you to crisp. Do you understand?" The guy nodded, nearly pissing his pants.

    "Good. Now you're gonna tell me who sent you. You better give me a name now, I'm losing patience."

    The cop whispered a name, making Dabi's blood run cold.

    "No, it cant- it cant be-" Dabi didn't believe him and cracked the guy's neck.

    Maybe the other one will answer honestly. He thought, but when Dabi looked at the spot where he had knocked out the other cop, he found no one there. And as Dabi's eyes darted towards his open apartment door, his breath hitched,

    He rushed inside, his world coming to a halt when he saw the guy holding a gun to your sleeping form.

    "One more step and she's gonna have her brains splattered all over the fucking place!"

    Dabi nodded slowly. "Okay, take it easy-"

    "You get on your fucking knees, now!" Dabi did as told, eyes still trained on the gun to your head.

    The cop threw a pair of quirk cancelling cuffs in his direction. "Wear them, you freak." Dabi did, lifting his hands up and showing him the cuffs were in effect.

    The cop walked towards him, gun still in hand and smirking a bit. "That's your kid? Huh, maybe I should do her a favour and shoot you, so that she doesn't get to know how fucking crazy you are. Or maybe," he smiled cruelly. "- maybe I should shoot her. Cant risk her turning out a murderous bastard like you-"

    The man was on the floor in a second, and it didn't register to him fully what exactly had happened until he saw Dabi on him, punching his face over and over with his cuffed hands.

    The man was turning into a pulp, and Dabi only had to take a brief moment to free himself from the cuffs, a skill he had mastered over the years.

    Dabi's rage seemed to double over as he felt his quirk activate again. "You dare to shoot a child? Point blank in the face? What kind of fucking barbarian are you?!" He saw him reach for his gun, but Dabi grabbed ahold of the cop's face and pulled.

    "I'm gonna make you see how fucking crazy I am. Look at me-" The cop was in a dazed state, but Dabi's tight grip on his head had him looking right in the face of the devil. "-I'm gonna burn you, until no one can recognise you. There will be nothing left of you, nothing to remember you by. It would be like you never existed- I'm going to kill you in the most painful way." And with that, blue flames engulfed the man, his scream of pain ending in a second because of how quickly he turned to ash.

    Dabi's eyes were still wide with anger, and he was breathing heavily as he contemplated whether he should go after their families-



    He looked up and saw you standing near your bed, but Dabi knew from the look on your face that you had seen everything. You just did not understand what had happened, but he knew you would never forget this night.

    "Its okay, Y/n-" Dabi stood up, halting in his spot when he saw you back away from him.

    You were... afraid of him.

    Dabi was about to comfort you, hold you in his arms and tell you that this was all just a bad dream, just anything to get that scared look off your face, but then he heard the police sirens and Dabi knew shit would only hit the fan if you were involved.

    "Y/n." Dabi said calmly, using his stern tone that he normally used when he would talk about something serious with you. "You're going to lock your door and go inside your closet. Hide there. Now." He watched you shut the door and lock it from inside, and he heard you run inside your closet.

    Dabi leaned his head against the door. "Y/n, daddy's going to be gone for a while, okay? Don't worry about anything, Uncle Natsuo will take care of you. I'll- I'll come back for you, I promise-" Dabi heard the footsteps of the cops. "I love you, Y/n. I will always love you."

    You held your breath as you heard your door being bashed in, and someone walking towards the closet.

    The door swung open and you saw him.


    Enji only had to take one look at you to know that you had witnessed something terrible tonight. He just hoped you would forget about tonight, but deep down, Enji knew you were traumatised.

    He slowly grabbed you and picked you up, letting you bury your head in his shoulder. "I- dad- he-"

    "Shh, its okay, sweetie. Grandpa's here now, I'll take care of everything. Just go to sleep." Enji said, as he rubbed your back.

    Rei rubbed a hand over her chest as she paced around her room. She was about to call her husband when he walked in with you sleeping in his arms.

    Rei quickly took you out of his arms and rocked you gently. "How- how was she?" She whispered, her heart sinking when she saw the worried look on his face. "I- Rei, she was so afraid. I don't know what she saw, but Dabi had escaped the apartment, leaving a pile of ashes in the middle of his living room, and a body outside." He pushed a strand of hair over your ear. "You should've seen her face, Rei. It was- it was so bad. I- I don't want her to ever look like that again."

    "And she wont." Rei said, kissing your forehead. "We'll raise her, protect her, be with her every step of the way. But we have to make sure no one talks about Dabi in this house again, it'll be too much for her."

    Enji furrowed his brows at her. "You want to cut off ties with Dabi?"

    Rei nodded hesitantly. "We must. For Y/n. God I just-" Rei choked on a sob. "-he's always been this selfish, hasn't he?. He should've just given her to us in the first place, let us raise her. I knew he couldn't. What kind of villain could raise a child?"

    Enji remained silent, but Rei continued on. "Enji, you need to make sure that the Todoroki name will never be associated with Dabi. You will do what is necessary to make sure he never comes in contact with us or Y/n ever again."

    Enji looked at her baffled. "He's our son, and Y/n is his daughter-"

    "Do you really want a repeat of tonight? Wanna see Y/n suffer through this whole ordeal again? Have her watch someone get murdered in front of her eyes? Traumatise her again-"

    "Fine." He finally gave in, making Rei nod.

    "2 cops were found tortured to death in the notorious villain Dabi's hideout, last night. Unfortunately, he managed to escape before the authorities could catch him, and is now at large. Pro Hero Endeavour's agency as well as other pro heroes are going to be working hard to catch this monster-"

    Dabi turned off the TV and lit up a cigarette. He never like watching news. He always knew they lied for ratings, conjured up stories that never happened, deceive people.

    He didn't think Rei would deceive him too.

    His own mother sent two cops after him, make him kill them, make you fear her own father, traumatise you just so that she could get her greedy hands on you, destroy your and his life. On the one day that you would never forget.

    Dabi inhaled the suffocating smoke again, closing his eyes as he recalled the fear in your eyes.

    This is not how Dabi had planned your birthday.

    So, thoughts?

    #yandere dabi #yandere dad dabi #yandere himiko toga #yandere himiko #yandere toga himiko #toga himiko #yanere toga himiko #yandere bnha#bnha headcanons#yandere mha#bnha imagines#yandere endeavor #yandere enji todoroki #yandere todoroki family #yandere todoroki clan #yandere lov#yandere shigaraki#yandere twice #yandere tomura shigaraki #yandere tomura #dabi x reader #dabi fluff #yandere dabi x reader #dabi headcanons #yandere shotou todoroki #yandere shoto x reader #yandere natsuo todoroki #yandere rei todoroki #yandere fuyumi todoroki #enji todoroki x reader
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    🎄✨ BNHA Christmas Requests Open! ✨🎄

    I’m gonna open some slots for drabbles and headcanons for Christmas/winter themed bnha writings!

    My otp’s are dabihawks, shinkami, tododeku, todobakudeku and Momojiro, but I write most ships, but no x yn/reader insert/OC’s, and not Ochako x Izuku, Jiro x Denki or Momo x Shouto, for otp and notp reasons!

    These can also be platonic or group centric, so please specify what kind of content you want!

    Send me as much or little details as you want, and I’ll try to do as many of these as I can, they’re perfect for warm ups when I’m writing fics!

    my masterlist - ao3 - ko-fi

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  • hnsoka
    03.12.2021 - 14 hours ago



    💚: °👄°

    #im not sure how this happened #if you looks closely youll see his brows furrowed #but whatever#spongebob squarepants#art #artists on tumblr #mha#mha imagines#mha deku#bnha#bnha headcanons#bnha fluff#bnha imagines#izuku #izuku midoria x reader #izuku midoriya #my hero academia #boku no hero academia
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