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  • quietlysimping
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Guess who’s back from the ded😌 ANYWAY TO MY NOT SO SFW THOUGHT WE GO

    You and this “daddy” or “mommy” character were, mm, let’s say in a little dispute and at first it was just going back and forth saying things, not hurtful things but things, to each other. When they notice you beginning to raise your voice and once the do, they place their hand on your throat while leaning in close to your lips and tell you “ you better fix that tone and attitude before i fix it myself, sweatheart”

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  • villainsandvictimsalliance
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Toga would dress like the blonde witch from Disney Hocus Pocus movies just to scared the hell out of people with her haunting voice.

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  • hunniiskies
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    first date headcanons|k.bakugo, s.todoroki, i.midoriya

    wc: 1,200

    pro heros


    kirishima’s part here


    He’d gotten dragged to a company dinner (forced to wear a suit even) and saw you alone at your own table looking around nervous, you’d known each other back in high school and that pitiful look on your face made him annoyed so got up and sat at your table. “Katuski?” You’d said in surprise while heat rose to your cheeks “Well this is embarrassing…”

    You’d explained how you were currently being stood up by your date. He frowned before calling over the waiter and ordering for himself ignoring your shocked look. He gestures to your barely touched food “Eat.” you nod picking up your fork to listen but you quickly put it back down when your phone buzzes. You frown before letting out a huff.            

    “Not coming” you grumbled before shoving overpriced salad in your mouth.

    Kirishima comes over to your table eventually to see what’s keeping him but he’s quick to brush Kiri away sending him a slightly distracted ‘Fuck off.’ you wave the redhead a guilty goodbye when he walks off. 

    Pays for the bill since he technically hijacked your dinner. Walks you out of the restaurant ghosting his hand over your lower back.When the two of you get outside you look around awkwardly shivering and letting out a puff of cold air.

    Bakugo scoffs throwing that stupid suit jacket Kirishima made him wear over your shoulders.“Need a ride?” He questions when he sees you looking around a bit lost, you give him a guilty nod.

     The two of you walk to his car in silence and he feels too embarrassed to look your way when he opens the passenger side door for you.Keeps glancing in your direction when he sees your awe-struck look as he drives past all the holiday lights.

    Tells you to keep his suit jacket when you go to give it back now that you’re home “Looks better on you anyway.” He shrugs.

    Looks around and scratches at his neck before clearing his throat “Think I could see you again, take you on a real date?” Breaks out into a smile when you nod and quickly pull out your phone to give him your number.

    Promises to call you sometime tomorrow to figure out when you’re both free

    Walks out back to his car with a racing heart and a gleeful laugh to the empty parking lot, what are the odds he gets a second chance at the childhood crush he’d been too scared to confess to.


    You were the one to ask him out. You worked at the same agency and felt pretty confident about it since you’d always find him making excuses to talk to you, “Can I cool down your drink for you y/n?” you were drinking hot chocolate.

    You ask him on your way out from work and he kind of looks around a bit before he’s pointing towards himself “Me?” you laugh and he blushes when you’re asking for his personal contact information.

    You take him ice skating because you figured he’d be great at it, you were wrong, so terribly wrong. He was great on the ice when he could walk/slide regularly but with the added blades he was falling every two seconds holding onto you for support.

    Barrels toward you repeatedly because he doesn’t know how to stop and doesn’t want to hit the wall. At some point, you ask a worker for a skater’s aid and he’s skating around holding onto a plastic seal.

    His face is red by the end of the session from all your laughing, he’s glad to see you smile...he just wishes it wasn’t because he made a fool of himself. He doesn’t mind as long as he’s the one pulling those laughs from you.

    The two of you stop for a quick bite to eat after and he thinks it’s finally his chance to talk and get to know you. However, you have other plans when you decide to take the initiative and ask questions about him instead. He doesn’t mind as long as it’s not too personal. Though he’s a bit upset he didn’t get to ask much about you.

    Wishes the two of you had more time but is exhausted by the time he’s dropping you off at your apartment.

    Asks first if he can see you again after hours just as the two of you arrive at your front door. Feels relieved when you say yes and is surprised when you go to give him a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

    Swears to himself he’ll get better at skating for you just in case you want to go again sometime so he can hold your hand without dragging you down on the ice with him.

    Wakes up sore head to toe from all the falling, but he thinks it’s worth it when he sees you smiling in his direction at work the next day.


    Takes him months to ask you out, you were his neighbor who always knocked on his door offering him the extra baked goods you always had too much of. The first time you made yourself known to him he wanted to ask you right then and there but you just made him so nervous! 

    Always plans to ask you when he’s helping you bring your groceries in but the words get trapped in his throat and he’s cursing himself when he fails every time. So he doesn’t ask you in person, he calls you on his break far away from you and even then he’s pacing around nervously.

    His heart just about gives out when you accept. Was it really that easy? No, of course not.

    Ends up running late because he gets caught up with an unexpected villain attack. Runs through the complex and takes the stairs up to his floor 2 at a time (damn the elevator that never works) He just about cries when he sees you knocking on his door with a disappointed look on your face. Rushes past you while simultaneously inviting you inside to wait explaining how it’ll only take him a minute to change.

    He’s exhausted, and he knows you know. You offer just to stay at his place so he can take his time, you don’t really mind plus when’s the last time he had a home cooked meal? So he ends up canceling reservations while you’re rummaging through his fridge seeing what you can come up with.

    Calms down at the much more casual atmosphere while the two of you cook dinner together, turns bright red when you reach around him to teach him how to properly dice an onion. Your gentle palm over his scarred hand is something he hopes to have the opportunity to feel again.

    After dinner the two of you switch to his couch and he starts to feel dizzy when you push closer towards him head on his shoulder, can’t bring himself to see if you’re staring at him so he keeps his eyes glued to the movie he hadn’t been focusing on. Doesn’t realize when his eyes start to close.

    Wakes up in the middle of the night to find you still cuddled up next to him, slowly readjusts you in a tired haze to reach for a blanket to throw on top of the both of you. 

    He falls back asleep with a sleepy smile on his face, how lucky he was for being late.

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  • namjoon-koya
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #bnha headcanons#mha headcanons #mha x reader #mha x y/n #mha x you #bnha x y/n #bnha x you #bnha x reader #bnha fluff#mha fluff#hawks headcanon#hawks headcanons #hawks x reader #hawks x you #hawks x y/n #hawks fluff#hawks imagine#bnha imagines#mha imagines #keigo x y/n #keigo x you #keigo x reader #keigo headcanons#keigo imagine#keigo fluff
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  • villainsandvictimsalliance
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Halloween lov headcanon #1

    They adore Halloween because for a whole night, the can go out and enjoy the evening without being recognized.

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  • villainsandvictimsalliance
    23.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Random headcanons about mha / bnha :

    Quirks and personalities go hand in hand but because they help develop each other.

    Mutant quirks come mostly from trauma or some problematic between the mix of genes of the parents.

    There's still a lot of discrimination against people with animalistic quirks but it is more subtle.

    On the short future more sports are going to get invented and they're going to involved way more the quirk techniques.

    In the future the UA is going to work and study a lot the relationship between the psychological health and the quirk development.

    The future is full of quirk canceling inventions, including the ones to treat villians, the ones to practice certain sports, the ones for safety in medical environments or political neutral grounds, etc.

    Staying too long without a quirk can be deadly for some persons because their bodies and biological functions can depend on that same quirk to operate.

    There's a huge movement to promote the safe practice of the quirk freedom in a balanced way to protect the planet.

    There's a whole cult dedicated to believing those were the aliens who gave the humans their quirks.

    There are many illegal hospitals for poor people struggling with their quirks, specially when it comes to abortions and pregnancy.

    There are many diseases that are specific of a certain quirk type.

    The cinematic industry doesn't waste that much money of special effects because they can pay people with certain quirks for them.

    There are fewer machines because there are more people with greater capacities.

    Burocracy is even more boring because they have to fill quirk related papers and files.

    The planet is also slightly different in order to accommodate such dangerous individuals.

    #Just me thinking random things #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #Mha headcanons#Bnha headcanons #Shan's bnha headcanons #Shan's mha headcanons
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  • kawaiixpastelx
    23.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    #kirideku no quirks au

    Cw 🌹 allergies & epipen

    Kirishima noticed Midoriya wasn’t feeling like himself lately. So he decides to surprise his boyfriend one day and took him to a bunny farm.

    Kirishima may be allergic and he may have had to use his epipen two or three times.

    But the large sunshine bright smile on Midoriya’s chubby freckled cheeks, dimple on his left cheek peaking out, worth it.

    And so was the kiss he received from his beautiful forest haired boyfriend.

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  • midoriyas-dirty-socks
    23.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    thinking about dying my hair with kirishima-

    imagine going to the store to get his dye with him and you mention something about always wanting to dye your hair (if u do dye ur hair shush pretend u dont)

    and he'd be all for it- probably thinks youd look hot with whatever color your thinking of

    and if you wanna match him?

    oh honey be prepared he thinks that is sO hot he would die for it

    im thinking split dye half red or something like that so its a bit different but still matchy yknow?

    he'd be all excited to go home and help you dye your hair and he'd probably touch up his at the same time and whoops now you both have to shower to wash the dye out what a tragedy u might have to shower together oh no

    #pls the shower would be so stained red from yall #good luck cleaning that red dye does not come out of aNyTHING #fuck now i want red riot hair #but im dying it black literally right now as im typing this #anyways#red riot#kirishima #bnha eijiro kirishima #kirishima headcanon #kirishima x reader
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  • haikyuufairy
    23.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    tw: blood mention

    continuation from -> This which is my clean up crew quirk!reader drabble


    Bakugou doesn’t get around to seeing you again until weeks later when he’s called back onto a scene to help a family trapped underneath the rubble of a building. He gets there as fast as he can, sweat dripping and almost out of breath. Apparently he was the closest hero in the area.

    “Mister Dynamight!” One of the people on scene yells, waving him over and pointing at a half erected building. “Y/n’s been holding it up for the last fifteen minutes and can’t hold out much longer!”

    He sees you. Arms reaching out from your body, veins bulging and joints stiff, shaking with the effort. Your nose is bleeding; blood dripping down and over your lips to stain the fabric of your shirt. You look pale to him, like you’re about to drop any minute. Without another thought, he’s propelling himself into the debris, moving through the rubble as quickly as I can without compromising the already shaky structure. He scoops up the family—a single mom of three who’s got an infant clutched to her chest—and he’s blasting himself out towards the waiting paramedics.

    Bakugou whips around once he’s handed the family off, waiting for the building to collapse when your strength finally gives. But, instead, he notices how your feet dig deeper down into the grit of broken asphalt and dirt, making a solid foundation for yourself. Your arms shove forward with the force of your body and he makes note of how it looks like the building is pushing back. Amazement dances in his eyes as the destruction in front of him is quickly made into something almost brand new.

    “Fuck,” you groan, collapsing to your knees and wiping the blood from your nose onto your forearm. You’re teetering forward, not enough strength left in your limbs to stop from falling.

    Instead of the ground, you face plant into a soft chest. “Easy.” You feel the rumble of his voice through your cheek and you sigh, entirely spent. “Sorry I took so long.”

    You chuckle. “Thanks for showing up.”

    A strong hand squeezes the back of your neck. “Can you stand?”

    “Ugh,” There’s nothing but jelly in your limbs. “No, ‘m sorry. I fixed a huge fuckin’ bridge and some housing before this. This was the last major building, I was already tapped out, but then the family was under there and—,”

    “Stop fuckin’ talking.” He scoops you up and despite his strong arms, his hold on you is ginger. “It’s finished. Shouldn’t’ve pushed yourself like that. Know your limits."

    “You’re sorta mean, Bakugou.”

    He snorts. “Sorta?”

    “I’m also mean so I’m a not a great gauge for—,” a chest rattling cough abruptly cuts you off and you grimace, keeping your eyes closed. “Sorry.”

    Bakugou sees how your nose is still steadily dribbling blood and your color is pallid at best. “What’d’ya need when you get like this?”

    “A meal and sleep.”

    “Alright,” he gravels. “Easy enough.”

    “What, you gonna cook for me?” It’s a joke. You’re honestly waiting for him to drop you in the arms of one of the medics and get his ass home to get some rest himself.

    “So what if I am?”

    You crack an eye open, taking in the dark smudges that mark his skin and paint his yellow hair a misty grey. And now you're very acutely aware that you're both nowhere near the rescue site. “What?”

    His frown is deep set as he looks down at you. “Didja think I’d drop your ass off and leave? You’re from my agency, dumbass. I’m takin’ responsibility.”

    To cover the blush in your cheeks, you tease him. “Oh, how chivalrous. Mister Dynamight, sir!”

    “I’ll drop your ass right here.”

    “No you won’t.” Bakugou fakes you out. Letting his arms go limp long enough that you gasp loudly before he’s got you secured again. “Fuck you!”

    He’s cackling, head thrown back and shoulders shaking like he just pulled the best prank on you. “Maybe watch who you’re challenging next time, yeah?”

    “I take it back.” You pout. “You’re super mean.”

    “Yeah, yeah. Let’s come back around t’ that shit after I feed you.”

    “Ok,” you wipe your nose again and close your eyes. “Your food better be the best shit I’ve ever had.”

    #he forgot too tell you about how he liked your quirk #liked that despite you being in obvious pain and pushed beyond exhaustion that you still put the building back together #he was too worried about the stupid bloody nose #and getting you food #maybe he took you back to his place idk #bakugou#bakugou katsuki#bakugo#bnha headcanons#mha headcanons#mha#bnha#bakugo headcanons#tw blood #tw blood mention #cw blood
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  • sgsis
    23.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    One time Denki told Aizawa if he wasn't gonna be a hero, he would become a surgeon.

    Ever since that day, Aizawa made sure Denki got all the resources he need to become a Pro Hero.

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  • headkandies
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Okay, so I’m SUPPOSED to be doing an art trade with quirky hero (not tagging so they don’t know I got distracted) and rewatching some episodes, and IM ON HOUND DOG BRAIN ROT YALL! And I can’t stop coming up with head cannons!

    Listen, he’s got like peach fuzz all over except for like, his palms and souls of his feet and hands, and his DEEK! So if Denki is standing next to him for whatever reason he starts petting him (honestly this happens with more than just Denki, but whatever) and because Denki is a walking battery pack, Roy’s hair gets all staticky for like the rest of the day. He doesn’t have the heart to stop him though.

    Namuri totally asks him to cuddle with her when on her period because he just RADIATES heat! She just walks up to him and places his hand on her belly with a sigh of relief. He’s honestly ready to do this for anyone if they ask, but knows some are too scared, so he keeps heat packs, and snacks in his office for students and teachers alike. You can also come in and cry if you want too, he is the guidance counselor.

    He also can smell if someone is starting to get sick, or their period, or whatever, and poor Momo apparently didn’t notice and Hound Dog called her out of training, and just handed her a pad, tampon, and a heat pack because he knows her costume would show too much and she would be embarrassed. While she was great full, she couldn’t look at him for the remainder of her period. Though she did get him some sort of care package.

    It’s canon that Vlad King and him are friends, and that Kan owns a dog, so Ryo totally dog sits, and also fucks with Kan because, while he can’t actually understand or talk to dogs, he says he can and will just nod along with Kan’s dog and is like “I know buddy, his feet really do stink don’t they” and Kan asks him if his dog likes the new food he’s gotten, or if he is upset about something and Ryo can’t hold it in anymore and starts laughing because COME ON! You fall for this every time!

    He works ALOT with Eri now that she’s safe, and he is helping get her to open up more and more. He treats her like an equal instead of a child, and she really likes that. Though he can’t do her actual therapy, because when she was talking once he got so angry he started barking and snarling and had to leave the room to cool off. He apologized to Eri and explained he was angry at what happened to her and not her, and he may or may not have held her for a good twenty minutes before she finally had to say she was too hot and to please let her go.

    He actually enjoys having his hair done, but don’t tell anyone! The girls were trying to learn hairstyles with Nemuri leading the pack, and he was dragged in. He fell asleep while Momo was brushing his hair, and he tried to keep his Viking braids in for as long as possible. Now he just asks Nemuri if the girls “are doing hair things again” so he knows to avoid them of course! Some of the girls have picked up on it, and will go to him and ask to play with his hair to calm down, or relax. Hagakura does it the most often because she can also vent about not being seen.

    He and Kugo are sort of friends, mainly they just listen to each others woes when the other gets upset about either the past when they were bullied for being mutants, making a child cry, or the mistreatment of mutants still. Ryo also is one of the few who can withstand Kugo’ ice box of a house and pool. Kugo stocks up on beef jerky, and Ryo’s favorite brand of beer if they have a scheduled meet up.

    He totally doesn’t have a favorite student (Juroto) no siree! Though he does tend to be a bit nicer to the girls, possibly because he has worked with Nemuri and she has explained ALOT of what it’s like as a female, much less a female pro hero, and he gets protective. He has “accidentally” stepped on Minata when he was piercing once, and has not allowed Denki to pet him when he is being a perv. Denki is slowly learning, and Ryo is proud.

    Ryo actually likes cats! Especially little ones that can fit in his hand, and cuddly ones that curl right up on him. Though, because of his quirk being Dog, many cats don’t like him and he can get upset if he is on patrol with Aizawa and a bunch of cats are hissing at him while Aizawa gets to pet them all. He has a pet himself too! He has a bearded dragon named Scales, and she sits on his shoulder while he works.

    I say he does have a tail, but it’s just a little nubbin, and easily hidden or overlooked. He also grew out his hair to hide his floppy ears. He also has somewhat of a knot, but it’s not big, and really it just looks like a sort of swelling at the base.

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  • pumpkinkewchi
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Getting your acrylics the same color as his durag🖤






    #black bnha headcanons #mha#Bakugo#Tamaki#Kirishima#deku#Mirio #yumeko has spoken🖤 #thoughts are being thunk🖤
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  • mhafandomredesigns
    23.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    !HC edit/Original!

    Finally got around to a Mina edit.

    -Common headcanons gave her a more vibrant color palette and one that matched the manga’s grayscale.

    -You can’t see but she has golden freckles

    -If you don’t like the black Mina HC then her palms are lighter because of her acid.

    -Someone I can’t find a name, brought up how the uniforms were made to look good on Izuku.

    I never liked UA’s uniform,I don’t hate it either.Just personal touches

    The green version is to give it a more military school vibe.*

    *I removed Tenya b/c me no likey, also Mina is the star of this edit*

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  • barely-coherent
    23.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Shigiraki is a man child and tbh, isn't that smart. He likes to act smart but he really isn't. He never has good comebacks so he doesn't have the bite he really wants. That is until he plays a game with a sarcastic piece of shit as the MC. He immediately takes that trait and makes it his own so whenever someone tries to do a playful little back-and-forth his response is always "Either get off my dick or suck it, bitch" And the first time he uses it Dabi loses his SHIT. He think it's the funniest fucking thing he's heard in his life.

    #I do this thing #where I ask my friends for #a random character #and a random word #and I make a scenario or headcanon from it #this one was #shigaraki#and penis#bnha shigaraki#bnha#mha#mha scenarios#mha shigaraki#shigaraki tomura
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  • hhbluedynamite
    22.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    MHA Headcanons: All Might and Bojutsu

    Ever since I headcanoned that All Might does Tai Chi and Aikido, I also imagine him staff fighting, or practicing bojutsu. Hell, I also imagine him using his new, lithe frame for fighting styles he couldn’t do due to had having a massive body.

    I’m not saying he could go back to heroing, but at least let the guy have some self-defense!

    Seriously. Imagine Small Might doing this!!!

    Also, awesome GIF! Kudos to whoever did this!

    #headcanons#All Might#Toshinori Yagi#yagi toshinori#toshinori headcanons #toshinori yagi headcanons #all might headcanons #mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia
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  • fr-ogii
    22.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    rumi usagiyama (mirko)

    x gn!reader; poc friendly


    general/individual ::

    ⇢ slumber party by ashnikko + princess nokia is her top played song and has been since she discovered it

    ⇢ despite being a rabbit hybrid, mirko is extremely allergic to carrots. it’s a real problem when fans, thinking they’re being funny, try to gift her carrots.

    ⇢ she eats nuts at every possible meal. she’s a vegetarian because she’s a bunny hybrid but she also needs the protein as a pro hero. nuts also offer the protein she needed.

    ⇢ didn’t get along with hawks at first, seeing as he was a hawk hybrid, who is a natural predator of bunnies. she got over that idea quickly after she got to know him, finding him to actually be pleasant to be around.

    ⇢ was in cross country in her middle school. those legs aren’t just for show, she can run a mean mile.

    ⇢ her phone screen is completely shattered and she has to replace it every few months because it stops turning on pretty quickly

    ⇢ she’s too prideful to get a screen protector

    ⇢ has a random pair of handcuffs in her room. (not sexual) no one even knows how they got there, they’re just there.

    platonic ::

    ⇢ has slumber parties at least twice a week

    ⇢ plans can’t be made before hand when you’re a pro hero so you moved in together and cut out the middleman

    ⇢ now you can just wander into the other’s room and have a sleepover right then, with no need to spend time texting or calling to figure it out.

    ⇢ constantly treats you like a child. it’s not on purpose she just has a habit of lifting you up to sit on her hip (photo given at end for reference) or putting on your shoes for you before you leave the house.

    ⇢ being a rabbit hybrid she has some traits of a rabbit. you call them her rabbit habits and she always gets jokingly mad at you for it. (get it? cause it rhymes?)

    ⇢ one of these habits includes the twitching of her nose. it’s a habit you developed as well from being so close with her.

    romantic ::

    ⇢ a complete flirt. let her know if you get easily jealous and she won’t even think before stopping all of her flirting with anyone but you.

    ⇢ if she’s down bad for you before you’re dating it’ll come as a complete shock when you find out you’re the only one she flirts with. as soon as she caught feelings, all those people she used to flirt with were forgotten about, you are her priority now.

    ⇢ would probably take you to the carnival on your first date

    ⇢ having owned a rabbit when you were younger, you know the meaning of everything rumi does. you can tell she’s hurt or worried when she grinds her teeth. bouncing is a sign of excitement and happiness. you two work so well together.

    ⇢ shows you off at every possible chance. she may even try and coordinate or match outfits to make it even more obvious you two are together.

    reference photo ::

    you get what i mean, right?

    #bnha#bnha headcanons#bnha 🌴#mha#mha headcanons#poc friendly #x gn!reader #x reader#comfort#fluff #mirko x you #mirko#rumi usagiyama #rumi usagiyama x reader #rumi usagiyama headcanons #headcanons#hcs #rumi usagiyama x you #rumi usagiyama hcs #mirko x reader #miruko #miruko x reader #miruko x you #self insert#fanfiction#fanfic#bnha fanfiction#bnha fanfic#mha fanfiction#mha fanfic
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  • backoftheletter
    22.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Shoto brainrot bc im in love with him<33

    Just fluff.

    Gender neutral reader, poc friendly, plus size friendly, reader is mentioned to be shorter than him (he bends down for a kiss)

    Shoto Todoroki holding your hand in the mall, not letting go, not even for a small moment because he's scared that you'll get lost, holding you by the waist when you're waiting in line in an ice cream shop, bending down to kiss you when you offer some of your ice cream "it tastes really good love"

    Shoto Todoroki who buys you ramen after a big exam because he knows you've been stressed and he wants to reward you for all the studying you did.

    Shoto Todoroki letting you choose the movie everytime you two have movie night in his dorm because you always get so happy, and he doesn't really mind having to watch Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses if it means he also gets to see your face light up with that smile he loves so much.

    Shoto Todoroki who becomes your personal heater in the winter, because as much as he loves watching your cheeks and nose get adorably red, he really doesn't want you to catch a cold.

    Shoto Todoroki who loves you so much he knows he'd do anything to make you happy, because you've already done so much to make him happier than he thought he'd ever be that it would only be fair if he tries to do the same for you.


    #todoroki x reader #mha x reader #shoto todoroki x you #shoto todoroki #shoto todoroki x reader #todoroki x y/n #bnha x reader #mha x gender neutral reader #mha x you #bnha x you #todoroki headcanons#mha fluff
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