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    THIRSTS 💦 [Enji]


    OBJECTIFICATION, overstimulation, virgin kink, facefucking, creampie, riding,

    I just genuinely think Enji should indulge in as much virgin pussy as he wants. He finds out you’re a virgin and goes fucking ballistic, wanting to do everything he can to your perfect body. He wants to mangle it in so many ways and wreck it all over again after you fix it. He wants to pin you and fuck your little hole raw and bare without a condom so his warm seed floods your senses for days on end. Then when you’ve finally come back to Earth, he wants to fuck that pretty face and make you swallow his kids for weeks on end. The only noise you’ll be hearing for the next few days are yes’s coming from him as you suckle and slurp your new Daddy’s cock, and the wet noises you’re making from your mouth happily slurping at his cock in a whoreish manner. Days after your stomach fills on cum alone, Enji doesn’t even have to try anything since you jump on his dick by yourself, riding him on the couch until he’s begging for you to take a break, his poor cock getting too sensitive. You ride him for hours while your plump ass slams on his cock, moaning and gasping when it hits the deepest parts of you that make you cry like a slut that didn’t ask to get fucked senseless by Daddy. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve cum around his cock and without it, and so has he. The only thing you can count is the seconds that pass by before you cream around his fat delicious cock that makes you feel whole and full of life

    #lemon#smut #my hero academia lemon #my hero academia smut #mha lemon#mha smut #boku no hero academia lemon #boku no hero academia smut #bnha lemon#bnha smut#enji lemon#enji smut#endeavor lemon#endeavor smut#genre: thirsts#tw: objectification#tw objectification #just imagine sticking your tongue out while you ride Enji for the umptenth time that day #call me a fucking sinner cause nothing about this is holy
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    #yandere dad hawks #yandere dad dabi #yandere bnha#bnha headcanons#yandere mha#bnha imagines#yandere dabi#yandere hawks #yandere hawks x reader #keigo takami x reader #keigo x reader #keigo tamaki #yandere keigo x reader #yandere keigo takami
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    My inbox is closed so I can get through all the requests!! It may take me some time to finish all of them just a heads up, but thank you everyone so much for all the requests 🥺I'll do my best to finish soon

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    #bnha x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugou headcanons#mha bakugou#mha shinsou#mha headcanons #mha x reader #shinsou hitoshi#shinsou imagine#bakugo imagine#bakugo smut#shinsou smut #shinsou x reader #shinsou headcanons #katsuki bakugo smut #shinsou hitoshi smut #dilf bakugou
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    MHA boys and period shopping

    Warnings: periods, female reader, characters aged up, talk of female reproductive organs.

    A/N: Had this thought when I went pad shopping today, lol

    Freaking out, panicking, throwing up from embarrassment... you name it he's there. So flustered that he can barely go into the store let alone the aisle, God forbid someone talks to him while he's there or makes eye contact because he may run out close to tears and forget that you're at home in pain.

    Tamaki. Izuku. Oijiro.

    Has to steel himself to go in, reminding himself that this is for his girlfriend, his woman, the love of his life. And he is a hero for God's sake, he shouldn't be embarassed. Doesn't make much eye contact but if someone asks him, he will proudly annouce that he is getting period products for his girlfriend, even if he's embarrassed.

    Kirishima. Sero. Iida.

    Does not bother him at all, its just another thing to buy like groceries. He's the type to call you up and ask what size you need, will pick up chocolates and other snacks because he knows you get sugar cravings too. And will even take to keep a spare pack at his place if you live separately, just in case.

    Shoto. Tokoyami. Shuji.

    Knows what size you wear, your cycle and even if you need tampons, pads or whatever else. He'll be ready to go with the goods, heated blanket and snacks as soon as. If you need anything else, and he doesn't already have it, he'll a) go and get it and b) make sure he has it for the future too.

    Bakugou. Aizawa. Fatgum.

    Has no clue, whatsoever. Will call you all confused like 'what size is your vagina, babe?' And God help you when he finds out how tampons works, because he's going to be using them to investigate how much water they can hold and you'll have to remind that he will need to go buy more if they get used up.

    Kaminari. Mirio. Hawks.
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    Shigaraki x Green Goblin

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    #haikyuu x reader #x reader#reader insert #gender neutral reader #female reader#gn reader#fem reader #bnha x male reader #bnha imagines #boku no hero academia #five nights at freddy's security breach #sb fnaf#danganronpa #seven deadly sins #nanatsu no taizai #sds x reader #the seven deadly sins
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    hawks headcanons!!

    i have been somewhat bored lately, and therefore i must make it everybody's problem 😁

    a lot of people like to say that keigo can't cook, but i call bullshit

    imagine he CAN cook, likes to cook, even has recipe books in his apartment... but prefers YOUR cooking or going out somewhere because it means spending more time with YOU

    you cannot look at this man and tell me he's not high as balls

    he does a lot of bird things!!

    i know this is popular headcanon, but hear me out

    he collects shiny things like a crow because "it made me think of you, baby bird!" with the proudest smile on his face

    when one of you is sick, he builds nests with his blankets, clothes, and pillows he has strewn about his home

    however, when YOU'RE home sick

    so is he

    he doesn't let you out of his sight

    he only leaves for short errands or the bathroom and rushes through it all to get back to you

    if he absolutely can't stay with you, he leaves a few of his feathers with you so he can feel close to you

    he likes stargazing

    he used to buy you small trinkets and gifts for no reason besides "you like things like this, right?" and then rumi makes him doubt himself

    because "significant others don't want a whole bunch of money spent on them all the time"

    so he had planned to stop, until he asked you

    at which point you tell him that you adore his little gifts!! they mean the world to you

    he and rumi are bisexual disaster wingpeople (ha lol "wing people")

    that's all for now!

    let me know if you want to see a part two 😉

    or send me a character for my headcanons for them? either one works!!

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    day 9 of tenya iida (lets pretend i didn't forget)

    #iida hcs#bnha #iichigo's iida obsession #iida tenya #iida tenya x reader #tenya iida #tenya iida imagine #iida tenya headcanons #my hero academia iida #bnha tenya#mha tenya#tenya lida #tenya iida x gender neutral reader #tenya headcanons#tenya fluff #my hero academia tenya #iichigo's daily
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    #boku no hero fanfic #bnha#bnha headcanons#bnha imagine #bnha x reader #mha imagines #my hero acedamia #boku no hero #my hero academia fanfic #todoroki shoto#bnha shoto #shoto x reader #shoto headcanons#shoto imagine
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    Kirishima: What did I tell you?

    Bakugou, sighing: Don't be a cunt.

    Kirishima: Exactly.

    Bakugou: ...So can I-

    Kirishima: No, you can't be a dick either.

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    Helping Hand

    This shot has been sitting in my drafts for how long? A year? Anyway, originally this shot was supposed to have some smut in it, but I decided against it, I kinda like the way it turned out. Hope you’ll enjoy it too! 
    Also, if you happen to stumble upon any typos please let me know, I will fix them right away! 

    Pairing: Chisaki Kai x Fem!Reader

    Genre&Warnings: Fluff, slice of life

    Tags: none

    Summary: In which you take care of Overhaul after he lost his hands. 


    After carefully placing the hot mugs filled with green tea on the coffee table, you turned around, focusing your attention on Overhaul, noticing how his eyes were following your every single action, with a glint of suspicion in them. You scoffed.

    "Stop that. It's becoming rather annoying." You said, going back to the kitchen to take a straw. Overhaul quirked an eyebrow, eyes following your figure as you came back into the living room.

    "Stop what?"

    "The perpetual stare of distaste. I've been taking care of you more than half a year now, the least you could do is to treat me like a friend or ally, whichever you prefer." You mumbled, now focusing on the blanket that covered his lower half. You put some additional pillows behind his back and one under his head, tucking the blanket under his body. 

    Overhaul narrowed his eyes, mouth twitching in annoyance under the black mask.

    "You're no friend to me."

    "Ouch, that hurts," you said, smirking as you moved to sit on the opposite side of the couch, covering yourself with a blanket as well. Taking the remote, you turned on the TV, making sure that the volume won't cover up too much of your voice.

    Your phone, which was on the coffee table in between the two mugs, lit up, signaling that you received a message. Overhaul's eyes snapped on it, trying to read the name of the person that texted you along with the content of the message, but before he could make out the name, you took it.

    From the corner of his eye, he could see how a smile crept on your lips, and he couldn't stop from grimacing.

    When you finally put your phone down, your eyes went on the TV. "Who was that?"

    "Uh… why?"

    "I demand to know who texted you."

    "… a friend"


    Your eyebrows rose in wonder, why he was so interested in knowing with who you were talking to was beyond your knowledge. He always wanted to know where would you go, with who, for how long you would be away, the identities of all your friends and family, and many other trivial things. Couldn't he just be grateful that you were saving his life and kept away from heroes and police?

    "Overhaul, no offense, but that's none of your business." You said voice monotone while skipping through the channels, trying to shake off the feeling of his eyes on you.

    "Yes, it is. You're living with me and I have to keep tabs on you." His sentence kind of bothered you. Turning toward him, you narrowed your eyes, eyebrows furrowed in slight amazement.

    "Bitch, you're the one living with me. This is my apartment and I took you in, not the other way around. Besides, what makes you think that you can keep tabs on me? We agreed that I'll take care of you while you'd ignore my presence like the ungrateful bastard that you are." You said, scooting over him while Overhaul leaned backward, putting distance between your bodies.  

    You had a point, and he knew that he was being ungrateful to someone who did nothing wrong but saved him. 

    When Shigaraki ripped his hands off, he was left on the side of the road to rotten away, but you happened to be there and took him under your wing, giving him shelter, food, and a warm bed to sleep in.

    You provided him with everything he needed, and although he could walk, without his hands he was pretty useless. He couldn't clean, couldn't eat properly (thus rely on your help as you'd feed him), couldn't drink without a straw, he couldn't even change his clothes or take a goddamn shower without your help.

    At first, he wanted to get rid of you at the first chance he got, but during the six months he spent with you he began to develop feelings he didn't know he was capable of. He always looked forward to mornings, when he would have breakfast with you, and movie nights. It became a route that he cherished, spending time with you and just enjoying your presence.

    He wanted to repay you for your kindness, but again he couldn't do anything. He was a wanted criminal with no hands. A useless man that had to rely on the woman that he grew to, dare to say, love. How pathetic was his situation?

    That was why he wanted to know to whom you were talking. He wasn't going to express his jealousy out loud; he tried his hardest to hide his feelings. However, for the past two weeks, you began to miss more, coming home later than usual and the phone was constantly glued to your hands. The fear that maybe, you were seeing someone, was slowly consuming him. And for more than a couple of times he debated if he should confess, but always chickened out.

    "I don't like not knowing things." He said, sighing as his eyes closed, avoiding yours. You seemed to think about his statement, debating if you should tell him what was going on or just keep it to yourself. But a 'ding' from your phone gained your immediate attention. After reading the message you quickly got up from the couch, running toward the hanger to take your coat while hastily putting on your shoes.

    "Where are you going?" Overhaul asked, slight worry noticeable in his tone. But you ignored him, fumbling with your backpack as you retrieved the keys. "I'll be back in two hours!" and with that, you were out of the apartment.

    Overhaul stared at the door, eyes narrowing as anger slowly crept inside him. He hated whoever was texting you, and he made a promise to himself, that when one of his percepts will be out and finally under his command once again, he will track the bastard down and kill him.

    No one was supposed to get your attention besides him. He was the one under your care. He was the one you were supposed to spend time with, not with someone else that was probably affected by the hero syndrome or some other shitty disease. He was supposed to be the only man in your life.


    When you finally came back, Overhaul was enraged. Not only were you late by an hour, but you entered the apartment with another man behind your trail. Were you stupid? Why did you invite someone that looked sketchy over your apartment knowing that he couldn't protect you?

    He was hyper-aware of the man, watching as he made himself comfortable at your place like he owned it. His eyes never left the man, paying extreme attention to his body language. With or without hands he didn't care, if that man tried to attack you in any way, shape, or form, Overhaul was ready to throw himself at him, and will probably end up using his legs to kick him.

    However, the mystery man turned around, slightly bowing to him in respect and offering him a smile, a very sinister one. He was a villain, that was for sure.

    "Ah, Overhaul, we finally meet!" he said, putting his bag on the coffee table. Overhaul's eye twitched in annoyance, seeing that dirty thing on the pristine clean surface making his rage skyrocket.

    "Overhaul, sit back down. Mr. Miyazaki, please feel free to sit wherever you want." You said, bringing three cups filled with orange juice. After putting them on the small table, you turned to look at Overhaul, hand flat open toward the other man.

    "He is Miyazaki Juichi; he is an infamous doctor and surgeon that collaborates with villains. His quirk not only lets him heal critical wounds but can also regen body parts." At the last sentence, he widened his eyes. You… did you go that far just for him? Reaching out for a villain doctor was harder than actually catching a villain. Their identities were protected, and in order to reach them, you have to at least know a high-ranking villain.

    "I met him through one of your cartels, the one that is based in Miyagi" saying that Overhaul was fuming with rage was an understatement. "You do realize that you put yourself in danger, right?"

    "Her identity is protected, we made sure that no one will know her, and I also made one of my subordinates erase every bit of information about her to every villain and criminal she talked to, you have nothing to worry about." The man said, reassuring the yakuza former boss. But Overhaul was still doubtful, because of one reason: the doctor and his subordinate knew you, and will probably do in the future.

    But if he will get back his hands, he will make sure of erasing their existence and ensure your safety. 

    "May we start Y/n?"

    "It's Miss L/n to you" Overhaul growled; eyes narrowed in slits while his stance tensed. Not even he called you by your name, and there the man was, treating you like a close friend. It infuriated him. Miyazaki chuckled, a low and sinister chuckled that sent shivers down your spine.

    "Excuse my impoliteness, I'll make sure to not repeat the mistake, wouldn't want the entire Yakuza on my back." He joked, taking out some blue latex gloves and putting them on. That was it for Overhaul. Once he will be healed that man was as good as dead.

    "I'll have to ask for you Miss to wait somewhere else, while you Mr. Overhaul will have to lay down on the couch. It's gonna hurt"


    The morning after, Overhaul felt better. 

    No headache, no nausea, no pain. His hands were still bandaged, and he could hardly move them, meaning that he'll have to rely on your help for a couple of more days.

    What he did not expect to find himself in your room. His eyes widened, hastily looking for you. Soon, he found you beside him, snuggled into his arm while your hair was flying everywhere. Overhaul didn't know what to do, so he laid there, not daring to move an inch of his body.

    This was the first time you shared your bed with him, and the warmth of your body wasn't unpleasant. It was actually comforting. And to his surprise, no hives littered on his skin. Maybe, that was a sign that he could touch you without having a breakout. It just confirmed his theories that you were pure and clean. Free of any disease and dirt that he despised.

    That was a relief. For a long time, he wondered how it would feel to cuddle with you, mostly because of those dumb soap operas that you liked. Whenever there was a romantic scene, he would watch you gushing over the two people, saying how cute they were and how nice it might feel.

    He already owned you a lot. And you proved to him just how kind and selfless you were by using up all your savings and last four paychecks to make him have his hands back. He owned you more than he could give. And nothing, not even the most expensive diamond could compensate for all the things you did for him. How could he properly repay you?

    He hated it. He hated owning something to someone, it felt like he wasn't having control over the situation and it just made him mad. He wanted it to go the other way around. This would have made things easier, claiming you as his woman would have happened faster.

    Once his hands will be fully healed, he will make a plan to get Chrono, Mimic, and Rappa out of jail, and then the rest of the Shie Hassaikai. This time he will make sure that his plan will work, he will retake over his drug deals, and with all the money he will make, your safety and wealth will be ensured. You will never have to work a day in your life, whatever you desired for you will have it served on a golden plate.

    He could already picture the near future: you at his side, living inside a luxurious mansion while also running the Yakuza. With money comes power, and Overhaul knew it better than anyone. He needed those two things to have you. You'll never have to worry about the next day.

    Feeling your body shift, his neck snapped toward you, noticing how you rolled to the other side, giving him your back. Overhaul's eye twitched in annoyance. Without pondering on it too much, he repeated your actions, chest now pressing against your back while his chin was resting on your shoulder.

    It was slightly uncomfortable, but worth it nonetheless. The thought that he will soon have his hands back was honestly filling him with contentment. He will soon be able to assist you and help you during chores and many other things. He closed his eyes, ready to fall back into slumber, but your voice made them snap open again.

    "So… after you pass out you get this sudden urge of wanting cuddles?" you asked, voice still soaked with sleep, while your eyes were still closed. Overhaul clicked his tongue, thanking whoever was above them for not letting you see his reddened face.


    "Then why are you back-hugging me?"

    "You moved in your sleep."

    "Oh… I'm sorry" you said, moving your body farther from his. Overhaul wanted to curse at himself for talking. This was a great chance to be physically closer to you, and he blew it because of his damn stubbornness. If only he'd kept his mouth shut…

    "How are you feeling?" you asked, bringing your hands to your eyes, rubbing the sleepiness away. Overhaul moved from his spot, he tried to subtly close the distance. He moved so smoothly and soundlessly that the shift on the mattress barely registered into your still hazed mind.

    "Better. Did I pass out..?"

    "Pretty much. Miyazaki-san said that it was expected. The process of regenerating limbs is extremely painful for both parties, and sooner or later you would've passed out due to the overbearing pain. At some point you also screamed, it worried me and I rushed to your side. Your screams will haunt me for the rest of my life, they were pretty frightening." You said, now batting your eyes, focusing on the ceiling. Overhaul took notice of your serious expression, understanding that his screams of pain had more of an effect on you. It was understandable.

    Aside from the fact that you were born quirkless, you never looked at the battles that heroes had. You never had a chance to be near heroes nor villains, and never saw people hurting aside from some pictures that were on the internet. Compared to Overhaul, which constantly lived in danger, you were pretty much raised to ignorance. You didn't know how real deadly wounds felt, the worst you got was from a piece of glass, and it was nothing compared to what he had to endure.

    Fortunately, your life had never been put on the line, you were never attacked by a villain and/or street criminal, nor had you ever gotten caught in an accident.

     His screams of pain must've traumatized you to some extent, and a part of him felt extremely guilty that you had to endure hearing those sounds.

    Overhaul let out a deep sigh, rolling on top of you while his head found shelter in the crook of your neck, nose nuzzling against the softness of your skin.

    "How much did it cost you?"


    "Don't play dumb. That Miyazaki's services must've cost you a lot. Using a quirk to regenerate something is just as illegal as my quirk-erasing bullets. I know how this business works. So? How much did he ask?"

    You hesitated. You were hoping that he won't ask for this particular information. It would have been better if he asked why you did it. You knew that Overhaul didn't like owning to someone, and he already expressed his hate for this, already enormous, debt he had to you.

    "It's not import-"

    "How. Much."

    "… 200k American dollars."

    Overhaul prayed that he heard you wrong. He prayed that this was another one of your sarcastic, shitty responses. 200k? Where did you get this amount of money?

    Last time he checked, your paycheck was barely enough to pay the rent, utilities, and food.

    "And how did you get them?"

    "Aren't you pry-"


    Sighing again you spoke, "Extra hours of work. I don't think you noticed but after the second month of you staying with me, I asked my boss to add me some additional hours during the week. The weekends were supposed to be free, but I decided to work. I also used all my savings. I had a total of 5K, and it wasn't enough. Adding my savings with the last four paychecks along with the extra cash I had gained by overworking I was barely reaching 10K. So, I ended up asking money from my family plus a loan from the bank."  

    Overhaul closed his eyes, feeling that a headache will soon manifest at your words. Not only did you overwork yourself, but now owed money to so many people including a bank. All of this to make him have back his hands. Were you out of your fucking mind?

    If only you had waited, he was sure that Mimic and Chrono were planning something to get out of jail, and with at least one of the two, he would have threatened the man to bring back his limbs. But you had to act on your own, without even consulting him.

    He didn't know if he should cry out in frustration, at not being able to do anything well, or if he should cry because of your kindness and thoughtfulness. His heart was beating loud against his eardrums, mind fuzzy at the thought that someone would go so far for him, a criminal that currently was as useless as trash.


    "Because I-… I don't know. I just wanted to help you. I like you, and seeing you down, talking yourself down… I didn't like it. I don' know how it feels to lose a limb, and dear God I don't want to, but even the craziest sociopath could feel the pain and distress you felt. I just… I just didn't want to see you sad."

    Your words were like warm honey. The way you said everything, along with your arms that wrapped around his back, hand stroking his hair while the other one tightened, made him realize how much in love he was. He never had someone who'd touch him so tenderly, holding so much affection and love, telling him how they didn't want to see him sad.

    But here you were, engulfing him with affection. It was new, and he wondered why it did take him so long to actually enjoy your warmth. If he knew that being loved felt so damn good, he would've said something sooner.

    "Kai" he breathed out, warm air tickling your skin. You chuckled.

    "What? Do you feel so touched that you want me to be intimate with you? Where's the Overhaul that threatened to kill me if I dared to touch him?"

    "He's still here. But, I would like for you to call me by my actual name. I wouldn't mind being intimate with you."

    "Be careful of what you wish for, honey."

    "Try again."

    "Eager to hear how your name sound coming from me?"

    "Just say my damn name."

    "Uh oh no honey, you have to earn it."

    "It's my name, and I'm giving you permission to use it."

    "Hm…. Why? I wasn't allowed before?"


    " I can't recall the day you prohibited me from calling you with your name. I knew who you were, I just chose to call you Overhaul."

    "I'm losing my patience with you woman."

    "Maybe tomorrow."


    "Why you so eager?"

    "I'm not."

    "Yes, you are."



    "Are you asleep? Okay, you aren't. Did I offend you or something?" still nothing.



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    thinking bout monster under the bed shigi

    hes so creepy - crawls into bed with you when the clock strikes three and you're deep in slumber, probably having another nightmare with how distressed you look, not like that expression would change once you see him. those times are rare tho

    the usual routine would be poking your arm 'till it fell off the bed and he can hold your hand.

    creepy touch deprived freak who holds your hand in your sleep, rubs his face on the soft skin of yours. his hands are so much uglier compare to yours - skin the exact opposite, rough and huge and has weird dents and bumps, only its shape is human.

    when you're not home he'd do his routine of cuddling your pillow, sniffing your clothes (so ew) and sometimes arranging whatever mess of makeup you left before heading out. you never notice - weirdly enough, how the mess is out of the way and your dirty clothes stinking up a notch.

    he doesnt know how he came to be under your bed, but he has observed you long enough to enjoy your company.

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    #bnha matchup #bnha x you #bnha x y/n #bnha x reader #bnha imagines #aizawa x reader #aizawa fanfiction #aizawa x y/n #shouta aizawa#aizawa shouta#hizashi yamada
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