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  • lethargicsunlight
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Dabi X SpookyQuirk!Reader "A Familiar Face" (mini) Part 12

    Another benefit from being a member of the League: knowing how to get around.

    A new benefit of being a ghost? Not having to pay, hide, or sneak around. Or even use doors for that matter.

    Yeah, fuck those doors.

    Unfortunately, no amount of humorous mental glib was going to improve your situation, nor silence the hopeless voice in the back of your head.

    Getting around certainly was easier, but you had honestly no idea where to begin looking. They weren't at the base, you knew that. But you weren't close enough with Shigaraki or his 'master' to know about any other secret villainous locations, aside from a warehouse that was raided--what, months ago now?

    You wondered how they were doing. How Dabi was doing. From eavesdropping, you'd learned that everyone got away relatively safely; but surely once on the other side of Kurogiri's portal, Dabi would realize you were dead. Dead or something.

    You stop along the sidewalk to look down at your transparent palms.

    The thoughts that come are bombarding, squeezing in and vying for  space against your mortal fears. Some thoughts, rarer than the others, begged to ask the question--why care?

    Why care about life?

    Why care about the world, when you're here with something so familiar?

    …But like always, it's Dabi that pulls you back to the living.

    You aren't sure if it was the image of his face in the cemetery before you kissed, or the crack in his voice when he bared himself to you on the roof top of a broken building--but somewhere, you found resolve.

    "I want to know you." You say aloud, steeling yourself as you drop your hands and look forward. Something about the memories added a propulsion to your step, and you felt stronger.

    You weren't going to accept death until you tried to live again first.


    "This sounds like a really good plan." "This plan is insane."

    Funny, Dabi thinks, For once, Twice is correct on both accounts.

    Kurogiri had warp-gated him and Twice to the cemetery where you had practiced your quirk. He still carried you, despite how his burnt skin had remained unattended to. The others, whom admittedly were in worse shape, had gone on with Shigaraki to his contact so they might receive medical attention.

    If Dabi's arms were sore, he couldn't feel it right now.

    Among the gravestones though, he eventually lays you down before looking out over the field. Above, the sky turned amber as the sun began to set. Honestly, he figured the time of day had little to do with ghosts--but, he considered it good luck, since it was usually nighttime when you had interacted with them.

    Thinking about you starts to chip away at his posture, and he has to swallow a lump in his throat as he rises back from the ground.

    "Hey!" He starts, hands cupping his mouth. "Hey, you guys remember me right?"

    Twice stares at him, as silence answers. He awkwardly glances down at your body then sharply looks away, feeling a twist in his chest.

    "I'm talking to the ghosts of this cemetery!" He continues, "I… I really need your help! This person I was with, you remember?"

    More silence.

    "Yeah, the one that could interacted with you! The one that.. Let you throw things at me!" Emotion begins to pitch his voice. His resolve begins to slip, but he doesn't stop.

    "They did something earlier, and I think… I think their soul is lost out there. With you guys! And, we need to bring it back--them back--so they can continue their life!"

    "Please! Help me find Y/n!"

    Twice looks out over the field, following Dabi's gaze as though hoping to see something. But there's nothing, all cold grass, dead leaves, and tall stones. He wants to hope--the urge to scream alongside his friend causing his knuckles to pop as he grips his own arms.

    Dabi's heart thuds in his chest and his throat constricts. He tastes blood, and wipes at his mouth as the staples grow weak along his cheeks, weeping red from the freshly burnt skin. He takes a second to calm down, but Twice can hear his breathing as it grows labored.

    "Please just.. I can't go looking for 'em. The area is roped off. Near the Central Park." He's quieter now, head bowing. "I know I don't deserve your help. But Y/n does. They've only ever been kind and helpful. It's only because of them I even know you're here." He chokes on it, coughing through wounded and smoke-filled lungs. "They're in this position because they helped Me. I wanna fix it, but I can't without your help...Please."

    "Dabi.." Twice's voice, the lower pitched one, echoes concern as he calls out. He'd never seen this level of emotion from the man before--who was always so mellow, so guarded.

    Ignoring him, Dabi lifts a hand and produces a small flame in his palm. "You remember me right? You remember this?"

    He waves it in the air, blindly, hoping he was showing it to someone.

    "I think Y/n's soul is out there, or spirit or--whatever--"

    Twice realizes Dabi is repeating himself.

    And he would. Dabi would repeat himself. Over and over, until his voice was hoarse, and the sky was obsidian. He plead and bargained for hours--sometimes asking for sign he knew he wouldn't receive. Only you could make the ghosts strong enough to do that.



    "Not here."

    "Didn't see anything."

    You couldn't sigh like you would in your living body, but you still made a noise of frustration as you came to stand next to a fountain in the park. You had wondered allover the area, speaking to other ghosts on the street in the hopes one of them glanced the League and knew where they might be heading.

    Without any luck in that regard, all that was left was to walk.

    "Um, hey.."

    You flinch, stuttering forward without sound and pressing your hands into the water of the fountain to catch yourself. You fall through it, and feel nothing. An oddly positive thing considering the circumstances. Turning to look back, it's..

    A familiar face.

    Not that you recalled a name for him, but it was the same teenager you had met at the cemetery. All long and lanky, tussled dark hair that hung in his face. There was a serious grunge phase a few decades ago…

    "Oh. OH! Hi." You resettle, rising back up to standing and facing them fully. "It's nice seeing you again." Aside from the.. Being dead, maybe, part.

    "…" He stares, awkwardly, head a little tilted so his bangs hang out of his eyes. After a few seconds of returning his gaze, you realize the dark of his irises were dilated pupils. Perhaps a sign of drug overdo--

    "You're friend is looking for you."


    "That guy. Your boyfriend or whatever."


    The teen's response is a shrug. A shrug.

    He's kidding right?

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  • haleigh-sloth
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Totally 100% serious prediction:

    The last chapter of the manga is the League of Villains, the Todofam, and the Class 1A going to USJ together

    USJ as in: Universal Studios Japan

    They ride rides together and eat together and they all have a great time together.

    That’s it. That’s the end of the manga.

    Coming full circle lmao.

    #lol #I’m at universal studios rn so this came to mind #USJ#bnha #boku no hero academia #bnha lov #bnha league of villains
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  • iddieforthelov
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    y'all i finally did it, the lettering is the right size

    art by me and quote from @incorrect-league-of-villains but like Several Several months ago because that's when i Meant to draw this but uh

    here we are

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  • twice-the-twice-love
    03.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Follow for the same picture of twice everyday!

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  • giggly-squiggily
    03.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #sentence starters#mha/bnha#lov#tickles#tickling #sfw tickle community #mr. compress #twice
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  • badlydrawnshigaraki
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    “If you accept yen that is... I don’t have U.S dollars on me...”


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  • badlydrawnshigaraki
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago
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  • badlydrawnshigaraki
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “Dabi is probably the most annoying, but only by a little bit more than Toga. I get along with Spinner the most because we have more in common and sometimes bond over video games and stuff, while the others haven’t touched a video game in their entire life.”

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  • badlydrawnshigaraki
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    “ @villainsandvictimsalliance​ wanted me in glasses... so here you go...”

    #Shigaraki#Tomura#Shigaraki Tomura#Tomura Shigaraki #My hero academia #mha #boku no hero academia #bnha#LOV #League of villains
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  • originaldouble
    02.12.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Who else wants to beat the shit out of Aoyama's parents

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  • originaldouble
    02.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Wtf is going on with Horikoshi

    Why the fuck would he put afo saying " i have lots of friends" in a panel of Hagakure implying that she is the traitor and revealing that its actually Aoyama

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  • incorrect-league-of-villains
    02.12.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Tomura: The League of Villains is undeniably competent.


    #incorrect lov #the microwave is broken #and the stove #and tomura's sanity #shigaraki tomura#bnha twice#jin bubaigawara
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  • shreakingshack
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    So just yesterday my friend was joking saying that my lips were like Shigaraki’s from MHA. So I’m all like, “WHY ARE YOU COMPARING ME TO CRUSTY?!”

    But then I thought about it for a while.

    My lips are usually chapped, because I never remember to put on Chapstick, so I can see where my friend got that part.

    But then... 

    I have eczema, which makes my skin all dry and itchy. I’ve always usually thought being the ‘villain’ was cooler than being the ‘hero’. I like to wear black clothing the most. I kinda hate people.

    So there you have it. If this isn’t that accurate, I’m sorry, I haven’t finished MHA yet. But please don’t hate me I’m trying.

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  • todorokis-conspiracy-theories
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Okay, but now I'm just imagining Aoyama bonding with and looking up to Dabi during the time spent at League meetings because he also understands what it's like for your own quirk to cause you physical pain

    #am I saying that Aoyama is now an adopted lov member? essentially yes #bnha spoilers#bnha 336 #my hero academia #mha#bnha #league of villains
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  • ghost-the-writer
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    I feel like shigaraki and dabi have disagreed on exactly 23 things

    Don’t ask this is what my mind told me

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  • eleiwitch
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ok i saw the popularity poll and

    Wtf is this bullshit


    While I love katsuki and izu coming in at #1 & #2,




    #wtf #where is tomura #or dabi #or literally any lov member #or ochako #she had a main role #and izu came in at 2???? #after vigilante izu arc?? #who voted#midoriya izuku #boku no hero academia #bakugou katsuki#bnha
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  • fuwushiguro
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    tw shoe humping, degradation, praise, cucking, squirting, thumb sucking

    written for @twicesbrat and @toyomitsus

    “He’s one of my oldest friends, picked me up when I was down and taught me everything I know.” Jin tells you as you walk towards his friends home. The friend in question is named Giran, you’ve heard a lot about him but never actually seen him with your own two eyes. You had heard he’s a little older and can match Jin in chain smoking. You had been expecting a whethered, wrinkly older man.

    But that wasn’t the case at all.

    When you walked in to discover Giran was in fact a handsome, well to do man your heart skipped a beat. You felt bad, really, you did. Your heart shouldn’t be beating this fast for anyone except your boyfriend. And yet, here you are, standing in the doorway with a drooling cunt the more you observe the older man.

    You sit on the couch beside Jin while giran sits on the armchair opposite. He’s asking menial questions about your relationship like “how long have you been seeing each other?” And “how did you meet?” But you can’t stop squirming and wriggling. You thought you were being discreet. But that was until—

    “Is there something wrong with my imported couch? Why are you squirming so much, doll?”

    Jin’s attention snaps to you and he smirks, he knows what’s wrong with you. He sees you get like this more times a day than he can care to count.

    “She’s horny Giran, I think she likes you. Am I right babe? You into him?” Jin questions.

    Your cheeks flush hot, unbelievably embarrassed but you can’t bring yourself to lie. You nod, shyly, and both men laugh.

    “Can’t have my princess being desperate to cum can we? Want giran to help you cum baby?”

    “Uh-huh.” you tell him dumbly.

    Giran moves his leg forward and repositions his body, you don’t know what he’s doing or what he wants. But after a few taps of his leather shoe on the cold wooden floor, you think you have an idea.

    “My shoes are getting dirty. Jin tells me he makes you squirt, how about you use that pretty pussy of yours to clean my shoe, huh?”

    You don’t need to be asked twice, shuffling over to him and taking your panties off before sitting comfortably on his cold shoe. You rock back and forth, stimulating your clit on the material.

    “Such a slut, hah? Always do as your told so quick? In front of your boyfriend too, say thank you t’him.”

    “T-Thank you Jin.” you stutter.

    “Fuck,” Jin moans as he palms himself through his jeans, “y’hear that Giran? She’s close already. Gonna cum baby? Gonna cum all over his shoe?”

    “Mhmmn, gonna cum f’you.”

    Giran sticks his thumb in your mouth for you to suck while you carry on humping his shoe. You cum around it quietly, breathlessly and you give everything you have to offer to him. Your pussy soaks through his expensive shoes but he doesn’t mind. It’s what he wanted after all.

    “Good girl. What a good slut you are. Made such a big mess on my shoe.”

    © 2021 fuwushiguro

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  • badlydrawnshigaraki
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    “Sorry for my abrupt absence. After the fight with Miss America I’ve been really busy. That and Master has been taking my body for a joy ride... so there’s that too... But I’ll get to asks. Better late than never, yeah?”

    #Shigaraki#Tomura#Shigaraki Tomura #Boku no hero academia #bnha#mha #my hero academia #LOV #League of villains #ask shigaraki
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  • startomura
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    the fact that the lov didn't even know they had a traitor providing them with information about the heroes will never not be the funniest thing ever to me by the way. they're going to find out hagakure is on their side the same time the heroes do

    #this is why you should stan the lov theyre literally so funny pls #afo doing all this evil shit and creating connections; meanwhile the league is getting chased by a bear #bnha#🍓
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  • ttoya
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    dabi: is the most talked about/tagged anime/manga character on tumblr of the ENTIRE year

    people who vote for the popularity poll: … who’s dabi

    #bnha spoilers #IM SO MAD LIKEJCFJFJ #?????? #gonna rig the next poll and make sure the top 10 is just the lov im sick of yall
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