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  • cutelittlevamp
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Horrortober Day 24 - Plead

    Okay so I have never before written something like this or with what this oneshot implies happened. Still hope it's okay

    Today Yandere!Hitoshi Shinsou x fem!Reader

    Horrortober Challenge by @yandere-sins and @pastelbirb

    TW: implied kidnapping; forced pregnancy; implied brainwashing


    ➤ Day 24: Plead “Please talk to me.” | Create a short story behind your picture!


    He had known that it wouldn’t be easy for you to settle in, getting used to a new home could be difficult at first. Absolutely understandable. That it would take you this long though …

    Your tantrums could be quite a handful. You’d scratch and bite to get away from him and Shinsou had no problem with giving you some alone time. You’d come around eventually. Every couple squabbles from time to time and he had to admit that he absolutely loved it when you calmed down again and came back to him. Then you’d even let him pull you into a hug without him having to use his quirk.

    Not that he’d use it on you often. No. He actually hated that he had to use it on you at all.

    Sometimes he wondered if it wasn’t good to pull you away from your family and friends this sudden but he had no other choice. They were a bad influence on you.

    Everything you needed was here or he’d go and get it for you. No need to leave the house.

    He even got you a kitten so you wouldn’t be alone when he was at work.

    So, why the hell would you lock yourself in the bedroom?

    Well, he had found the test on the bathroom floor so he actually knew the reason but still, that was no reason to lock yourself in.

    “(Y/n), open the door please.” Nothing. This had been going on for the last 15 minutes and Shinsou was getting impatient. “Please talk to me. We can talk about this. You’re just overwhelmed, that's all.” His words were coated in honey and he did not try to open the door by force. He could hear you inside the room and it wasn’t as if you could hurt yourself with anything.

    “Maybe you just need some time to settle down. That is big news after all.” A whole new step in your relationship. He himself had been overjoyed ever since he had seen the test.

    A baby. Your very own little bundle of joy. He’d keep you safe and sound and already made a mental list of everything you’d be needing soon.

    The soft clicking of the lock brought him back into reality again. The door only opened slowly and he could easily tell that you’d been crying.

    At once he pulled you into a hug not noticing as more tears fell from your eyes.

    “There you are.” Softly rubbing your back Shinsou made sure to not hug you too tight. After all, he now had to watch out for you even more.

    “I’ll take good care of you two. I promise.”

    It didn’t matter to him - or maybe he just didn’t want to notice - that you only sobbed harder, shivering in his hold and your eyes filled with dread.

    He would take good care of you. In his very own way.

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  • imk1ra
    23.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Y/n: I’m in love with you.

    Bakugo: We called off the prank war last night at midnight, dumbass.

    Y/n: I know.

    Bakugo : Ah. Okay. Um. Cool. Neat. Very cool. Cool. Cool. Coolcoolcool-

    #Mha #My hero academia #my hero academia incorrect quotes #incorrect my hero academia quotes #bnha incorrect quotes #incorrect boku no hero academia quotes #incorrect bnha quotes #incorrect mha quotes #bnha bakugou#bakugou katsuki#mha bakugou#bakugou fluff #bakugo incorrect quotes #bakugo icons#bakugo imagine#bakugo oneshot#bakugo angst#bakugo art#bakugo stan#bakugo scenarios#bakugo drabble#bakugo fanfic#bakugo fanart#bakugo fic#bakugo fluff#bakugo headcanons#bakugo hcs#katsuki bakugo #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugo katuski x reader
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  • catacomb231
    23.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Safe|Bakugou x Reader PART 2

    This is a part 2 of the first one (since y'all liked it) so here ya go!
    Part 1
    Sum: A month has passed since you were back from being kidnapped by villains. It had seem everything died down, ad you returned back to your old self! And Bakugou patiently waits for you to tell him what happened when you were kidnapped. Although probably sooner than you'd think...

    About a month has passed since you've been back from being kidnapped by villains.

    Bakugou has been VERY patient with you! You have finally started getting back to your old self, which made him very happy!

    But he still waits for you to tell him what the villains had done to you. He doesn't want to push you, as he wants you to be ready!

    But he was also worried, because if it was taking you THIS long to be ready to tell him, then it must've been AWFUL!

    It also made himself angry to think the villains did such awful things to you to make you this scared!

    But he wasn't expecting what was coming one random night...

    It was a weekend night and the whole dorms was woken up to screaming! All of Class 1-A peek their heads out their doors, wondering who it was! But all they saw was Bakugou running towards the girl dorms.

    He knew that scream was yours, and wanted to make sure you were alright! Obviously!

    He gets to your dorm and just goes right in, seeing you curled up on your bed sobbing your eyes out.

    He runs right over to you and sits down beside you on your bed. "Y/N?? What's wrong??" He asks gently shaking you, but you didn't respond. "Y/N please speak to me!!" Bakugou begs you.

    That's when you look at him, your eyes filled with tears and straight fear. You quickly cling on to him and get as close as you can to him as he wrapped his arms around you.

    "I-I.." You begin but the words wouldn't come out. "It's ok, shh.. take your time." He reassures you, wanting you to calm down before explaining what made you like this.

    Eventually, you calm down enough to speak. "I had.. a nightmare... From when I was captured.. i-it was horrible.." You manage to mutter out, eyes still shut tight, clinging on to your boyfriend like he was your lifeline.

    "Don't worry it's not real anymore.." He reassures you. "But maybe it would help if you talked about it." He points out, afraid he might be pushing you too much in this moment to talk about it.

    But surprisingly, no. You actually began spilling EVERY little detail about your abduction an what they did to you.

    The different thousands of needle they stuck into you, the way they hurt you physically, mentally, and even sexually. Attacking you with their quirks, not feeding you any food or water, etc.

    The more you talked about it, the angrier Bakugou got. All he wanted to do was go to the prison the villains were being kept and kill them for hurting you!

    But he knew he couldn't, and wouldn't! Considering he would have to leave you. So he pushes his anger down, because that's the LAST thing you need right now!

    "I'm sorry you had to go through all of that.. and those villains were such idiots!" Bakugou tells you. "I didn't know it was that awful.." He adds.

    "It's okay... I'm just glad that I'm safe with you now..." You tell him, having stopped crime, but you were still shaking.

    That's when Aizawa comes in and Bakugou looks over at him. Aizawa managed to figure out right away that you had a nightmare from when you were kidnapped. He was just glad that's all it was and wasn't some villain attack.

    The three soon leave your dorm room and Aizawa was bringing you to Recovery Girl's office while telling the others, including Bakugou, to go back to bed.

    Bakugou didn't want to leave you, but knew Aizawa would handle it, and he was just glad you were safe. So he heads back to his dorm.

    He was also very happy to know you finally trusted him with how awful the villains were.

    The next morning, you seemed to be back to normal! You were happy, cheerful, probably because you finally felt the weight of your capture off your shoulders!

    You and Bakugou were both happy, happy to know you're finally free.

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  • thefieryphoenix
    23.10.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #yandere erasermic x reader #my first halloween special fic #halloween prompt thing #yandere bnha #yandere bnha scenarios #yandere erasermic headcanons #yandere platonic erasermic imagines #yandere platonic aizawa x reader x yandere present mic #yandere platonic erasermic oneshots
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  • tamedandscripted
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    a place to lay your head

    pairing: hawks / takami keigo x reader

    length: 2.4k

    warnings: anxiety, depression, Keigo is shirtless for like half of it but it's sfw, caregiver Keigo, not proofread at all

    a/n: comfort fic !! I’ve gotten 6hrs of sleep in the past three days I hope this is decent // feedback always appreciated

    Keigo peered into your window, eyeing your empty bedroom. He frowned as he took note of the clutter that had accumulated there in the week he had been away; clothes strewn across the floor, half empty water bottles piled on your nightstand, partially eaten takeout containers scattered around the room. Not to mention, you were nowhere to be seen.

    The worry that had taken root in the pit of Keigo's stomach grew; he had only been gone on a week-long mission, but when he returned and attempted to contact you, the radio silence he received in response sent panic through his body.

    Knowing that you always left your window unlocked for him, he quickly wrenched it open and slid inside, the buzzing instinct in his brain to find you and make sure you were safe taking over.

    A brief flash of relief slowed his heart when he recognized the sound of your shower running, but that relief vanished just as fast as he approached the door and heard your muffled sobs from the other side.

    The water from your shower had long ago turned cold as you sat on the tiled floor, goosebumps prickling your skin at the temperature. You choked back a sob as you curled into yourself, unable to find the energy to stand.

    Perhaps if the beating of water on the floor had not been so loud, perhaps if your shuttering breaths and stuttering sobs had not echoed so loudly, you would have heard the incessant knocking on your bathroom door. You would have heard the latch click open and the door swing hard enough to bang into the wall. You would have heard Keigo throwing his jacket off and ripping the shower door open.

    But you didn't.

    Instead, you tensed in shock at the feeling of arms wrapping around you and a warm body pressing against your own. You hiccupped in an attempt to swallow your crying as you twisted in Keigo's arms just in time to see his wild, panicked expression.

    He cupped your face in his palms, hands trembling in his attempt to be gentle, despite the panic that gripped him, as he swept his eyes wildly across your figure to try to find some physical damage that would explain your distress. When he found nothing, his eyes snapped back up to your own and he let out a shuddering breath.

    "Dove…" he began, willing his voice to stay steady, "can you tell me what's wrong?"

    You shook your head, squeezing your eyes shut and digging your nails into your palms as you felt the world spin around you and your breath quicken.

    'Okay, okay," Keigo soothed, letting his thumbs work little circles into your cheeks in an attempt to comfort you. "Can you tell me how to help?"

    You opened your eyes slowly and began to take in what was in front of you. Keigo looked wild, eyes wide and stricken, shoulders tense, wings twitching restlessly and pinned to his back. You knew how much it hurt him to see you suffering and you knew how much it helped him to be able to make it better - it helped you, too.

    Reaching out towards him, you let your fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt and tried to pull yourself into him with shaking arms. You didn't have to do much work, though, as Keigo made a noise of protest at your efforts and wrapped his arms around you, dragging you onto his lap.

    His wings twitched again, wanting so desperately to wrap around you and keep you safe and hidden from the world. He ground his teeth and held back, though, not wanting to overwhelm you, especially when he didn't even know what had triggered this in the first place.

    A gentle hand pressed against his cheek and he tilted his head to place a kiss to your palm, keeping his eyes trained on you.

    "I haven't been… taking care of myself," you said quietly, wincing at how raw your throat felt from crying. Keigo grabbed the hand that you'd put on his face with both of his and pressed a flurry of kisses to it.

    "And that's okay," he assured. You smiled weakly.

    "Would you maybe…" you began, noting the way Keigo immediately perked up. You tensed your hands again and squirmed a bit in his lap. Keigo cupped your face in his hands again.

    "Whatever you need, angel. I'm here."

    "Would you maybe… take care of me for a little while? Just until I can again?" Keigo cooed softly, wings fluttering and shoulders dropping.

    "I'd be happy to, dove. For as long as you need."

    You pressed your face into his neck and let your body relax in his hold, mellowed by the knowledge that Keigo was there and he'd take care of you in all the ways you could not. As your body loosened, though, the tremors became more noticeable, teeth chattering from the cold water of your shower.

    Keigo smoothed a hand down your back before bundling you up in his arms and standing, pausing to turn the shower off. As he set you down on the counter, a flurry of feathers dropped a towel on your shoulders, and you hummed appreciatively at the warmth that seeped through you as he dried you off with tender hands. Reaching out to snare your fingers in his shirt, you frowned when you realized that he was also dripping.

    "Don't worry about me, birdie," he assured, dropping a kiss to your forehead. His heart fluttered at your concern as he threw your towel into your laundry and let a flurry of his feathers deposit a bundle of clothes onto the counter next to you.

    "Arms up for me, love." He pulled a large t-shirt over your head and you let yourself sink into the comfort of it, recognizing it as one that came from the stash of clothes he always left at your apartment. Urging you to stand, then, Keigo kept firm hands on your waist, waiting for your legs to stop trembling and your hands to securely attach themselves to his shoulders. When he was sure you were steady, he slid a pair of his sweatpants onto you and quickly lifted you back onto the counter. Stepping away from you, he pulled the wet remains of his hero costume off and pulled on his own pair of sweatpants. When he reached for his shirt, though, your hand shot out to stop him. His brow quirked and a smile twitched on his face.

    "Whatcha thinking about, dove?" His tone was teasing, but he was still being gentle, not wanting to risk making you feel worse than you already were. Your hand curled around his wrist.

    "Can - can you maybe…" you began, tripping over your words as you felt blood rush to your cheeks.

    "Go on," he prompted, stepping closer to you to place his hands on your thighs, squeezing them reassuringly.

    "Maybe just… keep the shirt off," you mumbled, looking away. Keigo cooed and let his wings flutter before stepping closer to you, sliding his hips between your legs. He slid one hand around to the back of your neck, squeezing gently and humming happily when you sagged against his chest. He kept himself still and focused on taking deep, steady breaths while your hands slid up his torso and your palms flattened against him, keeping your cheek pressed to his skin as you listened to his breathing and steady heartbeats.

    "It's just nice," you murmured, and Keigo melted at the soft, relaxed tone of your voice, "to be so close to you like this." He hummed in understanding and pulled you closer, letting you drift for a moment or two.

    When he felt you begin to sag against him even more and saw your eyes flutter closed, he pressed a kiss to your head and tightened his arms around you.

    "Angel, have you eaten yet?" You stiffened at his question and he was quick to rock you back and forth, cooing gently. "It's ok, love. I'm here to take care of you, remember? It's ok." With that, he coaxed you to wrap your legs around his waist, keeping his hands firmly on your thighs as he carried you out of your bathroom. He paused on his way to your kitchen, considering leaving you to rest on your couch while he took care of things, but the way you gripped him and kept your face hidden in his neck made him reconsider.

    Nudging your face up with his shoulder, he gestured towards the stack of take-out menus next to your fridge. You let your head flop back down onto him.

    "You pick," you murmured.

    "There's nothing in particular you want?" Keigo prompted. He knew how difficult it was for you to make decisions in the state that you were in, but if he could coax you into making a few small choices, he would.

    You rolled your head to the side, thinking, before squirming against him and reaching out to the stack of menus. You rummaged through them for a moment before pulling one out of the stack.

    "Anything from this place."

    "Good, dove. Thank you," Keigo pressed a flurry of kisses to your face, beaming at the little smile he noticed. Shuffling over to the other side of your kitchen, he grabbed a glass from your cupboard and filled it with fresh water. Setting you down on the counter, he tilted back just enough to look at you before he pressed the glass into your hands and urged you to drink while he ordered the takeout.

    You sipped the water, letting it soothe your throat, as you listened to Keigo's voice; once he finished ordering, he tossed his phone onto the counter and put his hands on our sides, rubbing up and down gently and talking softly about his day - nothing important, nothing for you to focus on, just so that you could hear his voice.

    Tipping the glass back to finish the last of your water, you looked up at Keigo and caught him smiling down at you.

    "You're so good for me," he breathed as he plucked the glass from your hands, setting it aside, and swept you into his arms again.

    Dropping you onto the couch delicately, he busied himself sorting through blankets and pillows, propping you up, tucking you in, and taking every opportunity to press quick, fluttering kisses over each part of you that he made comfortable. His brow furrowed in concentration and he made small noises of protest every time you tried to move or help him.

    As he finally settled you in, stopping to admire his work and let his feathers ruffle in satisfaction, he turned to your tv, setting up a film that you recognized as one of your comfort movies. He slid onto the couch behind you, then, letting you burrow into him and the blankets that surrounded the two of you as you melted into his arms.

    "You ready to talk about what's going on?" he murmured into your hair. You chewed your lip as you searched for what to say, comforted by the knowledge that Keigo would never push you further than you could handle.

    "I don’t… I don't really know what it was. Sometimes things get hard and I just kinda slip, I guess. Usually…" you drifted off, letting your eyes flick away from his.

    "It's ok," he soothed. "You can say anything to me." You looked back up at him, noting the love and adoration in his eyes, masked almost entirely by concern.

    "Don't be upset. But, usually, you're around, so I don't slip very far."

    "Oh," he responded dully, arms tightening around you. "God, I'm so sorry -"

    "I told you not to get upset! Don't apologize; you can't always be hanging around waiting for me to need something." You tried to console him, but the guilt eating away at his heart was so obvious it made your own clench painfully. You wiggled out of his grip so you could sit up and cup his face in your hands.

    "I love you," you said firmly. "You take such good care of me - always. You can't be here all the time, but when you are, it more than makes up for the time I spend alone."

    "You do. You're here right now, taking care of me. That's what matters."

    Keigo looked away and his fists clenched; he hated the time he had to spend away from you, and it drove him crazy that he couldn't always be there when you needed him.

    "I just want to make sure you're ok," he sighed, wincing internally at the tremble in his voice.

    Whatever retort Keigo has in mind was silenced by the sound of your doorbell, and he smiled at you softly as he shuffled away from the couch to retrieve the takeout he'd ordered while you snuggled back into the blankets, content with soothing Keigo's guilt and worry a bit.

    When he returned, he pulled you onto his lap and kept his arms wrapped firmly around you as you ate quietly, half paying attention to the movie that he'd set up while you fed him small bites between your own.

    When the food was cleared away, he tugged you closer and gently pressed one hand to the back of your neck, directing you to lay your cheek against his chest, while his other hand slipped under the back of your shirt to rub soothing circling into your skin. You rubbed your cheek against his chest as your eyes fluttered in an attempt to stay open - a fight that was quickly lost as Keigo cooed and clicked and lulled you to sleep. As you began to feel sleep pull you away, you burrowed further into his chest, murmuring, "stay the night?"

    Keigo chuckled quietly.

    "Oh dove, there's no way I'm leaving you tonight."

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  • catacomb231
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Safe|Bakugou x Reader

    A/N:TW for being kidnapped, abused
    Part 2
    Sum:You recently got rescued after being kidnapped by villains. Your behavior has changed and your explosive boyfriend notices! He does his best to slowly rebuild the Y/N he used to know.

    If anyone knew what if felt like to get kidnapped, it would be your boyfriend Katsuki Bakugou.

    Well you got captured a few weeks ago too, not by the L.O.V, but it still left you scarred.

    The bruises and cuts and wounds you endured, the searing pain in your head and broken ankle as blood trickles down the side of your head,

    The painful starving in your stomach,

    It all seemed to finally disappear as you sat on your knees in the middle of a wet street,

    Having just rained.

    Wearing your ragged now ruined UA Uniform, and would be needing a new one.

    But all of your pain and your head finally seemed to clear once you saw the blinding flashes of red and blue.

    Silhouettes of men rushing towards you, shouting and yelling at one another, but talking softly to you.

    Your kidnappers being hauled away in the back of a police car in cuffs.

    While you were rushed off to the nearest hospital for treatment.

    And now you're finally back! Though a few subtle things have changed in your behavior:

    You had a BIG appetite! Before, you didn't eat much, being a small person. But now, you could almost eat forever! A result from being starved by the villains.

    You flinched slightly and couldn't stand yelling or loud noises, even if it was happy yelling! You had to leave the room and go back to your dorm room. A result of being yelled at by the villains.

    Whenever someone made a quick movement towards you, like quickly grabbing a cup and quickly spinning back around to you, you flinched in fear of being hurt. A result of being abused by the villains.

    And in the middle of the night, you'd wake up having nightmares about them. It would make you shiver and cry from fear, but silently. It was worse cuz you slept all alone in your room.

    Oddly though, none of your classmates thought anything of it! They didn't seem to notice! Except for one.. Bakugou.

    He noticed everything. All of the slight changes in your behavior! He knew his classmates must be stupid if they don't see her ready the way she does!

    It's not like you're hiding it as well as you think you are.

    One night a soft knock came at your dorm door while you were studying at your desk. You jump, despite it being a soft knock.

    "Who is it?" You call out. "It's Bakugou. Let me inside." His muffled voice replies on the other side. You went over and opened the door, allowing him to walk in.

    You see, Bakugou always made sure to be quiet enough around you! So he wouldn't trigger anything and make you cry or some crap.

    "So what did you need?" You ask, curious as to why he would disturb your studying. "You're terrible at hiding it." He tells you bluntly.


    "I see the way you act Y/N. It's not that hard to see! Everyone else is just dense." Bakugou explains to you.

    You knew Bakugou was pretty observant, but this seemed like high level hyper observant!

    Like, Shawn from Psych observant!!

    Okay maybe not that much. But you were still surprised, thinking you were hiding it well.

    "It's nothing.." You mutter and try leaving but he grabs your wrist. "It's not just nothing. Tell me." He tells you. "There's nothing to talk about." You reply and pull your wrist away but he immediately grabbed it once again.

    "Tell me!" He says a bit angrier and louder, which caused you to let out a small gasp, yanking your writ away and you back up against the door away from him, looking at your boyfriend with wide eyes.

    His eyes were also wide, as he realized he accidentally triggered your trauma a bit. He sighs. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to get mad like that." He tells you in a more quiet voice.

    "Come here." He says opening his arms, and you hesitantly walk over, but once you get close, you immediately wrap your arms around him and snuggle close to him. He does the same.

    "I just worry about you." He mutters. "So I would appreciate it if you just talked to me.." Bakugou tells you.

    "I know... But.. I'm not quite ready to explain what happened.. just be patient with me.." You reply, hiding your face in his chest. You thought he would keep pestering you about it but he doesn't.

    "Very well then. Whenever you're ready to talk, I'll be right here."

    Thx for reading! Hope you enjoyed! (And personally I think a part 2 could be interesting! So if this post gets to at least 30 likes, (or someone requests it in the comments) then I'll make one!

    #mha#bnha #mha reader insert #mha oneshots#fluff#flufftober2021#mha bakugou#mha katsuki #mha katsuki bakugou #mha bakugou katsuki #Katsuki#bakugou#bakugou katsuki#katsuki bakugou #bakugou x reader #katsuki x reader #mha bakugou x reader #mha katsuki x reader #catacombs
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    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere platonic erasermic x reader #platonic yandere erasermic scenarios #platonic yandere erasermic headcanons #yandere platonic erasermic oneshots #yandere erasermic #yandere erasermic x reader #yandere platonic erasermic imagines
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    #bnha #my hero academia #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugo mha#bakugou katsuki#bnha spoilers#mha katsuki#katsuki <3 #bnha manga spoilers #bnha fluff#bnha katsuki#mha manga#mha bakugou#mha spoilers#bakugo fluff#bakugo katuski#bakugou fluff #katsuki bakugo oneshot #katsuki bakugo kin #bakugo katsuki #my hero academia spoilers
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    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    “just a little more, come back here kitten.” shigaraki mutters, lips nearing your moist pussy. trembling, you hesitantly lower yourself onto the villains face, the gesture uncertain and jerky. “c’mon baby, just wanna little taste.” the ice haired male coos, nosing your clit. you whine softly, aroused and contemplating. hands coiled around your leg, crimson eyes stare at you between your thighs. slowly, shiggy drags his tongue along the coutours of your pussy, tasting every curve and the small essence leaking out of your pretty hole. “fucking delicious,” he rasps against you, quickly lapping at it with thorough strokes.

    “fuck, fuck, shiggy. mmh.” your hands clutch the bedsheets below you, anchoring yourself to the male’s pretty tongue, eventually matching his rhythm as you fuck yourself on his face. tomura kisses the sensitive bundle on your clit, enjoying how you mewl and wither with every tuck, suckle and nibble. your body reacts to every lewd gesture, asking for more and more until you’re nearing your edge.

    “this is my favorite pussy,” the male mutters, nudging himself closer inside you, tasting all he can before your mewls mature into whines and cries for more. “more you say?” he teases beneath you, hands slowly shifting closer to your ass as he pulls you down harshly.

    “gonna fuck my baby till she can’t feel anything but my pretty tongue all up inside her,”

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  • catacomb231
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ice Pack|Todoroki x Reader

    Your Quirk is Mirror
    It allows you to summon glass shards from your skin and form them into a shape. Any attack directed at you will be reflected. But overuse causes cuts to appear on your skin, and you get injured easily. When you are injured, something like a cut could be life threatening.

    The bruises were excruciating to you. Your quirk causes you to be very accident prone. You were practically made of glass.

    Glass that was now broken due to the state you're in.

    You work alongside Shoto Todoroki who had stayed his own agency once he graduated. You two were friends in UA so you two work together.

    You were out on patrol that soon turned into a rescue mission, as a building as lit on fire with blue flames, leaving citizens still trapped in there.

    Shoto just finished helping out the citizens as you helped them to the exit and he took care of the rest. But last he heard from you, was when you ran deeper into the building to find a crying baby.

    He hasn't been able to find you since.

    The fire department put the fire out and we're now searching for you. Shoto was in a panic.

    He had loved you ever since the Sports Festival, and you both have made it this far, he didn't want to lose you know.

    He went in with the rescue team because he needed to make sure you were ok. On about the 2nd floor, they heard violent coughing and followed it to a room to see a woman curled up in a corner, their back facing them.

    "That's her!" One of the members point out. "Y/N!" Shoto shouts as he runs over and kneels down next to you. You weakly turn your head and look at him through squinted and teary eyes. "Sho... Sho.." You rasp as he looked at the state your body was in.

    You were covered in burns, bruises, had a black eye, and your voice was raspy from inhaling smoke. That's when he heard crying and saw you managed to protect the baby and I was crying, completely safe and unscathed.

    He just wished that you were like the baby.

    You're as fragile as glass. He didn't want to lose you.

    They get you and the baby out. The baby was completely ok and got returned to it's mother and father. But you were a different story.

    You had to be wheeled away in a stretcher into an ambulance, needing emergency care ASAP. Shoto watched this worriedly. Once he was done finishing up what he needed to here, he would go visit you in the hospital immediately to make sure you're still alive.

    After about an hour of cleanup, Shoto was able to get away and rushed to the Hosu Hospital where you were taken and rushed inside. He ran up to the counter. "I'm here to see Y/N L/N!" He says urgently.

    The receptionist quickly typed something on her computer. "Uh room 403 on floor 4 sir!" She quickly response and Shoto takes off towards the elevator.

    He couldn't waste any time.

    He gets to your room, slides the door open, and sees you laying on the bed with wires hooked up to you and your heart monitor beeping steadily.

    He walked over and sat down at the chair next to your bed. He wanted to tear his eyes away from you but couldn't. He just started at your broken body, making his heart break.

    A cut was already very life threatening to you, so the state you're in now is almost hopeless. Your breathing was shallow, and your heart monitor beeped a bit too slow for his liking.

    It was beating luckily, just a bit too slow..

    Shoto never had really cried other than he was a kid. But now, tears were streaming down his face as he held your very delicate hand in his.

    He couldn't lose you. He didn't WANT to lose you.

    A few days later, you still hadn't woken up. Shoto arrived at the hospital with another bouquet of flowers and headed to your hospital room. He slid it open and looked over to you, eyes widening.

    You were sitting up in your bed, looking out the open window with the sunshine enveloping you. Shoto noticed how your injures weren't as bad anymore!

    You also weren't wearing the oxygen mask anymore, and didn't have as many wires all over you too! The only wires left were two that were stuck in the back of your hands.

    And as for your oxygen mask, instead, you just had a small clear tube that wrapped around your head and just sat comfortable against your nose.

    Shoto closes the door and that got your attention, causing you to look over. You two held eye contact for a while until you gave him a smile. "Morning..!" You tell him.

    He dropped the flowers and ran over, hugging you. You were quick to wrap your hands around him too.

    "I'm so glad you're ok..." He mutters in your ear.

    "Of course I am! I'd never leave you!" You tell him, snuggling your head against his shoulder.

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    The common sense kings causing chaos

    Tsuburaba blowing up a toilet with fireworks while Kaibara records

    Rin straight up picking up Tsuburaba and throwing him in a lake

    Awase welding Kaibara to the ceiling while he was sleeping

    Rin and Awase flicking random hair ties at the rest of the class while Vlad King is teaching

    Kaibara rotating his head fully backwards with his quirk just to scare ppl that dont know him

    Tsuburaba hitting ppl in the ankles with a scooter when they make him mad

    Rin hissing at ppl when they make him mad (or take away his blankets in winter)

    They recreate vines together and u cant change my mind

    (They have common sense, they just dont use it a lot in my headcanons apparently)

    #yknow i always write fluff about these guys so why not write smth stupid #i might actually write a oneshot about one of these #idk we'll see #yosetsu awase#class 1b#bnha#hiryu rin#bnha headcanons #common sense kings #kosei tsuburaba#sen kaibara
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    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere platonic erasermic x reader #yandere platonic erasermic headcanons #yandere platonic erasermic imagines #yandere platonic erasermic oneshots #yandere platonic erasermic scenarios #yandere platonic aizawa x reader x yandere platonic hizashi yamada
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    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere platonic erasermic x reader #yandere platonic erasermic scenarios #yandere platonic erasermic oneshots #yandere platonic erasermic headcanons #yandere platonic erasermic imagines
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    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere erasermic x reader #yandere erasermic scenarios #yandere erasermic oneshots #yandere platonic aizawa x reader x yandere platonic hizashi yamada #yandere platonic erasermic imagines #yandere platonic erasermic
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    #yandere erasermic family on crack #yandere bnha #yandere bnha on crack #yandere platonic erasermic scenarios #yandere platonic erasermic oneshots #yandere platonic erasermic headcanons #yandere erasermic x reader #yandere platonic aizawa x reader x yandere platonic hizashi yamada
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    #yandere bnha #yandere bnha x reader #yandere erasermic x reader #yandere erasermic scenarios #yandere erasermic oneshots #yandere erasermic headcanons #yandere platonic erasermic imagines #yandere platonic aizawa x reader x yandere platonic hizashi yamada
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    ok so you know those babysitting apps like care.com and urbansitter? what if those existed for age regressors? they could comb through caregiver applications to pick one to come babysit them for a few hours/a day at a time.

    bakugo downloads the app and creates an account but, instead of picking a babysitter on his own, he lets the company assign him one based on compatibility. which is how iida ends up awkwardly knocking on his dorm door, stumbling over his words as he asks if this whole thing is a mistake, if bakugo’s identity has been stolen. bakugo snaps back that his identity hasn’t been stolen and that since he’s the company’s pick he can stay and take care of him, but bakugo won’t be paying him.

    #i will most definitely be writing at least a oneshot for this #regressor bakugo #hunterpedias little bakugo hcs.💥 #caregiver iida#agere fics#mha agere#bnha agere#agere headcanons#agere blog#agere#fandom agere#sfw agere#anime agere#cglre
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    Infertility|MHA Boys x Reader

    The MHA boys find out why you two aren't able to have a baby, despite how many times you tried!
    Infertility means a couple who can't conceive a child!
    Characters:Izuku, Katsuki, Ejiro, Teigo, touya, Shoto, Shota

    Izuku Midoriya/Deku

    The Number One Pro Hero Deku! He was a LOT of things!

    He was an amazing, hero, he was an amazing husband! But one thing he WASN'T, along with you, was the ability to have a child.

    You two have been trying for MONTHS to try and conceive a child, yet nothing you did work! No matter how many times you didn't use protection, it just wouldn't work.

    You were starting to lose hope and so was he, but he was managing to keep both of your hopes and spirits up!

    Only for them to be crushed!

    You went to the hospital to get checked out by a doctor, and he told you that you two were among the small priority of couples who can't have children.

    This broke your heart, and you didn't want to break it to your husband! But you had to..

    "I'm home!" Deku calls out, closing the door behind him. "Baby?" He calls out again and walks to the dining room to see you sitting at the table. You were looking down at your hands before looking up at Deku with sadness in your eyes.

    "Y/N what's going on?" He asks concerned, walking over to sit by you, wrapping his scarred arm around you. "Izuku... I went to the doctors.." You being in a quiet and shaky voice.

    He thought it was just more bad news about not being pregnant, but it was worse.

    "They told me.. that.. we're among the small minority of couples who can never have a child..!" You finish, quickly covering your eyes as your voice cracks from sadness.

    "Wait.. what?" Deku says, his eyes widen. "So.. we'll never be able to have a baby?" He asks quietly, wanting to make sure he heard that right. All you could do was nod as you cried.

    Deku was of course VERY sad, but he then just smiled and pulled you close to him. "Don't worry, we'll find out own way.." He replies gently.

    "You promise?" You ask with a sniffle.

    "I promise."

    Katsuki Bakugou/Dynamight

    Your husband was the Number 2 Hero, and his personality to the public was pretty obvious!

    Loud, angry, mean, just typical Bakugou!

    But when he's alone with you, his wife, he is SUPER gentle and kind, and loves cuddling with you! He also loves taking out his hearing aids after a long day, and then go up behind you, wrap his arms around your waist, press his ear against your back, and feels the soothing vibrations of your humming.

    And he is a BIG family man, and you two have tried for a baby for so long! But you've failed Everytime.

    One day, when Bakugou comes home, he doesn't find you cooking dinner, but sitting on the couch crying. "Babe?? What's wrong??" He asks rushing over to sit down beside you and brings you close.

    "I went to the doctors.. and they said we'll never be able to have a child!" You tell him through your tears, burying your face in his chest.

    "We'll.. never be able to have a child?" Bakugou repeats, making sure he heard it correctly due to his hearing loss.

    You nod in response. "I'm sorry..!"

    "Why are you apologizing?"

    "Because I'm broken.." You tell him in a quiet voice, but he still managed to hear you.

    "Stop. It's not your fault." He reassures you.

    "It's not?"

    "It's not. I promise we'll figure something out.." He reassures you once more.

    Shoto Todoroki

    You've been married to your husband Shoto Todoroki for a good 2 years now! Throughout those two years, you two tried time and time again to have a child, to no avail.

    It wasn't until you went to the doctors and got checked out did you find out you can't conceive.

    This was enough to break your heart, and you were about to tell Shoto, but debated against it. You couldn't tell him! Not yet at least..

    Shoto noticed you were down for a while, but didn't approach you about it yet. Only later that night when you two were in bed, Shoto rolls out over to see you.

    "What's wrong Y/N?" He asks concerned. You figured you couldn't hide it anymore. "I.. I went to the hospital.. and they said we will never be able to have children.." You mutter, avoiding his gaze.

    "Wait.. really?" He asks.

    "Yes... Are you mad?" You ask, much quieter. But then he grabs your hand.

    "Of course not.. it just means we'll find some other way."


    "Really. I promise."

    Ejiro Kirishima/Red Riot

    He felt so bad after you told him!

    Not at you, but at himself! Since he felt like it was his fault!

    Trying for SO LONG to have a child only to find out that you can't. It broke both of your hearts!

    Surprisingly though, he was sadder than he was! You both were just sitting on the couch snuggling with each other after you both had a good cry.

    "I'm sorry.." He says for the one thousandth time. "It's okay... It's not your fault.." You reassure him, rubbing his arm.

    "It is though!"

    "Shh, no.. it isn't... Don't worry Eji.. I'm sure we'll figure something out." You reassure him once again.

    "You sure?" He asks, sniffing and finally looking up to meet your gaze. You give him a small smile and nod.

    "Of course. I promise.."

    Teigo Takami/Hawks

    It was just salt in the wound!

    Hawks already had a bad day at work, so having to hear you say that not only did you not get pregnant, but that you can't.

    You told him through hysterical crying as you were curled up on the couch, your eyes absolutely red!

    You would soon just cry out all of the liquid in your body!

    Teigo sat on the couch with you and wrapped his arm and wings around you, keeping you close to him.

    "It's unfortunate, but we can't sit here being sad.. that just means we have to find some other way. After all, there's always adoption!" He tells you, making you feel a bit better.

    "I know but... It's still sad.." You tell him as you sniffed and wiped your tears.

    "I know. But I promise we'll figure it out!"

    Touya Todoroki/Dabi

    Never in his life would he expect something like this!

    Finding out that you two couldn't have a baby, no matter how hard you would try.

    Now he sat in your room on the blow up mattress that is your bed, and was holding you in his arms while you cried your eyes out.

    If he could, he definitely would be crying.

    "We can always figure something else out." Dabi tells you. "How?! It's not like we could adopt because we're villains!" You tell him, pulling away to meet his icy glare. Although now it was soft and kind.

    "I'm not sure yet, but I promise I'll find something."


    "Don't trust me?" He asks, catching you off guard.

    "Of course I do!" You reply. "Then don't worry and let me handle it." He reassures you.

    You eventually give in and cuddle into him again, still sad.

    "I'll make sure to find something."

    Shota Aizawa/Eraserhead

    The stress of not ever knowing wether you two managed to gets child, or if once again it didn't work was almost too much for Aizawa.

    Except now a new worry hit him once he heard you tell him that you two will never be able to have a child.

    Honestly at this point Aizawa just thought his life was cursed! Only one bad news after the other.

    But he sat at the table comforting you. "Don't worry, we could always adopt." He tells you.

    "You mean you're not at all sad?" You ask looking at him. "No, I'm definitely disappointed and sad. But we can't do anything about it.. so we'll just figure something else out. Alright?"

    You could feel the comfort in his eyes and you nod.

    "You're right.."

    "Don't work. Not all hope is lost."

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    Pairing: Katsuki Bakugo x Reader

    [@httpswwwtbhkcom’s masterlist]

    Summary: With nothing to do, something that caught your eye made you think about your s/o. So you decided on making a plush of them and gave it to them as a gift.

    Warnings: Swearing, grammar errors,

    Genre: Fluff,


    Y/n- your name, F/f- favorite food, S/o- significant other,

    A/n: This was made while I was bored lmao. Have randomness.

    Reader: Neutral

    ☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

    You scrolled through your phone at the lobby as you waited for Bakugo to finish his training. 'I wish I trained with Katsuki today. There's nothing to do!' You silently groaned as you turned off your phone.

    Your stomach growled, you stared at your stomach and rolled your eyes. You stood up and went to the kitchen then began to go through the foods in the fridge. Your eyes stopped on a piece of caramel. You took two pieces of caramel and f/f and went to your dorm.

    You placed the food on the desk and sat on the chair. You first ate f/f, drawing a small sketch of Bakugo to ease boredom. You didn't even know that you finally finished your food, you were too caught up with drawing Bakugo that you didn't know that you ate all of f/f.

    You glanced at the caramel, almost forgetting about the candy. You took it to your hand and unwrapped the wrapper, showing the caramel itself. You took a bite of the caramel and immediately thought of Bakugo.

    You hummed happily. It made you think of Bakugo. Bakugo smells like burnt sugar, caramel. For some reason, you wanted to make Bakugo something. "A drawing maybe? I already have one here... No.. How about a plush? Can I even make one?" You muttered to yourself, it was going to be your first time- but hey, you can be willing to try new things for Bakugo right?

    "Eh, It shouldn't be too difficult.. Right?" You searched on tutorials to how you can make small plushies. You clicked the video that you thought was accurate, and began taking the components needed. Even asking your classmates for things you don't have.

    Once you finally have everything you need, you started on working on your first plush. You decided on making a Dynamight plush instead, since being a No. 1 Pro Hero was Bakugo's dream since the start.

    You took a cloth and started sketching Dynamight with a pencil.

    ☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

    With Bakugo:

    'Can't wait being with Y/n today.. 'm tired...' He thought as he walked to the dormitory with Kirishima by his side. "Yo, Bakugo. Something on your mind?" He side-glanced Kirishima before rolling his eyes. "No." He lied. "Mind your own business."

    "Alright then... How's you and Y/n lately?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo side-glanced him. "Hah?" Kirishima asked the question again. "I know what ya said, Dumbass!" He exclaimed. Bakugo sighed before looking up. "We're fine, I guess. Why'd ya wanna know?"

    "That's great!" Kirishima dodged his question, to his dismay. A store caught Kirishima's eyes. "Hey! Let's buy some food! You can buy Y/n some snacks if you want!"

    Bakugo rolled his eyes and nodded, following Kirishima to the store to buy snacks.

    ☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

    Y/n's POV:

    A few minutes later...

    You finished stuffing the plush and all you needed to do was to stitch. A knock was heard at the door. "Hey Y/n, I have snacks for you." The male voice, you recognized as Bakugo, said. "Come in, the door is open." You answered.

    The door clicked open and you saw Bakugo placing down a bag on your bed. He noticed what you were doing and decided to looking at the work. "I-is that.. Me?"

    You gleefully nodded. "I'm almost done. Can you stay here for a bit? I was going to give this to you later after I finished this."

    "I wasn't plannin' to leave. I'm not going to give you the food I bought and just go y'know? I want to spend time with my s/o." He sat beside you and watched as you work for the plush.

    You were stitching the cloth together until you pricked your finger. You hissed in pain. "Shit! Are you ok?" He asked, while he checked the pricked finger. "Mhm, it just caught me off guard." He sighed in relief.

    "Let me stitch it instead. I don't want you to prick yourself again." You wanted to decline but you knew you had no choice, so you gave up. You watched as he finish stitching. "I could've done that y'know? I was almost done." You pouted.

    Bakugo gave you the plush. You turned the plush, seeing the back of the plush. You took a pen and wrote your name on it. Then giving it back to Bakugo. He looked at you questioningly. "It's yours remember? I made this for you." You told him.

    He reluctantly held the plush and stared at it. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't bad either. It had the perfect details of his hero suit. "Did you really made this yourself?" You looked taken aback before exclaiming that you made this yourself handmade.. With the help of tutorials.

    "Thanks.. Y/n." He muttered, averting his eyes away from you and the plush, his face turning pink. You smiled "I'm glad you like it." Then immediately, your eyes went to the bag of food. You stood up and walked towards the bag.

    You sat on the bed and patted the space beside you. "Come on, let's eat! I don't want this to be left to waste!"

    Bakugo gave you a small smile before sitting beside you.

    You both spent your time eating snacks.

    ☽✧ ✦ ✧☾

    With Bakugo:

    He went to his room after dinner, preparing to go to sleep. He took a quick shower and changed his clothes. When he went to bed, he noticed the plush you gave him. He laid down beside it and glanced at the plush.

    Bakugo hugged the plush closer to him and smiled, his eyes slowly closing.

    #x reader#katsuki bakugo #katsuki bakugo x reader #katsuki bakugo x y/n #katsuki bakugo imagine #katsuki bakugo oneshot #bnha #bnha x reader #bnha x y/n #bnha imagine#bnha oneshot#mha #mha x reader #mha x y/n #mha imagine#mha oneshot#katsuki#bakugo #bakugo x reader
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