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  • athenoot
    19.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    scars, blood, mud, and tears

    "he doesn't look anything like a hero."

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #boku no hero art #midoriya izuku#yagi toshinori#all might #i have not recovered from the recent chapter OHMYGOD #i'm in spain without the s #also happy father's day :D #i am so sorry yagi but pls come sAVE UR SON HE IS IN PAIN #im still crying #bnha manga spoilers #bnha chapter 317 #btw sorry if the 2nd pic isnt that clear dksjdk #digital#my art#athenoot
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  • robotlesbianjavert
    19.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    wanna be perfectly clear that not getting MVA right now like i deserve isn’t the only reason the rearrangement of portraying the Endeavour’s Agency arc first is bad. even tho it’s a very prominent reason.

    based off the shigaraki appearance and seeing hawks in the next episode preview, it seems like however they transition into MVA is going to be “oh the league is plotting something dastardly - how did they get to the point of being able to plot somehting so dastardly? how did they get these new allies? find out in this flashback arc!” which would be fine if it didn’t completely reframe the arc in order to continue seeing the league as antagonists first, potentially sympathetic characters second.

    the way we transition to MVA in the manga, the last dastardly incident that the league was involved in that needs answers would have been hood-chan’s frolicking, but that is more associated with dabi anyways. by the time we approach the arc, we have 1) a mysterious new group specifically targeting the league by holding an ally of theirs hostage, 2) reintroduced to the league being battered by my good friend machia, 3) and them killing fantasy racists so you can still see them doing bad things but not really feel too bad about it, cuz it’s just fantasy racists and 4) they are destitute and without the resources to do anything particularly dastardly. with all of that framing in mind, the story primes the reader to see the league as our temporary protagonists, makes it easier to sympathize and understand them and see the cracks in society that led to them committing the crimes that they do, even as they are very much definitely still villains.

    in the anime, by showing us ahead of time that the league has recently had some big victory, that they have these mysterious new allies, that hawks has infiltrated them (obvious in the next ep preview where we see glimpses of skeptic and slidin’ go), you lose that sympathetic setup in favour of the “how did our villains get here” stroke. not only that, but you lose a lot of the tension of MVA - how is the league going to get out of this situation? are all of them going to survive? the villains outside of shigaraki (and dabi for this arc only bc he obviously had the todoroki arc going for him) didn’t have guaranteed plot armor, and we’ve already seen magne be murdered as a means to raise the stakes for the overhaul arc. if horikoshi didn’t have plans for everyone in the league and needed to trim some excess, then this arc would have been the perfect time to do so. god knows that i was worried for spinner and compress the entire time. they were stuck in a fight against an overwhelming enemy while shigaraki was already strained to his limits after his bouts with machia, where even twice’s quirk being unleashed only just managed to level the playing field, where the only possible other ally they had was a giant brute also eager to crush them.

    the point here is that this is a really dumb decision. like objectively. 

    #i complained about this on discord but i'll complain about it more #bnha bloggin #bnha spoilers ?
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  • redoaktreehill
    19.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Silly thought but do you think that we, DFO fans, could obtain a small cameo in manga? Since public already started to guess who’s that mysterious multiquirk cryptid, what if there’d be rumours about AFO’s secret-

    #* shot * #dad for one #bnha manga spoilers #midoriya izuku#bnha
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  • kravisaweeb
    19.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    shigarakis white hair 💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💗💓💘💘💘💕💕💔💗💔💗💞💞💞💞

    #bnha spoilers #bones i forgive you for the horrible pacing this season..... #if you make the backstories bloody af i will forgive you for puttting E-agency first #IF YOU MAKE THE OST BANGING I WILL FORGIVE YOU FOR NO SHIRAKUMO
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  • todosiblings
    19.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    one shigaraki clip, one dabi screenshot, one redestro tease. lol okay

    #bnha spoilers #league of villains #my villain academia #dabi
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  • wonhoseokkie
    19.06.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Oh the new bnha chapter is breaking my heart 💔

    #what happened to dad and son?! we all know!!! 😭 #bnha 317#bnha spoilers
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  • lemongogo
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • nazunarunning
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    sick of not being caught up w the anime and seeing vague spoilers

    #I watch bnha w my sibling but they don’t wanna watch it rn :( #I’m. god I think we’re at ep 6 so we’re VERY behind BFNDNSNS #and. I do read the manga. but I started from the beginning. so it’s taking me a while #to get to where I am in the anime yk #I mean it’s fine I mostly don’t see it bc I filtered the tags but GRRRR #saw a lowkey major spoiler I think <3 not very happy abt that but oh well. it happens ig #ive had worse spoilers lol #okok I’m done FHFJDJDJD #jules.txt
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  • kile-the-phantom-thief
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I wonder why they didn't show the whole battle of Deika City in this new episode of mha

    And the fact that we're getting to the arc that broke a lot of people me, I'm a lot of people is scaring me

    #kile needs a life #my hero academia #anime #Seeing midnight makes me so sad knowing what's gonna happen #They were looking forward to more days like the day they had #How the future does not care about their wishes #bnha spoilers
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  • itsnothingofinterest
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You know, I think I might finally be on the hate wagon for this arc reshuffling. Because up ‘till now, I didn’t really mind the wait, I even got it because MVA is a better arc to end a season on. I was fine as long as they made the changes to make things work. Don’t show Hawks’ message to Endeavor, make the necessary cuts to keep certain scenes after MVA, that kind of stuff. I had hoped they could make it all work.

    I have suddenly lost that hope.

    Manga spoilers below; Guess what flashback from early in the Endeavor Internship arc they didn’t cut or move?

    (For reference, the top image is from the next episode preview, while the bottom from season 5′s second cour trailer.)

    That’s right, Hawks’ time at the PLF HQ. Like, from just the first screenshot, which I remind is from the next episode preview, the anime-onlies can tell Hawks (who they already know is a double agent in the League) is working with Slidin’ Go. And if the other scene is also from next episode (sadly likely since they’re trying (though badly failing) to hide who he’s talking), they’ll notice the League has all this power now and is also working with Slidin’ Go.

    And just to prove they are making a bad attempt at hiding who he’s talking too, and thus that this is not after the anime’s MVA, here’s that 2nd scene from the manga.

    Anyway, even assuming the best case where they only reveal Slidin’ Go working with Hawks; guess what the anime-onlies are gonna be able to really easily conclude as soon as they see Slidin’ Go approach the League as a representative of the MLA. That’s right, that they end up in the same side. What an incredibly massive thing to spoil. That’s...literally just the ending to the next arc; the best arc in the series.

    And now I’m genuinely wondering what the point of the reshuffle is besides spoiling MVA before the anime-onlies have a chance to watch it.

    (Oh, and while I’m complaining about this season’s handling, the song for the next OP does not seem a good fit for MVA.)

    God this is just such a bad handling of these arcs. Frankly, now I think they just shouldn’t have had the internship arc this season; they made JT last a while season, they should’ve just did the same with MVA. But no, they had to do whatever this was instead.

    #bnha #bnha manga spoilers #league of villains #lov #meta liberation army #mla #paranormal liberation front #PLF#slidin' go#studio bones
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  • helga-grinduil
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i really wish i could go to sleep and wake up next saturday....

    #bnha#bnha s5 #bnha s5 spoilers #and then i also remembered that there's no episode on july 3rd #FUUUUCK
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  • vulpestars
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am not dealing well with the dichotomy between the manga and the anime right now

    #izuku: smiles and laughs #me: cries#bnha spoilers#vee talks
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  • kibouhero
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    @dynamitem​ said: “Well no time like the present. Get snarky.”

    Izuku just pouted harder now. “Hey! You earned the snark that day!” he huffed. “The fact that I could even feel comfortable enough to do that was a big deal for me back then!” 

    #dynamitem #this is why he's upset that the anime cut that part out #lol #it showed the growth in their relationship #Deku felt comfortable enough to tease Bakugou #he didn't fear that Bakugou would hurt him or even if he tried #Deku could handle himself #bnha spoilers#crack
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  • meeko-mar
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    After we went crazy yesterday with the thread(s) about Bakugou being the one to retrieve our Wayward Deku, and Deku collapsing mid-fight with him from exhaustion, Yep, I had to draw.

    Katsuki carrying Izuku to safety so the boy can have a damn N A P. Probably what their friends see as he emerges from the aftermath of their partial blowout fight or when he walks into whatever they have for a safe house.

    As stated in my thread, he denies all help to carry Izuku because Katsuki now accepts and is actually kind of possessive of the full responsibility of helping to carry Izuku's burden, in a literal sense and a figurative one.

    Guys I'm actually really happy about this sketch :')

    #bakudeku#Katsuki Bakugou#bnha spoilers#bnha 317 #I AM COPING AFTER 317 #let bakugou carry izuku plz #He's making up for years of putting Izuku down #by picking him up when he's too run down to carry on anymore #and its gotta be raining lmao #I'm loving all the rain we're getting in the story #I imagine it starts clearing up once they get Izuku settled in anything resembling a bed #and he and Katsuki are allowed time to actually talk things out #then we'll see the sun again #Also Katsuki doesn't let a damn soul take him from Izuku's side this time #he's gonna be there when he wakes up so help him... #not like the hospital #THEY GET THAT TALK #Kacchan come get your boy #If all might can't reach him KATSUKI you'll have to
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  • bluntperceptions
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    They really said Christmas in July huh XD

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  • lupuswisteria
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay, since the sidekick type arc is starting, Itsuki is assisting works with some random heroes, at an agency close to home.

    #ooc #i could have picked Nighteye remaining agency but that wouldn't be fair #bnha spoilers i guess #anyway #gimme threads of the christmas party
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  • helga-grinduil
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    why so many people say rn that shigaraki's hair went white when he got afo? no??? hes hair went white during his fight with re-destro.

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  • falling-pages
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    traitor/villain Denki Kaminari

    Y'all I am so desperate for the traitor to be Denki. Like I don't think it will happen BUT I want to see him as a villain so enjoy these thoughts:

    (Disclaimer: I have no idea where everyone is on this so I'm tagging spoilers just in case, but there shouldn't be any spoiling done I don't think)

    Denki is so smart. Sure he can sometimes act like he only has one braincell and sometimes he places last in tests, but he got into UA. That is incredibly impressive! And he is one of the more powerful heroes in his class!

    That can definitely be preyed on by villains. Just imagine Shigaraki snaking around him whispering that they know how smart he is, they appreciate his quirk, they see what an intelligent fighter he is.

    No one really understands how powerful Denki truly is?? Like this boy can shoot ELECTRICITY out of his body!!! We are so lucky he is a good person at his core because if he even thought about wavering, he could destroy the world and then some.

    An electric villain would be absolutely TERRIFYING. Dabi and his blue flames are fine and dandy, but picture Denki Kaminari--fallen hero Chargebolt--with a scar running through his eye and Lichtenberg figures racing down his chest, connecting through his arms and palms. A villain who could take you out in the most painful way possible.

    He'd be a mastermind at torture.

    Imagine Denki killing someone. Watching the yellow in his eyes fade as his pupils completely expand, watching how he twists his fingers to pump out the maximum voltage. It's addicting, and he can't stop.

    The LOV can validate his pain. I headcanon that whenever he blows a fuse and gets the dunce face, he's actually in a lot of pain--his brain is melting from shock, and his whole body is numb yet on fire--but he can't articulate it. Everyone makes fun of him because of how dumb he looks but Dabi, who mutilated himself, completely understands the pain.

    Electrifying his weapons???? Making them conductor for his energy???

    Give me a Denki Kaminari who is the butt of all the dumb blonde jokes, spat on when he overcharges, not taken seriously and keeps having his pain invalidated and he just SNAPS.

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  • frogtastic
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    feeling a lot of emotions about The shigaraki clip

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