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  • sixerr
    21.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    I need to talk about this youtube channel I found that is 100% the kind of channel Ford would have if he was on youtube?

    His name is Will McDaniel and he does all these really fucked up videos with stopmotion, little informative videos about aliens and things from other dimensions? The whole vibe reminds me SO MUCH OF FORD LMAO.


    A link to his channel!

    WARNING THOUGH don't watch if you're squeamish because there's A LOT of body horror in his content, but if that sort of thing doesn't bother you his videos are super entertaining!

    Might have to re-draw some bits from his videos with Ford, I'm just obsessed with how much these videos remind me of something he would do LMAO.

    (Man if only we'd gotten some gravity falls shorts like Dipper's Guide in this style with Ford?)

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  • subterra-rose
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a whole folder full of Lilith art  😔

    #the owl house #toh#lilith clawthorne#lilith toh #lilith the owl house #the raven beast #raven beast lilith #cursed lilith#alex doodles #I love drawing this form so much??? I have at least six drawings of it LMAO #body horror
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  • msbelover
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TW/CW abundance of eyes, body horror

    The Knight watched the creatures, unaware what stood above them.

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  • tyrianlynch
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Turns out I haven’t just been reading horror bc I’m under stimulated in real life and it lets me feel visceral emotions in a safe context, but also because it’s the only genre that will hold my attention

    #I decided to take a break from horror and I’m trying to read that book that I know is right up my alley and normally would love #but my brain is just like ‘have any side characters died in the past 20 pages? no? boring!’ #‘what if instead of focusing fully on this plot you dedicate half of your focus to your body pain and intrusive thoughts and undying rage?’ #not ideal i gotta be honest #BUT I DONT FEEL LIKE BEING SCARED RN
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  • art-gally
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whips out an oc to turn into a knha villain.

    First day on the "job", got pulled into a dark alley by some thugs. Got poorly threatened by them. Laughed. Showed how to really scare people.


    Read right to left.

    #my art#myartstyle #my oc stuff #Ai found a new hobby in Japan #a villainous one! #mwahahah! #the internet can entertain them for some long #might as well see quirks in action in person #knha side character #oc: ai stark #knha villains #tw: body horror #body horror warning #tw: gore#gore warning #cw body horror #cw gore
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  • uninstalladblock4dd150n
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • veinwalk
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Art block really hitting, so take a really rough doodle that I’ll probably dump of centi-riain showing off gross mouth

    #ooc. general #character. riain #riain. reflection #mun. art #( his mandibles are hidden by a false chin that unhooks and spreads real open #i think the concepts i have are neat i just need to ... execute them ) #body horror // #horror // #ask to tag //
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  • orpheusbutqueer
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    TW// Blood & mild gore(?) if this even counts as gore. Possibly TW// Body Horror? I don't know if this counts so I'mma just say it does.

    Hc on the idea that Technoblade worships the Blood God but isn't the Blood God: the Blood God has a chronic condition where their body creates too much blood so they're always coughing up blood or like it's always coming out of their mouth or something. And maybe sometimes the blood just randomly comes up and let's call those attacks.

    Imagine Technoblade screaming "Blood for the Blood God!!" At his enemies during the fight and then over in the Gods' limbo or whatever the Blood God just has a hella huge attack.

    Imagine the Blood God appearing in front of Technoblade after it's all over to ask him to never do that again 'cause of the attack thing and that's why the voices chant it but he doesn't really ever seem to say it to his enemies.

    #TW// Blood #TW// Gore?? #TW// Body Horror(???) #maybe?? #I don't know if it counts #Technoblade#The Voices/Chat #The Blood God #dream smp headcanons #headcanon#mcyt
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  • flipendiphantom
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I promise that I’m still working on The Sound of Snow, just slowly. Here’s an unedited passage from the next chapter as an... idk. A sign that it’s being written?

    CW: minor body horror.


    Motion catches your eye; you twist away from the axe blade swinging at you, then plant your foot into the creature’s ribs. She falls, rolling side-over-side, and the axe clatters over the cobblestones. Without thinking, you kick it away from her reaching claws and break into a dead sprint. Between the door-sets is nothing more than a narrow corridor lined in haphazard wooden beams that can barely be keeping the ceiling up. But the other side is close. It’s there. There’s a piece of it visible through the grate set in the next door at eye-level.

    You hear the sounds of her getting back to her feet behind you. Steel drags over the floor as she retrieves her weapon. It won’t matter so long as you can get through the door before she does-

    A cold, half-rotted hand clamps down on your shoulder.

    Slimy spittle peppers your neck.

    The nails dig, puncturing your dress, scoring into your skin.

    Karl barks your name and the creature’s shrieking drowns him out. Thank God. It was probably another order for the goddamn javelin.

    The creature pulls you back. Your heel slips out from under your foot and gravity coaxes you down. Those dead, glassy eyes emerge from beneath the creature’s hood. The broken-toothed jaws drool and snarl, hungry for you. You forget who you are.

    You forget that you’re human.

    And you forget that you’ve been taken by a parasite.

    #the sound of snow #resident evil fanfiction #karl heisenberg x you #karl heisenberg x female reader #body horror #but only a teeny bit
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  • moonstalkerwerewolf
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    #Awooootobers 18-20

    Artwork and characters © @moonstalkerwerewolf.Please DO NOT repost or remove the source and comments!

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  • suntraitor
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    making my tumblr blog while manic is not fun but anyway*tears stomach out*

    #vent#body horror #wait do i have a tag #🥗.txt #ha#dont rb
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  • hoaxghost
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Angels designs for a lil personnal project I've been thinking bout lately

    #angels#angel oc#body horror#gore#original art#my ocs #my idea for them is that they are made from a texture that feels like warm porcelain
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  • razzle-zazzle
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Bonus Angst

    1439 Words; Needle & Thread

    TW for implied gore and mild body horror

    Cole followed behind the Dollmaker, curious what today’s project would be.

    The Dollmaker had taught him so much about how to fix things. How to fix people so they were perfect. From cutting apart practice dummies to see all the wrong in people to crafting things to put in them to make them right—Cole had learned so much under his master’s tutelage.

    Everything that was wrong with the human body, and how to fix it.

    No new dolls had been added to the Doll House, though, and for all that Cole adored the Dollmaker for all that it had done for him, he was starting to get lonely.

    Cole followed the Dollmaker into the workshop, immediately heading towards the cot.

    There was a new practice dummy today.

    This one was leaner than the last one, small and thin with freckles all over. The face—which was stunningly pretty, a constellation of freckles around sky blue eyes—was round, framed with auburn curls that were soft to the touch.

    Cole carded his hand through the dummy’s hair, marvelling at the feel of it—


    This test dummy wasn’t acting like other test dummies did. Its eyes were glazed over, distant.

    Why wasn’t it struggling? Why wasn’t it crying?

    Was it sick?

    Cole frowned. No, Dollmaker wouldn’t bother with a sick dummy.

    The more Cole thought about it, the more familiar the dummy’s behavior seemed.

    Almost like…

    Cole whirled around to face the Dollmaker, hand going towards the charm on his collar.

    The Dollmaker seemed to anticipate his question, though, as before Cole could even grasp the charm it spoke.

    “This one’s not a throwaway dummy,” It started, still organizing its tools. “This is your… exam, let’s call it.”

    Cole turned back to the cot. If the person laying on it wasn’t a dummy, then…

    Was it a doll?

    They certainly seemed pretty enough. Even the notched eyebrow added charm, rather than looking like an imperfection to fix.

    The Dollmaker scuttled over, laying out its chosen tools on a little tray near the cot.

    Cole grasped the doll-to-be’s face in his hands, lifting their head to get a closer look at them.

    Recognition glazed over with a heavy coat of confusion lit their eyes. “...Cole?”

    Cole promptly dropped their head, giving the Dollmaker a startled look.

    “He’ll need to know the name of his maker, won’t he?” The Dollmaker asked, handing Cole the scissors.

    His… maker?

    The Dollmaker did say this was an exam.

    Cole’s eyes widened with a soft whirr, a smile slowly spreading on his face until he was beaming.

    Carefully, he undid the straps on the subject’s left arm, scissors ready to cut through flesh.

    Cole’d be careful, of course—he was being tested.

    He couldn’t wait until his new friend was finished.


    Jay remembered now.

    Jay remembered now, and the knowledge left him terrified.

    He’d come to in what might have been a dark pit—it was too gloomy to tell, really, and Jay couldn’t exactly walk around and investigate—and he’d been pinned to a wall with his arms either side of him by virtue of his wrists being sewed to metal rings half-buried in the wall. His ankles were similarly sewn to the wall, keeping them together while Jay half-stood half-hung on the wall.

    Whatever this place was, it was far too drafty, cold air nipping at Jay’s skin.

    What hurt the most, though, was knowing that he wasn’t supposed to be here.

    Jay was supposed to be with the others, trying and failing to find Cole. Was supposed to be with Nya, safe in her arms and not…

    Not this. Not sewn to a wall like some weird crucifixion. Not scared shitless by the vague memories of scissors cutting his limbs open and everything in them being pulled out.

    And oh, if those memories weren’t foreboding. Whatever it was that Jay couldn’t fully remember, it had left his arms and legs feeling heavy and disconnected like dead weight.

    The ribbon around his neck extending off into parts unknown wasn’t helping much, either. But it wasn’t choking him, so Jay focused more on the inherent terror of being trapped in an unfamiliar place with full awareness of what was happening.

    He didn’t have to wait very long, though, before the sound of footsteps on stone rang out from… somewhere.

    A figure started to emerge from the gloom.

    Jay froze—not that he was really moving before—watching as the person started to take on a definite shape.


    Jay’s eyes widened. He’d know that silhouette anywhere!

    Miracle of miracles, Cole emerged from the gloom, looking miraculously unharmed and dressed to the nines. Black shirt under a shiny pink cropped jacket, pants leading down into combat boots.

    Jay could have cried as Cole approached, alive and well.

    Actually, no, Jay was crying, face damp with tears.

    Cole stopped a small distance away, but still close enough that Jay could see the eyeshadow.

    Damn, Cole was really going all out with this look, wasn’t he?

    The collar was probably important, though, the polygonal ring on it a potential clue as to why Cole had been missing this whole time.

    But still! Cole was here! He was alive! He was looking hot as hell!

    Which might not be entirely Cole’s choice, if the kidnapping theory was correct, but it at least meant he was being treated fairly well!

    “Cole,” Jay sobbed out, too happy to see his best buddy alive to care about the stitching, “buddy. Oh thank the First Master you’re alive.”

    Cole tilted his head quizzically, confusion thick in his eyes.

    Which really didn’t look right, now that Jay was looking closely. The colors were right, but they looked glassy. Crystalline, almost.

    And then Cole rose a hand to grab at the charm on his collar, hooking a finger through the ring and pulling on it—

    “Wh—” Jay gasped as the charm came off the collar, a long gold string following it. Where was the string coming from?

    Cole held the charm out, the string taut, and opened his mouth. “Hello, I’m Cole. It’s nice to meet you.”

    Jay’s heart plummeted.



    Cole smiled blithely, lips slightly parted. “What’s your name?” His mouth was open, but his lips weren’t moving to match the words why weren’t they moving—

    Jay started to sob again in earnest. Oh god. Oh god.

    Cole didn’t know him. Didn’t remember him. Was talking without talking like some creepy robot.

    Oh god.

    Cole frowned at Jay’s response, still holding the charm at a distance from his throat. “I asked you a question.”

    Jay blinked through the tears. Right. Positive thinking. He could fix this. He could help Cole.

    Jay took a moment to gather himself, then spoke. “Jay. My name is Jay.” He fixed Cole with a pleading look. “C’mon, Cole, buddy, you gotta remember me, right? Your best friend?”

    “I don’t really remember a whole lot of my wrong life.” Cole said softly, letting the charm wind a little closer to his throat. He brightened almost immediately. “But if we were close, then—then I’ll make sure you’re extra pretty and perfect when I’m done dollmaking you!”


    Of course, now that Jay was actually paying attention, he could see golden thread down the middle of Cole’s throat, like a closed seam. The seam disappeared under the collar of Cole’s shirt, but Jay could guess at how far down it went.

    “Oh god,” Jay sobbed, chest heaving as everything hit him all at once, “Cole, please. You gotta—” He sob-gasped, “You gotta snap out of this, buddy. Whatever’s been done to you—” another shuddered gasp, chest heaving, face sticky, throat tight, “We’ll fix it, okay?”

    Cole frowned. “I’ve already been fixed.” He stated, letting go of the charm, which began to slowly wind back towards the collar. “And I guess you need fixing, too.”

    With that Cole turned around, walking away into the gloom.

    “Wait!” Jay called out, trying to struggle against his restraints. Dammit, why did his limbs have to be so heavy? “Cole! Please!”

    Cole turned around, putting a hand to his lips in a shhh gesture. He reached up and pulled on the charm one last time.

    “You should quiet down.” Cole all but whispered, “Good dolls don’t talk when their voice box is all wrong.”

    Jay sobbed.

    Cole’s expression softened. “Trust me,” he said, voice even quieter than before. Jay strained to hear it.

    “It’s no fun having your mouth sewn shut.”

    And then Cole was gone, too far into the gloom to see, his footfalls fading as he left.

    Jay didn’t just remember, now.

    Now, he knew.

    And that knowledge left him terrified.

    #ninjago#lego ninjago#zaz writes#cole ninjago#the dollmaker#jay walker #gotta have that sweet sweet jayngst in your life #tw implied gore #a little epilogue of sorts now that the main saga of dollmaker is finished :] #cole was given express permission to speak in order to get jay's name and say hello #might continue this #might just leave this bonus episode as it is #let the readers imagine the ending >:D #body horror #gdmt gotta stop forgetting tags >:[
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  • griever-receiver
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    WIP whenever I guess (as I post this one minute to midnight here SMH). It’s a full moon and I’m deep in my D&D feels so you get a spooky and angsty unfinished scribble of my boy Bastian. A little context under the cut for those who may be interested:

    My Oath of the Watcher Paladin, Bastian, got cursed by an ancient dark fey-like creature called The Wytch and spends half of his time as a giant Cleric Beast rip-off werecreature that is completely under her bidding and part of his curse manifests as the constant feeling of having crows under his skin. Naturally, her messengers are many-eyed crows.

    #WIP junk#d&d#d&d: bastian #body horror cw #and yes for those who actually read my garbage tags i also use him as one of my hunters in tnp
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  • mychemically-imbalanced-romance
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    TW: eyestrain, glitches, extreme body horror

    intrusive thoughts go brrr

    #art#original art#tw glitch#tw eyestrain #tw body horror #tw gore#tw blood #tw intrusive thoughts #tw violence #tw disturbing imagery #i did this for school #and i worked way too hard on it #here you goooo
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  • plushiestims
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Stu Macher and Billy loomis stimming ^_^!

    (stu gifs are a repost from my main @/maurice1987s)

    #stim#stimblr#stimmy#body stims#scream#scream 1996#billy loomis#stu macher#horror#horror stim#movie stim #ermm how do i tag this. hermm.. #Anyway making the billy ones were harder than making stu's. pain #mine
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  • boygirldeer
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    hannibal (2013-2015) // twinkle lights by the sonder bombs

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  • the-slasher-files
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    GORETOBER DAY 14: Body Horror

    Yes I'm waaaay behind but oh well, I like this one of my OC Andrei Kulokova 🔪🐺

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