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    I just feel like posting this 🤷‍♀️

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    Prices Feet: 2 pics each Socks on- $10 Bare feet- $20 With body- +$10 Video- $35-$50 Mystery Bundle, 3 pics 1 video: $75 ------------------------- Body: one pic each Topless- $35 Lingerie- $45 Nude- $65 Mystery Bundle, 5 pics (if you want foot photos mixed in, just ask ^.^): $100 ------------------------- Undies: Panties- $45 + $30 per extra day Socks- $45 + $30 per extra day Bundle, (1 of each)- $80 + $30 per extra day


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    squish 💛

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    Summary: Reader notices spencer's headaches are getting worse, he wont take medicine or take a break, so she googles the best way to help. according to Rutgurs university... orgasms really do the trick.

    Warnings: medical talk, plus size reader, body confidence issues, virgin!reader, inexperienced spencer, masturbation talks, oral (female receiving), fingering, multiple orgasms, penetrative sex, creampies

    word count: 4.9K

    A/N: This one goes out to my fellow big girls; The girls too big to shop petite and too small to fit into plus size. The girls who have to make their own clothes because no one wants to cater to our needs. The girls with unwanted bellies and thick things that ruin the good jeans that make your butt look amazing. To every girl out there who doesn’t feel beautiful: you are. I love you❤️

    Spencer’s been in a slump lately.

    As a profiler, it’s her job to identify behaviour and so she can’t help herself from observing her coworkers. She has had an eye on him specifically all day; his head down on the desk, the way he winces when the phone rings or when someone asks him a question too loud. He’s in pain and she knows he won’t take anything to help it and he won’t ask for help, he’s just going to suffer in silence and hope no one notices.

    She notices so much it starts to make her heart hurt, after careful consideration, she looks into what might be wrong with him. Clearly, it’s a headache, she won’t know if it’s a migraine or pressure-related; if maybe he’s developing a sinus infection or— really the possibilities were endless.

    But she googled ways to help relieve headaches anyway.

    She stumbles across an article, “Treating Migraines with Masturbation.” It sounds like something he’d enjoy, because who wouldn’t? She smirks to herself as she opens the article, fascinated with what she learns. She reads the whole study, and then a second and then a third. It turns out that episode on Grey’s anatomy was right… porn and orgasms really do reverse pain.

    There’s a region of the brain called the nucleus cuneiformis which is activated during orgasm. The nucleus cuneiformis is part of the brainstem hypothesized to help control pain through thought alone. In essence, during climax, neurologists saw increased brain activity in regions promoting an analgesic reaction and a pain management response.

    Another explaining that the Orgasm releases many chemicals; endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Low dopamine levels often correspond with migraine symptoms, so the surge in this neurotransmitter further explains migraine relief post-orgasm.

    It was a simple suggestion… she just needed to find the right way to ask him if he’s considered it before. The thought of helping him crosses her mind slightly, it would be a blessing to bring Spencer Reid to climax and yet, she opts for simply offering him a ride home.

    She makes her way to his desk and squats beside his chair. She places her band on his arm and he jumps a little, looking over at her with a glare.

    “Sorry,” she whispers, “it’s almost the end of the shift, do you want a ride home? I don’t want you to fall asleep on the train and get lost somewhere.”

    “What part of geoprofile expert makes you think I’d get lost?” He defects, squinting in the light. “But, yes please?”

    She helps him to her car and she doesn’t ask what’s wrong, he’s waiting for her to, he keeps staring at her for long periods of time while she watches the road in silence.

    “Are you okay?” He asks, “you’re not normally this quiet?”

    It makes her smile, “I saw that you didn’t like the loud noises in the office today, I figured the sound of the road and the engine would be loud and I didn’t want to upset you more.”

    “It’s just a headache,” he brushes it off.

    “You’ve been getting ‘just headaches’ for a while now, and given my research, that means that they’re becoming chronic, due to the fact it’s been more than 15 days of you being in pain. And from that, I saw you always hold one side of your head and I’ve guessed their cluster headaches. You won’t take medication because of your drug issues and I’m sure you’re not sleeping either, I know you’ve tried sunglasses and dark rooms and lowered your caffeine intake, but you’re in pain,” she reads him like a book.

    He just nods, “I tried to get help. No one has answers for me, I've tried everything from breathing exercises to acupuncture, nothing helps. I’m scared, but they say there’s nothing wrong; I shouldn’t be alarmed but the pain is so constant, it’s hard not to be?”

    “Have you tried orgasms?” She just pushes the words out and hopes for the best.

    “Ha!” He is so shocked he just starts laughing, turning bright red and tugging at the collar of his shirt.

    “I’m serious, orgasms endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Low dopamine levels often correspond with migraine symptoms. Actually, Rutgers University did a study and found that participants first orgasmed by self-stimulation and then from stimulation by a partner; both methods activated the dorsal raphe nucleus which—

    “the nucleus cuneiformis in the brainstem, that helps relieve pain through thought?” He finishes her sentence and she realizes that she sounds just like him. Pressing her lips together awkwardly as he stares back at her in awe.

    “No,” he shakes his head earnestly, “I’ve tried.”

    “Tried?” She doesn’t mean to laugh, pulling into his apartment complex and finding a parking spot.

    “I uh,” he swallows sharply, “I need visual stimulation and the brightness on my computer hurts my eyes. But thank you for the ride, I will see you at work tomorrow.”

    She locks the car door before he can run away from her, “is there any way I can help you feel better?”

    “Uh?” He squints, his brain hurting more as he tries to focus, “no, not that I can think of? I think I just need to sleep…”

    “Spence,” she tilts her head as she looks at him, reaching out a hand and touching his knee, “I’m always here for you. That means; I’m here to give you something as simple as a hug, and even an orgasm? We can keep it between us if you’re embarrassed to have me touch you?”

    “What?” His whole body stills and she swears he stops breathing.

    “Oh my god, I’m sorry,” she panics, reading his expression as disgust rather than shock. “I should have known you’re not into women. I’m so sorry, you can go.”

    He laughs again, “I do like women, I just never expected you to offer to give me a hand job?”

    “Oh,” she feels less embarrassed now, still flustered, however. “I’d actually really love to… Can I come upstairs with you?”

    He’s speechless, looking for words that don’t exist; he simply nods.

    She unlocks the door again and meets him outside the car, walking close to him as he leads her inside and up 2 flights of stairs, still silent. His apartment is dark and he doesn’t turn the lights on, he simply closes the door and takes his bag off, “you can get comfortable, I’m going to lay down, I think I need a minute.”

    “Yeah,” she nods a few times as she looks around, holding her purse close for emotional support, “okay.”

    She watches him walk away and takes a few minutes to look around, placing her purse on his couch to be long forgotten about as she gets distracted by his shelves. Eventually finding his kitchen; she gets him a glass of water and finds a few candles and a lighter in his drawers.

    She knocks on his door and peeks her head in, “you can come in…”

    She sets the water on his night table first, “drink something that isn’t coffee, and I’m pretty sure these tea light candles are scentless.”

    “Why are you so kind to me all the time? No one else cares about my well-being like this…” there’s a pain in his voice that breaks her heart a little.

    “Well,” she sits down on the edge of his bed and thinks about it for just a second. “They got worse after Emily died and came back, and I know you looked to her for support by the way you seemed so helpless after. You couldn’t get the help you needed from JJ and Penelope is a little too overbearing for you to feel truly comfortable.”

    “So you feel bad for me?”

    “No,” she lies, she does feel bad for him but it’s because she wishes she could have cared for him longer. “I want to treat you the way you deserve to be.”

    “In your research did you see what the effects oxytocin has on the brain?” He changes the topic abruptly because she has no idea it seems like a topic change. It’s far from it.


    “Oxytocin is called the love hormone for a reason, it’s not just because you release it during sex or in labour when you first meet your child,” he shakes his head and leans in towards her more, “it’s because you subconsciously mark the person you’re sleeping with, there is a brief moment when two people reach climax and their oxytocin peaks, they become so attached that it makes their hearts physically ache after. It’s why casual sex never works out. It’s why a mother says her baby smells good enough to eat, it’s an all-consuming love that doesn’t dissipate.”

    “Is this your way of saying no?” She worries aloud, “because I’m not going to regret becoming momentarily attached to you.”

    He licks his lips quickly, staring at her far too long as he continues to stay silent. He lets out a shaky breath and finally says, “it’s not going to be momentarily for me.”

    “Don’t joke with me right now—“

    “I’m completely serious,” he cuts her off, leaning in even more and brushing his nose against hers, his eyes are so genuine she could get lost in the sea of chocolate.

    “I came here with the intention to just give you a helpful tip,” she whispers, biting her lip at the word choice, “not here, here, I was simply going to get you alone in my car—“

    “You’re a profiler and that’s how you’re explaining it…” he can’t help but smirk. “It sounds like you wanted to kill me?”

    “I just wanted to ask if you’ve tried masturbating without your friends bullying you!” She shouts it so he’ll stop teasing her.

    “I have tried masturbating, have you?” He’s trying to be playful and she can tell but it scares her.

    “No,” she whispers.

    “For headache relief, or in general?” His brow furrows and he looks genuinely perplexed as she shakes her head, “have you ever had an orgasm?”

    She shakes her head again, “have you seen me? I was even bigger in high school, I was a loser in college and I didn’t have time to have sex at the academy like everyone else, and now I’m way too busy with work to find someone outside of work.”

    “You’re beautiful,” he presses his lips together quickly and licks his lips the way he always does and it eases her anxiety. “I would have been blessed to have known you in high school, regardless of your size because you’re wonderful and you’re kind and you are beautiful in my eyes.”

    “You’re just saying that to make sure I still get you off,” she brushes off the compliment in defence, not knowing how to accept a compliment when she’s not a big fan of herself.

    “Why did you offer to come up here? First times aren’t normally a spur of the moment thing for most women, not that you’re not most women but you just seem like the type who would rather make love the first time and I don’t think yo—“

    “I have had a crush on you for a few months now Spencer,” she cuts him off this time. “It’s not like I haven’t thought about it… believe me, I think about it all the time. I’m always horny, I just don’t know what to do? They don’t teach you this stuff at school, I can’t ask my mom and if I google it; what if the FBI director calls me into his office about my internet usage?” She raises a brow at him, “I’m terrified of getting in trouble more than I am of having sex for the first time.”

    “Trauma with authority?” He says it so nonchalantly, with a nod and a smile it makes her laugh.

    “My dad’s inside voice was always at drill Sargent level,” she spits it right back and something changes in the air.

    He’s very close to her, his hand is on her thigh and she keeps looking at his lips, “why do you want me to do it?”

    “Do you want me?”

    “Don’t change the topic—“

    “Do you want me?” She repeats it, “Because if you do, I’m yours. I don’t want to fuck a stranger or try building a new relationship with someone just to see if I trust them enough to fuck,  it isn’t something I’m interested in doing right now.

    He nods and stays quiet and she knows he still needs her to just say it. “Not when I have the nicest, smartest and cutest man in the whole world 3 inches from my face.”

    “I’d say it’s closer to 1 point—“

    “Zero,” she cuts him off and kisses him, holding his face in her hands as their mouths collide, this is all she’s wanted for months.

    He’s so soft and hesitant to kiss her back, gentile as his hands reach for her hips, she gets more on her knees and breaks the kiss to look down at him, “do you still have a headache?”

    He nods, “yeah, but it’s not the most uncomfortable thing I’m experiencing right now.”

    She looks between them finally, smirking at the sight of his tented slacks, “can we just get naked and see where it goes? I have no idea what I’m doing.”

    He nods, “I don’t really either, I mean I know how to do it all, I’ve just not ever—“

    “Are you still a virgin too?”

    “No,” he shakes his head, “I’ve been inside someone, yes, but I’ve never,” he swallows sharply and she knows what he means and she wants to hear him say it so bad.

    “It’s okay,” she whispers, holding his cheek in her hand still she brushes her thumb over his cheek, “you can say it.”

    “I’ve never made love with someone before,” his voice is just as quiet but it’s so loud in her heart.

    She takes a deep breath and pulls her shirt up and over her head, “teach me how to make love?”

    He nods softly with a growing smile and she can feel that bond growing, the oxytocin rushing through her body and making him her person for the next— however long it took to make love with Spencer Reid.

    He gets off the bed and starts to unbutton his shirt but she pulls him in closer and replaces his hands, opening his shirt and kissing the centre of his chest, “I’ve always wondered what was under the sweater vest.”

    He laughs, “I’ve known you for 4 years, why have you never told me?”

    “I didn’t know I liked you this much until I googled it,” she whispers her confession as her hands roam his chest, stopping at his belt, she looks up, “and then all I could think of is how you’d look when you finish… and how you’d sound when you got close and I—“

    He whimpers and she immediately loosens his belt, pops and button and pulls the zipper apart. She just wants to hear him, pushing his pants down as much as she could before he finished the job. He returned and pushed her back against the bed, taking her pants off just as swiftly before she pulls him into another kiss.

    There’s something so human about sex… no matter how experienced you are, you know how to do it. She couldn’t help herself from wrapping her legs around him and grinding his erection against her aching clit.

    He breaks the kiss to move to her neck, kissing ever so gently as he slips her bra strap down, she’s breathless with want and her brain is still turning in circles but all she can think about is the ache between her legs, “is it supposed to feel like my vagina has a heartbeat?”

    He laughs against her skin, “yes that’s from the increased blood flow.”

    She hums, hand on the back of his neck, she plays with his hair as he continues to kiss her chest. He brings her forward enough to unclip her bra and work it off of her, kissing her breast gently before running his tongue over her nipple.

    She makes a sound she’s never made before, shocked more by the fact she reacted rather than the fact her nipple was in his mouth and it felt amazing. This was the last thing she expected that day and suddenly she’s nervous, realizing she’s not at all ready.

    “Spencer,” she sounds as nervous as she feels and he stops to look down at her.

    “What’s wrong?”

    “Can I use your bathroom really quick before this?”

    He pulls back and nods, “yeah, but don’t stress yourself out, I know…”

    She nods, “I wasn’t expecting this, I haven’t shaved or anything what if I’m gross? I don’t want—“

    “You’re not gross,” he assures her, “you’re a person, this is how real people look. By all means, do whatever makes you comfortable but I’m not turned off by body hair?”

    She lets out a deep breath and sits up anyway, “I’m just going to go, yeah, you know,” she’s not nervous she just doesn’t want to say it.

    He gets out of her way and points at the ensuite bathroom, “take a shower if you want, but also—“

    She turns to him abruptly like she’s scared of what’s next, “you don’t have to do this? Just because you suggested it doesn’t mean you have to follow through. I’m not going to be upset if you don’t want to anymore. For any reason.”

    “I want to, it’s just scary?” She whispers and she isn’t sure why but she’s walking closer to him again and pressing her chest against him, “you make it less scary, but I just don’t know what to expect.”

    “I’m not going to hurt you, I mean it might hurt, but I’m going to do my best to make it good for you,” he’s so genuine and soft that she believes him wholeheartedly.

    “I’m going to get my purse and freshen up, can you light those candles and really make it as good as you wanted for your first time?” She reads him like an open book.

    His speech about first times may have been about her but it was another deflection on his own behalf. She could hear that in his voice. He has his virginity taken hastily, and now he wishes it was with someone who loved him. She wasn’t there yet, but she had a feeling she’d love him by the time work rolled around tomorrow morning.

    “Thank you,” he whispers, brushing his nose against her’s once more.

    She leans in and kisses him one last time before retreating to the living area for her purse, she makes her way into his bathroom and just sits on the edge of the tub to think. She has baby wipes, she’s not gross and she knows that; she also knows he’s being honest that he likes her body regardless and yet she can’t stop herself from looking in the mirror and holding her stomach and arms, her legs and even her boobs. She feels huge compared to him and yet he likes her... he might even love her one day.

    He is the sweetest man she’s ever going to get and she’s not going to let her mean inner saboteur get in the way of her making love with Spencer Reid.

    She comes back out completely naked, watching the floor as she walks out; when she finally notices him, however, her jaw drops and her breathing changes, she can’t believe it. He’s also naked, lying in bed as he waits, candles it and the blinds were drawn, it’s dark and relaxing and absolutely perfect.

    “You look stunning,” he sits upon his knees a bit and she can’t help but stare at his straining cock, she’s never seen one in this context before, nor in person.

    She silently makes her way towards the bed and immediately kisses him as soon as she’s settled beside him, pulling him down on top of her, all she wants is to kiss him for now, to build that feeling back up and let him take her somewhere new.

    He grinds against her slightly and she gasps into his mouth, it makes him smile as he pulls back, “do you want me to teach you how to pleasure yourself first?”

    She nods furiously, “please?”

    He kisses back down her neck, over her chest and down her tummy and suddenly she isn’t scared. The more he kisses, the more he ruts against the mattress, the noises he makes, he’s completely turned on by her and it makes her come alive.

    She’s not scared in the slightest, raising her hips to meet his kisses, he holds her down as he reaches her groin and places kisses all along where her underwear would normally lay, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath just in time for him to spread her legs and kiss her clit.

    She shutters and jolts forward, reaching to grip his hair as she does so, “oh my god?”

    He laughs, “good or bad?”

    “So good,” it comes out as a half moan, “it’s never felt like that when I do it?”

    “I guess you don’t work yourself up enough…” he coos before dipping back down and licking a broad stripe over her.

    She tosses herbed back against the bed and lives in it, holding his hair in a death grip as he explores, she’s never done drugs but she can imagine this is what true, real euphoria feels like. There’s a bubble in her gut, the pulse in her clit, the wet heat between her legs, Spencer’s perfectly wet tongue, it’s all so intense she’s so close and then he adds a finger.

    She whimpers again, opening up slightly for him as he pumps in and out. The second is a bit of a stretch, but when he curls it she settles, he rubs a spot inside of her that she never knew existed and it’s bringing her so close to something she’s never felt before and she wants to erupt.

    “Spence,” she chants his name and he doesn’t pull off, flicking her clit in his mouth and curling his fingers with each thrust, he massages her g-spot lightly and she’s gone. Legs twitching, chest heaving, she shouts as she cums for the first time ever and almost rips his hair right out of his skull with how tightly she grips him.

    She doesn’t hear him whimper, she’s too lost in her own orgasm to realize he just came untouched because of her. She laughs as she comes down, absolutely shocked with how amazing it felt and how easily he managed to do it, when she opens her eyes and looks at him, he’s red with embarrassment.

    “What’s wrong?” She’s still a little breathless but she’s worried for him.

    “I uh,” he sits up and she sees the mess, “I’m sorry.”

    She smirks, “how long does it take you to get going again?”

    “Not long, why?”

    She tilts her head and looks at him as if to say, “you’re a genius; figure it out.”

    “Oh,” he gets it then, leaning in and kissing her once again, “I think you need more stretching if you want?”

    “Yes, please?” She whispers as she hunches forward to watch him do it, “it seems so easy?”

    He laughs against her thigh as he keeps kissing her, “it is, most people figure it out in adolescence… rubbing against things, corners of tables, teddy bear noses, the heel of their foot,” he keeps explains as his finger circles her clit and her breathing picks up again.

    “I did that,” she admits, “I didn’t know…”

    “How?” He teases her, running his forefingers over her clit gently and making her twitch, “have you just never been curious why this feels so good? Why have you never chased it all the way?”

    “Nervous,” she pants, “disrupted,” she can’t speak in full sentences as her head lulls back, “please?”

    He stops then and she whines, “why?”

    “You want more?” He teases and she nods, “let me put a condom on then.”

    “No,” she whispers, watching his face drop in concern, “I’m on the pill, and I’m allergic to latex…”

    “Oh,” he’s still hesitant, “are you sure?”

    She nods with a building smile, “is that better for making love?”

    She gets him to smile again, “it’s like you want me to fall in love with you?”

    “You could say that.”

    His shoulders drop and his lungs release all the air as he settles into the realization that she’s being serious. She wants him to love her, to make love to her, and from the look on his face, he’s wanted to do that for a while.

    He’s still on his knees, moving in closer to her hips as his cock bobs between them. She’s nervous and excited, the mixture of butterflies and sexual frustration is just enough to make her lose her mind, she wants him so desperately she whines as he drags the head along her folds.

    “You have to relax,” he reminds her, using his free hand to lightly trace the inside of her thighs, “do what I taught you, rub your clit while I put it in, okay?”

    She nods and reaches down, finding her clit and circling her middle finger around it her eyes close at the feeling and she finds a spot where it feels too good to be true, she lets a moan slip out, right as she feels the head of his cock enter her.

    It’s a tight, uncomfortable and yet intoxicating stretch as she takes him inch by inch, slowly as humanly possible, she takes a moment to look at him and he’s mesmerized by how he’s able to fit. She is amazed by how much she’s able to take, he disappears deeper and deeper inside of her and she can feel it all. She tosses her head back at the feeling, still rubbing her clit as he bottoms out and hovers over her.

    Boxing her in with his hands on either side of her head, he looks at her with the most hunger in his eyes, “are you good?”

    “Mhmm,” she nods, unable to speak without it coming out with a pathetic moan. “Please?” She moans anyway.


    She nods again and both hands come up to grip his shoulders as he pulls out and pumps back in. Her nails press crescent moons into his skin as she holds him, jaw-dropping in a breathless gasp as she experiences him in a whole new depth. It’s intoxicating, electrifying, magnificent, and every other word that has ever sounded good on Spencer's tongue could describe what it felt like to have him inside.

    Her hands find his hair again, tugging at the nape of his neck as he kisses her shoulder and rocks into her again and again, “feel good?” He teases, knowing the answer but just wanting to see if she’d respond.

    “Fuck,” she grips him tighter as his thrusts change, “go faster?”

    “Yeah?” He obliges by quickening his pace and reaching between them to rub her forgotten clit.

    It’s so much she shakes under him and moans louder than she’s ever been before, not even knowing she could make that sound. He’s not going to last much longer with how tight she is, how she looks under him and how much she’s begging for more.

    She wants to tell him she’s right there too; gripping his arm and mumbling as she trembles, cumming surprisingly and drawing him in more. She feels it in her toes, curling as she wraps her legs around him and holds him even closer. He’s not far behind, 2 more thrusts and he’s stilling as he cums.

    She feels it and gasps, pulling his hair to take his face out of the crook of her neck and smash their mouths together once more. It’s lazy and sloppy and absolutely feral as they come down together; addicted to each other.

    “Spence,” she finally pulls him back and looks at him again, “thank you, really, thank you.”

    “Don’t thank me yet,” he whispers with a smirk, “I still have to pull out and that’s going to be uncomfortable.”

    She giggles, “it’s okay.”

    He’s gentle but he’s right, it feels so strange. Her body sucked him in so much that it ached to see him leave, however, the oxytocin was nowhere close to dissipating in her blood. He was still very much a part of her.

    He gets up and heads to the bathroom, coming back with a warm cloth and her underwear, “did you want these?”

    She laughs, “yes please.”

    He cleans her up and helps her cover-up and then he surprisingly snuggles up next to her and lays his head on her shoulder.

    “Did it work?”

    He nods, “currently headache-free.”

    She smiles and presses her cheek to the top of his head as she holds him. “I read post-coital headaches are also quite common…”

    “if you don’t control your breathing or if you’re in a strange position, that’s where it happens, and if you’re dehydrated, speaking of: there is still water there if you need any?”

    He’s so cute and caring she can’t help but giggle again, absolutely giddy with the fact she just had two orgasms with the guy she’s been dreaming of for a while now. “I’m okay Spence, are you?”

    “I’m great.”

    It’s not very convincing, she takes the lead again and pushes him to come out of his comfort zone, “do you want to go on a date sometime before we do this again?”

    “You want to?” He sits up and those chocolate eyes are begging for her to say yes.

    “It wasn’t momentarily for me either.”

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    Can we talk about how hard it is for women to find shorts. Like I want something long enough that it minimizes chub rub. But like I also want them short enough that I feel pretty and not like that fat girl that has to shop in the old lady section. I mean is it really that hard. I mean I’m plus size but I’m a size 16 I can’t imagine how much harder it is for girls bigger than me. Like no I just want a pair of high waist Jean shorts that don’t show my ass and don’t ride up. It’s 2021 someone make some halfway decent shorts that don’t cost 100 dollars. Stores like torrid take advantage in my opinion b/c they’re selling the exact same stuff that forever 21 and rue 21 are but marking it up 10x. I get it more material more money but you can’t tell me that they’re not up charging a simple cotton sun dress when a small girl can snag one for 20$. I now conclude my frustrated adhd fueled rant after spending 2 hours looking for a decent pair of shorts.

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    Hope none of the neighbours were looking in the window 😇. Jx

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  • anyjoyogden
    30.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Saw this gorgeous photo of @lynleyeilers and couldn’t resist having a go at drawing this beautiful babe! Body positivity is such an important thing for everyone, you should be proud of your skin no matter what 💕 https://www.instagram.com/p/CR9P9Hbqq5o/?utm_medium=tumblr

    #body posititivity#art#drawing #black and white #b&w#be happy#inspo#female artist #girls support girls #lol #i don't even know how these tagging things work
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  • borealissystem
    30.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I like our stretch marks and scars- They tell a story about who we are and where we've been. They're nice

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  • bettygoesrawr
    30.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    This app makes my face look more narrow lol 😂

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  • applebees-bar
    30.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Booked a septum piercing for tomorrow afternoon.

    #me #guys with beards #beard #guys with long hair #guys in flannel #selfie#long hair#bearded#body posititivity#body positive
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  • scottishcouple
    30.07.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Can’t wait to have mascara running down my face later!! Jx

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  • eyecandyyyy
    30.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    🌼 the uncensored version is better 🌼

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  • scottishcouple
    30.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Casually waiting on D finishing his meetings….. How do I entertain myself while I wait? Jx

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  • vuittonmami
    30.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    What people think about your body does not define its worth.

    And it's also a shame to think that you need to fit into society's standards of beauty.

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  • mimimercy2020
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Slowly increasing my collection of shirts I can wear without a bra! Feeling super comfy in my body lately ☺️

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  • applebees-bar
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago


    #talk to me #me#selfie #guys with long hair #beard#bearded#long hair#body positive #guys with beards #body posititivity#frizzy hair
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  • applebees-bar
    30.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    It was almost a good day.

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