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    When ur mom pours boiling water on you when u were a child, sound familiar?

    Show: Hoshiai No Sora

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    Daily 2019: Boiling

    Playing with clouds again, working with color palettes. Angry water spirit

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    That night, when I asked you to leave, at the back of my head, I said, “Please, don’t let me go.”

    And the world agreed with what my heart wanted, and it shouted your name.

    But still, you left.

    I had to agree and surrender.

    Thank you for not choosing to stay. Cause I know, if you didn’t leave, I’ll never let you go.

    Thank you for not choosing to stay. It became easier for me to accept everything.

    When everything seemed right and normal even when at the beginning, it was already wrong.

    Thank you for not choosing to stay. You made the right choice.

    Finally, we chose something right for us.

    No regrets after all, for God has shown me that everything happens for a reason.

    See original blog here https://boilingwaters.ph/thank-you-for-not-choosing-to-stay/

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  • This is my mood right now. A boiling pot of water. This also serves as an expression on how my blood pressure’s doing.

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  • Though I always wanna talk to you, I don’t wanna bother you anymore. Ever again. That’s why here I am on the verge of unfollowing you on all social media accounts we’re connected at, because though this may seem exaggerated or unnecessary, I just really have to stop seeing your name and photos anywhere. This is my only chance at finally trying to stop liking you — and I hope it really helps because this is a risk to our friendship. You may or may not notice this, but just in case you do, I hope you don’t react negatively. I don’t know till when I must do this. Or if I’ll ever do. But I will really try my best to get back to you as a friend — without feeling anything for you more than that. Some say I must at least let you know that I like you before I let you go — which is ironic because there’s nothing about you for me to let go of since I haven’t even had you, right? But truth be told, it indeed is harder to let go of something or someone you haven’t really had because it’s like trying to keep a handful of sand only to find them falling as you grasp them tightly. It’s like trying to write a promise on water which will eventually get erased as soon as it is written. It’s trying to inhale all the air around you only to find yourself exhausted because you will never be able to do that.

    But though I have considered telling you my feelings for a lot of times — and I really mean that — a bigger part of me reminds me that I should not do so because it’s just not right. I have nothing against women who initiate and make the first move, in fact, I admire them so much for their courage and strength because that’s a little rare nowadays. And somehow, it just manifests how strong and sincere their feelings are for the guy they like. A lot of times I thought I could be that kind of woman, too, but I chose and choose not to. It’s just that, much as I welcome and appreciate how modern and changed things and norms are, I still distinguish myself as that type who continues to embrace the traditional. And for me, it’s not an issue to still believe and live by the traditions of letting men take the lead. At times I get shy that I still live by the old norms but I’ve realized I must take pride in it. It’s just a matter of personal preferences and there’s nothing wrong about that. Women can feel empowered in so many different ways. As for me, I still cling on what the Bible says, that men should take the lead because they were designed to take the lead. As a woman of faith, this means a lot to me. And I keep on reminding myself every time I’m triggered to just confess my feelings to the man I like, “I should not chase after him because I am the catch.” This is not about me thinking so highly of myself. It’s just that for me, I know my worth and I know what I deserve. I am worth pursuing. I am worth seeking. I am worth loving. And a love that is strong and brave enough to actually present itself to me is what I deserve. God’s will for me is what I deserve. People may call me idealistic or hopeless romantic or any other names and terms, but this time I wouldn’t mind. I wouldn’t mind because I am finally sure that my decision to wait is right. At times I may get impatient and insecure (and I really do. I often do), but I should always remember that I am secured in God’s plans and promises.

    So there they are — my reasons for not telling you I like you though I like you so damn much. And yes, I’ve written all of them here, but you’re never going to read them because I’m never gonna send this to you. These are for my girl friends‘ eyes only (and to anyone who will read my blog, just in case I decide to post it.) For now, all I can and must do is to pray for you. Yes, I will pray for you. I have always prayed for you, and you know that because I’ve always told you that — when we were still on speaking terms. I actually don’t know why we stopped talking. You just sort of drifted away but I don’t blame nor question you for that. It’s okay. It’ll be okay. I’ll always pray for you, not for you to be mine, but for you to always be happy, healthy, and safe. I won’t be able to tell you these straight to your inbox and more so to your face, but God knows that a lot of my prayers and stories are about you. And I will let that be as long as I have this thing for you. I will try to let this fade, but I won’t force for it to happen so quickly because that’s just gonna make it worse. Instead, I’m gonna let it die a natural death — like what they say. I don’t know when it’s gonna be, but I know it will happen.

    The waiting is crucial and challenging. Painful, even. But this, too, like any other trial, shall pass. There are wonders in waiting. There is wisdom in waiting. And God is working in my waiting. Nothing beats God’s time and will. So dear heart, be a little more patient. And self, don’t just wait for the right one, okay? Be the right one, too. Let’s continue feeding ourself with lessons, light, and love. ❤️

    #By sarahxmarion - June 11 2019171 #boiling water
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  • Your whumpee gets thrown into a vat of boiling water

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  • stewed prunes
    trust an old lady
    on this

    plum concentrate
    essence of summer

    add a cinnamon stick
    a slice of lemon zest
    you have an elegant

    glossy richness
    juicy and cold

    #prunes#stewed #prunes in a dish #boiling water #let stand overnight and chill #pure delight #cinnamon or lemon or nothing
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    Originally posted by bestillmybeefyheart

    Pot has come to a boil

    Watch it rise

    Hot angry foam

    Scorching water over the side


    Turn down the heat

    Wipe the tears from your face


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  • sometimes i think that maybe i could live alone but then…

    i remember one time i almost burnt off my eyebrows trying to boil water and my family banned me from the kitchen for 3 months and i’m still not allowed near knives

    #cooking fail #i was making ramen #boiling water #for dem noodles #pro tip make sure the stove is lit not just that gas #pro tip 2 if it’s not don’t light the stove right there #i speak from experience #painful experience #my poor eyebrows
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  • Rina: The water is boiling.

    Sakura: The water has reached 100°C

    Luna: The water is angry.

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  • To recharge your battery quickly without a recharger, follow these steps:

    1.) Put your kettle on boil

    2.) Take the battery for which you have no charger

    3.) Take the cup of coffee that has no more coffee in it because you drank it

    4.) Put the battery in

    5.) Smoke a cigarette

    6.) Kettle should finish boiling by now

    7.) Place the battery in the cup, make sure there is a trace of your caffeine left

    8.) Pour the hot water in

    9.) Leave for an hour

    10.) DO NOT FOLLOW STEP 10!

    11.) Leave the battery for about 10 ten seconds

    12.) Take the battery out, you should use your fingers…

    13.) Like this post, love it, attaboy

    Now your Energizer Battery is re-energized, thanks to the power of boiled water and discreet traces of coffee…

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  • HEY YOU!!!

    You boiled water to make a hot berverage and probably forgot about it! Go make that tea/hot chocolate that you wanted!!!

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  • Maekasa Hotspring, Mae Sot by romling69

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    Need your home to smell wonderfully seasonal?… Maybe next year since some of these require planning ahead o_o;; whoops

    Ingredients: [First, save orange peels in the freezer from any time you’ve used fresh oranges throughout the year. Aside from this project, frozen citrus peels of all kinds are great for deodorizing your sink disposal!]

    1 half a medium or 1 whole small orange’s worth of peel

    3-4 Cinnamon sticks, bought mine at H-Mart, suggest that you buy them in non peak times if you want them cheaper

    2 tsp vanilla extract

    1-3 drops clove oil, to your own taste [optional]

    Steps :

    1] boil about 1.5-2L water in a medium sized saucepan

    2] add all ingredients above

    3] reduce heat and simmer for 30-45 minutes. Keep a close eye on it! [e.g., stay in the kitchen and keep it company as you would any other open flame, if using a gas range.

    I guess just don’t forget about it if using an electric stove. Unless you’ve been plotting a modern art piece entitled “Burnt Refuse at the Bottom of Nonstick Pan”, Your Name, 2018.

    Oh, who are we kidding.

    Modern art pieces do just fine as “Untitled”. ]

    Enjoy the lovely scent!

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