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  • faeobsessed-cauldronblessed
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    lol jk our high lady is a charmer

    #a court of bongs and fangirling #acotar memes#acotar #sarah j maas #pro sjm #a court of silver flames #a court of mist and fury #acomaf#tarquin#feyre archeron#feysand#rhysand acotar
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  • imdedinsidex-x
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Good for him

    #Why is this an ad? #youtube you hit the bong too hard #Youtube
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  • jurnaltalking
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Where’s the Best Place in Australia to Find a Quality Bong?

    Whenever visiting a typical smoke shop, finding shelves with various smoking pipes, hookah accessories and, yes, bongs are certainly a common thing. These places try to cover as many corners of the market as they can, catering to every type of bongs that people usually look for. However, with limited shelf space and such a variety of different and conflicting products, you are rarely going to find the absolute top-notch quality, let alone the exact product you want from such a generalized source.

    This is why you want a specialized shop dedicated to the product you seek. This will provide you with multiple advantages, chief among them being the variety mentioned to be lacking previously. With all of the shelf space dedicated to a specific type of product and a specific demographic, there is a greater chance of what you seek being not only available, but also in stock.

    Along with this, there will be more competitive prices due to sales being offset by high-end merchandise being moved, as well as far more-informed staff due to the location specializing in what you are looking for. Even further, just about any reputable specialty shop is going to have an online storefront, something that comes with a lot more benefits than might immediately be obvious.

    With an online storefront, the limitations of a brick-and-mortar location are eliminated, such as finite shelf space for product variety, stock quantity and resources to answer questions and provide more information. Along with this, online storefronts are capable of offering competitive things that a brick-and-mortar location normally can’t. Without the overhead of running a physical store, prices can be automatically much cheaper, and various competitive measures can be put into place such as customer rewards, deals on various products, even discounts to try new things are more than practical and profitable when working with an online storefront.

    When it comes to bongs, ingenuity in their design is one of the things for which they are notorious, as well as artistic expression and stylization. There are always new innovations, new ways to enjoy your favorite tobacco, shisha or dry herb in a healthier form than a traditional pipe, cigarette or other unhealthy smoking method. Through one of the specialty shops, you can experience the latest technology, even custom-made bongs in some cases, allowing you to express your personality, creativity and interests in an interesting way.

    To put it simply, bong design has come a long way since the popularization of this smoking method in the middle of the century. Is no longer just a simple water-chamber smoking device, it is an elaborate piece of engineering that can allow for healthier ways of smoking, and a way to enjoy a great many more smoking products, dry herbs and much more.

    For those looking for the ultimate in bong technology, visiting a dedicated bong shop is going to be your best bet. On top of this, you can get competitive prices, a greater variety and the latest in new technologies and ways of smoking by visiting the various storefronts offered by the best bongs Australia shops out there.

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  • stillnotajedimaster
    26.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    It’s me awake taking bong rips

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  • 3minutesuntilblazingtime
    26.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Get your bongs and joints ready!

    Currently, it's October 26, 2021 at 04:14PM, so get ready to light up in 3 minutes!

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  • lemonsweet
    26.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    FINALLY done. Did one for Instagram and here was fun to work on

    #knives#body horror#horror #do i tag. fhe bong #six fanarts#endogeny#evil bong#freddy riley #i forgor what ghe source material is of some pf these guys so ik just gonna tag their names #heather mason#scary godmother#tiara petscop#huggy wuggy#ghostface#malak#chucky#death angel#my art #ask to tag
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  • faantasizee
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i love my illy

    #me#upload #girls with bongs #girls who smoke weed #stoner#stoner babes#mary jane #girls who hit bongs #stoned#i’m high #let’s get high #highlife#stoner society
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  • recoverabl3
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    -watch me smoke some s e x y weed❤💨❤

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  • shelovesplants
    26.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Parting is such sweet sorrow💨💨

    #girl's who smoke weed #weed gif#bong hits#bongs #hello kitty bong #smoke#high#weed#cannabis#marijuana
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  • dazed-n-confused-hippie
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • eaglebongsonlineheadshop
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • bongboyblog
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ✨Couple goals✨

    I mean... We Bengalis were always ingenious when it came to art... XD

    Img src

    It's a Kalighat painting btw. More on it here.

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  • starscar9
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Don’t mind the mess in the background 🙈


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  • tankglass1
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Things To Remember Before Cleaning Your Coveted Water Pipe

    Bongs are primarily of four types - glass, silicone, acrylic, and ceramic. If you’re new to the Water Pipe world, you must surely be wondering how to clean your bong. Everyone has been at this stage at some time or the other. A dirty, messy bong is an eyesore. They clog easily, taste horrible, are difficult to smoke, and can be unsanitary. Talking about the best way to clean a water pipe, there’s no cookie-cutter approach here. It depends on the type and size of the product. The cleaning techniques vary. Additionally, you have different methods of cleaning bong pieces, such as screens, bowls, down stems, and more.

    A basic backdrop

    There are many solid reasons to clean your Water Pipe on a routine basis. Proper cleaning kills bacteria, removes resin, makes your bong last longer, and guarantees a smoother and harder hit. If you’re a seasoned stoner or an occasional one, you may want to wait for tedious periods before cleaning the piece again because the process is apparently cumbersome and boring. It means that you might need a little convincing and push to initiate the cleaning process. You need to clean the water pipes every 3-6 months. Read on to know the reasons.

    The definite reasons

    Glass Pipes need thorough cleaning to kill the bacteria and germs accumulating inside. You also need to sanitize it. You need to know that at the end of the day, mold and bacteria can grow almost anywhere. Your bong is no exception in this regard. The little thugs love to grow in moist conditions, making your glass water pipe the perfect breeding den. If you don’t clean it periodically, bacteria will accumulate inside, which can be very dangerous. To reduce any risk of sickness or malaise, it’s crucial to eliminate mold and bacteria beforehand. These things grow faster in bongs that have water deposition on a consistent basis.

    Making it last longer

    It’s just like stagnant water in marshes or swamps breeding germs and bacteria. Water pipes too invite such infestation. Cleaning Glass Pipes regularly after use can surely increase its lifespan or potency in the long run. You may see people with that one old water pipe/hand pipe that they’ve smoked on so much and so frequently that they couldn’t handle or simply failed to discern the resin building up inside the product. Eventually, the pipe becomes useless and they have no option but to discard it. Don’t make the same mistake.

    In a nutshell

    While you have the bandwidth and resources to break any type of buildup with a few easy cleaning techniques, do remember that even a small layer hiding inside can pose a lot of problems. You may not be able to remove it, regardless of all the methods you employ. With Glass Pipes, if you have problems in cleaning more intricate and complicated parts like the percolators, bowl, or downstem, it can damage or diminish the long-term functions and performance of your glass bong. Do remember these points before starting the process. Visit Here: Tank Glass

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