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  • haitanix
    23.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    You would never say what you didn’t mean, would you?

    PART 1

    synopsis: You were excited and wanted to share some exciting news with your boyfriend. He on the other hand had only one wish for that night and it was to be left alone.

    Ran Haitani x reader

    warnings: none

    genre: angst


    It was a good day for you. You got a promotion at your job you really worked hard for and everything was just going perfectly. You came back to your and your boyfriend’s shared apartment. The plan was to prepare dinner for your boyfriend, his favourite food, share the happy news with him and spend time, just the two of you. You were way too exited as you were patiently waiting for your boyfriend’s return. Time passed, you were still waiting, hopefully, not letting it tick you off. You waited and waited and it was way passed midnight by now. The dinner you made already ran cold. You wanted to pack it all up and place it in the fridge but at this point you didn’t even bother. You thought about heading to bed but instead you sat on the couch in your living room turning on to watch a show. Not long after you heard the sound of the doorknob turning and you jolted. He was finally back. You sprinted to the door to meet him, still excited by the news of the promotion. Ran wasn’t having it tonight, the day was particularly rough for him and he was way too pissed off to even hold a proper conversation with anyone. He really hoped you went to bed and have fallen asleep. Unfortunately for him as he enters your shared apartment he sees you, way to energetic and excited for the middle of the night.

    You jumped around like a little kid, finally seeing him and wanting to embrace him so badly and share the exciting news with him. To your shock, Ran just passed next to you and headed to the bathroom. “Going to take a shower”, he said, not sparing you a glance. You felt your heart sink a little but you brushed it off.

    “Hey baby, i missed u so much, how was your day?”, following behind him you tried to start a conversation. He just hummed back and continued walking. You proceeded trying for this conversation and started talking about your day. Ran just heard noises and ciuld just not take it anymore. He turns to you and coldly says: “Geez for fucks sake Y/N, can you shut the fuck up for a bit, you’re annoying the living shit out of me”, you felt your heart sink further. If that wasn’t already enough he proceeded with a “should’ve fucked with Kanna when I had the chance, I’m sure she’d leave me the fuck alone and not annoy me”. But once those words left his mouth he was aware of what he just did. You just stood there, unable to make a single move, thinking if you let just one tear spill, you’ll break down completely. Ran seeing you like that he jolted to you. As he moved forward and extended his hand to you, you flinched and found some strength in you and moved back a few steps. Your reaction broke his heart and he already cursed himself for every single word said.

    “Y/N. Im so sorry, I didn’t-“ Ran tried to speak.

    “NO- don’t. Don’t even try saying now how you didn’t mean it Haitani.” He broke even more hearing his last name escape your lips. You moved even further away. “You would never say something you didn’t mean, isn’t that right? Isn’t that what you always told me?” you still stood strong pushing the tears away as much as you could. “So you must’ve subconsciously thought abt it to let it slip huh?“ you continued.

    No, love, I am really sorry, I really didn’t. It was just a bad day-“ Ran tried again.

    “Spare me Haitani, you could’ve had a different approach if u wanted to, so i really don’t want to hear it anymore.” You couldn’t be there anymore, not in the same room as him, not in the same apartment, at least not for now. You moved passed him and took a little bag and started packing some essential things opting to stay with your best friend for a few days instead. As he saw that scene in front of him he rushed to you and tried to take your hand but you pulled it out of his grip.

    “Don’t- please. I can’t be around you right now”, you told him.

    “Y/N please it was a mistake, don’t leave me, I love you so fucking much, just please-“, Ran pleaded.

    “Stop, please. It’s alright. I just need some time, so please let me have that”, you took the little bag n started walking towards the front door. Ran followed, still trying to plead with you and make you stay but you didn’t register him anymore. You opened the front door and left just as fast, leaving Ran on his knees the moment the front door closed shut.

    When he collected himself a bit, he stood up and proceeded to the kitchen just to be met with his favourite food and a perfect dinner you made for the two of you. He felt even worse about the whole thing so he just proceeded to the bedroom, hoping if he fell asleep it would ease his mind a bit. Before he closed his eyes n tried falling asleep he takes his phone to check if there were some messages. On instinct he opened your profile and saw a new photo you posted. It was you and a couple of your work colleagues celebrating something that seemed like a promotion. He immediately remembered how you had a tough time when it came to trying for the promotion, how you worked extra hard and gave your everything to manage and achieve this, and then it clicked to him. This was what you were trying to tell him, you wanted to share something positive and show how all your hard work paid off and what did he do, acted like you were some trash he couldn’t spare a minute of time for. That night he didn’t manage to get even a minute of sleep thinking of what he can possibly do to make it better…

    …to be continued in part 2

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  • teruyuji00
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Lol so Bonten Sanzu and Rindou blasting Last Friday Night by Katy Perry loudly singing- YELLING out loud and the others think that their just singing then sound only to find out that...They really did what they were singing.

    Like when she says,

    Last Friday night

    Yeah, I think we broke the law

    Always say we're gonna stop, whoa

    This Friday night, do it all again

    But this Friday night, do it all again

    Trying to connect the dots

    Don't know what to tell my boss

    Think the city towed my car

    Chandelier is on the floor

    Ripped my favorite party dress (suit)

    Warrant's out for my arrest

    Think I need a ginger ale

    That was such an epic fail

    Pictures of last night ended up online

    I'm screwed, oh, well

    It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled


    And the others reactions:

    Mikey- ( ̄^ ̄) unbothered

    Ran- (T_T) sad that they didn’t invite him

    Koko- ಠ_ಠ mad that they towed HIS car

    Akaashi- ∑(゚Д゚) they used his black card

    Kakucho- (o_o) shook at the mess they made

    Mochi- -_-b wondering wth is wrong with those two

    The crazy duo that we all love!

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  • doinmybesthere
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ran haitani x f!reader

    summary: after a whirlwind summer romance, you and ran hatani part ways. you go to college, and then law school, and he descends further into the darkness. 7 years later, you call him for a favor, and it plunges your world into chaos.

    a/n: super self indulgent action adventure, smut, danger, romance. the chapters with smut will have specific tws for the content of the smut. guns, violence, etc, same tone as the show, so if you can handle that you should be able to handle this.

    join the taglist |  series masterlist | previous chapter 

    network - @http-404-error-unknown

    In the car, Ran gets on the phone, preparing to swallow his pride, counting the unmarked bills twice to make sure he’s got the right amount, and drives across town, parking on the roof of a nearly empty parking garage. He’s never met this contact before, only facilitated exchanges of information between emissaries.

    He lights a cigarette in the backseat, waiting. After a few minutes, he hears a knock, and then scoots across the seat, leaving one hand on his glock, face calm. The door opens and he lets out a low chuckle.

    “Jesus fucking christ.” Tooru Yukihira shakes his head. “Guess I’m ceeding the moral goddamn high ground” Ran smiles, canines visible in the low light.

    “Hmmmm,” he considers. “You have the C.I. list?” The dark haired man nods.

    “You gonna fuck my girlfriend?” He asks, reaching into his jacket. Ran considers.

    “Well you certainly don’t deserve her, but seeing as her mother is likely dying as we sit here I don’t think she’ll be in the mood.” There’s a pause.

    “You know you’re not good for her.” Tooru leans forward. “Man to man, if you gave a shit about her, you know you’d leave her alone.” Ran takes a long drag of his cigarette, staring out the window.

    “Here’s my thing,” he says, blowing smoke, “I don’t believe in good or evil, I don’t believe in morality, or heaven or hell, I think we get one shot at this life and then it’s nothing, absolute blackness, over, void.” He stretches and Tooru’s struck by just how large Ran is, in a creepy, imposing way, broad shoulders, long arms, eyes dark and cold. “And there are very few things that I enjoy in this existence,” he looks out the window into the darkness, “Expensive whiskey, the look on a mans face when he knows I’ve got him beat, and the sounds that girl makes when I fuck her deep and slow.” He takes another drag, the tip of his cigarette glows in the darkness. “So no, I don’t care what’s good for her, cuck. Give me names or I’ll put a bullet in your head for wasting my time.” Tooru swallows, handing him a manilla folder.

    “Here you go.” He says, reaching for the door, and going pale when he hears the doors lock.

    “One more thing.” Ran says, as if he’s just remembered. “Put your hands on her again, and it’ll be the last thing you do.”

    “Y-yeah, uh, okay.” Tooru tries the lock on the door again, and Ran giggles, watching his desperation before clicking the fab and watching the man burst out into the night stumbling back to his car. Ran taps on the partition.

    “Ah, yeah, take me back to the office.” The car drives off and Ran leans back in his seat. If he weren’t looking at his phone, maybe he’d have seen Tooru straighten up, and roll his neck, a chilling smile spread across his face.

    He makes it back to the skyscraper that the Bonten offices are in, flashing ID at the front desk, as if he wasn’t instantly recognizable, the folder tucked to his chest. The elevator rockets him up to the 82nd floor, and he strides right up to the room he knows Mikey is working late in. He knocks and the door opens.

    “What’s up?” Hanma stands from the couch, Mikey’s slumped over the desk, napping.

    “He knows he’s got a bed right?” Ran drawls, and he shrugs.

    “I don’t think he likes to sleep, I think he likes to nap.” Ran hands him the folder.

    “I checked this out,” he says, “It’s pretty legit, but do some diligence before you let Sanzu shoot them, alright?” He nods.

    “You look pleased with yourself.” He says, and Ran smirks.

    “Well I got what I wanted, which I suppose, looking back on it, was inevitable.” Hanma gives him a sly smile. His phone vibrates, and he lifts a single finger, stepping outside the office to take it.

    “How is he?” He says, not bothering with niceties.

    “Sedated.” His man says. “But he fought hard, not sure he believes we’re takin’ him to his sister.”

    “I want to see him before she does.” Ran orders. “You can bring him to my place. In the morning, sober him up as best you can.”

    Later that evening he brushes his teeth, admiring his tattooed muscle in the mirror, adding to the list of things he enjoyed about his existence, thousand thread count sheets, dark deep coffee, the rings he removes before bed, the shower that fills with the perfect temperature steam, the lingerie he’d buy for you, the pretty red leather against your perfect skin, how you’d look up at him on your knees, completely at his mercy- fuck it, he grabs a bottle of lotion and collapses in soft armchair, tugging his cock loose from his briefs, rubbing his thumb across the tip, smearing the pre that had gathered at the mere thought of your touch. He imagines his hand digging into the plush of your hips, your thighs, burying his face between your perfect tits, the smack of his hand against your bare flesh, the marks he’d leave on your body, maybe he’d make you get his name tattooed somewhere, just the thought of that makes him groan loudly.

    Even better, he seethes, even better that now you were smarter somehow, and powerful, you could work, that’s fine, but at home you’d get on your fucking knees for him, cook for him, let him take care of you, and just like that his whole body aches with the need to be inside you, to see what beautiful music he could coax from your mouth with a roll of his hips.

    A nurse brings you a blanket and you thank her, settling into the uncomfortable plastic chair. Ran’s wrong, you think, Tooru doesn’t call, and you’re almost grateful, deeply emotionally spent after the long day, the intense car ride, and now, this. You sigh, and you wonder if your mother will wake up again before she slips from this world, the thought tearing at your insides.

    “In case you haven’t heard it tonight,” you hear a voice at the door, “She’s lucky to have you.” You jump, you’d been drifting off to a reluctant dreaming state, when you gasp and glance at the door, a different nurse from the one who brought you the blanket is standing in the door way.

    “Thank you.” You say, very quietly. “I’m afraid I’m not always confident in that.” She nods, padding softly into the room, lifting your mothers chart from the end of the bed. “How is she?”

    “Stable,” the nurse says, a curious kindness in her eyes, “You’re her only surviving relative, right?” You laugh lightly.

    “My brother will be here in the morning.” Your throat is tight. “And she never divorced my father. So theoretically, that bastard is out there, somewhere.” She shakes her head. “Are you new, I um, I haven’t seen you around before?” She shrugs.

    “We all trade shifts.” She checks your mother’s IV. “You uh, you seein’ that boy,” she gestures to her head and you know she’s referencing Ran’s candy colored locks.

    “I mean only in the sense that when he’s there in front of me I’m looking at him.” You say, and rub your eyes. She laughs.

    “I lost my son,” she says, “To men with tattoos like his.” You swallow nervously, nodding. “You might wanna think about not seein’ him.” She fluffs your mother’s pillow. “Even if he’s right in front of you.”

    “Ahh, noted.” You breathe, voice barely a whisper.

    “Can I getcha some coffee?” She asks and you shake your head, world fishbowling.

    “I’m just going to try to sleep, thank you.” She laughs again, and it’s a deep sound, resonating through her stomach.

    “Practice keepin’ your eyes closed.” She says, ``I like it.” Compared to Ran’s, your dreams are fitful, full of tall men with guns, the death threats you received casually, accepted as part of your job, coming to life in the form of dark shadows, chasing you down an empty, endless hospital hallway.

    Ran throws on his thick, luxurious bathrobe when his apartment buzzer goes off. He grabs a gun from his bedside drawer before he checks the peephole and answers the door. Two men come in, dragging Kaoru’s semi limp form into the penthouse suite.

    “Jesus,” Ran says, digging in his pocket for a cigarette. “Kaoru I know it’s been a long time,” he lights one up and takes a long drag, “But you look like shit, man.” It’s true. His boyish cheeks are sunken, and he’s in need of a bath, a shave, and a haircut. “When’s the last time you saw your sister?” Your brother lifts his head and scowls at Ran.

    “Stay away from her.” He says, and there’s burning anger in his eyes.

    “I don’t think I’m going to!” Ran says brightly. “And you have no say in the matter. Answer my question, please, I’d like to avoid any unpleasantness.”

    “Two years.” Kaoru mutters, and then stares out the window. “She got out, okay, you should leave her alone.”

    “Not super interested in should,” Ran says, pulling up a chair. “You, however, are going to rehab.” He holds up a hand. “No need to thank me.”

    “Fuck you,” Kaoru spits, and one of the men socks him hard in the jaw. “You’re gonna send me to rehab, for what, to impress my sister?” Ran chuckles.

    “No, I don’t need help impressing your sister.” He sighs. “This was your decision. You want to go to rehab.”

    “Fuck you.” Ran raises a single eyebrow, and then the man’s fist cracks against Kaoru’s face again. “What, why are you-”

    “You all think,” Ran interrupts, leaning forward, “That because I’m not a good man I can’t be good for her,” he takes another drag of the cigarette. “And that’s simply not the case. You want to go to rehab, you decided on your own, and you’ll be checked in as soon as you finish visiting your mother in the hospital.”

    “The hospital?” Kaoru repeats, blinking at the taller man, for the first time seeming genuinely caught off guard.

    “Your mothers cancer metastasized about six months ago. Your sister told me that it has not been responding to treatment, and she doesn’t have much time, which is why she contacted me, to find you.” He shrugs. “And as thanks to you for bringing her back into my life, I will pay for your rehabilitation at the most expensive facility in the country. No need to thank me.”

    “I,” he blinks a couple times, “Because of me, she called you?”

    “You know I often partake in substances for fun,” Ran muses, “But god someone put a bullet through my head before I fry my brain like yours is. Yes. Your mistakes brought me back into your sister's world, and not to worry, I’m going to take very, very good care of her.” Kaoru’s eyes widen, and he launches himself at Ran, only to be quickly restrained by the two men. “Clean him up,” Ran orders, “Give him whatever he needs to chill out but keep him conscious, I’m going to leave for the hospital in half an hour.” He leaves Kaoru, yelling, screaming, kicking and fighting in the foyer of his apartment, and goes to his closet to pick out an outfit.

    You wake early, golden light splintered to shards on your mothers bedspread, cut by the blinds. Your legs are asleep, and you stumble on pins and needles to the bathroom, grateful for the mouthwash Ran bought you, dabbing at your own face with a wet paper towel. You make your way to the cafeteria, looking for coffee, anything, groaning when you see you have a voicemail from Tooru. You buy one large black coffee, and down it before purchasing another to take back upstairs with you. You take a moment and listen to the message in the stairwell. Hey, I uh, I’m sorry, obviously, I just, I got in my head, and insecure and you don’t need to deal with this stuff right now, you’re right. I only called to say that I’m right, and you know it, about Haitani. So just, try not to let your stubbornness put you in danger. I love you, call me when you can.

    You sigh deeply and leave the stairwell, making your way back to the room, only sitting for a moment before the silence is interrupted.

    “Morning,” Ran says, and he leads Kaoru into the room. It’s been two years since you’ve seen him, and yes, he looks different, he has new scars, and freckles, and he’s lost weight but you look into his eyes, and you leap for him.

    “Kaoru!” You cry, throwing your arms around him. He hugs you back, throat tight. “I’m so fucking mad at you,” you whisper, still hugging him. Tears start to leak from his eyes, and your own.

    “I know,” he mutters, “I’m uh,” he glances at Ran, “I’m gonna go to rehab though. For real this time.” he wipes his face. “I can’t keep running from shit, you know?” You nod, pulling away and giving his upper arms a squeeze.

    “I know.” You answer. “I completely understand.” He nods, and looks past you at your mother, so small in her hospital bed.

    “She said anything to you?”

    “Not for a couple weeks.” You wipe your eyes. “It uh, she might not wake up again.” Ran coughs, scooting past the two of you, painfully squeezing Kaoru’s shoulder. “I’ll give you both some time, and I’ll be right outside.” You whirl on him, and grab both of his huge hands,

    “Thank you,” you whisper. “Thank you so much.” He gives you a wry smile, and makes quick eye contact with Kaoru before kissing the top of your head. Kaoru scowls at him as he leaves, and Ran just grins wider.

    “Really?” He says, looking at you skeptically. “You’re really involved with him again?”

    “Not romantically.” You protest. “I’m um, did you meet Tooru, when I was in law school?”

    “He’s a prick too.” Kaoru shakes his head. “You’ve got terrible taste in men.”

    “Well I didn’t exactly have anyone to model healthy relationship behavior.” You glance at your mom. “Thought maybe that would wake her up.” Kaoru chuckles, shaking his head. “You are going to rehab,” you reach out and touch his arm, “For real this time?” He swallows, thinking of the men with guns who had shoved him into the back of a car, and sped off.

    “Yeah.” He shrugs. “Guess I am.” You give him an odd look, but let it slide.

    Ran is pacing in the hallway, he knew you’d want time with your brother but it’s been an hour, he’s tapping his foot impatiently, checking his watch. One of the nurses keeps shooting him dirty looks and there’s only so much email even a high ranking member of a criminal organization gets. He’s about to interrupt, hoping it won’t burn the goodwill he’s built with you when you step outside, rubbing your eyes.

    “They just,” you yawn, “They just told me she’s stable, for a bit, I’m gonna get a taxi, let Kaoru take a shower at my place and sleep.”

    “You can’t leave him alone in your apartment,” Ran says, it’s ridiculous, really you have no sense of self preservation, “He’s a drug addict.” You glance over your shoulder.

    “He seems calm, and he’s my brother, Ran, I know him.” You chew your lip. “But um,” a shiver runs down your spine and he watches the tremor rip through you, “If you think that it’s dangerous, then maybe I should listen to you.” Yeah, duh.

    “I can come?” He offers. “That way you can shower and nap and relax.” Your jaw sets, and he watches you consider, “Don’t think about Tooru.” He touches your shoulder, giving you a squeeze. “Do you really want to date someone who’d try to tame you?” You blink up at him. “I heard, what he said at the party, how he didn’t stand up to his father for you. You’re gonna spend the rest of your life fighting against men like that. Don’t tell me you also want to sleep next to them.” You groan.

    “I hate when you’re right.” You pinch the bridge of your nose. “No funny business.” He snorts.

    “Funny business? Are you a cartoon housewife? D'ya know where my keys are too?”

    “I seem to recall,” you glare at the bonten executive, “A time when you would have been pleased by any indication of housewife tendencies from me.” He smirks.

    “It’s true that I think you’d look sexy in an apron,” he says, raising a finger, “But you’re too exhausted to argue with me any further, I can tell. Let’s go back to your place, alright?” You nod dumbly, having barely slept in the plastic chair. Kaoru scowls when he realizes Ran’s accompanying you, but there’s nothing he can do about it, except glower at him when your back is turned. Ran’s driver takes you back, and you sleepily lead the two men up several flights of stairs to your door.

    “Was it really that important no one sees us together?” Ran huffs, and you nod.

    “I’m a public figure and you’re well known for being,” you grunt a little, forcing the door open, “I don’t know actually, what you would call yourself.” You step into the apartment.

    “A businessman.” Ran says, mocking injury in his tone as he looks around your place. Kaoru pushes past you both, grumbling as you point him to the bathroom, and he closes the door, and turns on the water. “Alone at last,” he coos and you laugh sleepily,

    “Kaoru, when you’re done, the guest room is down the hall, I’m gonna crash, okay?”

    “Fine.” Your brother says through the door. Ran shifts his weight in the hallway, standing behind you wondering how pushy he can get before you-

    “Hey,” you break him out of his scheming. “Are you gonna make me beg?” He follows your eyeline to your bedroom door.

    “Yeah probably, at some point.” he says, lips curling into a predatory smile. You rub your eyes and lead him into your bedroom before flopping hard on the mattress. He shrugs out of his suit jacket and kicks off his shoes, lying down across from you. “You’re so pretty, he murmurs, as your eyes shut. You hum your disagreement, but he doesn't have the energy to push the issue. Not when finally he’s got you where he wants you, finally you’re starting to trust him. He waits until your breaths are even, and you snore softly before speaking, and waits until he knows you can’t hear. “I missed you.” He says very very quietly, the last soft part of his soul aching as he reaches out and tucks your hair behind one of your ears. “And when you wake up I’ll be here.”

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  • takalzuoom
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    tw: written on my phone

    cw: manipulation, cheating (written during tenjiku <3)

    this is also written loosely so imagine it however you want >:)


    just one of the haitani brothers cheating on their partner is very fascinating to me

    because you know they’ll both cover for each other- it coming like second nature to help the other in whatever thing they were gonna do.

    so helping a bro score more than 1 was an easy yes- morals seeping out the window as the the two brothers knew how much you meant to the other- but they just needed variety. something to pass the time while you were busy

    you wouldn’t want them to be bored, right? that’d be really inconsiderate of you ya’ know. keeping him all for yourself? how selfish could you be?? yes he loves you and you’ll always be his #1- but he can’t be caged down. life’s too short for only one partner.

    so why not spice it up with an ugly, disgusting side piece. as you were- of course the #1 person in his life.

    besides his brother of course

    ran would cover for rindou when you asked him ‘ if he was alright, and why wasn’t he answering your calls.’ telling you that he didn’t feel so good and was in bed resting and that you couldn’t come over to check on him since it would just break rindou’s heart if you got sick.

    when he was really out on the town with some girl in the streets of roppongi.

    or when ran is out in public with that one burnette he saw the other day. a sleazy arm wrapped around the girl who hung around him like a koala, a flirtatious smile on her face flatteries flew out her mouth like honey.

    but rindou, who had important busy to attend to as he saw you out with your friends by one of the shops you frequented to. he decided to give his older brother a little heads up. calling him as his eyes lazily watched you giggle with push your friends. a simple word leaving his lips once ran picked up.

    a code word if you would

    it’s something stupid too- half assed even.

    … coconut

    one day as they were in the market they saw a coconut in one of the fruit stands- and thought of you and decided that ‘hey, that sounds like a pretty cool code name for your partner’

    his furrows lifted lazily as a smile lifted on his face. face lighting up like a light bulb.

    he laughed a little as the image of your smile flashed in his mind. ‘shit your right. nice going bro’ he laughed, nudging his arm.

    when they had so much other things to think about they thought about you.

    how thoughtful of them :)

    but you’d never catch on- at first.

    okay. yes.

    the red flags were there, waving erratically in the wind, almost breaking the stick it was hoisted on.

    one would think ‘how have they not blown away by now?’ kidnapped by the gusts that bellowed through your head.

    by like always, one was too focused on how the tress swayed gracefully. the bellows that whispered in your ears as the winds whipped your hair and a content smile slipped onto your lips.

    yes he blew off more dates than you’ve actually been on

    yes he was distant,

    and of course his stares would focus past you when you both walked down the road, hands loosely intertwined as you rambled about your day.

    he yawned.

    head looking backwards as the brunette you just passed winked at him, holding a finger to her lips as her friend nudged her. both immediately erupting into laughter.

    he looked at you, noticing you smiling at him like he held the world.

    he grimaced.

    what you know wouldn’t hurt you.. right?

    of course it wouldn’t.

    cause you’d want him to be happy

    he chose you over some other girl who confessed to him on the street. all primped up and caked in makeup. even rejecting a guy who looked like he came out of some korean drama.

    he chose you over so many others.

    he sacrificed a lot for you :(

    relationships are give and take. he’s given so much to you; love, a hot boyfriend, protection, precious memories that you’ll cherish forever.

    and after all the giving, he thinks it’s finally his turn to take.

    #ran haitani#rindou hcs#bonten rindou #rindou my beloved <3 #rindou haitani #ran x y/n #ran x reader #rindou x reader #rindou x y/n #bonten#bonten ran#haitani brothers #haitani x reader #ran headcanons#rindou headcanons #tokyo revengers x reader #yandere tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers headcanons #bonten x reader
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  • agaribarr
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Ran & Rindou Haitani <3 lo sé, quedó un poco raro, pero quería recuperar la definición de la imagen ya que la original del manga el tamaño de los pixeles es mucho menor :/

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  • bontenpamojartebebe
    23.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “Are you gay? Is that it? You’ve been fucking Sanzu this whole time haven’t you? God I’m so fucking stupid! Rie was right.”

    😂😂😂 the things that I write… Can you guess who it’s referring to?

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  • alyakashi
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    SEE YOU AGAIN — part xiv ; sanzu haruchiyo x reader.

    in which, you and sanzu are in a very chaotic arranged marriage.

    + tags. romance, fluff, heavy (?) angst, modern au, smau, arrange marriage au, college setting, use of profanities, eventual smut, 18+

    + note. aaaaa finally?! this chapter has been sitting on my drafts for so long?? 'm sorry if this took so long aaaajdshfadusfji anyway, i hope u enjoy this chapter! likes, rb, replies and asks are always appreciated <3 ily alllll

    + status. on-going

    + masterlist.

    “Honey?” as soon as your bedroom door opened, you hurriedly covered yourself with your blanket and wiped the tears off of your face. “Are you sleeping? It’s time for dinner.”

    All you could do was to pretend that you’re sleeping, you don’t really have the energy to explain yourself to your mother as of this moment because there’s only one person that you wanted to cry your eyes out to, that you wanted to tell all your feelings to.

    But how can you do that when that one person is the reason why you’re hurting right now?

    “I can hear you sniffing.” your mother sat on the bed, “What happened, hm?”

    You can’t even talk to him, you have been avoiding him for how many months now. You thought you’re doing fine, you said that you would distance yourself because he’s in love with someone else now.

    What hurts the most is that you thought he felt the same for you. You were with him ever since you were kids. From the way that he looks at you, cares for you—you really thought he did.

    You hated yourself for assuming things and for not telling him what you really felt.

    You removed the blanket that was covering your body as you sat up from the bed, “It’s nothing.”

    “Come on, now. How come your eyes are so puffy if it’s nothing, huh?” your mother wiped your tears, “Look at you, your eyes are swollen. How long have you been cooped up in here, crying?”


    Ever since you saw the picture that Sanzu posted with his girlfriend, you were crying your eyes out. It has been months, you at least expected that your feelings would subside but it didn’t.

    Even if you don’t talk to him, you really love Haruchiyo from the depths of your heart and soul.

    “I don’t know.” you mumbled, tears forming from your eyes once again. “I…”

    You’re not supposed to break down in front of your mother but you have been keeping this to yourself for so long. If Haru’s there, then he would know something’s wrong in a heartbeat. If he’s not miles away then you immediately know what he would do, make stupid jokes until you laugh and if that doesn’t work—he’ll just hold you until everything’s alright.

    Until you’re all better.

    You wanted to speak to him right now and tell him to hold you until you’re okay. Until you learn how to let go of him on your own.

    You want to let go of him because the more you hold on the more it cuts you deep, you didn’t know that loving Haruchiyo Akashi would hurt this much.

    Your mother pulled you in, you latched onto her as if you’re a little child again who stumbled and fell. You whispered, tears falling from your eyes, “Mom… it hurts. So much.”

    “I know.” she held you, as if she wanted to take your pain away. Your cries were so painful to her, you’re her child. Your sorrow is hers as well. How she hates to see you like this. You wanted to laugh at yourself, it’s just a silly childhood romance, it wasn’t supposed to hurt like this. “I know, sweetheart. Everything’s going to be alright. I promise.”


    “Hm. I promise.”

    “Dad!” you yelled once you entered the living room of your house, causing your father who’s currently reading a newspaper to jump a bit, “I got a perfect score on my exams!”

    “Don’t yell like that, young lady. You’ll give me a heart attack.” he shook his head, you just gave him a cheeky smile as you sprint towards him. “Perfect, huh? Let me see.”

    Your father had a wide smile on while he looked at the bunch of papers that you just gave him, “Did you send this to Haruchiyo? You both like to boast to each-”

    He stopped talking when he realized that you and Sanzu stopped talking two years ago. “Sorry.”

    You snorted a laugh, “It’s okay, Dad. Where’s mom? I’m going to show this to her.”

    “She’s in her office. I think she’s talking to Senju’s mom.” your father purposely said Senju because you know, he thinks you’re getting hurt whenever his name is mentioned.

    Well, you are. But you’re not so petty that you banned your parents from mentioning his name in front of you. It has been two years ever since, do you miss him? Of course you do. Every single day, you stop yourself from picking the phone up and just straight up call him.

    You can still see what he posts on his accounts and tell yourself that that’s enough, you don’t need to talk to him. At least, you can see how he is. But there are times that you really wanted to tell him about your day—so, you made the habit of texting yourself.

    Pretending that it’s him that you’re talking to.

    “Okay.” you answered, you were about to walk up the stairs when your father called your name, “Yeah, dad?”

    “You know I’m proud of you.” you smiled and walked towards your father once again to give him a hug, he chuckled and tapped your back “Keep it up.”

    “Thanks, dad. Of course, I will. I’ll study hard and be a defense lawyer like mom.” you said as you pulled away, smiling as wide as you could. You’re so determined to be like your mother, you look up to her and treat her as your role model.

    But you didn’t know that dream would change the moment that you open the door to her office and hear something that you shouldn’t have.

    All your dreams are deemed a delusion, a beautiful image that you created in your head that soon would be shattered,

    “Mom-” you stopped the moment you heard that she’s still talking to Haruchiyo’s mother on the phone—you stood there, opening the door a bit to listen in on her conversation.

    That you wish you didn’t, why did you choose to be nosy that day? You don’t know.

    “I can’t handle the case since I don’t have the license to practice there.” you heard her chuckle, “Of course, it’s okay. I’m instructing her off the records so there’s no problem. You would be able to come home in no time once the case is handled.”

    “Okay. So we’re cleared on the plan then? I already prepared everything in case we stumble on that option, if she didn’t tell her daughter to break up with Haruchiyo then we would sue her for defamation…”

    It’s like your senses were barred the moment you heard that one sentence. You did remember your mom telling you that everything’s going to be fine.

    Is this her way?

    She would really use her power to step on someone innocent? You wanted more than anything to be with Haruchiyo but not like this.

    The all high and magnificent image of your mother that you built these years were easily shattered into pieces. You feel disgusted, ashamed even. Was this woman really your mother?

    Is this really who she is?

    You opened the door and mustered all your strength, “Mom.”

    “Oh? You’re home, darling.” she smiled at you, “What-”

    “You would sue someone innocent? Defamation? On what grounds? Naomi’s mother didn’t do anything wrong-”

    Your tears were falling from your eyes, yet, your mother still smiled at you. “You heard everything?”

    “Mom!” you exclaimed, “I told you before that I wanted to be with Haru, but not like this!”

    It pains you so much that your mother would resort to this kind of thing. It was like you blinked for a second and a completely different person was in front of you. She walked towards you and tried to wipe your tears but you avoided her touch.

    It gave her some kind of sting in her chest the moment that she saw the look in your eyes. But she did what she had to, you’re her daughter.

    Her one and only. She would go lengths just to make sure you have everything.

    That you’re well and not hurting. It didn’t matter how she looked in your eyes, what matters the most is you.

    “You listen to me.” she said firmly, “You heard nothing. If you want Haruchiyo then he’s yours. He’s yours even before his little girlfriend came so just let me handle this and everything would be alright.”



    “What brings you here?”

    You gave him a faint chuckle as you leaned on the railings, looking down at the passing cars on the streets. “I’m thinking about my life decisions.”

    Kakucho chuckled as he stood beside you, “Again? I thought everything’s going well? You already confessed to each other, right?”

    “Hm.” you hummed, he frowned when you abruptly turned to him, “What if I tell you something- hm. Nah, I don’t want to but I really need to tell someone or else I would go insane but- never mind. Oh, well-”

    “For fuck’s sake just tell me.” Kakucho cuts you off causing you to laugh, “Is it that serious? Will I be jailed if you told me that?”

    You laughed at him as you sat on the bench at the rooftop. It has been a week ever since your anniversary dinner party at Sanzu’s house and since then, you’re still bothered by your mother.

    That memory of you overhearing things to be particular. You were burdened with that for so long, keeping it to yourself for God knows how long. Even Hina doesn't know about that.

    “Maybe? You still want to hear it?” you jokingly said. Kakucho sat beside you, waiting for you to spill whatever is on your mind.

    How you wanted to tell your friends but you don’t want them to look at you differently, it’s as if you’re afraid that they’ll see you how you saw your mother that day.

    “I’ve been keeping this for so long, Kaku.” you stopped for a bit to glance at him, “You’re my friend, I don’t think I could also tell you because I don’t want you to look at me like I’m a different person. I know—no matter what I tell to defend myself, nothing could ever justify what decision I made that day.”

    “Try me.”

    You took a deep breath, fidgeting as you debated whether to tell Kakucho or not. You know Kakucho’s not going to say anything to anyone—he’s not the type—and you have been thinking that it must be nice to let this out.

    You don’t have to keep it all to yourself, you can breathe—even just a little.

    “Okay, fine.” you started, you looked around the uni’s rooftop first to see if someone’s there and when you confirmed that you’re the only people in there, you started to tell him everything. Kakucho just listened to you, you can’t really tell what’s he thinking because he’s just quietly paying attention to you.

    “So?” you raised your eyebrow, “Should I tell him?”



    “Look…” he started, “You told yourself that partly the reason is you didn’t want to hurt him too that’s why you didn’t tell him. What’s the point of telling him when everything’s alright? Why would you want to ruin everything you have right now?”

    “I…” you paused, “I don’t want to ruin everything. I just thought that’s the right thing-”

    “It is the right thing.” he said, “But there’s some things that needn't be said. Your mom didn’t sue his ex-girlfriend’s mom, right? There’s no serious harm done, except for Naomi’s feelings. Naomi, was it?”

    You didn’t expect for Kakucho to tell you to keep your mouth shut. You expect him to be all righteous about it, he could easily advise you to tell your husband about it considering that he has feelings for you but he didn’t.

    Maybe, he didn’t want you to be hurt. He knows how that situation could affect you. Or maybe he could understand, because if he’s in your place—if there’s even a single opportunity to be with the one he loves—he would grab that opportunity to be happy.

    “You really surprise me sometimes, I expect you to tell me that I should tell Haru about it.”

    He snorted a laugh as pats your head, “It’s a part of life. Someone’s bound to be hurt when you love somebody.”

    You were about to speak when your phone vibrated, receiving a text from you know who else.

    “Speaking of, he’s looking for me.” you smiled, “I should head down now, Kaku. Thank you for listening to my problems, again. You could talk to me about yours too, you know?”

    “It’s no problem. I’m always here.”

    + see you again taglist. @hanmascult @ryouhoe @fl4mepillar @meena-in-a-nutshell @sanzudopeamine @hxked @xxrwzy @sophiesuna @douraken @mapachemapato @kawaii-desv @erishaitto @smolaf-filipino @hanmasgf @mitsuika @lustiel-winchester @cryszus @babydiamondblog @sseorin @k0ut4r0u

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    Wallpaper manga [Manjirō Sano]

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    bonten members waking you up

    𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐨 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐣𝐢𝐫𝐨

    aww this cutie he will poke your cheek and give you a kiss while saying “hi love”. but if you still don’t want to wake up he will join you sleeping and hug you. end up sanzu was the person who waking up both of you

    𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐳𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐲𝐨

    ah yes this person will throw a bucket of water if you still sleep but he never did that cause he love you so much. sanzu will wake you up normally but sometimes no and if you choose to continue your sleep he will lift you up and put you in the bathtub

    𝐤𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐜𝐡𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐨

    he is the type of person that will give you a kiss first and stroke your hair softly. ask you if you want to continue your sleep and give 10 more minutes for you

    𝐫𝐚𝐧 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢

    another husband material. ran will lay down next to you while his hand under your head and pull you close to his chest. “guess it’s time to wake up or should we continue sleeping?”

    𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢

    stare at you for a minutes before waking you up. he already prepare a bath for you and start to kiss your face until you wake up. “daily kiss for you”

    𝐤𝐨𝐤𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐢 𝐡𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐞

    he loves to kiss your hand. koko also prepare a bath for you before that. give you a warmth hug after you wake up.

    𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐨𝐦𝐢

    give you some more minutes before waking you up. he also take some picture of you. kiss your forehead before waking you up. “hi sweetheart how was your sleep?”

    notes ; sorry cause this is too short :(

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #bonten#sano manjiro#sanzu haruchiyo#kakucho hitto#ran haitani#rindou haitani#kokonoi hajime#akashi takeomi #mikey x reader #sanzu x reader #kakucho x reader #ran x reader #rindou x reader #kokonoi x reader #takeomi x reader
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    Master and Doggy....???

    twitter  |  instagram
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    does everyone see ran as an explicit “daddy dom” or am I the only one who thinks he’d be a teaser sub 😟

    #🎐khit khat #because this edit…. with him in a bunny outfit and his hair down #I’m not the biggest ran stan but I would like to stuff a bunny butt plug in him #I think he’d enjoy that too #he’s kinda pretty idk what bonten ran was
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    sketch/process for my ran art!

    - i wanted to recreate the details on ran’s outfit piece without having to draw him full-body hahaha. according to this tweet, it represents fūrinkazan, meaning ‘wind, forest, fire, mountain.’ it’s based on a passage from sun tzu’s the art of war which goes like: ‘as swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain.’

    - another very fun fact that i discovered while snooping around is that (1) haitani apparently means ash (hai) + valley (tani) & that (2) their fight where they took over roppongi was called 'battle of the ashes.' which i think sounds super fucking cool.

    - also the flames originally looked like this but i changed my mind cus they didn't look as fun as i'd imagined haHA so had to i scrap those. i was supposed to put a sun/moon too (depends, if the bg is blue it's evening) but i worried it’d get too crowded! my biggest worry were the tree/s, because i never knew how to draw trees properly..

    - it’s fine tho i found a brush that was very fun to use so i drew my tree and redrew my flames, all goOD.

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    #tokyo revengers#tokrev #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers x reader #bonten#haitani ran#haitani brothers#ran haitani #ran haitani x reader #haitani ran headcanons
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    when beyonce sang i’ve seen your scars and kissed your crimes she meant bonten x y/n

    #sanzu x y/n #because ofc i am sanzu biased #bonten x y/n #bonten x reader #bonten x you #sanzu x reader #sanzu x you #ran haitani x reader #ran haitani x you #ran haitani x y/n #THERES TOO MANY OF THEM #beyonce#lemonade
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    # PAIRING bonten!mikey, sanzu, ran, rindou x reader

    # CONTAINS gangbang, gunplay, russian roulette but make it bonten style, degrading, humiliation, slapping, the boys r meanies, sex work, no mikey is not wearing flip flops for once, shoe fucking, shoe licking, female bodied!, not proofread, this is just a big’ol brain rot


    12:42 am

    "right this way miss," kanji mochizuki, a man who worked as an executive for your boss instructed, guiding you up the stunning staircase that divides mikeys lavish penthouse into two levels. the building is located in the heart of tokyo, giving his home an absolutely breathtaking view. however, you're completely against the dangerous gang member living in such a location. this is manjiro sano after all- the most wanted man in all of japan alongside all of bonten. the question 'why in the center of tokyo?' always has it's way of leaving your lips to ask your boss even though he has never properly given you a standard answer. he'll throw a 'no ones gonna find me, angel,' or 'worry too much y'know?' and'll just drop the conversation.

    this was your third time being ordered to come back into his residence. before, you'd do your job either at the warehouse or, your personal favorite place, the strip club owned by your boss himself.

    standing behind the double doors crossing mikeys master bedroom, you watch as mochi knocks exactly six times and gives a quick kick (you've realized this is a secretive knock only known to anyone who takes orders from your boss) before opening just enough for anyone behind to see only the left side of his face.

    you couldn't catch what he mumbled behind the door, but it was obvious he was informing the men about your company.

    "go right ahead in, the boss missed you lots."

    aw! you missed him too!

    stepping through the door, you're welcomed by your particular favorite members of bonten- all sitting around a small glass coffee table located a few feet away from the king sized bed you've been getting fucked absolutely stupid on the previous times you've been invited over.

    "fucking finally princess. you love keepin' us waiting it looks like don'tcha?" sanzu spoke up, a big grin plastered on his face while lifting his leg up to prop it on the coffee table.

    "oh no no it's not that! it's just there was so much traffic and the driv-"

    "what time did i tell you to be here y/n?" mikey questioned unbothered, looking deep into your gaze with dopey eyes. gosh he looks so freaking mad.

    your eyes quickly land on the digital clock placed near the mini bar - 1:02 am.

    oh you're fucked big time.

    a lump was formed in your throat, blocking your ability to speak. one thing you knew for sure mikey despised waiting. he did not by any means tolerate it. well yeah you were aware of that, but this was out of your control. for some odd reason, traffic decided to be a literal pain at 12:00 am. you couldn't have done anything! but good luck trying to have mikey give a single fuck about that.

    "i'm pretty sure i asked you something." he blankly spoke again. stomach clenching, you stare intensely at your boss as he lifts himself up from the velvet sofa; who's making his way towards you.

    "eleven o'clock m-mikey," you said with a stutter. your first instinct was to take a few steps back, but you know you had no where to hide.

    your eyes had fixated on the other men who remained seated around the table- smirking at how hopeless you just looked. to these freaking sadists, seeing you like this was heaven.

    "and what time is it right now?" mikey stood in front of your frame, hovering over you as he looked down at his little fucktoy. you couldn't keep eye contact with him, not when he was staring into your soul with cold eyes.

    "it's passed one a.m..."

    "yeah it fucking is. so how long have you made me sit and wait here like a dumbass?" he spat, grabbing ahold of your jaw tightly before giving it a hard squeeze.

    "i'm... i'm so so-"

    "j'answer the boss angel," rindou advised.

    "two hours! i had you wait two hours and i'm-" a flush of immediate pain across your cheek cut you off - shutting you up immediately.

    "do i look like a dumbass to you to have me sit here and waste my time?"

    "no... b- please just lemme make it up to you!" you wept in hopes your boss would show any kind of mercy to you, but that'll never happen and you knew it very well.

    "make it up to him huh? then it seems like it's gonna be a long night for you," ran rose from his seat, his famous smirk displayed on his face as he walked slowly in your direction.

    "on the bed. now." is all mikey had to order before you're eagerly making your merry way to his mattress.

    it should fucking disgusting how exciting this is for you knowing exactly how you're gonna end up once you've been passed around by every single on of these men. just thinking about how they're gonna fill you up all full of cum, laughing at how stupid you've gone after taking all their fat cocks in just one sitting has you soaking.

    you plopped down on the soft bed, rubbing your thighs together while feeling your panties slowly dampen.

    "sanzu, go play with her. look how lonely she looks," mikey mocks, giving you a smug smile before taking a seat on a sectional couch that was placed a few feet away from his window - the beautiful view of tokyo's nightlife was perfectly displayed. mikey was now facing you, sitting laid back with his legs crossed as if he's about to watch his favorite movie.

    yeah about that - cause that's exactly what he's gonna do, watch his men play with you, his favorite movie!

    "and make sure she can't walk for a week," he spoke ignorantly.

    gosh you should be so ashamed that those words made you this desperate.

    "oh i'll make sure she can't walk straight all right," sanzu infamous smirk formed on his face, approaching the bed before sitting on the edge, "cmere angel, y'know i don't bite,"

    sanzu's probably the most pitiless one in this whole room - unless you're dealing with an extremely pissed off and aggravated mikey, like tonight perhaps. but it's usually sanzu who's the one that's going to treat you like a literal object - fuck you just how he wants and likes. he thrives off every single time seeing you struggle to take his cock into your hole, despite the fact he split you open already with his gun or fingers moments ago.

    now for the brothers, ran and rindou, you wouldn't really consider them any different then mikey or sanzu. both brothers get off just from watching you cry under them, choking around their thick cocks as they laugh down at you. but one thing these two do that no one else here can, is humiliate the absolute fuck out of you.

    you can recall this one time not too long ago where they'd shoved a little vibrator in your tight hole with a gag in your mouth and hands tied back. you were on your knees, crying for your fucking life as these two played with the highest setting of the sex toy, laughing every time you moaned and cried louder - absolute torture. mind you they had ordered you not to cum by any fucking means. oh! can't forget to add the fact this took place in front of all of bonten right after their meeting!

    and yes, you failed and came all over the damn floor. should have tried harder to keep it in or else they wouldn't have made you lick the marble floor spotless clean and they might have not fucked their cums deep in your womb and have you walk around roppongi in the tiniest little dress with no panties. mhm, you were leaking the whole. freaking. day.

    you had brought yourself on sanzus lap, your feet dangling from the edge of the bed as you had your legs spread open - giving mikey a small glimpse of your super cute lace panties he'd gotten you the other day under your mini skirt.

    "let's take these off, 'kay?" sanzu whispered faintly, running his middle and index finger along your wet folds before completely removing your lace thong, "catch boss!"

    sanzu threw your panties to mikey, who didn't acknowledge them whats-so-ever and only grabbed it to toss it towards the other two who remained seated around the coffee table. rans the one who successfully caught the undergarment, placing it into his back pocket of his dress pants.

    "this wet just for me? hmm," the pink haired member opened your legs wider with one hand before reaching for his pocket with the other.

    you take a quick look at mikey who seems bored out of his mind, staring you down with tired eyes. something about him looking so unbothered made you even needier. you couldn't help it! he just looks so fucking good, you knew you were gonna take your precious time with him once it was his turn to play with you.

    "ever played russian roulette, angel?" you were broken away from your thoughts from a cold metal that was pressed against your clit.

    sanzu had his gun in his right hand, running to tip of it along your wet folds. you were doing fine until he he stops at your hole with his finger on the trigger.

    "he's talking to you," mikey said annoyed.

    "oh- um... what'd you ask me again?" you questioned softly, turning your head slightly towards sanzus with your eyes still fixated on his gun.

    "pay attention when i'm speaking to you," sanzu hissed as he pressed the tip of the firearm harder against you, "i asked if you've ever played russian roulette. cause we're about to right now,"

    your heart was in your mouth at this point. you didn't expect them to just kill you. they wouldn't, right? well maybe not the others but sanzu, uh yeah...

    "n-n-no i haven't 'n i don't really want to either," you quickly said.

    "oh but i wasn't asking you if you want to, i'm just telling you we are. so i got one pistole in here okay? if you cum when i tell you to, i won't shoot. but if you cum before, imma pull the trigger. simple right!" he cheered. NOW you were fully convinced this man is a complete psycho. however, you had no choice but to give him a quick 'okay' before gasping as his gun struggled to enter you.

    "fuck- see boss, i won't be needing any lube. she's fucking drippin," he pushed the weapon upwards, circulating in his hands as managed to stuff your cunt successfully. this wasn't the first time he's gotten you off this way, but the firearms shape was yet foreign to you.

    holding onto his expensive dress pants for leverage, you kept your eyes focused on your cunt as sanzu played with it with his handy dandy weapon.

    "that feels good, huh? jus’ look at this sloppy cunt boss," you can just hear his stupid smirk, manhandling the gun in your needy hole. the room was filled with the sounds of your wet pussy and your little moans.

    "please sanzu, jus' a lil faster. want more," you whimper, squeeze the hold you had on his pants tighter while moving your hips in an '8' motion. you felt so freaking embarrassed how much you were enjoying this. the fact that you were being watched made this so much better for you.

    "oh? so you're liking this? of course you are. you'll fuck anything just to cum. well boss, she wants it faster, whatcha think?" sanzu held the weapon in place, but you being a needy bitch continued to grind down on it.

    "ya'know what? i'm in a better mood now. go faster then sanzu, 'wanna watch her make a mess." mikey winked, tilting his head back with an evil smile.

    with that, sanzu began fucking your sensitive hole at a quicker pace - ramming his weapon in and out of you continuously. you could've swore you almost ripped his pants from how strong you were holding onto him.

    it didn't take long till you were clenching around the metal shape stuffed in your cunt. you were aware your orgasm would come any moment, but sanzu hasn't given you permission yet.

    "sanzu... i really wanna cum! please, please let me- mikey please tell him!" you cried out, hitting sanzus thigh a few times. the men couldn't help but laugh at you, finding your desperate need to cum hilarious.

    "mm i don't know... rin, what do you think? should we let her?" mikey turned his attention to the coffee table where the two brothers continued to chuckle at your state.

    you turned your head to look at rindou, giving him your famous pair of puppy eyes with the cutest pout.

    "i'm only saying yes because sanzu's taking way to fucking long," he gave you a mocking smile before taking a sip of his whiskey.

    "looks like it's your lucky day, baby. show 'em just how messy this needy cunt can be and i might just forget about pulling the trigger." sanzu whispered before giving your neck a wet kiss.

    you began moving your hips once again, grinding harder this time as you played with your clit with your left hand. didn't take long till your high came crashing down, opening your mouth in an oval shape. breathing unsteadily, you came all over sanzus gun and hand with drips cum falling down the floor creating a mess.

    your knees had grown weaker and you knew you still had a long way to go. sanzu removed his gun, your stretched cunt going back to its normal shape. you sit there trying to adjust your breathing but sanzus quick to force the weapon in between your lips. the tip of it the back of your throat for a quick second causing you to gag. sucking it a few times, you taste your release and start licking it clean while laying your eyes on mikey.

    mikey remained looking bored, watching you handle the gun wishing it was his cock instead. his erection was throbbing - the imprint being clear through his dark colored pants.

    "you took too damn long. so move, i wanna play with angel too," ran spoke, smirking while walking along side rindou towards mikeys bed.

    sanzu scoffed, murmuring a 'shut up' before removing you from his lap to leave you alone with the brothers. ran and rindou had made themselves comfortable on the bed, "lay right here for us, princess."

    listening to rindou, you managed to crawl through the center to lay your back on the mattress. the boys quickly positioned themselves, almost like it was orchestrated. rindou came above you while ran sat on his knees beside you. it was obvious how this was going to go and you didn't wanna waste any time.

    " 'want you to fuck me rin. please, please use me," you pout, taking your index finger run it along your sensitive folds. by now, you had grown so impatient that all you can do is beg.

    "you want my cock baby? is that it? tell me how badly you want it then, 'wanna hear you tell me how much." he smirked down at you, slowly unzipping his pants as ran does the same.

    "so badly... want your cock and cum to fill me up, i want it so bad,"

    thankfully, that was enough to satisfy rin, who only groaned before avidly removing his pants and discarding it on the floor. his thick member slap across his abdomen, a bead of pre cum oozing at the tip. you watched him take his thumb and smear it around. you were practically drooling at the sight, your cunt clenching around absolutely nothing.

    you were so focused on rin that you hadn't realized ran had his cock in his hand, lazily jerking himself.

    "alright, pretty. say 'ah'," ran brought his dick to your lips, slapping it before entering your mouth. you held the rest of his thickness that didn't fit between your fingers, taking his cock in your wet throat.

    rindou's on the other side lifting your legs up to position them on his muscular shoulders. your attention's back on the younger brother once again, moaned around rans length once you feel rindou enter your hole - bottoming out immediately. thanks to your earlier round with sanzu and his gun, you were already stretched out, hence why rin didn't struggle like usual.

    the younger haitani thrusted in and out of your tight cunt, splitting you open with his fat cock. saliva was drooling down your chin as you hollowed your cheeks around the older haitanis cock. spit coated his balls and your hands and you used it to slide your fingers up and down his length before giving his balls some attention too.

    "fucking shit- take it, take every fuckin' inch." ran held the back of your head to push you forward on his dick, resulting in you chocking around him. heavy tears came running down your hot face and you knew you looked like a wreck.

    "such a pretty lil slut. takin' me so good," rin was hitting every right spot, your pussy clenching and veins being filled with pleasure.

    this was just too much, to much for you to handle. whorish moans were being muffled around rans memeber and you were aware your second orgasm of the night was near. it was impossible to keep your focus on just one brother when they were fucking two of your holes at once.

    you slip rans cock out between your lips, jerking him with your hand instead, "cum in my mouth ran, gimme it. i'll swallow like a good girl for you,"

    ran only grunted before replacing your dainty hand with his, moving his hand rapidly, "keep that mouth open for me,"

    your mouth was wide open, tongue lolling out as you passionately waited to get fed. moments later, rans warm cum coated your whole face milky white, purposely failing to aim for your mouth.

    it was this sight that had rindou closer to filling you up. you looked so fucking hot like this, especially when you started to take your finger and play around with rans seed.

    "so deep baby, feels so good," you moan, giving the haitani a fucked out smirk.

    "yeah you like that huh? ugh- i'm so fucking close- shit," rindou cursed.

    "fill me up rin. 'wanna- fuck! i wanna be stuffed full of your cum, pretty pretty please!" you gathered some of rans load on your finger to suck it up. it wasn't just rindou who was close, you were right behind him.

    "since you said please, imma give you exactly what you want," rin gave you one last thrust before holding your hips down on his cock to paint your walls with his thick seed. you arch your back, gripping the sheets tightly as you moan with an open mouth and eyes rolled to the back of your head so far you could've seen your brain if you tried hard enough.

    not even a second later, your next, cumming all over his fat cock - legs twitching as your mouth went dry. your cunts filled to the brim, gushing out onto mikeys blanket.

    "we can't let this go to waste now can we?" rindou said before slipping his fingers to push his load back into your fucked hole. the realization of mikey being next came mind and couldn't help but get nervous. he is still mad at you, it's impossible for him not to be. he isn't the one to just forgive and forget so easily. if anything, you wouldn't be surprised if he just rejected you and made you leave his house just like that.

    "she's all yours now, boss." ran gave you a quick kiss on the head before nudging you to go.

    looking at mikey, he had his legs spread open, sitting like a king on his throne. he looked so intimidating it almost made you cum for the third time. you removed yourself off his bed, stumbling to walk while rindous cum started to drip down your inner thigh.

    you kneeled down, crawling before you're in between his legs. first, you just wanted to chock on his cock, you proceed to unzip his pants, but was stopped immediately, "nope, stay right there."

    mikey pushed you back with his foot, receiving a confused expression from you. you were about to question him until you felt to tip of his black dress shoe on your clit. he moved his foot up and down, teasing your entrance, to which you whimper before spreading your legs wider for better access.

    "you don't deserve my cock. be glad i'm letting you fuck yourself on my shoe. i could be givin' you nothing at all,"

    you look up at him with furrowed brows, heart sinking to your stomach at how humiliating this is for you, "no please! i prom-"

    you're stopped once again with a slap to the face for the second time. that was your final cue to zip it and do as he says, regardless of how embarrassing this is. are you seriously gonna fuck his shoe... in front of the others?

    yes. yes you are.

    "since when does a hole talk back? shut the fuck up or i'll kick you out lookin like this with that shit running down your legs. try me."

    that was enough to make you wanna burry yourself in the damn ground. the laughs of the others made it even worse.

    mikey leaned back again, sticking the tip of his shoe on your clit. you couldn't hide the fuck you were still desperate. desperate for literally anything, even his fucking shoe. looking down at his foot ashamed, yoy place your delicate hands on either side of his left thigh before preceding to grind yourself on shoe.

    "you look dumb as fuck i hope you know," he said, watching you cry below him as you fuck yourself with his foot like a needy slut.

    "she thinks with her lil cunt boss, what's new?" sanzu spoke from beside you.

    the men laugh once again, resulting in you to weep more. gosh this was ridiculous but you couldn't help but enjoy the situation. it's definitely something you can't ever admit to them, but you were turned on and you despised yourself for it.

    "so, y/n, what're you?" mikey asked. he rested his head in his hand as he kept his eyes on your sloppy cunt.

    "a slut- you're slut, mikey," you sniffle.

    "just a slut? nah, you're being too nice to yourself,"

    "aw, that's cute," ran began, "but use your dumb little head princess, y'know you're far more worse then just a lil slut,"

    "i-i'm your cumdump! a stupid dumb cumdump, that's all i am!" you wept out once again, grinding harder against the dress shoe. you were coating his shoe with a mix of your arousal and rindous cum from earlier.

    "she's close, boss. keeping think harder, cmon now," sanzu tapped his gun he had used on your on your head lightly.

    you couldn't think straight right now - not when the familiar feeling of your orgasm was building up. the force to speak was too much to handle for you.

    "so tell us baby. you can say it yourself," ran encouraged once again.

    "i'm a-a... a filthy whore. a good for nothing! just a stupid hole for you!" you squealed.

    "bingo. that's exactly what you are. you said it all yourself too," mikey gave a smug smile.

    a series of incoherent moans left your lips as your high once again came down on you, releasing on his dress shoe as it dripped slowly on the carpet. you could've sworn your vision went white for a second. you were exhausted - sore and in major pain.

    you look down at the mess you had created, wiping your tears away while smearing your massacre across your cheeks and pushing away from mikeys shoe.

    "gosh ya' made a fucking mess," mikey spat, "now clean it up."

    you were hopeless. so fucking hopeless it was depressing at this point. backing up a little, you lift his ankle up a little before crouching down with your tongue out - licking your release like a little puppy.

    "you look so fuckin' stupid. but this is all you're good for right? yeah..." rindou said, receiving laughs from the others, " 'wonder what your dad would say if he knew you fucked yourself on a mans shoe and licked it clean. so fucking sad,"

    you'd rather burn alive then for him to know that.

    "you missed the bottom pup, lick that all off too," ran pointed out with a chuckle.

    so you remained on your knees for awhile, cleaning mikeys shoe up while hiccuping. mikey made sure you didn't miss a single spot or else he wouldn't have a problem with making you do that all over again.

    "maybe next time you can follow orders correctly, then i'll fuck you,"your boss spoke up, standing from his seat before walking away, “but i'm not feeling so nice anymore. so you're sleeping on the floor,"

    © R-INDOU

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  • contreviva
    23.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    “You Need A Man With Sensitivity, A Man Like Me” (Haitani Ran)

    pairing: Bonten!Ran x reader c/w: mature fluff (haha), established relationship, domestic romance, suggestive but nothing explicitly sexual, so much kissing wc: ~1.2k vibe: Sensitivity (Ralph Tresvant) a/n: Ngl, I originally wrote the second half (with the pivotal question in bold) for Kyoga in EITM a long time ago. But then, I saw a very soft Ran who is a smooth talker to catch you and yet has a reservoir of sensitivity he lets out, just for you.

    You savor the downtime with your lover in this ordinary weekend. Ordinary is a commodity in your relationship. You’ll take all the ordinary’s, all the small moments away from the chaos.

    You’ve been taking care of light chores around the house together. One of the two most dangerous men in Roppongi got laundry duty while you’re letting the Roomba do its thing and you can put away the clean dishes from the dishwasher.

    Once you close the cupboard, you decide to start a new playlist. Still on the throwback tip, you queue up New Edition faves and solo act singles on the Sonos. It’s enough to get you sliding into your living room, slippers and all, with the broom as a makeshift mic stand.

    “If It Isn’t Love” always does this to you. The opening instrumental gets you in place behind the couch to your imaginary audience. You lip sync for the first verse and second chorus with your memory of the music video’s choreography.

    In the one turn, right at the line before the bridge, you make eye contact with your boyfriend holding the laundry basket in the doorway, with the biggest shit-eating grin. You shriek from surprise and drop the broom.

    “Don’t let me stop you, this is your concert,” he says and drops the basket so he can lean against the doorframe.

    You smirk and pick up your “mic.” “Fine. Just getting to my favorite part.”

    Just as you get ready for the first line of the bridge “Maybe she’ll take me back,” Ran slides onto his knees to your feet. Whereas you’ve been lipsyncing, this cheeky bastard can sing and proceeds to get into the groove with his own choreography.

    At “I made a big mistake” he jumps to his feet and winks at you while he steals the “mic.” While doing the Cabbage Patch, he sings even louder, “Now I can feel it / (He's never felt before) / I really love her” and strokes your cheek. You are high on every gesture and still play along by speaking “You love her?!?! What?!?!” to back him up.

    You do the Running Man, Kid n Play, and all the 80s dances you can bust out side-by-side with Ran for the rest of the song. Somehow you and he lead and follow in perfect syncrosity. He jumps into your rhythm from the original choreography and you freestyle in circles around him.

    It’s not always like this nowadays. It may have started out a lot like this, two kids playing at love and enjoying spontaneity as only the young do. It cemented your relationship through the worst, through the charges and prison bids, the reunions, all the different crews and now a new chapter with a brand new organization.

    You don’t know what changes Bonten will bring to your relationship. You have faith in moments like this, dancing with each other’s arms around each other’s waists, you’ll get through it. As Ran sings “I’m Still In Love With You,” he tips your chin up to lock eyes. Yeah, he’s yours, through and through, still the man for you, still the man who’s true, still the man who’s lucky, still in love with you.

    Ordinary has always been your special language together. Even in these corny times, slow dancing to songs for how long in your slippers and house clothes. Grooving in sync for as long as you can.

    Right on time, the radio shuffle pulls up your favorite Ralph Tresvant track, Sensitivity. “Baby, you know I love this,” you tell him and bring your arms up to his neck to dance better.

    Ran drinks you in as he licks his top lip. “Yeah, baby, I know.” He drops his hands to the back of your pants and whispers in your ear, “Would you let me kiss you?”

    This man! Ahh, you couldn’t… uhh, sometimes… you can’t even! It’s that thing he pulls out every now and then to change it up from his wolfish instinct. From the very start, there’s a respectful way he wants the things he wants and then asks for it. Only with you. Even his brother Rindou can attest to that.

    And the tone he asks is the same for a kiss, for a lick, for a pulling down of pants. It all sounds the same, delivered as casually and yet with gravity as a basketball pass. You feel the weight of words and never find yourself surprised.

    Wait. That’s a lie. You are caught in his words, trapped anew every time. When you think to expect something, he says it as if you’d never heard it before.

    “Why do you still ask? Even now… after, um, everything we already do?” You smile and get shy like when you first started dating. You ask the question even though you welcome it, each time.

    He tells you he says what feels right. Back then, now, tomorrow. He does it without you asking.

    You think, The kissing is expected. Or it should be by now. You poke him in the chest to tease further.

    “It’s like you’re still trying. You already got me.”

    “Do I?” he asks in your ear. He has to maintain his whole body to stop rumbling with laughter. He asks that and it’s not a question. You know what he means and he does know things without having to use a lot of words. You just can’t help yourself with all the words you feel compelled.

    Ran cups your face and fawns over all your features. “Baby, you love things to be said. I noticed that from the beginning. I want you to hear how I love you even when you already know it.”

    You hate when he can do this to you so effortlessly. Haha, not really but sometimes it’s not fair how much of an advantage he has over you when he gets tender.

    You kiss him then and even this is embarrassing. None of your friends think you’re the bashful type. You talk boldly and gratuitously curse. You notice he never has to reconcile the you in front of him with the you that you think you are. He understands it’s not a duality. It’s not being fake versus authentic. He’s always seen that you struggle to say what is really important in your relationship and you’ve grown right along with him. He knows by now not to tell you he loves your neuroses (even though he adores them). You would turtleshell on the spot.

    The kiss isn’t one finite event. It trails, waves, tides in and out. He doesn’t stop kissing you. Your days together are moments of kissing surrounded by non-kissing.

    You step backwards. You have to lean on the back of the couch to get balance again. He’s a head taller and he never seems to crouch over you when you move lower. He follows and your neck cranes up. You somehow keep your head upturned without losing your balance backwards. It’s not “somehow”—he’s holding your back and your head. You have your fingers in his pants’ waist cuff. You feel like you two could dance around with hands in these odd spots.

    You pull his jeans close to your hips because you’re holding on for a lower anchor. Kissing him always feels like something you’re physically very aware in your mouth, yet the rest of your body is doing something else. You’re aware of both and it’s not unconnected. You have to have his hips against yours when you kiss. It’s your gravity well.

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  • leviskata
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    summary: “Pretend all his exes are in the room and you'll give the best performance of your life.”

    ✧ pairing: ran haitani x reader

    ✧ includes: NSFW, detailed smut, jealous sex, throat fucking, bdsm, degradation + praise kink, dumbification, dacryphilia, creampie, this shit rated PORN

    ✧ a/n: Ik he isn't originally in the kinktober schedule but this man and his brother's grip on me is so strong rn I just had to do this

    wc; 1.7k

    Being in a relationship with the executive of an elite gang meant a lot of things— countless late nights together after a long day at work to make up for the lost time, running errands around the city in a luxurious car, and spontaneous trips to different places you desired.

    But one of your favorites is the regular work-related events which required you to be by Ran's side, giving you the luxury of spending quality time together while he's working, talk about the convenience.

    “Got it, man. Thanks.” You watch your boyfriend part ways with his younger brother and attending back to you on the candle-lit dinner table for two.

    “All yours now.” Ran takes your hand in his, placing a soft kiss on the back of it. But before you could even open your mouth to answer, his phone rings and interrups the very second you get together alone.

    “What?” He answers in annoyance.

    “I forgot, but, those women at the counter has information on our guy. Can you take care of that? Mikey just asked for me back.” You could faintly hear Rindou's voice from the phone speakers


    “I just have one more thing to take care of, wait here.” Ran excuses himself, letting go of your hand to straighten up his suit to talk to the women.

    Now, who's he tryna look good for?

    You watch as the ladies' eyes instantly land on your boyfriend, heads following his as he pretended to order something.

    “Hi, handsome. Care for a drink?” One woman initiates, “I'd like that.” He immediately agrees.

    “What takes you here?” “Just work.” You listened to their distant conversation.

    True, but try saying on a date with your girlfriend, dumbass.

    ....Right, he's undercover.

    Their conversation went for about a couple minutes, as he tried to sneak information about the guy they were being sent to track. but these women have those details they needed. Fine.

    Flirty looks and nails running up his arms were in the mix, and oh how you hated every moment of it— other women throwing themselves onto your boyfriend like that.

    “Alright, all good now.” You watch him return to your table for the second time tonight.

    “Let's get outta here.” You suggest, finishing the last few ounces of your champagne.

    “Hoping you'd ask that.” Ran agreed, now offering his arm out for yours to intertwine. A smile paints on your face at the way you head out of the restaurant wiht your boyfriend, those girls from earlier probably eyeing you with envy.

    “Let me get the car, baby.” You untangle yourself from his arm before heading to the valet parking boy to ask and get your car.

    “Ran?” And just when he thought the night couldn't get any worse, a woman calls for his name. A voice a little too familiar.

    “Oh, it's you.” Ran replied in a nonchalant tone. It was his ex lover,

    “Lovely to see you here.” She answered.

    “Mhm.” Ran could only hum in response.

    “So, what you up to now?”

    “Not much.” He didn't really want to go into detail of everything, or even tell her about his life in the first place.

    “Well, aren't you gonna ask me?” She asks.

    “How are you?” He caved with a sigh, wanting nothing but for you to return already.

    “I just came back from France! and see, do you like it?” She takes the charm on her necklace, holding it up for Ran to see.


    “Can't see? Here, here.” She steps closer, bodies practically inches away from each other only for her to shove the jewelry in his face.

    “Uh, okay. Yeah, very nice.” Sometimes, to stop hearing about it is to pretend to care about it. Ran agreed, taking a moment to look at the pendant she was so excited about.

    “Car's here.” The sound of your throat clearing broke them apart.

    “And this is...?” She trailed off.

    Now, this woman was no stranger to you. Once you and Ran talked to each other about your past relationships, this woman was particularly horrible to him.

    She cheated and took his money numerous times. Not to mention the verbal abuse she gave him on a daily basis.

    “Haitani [Name].” You smile, hand reaching out to take hers in which she "gladly" accepts. “And, you must be the woman who used to date my husband.” You added, as if it was a dirty word.

    “Mm, yeah, I am. I was pretty good at that. Maybe, a little too good.” She answered, sneaking a wink to your boyfriend which didn't go unnoticed.

    “And huh, Wife... I don't see much but, this works, I guess? Congrats.” She added.

    “Well, God has his favorites...” You chirped before scanning your eyes from her head to toe.

    “Not you, though. Stay safe out there, disrespectfully.” You remarked, leaving her in offense. Ran couldn't even manage to stifle a laugh, a snort coming from him as your car arrives just in time for you to drag him outside.

    “That was so fucking hot, holy shit [Name].” He chuckled, sliding into the back seat with you.

    “Bitch needs to know her place. Tried her best though, just not good enough.” He could only kiss you in response, left arm hooking around your waist.

    “Take us home.” He ordered the driver.

    “Alright, what's up with you, hm?” Your sloppy kisses over his neck didn't go unnoticed by Ran, currently seated on his side of the bed, legs crossed and eyes glued to his phone screen.

    “Just didn't like the way you were talking to those women and looking at your ex earlier.” You casually answered, hands now fumbling with the strings of his grey joggers.

    “What you mean? They're all literally throwing themselves at me.” Ran lets his head fall back on your shoulder, returning the kisses on your neck.

    “You seemed to enjoy it though,” You point out, successfully slithering your hand into his throbbing cock.

    “Wrong.” He denied, his body falling back onto the mattress at your absence. “Sweetheart so eager?” You hopped onto the floor to get in between his legs,

    “When my boyfriend's this sexy, yeah.” You replied, lips making in contact with the outline of his tattoo, starting on the ones on his chest.

    While you were busy painting hickies over his tattoo, your hand continues to wander over his crotch, starting to jerk him slowly.

    Ran could only lament from the pleasure, before watching as he hardened into your touch. You hear another salacious snivel from his lips when your thumb comes contact with the slit of his sensitive tip.

    “Shit, do that again.” He instructed.

    You obliged, adding another finger into the equation to massage his tip. “Mmmmm, shit, baby, yeah...” You watch his expression melt in fluster, continuing to pinch and knead your fingers over his now fragile tip.

    “[Name]...” His hoarse cry came out desperately.

    “What? You don't...” You paused for a moment, tracing the tip of your tongue over a prominent vein up his length. “Like it?”

    “No, I love it, just— gonna cum.” struggled to speak through the pleasure.

    Someone once told you to— “Pretend all his exes are in the room and you'll give the best performance of your life.”

    You thought now's the time.

    Once your eyes meet again, you sink your mouth down Ran's length, taking all of him once and for all.

    When your eyes closed, all you could think about was those women standing in the room, watching you please their ex lover like no other, tongue swiping over the tip and head bobbing violently, fucking your throat into him.

    “Mmmm....” He mumbled as you sucked his cock so superbly. “Shit! [Name], stop, I'm gonna fucking cum.” He beseeched, abs caving in erratically from all the pleasure building up so quickly.

    He hated how easily you could turn him like that— so weak and vulnerable under your touch.

    “On your knees.” He ordered. You oblige, getting back onto the bed with him while Ran goes over to the nightstand to retrieve something.

    “Now suck me off. Again.” You feel the cold surface of his baton come in contact with your neck.

    You but your lip in response, eyes making contact with his through your lashes. “Don't go shy on me now, stupid dirty girl.” He spat, pushing the stick further against your throat, restricting airflow.

    You oblige in no time, picking up where you have left off moments ago. This time, hollowing your cheeks and hugging his length so perfectly. “Fuck, so warm...”

    Ran sees a glance of your face fucking into his cock desperately. “Fuck, sweetheart, your pretty face looks so good stuffed with my cock like this.”

    “What a jealous little slut.” You feel his baton come in contact with your ass this time, eliciting a loud cry from you.

    “So cute,” He mewled. “Alright, princess. You've proven your point, my turn now.” He pulls off of your mouth, making a loud popping sound before pushing you onto the bed.

    “Stay.” He spoke more harshly than the last time before leaning down slowly, leaving wet sloppy kisses, his fingers spreading your wetness around your folds moments before thrusting in harshly. “Shit, I'm not gonna last so long, you're so tight.”

    He started moving his hips, but you tried your best not to moan so loudly.

    “Don't hold it in, princess. Tell the neighbors how good I'm making you feel.” And that was all it took for you to let out your cries of pleasure in all force.

    “Envious little slut.”

    “Yes, Ran, Yes! Don't stop!” Your moaning grew louder, nails ripping at his shoulders and back as the bed shook from how fast he was going.

    Suddenly, Ran picks you up in his arms, pushing you further into the headboard. Your skin clapped harder while Ran latched his mouth onto your shoulder to conceal his own moans. “Tell me how bad you want to cum.”

    “Want you so bad, please. Your cock is so big and feels so good inside of me. Please, I'm your only good girl.” He laughs in response, thrusting deeper in response.

    “Anyhing for you, darling...” Your vision turns white as he rubs your clit harshly in time wih his thrusts to send you over the edge.

    Ran throws his head back with a groan, thrusting forward and squeezing his eyes shut before filling you with his cum.

    “Fuck,” He cursed, collapsing on top of you, hot bodies colliding once more. His elbows supported his torso as he buried his head into your neck.

    You whine softly as he pulls out, watching his thick release ooze out of your hole slowly.

    “Shit, so good to me princess.” He remarked breathlessly.

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  • blueparadis
    23.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    POV- A random encounter at Bonten bar.

    ft. Tokyo Revengers [ Sanzu Haruchiyo]

    cw : f-reader ,explicit smut, foreplay, teasing, nipple-play ,usage of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, unprotected sex,soft!dom, slight bondage play,creampie, pussydrunk, aftercare , mdni, nfsw.

    type: oneshot

    synopsis: you just shifted to a new locality a week ago. It's weekend and all you wanna do is to get away from all these noise. To get rid off such tiring mood you visit the bar,the bonten bar.

    notes: I've already done one with Ran but how can I forget sanzu. I got carried away but i can assure you it won't bore you. Hope you like it as much as I loved penning it down.

    likes & reblogs appreciated

    Grabbing a tee and a knee-length skirt you dressed yourself. "Hmm good to go." you mumbled Carrying the long coat hanging upto your ankle you left your newly rented home. As you were waiting for the cigarette,"Bonten" caught your eye. Dropping the cigarette pack into the pockets you entered the bar that smelt of alcohol awakening your senses. Your pupils scanned the lavish look of the bar. You noticed a pair of eyes was staring at you, constantly. A man dressed in fuscia pink tailored attire. You sat at par with him so that he can't feast his eyes upon you. The staff blocked your sight as you ordered food and a light drink. As the staff left you couldn't see his lean & slim figure in the usual spot. Your eyes searched for him through the lounge.

    "Looking for me?"a soft voice reached your ears. You tilted your head and said,"I hate to disappoint but no" flatly lying to his face. You said without jolting in surprise which amused him judging from his dilated sapphire iris. He was leaning on the perch of sofa while you being seated facing him noticing his scars. He quickly made an eye dot upon your dry slender lips and whispered "tempting". He swirled around the corner of the sofa in a magestic way to make himself comfortable next to you maintaining enough space to not to make you uncomfortable. He waved at the staff ; your order layed infront of you as you cleared the bill. He crossed his legs , rested his elbow upon his knees. As you looked at him he balanced his chin on his palm and said,"Are you new here?"

    "Yes." You said talking a bite. As you started eating your hair fell upon your shoulders,he closed the gap between you two and clustered your hair in his hands that was disturbing your appetite. Before you could turn your gaze he leaned into your ears whispering "If you look at me now, I don't think I'll be able to resist myself anymore". You continued your meal while he watched you holding your hair with his index finger, occassionally tugging behind your ear lobes. A low humming reached your ears, a song maybe. You said,"quite a singer you're" taking a sip if drink. The humming stopped making you turn your gaze. He ran his fingers into your hair and pulled your face closer. He gently rubbed his cheeks against yours making you feel his scar.

    "I'm Sanzu Haruchiyo" his lips just grazed yours while he pulled back. You focused at a pair of men watching two of you. "You don't like to be watched,do you now?" he taunted. Your silence , your embarrassment your restlessness was enough for a positive response. He immediately grabbed your hand and took you out of the stares.

    He opened the car-gate for you. Sitting at the back ,he entered and locked it. A faint street light tainted the window enough as you two watched eachother maintaing the silence. Sanzu leaned over you locking your side maintaining the eye contact. He grabbed a syringe and a file of liquid from the front seat. "Do you wanna try a bit?", he asked.

    "What gives you the idea I haven't?" He scoffed at your bold response and pushed the syringe into your arm knocking your senses for a bit. He took two shots at his left arm. He was still wide awake. You removed the overcoat leaving yourself in the tee & skirt. You slided towards him,rested your head upon his shoulders and wrapped your arms into his. You noticed his hands at the edge of your skirt brushing your thigh while his other hand interlaced yours. 'He was just a stranger yet so known to you. Damn how many must he have fucked in this very car like this!' you pondered.

    He crossed his legs trying to hide his bulge as your boobs pressed against his chestline. Adjusting yourself you removed your underwear throwing it on the front seat. His eyes widened and he let out a giggle at your act. "I want to take it slow,you know- "y/n" you added. "Right,y/n". He said still holding your hand as you tilted your head to look at him. He looked back at you. Your vision was a bit blurry but your senses were not. You could feel his breath upon your lips. He kissed your lips softly, gently, begging for a entrance as you pulled back. He bit your lower lip making you squeal as he sucked your lips. His hands travelled under your tees. He pulled back as he realised he palmed your naked breasts. "You're not wearing a-

    "I didn't thought" a hiccup "it would be a long walk" you said. He smiled at your utmost protest. He held you as you made yourself seated on his lap. He slided in the middle to make it spacious for you. "Where do you live?" "Closeeeeeeeeee" you whispered. "okay" he said otherwise you wouldn't have stopped.

    "Would you like to undress me?"

    "If you want me to" you said and wrapped your arms in your back. He leaned and bit your nipple over the cloth while his hands rested on the seat. You moaned in pleasure. He slipped his hands under your tee and squeezed your flesh. You placed your hands upon his shoulders for support. As removed his suit and waist coat as he directed."I want see you,y/n". Putting your hands up you said,"don't make me wait,Sanzu". He removed your tee. He grazed your lips with his fingers making you suck it. His wet fingers trailed over your tits , then upon your navel as he reached your skirt. By the time, his tongue played with your nipples. Circling around it as it got hard and biting at intervals. "May I?" he pleaded pausing before slipping his hands under your skirt. You nodded and he slided two fingers inside of you making you twitch. He loosened his tie enough to let his collar bones expose and grabbed you by your waist to support you.

    His movements were rough yet so short that your juicy cunt clenched. He watched you as you moaned under his touch; you bit your lip hard enough to let out a spot of blood. Sanzu kissed your lips sucking and easing your tolerance. "I - I -- I'll cum",you exclaimed with groan while he stopped abruptly. He pushed you a bit unbuckling his trousers exposing his long shaft. He guided you as you sat on him. Sanzu let out a loud groan saying,"you're still so tight,fuc-k". You started bobbing while he gropped your tits. You finally palmed his face and started to take his moans as you moved in circles. His hands gripped your ass underneath the skirt. You pulled his lower lip with a bite only to realease it to suck his cherry tainted lips.

    "Oh fuck, you're so good. You're taking me perfectly, so well princess" Sanzu blurted out in excitement. In an amazing display of strength he laid you upon the seat without pulling out. His hands gripped yours as he thrusted faster. He kissed your tits occasionally. "Umm so good!" he cooed. As you were about to moan he magnified it by biting upon your neckline. Your nails clawed his back over his white shirt as he groaned. He removed his tie fastening your hand as one sealing the other end at the handle of the door. You protested yet he shushed you with his finger. "Let me fill you up, okay?"he whispered and he continued to throb faster. Without warning his fluid gushed into your pulsating warm cunt.

    He zipped his pants immediately. He licked your juicy cunt almost making your eyes tearful as your body ached in euphoric pleasure making a moaning mess out of you. He sucked and played with your bud a bit. Sanzu rested himself on his knees and realeased the knot from the door. Dragging you he slipped your tied hands around his nape. You gripped his hair and kissed him,kissed him and licked the fluids dripping from the edge. As you retreated, he said,"Tastes good, right?". He untied you ,kissed on your forehead and dressed you back. You sat in the front seat while he took your panty in his pocket. He drove you back to your home. As you stood infront of the door,Sanzu hurriedly came adjusting his tie.

    Empty streets,silent night,dim city-lights. Sanzu sat infront of you taking out your underwear to make you wear. "What are you doing?"you chuckled and it echoed through the streets.He said with a warm smile,"I want to keep it but maybe next time",he softly replied.As you wore,he kissed your legs and stood up. Wrapping his arms around you he kissed you by palming your face woth his other hand while you gripped his suit, boobs pressed against his chest. He pulled out from the kiss and looked at you intently. "What?" you said while smiling innocently. Catching you off guard he hugged you and said,"I want to talk,talk to know you. Visit me again? maybe? please?". Staying in his embrace you mewled,"awwwwww! Aren't you weak for me!"

    "Yes I'm" he said abruptly. Clearing your throat you reluctantly pushed him away as you made your way into your house. You didn't wave at him yet heard the sound of his car fading after quite a while as if he was waiting, expecting your last glimpse. Lighting up a cigarette you fumbled,"it's strong. It won't go away."

    Do not alter and repost elsewhere by @blueparadis

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    Dumping my old arts in here lol

    Please do not repost on any other Social Media platforms, thank you.

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