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    14.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    The (338 Hour) Cineclub

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    14.04.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    TIME FOR KIDS STEM 3rd Grade Book Set – 10 Unique Children’s Books - Spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math with engaging ... home use. (TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers)

    TIME FOR KIDS STEM 3rd Grade Book Set – 10 Unique Children’s Books – Spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and math with engaging … home use. (TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers)

    Price: (as of – Details) Inspire your student to dive into STEM topics. The engaging TIME FOR KIDS content will motivate even the most reluctant readers to read. This 10-book set is a perfect introduction into science, technology, engineering, and math. Titles in this collection include:  Take Off! All About Airplanes  Zoom! How Cars Move  Mammal Mania  Incredible Invertebrates  Death Valley…

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    14.04.2021 - 44 minutes ago


    Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life”.-Helen Exley.

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    14.04.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Kiedy najczęściej spoglądasz w niebo? Które jest piękniejsze? Dzienne? Nocne? . Dzisiaj w Krakowie szaro, zimno i leje. I trzeba do pracy.. Miłej środy! . . . . . 🍃☔❄🌧🌚🌝🌧❄☔🍃 . . . #book #booklover #bookworm #bookstagram #bookstagrampl #polskieinstagramy #książka #ksiazka #czytam #czytambolubię #lubięczytać #pisarz #piszę #autor #writer #writing #photo #zdjęcie #recenzja #recenzjaksiążki #życie #beautiful #bthe1thinking #bookmorning #nightandday #sky #blue #bluesky #graysky #rain https://www.instagram.com/p/CNolB5ghTxG/?igshid=18hl91hn0jnrl

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    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay but what’s the most heartbreaking ending in a book that you’ve read that left you speechless and crying for days?

    Leave the ending quote and book please I wanna rEAd

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    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dark to Mortal Eyes by Eric Wilson

    Peeps by Scott Westerfeld

    The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

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  • booktok-reviews
    14.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Strange Hymn

    (The Bargainer Series Book Two)

    By: Laura Thalassa

    I loved the first book, but this one didn’t quite hit home for me compared to the first one. Somewhere in the middle it lost my interest, but I picked it back up and I am glad I did because it picked up towards the end and definitely finished on a high note for me. As always I still love the characters and I can’t wait to see what’s next. 4/5 stars!

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  • everydayeveryday
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Maktub by Paulo Coelho

    “If you are still living, it's because you have not yet arrived at the place you should be.”

    “But, if you know how to say no to temptation, they will cause you no harm.”

    “The master says: “If a decision needs to be made, it is better to make it and deal with the consequences. You cannot know beforehand what those consequences will be.”

    “And, of course, as we grow older, our number of difficult moments grows larger. But, at the same time, experience provides us with better means of overcoming those defeats, and of finding the path that allows us to go forward.”

    “Likewise, negative desires can cause no evil if you do not allow yourself to be seduced by them.”

    “It's the following: you are going to die. It may be tomorrow or fifty years from now, but -sooner or later --you are going to die. Even if you would rather not. Even if you have other plans. Think carefully about what you are going to do today. And tomorrow. And with the rest of your life.”

    “We have been moving along at such a fast pace that we no longer know what we are doing. Now we have to wait until our soul catches up with us.”

    “So long as you do no harm to another, change your opinion once in a while. Contradict yourself without being embarrassed. This is your right. It doesn't matter what others think -because that's what they will think, in any case. So, relax. Let the universe move about. Discover the joy of surprising yourself.”

    “Make use of every blessing that God gave you today.”

    “Each day has its own miracle. Accept the blessings, work, and create your minor works of art today. Tomorrow you will receive others.”

    “Many people are fearful of happiness. For such persons, to be content in life means they must change a number of their habits -and lose their sense of identity. Often we become indignant at the good things that befall us. We do not accept them, because to do so causes us to feel that we are in God's debt.”

    “Out of a fear of shrinking, we fail to grow. Out of a fear of weeping, we fail to laugh.”

    “Often, we can afford to take our time. But there are occasions when we must roll up our sleeves and resolve a situation. In such cases, there is nothing worse than delay.”

    “Never forget that you are free, and that to show your emotions is not shameful.”

    "We must make the best use of our time. We must fight for our dreams, and concentrate our efforts to that end. But we must not forget that life is made up of small pleasures. They were placed here to encourage us, assist us in our search, and provide moments of surcease from our daily battles. It is not a sin to be happy. There is nothing wrong in -from time to time -breaking certain rules regarding diet, sleep and happiness. Do not criticize yourself if -once in a while -you waste your time on trifles. These are the small pleasures that stimulate us.”

    “If you are traveling the road of your dreams, be committed to it. Do not leave an open door to be used as an excuse such as, 'Well, this isn't exactly what I wanted. ' Therein are contained the seeds of defeat. “Walk your path. Even if your steps have to be uncertain, even if you know that you could be doing it better. If you accept your possibilities in the present, there is no doubt that you will improve in the future. But if you deny that you have limitations, you will never be rid of them. “Confront your path with courage, and don't be afraid of the criticism of others. And, above all, don't allow yourself to become paralyzed by self-criticism."

    “Fear is not a sign of cowardice. It is fear that allows us be brave and dignified in the face of life's situations.”

    “We are always concerned with finding answers. We feel that answers are important to understand what life means. “It is more important to live fully, and allow time to reveal to us the secrets of our existence. If we are too concerned with making sense of life, we prevent nature from acting, and we become unable to read God's signs.”

    “Without realizing that a simple courageous act is all that is needed to find our freedom.”

    “Certain things in life simply have to be experienced -and never explained. Love is such a thing. God -who is love -is also such a thing.”

    “God will never enter your head. The door that He uses is your heart.”

    “God mixes shadow and light to see if the Earth has the courage to go on turning. If the Earth is not frightened by the darkness, night passes -- a new sun shines the next day.”

    “It is one thing to have something and give it up. It is another not to have something and to condemn those who have.”

    “Often it is easier to love than to be loved. We find it hard to accept the help and support of others. Our attempts to appear independent deprive others of the opportunity to demonstrate their love.”

    “You should accept a gesture of love from someone. You have to allow others to help you, to give you the strength to go on. If you accept such love with purity and humility, you will understand that Love is neither giving nor receiving -it is participating.”

    “Pray every day. Even if your prayers are wordless and ask for nothing, and can hardly be understood. Make a habit of your prayers”

    “We are not the judges of the dreams of others. In order to have faith in our own path, it is not necessary to prove that another's path is wrong. One who does that does not believe in his own steps.”

    “It is true that everything has its price, but the price is always relative. When we follow our dreams, we may give the impression to others that we are miserable and unhappy. But what others think is not important. What is important is the joy in our heart.”

    “When we want something, we make a choice and we pay a price. To follow one's dream carries a price. It may demand that we give up old habits, it may create problems for us, and it may bring disappointment. But, no matter how high the price, it is never so high as at we pay for not having lived out our personal destiny. Because one day we will look back and see everything we have done, and hear our own heart say: 'I wasted my life. ' Believe me, that is the worst phrase you can ever hear.”

    “Sometimes God takes back a certain blessing in order to help the person understand it better.”

    “If we are capable of loving, we will also be capable of being loved. It is only a matter of time.”

    “If things are not going well, there are only two explanations: either your perseverance is being tested, or you need to change direction. In order to discover which of those options is correct -since they are opposites -make use of silence and prayer. Little by little, things will become strangely clear, until you have sufficient strength to choose. Once you have made your decision, forget completely the other possibility. And go forward."

    “Domingos Sabino said: “Everything always turns out for the best. If things are not going well, it is because you have not yet reached the end.”

    “It took me longer than the others, and I walked alone for many stretches along the road. But it was only because I respected my own pace that I was able to walk the entire road. Since then, I have applied that lesson to everything I do in my life.”

    “Fear of making a mistake is the door that locks us into the castle of mediocrity. If we are able to overcome that fear, we have taken an important step in the direction of our freedom.”

    “Of all the powerful arms of destruction that man has been able to invent, the most terrible -and most cowardly -is the word. Fists and firearms at least leave some blood remaining. Bombs destroy houses and streets. Poisons can be detected. The master says: “The word can destroy without leaving a clue”

    “There can be faith without prayer. But there can be no prayer without faith.”

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    11.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Interested in futuristic technology on virtual reality and levitating cars? Then take a look at this science fiction book entitled "The Madhouse Projects" by Rick Badman. 

    This book is mainly about an automotive engineer who began working at an underground research and development installation. He journeyed to help for the betterment of society and to improve the conditions of the world. 

    Read more about Rick Badman's "The Madhouse Projects" by ordering your copy through this link - www.rickbadman.com/order.

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  • newlevelnick
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Book release!

    I’m currently working on a book titled “Could You Forgive Me?”

    This book is my personal journey though depression, self-harm, anxiety and more. I plan to release it next month for Mental Health Awareness Month.

    I feel as though if someone read what others went through first hand, they might feel less alone or maybe even seek help, if they choose so.

    #book #could you forgive me #self harm #mental health awareness #mental health matters #mental health awareness month #abuse#depression#anxiety#advocate#journey
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  • booklady7
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago
    “I have been made to protect you. Even in death, I will find a way.” He clasped her hand tighter. “Bury me so I can go to Djel. Bury me so I can take root and follow the water north.”
    “I promise, Matthias. I’ll take you home.”
    “Nina,” he said, pressing her hand to his heart. “I am already home.

    “He was on the ice once more, and somewhere he could hear the wolves howling. But this time, he knew they were welcoming him home.”

    Oh, no, no, no no no no no! Not him, oh my God, not him. My heart is so broken, I’m so sad, I can’t believe it! 💔😭

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  • everydayeveryday
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

    “Everything blurred over time.”

    “Have you noticed that far too often the best people in the world lack power?"

    “Why do most people fail to give each other the fairy tale?”

    “I get sidetracked easily by interesting things, and for this reason, people often find it hard to converse with me, which is why I don’t talk very much to strangers and much prefer writing letters, in which there is room to record everything, unlike real-life conversations where you have to fight and fight to fit in your words and almost always lose.)”

    “She said she needed me, and it was nice to be needed.”

    “In the Dalai Lama’s book A Profound Mind, you wrote in the afterword that our lives are like the beam of light coming out of a movie projector, illuminating the screen, which is emptiness. I liked that. It was good—beautiful.”

    “it was better to let some things alone. Words could be used as weapons that do too much damage”

    “God doesn’t always use words to speak to us, Bartholomew,” he said as we waited for a red light to turn green. “Sometimes we simply get feelings. Hunches. Have you had any of those?”

    “It is important that we understand just how truly all-pervasive suffering is.”

    “People grieve for all sorts of reasons. It’s probably best not to compare or try to measure.”

    “Flowers just grow, and when it is time, they shoot colors out of their stems and become beautiful.”

    “I thought of a line from the Dalai Lama’s book A Profound Mind: “‘We should work toward cherishing the welfare of others to the point where we are unable to bear the sight of their misery.”

    “but I knew he would say it would all be revealed in God’s time and not our time—that we should simply wait for God to speak to me, for me to start hearing His voice, that we had to be patient.”

    “What else matters at the end of the day when we lie in bed alone with our thoughts? And isn’t it true, statistically speaking—regardless of whether we believe in luck or not—that good and bad must happen simultaneously all over the world?”

    “For every bad thing that happens, a good thing happens too—and this was how the world stayed in harmony.”

    “That in order for someone to win, someone else has to lose; and in order for someone to become rich, many others must stay poor; and in order for someone to be considered smart, many more people must be considered average or below average intelligence; and in order for someone to be considered extremely beautiful, there must be a plethora of regular-looking people and extremely ugly people as well; you can’t have good without bad, fast without slow, hot without cold, up without down, light without dark, round without flat, life without death—and so you can’t have lucky without unlucky either.”

    “We don’t know anything. But we can choose how we respond to whatever comes our way. We have a choice always. Remember that!”

    “Whenever something bad happens to us,” Mom said as she tucked me into my new bed, insisting that I needed some sleep after staying up all night, “something good happens—often to someone else. And that’s The Good Luck of Right Now. We must believe it. We must. We must. We must.”

    “No. What happens to things is not important. Pray that your heart will be able to endure whatever happens to you in the future—your heart must continue to believe that the events in this world are not the be-all and end-all but simply transient unimportant variables. Beyond the everyday ins and outs of our lives, there is a greater purpose—a reason. Perhaps we don’t yet see or understand the reason—maybe our human minds are incapable of understanding fully—yet it all leads us to something greater nonetheless.”

    “I found this Dalai Lama quote on the library Internet: “Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.”

    “Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.’ No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that’s our real disaster.”

    “To new beginnings, however strange they may be,”

    “Sentimental. As if it were a character flaw. Like it was horrible to feel. To admit that you missed things. To care. To love even.”

    “And I wondered if faith were not a form of pretending.”

    “But unfortunately, it takes a lot more than kindness to survive in this world.”

    “Because life was always evolving and changing, and therefore, no matter how much we’d like to, we would never, ever have that moment again—even if we tried with all our might to re-create it, going so far as wearing the same exact clothes even, we would fail, because you cannot beat time; you can only enjoy it whenever possible, as it zooms by endlessly.”

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  • everydayeveryday
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume

    "Margaret darling," she said, "I want to make sure you understand that we'll still be as close as always." "Of course we will," I said. "A few miles doesn't mean a thing," Grandma said. "Just because I can't drop in after school doesn't mean I won't think of you every day."

    "Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. What would you think of me doing a project on religion? You wouldn't mind, would you God? I'd tell you all about it. And I won't make any decisions without asking you first. I think it's time for me to decide what to be. I can't go on being nothing forever, can I?"

    "I'm not, Grandma," I insisted. "You know I'm not anything." "You can say it, but I'll never believe it. Never!" She blew her nose."

    "I've been looking for you God. I looked in temple. I looked in church. And today, I looked for you when I wanted to confess. But you weren't there. I didn't feel you at all. Not the way I do when I talk to you at night. Why God? Why do I only feel you when I'm alone?"

    "Cheer up, Margaret," my mother said over dinner. "Things are never as bad as they seem."

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  • everydayeveryday
    14.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    “When you’re late a lot, you learn how to make up for lost time.”

    “I’m scared that I will never do anything of value with my life.”

    “It’s very easy to rationalize what you’re doing when you don’t know the faces and the names of the people you might hurt. It’s very easy to choose yourself over someone else when it’s an abstract.”

    “He still, all these years later, shines brighter to me than other people. Even after I got over him, I was never able to extinguish the fire completely, as if it’s a pilot light that will remain small and controlled but very much alive.”

    “Life is long and full of an infinite number of decisions. I have to think that the small ones don’t matter, that I’ll end up where I need to end up no matter what I do. My fate will find me.”

    “I remember what it feels like to truly love someone. For the right reasons. In the right way.”

    “It is the teenage feelings that are the most intoxicating, the ones that have the power to render you helpless.”

    “I did. I loved you so much it sometimes burned in my chest.”

    “From experience, I can tell you that if you go around trying to figure out what’s fair in life or whether you deserve something or not, that’s a rabbit hole that is hard to climb out of.”

    “It seems so simple, written out in order. For a moment, as I look at it, I think, Is that all? And then I realize that simple and easy aren’t the same thing.”

    “But I suppose just because something is hard to understand, that doesn’t make it any less true.”

    “the more I remember, the more it grabs hold.”

    “I know that he’s telling the truth. But the fact of the matter is that I worry that I’ll believe him too much, that I’ll become too easily swayed into believing what I want to believe about him. I don’t want to do what I would have done before. I don’t want to believe what a person says and ignore what he does. I don’t want to see only what I want to see.”

    “Sometimes I don’t realize how weighed down I am by my own worries until they are gone”

    “But I’m trying to make new decisions so that they lead me to better places.”

    “I may have gotten a bit infatuated with the idea that he and I have something romantic left between us, but I can see now that we don’t. I will probably always love him on some level, always hold a spot for him in my heart. But dating again, being together, that would be moving backward, wouldn’t it?”

    “We can’t say what we would do in other circumstances. We can only know what we will do with the ones we face.”

    “That’s your problem. You’re trying too hard to find the perfect answer when an answer will do.”

    “You don’t need to find the perfect thing all the time. Just find one that works, and go with it”

    “Because that is truly all I want in this world. I want to try to do something myself, knowing that when I have nothing left, someone will take me the rest of the way.

    He turns me around to face the right direction, and he stands behind me. “Go for it,” he says. “I got you.”

    “And part of loving someone, part of being the recipient of trust, is telling the truth even when it’s awful.”

    “If there is only one person for everyone, what happens when soul mates can’t make it work?”

    “If you can’t make it work, you aren’t soul mates,” she tells me.”

    “I don’t know, I’m starting to think maybe you just pick a place and stay there. You pick a career and do it. You pick a person and commit to him.”

    “I think as long as you’re happy and you’re doing something good with your life, it really doesn’t matter whether you went out and found the perfect thing or you chose what you knew you could make work for you.”

    “But sometimes you can’t help but show the things you feel. Sometimes, despite how hard you try to fight your feelings, they show up in the glassiness of your eyes, the downward turn of your lips, the shakiness of your voice, and the lump in your throat. “We’re friends,” I say.”

    “I suppose it would follow that if you and I come to a place we can’t get past, then we aren’t meant to be. Right? Then we aren’t right for each other. I mean, I think I have to believe that life will work out the way it needs to. If everything that happens in the world is just a result of chance and there’s no rhyme or reason to any of it, that’s just too chaotic for me to handle. I’d have to go around questioning every decision I’ve ever made, every decision I will ever make. If our fate is determined with every step we take . . . it’s too exhausting. I’d prefer to believe that things happen as they are meant to happen.”

    “But I wonder how different my world would be if any of those things had happened. You can’t change just one part, can you? When you sit there and wish things had happened differently, you can’t just wish away the bad stuff. You have to think about all the good stuff you might lose, too. Better just to stay in the now and focus on what you can do better in the future.”

    “Well, you never know what you’re ready for until you have to face it,”

    “I don’t think meeting the love of your life gives you carte blanche to ruin everything in your path. There are a lot of people out there who find the person they believe they are supposed to be with, and it doesn’t work out because they have other things they have to do, and instead of being a liar and running from their responsibilities, they act like adults and do the right thing.”

    “It doesn’t matter if we don’t mean to do the things we do. It doesn’t matter if it was an accident or a mistake. It doesn’t even matter if we think this is all up to fate. Because regardless of our destiny, we still have to answer for our actions. We make choices, big and small, every day of our lives, and those choices have consequences.

    We have to face those consequences head-on, for better or worse. We don’t get to erase them just by saying we didn’t mean to. Fate or not, our lives are still the results of our choices. I’m starting to think that when we don’t own them, we don’t own ourselves.”

    “That love makes you do crazy things, that sometimes you have to do things that seem wrong from the outside but you know are right”

    “You can only forgive yourself for the mistakes you made in the past once you know you’ll never make them again.”

    “And I’m learning not to read too much into good things. I’m learning just to appreciate the good while you have it in your sights. Not to worry so much about what it all means and what will happen next.”

    “I’m just going to do my best and live under the assumption that if there are things in this life that we are supposed to do, if there are people in this world we are supposed to love, we’ll find them. In time. The future is so incredibly unpredictable that trying to plan for it is like studying for a test you’ll never take.”

    “That’s what you do when you want something. You don’t look for reasons why it won’t work. You look for reasons why it will.”

    “Timing seems like an excuse. Extenuating circumstances is an excuse. If you love someone, if you think you could make them happy for the rest of your life together, then nothing should stop you. You should be prepared to take them as they are and deal with the consequences. Relationships aren’t neat and clean. They’re ugly and messy, and they make almost no sense except to the two people in them. That’s what I think. I think if you truly love someone, you accept the circumstances; you don’t hide behind them.”

    “As a man who has been trying to run into you for months, let me assure you how rare it is that two specific people’s paths will cross.”

    “Everything that is possible happens. That means that when you flip a quarter, it doesn’t come down heads or tails. It comes up heads and tails. Every time you flip a coin and it comes up heads, you are merely in the universe where the coin came up heads. There is another version of you out there, created the second the quarter flipped, who saw it come up tails. This is happening every second of every day. The world is splitting further and further into an infinite number of parallel universes where everything that could happen is happening. This is completely plausible, by the way. It’s a legitimate interpretation of quantum mechanics. It’s entirely possible that every time we make a decision, there is a version of us out there somewhere who made a different choice. An infinite number of versions of ourselves are living out the consequences of every single possibility in our lives. What I’m getting at here is that I know there may be universes out there where I made different choices that led me somewhere else, led me to someone else.” He looks at Gabby. “And my heart breaks for every single version of me that didn’t end up with you.”

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    10.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Are you eager to understand the callings of God and to develop a great relationship with Him? This book by Marianna Albritton entitled "Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God?" is written for you.

    Throughout Marianna's years of teaching and preaching the Bible, addressing the hunger for knowing and talking to God has been the message she's trying to deliver. 

    Get to see how exciting this growing process is for yourself and listen to His callings. Order a copy of Marianna Albritton's book through this link - www.mariannaalbritton.com/order.

    #Marianna Albritton #Come Climb Toward God #Come Climb Toward God: Are You Hungry for God? #book #books and libraries #god#christian community#christianbook#readersmagnet#readers magnet#readersmagnet publishing#self-publishing
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