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  • kyluxtrashblog
    27.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #thank you anon for my life #dune has literally been in my head rent free because I have this rant to myself every time someone even mentions it #like besties ... you know these books were not good right #dune #I said what I said #please think critically about these books/movies im begging #and if you have any other questions pls feel free to slide into my inbox I love sharing thoughts and opinions
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  • yazthebookish
    27.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Can't wait for Starlight 🖤 Naya and Adam 🤍

    By @morgana0anagrom for Olivia Wildenstein

    #angels of elysium #book art#book recs#book recommendations #each book is a standalone but the plot is connected so you have to read book 1 #if you are a fan of angels and crescent city you'll love this #the world-building is fantastic #paranormal romance
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  • yazthebookish
    27.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Say it with me:

    We did not need a pregnancy subplot in a Nessian book.

    #I would've loved to see it from Feyre and Rhys's POVs #but after the spin off series is finished #in a novella #I'm not against Feyre getting pregnant #I didn't like that it stole some of the spotlight from Nessian #it was their book
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  • ros-aline
    27.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    all I do is scroll on tumblr saving beautiful words and poems and excerpts with the intention of sending them to the person I long for (but I don’t) instead I will hold on to these lovely words knowing one day I can send them to someone who loves me back

    #d #unfortunately this Boy still has a girlfriend #he sent me arabic love poems last week #he didn’t say they were for me but? #why else would you send me fucking beautiful love poems #let’s not talk about the time I ripped my favorite poems from a book and mailed them to him with a handwritten letter
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  • visd3stele
    27.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Frank Zhang, The fall on the other side

    A/N: I wrote this for a capture the flag game on instagram a year ago held by _demigodhuntress_

    summary: the fall of a hero, Frank Zhang had enough of the gods' bullshit

    TW: corruption arc (let me know what else)


    The end of the world flows through my blood, burned my skin and vibrated inside my bones. All I saw were dying bodies, powerless gods threatening me with empty words and old friends looking to me with matching looks: a mixture of horror, shock and pain. Buildings dropped over citizens, the worst of all being the Empire State Building that collapsed over a school bus few yards in front of me. All I could hear were screams, rough, coming out from dried throats. But it wasn't like I cared. All the sufferance and pain, all the dead and cries for help, the Apocalypse Day was nothing like the day when my world ended.

    It happened right after Hazel and I became a pair of strong praetors. We could only enjoy it a couple of weeks untill Ella came rushing to us with a new prophecy.

    The sleeping sky can breath again

    And bring the twelve crowns to an end

    When the sun and the moon lean on each other like a friend

    And teary clouds send a toxic rain

    What's dead must return to the ground,

    Unbalanced order's will shall be done

    Purple capes may work like one

    But only one can be seen around.

    It wasn't hard to understand it, it was just impossible to accept and fulfill it. "Frank?" Hazel hold her hand on my shoulder, her voice barely a whisper. "You know what it means, right?"

    "No. No!" After everything I have lost, she can't become part of that list. We are romans. We will fight whatever – whoever – we have to, but we won't sacrifice one of us no more.

    We brought it up the next day, let all campers and citizens of New Rome know it will be another battle soon. "The sleeping sky" I said "should be the father of titans. What happened to Gaia probably woke him up too."

    "So the twelve crowns are the gods, right?" Dakota was trying to help as usual. "And the part with the moon and the sun..."

    "An eclipse!" Lavinia shouted proud of herself.

    "Yes. Whatever will happen, it will be during the next eclipse, most likely. Now, here's what we'll do..." but before I could say anything Dakota asked:

    "The prophecy already tell us what to do, right? But I don't get it. It's weird."

    "Shocker." Murmured Lavinia.

    "We don't have time to figure it out. We will train harder and follow the battle plan."

    This was the cue for looks of worry and confused glances to start travelling between the crowd. My eyes fell on Hazel, who was a distressed ball of nerves, chewing her lips in concentration. I knew what she was thinking. I must have looked the same when I planed my sacrifice during Lester and Meg's visit. But I cannot stay and watch her die on me just like that.

    Turned out, I didn't have to. She and Ella talked behind my back, told the truth to everyone and when the right time came, I was hold by the the strongest campers from all the cohorts, forced to witness my love death. Dakota, Lavinia and few others from the fifth cohort couldn't watch. They had their heads turned around, muffled cries and tears falling down their faces. Everyone had sorrow expressions, everyone clenched their jaws together to keep them from acting up. Everyone but me.

    I don't remember much. Only that I screamed with anger, but cried in silence. I remember the dark sky, the dawn that showed up hours later than usual, the cold rain, whipping my heated up skin as I carried her body in my arms.

    The pain grew, and it outgrew itself untill it explode. My heart collapsed under the weight of it's own hurt. It was no longer broken, but sunk deep inside me, somewhere I couldn't reach for it. Not that I've tried. The numbness that came with it made me calm, it washed the tears away.

    I haven't noticed it at first. How my movements were mechanic, like my soul left this world with hers. How nothing surprised me anymore. Nothing made me smile or frown. I haven't noticed how my head cleared out and everything I did was on automatic pilot.

    Once, the fauns fell asleep in the bushes of New Rome. Again. And, because I had to solve this, I went there and picked them up. In eagle's form. Some other time I played as a bear the occasional game of Siege. I wanted to win.

    I started to take long walks in the town and around it. But my ears were still the ones of an owl – I slept as an owl to keep an eye open in the dark since nothing felt the same and tired humane eyelashes are an impediment. And I eavesdrop at many conversation. About me.

    "Do you think he'll be fine?" Lavinia blowed a gum balloon, cleared her face and smashed it all inside her mouth again.

    "I don't know, actually. It's been a rough year, but he seems different." Dakota clearly agreed with her.

    "Yeah, I guess. But death does that to people, right? I mean,it's normal."

    "Nothing about new Frank is normal, Lavinia. Did you know he scared our elephant the other day?"

    "What? No way!" Her pierced voice hurt my ears.

    "Yes way! He circled it, full lion form, and Don thought he'll even bite it. He might have, if T's little girl wouldn't have yelled in horror. Poor elephant. It developed PTSD."

    "Can elephants do that?" Lavinia skeptical undertone irritated me. She thinks she knows it all, but she's weak. They all are, submitting to the gods like this. Listening and obeying everything, like mindless monkeys – even killing a fried at their request.

    "I don't know, Lavinia. But that is not the point. I am worried about Frank. He's not stable right now."

    How do they dare talk about they praetor, their leader, like this? I almost growled fiercer than how Lupa used to. This got the two's attention, but I left them there, their gaze following each of my steps.

    The next day, I found Nico at my doorstep. He wore a faint, sad smile on his ghostly features and asked if I'd go with him on a walk. I did not blink when I said yes by a mere nod of my head.

    "How are you, big guy?" As if he cared. He was her brother, he brought her back and the only thing he does now is asking for a pep talk chat.

    "Better than ever, thanksss for ssstopping by, Nico." My voice was shallow and even. I didn't try to move one muscle more than I need to.

    The short, bonny boy jumped away from me. "Are you sure you are ok?" His eyes were as big as ping pong ball.

    "Yesss, thank you." I repeated myself. My eyes burned a little, but I didn't mind. It's probably because I didn't blink in a long time.

    "What is wrong with you, Frank? Look, I know how much it hurts, but take it from me: compelling in this state won't help. You need to snap out of it!"

    "What ssstate? I am perfectly normal. Just coping, that'sss all."

    "Frank, how much have you been using your power lately?" Nico asked me, slightly worried. Looking back, he might have had a point. Turning in all these predators, relying on their survival instinct... it made me one too. But it felt good. It feels right. When I don't think, it doesn't hurt and no thoughts means no more pain. What was the matter?

    "Not much." I lied. "Thank you for coming, Nico, but you should go now." Saying this, I left him standing there. Alone as he deserve to be.

    That night, I had a dream. Memories of my past haunting me. All I saw was me and my friends doing the gods' dirty work, saving them and getting only death, pain and sufferance in return. I saw Jason's body burning at his funeral, Lester's face running and leaving me in that tunnel, Leo burning in the sky.

    I made a decision that night. One that I would have normally twist around and be anxious about for days before giving it up. But now it was different. It came as an instinct. And I knew I had to follow it, no thoughts involved. That's how animal's survive. That is the best way. I proceed in making it come true.

    For once, I did not look back.

    more of my fics HERE

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  • egyptienneallure
    27.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    both edvin and omar have my letters to them now 😭

    #fuckkkk #context: i wrote them for a fanbook and the fan met both of them and gave them the book :) #well i guess they know i Love them now #oopssss
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  • ca-createart
    27.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago
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    Quote from the Book: 'The Rules of Life' by Richard Templar
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  • shipatfirstsight
    27.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    this is the third time I've read The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie and...I finally love it?

    #i think i just didn't like the audiobook narrator and it ruined the whole thing for me #but i read the next three yesterday and lovedddd them #so i went back and reread this one again #and yoooooo #its so good #book recomendation #this is why i keep books i dont love at first #sometimes i go back and reread them and i;m like......YES
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  • lizziestudieshistory
    27.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    27.10.2021 - I went secondhand book shopping again with my Dad, mainly as an excuse to get out of the house for something other than uni! We found some fabulous classics that I will be reading, eventually, although I still haven't finished the last lost I bought...

    But I am excited by what I found in two of the books - Tristram Shandy had a postcard (that was clearly being used as a bookmark) of Laurence Sterne's house inside, and Pamela had two lovely inscriptions. I love it when we get those little connections to the people who owned the books before us.

    The inscriptions say:

    To Ronnie Scott from Hilda [uncertain] / a most inadequate return for a compliment / Jan. 1935
    To Ronnie Scott, to wish him a "safe passage" from H.P.

    There's also a few highlighted quotes in the second volume but I'm no 100% on what they say.

    Currently reading: The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (still, I REALLY need to get a move on!); Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray; Inferno by Dante

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  • kdramaticx
    27.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    citações de kdramas | 2

    fav or reblog if you save.

    citações de kdrama 1 | thread com citações

    #wallpapers#kdrama#kdramas#dorama coreano#doramas coreanos#dorama#doramas#kdramas wallpapers #true beauty kdrama #it's okay that's love kdrama #romance is a bonus book kdrama #the king eternal monarch kdrama #the king eternal monarch #romance is a bonus book #hi bye mama #itaewon class #itaewon class kdrama #hi bye mama kdrama
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  • dramioneasks
    27.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    15 Robes, 10 Suits and 2 Kilts - SunsetRiot - T, 3 chapters - A Dramione take on 27 dresses:Draco was a great best man and bridesman he helped picked the cakes, was always on hand when a bride needed her wedding dress holding in the toilet and was a shoulder to cry on if the planning got just a little bit too much. The trouble was Draco was so good at running after everyone else's love live's he never had any time for his own. The other issue was he was in-love with his best friend and she had no idea.Hermione was just fired but after spending 10 years travelling and working perhaps it was time to head home for good after all, there was a wedding this weekend and her perfect story might come in the shape of Draco Malfoy's enormous wedding closet.

    #author: sunsetriot #based on other book or movie plot #27 dresses#humour#weddings#unrequited love#returning#hermione: journalist #one night stand #side pairing: blaise x ginny #draco: tonks
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  • clxec
    27.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    This longing for you is a second skin under mine; and some days I can only think of you with my heart crushed in my fist.

    #love I can't do this anymore #my lungs are closing my blood pools under my tongue #i am melancholic #i am melancholy #dark poetry#dark academia#sorrow#melancholy#heartbroken #bloody hands and a bloody heart #original poetry#original prose#original writing #poems on tumblr #poem#aesthetic#romantics#literature #excerpt from a book i'll never write #excerpt from a story i'll never write #poets on tumblr #poets from around the world #poetry and prose #dead poets society #sorrowful poetry #death is beautiful #patrochilles #i hold my heart in my hands #my heart is in my hands #some days i can only think of you with my heart crushed in my fist
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  • stfutushar
    27.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    The idea that this is all you’re going to get is so false . you will meet kinder people, you will find a place where you belong. there will always be new things to be loved by & if you aren’t being loved right now all it means is that better love is in your future.

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  • reverie-quotes
    27.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    But because we know we won't be believed, we don't quite believe it ourselves. So we blame ourselves for being too outspoken or too proud or too ambitious.

    — Cathy Park Hong, Minor Feelings

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