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  • barbh
    27.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Alive Again by Sarah K. Howley [REVIEW]

    Alive Again by Sarah K. Howley [REVIEW]

    SYNOPSIS We have all heard stories like Mary Johnson’s: in 1993, her son was murdered by her next-door neighbor. How could she forgive him?Or we have heard of, or perhaps even shared in, Jillian’s struggle. “I can’t. I just don’t think I can forgive him,” she said in describing her marriage challenges. How could she forgive? The honest truth is that forgiveness is hard. God’s forgiveness and…

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  • bookreviewbabe
    27.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    How to get BACK to Reading.

    How to get BACK to Reading.

    I needed to break the hiatus that was rapidly building in my reading. I was struggling to complete a book! I mean, just one book! I tried reading several books but stopped after the first few chapters for most of them; I could tell I was struggling. After weeks of hoping and waiting for this phase to end with me falling right back in love with my books, I decided to try something different. I…

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  • enchantedpersephone
    27.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    Warning: It wasn't supposed to be that big. I let myself get carried away by my thoughts. - These are just my EXTRA NOTES on Breaking Dawn:
    Like all that talk between Jacob and Edward about physically taking Bella down to get the fetus out of her, just makes me mad. It's like we're in New Moon and Eclipse again, when we are all mad at the fact that Edward did leave Bella behind and forced all his family to move to another city, because he thought "It will be good for Bella" and all that crap he did say to her about "It will be like I never existed"— So Bella was broken-hearted, fucking depressed and also vulnerable to Laurent's attack on Victoria's orders.
    And, in Eclipse, we have asshole Jacob kissing Bella against her will, and as a result of that then Bella ends up breaking her hand by punching him — because, "apparently, Jacob didn't feel her struggling against his grip" — No. He didn't feel the punch in his face. It's absurd to let him get on with it without consequences for his obvious abuse. No, S.Meyer thought it was cool to let him out of it feeling victorious, for something he took by force.
    And let's not comment on the fact that Charlie hating Edward's return to Bella's life again, he just doesn't see a big issue with Jacob kissing her by force, seeing it almost as a "healthy competition" between the two men.
    Seriously, I love Charlie for real. But, his attitude was just unhappy and wrong. Because he was not looking for his daughter best interest, he was reveling in the situation of being able to put Edward in his place, somehow, for all the months Bella was a shadow of herself without him. And Jacob provided that to him.
    But he was wrong. Bella may have been "the family bumbling" since she was a little girl, but Charlie should have understood that if his daughter said "No" to something. It's because she didn't want to. It was forced. She was disrespected by someone she trusted as a friend. "No" means exactly that "No". It's not yes or maybe, it's no, period.
    And I can only regret the comradely attitude Charlie treated Jacob after he was a jerk to Bella. It didn't matter that Charlie believed Bella would be better off with Jacob, that in itself should be a big red flag of what their relationship would be like if they stayed together, for him as a father.
    And, let's not forget, later in Eclipse, he plays with her feelings and manipulates her into kissing him again, forcing her to admit her true feelings to him, saying that he would make her do it one way or another and it would be "she would choose it, in her own words" — threatening too much? —, even though she spent the entire book saying she didn't love him that way. Not the way she loved Edward. And even if she did what he wanted so badly, it would only hurt them both and still, she wouldn't change her mind.
    And what does Jacob do? He lies to Bella saying he wouldn't fight if she did that, if she admitted that she loved him and kissed him. Fucking manipulative, I must say.
    I mean, at this point in the book, I was already so fed up with Jacob's incessant chatter and tired of his typical male attitudes that he won't take a woman's no. And, I wondered where that interesting and cute Jacob who turned out to be a true friend to Bella in New Moon ended up, you know?
    How S. Meyer ruined Jacob's character to the point that I can't even stand to read the parts where he speaks or appears in Eclipse, it was truly impressive. She must have worked very hard to make such a good character with such good potential look like a complete idiot.
    Oh yeah. So she wrote him having that kind of horrible conversation with Edward in BD — where Edward is no better than Jacob there at all - like he doesn't care about human rights or like he doesn't care about women's rights.
    As if it wasn't horrible for them to discuss their failed attempts to take the baby from Bella as if she were nothing but an object, and as if that wasn't enough, Jacob talking to Carlisle later about their genes and chromosomes species of vampires and wolves — he tells Carlisle that he can stuff Bella with children who wouldn't pose a risk to society, as if Bella were some kind of bargaining chip he could trade in exchange for successfully impregnating her. Like... Hello? What the fuck is this??
    Let's not forget and add to that the fact that, Edward at the beginning of this conversation offers Bella, his fucking wife, to stay and live with Jacob, if Jacob could convince her to abort Edward's baby. Like, again, Hello? Guys ?? Is this serious? She's not a fucking object or an animal that lives to breed — and let me tell you, poor animals, even I know that's not a good life even for an animal. And Edward who is married to her, to what? 1 week and a half, probably? And He is the first to offer his wife to Jacob, like...? I don't even have words for that...
    He did say he was despaired, and was willing to do anything to save Bella... And my question is "Where is the love?" The love he promise to Bella every single day from book one or swear to her at the altar as they get married? I mean, should I just drop another Black Eyed Peas line to say: What the fuck is wrong with all the male characters in this Saga, specially in Breaking Dawn? Damn. That book is a mess.
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  • jamieadstories
    27.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    A Book I Forgot To Mention…

    A Book I Forgot To Mention…

    This morning I was having a cup of tea and thinking about a book that I finished reading a couple of months ago. The reason for this recollection was that I had just ordered the next book by this particular author and it made me think about just how powerful her other story had been. Clever, witty, heart-breaking. The author is a well-known British comedienne, Shappi Khorsandi, and the book is…

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  • priyankapatrabookgallery
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    In her new novel, Sara packs a punch with laugh-out-loud moments of a bridesmaid who is the favorite person in the room at five weddings but for how long? Read my full review here 👇

    Also, thank you Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for the digital arc of this book.

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  • scarfinadrawer
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A YA Fantasy Series You've Got to Read!

    THE MIRROR VISITOR by Christelle Dabos

    I stumbled upon this book series last year. And I just finished the third book and oh my God, I love this entire series so, so much. From impeccable world-building to incredible characters, from romance to adventure. This series is incredible. Written by Christelle Dabos, The Mirror Visitor is a French YA fantasy series like no other. I obviously own the translated to English version by Hildegard Serle.

    It follows the story of Ophelia who can see the past of any inanimate object and can walk through mirrors. She's arranged to marry Thorn for some political thing. She moves from Anima, her home ark, to the distant ark of the Pole. And then a lot of stuff happens to her. I mean a lot!

    I'm going to tell y'all what I liked and disliked about the series so you can decide whether it's for you.


    The World-building: It's simply incredible. The 'political' system and the architecture is so detailed that you can picture everything. Fairly so, because of how everything in this world has a life of its own. The architecture and the power system is integrated into the story. It's wonderfully done.

    The Characters: Even though the characters, all of them, are clearly the same as we've often seen in books like these, there's a certain charm to the ones in these books that really make you feel connected to them. They've depth and personalities and stories.

    The Romance: Now this is absolutely a personal opinion. But I really, really enjoyed the romance between Ophelia and Thorn. It was a really slow-burn romance and when I say slow-burn, it was sloooow! Lemme tell you why I think that's a good thing. It really let Ophelia (the main character) develop as a character on her own. Really let her work out her problems and in return, it showed us how resilient and resourceful she actually is. And when they do get together, it seems like the romance was earned and not just thrown in our faces.


    It's Complex: This series is NOT for beginner fantasy readers. The world is very intricate and there's a lot of things that might confuse you if you're just getting into fantasy. It's a very slow-paced book and it might be off-putting to some people.

    The Romance: LOL. For me, it was really good. But I can see how a lot of people can find it too slow for their liking because we've been so used to getting into head-first romance.

    Final Verdict:

    I love it and I hope more people find it worth their time and energy. I have fallen in love with the world and it's characters and the story.

    And if any of you have read something like this then please leave your recommendations.

    My Rating:

    Book 1: 3/5 ⭐

    Book 2: 3.8/5 ⭐

    Book 3: 4/5 ⭐

    Average: 4/5 ⭐

    Ps. I do not own the photograph or the art. Unfortunately I couldn't find the original owner of the photograph.

    Art Work by: @lady.holly on Instagram. @misshollyslair on here! Definitely check her out!

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  • madlovenovelist
    27.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Book Review – ‘Salvation’ (#3 Sanctuary) by Caryn Lix

    Book Review – ‘Salvation’ (#3 Sanctuary) by Caryn Lix

    Another twist in the saga as a bunch of powered teens battle hungry aliens… Genre: YA, Science Fiction No. of pages: 432 Fall down seven times, get up eight. These are the words Kenzie has always lived by. The problem is, she’s fallen down too many times to count. Kenzie and her friends have already escaped two vicious alien attacks—not to mention the corporate bounty hunters sent to capture…

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  • dkehoe
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    This Chick Read: Pause by Kylie Scott

    This Chick Read: Pause by Kylie Scott

    Anna wakes up from a coma after a horrifying accident and finds out that her entire life has changed. In a coma for quite a long while she finds out her husband has cheated on her with her best friend and her job at that best friends hotel is not longer available. She had been replaced in that position too. Living back at home at her parents while going through physical therapy is a necessity but…

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  • coloursofunison
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Welcome to today's stop on the blog tour for The Anarchy by Tracey Warr

    Welcome to today's stop on the blog tour for The Anarchy by Tracey Warr @TraceyWarr1 @maryanneyarde @tracey.warr.9 @coffepotbookclub #HistoricalFiction #Medieval #BlogTour #CoffeePotBookClub

    Welcome to the blog. Your book, The Anarchy, is set in a time period that I thoroughly enjoy and sounds absolutely fascinating. As a historian first and foremost, and then a writer, I’m always interested in how people research their historical stories. Can you explain your research process to me, and give an idea of the resources that you rely on the most (other than your imagination, of course)…

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  • acoldwintersread
    27.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    June 2021 Wrap-Up

    5 stars:

    • Malice by Heather Walter

    • Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth

    4 stars:

    • One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston (4.5)

    • Upright Women Wanted by Sarah Gailey

    • The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black

    • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (reread)

    3 stars:

    • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    • In Deeper Waters by F.T. Lukens

    Well, even though July is almost over, I never got around to making my wrap up until the other day. I got sick for almost 2 weeks at the beginning of the month, so I had no energy or motivation to put together my post. So, better late than never, I guess? Lol 😅

    While I rated both Evelyn Hugo and In Deeper Waters as 3.5’s, they’re not really comparable to each other. I really enjoyed Deeper Waters, but it definitely skews on the younger side of YA to me. And Evelyn Hugo… I enjoyed the majority of the book, but the ending just “left a bad taste”. I know Evelyn’s character wasn’t supposed to be a good person. She was flawed and ambitious and very human, but the ending just felt so manipulative and the main character just accepts it!

    #book review #malice heather walter #evelyn hugo #the seven husbands of evelyn hugo #queer books #in deeper waters #ft lukens#books#book stack #one last stop #casey mcquiston#holly black #darkest part of the forest #sarah gailey #upright women wanted #ciara smyth#sapphic books#wlw books#mlm books #song of achilles
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  • oneminuteonebook
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ஈரோடு புத்தகத் திருவிழா 2021 ரத்து!!

    ஈரோடு புத்தகத் திருவிழா 2021 ரத்து!!

    கொரோனாப் பரவல் காரணமாக ஈரோட்டில் நடக்கவிருந்த புத்தகத் திருவிழா(ஜூலை 30 முதல் ஆகஸ்ட் 10 வரை) இந்த ஆண்டும் ரத்து செய்யப்படுவதாக மக்கள் சிந்தனைப் பேரவையில் இருந்து அதிகாரப்பூர்வ அறிவிப்பு வெளியாகியுள்ளது. புத்தகத் திருவிழா ரத்து செய்யப்படுவதால் வாசகர்கள் நலன் கருதி மாலை நேரச் சொற்பொழிவு நிகழ்ச்சிகள் மட்டும் இணையத்தில் நேரடியாக நடத்தப்பட உள்ளது. எனவே, ஜூலை 30 முதல் ஆகஸ்ட் 10 வரையுள்ள 12…

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  • mysticalauthoress
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Book Review: "Truly Devious" by Maureen Johnson

    What happens when a murder occurs while you're investigating one that already happened years ago? Find out more in "Truly Devious" by Maureen Johnson! #bookreview #murdermystery #MaureenJohnson #TrulyDevious

    Cover of “Truly Devious” by Maureen Johnson. I’m back with another book review, and this time I’m reviewing the murder mystery “Truly Devious” by Maureen Johnson! Here’s a quick summary so we know what it’s about: “Ellingham Academy is a famous private school in Vermont for the brightest thinkers, inventors, and artists. It was founded by Albert Ellingham, an early twentieth-century tycoon, who…

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  • the--masked-bibliophile
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Old Man and the Sea - Ernest Hemingway

    Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

    Old man and the Sea is a tale of hope, stubbornness, belief, and many more things! This is the story of a Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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  • oosteven-universe
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Alien #5

    Alien #5 Marvel Comics 2021 Written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson Illustrated by Salvador Larroca Coloured by GURU-eFX Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles    ENTER THE ALPHA!    The creature that almost killed Cruz is back to finish the job. Everything Cruz has dedicated his life to hangs in the balance.And with his son’s life on the line, terrible decisions must be made.    I am totally digging this story and that Cruz found his son but with a facehugger on him would have crushed a lesser man.  This franchise finally kind of flips the script on what we are used to seeing and that it does this in such a dramatic fashion is utterly sensational.  That this is now told in two parts, Cruz and Bishop each having their own arc running simultaneously, allows us to see everything that is currently happening on the station.  I adore seeing how the different types of xenomorphs are created, well as least as recanted by Cruz, and knowing that the variations are literally endless limited only to the species that are available to the facehuggers.  Also to learn the connection between the Alpha and Cruz was something I hadn’t been expecting to see either and I have to say that you cannot snooze or read this on autopilot because what Phillip does with the writing here is something you need to pay close attention to.    I am in love with the way that this is being told.  The story & plot development that we see through how the sequence of events unfold as well as how the reader learns information is exquisitely rendered.  The character development that we see through the dialogue, the character interaction as well as how they act and react to the situations and circumstances which they encounter continue to portray them as people we can identify with, know or simply understand.  The pacing is superb and as it takes us through the pages revealing more and more of the story we find ourselves completely captivated and enthralled by the story.    I greatly appreciate the way that we see this being structured and how the layers within the story continue to grow, evolve and strengthen not to mention emerge as well.  The layers contain the plot twists, the characterisation as well as other important bits and whether they work with the main arc or swirl around it they add this great depth, dimension and complexity to the story.  How we see everything working together to create the story’s ebb & flow as well as how it moves the story forward is impeccably achieved.    The interiors here are mindbogglingly brilliant to see.  The linework is phenomenal and how we see the varying weights and techniques being utilised to create this level & quality of the detail work is astonishingly well rendered.  That we see backgrounds utilised to enhance the moments is beautifully done and to see them work within the composition of the panels to bring out the depth perception, sense of scale and the overall sense of size and scope to the story is perfectly done.  Also that we get that feeling of being in space, in a station that has cramped quarters heightens the abject terror of the story itself. The utilisation of the page layouts and how we see the angles and perspective in the panels show a masterful eye for storytelling.  The creativity and imagination we see is off the charts.  The colour work is equally as brilliant to see.  The various hues and tones within the colours and how we see them being utilised to create the shading, highlights and shadow work shows a master colourist in action.  The light sources, the hues that they cast and the different shades you don’t always expect to see is simply stunning. ​    This really is everything we could possibly want in an Alien story and then some.  The tension, the near misses and the abject terror we see the characters experience are all thanks to the high quality of the writing, characterisation and the brilliant way the interiors are rendered.  

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  • thebookreviewcrew
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred – a Review by Allison

    Alice, Shaken and Definitely Stirred

    By Paula Smith

    Published by the Conrad Press

    January 6th, 2021


    276 pages

    This book is a fun rom-com of a novel, following a lovely woman named Alice who has recently been dumped. With a fun cast of characters, including her brother and sister-in-law, Robert and Sue, her adorable nephew Ben and  the seriously ANNOYING Ollie, Alice tries to get through the breakup, the loss of her parent AND losing her job with as much of her dignity in tact as she can muster.

    Based in modern day and told in the third person, poor Alice cannot catch a break. After taking time off to cope with the loss of her parent, she arrives back at work to find her job has been eliminated and she has been replaced.  She receives a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend Mark, and her shoulder-to-cry-on friend Mario has high tailed it to Italy to help his brother who is on the run from the Mob.  Could her life GET any worse?

    Add in some HILARIOUS matchmaking attempts from her precocious nephew Ben, her extremely sexually active neighbor’s hot brother Alistair and Alice’s OFF THE WALL dreams and this book delivers some laugh-out-loud moments.

    If this were just a series of unfortunate events, I probably would not have cared for the book as much, but the author does a wonderful job of mixing in some serious story lines as well.  The love this woman has for her family is so touching. She cares for her nephew when her brother and sister-in-law really need her to step in and she shows the readers what a wonderful mother she would make.  I love her inner strength and her unwillingness to settle just to be attached to someone. She has friends and family and a good support system, which I loved being able to see.

    Will she find love again? Will it be with annoying but adorable Ollie, or dashing Alistair, or sweet old dependable Malcolm?  Will Ollie ever stop invading her dreams and thwarting her attempts at the perfect kiss by the perfect guy? Will Malcolm try his luck again?

    Read and find out!

    A fun romp through a bit of Alice’s hilarious and confusing life- I will recommend if you are looking for a light, fun summer read!

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  • readordiebyemilyt
    27.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    This past weekend I made a collage, and now I want to make more.

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  • bookreviewsandcoffee
    27.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Oooh, do I have a book to share with you all.

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  • oosteven-universe
    27.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Shadecraft #5

    Shadecraft #5 Image Comics 2021 Written by Joe Henderson Illustrated by Lee Garbett Coloured by Antonio Fabela Lettered by Simon Bowland    Zadie Lu lived in her amazing brother’s shadow all her life. Now, he’s trapped in her shadow—literally—and he can’t take it anymore. It’s brother versus sister in an epic battle as Zadie fights to save her family!    When we left last issue Ms. Owens, Angela, had taken Ricky’s body under false pretenses and then at the dinner table the whole sordid truth came out and off they went to get Ricky back.  One of the things that I really like about this is that we’ve been following the story in a kind of real time way instead of jumping around to get to where the characters need to be.  Joe’s been able to really blend the story into this crazy thrill ride strewn with some sensational story driven elements.  There is action, intrigue and all the things that comes with family and an emotional teenage girl so in some aspects it’s like a timebomb waiting to go off.  I am really rather impressed with the skill and talent we see Joe demonstrating with his writing, how he’s able to convey feelings and emotions through words is sensational.      I’m really loving the way that this is being told.  The story & plot development that we see through how the sequence of events unfold as well as how the reader learns information is impeccably rendered.  The character development that we see through the dialogue, the character interaction as well as how they act and react to the situations and circumstances which they encounter continues to portray them as people we know and can relate to.  The pacing is superb and as it takes us through the pages revealing more and more of the story we get to see so much growth and development happen.    I appreciate the way that this is being structured and how we see the layers within the story continue to grow, evolve, strengthen and emerge.  The layers are the avenues we’ve seen open up and those that newly opening which contain the characterisation, the plot twists and more.  Whether they work with the main arc or simply swirl around it they all add this great depth, dimension and complexity to the story.  How we see everything working together to create the story’s ebb & flow as well as how it moves the story forward is perfectly achieved.    I am really enjoying the way that we see the interiors here.  The linework that we see is utterly fantastic and how we see the varying weights and techniques being utilised to create the detail work we see is phenomenal.  The way we see the shadows as they create the backgrounds and how they work within the composition of the panels to bring out the depth perception, sense of scale and the overall sense of size and scope to the story is beautifully rendered.  The utilisation of the page layouts and how we see the angles and perspective in the panels show an extremely talented eye for storytelling.  The colour work we see is brilliantly rendered.  The various hues and tones within the colours being utilised to create the shading, highlights and shadow work is sensational.  The way that the blacks with all the shades and hues, including blues is simply magnificent to see on these pages. ​    This is the first arc in this series and I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing so much of these characters and the lives that they live.  This a rich and fantastic premise that’s full of unlimited potential and this is only the beginning.  With some absolutely incredible writing and characterisation wrapped up in these phenomenal interiors it’s time to see what Shadecraft is and what it’s about.

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  • jacquelinediazromance
    27.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Category Romance Review: Dillon After Dark by Leandra Logan

    Category Romance Review: Dillon After Dark by Leandra Logan

    Dillon After Dark, Leandra Logan, Harlequin, 1991, cover artist unknown Harlequin Tempation # 362 3 stars ⭐⭐⭐ Rating: 3 out of 5. A Voice in the Dark Dillon After Dark, Harlequin Temptation #362, is a cute, fun romance by Leandra Logan. Dillon Danvers is a laid-back California DJ who airs a talk/ music show where he discusses many topics: surfing, books, music, clubs, and lots of other fun…

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