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  • kidonzydrate
    18.05.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    book review | The Courier by Gerald Brandt | San Angeles 1

    book review | The Courier by Gerald Brandt | San Angeles 1

    Author: Gerald Brandt Title: The Courier Series: San Angeles 1 Genre: Cyberpunk; Dystopia Pages: 293 Rate: 2/5 | Goodreads Whoever allowed Gerald Brandt to ruin his perfectly great book “The Courier” by passing a romance of 16 year old and a 21 year old needs to be reevaluated. About the Book: Corporations own everything. From the water, to the sky, to your privacy. But people, including those…

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  • doodlesink
    18.05.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    An Amish Surprise by Shelley Shepard Gray--Book Review

    Happy Tuesday!  An Amish Surprise by Shelley Shepard Gray is out today.  Stop by to learn more about the 2nd book in The Berlin Bookmobile Series. Happy Reading!


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  • spiritualboosters
    18.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Watch "San Sattavan (Unsuni Dastan) by Ashraf Jamal | सन् सत्तावन(अनसुनी दास्तान) | Book Review in Hindi" on YouTube

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  • mysticalauthoress
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Book Review: "White" by Ted Dekker

    The end of the world is looming, but same with a deadly love triangle in "White" by Ted Dekker! #White #TedDekker #bookreview #amreading #fiction #fantasy #adventure #reading

    Cover of “White” by Ted Dekker. I’m back with another book review, and this time I’m reviewing “White” by Ted Dekker! This is the sequel to “Red” and the third book in “The Circle” series. Here’s the summary so we know what “White” is about: “In one world, a lethal virus threatens to destroy all life as scientists and governments scramble to find an antidote. In the other, a forbidden love could…

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  • ukedchat
    18.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Book: Obstetrics for Schools by @RMacfarlaneEdu via @CrownHousePub

    Book: Obstetrics for Schools by @RMacfarlaneEdu via @CrownHousePub

    Supported by Crown House Publishing Sometimes a book will land on the desks of the UKEd team sparking curiosity, and although we know not to judge a book by its cover, the title of this book caught a lot of attention as the title itself made us wonder how this specialised medical field related to education. As any quick search on the internet will tell you: Obstetrics is the field of study…

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  • petrareads
    18.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mini Review: Shadow and Bone

     4/5 Stars

    This series has been on my TBR list for YEARS and I never got around to reading it. The TV show coming out (and @earnestlyeccentric’s words of encouragement) pushed me to start the series. And it was good !!

    I read it in about 5 days, which proves it kept a good pace and I was into it. Though I had problems pronouncing the different Grisha types I really like the world building & how it was based in a Russian culture which I haven’t seen in any other magic books. Sorry not magic, “small science.”

    I rated it 4 stars and not 5 because, yeah it was a little predictable in terms of the love interest and the “special girl who doesn’t know she’s special,” but if I read this 3 years ago I would have LOVED it. (Though this is a common feeling when I read YA nowadays). 

    Also, it wasn’t ALL predictable as the book did do pretty well at using common “predictable” tropes to make it difficult to know who the bad guy was. 

    I’m definitely going to keep reading the series and as I read on goodreads the series gets a bit darker, so I’m looking forward to where it goes! Also looking forward to the TV show because I think it’ll be very cool to see some magic in action!

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  • mistwraiths
    18.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    3 stars

    Ever wants to dance but her parents want her to be a doctor. Her parents also signed her up for a special summer camp in Taiwan. At camp, Ever decides to find herself and break all the rules her parents had. Boys, drinking, and more. But what will she choose when summer ends?

    Loveboat, Taipei is a book that I wanted to love but there's too much that pulls me back from it. It's really hard to rate because there are parts I genuinely liked and thought were cute or good. But I also cringed or felt like some things were not so good.

    There were several really good topics in this book. Finding yourself and discovering your roots, culture, and where you come from is. Doing things that make you happy and passionate. It talks about racism and the pressure of being a first generation American and feeling like you don't belong. Of parents' expectations and the firsts of life (first love, first kiss, first time, etc). There's touches of mental health and domestic and emotional abuse.

    Some of those things were gone over in depth really well. But somethings felt a little flat like the mental health, the domestic and emotional abuse, etc. The writing was a bit cringe too sometimes. Words like "Gah! He's gorgeous" or "Agh!" just made me go: what did I just read. To be honest, the book focuses so much on Ever finding herself and boys, that I think it kind of let's the book down. Because... most of the characters aren't too likable or at least they all seem to do things made me balk. There's also a very messy love square thing going on.

    Ever seems to have a bit of a loose moral compass. She seems and acknowledges that she apparently seems to like guys that are with other people. Dan might be an exceptional because she liked him before but he gets with her friend and she's still into him and jealous. She also immediately thinks: "oh I could use Xavier" as the guy to break her first with RIGHT AFTER her best friend Sophie breaks up with him and it's incredibly clear that she still likes him. Sophie isn't a peach but we'll get to that later. She basically uses Xavier for her first time and while I support women claiming their sexuality, it doesn't sit right that she basically does it knowing full well that he has feelings for her and it probably means something to him. And she's just like peace out, we'll only be friends afterwards. She's also always falling down for someone who is supposed to be graceful.

    Sophie was a character that I struggled with. The book very clearly wants you to like her a lot, then feel sad for her, mad at her, sad for her again and then forgive her. Sophie knew Ever was checking Xavier out a little in the beginning and literally jumped on that. Not only that but Sophie not only stole something that was basically for Ever, but lied about or essentially purposely mislead about her relationship with Xavier. I do feel sorry for Sophie having family pressuring her to be a good girl, to find a rich boy and get married because she's poor and doesn't want to grow up that way. But that doesn't excuse her behavior. Sophie feeling angry and betrayed at Ever kissing Xavier like right after they broke up is understandable, but what wasn't okay was her distributing all Ever's nudes to everyone and slutshaming her. And then Sophie's alone and then a boy hits her, and Ever forgives her for everything (like kissing a BOY is the same thing 🙄). I just really had a hard time with all that.

    Xavier is obsessed with Ever and gives her secret drawings, gifts, etc even though he technically is with Sophie at the time. Rick is all over the place emotionally, and later we understand why with his struggles with his girlfriend. The whole mental health plot is a good one but it does feel a little brushed over too quickly.

    When it's good, it's good. I enjoyed Ever's love of dance and choreography. I liked her struggles with not feeling like she belongs and with her identity and future. How she struggled against her parents and with them. The budding romance between Rick and Ever is cute! "With you 1 + 1 equals exponential," is so fucking cute!!!!! I really enjoyed her growth of concerning her and her future, and to speak up.

    I just didn't like big chunks in-between or certain characters. The whole almost car accident and her dancing literally with a previous dislocated shoulder that was just put back and an injured ankle was probably the most craziest thing so I guess that says something.

    It was still enjoyable but yeah. This book kind of went all over the place with me.

    #loveboat taipei #abigail hing wen #steph reads #steph's book review #book review
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  • seasaltbooks
    18.05.2021 - 4 hours ago


    The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires

    ⭐⭐⭐ / Horror Genre / Grady Hendrix

    do I recommend this book?

    sure !! why not? the plot ropes in some systematic oppression in America back in the 1970s-90s, milfs if your imagination is wild enough, and dracula.

    I've never written a book review before. I always avoid that open ended box after rating a book two, three, four stars, on goodreads.com. Although I base a good book on how fast I finish it, I don't think this one was too bad, I guess. it's definitely a fun read. I finished it within the week. Most of the action happens at the end, I was hoping a little bit more than the sprinkles of thrill scattered through the pages. I'll give The Southern Book Club's Guide to Slaying Vampires a three out of five.

    I'll highlight what I really liked about this book: Patty's torn off ear from a rabid lady, and all the fucked up shit that happened to Korey that was summarized into little tiny sentences. I love a good horror. (seriously ?? patty mentions that James had been grooming her daughter without anyone knowing. um ?? hello???)

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  • fairytale-enthuiast
    18.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Covet by @tracywolffbooks

    Rating and spoiler free review!


    So, if you know me you know that I love Occults and Fanasty. It being on of my favorite types of genres.

    I Love the Crave series and finally have gotten my hand on the 3rd book. The books are a perfect YA series for anyone who loves Vampires and Relistic Fanasty.

    World Building:

    Coming off of the first 2 books,I still have alot of different questions, but luckily Covet fixed alot of the questions I had.The world is very easy to understand.


    Graces Adventures deepen in this book. We follow her through some pretty crazy stuff. Also,don't get me wrong, I'm normally not a Love triangle girl,but it works perfectly in this book.I also loved the theme of "almost out of time."

    Overall This book was probably my favorite out of the three. I loved everything about it. My only note would be that sometimes. The plot would drag and be so descriptive that I got alittle confused.(Like, I thought they had finally done something cool, because it was described like that, but no, that happens on the next page)But overall a amazing book. I'm already counting down the days till Court.

    Next review: Ariadne by Jennifer Saint

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  • breakingtheepigraph
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Book review | My thoughts—Synergy

    My first story by Georgia Payne. When I first grabbed this book, the storyline intrigued me; however, I did not stay that way for long. I found myself skimming over parts. Dee Thompson is a 22-year old single mother who works as a stripper and sells weed to take care of her son. She is the very product of her neighborhood. She had it a bit rough growing up. Her mother was on drugs, her father was…

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  • aconitecafe
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    New Release: Last Light in Amelia by Alex Cortright

    New Release: Last Light in Amelia by Alex Cortright

    Check out this new release from one of our authors! Last Light in Amelia by Alex Cortright Indie Author: Yes Kindle Unlimited: No Publication Date: 5.10.21 Genres:  Epic Fantasy Page Count: 26 Pages Continue reading

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  • mylifeinfiction
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

    I wanted to love this one. I really did.

    I loved The Road when I read it before the film came out, and while I've yet to get around to No Country For Old Men (maybe I should've made that my second McCarthy book instead), the adaptation by the Coen Bros. is the best film of the 2000s.

    My major problems with Blood Meridian were the inefficient/repetitive storytelling, and McCarthy's lack of clarity throughout. I fully understand that a lot of this (especially the former) was by design, but the themes he tackles, here, are made abundantly clear with about half of what we're given. As for the clarity issue, I'm sure a fair amount is my fault, but he could've definitely done a better job at making it clear which characters he was talking about.

    All that being said, there are several chunks throughout that are some of the most hauntingly beautiful and more disturbing pieces of literature I've ever read.


    -Timothy Patrick Boyer.

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  • thereadingchallengechallenge
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Quick Review: I Hope You’re Listening by Tom Ryan Rating: 3/5

    “What happened to Sibby Carmichael that afternoon in the woods? 
If anyone should remember, it’s me.”

    Have you ever wondered what you'd get if you mashed up Eliza and Her Monsters with a Courtney Summers novel? Then look no further! I Hope You're Listening is a straightforward little mystery with a focus on the power of the internet and a sweet f/f romance to round things out.

    Delia reminded me so much of Eliza Murk with her surliness and her secret podcast that's garnered worldwide attention without anyone in her face-to-face life ever noticing. Her struggle to move forward from witnessing the kidnapping of her childhood best friend is written so gently and I loved that Ryan took the time to show how Sibby's disappearance affected everyone in her community.

    To be honest, I didn't find any of the missing person stories all that compelling and the direction Ryan went in solution-wise for each of them weren't that satisfying but all's well that ends well, I suppose. At least he drew attention to the fact that missing person cases involving women of colour are often underreported and underinvestigated.

    An interesting book but not one that blew my socks off.

    Warnings: missing persons, drug use, kidnapping, cult themes, guns.

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  • winterhoneybears
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Book Review: ‘Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

    Synopsis: “Ben Mears has returned to Jerusalem’s Lot in hopes that exploring the history of the Marsten House, an old mansion long the subject of rumor and speculation, will help him cast out his personal devils and provide inspiration for his new book. But when two young boys venture into the woods, and only one returns alive, Mears begins to realize that something sinister is at work—in fact, his hometown is under siege from forces of darkness far beyond his imagination. And only he, with a small group of allies, can hope to contain the evil that is growing within the borders of this small New England town.”

    Rating: (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) 4/5

    Review: As always, I love Stephen King books. While this one wasn’t my favorite, it was still a really engaging read. It modernizes an age old monster and puts them in a new perspective. I found ‘Salem’s Lot to be another fun spooky story with dimensional characters that you root for until the end.

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  • mandyloves2read
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ❤︎❤︎❤︎Book Review ❤︎❤︎❤︎

    Wrong Kind Of Love a dark enemies to lovers four book collection by L.P. Lovell and Stevie J. Cole


    This collection had me on the edge of my seat and completely captivated throughout each story! It’s full of passion suspense action violence and steam . Simply amazing these two authors together are a powerhouse when it comes to writing these stories. Dark twisted romantic this collection was all these things and more ! Loved it ! Can’t recommend it enough!

    WRONG KIND OF LOVE, a four-book collection of dark romance from @lplovellauthor & @authorsteviejcole is NOW AVAILABLE!!


    Not all girls want a hero, some want the villain.

    Instead of running from the tattooed bad boys who lurk in the alleyway, we run toward them. There’s something irresistible to their power, their dangerous edge. Instead of knights in shining armor, we fall at the feet of the mafia king, we long to be seduced by the enemy.

    What we crave is darkness and a love tainted within lies and deception.

    We are weak for the wrong kind of love.

    The Wrong Kind of Love is a four-book collection of dark romance sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and swooning for the bad guy.


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  • lizafterbooks
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Vibrant, eloquent, and charming.

    Counting Down with You is quick, witty, and full of banter. I was hooked from the start.

    This quickly became one of my favorite books of 2021.

    Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Karina and Ace are from two different worlds brought together through tutoring, friendship, and fake dating. Both are weighed down by the expectations of their family.

    Karina is from a traditional Bangladeshi household. She is smart, funny, sarcastic, and relatable.

    Ace is mysterious, bold, and defiant on the outside. But kind, thoughtful, and respectful towards Karina.

    This book is diverse! There is representation of different ethnic backgrounds, culture, religion, and LGBTQ+ relationships.

    *TW: this book has themes of anxiety and emotional/verbal abuse*

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  • goodsmith
    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Mommy Can We Get A Meerkat?

    This is a book review clip:

    I am touch by your initiative to make a book about helping children with strangers. I am a mom of 2 boys, and I am highly alert to this danger.

    Here's a link to purchase this book. Thanks in advance for your support, we'd appreciate your reviews.


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  • garudabluffs
    18.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The Words That Made Us': Scholar Akhil Reed Amar On How To Better Understand The Constitution

    What do Americans have in common? Scholar Akhil Reed Amar says the one thing every single American shares is the United States Constitution. He shares why he wants Americans to better understand the words that made us.

    "The Constitution has to endure. It has to go on. In order for that to happen there have to be fair elections whose results are abided by all concerned, even the losers, and open, robust free speech.

    "... Jefferson and Madison formed a political party that deformed their conduct. They originally began as antislavery folks and then they became increasingly pro-slavery because that's where the party base was. Why did they form their political party? In part because John Adams and his supporters, who themselves were a kind of a party, made it a crime to criticize John Adams. So you can't have a world where one party tries to criminalize the other party, which John Adams did, which Donald Trump threatened to do, even before he was elected with chants of 'Lock Her Up.'

    "So you have to have free speech. You have to have fair elections. And the two go together, because you can't have fair elections without free speech. And then you have to have people accepting the legitimacy of the verdict. And at the end of the day, John Adams did leave office, although he didn't show up for the inauguration.

    "And there are echoes actually in 1800, 1801 of what happened in the most recent election. The story I tell in the book is actually the transition in 1800, 1801 from one political party to another wasn't quite as tame and peaceful as people remember it as being. … The system [actually] came closer to melting down than most people understand today. But you have to have fair elections, and people have to abide by the results of those elections. And when they don't, it's called a civil war.”

    LISTEN 47:27 READ MORE https://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2021/05/17/the-words-that-made-us-how-to-better-understand-the-constitution

    #book review author interview The Words That Made Us
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  • betweenthosepages
    17.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Critique: Sans eux

    Auteur: Emilie Turgeon

    Maison d’édition: Éditions de Mortagne (collection Tabou)

    Résumé: « Dans la nuit du 14 au 15 avril sont tragiquement décédés Myriam Labonté et Antoine Dubois… » Mes parents sont morts. Leur départ inattendu me frappe de plein fouet et je n'arrive pas à m'y faire. Pourtant, je n'aurai pas le choix. Je dois me montrer fort, ne serait-ce que pour mes petites soeurs. « Ils laissent dans le deuil… » Le deuil. C'est quoi, au juste ? C'est moi qui pleure constamment ? C'est Océane qui devient agressive ? C'est Coralie qui ne prononce plus un mot ? C'est tous ces gens qui débarquent dans notre vie en croyant avoir le droit de nous dire quoi faire ? Mes parents sont morts, d'accord, mais moi, je suis toujours là. Et il est hors de question que je permette à quiconque de nous envoyer dans des familles d'accueil différentes. Je ferai l'impossible pour que nous nous en sortions… sans eux.


    Je crois sincèrement que c’est un des meilleurs livres de la Collection Tabou que j’ai lu depuis un petit bout. J’ai adoré Maxime, un jeune homme sensible, pleins de compassion qui vit une situation tragique, mais qui ne perd pas espoir. J’ai eu un coup de coeur pour Olivia, une jeune femme un peu excentrique qui arrive dans l’histoire comme une épaule sur laquelle s’appuyer sans devenir plus. Je l’ai trouvé rafraîchissante avec son côté direct.

    Il y a deux choses qui m’ont fait adorer ce roman plus que les autres de la même collection. Premièrement, j’ai apprécié de voir que les adultes prennent la place qu’ils doivent prendre. Maxime et ses soeurs ont un système de support bien en place. Les voisins, comme amis de la famille, ne les laissent pas tomber. La tante, Sonia, bien qu’elle arrive un peu soudainement, se révèle être une femme forte malgré la perte de sa soeur. Maxime et ses soeurs ne sont jamais fermé à l’idée de voir un psychologue (d’ailleurs les trois finissent par consulter). Deuxièmement, (merci, oh merci!) l’histoire d’amour que je sentais venir prend 2e place. J’ai soupiré de soulagement en voyant Maxime prendre la décision que son deuil devait passer en premier avant l’idée de tomber en amour. Le processus de deuil a été abordé avec justesse et subtilité. La scène du discours de Maxime aux funérailles m’a tiré une petite larme tellement que c’était émouvant.

    Un roman très solide qui aborde le thème du deuil avec beaucoup de délicatesse. La fin typiquement heureuse de la collection était présente, mais plus comme un signe que malgré tout, la vie continue! À découvrir pour ouvrir la discussion.

    Note finale: 9/10

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  • haoyando
    17.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The Coming Storm

    “The coming storm” is a very short audible book I listened to from Michael Lewis. It is included in my audible plan and I just can’t resist the freebie. It’s a habit I have tried to get rid of for years, but… What I try to achieve have never be matched by what I actually achieve. The book is about weather prediction, how accurate it has become, how companies sell the weather data which is in…

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