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  • booktok-reviews
    20.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Dangerous Hearts

    By: K.K. Allen

    K.K. Allen has done it again. This book is so so sweet. The heartbreaker rockstar and the hidden talent artist with mommy issues. The story wasn’t anything really extraordinary, but it was so well done. Would I read it again? definitely! I gave this one a 5/5 stars!

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  • elenichr
    20.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago


    My Year in Books

    #26 Ordinary People by Diana Evans

    Vintage Digital




    THIS BOOK. So much of it exasperated me. And yet I still carry a lot of it with me.

    I LOVE a complicated relationship, I constantly want to read about human interactions that defy expectation, especially those that go past the dynamics most explored and unquestionably accepted. This intimate dive into marriage ticked some of those boxes. It didn’t go as far as I wanted it to; parts of it felt forced, others unnecessary. ‘Melissa was having ramen and Hazel was having vermicelli.’ I don’t care. (That’s a Franzenesque element there.)

    On the other hand, CRYSTAL PALACE. How good is the use of geography, locality, space? The way the history of a place is weaved into the plot to drive it is masterful. (Might be slightly biased as an enthusiastic South Londoner.)

    It was refreshing to read a man idolising a woman in the way women are usually written to idolise men. It felt freeing, like the box of masculinity was asked to include this version of it as well. The book is by no means groundbreaking, but I think that’s where it does the work — in its ordinariness.

    *Mango and halloumi sticks.* Try it.

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  • writerlypursuits
    20.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Guys please I’m begging of you if you’re a lit fic writer can we be mutuals??

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  • in-between-the-pages
    20.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Some reminders:

    If you haven’t drank any water today, go pour yourself a glass

    If you haven’t been outside today, go sit out there for 5min. Don’t do anything but breathe and listen

    If you haven’t washed up today go wash your face. If that’s too much, just splash some water on your face. It really does help your mood

    Turn your phone off for 10min. Start reading, writing, painting, dancing. You’ll forget about it soon enough

    If you’re obsessing over how you look, or struggling with body dysmorphia, turn your mirror around. Or better yet, paint over it. Put sticky notes on it. “You’re beautifull” “you have value” “you’re worthy” “you’re loved”

    If you’ve been feeling really gross, change your tshirt. Honestly raises mood 200%

    If you’re feeling like you can’t make it through the day, make it through the hour. Then the next. Then the next. At the end of the day go outside and look up. There’s so much universe out there, and you’re a part of it. That’s no accident.

    You are loved. Even if you feel like you’re not. There is someone out there that loves you, and there are so many people out there who are going to love you.

    #take care of yourself because you matter #some reminders#mental health#bookblr#writing#notes #steps to getting better #simple reminders#life
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  • in-between-the-pages
    20.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Live. Live loudly. Take up space. Take up so much fucking space because you were not made to be small and convenient. You were made to be messy, to laugh, to dance and sing, to make art, to take chances. Life is so fucking short, too fucking short to be spent in fear. To be spent waiting. Don’t wait. Call your best friend and tell them you love them. Start writing your book. Start painting again. Start putting money back so you can move to your dream city. Stop being afraid of failure, because by not starting you’re automatically failing. And there’s not even a cool story to go along with it. So take a chance. Do something that scares you. Start dressing, acting, being like your dream self. Because they’re a fucking queen and so are you. And queens deserve to be happy. So start doing queen shit. Start living. Living loudly.

    #you dropped your crown #here you go👑 #writerblr#bookblr#writing#notes#quotes#queen shit#dream self#dream life#start living #fuck we’re all gonna die someday so might as well waste time we’ll
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  • books-in-a-storm
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #mybooks#booklr#bookblr#books#funko pop #funko and books #pop boxes#Cassandra Clare #the nightmare before christmas
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  • deadpoetstill-loves
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Everyday is a battle. But even though I leave battlefield bleeding everyday, I’m still breathing. So yes, I consider myself lucky.

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  • franticvampirereads
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My heart has melted into a little puddle of goo. This was such a cute graphic novel. And if I’m remembering correctly, this is about where I jumped in on the online version. I seriously love everything that’s happening in this. The conversations about mental health and eating disorders is something that I haven’t really come across in many books let alone graphic novels.

    Nick and Charlie are just so stinking cute together. I love that they were working on getting to know each other better in this and that Nick felt comfortable coming out to all their friends as bisexual. I just...I really loved that their friends were so supportive and amazing about Nick and Charlie coming out as a couple. It was so lovely. And this volume is getting a solid five stars.

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  • thelaurajournal
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “There's more to life than staying safe...” ― Stephanie Garber, Caraval

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  • thelogicofthetrance
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    “Any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”
    ~ Homer, The Iliad

    Currently reading The Iliad, I’ve slowed down during this past couple of weeks but I am now determined to find a more regular pace, even though I’m still not sure how I feel about this particular Italian translation. Meanwhile, every now and then I also sit down to learn a bit of the ancient greek language.

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  • geogaddiworld
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


    I’m being shitty today. I’m in a strange and irritable mood. I just want to be alone and I don’t feel well physically. I’ve been feeling very unlike myself and crying for no reason. I just don’t feel well. 

    I also feel pretty agitated and feel like it hurts to be still. So strange, I am not sure what this feeling is

    I just need to go sit up and finish my work.

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  • northernmoments
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m at that point in my book where I need to take a break at the end of every chapter because it’s stressing me out so bad

    #I’m losing my shit over here #AaaaAaaa#reading #sorcery of thorns #readblr#bookblr
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  • semper-legens
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    89. The Escape, by K A Applegate

    Owned: Yes Page count: 163 My summary: Marco has a secret. His mother is a Controller, puppeted by Visser One. But he can’t let it get in the way of being an Animorph. So when they learn that Visser One is in charge of a secret underwater project, he goes along. Even if it means he’ll have to fight his mother... My rating: 4/5 My commentary:

    Back at it again with Marco, and I am finding that Marco-POV stories are so much more interesting to me on average. I’m not sure why that is - perhaps because Marco has Mom Trauma and I’m an inveterate angstbaby, perhaps because the idea of snarky or comedic characters who use humour as a defence mechanism appeals to me, perhaps because Marco is great, all hail Marco. Whatever the reasoning, anyway, I really enjoyed this one.

    The cold open for this book is the Animorphs morphing parrots in a Rainforest Café to protest their cruel treatment and/or mess with people. These cold opens do make me wonder how the Yeerks don’t notice reports of animals acting weirdly in the Animorphs’ area, but I think they really work in general to introduce a new reader to the characters gradually, their dynamics and banter, and also to provide a bit of levity before we transition into the main plot for the book.

    They’re up against Visser One again, so Marco has to work out his issues. I like the subtle characterisation work at play here - Marco has to balance appearing normal to the others with his inner turmoil over seeing his mother as a Controller and not wanting to harm her despite knowing she’s an incredibly dangerous Yeerk. To make things worse, only Jake knows his connection to Visser One, though by the end the others are clued in as well. I really like this characterisation, it’s a very credible image of a teenager in way over his head trying to do what’s right but also dealing with some very strong emotions and stressful situations.

    Once again, I feel compelled to point out the excellent continuity in this series - in this one, it’s Marco’s trauma relating to sharks, as the last time he was in dolphin morph he had his tail bitten off by them. It’s not a huge moment, or dwelled on for too long, but it is present. These past events are a part of Marco’s psyche and character, and affect him. It really adds to this idea of the books being one larger unfolding narrative, rather than just a series of standalones.

    In comparison to the last book’s treatment of horse-Controllers, this book has a similar idea but treated a lot more sensibly. The Yeerks are Controlling sharks to deploy on an alien world where shark forms would be useful in battle, there’s a solid tactical reason why they’re doing what they’re doing. The part about them genetically modifying sharks in order to do this is a bit far-fetched in terms of actual science, but it fits with the tone of the series as a whole and works within the story. Take notes, Animorphs #14!

    That’s it for Animorphs for a while - join me tomorrow for a spot of witchcraft!

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  • spaceshipkat
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    okay i keep seeing people ask me things along the lines of “what if you’re poor and don’t have access to a library” in an effort to get me to green light pirating books. and tbh? please stop asking me that. when it comes to that particular scenario, it’s a personal choice you have to make and asking me won’t matter bc i can say “don’t pirate books” until i’m blue in the face, but at the end of the day, it’s your prerogative. even giving facts and figures won’t be enough for many people (hence why there are trolls on that post going “bahaha off to pirate books”), so if you still want to pirate books despite knowing how it harms authors, nothing i say will change your mind

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  • fluencylevelfrench
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Day 16 of my stopprocrastinationchallenge

    Today I finished the English lesson for Tuesday and finished planning the English lesson for Friday. I just have to write the texts for the group puzzle. I have also prepared the meeting with the principal tomorrow morning.

    And just now I have finished the book 'Short Stories in Norwegian'.

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  • books-in-a-storm
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Book Of The Week

    Title: Until Fools Find Gold(Providence Gold #1)

    Author: Mary B. Moore


    Synopsis: Luna Two years ago, my dad had packed us up in the middle of the night and we’d left town. We weren’t allowed to contact anyone or look back – until now. I’d run away, going back to the only security I’d ever known with my best friend Levi and his family. Coming home was hard. Although I got to see my best friend again, it also meant seeing the man I’d been in love with since I was six years old – Noah Townsend. Working for him brings us into close contact and makes my no fraternization with the family members of my friends rule difficult. One trip to Vegas to visit his friend Sven and a lot of alcohol later, I woke up Mrs. Townsend. The problem was, I didn’t wake up in our hotel room or with him beside me. Noah “Don’t touch my best friend” my brother told me. It’s like being told not to push the button – you bide your time until no one’s around and then pounce. Now that Luna was back, I was pushing the damn button, and I didn’t care what he had to say about it. She’s mine to protect, mine to love, just plain mine. My trip to Vegas wasn’t for the reasons that I told her it was, and there was little room for things to go wrong. But I woke up the morning after our wedding and she was gone. Luna is my wife, my world, my boom, and I will find her.

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  • maxgraybooks
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    sad short story beta readers needed

    hey, guys! i just wrote a short story, 331 words (so less than a page), and I’d really appreciate some people to look over it! please message me if you’re interested. 

    please reblog! 

    spoilers and trigger warnings under the cut: 

    death trigger warning, suicide trigger warning 

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  • eluari
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Born to the Sea Writing Update #22

    PoVs // 3rd Person: Caliyan | Laudan | Vaelen Status // Eighth (?) Draft / Final Draft (?) Current Wordcount // 150k Tags // WIP Intro / WIP Tag

    Born to the Sea explores a dark, twisted fate between lovers and a truth so harsh, that it might have been better if it didn’t come to light. 

    Today I retreated to the garden to work on my manuscript, which might very well be in its final draft by now. After a successful beta-round, it feels so good to read everything printed out and polish the last bits, before my querying adventure begins.

    In a little creative outburst, I created these bookmarks and gave myself quite a lot of feels at the same time. I can’t really reveal the meaning of the ring and the red band because it would obviously be a massive spoiler, but both play a huge role in Born to the Sea.

    Anyway, I’m really excited and dear @stories-by-rie  promised to have another thorough look at my book baby. I’m considering to run a second beta-round at the same time, to check if everything is working as intended. My finished draft is in german, but if you happen to speak german and would enjoy a deep & tragic fantasy story with an m/m romance, please get in touch. 💕

    Also, please don’t worry if you don’t speak german. There is an English version in the making, as well.

    Last but not least let me express how grateful I am for all the support I have received, especially during the pandemic. I have met so many lovely people, which means that I can look back on a positive and productive writing year, despite all those lockdowns. I love each and every single one of you. 💕 And a special shout-out definitetly goes to @siarven, @cirianne, @ardawyn, @stories-by-rie and @slothssassin. You are such a bunch of talented and fantastic peope. Thank you so much!

    Born to the Sea Taglist: @ardawyn @cirianne @elfrooted @somedeadmagic @relevy @alternativeforensicscientist @doro-writes @pen-in-hand​ @nightmares-and-fireflies @wanderers-minuet @skyfireflight @darth-salem-emperor-of-earth​ @monaramis​ @the-ichor-of-ruination​ @piyawrites​ @rookie009​ @leyrestahl @re-writing-h​ @lady-redshield-writes​ @zachatari​ @owl-writes​ @noxstories​ @quilloftheclouds​ @illyriandreamer​ @chaotic-bi-fangirl @writemares​ @lordkingsmith​ @dc-hollis​ @kosmosian-quills​ @reeseweston​ @ladywithalamp​ @the-violet-writer​ @phoenyxrisenfromashes​ @fantasy-shadows @v-writes-stories​ @ntbogoni​ @notiziarios​ @cawolters​ @adie-dee​ @wildswrites​ @semblanche​ @unfortunatelyunfocused​ @storelmykva @furysreign​ @a-tear-in-the-veil​ @acaranna​ @themidnxghtwriter​ @songsofaleria​ @wqtermelon-gloss @august-the-third @waterfallwritings​ @drunkinbook​ @doriians​ @homesteadchronicles​ @inky-duchess​ @silas-the-reading-addict @vesrayn​ @vorskra​ @miladaydreams​ @halfbloodlycan​ @smilelovefat-e​ @basiltonpitch​ @basilt0npitch​ @slothsassin​ @writer-somewhat​

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  • pan-ickellie
    20.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Are you “enemies to lovers” fucked up or “found family” fucked up?

    #i’m found family btw #found family’s the best #i just want friends #enemies to lovers #found family#trope#books #books & libraries #bookblr#booknerd#bookaholic#booklr#reader#stories#nerd#series#percy jacson#carry on#Harry Potter #six of crows
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