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  • False Orange Blossom I’m hoping to press

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  • my ambitious TBR for this year’s Pride month reading. there are 22 books here and I’ve got a few more on their way to me. I doubt I’ll get through all of them, especially since I’m in the nitty gritty of clearing out my dad’s house, but I can’t wait to see what new stories and authors I have in store for me :)

    most of these are #OwnVoices and there are some awesome authors of colour in here too if anyone’s looking for any recs. I’m most excited for Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal by Anna Whately which is a brand new Australian YA novel about an autistic queer girl :3

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    Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg.

    I decided to read this because it was recommended by a friend. I’m glad I did, because this was a really fun and well written. I really loved Rafe and Ben and Toby and Albie and everyone, and I’m going straight in to the second book now.

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    Frankenstein, Mary Shelley 1818 edition

    (with French toast, syrup and tea as brunch)

    Lady Macbeth seizing the Daggers, Henry Fuseli, Taté Britain

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    At first, I was in doubt about this book. Everyone around me keeps making jokes about the book and belittling it. It is probably because it has a curse word in its title. Some even claimed that the book is a shitty motivational book like any other motivational books (even when they haven’t read the book). Some also claimed that this book promotes egoism and selfishness. But I cannot help to keep referenced to this book in every life conversation I had. Someone said “stop giving a fuck to it,” and suddenly I remember this book. Yes, to the point that it pique my curiosity to actually read it. And I am here after finishing the book in two days, writing this review with my opinion of: it is not bad as people keep saying it is.

    To quote a good friend of mine, “The book delivers obvious things about life in a harsh way full of cursing.” It is obvious for people who already thought about the existential contemplation that the book delivers in such popular and intimate way. But sometimes we still need it to validate the contemplation, or to give clear trigger for people who haven’t yet encounter the existential crisis in their life. The book talks about toxic positivity and how suffering is unavoidable. It refers to a lot of Zen Buddhism teachings, probably because the writer travels a lot and for American people, traveling to Asia means embracing Buddhism or some kind.

    The first half book talks about existential contemplation straight forward. With a package of “intimate” harsh cursing words just like how western people talk with their mate, Mark Manson delivers serious issues in the most relatable way possible for western first-world middle-class people. Yes, it is that specific and he also stated it at the beginning of the book.

    We joke online about “first world problems,” but we really have become victims of our own success. Stress-related health issues, anxiety disorders, and cases of depressions have skyrocketed over the past thirty years, despite the fact that everyone has a flat-screen TV and can have their groceries delivered. Our crisis is no longer material, it’s spiritual. (Chapter 1)

    The book might be not relatable and useful for those who still contemplate material things they need as what to eat tomorrow and how to pay the bills. The book is useful only for those people who already have their needs fulfilled but still feeling an unfulfilling void in their heart that burden for their whole life.

    My first impression of motivational book is always bad as it usually delivers positivity so much that it becomes toxic. But The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck is not that kind of motivational book. I would go as far as saying that this is a popular philosophical book rather than a motivational one. It criticizes motivational media’s popular toxic positivity and promotes embracing human faults. It referencing Buddhism value where suffering and problems are unavoidable and we should accept it as a process of life instead. It talks about how media is contributing so much to our mindset that it made society normalize extraordinary people and promotes consumerism that confuses our priorities, how insignificant are we compared to the universe and how fine being as it is, how we are responsible for our own acts, and how we should stop being entitled by minding our own business and focus on our inner self more. The book also promotes healthy boundaries in relationships, teaches on how to say no, and that commitment is needed in life.

    Though I wouldn’t deny that the last half of the book is not good reading. But that’s because I’m not the target of the book marketing. The last half delivers stories about Manson’s experience in his middle class western young adult reckless life and how he found enlightenment in traveling around the world. It’s not something that I, a lower-class third world country citizen would enjoy. But I do understand that kind of content is needed for the marketing purposes as the target would be in awe with those kinds of experience and thus would agree that the writer already settled all of his things into the rightest one and believable, even when he already stated that he is still wrong.

    Growth is an endlessly iterative process, When we learn something new, we don’t go from “wrong” to “right.” Rather, we go from wrong to slightly less wrong… We are always in process if approaching truth and perfection without actually ever reaching the truth of perfection. (Chapter 6)

    If anything I would change the title to stop the meme of people joking and belittling this book into “The Subtle Art Of Prioritizing, Rejecting, And Making Commitment” but that would not do the PR and marketing. This book deserves more than the meme but unfortunately, a vast group of people feeling entitled after reading the book (which is the exact opposite reason on what the writer wants people to be after reading the book) make The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck image even worse. People would blame the book while the book really contributes a fault on its content, but is not the book’s responsibility on the reader’s destructive actions after reading the book.

    Nevertheless, the book is a fun good reading. It validates my contemplation and gave me courage in prioritizing. Some people might consider this prioritizing as a selfish act but what truly matters for me is really just myself and people or things that I consider precious and important. Other than that, I have learned (a bit) about the subtle art to not give a f*ck.

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    “When someone holds your book for the first time its like they’re holding a little piece of your heart and soul.”

    I’m so happy to be holding this piece of work by Heather Blair! I won this copy from Heather in her giveaway that she hosted on bookstagram and I’ve waited a long time to read this!

    I’m allowing myself to take my time with this one just to make it last! I’m only a few chapters in and I’m already loving the writing style and I’m falling in love with Thomas Greeley!

    I cant wait to share my final thoughts!

    You can buy For The Lost Time and Heather Blair’s other books at https://heatherblairauthor.blog/

    What are you reading this weekend?

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  • “it’s come at last…the time when you can no longer stand between your children and heartache. when there wasn’t enough food in the house so you pretended that you weren’t hungry so they could have more…then one sunny day, they walk out in all innocence and they walk right into the grief that you’d give your life to spare them.”

    -a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith

    my thoughts on the book below

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  • Snowflake Book Review’s

    Title: Jag(Diablo’s Throne #2)

    Author: H.J. Bellus


    Snowflake Rating:❄❄❄❄(4/5)

    Synopsis: No matter how fast he runs, there’s one thing Jag can’t escape.

    His past.

    It has the power to destroy the man he’s worked so hard to become.

    Jag is slated to be the next MMA champion. It’s been years in the making. The hype surrounding his prized fight is ignited by his charismatic personality and smoldering good looks.

    But it’s all a shield protecting the storm brewing inside of him…

    And now, there’s a new girl in town Jag can’t seem to stay away from. She’s quiet, mysterious, and sexy as sin.

    His demons. Her secrets. They collide when least expected.

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  • Shelf-Confidence BPC– May 29: Parasite

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    • Ordered A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu (bookclub pick), and The City of Brass by S. A. Chakraborty (Daevabad Trilogy is 2nd/optional bookclub pick)
    • Got breakfast
    • Went to the thrift store and bought some books and some organizational things for school and around the house.
    • Got groceries at Walmart and I picked up three different packs of Fineliners.
    • Saw a homeless vet on the side of the road and we gave him money, bought him a meal, and then went home and brought him back one of those sport chairs that fold up into a bag, an insulated water bottle, sunblock, granola bars, umbrella, paper church fan, a hat, a fabric face mask, and some handkerchiefs. 
    • Came home and watched Dance Moms for the rest of the night
    • Read Clockwork Prince for 33m 45s and read 35 pages
    • Wrote a page in my journal

    Today was a good day even though it was so damn hot. It just felt nasty outside. I hate the summer. Why was I doomed to live in the south. So muggy and hot. UGH. It was nice to get out of the house. It felt nice to help that man today and I wish we did kinder things more often. We try to give whenever we see someone in need, but we don’t always do it. We were talking about how we had these unused things at the house we thought he could use and so we took them. We didn’t want to overburden him, so gave what we thought he could put in a bag and carry easily. The chair as a carrying strap on it. We will try to be mindful as we clean the house from now on and put things we don’t use anymore or have never used aside to be donated to the places here that actually help people in need. Once we got home and cooled off, we were lazy for the rest of the day.

    I do not believe any painting will happen this weekend. I can’t blame my mom though. She has a hurt shoulder, an old injury flaring up and that is her painting arm. I said I would do it, but she doesn’t want me to. She makes it sound like she will push through tomorrow and just get it done. We shall see. If not, more Dance Moms.

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  • If I want to finish this book before June starts, I will have to do some major reading over the next two days. 

    Our trio has just returned from the York Institute and Will has had a nasty shock. That Starkweather is an awful guy. So stuck in the good ol’ days that he doesn’t believe the treatment of Downworlders has ever been horrible and thinks they are too nice to them now. His spoils room was disgusting. 

    So, Cecily is Will’s sister. I didn’t know he had one. I know the name was mentioned by him in the last book, but I don’t think any family connection was mentioned. He said she 9 when he left, like he expected her to be older, but then he also said she was dead. So I guess she must have died later on and he found out about and Mortmain has possibly reanimated her and made her an automaton. If so, that is just awful. 

    The next chapter is called The Curse. It seems Will’s curse, which he has had for five years, he got when he left his family and joined the Shadowhunters. Or does the Curse have to do with Jem? Maybe it will be explained because it connects to his sister. Cursed to bring her back possibly? I look forward to getting into it more.

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  • Star Rating Review

    Title: Whispers at Moonrise(Shadow Falls #4)

    Author: C.C. Hunter



    Synopsis: Even at a camp for supernatural teens, Kylie Galen has never been normal. Not only can she see ghosts, but she doesn’t seem to belong to any one species—she exhibits traits from them all. As Kylie struggles to unlock the secrets of her identity, she begins to worry that Lucas will never be able to accept her for what she is, and what she isn't…a werewolf. With his pack standing in their way, Kylie finds herself turning more and more to Derek, the only person in her life who’s willing to accept the impossible.

    As if life isn’t hard enough, she starts getting visits from the ghost of Holiday, her closest confidante. Trouble is, Holiday isn’t dead…not yet anyway. Now Kylie must race to save one of her own from an unseen danger before it’s too late—all while trying to stop her relationship with Lucas from slipping away forever. In a world of constant confusion, there’s only one thing Kylie knows for sure. Change is inevitable and all things must come to an end…maybe even her time at Shadow Falls.

    First And Last Sentence: Here

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  • Snowflake Book Review’s

    Title: Beast(Lords of Carnage MC #6)

    Author: Daphne Loveling


    Snowflake Rating:❄❄❄(3/5)

    Synopsis: Once upon a time, I fell for a man. Then I met the Beast.

    He’s huge. Dangerous. And angry. And I can never love him again.
    I left my hometown for a reason.
    Coming back was never part of the plan.
    But the job I came here to do is more important than my tortured past – and everything I left behind to escape it.
    Now I’m a federal agent, working a case deeply rooted in the community,
    And his club is in the middle of an investigation I’m about to crack wide open.

    We almost happened when I was younger.
    I was vulnerable.
    Until it all got taken away from me.
    Since then, I’ve learned how to protect myself. How to size up danger and neutralize the threat.
    But Beast is an alpha male who won’t take no for an answer. And my heart isn’t listening to my head.

    I don’t want to fall for Beast again. I can’t get hurt again.
    But the harder I fight this attraction, the harder it becomes to resist.


    She left me and took what was left of my damn heart with her.
    Seeing Brooke again is something I swore I’d never do.
    But when she shows back up in our hometown, I can’t f*cking resist.
    I fell in love with her for a reason.
    And this time, she’s not f*cking running away from me.

    But Brooke is putting things in danger.
    She’s uncovering sh*t that’s hidden for a reason.
    My club, Lords of Carnage MC, could explode if she keeps f*cking digging.

    My d*ck wants her but my mind is stubborn, forcing me to keep my distance.
    I knew she’d get under my skin again.
    I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist after the first taste.
    I knew once my hands touched her f*cking skin I’d turn into the Beast she’s so afraid of.

    Except I’ve never followed any man’s rules.
    Not even my own.
    Brooke is my f*cking property.
    My responsiblity.
    My damn woman.
    And I will do any-f*cking-thing to keep her safe.

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  • Good afternoon book bees! While many of you are beginning your weekend today mine is sadly coming to an end, same as this donut marks the end of the dozen my husband ordered from a local donut shop.

    I finally finished The Queen of the Night, though I did end up renewing the digital loan rather than finishing before the deadline. It was a spectacular read about an opera singer in nineteenth century Paris, intricately wrapped up in the affairs of powerful players such as the empress in exile.

    Today I am desperately trying to catch up on all the blogging I haven’t had the energy for all week. We are hopefully adding another person to our front staff at work, but no word yet on whether this will make my schedule easier or not… #qotd: What is your favorite treat to have for breakfast occassionally? I usually have oatmeal or a quick peanut butter treat, but on my days off my husband likes to get me sweet treats.
    #bookstagram #bookbees #booklover #bookblogger #igbooks #amreading #coffee #coffeelover #bibliophile #donut #donutfactory #breakfast #tarot #GildedTarot


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    A couple books that have been on my list for a while came in today! I also got these cute book markers with little plants on them and you guuuyyss I’m still squealing by how adorable they are! 

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