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  • lilys-lab
    12.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Thinking bout red velvet august comeback 😍

    #it’s gonna be a bop I just know it #idc what concept it is
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  • grayfilmsandstuff
    12.06.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    @cookie00122 their birthday was literally 2 weeks ago but i never made them anything so that changed

    i spent 2 hours on the couch doing nothing but this while listening to the garcello soundtrack on repeat so hope you like it !!

    (enlarge for better quality)

    #the more i look at this the more i find wrong with it #wtv i still did it #happy bday!! #beep bo bop #friday night funkin #fnf#fnf garcello#seos garcello #smoke em out struggle #fnf zardy#zardy's maze#zardy foolhardy#fnf mod#fnf mods
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  • kinanina
    12.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    me, listening to mi by dino merlin:

    #ngl this IS A BOP #mi SMO TAJNA STO SE OTKRITI NE SMIJE #dino merlin #i made this in my study break lmao
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  • callicantzaro4now
    12.06.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    silmarillion AU where the Fëanorians are a kpop group and Fëanor is their manager

    #the silmarillion#fëanorians#maedhros#maglor#celegorm#curufin#caranthir#amrod#amras#ambarussa#shitpost#au#silmarillion au#kpop au #please this is so funny to me #i was just bopping to my maedhros playlist and started doing BTS choreo and went OH #dance au#fëanor
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  • mira-culous--ly
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    This lady isn't cool
    She's hot
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  • softsakusa
    12.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    twice's new album makes me feel like the main character 😌

    #ami.talks #all bops
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  • navaniel
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    all criticisms of marina's new album bc the political songs have annoying cringe lyrics are completely valid & correct but also like have you heard venus flytrap. like have you heard venus flytrap off of the 2021 album ancient dreams in a modern land. like have you listened to it

    #i personally like. yes the political song lyrics ARE cringe but also some of their sounds r rly rly good soo i will still be embarassed #singing along. i guess thats why he bought the campest hotel in LA then #but thats all besides the point the POINT is go listen to venus flytrap im obsessed fully obsessed #it has been out a couple days and it somehow already my 12th most listened to song of all time on spotify i. help. #whatever you give life you will get back why be a wallflower when you can be a venus flytrap!!!!! #also goodbye and pandoras box r both REALLY goos #good #im also partial to ancient dreams in a modern land i like the sound #purge the poison. the lyrics r SO embarassing but the sound is SOOO good. #and i love you but i love me more is also a bop #the only songs i didnt save to spotify were new america and highly emotional people #tbd
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  • mr-baizen
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    You're gettin' too old, all your money's rolled up your nose How's your business workin' out? Such an entrepreneur clown "How to win friends, influence them" let you down And I heard you're gettin' drunk at bars still Overdrawing credit card bills Slot machines, casinos, what's your deal? 'Cause you're living like a baller On a budget of 'bout twenty dollars

    #Carter#inspo#music #josh is a bop tho #and peach is the loml
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  • zylphiacrowley
    12.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #I don't usually go on tik tok #but this is a bop? #tom cardy#tomcardy
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  • starryether
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Serotonin be hard to come by nowadays and for some reason it's easier to find the big sad giving song than the happy jolly ones.

    Listening to Mitski, Mother Mother, and Kimya Dawson don't be helping.

    So I'm just going to add random happy songs into a list:

    1. Pollyanna by Catherine Warwicke

    2. Strawberry blonde by Mitski

    3. Just the two of us by Grover Washington Jr.

    4. Its Alright by Mother Mother

    5. Caramelldansen by Caramella Girls

    6. Everything Stays sung by Olivia Olsen

    #strawberry blond by mitski #do be a bop #but you can easily downspiral into bet on losing dogs #and have a break down #so oof#also #its alright by mother mother #be a happy time as well especially on acoustic #happy songs#serotonin plz
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  • swiftiephobe
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i'm on a train with eshays 😭

    #pls i always forget people like this are real #their music does kinda bop though ngl
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  • sneakersformen
    12.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • idasessions
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    Larisa Oleynik, Melissa Joan Hart and Sarah Michelle Gellar for various magazines in the 1990s
    #larisa oleynik #melissa joan hart #sarah michelle gellar #buffy the vampire slayer #sabrina the teenage witch #the secret world of alex mack #bop#teen beat#nylon#faves
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  • koolestoutlaw
    12.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #;highway tunes #// what a bop... had to stick it here lol #flashing cw
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  • mayyonase
    12.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Yeah, I stand for the flag

    #achillian #This flag bops
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  • loonathemoon
    12.06.2021 - 9 hours ago


    Yeojin, Choerry, Go Won, Kim Lip, and COCOMONG!

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  • idkwhygregg
    12.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Old wounds (Helena Bertinelli x reader)

    (A/N: Y’all I literally love this woman with EVERYTHING WITHIN ME. The fact i scrolled to the end of Helena Bertinelli x reader tag in one night was so TRAGIC. I had to write a fic, this one is multiple chapters. I have chapter 2 + 3 in the drafts already. HELENA DESERVES BETTER!! Also I’m obsessed with Mary Elizabeth Winstead lol. As always I apologize in advance for spelling and grammatical errors. )

    Chapter 1: Not Your Average Roman Holiday

    Warning: Language, violence, fluff, maybe angst

    “Stay low, you have him on the ropes.” 

    I nodded a little, sweat dripping down my face, a hand was pinching my bloodied nose, and another was pouring water down my mouth. I was in the middle of a fight, with Pugno Rosso aka the Red Fist. He was a big deal in Italy,  but I was also a big deal I was Cutthroat. I had been fighting in Hell’s ring Gotham’s most notorious underground fight circuit, for the last month, and making a killing. I caught the attention of Sal Maroni, who hired me to fight Pugno Rosso. It’s a paid trip to Italy, I figured I had nothing to lose. 

    The bell rang signaling the start of the round. I shuffled towards him, and hit a hook combo at him. He dodged and pushed me off, connecting his fight with my ribs. I groaned in pain, I then slammed him over my back. He grabbed my leg and pulled me down with him. Now we were wrestling on the ground. I struggled against him, pinning him with my thighs. I was so close to knocking him out. Suddenly sat up and threw me off him. The wind getting knocked out of me. I wheezed out a breath in shock. 

    I staggered up, catching my breath. He eyed me from the corner also catching his. I smiled, he was good. I shuffled towards him ready to end this fight. Before I could I heard a gun shot, and an arrow is pierced in his neck. I froze blood splattering on my face, watching his body go limp, falling face first. I heard chaos break out in the ring. My coach grabbed me and pulled me into a back room.

    “Who killed him?” I croaked. 

    My coach shook his head, and was on the phone. There was a ringing in my ears, and I felt a pit in my stomach. I narrowed my eyes, this is going to be a problem with Maroni.  

    2 days later

    “So my advisors are suggesting you hired someone to kill Pugno Rosso.” Maroni accused with a frown. 

    I was sitting across from him, he was eating a shrimp pasta. About ten men with guns watching us. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. 

    “Why would I hire someone to kill Pugno Rosso? I was winning, hell it ruined my winning streak.” I said carefully, trying not to raise my voice. 

    Sal considered me for a second before taking a bite of his pasta. “Now that’s what I said. But you see now we have a problem. I didn’t want Pugno Rosso dead, I wanted him humiliated...this well this is bad for business. Because now everyone assumes that the Maroni family ordered that hit.” He paused looking me in the eyes. “...so our business partners are demanding blood for blood.” 

    A chill hit the room. The atmosphere changing. His playful demeanor shifted and he looked down at his plate, “Specifically your blood.” He forcefully stabbed a meatball showing it off to me.

    I tensed up, and frowned. The men with guns shifting to face me. I looked around the room and leaned forward. I didn’t know what to say. Or if I did the words were jammed in my throat. 

    “Or of course unless you can find the real killer, and bring his head to me. This problem will disappear...you have a week Y/N, and if I were you I’d start living up to your namesake and-” He made a slice motion with his knife near his neck. A smirk on his face. “Get her out of here.” He commanded. 

    I didn’t even know I was holding my breath until I was in my hotel room. I plopped on my bed, my stomach in knots. I should’ve followed uncle Ted’s advice and went to fucking law school. I was in over my head. Now doing a hit for a fucking mafia. I didn’t even know where to start. I felt like I was going to be sick. I had to ask myself the question. How do I look for an assassin in Italy? Where do I even look for an assassin? 

    I picked up my phone and looked through my numbers. Frowning at ‘Uncle Ted’ the last conversation we had, he was utterly pissed at me. He didn’t want me to take this job, I wasn’t ready to hear him say “I told you so.” I sighed and kept searching. I stopped at ‘Nick Gage” I sighed. 

    Nick Gage was not only my ex but also a cop. I didn’t know who else to call at this point, who may know about an arrow assassin. I clicked call, and part of me hoped he wouldn’t answer. 

    “Y/N?” He answered. 

    I groaned “Hey Nick...” 

    “Wow I didn’t think you’d ever call me back.” He said with a chuckle. 

    I nodded my head, rubbing my eyes. “Yeah honestly...same. Um listen I need a favor a big one...it’s actually an emergency.” I said sternly. 

    “Oh wow...well what is it?” He asked, concern now in his voice. 

    “Yeah do you know how to find an assassin in Italy that uses arrows?” I questioned, held my breath knowing this sounded ridiculous. 

    There was a pause, followed by a laugh. 

    “Your kidding right?” He asked. 

    “Nick...I’m calling you. Do you think I’m kidding?” 

    “Fuck...um...I’ll search the database...anything more to go on besides arrow assassin?” 

    I frowned “Listen there was a murder of a Italian boxer named Pugno Rosso. He was killed an arrow going straight through his neck. Is there an assassin with that signature?” 

    “...Um yeah...I don’t think we have anything like that in our database...but I’ll text what I find.” Nick said not reassuringly. 

    I hung up in frustration and threw my phone. That felt pointless. I decided to change and head to the hotel’s bar downstairs. Your coach Jerry was sitting with a beer glass in hand. I sunk in the seat next to him and sighed. He eyed me cautiously. “Heard Maroni had some words with you.” 

    I didn’t say anything to him, ordering a shot of tequila. I looked at him, and he nodded as if my silence answered his suspicions. 

    “So they think you ordered a hit on Pugno Rosso, figures.” He spat out taking a sip of his beer. 

    He saw my tension and shoved me lightly. “Come on kid, it’ll blow over. Just lay low for a few days.” 

    “No Jerry, I have to find the killer and kill him within the week, or I’m dead.”I hissed at him, throwing my tequila shot back. The liquid burning my throat on its way down. 

    He choked a little on his beer. “Holy fuck. Are you serious?” He slurred. 

    I shook my head yes, “Jerry it’s the fucking Maroni family. Why would I lie about that??” giving him a look. 

    He frowned and sighed. “Yeah this is all kinds of fucked up.” he paused and studied me. “Listen I have a cousin that lives here. He knows people who know people. I can see if I can get a vital on any local hitman who were tipped off on the match...” He offered with a shrug. 

    I snapped my head at him and gave a sigh of relief, throwing my arms on him to hug. He shoved me off and cursed a little. After a few calls, he got a lead on Stephano Davi, a master assassin based in Sicily. This felt stupid. I was about to confront a master fucking assassin. 

    He meets with his clients at a bar known as l’incubo, the nightmare. I walked in wearing my dark blue hoodie and jeans. I had a gun underneath my hood and a switch blade in my pockets. Living in Gotham taught me enough street smart to come prepared. Having my uncle be a legendary boxer and ex vigilante Wildcat also helped me feel not as scared. Yet the nervousness, sitting in my chest never left. 

    I sat on the bar stool and asked for a drink. The bartender eyed me, he stood in front of me as if asking for why I was here. I slide him a napkin with single name. 

    Stephano Davi

    He smiled at me, chuckling as if this was the funniest thing he’d seen all day. He yelled something in Italian, and the whole room seemed to roar in laughter. A woman sat next to me, looking somewhat annoyed. Her hair was shoulder length, and she had bangs. She looked my age at least 23, and her eyes were cold and calculating. 

    “Perché sei qui?” She asked in Italian. 

    I stared at her and clicked my tongue on the roof of my mouth. “Yeah, so I don’t speak Italian.” I admitted. 

    “An American?” She said in english, furrowed her eyebrows looking around the room like this was a joke. 

    Suddenly she looked at me like I was familiar. She motioned for the bartender to come. She barked an order in Italian. And soon enough, two glasses were in front of us. “How did you find me?!?!” She demanded in a tight low voice, her hand in a fist. 

    I shook my head. “No offense...who the fuck are you?” I questioned matching her low voice. 

    “Why are you looking for Stephano Davi?” She asked, her edge sharp. 

    I swallowed the lump in my throat, “I need some answers, and I’m willing to pay for them.” I answered trying to keep my voice even.

    She looked me over. “With your life?” 

    I froze and looked at her in new interest. Tilting my head to study her. If she wasn’t threatening me, I’d think she was hot as fuck. “So you’re Stephano?” I guessed. 

    She straightened her posture at the suggestion and chugged her glass. She threw money on the table, in one swift move pulled me out of the bar outside and against the wall. 

    “Why are you here?” She hissed, pressing a knife against my neck. 

    I widened my eyes and huffed. Holy shit she was fast. I lifted my left hand up in surrender my right slowly grabbing my gun.  “WOAH-WOAH- holy shit...I’m literally paying for a question answered. I’m looking for Stephano.” I said holding onto my gun. 

    She studied me, “Why?” 

    “He killed a man-” 

    “It’s his job.” She cut off, pressing the knife deeper onto my neck. 

    “Yeah, but the man he killed, was who I was supposed to publicly humiliate, and now my bosses want me dead.” I choked out.

    She looked at me and scoffed, “That sounds like a personal problem.” 

    She pulled away and sighed, turning to walk back inside. I watched her start walking in disbelief. “So what you’re leaving just like that??”


    I pulled out my gun and turned the safety off, she froze and looked over her shoulder. “You don’t have the balls.” She stated matter factly, not bothered. 

    I shrugged, “Maybe not, but he does.” I said motioning to Jerry who was now outside the car. 

    She looked between the two of us and snickered, like we were a joke. “Should I be scared?” She questioned. 

    Jerry answered by shooting his taser at her till she hit the ground. I watched her body spasm out, and clicked the safety back on my own gun. I looked back at Jerry who gave me a look of utter fear. “I can’t believe I just tasered a fucking assassin.” He mumbled. 

    I motioned for him to help me with her body as we moved her to the car. We drove to Jerry’s cousins villa, and we tied her up to a chair. Waiting for her to wake up. When she slowly came to, it was the next morning, Jerry and I were eating breakfast sandwiches. 

    “Wha...where the hell...” The girl slurred looking around the room in a confusion. 

    Suddenly her head shot up in realization. She struggled in vain, looking around the room cursing. Finally her eyes stopped on me. I gave a small wave and took a bite of my breakfast sandwich. 

    “YOU! THE GIRL FROM THE BAR!!” She spat fury in her voice. 

    “Oh my god, Jerry she remembers me!” I said with a teasing gasp.

    She started yelling a string of threats, and curses. I frowned watching her ramble, eating my breakfast sandwich unbothered. This bitch has anger issues. 

    “You done?” I asked, getting tired of her yelling. 

    She let out a frustrated scream, before running out of air, panting a little. I looked at Jerry who was doing a crossword unbothered. I dragged my chair closer to her and studied her. She really was pretty, when she wasn’t threatening to murder me. 

    “Are you ready to talk now?” I talked down to her like she was 5, which only seemed to piss her off even more. 


    I shook my head a laugh starting to bounce off my lips. She looked really funny when she was furious, her face was red from yelling, and her hair was messy from struggling. 

    “Let’s start with introductions.” I suggested in a calm voice. “I’ll start, my name is Cutthroat. I’m a professional fighter and asshole. My friends call me, Y/N/N, and I love eating bread...your turn.” I pause give her a chance to say her name. 

    She stared at me, her chest rising and falling. “I’m going to fucking murder you. A slow painful death. I will END your bloodline.” She said in a hoarse voice. 

    I widened my eyes and licked my lips nervously. “Wow that sounds...gruesome...um listen-I just want to find Stephano...tell me where he is and I’ll let you go.” I offered. 

    She answered by threatening in Italian. Jerry whistled a little, looking impressed. I turned to him “What is she saying?” I asked curiously.

    “Ways she’s going to kill you. Quite frankly I’ve never even heard some of those words before.” He whispered to you. 

    “She’s not budging.” I groaned. “I think we have to resort to force.” I felt slightly uncomfortable at the idea of punching such a pretty girl. He nodded in agreement. 

    Jerry and I faced the girl who was now silently watching us. “Tell us where he is or we will kill you.” I threaten. 

    Jerry held a gun and pointed it at her. She turned to me and grinned. “If you kill me, he will kill you within the night.” 

    I looked at Jerry and shrugged. “I mean that sounds pretty good, it’d save us the leg work.” Jerry said with a content sigh. 

    The girl looked between us worried. “Wait what?” 

    “I mean what are we waiting for?” I asked motioning for Jerry to shoot her. 

    He took off the safety and went to pull the trigger. Suddenly she broke out of her restraints and grabbed the gun from his hand. Knocking him out with the back of the gun. I tackled her, smacking the gun out of her hands. I pinned her down, my face inches from hers. She struggled against me. Before slamming her head into my already broken nose. I groaned and stared her down. 

    “THAT HURT ASSHOLE.” I yelled. 

    Sh kept struggling, soon flipping us over until she was pinning me. I struggled against her, her grip tightening. I stared at her. I needed to throw her off. Her face was inches from mine, she was pressing a knife onto my neck. I sighed, and kissed her. Her lips were surprisingly soft, she froze, eyes wide at the contact, not kissing back simple still. Her breath hitched a little, I took the opportunity and flipped us over and punched her disorienting her.  She bounced back quickly, pointing the gun at me. 

    “WAIT WAIT WAIT...OKAY-FUCK!” I yelled out, hands up in surrrender. “I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHY STEPHANO KILLED PUGNO ROSSO!” 

    “Stephano didn’t kill the fighter...I DID! I was settling a score...and I used Stephano’s crossbow.” She answered, catching her breath. 

    Jerry was on the floor beginning to stir. 

    “You killed Pugno Rosso? Not Stephano Davi...” I clarified. The girl nodded, her eyes were still hard on me, her finger on the trigger of the gun. 

    I sighed, “If I don’t kill you or at least turn you over to my bosses, they will kill me and my family.” 

    “If you need protection, I can help with that. For a price.” She suggested. 

    I ignored her and looked at Jerry who was now sitting up on the ground, watching. This was a wrinkle. Quite frankly I didn’t trust this girl.

    “Your name?” Jerry asked.

    She stared at Jerry and gave a serious look, “They call me Huntress.” 

    There was a pause as we both looked at the girl. Not knowing if we take her serious or not. 

    “I say we kill her and give the body to Maroni.” Jerry said looking at me. 

    “I have the upper-hand?” Huntress reminded. “I have a gun....wait you were hired by Maroni? You are from Gotham?” Huntress questioned. 

    “Yeah.” I answer. 

    Jerry gave me a scolding look “Don’t answer her.” 

    “Or what? She has a fucking gun.” 

    “Wait, I have a proposition.” Huntress offered. “I’ll guarantee your safety, if you help me get the location of some names in Gotham.” 

    “Deal.” I said with no hesitation.

    “Y/N!” Jerry yelled throwing his hands up. 

    “What it’s a legit offer??” I groaned. 

    Thats how I found myself 2 months later in an old wine cellar, surrounded by Italian master assassins, my coach jerry, on speaker with my ex boyfriend Nick. Discussing the mafia crime scene in Gotham. Huntress-whose real name is Helana, which I found out from the real Stephano was a tall, scary looking sweetheart who was basically Helena’s adoptive Dad. Was scratching off names off a kill list and Pugno Rosso was just the first one. 

    Jerry and I had been in Italy, hiding from Maroni and his men, way longer than expected. Stephano and his family offered his house as a temporary safe house until they could find a decoy killer to pin the blame on Pugno Rosso on. Until then I was helping Helena get locations of her targets. The only one I knew who had those names was my ex. Helena was studying me, as I talked to Nick. He had sent me an email of all the known mafia’s and their turf agreements with the police. 

    “Of course, and you questioned me when I went to that ACAB rally.” I scoffed.

    “We were dating, and I am a cop! What did you expect, you called me a pig.” He defended in a huff. 

    I rolled my eyes. “Says the pig who is still working for a perverse system of justice, that is allowing CRIME LORDS TO DO WHATEVER THE FUCK ON THE STREETS!” 

    “Ugh...You owe me for this shit.” He reminded. 

    I didn’t answer knowing that was true, not really wanting it to be true. I hate owing people, it felt like my list of favors was stacking up high too.

    “I got a new apartment closer to Mickey’s diner...we can talk about it when you get back.” He offered with hopefulness. 

    I chuckled in disbelief, the son of a bitch really had the nerve. I opened my mouth to start a string of insults, when Helena hung up. I looked at her my eyes wide, surprised she just hung up on him. She crossed her arms and frowned “He was starting to piss me off.” She explained before walking out of the room. 

    I smiled to myself, I couldn’t help but have a soft spot for the crazy assassin. She has been more than generous. It made me wonder why. I peeled my eyes from where the brunette left to Jerry who was sitting in the chair next to me and looking through the emails, unbothered by the last 30 minutes. “When we are finished, you are only doing the fights I APPROVE OF. I had to text my nephew to run the gym for me...and now he’s asking for a raise.” He grumbled. 

    “What is it collect on Y/N day.” I said annoyed. “...but thanks for helping me Jerry.” I lightly grabbed his forearm. Trying to show my appreciation. He gave me a grin and shrugged. 

    “Come on kid, you’re like the daughter I never had. That and they also have a hit out on me...logic was staying in the safe house with you.” 

    After talking a little longer with Jerry I walked outside to see Helena sitting on a small hill overlooking the rolling hills of Italy. Her bangs were blown out of her face. Part of me was glad I could stay, despite learning way to kill people, and being tracked down by multiple assassins, I loved getting to spend time with her. 

    I sat next to her. She didn’t acknowledge my presence. We sat in silence. I looked at her and I couldn’t help but notice how her beautiful she was. The sun illuminating her skin, her brown hair a shade of hazel, her cheeks flushed from the sunlight. It had been only a few weeks, yet I couldn’t help but find myself liking the brunette more and more. Anger issues, lack of filter, social awkwardness and all. I swallowed the racing of my heart, when she met my glance. 

    “Uh thanks...” I mumbled feeling a little embarrassed she caught me staring.

    She gave me a confused look. “For what? Hanging up on the cop?” 

    I sighed and tossed a hand in the air, “Come on...I mean yeah...but also for Maroni, and agreeing to hide me until we pin the Pugno Rosso death on someone else. It was like a weight lifted from my shoulders.” I elaborated.

    She nodded and looked away from me. A silence hanging between us. I noted that mentally, trying not to let her stand off-ness get to me. I looked at the view and sighed a little. Trying to be content with this moment. Eventually I’m going to have to leave, back to Gotham. Yet Italy was...nice. Maybe Helena was what made Italy nice. 

    “You’re welcome...” She said softly, her eyes on the view. Her hands were on her knee, steadying it from bouncing. I smiled, finding her social awkwardness and quirks adorable. I placed my hand on her shoulder, giving her a smile, before retreating inside. 

    I went to open the door when a I felt a hand on my arm stop me. I looked to see Helena. Her head was down and she wasn’t looking at my face. I gave her a confused look. 

    “Helena?” I questioned. 

    She didn’t answer, instead she put both her hands on my shoulders. “We pinned the death on a man on my kill list. Maroni has ordered a hit on him. Which means you can go back home.” Her tone low. 

    I gasped a little. “How long have you known?” 

    “Sometime last week...” She admitted. 

    I shook my head not getting it. “Why did you wait to tell me this?” 

    She hesitated looking into my eyes a little. My heart was racing at the tension, and in realization at how close we were. In normal circumstances I would’ve kissed her. Yet Helena wasn’t just anyone, and this wasn’t a normal circumstance. I didn’t have time to register her lips on mine, until she pulled away with a smack. 

    I opened my mouth in surprise. She gasped not believing she did that. Her cheeks were red, with embarrassment.  “Fuck...I-I should’ve asked....I just really you know..wanted t-to um. Fucking hell.” She rambled nervously. 

    I grabbed her face to look at me. Her were eyes wide, cheeks smushed, her full attention on me. 

    “Ask me.” I commanded. 

    She swallowed hard, “M-may I kiss you?” 

    “Yes, you may.” I answered, smashing my lips onto hers. She sighed into the kiss her hands  drifting from my shoulders, down my arms, planting themselves on my waist. I pulled her face away from mine, allowing me to tilt my head for better access. I deepened the kiss, my hands tangled into her hair. She moaned a little, when I tugged on her hair. I pulled away again, her eyes were half opened and her lips chased mine.Then pouting at the loss of contact. 

    I smiled at her pout, fighting the urge to kiss her back. If we continued kissing I wasn’t going to leave back to Gotham. Her eyes were on my lips, and god just from that glance I almost captured her lips again. I took a deep breath, steading my aching chest, “We can finish this later, you know where to find me.” I said leaving her with one more kiss. 

    She tightened her grip on my waist, a full look of disbelief on her face. She pushed me on the wall, my arms draped on her shoulders. This was hot. Her eyes were determined. I gave her warning look. 

    “Trust me...you don’t want to tug on this string.” I warned. 

    She kissed the skin under my ear. “And if I do.” She threatens.

    My heart spasmed out. Shivers went down my back. This bitch was good. But if there was one thing I hate, is love not on my terms. I had a life in Gotham, a puppy, an apartment, and my uncle’s rent which I pay for. I had to get back, and letting this thing go any farther than a kiss, was a sure way to keep me in Italy with her instead. We stared, I gave her a stern look, she met my look with a determined one. I brushed her bangs a little, before kissing her nose. 

    “Find me in Gotham.” I whispered. “Then we can pick up where we left off.” 

    She groaned a little, letting me go. I gave her a peck on the cheek and walked away. Forcing myself to not look back. Once Jerry was in the loop, we gave all the information we had gathered about Helena’s hit list and gave it to her and Stephano. Once we said our goodbyes it was just me and Helena. Her eyes were on mine, her lips in a frown. 

    “I can’t convince you to stay?” She asked.

    I gave a sad smile “The problem is you can...” 

    This made her eyebrows raise, she took a deep breath. “Once I kill Galante, I’ll find you in Gotham.” She promised. 

    I kissed her cheek and smiled “I’ll be waiting then.” 

    6 months later

    I was sitting in the information center at Brotherhood Boxing Gym, lazily doodling. Brotherhood was Jerry’s gym, I basically owed him for life after the Maroni fiasco. I sighed I really wished I stayed in Italy. I frowned thinking about Helena’s lips, the flush of her cheeks, her eyes on mine. I groaned rubbing my face. Ever since our kiss, I have declined every single offer at me. Even when Nick tried to slide back in, I ghosted him. My life has been work, work, and more work. 

    “Hi,” A voice greeted. 

    “How can I help you?” I asked not looking up, 

    “I’m here looking for someone.” The voice answered. 

    I scoffed still not looking up “Um do you have a name?” 

    “Yeah, Y/N Y/L/N,” 

    I froze and whipping my head to see Helena, her hair was straightened, she wore a smirk, and a leather jacket, dark lipstick. She looked so good. 

    “OH MY GOD!” I exclaimed, I got up from my seat and walked around to engulf her in a hug. 

    She hugged me back a little stiffly. As if she wasn’t expecting me to react this way. 

    “How long have you been in Gotham??” I asked.

    We were sitting in a booth at Mickey’s diner, right two blocks from the gym. She sat right in front of me taking a bite of the fries I ordered her. She looked at me hesitantly, a nervous jitter seemed to spark between us. It’s strange how this tall girl made me so nervous. 

    “I’ve been here for a week or two.” She responded not meeting my eyes. 

    I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. “Oh.” 

    I tried not to let that bother me. But my heart dropped a little, at the idea she didn’t look for me the second she got to Gotham. She took a bite of her fries, and sighed a little. She looked around before leaning closer to me. 

    “Truth is I’m not done with...”She paused looking around once more “...the list.”

    I nodded my head remembering her kill list. “So you came here to...finish the kill list?” I guessed. 

    She frowned, “Er...yes-I...uh” she cleared her throat, her face getting flushed. “Fuck...I also came for you....YOUR HELP.” She mumbled. 

    I gave her a smile, there she was my awkward assassin. I leaned into my hand and took a sip of my diet coke. 

    “You need my help? Or you just wanted to see me?” I asked wanting her to clarify, also a part of me wanting to tease her. 

    She gave me a look and instantly peeled her eyes to the fries in front of her. She rolled her eyes, “Just the help...” I raised an eyebrow not believing her. 

    She met my stare, until she caved, “UGH OKAY...both...shit...I just-y/n ever since that kiss, and you left. I realized I could have a life outside of...my list. I can only imagine that with you.” She confessed her voice barely above a whisper. 

    I looked at her trying to steady my beating heart. I didn’t know what to say. I grabbed her hand, and placed it on my chest on my heart. Her eyes were wide as saucers darting between her hand and my own eyes. “This has been my heart every time i think about you. I get excited, and nervous, and i wish I stayed and kissed you instead of coming back home.” I admitted to her.

    She gave me this look of wonder, as if she didn’t think I’d feel the same as her. I let go of her hand, and our food was placed in front of us. Both we both ordered burgers. She watched me take a bite of my burger . “Does this mean I can call you my girlfriend?” She asked shyly. 

    I laughed a little, at her innocent look. “Depends...do you want me to be your girlfriend?” I asked. 

    She gave me a look, as if I was on crack. “Yes.” 

    “We can work our way there. Maybe try asking me on a date first.” I suggested teasingly.

    She paused again taking a bite of her burger, chewing slowly trying to process what I said. She looked at me once more. “What if I want to kiss you? Do I have to wait till I’m your girlfriend?” She questioned. 

    I nodded again a smile on my face. “Lena, yes if you were my girlfriend you’d have rights to my lips. But you aren’t.” 

    “Yet.” She mumbled, not looking me in the eyes. 

    She gave me a determined look, taking a sip of my water, before looking back at me as if she remembered something. 

    “Do you by chance know how to get access to the street cams in Gotham? And I need a place to stay tonight.” She added, taking a bite of her burger. 

    I nodded my head, already feeling the weight of dating an assassin out for vengeance. I sighed, uncle Ted is gonna be pressed about my newest romantic partner is what he calls a ‘mafia brat’. I could hear his voice in my head listing reasons on why this was a bad idea. 

    ‘A relationship with an assassin who has nothing to lose, and is a natural risk taker. This was a heartbreak and bad ending waiting to happen.’ His voice rang in my head. 

    Yet I watched the brunette chew her burger with a brightness about her, her bangs covering her eye lashes as her chocolate eyes look up at me in mid chew. Fuck she was worth it, I could feel it. 

    I grabbed her hand and gave her a shrug. “Yeah we can figure that out.”

    (There will be a part 2 lol)

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