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    you’re a sunflower 🌻

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    I present to you: Boruto kids struggling to put together objects that a 3 year old could:
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    (Working on my wips??? never heard of it. Hears an entirely different au then the other one I posted, which I will write more of. At some point. For now, Boruto brain rot has gotten to me, so here’s a weird au where Hinata had the two kids and then died and then Naruto took the kids and left the village under mysterious circumstances. Have fun, try to follow it as best as you can. You don’t need to watch Boruto to know what’s going on here. Just know that Naruto left the village with his kids in tow and they have no idea that they’re from Konoha. Oh and just like everything else this will probably be sns at some point because I am weak. Tell me if you like this one)

    TW and CW for: potential parental death, implied past parental death, cursing, death, blood, children navigating traumatizing situations, probably medically inaccurate but its a fanfiction about gay ninjas so sue me, tell me if I miss anything this one isn’t too bad. 

    His father is dying and Boruto can't think. 

    He should do something, say something. Come up with a funny, stupid one liner or whatever. But he can't. He can't do fucking anything at all. Sometimes his brain feels like it's made of jelly, sloshing around uselessly in his head when he desperately needed to use it. The rain was coming down in torrents, a downpour that they hadn't expected. The giant trees stretch out above them and form a canopy as they stand at the forest floor, but the canopy isn't enough to stop the rain from reaching them. Boruto’s clothes are soaked through; sticking to his body. Thankfully the storm was warm, a summer downpour rather than an icy tsunami. But he didn't notice the rain, and he probably wouldn’t have given a damn anyway. His father was laying in the grass, the wound on his chest staining the green with crimson. Boruto desperately tried to use every healing technique he could remember, funneling chakra into his hands in a desperate attempt to close the wound. He was sixteen years old, his father had trained him in almost every technique he knew (mostly for defense), but truthfully, Naruto had never been good at healing jutsu either. So, Boruto’s skill was lacking in this area, and it was going to get his father killed. He couldn't weasel his way out of this one like he usually did, and that was becoming abundantly clear. His father had gotten nervous, Boruto was aware of that when they went there. They needed to draw close to Konohagakure to get across the Land of Fire and back home to Wave Country before winter set in, and that had immediately set Naruto on edge for some reason. Boruto didn't bother questioning it, he knew he wouldn't get any answers. Everything had been going fine, they were making good time, but then they got ambushed by bandits, and everything had happened so fast. It was all Boruto's fault, really. If he hadn't kept his father up so late the night before, he would have realized something was wrong earlier and managed to fend them off easily. Typically any opponent was no match for Boruto’s father, but none of them had been paying attention and the ambush was almost perfectly timed. Naruto scared them off and nearly got himself killed in the process, and now Boruto was here, stuck in time. He dimly felt a tug on his sleeve and vaguely registered Himawari talking to him. 

    “Is he gonna die?” she whispered. Boruto didn't even think about the question.

    “No,” he answered immediately, letting the chakra fade from his fingertips and opting to just stop the bleeding manually instead, pressing on the wound. He was running out of time, there was so much blood and he could hardly get it to slow down and what would he do if- he felt the presence of ninja before he saw them, and that fully snapped him back to reality. Boruto forgot about his father for a second and whirled towards the other side of the clearing, shoving Himawari behind him. He had to protect her, that was the prerogative. He threw kunai blindly in that direction, three of them. The shinobi dodged the blades easily and then began advancing. 

    His eyes settled on the squad of shinobi standing in the grass as they assessed him. He grabbed another kunai from his pocket and flipped it into his hand, angling it outwards. Boruto narrowed his eyes. Ninja were never good news, rogue or otherwise. These didn't seem rogue, and that was probably for the best. Still, loyal shinobi could be just as dangerous. Could be even more so, and he had Himawari to think about. The clouds in his head seemed to clear. There was a woman heading the group, with platinum blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes were light blue, a different color from theirs, and she seemed… welcoming, almost. Still, she had the scrutinizing gaze of a shinobi. Boruto watched her movements, careful.   

    “Don't come any closer,” he growled, trying to sound as threatening as he could manage, well aware of what he looked like. The hand holding his kunai was shaking. Who was he kidding? He’d gotten injured before while his father was fighting, he couldn't protect himself in this condition, let alone Naruto and his little sister as well. Still, he had to try. “Hear me? I said- I said stay away.” He gripped the kunai tighter, waiting for them to strike, make a move, do something. His father didn't trust ninja, they were to be avoided at all costs, even if he never seemed to have any necessarily malicious feelings towards them. Still, they were never to be trifled with under an circumstance. Never let them see what I taught you, he’d tell them, the few times where Naruto was serious. Ninjutsu are considered very dangerous, especially by shinobi. If they see you using ninjutsu it could get us in serious trouble. I mean it, Boruto. God, he wished Kurama was here right now, but by the looks of it, the demon was doing everything it could just to keep Naruto alive. Fine, they could do it on their own. Of course they could. The leading woman put her hands in the air and started edging towards him slowly. Her smile looked warm. He still didn't trust it. He gritted his teeth. What was she playing at?

    “Hi there. My name’s Ino. What's your name?” she asked calmly. He didn't answer. 

    “It looks like something bad happened. You have someone injured behind you, it looks like they need help. If you let me I can heal them. What’s your name, kid?” Boruto hesitated. It was too good to be true. This was a trap, it had to be. She had two people behind her, two men. Someone with black hair pulled into a stark ponytail and a frown. The other looked a bit more kind, he had brown hair and welcoming eyes. He still didn't trust them, he couldn't trust this-

    “Please!” Himawari shouted. Boruto blinked and before he could do anything about it, Himawari had ducked past him and was running towards the woman. 

    “Himawari! Get, get back here!” he shouted desperately, mind racing. They were going to kill her, what was she thinking? Himawari was usually more cautious, smart about these things despite her age. But the shinobi seemed surprised, not angry or poised to hurt her. She ran to the woman and tugged on her sleeve. Boruto froze. 

    “He’s- he’s hurt and Boruto can't help and there's blood- I, I mean i've seen blood before but this- he’s- he’s going to die, please-” the woman crouched down and smiled again, clasping Himawari’s hands gently with hers. 

    “Don't worry, I'm a medical ninja. I can help your father, okay?” She glanced at Boruto as if asking permission, and he found himself stepping aside, silently urging Himawari to come back to him. He moved out of the way and she ran into his arms. He should have been thinking about her more. She was clearly terrified, and he had been too psyched out to think about it. He scooped her up easily, suddenly more at ease now that he could confirm she would be safe. Boruto watched the medical ninja like a hawk as she moved over to his father, letting the other two approach as well. When the woman got a good look at him she gasped. “By the sages! What the fuck?” she demanded, sounding more juvenile all of a sudden.  

    “What? What is it?” the plump man asked, trying to get a better look. 

    “It's… it's Naruto.” Boruto stiffened, holding Himawari closer to him. 

    “How do you people know my dad’s name?” he demanded. He felt lightheaded, and the indignant shouts of ‘what?’ from the other ninja weren't helping. The woman ignored him for a moment, checking Naruto’s wounds. It didn't take her long to stop the bleeding and close the wound, and she stood right after and turned her attention back to Boruto.

    “Listen kid, it's… it's a long story. He’s going to be alright but he needs further treatment at the hospital. We can help him if we take him back to the village.” Boruto hesitated again, but concluded he didn't have a choice. He was outnumbered and if he didn’t accept the help, whatever the ulterior motives were, Naruto would die. So Boruto nodded mutely.

    “F-Fine. But you better answer me when we get back to… wherever you're taking me. And- and she stays with me,” he said, nodding at Himawari. The woman smiled shakily, clearly rattled by some realization about Boruto’s father. The larger man picked him up and carried him easily. So Boruto watched, hopeless, as they took his father away, and followed close behind, arm still wrapped around Himawari. He would lecture her about rash actions later, now wasn't the time. The man with long black hair was studying him, and he didn't like it. Boruto glared. “What?” he snapped. The man raised an eyebrow. 

    “I'm Shikamaru Nara,” he said. “What about you?” Boruto looked away. 

    “I… B-Boruto… Namikaze,” he said with finality. Boruto Uzumaki, he wanted to say. Descendant of Uzushiogakure, grand daughter of Kushina Uzumaki. But he didn't trust these people to share his real name, instead going with the one their father used occasionally. Shikamaru snorted.

    “Original name,” he muttered. Boruto only frowned. “Well, alright. Your sister, it looks like she has Byakugan. Does she?” Boruto blinked.

    “Byaku- Byaku… what?”

    “Hm. Nevermind. C’mon, while your father’s in the hospital, i'll take you to see the Hokage.”

    #oh boy #back at it again #boruto is a little less juvenile then he is in the show #but he's also older and I figured living on the run will do that to you #also himawari is smarter then he gives her credit for #she saw Ino and everybody and was immediatly like can trust and that was that #stay tuned for a very very awkward sasuke #trying to navigate talking to his oldest crush's kids #and coping with the betrayel that came with Naruto leaving in the first place. #speaking of that #why did naruto leave? #he had a reason #but thats for later <3 #naruto#naruto fanfiction#naruto fanfic#boruto#naruto uzumaki #in this au nart is a good dad #and Kurama is a coparent #stay tuned for that #boruto uzumaki#himawari#himawari uzumaki #Himawari looks just like Hinata and it hurt ino a little to see her #oh boy oh boy #forgot how much fun it was to write this au #i've got pieces of it stored somewhere #boruto next generation #boruto fanfiction
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    Young Edo Mito:'mockingly' I still have the might to fuck you up.

    Edo Madara:'sarcarically' Fuck Yeah!I wanna feel that pain.

    Edo Madara and Edo Mito:'face to face, grinning'

    Edo Izuna:'pouts'

    Edo Izuna:What.The.Actual.Fucking.Fuck.

    Edo Izuna:?!?

    Five Kage:'having their last breaths listening to three legendary fighters who are actually just some naughty kids'

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    if you dare lay even a finger on the kids, I’d make you wish you were dead
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    Eight [sasusaku] nsfw

    “Under the orange sun, We’re dancing without a shadow, There’s no decided goodbye, Let’s meet in the beautiful memories.”

    Sakura finished the dishes and dried off her hands. Sasuke wasn’t in the living room anymore and she found him at the door to Sarada’s room. Watching her sleep, the saddest expression on his face. He noticed her approach and pushed away from the door but he didn’t hide his sadness from her and Sakura gave him a small smile, reaching for his hand.

    “Let me look at your wound.” She whispered. “I can tell you’re not fully healed.” Sasuke gave a small shake of his head, an amused smile on his lips as he let her lead him to the bedroom. Sakura closed the door and Sasuke pushed his vest off. “Oh, I can do that.” Sakura murmured, her feet padding over the floor. Sasuke lifted his arm and Sakura pulled his shirt off. His wound from the earlier fight had stopped bleeding but hadn’t fully healed yet. Sakura set het palm flat against his abdomen and Sasuke tensed a little, looking down at her. “Cold?” she had no idea why she was whispering. Maybe it had been so long since she’d been alone with him that being like this made her chest feel like it was being crushed by some unknown force. Maybe it was that she missed him so much that being this close to him physically hurt. Maybe it was just that even though she understood his situation, being away from him didn’t make her need him any less. Tears filled her eyes, but didn’t spill over. Her hand shook so hard she was sure he would notice. “No,” he answered, just as softly. A green glow enveloped her hand and she began mending him as she’d done so often all those years ago.

    “I…” she choked, her throat suddenly too tight. Sasuke continued to look down at her and she continued to look at her hand on his chest. “I missed you.” Her tears spilled over. Without a word, Sasuke reached his arm around her, pulling her against him. Sakura pressed her face into his chest, not even bothering to hide her tears from him, not feeling embarrassed that she was crying on him. They stood like that, together, for a long time and when she finished healing him, Sakura put her arms around him. Sasuke’s arm tightened around her in response. “Me too,” He said into the silence. Sakura closed her eyes, pressing closer to him. Sasuke’s hand slid up her back, cupping the back of her neck. “Sakura,” his voice was a broken whisper, “thank you.” Sakura pushed back a bit to look up at him. “For what, Sasuke-kun?” Sasuke squeezed his eyes shut as he leaned in, pressing his forehead against her’s. “Sarada is…she’s perfect.” A sob worked its way up her throat but Sasuke silenced it, his mouth fusing with her’s. Sakura made a pained sound, her hands working their way up and around his shoulders as she kissed him back desperately. Sasuke lifted her up easily and Sakura’s legs went around his waist automatically. Without breaking the kiss, Sasuke laid her back on the bed and then sat back to look at her underneath him. Her hair spilled around her, eyes shining, lips pink. Without a word, Sakura reached for him and Sasuke made a sound low in his throat and leaned down to kiss her again. There was no stopping them. Years of missed moments. Of touches and kisses that only happened in their fantasies. She wanted it to never end. If Sakura had to relive this day for the rest of her life, she would never be able to complain. She smiled against his mouth, her hands slid into his hair, fingers gripping tightly when his hand slid down her thigh, pulling it up against him. Sakura’s back arched off of the bed as she curled her leg around his waist and pulled him flush against her. Sasuke groaned into her mouth and there was no stopping the desperate, haphazard way they undressed between kisses. He said her name like a prayer into the crook of her neck when there was nothing between them. They moved together, slowly at first, a little unsure and then suddenly frantically, almost out of control. Sakura’s legs locked tightly around him. “I love you,” Sakura told him and Sasuke slowed, “I,” he gasped softly against her skin, so quietly she barely heard him. “Missed you so fucking much, Sakura.” She squeezed her eyes shut tightly, her heart lurched painfully in her chest as she reached up to cup his face and bring him closer to her mouth. Sasuke kissed her without hesitation and she clung to him, hugging him close. When she rocked her hips against him, Sasuke lost control. They moved together until her back arched and she cried out and Sasuke stilled on top of her, body tight and biting down on his lip. When he finally opened his eyes, Sakura stared up at him, eyes smiling. Sasuke couldn’t look away, that same feeling he always felt when he was around her stirring in his chest. Maybe it was awe. Sakura could see the heartache swirling in his eyes. She reached up slowly, brushing the hair from his face.

    “Welcome home, Sasuke-kun.”

    [EIGHT - IU ft SUGA]

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    I'm kinda sorry I did this but I couldn't help myself when I saw that scene in Boruto episode 199 😂😅

    Please don't take this seriously 😅
    #naruto #boruto: naruto next generations #naruto uzumaki#boruto memes #Boruto episode 199 #Boruto spoilers #the dilf thread #I'm still thirsty for NaruDad... Isn't it obvious? 😂😅 #Please don't hate me for posting this... It's only for fun 😅
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    Boruto Sunday is here again and I'm here to share some of the screenshots I got of NaruDad from Boruto episode 199

    And for all my fellow 'Naruto is a DILF' fans out there, I'm pretty sure you guys are thinking of 'other' things at this scene 😏😉

    Bonus: I love how Naruto looks here in the next episode preview 😍💕

    #naruto#anime #boruto: naruto next generations #naruto uzumaki#boruto#boruto spoilers #the dilf thread #Still thirsty for NaruDad #Boruto episode 199
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    "Amegakure will help you make that dream come true, "
    ".... we discover decades later in the Boruto anime.... Amegakure has been left to rot.. "

    Oh, Konan.

    #i could say 'bygones are bygones' #and just let it go #stop getting frustrated with canon since it was a lost cause anyway #but this? #naruto #anti naruto ending #anti konoha#uzumaki naruto#uchiha sasuke#anti boruto#amegakure#pain#konan#nagato
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