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  • link: no thoughts.. head empty
    only zelda
    zelda: hehe ur so cute


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    Found some references of pretty dresses and wanted to draw zelda in them . My artstyle is not very consistent so here you get 3 semi different looking zeldas. I’m satisfied with the results. Next up I’m going to draw Link in pretty earrings and I’ll probably make it in black and white since I’ve been doing a lot of color recently. Either way I’m having fun challenging myself to draw more.🌱

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  • You’re tearing me apart, Beedle ;_;

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  • Every time I see Vah Naboris’ stupid little walk I lose my mind

    This ain’t a runway, sweetheart, it’s the fucking desert!!

    #ghostprince posts #gonna add a video later but im about to fight thunderblight so that'll have to wait #loz#botw#videogames#vah naboris #after this I'll only have Rudania left in terms of Divine Beasts! :)
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    Link, drunkenly in his vai clothes: ‘s gonna take a lot to drag me ‘way from yoooooooooooou ‘s nothin ‘at a hun’red men or more could ever dooooooooooooo i bless the rains down in akkalaaaaaaaaaaa gon’ take some tima do the things we never haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad *~*~ooh~*~*

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  • image

    old work for a fanbook in 2019

    In King’s Study

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  • image

    I think she’s neat too 🙈

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  • we are evolving

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  • every time I fight revali in age of calamity as link: why must these twinks do battle

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  • So I have been trying to piece together what exactly Transpired in the BOTW universe when Link and Zelda failed to stop the calamity. What was the Dynamic of Zelda and Link before He got the Master Sword?

    The problem with BOTW is all of the Cutscenes are AFTER Link has the Master Sword.

    That is why Age of Calamity gives us a bit More insight into things, since Link doesn’t get the master sword until Mission 8. Which is close to the half way point.

    Now obviously Terrako changes a LOT of the events in the OG timeline. But for the most part, we can figure things out.

    Like Link being a straight up boss in the Battle of Hyrule Fields. We can assume that he basically kicked butt and the King decides to make that knight (who can cut through Moblins without issue) one of the Princess’s bodyguards.

    Now we know Link Met Impa on the battle field. Likely working with her to help clean up them Moblins and monsters. So Impa probably put in a good word to Zelda about him. So Zelda was likely neutral to him at this point, Possibly more positive. 

    I think the events of the road to the ancient Lab still occurred, but likely for different reasons, Likely relating to the Divine beasts instead of investigating Terrako. Since there was no time travel, there was no corrupt terrako to mess with the guardian. So likely that was a much calmer trip with no guardian fighting. 

    I picture all of the champions meeting are all the same (just Minus Terrako)

    Link and Zelda growing closer. Zelda starting to view Link as her personal guard (albeit unofficially) But he was all but her knight in name.

    The Yiga clan attack can still happen. But it was likely a lot less organize.

    (I assume that Kogha likely used some dark magic to make himself age slower that he is still around 100 years later. Perhaps Master Kogha is a tittle passed down in the Yiga clan. Or perhaps He put himself in a 100 year nap, in case the hero came back. I like the last idea better.)

    The Events of Freeing Korok forest were likely the same up until the appearance of Astor. Astor wasn’t in this timeline, he wasn’t Picked by corrupt Terrako, so Astor has no role in this story. 

    What Likely happened is that they got to the master sword, and each of the champions tested their Luck in trying to pull out the sword (Revali especially angry he failed). Link simply waiting by Zelda’s side as this occurred. Zelda is surprised that none of them could pull the sword, as all of them were incredible warriors. Daruk comments that ‘Little guy’ should give it a pull. He isn’t even a pilot and he is an amazing fighter. Revali Declines this idea, saying that a nobody like him would not even be able to budge it. (Revali also claims the sword budged a little when he tried pulling it.) Mipha agrees with Daruk. Urbosa comments that Link is Zelda’s most trusted guard, he might be worth a shot. Everyone looks to Link, but he won’t move to try unless Zelda asks him to.

    “If you want to give it a shot, go for it Link. If you do not want to, then you do not have to.” She tells him. Since she doesn’t want to put pressure on him.

    Link decides to try, since they came all this way.  He might as well.

    He grabs the sword. And starts to pull. Its tough. But it doesn’t look like Link will be able to pull it. Until a Moblin attacks!

    Zelda was about to get attacked. But Link Pulled the sword and a beam shot from the blade, Killing the Moblin in one Slash.

    At that moment, Link was revealed to be the knight. Revali was pissed, Daruk and Mipha cheered. Zelda was shocked, and now she felt alone.

    Unlike in AoC, where Terrako helped  Zelda cope a bit. Zelda in BOTW has nothing that helps ease her Jealously and Frustration. She felt betrayed by Link,  by how he was just able to pick up destiny’s powers for him. She was a failure, and the only thing holding Hyrule back from being ready to fight the calamity.

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  • The one thing I really want in BOTW 2 is more variation in ruins. Not in the structures themselves, those are fine, but in the broken pottery and furniture left in it. Like, I get its probably just a set texture for ruins, but imagine how sick it would be if there was variation!! Like, pottery from all around Hyrule in the exchange ruins. Thatd be great I think

    #sorry this is very specific but i have Feelings about this #botw#botw 2#loz
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  • I’m working on an angsty comic for y’all, featuring yiga!Link post-calamity

    It was supposed to be 6 pages long tops, and ended up being 10. I just finished sketching page 4, so I hope you apreciate this shit bc i hate backgrounds

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  • tfw you accidentally snipe each other

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  • listen im making an entire video about like more legitamate things but you look me in the face and try to convince me the monks aren’t evil for making the stop to start shrine cause you’ll never be able to do it. that bastard is just a straight up death/torture chamber.

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  • Losing my goddamn mind about this polygon article about how Zelda in BOTW helped this person accept their bisexuality

    #its true and ive never related to somethinf more holy shit #botw#zelda#polygon #alao PLEASE read the comments so you can experience mt dew making gamers gay
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